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"elizabeth carreira" Discussed on Parcast Presents

"Due to the graphic nature of this colts crimes listener discretion is advised this episode includes discussions of sexual coercion and abuse. That some people may find offensive. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen mary. Elizabeth carreira didn't know where else to turn in her thirties. She felt so lost. She ran a successful counseling practice but believed she was unable to really help her patients plus her marriage was on the verge of divorce leaving her lonely and depressed so mary turned her old grad school. Classmate jon d miller he always seemed to have a solution for everything and he seemed to have a fix for her current problems too. He invited mary to his house to try new tool. He developed heal people. Mary arrived at his home in kittery. A small town in maine after some small talk. John handed mary his revolutionary instrument. A plane four inch plastic rod. He instructed her to hold onto it for five minutes. Mary didn't expect much but she follow john's directions. Her hands grip the gadget and soon she felt a wave of calm wash over her. Mary wasn't happy but she wasn't sad. Either she was just fine and she considered that to be a miracle realizing this was the solution she had longed for. Mary soon left her entire life behind. She poured all her money and work into john's radical new technology together. They co founded a nonprofit named the gentle wind project after mary. More people joined the movement believing that john's instruments could save them but instead the devices lord them into a dangerous cult in which john would control every single facet of their lives..

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