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"elaine charlie" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

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"elaine charlie" Discussed on Newsradio 600 KOGO

"Johnson shot? I'm looking on a Harvey. I'm Ted Garcia 7 30. This is San Diego's morning news. Governor wants kids back in school. Will your child be one of them? Will talkto Board of Education President Richard Barrera live at 7 41 2 of the most powerful economic voices in America disagree on attacks for the uber Rich Sully is back at seven. 55. All right, Let's get your roads right. I'll see how things were moving along with Kevin Dean a little better here on the South bound side of the 15 in Escondido. Earlier couple of accidents, one of Ninth Avenue, another one down around fellow see the clear light of Elaine's Charlie getting back up to speed. No trouble's coming down the coastline at this point in from Carlsbad all the way down through Delmar over the summit there and Off towards the five. The five split even a predatory pines of the south outside the high five, running just great little bit of a slow down bottom of the hill in Santee problems on the westbound side of highway 94 with an accident. Lemon Grove cleared over the right shoulder that was in the college groove on rap and then more brake lights on that 94 to the north body to five ramp. Watch for them, as you make that turn and try to go north there and the crash right at the 15 on the 94 has traffic backed up towards the 805. This report sponsored by Mozzie heating, Aaron Solar Mozzie heating air in solar, San Diego's premier residential heating and air experts, their family hell they've been serving you for over 50 years. Mozzie is three generations strong, with one mission, providing quality service trust and transparency visit them Today they may use ey dot com Coco's next real time traffic update. 7 40. All right. Let's check in with 10 news meteorologist Meghan Perry for our changing forecast. Hey, Meghan. Good morning, guys. Another spring like day on tap with highs. 5 to 10 degrees above normal, much cooler tomorrow with much needed rain the late morning into evening..

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