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"el lazo hernandez" Discussed on NewsRadio WIOD

"Many for the Marlins. There was another story about the fish that got away after losing starter El Lazo Hernandez to freak leg injury while he was crossing home plate. Reliever Dylan Floro gave up three runs, bases clearing double to Jacob Stallings in the eighth inning. So The Pirates made Miami walk the plank 5 to 3 for their sixth grade loss. They try to break the street tonight in Pittsburgh, sending Cody boutique to the mound for the 75 per stitch. And the Miami Hurricanes Open the N C. A. A baseball regionals this afternoon in Gainesville, taking on South Alabama at five cocaine. They always have an uphill climb. When they have to play alligators in Gainesville. It can't be easy. No, no, it can't be easy for them. They blew it last week in the SEC tournament. We'll see how they do this weekend. Alright, Erica. Thank you very much coming up at 8 41. Live to the White House for the latest headlines from the Biden administration to reach herd immunity where we don't need to hit herd immunity. What the hell is going on here? Sean Hannity. Mixed messages. Why the mixed messages on mixed Just giving you the facts here today at three news radio, 6 10 w Y o D. Well, I want to take a moment and again. Thank And encourage each and every one of you and your loved ones quite frankly, to take advantage of the free heart scan with my friends in life Imaging FL. I have been telling you about their great work for a few months Now I was finally able No 23 weeks ago Now to get my own heart scan done. Got those results in 20 minutes. I mean, it is such an easy process. Didn't even have to take my clothes off while I was there. I figured you know what? Why not be proactive? I had my full body scan done as well. Look, I've got a lot to live for my family. But we also have a history of cancer and heart disease. So I thought to myself, why wouldn't I take steps to be proactive? Find out if there's something that needs to be addressed just in case Ordered my heart scan results and my full body scan results to my primary care physician how to talk about it a couple things to keep an eye on but nothing to worry about it. The good news is my colon, prostate on my other organs. Basically can't clear of concern. Now I urge you to take advantage of the free heart skin opportunity for yourself and your loved ones as well. I mean, why wouldn't you? I know I jumped at the chance to potentially save my own life..

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