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"elisa district judge victor marrero" Discussed on KHVH 830AM

"Colonel Scott with this live ELISA District Judge Victor Marrero says the post office must treat election male is priority Express or first class mail. His opinion said. This is what was done in the 2018 midterms, adding that what it seemed to him is that the vital mission of the postal worker Is being slowed by what he called managerial failures. In addition, the judge declared that all overtime requested between October 26th of November. 6th should be preapproved after a court injunction last week that several states sought to reverse a leave male behind policy of Postal Service spokesman said the agency was looking into legal options. Lisa Thanks, Colonel. The postmaster is already suspended. Most changes until after the election. President Trump is heading to Ohio All Joe Biden campaigns in another battleground Wisconsin as a new fight brews in Washington over a nominee to replace late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. President believes This is an issue that will play in his favor by energizing voters who might not have been thinking about either voting for him are coming out to vote for him to do it. Come November. The third, The president says he wants to get his new nominee confirmed by that time, which means if he was to make the announcement Friday or Saturday, he'd have either only 38 or 39 days to do a Fox that John Roberts at the White House. Democrats say it's hypocritical of Republicans not to wait until after the election since They blocked President Obama's election year nominee in 2016 the fight over the president's tax returns not nearly over yet. The Manhattan D a firing off his latest filing, urging a federal appeals court to uphold a lower judge's ruling, calling it meticulous. That ruling called for the president's subpoenaed returns to be handed over America.

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