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"elizabeth thorne" Discussed on KGO 810

"Money is easy for me. I've got a lot of things that are aren't easy for Ah, but it's got to be political season or the words things just starting to ramp up Yahoo! Finance! Is it? I don't know. I hate to say promoting, um, had a piece on it's time to expand. Still security. Elizabeth Thorne released her latest plan. I ran across that the other day. And if you're wealthy well under her plan, those who earn above $250,000 which is probably ah, lot of us in the Bay Area, those who earned above $250,000 where they would have a 14.8% sell security contribution evenly divided between Employees and employers. So if you're a highly compensated individual, your employer is going to pay more for having you and you're going to pay more and so security tax for accepting such a high rate of pay. In the plan would also played with established a 14.8% still surety contribution on requirement on net net investment income for individuals that make more than $250,000 or families. Any more than $400,000. So she wants Tio Ah, Senator Warren wants to not only raise so security taxes. On your income to you and your employer, but also if you're.

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