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Capybara Games co-founder Nathan Vella is leaving the studio after 16 years

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01:25 min | 3 years ago

Capybara Games co-founder Nathan Vella is leaving the studio after 16 years

"Games Co founder Nathan Velez leaving the studio after sixteen years and this comes from Elissa mcallen on Gamasutra Elissa Rights Nathan Vella one of the one of the founding dubs behind below developer. CAPYBARAS Games is departing the Canadian studio. He helped I found back in two thousand and three Vela made the announcement on twitter earlier today sharing that the shift will ultimately see him departing both Capi in the city of Toronto for a position in at a yet unnamed game game company I'm so proud of what this team has accomplished in. I've been so damn lucky to work alongside some of the best most talented most carrying humans in game two of Wright's villa quote copies in an amazing spot these days. I'm certain their best work is yet to come. It'll be sad to watch from afar but I'll I'll always be copies. Biggest fan huge thanks to the team old new for trusting and helping me same to our many great partners and friends. It's been an honor and quote you like a lot of category games. I do sword and sorcery super time force. They just grindstone yeah okay. That's really good so i. I love Capi Game's awesome but yeah I am very curious. We're we're Nathan Lane. I assume if you're leaving like a copy as a well-known studio and he built it you know he helped build that that legacy so I feel like whatever is coming is going to be really big yeah

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