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Israel unleashes deadly strike on family home in Gaza

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Israel unleashes deadly strike on family home in Gaza

"Hiring can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. But when you post a job on ziprecruiter their matching technology finds qualified candidates for you and invites them to apply so well other companies. Give you too many options. Ziprecruiter finds you the needle in the haystack. And right now you can try ziprecruiter for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash five things. Good morning. i'm taylor wilson and this is five things you need to know saturday. The fifteenth of may twenty twenty one today and israeli air raid kills children in gaza plus states and businesses or changing their rules on mask wearing after the new cdc guidance Here are some of the top headlines. The city of columbus ohio will pay ten million dollars to the family of andrei. Ill an unarmed black man who police killed in december. The settlement is the largest in the city's history. China landed a spacecraft on. Moore's for the first time on saturday. It's the third country to do so following the former soviet union and united states and nbc unveiled. Its full television lineup. On friday the catch there will be no comedies. The move comes from the network once known for its thursday night comedy lineup with shows like the office and parks and recreation an israeli air raid in gaza city. Early saturday killed at least ten palestinians including mostly children. It's the deadliest single strike since violence between israel and hamas militants sparks earlier. This week the strike hit a three story house in a refugee camp killing eight children and two women from extended family. They were celebrating aid. El fitr children's toys and monopoly board game were seen with the rubble and pleats of uneaten food. From the holiday gathering a neighbor said there was no warning before the attack there were also palestinian protests friday in the occupied west bank where israeli forces shot and killed eleven people in gaza. At least one hundred twenty six people have been killed including thirty one children and in israel seven people have been killed including a child but latest violence began in jerusalem when israeli police used heavy handed tactics at an important holy site. As israel continued to threaten the forced removal of dozens of palestinians from their homes hamas militants have fired rockets into israel. This week and israel has continued with airstrikes. Egypt keeps leading truce negotiations but israel turned down a proposal for a one year. Truce that hamas leaders had accepted along with the violence living conditions in gaza or dire. The palestinian territories infrastructure has struggled for years. Since and it's rayleigh egyptian blockade was imposed after hamas took power in two thousand seven. Currently the only power plant in gaza is at risk of running out of fuel in the next few days and the un says gazans or seeing daily power cuts of eight to twelve hours. More than a dozen states have changed their rules on mask wearing. The ship comes. After the cdc updated guidance on thursday saying that fully vaccinated americans can now go indoors without a mask with a few exceptions like on public transport states including michigan pennsylvania washington and others announced plans to fall in line with the guidance either immediately or in the next few weeks not all states are on board though in new jersey and hawaii both announced that they still will not relax mask. Requirements for residents in the private sector. A growing list of stores will no longer require customers who are fully vaccinated to wear a mask. They include trader joe's walmart and costco target starbucks. Cvs and others or keeping their mask requirements for now but will reevaluate policies. President joe biden this week praised the new chapter in the pandemic as major progress toward getting back to normal. I think he's a great milestone. A grey day if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask but if you've not been vaccinated or if you've getting a two-shot route vaccine and you've not gotten you're you're only had your first shot but not your second or you haven't waited the full two weeks after second side. You still need to wear a mask. Look with gotten this far. Please protect yourself until you get to the finish line as fast as we've gone most people under the age of sixty five aren't vaccinated yet. We've opened vaccinations nationally to adults just four weeks ago. It's going to take a little more time for everyone who wants to get vaccinated to get their shots. So all of us. Let's be patient. Be patient with one another you know. Some may say just feel more comfortable. Continue to wear masks. They may feel that way. So if you're someone with a mask you see them. Please treat them with kindness and respect. We've had too much conflict too much bitterness too much anger too much possession of this issue about wearing masks. Let's put to rest much remember. We're all americans. Let's remember that we are all in this together. But critics say the new guidance is rushed and comes at a time when less than half the country has even received a first dose of covid nineteen vaccine and some small business owners are worried they'll now have to do even more to create their own rules justin lawrence as co owner at phase coffee in san francisco. He talked about those concerns with the ap after you know the cdc just recommended yesterday what the new guidelines were. We have talked to people that were super excited about. Not being able to wear a mask and we're like yeah that's the nationwide thing. But there's also state level and city level and in san francisco right. Now there's still a mass mandate for indoor activities. It puts small businesses in the place of having to police people all over again. And you can't tell by looking at somebody that they've been vaccinated so the people that you're worried about the most are the anti vaccine that don't want to get vaccinated and have been a problem the entire time so worried that it just going to cause more strife for me and staff. Vaccines are slowing down significantly around the country. A kaiser family foundation poll found that many. Us latinos who remain unvaccinated. Actually won a shot but are concerned about losing work hours having to pay for the vaccine or that they might face immigration issues. It found that forty seven percent of hispanic adults have received at least one shot. That's below sixty percent for white adults and fifty one percent for black adults critical race theory. It looks at how racism still affects black americans and other people of color on matters ranging from who gets bank loans to how suspects are treated by police and school classrooms are increasingly using these ideas as ways to generally talk about race and racial oppression in america but some republicans are pushing for legislation to get those conversations about race and equity out of the classroom. Conservative lawmakers have been pushing for bills about a dozen states for months education reporter. A wheel wong has more so as an education reporter. It's it's actually quite concerning that we would want to legislate what a child can and cannot learn particularly when it comes to the country's history for for so long children were taught a pretty whitewashed version of the country's founding. I think it's important for children to learn that the country is defined by multiple histories. That there's no one narrative that we should. Except i think it's important for children to learn controversial concepts that's helped they become contributing citizens that's how they learn to think critically that's how they learn to to carve out their space in the world moving forward. I think that's purpose of school. It's not to protect children from any given idea but to give them a full range of ideas and let them decide for themselves. How they're going to apply those ideas to their own lives. This is really a political phenomenon. It's not so much an educational phenomenon. It's almost a political movement or campaign that is using schools as vehicles. And it's it's not it's not a new phenomenon and it's not even a phenomenon that started with trump. although as as one professor told me it did it did really start to crystallize under his presidency in part because he issued an executive order that banned Federal workers from engaging in diversity trainings but but this is released sort of a political wave. And it's notable that we're seeing this legislation come out of Red states they're being. The bills are being driven by republican lawmakers and the irony really is that you know. They're saying we were trying to We're trying to come up against this idea of cancel culture but many would argue that this is a form of cancel culture that this is a form of cancelling until so it's become very idiological and it's it's pretty sad and demoralizing that something as universal as as race is considered a controversial political topic to read the full story search critical race theory on usa. Today dot com. Horses will hit the track. Saturday for the one hundred forty fifth preakness stakes the second race of this year's triple crown. All eyes are on medina spirit. Who won the kentucky derby earlier this month after winning another race two weeks ago. The run for the roses. The horse tested positive for an anti inflammatory steroid. Cold beth zone trainer. Bob baffert says the drug may have been from an appointment to treat dermatitis on the horse. Churchill downs. The host of the kentucky derby suspended baffert for mentoring anymore horses there and he's called the entire situation and injustice complete injustice and But we're gonna. I'm gonna fight it tooth and nail because you know i i owe it to the horse i ought to the owner and i it to our industry in our industry needs to step We need to do a better job and racing. There's something wrong right now with skin. I've been talking about it. Nothing seems to be going down about it. But it is is she having a nation level and i'm not a conspiracy therapist i know i know everybody's not me but there's definitely something wrong. Why is this happening. You know to me baffert though is no stranger to fail drug tests with his horses. The new york times reported that he's been cited in twenty nine failed tests over more than four decades and he's had five similar controversies in just over a year. If a second test comes back positive for medina spirit he could be stripped of his derby. Win as for saturday's race medina spirit. Is there one of the favorites along with concert tour. Post i'm for the race is six. Pm eastern time on nbc. The basketball hall of fame is inducting new class and it just might be the greatest class ever saturday ceremony at the hall in springfield massachusetts. We'll see michael jordan present. The late kobe bryant as an inductee and his widow vanessa. Bryant will speak on his behalf. Also being inducted this weekend. Tim dunkin kevin garnett and to mika catching. The ceremony was postponed from last summer. Due to the covid nineteen pandemic. Thanks for listening to five things. A reminder you can find us wherever you get your audio including apple. Podcasts spotify stitcher. You're smart speaker device. Thanks as always to shannon green and clear thornton for their work on the show. Five things is part of the usa today Spring is here and things are starting to look a little brighter and while we still have a long way to go. Our financial forecast is also starting to look brighter. People are returning to work and businesses are beginning to hire again. if your business is growing. Ziprecruiter is the way to go. And right now you can try it for free at ziprecruiter dot com slash five things. When you post a job on ziprecruiter it gets sent out to over one. Hundred top job sites with one click then ziprecruiter's powerful matching technology finds people with the right skills and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply. No wonder four out of five employers. Who post on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. Start finding great candidates today when you try ziprecruiter for free just go to this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash. Five things once again. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash the number five t h i n g s ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire.

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