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"elliot serrato" Discussed on This Week in Geek

"Difficulties to add up. Here it's march twenty four two thousand twenty one There was almost no peekapoos this week. Except two pieces of news. things have happened and We also have a special guest tonight so let me introduce everybody. We've got a little from the league of geeks. I've one that we've got scott from scottish murph. I got a lot of imperia. Go and i've got wait a minute. The glasses again. Oh it's elliot serrato. I got i fall for that. He's gone again. I fall for it every time. We've got elliott toronto. I forget your title there. Chicago key grew the geek geeks gigs. But i'm kind of like a since covert. I'm kind of like that deposed ruler. Who's been living in another country in exile. Okay you know. But i'll come back. Come back turn. Yeah well send your hand. I and tonight since he couldn't be with us. I'm doing a An old chestnut of ours. I brought the chris puppet out. Oh my that's how i love it. In fact iran has all these puppets is even more concerning the low pump after redo. Because it's got here. So i was told there be. No puppets schumer lied to. This is triggering me. Let me just a elliott. You've been on plenty of things with me. You knew there would be puppets and you know there will be triggering events. I was on the set of sesame street wants in. Those muppets are real hansie. No kidding yeah and we're not talking to miss piggy snuffy. I've heard things about that guy. Oscar the grouch wants you to visit him in his can okay. That's that's frightening. I.

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