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Pop Smoke’s Second Posthumous Album, ‘Faith,’ Hits No. 1

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Pop Smoke’s Second Posthumous Album, ‘Faith,’ Hits No. 1

"Pop spoke second posthumous album. Faith debuted at number one on the billboard. Two hundred chart garnering the late rapper. His second leader. The guest laden collection was released on july sixteenth and starts with eighty eight thousand equivalent album units earned in the us in the week ending july. Twenty second according to 'em rc. Data the standard twenty track faith album features more than twenty guest stars including chris brown future duleep and kanye west deluxe version of faith with four bonus tracks was released on july twenty. First pop. Smoke previously topped the billboard. Two hundred with shoot for the stars aim for the moon which debuted at number one on the list dated july eighteenth twenty twenty and spent two nonconsecutive weeks atop the chart the set which was billed as the rappers. First studio album went on to be the number three most popular album of twenty twenty according to marcy data and it also won the twenty twenty one billboard music award for top billboard two hundred album and on the latest billboard two hundred by the way the album actually jumps eleven to nine with twenty eight thousand. Units earned yeah. His his mom came in accepted the award on his behalf at as And it's just man the fact that this man is like doing so well commercially after he passes just really upsetting because you wish he was here for it. Basically i've i've wondered i. I don't mean this in the morbid way. It's just you know with with artists who release material posthumously. I wonder how much how much they recorded before they pass. You know for someone like to pock. He had many albums that he released after. He died Hugely successful albums. That went to number one. And i wonder for someone like pop smoke. How much did he have. Sort of already. Recorded in a vault somewhere. What was he someone like prince where he just was always recording and always putting stuff down on tape So it'll be interesting to see what

Billboard Music Award Chris Brown Kanye West Marcy United States Prince
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on Stuff To Blow Your Mind

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on Stuff To Blow Your Mind

"Name is robert lamb. And i'm joe mccormick and today we're bringing you an episode from the vault of this ant wars part three originally aired june eighteenth twenty twenty. Let's release the ants. Welcome to blow your mind. Production of iheartradio. Hey can the stuff to blow your mind. My name is robert lamb. And i'm joe mccormack and we're back with part three of our aunt wars episodes now.

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Unmasking a Killer

We Saw the Devil

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Unmasking a Killer

"Let's just start with a recap so far. We have covered. How him hubs best friend. Betsy furrier ended up murdered with fifty five stab wounds. Only five days after making pam hop her life insurance beneficiary. That's free is husband. Russ was tried for her murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after spending almost four years in prison. He successfully appealed for a new trial and was acquitted of all charges. I discussed the corruption ineptitude and basically the overall nefarious -ness of the police and prosecution when it came to his case. I mean seriously guys if there is this case doesn't make your blood boil. I don't even know what to tell you. I don't know what well it is trifling because this case is so complex with multiple ongoing arcs. We are actually going to backtrack a little bit for part three back to rest free first trial. If you recall right before russ's first trial which began on november eighteenth. Twenty thirteen police. Investigators interviewed pam multiple times. Because obviously she was the last person to see. Betsy makes sense. Police were aware of the life insurance policy change and questioned her about it a couple times. She was always immediately defensive and she ended up bringing up her mother. Shirley newman using her almost as defense as to why she had no motive for money. So here's a clip of pam hop from a july of twenty thirteen pretrial interview with police to moscow. My mom got an accident in and home. I really hate to say it wanted mind. My were half a million that i get when she dies. My mom is dementia. Doesn't have the time now. I am ledge person. But if i really wanted money wasn't easier way than trying to combat somebody gets saying shirley newman pam seventy eight year. Old mother died just four months after this interview on october. Thirty first of two thousand thirteen evening. Just two and a half weeks before russ ferreira's first trial. She had fallen off the railing from her third floor. Apartment in an upscale gated assisted living facility. There had been no witnesses and police deemed it an accident. Let's break down what happened. Shirley's husband and pam's father died in the year. Two thousand when she became unable to care for herself pam and her three siblings work together to get surely into the lake view. Park independent senior living community in fenton missouri. Pam would frequently visit her during the day on october. Twenty ninth twenty. Thirteen surely had a doctor's appointment pam transported her to the appointment and then surely spent the night at her house. Spending time with pam's family the next day. Roughly five pm pam and shirley arrived back at lake park pam instructed the facility staff not to expect her mom for either dinner or breakfast. She then left the next day on halloween at two thirty pm a housekeeper through surely newman dead. Underneath her third-floor balcony there was damage to the railing and she had fallen to her death after two police investigations. The saint louis county medical examiner's office deemed shirley newman's death as an accident. Shirley had died from blunt trauma to the chest from the fall and the medical examiner also found point eight four micrograms of zoll padam generic ambien in her blood. That's more than eight times. What someone her age and size should be taking but still it was ruled an accident. Even though a structural engineer said that there was absolutely zero away zero way. A woman of shirley newman's weight and height could've damage the six individual pieces of railing. Pam hop was the last person to see shirley alive. Yes she was never interviewed her siblings however had been even though they weren't even local to the area or present and hadn't seen their mother in quite a while in his first trial russ was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Just a few weeks later. Shirley newman's death and pam's presence was never investigated and never considered moving on to january twenty fourteen as we talked about in part to the saint. Louis dispatch in k. t. v. I began a deep dive investigation into betsy for his death. Right after ross was initially convicted

PAM Shirley Newman Betsy Furrier Pam Multiple Pam Seventy Russ Ferreira Russ Betsy Shirley Dementia Saint Louis County Moscow Zoll Padam Fenton Lake Park
JRPG Report Episode 144 - The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Black First Details - burst 02

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JRPG Report Episode 144 - The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Black First Details - burst 02

"Hello friends welcome back to the show. This is the g. rpg. Report episode one hundred and forty five little bit weird this week and we knew it was going to be with christmas eve falling on our normal release date and of course christmas the next day and there must situation My little girl's birthday being the day after christmas so yeah we get a bang bang. Bang three a craziness there. Obviously just mitt that there was really no time to reporter Record a podcast. Even before christmas was just too hectic so We're recording this on saturday. The twenty seventh just a couple days left in twenty twenty. Goodbye rents But we've got a lot of cool things to talk about today. I kinda wanna wrap up all the stuff that we've missed as it's been nine days since our last pockets. No i'm sorry that's not even right. That is fuzzy. Math is been eleven days since our last podcast. So we've got a few things to go over That have popped off. Since then. And i wanna kinda look look forward to sometime this week. Mean jordan are going to get together and kind of talk about What games we really loud from. Twenty twenty maybe even discussed some Game of the year options and then look forward to twenty twenty one as Right off the bat. We got a bunch of games coming out in the beginning of the first the new year. We got to tell you rods two. You've got bravely default to you've got he's nine And the newly Confirmed for some of five strikers. Just a name The the big big ones I'm sure there'll be others. That will be unfortunately lost in the in the way. So we're going to record that sometime this week and In lieu of any news breaking. I may just make that part of the normal podcast unsure on that. But let's get into it. I hope you guys had a wonderful christmas holiday I didn't have any games that i particularly wanted that. We're already out. So i just kind of asked Asked the parents for Email confirmation that beginning Today risa to when it comes out on january twenty six that was cool and i did end up much too. Many of your delight. Hopefully i'm finally going to take a dive into these series. I picked up. Yee's eight for only twenty dollars on the ps story. I could not refuse as the physical version just refuses to ever go down in price so i figured this was by far the best opportunity. Get in on. What many consider to be a very very good. Jr pg and at some point. I'll be playing. It don't really know when that's going to be but that's enough rambling We did have fell. Calm day Twenty twenty winter addition and we got a few tidbits of information about the new legend of heroes. Toddle kiro no koseki if you notice the thumbnail for this Podcast are the two newest main characters is a third as well but these They dig use some high-rise resolution images of the to unsure why the third one was kind of like ashaari pow We'll get you later but still no names for these two characters but we do have a bit of information stuff. You see that image. There's a couple other on our facebook and twitter feed of those two characters while they are. I say have that trails feel to them. I do kind of agree with what president condo said last time that at mediate Glance they don't appear to be trails characters. And i believe that lies in the fact that they are from calvert So they're going to look a little bit different and we'll talk about that in just a little bit. These illustrations were drawn by katsumi. Nama and the other characters are from alcom. Like i said the character's names were not announced to this game is coming out sometime in twenty twenty one in japan so those were the images. There were some other ones as well. If you'd like to see all those. I did put up a slide show video on our youtube channel. So you can check those out if you don't feel like clicking through pictures of via the website here is what we do know and i will just read this to you as this is the about for the new age of heroes karoo new koseki beyond the blue sky ahead of flashing light a land. A dawning resides cuba. There's no spoilers going on in here. This is all preliminary stuff in the news story arc. So we don't have to worry about that type of stuff the ladder this latter half of the trails. There is about to begin. The setting moved to the calvert republic in two thousand and twenty one foul calm release. Legend heroes kernigan the latest entering the trail serious as its fortieth anniversary rumors of work. The calvert nation is a multi ethnic nation experiencing unprecedented economic growth. Brought about by post war reparations. In a corner of the capital of a huge nation were immigration issues bringing about political instability. Okay well maybe. There are some spoilers in here okay. let's just get to the best. I'm sorry i read that. And i didn't think about it until just now okay. The command style action time bow system. You didn't previous trails. Titles has been revamped and that's going to set up an from a couple people. Let's just see what they said. Seamlessly transitioned from action oriented field battles to turn based commands battle to turn based command battle systems while making use of the unique elements the sixth generation combat or meant would try to pronounce his last time. I'm not sure how it is x. I f. r. x. i. p. h. a. z. Feel in a ballots to evolve from the previous trails titles. Okay so what does that mean. I don't. I don't know i really don't know how to had say seamlessly transition from action oriented field battles to turn based command battle systems I i mean obviously there's a bit of an extra element when you strike the enemies on the field in order to go into the turn based battle i. I need to see this in action to really know what they're even beginning to talk about would just have to wait and see You will feature many elements you laws. It's setting including a topics system which enabled together until such topics by communicating with. Mpc's out towns tra- gate situations in your favor when you act as a spray gun and that is the The character it's basically a detective. But they're calling them spring and alignment flame system. In which characters three alignments great and chaotic fluctuate depending on your own style influencing various status allies and adversaries and even scenario developments please look forward to allege heroes lowest entrance toasters depicted enrich expression by thumbs new original ingen. So that's that's pretty cool Here's what how they set up the situation and I get. I don't wanna get too much into this. The to emit the two people that you see in the image the one is the one call the speaker those are they say sometimes detective somedays negotiators and other days as bounty hunters. They're up for any job from any client. That's pretty cool And then the other one is Say to be a school girl wearing uniform. Prestigious school visits a rundown building located in old town in cowards capital. So that's the setting that's beginning of it. You can check out those images. Like i said there's a third character in the images as well with the two swords on his back and some long hair but we don't have any details. There is a battle scene that shows what looks like to be a craft or an art powering up but that from that snippet it does look to be turn based. So don't i'm so confused as to what to make. But i'm certainly excited about this one. But the lack of details and the promise of something new is leading to some question marks popping up. And i don't necessarily love that idea but it is what it is and until we learn a little bit more. It's just going to be speculation Unfortunately though that wasn't the only bit of information. And i'm sure we'll have a bunch more but Foul calm day twenty twenty winter. Also let us know about and this is not really affecting us as much. But they did. Say that a hatch marco koseki which is the one before this one and after cold steel four Clouded leopard entertainment will release a switch. Pc esteemed version of the game Sometime in summer. Twenty twenty one in japan in asia. I'm nearly positive. That's the same company that handled The transition for coastal three and four to the top of my head. So i came out for. Ps four in japan on august twenty seventh. So you know nearly a year later. They're talking summer to get that Switch pc version now. It handles the asian side of this and i s america handles the translation available. At least they have for the past two games In the cold still series in the west still no confirmation that that translation is ongoing. That have to assume that it is unless it's being handled by other parties I mean exceed did do the first two trills of cold steel games but at imagine that they are going to do this hedge amari as well and as soon as i hear something about that it will happen. It's certainly a good thing that this is happening and It could lead to a speedier at least for these games in the west. But like i said still no information on unfortunately. The last thing that they talked about was not briefly. Mentioned this last time the natto. noca- seki game. That is coming out in japan for For playstation four. This was the old Two thousand twelve least. Psp action rpg though some new details and images kinda showing the ps p version versus the Ps four version of it They're sent opposites gonna run at sixty frames per second on. Ps four with more vibrant graphics. Not being obviously these are things that you'd want to have updated from an old old system user interface options One thing that i thought was very interesting. And i'm not to say what they say. This game is not connected to the trails game. However the main character's name is now utah herschel now you trails players especially cold. Steel will know towa. Her last name is hershal So what they're they say there's no connection but then there's a connection is the protagonist and a boy from that island who attends and academy in saint elise. Those aren't you know aren't names that i recognized the from the trails series so it is very very interesting and i would be would like to know what that connection is at kind of read through it. You can read through the tales. Like i said before i am lower on the percentage scale To say of this game was actually going to make it over here or not. I if i if you say your day is gonna come today out outs. Action say no but would just have to wait and see. The original game did not look super impressive. So this isn't a game that i'm all that excited about to begin with but we'll have to. We'll just have to wait and see if that indeed happens for a lot of switch owners the next. Gop g they will more than likely be picking up is going to be bravely default to gain closer and closer to that february twenty. Sixth rolled wide release date friend square annex released new trailer for it albeit in japanese and have still not seen an english version of this yet so it talks all well. Supposedly it talks about wiz walt. The country established by those mejia's. They did it themselves to studies. The magic research institute But the the real kicker with this one and you can see it. Is this places overgrown. It looks like it was built kind of in the middle of it are on top of a giant tree. And there's just this tree just going right up through entire town is really cool again Trailer is how long was trailer of about three and a half minutes. Like i said in japanese so you can't really tell what's going on but it is kind of cool to see some of the visuals in action Four it but if you're elected shake those game out for yourself you can check out the demo for it It is now live on the east shop and One who feels the demo before its release will even pick up one hundred mine. Intendo platinum points here is the Short official description of the demo experienced the games at risk and reward system character strategy and stunning visuals in the latest braley default to final demo in this demo. The games four men characters are already other journey with jobson abilities at their disposal. I downloaded this. The other night. as if getting the switch away from my kid was hard enough with minecraft previously The kid did pretty good for Christmas and her birthday. And i now had to contend with her own copy of animal crossing so she and my wife can play two switches and who copies of animal crossing so they can will each other's islands. I know she also got the Spyro trilogy which. I really enjoyed those games growing up. So i can't wait to play those with her and relive those moments and she picked up mario maker to so. I'm not seeing that switch for a while. Maybe once she goes to sleep. If i don't have anything to play eck fired that demo. I would like to see how it is shaping up as will If you've got some free time and you're looking for d'you monster hunter rise. There are to say ten videos in total. Let's do a little no here. One two three four seven eight nine ten eleven twelve. There's twelve total. So i check. They were they were released in two packs. I take them all and made them into six long. Because it only about a minute minute long. So if you're one to check out some of the different weapons they go into monster hunter rise. You can do that going from Things like the switch axe gun lance hammer sorted shield heavy light bogue gun. Land is long swords and even the hunting horn. You check all those out over on our youtube channel. J rpg report dot com. You can also see a new second official trailer for the action. Rpg magnum lord Still no western released on this one yet. It is coming out in japan on march. The eighteenth for playstation four and switch said. This is the second trailer for the game. It looks pretty cool. I do hope that they bring this one. Over is from publisher. D three Developer felicia quite heard of them before. But still no word on it. I really hope they bring this over because it does pretty fun but yeah nothing Nothing quite yet. i'll go over some of these ones. That are just videos. There's a fifteen minutes of new footage from christ tales. This is previewing the present and future game play of it Remember this game got pushed back to early. Twenty twenty one. That's just the winner that don't into it's been Hit with a couple delays here lately. Not sure how much. Everything's pandemic related at this point but how much they just wanna fine tune things in. How much is really needed to make this work. Obviously you're doing with a system of past present and future while stuff can go wrong and working Just the way that you would like it to work New genesis the fantasy star online. To almost say reboot but definitely the new version of there is the opening movie for it and you should probably check this out. If we're looking at over fifty minutes of new footage as well mostly the character creation for its but this opening movie You know typically when you see these opening movies. They're using a pre rendered scenes. This was actually created using parts of the in game graphics. Engine which looks amazing Definitely if you're looking forward to this you should check it out sometime in twenty twenty. One is the release date Four it but again. This is one of those. Well not one of those but this is the faa gain. That i'm kind of just don't understand why it's not on playstation four. In the west it is in japan. But you've got to either play on xbox or on pc here in the west doesn't make a ton of sense but there's just things like that in this world that we gotta kinda get used to them. I guess we got three bits of sky news this week. i is. You can check out the fourth official trailer for six defiance of destiny I believe there's an english. There's an english version for this out. Now you can check it out. There was originally came out. There was just a japanese version but the english version shows off of really cool voices that they've got for the game. They got some good voice. Talent in this one in Very fitting for the series especially the little reincarnated pug services is awesome It's about seven or review of the game If you are curious about what's going on in this one changes that they've made this series. You will definitely want to check it out. Of course it doesn't come out in the west until summer. Twenty twenty one. Japan is going to get it in right about a month on january. The twenty eighth The other day actually. This was on christmas eve that this news broke New punchy released some new information screenshots for the game featuring and i hope i get these names right la haro aetna and flown Those were the original characters from the original the sky and they are saying that Basically once you beat the game you can Play a scenario with these original characters in it so kind of a you know. They're not in the main game this something post post content but the fact that they're in their would open the door to other characters popping up from other games as well. So that's a cool thing The world inside of an item. I m worlds have mended. Detailed in this article on worlds are divided into several fours slash layers and the items level increases with every four. That you clear says weapons become stronger as they level up. You can clear there either. Worlds to power them up once. An item is leveled up. You can get the same item at the same level from then on pretty cool feature of the sky series all these images i took input into a slide show. You can check that out on our youtube channel so you can dispatch companions into item worlds to research them. There's a new team attack system with up to ten characters in it. That's a pretty cool feature. New enemies were detailed There's a new horsemen. That's pretty crazy. So here's the Previous protagonist Oh here we go says not only will hear from. Our doctors appear the protagonist in heroines of the sky. Two three four and five will also appear in three d. The protagonist and heroines wilburs as downloadable content sometime after the launch of disguise six. So there's a from the sky to or i don't know in timika these pronunciations. I'm at risk of offending people. I understand how they're supposed to be pronounced So yeah they're gonna add them in there as as post content deal see. That's the type of thing. Like i would think you'd be okay with paying for because that's obviously not a part of disguise six. They are previous games characters in new content. So take how you feel about. Dlc that is that's one thing i think is is no k To do speaking of all those previous disguised characters they are all assembled in the rpg. Mobile game And we got news from bolt chain games that they will release worldwide the mobile version the sky arc in spring. Twenty twenty one Unless you're in these countries in the no fast if you are but we are a western primarily focused podcasts. So you're not going to get in china taiwan hong kong macau singapore malaysia or korea Sorry don't i don't know why maybe that is. Just it's gonna come out later. Maybe there's some rules preventing that From happening if we're interested in getting it on a closed beta for the game. They will have one for canada. Brazil australia and the philippines sometime in january so really happy to see this thing go worldwide. There was a global announced trailer for it This came back It came back in march of twenty nineteen in japan. Had a whole bunch of issues with it and It was de definitely the this game was deadly responsible for some financial hardships for nippon ichi. And they finally got up. Right obviously gotta writes the point. Now they're really to bring this thing out worldwide As far as the gotcha game or not. I don't know if i recall. I think it was paid game. But i should probably ended up before speaking about it. But i'm sure there's elements in there but hopefully this is a Not another one of those kind of like. We've we've like. We've got enough of those already know ankara today. So in place of it you get one last plea for listener support We've had a few people signed up for but really not a whole lot of response so I kind of said you guys. I would do this to the year. See what we got and move forward I would love to have listener support. Not have the need for ads but it is just a reality of life and we may just see what that happens. If i get a bunch outpouring of support here after listening to this. I may reconsider. But at this point at least in the a few few adds to offset the cost of Of the time spent during the podcast hope to understand and hope you are okay with that excited much. Rather have just you guys Do that and not have to worry about. It would wait and see so you. Click on the link right below this episode. Either through anchor. John daly greatly. Appreciate it. And i don't have the read ads. You don't have to listen to him. That just seems like it'd be the the best thing for both of them If you're looking forward to to see how to say these things seal thurs. Dx and the They were supposed to come on japan on february twenty eighth. they have been delayed until march fourth. Twenty twenty one in japan. So if and when a western. What's going to happen for that. it's now going to be About five weeks later. I would to guess based on This delay these games Were from chloe tecmo and gusts so yeah just a little bit of Delay they save for further quality improvements. The games will be available for. Ps four switch and pcv steam win. They are released whenever that is sort. Online alsatian lakers got version one point to update it is now available and it adds a simone's ancient apostles story of course over various user interface online system battle improvements bugs fixed in addition to those two that new ancient apostles. The reaper of the woods. These are the first in a series of free additional stories. So yeah if you've been playing this game and you want some new content. You can get that for free. Always happy when they decide to do that. Company manhattan people interesting name for a game. Company will release an ios android version of us six. The arc of nepotism in twenty twenty one. The company announced again. Sorry if i got that name or wrong the us titles loves to make imprint answerable words all the time Remember not long ago. We got word. There's gonna be a mobile version of us eight This may just be the next in the line that are going to have a mobile versions for For all the used titles are no further information at this point or was announced. Just this is going to be happening. Of course this is in Is in japan so kind a like. he's eight version. No word if that's gonna be coming to the west and to be quite fair no no word if it's In the west either speaking of Ios android versions of games the alliance hd the alliance alive hd remastered will becoming too often android an early winter. Twenty twenty one in japan. You can already get this game for. Ps four switch or pc much better version of it perhaps it's a little bit cheaper On the mobile platform but still no word of a western release for that mobile platform. So if you want to get this game and you've got one of those consoles or pc. I would say it's that's going to be your Best version of it. One last mobile thing to announce and i will hush about it. Because i know you guys love it so much command action. rpg near reincarnation will launch for and android on february eighteenth. Twenty twenty one in japan. Post your square. Inex- developer apple bought announced. There will be a near on amata in game. Collaboration featuring characters to be nine s and a two day and date with the games launch course that is in japan only No information listed here about the worst and inversion. I'm pretty sure this one's coming to the west but Don't know exactly when that's going to happen. Speaker of near autumn mata total worldwide shipments in digital sales have exceeded five million according to square inex-. That's an awesome awesome plateaued to have reached and kudos to them for that. I believe that is one of many reasons why we are getting the new near game coming out or re rematch. Whatever you wanna call it of that new one coming at a replicant here soon. That's another game to start saving. Your opinion is four and hopefully build a buy. All these games coming out here in the near future. I've got one last. You talk about with you guys again. probably wouldn't talk with jordan about our game of the years for twenty twenty four to twenty twenty one. The next podcast. I am still trying to get through. Colts deal for Often not had time to play here lately. I think just hit or maybe just shy of one hundred hour mark. So i've still got a good thirty to forty hours to go hopefully make it in time to Play roz a two day one but we have to wait and see that game just keeps on keeps on going but Going to be is going to be tough. I'm really going to have to search my feelings. That i think is flowing anything to if it's going to be found pacers. Seven remastered or a remake rather or four. It's it's really tough there. There's my heart says one thing amonte says another and there's different things to have to consider overall ought to make that final decision here real soon on what that What was looking forward to our thoughts here are coming out this week on. Kyle duncan beckett. This just insane twenty twenty year but looking forward to twenty twenty one famitsu has gone and interviewed a bunch of creator interviews and one hundred and ten of them to be precise al shift to here and try to find the big ones but right off the bat. The biggest one to me is from atlas and so They've got three different people. The first one is Crater takata and his keyword was think outside. The box is what's new is says so about sonoma say five. We are working hard on development to make it an even better product. You'll be waiting a little while longer. Please look forward to it. from trader wada his keywords carrying out my original intentions. What's new is my project has been steadily in the works. Thanks to everyone. The persona series will celebrate its twenty fifth anniversary. We have exciting plans in the works. So plead look forward to it. Love those things and hopefully something comes of it. Here is the Big one that we've not heard about in a wall and this is from a shimano is keyword. Silence his ambition for twenty one with last year's nobody Causing swift changed the world. All we can do now is can you. To focus on our work. Our title and development is going to an important face and we want to face it in an head on in order to deliver interesting gameplay to the world. What's new here we go. I'd like to announce the title will develop we're developing as soon as possible we previously created contemporary dramas but plea look forward to the quote fantasy. Rpg in quote. We're taking on next there. It is guys we heard about this. Rpg from alice many years ago and then come plead and silence for years. It's still a thing. I didn't think it was. I honestly thought it was one of those projects that kind of just died on the vine right like sound like a good idea. But we've still got persona. We're still got shimagami ten. Say what do we need another. I p for well they still have it. And maybe we're finally going to get a look at it. Obviously this is going to be next generation. Made that's what they were planning the whole time. And my hearing this. I personally think. Obviously as mt five comes i i think this game may be going next and then percent of six. Just my just my feeling on the matter. I may be wrong. But i wouldn't mind seen we've gotten you know we got persona. We got royal. We could maybe use something different in new. So i think that is an incredible Not really an announcement but certainly something that We've been waiting a long time to hear a thing about gung-ho online entertainment. they did the remakes for granted. They not or handle that one They say they're developing a new console title. They hoped to announce able to enough that. Some time This year so i think that's kind of cool. I'm trying to go through. Obviously this is all japanese craters. All genres of games So i am really looking forward to it or not. I'm sorry i was reading. There's going through here. See what is jr related and what is not You got a lot of them that are that are not so here is from a side games. too cocky. His keyword adamant his ambition is iot announce even if it's only a tease an original new title for console that had been developed with my colleagues in my new work environment and nothing but the highest confidence in it. What's new what did you think of the end of the year. Grambling fantasy link announcement the grand blue team. I think we've been able to showcase its solid and high quality single player gameplay appeal falling twenty nineteen multiplayer showing so please continue to the forward to it. thought that they they said they announced that really will launch twenty two so twenty be important that they focus on belmont here square inex- from who says keyword is bravely for the second year in a row. Who that's funny ambitions. I hope fought to success. And that i can prepare for the next one don. Oh and influences weather. It's third or three. I don't know that's fascinating again. I haven't read through all of these. Some kind of reacting as i'm reading the that's very cool. Obviously you would anticipate if this is successful that there would be a bravely the third or bravely default three that remains to be seen Qatar say the story will connect. He says what's new feature fanfest. Seven developments are in preparation. But please wait a little while longer for details. Saito says keyword is near. He says i'm working on here for a little longer. And then there's also babylon's fallen a completely new title. He says i'm pretty busy Fujimoto says changeless nece. That was a word dragon. Quest will announce celebrate its thirty fifth anniversary so hoped to be able to announce something. I can't imagine they don't announce funnel or drain quest twelve in. Its thirty fifth anniversary year. How could they not right. And that's all they're doing is announcing it put. You're putting a logo and anna. Once the end of it it's really you have to at least do that You shot us it. Nope in mind twenty. Twenty one will be the busiest year of my career. I'd like to make a year which i can deliver surprise and excitement to gamers and players will also paying attention to my health. He says please look forward to verse. Nelson sure both five fourteen and sixteen as well. So that's that's interesting Poor guy he's going to be It's going to be busy. So here's president condo from foul com. He's as keyword is turning point in two thousand twenty one foul to major milestone of its fortieth anniversary naturally. Would we should always aim for rejuvenation regardless of turning points occasions. Like this are important. So i'd like to use this opportunity to review our current development methods and systems. I wanted to increase the number of development lines and staff in the cabin. So we've already expanded and reformed we await the applications for those interested in development fell com much much needed president condo. You guys need you guys. Needed just expand like crazy. You really got to kind of get in step with some of the other companies. We love your work but you need to invest a little bit. And so. That's i'm happy to i'm happy to hear that To say the least let's see. Is there anything else to rpg related. I don't think so no. I didn't say anything there. I didn't see a hundred and ten people. So maybe there's a new one coming over. This one was This article came out just a few hours ago. So maybe will be some more reported on the next podcast. I would love to know what you guys are looking forward to most into twenty twenty one Obviously there's a few things there could be. We know we know. Graham fancy rethink is twenty twenty. Two nine percent sure tells arrives going to be tween twenty two. Don't even say sixteen is not coming out in twenty one okay. Neither is remake part two so those the big ones. I think we're going to kind of let go for a little while. But we've got some great games coming out we're gonna talk all about what is for sure coming out on that next podcast and look back at what's happened so far. Have you guys had an awesome christmas convert to a new year. We'll do a new year. Podcast i think thursdays okay. Things are a little bit different right now like next week the kids out of school but then going virtual the week after so as if live can get crazier become a teacher as well right. You guys are all feeling that strain The parents out there as well and his can't just get one bit of for for too long. That would be too easy so anyway. I will talk to you guys here next week. Hopefully it's on thursday but We'll just have to wait and see what works out. Best for all of us. Enjoy whatever jaffe effigies got for christmas or if you're still playing through a game you already had and i see us here very soon. My name is james fisher for the gop report. Thank you so much for this thing. Each and every week until next time get back out there and level up.

News Weekly Podcast Gaming Video Games Japanese Rpg RPG Jrpg Jordan Japan Ashaari President Condo Calvert Republic Kernigan Seki Saint Elise Wiz Walt Magic Research Institute Youtube Lance Hammer Katsumi YEE Calvert Timika MPC Braley
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on WTVN


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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on WTVN

"Eighteenth twenty twenty seven and the game at Bryant Denny stadium is scheduled for September ninth twenty twenty eight from the central Ohio Honda dealers sports desk my campaign a news radio six ten WTVN partly cloudy with some isolated pop up rain today and a high of eighty three it's cloudy and seventy three now I'm Scott Jennings stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour thirty minutes past standards news breaks one back continues next Ron Burgundy podcast is your chance to listen to the most distinguished newscaster of all time trying to fit the facts of the day into his head when did this happen you will listen to him laugh you will listen to him cry you will listen to him do they S. we either have to get out of here we have to eat someone all three seasons of the Ron Burgundy podcaster available to binge now find the Ron Burgundy podcast on the I heart radio app or wherever you listen to podcasts get your team together for the twenty twenty dash for donation July eleventh through the eighteenth the team that raises the most money for lifeline of Ohio by June twenty sixth when a private virtual concert from one of your favorite country stars ten Amazon fire tablets compliments of errors to record and a two hundred dollar raising cane's gift card so register early and start fundraising and dash for donation dot org announcing the Westland mall gonna nice sales event in Columbus everything you need for the shooting sports in self defense Saturday nine to five Sunday nine to four three parking tickets more info in coupon ANSI eat gun shows dot com the Glenn Beck show news radio six ten WTVN what you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and this program what is a civil rights leader I'm not really sure because the civil rights leaders that I have seen in the last thirty years have all been frogs the.

Bryant Denny stadium Scott Jennings Columbus Ohio Westland mall shooting sports Ohio Honda Ron Burgundy twenty twenty Amazon Glenn Beck
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

NewsRadio KFBK

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"The eighteenth twenty twenty Rick Wakeman great keyboardists of course for me yes as well as other the US Rick Wakeman born this day in nineteen forty nine thanks for being with us tonight marked the worst guy here candle is here we're all here we're all having a good time and talking to you here is my kid joining the show from woodland this evening might drive in a truck how are you Mike good I just want to tell you I love your show man and every night when I drive my truck I listen to you you are the show when you're not there I don't listen to it I go to serious radio well thank you Mike I appreciate that I appreciate the your your loyalty to the show when I'm here Hey and you know I'm just mark the voice guy but I gotta tell you man I appreciate it too I really do especially knowing that you have the satellite alternative and you still to use us yeah thank you for helping to keep our broadcast radio alliance right brother yeah Mike thank you for a long time listener and I want to tell you happy belated birthday thank you Mike very much this is been one of the best birthdays of my entire life Michael would have known that my thirty ninth birthday would be one of the greatest for Mike Hey buddy list again alright pal all right you have a good one I really Hey Mike I know that you're that you being a truck driver like mark just pointed out you have a lot of things you could listen to Mike you could be listening to Sirius satellite you could be listening to a podcast you could be listening truly from the bottom ours the fact that you listen to this show and usually do it every night like that thank you Sir means everything in the world to us and I meet a lot of truck drivers who listen to this show and again no he should not feel bad because according to my calendar your birthday is on the twentieth so I'm sorry that your restaurant my birthday is on the twentieth yeah yes you're wrong on my birthday and now it's on my calendar it's in the computer has to be right okay thank you to celebrate again enormous hope you'll be there for my next to liberation when I turned thirty nine hi Norma hi I was thirty million Jack Benny whatever one million stealing many joke maybe my daughter turned twenty one and used to go to the place and have a market martini or something and Cerner Colchester she was twenty one and I was thirty nine plus and I'm now eighty eight and I think I'm good for another ten years that everybody know your M. your attitude wonderful but anyway I hope that you had a Happy Birthday and Mr Kendall constraining force again on her own when she had that cat what what do you call it when everybody sings and she sang karaoke karaoke night yeah I hope shows and we can hear real well but she is wonderful and I will you have an angel I know that it sounded like in your March and April shows were so good for people that were close in my career and it just enjoyable and apply I thought well if I ever had an older brother like your mother had you first I would have wanted somebody like you and that's what I wanted when I was a teenager I just wanted an older brother I heard from you that you you better believe it or not I've been looking out for you too oh great and that empathy do you have a fantastic and then I feel so happy that your sisters have you as your older brother and your mother must have been just thrilled with her first born because it seems like you did a lot with your mother and had a lot of fun and family life to begin with as a child formative years are so important so you've had good formative years I'll tell you that's right because I Sir I certainly have I've I've spent all of his brothers and sisters and I think that tell a they had a very good upbringing and fortunate they're all your family was so fortunate that they had each other at times you really need a family so I hope to get through this virus saying it's a terrible thing daily from anybody that doesn't have a mask has slipped so he's well normally use a save the wall of the I am thanks so much for the programs I've enjoyed it greatly yes our ace we hard for saying all of those things and I did have a all all those childhood experiences like anyone else they shaped who I am shape my personality shape my life and I'm sure that they have with you and Norman don't let those low quotes droopy either okay remember that during all of this you got to get out there and you got to work those things member that Norma Morneau's she she is so dang on sweet she's never heard Kendall saying R. she couldn't hear canvassing you know kennels will sing in the year Carol singing the national anthem Vigna Hey.

Rick Wakeman
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM


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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"May eighteenth twenty twenty I'm John trouts and coming up on American morning house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the house passed stimulus bill deserves a serious look in the Senate no bill that is proffered will become law without negotiations I'm Linda Kenyon in Washington casting blame within the trump administration I'm Bob Costantini with that story rising cases as more businesses open in Texas we've been calling the number back can offer a little too prepared and train them investors are hoping for a better week this week last week was the worst week for stocks since late March I'm Jessica and the problem but I'm Jim Bohannon about to tell you about radio recliner all ahead on America in the morning seven minutes now after the hour the latest coronavirus stimulus bill to come out of the house could come before the Senate this week but its prospects for passage or dim correspondent Linda Kenyon has the story dead on arrival that's how many Senate Republicans describe the houses built it's a three trillion dollar stimulus package one third of which goes for aid to state and local governments the rest goes for extended unemployment insurance food assistance direct cash payments to taxpayers and more house speaker Nancy Pelosi says yes it's expensive but for good reason we have health care workers police and fire first responders you know the ways to manage emergency our teachers our sanitation workers they're at risk of losing their jobs many of these people risk their lives to save lives and now they may lose their jobs on CBS's face the nation speaker Pelosi says the state and local aid in the bill is not out of line especially when you consider past Republican spending priorities sounds like a big number but everything that we have in the state and local column there is less than the Republicans put in their tax scam to get eighty three percent of its to the top one percent the bill written by house Democrats to partisan says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell there's not going to be a three trillion dollar leveling wishlist instead senator McConnell is insisting on one thing before he'll even consider the possibility of another stimulus bill it is going to include liability protections speaking last week senator McConnell also suggested now is not the time for another stimulus bill I think we all believe.

America senator McConnell Washington Mitch McConnell CBS John trouts Jim Bohannon Jessica Texas Bob Costantini Linda Kenyon Senate Nancy Pelosi
It's The End Of The World! (Again

Your Brain on Facts

09:21 min | 1 year ago

It's The End Of The World! (Again

"In the village of Giddy Shem Devon England in the eighteenth century lived a woman named Joanna. South caught southpaw became convinced that she had supernatural powers and began selling seals of the Lord essentially tickets to get into heaven which people bought. She declared that she was the woman of the apocalypse as foretold in the Bible and that she would give birth to the new Messiah on October nineteenth eighteen forty one despite the fact that she was sixty four years old. My Name's Moxy and this is your brain on facts. We are living through a more uncertain than usual time right now. I wouldn't say it's the end of the world but others might and half history is rife with people who claim to have been told or to worked out when the end of days is coming. The list on Wikipedia is twenty four page downs. And that's really only focusing on Judeo Christian. Prophecies everyone from peasant girls two months to the mathematician who popularized the use of the decimal point. How Theory Cotton Mather? The influential Puritan Minister who played a decisive role in the Salem witch trials proclaimed in sixteen ninety one that Doomsday would occur in sixteen ninety seven basing the date on events that were current to him that he interpreted as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy when sixteen. Ninety-seven passed uneventfully. Mother changed his forecast. First to seventeen o six than seventeen sixteen and finally seventeen seventeen. Mother didn't make any more between seventeen seventeen and his death in seventeen twenty eight but he was still certain that the end was near Jonas Wendell along with other adventist preachers predicted. The Second Coming of Christ would occur between eighteen. Seventy three and eighteen seventy four after the prediction didn't bear out Nelson Bar. You're of follower of Wendell reinterpreted prediction to mean that. Jesus had returned in eighteen. Seventy four but he was invisible that does make it harder to disprove all grant you then. There was mother. Shipton the witch of York a fascinating blend of historical figure and embellished character. Born Ursula South the older and a thunderstorm in a cave in fourteen eighty eight to a teenage mother who refused to name. The father mother Shipton looked every bit like the iconic which would he skin hunched posture. Hooked nose the works. She made a number of predictions all of them in verse like Shakespeare's Weird Sisters in Macbeth. She said to have predicted Henry. The eighths disillusion of the monasteries the great fire of London the reign of Elizabeth I and even possibly the invention of airplanes on the telephone but the first written version of her predictions didn't come out until eighty years after her death and some of the authors have admitted to adding to what she supposedly said. So we're not one hundred percent certain if mother Shipton really said the world to an end shall come in eighteen hundred and eighty one but we can be fairly certain that it didn't the cave in which she was born is now a tourist attraction along with the nearby petrifying well items placed in the well are said to turn to stone. And that's more of a loose interpretation than an outright fable. The water in the well has a very high mineral content and those minerals will attach themselves to anything in the water making. It look like the object is turning to stone. Bona snacked the witches in Macbeth referred to usually as the weird sisters but were originally called the wayward sisters meaning. Good women who lost their way and been seduced by the allure of Magic Doomsday Predictions. Could come from the highest offices in the land. But that didn't make them anymore. True Pope Sylvester the second game pope in nine ninety nine seat with the auspicious-sounding date of the year one thousand looming so Vesta in a number of other Christian leaders foretold the coming of Jesus at the turn of the Millennium and many people believed it like really believed there were riots in the streets. Thousands of Christians fled to the holy city of Jerusalem and many attended what was expected to be particularly interesting midnight. Mass at Saint Peter's Basilica on New Year's Eve when the morning of January first on and it was clear the world had not ended semester and the other Christian leaders revised their predictions. Have you picked up on that trend yet? If Judgment Day hadn't kicked off on the anniversary of Jesus's Birth. It must do on the anniversary of his death. So so Lester. The second declared the world would end in ten thirty three but he was already fifty four years old and sure enough. Didn't have to hear any gainsaying when the apocalypse didn't come the second time because he'd been dead for thirty years a century later pope innocent. The third had a less obvious and markedly less nice reason for his end. Time Prophecy innocent blamed the Muslims Christians and Muslims have had kind of assorted past and innocent viewed Muslims as agents of Satan to his mind. The apocalypse would occur six hundred and sixty six years after the founding of Islam. Which would put it in the year. Twelve eighty four. He too died well before he could see how wrong he was predicting. The end of the world requires perseverance. If at first you don't succeed try try again. You've got to stick with it. Like the founder of the Worldwide Church of God Herbert Armstrong along with his sons Richard and Garner Armstrong picked up quite a following even before claiming that the world would end in nineteen thirty. Six and only members of his church would be saved the Great Depression and the dust bowl probably made it easy for people to believe that our collective ticket was about to get punched Armstrong then turned his sights to nineteen forty-three where the second war to end all wars lent credence to his doomsday claims when life settled into the post war normal Armstrong amended his prediction to Nineteen seventy-two a significant margin of error. People sold all of their possessions to pay for travel to Petra in Jordan. Which most of us know as the Resting Place of the holy grail from the third and Final Indiana Jones. Movie where they would be safe from Roy Moore three which Armstrong said would be all of Europe led by Germany against the US and the UK. World War three did not in fact begin. Nineteen seventy-two or the next mandate of Nineteen seventy-five in December nineteen fifty four Chicago Tribune headline read Dr Warrens of disasters in World Tuesday worst to come in one thousand nine fifty five. He declares the doctor was just passing along the predictions made by Dorothy Martin a fifty four year old housewife from Oak Park Illinois. Martin believed that aliens from the Planet Clarion had beamed messages into her brain informing her that a. Masoud flood would soon destroy the planet. Her prophecies attracted a small group of followers including the doctor who called themselves seekers. Many of the seekers quit. Their jobs. Sold their belongings and removed any medal from their bodies which Martin said would be essential for boarding the alien ship. That would take them away. They gathered at Martin's home on Christmas. Eve Nineteen fifty five sing carols while they waited to be beamed to safety. This wasn't the first time the group had gathered for their exodus. The aliens were supposed to come on December seventeenth but didn't then the eighteenth twenty first and finally the twenty fourth. As the night of Christmas Eve wore on Martin's followers became understandably inpatient finally at four forty five in the morning on Christmas Day Martin announced that God had been so impressed by their actions. He was no longer going to destroy the earth. Nice recovery. Though Martin had few followers their experience has left a lasting legacy. The group had been infiltrated if you will by a small group of psychologists and students from the University of Minnesota led by social psychologist. Leon festinger festinger wrote about the whole experience in when prophecies fail a social and psychological study of a modern group that predicted the destruction of the world. Kind of a lengthy title. But we'll go with it. It was in this book that he began to explore something. You've probably heard of cognitive dissonance. That's when two disparate ideas exist in your head at the same time and you feel uncomfortable until you can find a way to make them fit somehow. Festinger observed cognitive dissonance in the seekers. Who had to repeatedly convince themselves that Martin was right even after seeing with their own is that she wasn't

Dorothy Martin Shipton Jonas Wendell Leon Festinger Festinger Armstrong Macbeth Giddy Shem Devon England Jesus Pope Sylvester Salem Joanna Elizabeth I University Of Minnesota Herbert Armstrong Chicago Tribune Ursula South Nelson Bar
The First Spacewalk - March 18, 1965

This Day in History Class

03:18 min | 1 year ago

The First Spacewalk - March 18, 1965

"Hi Everyone I'm eaves and you're listening to this day in History Class. A podcast where we build the time machine and all you have to do is hop. Today IS MARCH. Eighteenth Twenty twenty. The day was March. Eighteenth nineteen sixty five so viet cosmonaut. Alexey Leonov became the first person to go. On a spacewalk spacewalk is one in astronaut leaves their spacecraft to a tether it's called EDA which stands for extra vehicular activity. Alexi Leonov served as a fighter pilot in the nineteen fifties by nine hundred sixty. He had been chosen as one of the first twenty cosmonauts for the Soviet space program and was training to take his first spaceflight. The Soviet Union launched the first person to space when Yuri Gagarin's made an orbital flight. And His boss doc wine spacecraft in nineteen sixty one the. Soviet program launched is first mission on October twelfth. Nineteen sixty four. Both hide one was the first to carry more than one crew person into space. It was also the first mission to carry an engineer and a physician into space hot. Too launched just months later on March eighteenth nineteen sixty five it carried to people commander Pal Bouillon and pilot Alexi. Leonov it was Leonov's first spaceflight and billiards first and only spaceflight the hard three K. D. space craft had an extendable airlock that allowed enough to go out into space without having to evacuate the main cabin air about an hour and a half after lines billions of open the outer airlock and Leonov walked out into space. Attached to tether his spacewalk lasted for about twelve minutes. A camera mounted on the airlock recorded the spacewalk. It was reported that Leonov's body temperature jumped about three point two degrees Fahrenheit or one point eight degrees Celsius twenty minutes and he was close to having a heat stroke. His spacesuit was full of sway. Though the spacewalk went relatively smoothly Leonov had difficulty reentering. The capsule the pressure difference between the air and his spacesuit and the vacuum of space expanded and stiffened his spacesuit that made it to big heart to fit back into the airlock so Leonov opened a valve to release oxygen and depressurize his suit. He was then able to fit back into the space craft but he did start to feel some of the effects of decompression thickness namely the sensation of pens and needles. The crew. Hit another snag when objecting inflatable airlock. Which sent the spacecraft into a Spin? Oxygen levels also began to climb which came with the risk of explosion. On top of this the automatic guidance system for re entry malfunctioned. They had to turn off the automatic landing program and instead conduct re entry and landing manually. The ended up off course and the orbital module did not separate from the landing module. They landed in snow in a forest in Siberia. The

Alexey Leonov Eighteenth Twenty Twenty Soviet Union Yuri Gagarin History Class Billiards Engineer Alexi Pal Bouillon Commander
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on Gold with Jeanette Schneider

Gold with Jeanette Schneider

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on Gold with Jeanette Schneider

"That what you have to say is necessary so to kind of declutter your communication really clears. It is anything that can distract the other person. So when you're expressing something and you give someone else the opportunity to start thinking about themselves to start focusing on the negative. That is all distraction right. Circle what you want to do is kind of filter through the elements of right speech in. Buddhism is one way to declutter your communication. Which is to tell the truth. Don't exaggerate don't gossip in US helpful language in basically if you if you filtered through those for your language is going to be very pared-down But the other piece is just. You're kind of cutting out The attention on the other person so like what you were saying before with blaming others so often when we come back after a difficult conversation to have conversation about it. The focus is on what the other person didn't do what they should have done. I can't believe that you know this happened. And that is the distraction rate. Where really what? The focus needs to be on his okay. This direct experience. This is what happened. This is the feeling that it caused within me. And this is what I I'd like to see potentially change so that I don't experience this again. I love that because so many times like the conversations that I've had that have not gone. Well it's because one or both of us has said something that's a blame statement and you're more focused on that and feeling defensive and you don't hear the rest of the words and you walk away from the conversation like Oh that person rather than actually hearing the communication which requires a lot of self restraint. I mean there are times where all you WanNa do is just throw all your angry words someone and to be able to to back it up and speak from a very logical loving place. The Way I've explained to people like you have to like speak to them from the heart and share your experience as opposed to what they did. That was wrong and I remember having a tough conversation with someone and I think we were both ready for battle like we were like read it like we were armed. We were both armed and I kind of was like you know at this is ridiculous like I care about you and so I'm just going to tell you how I feel and not what you did but how I feel and what my truth is and like I just saw like the shoulders just kind of go you know what I mean like there was like Oh my God we get to have a conversation. That's not like tell me I wanNA have a human experience with you and it was a lot more engaging in kind And we reached resolution a lot faster because there was less of that that guarded NECE. Yeah I mean it. It is all about coming with This sense of the purpose of communicating. Being to help yourself in the other person's suffer less in those in really what you're listening for his. You're really listening for the fundamental reality of the thing itself right. It's so often that we get caught in In attached to what the person actually is not saying that what we believe they're saying but we're actually not hearing and so we're really interested in when you're in those types of interaction is really listening to what's being said not to what is being said you guys big news. We heard you loud and clear and I can't wait to show you what we've been working on behind the scenes today. Gold is brought to you by live media and the live Puckett coach available on the Apple App store. Now not only as live like a life coach in your pocket but we have just dropped our biggest upgrade which includes live. These are accountability groups. You create with your friends and colleagues to support one another. You can share links upload files audio clips and hold each other accountable. In addition to personal circles we've also created something incredible curated themed circles led by coaches on specific topics that we know interest. You the very first one next level love. Join me for ninety days. Visualizations talks and interviews with relationship experts dating coaches and chat sessions to work ourselves our stories and learn how to date and love intentionally. This is for the people who WanNa take your love life to the next level. The team that live has worked so hard to provide you something special and since we love giving gifts and self development is our thing we have a special offer while you have enjoyed a VIP experience with live for free ninety nine since Christmas. This upgrade is valuable. No one is doing what we're doing. So if you opt into for the end of our first curated group May Eighteenth Twenty twenty. You can live pocket coach for ninety nine dollars for the year. This gives you access to Oliver. Content Accountability circles both yours and ours. That is eight dollars and twenty five cents a month to change your life shoot over to love his viral dot com to sign up or shoot us an email at hello at loves viral. Dot Com with live ninety nine in the subject line. We will set you up and get you all the Kurds that you need this offer won't last sign up now and here is to you on the best decision. You've made today lymphoma coach. Welcome to your life..

May Eighteenth Twenty twenty Oliver lymphoma Puckett Apple
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on AP News

AP News

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on AP News

"Android your listening to the AP digital news network Sweden shut down one of its four nuclear reactors at its largest power station after over forty years of operation operator said it was because of a lack of profitability and rising maintenance costs the Ringgold power station is one of Sweden's three nuclear power plants and has so far generated fifteen to twenty percent of the country's total electricity suite now has seven reactors at three nuclear power plants across the country three reactors that the force mark plant north of Stockholm one reactor at the Oscar ham plant in south eastern Sweden and three at wrangles they generate about forty percent of electricity in Sweden a nation of ten million people the March twenty twenty rover had its debut for members of the media at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory clean room where it's undergoing finishing touches the Mars twenty twenty team members showed off their progress on the rover ahead of its planned launch this summer the Rovers put through thermal and vacuum environments where they simulate the vibration of launch just to make sure they're qualified and that they'll be able to withstand those environments NASA engineers designed to this rover to gather rock and soil samples with the hopes that they'll some day be sent back to earth the rover scheduled to land on Mars on February eighteenth twenty twenty one five people have been stabbed at a Hanukkah celebration in an orthodox Jewish community north of New York City this AP correspondent Julie Walker reports it happened at the home of a rabbi in Rockland county and Saturday night the suspect Grafton Thomas's pleaded not guilty to five counts of attempted murder Joseph Gluck confronted him in the home he took out his nice words from a holder started hitting people back and forth nothing descending block chains Thomas into the street was able to get his license plate number that led police to capture him in New York City governor Cuomo calls the attacks and others like it acts of domestic terrorism this is an intolerant time in this country we see anger we see hatred exploded this attack comes on the heels of a string of attacks targeting Jews not just in the state but in the country I'm Julie Walker federal hate crime charges for the Hanukkah stabbing suspect I'm Jackie Quinn with an AP news minute his lawyer says the former marine in college football player who brutalized people in a weekend Hanukkah party in New York is mentally ill and not anti semitic the Texas church goer in charge of security at west freeway church of Christ tells KDFW he was able to take down a gunman with a single shot doing what needed to be done to take out the evil threat but not before two worshippers were killed including a male nurse someone wrote the word pig in an expletive on a police officer's coffee Cup at a McDonald's in Kansas but it wasn't a worker as first thought says junction city police chief Brian Hornaday this was meant to be a joke however we can see that how something so serious can get so out of control very very quickly.

Sweden AP
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

77WABC Radio

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"He wants to know what's the problem but they do a pretty good job of reporting on it today but we reported on a back in may we look at a non partisan Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein center on media politics and public policy survey regarding the press coverage of Donald Trump may eighteenth twenty seventeen three months after I became president I sticks the issued a comprehensive analysis of the coverage for the first Hundred Days and here's what they said trump's attacks on the press have been named to what he calls the mainstream media six of the seven US outlets in our study CBS CNN NBC The New York Times the Wall Street journal The Washington Post among those he's attacked by name all six trump's first Hundred Days and highly unfavorable terms and the numbers are absolutely astounding I'll get to this after the bottom of the hour but I want to get into other aspects of this to Fuhrman freedom of the press there's a reason why this book here it is the holiday season there's a reason why this book is so crucially important now during impeachment now during the upcoming presidential election we're not just facing the Democrats were facing their media you know my friends for the past three years I've been pounding the airwaves about the Ku being perpetrated against our president and now there's something similar being orchestrated against Benjamin Netanyahu the red hot hatred that spews from the left here is sadly not unique to our great Republic as now the leftists in Israel have targeted their leader but I bet you haven't heard the whole story which I just exposed on living TV with my special guest Arthur Ferguson together Arthur and I and cover this politically driven campaign to oust our friend Netanyahu because this issue is so important I want to personally invite you to watch it by going to live the MTV dot com and signing up for a free thirty day trial watch the shows and quickly see how we bring you content and perspectives found nowhere else on TV and expose the left which ever side of the ocean they.

Arthur Ferguson MTV Fuhrman The New York Times NBC CNN CBS US Harvard Kennedy School Shorens Israel Benjamin Netanyahu The Washington Post Wall Street journal president Donald Trump
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

MyTalk 107.1

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"November eighteenth twenty nineteen I'm chase with don I rob Alexis is continuing to enjoy our time off mom and baby are continuing to do beautifully thank you for your love I know she feels it and down lots much appreciated now don I'm so I can not wait for this conversation yeah okay set us up here what what happened okay so I'm talking to my daughter this weekend it you know we talked for a couple of hours she just started her own business this year and she is a tattoo artist she broke away from this the tattoo studio that she worked for and decided to be your own business well she moved in with a nother business it's very popular that does piercings soul you know the feeling like she's going to be free of having to work for someone else was a big goal in her life she's a Leo she's an only child she doesn't want to work for anyone she's been complaining about this and she was a manager at McAlister's deli just like when she was twenty years old just like crying in tears just like I just want to get to a point my life where I don't have to work for someone else I'm like yeah then do it do it he's brilliant she's twenty eight years old she has a you know a set aside she save twenty grand last year up from tattooing so she could open her own business she's very smart she went to an account at accountant for her taxes to but this is not something the tattoo artists do there's a lot of money that is call it's a cash business so you know I hate to say this but a lot of them don't their taxes so she wanted to make sure to be I mean her grandpa all work for the IRS for got six six one of the books she did that she went to us you open a Roth IRA I mean this kid is smart when it comes to business so she's talking to me about the struggles she's having with her the person that she's in in the same building with who rock her in and basically all she's doing is renting space from this person yeah they find the need to try to treat her like she's an employee of theirs and she is not she is paying him to be in that space so she's renting the space there are a lot of rules like she doesn't even have the code to the building to get into she has to text him when she's leaving and coming and going I'm like it is none of his business when you're tattooing or who you're tattooing he gets a cut of what she's doing that's a part of the deal which that's a whole nother story there are all these little issues with this guy that are very controlling and I will go as far to say is sexist and I am infuriated I want to fight her battle for her she has talked to him several times about a one issue she doesn't want to put everything she tattoos on Instagram she's like mom I'm not going to put some infinity symbol that somebody wanted to have up there I want people to see my best work this guy is saying you need to put all of your tattoos up there she's like I don't want to people to see stuff like that I want to see my potential and I'm only going to put the good stuff it is business anyway as you can see my blood is working right now about this and it's like she's working for somebody anyway now you see it which was the whole point yes so I was you know when my daughter tells me things about what she's going to do with her life I am not the kind of mother that tells her what to do I've never been that way even when she was fifteen I would give her a guidance on think about this think about the options make a list of pros and cons she's our own person to make her own decisions I didn't want her to move in with this guy I just wanted her to run her own space so now we are here in this place where she's unhappy and I'm like all my god and I just want to call it that the guy angle listen if you want issues with me you can continue to do the following things other than that we need to have a talk you know I am not the mafia not going to be able to do I am not into ruining anyone's reputation I don't want there to be back bad blood but it comes to the issue of even when she was in preschool there are things that happen where you want to fight your kids battles you know and it's a struggle I want this person to know that they need to back off she needs a code to the building it's none of your business if he's giving you the money for the space that she rented that's it that's all you have to do with this and I'm just like all hot I'm hearing the struggles and she's not like somebody who doesn't stick up for herself Shia plainly say X. Y. and Z. but he's just not listening so what do you do when everyone aha I mean I mean this can happen not only with kids if you're a parent if your kids being bullied in sixth grade you want a good call those parents and go are you don't know what your kid is doing to my kids also can be the same way with partners you know if your husband comes home and he is having an issue you wanna you know you want to jump in there but it's just it's rough so what you gonna do I I well I can't be like a will your mommy called and told me to I mean he's a grown man he's my age that's the thing you stream or like a kid in that she's stupid and I hate that because he's brilliant I don't know I just have to basically sit on it but I also don't want her to be in this position I don't know what to do that's my problem it's so hard you can't like if something happens to call and you know what you probably want to kill somebody up and give him a piece of your mind I I would don introduced this and will continue this conversation later but when we don brought this up I immediately thought of wind wind Colin did P. R. for movies for different movies yeah there was a film critic that was incredibly dismissive and very rude to Colin I will not put this person I'm glad I never I will never do that but I will tell you since that day I I have not to win this person a guy when this when I see this person out in about like it events or movies I feel myself tensing up because I want to slap him across the forehead yeah and tell him to stop believing his own press but he's not that impressive and he needs to treat people on he needs to treat the PR people with a little bit of respect not all you're not all that Mister Mister and yes I get I eat Colin and I can fight and we I I can you give me your take it with me and I can be your tainted with him but no no no no no I do not like when people are are are rude to calling now or anybody I got into we got to go but my best friend Jan we rad we were at an event and this this twin girls woman was rude to Jen the end this story ever we we laugh livor softened dawn you would have thought someone like pulled the hair of my mama as he looked at this woman we were in a public place and Colin had remind me he's like Jason a public person I do not care I went up to this woman and I'm like how dare you yeah as I said don't you ever talk to my friend like that I said you get out of here I said you are disgusting and I just I went off on her yeah did it feel good but you can't do that dog yeah not do it I can't do it has no no this guy has a great reputation you know please I and this is not a Taylor swift moment where I want people out there you go he got my daughter's Instagram and find out where she works no no no not do that might kill me yeah I am not in the same market anymore so it's like I I you know I can speak freely about this whole plan other people from Springfield to listen so hi please don't be person but yeah jumping off point actually my talk on a seven one everything entertainment life is a journey it's your own unique voyage to wherever you want to go and the healthier you are the more epicure voyage will be that's why the independent health care professionals at north clinic have changed their name to avoid health care because they believe healthcare should be a well coordinated personalized lifelong journey.

rob Alexis don I twenty eight years twenty years
Centene CEO Michael Neidorff Discusses the Market with Jim Cramer


06:41 min | 2 years ago

Centene CEO Michael Neidorff Discusses the Market with Jim Cramer

"Care stocks just aren't getting enough credit for the incredible fundamentals especially best offers like united health group seventeen she's a big administrative government sponsored health pets sure enough two days ago seventeen reported what I call a Nabokov quarter meaning not is fear while the company delivered a nice top and bottom line they also missing some key line I'm so we can over that medical cost ratio found that little niggling frankly the percent of the premiums they collect it goes to paying for healthcare but because the managed care stocks have and crushed by Elizabeth Warren worries and number was all they knew sock exploded higher than the new surging six point five percents single session teens now rallied nearly fifteen point from its lows getting month although it's still twenty seven points away from its highest stock is picking up some members so let's check in with Michael Mayer is the chairman president CEO of seventeen and my favorite healthy. are executive now that he's finally recovered from the Saint Louis Cardinals stinging defeat at the hands of the shocking Washington nationals but you're not going to make money the driver manager okay let's you so much for coming on this quarter was really what odd I think that you just get better and better when this next he'll closes right doing because you've really got a momentum enough and you also announced the by that which I think was great during sign there's a couple of I this was the ninth clean quarter we've had and the other eight we went down for Novi in my mind volatility with her this this was a very good quarter the buyback we have the optionality now that with the proceeds from the sale the socks the copies were divesting and we now have the option retired that or by backstop if we cannot like to buy back stock as a way to for the investors you do want to do well here's what I'm thinking there was a piece in the New York Times Tober eighteenth twenty nine thousand nine how pending decisional bomb care could up in twenty twenty campaign there's a very big federal appeals court decision coming very shortly could happen to this evening for I know we're going to be a lot of misunderstanding at I'm not sure of US knows which way it's going to come out but there are situations which could be very advantageous for seventeen that people nate misjudge but which is by stock when I we called WHO's our investors today we called when the Fifth District Federal Court was going to rule the way they did right now we think there's a chance that the appeals court could turtle we we know that if they don't it's going to the Supreme Court and we think Supreme Court were overturned not five four you'll be sixty or seventy two so We're hoping that the Federal Appeals Court Fifth District does reverse it they do it will just take an over here out right but you I'm presuming you're saying I'm too would be in favor of the four healthcare which absolutely it is the exchanges are shocking people right they're actually doing we're they're allowed to flourish they're flourishing in caution going down people like him and we'll retaining the individuals longer than we historically have though we're down about one point nine million we were staying longer all the time and we have eighty percent of the people each year renewing from the previous year so it's a product like it's where people want to walk in with an insurance card not for free care don't you think that there's been a miscalculation in the big broad presidential debate and lately just in the polls from CNN the other day it looks like the American people are waking up idea that maybe it will cost too much and maybe the care would be subpar on this single payer I was just looking at every other country you go to England they've had single payer forever and there's a private system equal in size for every time a politician I've said it to you before it's too much politics not policy right I tell them why don't you go practice on the postal system no you've had the postal system the private system they'll this this system is working people care they want a couple of employees in Italy and one of my employees contain costs in a single payer is withhold services I've had people in England Germany France as us to open up medical tourism spots in the former Eastern European bloc so they can go get the knee replacement of what things they can't normally get one more fast sure have to confirm this there I believe there are about ten times as many M is in Canada as find the Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota thing about this what that means if this four if there's seventy four in Rochester some of that nature there's only even forty two whole country I mean is there so's dynamics that's great numbers on post road now I go through this gigantic acquisition welfare I don't know how do it for instance I was okay so where are we now it's Illinois in New Jersey I mean every state do you have to make a presentation every state in why can these two states hold you up well they're not they're not going to New Jersey they seem to be last that's okay they they're going to the review right now there are some some things in Illinois it's virtually going to be resolved any time now I it's it's a clean it's very clean acquisition okay now the we're working with justice I any trust any trust is it's hard to see who's the states can decide how many players they want anytime and what the rates are okay what question do you think that people are beginning of when it was warn really raises less corn and more hell are people actually starting to get frightened about the the dollars that will cost you think it's starting to sing I hope so because the numbers I've seen that that single payer program Medicare for we'll have somewhere between twenty five and thirty eight trillion dollars over ten years here's the budget for ten years is fifty six trillion dollars they get about what that means there's the whole country would be it's it's it's I've said it many times it's politics not policy and you know it's very easy to have a soundbite medicare for all right it takes a lot of paragraphs explain bad all right that's great because you've been a source of wisdom and also whatever win what we're going to fail you told us to succeed now people want them and my family members included all right that's buckle night on Sherman President the CEO of seventeen

Nabokov Ten Years Thirty Eight Trillion Dollars Fifty Six Trillion Dollars Eighty Percent Two Days
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WLS-AM 890

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"A second defensive touchdown really aligned. Java Hanson and then they're getting pressure and going for the ball not the sack. it is ruled a touchdown Illinois right now. up to kick the extra point. six. through. two defensive touchdowns today great job. sure on second and nine and. they're going. this act in another. that's impressive you can think through that about. to do just to stop the use. six six touchdown. full recovery touchdown. back in a little closer to Minnesota thirty to seventeen. Laurie Hays. recovery for a touchdown an Ohio state November eighteenth twenty seventeen. two years ago. the for the gophers their goal line or right. after the. reporter overs will start first in ten of their own twenty five. watch this this over off and save the last few drives they haven't been snapping the ball. it's happened about five seconds. this one this game down and get out of here so. the rocking chair there and just got a. for sale. we'll return touchdown Harding by the way leads Illinois with seven tackles today. thirty to seventy Minnesota first. five. goes to work and now we get a whistle. your late in the third quarter. join us next Saturday October twelve the Michigan Wolverines come to town. thank you for a while yeah that's right since twenty eleven. charger line I weekend Friday with a quintessential unveiling ceremony at the Smith center at two o'clock all of my old practices it open for the women's team for six seconds. join the fight. so you. this weekend. the next two weeks. all right I always said that the frenzy to make us stop. they get a stop they got a score. first go to work first and. twenty five years. twenty five thirty. there is a good open field tackle. just to get him down these is itself back just to tackle one on one. Minnesota at the forty yard line. seventeen Lee. officials. the way. should. for about forty two. duration there and get in the backfield might make an early because. here's just as Minnesota they're gonna be methodical they take their time to try to get to the fourth quarter here on this drive and. get the right look for every play in under five seconds. two hundred fifty three yards today. six. all right. all over the place. this is on Minnesota. just around the left side the whole again looks like a facemask by J. cans and I think that's what I call may be on your right. flags came flying. the twenty yard line see. makes a big play even bigger. for fifteen. thirty to seventeen Minnesota late. it's a down inside the fifty to the fourteen a gain of four. for. try to take this to the fourth. twenty two seconds left in the third quarter it's what Jews Williams used to do all the time with. our man in all in different guys that were there. you just stand together basically for a second and then handed off. it was one where the bank goes the other. pretty well here. J. flex running down the sideline as well join his team. Minnesota leads thirty to seventeen as we go to look for. plays of twenty or more yards today sixty four twenty one twenty one and twenty five in the lead right now. four thirty to seven. at.

Minnesota Illinois gophers Laurie Hays. Michigan Wolverines Ohio reporter Harding Smith center Williams five seconds two hundred fifty three yards twenty two seconds twenty five years six seconds twenty yard forty yard two weeks two years
Name the Rover

Innovation Now

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Name the Rover

"Red Rover Red Rover. Send a name for Mars Twenty twenty right over this is innovation now bringing you stories behind the ideas that shave our future. The Mars Twenty Twenty Rover is a twenty three hundred pound robotic scientists that will search for signs of the past microbial life characterized the planet's climate and geology and collect samples for future returned to Earth Mars twenty twenty will pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet and NASA is inviting K twelve students nationwide to give the rover a name before four November. I interested students should submit a short essay explaining why their proposed name should be chosen in January. The public will have an opportunity unity to vote online for one of nine selected finalists NASA plans to announce the winning name on February eighteenth twenty twenty exactly exactly one year before the rover will land on the surface of Mars. The student who submits the winning name will be invited to see the spacecraft launch in July from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida for details about the contest visit the NASA Dot Gov Mars website for or innovation now. I'm Jennifer pulley. Innovation now is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace through ration- with NASA.

Mars Twenty Twenty Rover Mars Twenty Twenty Nasa Cape Canaveral Air Force Stati Jennifer Pulley National Institute Of Aerospac Florida Twenty Three Hundred Pound One Year
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ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Through the eighteenth twenty nineteen certainly with the new course exclusive ticket packages are now available to get up for every shot Los biggest golf offense of the year visit B. M. W. championship dot com today when you set out on your journey together you dreamed about having kids as time goes by you look back at all the great times you hand raising your family and all the great things still to come but now you've discussed it and you know that you're done having kids it's time to take the next step of a sector take that step with except me clinics of Chicago because experience really does matter especially with this procedure they make it so easy with the thirty minute no needle no scalpel in office vasectomy log on to the second the Chicago dot com read the testimonials and learn more about their procedure effectively clinics of Chicago for convenient locations in Naperville Tinley park Arlington Heights in downtown Chicago at lake point tower now with free valet parking their procedures covered by most insurance so everything is lined up to make your decision an easy one with vasectomy clinics of Chicago this is the second the Chicago dot com today or call toll free eight seven seven eight seven seven four V. A. S. eight seven seven eight seven seven four eight two seven Twin Peaks is your ultimate sports watch with a menu to match any of our made from scratch menu items with a frosty twenty nine degrees draft beer served by a beautiful Twin Peaks girl and you're in for a legendary sports watching experience now's the time to book your team's fantasy football draft party at Twin Peaks be the NBC the most valuable commissioner contact your local Twin Peaks today and take advantage of sweet draft party prices for the whole week Twin Peaks he drinks.

Chicago lake point tower Twin Peaks NBC commissioner twenty nine degrees thirty minute
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ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"To eighteenth twenty nineteen in the heat of the peachy tours fix Cup playoffs too. Tigers tied for the lead exclusive ticket packages are now available for Chicago's biggest Gulf offensively here basic BMW championship dot com today. Goalie one. Hello. I'm Marcin the general manager upper Arlington right now. When you buy or lease new or certified pre-owned, you will receive complimentary five-year Lexus, schedule news, and get zero PR for sixty months. Select Lexus models, but Lexus Lincoln route fifty three on the road or online and Mexico Valentine dot com. With approved credit on select models zero is sixty thousand planes and six thirty nineteen Bill to get a great deal on to your favorites too, and she's ramps for two dollars bagels with cream cheese for four dollars to bacon, egg and cheese croissants for five dollars opinion. It's a pretty tough deal to be that's my go-to sense. John Duncan participation may vary. Limited time exclusions apply. Hey sports fans, listen up. Tom I drive a hawk. That's right. Jani got it from my friends at hawk auto dot com. If you're looking to save big on your next new Ford, Chevy Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, ram Subaru Cadillac Mazda VW, pre driven vehicle. The check them out, online, hawk auto dot com. Dry with jive jive a hawk hawk auto dot com. Chicago land. When mortgage interest rates, dropped this low and home values are rising at the fastest pace and over a decade people want options. The five minute loan approval, only available at the home loan expert dot com expert Elsie in MLS number thirteen twenty six to forty one. it's time for some straight talk you wouldn't pay one hundred dollars for seats to a baseball game where you can get the same seats for fifty bucks so why pay more on your wireless where you can get the same four g. l._t. network up to half the cost for forty five dollars a month yet our unlimited plan with twenty five gigs of high speed data from straight talk wireless no contracts only at walmart savings may vary see terms and conditions at straighttalk dot com We know what the right combination of sunny days, picnics and trips to the lake. Some summers can last a lifetime. Great outdoors. Cruise ships into Belus where you can see big star spangled summer sale selected shirts, T, shirts, ten dollars each and Komen forty eight hundred twenty dollars. That's shops, and Cabela's adventure starts here. You can always count on Miller highlights the champagne of beers, always, crisp. Always easy into always just right. The perfect balance of flavor and refreshment since nineteen three. Welcome to the highlight. twenty nineteen miller brewing company milwaukee wisconsin celebrate responsibly guys the secret is out if you want healthy sex your body needs nitric oxide and now you can boost your nitric oxide production faster than you thought possible with ageless male tonight the absurdly fast formula from the number one brand in male enhancement just take one capsule an hour before romantic activity you'll get clinically tested ingredients that rapidly boost nitric oxide production and it won't go unnoticed rushed to walmart and get ageless male tonight this is what sylvie on.

Chicago Lexus walmart Tigers Lexus Lincoln miller brewing company Miller Marcin Bill Jani John Duncan general manager Subaru baseball Tom I Dodge Arlington Ford
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Westwood One Daily News Flash Briefing

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on Westwood One Daily News Flash Briefing

"From Washington DC. This is Westwood One daily news. For June eighteenth twenty nineteen. I'm John trout in a late night tweet, President Trump threatens to remove millions of people in the country illegally with US immigration and customs enforcement to begin the removal process next week. The battle over border funding will come to a head as the Senate majority leader is setting the stage for a vote. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has that story. Senator Mitch McConnell says he will force a vote next week on President Trump's request for emergency border funding, even if his own party can't reach a budget deal with Democrats. The majority leader tells Fox News, the funding some four point five billion dollars is all about humanitarian aid, and he says he wants to put the Democrats on record should they oppose it. So I'm gonna bring it up free standing next week and see if they really aren't interested in dealing with this mass of humanity that we have to take care of at the border. Democrats balked at the humanitarian funding before last week or two ago, we passed a supplemental for the floods, you know, storms damages we had Puerto Rico, and Florida Alabama, Georgia. Nebraska in the Senate. We wanted to add to it roughly five billion dollars. The president's requested to deal with the wall. But just the humanitarian part of the crisis at the border. The Democrats insisted on stripping it out. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says that's because it didn't belong on that Bill. Oh, come to administration has put in conditions for border funding..

Trump president Senate Senator Mitch McConnell Washington Linda Kenyon Nancy Pelosi Puerto Rico John trout US Fox News Nebraska Florida Georgia Alabama five billion dollars
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WLS-AM 890

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"When you walk into the IRS. It absolutely is not you need people who know how to handle themselves. That's where Optima Tax Relief comes in. And give them a call eight hundred nine five six sixty one sixty six. Okay. So the latest on the Muller cases that according to the Washington Post special counsel, Robert Muller obtained court approved warrants to search the emails of President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen in July twenty seventeen so that is a lot earlier than previously thought as his office investigated. Whether Cohen had legally worked for four entities. According to newly unsealed documents illustrating how the investigation moves quickly and quietly to scoured the digital trails of the president's associates. The search Lawrence unsealed, Tuesday and Cohen's case offer new insight into how Muller and his team handed off a key part of the colon investigation to federal prosecutors in New York in early twenty eight eighteen and how much evidence they already had against Colin before they searched his office home and hotel room the first Lawrence obtained by the special. Counsel's office was dated July eighteenth twenty seventeen Cohen's emails than a second warrant less than a month later sought cloud backup files related to his phones. A third warrant sought Coney Nells dating back to June twenty fifteen investigators were very interested in how Cohen had apparently lied to banks while pocketing hundreds of thousands of bucks from a bunch of companies. All of this stuff was essentially farmed out to the southern district of New York, which suggests that this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with President Trump nonetheless, it is not great news for Michael Cohen, or for the Trump organization more generally when it comes to the state prosecution of the Trump organization that the that the government was going after his records very early. Lanny Davis who has Cohen's lawyer said on Monday that the release of the documents called only furthers Cohen's interesting continuing to cooperate and providing information and the truth about Donald Trump, and the Trump organization to law enforcement and congress Davis has declined to comment after the warranty released the documents had significant reductions, for example, there's a head. The campaign contribution scheme and then eighteen and a half pages covered in a box. So there's more to drop more shoes to drop. All right. Well, we're gonna get to in just a second the living proof that the media may be skewed beyond recognition. We'll get to that. In just one second. First. Let's talk about those ugly window coverings in your house when it comes to improving the look and feel of your home your apartment without spending a fortune.

Michael Cohen Donald Trump Trump Robert Muller president special counsel New York IRS Lanny Davis Coney Nells Lawrence Washington Post Colin congress one second
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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on Triangulation

"Bandwidth for triangulation is brought to you by cachefly at c a c h e f l y dot com this is triangulation episode three hundred forty seven for friday may eighteenth twenty eighteen in bernstein misty robotics does up of triangulation is brought to you by ziprecruiter are you hiring ziprecruiter has revolutionized how you do it the technology identifies people with the right experience and invites them to ply to your job they find great candidates for you tried for free today at ziprecruiter dot com slash triangulation 'em by fresh books the ridiculously easy to use cloud accounting software helping small business owners thrive try it free for thirty days at fresh bookstop com slash triangulation one and welcome to another episode of triangulation i'm jason howell here on a friday morning and i've been looking forward to this morning because i mean you probably already familiar with this the future that we live in right things that when i was younger i'd watch the jetsons and i'd see rosie the robot rolling around and i think wow that's that's like a symbol the future flying cars is another one i'm not sure how far along we are on that but robots are happening and obviously i don't know if you noticed but i've got a little robot sitting right next to me this is the misty to compliments of founder and head of product at mr robotics in bernstein how's it going in it's going very well thank you solutely thank you for coming out you're actually in the area because you're going to make our fair and i i pretty sure i know exactly why you're going to be bringing your misty to robot along with you i'm sure you're looking forward to the the chance to kind of bring the public into.

ziprecruiter jason howell mr robotics cachefly founder head of product thirty days
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on Daily Tech News Show

Daily Tech News Show

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on Daily Tech News Show

"Uhhuh these are the daily tech headlines for friday may eighteenth twenty eighteen i'm sarah lean location smart data aggregated that collects the real time location data on millions of cell phone customers via direct connections to sell carriers across north america headey bug and its website that allowed anyone to see where a person is located without obtaining that person's consent the site apparently had a trial period page that let users test the accuracy of its data it required explicit consent from the user before that location data could be used by sending a one time text message to the user however robert jau a phd student at the human computer interaction institute at carnegie mellon university tells ziti net skipping the consent consensus still revealed location data because one of the api is used in the trial page was not validating the consent response properly a new report from strategy analytics tracking smart speaker sales says apple sold an estimated six hundred thousand home pod speakers during the first quarter of twenty eighteen which is about six percent of the global smart speaker market amazon shipped in estimated four million echo smart speakers during the same quarter for a forty three point six market share and google shipton estimated two point four million google home speakers for a twenty eight point five market share alibaba also came in a head of apple with seven hundred thousand shipments and jami trailed behind with two hundred thousand cambridge analytica shutdown earlier this month saying the media coverage over how it collected eighty seven million facebook users information had driven away its customers reuters reports that cambridge analytica has now filed for chapter seven bankruptcy in the us bankruptcy court for the southern district of new york on thursday which cambridge analytica previously said it would do the verge obtained a leaked copy of an internal google video that illustrates how data could direct human behavior the video was made in twenty sixteen by nick foster the head of design at google's research and development division ex but the video itself is being called creepy and disconcerting least by some referring to richard dawkins.

carnegie mellon university apple amazon google alibaba jami cambridge analytica us new york robert jau facebook reuters nick foster richard dawkins six percent
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on Daily Tech Headlines

Daily Tech Headlines

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on Daily Tech Headlines

"Uhhuh these are the daily tech headlines for friday may eighteenth twenty eighteen i'm sarah lean location smart data aggregated that collects the real time location data on millions of cell phone customers via direct connections to sell carriers across north america headey bug and its website that allowed anyone to see where a person is located without obtaining that person's consent the site apparently had a trial period page that let users test the accuracy of its data it required explicit consent from the user before that location data could be used by sending a one time text message to the user however robert jau a phd student at the human computer interaction institute at carnegie mellon university tells ziti net skipping the consent consensus still revealed location data because one of the api is used in the trial page was not validating the consent response properly a new report from strategy analytics tracking smart speaker sales says apple sold an estimated six hundred thousand home pod speakers during the first quarter of twenty eighteen which is about six percent of the global smart speaker market amazon shipped in estimated four million echo smart speakers during the same quarter for a forty three point six market share and google shipton estimated two point four million google home speakers for a twenty eight point five market share alibaba also came in a head of apple with seven hundred thousand shipments and jami trailed behind with two hundred thousand cambridge analytica shutdown earlier this month saying the media coverage over how it collected eighty seven million facebook users information had driven away its customers reuters reports that cambridge analytica has now filed for chapter seven bankruptcy in the us bankruptcy court for the southern district of new york on thursday which cambridge analytica previously said it would do the verge obtained a leaked copy of an internal google video that illustrates how data could direct human behavior the video was made in twenty sixteen by nick foster the head of design at google's research and development division ex but the video itself is being called creepy and disconcerting least by some referring to richard dawkins.

carnegie mellon university apple amazon google alibaba jami cambridge analytica us new york robert jau facebook reuters nick foster richard dawkins six percent
"eighteenth  twenty" Discussed on Daily Tech Headlines

Daily Tech Headlines

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"eighteenth twenty" Discussed on Daily Tech Headlines

"These are the daily tech headlines for wednesday april eighteenth twenty eighteen i'm tom merritt facebook is introducing new privacy controls in order to comply with europe's general data protection regulation or gdp are that goes into effect may twenty fifth facebook will present users with screens showing their privacy settings with the option to click except in continue or manage data settings users in the eu we'll see the permission screens this week with other regions worldwide to follow in addition users in the eu and canada will be given an option to opt in to facial recognition in accordance with those regions laws best buy we'll begin selling toshiba and its own insignia brand televisions with amazon's fire tv built in starting this summer the tv's will come in four k and hd versions best buy we'll partner exclusively with amazon to sell these models the latest version of google chrome now automatically mutes auto play videos unless you choose to enable sound sound will not be muted if the user selects the site frequently plays videos on that site or has added the site to their home screen settings now also include an option to always block auto play videos from particular sites or domains android has released a browser called internet for android five point oh or newer users in india the app is small less than two megabytes supports private tabs and does not collect private data acis announced a radio on exclusive erez a are ez line of graphics cards none of which carry ace's are g brand which it usually uses for top line gaming hardware pc world notes that hard ocp's kyle bennett previously reported that in video was pushing vendors to use it's g force hardware exclusively in its top line brands which makes plain the new brand name for amd hardware andy says you can expect more add inboard partners to launch new brands featuring radio on amdi also said it quote is continuing to push the industry openly transparently and without restrictions.

facebook europe eu toshiba amazon kyle bennett tom merritt canada partner amd two megabytes twenty fifth four k