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"eighty five centimeters" Discussed on Lew Later

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"eighty five centimeters" Discussed on Lew Later

"The person that was being proposed to it was it was like an inside joke between them or they didn't like rogin or maybe they did like him. I don't know but it's so weird to attach that to a marriage proposal anyway so tweet. That went crazier the image. That went crazy was the second portion. Not the will you marry me. I only saw the and it was a marriage proposal by the way i never even said it's a marriage proposal. Proposal in the sky yes Was it air writing. Yeah the plane goes up. will you marry me. Oh look at that. And he's a classic has been used for a long time so the first line will you marry me and then the next one the next line in the sky that many people were able to take a picture of was joe. Rogan is literally five foot. Three was the the next line. And i can't. I don't understand like okay if it was just joe. Rogan is literally with okay. I get it. You're taking a shot at him I still don't really get it. I don't know something will just noticed a spelling error to litter ali. There's no are right. This is all that's brutal now. That's no good with the spelling hair. Now i hate it now. I like it now. I just i already didn't like it then i i. I also didn't like it to begin with. Because i'm like i was looking at him like okay. You're trolling obviously. But it's really not tremendously. Funny the height joke to me is just not really that funny. I think people have a high joke on me. I feel like go type. My name height. I think people have a high joke on me as well by the way. Rogan is not five foot three. He's definitely taught in that. I have pictures next to him. Yeah i'm five foot two. What is it that people like this. Joe you like this joke you laugh at it. I don't understand is how do they get away from it. Or how do they get away with. Well they don't get away with exact getting away with it. No no one believes it so it's kind of dumb i don't know i. Oh yeah and then over there. It says it's one hundred ninety centimeters but one hundred ninety seven c. They don't even have the math right. What the hell a one hundred and ninety centimeters off. Five foot two. Yeah 'cause i'm not even one hundred. I think i'm one hundred eighty five centimeters which is six feet right or is that one hundred eighty three anyway. Whatever it's around there. But i i don't know the joke just never really worked on me like yeah that the per the whatever that joke is but then attached to marriage proposal is so bizarre her But this is this is life right now. You don't know the intent you don't know if the per person's purpose was to get these tweets into but the spelling errors garbage as well. Yeah Somebody was asking a person named molly pratt to marry them. Followed up with. She said yes by the way right and then the last random train of thought and a couple of people on twitter said that it was money well spent..

one hundred six feet molly pratt one hundred ninety seven Joe Three second portion one hundred ninety centimeters five foot one hundred eighty five centim twitter Rogan first line one hundred eighty three rogin Five foot two ninety centimeters three five foot two of people