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"el cerrito public library" Discussed on KCBS All News

"It's expanded far beyond its bookseller beginnings. The company's blowout success made his founder and CEO. Jeff Bezos, number one on the Forbes billionaires list this year. And out of Facebook where it is investing in more real estate in the bay area as the Menlo Park company plans to double its workforce over the next decade. KCBS is Carrie Hodousek tells us Facebook has signed a number of new lease agreements social media giant Facebook plans to lease office spaces, and San Francisco Sunnyvale and Fremont to make room for thousands of workers in the coming years. It's much different than what the corporate culture was like years ago says university of Washington professor, Margaret O'Meara who studies the history of the Silicon Valley when the first high tech companies were growing there on the fifties and sixties it was mostly orchards. There was lots and lots of room to grow. But now the bay area entirely is more crowded and the valley is a lot more crowded. And there are a lot of high tech employees that wants to live in urban areas like San Francisco, and Oakland, she says the rapidly growing companies simply doesn't have the room for more employees at its corporate headquarters in Menlo Park. There now have not only. One product anymore. They're thinking about multiple things they're doing that. No way makes it more feasible to have different office locations. Facebook says they're not worried about filling its additional office space. Their concern is outgrowing the space that has Carrie Hodousek KCBS San Francisco board of supervisors has established a Dula program for low income women dulas provide non medical assistance and support to women before during and after childbirth board, president Malia Cohen said the research shows, low income black women and Pacific islanders in particular offer often feel disrespected stereotyped and even co worst by their doctors during the he care dulas would be there to be an advocate for these mothers, the El cerrito public library was decked out in rainbows last night. KCBS is making goals be reports on contra Costa county's first LGBT section at the public library. This is a library is growing up in L serita. Now, give Quinto is the city's first openly gay mayor to see the first LGBTQ collection, and from in the nineteenth cities of contra Costa county. This is just the I am very very proud to have this in our city there around sixty bucks in the collection. And they're for all ages says Jonathan cook with the rainbow community center, which co hosted the event he says LGBT children's books are much easier to find now than they used to be like Marlin bundle, which recently, a very popular even books about children who are either gay lesbian, transgender that's much more common and accepted now, which is really heartening to see want that to be something that is a normal everyday thing for him just like any other type of family or any type of person and just sat in the front row with her five-year-old Elliott during the opening parties drag Queen story hour, and we both said we will get married at hop together. Forever. Smiles back your wedding. Megan gold speed ES. A lending library for paintings instead of books. It is a concept that one art gallery in San Francisco is bringing to the tenderloin and we hear about that from KCBS gentle lane, the coordinator of the tenderloin art lending library. Rick Darnell says it aims to serve low income residents of the neighborhood.

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