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The Virtual Entrepreneur

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"ellen light" Discussed on The Virtual Entrepreneur

"The same website is a little direct to same in place so now all that say let's jump bitch. Today's episode which is if you're wondering how can position yourself as an expert on social media. That's what you're gonna cover today's episode right. It's it's a follow up from after you've written a book is a follow up on what you can do this. You do not need to have written a book to do this but they. Da is these are the things you can do. Position yourself as an expert social media so this will work for instagram facebook. Twitter pinterest Linked in and all those social media platforms that may be using and the first step to really getting into positioning yourself as a expert in social media. He's having some things that you can give free. So if you can accumulate or put together a list of things that you can be for free. That will really help you. That will really help you. Stand out from. The average person was positioning themselves as an expert by asking people to go and purchase by asking them to click links by just having things that you obvious can digest engaging that'd be the very beautiful and powerful step to really get started so in this step i call it the step of give give give bright and this is the same with when people have opted into emails before you start making them. I mean you can start asking them to by the chances are the more you give them the more they're going to feel the report towards you and then with the compelled to go and buy from and this is not. My knowledge is the knowledge. I'm learning from the experts in the field. Everybody who has been doing great and has been doing business for the past fifteen years especially in the online business space. This my friends is what they're saying. So need put i an expert by giving giving giving and if you do not have something to give you can create content you can find content that your audience are gonna enjoy curated and place it in digestible bite size and then ask them if they want to them. So you can share other people's content but some things that you can use or you can put together that you can share Things like e books are you can find lots of e books and can customize himself from products label lights you can customize them eddie on content in them. I wouldn't use them just by themselves. Add more content edmore value into everything. So that when you giving it feels much more to them than just a simple generic Something that they can find ellen light video so if you videos that explains some of the problems and their roadblocks that you ideal clients are going to be facing ideal prospects facing so if you videos uttering those questions and getting to know you very beautiful place to start. Another thing is answering questions that they have so for example you can say you can start your email asking. Have you ever been wondering this. And that's a really good way of warming at at prospect but also giving them value questions are their best way and the best methods of making sure that your clients and you your prospect and are on the same page because the chances are unless you know what where they on your mind. It's impossible try and take them from a prospect tuning into client by you wanna know where they are in their mind and every processing system you do built and use must address them where the in their mind pulling them from whatever destructions maybe surrounding them and questions at the good way to start with that because we usually so automated compelled to answer the questions. So that's the next thing is now that we know what will do the next thing is. We need to be conscious of the idea that we are still in a social space right so we do not be too much of a sales or maybe we could be. who am. i say we couldn't. But one thing i would say is we are in a social space so if i was using it i wouldn't go about being very sales of very peachy i'll try and news was a i'll try and push myself as a person in a social space but at the same time position in a way that allows me to attract those ideal clients right so they can gravitate towards me as a lead them towards the sale as a as a lead them towards the solution of looking for. Is i position myself as a person who can help them. We can provide them with services that can benefit them right and i use the word service here for very particular reason right Not to be settled sales. The that's the word right. So i put in place we i can help. I can provide a service that can be off service to them. And that's what i'm trying to age their end some off the very good examples of people using this on social media is i've seen people say why they're doing what they're doing. So the key. What's driving them. What's their motivation. And then talk about the thing that they're doing and A cover more in places where you can talk about this. But the idea is the way they talk about. It makes it compelling enough for you to click one more wells other people would say i do these four so these can do this for you and it's not as compelling p because it's so transactional focused that you immediately realize this gnome much more benefit beyond that transactional gain and you don't even see yourself gaining in that transaction. You only see as you being sold which doesn't work as effective and so the goal of all this process is is essentially to get an introduction. Either from someone else oh them coming to you wanting to introduce themselves and find out more right. The first step is trying to break. That is so they can communicate with you so they can say me too. I want that me to interesting that space me too. I'm interested in attaining that kind of goal or result. Now that said he had the places where you global positioning and editing your profile to maximize impact so the first place is obviously the description and this is obvious but the description i also mean the description at the bottom of the signature of the emails will right so the description all the places but also the bottom and the email as well right and the key former here is why you do what you do. How can you help your you know. I think it's the why you do what you do. How you do what it is that you do. And who are you right. And i think that's the key formula that i've seen work very well. Feel free tweak and research on formula but uae. How what in who you up. I've seen that work very very well. And so that's when your description the other place is the on your cover the back cover of your profile that also works really well because as he put more content there. This means every time they look at you fertile. The main image the main profile at the background. They can see what it is that you do. You know what you stand for. And that's very powerful in terms for reminding you. I do clients friends. And this becomes you the go go-to person whenever there's something because they'll be thinking about you soon as something to do. The next thing is the featured photo right. So if you're on profile instagram. Facebook is featured photo featured story story and there is to talk to essentially.

Facebook instagram facebook Today Twitter today first step four first place pinterest past fifteen years one thing lots of e books eddie
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MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

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"ellen light" Discussed on MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

"She said but but it was just funny that the kind of crazy believes that existed back then and she's claiming that god gave her all this stuff and vision and yet You know she still had the true believers that kept hanging on and have grown into twenty million person church awhile that's pretty It's interesting also kind of heavy. Because i have this theory that if you tell people if you didn't say masturbation is bad you probably have a lot less people masturbating told them it. It's wrong you tell. Can you tell kids that. Don't look in that in that closet over there. They're going to do everything they can. They all of a sudden. I got to know what's in that closet. Just seems like a natural human behavior of the minute you tell people this one thing is off limits. Don't look that don't go there Their natural curiosity is gonna want. I want. i want to go there things. I'm very thankful for was. My dad was pretty skeptical person and he had me in public school i then he transferred manned adventist schools One day. I was doing this homework assignment that was reading. What the terror. Horrendous things said about masturbation that it causes every disease possible premature death. All this stuff in my dad sees me reading it and he says what do you think of that in thirteen years old. I said i don't know what to think of this. And he said don't pay too much attention to she didn't know what the heck she was talking about the time. My dad wasn't real hardcore. Dahmer mom was that I was drinking. I just got us some kind of. That's weird. I didn't do that anyway. all of a sudden started writing on my screen knows what what the hell. It groner Maybe it's hard l. o. We talked about fear. Of course fear is a very strong motivator In a in in human behavior anger can be too and some of the criticism Coming back at you for writing this book. Is that you an angry person. Are you an angry person. Not at all. I mean that's really funny People want to accuse me of writing. This book is revenge and all this kind of stuff. I'm very open about the fact that my years in adventists i felt i add tremendous relationships. I enjoy my work. I was tremendously blessed ahead all kinds of opportunities. I don't have any feelings of anger. Resentment against event them or you know. I definitely try to be honest about the weaknesses in the dishonesty in the things that i've discovered through source documentation but that has nothing to do with anger even on my facebook page. Why do you hate ellen wide. I don't hate ellen. Light years my spiritual mother growing up. It's kind lanky kid who You know finds out growing up that they were actually being abused but they didn't know you know and they still have their parents. They were being abused and they find out later. They were being abused but You know that's the case on white navigators for me. I have a lot of good feelings about haven't ism. And i have the greatest hopes in wishes for the movement but You know people have to find a reason to denounce you in. That's an easy one l. He must be angry..

ellen ellen wide twenty million person thirteen years old one thing facebook a lot less people disease day
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KNBR The Sports Leader

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"ellen light" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Number one concern obviously would be helpful we we we just want to make sure that everybody was safe for me and I know that that's what the league is is concerned about and and that's what they're trying to make sure of is they put this whole thing together for us you know we're still waiting to hear from the league will probably hear something next week in terms of what they're going to allow us to do in the formal economy camps you know that kind of stuff and as soon we we get some time which we we we feel we will because the league is has been very good yeah and yeah partners on the star of the understand that a nine month break it's not healthy for anybody so we get time I I'd I'd love to get to you know create a kind of a mid summer couple weeks of practice we're not interested in any games or summer leagues but to get all the guys you know in our practice facility and go through you know maybe maybe nine ten practices almost like a a training camp but and then you know that out of all our star trainers we coaches killer get the chance to really see the players and and make sure the rest of their you know all season weight programs are solid and then then then you can kind of map things out from there so that's that's the whole picture if we if we get what we what we like then you said you wouldn't consider this voluntary well no I mean it's I think there's there's probably a lot of different options that the league is gonna throw away and then so there could be no multi multiple smaller camps shorter camps if that were the case there might be some other voluntary and does some that aren't but you know if we want to get too weak block laptop it would not be but as long as the union the players union agreed to it without be voluntary they don't have to agree to anything because it's outside the CPA but I I know all players who know they need to work and yes I know god looks after him on clay they would they would be there because the due date they want to work they want to be ready for next year got it it before let you go can you get can you get your little pup Nellie in the gym I mean if the body fats get Deborah one percent now some worry about Mellie is a freak of nature really absolutely ripped Ellen lighting class light okay Bailey appeared for those are living now is a little little Frenchie it's Nick Nick stark as Steve's similar goes all this and it's too cute cute little dog and Steve is right back at that dog should be tested for Jews who that dog looks like it's on Jews Steve that looks like a great quarterback but very susceptible to double moves special groups have ended the call by not not great field of over one not great instinct it is a great tangibles great tangible it's not very good with the intangibles Hey Steve thanks a lot you know we always appreciate joint is it's always a fun conversation have a great weekend I'll talk to you soon my friend sounds great he does thank you for all right great to hear from Steve Kerr some of his time with T. K. B. earlier today coming.

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"ellen light" Discussed on Ellen on the Go

"We were getting into how cool Porsche is. And that people always ask what's Ellen light. But they always ask what portions like. And I always go first of all if you think she's beautiful when you see on TV, she's even more beautiful on person. She's the most stylish woman, I know like lorries of signed my wife is obsessed with kind. She's smart. She has a business, and she most importantly, she's cool. Cool and the most talented actress. Yes. L in my mcbeal. I know that was a while ago. Yes, you were. And then my gosh, arrested development. You're so good at everything you tackle. It's just. Yes. She is. And now businesswoman. Yeah. No. I thought I'd quit acting and try doing something else for a change. So, yeah, it's been it's been awesome. It's been any parts. You miss of the acting. You know, I was I'm I'm missed being around funny people like you guys at I also live with me. Before you came as you said, you're at work. I really did say that so hard to please. The groups the energy of being around super funny. People arrested development everyone in that cast is just so Larry. And you know, we kind of had a report like you guys have. And and you know, you make each other laugh every day. And that's about the only thing that I miss other than the fact that my wife is hilarious funny. She is energy. And we we thank you that you share her so much with us because we pinch ourselves every day at this ridiculous, job and luck that we've had six. Yeah. Is crazy. Honestly, I have to thank you guys for making her laugh every day. Oh, that's awesome. She loves coming to work, and she loves being with you all and I mean, it's amazing. It's I'm so glad I created the Ellen show. Just makes me to Hear hear that that. sound. So that just feels good just noticed that your mic is closer to your mouth and anyone else's says it's because it's usually a problem. I usually turns away from the my hair he tells me, I'm not loud enough sometimes. And as as host that's important for the host to be heard when we don't have Ellen Porsche on the podcast this level of attentiveness does not exist. Porsche just returned from a little trip to Canada. Yes. Yes. We sold out some arenas and did some Q in a. And then they loved when when she was on stage. I'm so glad she wasn't gonna come with me because she's got a job and she's trying to make this business grow bigger. And and she wasn't going to come. But I'm so glad you did. It was so much fun because so much will get excited came out the end like we well, she'll dragged me out of standing idly by while the world goes crazy. Diane Lockhart is and so is the cast that critically acclaimed legal drama, the good fight. Join the fight by streaming the new season premiering March fourteenth exclusively on CBS all access. Tune in to see if.

Ellen Porsche Ellen light Ellen Diane Lockhart Larry CBS Canada
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"ellen light" Discussed on Power 105.1 FM

"The deviate mind affordable right the number one ranking from two thousand fourteen in his head giga enough of that gal read berg is in the building now oh he's a prize at all of the festival's at the door because you you don't see me audas with with big wreck is don't do festivals new guise of doorknob orange festival that's the base that's i will base i mean we call from leg bonner rule coachella those event so that's from the beginning so we gotta do the festival circuit as fun we love at a coach oh you got a car accident coach oh yeah dinosaur eggs senate because of body driving yourself man was driving nudge out i didn't get into a much much rallies you gotta he they stopped short like all the way in a friend in all the cause kinda like collided in lifezette is slow everything now we if i didn't show up to coach ellen light the last minute out when the mid it on stage at the climb the saturday stage with a screens that acts who had the mic because iraqi was i go this is my last song thing and i'm like no security not let me through unless you're not a uh was but they coachella is light that is all d so i'm like jo i have to go on stage i got my in is in everything and they like you'll nana so we just got ta know is a moslem rust the ball rush them i'm looking how can i get on stage stays on the second floor of building a might i can't go funded a p one within the scene all light on at then i went behind to scream mahdi jumped up the seeing some polls dog climate i'm bob them and then we got the might in and it was on santa ganja and change from back in a day i know of course headed down ted it out for the last minute massey do new levels of course added a new level now one of the funniest thing that i saw a long time and was when this dude tweeted out a step further now that the name his for coming out in right you tweeted second in the he who disarmed an accurate you said for coming album is.

berg lifezette ellen light jo mahdi massey car accident senate bob
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"ellen light" Discussed on The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

"Have there shirts often are super ripped and they're like here's my diet and you know just 2025 off his product in alaskaaccua they follow super hot chicks that wear nothing they follow know then and then they follow like the guys that dry fly around the country in their private plane is in like have like you know they're on yachts with like chicks that are where nothing and they're like this is the live andi think that there's a part of men that wanna live that way in my social media is a little bit different by daughter it's me legba with your what's up this is this is me and my daughter care here um but buti don't know who so why i proposed in my wife in six years ago now and it was like an epic proposal was they called it that and then other people called it the worst thing ever but it was a gift for me and my wife that we eventually put on youtube reluctantly we actually put it on youtube after we were married a lotta people opposed to their partners and then before they're they just this is it's done they said yesit'sonyoutubelet's go on ellen lights like this thing that's how it's like a goal right it's like if i can have the best proposal ever most and alvik choreography in maybei'll keep become famous and it'll be great and we did not want that um and so we in fact even though you guys are both actors well and how is the thing is and and it was interesting because you know it was kinda before social media was massive andi didn't want to be the proposal guy i wanted to be known for my work and i was really directing i wasn't even acting than i was only directing i'm going to get back to the man question.

social media buti youtube yesit'sonyoutubelet maybei six years
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"ellen light" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Yeah the allman brothers band history allstate was a bit of a rock and roll soap opera they experienced the decks of both the moment and based this very oakley within a year of each other there was substance alcohol abuse among band members the pressures of constant tori strained relationships banishments illnesses breakup reunions and greg allman was self admittedly no angel but his biographer ellen light says a sense of mortality laws haunted him at fueled his most powerful writing in how there were framed now from dwayne you know hung on the wall you know he surrounded himself with reminders of of his family in a law and yet again up every night and play in the allman brothers band when you're the allman brothers who still there on the other allman brothers and an annual reminder that law yes okay way well greg norman's death closes the chapter on rock and roll history perhaps it also means that the allman brothers are once again making music together let's go to that us npr news well.

allstate greg allman ellen light greg norman npr
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Dude Soup

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"ellen light" Discussed on Dude Soup

"A a video games for a different purpose he continues it works differently how much substance can there be in the lines of text when the hero walks through the woods and talks to a squirrel where's the literature in that we're through for debt sophisticated language in which games could have elevate culture there's none and this is this is via a article on weight point in which uh the author went to both of these these other authors and ask them further inputs basically the author of the witcher doesn't think that the game series has brought him any successor or visibility as he thinks it's all in the other direction that the games have helped earth started the books helped the games in the games have hurt his yet the release i found out they were books ellen light which a threegame out data looks today when warrants mentioned this pat nategh nuri them yell 'oh thank fill was the only i knew who writer ma delays now you there are butchers because i did the review for which are one on x play and setting ended and the gloom with the book and they're like you wanna read the book with the game i'm not reading read it up a story of darrell filled told me that the only good one of the first one resident kind of garbage men read them all of course the williamsrenault all the wheel the timed any anything all for local villanova worrier sowa she not not to make him himself to demonic again it's she's just kind of an angry old man it seems like sounds like the cut the conversation got away from him like it like in the first part of it i was like okay i guess he's saying they're different things in the needs like why is definitively better of yes my asa video games i forget says this in his in the only not the only thing you said that person is the creases quote i have nothing against the game itself i think it's a highlevel product all the benefits city project read receives for it or absolutely wellearned i have nothing against video games in general i have nothing against the people who play them even if i don't and never will though animus animosity started when the game began to spoil my market.

darrell writer
"ellen light" Discussed on 10 Percent Happier with Dan Harris

10 Percent Happier with Dan Harris

01:52 min | 5 years ago

"ellen light" Discussed on 10 Percent Happier with Dan Harris

"The chasing it right go vendors chasing it the whole time so art is not chasing he's just following in a very present way would feels like the the thing he needs to do and of course that leads him to it and it's not something you chair other than by a kiss and so the by kiss the transfers the feeling not any kind of knowledge that that you can gain so you know for some people it's listening to a great song or reading a book that transport them and maybe in that like little moment that lingers do you fig it finish great piece of art there's among where you're just like right there and maybe that's the closest to enlighten that we get to be so whatever ladder you need to climb like whatever that thing is worth trying i think as long as the the idea of trying doesn't become the thing right as long as we remember the goal is to not be trying to just be right here well said all of that and it's also possible that there are that there isn't a thing called enlightenment but there are things called enlightenment s and there may be lots of different iran and sell those things i actually really she does ellen light get out there and do heavily my motherinlaw actually gave me them in my christmas stocking i married you just anyway but back but but i you raised in the united when a address which is you talked about your your worry about like a map that you wouldn't want to be part of it so let me just play devil's advocate in defense of the map in the maps because in the various religious traditions within buddhism but also i believe within the mystical strains of of abraham faiths there are the sort of step wise progression toward.

christmas iran ellen