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Democracy Now! 2021-05-21 Friday

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Democracy Now! 2021-05-21 Friday

"Hi i'm amy goodman this year. Democracy now is celebrating our twenty fifth anniversary. That's a quarter of a century. Bring you the voices and stories. You won't hear anywhere else. Democracy now has always refused to take government or corporate funding because nothing is more important to us than our editorial independence but that means we rely on you our audience for support please visit democracy now dot org right now to make your contribution and help us stay on the air for at least another twenty five years. Thank you so much. Oh and remember wearing a mask is an act of love wearing to is even better From new york this is democracy now. Thousands of people in gaza take to the streets to celebrate after israel and hamas agree to a ceasefire ending. Israel's eleven day bombardment of gaza which killed two hundred forty three palestinians including sixty six children. We'll go to gaza and jerusalem for the latest plus. We'll look at the tragic death of obey. The from a palestinian teenager shocked to death by israeli forces. Monday two years ago he was featured in the film about the israeli military jailing palestinian boys as young as twelve years. Old life is tragic for children here. This news no freedom. I've been arrested twice by israeli forces and become visiting blue. First time was really difficult. We speak to the reverend william barber. Co chair of the poor people's campaign bet is called for a third reconstruction in the united states. We know what we have to do. We must have a third reconstruction to fully address poverty and low wealth from the bottom. All that and more coming up. Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report i mean he goodman israel and hamas agreed thursday to an egyptian brokered. Ceasefire bringing hall to israel's eleven days shelling and bombing campaign that devastated the gaza strip killing two hundred forty three palestinians including sixty six children rockets fired by hamas killed twelve people in israel including two children residents of gaza and the occupied west bank and east jerusalem broke out and celebrations early friday morning. It's a ceasefire bodies are still being pulled from the rubble. Aljazeera reports at least nine bodies have been found today including a three-year-old girl. Those who survived the assault especially children say they will carry psychological scores for years. This is thirty one year old. Gaza father muhamad masharawi for my children are having nightmares at night. They're not making any sense. Because of fear the are suffering from hysteria. My little one takes medicine to be able to sleep because she's always tired from the bombing in the strange sounds that we hear it is crazy. We can't stand it anymore. The eleven day bombardment has devastated. Gaza civilian infrastructure with israeli strikes hitting electricity water sewage and telecommunications lines. Un secretary general antonio gutierrez woke on the ceasefire and urged israel to allow rapid and unhindered aid access to the palestinian territories. Fighting is lift tolson's of palestinians and forced over fifty thousand people to leave their homes and seek shelter the schools mosques and other places with little excess water food hygiene or l. services. I was horrified by reports that nine members of family were killed in all shot in effigy camp. If he's a hell or nurse. He's the lives of children in gaza today. President biden ministrations repeatedly blocked. Un security council statements and resolutions calling for a ceasefire spoke thursday night and commended israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. us secretary of state antony blinken. It's expected to visit the region soon after. Headlines will go to gaza and jerusalem as well as the west bank for the latest argentina has ordered a new coronavirus lockdown after reporting over thirty five thousand new infections for the third straight day. India's reported another two hundred sixty thousand cases and forty two hundred deaths friday though. Both numbers are likely a significant undercount this week. The serum institute of india the world's largest vaccine producer said it would not ship any vaccine doses beyond india this year dealing another blow to the u n backed kovacs initiative to vaccinate. Poor nations is already one hundred forty million doses behind schedule in brussels the head of the world trade organization met with top european union officials thursday urging them to reverse their opposition to waving patent rights. Kovic vaccines over. One hundred nations led by south africa. India say the move is desperately needed to increase the availability of vaccines in the global south. Wto director general and go z and cacho pointed to idol factories and bangladesh. Indonesia pakistan senegal south africa and thailand. She called vaccine inequity. The -ceptable problem and urged european officials to act quickly to save lives. Think we should focus on. And i want us to go fast because this is about lives. I don't want us to take years again to negotiate this issue. Meanwhile the people's vaccine alliance reports profits from covid vaccines have helped at least nine people become billionaires during the pandemic with a combined wealth of over nineteen billion dollars more than enough to cover the cost of fully vaccinating all people in low income countries here in the united states at least half. The adult population is fully vaccinated in one thousand nine hundred states as local officials. Search for new ways to up the lagging rate of vaccinations. In new york city governor andrew cuomo announced residents who got vaccinated at a state. Run clinic can receive a lottery ticket with prize. Money worth up to five million dollars. Top white house corona virus adviser. Dr anthony found chase said this week vaccinated people would likely need a covid. Nineteen booster shot within a year or so south korean president moon jae in is meeting today. Us president joe biden at the white house. It's only the second time biden world leader in person. After meeting with japan's prime minister in april the south korean leader is seeking. Us hope and securing vaccines in exchange biden is reportedly seeking south korean investment. In us semiconductor plants is the world faces global shortage of microchips. The two are also expected to discuss denuclearization of the korean peninsula. The department of homeland security says it'll stop incarcerating immigrants at two county jails under federal investigation for abuses in bristol county massachusetts in irwin. County georgia imigrants jailed at the bristol. Jail say officers attacked them with pepper spray and sick dogs on them as they held a protest last year demanding covid nineteen protections meanwhile dozens of immigrant women at the irwin county detention center in georgia. Say they were subjected to nonconsensual an invasive gun procedures including hysterectomies that were later found to be unnecessary immigrant. Rights advocates are celebrating news. That ice will be terminating contracts with jails silky sharks active director of detention watch network said quote. We know that this must be the first step of many including ensuring that people are released not transferred to other detention facilities when contracts are cut. Everyone should be able to navigate their immigration case at home and in community not behind bars in immigration detention in el salvador officials. Say up to forty bodies. Mostly women could be buried at the house of a former detective. Go or nesto. Asari chavez was arrested earlier this month for killing a woman and her daughter which prompted the search of his home and led to the grim discovery. Nine other people have been implicated in the crime so far including former police officers and former soldiers. El salvador recorded seventy femicides last year and nasty internationalists calling on the biden administration to stop selling. Us made weapons and other equipment to colombia where police have been violently cracking down on popular protests. Earlier this month colombia's human rights watchdog said at least forty two people have been killed in the ongoing protests. Which are demanding an inequality violence and militarized policing and for the right wing government. To present vandeweghe to enact a number of social reforms. this is indigenous leader. Ocoee gua speaking from a rally in bogota arc de to invite the government to stop the murders of social leaders and columbia. There's murder every three days in columbia they are murdering indigenous leaders and we want respect for our lands so that they don't continue to be granted for extraction activities. They fbi has released footage of the january six assaults in the us capitol by a violent mob incited by then president trump. One video shows a riot or trying to rip off. Police officers gas masks then picking up a baton and hitting officers with another video shows a rioter punching officers while wearing gloves with metal knuckles in pennsylvania. Federal agents have arrested pauling bauer who according to an f. b. i. Affidavit broke into the capital on january six shouting. Bring nancy pelosi out here now. We wanna hang that effing be using the real words on thursday. The house narrowly passed an emergency funding bill. Providing an additional one point nine billion dollars to fortify security at the capitol. Republicans were unanimously opposed. Meanwhile several progressive democrats refuse to support the measure african-american congress members corey bush. Ilhan omar and presley said in a joint statement. Quote a bill that pours one point nine billion dollars to increase police surveillance and force without addressing the underlying threats of organized and violent white supremacy radicalization and disinformation. That led to this. Attack will not prevent it from happening again. Arizona's secretary of state is advising maricopa county officials to replace all voting machines. That were turned over to a private company. Hired by republicans to conduct a fourth audit of the twenty twenty election. The recount is being overseen by cyber ninjas accompany with no record of working election security and who ceo is promoted conspiracy theories claiming the election was stolen arizona's secretary of state katie. Hobbs cited quote grave concerns regarding the security and integrity of hundreds of voting machines that were in cyber ninja custody with no election official or observer present president biden signed the covid nineteen hate crimes. Act into law. Thursday which was introduced to address the skyrocketing rates of crimes against asian-americans during the pandemic vice-president kamala harris the first asian american to hold the vice-presidency spoke ahead of the signing. This bill brings us one step. Closer to stopping hate. Not only for asian americans. But for all americans it will expedite the justice department's review of hate crimes every type of hate crime. It will designate an official at the department to oversee the effort and it will expand efforts to make the reporting of hate crimes more accessible at the local and state levels in media news. The associated press is under fire after the fired at journalists over her social media post criticizing the israeli government and defending palestinian human rights. Emily wilder who is jewish and was a member of students for justice in palestine. Jewish voice for peace was fired after just two weeks on the job the stanford college republicans were reportedly the first to single out her tweets triggering a conservative frenzy which included lawmakers such as arkansas senator. Tom cotton former secretary of housing and urban development julian. Castro blasted the a. p. for firing wilder writing quote. This is a media organization sacrificing their own journalists to a misinformed right wing media mob. She should be reinstated and formally apologized to and backlashes growing after the university of north carolina chapel hill tonight tenure pulitzer prize winning journalist nicole. Hannah jones handed. Jones is best known for producing the sixteen nineteen project with the new york times an interactive project which we examines the legacy of slavery last year. The trump administration threatened to pull federal funding from schools that use the sixteen nineteen project their curriculum on thursday faculty members and attended a board of trustees at unc. Protesting the decision to deny hannah jones. Tenure they held signs reading among other things black professors matter as some sang. We shall overcome and those are some of the headlines assist democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report i mean he goodman israel and hamas have agreed to a ceasefire brokered by egypt and cutter took comes. After israel bombarded gaza with air strikes and shelling for eleven days killing two hundred forty three palestinians including sixty six children. Twelve people die during the same period inside israel in rocket attacks from gaza. While residents of gaza celebrated the ceasefire bodies are still being pulled from the rubble. aljazeera reports. At least nine bodies have been found today including the body of a three year old girl. The ceasefire went into effect at two. Am local time in israel. President biden spoke on thursday and commended israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. My conversation is president. Commended him for the decision to bring the current hostilities to a close and then less than eleven days. I also emphasize what i said. Throughout this conflict the united states fully supports israel's right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks from hamas and other gaza-based terrorist groups that have taken the lives of innocent civilians in israel. Prime minister also shared of made his appreciation for the iron dome system which are nations developed together. Which has saved lives of countless israeli citizens of arab and jew. I assured him of my full support to replenish. Israel's iron dome system to ensure defenses insecurity in the future united states committed to working with the united nations and we remain committed to work in the united nations and other international stakeholders to provide rapid humanitarian assistance and the marshall international support people in gaza and the gaza reconstruction efforts. We will do this in full. Partnership the palestinian authority demoss authority in a manner that does not permit a moss to simply restock its military arsenal secretary. St antony blinken is expected to visit the region soon while international leaders praised. The ceasefire calls her growing for israel to lift its blockade on gaza on thursday palestinian. Foreign minister riyad. Amal key spoke at the united nations and accused israel of committing genocide william on cool to those who say that israel has the right to defend itself. What are you talking about. Exactly israel is the colonizing power it is occupying our land it is persecuting whole people. Israel would ask you. What would you have done if missiles were targeting your cities but it is your forgets that its occupation is the root caused the violence. So i would like to ask you. What would you do if you're territories occupied if you're people were displaced. People were killed detained arrest and persecuted. How can an occupying power have the right to defend itself when the whole people under occupation is deprived of the very same rights. How can some rushed. Issue statements to condemn the killing of one israeli at a when the whole world stay silent in terms of blind is the genocide of whole palestinian families. We joined right now by two guests in gaza city where with raji surani award-winning human rights. Lawyer director the palestinian center for human rights in the two thousand thirteen right livelihood award laureate and joining us from jerusalem or lay. She's an israeli political activist and editor of the hebrew. Language news site local. Call a member of salim's executive board the leading israeli human rights organization. We welcome you. Both factor democracy now rushing. Let's begin with you in gaza Talk about The response to the ceasefire between hamas and israel and the effects of this eleven day bombardment. Thank you it's good to have. I mean this ceasefire. It's good to have an for this really grown pretty. Saddam could attack against cmc regions comedian targets. We have been days of all going tourism over going to medium. People harvests in managed yield the harvard fly killings injuries destruction. Also be savings on us so to still this aggression. That's very important. That's new we don't want this to have been turned again. This was a bitter taste in two thousand eight two thousand four two thousand fourteen months old woods civilians of the storm so we don't want humanitarian aid for gaza. We appreciate the building. Gaza helping us introducing gaza but we are not national bigots. We want him of disbelief during conciliation. We've won in legal We want a big nikki and freedom which is very one visit for people who survived under this bitter joensuu for fifty four years. This is on p. Show of course. This is issue of a steam people in gaza loose bank east jerusalem. We want to have an end for this community in the history. Nobody told about just or like bachchan bache. Any crimes of icy see international criminal. Court said the the is suspected of committing crimes and crimes against humanity and fetchacure sion's against a seeing people not in this war but in other words and that's why the open investigation to what we read ceasefire. But we need your patient in the fruit locate determination independence. Big mickey either on thursday. The us ambassador to the united nations. Linda thomas greenfield spoke in front of the un general assembly after the biden administration repeatedly blocked un security council resolutions. That would censure israel over the past two weeks. The united states says approach this crisis in israel in gaza with a singular focus. Bring an end to the conflict as quickly as possible. We have not been silent in fact. I don't believe that there's any country working more urgently and more fervently toward peace. Your response rashy surani. This is a big shame. We want an import this conflict. We want peace. And i don't think any on a appreciate peace and security more than the suppress the oprah's on those who are subject on their skins for war crimes and crimes against humanity. But you us. All the way. Long supporting is lying. We were bombed unfortunately with a thirty five. The most high tech jet and we were bombed with the titanic bumps both made in the us and given through charge to israel and the are using effectively against the responsible about massive destruction and killing the proscenium pupil. You do provide israel with full legal immunity and that happened at the security council choke seven. It's there to guarantee peace and security in the ward veto like if or a blast. It's obscene we. It has no at you Even release was in released by the security council condemning this criminality condemning this where via bird gets where the eye of the storm you us bovine full legal immunity for israel by not allowing and issuing an executive order experts don trump even when biden administration said. We are walking this. They're said we would make gun. T the is not to hold accountable. The most important court on earth international zo. Some think you know team steamier invented something. Its own court. Sit victim direct experience where we guarantee those who committed crimes crimes against humanity and persecution be subject to trial and inequality. Who'll so you us bro. Vine all after israel how can be honest brokers. I suspect the very much a whole bomb wrong attracts history boss and the president us prison by doesn't really what he says. He says my holiday koran for my presidency role. Florida workers the human rights. I'd make this happening and may would like to make this sure. This is our policy wise. Ready exception why is allowed to do all these word crimes and crimes against humanity and the thirty seven in a very Happening what's happening in shift jara. This is a big shame once and again but as are refugees. What's happening in euros. A dome of rock legitimate oxo kinase members ministers secrets. Police border police choking in something inside the mosque. The put asean the holiest time for the issue but esteems as building and has no right either to bre- at their own mosque unbeaten sold in pigmy. Date then deal with them like if they have no dignity even other places like the green line low rambler haifa even or milk him wanted and they said we need protection. That's what the palestinians who sat inside. Israel wrote to the secretary general of the you unto a human rights council him because of living of discrimination. Is it buffet for palestinians to accept q. Bachchan is it a fee to accept. This new brand super type is doing. Is it over. Fate to be good victims with no dignity or enough is enough. American administration should understand. We have no right to be victims. We have no right to give up but a deserving community freedom we pay heavy for everybody should recognize. It called english. This is right to self determination with the support three committing people on the globe with the words for said we hope that will flow. Be part of this conflict and be the basic or sitting this gothic. We're thing right. We are moving from gaza now to jerusalem. Which isn't an easy trip for palestinians who live in gaza to say the least. We're joined by early. Noy the editor of the hebrew language news site local call And raji an early just as we are reporting this Right now breaking news from aljazeera. Israeli police have stormed. The a mosque compound in jerusalem's old city. They're reporting they fired. Stun grenades smoke bombs and tear gas saying witnesses inside. The compound said after. Friday prayers many palestinian state at the premises to celebrate the ceasefire between hamas and the israeli government or early. If you can talk about what is happening in jerusalem Talk about the fact that a number of israelis are also celebrating. Both sides saying they won. What does that mean it. Means exactly that Both sides time to present that ceasefire as a victory and both sides have very. It's it's a very bitter. Of course uncle victory for both sides I think that's what we are seeing right now. These units in east jerusalem in the moscow aksa mosque. Kelso's how these Bombarding gaza how this terrible massacre in gaza should be rains. A it's it's incredibly unfortunate That's president biden is helping to frame these these. That's a war in gaza in the false narrative of israel's wants to protect its and this was not about the protection of the israeli citizen over two hundred and forty casualties in gaza had nothing to do with the security of israeli citizens over sixty children did in gaza. Nothing to do with the security of israel what what happened in gaza in what he's having these minutes in jerusalem in eastern Aksa mosque are part of the l. Logic of the apartheid. That's of that is being implemented in the entire territory under israeli control between the river and the sea. And i do want to emphasize the american caught here. Because what president biding these. Doing right now is allowing israel and allowing things really public to cheap avoiding the important questions. What triggered that horrible round of violence. It was exactly what is happening right now in east jerusalem. These rarely publications. In the off some mosque schefter in a in about thirty mimics the weekly demonstration's shift iraq is about to start and i can promise you that we will see the same sort of police. Violence there As so we so these the questions. That's the israeli. Public can very costly. Avoid because the israeli politicians accepts a very small margin is framing it as israel's self of to defend itself and because the israeli media is completely collaborating with these narrative and they think that's now is the moment to ask these questions. How are we to void the next round of violence. What can guarantee that. In four years in three us we will not see him round of death and massacre in a. How is it possible that the world is still collaborating on cooperating with the occupation funding. It of doing arm views with is rarely weapons that have been tested on the siege people of gaza. These other questions that should be asked to date but nobody unfortunately allowing is allowing them to even be brought up to the table. Thank arlene thank you for being with us. Editor of the hebrew language news site local call and raji surani director of the palestinian center for human rights in gaza won the robert. F kennedy human rights ward years ago. Coming up we'll go to ramallah we will look at the tragic death of obeyed jawara. A palestinian teenager shot to death by israeli forces on monday. Two years ago he was featured in a film about israeli military jailing palestinian youth. Stay with us. Seen the smoke of the volcano spicer bring this is democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report i mean goodman is israel and hamas agree to a ceasefire. We turn to look at the tragic death of one palestinian teenager this week. His name is obeida jabra Israeli forces shot the seventeen year old dead monday. In the west spanks. Our rube refugee camp were obeyed grew up. He was the subject of a short film. In two thousand and nineteen produced by the children's human rights group defense for children. Palestine in the film obeida shares his experience as a palestinian child facing violence under the israeli occupation. Despite his young age he was detained. Least three times by israeli forces. Starting at the age of fourteen this is obeyed his own words. At the time he was just fifteen years old ally. My name is better jabra. I'm from a rubric. Camp north of hebron thinner fifteen years. Old and i liked to cook. There could be at rube. Refugee camp is full of small houses in big families. With when you open your window you'll see your neighborhood in your face as conciliator on the streets are narrow. But it's people are friendly and brave. They stand with you. When you're in trouble had life is tragic for children here. They can't play like they're supposed to. There's no freedom. And i've been arrested twice by israeli forces and the the first time was really difficult out. I was on my way to the store when they arrested me. They took me for interrogation. They bound my hands in a plastic courts. Use two of them so that i couldn't move my hands at all. Eyes were covered in thick blindfold. It was also covered my nose and made it hard to breathe. Dafna should be safe when you're walking and can't see anything. You feel dizzy day. you're scared. And you hesitate. Mcconnell soldiers told me there were steps but there were none. So i'd fall negga. These soldiers would beat me in places that would leave no marks so there wouldn't be any evidence on my body that i could use to testify against him and it's happened to me in prison and when i left i notice a lot changing thing and i had a lot of school. Were to catch up on. I didn't know which subjects i was going to choose. I chose locational school because the school work had piled up. Can i couldn't catch up with dan or they me exams for two months and struggled alive. Every day i had to finish book to catch up when it produces a spark. You have to put your hand back a bit okay. I wanted high grades to prove to the school administration at the effort they put into me was not for nothing to show. The prison will not affect me now. Counselor titian street was that managed as you can see right. Sixty and the really settlers uses problems for that. She's a lot of friction. Sometimes in israel forces assaulted children up fun. They're own school. But i have. Some of the children have been to prison and some are arrested over their students. Nobody said in both cases find these students. Come back to us. They can have trouble fitting on just not easy for them to interact with others or building. Relationships might have an unpredictable reaction to some stores imbalance along with others in full school. Finally alicarte the in and helped get rid of some of their habits that can have negative affects. Only i started to think. Why are we so different from other children in the world. Why are we detained young and made to suffer while others are happy playing sports along with many opportunities that we don't have the higher they liked it and then why are we like this to this day that no one can answer me. Abadia era in a short film made by matthew castle for defense for children. Palestine at the time obeida was fifteen years old. Israeli military shot him to death on monday just a month. Shy of his eighteenth birthday in the short film. Obeida said he had dreams about becoming a chef after learning to cook. While in israeli military detention they brought in a cook from the other section of the prison nor and he was looking for two or three to be as assistance so we worked with him and he taught a step-by-step. I learned how to cook to work with others and how to be polite and respectful feel freedom but is not complete freedom. We i have to be liberated from the occupation. Before i can feel i am truly free. I feel free to him. And that i can come and go hop in a taxi. Talk to anyone. I want argue with anyone i want. You have a personal will. You can do whatever you want. This was something that. I missed when i was in prison. We're not liberated. So how can i be fully happy. Only part of my happiness has been fulfilled the words if palestinian teenager obeida geogra- speaking when he was fifteen years old israeli forces shot him dead monday just a month shy of his eighteen. Th birthday we go now to the west bank where we're joined by. Marian barghuti a palestinian writer and researcher Meriem welcome to democracy. Now can you tell us more about abida And what happened to him. Hi thank you for having me. Amy was shot near live refugee camp in hebron and he was shot to the chest with a bullet by an israeli soldier. From from not a very the distance was not very far. And it kind of shows you the brutality of the israeli army when they target these children especially after having been arrested multiple times by the israeli army by the later succumbed to his wounds by he is not the only palestinian that was killed by these rarely army and settlers since two thousand eight thousand two hundred and twenty palestinian children were killed and this is just from two thousand eight of that thousand one hundred and fifty two were from they were killed with the bombings that could falling that israel keeps claiming as amass. We need to also remember dozen. Hebron he lived in an area that is notorious for the settler violence that happens there bron in nineteen ninety four witnessed a brutal massacre at the ebrahimi mosque. Where israeli settler bud goldstein went and fired at worshippers at dawn under the protection of the israeli army obeyed. An i say this with complete sorrow is just one main in a long list of many and can you put that into the context of what we're seeing today. What's being held around the world. A fragile ceasefire The deaths in gaza loan it. Looks like Two hundred forty three About a quarter of them children over sixty children And then as a result of mass and other militant groups twelve people dead in israel. Two of them children to tie workers. I mean with this argument about hamas. Let's remember before two thousand seven and the takeover of the strip by hamas israel. Israel's still killing palestinian children since two thousand two thousand one hundred and ninety one palestinian children were killed. The israeli army constantly targets palestinian youth and children but but inevitable because we are a youthful population more than forty. Five percents of palestinians in gaza are under the age of eighteen. Most of them under fifteen years of age. The israeli brutality in investor was unprecedented. And this comes after many aggressions this ceasefire right now. We celebrate it. we welcome at. We are so sick of counting the names of our dead being killed in the most savage way. But let's remember that. This is a pause. What the ceasefire is is a pause right now. We need accountability for children like that. We need accountability for the children that were killed in the if if it's too difficult for the world to call accountability for the killing of us adults then at least the children. Let's focus on. That may be a little bit palestinians who are detained by the israeli military experiences brutal torture and repression. I was detained in two thousand. Fourteen and i was twenty years old for just a week and still lingers swim me. That experience still lingers with me so imagine a ten year old a twelve year old thirteen year old going through that experience. So i really think right now. Let's hesitantly celebrate the ceasefire but let us know that this is just one step in accountability for palestinians gucci. I wanna thank you for being with us. And of course we're going to continue to cover what is happening israel and palestine we will also linked to your piece in the washington post that you co wrote headlined shake. Sharara highlights the violent brazenness of israel's colonialist project marimba gucci speaking to us from ramallah in the west bank. This is democracy now when we come back. The reverend william barber do eight new justice short along this is democracy now. Democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I mean good minutes. We spend the rest of the hour with the reverend. Dr william barber co chair of the poor people's campaign prison repairs the breach. He's right now. In elizabeth city north carolina after new developments and the police killing of andrew brown junior the forty two year old black father shot dead in his car their last month brown was unarmed when he was killed by a bullet to the back of his head after seven deputies blocked him in his driveway while serving an arrest warrant on tuesday. The possible tonic. County district attorney. Andrew waddell announced state investigation found. The officers were justified and will not face criminal charges Andrew brown juniors family and their attorney say video from the officers body cameras and dashboard cameras. Show his hands were on the steering wheel of his car before he was killed. They've requested the full. Release of the videos. Tuesday's decision prompted protests and elizabeth city and on wednesday to reporters with the state news leader negoti and alison cutler. Were filmed a protester. Who is being arrested from. Across the street officers are walking toward the protesters. Not just one. Now i don't always jesse. Our stuck in a second person has been arrested. A third person has been onset over there. This comes this. African american elizabeth city council member gabriel adkins has said police targeted him after he joined protesters and calling for more transparency. In the case atkins says surveillance video at the funeral home. He owns shows a police officer in uniform urinating on his property twice last week. Meanwhile the is conducting a federal civil rights. Investigation into brown's killing the reverend. Dr william barber is with us now. He spoke at andrew brown juniors funeral elizabeth city and is there in elizabeth city. Right now to prepare to launch new demands in the case Reverend barber thanks for joining us again. Lay out what you are demanding and who you are representing their thank you so much and let me just say thank you for what you just did on israel and palestine the ceasefire and say the nation and is aware world. Now we must work unceasingly the bring liberation and justice to the middle east into the palestinian people Is this what if a man was shot in the back of the head is tactical unit. The first question. Amy is why all of this weaponry why a residential area in a school zone wide killing. And why didn't even the city police notice was going on a lot of questions here and the da on this week proved himself inept in capable and competent to handle this. He's he he made the decision. Not even the fbi. He made those decision and he said a number of things that are wrong while we are calling today for an expedited that is the fbi investigation but we need a pattern and practice review here in pasco county and in all seven counties that this da is over we needed up the sheriff department and the da office because what wambo said was too bad one. He said we couldn't let him go. Though he was suggesting the wind was dead or alive. That is not the american way. That's not traditional systems. Work is not what the tennessee versus garner. Supreme court said. It said that when a person is fleeing it does not give license to the police to take live in fact they it is not even a legal for them to flee they can catch them later rather than shoot them down in risk of as well secondly wambo said in his statement that there was no recourse for people pass tech count as a what he did unless they meet him at the ballot box. What has not true. We can have federal review. That's what the federal government is about what the. Us justice bombs about he he. He represented a kind of southern arrogance that we've seen in the southern judicial systems where these days in office think they're above the law. We must have immediate pat them practice review. We've called for the resignation a special prosecutor in this case. The truth matters. Aim it when there is a police killing the local. Da shouldn't be able to prosecute anyway. It should be a special prosecutor in every case that's not connected to the local police system but there's something going on here that we haven't gotten all the way to the bottom of it but their whole lot of questions and as a father did and that trying to kill his character and say he was involved in drugs and he was. I mean people know that but that's not a license to kill people. We know of instances where white men have committed murder mass murder and they still got arrested like balin roof got arrested right in atlanta so want is not a license to kill this. Da is inept and compo and capable of handling this and we must have federal review federal investigation fully. I mean just to be clear. Looking at the. George floyd case. It was protesters who ultimately got The case taken out of the hands of the local. Da and given to the attorney general and a special prosecutor the attorney general of minnesota keith ellison And we have a similar case here but it wasn't taken out of the local. Da who is notoriously close to the local sheriff's department. I think they their offices are together all together. He is a former democrat. Who's running the republican. Now who's running for the seat. He's trying to run for the current seat of the judge. African american judge is retiring. And why stay. You didn't notice ami the day he did that. Press conference was at the same time and the governor of the state had sworn in a black woman to take the unexpired term of a retiring african american judge that he had his press conference about andrew floor at that time and north carolina the local. Da has to ask the state to take it over. We are pushing for a bill. That says no it should automatically be taken over by in while that's happening that's gonna be a long time up. The federal government has to come in and do a pattern. The present today will call it expedited. We releasing a formal letter public. And we're gonna get signatures from people in the commend. You just send a letter like the end of the would send a letter or organization. What this tab. We're going to turn to lead into a petition. Have young people in the street. All the people to sign on to say to to. Us attention golly. This is emergency right now. We need it to happen right now. Just like what's going on in minneapolis and in kentucky we mean pattern and practices with you right now in pasco tank elizabeth city barber plane the video footage and why it has not been released. I was twenty seconds that only the family could see and then it was twenty minutes that only the family could see. But there's far more of it. What are the laws around this and will this be released. And is there a chance that there will be a federal investigation into this. You know the lawyer north carolina's the could ask released twenty seconds. It could have been released that day. We are sure that officio without a doubt that the police were active. Probably would've been done. They gave snip twenty seconds. Then a snippet of twenty minutes is over two hours. The judge in the case ruled that only. The family of founding member and lawyers who are bought in our carolina could see it not the public now. This judge. Interestingly bet did this when the went before him he acted as though he was the defense lawyer. For the sheriff's department deputies rather than the lawyer for the people and you should also know that the judge that was that this went before that some people have seen a facebook post where he was lauding rush limbaugh but all of a sudden his facebook's based all of that went down there's no longer up. I mean this is this is take we see going on here but what happens in the south and places like eastern arkansas and other media on and the protesters that knowing preaches is to keep the light on this. The only thing that's going to deal with this issue is to keep the light on this matter until we clearly know what actually went on here. Why did this man have to die. What's really going on. What's really going on. Was really going on in the midst of so-called drug culture. Why did these police have to kill him. Why couldn't they let him go. Why are these tapes being hailed. The governor can't make them release them that the state attorney general can't make them be released. It's only the course. And i think the lawyers are going back to even appealing the decision to get those take fully released. Well reverend barber. You travel fast yesterday. You were with congress. Members barbara lee and camilla giant. Paul among others unveiling congressional resolution for a third reconstruction. This is congress. Member barbara a speaking wednesday on the house floor. You can realize the third reconstruction to fully address poverty and low wages from the bottom up from house into healthcare water education more. We need a third reconstruction to revive our moral and political commitments to democracy in the founding principles of this country that's why congresswoman millage aia paul and. I have worked with great leaders such as william barber doctor liz. The o'hara's go chairs of the poor people's campaign in a national moral calls. Thank you irish. My colleagues to co-sponsor a resolution. And i wanna thank the millions of people whose voices we have heard. That was congressman speaking on the house for wednesday thursday. She wished you outside the capital with pramilla giant paul and others talk about the third reconstruction. And what this resolution is i. Am you know last year. You helped us. When we had the mass poor people's assembly march on washington a virtual fan over two point seven million people showed up and we laid out an agenda that said we can no longer ignore one hundred and forty million poor no wealthy people in this country this was before the pandemic and that we had to address simultaneously systemic racism. Systemic poverty ecological devastation. Denial of healthcare the war economy militarization of communities and the false mar narrative of religious nationalism and white evangelical ism and that the cost was too high. The price of inequality is those stiglitz. Said is too high. Well we have now put in a resolution to say to the nation. We've heard some talk about child. Poverty personal talk about dealing with low wages whether we been nation these to have a resolve and this resolution lays the problem and then lays out the resolve the kind of public policy. We have to pass if we're going to fully address poverty. We support this agenda. That's why it's called a third reconstruction for fully addressing poverty from the bottom up in the inside of this resolution. Be agenda said. We must change how we measure poverty because we're measuring it wrong right now. We say in this country the government does if you make twelve thousand nine hundred dollars a year. You're not pulled. That is ridiculous. It does not make any sense. Sixty percent of americans can't even afford a thousand dollars an emergency right now in america and and we know that Four hundred families make an average of ninety seven thousand dollars an hour while we make less than less than fifteen. Most people do not make a living. Wage and waitresses and people in restaurants only make two dollars and thirteen cents an hour. We have to have living wages. Guaranteed income healthcare. We need an infrastructure plan. But it's got to be big enough and it has to be cleared that it's going to reach down to the bottom of the poorest communities. I saw it lays out his agenda what we need to do to fully not just a little bit not ten percent twenty percent here or even fit the present but to fully address poverty and its resolution said. Here's the resolve. We must know. There is not a scarcity of of of resources. Don't tell us that there's not scarcity of a solution what there is a scarcity of social justice conscience and saying what movement that stops now in a few weeks in june. We're going to have another virtual gathering amass pool. People and low wage workers got him. But we're launching aiming wanna nasa. I you know democracy. We're launching a three hundred sixty five day mobilizing and organizing effort to a mass poor people. Low-wage assembly and morrow march on washington joan. Twenty twenty two twenty twenty two right in the middle of the media election because poor people now make us thirty percent of the electric sixty five million people and we cannot tiptoe around these issues. Economic policy institute has said we lose a trillion dollars a year from child poverty alone. And it's not just one little piece or reconstruction of the society to deal with economic injustice. And it must happen now. Reverend dr william barber we thank you for being with us. Co chair of the poor people's campaign president of repairs said the breach speaking to us from elizabeth city north carolina where demands will be made in the case of the police killing of andrew brown. That does it for our broadcast. Happy birthday to tame murray as studio democracy now produce with rene felts mike birthday and it goes to shake mary tear saying i made me goodman be safe.

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