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"elephant conservation care center" Discussed on The Good News Podcast

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"elephant conservation care center" Discussed on The Good News Podcast

"The other host. The good news podcast is your source for good. News Fun Stories Auditory Delight and Sonic Joy. We're bringing you all of this goodness from beautiful downtown. Chicago the Other Day I was surfing around instagram and saw post from the happy broadcast. Some listeners might remember our interview with Morrow Gutty. The creator of the happy broadcast. Something caught my eye. It was this really great illustration of an elephant wearing a sweater further. Further investigation brought us to a really lovely story in the Guardian way back in two thousand, seventeen in northern India temperatures were dropping really low at night, so some of the women who live in a village near the Wildlife Sos Elephant Conservation and Care Centre spent days knitting very large sweaters for the elephants, so they can stay warm during those chilly nights. The elephants at the Conservation Center are all rescues from not so great situations. Some of them are blind or visually disabled in some way. So the sweaters that these women were knitting for the elephants. This is not I mean let me try to describe this to listeners I'm talking like practical. These really beautiful pieces of art. They're colorful and they're huge because they have to fit the whole elephant. It's essentially a knit tapestry. Yeah, it is, it's beautiful, and so the other thing that I love about what these ladies did was not only did they knit this sort of large sweater blanket that has to lay over the elephant. They also knitted leg warmers for the elephants. legs very cute. It's so cute. Dance Class, this story sort of touches my heart, because the you know, the other part of it is that their lives had earlier been. You know not so great so now. They're in this conservation air in like you WanNa. Take even double, extra special care of them. Because they had such a hard time when they first started out in life new sweet little Eli's. We know and love elephants well. I did do some digging because I know the stories from two thousand seventeen, the wildlife SOS, Elephant Conservation Care Center is still fighting the good fight for our animal friends. If you WANNA learn more about the organization, please visit their website at wildlife SOS dot, Org, not only do they support elephants, but there's a variety of other wildlife species that they also work to help support, and they also have a lot of campaigns to help endangered areas in keep those protected, so animals can actually stay in the wild. Thanks for listening. Do you have good news? Incredible or maybe WanNa tell us a joke or idea excellent. Email us.

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