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"ellen sour ray" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Abandon it in a field by Alexis up, no way. Say 35 25 minutes before the hour of nine o'clock. As you know, the General Assembly, otherwise known as the Maryland Pull Bureau, currently meeting on do we have with us this morning on our newsmaker hotlines, the former assistant secretary of state for Population, Refugees and migration. Ellen Sour ray, who knows about stolen elections and from the Maryland Taxpayers Association, d Hodges. Good morning, ladies. Morning, gentlemen. How are you this morning? Well, thanks. We're doing just fine. Ellen that will start with you. We're hearing some very horrifying things about some proposed bills currently before the General Assembly as they pertain. To the election. What can you tell us? Well, despite the chaos that we have just witnessed in other states that have universal mail in ballots. And that have extended the post marking for ballots past election Day are brilliant Democrats and Maryland think that was a great idea, and they want to do the same. But I want to also mention that even scarier than what is going on in Annapolis. Is HR one, which is Nancy Pelosi's priority bill to take over elections at the federal level. That goes so far as to ban states from being able to have voter I d to ban any restrictions on ballot harvesting. To create automatic registration. From every database, Welfare rolls motor vehicles, Department of Corrections. And to determine that that felons has to be given the right to vote. So it's it's completely taking away at the federal level. Any guard rails against voter fraud, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. This bill goes on and on. And it's supposedly coming up for a vote. Possibly next week. So not only do we have You worry about what Maryland is doing. But even worse would be the federal taking over of the elections that Red States states that have good election laws that would wipe out It was lost. It strikes me that by doing that they're eliminating the reason. People say I want to be involved in this republic, and thus I will choose to register to vote and think good on that path. What if they simply send out driver's licenses to everybody to I mean, one of the take every state function that you have to buy into and instead simply send it to your house. Yeah. Under the federal bill, you would have to opt out if you didn't want to vote. You would be on the voter list you would have to actually write, opt out and writing. So it's this is just a means of making it easier and easier for people who aren't even interested. To get a piece of paper and fill it in and mail it in. And as We said no idee. Same day registration, online registration. All these things are are just opening the door for chaos. On fraud. Now that one I think with hopefully eventually end up in the Supreme Court on the you know again, the states in the Constitution states, you know, have Ah lot of rights on the ninth and 10th amendments but deity, if you would could you address these problems bills that are currently brewing in Annapolis? Oh, my goodness. Well, the mail and votes are horrible. And then you have to consider that we have no voter idea or a signature check it. Um, we have the ability to do signature checking, and we certainly have the ability to do voter ideas, and we have many non citizens on our voter rolls. Um So there we go with that if Again to amplify what Ellen said. People start to feel that, um, you know, everything could be, um, set up. Is that only one party would win, then more in a dictatorship. But on the other bills, it's.

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