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"eightieth graham" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"Okay in place of Monday reading while we're quarantined. We're going to bring back our intern. Maybe someday our colleague William Football our son our son. We're going to do some deep dives with billy football on Mondays and place Monday reading so this should be fun. We're GONNA get our learn on. We told billy whatever you want to whatever you want to dive into. We'll dive into his. Well Billy what are we starting with this week or you mentioned the other day if we put everyone into hibernation state for two weeks that we'd be able to stop the spread of Corona in end the pandemic so you referenced an article that also the same take by Donald Gene. Woo Woo I. I just went on the record. He stole my take so he actually wrote that. After I said it I just wanted on the record that he actually stole all of our take from after football season every year. We just want to hibernate until March madness So the the his quote was if it were possible to wave a magic wand and make all Americans freeze in place for fourteen days while sitting six feet apart epidemologists say. The whole epidemic would sputter tools. Anyway so I looked into this our a first things first. There is no known cases of natural human hibernation. They've been working on this for space travel for years because they want to put astronauts hibernation so they can like not use any resources and just like they sleep fall asleep in wake up in another planet like a year interstellar. Yeah Okay what about Terri? Schiavo she What we'll dive into that later. But what about when you blackout? If you just get really really drunk for a long time. How long have you blacked up? I don't know because I was blacked out. So basically a hibernation states you have to slow your metabolism to a fourth of the rate in your heartbeat. Just beats a couple times per minute. So there's a lot of cases of mammals in colder climates hibernating over the winter so hibernation is only in a state of Kohl's that they started hibernating so animals zoos hybrid. Oh so bears in zoos. Don't hibernate wars and Zoos. Don't high rate they have plenty of food in water in warmth. They don't hibernate. Be exhausting though like as a bear. That's gotta be in your natural clock that you get to spend like three months out of the year just napping. Well what billy saying is it's the other way around that it's not the hibernate out of necessity. Not Out of like what they are. Yeah I agree but it's also like I shit out of necessity but sometimes it feels good to go take a big shit. Rice put bears. Why not hibernating? Because they're just eating in warm the whole time okay. You RECYCLE THEIR HOOP IN P. While they hybrid. What do you mean? Recycle DON'T POOP IN. They turn it into more carbon carbohydrates approaching while that highly. So does that mean that. Their stomach just operates more efficient level or do they actually Christian. Your body just wants the shit they it goes the digestive track but then somehow it goes back around the circle snake eating its own tail. That's incredible and pissed too. I just assumed they just pissed their pants all winter. They don't because like the scientists don't caves in find no nothing. Please try your pants. So but the thing is only female bears with cubs hibernate. Bears aren't actually the best hibernate. There's everyone thinks they're the best but there's actually other animals there's other forms of inactivity knock confined to cold weather months. This called Ace station which is done by a lot of reptiles and frogs and some lemurs in Madagascar. So if we were to do it it'd be in the warm weather months Technically aced Weights who's the best hibernate? I think Actually have to go actually not I kind of got sidetracked on bare facts. Because I heard the poop was like let's see these guys that's why we're good bareback. Bare skin is really black. Underneath the white for I knew then. Yup All the well-known could facts. Grizzly bears are fast as a racehorse color regular bearskin. I think it's I'm not sure also black. I think that'd be cool when it can't if instead of horse races you had bear raises put so my question for you. Billy is it would be very cool. How long can they can? They run as fast as a resource on. Imagine they can run as fast as a racehorse for a hundred meters though they can reach speeds up to forty two miles per hour in strint spears level. So long can they. Can they go for Tyler? Show guy looked at. They're probably sprinters Yeah well here's another fact. Black fight back round. Lay Down White. Say Good night so look say it again. That's fantastic back. Brown lay down white good night so so bear your fuck. You're absolutely fat of Blackfriars Bitch. You black where you actually want to fight back will make a lot of noise. Get Big and be like. Let's go buddy black bears whenever you see like a direct chapin videos. That says dogs Brian. It's like a little Pekinese that chases way a barren somebody's backyard. It's always a black bear and Brown. You're so grisly berry just GonNa lay down and pretend you're dead within polar bears. They're also scavengers so they'll eat dead things too so you're screwed got it that makes sense so yeah so that's actually really good so if you see us probably just WANNA run honesty. Just I have no idea where house there are South could you? Could you get dressed in all white and blended with the snow on the scene caller? I'm not too sure maybe. Just dig in the snow. Okay Borough Hibernate. Dig Right in the snow. Okay we'll get a bottle of Coca Cola and then they'll smile and wink at you. Another attack polar bears have never met Penguin in the wild. Oh different is a different Where Hake go ahead happen? Hank happen whenever you want. No yes I see you see you. North Hake Albert get in. There was no four himself. Which was which hangings aren't south correct? Yeah they love the Sun so that kind of ruins like a lot of I feel like children's books and and cartoons like polar bears and penguins just kicking it together. Yeah I remember. There was a far side cartoon. Did you ever read that one Where there is a polar bear on an iceberg wearing a beak like with a string around it and he was eating all the penguins one by one and I remember like two people wrote letters to the cartoonist was. Actually this can't happen. And then he puerto fell was one of them. It was absolutely dermer. Vote Yeah Yeah So. Male bears are called bores while females or called sows which is like pig terminology. So I thought that was interesting. That is interesting. This is another. This is kind of been circling the Internet. But one hundred seventy five pound black bear once eight. Eight pounds of cocaine died. We two hundred and seventy five pound black bear. That's a small better. Yeah eight eight hotter crazy. I didn't know they made the craziest part of that story. Is One hundred seven five pound bear not the eight hundred pounds of cocaine and my mom was like. He had like a hundred grams of cocaine. Eightieth Graham that killed him or screw question to eat eight pounds so there is turns out there was like a lot more like. There's some drug runners dropping stuff into the woods and then the The Da Lewitt's trying to find a drop drugs in a dead bear with eight hundred pounds of Kolkata's so what we know is that a bear can handle one hundred. Seventy five pound bear can handle at least eighty seven point five pounds of cocaine. Yeah Black Bears. Party will when if a bears Moose. What about the one wrestling? Great get the flake going Would about I fucking love cocaine. We're kind of bears that rally this bear. Well hanker you learned underwear aches nude. We just saw his balls just put his balls on.

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