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"elizabeth elizabeth house" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Very approachable you call three weeks at a time right which is a testament to listen pasadena's beautiful and has some great eary's some great play they're scattered but if you go tend to go in certain more traffic areas maybe it's not the best fair so you guys came along and really added to this this wonderful locale ms homey place and that people love obviously when you're littered with craftsman homes and beautiful sceneries to have a a a restaurant like union there's is should be a flower in their lapel something that they're very proud of so you are here today not only to have me gush about all the great things that you're doing but specifically for a charity that you're tying into and that ties into this month and focus of women yes we are teaming up with elizabeth elizabeth house and what we are doing is something that we call pasta for the peop where he team up with a community organization and so what we do is on our menu every week we choose a different pasta and the proceeds from the purchase of that pasta goto a charity and this month it is elizabeth house they do some amazing work with homeless women and working with them who have found themselves and that in need of support emotional support and also not not just homeless oftentimes pregnant.

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