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Swingers With Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, and Chris Ryan

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Swingers With Bill Simmons, Sean Fennessey, and Chris Ryan

"From the Ringer I'm tyler, John. When I spoke to Nfl Star, Cam Newton and James. Is Moss. It was clear. Ohio! Charlotte. Cam Won't be getting, that which. He was released by the Carolina Panthers March Cam is a complex figure. Am I interested in goes far beyond Zubrus, smile and transcendent style of play. Can broke the glass ceiling in American athletics. A sentence will place the sport there. Few black quarterbacks of ever reached. Maybe his fall. That much more dramatic. Over the past year I've traveled the country speaking of coaches and teammates, friends family reporters in even briefly man himself. Trying to rally `Nigma that is Cam Newton. Uncover contradictions at every turn. How can the hardest work on the team be depicted as bad leader? and. How can a franchise icon with the NFL? MVP and Super Bowl appearance on his resume be so abruptly cast side. BRING NFL show presents camp chronicles. Series premieres Monday July thirteen. The watchable says part of the Rigor podcast network. My name is Bill Simmons I. Apologize For my audio fiasco. Domus Fire I. AM having audio fiascos left rate we at t's Zoo Mario for the last podcast. This time around my levels are good I. This is the second time we have tried to start recording. I'm actually recorded this time round I'm with Chris Ryan and Sean. Fantasy. You guys are so money. You don't even know. It swingers coming up next. I don't want you to be the guy in the PG thirteen movie. Everybody's really open they. Want you to be right behind the weighted arm. You're a bad man. You're back, you're back. In the city of Los Angeles where everyone is player. On producer Mike can't even get a seat on the bench. You ever been to the whole on Pico. Clean, but now his closest friends are getting him back into the swing of. Baby. What are you drive cavalier? It's nice to. Call it is industry standard. But how long are you guys GonNa, wait to pull your babies. Today's Miramax presents swing. WOW GIVEN! All right. This movie came out twenty four years ago. It is an indie movie icon. La Movies ever. And it has aged like a beautiful bottle of red wine shop. Fantasy, your single favorite thing about this movie. Well I was thinking about it in relationship to Ferris Buehler's Day off and I talked a lot about how much I love, the character of cameras and this movie is like if Cameron was the star Ferris Buehler's Day off Mikey as the Cameron to transfer heiress, and it's fun to watch them flip roles here. It's fun to see this sort of a movie from this perspective, and it's part of why it makes such an amazing movie about friendship. Does that make Su Sloane Peterson. I Don I. It's a question of whether grams Sloane Peterson. If you subscribe to the Cameron was also in love with Sloan theory, you know. Chris Sorta by you. Yeah, it's just like what if you and your friends mattered like what when your friends mattered enough to make a movie about him and this movie while it became a huge success, I think on home video, and also on DVD and cable, I still think of it as this like. Hey, and me and my friends are gonNA scrape together whatever money we can find guerrillas shoot this thing that's about our lives and just see if anybody bites, and it just so happened that they had like three generational talents involved in it in Doug Watson. Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau and yeah I just I just think of it as one of the ultimate hangout movies. It's true indie movie. 'cause we have other anyway I think like pulp fiction is considered in the movie, and it's not really it has major stars in, and it had enough money it going. This movie is like. You know they're. Telling favor to open the fridge, because they can get light from the fridge, and that will help the late. They're filming and bars, not even telling people in the bars film in there and they're throwing parties, not telling people at the party they're going to film scenes, and it's a true Indian every since everything about how this movie got made is completely organic. Lucky in a Lotta ways, and then how it hits. Huge and yet it didn't hit. It wasn't successful when it came out and I think it's a really important point about this movie. Midnight is I love movies I went to see every movie. I didn't see this movie in the theater. I didn't even know about it and I feel like I was like a nine out of ten. Knowing what movies were out, what movies I should go? See I was reading everything and I. Just kind of missed it and my friend Jan Morris like three months after the movie came out. I think it was on blockbuster at that point. And she's like. Have you seen swingers yet? And I was like no, what is it? Is it good and she's like? You would love it. You have to go rent it. It's you're kind of movie. And that was it and then like a lot of the movies we cover on this in the mid nineties. It hit that cable re watchable. Over, and over again it's on, and it is one of the most quotable re watchable movies the lowest twenty five years. I really believe that. Yeah I think it also you know you're you described it as a true Indie, and it's obviously a miramax movie, which was sort of the most dominant indie brand at that time, and it's a movie that's in dialogue with with all these other indie movies you know there's that famous sequence where they're talking about Scorsese and shot goodfellas and then reservoir dogs in the relationship to that, and then there's this big O. Masha. Reservoir dogs, and you can tell that Fabio and lyman looked at what Tarantino digits a few years earlier and were very self. Self consciously trying to ape that same story of you know having the story that is very personal to you. That is very inspired by a lot of other movies, being obsessed with Hollywood and then finding a way to make that your movie, you know and and the way that they did. It is so amazing. I'm sure we'll talk about it in detail like you said they basically begged borrowed, stole and hustled through every single moment of this movie, and that's part of what makes it so charming. I think it feels like it's so intimate. Close, everyone's face and everyone's experience. It's also really strange because when I saw this movie I can't remember. I very well may have seen in the theaters in the mid nineties, but I I certainly when. Seemingly overnight, every single person was telling each other. They were money. and calling each other double down, but when I was young when I saw it, the idea of staying out until six in the morning was still pretty far fetched to me. And now. Almost twenty five years later I live in the neighborhood where they shot most of it and like drive by these places and. Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn and Jon. favelas become one of the biggest blockbuster directors and Doug Lyman is still. Shooting seventy four extra days on Tom Cruise. Getting taken away from them and stealing it back, and whatever the hell is going on with them, so it's just been kind of a fascinating trajectory for everybody involved. Even the audience who I think probably has like when they watch this movie. They probably remembers much about their own life when they saw it as they. Do. You know what's happened to the movie since then? And it's it's not pre Internet because the Internet starts taking off in ninety six, but it's basically pre internet. Has a couple of things in here. That were things that I felt like. We're unique to my friend group at the time because I'm basically the same ages guys in this movie. Vegas. We just started going there the year before. I had never seen that in a movie. Guys going to vegas the excitement of going to vegas, but then the trip is way longer than you think it's going to be. You're just kinda holding on. Then you see the lights and you get rejuvenated, and you go to the Casino, and you have three hundred dollars, and that's it. You have to make that three hundred dollars last a whole eight all that stuff I just never seen in a movie before. Guys playing video games in a movie like they play NHL Ninety three. which was you know? An iconic run of and I thought it was ninety, three, ninety four was the next year. This is they play ninety three ninety. Three's yeah this. This is the head leader. The year after was the you could go around the net and just do the whole thing, but but I'd never seen people pay video games that are movie, but my friend. I played that video game all the time. We played hockey video games for three years. We would get in fights like the fights that they got in there. And I think. You know appetite for the next decade I think tapped into some of this stuff to the dynamics of male bonding. There just weren't a lot of movies like this, I I probably less than five where I was like Oh. Those guys remind me me and my friends. It's a really hard thing to pull off and it's a very low of a story. You know there's hardly really anything going on in this movie, and not it doesn't. It never really matters? You know you're so. You just feel so close to these people obviously like we feel. Feel close to these people for me. I was fourteen when this movie came out, and just at the early stages of getting obsessed with how movies were made, and what they did, and reading magazines about movies or coming out, and so I. Will I definitely didn't see it in theaters I had a lot of awareness of it because it was another one of those movies, it was sort of like self mythology izing in real time. Sold the swinger screenplay because the story of Farrell writing that story was such a big part of the origins of that movie and so. To me I was aspiring to have male friendships in my twenty s where we played video games, and when swing dancing when I was a teenager like her obviously didn't totally work out that way with swing dancing, but I thought that they like they. They brilliantly told their own story while also making something that they loved which is such a huge part of making a movie a part of history. Bill. I have a question. Yeah, how many bowling shirts did you own? Never got into the bowling shirt thing, I gotta say. I probably only had one or two. One that had like slick written across like maybe a gas station jacket. Something not nothing like that now I mean I was living in Boston when this movie came out. And this whole world that they were in seem so far away from the world I was in everything about it, even though the guy said no money was the only thing I could identify with, but the way the the nights that they had in and all get in their car and driving in different places like we took cabs in Boston. Like why are these guys driving everywhere? Be Don't know I'm not from La going to these clubs and you know going through the kitchens and things like that. There's just a there's this divide, and it's funny because I think. I've even talked on my podcast with Jon. Hamm and Adam Scott bad about. There's this whole ecosystem in the nineties of. Young actors who just moved out to L. A. and had no idea it was going to happen to them right, and that's every decade, but I think specifically in the mid nineties there was more people than ever that were out here and a lot of them knew each other and a lot of them new fabric. Von Like Adam Scott lived downstairs from Jon favreau. Cam was in the middle of all these guys, and it was that that whole kind of generation. They do these guys. They knew what these guys were trying to do. They were capturing the world that they are in. And then they pulled it off, and I think there was like real happiness crossed with like real jealousy for these guys whose I fuck it man they. This is my story in they and they just did it and I to me. That's one of the legacies of this movie perfectly captures this really weird nineties, young actor thing. I think also. Christopher I'm revealing too much. Please let me know, but I mean Chris and I moved to Los Angeles in twenty twelve. We moved to Los Angeles. We moved out together to do something in an industry that we really looked up to them. We're excited about and played golf on the par-three and Los feel us and went to a lot of the same restaurants. That Dresden is still open. You can still go there and have a drink, and there's something like weirdly aspirational, even though those guys are broke and even though. Though? They're kind of like bouncing from party to party getting rejected by girls all the time. They're always like on the back foot every every character in this movie, even though it seems like a very like male dominated masculine thing, it's all about these guys, basically embarrassing themselves over and over again for it's like it's weirdly relatable in that way you know it's not. It's aspirational. Just at the ceiling is very low, which is part of the reason why I think you can look that version of L. A. With? In some ways so different from the way that it is now, but in other ways exactly the same, some of those places look exactly the same. Some of those apartment buildings on the Franklin. Look exactly the same. It's amazing how close it still feels our life. The WanNa one still looks the opening credits. Those pictures in the opening credits. A lot of the stuff could be taken out records yes. Yes, absolutely I mean fantasy, and I were unlucky in that there was not the we. We moved out here for the express purpose because we thought swing was gonNA come back again against. We were like the. Got Fitted for suits. You know like Sean invested in all. His hair wax was really like a lot like lot of sunk costs but I. we eventually came out the other side, but yeah, I mean the victim about the actors. In La it can seem a little bit master batory because you're just like. Oh, you guys have. Obsessive split like there's a really great depiction. Of like dreams and humiliation like these guys all want to be. Huge stars they wanted like they want to be these big. You move out here to do that if you want to be like a a workmanlike actor who pursues are, you could stay in in New York and do theater, but they move out here and they're all being absolutely dunked on by life every day like not getting pilots, not getting can't even get a role as goofy at Disneyworld, and that is the kind of Lake that that sort of down nature of it those swings, or what make it so good. What's weird is a lot of people have tried to make versions of this movie and most of them have been bad. The. Young actors trying to break through. It's usually a recipe for disaster I what I moved out here at the end of two thousand two. were, just as somebody who loves movies and TV and there there were just things I wanted to see right knew. I wanted to go to the pepperdine campus. Because that's our battle battle network stars was I. Knew I wanted to go KANTER's? Is peppered. I know it's not number one. It was just said the mix and I knew I. wanted to Cantor's because I had seen in so many movies of like I gotTa go to Canada so I gotta get a sandwich at Canter's. I knew I had to go to the Dresden in the Derby. Is it was like those are the two places swinger. My wife wanted to go to. We went we within the first two months we were here. We went to both places because we felt like we had to. It's really funny that a movie that didn't even make five million dollars just crack the shortlist of moving away I need to go to these places that these guys went to I think this is one of the great. Post release. Success Stories we've had because. To not even make five million bucks to really go out with with just a whimper like this movie did, but then have the life span that had after. I did a piece. I. Did that quote Gimmick when I was at? ESPN? Did like end of the year. Quotes for the NFL season. I think Oh, two or three and I just use swinger quotes and I just wrote about how you know. Had this had become this conic re watchable movie, basically the premise of this podcast. What's interesting because I re read the piece. There was like a little bit of sadness about how it turned out for Pharaoh in Bonn. And it was like. This movie's so good. These guys haven't been able to really match it. And especially with Vaughn who was in a lot of stuff, and it had really became a hot property in the late ninety S, and he was in clay, pigeons and psycho, and all these different things that they drastic park. Trent Kinda hung over him like a shadow and it took him. I'm GONNA say six seven years to break out of it, and then he ends up becoming one of the leads of the comedy boom that happened meanwhile favreau, who he ended up on friends year later, then he made a rocky Marciano movie, and it's like what his weight was going. Way Up and down. It's like what is this guy? And then he becomes one of the most successful directors of the century, so it's funny to go back and read that piece and be like man. It's too bad. I feel a little bad for these guys. They can't break out of the swagger thing, and now they're both massive successes. Will they tried to go back to the well with made, which is like a pretty fun movie, but obviously doesn't recapture the magic of swingers but I think really. Really, what happens is old. School happens old. School happens and we're like. Oh, this is Vince Vaughn now. This is who he is. He's actually not beautiful Trent who slam and single in his twenties. He's a guy who was in his early thirties whose hitting midlife crisis mode. Who's got a family and who's got all that anxiety, jittery nece and hilarity that comes with all of Vince Vaughn, stuff in the two thousands, but there's a little bit. Bit of a weird sadness, and also he's like clearly a comedy star. He tried so hard in that period in the late nineties. Just like fabric they really wanted to be taken seriously, and they wanted to be serious movie stars, and not actually wasn't what they were best. Cut Out for Vince. MOE's and Jalen won't be who was in the cell the cell. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Vince Vaughn. He wants he figured out. Don't play double down China Gamba. Gamba play the guy who used to be double down downtrend eight years ago and is trying to hold onto that fun part, but it is totally there anymore. Then it's a golfer him. He also had a really good Aniston relationship that was timely when she broke up with Brad Pitt. They did that movie. The break up which I don't even really like that much, but it seemed like that celebrity relationship made him ascend to all other level. I think when you go back and watch this especially in comparison to like. Some of the other indie films from right around this error like kicking and screaming, and even like some of the Kevin. Smith stuff especially clerks. You Watch swingers. It's so big like all the gestures are so movie star big like it, and even now especially I was watching some of these scenes and is like man. They're really almost hamming it up. There's almost like it's almost like the top, but you realize that's the difference between. And I don't mean this. Make the sound fair, but it's the difference between like Vince Vaughn, Chris Aga- men or something. It's like having that kind of like I can fill this hole. Scream with my shit here like my bit is like so mainstream. It's just dying to get out of here and it's not like cloistered in kind of like you know some people who get this joke are GonNa love this joke like they hit beautiful babies and double down all the jokes in this they're like. Did you get that? I'm slamming the button on it and it's I. Guess almost feels like it was destined to be successful. Yeah the whole like I. Don't want you to be the guy in the PG thirteen movie. Everybody is really hoping makes it happen. You know like he's really going forward in a way that a Lotta. Those nineties indie movies were like not necessarily subtle, but they were cool. They were laid back. They were kind of black dispossessed of their of what they were going for. For, and these guys were you know they were influenced by mainstream movies look look at what kind of director Fabio turn out to be. He's got a lot more in common with Steven Spielberg than he does out of Spike Lee or Quentin Tarantino. He's A. He's a mainstream in this movie. Even though it feels very intimate, very personal is pretty mainstream. It's pretty accessible. It's a monster performance by Vince Vaughn. He, he owns every scene he's in. You would have bought all the Vince Vaughn stock in the world. After you finish watching this movie, that guy is clearly going to be a major major star, and it's one of the most memorable characters. It's really a distinct. This is a one of a kind. I can't even compare this character to any other character I've seen in a movie. What's interesting? He does get nominated for an Oscar obviously. But I. Think if we redid the Oscars which we're going to have to Redo every year. The Oscars if we don't have sports if all the sports foster of the next six months get ready for shot just redrafting every Oscar. Here were the best supporting actors. Do you know who won in nineteen? Ninety six? that's English patient year Cuba. gooding junior for Jerry Maguire is nice. Our other nominees William H. macy and Fargo. I'm good with that one banger. Edward Norton primal fear Banger. Some dude from shine. Armin, Mueller Stall. Yeah and James Woods and ghost of sippy I'm positive Vince. Vaughn could have taken that spot. The James Woods spot could live in it to. Do you remember James Woods? That movie wearing like five pounds of latex makeup Byron de la. Beckwith like eighty five years old. It's terrible. That's a classic old guys. Vote for the Oscars wake is like Oh. Man See James Woods. All make. Up Premier magazine was also clear out for woods. So I wrote a I wrote this in o-3 about why thought this movie was GonNa, last reason number one captured struggling actors, no way the surreal scene in Hollywood and everything. You ever loved about Vegas. I think that's still that's still stands. Number two nailed the quote guy in his mid twenties who gets totally obliterated by a girlfriend and can't move on phenomenon. As well as the subtle dynamics of the male bonding experience. I think that holds too, and if anything I think this is one of this signature. I can't get over this break-up. Who've is? That's probably happened, right? It's basically the the real theme in this move is this guy can't get over his girlfriend? But his best relation, but his life has been fun. And it's like he's GonNa be another lorraine. There's GonNa. Be More Lorraine's, but translate kids guy. That's the relationship that really matters and he kinda he kinda realizes that as we went along and then the other thing that held up. Or didn't hold up launched a retro swing craze. That died. And a handful of quotes that seeped into our everyday vernacular, even years later, most of those died I. Still Think Vegas Vegas. Baby Vegas. Had A long shelf. The Vegas is no longer cool but I I think if you think about the two thousands and the vegas renaissance that happened that really started. You Know Ninety eight ninety nine range, and then became popular as in the two thousand swingers was one of the things that Kinda launched it I. Think Those Vegas scenes were really important. It Sean Ula Vegas I. DO I'm sure like subconsciously? I was convinced that I should I should go there all the time and try to be cool and order a scotch from watching this movie, but the point of the scenes is not. Not The vegas is cool. Because Vegas is not cool like these, take place in the Fremont. You know that this isn't like that. Caesar's where you're walking the floor and you're right. You know a titan of power and wealth like these guys are losers. The they're broke like you said they don't have to gamble at all like that's one of the most painful scenes in the movie. And he said it's down. Dollar Table Fetish. That blackjack scene is more painful than the Nikki answering machine seeing all. This is an underrated cringe comedy hall of Famer like there's a couple of moments where you're just. Your skin is peeling off your body as you're watching Mike Fuck up, but. That's the thing like they're. They're kind of making fun of the idea of the high roller of like the original. Ocean's eleven rat pack thing they really look up to those guys and they. They love that lifestyle, but like they're not even they're not even one one thousandth of where those guys were and Vegas likewise was like as you said bill, it was kind of on the on the downside, it was on the backside of being cool at all. It was for people. We used to stay ninety, five, ninety, six, ninety seven. We would stay at treasure island. which was a? She's got up from the Casino. They went to, but still pretty beaten up. That's on the stripped all right. Yeah, and that I remember in ninety, eight or ninety nine. We upgraded a Mandalay Bay which was new at that point. And and that was like Oh. Yeah, we're fucking live in life now. Could Mandalay district over here. You know we're saying four guys to a room the whole thing. I remember I wrote about Vegas for the first time in March and ninety nine. For my own website I wrote about my whole weekend in. Vegas just did like a retroactive running diarrhea of it, and I had no idea of one person was going to like it because that that's you just didn't know that we didn't. The Internet wasn't in the shape. For three or four more years and was like. All Right? I'm just going to write this. There's a lot of funny things that happened. I like people might like this. It was the most popular thing I wrote. In the first two years. It got passed around the whole thing, and that was what I think. We fully realize Oh Shit Vegas. We've been going there for March madness and in March. Madness was still underground, and then something shifted. I'M GONNA. Say early two thousands where that first week in March, badness became just a madhouse. When did and Came Vegas Oceans was our early two thousands a one. Oh Two! Yeah! I think I wonder bill like. If it's it was probably for a few reasons. One like sports betting becoming a bigger part of the experience there the scene owes and the strip getting really built up at the same time. And it, also being like weird kinda cheap. You know like it actually wasn't that expensive to go there. Relative to other like vacations or bad parties or like, it was very conquerable in a way that I think made it easy for people to go there. Even though it seemed kind of glamorous from afar, like the version of Vegas that I go to now is you know me being fucking Weirdo and like gambling alone, not talking anybody and quietly getting drunk like it's I'm not like going Tau and then you know picking up cocktail waitresses. This this feels like it's almost happening in a different city in it is literally happening in a different century. Yeah, I mean for me Vegas. In the late nineties, just playing blackjack at the same table for twelve hours, and then twenty overweight. Is that start? Get, my point, so fabbro said about the less than five million in box office. He said it wasn't until years later that it built momentum video became part of the culture and the language that is then it became what it is now. Lyman. Doug Lyman said I got a call from somebody at Buena Vista Home Video. WHO said Miramax screwed up your movies way to get to disappear like that. We want to give a huge push on home video. which is what happened, not only did. They fled the blockbusters with it, but they did member those. Those standup poster things they would have in blockbuster. Yeah, they had they had swingers advanced bond, holding the drink out, and you'd walk in a blockbuster and you would see, and they kinda handedly turned into A. I remember when I was living with the best man in my wedding Jeff Gallo. We're living in Charleston. We a blockbuster near US and they had a Halloween stand up poster thing. And he told the guy when you when it's time to replace this with different movie. Here's by number. We WanNA. Take this firehouse. When we got the phone rang. He answers like what and he just ran out of the house and I didn't know what happened. I thought like he like something terrible, and he came back lugging this fucking. Halloween Michael Myers thing, but yet the Vince Vaughn thing. if we ever ever ringer podcast that were studio again. I would love to find that on Ebay because that was an kind of thing. What do you think Roger Ebert Thought of this movie? I bet he liked it. I liked it. Three out of four stars. Raj You know it's not a terribly down. Lodge Roger wrote. It's not a terribly original idea. Yet. The movie is sweet, funny and observant that a terribly original idea. Fuck off for at this movie was totally original. What movie did this steal from? I feel like this was a complete original well. I think like the brothers. mcmullen just came out before this. There was this feeling like there were a lot of movies about a bunch of guys hanging out and trying to do something cool with their lives. You know like What's the movie that you Chris? You always talk about one of those early nineties. Movie is not amongst slave, the other one nozzles with me. Me Though that is one two bodies, rest and motion, bodies, rest and motion. Yeah, like there were there were a bunch of movies like that that all look the same like four white guys were like holding. Oh Yeah and glass on the cover. And you're like what is this but swingers itself just had like so much more character, and so much more personality, and it was very sincere without being hokey and I feel like that's why I cut through. It's funny. How swingers and kicking and screaming are the two movies from this air that have age by far the best by far. And they both had really awesome directors at the helm. Yeah I think you watch clerks down. Almost see e. you can feel how cheap the budget was for that and it basically feels like a home movie it. This isn't like Sicario, but it is like you're like. I cannot believe how good this looks considering the fact that Doug. Lyman was using spare film from other companies like. Rolls of film like even this stuff with like when they're coming back from Vegas and they're sitting outside of the sign that says two hundred and seventy eight miles to Los Angeles like this look like a Hollywood movie and their guerrilla shooting that while if you read the grantland aural history like while someone's about to arrest them. Right. They had no permits. Yeah, they've finished filming it. They're wrapping up like the exterior shots in the COP showed up and we're like where your permits. And Did you want one of the really smart thing to class it up which is they spent a shit load of money on music. The music in this movie, which is such a huge part of it part of it. Is that swing revival, stuff and big bad Voodoo Daddy, but mostly to me. It's like you know there's just like a all time. Classic like Tony Bennett Dean Martin Songs on the soundtrack. And then you have all this seventies funk music the plays in the middle of the movie when they're traveling from party to. TO PARTY LIKE PICK UP! The pieces is in here and the King Floyd Song like they're all these like really honestly like huge number, one hit style songs in the movie, which feels so is such an amazing contrast to this little dingy shot on a thirty five millimeter documentary camera movie that it makes you feel like you're. You're not just watching somebody that something somebody made in their backyard. A Hollywood movie people always want to know what what the DVD's are DVD's are behind Sean, and in fact they are all big bad voodoo. Daddy Bootleg Line concerts have the total collection. Efforts to. If you've learned anything from the REWATCH ables over the years, people listening when you're making a cheap movie, spend most of your budget on the music. It's usually the best like even remember. We did the cruel intentions one and they spent like twenty percent of the budget on. What was the closing song? The that that sampled the rolling stones verve. The verve, any yeah, when when The tables turned on Sarah. Michelle Goer and it costs like a million bucks or something, and they didn't have the budget, and they're like fuck it and that song ended up making the ending We're GONNA take a break, and then we're going to do the categories. Hey, don't you think some once? In a blue moon moment should happen more than once in a blue moon like getting together with your friends last week, my buddy Jacko turned fifty and a bunch of US got on a big zoom when we had a nice little little drink and celebrate him and talk for an hour and caught up on stuff. 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It's debris can enjoy every day. You can have blue moon delivered by going to get that Blue Moon Beer, dot, com, and finding delivery options near you. Blue Moon reach for the moon celebrate responsibly Blue Moon Brewing Company. Golden Colorado Ale back to. All right before we do the categories Sean as an important question. We talked about this a little bit on the Ferris pod. Tube at Bill. Were you a Trent or or a Mike? You want to give by. MAKES YOU WANNA? Give by Mike Thoughts now, sure. You can answer my question though. I think I had points in my life where I was a Mike and other points where I was. Okay given your hostility to. Troy from reality bites. And Kevin from Saint. Almost fire I. I regret to inform you that you are trend. I'm going to save my mic thoughts because I have a whole section near the end on on Maki Mita categories. I tried to narrow this down because I mean honestly the whole movies re watchable, also real flow movie, so you could be like this twenty five minute section or this twenty five minutes action. So the drive to Vegas fucking kills me when he's. He talks a bit going and then all set. He's in the front seat. Is it a suit? Is County Buddy? Screaming Vegas is a you gotta put a suit on? Hold the wheel. Screaming Vegas. Fight. You said we're GONNA wear suits. Goddess offering. Right. Man If you wearing a suit and look gamble what they give you free shits. It's in the back all right. No Way, no turn around. I'm going home I'm going to show up wearing that suit cried already. Okay. I'll put my suit on grabbed the wheel. Hold it steady telling you this is? I know. I'm. Up Serious. WE'RE GONNA kick daddy rainman suite. You take that we're going to Vegas my vegas typically midnight when we're GONNA be up five hundred midlife. Baby! And then. The next cut is them just driving sadly alone the highway and and it's just like wow. That was a good two hours ago all of that. I mean honestly you could go from there to. They hit the Strip during the convertible. He tips the Valet play Blackjack, 'cause the next re watchable scene is. The the whole blackjack scene is amazing and the Levy always doubled down eleven. Two hundred dollars pleasantly. I. If you don't look like you know what he soon. I. Know what you're! Talking about? To make. down. I think I love all blackjack scenes. But but that and then ending with the. Bike is devastated. A trip does. Your big winner I'm going to ask you a simple question. What you listen to me? WHO's the big winner here today? That the her Mikey who is the big winner by keywords Mike you and me look at me. Money you know what else you're a big winner tonight a one. You're a big winner. Ask You a simple question. I want you to listen to me. WHO's the big winner here tonight the Casino? Mikey. That's you mikey's. The big winner might be win. I'm an Asshole, but you know what you're. MINUTE, STRETCH I! Think is you could probably team together so and then they go get breakfast in the next scene with all the pancakes the age of light been. It. She does the hang on voltaire like. fucking humming for fifteen minutes. You also in that whole section you get. What does he say I'm GonNa pull a frito yeah. To delete. I look the other thing they go. They try to pretend they had a gamble. They get at the table. The way! He gives the money as perfect. That's total like amateur. Move counting the money for you. Give it to them ever knows the dealer council bunny, and then the three black chips back the winter staring at it. And then. Wade he actually loses the double down when she could see coming from a mile away and just the looks on their face. It's like twenty one. It just goes to show. He's got that craze. Look at his face. All that is just. Every piece of that is magnificent. Is that supposed to tell us that? This is Mike's first trip to Vegas like like he doesn't know how to gamble at all. I think these guys are just Kinda secretly losers, even though they carry themselves off as that losers like Trent, who's supposed to be this amazing world guy has no idea how to gamble. It's incredible. He's. He's basically the only thing he does is double down eleven. That's is only The next one is the par-three. At Felice, not mentioned a wants today. I didn't. WanNa say anything? Why. It's Kinda like. Not Talking to your pitcher in the middle of a no hitter. Where do you wanNA drink it Kinda. Talk about her that much. I didn't mention one today tend to ten. Inches tall was the I'm not gonNA talk about anymore. You'd appreciate I. Do I do good for you? Get their play it out. I sound. Get back out there. Get their fucking kills me get. Fifty Times later it's still funny, but's like six feet short. Get there. We thing there last year with with scarface for for callaway with scarface in house It's just so much fun to drive. The the place looks exactly the same I mean I. Don't know how long it's looked like that but has. The years in the at least the from the core side leg i. think the the sort a little rock cafe. They have their, but the guy who sits in the little booth and gives you like your scorecard. And just smokes cools all day. There since Trent word since Robin Mike were there the sides been there the courses exactly the same. It also captures the whole. Were they struggling actors who seem like? We should have something to do, but we actually have nothing to do. Let's go play a nine for three hours. Because what else am I going to do, I'll just sit my. my house play video games. There are still using the same fryolater at the restaurant that they were using back then. If you WANNA get some fish and chips, chicken fingers also I love, this is very identifiable I'm sure at least for Chris and I like opening round at the Los Villas par-three with an eight or nine. That's. Count Anger. Yeah good. Good Ron Livingston to does the kind of not kind of like that talkative pitcher to no hitter. Those that line out South Next re watchable seen. Dare I say the greatest video game seen in the history of little. Bullshit. King stuck in this game you play. Another team took the Cup against the computer with the offsides era, Finesse team fucking bitch. fucking. Watch out other fun or not. It's not even so much me as Roenick. He's good. Oh, is that right? I video games seen ever in a movie as I. Know No, No. Fighter measured man. No I'm saying like dudes playing mad, inner H, PGA or one of those like. It's never been seamlessly integrated in a movie like this. They picked you know. There was that heyday of this was the ninety three, but ninety, three, ninety, four, ninety, five, like the glories years of that game. So they have one of those Roenick is really essential. They picked him because Roenick. Was Way too good in that game for a couple years, I don't know if the guys who made it were a blackhawks fan or whatever, but the blackhawks fan vons, a huge blackhawks, and but Roenick was God in that game, and they just kind of double, and he's scoring goals over and over again with Roenick Bill Bill. The kings are nesting you. took the kings to the cup is great, but then. Make Gretzky's head bleed is so fucking funny and him getting mad, but they didn't ask that other piece of it where the delivery guy comes in, and they start fucking with Mikey because he's taking the order as Aka cared is acute have command, and they do that whole thing, and all of it is just. It's just lights out. Tire tiresome. Yeah I. I remember wanting to play more video games because they were playing video games in the movie, which I was already playing a lot of video games at that time in my life, so it's pretty. It's pretty influential I. sadly deeply identify with sue in that scene, because as an only child I am frequently like go undefeated and take the flyers to the cup in those games. Against the computer, and then as soon as I ask to play friend and they were decimate. Controllers broken into threat Rowing Shit. I gave you the controller because you came over, but this is bullshit. A! The other thing is they couldn't figure out how to make Gretzky's head bleed. And when they're Eddie in the movie, this is from the GRANTLAND or history. They had to have a Vince Vaughn. Actually come over and just repeatedly tried to make Gretzky, said bleed until they finally were able to capture it, but it was actually really hard to do that to somebody in that game. So they pulled that off tough. I think Wayne Gretzky's a loser in this movie in for a lot of different ways to kings get disparaged. He gets knocked out of US The the next one I have is the whole Heather Graham scene. which first of all I mean! Heather Graham catching her perfect time. The whole ham trying to suck it up and. pull off his whole. Chai finally tried to take the lessons at Trent and talk to a woman successfully. And then they go dance. She basically makes it dance, and then they have swing dance moment and they keep cutting. Trent and sue translate crying so. that's that's just really good stuff plus big bad Voodoo Daddy. Who They Kinda just for like Haiti as wanted to be in this movie, those guys were like sure and they end up like being in a super bowl halftime show of years later. And then my other one is the late night diner scene. With the our little boys all grown up tonight. On the table, apparently, that was ad libbed when jumped on the table, any other watchable seats for you guys. I think the whole Nikki run meeting Nikki the Bar, then getting the number pretending to rip the number, and then going back to the apartment and calling Nikki ten times. It's like it's painful to watch like I said it hurts to watch. Mikey fuck that up so badly, but it's also like a just so amazingly. Well done still so effective. You still feel for the guy every time love. God I might like. Sweat's just watching that. Even you describe it makes me uncomfortable. Nikki this is Mike again. I'd just caucus. It sounded like your machine might've cut me off when I when I before I finish leaving my number, anyway, you know also sorry to call so late, but you still Dresden. When I left I knew I'd get your machine. Anyhow. my numbers to one. I watch just movie with my daughter who had never seen it. And she actually like I got to say from an attention span standpoint. You know because she's looking at Tiktok. Every time we watch anything and the amount of time she actually actually looks up at the TV versus back at her phone. Usually it's fifty fifty. This was like about eighty twenty. She was watching the movie. That answer machine message she was like what is he doing? Why does he keep calling like? She was just as her daughter. You know what an answering machine is. Now I had to explain it to her. I was like back then he steph answer supersedes any other re watchable scenes. I mean I. You know I think maybe just the bouncing from the hit the party to. Party To Party to party. Scene Mardian Elaine you know like the conversations that you have with people about like didn't get the pilot and it was a piece of shit. Anyway. You know all that stuff is really great, too. That also felt like I was getting a little window into a world I didn't know anything about. The whole movies rewatch well. I for me. It's a video game seen as much of. Him Yes what's age, the best great opening credits? We mentioned I love the pictures of La like how they did it. The careers, avant and Fabio. which again as we said near the top, you maybe wouldn't have said that three. You would have said Oh. Man these guys. This movie like you know the hit a grand slam out of the gate. I wish they could recap, and then it was like all right well. They definitely do that The this place is dead. Anyway, Guy. He gets set light off twice Alex Desert Yeah. It's great both types. He says it. The place is dead at all. It's actually like they're just. Added Them Yeah Yeah. Vegas Baby Vegas. First Time I'd heard I stole liberally for many calms. I They do a great job of establishing what a loser Mike is and it's really funny with. It would just like subtle shit like Lisa works at the MGM Grand She's Dorothy. Yep I'm dorothy fabric goes. Well. We're not in Kansas anymore, and there's just add some it's. So what are you guys do? Is the least funny guy. The planet nothing funny about him at all and it's. It's funny how that keeps happening. You mentioned the I don't want you to be the guy in the PG thirteen movie. Everyone's really hope it makes it happened. No, it'd be like the guy in the rated R. Movie Papa Marty and Elaine. It's funny. You Go. You go to the Dresden. You see them. Which I did a couple times. Early two thousands, and then even later like late two thousands, and they look exactly the same. They might be alien lifeforms on that I'm not sure they're human. They don't seem the age. They've been the same age for thirty years. I don't totally understand it. I saw them perform last fall. They were still doing their thing same shit. Look at the same. Did you just go to the Dresden or were you going to see Mardi and Elaine No? No No, a an acquaintance was. Let's go get a drink with I'll meet you at the Dresden and we had a drink in like a frequently. When you go bar all the sudden. It's two hours later, and it was like the nine o'clock time, and they just came on, and they started playing in the middle of the week at night. There are like in their eighties. It's crazy. So, does that mean? They were in their fifties this movie because they say in the seventies in this movie I think they're in their aid. These are in their hundreds. Now. nother would sage the best. The whole cut the pre uber concept of just everybody in their own car. Going almost like a like a convoy from party to party, because that's really what L. A. was like until about two thousand, Fourteen fifteen any other. What's the best for us? Hanging out in Diners, Oh diner hangouts which I feel like I. Don't do enough of obviously I haven't done. Any of since since this all started, but is like. A top five location to hang out. Diners like the wizard anything better than like intermittently. Getting a Coffee Cup filled with like okay coffee. I Miss I. Miss Getting Coffee At ten PM and that being okay. must out of. My life when I could get a giant plate of pancakes, yeah, at one o'clock in the morning, and and have a cup of coffee to to can yeah, yeah. I do I do miss that? That's aged well, but also poorly in my life. Sure also though those kind of diners are harder to come by. Then maybe give like when I lived in Charlestown for like ten years. We just didn't have a diner like that. But when I was in college, we used to drive to the heritage. which was about a ten minute drive from holy? Cross and we would just go there and we would get. Breakfast talked about the night before. Hang out. They had an online called the heritage. Jacko does ordered. The heritage does laugh is I on the heritage. But it was like we would just go to this diner and hang out for two hours in the breakfast. DRINK COFFEE AND There's a bunch of those in La. There was even an Co. there's one near our office held swing. Their one diner, yeah, the one on one diner is just like kind up. The street from our offices are in like. Yeah, that's. Yeah and that's the movie I on Long Island like diners or a lifestyle diner on every corner on Long Island, Jersey shore same thing tape. I think diners took a have taken a big hit with covert unfortunately oh. Yeah I know. A lot of them have gone down tough one And the music we mentioned, which is age really nicely I. I would say the what's age. The best is just. The von Fabra dynamic, and how that evolved over the years where? You know these guys have now twenty five year careers. and. It's pretty cool to see them in this movie. At early stage I think Doug Lyman too I. Mean yes, Lemon really is like. One of the ten or twelve most successful directors of the last thirty years in terms of the just the number of movies made I mean obviously the way he makes movies Chris, and I talked about it on the edge tomorrow podcast, but the it's pretty crazy style, and you can even see in the in the ground oral history like the risks that he took in the way that he pushed the limits with things but he's just he had. He's able to capture an energy onscreen. He's clearly so good with actors and gets actor so excited about doing this work. I don't know he's like he's. He's done really well, also they. They got Ron. Livingston and Heather Graham at Pretty Great Times Rabia where they started to get real famous. True and Ron living stay in. This is basically who he is in every movie. He's really likable in this though. And I think he does a good job is kind of almost a moral conscience of the movie in a Lotta ways and Heather Graham? She does this boogie nights basically within six months of each other. With age the worst the club. The CLUB ON CARS MEMBER! The Club at a whole run there for ten years I haven't seen a club in forever, but that was like a real thing in the cities in the in the nineties yet it'd be my daughter. That I guess I don't know what happened I. Think on Star and GPS, and all that stuff probably makes the club kind of like. If you've stolen the car, but yeah I used to always. I remember when I was like in high school and College I had a a Ford, tempo and then a Toyota Corolla, my mom's Toyota Corolla. And even the they were pretty bad. Cars and I would still put the club on, but yeah. I would never lock the club. It was always ornamental, so it'd be like if someone breaks the window, because even though they seem the club, they can have the car, but leave the club on. Lock it so that I have to unlock it when I get get in the car. My daughter was confused by the club as. Twenty five years ago. Cars didn't have alarms you know. Just kind of what we had to do Answering machines. Unfortunately is age the worse they don't exist anymore. Bay. Don't get mad at me. The reservoir dogs? Oh, my gosh. As age the worst. because. That movie is now twenty nine years old, and I think if you're like another thirty. There's a chance you might not get it at all. It was so funny in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, ninety, seven out this great, great great job, making fun of reservoir, dogs and same thing for the goodfellas walking through the kitchen ONA's. Both of those have aged aged, the worst on the because as the years pass, I think it's harder for people to get the joke I think there's two other, so those two choices which are Super Self, conscious commentary on movies, and then there's two other. Interesting choices that they make. The one is at the beginning of the movie. When the answering machine talks back to Mike, you're like what kind of a movie is this like? This that's an age source for May yet hadn't done that and the other one, which I think is like more subtle, but is basically the same kind of like wins. ICAL flourish is when he looks over at Lorraine. Anne sees her and then she's a bunny and he sees the bunny, and then he looks back, and then it's lorraine again. It's because of. Of the, you know the bear on the bunny speech that that Trent gives, and the movie otherwise is dislike, not hyper, real necessarily, but very intimate, and very like normal, seeming kind of at these guys are living, and it has these three or four little moments kind of stick out now and have not don't really work well in the movie I think. I have just a person Oh. What's age the worst? Having Been Broken Vegas gambling. The three hundred dollar chips. You're out of there. I don't care how much of your manhood is at stake. There's just no fucking way. Those stakes are too big. You're getting out. You're like Oh man. I, didn't you're just taking? The chips are going to the table. That has the bearded guy in the old lady. Hitting on seventeen. Yeah, 'cause, you just drove four and a half five hours. I also think for another woods as the worst that drive to Vegas General. They're leaving. At night I have. Chris drive in real life. They're getting there at seven hour drive. They're getting. They're like two in the morning. Okay, so it's dark when Trent Calls Mike. Yeah, and he's like we gotta go. We gotta go to Vegas. So let's say. It's like seven or eight. o'clock wouldn't trade calls Mike Rate. They're not there till two. He says they're going to get their midnight. They obviously don't get their midnight. They meet the girls at the bamboo lounge at six am. And then doesn't Trent have like a like a audition at nine am like. I guess he blows off that audition, but yeah, they get to Vegas at like one or two in the morning right? Yeah, because you figure they start gambling it to. That last May be two hours, and then they have to kill two hours until they go. Meet the girls, so they go get breakfast I. think that part lines up, but I think that's a six hour drive, yeah! I can do it for you I. Do it in three fifteen. That's my whole record for Vegas. La Tobago's three fifteen. Three fifteen, yeah! A hundred and five the whole time. None of it. Driving, no first of all don't and morning drag racing. CATTIER! Casting. Only have a couple. Lyman said in the grit little history that Jason Priestley wanted to play vents. Barely bit there and and if he had signed on, they raised a million dollars got the movie made. And then Livingston said Vince was the last person that got the okay to be in the movie. They really wanted somebody. They could stick on the poster. Look. I love previously that a tuna. One of my favorite shows ever he could not have been vince that that's disaster. But that didn't happen. They asked or like this. Like distributors are money, people want a depth to to play. and Fabio really wanted to direct. and was pushing hard to direct pushing hard pushing hard, they were smart enough much like the good is smart enough to know that they needed to try to star in the movie. This is going to be there one break. He finally gave up the directing thing. became a CO producer. Let Lyman do his thing and then A. kind of read between the lines and the post production editing process. It might they might have butted heads. A couple times in Lima famously difficult guy right. Yeah, and you can in that one of the great things that oral history is you see these sketches? That fabric made of what he saw as the movie and you know they're basically storyboards. In the lot of them were really close to what the movie turned out to be. So he clearly shared that with everybody, and he clearly had like a very big vision, not just on the page, but onscreen of what the movie was supposed to be. You know the turns me two of the biggest like really powerbroker directors of the of the last couple of decades, so obviously it wouldn't be surprising if they were. They butted heads a little bit, although several has been very diplomatic about this in the past. We did oral histories at GRANTLAND. boogie nights in swingers. I don't know who assigned those, but it might have been me and Heather Graham would that be interviewed for either what? We went over to with her. I don't know what we did. The Heather grabbe. She's waiting for the head discussing the road. She's waiting for her own Orleans jury. She wants like the giant like. I. Don't know what we did Heather. Graham, you'd think. She's Meryl Streep. Best that guy. AK The. Joey Pants awards. So this could go one or two ways like Patrick van Horn. As sue was never in anything else again. He's almost you saw him. He'd be like sue. And Alex Desert as that this place is dead anyway. Guy I feel like he's been in other stuff I. Just can't name any of them. But I wanted to give it to somebody who had a little more steam. Dean Martin who we talked about in the days that confused podcast. It's basically this. In dazed and confused, and and that was it, but I really liked her I was thought she was cute. With such good actress Hassle. vibe great voice I. Don't know why mortgage things didn't happen for her. In the nineties, so I I've offered Demartin for this I like her Alex Azar. Is, Biggie you. Says it all so money in PC? You Yeah I like him so money The Vincent. Hanna give me all. You GotTa word. For. For most overacting. At emphatic anyone overacted in this movie. Missing something, I don't feel like anyone doubted up I'm gonNA give it to The guys that sue confronts in the parking lot okay? To Pain, Yeah House the pain. You want some of this batch scully. Yeah you know who scully was. He was in big daddy right. No, he's Rio. Hack for Taylor hackel right. Yeah Taylor, hack, for director proof alive, one of the greatest movies ever done of the rewatch. ables married to Helen Mirren, who is a huge fan of the rules right Chris. Yeah No, she. She is the last remaining one. I watched devil's advocate last night. Man That's a huge fantasy text. Yeah! Both my favorite. Don't touch. That bubis almost at SNL sketch. Amazing. That accidents Kiat Catarivas is. What accident is, but it comes and goes, and Charlene is like going for an Oscar. She's incredible in that movie at everybody else is just an SNL sketch and she is Meryl Streep do you prefer Devil's advocate or the movie? The Matthew mcconaughey sports betting movie to to for the money yet for the money. That move is bad. That movie has of problems. Devil's advocate his perfect. Dion waiters word is loaded with nominees. This place is dead anyway that guy. Martin Elaine if they're eligible heather Graham. Basically to scenes Su only in like five scenes. scully a K. hassle pain. Our nominees I am I. AM voting for Heather Graham. She's in the movie for less than ten minutes, and is lights out. What do you guys have cedergren Heather Graham and then the on the phone call certainly throwing like ninety per hour Diane Keaton Bits. On the phone at the end of Frank Sinatra's birthday, but I know. Call you like hello. Contract? No, that's okay I want to talk to you. Called you back, but he went. Two days. My friend said but. Mike schoolgirl suspend. The Room Synopsis. Hollywood houses. You know there's no sign. Of currently. I've always been a fan of Brooke Langton I. Feel Like we've overloaded Blanton here Melrose. Play the replacements. She's got a great scene. She's like like the kind of woman. You would see sitting alone at a bar like that. You know you'd think would be approachable, but then she would blow you out of the water I don't know I like Brooklyn. A, good enough actress to actually elicit real acting for managers shoe in about six melrose biceps. She really did arrest re casting couch. To be honest, I didn't have any parts I to recast I think they did a really nice, job. The across the board. I'm I'm good. There's not anybody we just don't know what happened sue. Yeah to Patrick van, Horn they they. They don't talk about it. Like one I think Alex's areas like I see him and we're like what's up, but like everybody else is like I've completely lost track at guy. Yeah I did some affect center research, which is our next category, China find out what happened to him and there's. A didn't want it. Was it was interested in this life. Got Out of it. It's weird, so maybe that would be I mean if you're a recasting away where you'd want another guy in the level of von and Fabra. Maybe sue as Jon Hamm I duNno, we're like oh cool John Him as sue but I still like sue. I think he's getting this movie. Have Fast Internet Research Fabra said my dad gave me a screenwriting program I. started the script as an exercise to see if I could read a screenplay. swingers is what came out took him two weeks. Livingston said. The Guy. Tell her around the same time. Fabra Livingston just became friends. They were the only guy in l.. A. The guy knew and then fabric new vents because they're in Rudy together. Vince took favor. Owners Ring Livingston pop the long, Adam Scott lived downstairs, and they all kind of hung out They after they did the script they would do. CAST script readings for potential buyer producers for a year. And they would do it almost like how Jason Reitman, does those Where he gets like twelve awesome actors to read some movie script, they would just do this over and over again for people and Bond said they all totally missed the universality of it. A guy dealing with the break-up coming of age taking journey with a group of friends wanted to meet somebody to love. we mentioned how they spent more money on music in that movie than on the movie, they paid the most for Dean Martin. Half a million dollars a music licensing. The movie cost a quarter of a million dollars to make. A fabric stole year so money from the Spike Lee Michael Jordan commercials. That party scene was a party saying that they threw in just invited all their friends and didn't really tell them what was going on, but to the people that were at the Party where Adam Scott and Mike White of chuck and Buck. The Vegas. Shot Casino. Exterior is the stardust right. Interior was the glitter Gulch. Tough, I just don't think Gulch ever works against. The coach is always asking. Fabra Todd Heather Grandma's swing dance. Fabric said the original script ended. With the With the phone call with Heather in the rain. Takes. The new girl camera pulls away into. A helicopter shot that we couldn't afford. That was the end. And then Lyman added the new ending because he thought the movie was really a platonic love story between making Trent. But. They realized last-second. They didn't have a baby, so they had to go scramble around looking for anybody holding a baby and then convince them to let the baby in the movie. movie got rejected by Sundance. They, they speed rushed it. Get an Sundance Sundance, said no Robert Redford. Are we sure he's good? Not here bill right now. They rented the Fairfax two dollar theater that Sean fantasy would loved if he lived here in the mid nineties. said at a screening with five hundred people. They said it was four hundred ninety friends. Ten boss Bill Byers crushed. And everybody is trying to buy it, and they sold it to Miramax for five million new. They had up the street from my house at the Vista. They got the JAWS THEME MUSIC Because they sent. approval to Spielberg. Who saw some of the scenes from it? and was like who's that with Vince Vaughn and cast him in the Lost World Jurassic Park movie that happened. And then the bear monologue. The big bear like your pg thirteen the whole thing. Apparently Vince Vaughn really did say that the JON favreau one point. 'cause an. Autobiography biographical with Fabra where he left a girl behind the whole thing, so apparently that speech was. Somewhat similar to the speech. They use the movie super you. A BATON We built and I just tell you that before. Chris and I are do a podcast every time I give that speech at the big bear with bangs and. You don't want to be like with the bunny man. I can't do Pacino this time you know ever since I left New York I feel weird about doing Chino. Who Pacino Abedin this movie? Marty Martin Lane. Was Su. She could've been house a pain. I did a gun to protect myself. Apex Mountain the. For Nest You. Doug Lyman No. No I. Don't know a Doug. Limon's apex was, but it was sworn on. I don't know. Which one like Ebony did he do? He just at the first one I on Ya. Oh, he didn't do I thought he did another one. They probably born. Vince Vaughn and wedding, crashers or old school. Yeah, I would say wedding crashers from. Johns, Fabio we are living. It's been that way for ten years. Yep, he's in charge. IRONMAN demand demand. Say It's Nice. IRONMAN. Because? That was. Robert Downey is a superhero and John Favored or acting. Everybody is like what the fuck is going on here. And then the movie becomes a monster and sets up everything he wants to do after that Brooke Langton. She's on Melrose Place. When this movie comes out, so I'M GONNA. Go A for Su- definitely. Picks on for Su-, Yeah. Early Fun Underground. Vegas ABSO fucking lutely. This is Apex Mountain for Vegas Before Vegas became commercialized. Hockey Video Games, yes. Big Voodoo Daddy I'm GONNA. Say playing the Super Bowl halftime. Show is probably apex bound for them. Yeah, but I would say swing revival in general. This is probably apex. The, Derby yes the Dresden, yes. That's all I got. Deana Martin. Picking Nets we, we already did the The Vegas Drive I. Don't have it either nitpicks you I have a probably unanswerable question, okay? Best quote we mentioned a lot of them I enjoy having to see boys in the hood now. One of us is going to get shot. ASSHOLE. What did you see boys in the hood? Now? One of US IS GONNA get shot bitch. You Ain't going to do anything guy. Asks. You wake up every day and it hurts a little bit less than you wake up one day, and it doesn't hurt at all in the weird thing is. It's almost like you missed that pain. Sometimes, it's still hurts. You ought. You wake up every day and it hurts a little bit less, and then you wake up one day and doesn't hurt at all. and. The funny thing is is that. This is kind of weird, but it's like. It's like you almost miss that pain. Great I'm GonNa find me to which is here. I'M GONNA. Put Me Afraid. King's finesse team. a million quotes there. Could this be remade as a ten episode Netflix show next category. Please God no. Please I'm I'm not as as allergic, but you would have to find whoever like who could be Vince Vaughn like who who is the person? Now is like absolutely like irrepressible like that, we they. They made this show. It's called entourage. Entourage is the logical sequel to this movie. Very Good Point Sean. That makes him happy. Probably unanswerable questions. What was the most unrealistic part of the Mikey? Lorraine, extended seen. That Somebody is hot as heather. Graham was sitting by herself at a bar with no guys circling here. That both of them instinctively knew how to swing dance at an incredibly high level. That she would ask Mikey two dads that she'd be attracted to make in the first place. What you have for both the most unrealistic I think the swing, the swing dancing like the dual all of a sudden. It's just like you guys might as won't be fucking figure skating. Like what are you talking? Even at fourteen, it was I was like what the fuck is happening. How do they know how to do this? It's pretty choreographed like my get dressed at all. Right sure. How long did in Lorraine last? Nine months. I'm going to say six months. I I'll take the over I'll go your. I think she meets like Ben Affleck at a bar. The Real Ben Affleck and he's got good one hundred. Sequel. He's got like a big movie coming out and she just dump spike immediately. Redefining swingers does double down. Trent does he make it as an actor I was Gonna ask you this too. Before we answer that can I ask you a question about one of Trent stories when he's in the trailer with the two gals from from Las Vegas and he tells the story about going in for the after school special and was on after school specials. Was that completely made up story or just an embellished story? I think it was embellished. But the reasons you're like. Yeah, because I think 'cause. The in the world history they talk about how all of the dialogue is on the page, but a lot of the stuff that's on the pages taken from their lives, so I think that that's probably like it was probably a story that was embellished, yeah, the kid was probably sixteen and the after school special That's probably go, so did did. Trent may get. I'm GONNA say no. So. What's he doing now? Work at the par-three. US Ran Abel's at the one on one now. He's like a bartender back in Chicago. He moved back after two or three years. That's a bummer. Alright. Let's do it. Why did anyone WanNa? Hang out with my. Mind is. When was Mike actually fun? He was like all those guys are like yeah Mike like like so he moved out from New York you're you're so money? You're so? He's like Mike Sucks. He's awful. What was the version of Mike. That was like a good hang. I'm just GONNA give you. Some tidbits. You had to talk him into going to Vegas. He has no idea had to gamble. He's a professional comedian. WHO's not funny at all in any in any way, there's no hint of a sense of humor from him. He throws his friends under the bus when they're trying to hook up. He's still stuck on a girl from back home. Who's dating a guy named Pierre and they've been broken for nine months. He can't golf. He's an accomplished swing dancer. And then at the end Heather Graham. WHO's just like? Just? Please take me home. I just want to get over my boyfriend today and he can't even like seal the deal with that. He sucks. And I guess the point of this movie. Is that you still like him anyway, but I cannot for the life of me understand why Trent wants to hang out with. If. I'm trying I'm like not answering the phone when Mike is coming off. Sony. This is once again. You guys have proven at the end of a pod that you're just complete monsters. No no, this is something really hard. He's homesick. He misses his girl. He's trying to make it in the big city. Who hasn't been there? He was fun. Was Michelle in college like. Wendy Trenton bike have their glory days that they are trying to recapture in La. On the set of Rudy we know about this. Listen. You'd never in a million years would want to hang out with Cameron from Ferris. Bueller more Mike from swingers. You just wouldn't have in real life. These are people you did not want to hang out with. But great movie characters I WanNa I. WanNa almost like I wanna get divorced just to see how long I could talk about it with fantasy. Right ditch you for good. Sean I'm really going through it. It's just like Chris like the third time. We've talked about this I. Think it's Ron Livingston. Who really who you know who really eats it in this movie? He's the he's the one who has to carry the weight the burden of Mike's Bullshit. Sean that leads me to my other, probably unanswerable question. Is the most unrealistic thing in swingers Ron Livingston casually unwrapping role of Salami for breakfast in that Guy's apartment? It's an iconic moment. has anyone who of it since? Twenties New York City. And my son! Like, why does he have like a knife that he's just cutting Salami with like you? You're try out to be goofy. And you eat Salami from the role for breakfast. Like what are you one? I've done it, too. I would do it again in a heartbeat. If I had some Salami in my home right now, I actually should go to. Mike go to the kitchen and salon having the fridge. Time with you that almost anyone else in my life last twenty. Salami in front of me unless it was pre sliced. Wow He's actually going to get slamming my son. I eat Salami all the time. Does he cut it? Though or does he have like the little prideaux he does, he does the precise Salami packs. That whatever you get him in the Deli. He loves those. This is quite a bit. Oh. Look at this here is CR. Right here so Prasada. In your fucking face I will be. As soon as we get off this pod, no I'm going to be cutting it with a knife. Well. Kobe's really wearing a lot of people down. who run the movie on? Pharaoh. Pharaoh make the case for Fabra. If, he doesn't do this movie. He might not have a career. And if that's true for Vince, Vince is such an amazingly charismatic performer. You can see in the future like he's able to sustain himself publicly, but Fabio needed to make destiny happen for himself, and he did it by writing this movie, and by being mono maniacal about getting it made and doing it with his friends, and doing it the way that he. He thought it should have been done and look at him now. I mean he's. He's one of the five most important people in Hollywood. He just made the last like truly great thing that everybody loved the man delorean like he is, he's one of the. He's in a very select select select echelon of Hollywood powerbrokers. Really and it's because of this movie. Yeah, I just think it's von because you leaps off the screen like it's just like the obvious thing that like where he's operating at a level of like wattage. That is ten times the next closest person. It's interesting I. Don't know if we've had a conundrum this with WHO on the movie. Coup on the movie. Itself is Vaughn. Who Wins the movie and a big picture? Yeah, like longterm success, long-term ways is easily fabricates shots right? Vince Vaughn is happening anyway. He's he's making it. You know in whatever the route would have been. It was going to happen. He was too good. He was to charismatic, but yeah favreau. Three years earlier was in Rudy. Go near the wall. At his three hundred pounds, screaming for Rudy and I just don't think it would have happened and. You know as an actor was wasn't didn't really totally ever happen for him. either. You know he'd pretty mixed results there for ten years, so he was always going to be behind the scenes guy. Have you ever done a CO winner? We've had co-winners eight. I think was tired where we've just argued for three minutes and nobody makes a decision. Well it's like there's a macro and a micro winner I've been to macra winner and fava's macro winner. But It's amazing. This movie came out twenty four years ago. It doesn't feel like it did I think there's a lot of movies from the mid nineties that feel like they were made in the mid nineties this one. Does, not it's really good. It is on HBO Max by the way if anyone gets to. Check that out along with hp Max, really good, library incredible grab constantly custody impressed by the things. They have on there all right so next week. We're going to do stand by me. Stephen King. River Phoenix Rob. Reiner that's happening so if you WANNA watch the news before then. Feel Free See guys next. Thanks, Bill, thanks.

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