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"elian oi" Discussed on WAAM Talk 1600

"Nobody knew where there was a man or a woman. And it wasn't some kind of LGBT Bs. A hay was mistaken on the radio all the time for a girl. They were called to this jockeys and say, What's that girl's name and just checking? See that's a man and said No, so he actually recorded a song. Called. I'm a natural man. Really Cool stuff. That's JB Lenoir, one of the coolest cats ever out of Chicago Blues scene. Ah! Monster band to about John Mail was obsessed with this guy that's called 55 years by JB Lenoir. Some say Lenoir some saline or take your pick, either one, he said. He's the one but anyway, John Mail Ah did one of those things a lot of those English cats would do? They made he made a pilgrimage. The Rolling Stones made a pilgrimage to see muddy waters. Fleetwood Mac made a pilgrimage to see chess studios. I mean, loving them to do that, too. But we didn't record any music. Uh, John Little John Mail came over here and just hey, spent a lot of time with Jamie Lynn or his wife and recorded that album to uh uh, his tribute. Do this cat's too cool. You want yourself to get over to? Well, all the people we play on the show. Joy to yourself to get over to YouTube. Not now. You should be hanging on my every word, but just get over there and the type and J B Lenoir. Elian Oi, R and a bunch of other cool cats to love the stuff. People go work. How do you know about this stuff? I don't know. I don't know. I know, but it's just people are saying, how do you know what to play? It's not that I know what to play. It said I know what not to play. Yeah, that's the magic. The peasantry, the splendor of all of my music endeavors. It Z alternative but music fighter. You're on the edge. Uh, This is coming into what we're coming up on the 14th with today. Today is for 10 more days, two more days, and they have to do that thing I think called Send the electoral College votes in and I are about you, But is there anything else to be concerned with these days? I'm don't know. I mean, right now, it's like everything else pales in comparison because there's that pointed out in less break. Last segment. Rather, we are being stolen from there's no way. Look at it. You may support it. You may be some psychotic God, socialist, uh, Karl Marx Kool Aid drinker, but The rest of us aren't this is horrific. You know the Joe Biden right now. I'm not gonna get into a lot of this today. But the fact we're I printed it out. Biden is bread, and I guess I didn't. But Biden is bragging about. He's going to get rid of the protection for churches. Churches have that Sexy status where If they don't preach from the pulpit. If they stay with the politics, they get a tax break. But by the ones get ridiculous. He said that churches on the religious exemption is AH shelter. Ah Harbor Safe Harbor for hate. You hear that? Biden is making the case that pastors from the pulpit, priests, whatever rabbis, anybody doing what they do in church, they get safe haven because if they for hate, because It's all around the gay thing. This is the homosexual mafia that's pushing bite and say, Hey, we work for you. Now you work for us, and so he's gonna do it coming up if he gets through if he makes it down through Hasn't made it yet. Hey, President yet, baby on But I got to tell you unless Donald Trump really doubles down. Biden will prevail. Trump's got to double down It can't be that they go to the state legislators and State legislator. Sit there. Not off While they're looking at yourself. Phones can't happen. I mean, think about it. They're pretty much worthless to begin with. Now Trump's got to do some serious ass stuff here. You're on the edge. So alternative, but music. Friday.

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