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"eli bucko" Discussed on The Lab

"Otani was there kind of bomb that it wasn't a year when we had international players to really see like the teams from japan. Interact with him. That's one of the delights. Usually seeing the sort of the players that have ties to international teams like hunt them down bond with them specifically. It's been really fun And then mike. Trout came despite not actually playing in the game at bloomfield. Everyone was really excited to see him. And then joe madden who has visited before when he was with the cubs clearly like loves the little league world series And was having a ball you know. I love that you have on the spreadsheet the The lists of the favourite actors favorite school subject favorite food. I would like to see that personally during a major league game just to know you know what adam sandler movie these players really like the best It might influence. You know which players i like. The best is see if i have some interest. The line One one thing that stood down. There's one kid in here. I think his name's eli bucko first of all great name. Eli and his favorite band. Is the counting crows. Were did this kid. Get out of a time capsule what what or maybe just tells you his his parents. This is light. A lot of counting crows right when we were growing up. Our parents exposed us to like the beatles now. These kids are young enough that their parents are generation to expose them to the counting crows. Don't let that sink in person. But yeah i would love to hear some of these factories i think you know. Mlb were always kind of wring our hands about like the face of baseball is not that well known and these guys. Are you know connecting with fans as much as they should be. I think just doing like a running list of like get to know you type questions like they do with these. Little leaguers would would go a long way towards that who who which. Mlb players favorite band is imagine dragons right now probably a lot of them which would be unfortunate for them anyway. Go on i was just gonna going through some by favorite interest that have come up Zaka goyo from hawaii. His dream job is to be a dermatologist. he's also very good at solving rubik's cubes sawyer. Watkins from louisiana. Who is the shortest player in the league. He's four foot five. He goes frog catching his dream. Job is to be hunting and fishing guide and he really likes jim carey. There's so there's so much fun stuff. They all love. Adam sandler that is sort of the most consistent thing. I also love how they ask. These kids were at the little league world series. What their favorites for to play his and they all just say baseball and it is such a waste of. I noticed that to favor favorite sport baseball. It's like why. Why are we asking. This question came come up with something else yet. Did they ever say anything else. I didn't actually see any other sports. Besides favorite sport to play baseball. I mean that would be a boss. Move though if a player was like. Yeah baseball's just kind of like a side hustle for me. I'm actually much better at basketball..

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