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Trump Takes on Vaping: A Ban on Flavored E-cigarettes

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

02:37 min | 2 years ago

Trump Takes on Vaping: A Ban on Flavored E-cigarettes

"Vaping industry is bracing for a major crackdown. The trump administration is moving toward a ban on flavored flavored cigarettes that are especially popular with teenagers. This comes after hundreds of cases of vaping related illness and at least six deaths across the United States dates. Let's bring in our senior. Medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen Elizabeth. How significant is this announcement today. From the White House well off. This is for sure a very significant announcement antismoking advocates. Tell me that they really think that this could make a big difference. Basically what the administration is saying. Those candy flavored fruity flavored mitzi flavored e cigarettes that have been so popular among young people that they will ban them. There is one important note after they banned them companies such as jewel. Which is the big player here. They're allowed to apply to the FDA to try to re market them. Put them back on the market. So there is a possibility disability. They could come back the advocate say boy. We hope that the administration makes it clear that the answer to all of those applications will be no all of this news is on the heels. This is really awful news over the past couple of weeks the CDC says some four hundred possible vaping related illnesses across the country and Clinton also in addition addition to that six deaths. Most of these have been among really pretty healthy young people. I understand Elizabeth. You had a chance to speak to an eighteen year old. WHO's vaping habit. It almost cost him his life right. We met with Adam Hogue and rigor in Illinois. He was a healthy sixteen. Year old was doing great athletic athletic. He started vaping first vaping regular vapes and then he started doing marijuana vaping and the all of a sudden at age eighteen became desperately desperately. Ill I had this shivers and I couldn't control it so I ran the convulsion and and it was really scary I knew it. It wasn't a stroke but it felt like that because I couldn't control myself now. We've been hearing about these illnesses from so many people wolf all from these are healthy young people who after vaping end up sometimes in the intensive care unit on ventilators because they can't breathe on their own. It's a bit of a mystery. What exactly is it in these vapes that is causing these illnesses and are they at least cigarettes only in certain kinds. That's what the CDC and others are trying to figure out now. There are so many different chemicals in e cigarettes which ones exactly are causing these problems very important announcement from the White House today Elizabeth Cohen. Thank you very much for

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