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Episode #289: Mystery Actor Archive Vol. 11

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Episode #289: Mystery Actor Archive Vol. 11

"Aid is Lou Mondello from W. W radio, and you're listening to the five ish fan podcast. Let's do this. The tangents as we continue although it episodes donor eighty, nine, five girls podcast him open up that IMDB that wikipedia. It's time to go back to day needs from. This week's up south of the Irish girls podcasts up. Let join this. Let's start looking river for the ritual table in. See You us this week. Named Bethlehem. This is Chrissie in Salt Lake City. And this is Rachel in Indianapolis, Indiana. Hello everyone. Know. Relate. Recording. It's Tuesday reporting as opposed to Monday. So holly fortunately could not join us. But she said she would be with us in spirit. Yes. So she says, Hi yes. But. It's mostly my fault. No No. No it is. It's your respiratory system. Well, yes. It's my fault in the fact that I have no control over my immune system and I have a sinus infection so. So if I don't sound. The best or like do that's why so. But a modern medicine is a wonderful things. So I have. Drugs. Prescription drugs, not just, random drugs. Prescription medication prescribed to me by a physician. And Hopefully by the time we record again I will sound better. So Y-. But anyway. After. several naps. We're going to try this. and. Then I'll probably take another nap. Now, we'll have fun. Yeah. But this is always a fun one. But first we need do the news not a whole lot what. We did get our first look and the date announcement for season four of the. Crown. So that is going to start on the fifteenth of November later, this year on net flicks and we are getting well into the eighties of the monarchy at this point with Jillian Anderson. Of X. Files Fame, she will be playing Margaret Thatcher. Also, going get the wedding of Charles and Diana. And when I when I saw that last little bit where you know it's it's Diana's wedding dress Zach I'm like. Oh Gosh I. Don't remember it. But it's like one of those things it's like, okay it it happened close to you know my time and my. You know existence. Happened when I before. I think it happened before I was born but I'm like. It's it's so weird to think that they're already there because you crowns still feels like it's a new show. Yeah. And when they started with. McQueen being becoming the queen men our barreling to the eighties? Yeah. Though it's like crazy. Although although earlier I saw as somebody share one of the share of facebook memory about the the Alice. Ice Bucket Challenge and it was six years ago. Yeah. Oh my goodness. Yeah. So I was like, okay, time is going by. Time flies when you're. Not. Watching. So yeah. A watched pot never boils. So if you never look at the Pod, it's going to boil over and then some. Somewhere in there there's a metaphor that makes sense. On. Medication. So. If you don't if you don't Spit Ball, then you don't get anything accidentally. Good. That's. True I mean we're have a lot of our DNA quotes come from just. Top your head. So but yeah, that's Issa. It'll be interesting to see how A. Handle. 'cause the supposedly the next season. This was to be the last one I believe they're gonNA stop. The, nineties two, thousand ish I think Yeah. Because getting closer and that that gets to be a little more now. That would that would just be weird. Got On I. Mean Nick Could I mean? They could go to like her diamond jubilee, which was two thousand twelve. Thereabouts, which was eight years ago by the time they get in production. It'll be even longer because to a decade ago. So I think it'd be Kinda. Cool. If they stop it like you know something big like that like the diamond jubilee where. Sixty years on the throne would be. I think a good stopping, but that's just that's just me so. But. Yeah. Now that we're getting into Charles and Diana and how that. Affected how the royals were perceived by the public and how they were treated by the public I mean. All you get as the like that last shot in the trailer is her in the wedding dress initiatives, flashing cameras, and just you know people daily Diana Diana Dan it's like. Like you know knowing where? It ends for her ascension. Same similar circumstances officer not in a wedding dress but being surrounded by Paparazzi yelling and screaming her name is what ultimately killed her? Just like. You know. The poor girl. Yeah the there's going knowing where that knowing where that's GonNa end it's like. Read about Diana. Ended up being married to Charles and all that stuff. I'm like you know I understand why you why she went out of her way to do all the charity work that she did because. It felt it seems like it's like the most control she really had over her life. Yeah. Other than raising your her children. But yeah, it's. That's that's my impression anyway. November net flicks release not Flexi us. Season for crown. And then over the weekend I guess DC had like. Kind of their. Good invention thing. Three. It was sort of a way for them to make up for their not being sandiego comic and again announcements and stuff. It was DC fan dome which yeah. Okay. I guess the name. I don't know I didn't get it but I mean I get it but I'm like that. silly. But anyway, there's tons of trailers from from the DC universe yes sees. So I guess there's a glimmer of hope that hey, we're could we could probably start going to the theaters and seeing new stuff as much as I did like going to see back to the future on the big screen but. moved to is great now but we're. This is percents a light at the end of the tunnel that movie theaters are slowly reopening and. Stuff going to start showing not retro things because it anything new to show So we got a new trailer for wonder. Woman Nineteen eighty-four. Which is kind of weird considering if you know the world hadn't shutdown, wonder woman have already been out. And Well I mean we've already we've already passed the day that it had been replaced sue. But Hey we got. We got stuff coming. Yeah. But not, really a whole lot. OF OTHER THAN WE GET A. We finally got our first look at Chita like as Cheetah. So, but it's it's just I love the I wonder woman as much as I gripe about the the DC you. and their attempts to try and replicate what marvel has done. that the wonder wonder woman is a bright spot. Literally and figuratively. So I'm excited to see eighty, one, one woman one out of the three. New Movies I've seen in full. Yes. Yeah that we also got, we got A. Trailer for these Snyder cut of Justice League, which is going to go on HBO. Sometime. This year early next year something that that's the big that that that's what they're hoping. The big moneymaker is for HBO maxes releasing the Snyder Customers. Come get a good ways. To yet another streaming service. Created my teeth through. The Justice League that got released I did not go and see in theaters I still available in home releasing than watch home. So I pause. Not. When I to do but I did grit my teeth through it mostly for the wonder woman bits and. Just based on the trailer for the Snyder cut it does look like a different movie. Yeah. It's you know. It's it's. The whole people like like releases snyder cut releases intercut it's like. Yeah I mean it's Kinda cool to see how the original director. Wanted the movie. It's a shame that he did not get to do that because of the circumstances. But he did you know obviously. Circumstances be with a are. He I'm sure he probably would have preferred not to have lost a child and have to leave the movie. Right, because he had a child pass but you know that is yeah, it is what it is and the people that came in to pick up while he was off, you know greeting and his family and all that did what they could. Yeah just. Because I have seen some some. Commentary on on Youtube and other places and the consensus. To me from what I've seen seems to be is that there was This. Having just weeden come in to to finish it was justice clashed horribly Zack Snyder's style. I mean it's not the the. That we was bad or. Snyder was bad. It's just those two styles. Yeah. So it's it's. Too. So that's why the movie did not do as well, and I never even saw because I saw the the reviews coming in as like, Oh yeah. I'm going to skip that one. But I'm actually little interested to see although I. Don't know if I want to. I might I might. I'm thinking I might do the free trial the HBO Max has watched and cancel. Just. Because I'm like I don't need another streaming service but. I'm like I am some some of the the the commentators reviewers fan. People that talk on the Internet like, okay. I, kind of trust your judgment and I'm curious now that you've settled this and of talked it up thinking, yeah it's might might actually be interesting. Yeah. Of course, jared, and I just will jared showed me three hundred over the weekend and I was like okay. Get Zach Snyder 'cause that was actually a fun movie. Yeah I remember watching that movie. I don't remember details being a fun little thing to walk. Yeah I'm like in fairly you know. Well guess what it's about fairly historically accurate. But anyway. So so now I'm kind of like I'm curious I'm curious about this the Snyder even though I didn't ever see the theatrical cut. So yeah. I don't know. I'm Kinda with you Rachel I'm like T. C. is kind of in way hit and miss for me and most of the time like just going to skip it. But the ones that are good like wonder woman she's an was a lot of fun. Yes. Yeah. I'm like and even the I mean. We also got the trailer for for the Batman, which is the the Robert Pattinson and this one I. I don't know I'm like I'm not like you know Fan girly jumping up and down the Batman because I've never really gotten into Batman I know sort of he's he's he's the one that. So many people love was always into Superman and I've I've yet to see Superman done properly in my lifetime on the big screen of the small screen it's been done but. It just never really got into Batman as a superhero because I just don't do broody angsty whatever's saying you know if. That's your. Thank Great. But this trailer where it seems a there seems to be taking a different tack on it and I was talking to jared kind of we're discussing these things and he's like well it. Feels like they're active Bradman's routes where he's a detective if not necessarily a superhero in in in the sense, you think Superhero and I'm like, okay. That makes sense because the trailer there's there's parts like. The police are doing forensics work and this looks like something you would see on a police procedural television show. That makes sense. So. I might be I might. I know maybe DC. They're starting to to course correct a little bit and take some of the criticism. Yeah seriously and think, Oh, well. Yeah. Maybe we ought to And not that they weren't before like I said design was great. I love it. But they're kind of finding out where they've missed stepped in the past and think, okay. Well, how do we? How do we treat these characters veteran and how do we you know? Respect the fans and what they expect. and. What they what they want to see from these characters at that people love and enjoy and. and. Not Necessarily Oh we need to play catch up tomorrow because that was not the way to go. So maybe they're finally figuring out so we'll see how it does. I'm this. I'm not. I'm like you at his Batman, really any the DC superheroes have never really been. Up My alley I'm definitely more for Marvel Person Right. Yeah Yeah, there's. GonNa, be a divide. There's like Marvel DC star Wars Star Trek it's like I'm not like. You. Going to be like I mean camp in the other can just rot but. At the same time. DC as far as the films are concerned they just they have not. A marvels just set the bar really high as far as being able to do a cohesive. Expansive, universe. With lots of characters you know having them have individual movies and then bringing some of them together and and all of that So I'm. I'm a little bit curious to see how the Batman. Turns out because I mean, we're now on our. Third person playing that bad what the last Decca Is. The only thing I can see really going against it because it's like we're doing Batman again. Yeah. What else? You've wonder woman what else do you got? Ta All. These other ones like, okay. Yeah, we know in. This Batman. Is, presumably in a different universe than Ben Affleck's Batman but then supposedly, Michael Keaton's Batman is going to show up in the robber patents to Batman. So it's like is I almost wonder if maybe marvel marvel DC is like I know they've done this on TV already several times the Arrow verse if they're not maybe going to aim eventually for like a crisis on infinite earths. Type thing so they can justify having all these different. Universes like software and all that. So it's like if we do. The multi-diverse like they've done on TV, then they could maybe make it work but it's like you saw. A person playing. Batman I kind of like guys totally. Okay. If this is his own thing and standalone and this particular movie ignores all the other stuff, we can still enjoy the other stuff but for the movie none of that exists. Yeah. So it doesn't all have to be connected. I promise you're GONNA YOU'RE GONNA save yourself a lot of headaches down the road if you just say this. Yeah. This Interpretation of Batman. The mental gymnastics I had to do last episode trying to figure out how to fit ages of zeal back into the MC. Thinly see my brain can only handle so much brainpower is not going to be applied to use. Sorry. Thinking you. Met Today. Try bringing the other two spiderman try to. Combine them with? Well they've. They they've done the multi-diverse was spiderman and then the animated Spiderman. That's true. Yeah, that is a possibility like marvelous as fully established in some form or fashion that they multi-diverse. So that makes it a little easier, but they've not done that with the D. C. movies they denounced TV. But not with mouth movies yet. So but yeah, part of me is like party was to see them pull it all you know pull off this off just because. You. Know the better off the comic book based movies do the. Better off. I I would hope in the more respected they become as a mainstream. So but it's like if they keep trying and failing and all that does is the people that don't. respected as as a genre like well. Yeah I mean the. Eventually. They're just GONNA stop like if you're just gonNA keep giving us all these crappy. scrabble on television and money elsewhere. Yeah. It's like we. Actually. Especially now nothing. Yeah. Now. Where were you know we've we've gone through all this pandemic stuff and people are hurting and they're like, well, you know my your entertainment dollars are certainly are suddenly all that much more precious you have fewer of them. So you know if you're GONNA if you're gonNA create good entertainment, make count don't just don't just flail in hope something sticks to the wall because. If you're going to survive. It's gotTA stick to the wall on the first try. At. Life ten where we are right now I hate to say it but there we are. I love to pick on bad movies just as much as the next fan person thing. But That's not a good business model gays. That being said. We have not got an actual trailer yet, but we keep getting behind the scenes but then we got the this roll call video. for the suicide squad sequel Sofri boot. So it's. It's sequel do but it's not. It's almost a complete new cast. Say Only only three Koros of the of the first one but. Only one like only. Robbie yeah, I was GONNA say own. Holly Harley Quinn. Has To say. Yeah I can only think of the actress she yeah, she's she's returning Margot Robie as Harley Quinn. John Courtney is returning as Captain Boomerang, which I'm excited before because he I loved him in the first suicide Larry's. Yeah. and then Viola Davis as Amanda Waller. is returning and then everybody else is. New At least as far as the movie is concerned, but they are pulled from the the comics. because James Dunn who directed this than that time when he was fired by Disney before they rehired him for guarding S- three The DC snapped him up. to to do this. Movie so so essentially it's going to be. Yeah, Harley Captain Meringue from the original suicide squad. Being hired by Amanda Waller and But this time they're going to go to South America. To. Do what they do I guess. But this is I mean, this is a packed. cast as far as I mean, we knew the casts. James Gunn like Latte late last year. I think announced like everybody. You know the names of everybody who is going to be in a but we did know who they were Mississippi playing yet other. Margot Robbie So but we've got S-. Yeah Margot Robie as Harley Quinn we've got Idris. Elba. Visiting me playing blood sports. He was going to play dead shot. He was going to take over the role that was played by will smith but they decided to. To, scrap that that way Smith could potentially come back in the future John Sina. As peacemaker. Guys Joe Kinman as Rick Flag. Peterka Baldy. As the thinker. So. obviously Viola Davis J courtney they're returning. Some of these people don't know who they are. So yeah. p Davison as Latte guard. David I don't know how pronounces lane it last name deaths. Best Mall chain I guess as Polka Dot. Mi Michael worker as a savant, a computer hacker. Nature. Italy. As A. Arm Fall off boy. He's a super villain who could dispatch his arms and use them as weapons. We sure this isn't just DC's version of guardians of the galaxy it essentially is. Yeah. So I ask you because you've got, you've got Sean Gunn who James Gunn puts in everything anyway is playing once again, a a a swimming emotion capture. Is. Probably how they did it because he's playing weasel. He kind of looks like a really bad I. I don't WanNa compare them but really bad off. rocket. Rossett. Yeah. Probably I know they probably don't want people necessarily to think of that, but people are going to that. Yeah. Sorry. I don't apologize. Ever Seen Sean Gun he kind of looks like a weasel so He's very tall, very skinny and. Long arms and skinny legs and all that. So that's no way it insult like he just he has the body type that. Well, you know there's some compactors kind of the kind of work it have. But So yeah, that's supposed to be released August of next year. Maybe, a fine finished Alaska. I mean I didn't hate it wild watching it I. Just I was getting distracted in another ski. That's of the DC movies that I've watched in full. Wonder. Woman is definitely at the top than she zam. And then the suicide squad and then I refuse to watch Batman versus Superman. I do it serves no purpose. I know what happens Sue Verandah is save Martha. was going to say I know that we know the big things I've watched enough. Remember how I said that I way into Superman and they have not really done a very good superman on the big screen in my lifetime. Yeah. I mean I love Henry Cavill as a person and as an actor I like him I just wish they could get him a better script for Superman because I'm like, no, that is not my Superman Brandon routh came close. But he was still hampered by very bad script. I. Always get that. He was superman one time until you. I was so excited to see. Superman returns in the theaters I went I was in college. I went on my own because none of my roommates could go with me and I don't think anyone wanted to. Them just like. I felt so letdown. I just it was just it would just kind of sat there in like. Could have been so much better. But anyway. So these were looking at you or keeping our eye on you. We don't expect you to live to to the bar marvelous set but. We expect you to least try. You know they are doing better I will I will give them that. So you know keep on this trajectory and we'll go from there. so As really a for news so but if you I guess want to stick with movies. Then we'll listen to me before I got sick. The. I guess it on happiness in darkness They had their fiftieth episode and Nick invited me to be part of the big round table talking vendors game. And It's it's a long episode because it's a three plus our movies. So there's a lot to talk about. but it was fun to talk about I got emotional. Again, it's been over a year and still talking about Tony Stark I still get emotional i. don't think I ever won't. Be Honest with you Let's just was as those movie moments that you're like. So you can go listen to that. it was it was an interesting conversation. To have such. Diverse opinions. on. We all love the movie but we all have very different opinions on the characters and how we feel about them like I'm like. I'm pretty sure I was like the the stand alone like I like huge ironman fan and everybody else is like no captain America. Over here like I don't like captain, America nearly. Wow, you went into the UN into the to the. What's it called? My brain just shut off. You into into hostile territory there yet well, I didn't know that going into it but. I've made it no secret I do not care for Cap I think Chris Evans is done a fantastic job retraining cap I. Think they've done a great job with their portrayal of CAP. You know getting the essence of the character from the comic books. He's just not my cup of tea iron men to the end. Thank you very much and I, and I'm over here sitting like saying why not both but that's again that's me. Yes. I. Just I like what I like and I like I like it isn't as good like I'm like somehow inbetween that like. I like I like them both but I definitely like Iron Mall. Although I'm also like thorough all the way. You know and that's the thing about marvel is there's so. It's so huge and so many things and it's like you can find. You know people that have. Their favorites everywhere. I mean Shoot. I've got I've got at least one friend who's like loves ant man and I'm like. You do you I love my aunt man. Granted it's like I'm on all of them. It's just. But no, no, that's awesome. I still need to listen to it. But it is a long one. So. Just be prepared as a long episode and then we have the. Latest episode of Gold Standard the Oscars podcast. So talking cavalcade which was. Initially interesting film So. So. There's that you can listen to that and then we'll be back. Back next week with it happened one night. So we're finally getting to movie that I've actually seen. You know it's it's been funny. All these the gold standard podcasts and those episodes and I'm like. Okay, when do we get to the movies I've heard. Years I know. Well. No I mean 'cause I I've mentioned recently that I well yeah. You're going to be on gone with the wind gone with on gone with the wind but then I. Still like among car now. A couple months in in the meantime I was like well, okay. I, 'cause then I got looking at the WHO was nominated. I'm like holy crap that was a good year for movies and I've read I I may jared sit down and watch stagecoach with me. No loved it. Let's get. You gotTA understand I grew up John Wayne movies and that was like his. He'd been in movies before that but that was kind of his big. Now you're a stars. Yeah. Everybody's like, Hey, have you seen this John? Wayne guy he's kind of yeah. Kind of a thing. And I'd like just forgotten how young he looked in that one now. But yeah, no, I was just like okay I just wanted to be like what what was it up against Some. Stiff competition that you may way that's. I don't WanNA spill all my all my thoughts before we get. On on a podcast that isn't even the same podcast. Yeah. Yeah. So So those are. Pretty much wherever you can. Each practice the. Highly recommended. So if you haven't checked him out, go go download the latest episode you can probably just jump in there Yep Yep. All right. Next up feed-back. So get feedback from show lane. and. she. Says that this last season of agents of shield. With all the genres and stuff is made her want to go watch old black and white detective TV shows. She seventy shows like Charlie's angels no Wifi. Which Hey Why not they're classics, for reason. I mean I like drag dead if ever watching the. Lack and white dragnet used to wash out on night as a kid. I do like like. I don't get a chance to actually watch them all the time. I do love watching the those old detective chosen. Those something. About them I can't describe. She also says time travel's confusing. Yes, Yup. How many? Is My copious pages of notes trying to figure out the timelines. Say. Even with all the time travel movies and books and Shows that I've watched but probably doesn't hope because they have so many different. Rules could time travel. I mentioned in the happiness in darkness talking about the time travel aspect of endgame is you know it's always interesting to see what the writers decided to use as the quote unquote rules of time travel. so But yeah. If you're you know if you're used to something like. Back to the future, whereas like Mardi goes the past, he changes the past he's literally erasing himself. From his future to to not exist but it's like ages shield. They killed daisies mom before as he was ever born in that timeline, but it daisy doesn't disappear. Because I was thinking Ooh, what's going to happen? Are they GONNA do back to the future with what? What's? Okay Yeah. Yeah so and it's like endgame. Yeah. Cap when he goes to return infinity stones and Thors Hammer. you know he decides to stay back. And live a life with Peggy yet still ends up. Back at. Our. Future. To pass along the shield. The SAM. So it's like you know how did that work did he ended using the? Pin Particles and all that to return. To or did he just? His life with Peggy up to the point where he's like, okay. On this date I need to be there you know. We don't know. We don't know exactly what happened is though is it? Yeah. Time travel can be a very confusing thing but. You try not to think about too much. Otherwise your head hurts. Yep. Normally. Even in the saying quote Unquote Universe. Doesn't always go the saint balls at don't rules. You doctor who? Yes. Yep. So And then. GOING BACK A Little bit more to. our talk about sequels and all that when we're talking empire strikes back and chalets mentions the fact that. She said that she thought Temple of Doom was one of the best sequels but we said we love last crusade or. she said the I don't know if she's Trying to explain that argument is invalid or something but according to Henry in once upon a time temple of doom is the best sequel so. According to an Rian winds upon a time my argument for Last crusade is valid. Although if you want to get technical last crusade is not a sea wall. It's in a sequence. But is not the immediate seek will this is the third film? So could make a joke. It's a sequel to the sequel. Yeah. It kind of is. So in that case, both of our arguments can be valid. Because Temple of doom is a great sequel to. Raiders of the lost Ark but then last crusade is a really good sequel to Temple of Doom. 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Right I got her first name. Our first person. May. Get. Some clues for you all. Okay. So this American. Nor Born, November twenty, second nineteen, Sixty, seven. I don't know about days. Kenosha Wisconsin. About how? began acting in the early nineties. and has gone on to. Star in. lots of different types of movies were Manta comedies thrillers. he's a Tony Award nominee. A Academy Award nominee. Certain, actually. Oh. The. Must See. Yeah, born in Kenosha. Wisconsin. his mother. Is a hairdresser stylus has either worked as a construction painter has two sisters. To, neon Nicole and a brother Scott who unfortunately has passed. his father's of Italian descent and his mother is French Canadian and affect alleyen. Which? Explains Yeah. As lumine jealous is my last name ends in a vowel. AM GIRAL Han he is in. He is in one of our big ones. Whenever big tent pole phantoms. Oh. Seem. I mean you could. He's been. He's been the grind gosling. No. He. Old. Fifty two. Now. I. Oh, I looked up wrong now. he's married has three children. Why is this being so hard you? Can Kill you is GonNa give you the second. I give it away. Just. Give it away. It's going to be like Oh my God. I'm just going through actors like who's got three kids. He's part of the You I'll help you narrow down to that. That Has Been More than movie. Oh. Yes. Okay Yeah We talked about Chris Hemsworth yet. That's probably not hey no, it's not Hemsworth but I don't think we've done hemsworth yet. And he's not that old now this isn't that all. Wait wait we is. It is. It is. Doesn't really do conventions. As far as I know. I've never really seen him compared to some of the others. Why can't I? I like all to have ordered the. Is Ventures, he's older. Not Chris. We've already done already J.. So. Old on I'm looking somebody up before I guess the. nope not that one. Now, from well every once I start giving those other clues. Yes. The. Ruffalo yes. Okay Well I. I will say this about Mark Ruffalo. Know the first movie I saw him in. Thirty. Thirty. That here I don't even know who he was. Going to say thirteen going on thirty. I have no idea but that was my first. That was that was the first one. I ever saw him in and so when they announced, he was going to be playing hall gets like it's the. Guy from thirteen going on thirty. That's do I know from. But we we've most people probably know him blame me Bruce Banner slash the hulk in the marvel cinematic universe not these I. Though he was the third verse Hulk Combination, we have had in the modern era but I think it safely to say he's the best. Yes. And I'm so glad that they that. They cast him third time's a charm. Disney sash. Marvel. Say. They had they had quite the Quite quite a journey getting getting the hulk just right I mean again, we were talking earlier about how many Batman actors do we need to have? Well, apparently, we had to have several hoc ones to get to get a good one. So there we go. Yeah. So yeah mark. Accent he's got two sisters. Brother those unfortunately passed in two thousand eight. he had minor film roles. until really. the early two thousands where. He started making more of a name for himself thirteen going on thirty. Zodiac which he does a really good performance in that. Claim within that as one of the reporters. Now, he's a cop. Yea He's not a reporter Robert Juniors one of the reporters Mark Ruffalo plays one of the cops China shut down the Zodiac. Killer Watch ladies that maybe you think. That would. Stick in there but were that what you're watching movies with MSU alumni just random just random. And then. I know he's also in Shutter Island Leonardo DiCaprio have not watched that yet though. I I've seen that one I don't remember him. I've only seen once in when it was new. So yeah. which was ten years ago apparently. Yeah. And then he is also in. A pair of a movie and a sequel the sequels, not quite as good as original but it's still rigorous kind of a sleeper film when it came out where people didn't necessarily go and see if the people did see it at least the original like this is really good. This is under the radar. Now, you see me a now you see me to. where he again, he plays a cop. Mark you might have a type caster. At least at least as a superhero well. It's that that that's a side Yes side relation I guess but yes. There now Yeah but now now you see me is is. It's good It's one of those kind like the The Prestige where you just need to go into a blind. Because there are twists and turns, and if you get spoiled runs the fun. Well, it's IT'S A it's a heist movie. It's like, yeah, it's like oceans eleven. Shish INS. I. Really. Good. Yes. Seen. It ends and it's like when you watch it for other things the humor. Yeah you can watch it. You can watch it. Watch ability you won't get obviously won't get like Oh my goodness I. didn't see that coming thing. But like kind of like the oceans movies where if you re watch it but then you watch it. Looking for the clues that were right there in front of her face the entire time. and. So those kind of movies that you can do that? Yeah. This the sequel. I think they tried to go bigger. And Mark Strapping and Detroit outdo themselves. From new first movie and I think that I think they could have. Like not a holiday overdid it and that hurt it again is still good is still get some twists. but it is It's not quite as good as the. Has Excuse me as the original, but it is. It is pretty cool. It's got. It's got a good cast Scott Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson. Day Franko. Morgan Freeman in it at least on the first one I can't remember if he's in the second one I believe he is. In so They're they're good movies. I. Think I know what I'm. Like it's been on my list since like I put amazing is like everyone I know seen just never had the chance. Yeah. But. It's GonNa be I'm definitely make it more of A. Push actually see them so I, I. It sounds. Like. Ocean's eleven need. Like magic. Magicians like that sounds amazing. I love the ocean movies yes and like. The homered interesting that sounds like. Woo S. Dean is already. Remind me later there's there's there's a heist movie that's from Bollywood that I think. Is. All, I'll tell you later that heist movie that sounds interesting. Yes. I'll tell you later because its way off tangent but I was I I was remembering it and I just watched it recently in Lahti likes music from it. Anyway. Back back to back to the the. What we're doing star. Yes. So let's see what else. Honestly Yeah I've only really seen him in an in marvel movies and. Thirteen going on thirty and. I don't know just. kind of I mean he was you know if you're if you're into. It's yeah. It's a ROM com and it's also kind of an odd. Coming of age high school movie too just because of the premise of what it is and it's also the first movie I've ever seen Jennifer Garner in. I really liked it for what it was I think it was in college when I saw, which makes sense because I saw theatres came out in two thousand and four VIA IT'S A. Kind of in that. I was I was in that sort of middle between teenager and really being an adult and so kind of is one of those resonated with me I don't think I'd enjoy it as much as if you know what you know watching it now. So he was kind of you know he was the the the the best friend. When she was when she was a kid do. That 'cause I if you know if you know the premise if you haven't seen. It it's thirteen year old girl who she's got this best friend. Who's kind of you know he's a little Chubby a little nerdy and she really wants to be the she wants to be popular wants to get in good with the popular kids they pick on her and he gets mixed up in in their prank with her and she gets mad at him shoves him away and hides, and she wants she's saying she wants to be thirty flirty and thriving, and so she magically turned thirty but she's still got the mind of thirteen year old Helen Jig yeah. But she's lived her life throughout all these years and she's been a real. Female Dog. To have. She's not. Girls. It's been. You know honestly that that's a good point. It's it's basically cutting in the main mean girls mean girls and she until like. Yoshi her thirteen year old self you know if you if you you think of if you could ever. If your younger self could ever meet you as you are now like what would they think with? It where they not as she decided, she doesn't like what she's done with herself, and so she goes back and tries to make friends with her with her friend with a friend. Matt. Who is now? Mark. Ruffalo and he's like, yeah, I I I. Don't want to do with you because obviously she's been real jerk to him but now she's trying to patch things up and. You're not Chinese. Man. Yeah? UTAH. Defend. You don't know me. Yesterday you were there. Yesterday. Because I am not thirteen China. Yes, Jenner rank. It's me. Come on in. Pictures you know. Pays the bills. What why here Many. I. Told You something really weird is happening. Yesterday was my thirteenth birthday and then. And then today I woke up and this and you, I, mean, you're that you get. Even smoking pot doing acts fallen McKay, you're doing drugs. Now Look. I'm sitting in my closet and I. Skipped everything. It's like a weird trae. My I can't remember my life Humi tell me remember my wife me. Yes I can't do not. I don't know anything about you. Haven't seen you since high school. What? We're not friends anymore Jenna. Many you're my best friend. No. Okay it's cool. It's cool. It's it's. Maybe, it should open. I think he needs some. Share. Our Guatemala. Affected pill. Sir. John I. Think you should go back to your apartment now I'll help you find it. Jenner allies would separate ways different. Different career Christmas, didn't you WanNa see me then I think the frosted window one, six years ago years ago. Yeah. With an eye homeless, Christmas? Shannon I don't know doesn't your crawl through saint bars for Christmas I don't know. Is this you? Yeah. This is where I live now. Okay. So Good. Luck. Okay. Okay By. Who Saint Everything and it's really sweet. It's it's really it. It's a sweet little little flick if you're a thriller dance. Consists her boss and it's kind of funny. And he's eased grade in it. So it's you know it's it's not it's not thrilling cinema, but it's you know if you if you need a little bit of love. I'm not one for like Rom, coms. Or me and this is I'm actually like Oh. This is kind of fun. Yeah, it's. Come in the traditional sense because it, there's a little bit of fantasy to it because it's her thirteen year old self in in her thirty year old body Jennifer Garner is adorable in it. She just she makes it work she sells it and I mean Yeah Rom coms Kinda get a bad rap for various reasons and some of it is justified. But then you have a a premise like this one and when you have an actress who just totally goes for it and she does and it's not I'm talking about I'm like, Oh, I wanna go see it again. I don't even know if I have it anywhere, but I could probably find it streaming somewhere but it's just like I. said it's it's tough and if you need if you need a feel good fluff movie, that's it's it's you could you could do much worse. It's not a bad pick. Yeah. I remember liking like ice. Saw It like right when I was new in that was definitely when I was into like. Rahm 'cause I was actually like. Fourteen. When I saw this as. Yeah Like 'cause I him Judas four something. Yeah. I was I was I was I was in college. I was at the tail end of my freshman year. So I was I was kind like I'm a little sympathetic opponent when she was wanted to wish to be an adult me now that was stupid but. I wish. I could. Be Thirty like that out. As being thirty. Yeah now like. Thirty. Really. Isn't like that but you know when you're thirteen and you watch part of it too is like she's read all these grownup magazines. What you want to know, what what supposedly women want I mean the ones who live in New, York and work in publishing industry and only have this little bubble of what they do and not really to anybody else. You know beyond that but. Still it's fun. And Mark Ruffalo he he also. Works as the. As the as the friend who you know she treated badly, and he doesn't want anything to do with her and he's like, why did you? Why are you talking to me again why is this going on? But then we kinda comes around because he can tell she's being sincere about wanting to be a better person and wanting to patch things up with him and you know in the end they end up together she goes back to being thirteen, and then that shows some growing up in in real life in Yoshi realizes she doesn't want to be that person and she wants to stick with the friends who actually are going to be there for not just the fake. The plastics or whatever they call them in this movie it's not blessed. Yeah. That's mean girls. Well honest trailers didn't mean girls. Yes. So that's why was in on my ma. I saw like as soon as our including Oh I have to watch. And then go watch mean girls. I in certain moon I mean girls. that. Hits a little too close to the bone. Isn't the I I don't hate it but I don't I don't have it as high as a lot of people who, I think. Most people just like it for the quote ability and people really relate to it because I'm like because it was based on a- is based on a parenting book about how to Parent Teens and I'm like. Like you think it's a little over the top and I'm like well, yeah, there's some exaggeration there. But no, there's some there's some truth to it. So, this one, this one came out probably about the same time thirteen going on thirty came out about the same time. Maybe I think a little bit after meeting. It's like, okay. If you want the same year two, thousand, four oh was it like within a matter of months probably or maybe I saw mean girls I I don't know I can't remember but it was early two thousands there was stuff going on. Yeah. It all kind of live heather in my mind by now but. Yes. So if you if you kind of want that that teenage show thing but without the real like without the real real mean awful mean spiritedness of it all this this one this one's a good one anyway. That's the only other. Mark Ruffalo for other than avengers and we've we've talked ventures and marvel ad nauseam here. Gush about this this sweet little. Little Rom Com with a fantasy element to it. Yeah. because. I. His it it it should get and other than all the Mc you stuff. So diak thirteen going on thirty. That's everything that I sit in the the now you see me now you see me to Those are those ridges because I have not gotten around to shutter island yet. So although his performance in. Ox catcher this was to be really good too and spotlight. Which I actually think I have spotlight on my to watch list on Netflix. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So which that's about the Folks trying to uncover I think the. Rain injuries by football player? Oh. No, that's a different movie Concussion yes. Yes. Smith ooh, this is actually about light is doggy the. Child abuse by the Catholic. Priest. So. I. Don't know how I got those confused. I'm. On. Medication. My only excuse. Yeah like I haven't seen that many like nothing like the lack of not wanting because I think he's a great actor i. It's just outside of the MC you like he doesn't occasional wrong which like I said I'm not really big into and the other stuff he does sends to be like more serious like about lighter foxcatcher shutter island. So yeah, we're. The great mindset to wash. The award eight stuff. Yeah. The the Oscar which is why he's been. Nominated for an academy award three times so. It's it's not that he doesn't deserve it is I mean he's a fantastic actor all things all things considering I don't know how many people know this if they've ever just kind of looked at Mark Ruffalo and be like. His. Look like his face and be like. It's yeah. It's like Kinda droopy on one side or the way he speaks seems to be out of the side of his mouth and that's actually because In. early, two thousands. Oh, I've seen that too the last castle. Is. That was that was one of the movies I watched as my MC alumni, a Scott, ruffalo and Robert Redford in it So I've seen that do it again in other series movie but he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. and. The tumor ended up being benign, which is good but he had to have surgery to move it, but it caused partial face paralysis and has also acted as hearing So he's actually deaf in his left ear. Now that you've mentioned it I mean I never really thought about it, but it's like he definitely has a distinct way of speaking or his voice hazard sound to it that of like okay. That makes sense now but it's not bad or anything it's so. It's just getting. It's just make some very distinct. Interesting. So. I. Forgot that I'd I'd seen that movie too. Because you're like, did you Zodiac for Your Mc you alumni like I just watched that a random. What did I watch? The last castles about. Guys in a prison Yep. So that's That's Ruffalo. Maybe we'll see him in the future Mc you. Are Holkar. TVD I guess. I WANNA mind seeing like. Not. Ordinance storied necessarily but I wouldn't mind standalone hope movie. Yeah. Yeah. I think there's some issues with the rights and all that. Okay fine but. Yeah it would. Yeah, you don't need an origin story for the hulk is actually they kind of The, even though the we had the two previous hulk movies. They've. kind of kept them cannon and just kind of ignore the fact that Bruce Banner is. Changed Actors. Because like the the second one. Edward Norton Yeah with Edward Norton is not an origin story picks up. After because the very first one Ainley one is the the origin story. And when she? It's it's. It's. Own worst out of them I think But then in avengers when they're on the Hella carrier and Tony and in Bruce Talking, and Tony trying to convince him to come to stark tower to come play with all of his toys. Now, the last time I was in New York I kind of by broken. which is something that happened in the Edward Norton so. Gatherings definitely consistent with Celtics It's GONNA take weeks to process. We bypass their mainframe and direct route to the homer cluster. We can clock this at around six hundred teraflops. All I. packed a toothbrush. Should come by stark tower some top ten floors all are indeed you'd love it. It's candy land. Thanks. But the last time I was in New, York I kind of broke. Harlem, I. Environment attention. No surprises. Hey nothing. I you not juries. You really have to win on what your secret? Miller. Jazz. Bongo drums huge Bagley he's everything a joke to you. Finding things threatening the safety of everyone on this ship isn't funny. Fence I. It's all right. I would have come aboard if I couldn't handle pointy things. You're tiptoeing big man. You need to struck and you need to focus on the problems you think I'm not. What if you recall us in wine now one up before what isn't he telling us? into the equation unless have all the variables you think fury's hiding something he's a spy captain he's the spy. His secrets have secrecy. Bugging him to. just want to finish my work here Dr. A warm light from mankind. Locus Jab at fury about the Cube I heard it well I. think that was meant for you. Even if I didn't tell Loki about the tower, we still all over the News Star Tower? At big? Ugly? Building in New York power by ARC reactor. self-sustaining. Energy source. That building, we'll run a tough what year. Is. Just a prototype. I'm kind of the only naming clean energy right now. What he's getting so why didn't shield bring him in on the tests right project what are they doing in the energy business in the first place? I should probably look into that might decryption program finishes breaking into all of Shield's secure files. I'm sorry did you say Jarvis has been running it since I hit the bridge in a few hours we'll know every dirty secret shield as ever tried to hide uber yet. You're confused about why they didn't want you around an intelligence organization that fears intelligence restorick not awesome. I think he's trying to wind us up. This is a man who means to start a war and if we don't stay focused, he'll succeed. With orders. She followed. Followers don't really my style. And you're all about style are you? The people in this room which one is a wearing spangler and be not a few Steve. Tell. Me Smells a little funky you. Find that. Yeah the the Edward Norton was pretty good and I just I I mean I was I, let me in the cat attias. Yeah. Ross. As a continuing hair to yeah but it was just it was. It was kind of disappointing that he left because of you know whatever dispute money or whatever it was probably money He. Was He was pretty a pretty decent hope but mark Ruffalo is good too so. Great. All right. Ready for another one. Let's do another one. Oh Okay Save Time All right go ahead sound of me shuffling through doesn't really carry over so. This okay. So this English. Actress Singer and author. ooh Fancy. It we gotta get the Ven Diagram right on this one. Yeah. Born the first of October nineteen, thirty, five at Walton. Surrey England Sh-. She is. She a triple threat singer actress. Dancer because she has done Broadway musicals Some fairly notable ones. She's also done musicals on the silver screen as well. And now you're talking about in the present tense. So so she is still doing was yes. Okay. Yes. So like nineteen, thirty, seven, thirty, five, or thirty, five, okay yeah. she's Academy Award winner. Okay. hold on I. GotTa Look This Up. I have a guess but I'm going to check I, have a guest tuna might be the same guy. No is not it's not who I thought. It was she is a dame. Is it Dame Duly Angela? Yes it is. Okay. Well, Jeez, what can we say about Julie? Now. Academy award a BAFTA five Golden Globes. Three grammys to emmys. The, Ifi Lifetime Achievement Award the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime. Achievement award the Kennedy. Center's owners Ward and the Disney Legends Award. As as as David tennant said when he was being presented with when he won a BAFTA I believe it is presented by Julie Andrews I don't care what else happened in my life I just met Julianne. and. I love that quote. Gosh yeah, holy cow I mean Mary poppins. That's what most people. Well, that's Wonder Academy Award that that's where I first newer. That was her screen debut she had done. Oh well. Up into that point she was doing. My fishy. She did my fair lady an camelot playing it queen. Gwen they've year I believe is where Walt Disney approached her about playing Mary poppins. As. Well, she was doing that role and at the time she was you know like, Oh, well, Mister Disney I'm quite honored I'm pregnant and he was like no problem we'll wait. So which is why there's you know she did camelot nine, hundred, sixty and Mary poppins came out and sixty four because she had a baby. mean. But though like because I believe of her performance both in my fair lady and camelot that Disney saw her on Broadway in New York, and was like that's our Mary poppins. That's who I want. Stand up. Gentlemen. We've got a blue. Looking. Good. Butler. Rother. Town I think of Pike Me Pantry. Has Wants to open that car saw Lyndon pre me doctor recommends a quiet Selmer by the sea. Can. All I want. The. Poll. We. Check College. School Nancy. I saw. Much. Correct. Even this. Versus. Not the. Democrat. Is, anything. To Blair knows that with her trailer Mary poppins returns but those were nanny shoes to fill well I mean there's an. EPISODE DEDICATED TO Staff you'd think about Mary poppins and just Disney live action movies in general the live action movies. Are, not as well known or well regarded in general for from Disney and I've I've been I've been kind of. ruminating on this for a while. Just because we've got Disney plus and I've been looking through and I'm like Oh. Wow. There's all these live action movies from the Sixties and seventies I'm like, how do I not know about these will Kasi ones bigger but everybody everybody knows Mary poppins and it's not I mean they're still animation in there but I mean if you don't connect with the characters if you don't care about the story or any of that, then you know the the the fancy. Blending and the and the special effects and all that stuff it doesn't matter. And Yeah while Disney was right to pick Julie Andrews for Mary poppins. Out is your. Age Well I fame and fortune you have your picture taken the newspaper. Having your extreme looks if I may say so. I would probably words to describe your now. Now now, gentlemen please on the country. There's a very good word. Am I right bet? Jello. Fight. It's Super Calif ritualistic expe- those just even though the sound of it is something quite a truce if you say it out enough always some coaches. Go Calls I was afraid to speak with just allowed reply the game emails at quick told me I was playing but then one day I wonder where the site we I can knows biggest. Yellen don't. Even. If. Bin Laden. Olympic as we yellowstone. Around the world and everywhere he went he uses all would say that goes a clever. Or more awarded Foster Karma Day with me Siamese petrol? You. From sound of music, which I haven't seen as much as Mary Bobbins Yemi. I'm. Am Surrey. Don't don't don't don't. Tie Me to the stake in. Birmingham live. I. Do not like the sound of music. It's it's something. Well, that's okay. I'M NOT GONNA I'M NOT GONNA score I'm not going to be the one excoriating. But it ain't me. That's happened to you before. Yet well, it's just it's just one of those those it's like everybody's like Oh my goodness I love this movie and it's one that we're going to cover on gold standard because it did win best Oscar. And you know there may be too. That may be at the point where we reach one of those movies where. The others like it and I'm like. No. It's not that I just like Ju Leander's performance. I. Just. For some reason I just don't like I don't like musical. Not that I don't like like just the movie I've just don't like the sound of music as a musical well I'll I'll say this after I I grew up everybody around me loving Les Ms and I finally saw I'm like this is what everybody goes nuts over. Then again. I saw the movie version with Hugh Jackman and I'm like, oh no, that's that's that's that's not not a good. Not a good representation of Oh no, no no that's for a different episode anyway. Back to back to dame dame. Julie. Mary poppins growing up in the night seer pop up on like Disney channels specials or she'd be narrating something or is she being interviewed or something she just she just be there? At, it's just she just kind of became. And I guess this is true. She's just part of the the Disney family. I. Mean you mentioned she's the. Achieved Disney legend status. she's just part of it and it just then then you know years and years later. I got I saw Princess Diaries which again is was in that little sweet spot for me were you know older teenager going into college just kind of in those those those years and that movie was geared toward me and she plays the grandmother she plays Queen Clarisse and Hathaway is Mia I love I love Princess Diaries I know there are people who are like Oh that movie so In how dare you Blah Blah Blah and I'm just like screw you I. Love It. Not Not quite as good. But but the first one is brilliant. Is makes it I mean? They're you know as far as fictional grandmothers go I've got at least two that I just adore there's Queen Clarisse and and Bady Violet, Grantham Downton. Abbey. Who is played ninety Smith. So another another a British Dame, who I just I adore. But then she also she was she voiced the Queen and Shrek. And again, she narrated enchanted, which you know is a Disney movie that kind of parodies. Most of Disney, and you know there, you have Julie, Andrews being the narrator for the beginning and the. And it's like, of course, he did of course, you got her to come do that. and. I've never seen enchanted I notice songs. I bought the songs I. It's. It's amazing. You should watch it I. Don't know if it's on Disney plus yet or not but I'm gonNA look that up. Because, you should watch it. It's so funny and it's it's you know you know how Shrek you know made fun of Disney, and it was a little mean spirited. This is Disney making fun of Disney and it's all it's all in good humor. Like I know that it's like a scene of the new musical and like new. York. City. Nukes yes. Yes. Patrick Dempsey is like why how does everybody know this song was there for their rehearsals? Sadly ought on Disney plus dead it will eventually it will. It will. It'll get there. But yes, Oh, Julie Andrews narrates part of part of it. and. Yeah Tribes, see. Being. GETS A. Ongoing upon one of my grandmother's statement movies. So she had me sent me down. We watched it in your cue. And I mean she's Being a Brit you know there's There's just things that they. Every. Britain seems to do. You, do you Shakespeare, you do Charles Dickens. Period pieces. Yeah. You do. He ate her period. Yeah. So. I don't know if she's spent surly dumb a lot of period. vs other than I. Guess Sound of music could be considered one but that's also musical. So I don't know if that how much that. Really. Counts yeah. So. And now she's just you know she's doing like. Just, voice acting. Yeah, she's down like. The track. The narrator for enchanted despicable me. Trying to plays his. She was in Aquaman I do not remember Ho. CAROLCO. I well, now it's like kind of a little bit of a Kinda tongue-in-cheek joke to get somebody as as polished in wonderful Julie Andrews to be a superhero movie oriented some other. But then you know she just goes with it and and she's Never I. Don't know maybe maybe I'm going to you know have have the rose colored glasses like dropped from my face one day, and here's story about how she treated somebody just. So abysmally on a movie but she down I doubt it. Yeah. That's. But she just seems like somebody who just you know she just. She's kind everybody. She's a great person to work with. And it's very green. Had Her on his show Oh gosh. Of course. It was several several years ago have to. Figure out what. Episode number was because him he's A. Episode Twenty seven concern. He's at episode six, hundred. That was a while ago episode seven. Yeah where he gets to interview Julie. Andrews. So Oh my gosh. Was He to talk and very He just had to like like have an out of body experiences. Yeah. Yeah I mean. I mean this this bit I mean this this one thing about poppins return to they offered to have her come do a cameo for it which you know understandable. But then she she just she declined because she didn't want to Steal Emily blunts thunder and I'm just like okay that that is that that is humility that is graciousness that is I mean she had done it nobody would have nobody would have. Nobody would have blinked twice. It would have just been. Oh, awesome. She came and she you know Kinda passing of the torch but she just decided not this is GonNa be Emily blunts movie and Wish. Her luck and I'm like you know that is class that is that is utmost class and if that doesn't If that just doesn't stay you personify Julianne Juices I don't know what does. It's Grab a meeting to the trivia she turned down her Tony Nomination does last luxuria for best actress in a musical ninety six because the rest of the cast and crew overlook consideration. Wow. Yeah, she's. She's a winner. I can we just keep Julie Andrews forever? 'cause I I want her I desire to be around. The only thing is, is shame what happened to her voice? Yeah for those that don't know. Yeah. Because she did musical's now for the longest time why she stopped. In Ninety seven. she started developing hoarseness or voice kind of like I sound right now. Actually probably worse considering she had to go under under oath surgery. Because she had. It the surgery was reportedly to remove noncancerous Joel's from her throat. but actually. The. Hoarseness was just a muscle strain. So she didn't have cancer. She didn't have Najah goals she didn't have anything but the surgery permanently damaged her vocal cords and has given her arrest in her speaking voice. They told her that she would get her singing boy. Voice back within six weeks. And that never happened So. She she can still sing, but she doesn't have the range that yeah the octave soprano before now she's now toe. Yeah. It because I remember hearing about that and then when I saw the Princess Diaries two and she saw a sudden started singing and it's like I thought she couldn't sing anymore and it does sound. Has To be lower for more operations. Yeah. Since that original ones yeah, hurt her voice does sound lower and it says here like they had to to. Adjust the the music. So it was an octave lower, but she could still saying it's just not the same. Yeah. Like you said, it's a shame that happened but she you know. She seems to be taking it in stride. Yeah. Plus her four if. I could we could sit here and Gush about. Julie. Andrews. Old. Couch. Julie Andrews. and. She. Was it. Less. Oh crap what deep she was on this last. I think it was the very beginning of the season. So you have to go back a bit but I believe she and one of her daughter's. was on Allen all this. PODCAST. rule. Because she wrote a book. And she was actually going to do a book tour before everything. Down But I do believe that. Believe that was her. On our? I know she was on a podcast I listen to her on like sometime this year but it's like honest knew a lot of podcasts and sometimes people all appear multiple if they have something to plug. So. but I do believe that. It was. The earlier in the spring. Okay. This this is amazing and I did not know this was a thing. There is a Netflix series called Julie's Green Room and Julie Andrews hosted its. It's Educational Preschool Television series, and I'm like Alex you have a new favorite show. I didn't know this I did not know that this Ab I WANNA watch I have no kids. She's got the it's Miss Julie WHO's Julie? Andrews she she's says she's director of the Wellspring Center for the Performing Arts and then there's A. Like Sesame Street muppets. are kind of her her I mean, they're they're not the sesame street muppets but it kind of in that same vein, they're sort of her sidekicks or you know. Her people that she interacts with and she there's a lot of she's had like. A bunch of different Broadway that Menzel els been there been on a Carol Burnett was was a guest on it. So. So long. I'm like, okay we're GONNA go look this up because holy cow this look this sounds amazing. I mean some of these, some of the puppeteers I recognize some of the names from sesame street yeah. I'm like, okay. I got to check this out. It was late last year November twenty fifth. So around Thanksgiving her and her daughter Emma Walden Hamilton were on Al Chaipas link in the show notes. And then she's also GonNa, be in the Bridgeton TV series whenever that finally finishes drops. Voice of one of the. Major characters and that's yeah. I'm I'm a little iffy on that one. Just because of. I'm not sure how well they're going to to bring that into live action. I am curious about it but having Julie Andrews, on their lends them a little bit lends him another point or two? Yes. You want to up your Your your street cred. Through in Dame Julie Anders. Yeah. She'll. She'll. She'll give you a little bit Give you a point or two in your famous. Oh Yep She's just. What can you say and she's still add it yeah. GOING TO BE EIGHTY FIVE HERE IN IN A. Couple of months and shoe. More power to or. Long live the queen. Renew Dame Julie Yes She played. She played a couple of Queen. So they're yes. But being a the dame. That's that's the highest honor you can get from the Queen. C equivalent of being made a a sir. For the boys. Well, that's awesome yeah. I. Think. We'll just stick with those two. Oh. Two Really. Different yet still interesting YEP Celebrities. So. Top of their field. and. If any of our listeners have anything, they WANNA say about these these two. Very accomplished individuals or any any movies or other things that they've been in that we did not talk about. You. Know. Julie Andrews. Case that list is quite long. Considering the career she's had drops in some. Feedback will read it out and if you if you have anything you want to. Say about either Julie Andrews Mark. Ruffalo yeah just let us know our email addresses five ish fan girls at dot com. You can also visit site, which is the five ish fan girls dot com and there you'll find links to all of our social media. FACEBOOK instagram. Youtube Channel. you can leave comments there will treat those feedback as well. If you don't WANNA email us that's fine we're still posting are DND adventures on? On Youtube a couple of just come out a couple recently. So we're in a dangerous don water. So enjoy you know pirates shenanigans going on I shall sail more. And We download our podcast wherever you get your podcast. Were there pretty much, and also if you want to support the show financially, we have our our Patriot his is always available we, have our Amazon affiliate store. Or Yeah that will that will help us get a little advertising back from there will still have an audible link where if you haven't signed up for audible and you want to pick out some somebody of books which going back to Julie Andrews She's also narrated audio books. So pick out go certain search for to pick out a few I. mean she wrote a book so. She's probably got it on there. and we we get a bit of a referral bonus for that. So there's a that link. Designed for audible. We have our our red bubble store where constantly adding new designs for stickers and tote bags and. mugs and things like that. So in going back to the We, totally think of those things on the line sometimes that's going on a sticker. So that, there's that and our and our Kofi Account. So all those are ways you can help support the show, and as always we appreciate and thank you for your support for listening for sending in your feedback and your comments and. We're we're just happy to know that everybody's out there listening and and enjoying what we do and and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for for. Her being there with us and hope you continue to enjoy in that. We can continue to put out high quality content like what you've just listened to right now. And it's a fun thing about names of the head. He's like you just never know names are going to come out. So who knows how the discussion is GonNa? Yes. We we may. We may sit here and struggle to talk about somebody for for a few minutes or we may just happen on one and be like and I, know that one and that one and. Louis or something new. So it's it's it's an adventure for us all. And I need to go check out this this Julie's green room because Dang. That sounds amazing. I need something else to watch. But. Oh, right well. With We shall signed this week. In Bethlehem sing the night. Tonight from Salt Lake City. This is Rachel in Annapolis Indiana. Here's hoping I don't sound like this on the next. Move. You haven't been listening to the five ish fan girls podcast. You find more episodes and information at the five ISH GIRLS DOT com. Any and all books, movies, Games, and then the other forms of media mentioned our own operated by the respective copyright holders no copyright infringement is intended or implied. If you wish to support the show. The easiest way is to leave us a rating and review more ratings and reviews will make it easier for others to find the show. If you wish to support. US. Monetarily you can do. So at Patriot, dot com slash five ish angles podcasts all money goes towards fees an equipment to keep the show. For official five, ISH fanduls merchandise visit red bubble dot com slash people slash five ish fan girls. We. Love hearing from our listeners and encourage feedback. You can email us at five ish fan girls at G MAIL DOT COM. You could also like and follow us on facebook at facebook dot com slash five is fan girl. Thank you so much for listening and made the skwebe with you. Bill.

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Truth & Movies #125  Zom-rom-com gets a belated sequel, plus we speak to the inventor of the iPod.

Truth and Movies: A Little White Lies Podcast

47:25 min | 1 year ago

Truth & Movies #125 Zom-rom-com gets a belated sequel, plus we speak to the inventor of the iPod.

"Today on truth and movies the dead rise again in the related home sequels Zombie land you'll be the first to die enthusiasts director say us is discontent with digital content in the French publishing dramas is me this is me literally and he's so good in the film and he he gets to play such a complex character like plays this guy who who I do we have highlights we can share with the audience I thought in general is very good one this year top staff any standout films which is good it had been the New York Film Festival not had had received these kind if rapturous rave reviews there and I'm still having to let it and here we are welcome movie truth is to another episode is Michael Lee hair sitting across this week from David Jenkins Hey hey help but think I would have loved to Pacino Jimmy Hoffa film with him as this central player rather than I mean Deniro's characteristic of Lynch kind of percolate a little bit longer I think because it's in there and it's a big old film runs at like three and a half hours and it covers sixty years three hours in the absolutely whips by and I say is a little bit more laconic than the usual Scorsese film I mean it wolf of Wall Street was zip of ground of this of this chap who play by Robert Deniro Frank Sheen and he's the kind of mob lieutenant who he's kind of divides his time between seen a mafiose a played by Joe PESCI and Jimmy Hoffa who is like a union boss played by Al Pacino I'm sure we'll cover you know it was very kind of snappy snappy dramatic even though this one is is a little bit more pensive thing intone they'd still rows along when along to the the closing gala which was the Irishman the new might scorsese film and she's I think he's out come on Netflix in NYC beginning of November I loved it like it's actually hard to talk about about spoiling it too much because there's obviously Mr Trump starring Hugh Jackman and everything that unfolds is just like oh I wish ex-director had made this film instead of that film and because you know you go to review was been made was not been made but I couldn't notable when you know it's just it just feels like he keeps making these films waste trying to tell us who he is like this is like yep is to be just a perfect person they just jimmy great person but he's got some seagrass if that's not Hugh Jackman I don't know who that is this is like really latex latex classic Oh about the coming up in truth and movies lies limited but sort of wide release coming in early November and then it's on Netflix end of that month so and it's three and a half hours long you've seen Goodfellas orcas casinos the pod on the rest of the week but the thing I will say is Al Pacino in particular I thought was was extraordinary in the film and I know you never meant to think wait to see it did you see anything the Irishman but I so bad education from the director of Forum breads and Alan lesage Elena welcome back it's been a long time have you been not bad yeah so the elephants the film festival has just finished I found it so emotional and human and because he's about these people like being greedy but you haven't seen many films like this that actually make you care for them pin of the film and he's maybe a little less interesting than than the other two characters but still very good film that's really soon isn't it was coming sort of it's in thick glasses and fish t shirts and eating cookies for breakfast lunch and dinner and is the story of this company who made the first from the program but first we should deal with this week's new releases up first we have Zombie land double tap the Eisenberg Woody Harrelson Emma stone and Abigail Breslin respectively all moves the American heartland as they face off against evolves zombies fellow survivors and the growing pains of this Tom Talk Laptop you know like kind of hand held Kapiti a touchscreen device and in the kind of his in a loving yet highly dysfunctional family for survival in ten years after the first Zombie land comes the sequel that reunites what is now something of an all-star cast Columbus Tallahassee which turned little rock that's just coming different I expected something very like clinical reason like that we have to recommendations from Listener Paul Reeve who is he says I phoned so parlaying all his experience in that we see in the film into making these very kind of revolutionary device it sounds terrific we'll hear more about that three of Silicon Valley general magic like super important but the kind of lay person has probably never heard of them because they're rise was very very quick and therefore Kasana as these very nice man who loves everybody and he's always into Jessica everything and this is so brilliant is funny because it's about like money and corruption and things in both set for this very I believe anyway that's the London Film Festival they've also been busy with other things as well we have interview later in the show yeah yeah there's another film coming I saw these smaller release. FM could general magic is like a documentary about a Silicon Valley Ninety Tech Startup O of Nerdy guys the trailer for Zombie Land Double Tap there do we need this sequel. That's the excitement for it I I don't know if there's because in the second film Vidgis Redo them supposedly I think for the sake of nostalgia but because one I don't find them funny formed an unlikely alliance with Tallahassee on the road they met sisters in Crime Little Rock in Wichita Llamas fell in love with what Utah and Tallahassee became the fodder little rock never wanted all of his resulting rocky makeshift family welcome back to Zombie land. It's been ten years since the outbreak back to let's get you up to speed Columbus elephant is always a highlight of the great chance to see films I know nothing about hopefully with the direct to that's tells more bounce it I've Jiggling Moss gripping and visceral story of teenage soldiers in Columbia in this same sort of jokes accepts removing some offensive ones and I think differently offensive the film park in two thousand nine are there even billing Ruben Fleischer different now but it was still at this time whereas zombies we're having their moments with the walking dead on television and it felt even though it was later excitement for I hadn't seen the original watched it for this podcast and you know it is what it is I went to see the second one is basically obviously it's all for the doing you actually get them and he's so sal kind of blown away by that's terrific I can see thoroughbreds I thought was quite cold too sounds like I live by a strict set of rules like rule number twenty five shoot I I'm so sorry I'm Columbus because I wasn't a fan of the first one but is just so strange because so there are all these jokes obviously in the first movie and apparently Classic Jokes now Columbia movies and things so he knows how to deal with them but about from Lake is just the actual rules on how to kill zombies are kind of basic and random moderately well received and successful I think everybody involved went on to great things in fact a poster and it's billed as from the director of Venom who is the director Zombie Land as well thing movie so I don't know maybe people who understand for the first film that actually came out a whole ten years ago but I wasn't one of them astounding you how can we be nostalgia for something that we've completely forgotten and that just makes me think well maybe there is someone who is nostalgic for and that is directed and also the style and subject to the last black man in San Francisco hopefully becoming these when the guy you care released later this month yeah they're both out really soon those homes in the next two threes and was even quicker so I met one of the the guys you work guy called Tony Fidel he went on to invent the ipod and and create the ipod and Co create the Islami movies ever do social commentary. Obviously we've seen that with the Romero films but also you could just do something that's actually re scary like one of my favorite Zombie films as thirty days of night which is brilliant and underrated but that's scary like you know as awful and they did sake obviously you know we've just heard in Detroit he has all these rules for survival which I guess you know it's sort of interesting like this nerdy guy in has I think and second I just watched from today's ago so the first film so it doesn't feel like nostalgia from you just feels like we had new ideas and salvages retread inflation is strikes me as may be you know you have the seat cool raring to go the original didn't do the numbers that were expected or wasn't as adapt to the hunt going one thing we can do sex right you'll be the first to die enthusiasts let's kick some successful enough to may be worn sequel at the time then he goes off and does venom is this huge box office success and then you know they're like Ruben any kind of cultural need or doesn't have anything even within its own world have anything original to offer it's pure kind of rehash you can kind of you know conspiracy theories already realized but the film is so unnecessary and doesn't serve any audience or any the idea of laypeople you love being transformed which is sort of touched on in in those films is just not he's got everything in Zombie landforms is just kind of ironic I didn't want your previous lives what did you give it it was probably a three star three stuff I still remember it being engine had it come out like the year off Zombie land it would have been kind of Oh yeah you know with this vague memory of that in our mind we can kind of I don't really care about anything which I think is a shame because there's concetta dissolve is already like obviously farfetched so he should adding irony as ironic engagement possibly okay with a few bits and bobs in there and a few of self referential things that May I think it may be felt more unique at the time going back to what you're saying imagine this plot went on a little bit further but with that ten year chasm in the middle you just think what could I have not have done something with the we abe what do you want to do you got a cop blonde hair so he's like well I've got this thing in my love to clear out and this is very you just WanNa like why don't be how hard is it like you can just go and kill Zombie surely an Indian detainees that's as I heart is still Zombie like surely we could have just killed all of them I mean that was my first full but I don't know it's just like all these troops da instead of being treated as like you know because I think the potential with that on top of it it just it just makes like mind-numbingly David we were talking earlier you reviewed this in more of your previous lives does your dad see this year the US will chain you Zombie stronger faster that doesn't really mean anything film isn't they don't cause any of it special threat or anything in nothing happens to anyone actually showed them a few bits and bobs Emma Stone has had how many Oscar nominated and winning since then Jesse Eisenberg has been lex luther in time and been and gone and Woody Harrelson still let me John Whitehead somewhat radical for mainstream Hollywood comedies between us on comedy you've been on this show for talking about horror is at all an interesting spin on the genera no and if since she's been thrown into the limelight this great actress in his goal these Oscar nominations never been that interested or impressed by those big performances in the dorm more fun and less nerdy and Emma Stone's one of the nerdy girls and she's really funny in it and in this film you have like a similar character house bunny have you ever seen the House bunny is really good it's about a playboy bunny who moves into a university dorm and basically makes the fellow women thinking of the ups and downs the rising all of these the stars has become press limping anything in the last ten years I actually had to look up her IMDB she's been dylan to with Friends who told me that fans of the first one was ten years ago when we were kids and we watched it repeatedly so for them it was a big deal so dr the film's how how do they perform even onscreen in the same way now Emma stone is a weird one I think I did about you guys but like I'm not a massive fan of her given I recently with some of her films earlier in her career where she was more of a kind of comic support player like this movie about this is there's no concept there's no idea behind either like an inmate Romero each so iterating zombies is a slight change in by the third one there in Indy Comedy Cast Half Moon House and they were up and come as you had Breslin who's in little Miss Sunshine Jesse Eisenberg just coming off social network and Emma stone ten years on the guys but then Emma stone used to was so great in those kind of roles made so much of them and it's like Zoey Deutch's like taken over from that the film is like no they they kind of haven't really an even even this of you know they mentioned that is kind of this news of super breed. Ta Hundred Huntings on when he seems to be like doing something like trying to build a character trying to act trying to be funny is quite cruel she's she ends up being the butt of all the jokes and by the by Zoe zoey Deutch right who is this kind of Blonde Bimbo kind of who is is being last case investigated yes and there's a vacant at the beginning that is gonna be more like that because they say yet is on be changed but either served by looking yourself in in a in a big freezer in a in a in a mole and I actually think she's the best thing in the film she's actually the the only one Rava let's put some scores on it in anticipation enjoyment in retrospect Elena too because I didn't into if you especially if you just make if you make it like a solve grownup borough there are so many ways this could have gone to be interesting I mean in the space of ten years which the film do things like maybe one of them could have died like they have I don't know like so many things could have been happening just trying to tell us that our veges the same how's that and fans out there I know so I cannot believe that they were fans of the first one but ten years older now on the might be interested in will main body of the film little addendum that's you know they're well let's cuts off the head to finish Jamais Times as kids is the bill Murray Cameo does this one serve any surprises length that that's maybe one thing that can send people into the cinema is that already a spoiler I mean on Ospel ten years like just the same as the last of the intriguing thing one of the things I remember quite liking about the first one was the cast they assembled felt like that brought on this I mean I don't yeah I wasn't expecting this film didn't enjoyment the same because I actually found it more grueling than the first one because the the some drugs I'll just not funny in Dawson really really funny one liners that I think whoever came up with them like these are the medical but most of the time with his wife and soon events force them into confronting that double lives in comedy of Art Affairs and Midlife crises. I must say this is a strain have any goop on you or you're not going to have to fight anyone in she doesn't really do anything in the fields that much in the first one but she does even less than this one film the first scene starts and you have beautiful compelling French actors talking at length about the switch from print to digital is less disoriented Donna Donna himself yeah I guess yeah you know if people stay post credits a little fun thing nothing in the end any searches like Oh God this is embarrassing also all these actors all like pretty big now and so it's Z. them in this film just like thinking in the moment like if Christmas Carol good feel I'd Recommend Ellen here one of the only people remember about the originals on beyond from those people who've board and and I just felt Emma stone in this film she's like they've like okay you can wear your you lead the bomber jacket and your tight jeans and nothing's going to happen to you you know going to have to like thank you reminiscing about Emma Stone's supporting comedy roles reminds me I wonder if you've seen this film David I don't think you have the ghosts of girlfriends past have seen it she's how is it to be on the studio on the set doing this film tenure that for the first one and now we've moved on so much so yeah it was very depressing in that sense I was the offensive jokes as you said Zooey Dutch character is like it's just so you know offensive but even the ones I'm not very offensive churn technology and is interested in in discussing these ideas or at least placing these fictional dramas into the context of indie film. It's also been ten years because I guess I mean we call it like the actors clearly ten years older even then Jesse Eisenberg different no They could have done woody Harrelson has all these little catchphrases when when they're about to go and kill some zombies he'll be like let's ex some wild you know and it was like he does various different types of movies and this is one of his more kind of like literary intellectual after dinner conversation pieces of maybe complaining about the fact that it feels like a slightly older Guy Griping about how his of Nice cozy analog which does alongside these historical almost three hillary dramas I mean he's already made another film called Wasp Network which was in the London Film Festival about Cuban Orlando a successful prison publish struggling to adapt to the digital revolution rejects the latest piece of veiled or spreaker free from author art but little is you know Leonard is having an affair I need to refresh your catchphrases and his light year you read the whole thing like well that's Zombie land double tap up next tangible world if our and literature is kind of fooling away from him and ushering in this new world of of ephemeral digital thing in dissident so it's a very very completely different prospect to this it's very French fell and I've read some reviews of it is and marketing people as of taking over the conversation and the actual medium of how we write books and how people read books g changing enjoyment like I dunno one and in retrospect on to to be nice it's not that bad data Westville I wouldn't watch it again go from double tap to Dubai which is the French title of our next film nonfiction and I live here assias is a direct to who is you know he's really plugged into the kind of shifts currents of of modern and what those books that are in our and it so into weaves oldies of questions into this almost like a kind of bedroom farce where you is this a little cross section of Literary Bourgeois Paris and said Juliette Binoche publish his wife and she was easing credible Pelosi the film reminded me a lot of once upon a time in Hollywood the Tarantino film because because you know all the characters are in a way like mouthpieces for the director of how the world is changing and how at how people's jobs are changing and how ought is changing and how we can Cheema is changing I guess in if you look back over his career I think this is interesting stolen the first scene and then the plot will kick in but no the whole film is right in a good way right to now pass the ghosts of girlfriends panic I recently watched all matthew mcconaughey films right she is the kind of mad girlfriend yes she's incredible in that in that strange Rahm Khan remained have one guy he's friends with another guy and his easily from his wife and he's got a girlfriend and the girlfriend is is working somewhere else and during his ideas about culture and I think that may be science does a little bit more to conceal that in the way that the drama plays out in a more realistic way and offers and her job is she's like a lead Swat team running gag is that everyone thinks she's playing a cop on t. v. elected and then he's he's a there's a culinary event where he's asking these awkward questions about his how he kinda processes the his real life and transfer David to to one it was like actually no one to one so the first one three stores I know I know but I mean there's even but she's caused some measure of fame from that and I think she she uses that to keep herself within his own literary circle I think he's really funny in the film and in a way like this nonfiction and in film club Maggie Chang places self in sas his film within a film drama Irma Vep ethics shows directs them she's not a cop she has a different rank yes yes a different role and it's real kind of like low brow TV Fila and stuff that she said I think he's of tapping into more realistic emotions in in the cliff humiliations that the author Leonard goes through when he's as booker looms into fiction and ethical moral imperatives behind that I think there's a lot going on in the film I think if people find it like intensity smoke I would agree the jokes are just not very funny and there's nothing worse than watching movies action pool so it's called that with them but to me I think mouthpiece is the right word here you interviewed Sas for the for the maxine right and if you read that interview with Regis up on the website now but then the morning after while they're getting dressing and what about that e book the book revelation and and publishing companies going through like massive chain his answers could just be pasted into the screenplay hair and be one of the model is that as you say it's a fast where there's bed swapping and he was saying that even when he was writing it between writing and filming it when he could have been constantly updating it because things would constantly changing and my ideas which sure but I think interesting I mean imagine a director making a film about the actually lays explains the issue of digital actors and very funny as well sexy explaining to you like the challenges of the digital era and it's fascinating it is very we did talk about digital coacher and these questions about technology the questions that people are asking now are probably very different to the questions the ideas of developing and technology was moving on during the process so is a film of you have to just take the moment and just run with it lie and say incredibly everything I've ever seen and it did anything about halfway through that'd be riots in the streets if there was a British version of this made on everyone's mind the sorts of smugness and the this is going to be about this specific time and these specific characters and it reaches a point where he be Kinda makes it knowing that when it seemed like six months ah addressed in this film when you're doing something that's so contemporary and so you know dealing with this very specific moment in time itself becomes instantly nostalgic Hollywood role but that's what he does right is these this puzzle box structure of his films one of the things that came out of the interview with him. I'm not sure how much I included if it but thing rather than like trying to make it more broad but make it more like relatable or like the self reflexive films films before you're casting Maggie Cheung in so many films because he was with her time and say McLeod's is still Maria which it's nothing held but they're talking about like bookshop exactly but it's up living can do he can pull off this because he's been making nick to film to a moment and if it works it works if it doesn't and I think this film he's hoping was like i WanNa make as specific as possible I want to be referencing to festival is GonNa feel a little bit of day I mean you have all these weird things now where people are like Oh you know something you read in so many reviews now oh companies and specific authors and specific books and link it to a moment so it can have a kind of ongoing relevance in that way as almost kind of historical if you have no other reasons you're curious about the State of digital publishing which I guess in this is he's looking so about cinema like each was and imagine if people wash this van the stand the problem and start thinking about it I mean I don't think that's his intention of trying to teach people but I think it's very valuable to have that dated but also you have to keep in mind in France about the book industry but the film industry is fulfill makers just so much healthier because of all these regulations go and film three years ago mark in there's no way they could have like anticipated this so you kind of get these instances where he kind of just have to against digital content FIA trickle windows are way too time a film comes on cinemas you can only see in Netflix upper-middle-class bubble this film is in and if there was just he would even cast it'd be a thompson granting nothing kill without the rebound was it proved or was it Poker full that Sheila Panache took the role in the Godzilla movie as research for Clouds of summary Air in which he plays an interest this is one of the great films of the trump era and like this specific thing that's happening right now in the White House is scandal and then while this film was written for you shing just as a way to pretend I guess that is novel the film industry but if nothing else it's a very interesting way to understand the issues because you just sit that all these beautiful French Progressive Lucien we have to adapt but it's also his literal life and he's livelihood and I think it's brilliant that we he has voice because he was in France is also very very popular popular films you know he makes while is movies but he's also like just an incredible actor and people re alleged I think he's books on smartphones and tablets and not e-readers feels believe five years yes I think also it's yeah it does definitely feel I speak French that I don't need the subtitles are good when when they have these big conversation at the House of the thing all these friends are there and build talking about publishing about the moment so in the into the doesn't see the film as a medium is almost almost cannot be content because content has to be delivered in a stream so Johnson months later is huge so I think to have a director being even in Baltimore able to make a phone about this is like a sign of like a pretty healthy industry didn't feel realistic but I don't I don't mind criticism but he's just absolutely doesn't stick to me but s got off the phone of it I think it's like kind of very official and sort of interest TV series or or music or anything when is this constant flow of information is boys content worst film as a discrete objects in his definition can therefore be turned into context table to make these films like that's the thing when you mentioned that if this film was done here people would be like Oh what a smug dude like yeah definitely but also there's films that's such a like catalyst for those conversations and we'll continue with that conversation in film clip shortly but let's put some scores on this David for nonfiction well I'm just I suppose that's what you're you're getting it back yeah but I think it just makes it all the discourse feel a bit out of date where it's presented almost as revelation that people are reading in directing is I guess a bill of smug thing to do because it's like a very selfish thing to do and I mean it's like it's not a content you not thinking I don't think he's ever about viewers and what they're gonNA think when he makes his movies and that's what's so brilliant I mean we're GonNa talk about this in the next one as well but felt like he makes this films and then he leaves aac fan of of of Assias and Probably say fours across the board on this one I really liked to attach again I often find me Oh you do what you want with them which is which is the opposite of content I think that crystallizes a key difference between British and French filmmaking approach self coming back to his films and he's also a film from two thousand eight summer hours which I think if you like this film definitely worth revisiting that one as well engrossing in its way young and an issue just some of the best doctors you can have in the film of this and it's a gorgeous looking film always read it assistance and makes it even more interesting at the same time is in might feel dated it also is a good way to register the fact that there was another way of me I'm for film industry in France which I think is like it might feel a bit like I'll Dayton and also always complaining about this stuff though ones like we'll up to date you know this is innovators of touchscreen technology and very much as antecedent to some of the technology that millions and millions of people use today let's to cast a so watchable and I do enjoy talking about these films with with ut anyway go and sees I'll be happy nonfiction and link which basically crashed and burned because the the market wasn't quite ready for imagine an iphone a time when nobody was using emails MP threes very interesting time and you know we had great times on the ipod we had great times an iphone NASA but it was a very different thing because and sometimes a bit carried away with absolutely and and how

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Rise of Skywalker Tracking Behind The Last Jedi at the Box Office - Movie Talk

Collider Movie Talk

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Rise of Skywalker Tracking Behind The Last Jedi at the Box Office - Movie Talk

"Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple podcasts. And podcast one. Hey guys it's Perry and I'm here to let you know that. This edition of Collider movie talk is brought to you by DC universe the ultimate D. C.. Membership where you can watch read shop and connect catch on original series like Titans and starting November Twenty Ninth Watch their newest adult animated series Harley Quinn visit. WWW DC universe dot com slash. podcast one and use. Use the Promo Code Collider to start your free trial that's www dot DC universe dot com slash podcast O. N. E. Use Promo Code Collider to start fourteen day free trial and this code will be valid for you through December thirty first twenty nine thousand nine. This episode of movie talk is sponsored by one or brothers digital networks works the operator of DC universe which is only available in the US on on. Today's movie talk. We've got rise of SKYWALKER boxoffice projections. Then we're reviewing the upcoming little women movie directed by Greta Gerwig and Elizabeth banks banks as a brand new at directing gig. Apparently it's invisible woman. Hello everyone welcome to collider movie. Talk this wonderful Wednesday. I hope you're ready to sit back and relax hereabouts movie news while you plan for your holiday. Are they safe travels to all out there. Hello Hello and John Rocca after. Never ask ask you how you're doing you walk into the studio glowing time because I am happy to be here. A lighter is my happy place. 'cause I love I love everyone. You're all my friends and we're all like minded are passionate about movies. What's not taught either because of that adults because of whatever roka's drinking I don't know what his mood this morning it's raining? It's pouring. Get ready because this show ain't could it be boring in the holiday spirit Russia. Let's get into this first story. Here is is a box office projections for star wars the rise of skywalker. This report comes from variety and apparently the movie right now is on pace for start between one hundred and seventy five million dollars and two hundred million dollars. This is according to early tracking and you know we know sometimes tracking 's right great. Sometimes it's not of late. It has not been right. So you guys here this number. How much weight do you put in it? Do you think it was too high too low. You go well I think for me personally I. It struck me as being a little low and be like what's below but everything to take in context and that is force awakens with what to forty five forty two something like that. Last shot is twenty railroad there and this is coming at one seventy five to two hundred which means you could go to one seventy five that to me speaks volumes about how fractured the star. Wars Fan base is and how they're not as excited overall. They have been in times past to go and see these kinds of movies and this isn't just another installment. This is wrap up and as the wrap up. I believe there should be way more buzz about in terms in the box office in the early tracking this in the two hundred and fifty million dollar range in my opinion because I mean you look at what events endgame. That was a two forty something to sixty sneak. Something a three three. Sorry five I remember. We were all going crazy. There was even come close to three hundred three whatever it was it was pretty incredible star. Wars there's has been around much longer than the marvel and has been in our lives for so long that I'm shocked that it's kind of this low. Okay I agree with all your points but right you also have to keep in mind that when the Force Awakens opened the two thousand fifteen to two hundred and forty seven million dollars. We hadn't had a star wars movie in ten years. We hadn't had anything being in Star Wars in ten years but we had a couple of star trek movies that JJ directed so it was new product but it was also the return of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford it to the franchise of course also Shibata are three. Po It felt like a star wars movie but now so between the disappointment of Solo and divided fan reaction of the jet I Star Wars has been taken down a couple notches in terms of expectations. But you also let's not forget. Forget Ladies and gentlemen you have on Disney plus the man delorean which is amazing. The Manta Laurean. It's the best thing to happen to star worse since the empire strikes back it is that good because it is different it is dark it is mature it is daring but very much feels like like star wars which is all the things that I loved about the empire strikes back. But I digress. The point is is that there's more star wars products out there so the anticipation isn't as high having said that two hundred million that bad opening by any measure sure even a star wars one and I actually think that you know what because like pointed out China that this is the last of this Saga Saga that started in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven and the payoff could be really really big. I think that these numbers are conservative and low sink. The movie's WHO's GonNa get closer to two hundred and fifty million domestic. That's not worldwide. Okay now that's a big number bringing up a conservative number here I. I think it's important to read this piece from the variety article. They're saying Disney is aiming to manage expectations since tracking has been unreliable in recent weeks the X. box office watchers are optimistic. That rise skywalker will end the year on a high note overall ticket. Sales have plunged over seven percent from last year. According to calm score so considers in studios alike are banking on especially lucrative holiday movie going season to help close the gap. So that's why we might be seeing a number that looks like this right now and and as we always say whenever we cover box office tracking. That's right now as we inch closer and we get more marketing and the hype continues to build. That number will change when reviews reviews. Come out that number could change fairly significantly and just so you guys have a very clear picture of where this rain stands in the latest star wars releases. Here's a chart chart of all of the openings. We had force awakens open up with two hundred and forty eight million dollars last Jedi kicked off. Its run with two twenty rogue one opened up up with one fifty five and then we had solo open up with eighty four million so you know admittedly when I saw these numbers and I noticed specifically that it was lower than last S. jet. I I was thinking. Oh you know that. That sounds like a little bit of a bummer. Could that reflect the divide in the franchise. But I think there's even more to it than that because because was looking back and forth awakens in particular and looking at the release calendar and I think you know most other parts of the year were saying things like Oh avengers endgame just obliterating all competition around it whereas it seems like in December as of late some of the wealth even with the Juggernaut like star words in the mix. Some of the wealth is getting spread around the little. It's like we have a movie like Jumanji yes opens the weekend before but the last installment proved that that's a series that could have have legs so I think there are opportunities for something like Jumanji and hats to make money and we saw that same thing happened with last Jedi. And it's competition. I I think as far as like the box office projections tracking a you're right tracking has been off but in most of the cases where the tracking has been off the tracking. The projections had been conservative. Live low ford versus Ferrari which is right. riffing movie was projected to open in the low twenty s and opened with thirty one million dollars and everyone one loves this movie. Everyone Must Ford versus Ferrari even in. Its second weekend when it got obliterated obliterated by frozen to it's still held on less than in was a less than fifty percent went with this same path with projections with frozen those numbers those expectations as projections lower and then frozen it out and it surprised everyone with higher number but we have seen a lot of expectations. Come in way above what movie was GonNa make like. Let's say doctor sleep or Terminator Dark Fate. The at Charlie's angels. There's a whole bunch of studio releases that turned out to be major disappointments well under tracking. What's always good to under promise and over deliver right and I think Disney's playing that game with frozen and they worked out for them you know it's all about looks to all about brandings about how it's going to look overall Perry you bring up an interesting point? Would you mogae and with a great show as we saw that. That was the year of the jet. I I was a big fan of showman. But of course they don't open for. I think only open at like ninety million that we never ever number one it was never to one and then you look Jumanji. Nobody expected that thing. I mean I was there for that. I don't get it and I remember the all the representatives from Sony. You telling me we would just be happy if we came in at number two. We're not expecting acting and then it just really blew up so you talk about this. But here's what helped. That situation happened was the divisiveness of last Jedi. That has to be factored in. It's not about just the competition competition. It's the fact that the product you put out was divisive if this comes out and divide is divisive than yes. I think everything you just laid out will absolutely happen to the arises skywalker as well but if he comes out and it's incredible than I think you will obliterate whatever the competition is no matter what they did two years ago and I think I do think that there's something to be said about after the mixed reactions to lash and Solo. Of course you have your fans who love those movies and hats off to them. I mean I I think both movies have their merits rights but of course both movies also had their detractors. Critics really like the last. I like critically drew on rotten tomatoes. That actually had a really positive score it was the fans. It's like a lot of the fans not all but but certainly a lot of them were burns but again going back to the mandatory in here I think because the Manta worrying is a weekly show. Not just one thing but people are watching the man to Warren episode after episode there going. Wow this is a really great show. So all of the burn burn that some of the fans felt with John Solo. They are getting one over there. Getting back to the store series because of the greatness of the Manta I love I love it. I think the fact that men delorean has arrived and it is it. It seems to be very widely loved right now. I think that that actually. I don't think it's necessarily going to you. Know bump it up fifty million or something but I do think the Mandolin is working in rise skywalker favor a little bit. I thank personal baby. Yoda I cannot get. It was waiting for those words as many wonderful things about Mandal Laurien and it took not that long to bring up. Okay now you mean to tell me so. Mantle oriented just to sort of where we're rises skywalker cookie going so you're introducing baby. Yoda in the mantle. Worry which takes place five years after. Return the jets. Spoilers NUSSBAUM warning out there engaged engaged if what if the mantle worrying is tied to the rise of skywalker. I've thought about that. I believe I want to throw out a name and give this theory. Put this theory on someone shoulders if it didn't come from them but someone had pointed out because I believe that week the episode so to the man delorean hits on Wednesday not Friday and yes that might be because rises skywalker is in theaters. But I just wonder if there's going to be something in that episode. That had you need to be really could but they really could have just moved the release of that episode to ensure people have time to stay home and watch it because everyone's going to be going out to sea rise of skywalker in theaters. I don't know it's a fun thing to think about this enthusiasm a little bit all right. Here's the deal. The mandate is made by Dave Baloney. Jon favreau it has nothing to do with the rise of skywalker. That people could have resigned. Walk that is important to understand. Fans we'll disseminate the difference between the two and we'll suck was why she writes. That means they're going to get this thing right now. It just means I love this. I really hope this works. That's what what I think. Most of the FANDOM is approaching this as two separate things just because Black Panthers. Good doesn't mean Captain Marvel's going to be good. Just it's all you gotta take on. Its own one thing. They don't necessarily it's going to be truth to a franchise building momentum with good things but it is. Yeah well possibly because it's like this. TV show. That's a movie wants to get to different things. Like I guess they are two different things. I mean this. There's never been a live action star. I TV series and it's been so far I've seen three and episode. Three episodes are posted. I've loved them all especially the third one was using but I don't think the idea idea that the Manza worrying as a standard thing that doesn't tie in at any way to the final installment of epic Saga Episode Nine. I don't think they were just sort of make it stand alone and not have tien at all very smart. It would be very smart for their service that they're putting a lot in right now especially when you look look at that same company is doing with Marvel where they are purposely trying to others so strongly possible. I'm just saying I wonder if this is cool. I don't know about this. There's a track record for this. That isn't one hundred percent positive while there's a tracker for mandatory and that is one hundred percent right now so let me get this straight so the last episode the Milan mantle warming is gonNA throw plus. It's after Christmas. The last episode Amanda Lorena. Okay Okay Gotcha. But the with the weapons. So she's talking about will be the week of okay. The week that rise of the jet I opened on Friday that episode of Mantle worrying. We'll drop on Wednesday and then I walked her open on a Friday and then the last episode will be the the following week. All my gosh so I am dates right now. We're talking specifically about episode. Six I drops on December thirteenth which when Jumanji opens opens but then the next episode of the man delorean hits on December eighty and then after that we get another episode that's the takeaway. Td episode and that drops on December twenty. Seven Kevin Hart So. The question is for everyone. Watching question is forever watching and listening. Do you think that the Mantle Warren will pay off in rice at the jet. I asked ask the questions which is all right but I think you might you might you bigger point period. They may it may be one of two things one. Are they dropping just to kind of clear that weekend or are they dropping it because like a lot of series we've seen recently the panel to meet episode is the episode to to watch not the finale necessarily of a season. But the one right before. The finale surely happened with game of thrones almost every season. So maybe they're doing the same thing here with Mandalay. Same formula and they're connecting something into the rise of skyward. I don't think it'll be integral Pi to rise but surely have something for fans Hans to kind of pay off watching this bet on it at this point and I think it might be more so coming from wishful thinking because I think that would be really cool and I really really enjoy. I've been really enjoying mandatory in general but in particular I love the mandatory culture and Lore. I don't know even if it's just a sliver of representation take on the big screen. I KINDA WANNA see that pop up inside I. It's definitely wishful thinking. And I and I hope that you know that. I hope that does happen before we move on to a little women quickly around the table. Where do you think right? Now rises skywalker. It's going to land. I know you already said to fifty. Okay barring if it's good liberal views to fifty mixed reviews one ninety ninety five Perry. What about you? You're kind of cheating the system my wanted you to pick one number. I can't pick it a vacuum. I think I'm coming in right around last Jedi right now. I have a feeling I have a feeling saying that and again this. It's wishful thinking. But I can't help but I like looking on the bright side I do think that. Jj is going to deliver a crowd-pleaser things up. I think at the end of the skywalker. Saga is going to add. Some added hype that maybe last year I had a little less love. I'm coming in right around two twenty right now. People complaining a lot about that clip already ready like oh they fly now fly. People are complaining about that already. People are waiting. There are some plain about it but I fully admit it's a thirty second clip that's taken out of context within the actual film itself. That could play better last person. Maybe some of the fans are y'all sell for those of US old enough to remember who are actually there. Hello when the empire strikes back came out in one thousand nine hundred ever complained that it was too dark. Return of the Jedi came out. Nineteen eighty-three everyone complain about the walks. And they're still complaining about the walks. They always find something about e walks by me for ever in the end is a star wars. Like you belong now now looking at serious even leave it to you or something in return of the Jedi. We'll see how these predictions pan out love. DC movies shows and comic books while we have good the news for you. 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Know like schmaltzy multi romantic piece type thing. So I never thought I would like a movie like this. I fell so hard for it. I was like in a a puddle of my own tears through a good deal of this movie. Wasn't that you connect the two. I think the thing that I connected to more so than anything was was the sister element. There's there's certain things things like I don't want to spoil anything for folks who don't know the story like I did because a Lotta things did come as a nice surprise to me. But you know there's instances of you know let's say Sir Sharon and Florence Pugh may be butting heads at point and then seeing them come together at other points just so much of that ring so true as someone one who has a sibling that now. I'm very close to and I don't know it's just. I found the emotion of that part of the movie almost overwhelming. But you think I absolutely loved it and I wouldn't like this. I wouldn't like a dude going into Gobi like I don't WanNa see these four girls do whatever this all about but I have to watch it because I have to vote on the voting and I was like okay but I thoroughly thoroughly loved it and I was inter- I was supposed to go to another screening. Missed that excreting. Because I wanted to finish watching. The movie was two hours and twenty minutes long so I I stayed the whole time and absolutely loved it like way better than that nineties. Version version one owner rider and Susan. Sarandon I thought this what Greta Gerwig did here was leap to the next level. As director from lady bird to this is almost a a S- like flying to the moon her. I is so smart now. Her ability to pay so film correctly her genius to do the time jumping thing that she does in. The film is incredible. Incredible as well and the performance is that she gets out of this phenomenal cast. From like Chris Cooper to all the way to starchy. Ronin is incredible Tracy Letts who has is a has a fun. Little has a few scenes in it is incredible but more than anything else. It's the way she paces the film that get you excited interested and the way she kind of massages some the harder edges of the characters to make it fit within the world of the story. She wants to tell With this version of little women I was incredibly surprised by all by the and like you. Perry was in tears but certainly loved with the characters I saw on screen and wanted like an idiot. What a sequel I legitimately wanted a sequel? I want to watch that. I disagree with everything you've said. I think that credit card where you get to say. It is a more ambitious film film lady bird. I mean related mortar lady bird just because it was more contemporary and modern Little women I've Al- I've ripe was the book when I was when I was a Kim school by I really admire the way. She took the source material state. truitt stay true to the to the time setting but there were still elements of the story of the relationships of the way the characters thought especially Joe Marsh. Play by Sir Sharon. WHO's looking at an the Oscar nomination for best actress? I felt like there were elements of the phone the felt very current and contemporary and modern. And I think it's a wonderful wonderful film series. Your Ronin is just the definition of a lead amber. She is such a strong anchor for this movie. And I feel like that's a very difficult role to nail nail in a sense especially you know watching this and seeing her opposite Florence Pugh who deliver she is. She's having quite the air. I I think of the entire cast. I might be rooting for Florence. Pugh the most but I think it's because that role is I guess I would describe it as like a little show ear ear in a sense there. She is certain moments in the movie. That feel like you know. Sometimes you walk away from these things in your like. That's your Oscar clip moment. That's what they're gonNA ration- and something thinks something with the the role that Florence pugh has makes it a little easier to picture whereas you know. I don't want to necessarily call. Joe Like the straight woman of the bunch but she. She's the heart she's the foundation nation. And you know with with the endeavors that she's trying to achieve. I feel like You know hitting peak emotion with a rolex that is very very challenging changing but she navigates that path so well where especially with the time. Jump thing it's all over the place but they hit the climax for that character at just the right point and it really like felt like the ultimate punch to the gut to me and it was so well earned. I think the time jumping really does help volume a give. How can I say this? I think the time jumping really helps floors pews character helps you to appreciate who. She is as an actress while what she plays in one section of the movie versus what she plays in a later section of the movie. And you're just like this is incredible. And you're twenty four to me and I'M OUTTA my fricking mind for saying this this. But this is akin to Orson Welles and what. He didn't Cain. She has talent at such a young age that I can already see four Oscars in this woman's future from fighting with the FA with your fam- family to mid some artillery macbeth to this. The woman is an absolute powerhouse. And she's only twenty four years. Later pacifist cast was terrific. It's mind blowing me. You're right it has been a lead since like twelve years old. She just has this energy of hers that she's going to go forward. I don't want to give a little love to Laura dern. I like this role better than the marriage story role. I think she should be nominated for this for best supporting actress that marriage do do. I think she had more to do here. Then she did a marriage story. So I'm happy to see Laura dern getting back into war is again as even corrections himmy shallow vain relevant who season it. Because he's he's got quite the load to lift in this as well and I think what you bring up with With Florence Pugh and just showing off her skill set with time jump and seeing the to contrast contrast as to where that character is at those points in our life. You could apply the same thought to Tim Shallow May to and what he does that. Rel only the only flaw with the film and it didn't ruin the movie but I was definitely noticeable. was that the two hour and twenty minute running time. It just feels a little long. You definitely you know like like towards the end felt like it was going to rape and it kept going and you know that's okay because I'm an I liked were went certainly liked. Were when But I think it's a wonderful film. What's a ravishing film and Yeah I think far as pew really stood out among this ensemble and an and along with Social Ronin and amazing year. She started movie fighting with my family. She sort of ended the year with another version of fighting with my associates Too but it's a wonderful show. We don't want to completely overlook Emma Watson and Elizabeth Scanlon. Either because even though everybody's talking about search around and and Florence Komo deservedly right now. I thought the two of them made the most of what they had. And I don't know I'm just very impressed and again. This is coming from someone who has no familiarity with the source material era whatsoever. I do I will say I do feel driven now to actually read it after managing to avoid it throughout my entire school career but The the two of them and especially the way that Greta Gerwig gives every single member of the unsolvable a very full arc. That is not an easy thing to achieve steve even with a two hour. Twenty minute running time and you know that's part of the reason why I was glad the movie was as long as it was. Because you know no one got shafted. Everyone got a very full foale very human story and I think you already brought it up. Roca the pacing of this movie never made it feel that long to be the only thing that made it feel long was the fact that I got exhausted from from crying at a point now like oh I need to go to bed while the the book by Louisa May Alcott. She did right by the book she also made a movie that what the read the book or not. It's so wonderful movie on its own terms to see any of the other versions. Just see this one all right. That is our review of little women. We have one more topic to hit today. And it's the the invisible woman story but first we've got some stuff to tell you about good thing manses on the table for this one because we have some great arc light. FIC screen two of them coming up first of all we're going to tell you about. Is this joker screening. If you want to get tickets to this you can find all the information on collider dot com. It's happening on Tuesday December third. So so you're going to want to check that out it's GonNa have a Q.. And A. With the Director of photography on the movie and then on top of that we also have screening for rocket mad another another. QNA for this one on Saturday December seventh. And we've got Taryn Eggerton. Jamie Bell and Dexter Fletcher on board for this one. A lot of good stuff stuff coming your way for collider. FDIC the screenings just with the show in general. It's been a good season. Thus far excited so now we have a little video. WE WE WANNA share with you because it's something you know. I recently went off to Kabo for the Jumanji the next level junket and I got to tick off an item on my a bucket list bungee jumping. Now you could see it for yourself. Roll the video. What's up guys? Perry here in Kabul for what is essentially my junket dream come true talking about movies specifically typically Jim onto the next level and going bungee jumping. It's no big deal can be fine. It's good it's happening. We're making our way out right there and this is what we're jumping into. Hello Camille Lucky. I love movies so much otherwise I might run off and become a professional bungee jumper but this whole thing was incredible writing a ut across that bridge is there getting to Bungee jump getting to talk to the cast of the film Jumanji next level in theaters December thirteenth. Hope you enjoyed this video seek. I can't stop smiling watching that. That might be one of my favorite moments of all twenty nine. I was so excited to go bungee jumping. You probably know I didn't stop talking about a couple of days before I left but I I think was it looks great it looks fantastic and the rock re tweeted you. I know the rapporteur so cool. This is my first time meeting dwayne Johnson and you know in the reputation is totally true. What's cool cool passionate kind guy? Would you ever bungee jumping really now. You would. Oh yeah skydiving though. I would rather go skydiving the Bungee just this. I really yeah. FIC skydiving okay. I'll ah can. We just make that thing for no reason or I would absolutely bungee jumping. It's weird because you know bungee jumping. You're not too far to drop but snaps but then we'll parachute doesn't is an open. So extreme sport I think the big difference between the two is that so skydiving. especially if you're new to skydiving having you have to go with like an instructor you have to go tandem. So you're attached to a pro. They can kind of nudge you out of the plane a little bit. I think the only point where I actually felt nerves bungee jumping was totally fine. And then all of a sudden when you're on that platform that Gondola and you step and I was the first one to go so I step to the edge and that's where it sinks in that you like all you have to fling yourself off the platform into like the abyss. That's where you're twinge of because you can see. When Pera gets very nervous? She has to settle into our core. And you can see her legs. Cut US flare play out a little bit and then she goes F.. Here my like twenty questions to the guy too because it was a very straight form you had a jump off with in order for the experience you for you to experience to its fullest. And it's safest and it's like you're supposed to go out superman style and like keep your eyes straight ahead and I must have repeated like superman straight ahead like twenty times over before I actually jumped off the ledge. Wow that's so awesome. Good job all right. Let's roll into that final topic of the day. We're talking about a new project for Elizabeth Bank. She set to star in and direct invisible invisible woman for universal. So the deal is with this one because we also have Leeann els invisible man coming up so Tom This is all information about the previous versions. We're hearing that the invisible woman movie will not be linked to Leonov upcoming the invisible man but that the movies are inspired by the same story. Presumably that story being nineteen thirty. Three's the invisible man movie so you guys hear this. I have so many questions first. Let's start with Elizabeth Banks. I'm not sure who here saw Charlie's angels but do you have faith in Elizabeth banks as as far as her being a director going. You know the fact that this news broke after Charlie's angels underperformed big time with a with an eight million dollar opening and the reviews. Were not kind but yet the studio is still moving forward with our starring and directing the movie that they could've looked at the opening of Charlie's angels have been like let's dodge support and get someone else but they still showed faith in Elizabeth banks to direct this movie studios showing faith in them after. Charlie's angels I'm showing faith in her to. Oh also because you know what. Charlie's angels fifty million dollar budget and it looked like it had a lower budget and it just didn't have the cast of the cast and half the gravitas of in the first two movies did what Drew Barrymore Cameron Diaz Lucy Liu and the MC g directed those movies didn't have the style it didn't have the strength of it. Those movies are are in two thousand and two thousand three. Charlie's angels had a lock going against it. But I still feel like if the studio was still banking on Elizabeth. Thanks what big or go home If they're still GONNA put the money into banks Roy Roy Moore. We need one more around the drink. If they're willing to not go bankrupt Tayo. Oh ooh okay okay enough seriously. I like Elizabeth banks ally. I deliver us an actress as a producer as a trailblazer as a director. You know look. So what's Charlie's angels didn't do. Well the students still moving forward there for for invisible woman go for I liked. Charlie's angels quite a bit. I had a lot the fun with it but I will repeat what I said in my review is that I think a lot of my enjoyment came from cast chemistry. I really liked that trio and while I think she did did a fine job directing the movie. I didn't see anything. That may me CEO red flags here and here and here for your directing abilities. I still get no sense of style from her. I want to know what you're capable of that. I'm not going to get from another director and until I see that I'm not going to necessarily see a breaking news story like this and be super pump for Elizabeth bags directing another movie. I hope that maybe this will change that. But I don't necessarily think that even though I like Charlie's angels that changed. Just how I feel about her behind the Lens Love. DC movies shows and comic books while we have good news for you. DC Universe the ultimate DC membership is offering a special fourteen day free trial to our listeners. Visit DC UNIVERSE DOT COM slash podcast O. N. E. and use Promo Code Collider to start your free trial. DC Universe has so much to offer including in their action packed original series like doom patrol young justice outsiders swamping and titans season two. It doesn't stop there. The highly anticipated adult animated series Harley. Quinn premieres November twenty-ninth tune in to see Harley voiced by Keiko break things off with joker and attempt to make it on her own. will she be the newly liberated Queen Pin of Gotham city catch new episodes besides every Friday if you want to experience more. DC watch new animated films enjoy Classic Animated Series remastered in HD binge. Some fan favorite DC shows watch classic films homes and so much more if reading is more your thing. DC Universe has over twenty thousand digital comics that you can access at your fingertips DC universe is available on your favorite devices. So you can watch on the go. Don't waste any time. Start Your fourteen day trial today visit. WWW DOT DC universe dot com slash podcast one and use Promo Code Collider that's www dot DC universe dot com slash. podcast one Promo Code Collider to start your fourteen day free trial. The code is is valid through twelve thirty one. Nineteen Council is sponsored by Warner Brothers digital networks. The operator of DC UNIVERSE DC Universe is only available in the US. I have a a lot of complicated feelings on this. I mean I I think she's incredibly funny when she's doing her acting a comedy why she's great I rarely by her and dramas I think. She's is limited in that way. But you can't deny what you didn't box office pitch perfect two. But that was K- cannons thing right and she took it over in the second film. Directed made all this money. Great but perfect one had been sensations. How much of it was Elizabeth Banks? How much of it was the IP? Then we get to Charlie's angels underperforms forms but once again that source material just like pitch perfect and now we're into a source material. So I think there's a great point you bring up. What's her style all we? If we're not seeing her style off of source material we have to ask ourselves. What is her style? What is the draw here? It's interesting. They announced right after the fact that sank. Charlie's angels interesting move but look how many years in Hollywood have we seen men do well then then not do well with their next movie and get another opportunity so to me. I have no problem with her. Getting this opportunity my concern is what is she going to do with it. And those comments whether taken taken whether misconstrued or taken out of context. How does that affect the movie going audience? Who might go see this thing because remember the vegetable? The original visible woman is kind of comedy so it she going to do comedy this and if she does I'm all for it. If you know drama and put herself in it as the star that to me unsettles me a little bit. Because I didn't like does she put herself in. Charlie's angels you don't need to. There's another actress that could have played that part. So there's a little ego working here as well which is okay. It's Hollywood male a female. There's goes she. She wasn't post but also when it comes to her talent as a as a dramatic actress. What was the movie she did last year at the dark version? Superman car grand. Breitbart was great in bright. Burn a guy who was really good under under appreciated under senior. The it's a very good was this year earlier. This yes that's the point. Yeah came and went so bright. Burn definitely worth seeing but you know when I saw that she was directing a visible woman. I went oh okay interesting all right well they must really have faith in her. As far as what is her style in order for her to define her style gal she needs to direct a movie that is not based on an existing. I certainly possible. So look at Ryan. Johnson did looper and then he did last jet I now. He's back with nights lights out which is very very much but a great movie nights out but it's also the movie. He wanted to make it as his style so I think in order to find out what her style is maybe the maybe she said at some point maybe before invisible woman. Rafter make an Indie make a movie. That's an original film where she can really put her style into it but having said that. Definitely on T. banks so I think an excellent example of what you just said because I was desperately trying to think think of a director who burst onto the scene with a you know an adaptation are sequel or something that came before that wasn't an original Ip but then. I started to think of the example apple of Leon L.. Who made his feature direct Oriel debut insidious three? I'm a huge fan of that franchise. I Song Lee disliked installment of the IRA really do not like that movie and then all of a sudden he comes back. With upgrade and upgrade changed the game for him. I'm in my eyes as a director. And now I have all the faith in the world in him four invisible man so maybe I mean it still doesn't officially really fit. But like maybe maybe. She does need her upgrade in order to really make the most out of an opportunity like this. But you know the the other reason why I emphasize style is so important is just because of the visual challenges of making a movie with an invisible character. It's like part of the reason why I have great faith in Lanao now working with that concept one that we trailer now the place very well but also look at what he did with upgrade with a character that was kind of inhabited by another being and just the visual visual style and what he was able to achieve with. Something like that. That to me paves the way so obviously to invisible man whereas she's got nothing in her wheelhouse. That would suggest s to me that you could do something interesting with that concept. Why haven't you live your wild for this? That's a woman who comes onto the scene actress. She's working on soaking well. We'll figure it out well. Books has style book. Smart has a style bookstore. petsmarts a terrific movie also an undersea movie appreciate a movie. A drop the ball on that by releasing that wide made that they should have held that back for like October or even November were select cities and platform but also directed like Todd Haynes who does movies that are very much his style like on not there You Know Velvet Goldmine by Bennie mixed the movie like dark waters which is is very sort of contemporary. But it's broad and dark waters is a great fan Santa's Gus Van Sant will when he started out into dipped into the dipped in the the mainstream stuff then back out whenever he felt like it so to me. I'm just I'm concerned here. Also because she she is Very powerful woman. She wants to push. She is very much a feminist. And I appreciate that because that is something that she wants to accomplish in this world and you gotTa respect that but women didn't come out see. Charlie's angels what is do we. You have to understand. We have to figure out what Elizabeth banks power is or attraction is an if the fans are if movie going public want to go see her material. So I think we'll we'll see after visible woman with her a very hard time believing that Charlie's angels as a box office failure is her fault or any member of that casts fall. I I think we are in a very best the cost and no. I don't think it's any individual like like. I don't think you could look a movie like that and say this failed because of you. Nobody wants wants to see your movies. No one wants to see ladies that has nothing to do with that. I think it's more of just a landscape concern. We happen to have been in a major Lal at the box office end of October beginning of November. You had something like joker sweep the box office so many weeks then all of a sudden you've got people saving their money for frozen to the holiday movies coming up. We were just in a crappy time at the box office. I think of that. If Charlie's angels again had been released any other time of year maybe it would have had a better chance. I'm not saying that would have been a smash hit. But I don't think it was any individual's fault where I will think about that and say you know the next time. Elizabeth Banks Directs Movie. It's probably going to be box office bomb because people didn't turn up for last one. Why wouldn't you why do you have to? Why do you have to cop out by saying you know people come to see whatever they want to come to see and what they don't WanNa come Z.? And if they didn't want to come see it that says volumes. It's as a female that action movie. That was touted as such so. If people didn't show up it can't just be where it was released. There has to be more involved here it catches up yours. There's always a million factor. There's always talks about the I would put i. I mean there's there's tons of things Luke in marketing and say that studio cut shitty trailers for that was a maybe. There's something to the fact after you're talking about when you have a property that hasn't had a theatrical presents. A very very doctor sleep which I loved doctor. Sleep was great. Great and it Bob. Well Bob do well. Charlie's angels. Yeah he he goes through a look. Charlie's angels the last two movies the last one. Charlie's angels full throttle came out in two thousand three I loved. Charlie's angels does full throttle. I thought that was an awesome. Great time at the movies but that was two thousand three this another thing. You can point to write bright burn leisure go. Who who's leading that her her or and the kid is attractive from that was a smaller release? That wasn't that wasn't missing. Track record. I don't understand his. We would analyze any other person. This way there's nothing to do with tracker. Then I can make the exact opposite argument with her involvement in the pitch perfect franchise which was what ten fifteen ten years ago. She hasn't like we're a little bit. What do you mean the second one? Or the first one she owned the first and the second and even the first direct the furniture he was she was still a big presence. That that role has higgins right because they were essentially the same character essentially the same character. They will do all the whole time. I don't know we're GONNA talk and we're GonNa talk in circles interest. We keep this up but I still think the Charlie is in a good example of saying like you're box office poison for anybody. I think that's more of a of a landscape and a and a branding issue. I think people just weren't into another Charlie's angels were not into another reboot remake sequel. Whatever you WanNa do it would do the same at eight point? John John If if John if Emma stone and Jennifer Lawrence we're going to be in this version choice angels. which is they were going after? That would have been a different. The you agree. There's the difference released. Well it's attraction with that in mind then go back to I mean Zombie. Land did fairly well but Jonah Plant Zombie. Land had Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson. Ms Shown it had loopholes. And Thomas meant you could go on and on about all the famous faces and that still wasn't necessarily like a smash hit you know what I mean. Yeah I didn't expect it to be anyway. Don't hear the question. I mean we talk about this all the time the the value of a name on a poster and is that changing with the times and you know the value of a brand name on a poster. And how much will really interested in seeing certain successful franchises come back to the big screen and that conversation is GonNa continue because those movies aren't going to stop having anytime soon. A couple twitter questions before a live chat questions before we say good bye Ono I see it like a message from Dorian here wait. Let me read this really quick. Look at your name in it Roco. Uh Do mail back. You'd better be able to do mailman. Dorian wrote I haven't seen Rocca this positive about a review since the transformers former movies Rambo Ninety fifth and better paid the first transformers. Or bubby I love all all the transformers was the first one I've loved Bumblebee. I hate everything while. You're a shame because it made four and a half billion dollars is not everything. Well all right. Here's the Hollywood thanksgiving question for you. D. A. N. G. M. Q.. Asks favorite Thanksgiving food favorite Thanksgiving food. Oh mashed potatoes Tawfiq natural to me I would probably eat nothing else on the table. Just eat go for this potato. Turkey's already Turkey's already given for all of us I think Stuffing would be much stuffing with great coke No but I eat the cooking. Yeah cooking I eat the food that my family ordered it because my family cooks you. You knew it was going to be true. We're GONNA ask what your favorite Thanksgiving movie to watch on Thanksgiving. ooh Well we've discussed that a little bit. But what's your. I Love Santa Music. The the you know whether it's Thanksgiving weekend or Christmas weekend it's time was time was class. You know what my pick is for favorite thanksgiving. No it's final destination because nothing brings my family together faster than mine on this. I never would have guessed that exactly asked ask three football games the NFL. On Americans. I have to watch the bears game. All right let's see how many more we can get in right now. Jonathan Caro says if you have seen the the macy's Thanksgiving parade or any any other parade. What's your favorite parade float? Also what character would you create for your own parade flowed baby freaking Yoda. Aw Aw is the answer I think I've been to the Thanksgiving family in New York so I've been Thanksgiving many times come. What's a Thanksgiving parade without Spiderman? So would float Spiderman is New York City spider-man's the I think the ultimate ultimate big balloon float at a at a parade and especially at Thanksgiving. I like a homer Simpson. Whenever he's afloat or is it Bart whenever either one of the simpsons because there's always some interesting cracks they make whenever the simpsons come rolling by with their thing? It'll be your favorite. Yoda Lifelong New Yorker. You know. I've never actually seen the Thanksgiving Day. Parade live the only thing I've ever. I've steered clear and also because one of my first jobs out of college was working for local news there New York one and I always like purposely obviously wanted to take thanksgiving off spent with my family and I usually work on Christmas but I did cover the night before when they blow up the balloons. And that's that's really. Could you could walk right up to it. It's like I have a picture of myself standing like right in front of it and I'm like this teeny little thing in front of you know that that part was very recall but I like watching it on. TV Thanksgiving Parade Rose Bowl parade. Go to Times Square in New York. City status experience. That I've done you guys do that at least once once. What's his leg? I didn't even go as low as like a like a person being corralled. That's that night I went for work and even just being there with a press badge being able to go in and out to an extent like I mean we were there for hours and hours and it was is in bringing in two thousand nine and it was something like the coldest new years on record and something like decades. It was freezing at the very end that night I was assigned to film the cleanup and they have like big tractor thing. He's pushing stuff around and one rolled over a full bottle of water and it popped opt all the by the time I looked down. It had all frozen over my coat. It was cold it was cold. It was weird. It was crazy night but it was good experiences. Yeah all right one more holiday related question before we go Oriented more so I lost the one I wanted. Oh here it is Fillmore pockets is asking which three props from all of the TV shows and movies in twenty nineteen. Would you wait in black. Friday line signed to purchase. Jesus it's a good question. I Love I love props forty four. You'RE GONNA wait in line for an animated. I just want a real forty. Just want a little four key to sit with me. I would wait in line to steal something from the mansion and knives out. Oh okay one on one one piece of of decoration. I don't know specifically what I would want. I would want the clock in Christopher plummer bedroom. There's just like a really cool old school looking clock. I think I would take that. Would stand in line for captain. America's shield from vendors. Endgame site by Chris Evans. Oh wow you just like raise the bar. That's that's that's like peak purchase. Stand alive or stuff anymore you just. It's not worth the hassle so it was like if there's one thing I'm Gonna I'm GonNa make it a big thing and just one. I would stand the the mind for film TV for a uniform. Full uniform shirt pants boots from star trek discovery. Oh wait a minute the crew at the enterprise. Oh Nice happened. Pike's that from the enterprise with the gold shirt and black ants announce uniform. Yeah I feel it. I feel like my mind goes to more practical things. Like what can I reasonably put in my apartment. I'm thinking like I'd probably wait in line even for a pair of screen scissors from us. I would go for all my favorite my favorite movies with all the stuff that we're getting you know with all the year that stuff that could be coming. Do you know how many pairs of scissors we already have in the studio. You know for all the mailer since the very beginning of his office dressed up as someone who is tethered because we have a million scissors floating around the sad thing is. They don't actually cut anything they don't they don't work. You don't give a pair of scissors in in the collider office or like gold. Can you buy a pair of scissors. Someone we'll take them put them back or if you want to buy them reach out to me all right guys. That's it for today's movie. Talk so we will not be back back tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the holiday with your family. Your friends your loved ones but we will have an episode special episode for you on Friday. Stay tuned for that and as far as live live movie talks go. I'm missing the beginning of next week because I'm going to go do some coverage of the Marvelous Mazel season three guests who is in charge and read it right here in good hands at Roca. Man's thank you so much perspective really. Is Adam in the booth door and in the live chat you you guys rock. Thanks so much for everything to everybody out there. Do not leave without liking and sharing this video and also don't go anywhere else after this except for clatter live have have a wonderful holiday. Everyone see soon.

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Anthony Ramos: A Quiz-mas Carol

Ask Me Another

53:56 min | 1 year ago

Anthony Ramos: A Quiz-mas Carol

"The holiday season is a time to reflect on the last year. and think about all the good things and here it asked me another. We have no shortage of good news because you dear listeners. Send ended to us all the time. We have emails from use social media messages. And even the occasional piece of snail mail and to help me sift through it. All I have one of our show's producers with with me Hichiara. Heo Faira Jimmy. Great Listener love notes would like to share from this year. Do I have any love notes. I have too many but only tell you a couple okay. Here's an email from the listener named Adrian who says listening to ask me another at the cottage and the fourteen year old says the best part of this is hearing. Mom Get all the answers and dad try to keep up I. We'll be putting this on a t shirt. I love that. Stay dead and this one that a listener named Stephanie. tweeted is really sweet. If you WANNA bring happiness to your soul you must plus listen to this week's asked me another. I cried so hard while driving. It was quite dangerous. Actually so don't do that but do listen. That's right a suggestion a compliment and warning. What more could anyone want so true? Do you have any others. I've got one last one and it's a little bit surprising. Okay it's from new fan named Peter and he's here to humble us he says asked me another. I'm sorry I thought you were a discount. Wait wait I see your value now. And I'm a zealous listener. Wow I can't believe Peter Segal wrote that to us but that's why we do it seriously with each episode of asked me other you know what we're doing rebuilding laughter curiosity and knowledge. Thanks to you. Help US continue this work next. -ext year by visiting donate dot. NPR Dot Org Slash Ama to support your local station and thank you. Hey Jonathan so. Today's show is inspired by a Christmas Carol. So plot summary Speed round name the stories Christmas hating anti hero Ebeneezer Scrooge of course named the four operations who visit scrooge the ghost of Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas past present and future exactly and what is the moral of the story. It takes way too many ghosts to redeem an old white man from NPR and WNYC coming to you from the Bell House in Beautiful Brooklyn New York it's NPR's our puzzles word games and Trivia. Ask me another. I'm Jonathan Colton. Now here's your host. Oh Vera Eisenberg. Today's show is packed for brilliant. Contestants are backstage doing eggnog shots. But only one will be our big winner and our special guests Anthony Romo's he was in Hamilton's original Broadway cast now he stars in she's gotTa have it on Net flicks and this is is our holiday show. We're calling it. A Quiz Miss Carol as a good Jewish woman. I got to say I love Christmas and the Jews have contributed it quite a lot to Christmas. All the great songs were written by Jews all be home for Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year even Rudolph off the red nosed reindeer but as a community. I think our greatest contribution to Christmas is of course Jesus Natta data handle the judging and scorekeeping today. May I introduce to you our puzzle Guru Ebeneezer Scrooge. Happy Holidays Humbug. Oh come on you. Don't mean am sure yes I do. The holidays are a waste of time. I'll tell you what I do. You like Dank offices that don't use any coal avoiding social contact and forcing people to work on Christmas. You're going to love working in public radio. Are you okay scrooge. We're going to get you into the holiday spirit. We're taking a page from Charles Dickens and playing games inspired by the past present and future. So let's meet our first. Two contestants I up Danielle cry on Buzzer number one. You work in business strategy for global noble creative firm. Welcome thanks to be here Daniel. You celebrate two Christmases every year. Why is that yes? I'm half Armenian. And the Armenian church rich follows the Gregorian calendar so we celebrate on January seventh. And because it's America we celebrate December twenty. So that's pretty fun or heard the celebrations very different. No totally the same. But I feel like we're more relaxed. My parents like give me a book. And they're like a happy second Christmas. It sounds like Hannukah twice the Christmas. That's a nightmare your opponent is Emma Emma Griffin on buzzer number. Two you work in product development for a relationship science technology company. Welcome thanks Vera Emma Emma you like to throw holiday parties that are as you say difficult to dress for. What does that mean? I'm Catholic and a couple of homilies one year. We're all about how it was the advent season actually until the twenty fifth and then the Christmas season so I decided to throw an advent party rather than a Christmas party and asked people to dresses an item from an advent calendar. No one was really able to execute on that. I'm not really sure even what I what ideas I had in mind myself. What did you? What did you dress as I just went with purple because that's the color of advent so it was a little bit of a hop out the host? So I figured I will do whatever you wanted. Good idea so Danielle and Emma the first of you who wins two games. We'll go onto our holiday party at the end of the show. This is a quiz carol. So your first quiz is from the past Charles. Dickens is one of the best known novelists of the Victorian era. But it's not the only good thing that came out of that time we are going to describe inventions from the eighteen hundreds ring and tell us what they are here. We go remember member sitting for hours even days to get your portrait painted. Now Louis Daguerre can create an image of you in mere minutes using harmless mercury fumes Daniel photograph the photograph. That's right exactly. Just think. Think back then. A selfie sticks were made of Festus Eighteen. Seventy six is the year when the Revolution Starts Revolution in skating frozen ponds are inconsistent consistent faraway and dangerous. We changed everything with the glaciated him. Emma Indoor Ice Skating Rink yes. That is correct tired of people complaining about your handwriting. Christopher Leith Shoals saves the day with his new correspondence London's writing machine Emma typewriter that is correct. Yes this is. Your last clue blue presenting a holiday communications medium like no other. Thanks to Sir Henry Coal You can mail this festive illustrated greeting to all your friends and acquaintances. He's just sign your name Danielle Postcard. I can't take postcard now Emma. Do you know the answer greeting card. Good more specific than a hallmark card less specific Christmas Christmas Christmas card is correct the scrooge puzzle guru old our contestants to well they both did great but the winner of that round. Was Emma Emma from reduction of two frankincense consensus emerged to join. There are a lot of weird holiday words. You'll learn more about them in our next game but before we move on this is Zeh Quiz Miss. Carol and I've got news for Ebeneezer scrooge what tonight you will be haunted by three spirits so we expect the first spirit when the bell tolls one. Please welcome our ghost of Christmas past and guest expert at the same time from Miriam Webster. It's lexicographer Cory stamper everybody I'm sure you get asked US quite a lot but you you know because you get to decide what new words are part of our our dictionary get drunk on your power you know I would accept any power that you think you have is never going to be enough power for any person who writes ended the dictionary and asks you to do things like take the word floor out of the English language. What's wrong with floor? Laura's Justin upside down ceiling that we walk doc on Scrooge. Do you have any questions. What's a good word for being annoyed by everybody who's constantly happy so we could go from the negative angle or the positive angle? Which would you lie? coyotes prefer the negative so one who does not like doc other people having fun there are a whole bunch of words. For that there's grinch there's grouch all these start with gir in you really want to impress someone you can and say that you're full of shutting Freud Shoddy for. It is the joy that you feel at other people's pain smug and mean I love it. Yeah Well Corey is here as our guest expert for a game about holiday words. Here's your first one contest ends. ETYMOLOGISTS believe the first part of the word burdette. mistletoe comes from a Germanic root word. Meaning what a kissing be poison. See pooping Emma poison. Sorry that is incorrect. Danielle can you steal the first one kissing yes you both avoided the actual answer. The answer is C pooping. Please explain Corey. So the first part of the word missile toes missile which comes from the root word that means the act of passing waste through the body or excrement and they think that the word it pooping is involved because mistletoe seeds are spread through bird droppings. So just think that the next time you're kissing underneath of one nice According to Miriam Webster gives us the most common English spelling of the Word Hanukkah. Emma H. A. N. U. K. K. H.. That is correct the Corey. Why can't we all agree on the spelling of Hannukah so Hannukah came into English from Hebrew which uses a different alphabet? This is really a transliteration issue. The very first letter of the word Hanukkah in Hebrew is pets and we do not have a letter that it corresponds with that sound in English in fact we don't even have that sound in the English language and then the second problem is that the K. in the middle of Hanukkah is actually really represented by too many English letters. So you could say C or K with that so the end result is that in the four hundred or so years that Hanukkah has been in English we have twenty seven different recorded spellings for the word Hanukkah. It's almost as many nights as the mayor of L.. Lasted Dick the hull with boughs of Holly. What did bow originally mean one thousand years ago did it mean a shoulder or arm be the and unbreakable chain or see a large quantity of something emma shoulder or arm that is correct? Yes Jeff Corey. Why does bow refer to a body part? Its earliest meaning in English over a thousand years ago. Oh so you would see references to things like Abou- of Wild Boar but the other thing that's very interesting is the Anglo Saxons. Were very imaginative people. And so they applied ride the idea of arms. Two branches of trees. Same thing happened with the word limb but we kept both those meetings so Elim can be a shoulder and arm leg egg or also a branch of a tree makes perfect sense. This is your last clue. The day after Christmas is of course boxing day. What does that refer to a eighth throwing away? Old Christmas present boxes be a traditional annual boxing match or see boxes to collect donations for the poor Emma donations that is correct. Yes so boxing day started in the sixteen hundreds. What would what happens? Churches would set out collection boxes. Everyone gave a donation to support the poor nowadays. We do not do the collection boxes. Sometimes people will get boxes to service. Workers Postal workers mostly now people go shopping. That's right puzzle grew ebenezer scrooge contestants. Do Emma we'll we'll be headed to the final round Corey an absolute pleasure being able to tap into your brain cory. stamper damper is a lexicon prefer with Miriam. Webster for book is called Word by word the secret life of dictionaries course damper everybody. Thanks the coming up. We'll give gifts to famous duos and we'll talk to Anthony Ramos former star of Hamilton on Broadway. I'm Eisenberg and this is asking me another from. NPR thing this message comes from NPR sponsor. Discover did you know that discover matches all the cash back you earn at the end of your first a year plus it's automatic and there's no limit to how much you can earn or how much they'll match. Millions of people year are getting their cash back matched like rain falling from the sky. Cash back match only from discover learn more at discover dot com slash match this message comes from. NPR sponsor state farm. Why do you need state farms? Renter's insurance because it helps protect the stuff. Landlords don't like your furniture that gets drenched by a broken pipe or when a burglar makes off with your new laptop when you add it all up. Your stuff's probably worth more than you think. Make sure is protected with state farms. Renter's insurance find an agent or get a quote at State Farm Dot Com. WHO dropped the most memorable album or song? Twenty nineteen gene was a little nauseous. Liz Oh billy Irish or maybe someone you've never heard of. I'm Robyn Hilton Join. NPR Music as we look back at the defining trends and artists of twenty nine thousand. Nine listen on all songs considered with new episodes each week asked me another empires. Our Puzzles Word Games and Trivia. I'm Jonathan Coleman here with Puzzle Guru Ebeneezer Scrooge. Hello now here's your host Vera Eisenberg. Thank you Jonathan Today. It's an ask me another quiz miss. Carol we're playing games about the past present and future to convince puzzle Ebony Scrooge to embrace the holiday spirit Bah humbug. Okay evidence or before the break. We play Games about the past. Did that not defrost your heart at at all. Well no not yet a fear. Frankly I expected the visit from the past to be more emotionally traumatic but since you're not actually discussing my past. It's sort of the fun breeze that means it's time to welcome the ghost of Christmas present who also also happens to be our special guest. He was part of the original cast of Hamilton. Now he stars in Spike Lee's Netflix series. She's gotTa have it. Please welcome Anthony. Romo's Da Anthony. Thank you so much for joining joining us. Thanks for having welcomed. Asked me another so. You originated the roles of John. Laurens and Alexander. Hamilton's son Philip in the musical Hamilton Hamilton. But did you. You were one of the youngest main cast members. I was the youngest. So were you mentored by by the other cast members those men toward but I guess I was just Kinda Yeoman. Don't do that. It was more like that of of I pay attention when they're trying to teach you music that kind of stuff right so they were more like go in line. It was more like pushing if you were the gentle loving right right right and then of course you left Hamilton to move onto other projects. Have you been back to see How new cast members are in doing your roles? Yeah I actually went to this show a month after 'cause My girlfriend who was in the show is is no longer than the shows will be her. Last show was a month after mine so I went back to see her and then I went back again because she had never seen the show so I was like. Oh would you gotta see this show so we went back and watched it and it was it was dope so it actually never even thought of that experience. Of course you're doing it all the time. You have no idea what the experiences of watching in your backstage probably changing stage stage. We're just trying not to die. Assess all your heritage alive six times a week. It's hard on your heart. So now you star in. She's gotTa have it the reboot of the one thousand nine hundred eighty six movie and you play place Spike. Lee's character that he played in that movie Mars Blackmon Goofy lighthearted sneaker enthusiast Bike Messenger. Who is one of the trio of love interests right? So did you study spike Lee's mannerisms no actually didn't spike because I did did not steady as mannerisms at all. I didn't watch the film really. Were like we started. Shooting Spike gave me the DVD and student watch it onset and he would just we just kind of do my thing and he be cracking up and I was like all right. I guess I guess I'm doing all right. So did he give view a lot of direction. Yeah stand there and walk there and then like you know I do something like that again. Do that again. You very short story my first day on set. I'm doing a stunt for anyone who's seen the show this intro where I'm coming down the Steep Hill in Brooklyn then crashed into the camera so like for real went down. That hill like full speed and for real crashed into that camera and we did thirteen. Take it at. That was my first day and I was like God. Bless welcome to film television and then spike bill all way down. So I'm like Spike cure all the way down. He's cool and I'm like I bet Madonna's fine so boom I'm penalty all the way down hitting the bike is not stopping and I say start saying thank you for my life. I think everything is giving you the front brake and Yeah yeah the bike comes up and thank God I dunno channeled some like iron men Robert Downey junior and nece jumped off. The bike landed on my feet in the by skit underneath me and kind of went like like a few feet behind me and it was like a little bit and next thing you know. Spike Walls Artemis. Amihai don't peddle all the way. I'm like my man. That's what I've been trying run tell you this whole time. You are from Bushwick Brooklyn Hamilton. And she's got to have it are both set in New York. So what movies or even albums. It's where you really into New York growing up about New York. I mean movies. I mean I loved the home alone joint they do. The right thing was was crazy. You know I just like movies. That embodied the authenticity of New York things. You know movies that I watch and growing up in New York. I'm like Damn I feel like I'm there. Yeah or like a her stories about that. And I'm watching this on a film so what what was wild is I was talking to. My girl will watching watching. She's gotTa have it and I was like. Is it weird that I like Marley show is she was like Nah. I'm glad you like it. Yeah and I got emotional at the opening credits of. She's gotTa have it on the first episode watching four green and seeing all of those old pictures and I'm proud to be from Brooklyn proud to be from New York who's A. Yeah so yeah so this is our this is our holiday show. Are you into the holidays. I love the holiday. Okay Scott that Christmas tree today you did walking on what was it. I think it was decal avenue like back back. Yeah all right. Let me ask you this Anthony. Are you ready to play an ask me another challenge. I'm ready okay. Great and everybody. We've we've brought back on puzzle grew ebeneezer scrooge greetings. Your game is about our Christmas music playlist list. It's simple we're going to play you a song. You just have to tell us what band recorded it. If you do well enough listener Robin Chatrapati from Roseville. Minnesota is going twin. Ask me another Rubik's Cube Right Robin. I'm going to try and do this view all right and if you need a hint puzzle Ebenezer Scrooge you out all right okay so here you go. What boy band recorded this song? Christmas time you listeners cannot see his face but it is a mixture of green boy. Scrooge boy band late nineties nick. Carter's a member of the band. O Backstreet Boys. Yeah Yeah that is. I don't know what it is. All boys record because it's Christmas then. I guess what girl group recorded this song. Eight days of Christmas just S.. These child what girl groups recording of Sleigh ride ends with this cernan sense swing. I guess they couldn't auto records recognized leaked. God bless You'RE GONNA hint for you girl power British girl power spice girls. Oh post vice girls record got leaked. You have liked the spice girls in your past. Did you want to tell us a little bit more about this. Yeah there was this kid in first grade and he was collected spice girls stickers all over his notebook he thought he was the cool list. And I was like you know what Bre I'm gonNA collect more spice girls stick as so I made it a mission. Adam beat him out because he just kept he kept going and going and eventually I grew out of the phase but I did collect Alah. How many stickers roughly were in your collection had over one hundred hundred and back it was like I was styling allingham profiling walk into class swinging? Big assure everybody song stopping in the hallway. They can show people. So you're saying there's nothing better. I like competitive sticker collecting that speaks to my heart okay. What group recorded the song this Christmas songs? Oh man this is a tough one This band was formed by Sean. diddy combs in making the band was his twenty six. Pets loved a twenty six you. They stopped twenty-five. Here's your last clue. What boy band recorded the song? It's all the way now what classic all right grew Ebony Scrooge special guests to well anthony you and listener robin chat a potty. Both one asked me another Rubik's cube. Yeah she's gotTa have. It is available on Netflix. Give it up for Anthony. Romo's everybody thank you neck special guests to play for you. Follow ask me another on facebook or twitter. Our next contestants will play a game about the present by which we mean darkness anxiety and conspicuous consumption. Let's let's meet them first. Step Charlie Cohen on Buzzer number. One you work in customer experience at a Trendy Eyewear store welcome happy holidays. Happy Holidays Charlie. You are Jewish but your fiance is Catholic. So how are you celebrating holidays. The Catholic way okay. We'll ooh debate. How would you like to celebrate the holidays? I really Miss Jewish Christmas going to a movie and eating Chinese food. I haven't gotten to do it for the last five years and probably never again. That's love your opponent is Dylan Sorenson on buzzer number. A to your musician. Welcome thank you happy. Holidays Bureau is Dylan. Toast couple holiday traditions that you do in your family my favorite tradition every year is we try to remember what room we put the Christmas tree in. Now you mean you forget your house. Is that big. No just no one wants to look at the picture. Oh from last year so this year. Yeah so it's always factions and we could look it up but why Mr Good argument so your family argue over the placement of the tree. Yes and anything else. My family always makes me watch. Wait Christmas which is my least favorite movie. And I can't tell if the daylight because I hate it. I hate it because they like it. Do you miserable on. Christmas is right up. My okay. Remember Charlie and Dylan. The first view who wins two of our games will go onto her holiday party at the end of the show. So so your game is about the president or rather presence. It's called Gift Exchange. We're gonNA tell you what gifts to famous fictional characters might give each other you you just ring in and identified. The do here is the twist. If you answer correctly instead of earning a point you get to open any one of those wrapped presents we've placed on stage stage. It's very exciting and just like during the holidays. The winner of this game won't be the contestant with the most gifts but the contestant with the best gift uh-huh and by best gift we mean of course the gift that's worth the most money so try to open as many as you can. Here we go. What two characters? Doctors would exchange gifts for her. A diamond necklace called the heart of the ocean for him. A spot in a lifeboat. Charlie the two characters Titanic Kate and Leo. That's the actors names. Can you give us a character surname. Police Jack is the guy and the girl Kate winslet doc dylan can you steal Jacqueline rose. That is correct. All Right Dylan choose as a gift and open it up. I'M GONNA go with this one. All Right Oh. It's a a box of coconut flavored. Lacroix water yeah. The season coconut being the most divisive flavor. Berta they make polarizing. That wasn't a Pun. I was agreeing for her. Some nice shoes and an attache attache case for her. FBI files for him. Some fava beans and a nice Chianti. It's the guy who eats people. I see how this game is GonNa. Can you be more specific. Hannibal Lecter yes and Jordi Jodi foster like no Henry Story. I need you guys to start focusing on the female characters name June June sounds like a good FBI. Charlie can you steal Hannibal Lecter and Clarisse. Yes that's correct. The trahan opened the president say small a book looking one but what is it flashdance on DVD. She's a maniac spoiler alert. She's maniac for him a cigar box restore his paper clip collection for him a soap dish to hold his rubber duckie for both of them. A copy of the Supreme Court's decision in obergefell versus Hodges Charlie burden. Ernie that is correct. Yes okay open a gift. I'M GONNA steal this red bag. Yeah Red Bag. Pass the tissue paper. What is it socks I? I hope I can keep these because I need them. I like that you're already. I really need socks renew. Yeah this is your last clue. Is this a present. I see before me for him. The Scottish crown for her spot remover Charlie Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. You got it last gift on mad. libs aw I verb. Up Ka Chew Alright Puzzle Guru Ebeneezer Scrooge who ended the game with the most expensive gift. Dylan's Seltzer is an astounding three sixty nine code. But Charlie broke the bank with those socks which are nine dollars and twenty nine search for my historical perspective. That's an insane amount to pay for. Bob Kraft its its annual salary. If you want to keep the quiz Miss Spirit alive or make the eight knights of puzzle last all year long come be a contested on on our show. Goto AMA TICKETS DOT ORG coming up. It's Trivia from the future and only I know the identity of our mystery guest who will figure it out i Jonathan or where scrooge God gives us everyone I'm off your Eisenberg and this is asking other from. NPR support for NPR comes from Newman's own foundation working to nourish the common good by donating all profits. It's from Newman's own food. Products to charitable organizations that seek to make the world a better place. More information is available at Newman's own foundation dot org this message comes from. NPR sponsor story point vineyards maker of story point a new wine brand. That sources grapes from California's Alabama's most distinguished vineyards to ensure that the perfect grapes find their way into each bottle. Each story point varietal has a rich layer taste profile making it the perfect preparing for this podcast or for your next dinner party as a special offer to NPR listeners shipping is included in your online order visit story point vineyards dot com slash another to purchase a bottle online. So here it asked me another the jokes. Tell and the Trivia questions we ask. They're all for you and now we need your help to support all that public radio does make a donation to your. NPR Station today just go to donate dot NPR NPR dot Org Slash Ama to find your local station and get started and thank you this is NPR. Asked me another. I'm Jonathan Golden here with Puzzle Guru Ebeneezer Scrooge though now. Here's here's your host Eisenberg. Thank you Jonathan and ask me another quiz Miss Carol. which wanting to warm the the heart of Puzzle Guru Ebenezer Scrooge with Trivia Games about the past present and future so scrooge? How's it going with embracing the quiz MMA spirit? I don't know if everyone's GonNa keep being so perky and smart. I'm going to have to embrace some kind of spirits to get to the rest of this. Show Woohoo yes. Our next game is actually a music parody game from the future listeners. You're hearing it in your present but it was recorded in the past. which is my future? Charlie you won the last game so you win. When you're in the final round Dylan you need to win this or you're gonNA wake up and discover it was all a dream and you still have time to change your life? Jonathan Coulton take it away. We took songs with a futuristic or Sci fi theme and rewrote them to be about. TV shows that are at least partially set in the future serene to name the show. I'm singing singing about and if you get that right for a bonus point you can tell me the name of the song or the artist that I'm parodying here. We go Mike Joel. Oh to crow and Joan Array to crow and it's the mad with a B. Movie Roll Call Chip See Cam bad crow. Oh in town cinematic la all those flashing lights mean. We've got movies Charlie I can picture the show and I can picture the robots that are puppets puppets and. I'm just having difficulty remembering the extra. I've actually watched the show a lot. It's convinced me that you should know the K which stands for Mystery science thousand. Wow pulling the sword out of stone tone that was fantastic and for bonus point. Can you name the song or the artist. David Bowie Major Tom. It's called Space Saudis. You get the point anyway. That's right here. We go and see is rare. You GotTa be where they call me off. Read a bit confusing because I wear red. The handmaid's tale it is the handmaid's tale for bonus point. Can you name the artists or the song iron man by Black Sabbath. That's right and it's GonNa be a long long time to lack in train. This team to combat crime would kind of dark knight has a harder attack. I'm so oh Dando Gotham man train my replacement cartoons. Charlie Batman begins no Batman a Batman Legacy Batman killing me. Charlie we have to stop you there. Given a lot of answers that are very close. We know that's fair. Dillon Roland do you know the answer. A bad name. Beyond that is correct. Batman beyond bonus point the song of the artist. I already forgot what you're using means I am doing my job will good strategy Charlie clogging up that. We can't remember the song. Ah Good Defensive. Approach was rocket man by Elton John. Three to one side I five franchise pre Kurd time line not far broadcast only the online film star Trek Discovery. That is correct. Can renamed song the artist. You'd think the musician would be better at this. No No weirdly. That one is called Major Tom by Peter Peter Schilling. This is your last one who who gave these teenagers. WanNa see if Robbins the one or or not flashback. All McLaren's now WanNa hear the tag WanNa see who ends up with. Ted moesby flashback. Barney Stinson UH Dylan. How I met your your mother? Yeah you got it you know the song or the artist still no still know that song for future generations by the B fifty. Two's yes and no one even cared about that one puzzle Guru Ebenezer Scrooge. How did our contestants do you? Each one game so it's time for quick game three free to decide who will move on so the first contestant to mess up will be eliminated. I like how harsh that is ring in to answer i. So here's your category aside from a muppet Christmas Carol named the seven other theatrically released muppet films. Dylan muppet up at treasure island. Correct Charlie muppets. Take Manhattan yes Dylan Muffins and space. Yes Charlie the great muppet caper. That's right Dylan. The muppet movie. Yes to more Charlie. The muppet movie too should have been but unfortunately no. I'm sorry Charlie that's not right. The other ones are the muppets and muppets most wanted. Charlie was starting to see you go dylan when you're headed to the final round names a female characters huge paws mug moving poom poom. Nobody expected to them to get that far. While Emma and Dylan get ready for our final around. It's time for us to play a game. This is mystery guest or should I say mystery ghost That's right. It's time for the spirit of Quiz Mus yet to come. A stranger is about to join US onstage. Jonathan and screw have no idea who this person is or what she does today. I only know the answer mystery. Ghost please introduce yourself. My Name is Sonia Tees and I have an interesting job all right so Jonathan is scrooge you have to ask Sonia yes or no questions to try to figure out what her interesting. The job is okay. I will begin. Does your job have to do with hating Christmas. No okay I'm going to be at a disadvantage managed for this one. It's a good question. Narrows it down and made it easy for you thank you. Do you have a job. Where you interface with the customers with the with the public yes okay is your job? Charitable in nature is involved with charity or giving of good stuff. No good so did you make something ooh I'm going to say you would answer yesterday. Yes is it a tangible product. No you like Do you make ideas to give you to suggest ideas to people. Yes you could do that you can have that. What kind of a job? Just a reminder that she's the ghost of the future if that is little hello. This is some online nonsense digital silliness. Yourself a tweet works. It's not how it works. Yes or no question question tweets. Are you involved with the future ism with predicting things that are going to happen. Yes uh-huh stars you until like star maps. Yes but primarily I mean is that what we're yes. Yes that is Sonja is a diviner who's horoscope columns appear in the women's magazines bust and got a girl. Oh crush cool all right so Sony. How did you get into divination? My mother is obsessed with Har- scopes and has some Um experience with it herself however her very good friend taught me everything about Tarot astrology. I've been doing this now for twenty five five years but I studied with her for about five years. Okay so do you believe in it. Yes okay so do. Do you think people should read their horoscope and believe in them and take them at face value. No what should they do with their horoscopes. It's a tool like with anything else. How can I put this without offending anyone in the ester logical community suggestion okay? It's a suggestion. Don't take it literal. They're mostly fun fun and they give good advice advice with anyone like a close friend giving you advice. You don't have to take it to the whole level do incorporated into your own life. However that's meaningful yes? Is it ever scary. Sometimes yes and what do you do I you know. Tell them because you should. You can't really hold anything back. Yeah but I also tell them that you know. I think with the way I do astrology you too. I look into possible futures and I'm like well everything your trajectory shows that this could very well happen but you have the power to change it Big AH optimistic deep. Scrooge isn't it you have the power to change it. I feel good fantastic. Thank you so much for joining us. Everyone give it up for our guest. Sonia Ortiz it's time to crown our big winner let's bring being back our finalists Griffin. Who through a confusing advent calendar themed Christmas Party and Dylan Sorenson? Who can't remember what room he puts his Christmas tree and grew ebeneezer scrooge? Take it away And Dylan your final round is called Quiz Mus spirits so every answer contains the name of a cocktail spirit or alcoholic beverage for example if I said title character in Doctor Who carries this multipurpose tool you dancer. Sonic screwdriver screwdriver. Being a drink and our big winner will receive and ask the Rubik's cubes signed by Anthony. Demos we spun a drill backstage. Because were cool and Dylan got gimmel. He's going I. Here we go dylan this grammy winning performers starred in her own Sitcom Moesha in the nineties brandy. Yes that's right Emma. Children jump on one leg into numbered squares in this playground game hopscotch. Yes Dylan the character. Holden caufield appear to the short a Christmas story published in The New Yorker five years before. Jd Salinger made him the protagonist of this novel Catcher in the Rye Yup Emma. This magazine was founded in one thousand. Nine hundred eighty six as a family journal but was revamped about eight years later to reflect its new motto fun fearless female. It's Maggie's Tim that's right Dylan. This company's tagline is a diamond is forever three seconds tat. Take it no. I'm sorry that's the answer was De Beers to Emma. Jesse Eisenberg Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone fight the UNE dead in this two thousand into nine movie World War Z. Also Fun but was Zombie. Land Zombie being drink. Dylan the Bulwer Lytton contest for worst possible novel opener honors the author who coined this seven word phrase dark and stormy night. Yes dark and stormy being the drink Emma. Regarding this one thousand nine hundred ninety five a wastes hit Liam. Gallagher told his brother Knoll just because you wrote it doesn't mean you should always sing it. wonderwall probably a better song but not the one looking for the answer was champagne Supernova. So we're at the halfway point Dylan is in the lead. Three two to doing this. British author wrote to the Lighthouse. The House Mrs Dalloway and a biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning's dog flush three seconds. Virginia Woolf Jin Emma. This American anthropologist published her first book coming of age in Samoa in one thousand nine hundred. Twenty eight it Margaret Mead. Yes Dylan this atomic research program. was I a lot of the budget of six thousand dollars in February nineteen forty. The Manhattan Project Emma Carrie Brownstein Fred Star in this. IFC Comedy Series About Pacific Northwest Culture. One about Portland Orlando. Yes Portland's Randy. Oh that's right Dylan. This German fashion designer created looks for Chanel Fendi h and m and the Coca Cola light bottle fashion designer. Seiner seconds. SCHNAPS FUN but wrong. Karl Lagerfeld. Emma you're the restaurant GOLIC TWAS can be found this New Orleans thoroughfare named for French royalty Bourbon Street. Yes scores five to four you. Each have one unquestioned left Dylan to stay in the game. You must answer this question correctly and Emma has to miss her question right Dylan. This guitar manufacturer. which famously makes Les Paul Guitars also created? bb King's Lucille Model Gibson. Who that's right? The scores tied. This is the last question of you. Answer this question correctly you win. This University of Miami Football Team Plays in hard rock stadium as nabbed five National Championships. The hurricanes that's right. Emma is our big winner. Congratulations Ama- and that's our show. Ask me another second scrooge here. Something's coming over me. Even though the ghosts had no personal interaction with me. I feel. I'm feeling the Christmas spirit freely. You there you there boy talking to me John. I'm forty seven years old. A hundred and fifty or something. Listen Do you know that ironic eighties nostalgia store around the corner here. The one with the giant Rubik's cube hanging in the window one as big as me. Yes the one as big as you. Now take this schilling here or if it's more than me later. Run over there and get all the Rubik's cubes you can because I declare all of our contestants winners Rubik's cubes for every everybody. Everybody gets a trophy all the way and I hands be A. That's our show puzzle grew ebeneezer scrooge was played by we'll Heinz. Hey My name anagrams to hell. I win our house musician. Is Jonathan Coulton Thou Joe. Cannon are puzzles were written and by Eric Feinstein Mark Halpin Berry told Ler and senior writer Karen Lori asked me was produced by Mike Khasif Travis. larcher Julia Melfi. Danny Shinwari Ramal would and our intern. Madeline Kaplan along with Steve Nelson and on your Grun men are senior. Supervising producer is Chung. We recorded by Demon Whitmore. David Hurt Gin and Dan. Frank Bianco we'd like to thank our home in Brooklyn New York the Bell House and our production partner. WNYC I'm hurry Pagonia Jio Eisenberg and this was asked me another come and hey hey happy to hear. You're still listening. And since you're still here why not pop overdue apple podcast and write us a review. We love to hear from you and it helps others find out about our show for additional information about new episodes upcoming live shows roadshows and bonus games follow us on facebook twitter or instagram thanks this is NPR next time on asked me another four previous. Victors returned to the stage for our first whatever tournament of champions and we'll find out who's the biggest winner of all and from NBC. Sunnyside joined by actor Calapan. Plus Dan soder tells us about his new H._B._O.. Comedy special so join me off your Eisenberg on. Ask me another the answer to life's funnier questions.

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