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"eliot jimmy smith" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Bowser really was responsible for the quarterback. But Alan did such a good job of pulling it and then exploding that Bowser wasn't able to get flat. And make the play. Josh Allen has no red zone interceptions in 163 consecutive passes. He's in the red Zone here on second, Down and forth in motion is Beasley. Alan takes the snap. Looks right. Looks left Rosa Slant left digs. He threw it short. It bounces past it incomplete and digs heard footsteps. He heard Eliot Jimmy Smith was behind him. Will be third down and you know what he's right. He should have heard footsteps because Sean Elliott was about to blast him. It'll be third down and four with 10 17 to play here in the third quarter, with the game tied at three. Again there with wind, so it's a little conceivably it's a little easier field goal attempts. Singletary in motion lines up in the slot trip souvenir side Alan to throw on third down Throws to the right Has Singletary 10 cuts to his left inside the five and he's down to the three yard line. He's got a first out. It's first and goal for the bills. Chuck Clark made the tackle that is one of the areas that Allen has improved in so much. They played a zone coverage. The Ravens don't do a lot of that. Alan showed tremendous patience. He waited, waited, finally found his outlet receiver Devon Singletary and the flat. Singletary is a running back. Knows what to do, and that's get north and South. Get that first down gate of nine yards. Mackenzie is stretched out to the far side in motion Davis in the slot. They pumped to the left row to the middle, incomplete intended for Davis. They wanted Mackenzie,.

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