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"eli bad apple" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

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"eli bad apple" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Well of Bengal snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and then victory from the jaws. Of overtime, baby. Today. Probably. I think the most exciting game of the week quite honestly. So Bengals representing or off to a start Saturday college football action Sunday NFL action Sunday was like Christmas morning. Getting ready for week one and joining. We had Dave lap. Um we had lap calling the game and now we've got wrapped James Rippin with the breakdown. James rippin from Sports illustrated all Bengals dot com. Good morning. How are you doing, buddy? I'm wearing any. How are you? I'm doing fine. Um So obviously it came down to 2/4 down calls, right. So you go for it on fourth down, Give the ball to the Vikings on the 30 yard line, sets up the TV to a feeling who exposed the mismatch with Eli Bad Apple and absolutely stupid call by Taylor like he was huffing glue. Then all of a sudden, later in the game, we're in overtime. Jesse Bates strips the ball from Dalvin Cook, one of better running backs in the NFL, two minutes fourth and inches, hits, his AAMA and the call of the game. Sets up the field goal. Great call. He looked like a genius Coach Taylor dead a tale of two tailors. So that's basically the summary of the game right now. It came down to 2 4000 calls. I did and honestly going forward on fourth them at first time, you're right it if you're in control of the game position at the same time, if you're going to do it, and Taylor talked about this after the game, maybe don't run it right into where the Vikings are hoping you run it on fourth and one and I don't mix it Swift. But it was just, you know, maybe that's when you run a little pie action or get the ball to someone that no, you're not expecting. Because if you're going for it there, you've got to be creative. Explain, James, Did you explain why he did. Sided to go for it on his own 30 with Game in hand. He's trying to end the game. That was that was just thought. Alright, Work two scores. If we go down and score here, it's over. It's fourth and one. We have all the momentum and I understand trying to be aggressive, but that's like mad and aggressive. We're going to do that. Then it's a little bit. Then you've got to have a play called that's foolproof and just running it up gut. You know, it's it wasn't up the gut. I think it was in the Yeah, That's a tough ask even though you are getting pushed all day. Tapping said the second one I was upset, so they had to place called in the huddle. Taylor called him like you said, and they want to sneak so they could have snuck it. But The thing is, is the way the Vikings will look. They showed it was like, no, we're not doing that. Because they're going to have guys here and here in both age gaps around Trey Hopkins, and so that's going to happen. Well, let's call this play. And oddly enough, Scott, they ran this play. Zero didn't like how they ran it, I guess in practice last week, so they ran it again and he threw to use drama. And apparently, they've run this play for three years or so since Taylor got here never got the ball until this past week at practice. Burrows idea. And then it turns out being the game winner and runs for 32 yards and sets up in McPherson for the game winning. Yeah, um, in the thing, too, and I don't want to play. You know the what ifs here. But if that fourth down pass in overtime, let's say that doesn't work. In Minnesota takes that football over with a good field position at the 50. What is the fan base like today? I would think it would be mutiny because all of the goodwill that and to her credit to Elizabeth Blackburn is built up with the you know the throne and the atmosphere in the jungle, and it's a whole different field. The marketing element with a ring of honor. All these great changes and Goodwill to the fans. I think it evaporates. After that, Maybe I would have gone for it there, though, because you're not playing the top like if he would have punted. I would have been more Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, You have to try to win. And you're right. I mean, look if it doesn't go right that Minnesota with their weapons their 15 yards away from getting into field goal range. And Greg Joseph had made a 53 yard to force overtime. So it's not like he doesn't have the legs like get it. I understand that. But good news is at least for one week, though, Scott, we don't have to have those conversations in McPherson fiercely through Yeah. So, um, there's a lot going on here, too, And it's a great one for that was certainly I think the most exciting game in the weekend to be honest with you. It was a fun game to watch the Vikings 10 penalties 90 yards in the first half. I think that there's a lot of credit there. Um, and it doesn't take away from the Bengals at all. But you're giving up an entire football field in the first half. For sure. And the crowd had something to do with that in Berlin, acknowledged it afterwards. You have all those false starts early on, and man, what a help that was. Just to get the momentum on the bangle side and part of that, too, with how dominant they were in the trenches on that defensive line. I mean, those guys were moving people. And putting opposing offensive lineman in the Kirk Cousins lap. That's the worst when you're getting your guys in that in the middle, not only outside the tackle spot The Garden Center. You're pushing those guys back right for the laps of the quarterback. It just makes it hard. Even if you go back and you look at that first drive second drive that the Vikings had Kirk cousins, Mrs Masters a wide open Justin Jefferson in terms of behind him, and that would have been a first down and that suddenly you're moving the bottle and things change in momentum in the defensive tyrant. Incredible pass was off target because they pressured him. And that was probably the thing that I don't know about surprised me the most, but the most encouraging take away I have from yesterday. Obviously, the resilience and everything like that. Right. This defensive line pressured cousins. They helped keep down and cooking check who is considered one of the best running backs in the game, And that was a tall task..

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