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"elizabeth denison" Discussed on Daily Detroit

"Yesterday show I talked about statues and listeners have chimed in with suggestions already sven. We love that so I up from cat. I'm thinking we should recommend Elizabeth. Denison I read the dawn of Detroit by Tia Miles two summers ago, and was so inspired by the book and Elizabeth. I live in midtown overlooked the more midtown three plus acres project. Yes, building was. was supposed to go there, but greenspace would be so much better and cat envisioned a statue of Denison right in the park there. If you don't know Elizabeth Denison forth was born a slave, and died in eighteen, sixty six, she was both emancipated among the first black women to own property in Michigan, and the first land and Oakland County. She also left behind. Behind enough money to build a church where poor and rich folks could worship together, that's on grow seal, and that's Saint James, Episcopal, church and most recently. She is also a member of the Michigan Women's hall of fame. Which you know after so many years I'd say about damn time, but glad to see that Another one is from Joan straight up. Up aretha Franklin makes perfect sense. A lot of folks talked about like the motown. San Guy absolutely well. That's kind of what I've gone to. I mean like somebody like Marvin Gaye or stevie wonder, maybe the supremes. motown would be an a really obvious choice. You know kind of a nod to the city's rich musical legacy I also thought about Austin sweet. Kind of a dark story, but you know you there I think there bieb interesting way to kind of tell that he was an African American physician who bought a home? It's over. It's still standing today on the east side of Detroit and his white neighbors famously essentially formed a mob and started lobbing. Rocks and and shooting guns into the house because they were so unhappy that. Their neighborhood was being invaded by by a black family. Essentially well, that was super common back in those times. I, remember my Dad, even like my dad's generation, talking about how a black family moved into a neighborhood within a week, somebody would get a pickup truck and just pull the Portuguese off. As just common back then. Yeah, yeah, absolutely, and then I also thought you know frankly with all the efforts around kind renaming what used to be called Harmony Park in downtown Detroit as Paradise Valley Black Bottom. It'd be good to have something marking that former African American neighborhood, which essentially is today is now paved over by three, seventy, five, and I seventy five in Detroit. Detroit but this was a vibrant neighborhood. The city called it slums, but there were there were thriving black owned businesses pharmacies, the hospitals there were record stores entertainment venues theaters a very important neighborhood in Detroit's history. Oh, for sure and one of the places I think about that. Remember when we interviewed Marsha Battle Philpott force the I think was the Aretha it was. Yet episode Yup after Retha. passed away, so her dad owned Joe's record shop, and so that would be a great place to commemorate and kind of tie in with his music history. Be Kind of an on ramp for folks I think a lot of people still need. I mean I remember we did that. Three seventy five piece I was stunned with how many people did not know the history of the black bottom, and I three seventy five, and that sort of thing. I was stunned by the reaction that TV..

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