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"elena penny hughes esperanza spalding" Discussed on What's Good with Stretch and Bobbito

"And just the way life is changed in what you know. It's just different. You know, what I made this no connection to Cardi B and your grandmother for her song. Like like that. Pete rodriguez. But you know, you get that immediately. You know, what I'm saying if I play a little way from my grandmother right now, she'd be like what the hell is this? She comes from a real instruments. She comes from the hip hop world. So if you play if you flip flip that same idea around, you gotta understand why there's disconnected why they don't like it. It's it's not it's not a hard concept understand. So I just tried to incorporate those kinds of sounds in my music, the sound I like, you know, what I mean. I'm not selling out. I'm not pulling. I'm not putting things in my music. Just so young people get like it, and I don't like it too. You know, what I mean, these are things I also like I also like different styles of music, and I also liked to mix them into jazz and do that whole thing. So when people come to my shows, if you ever kind of one of my shows, you'll see how diverse the audience is very few artists where you'll have a eight year old white lady and a fifteen year old black that was my mom at the same. All the time. Like, that's how mixed my own says like it's super mix, which is not typical for for jazz jazz shows not typical for any show about it. True chew into interesting because you've been able to chief this without compromising yourself, exactly or compromising jazz. Exactly. Which is like that's like the impossible task exactly. Because that's the thing. Normally there's a weak link, and you can hear it if you know, the styles you can hear when the jazz musicians trying to play hip hop because you you hear that. And you're like, okay, you your fan hip hop. But you don't really know how to play the ship. You know, what I mean, you didn't really dig into or vice versa when a catch trying to play jazz jazz musician. I hear the first measure. I know it sure you You know, what what I mean. mean jazz seems to lean towards a male dominated experience in in. You know, you do have Elena penny Hughes Esperanza Spalding. You know, you have women who are prominent the legacy of of all the Ella, Fitzgerald von's and everything but where women in two thousand eighteen and the forward progression of jazz. I think jazz just a male dominated sport..

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