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"elijah wood robin williams" Discussed on Quizbeard weekly trivia quiz

"Number twenty three which british actor who suffered serious head injuries in the nineteen ninety car accident played the character of renting in the bbc. Wartime sitcom lolo number twenty four. Which city provides the setting for the opening scene of one thousand nine hundred seventy one film. The french connection number twenty five. What's the name of the process by which an unstable nucleus loses energy but radiation okay ancestor. Today's quiz then one was games. People play number one. The decade of the nineteenth century when overarm bowling was legalized in cricket. Walls the eighteen sixties. It was eight hundred sixty four to be precise number two in the card game bridge. The highest ranking suit is spades number three the maximum number number of runners permitted to start the grand national be forty horses number four and it is in diving that a competitive performed tux. And pike's number five in the board game cluedo the feature that the four corners rooms contain that the others don't is that they all contain secret. Passage round two was marble play sculptures and statues round number six. The armless statue that has been exhibited in the louvre in paris. Rediscovery is the venus de milo number. Seven overlooking rio de janeiro christ. The redeemer is a thirty meters tall number eight. The army that was buried with the emperor of china was made of terra. Cotta number nine. The italian artist antonio canvas sculpture of perseus is holding up the head of medusa a number ten the artists that produced a series of found found object sculptures known as ready mades with the porcelain urinal. The bicycle wheel was marcel. Duchamp ran three was the oh happy day round number eleven the shakespeare's history plane that contains we few we happy. Few we band of brothers is henry. The fifth number twelve the animated film in which elijah wood robin williams and hugh jackman are improperia. Wins is happy feet number thirteen according to the advert. Happiness is a cigar called hamlet number fourteen actor and director who played ritchie cunningham. In happy days is ron howard. A number fifteen as of march twenty twenty one the un world. Happiness report ranks finland. The happiest country in the world has done four times in a row round four. Was the grays the new gray round number. Sixteen the name that you would better know lord greystoke as tarzan number. Seventeen the ex prime minister. That was always gray and spitting image with john. Major number eighteen the Oscar wilde novel walls the picture of dorian gray them nineteen lady. Jane grey was the queen of england for nine days and the twenty. The nintendo game boy was first released in the nineteen eighty s. He was nine hundred thousand nine in japan and north america and then released in one thousand nine hundred. Ninety in europe and career ran five. Was the general knowledge round number twenty one. The tv adverts that feature the james bond star figure that goes to great lengths to deliver box of chocolates to a lady is for milk tray number. Twenty two the maiden name of jacqueline kennedy onassis bouvier number twenty three the british actor who suffered head injuries in one thousand nine hundred and played renting twat in lolo gordon k number twenty four. The city that provides the setting for the opening scene of the french connection is marseille. I'm number twenty five. The name of the process by which an unstable nucleus loses energy by radiation is a radioactive decay but also accept nuclear decay radio activity radioactive disintegration on nuclear disintegration.

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