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"ellen toland" Discussed on KLIF 570 AM

"You name it I've got it you want to get on my car right now do you think the college is the best thing for you right now this is called inside the rain what's it about Frank well it it's about this college student who is bi polar and who is thought to be suicidal and so they're going to expel him from school and he decides to prove that he's not suicidal by making a movie about what happened when people thought he was suicidal and there by expunging his record in getting to stay in college the interesting thing about the film is that the man who made it Erin Fisher actually is bi polar so this is semi autobiographical and here you have a a bipolar man making a film about a college student making a film so that he can stay in college it's an interesting idea as I say it's only semi autobiographical this didn't really happen to him it's a comedy drama and it has a Texas connection to in that the actress Ellen Toland who plays a sex worker actually who helps him kickstart of fun to get this movie made for his college redemption comes from Dallas she's a a Dallas native so people who might know and and you might want to see your on screen have the opportunity here the film once again is not a complete success it's too contrived you get the idea that if the guy had really gone the I ever bought autobiographical routine stating to the instead of trying to make this rather contrived comedy about his college experience it might have been a better film nonetheless it's interesting more for the backstory about how it got made and who is making it than it is for what actually turns out on screen but nonetheless it's an intriguing experiment you might say and as such an interesting choice for the weekend right let's shift gears to a horror film days favorite about a defiant teenage boy struggling with his parents divorce it's called the wretched.

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