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"eli switz" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"Don't worry about it. I bring it up every single time. I'm dave scofield are statman extraordinaire how did end up with the highest grade on offense according to p._f. Logan de lorenzo answers that with p._f. Is a choke. I look i i have a. I have no idea on that but what b._f._f. Not best friends forever but brian football focus says that your mason rudolph was the showstopper. The other night in devon hodges your number two <hes> so let's go with b._f._f. On that one let's say deontay johnson might take eli switz- spa looked johnson has a job on yeah. Everyone seems to love <hes> spencer tony. Here's a question for you and this is a tough one. Jeremiah young wants to know. Who do you think the steelers new receiver coach will be. I'm gonna i'm gonna say <hes> <hes> <hes> last week. I thought maybe they would <hes> have have fichtner filled the role for the entire year like that. You're doing with keith butler but as jeff hartmann said he's already still to quarterbacks coach so i'm thinking they're gonna they're gonna go out and and the reason why they've delayed. It is trying to <hes> finalize things with with the <hes> the former coach <hes> man. The guy retired two. My gut tells me they're gonna. They're gonna bring him back. At least for one year. Serve a sort of a transitional thing until they you know that was a big shock for everybody and now they're trying to you. You know. Get your ducks in a row so i think they're going to bring in a guy who who knows the players know who's done it with them before so he's probably gonna be richer man. You know what that's a possibility and look you still have a. I don't think he'd do anything major this year. At this point you raise sherman in helping out which he was helping out beforehand. I don't expect one to be named at this point. I just i just kind of expect expect them to go ahead and maybe have some of these veteran coaches help out unnamed that i heard of a very interesting name that i heard of. I think he's employed though the assistant receivers coach for the carolina panthers is the guy we all know jericho khatri <hes> <hes> but i think they address that in twenty twenty really i it a this is. This is a committee bad. You think spence resor returner ask captain underpants. You know what i i really think spencer's return man. He returns punts. He returns kicks. I think another guy you have the team is johnny holton. I actually think johnny houghton has a chance to make the team because he's your d- h._p. Type just like they use stories hayward bay. Here's an interesting thing popping up on live chat. What about krief so dante moncrieff on crete was brought in to be the number two thomas white says steelers don't rank wide receivers krief in washington will likely be at the same position in a rotation. They very very well could be. I mean you could just see guys on the field all the time <hes> and that's pretty much what you see and it could be those three with the other guys. It's like a like a <hes> dante johnson who had who had a nice game settled down after that muffed punt so there's there's this. They've got a wealth at wide receiver. That crazy being wants. No should dirty red make the team cash. That's tough off. He's playing like a guy that should make the team right now. <hes> there's really no. I mean it's hard to it's hard hard to get rid of a guy like that with the preseason that he's had through two games. Ryan kellerman says nobody would trade for eli. You know what i mean. People throw stuff around. Pick around for anybody but i think a lot of teams will just wait agency who gets cut..

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