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The Sinking of Atlantis

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The Sinking of Atlantis

"I'm thrilled to announce a fascinating new par cast original called not guilty. It examines controversial criminal cases and attempts to determine why solid evidence doesn't always lead to a conviction. Stay tuned after our show. So you can hear a clip of the first episode to listen to the full first episode subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. We had arrived at a first plateau where further surprises awaited me here, picturesque ruin stood up bearing the Mark of man's hand. And not that of the creator. Captain nemo came close to me and stopped me with a sign then picking up Chaki piece of stone. He went up to a rock of black basaltic and wrote a single word Atlantis. This is a passage from Jules Verne's classic book twenty thousand leagues under the sea. It helped Reese sparked the imagination of the nineteenth century public and beyond about the legend of Atlantis since Jules Verne's mentioned of the mysterious Atlantis. There have been numerous articles books documentaries and even a movie exploring the myth of this lost city. The discussion includes a contentious debate about whether it Lantis actually existed, and if so where it might be most scholars and historians agree that the Atlanta story was an allegory invented by Plato in ancient Greece, but many immature archaeologists have devoted a great portion of their lives searching for the city that sank into the sea overnight, and some of them believe they might have found it if they're right, then why has Atlanta's been called a myth. For so long and who's been keeping it secret. Welcome to conspiracy theories on the par cast network every Wednesday. We dig into the complicated stories behind the world's most controversial events in search for the truth on Carter, ROY Brandenburg and neither of us are conspiracy theorists. But we are open minded skeptical and curious don't get us wrong. Sometimes the official version is the truth. But sometimes it's not at par cast were grateful for you, our listeners, you allow us to do what we love let us know how we're doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review wherever you are listening. It really does help we also know have merchandise said to par cast dot com slash merch. For more information. You can listen to previous episodes of conspiracy. Series as well. As all of our cast other shows wherever you listen to podcasts. In the next two episodes. We'll be exploring the legend of Atlantis and the conspiracy theories surrounding the rumored existence of the mythical lost continent. Officially Atlantis does not exist in never has existed. However, it occupies a unique space in folklore. And today, we'll examine the myth of Atlantis looking for clues that it might be more than a myth and part of a centuries old conspiracy in modern day. Pop culture. Atlantis takes on a sort of magical, futuristic quality. It's the namesake of cruise ships island resorts. And even a NASA space shuttle, but the legend actually began around three forty BC with one of the most influential figures of western philosophy Plato Plato was born around four twenty BC in ancient Greece. He introduces the legend of Atlantis in his little known works to miss and criticize to Mason. Critics are not an easy read according to philosophy professor Brian Johnson. The dialogues are Plato's attempt to give a theological account that provides something like that geometric logic of nature. In other words, Plato is trying to make sense of a chaotic world in use a single theory to explain well, everything, and it creates a bit of a convoluted messy work, many modern academics view, the legend of Atlantis. As a tool Plato uses to explain his idea that a perfect form of government. Cannot be sustained human institutions will always eventually become corrupted and fail Plato is known to us myths and allegories in his works. So this wouldn't be unusual. But what many people claim is unusual about tomatoes in crisis? Is the number of times Plato remarks that the story of Atlantis is true. If he intended the story to be read as a fictional allegory. Why did he go through so much effort to make it appear historically accurate to answer that we have to understand a little more about Plato's writing style? He would commonly frame his philosophical works as fictionalized conversations between real historical figures to create a dialogue about the lesson. He was teaching Plato's dialogue to May US follows that pattern beginning was a fictional conversation between Socrates Tomase Christmas and her mom critise Socrates Christmas, and her mockeries are all definitely real people whom Plato adopted as characters for his story Plato also claims that Tomase of loughry was a real philosopher, but if he did exist, he never appears in the historical record anywhere except in Plato's die. Dialogues in ancient times, it was universally accepted that to me was real, but modern scholars generally agree. He was a character completely invented by Plato the line between fact and fiction is only going to get murkier from there within Plato's dialogue criticize tells a story. He supposedly heard from his grandfather who in turn heard it from Solan Solan is also a real historical figure who was a revered Greek academic and statesman for a point of reference. He died in five fifty eight BC a little over one hundred years before Plato was born in around six hundred BC Solan took a trip to Egypt, which is pretty well documented within ancient Greek history, according to Plato's dialogue during that trip Solan visited a temple in size, the priests there told him a story about his powerful ancestors. The ancient Athenians. The gypsum priests explained to Solan that the Greeks had lost millennia of their own cultures history due to a cycle of natural disasters, which completely destroyed Greek cities Egypt. However was spared these natural disasters. So they had records of events. The Greeks had completely forgotten. The priests told Solan about a time nine thousand years earlier when the Greek city of Athens was a truly great power around that time in era, Gant and powerful nation called Atlantis threatened to invade the Mediterranean, the Athenians fought bravely and were able to force Atlanta's army to retreat as Plato writes, the Athenians valiantly saved those within the boundaries of Herrick. Lease the pillars of Heracles refers to what we now. Call the strait of Gibraltar the skinny body of water connecting the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. The implication is that at Lantis lies outside the boundaries of Heracles somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, the Egypt priests explained that after Atlantis retreated earthquakes and floods hit the entire region. The story reads, quote, and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea and quote. A few key details from the story have been aggressively researched in the search for Atlantis. The first point of contention is the date nine thousand years ago. The oldest known civilizations are dated around the three thousand BC era. If Plato's date was correct that would mean that there was an advanced culture living six thousand years before the earliest evidence, we have of human civilization scholars usually point to this discrepancy as evidence that the story is fictional. And if what we've heard about Atlantis so far seems within the realm of historical possibility Plato second dialogue criticize paints a picture of Atlantic civilization. That sounds much more myth than fact. The critics dialogue focuses on the mythical origins of Atlantis and what the island was like before it disappeared under the see Plato's character. Critics explains that Atlantis was ruled by the Greek God Poseidon, he married a mortal name Klay Atto and she lived on a hill at the center of the island in the planes that surrounded the hill beside and created cold and warm water springs to make sure his progeny never suffered for water elephants roam the massive plane, which was two hundred and thirty miles in width the planes were surrounded by mountains, which protected Klay toe in her descendants from the harsh of north wind beside an also created five perfect circles around the hills alternating between land and water in a sort of bullseye fashion to protect against invaders the two outermost rings of water and land or each about three Stade's at their widest point the middle to rings were too. Stade's wide and the final ring of water around the hill was one statewide the stayed is an ancient unit of measurement that continues to boggle modern scholars it's generally agreed to equal about six hundred feet. But some ancient writers used the term to refer to distances of three hundred feet. If we assume one stayed equals six hundred feet, the total diameter of the island of Atlantis would be over four hundred miles across surrounded by another mile of circular rings for reference that's more than twice the size of the largest Greek island Crete, this massive size suggest the islands. Description is symbolic instead of historically accurate. Maybe maybe not moving on the during Poseidon Klay toes marriage. She bore five sets of twins all sons as the sons became men beside and distributed the land equally between the ten princes with the. Oldest receiving the central hill. His name was atlas and the empire took his name becoming Atlantis at this point Poseidon deemed, Atlantis the perfect society. The government was ruled peacefully by the ten princes and as time progressed by ten descendants of the original rulers, the leaders met every fifth and then sixth year to discuss matters of state. They would begin these meetings by capturing and slaughtering a bull and offering it up as a sacrifice to Poseidon after the sacrifice the leaders pledged. They would never attempt to overthrow each other. And if one did the others would all rally together to defeat mutineer? But even though Atlantis grew prosperous and strong the prince's link to Sidon weakened over the generations as they married mortal women after a while their actions became more, human and less godly, eventually Zeus, the leader of the gods was so displeased with what Lantis had become that. He came down from out Olympics to Atlantis to confront them Plato writes, quote, Zeus had gathered them together he said, and that's it the open ended. He said are the last two words of Plato's dialogue, the ultimate cliffhanger. But is the story unfinished or is the abrupt ending part of Plato's lesson Plato went on to write other works after this one. So perhaps he was planning to circle back and continue the story at a later date or maybe he felt he had set enough already. No one really knows. But what we do know is that these fifty pages ignited a two thousand plus year debate about whether Atlantis Israel or not during ancient times. Many people accepted the story as truth whether Plato intended it to be read that way or not even in more recent eras, some people point to the exact -ness of the details Plato uses to describe Atlantis as proved that the legend had AS Stoorikhel basis on the other hand scholars argue that the improbable measurements Plato uses are actually an argument for it. Lantis being a metaphor for one the island Plato describes is twice the size of Crete. If an island that large had suddenly sunk into the sea overnight, there would most likely be some mention of it in the historical record. It's worth mentioning that Plato was a great admire of the ancient Greek mathematician. Patheticness but had a sort of cult following in ancient Greece. And scholars argue that the numbers in the Atlanta story held a symbolic significance within pathetic geometry. Something any of Plato students would have understood, for example, the leaders of Atlantis met every fifth and six years in ancient Greece, the mixing of odd and even numbers could represent the impure -ness of Atlantis as it was led astray from Poseidon will get into these debates more deeply next week. But the takeaway is that even the most official story of Atlantis is open to interpretation. In just a moment. We'll look into how that interpretation has shifted throughout history. You have the suspect's fingerprints at the crime scene. You have witnesses testifying that they saw the suspect commit the crime. The suspect has a motive it's an open and shut case. Or is it each week the park cast original not guilty examines? Controversial criminal cases and tries to determine why solid evidence doesn't always lead to a conviction. What police considered compelling evidence against Casey Anthony in the disappearance of daughter Kayleigh defense attorneys classified as fantasy forensics, and she was ultimately acquitted of Keighley's murder. Amanda Knox served four years in an Italian prison for murder before later being acquitted was the media portrayal of knocks the profile of a killer or televised character assassination and sometimes jurors are responsible for wrongful convictions. As was the case when the central park five were convicted despite d. A evidence showing none of the suspects were involved search for and subscribe to not guilty on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. 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Now back to the story in ancient times, many Greek and Roman philosophers idealized Plato his word was revered and in the centuries after his death, many of his legends were accepted as truth, including the story of Atlantis. Plenty the elder a first century Roman historian wrote, quote, the island did sink if we are to believe Plato, and quote, but when the Roman empire fell in the fifth century, the legend of Atlantis also fell into obscurity, it wasn't until the twelfth century when Europeans began to travel for trade. The tales about a lost island begin to resurface in the public consciousness in the fifteenth century exploration turn to the Americas. When sailors returned from the new world, they would tell the tale of city on an island that sparkled with an abundance of. Gold on the maps in fourteen seventy five this island was labeled athlete or the whist Indies. But the rumors called it Atlantis the centuries long search for a sunken island full of gold began, but one man who had a major influence on the Atlantis legend didn't cross the ocean for gold. But for God in fifteen fifty a missionary name Diego Delana traveled to the Yucatan to convert the mind people to Christianity, the Maya were in power in modern day, Mexico. They had interconnecting cities wondrous temples and a complicated written language system. Comprised of hieroglyphics Dhillon lived with the Maya and steadied, their culture and complex rituals. But he was the most interested in their religion, the Mayan priest influenced almost every aspect of my daily life and as a Christian missionary the laundry. Oh, wasn't thrilled about their influence on the lawn notice that the most prized possessions of the Mayan priests where they're beautifully painted books to undermine the priests influence and weaken the general morale, he had the books Vern a few of these books did survive, but only because Delana was intent on translating them into Spanish, he thought he discovered the translation key, which he included in his book and account of the things of Yucatan delong does book which was drawn from both oral histories, and the text translated reported that the Maya had advanced knowledge of strana me and were able to anticipate certain weather events, he wrote that the Maya were descended from a civilization in the east and after their homeland was destroyed in a flood God opened up twelve passed through the sea, Moses style and delivered them to the Yucatan the Launda conclude. Words, quote, if this were true it necessarily follows that all the inhabitants of the Indies are descendants of the Jews in ancient technologically. Advanced people who civilization had been destroyed in a flood the connection to Atlantis seems obvious. But there are a couple issues to discuss the first is the important phrase, quote, if this were true dilemma wasn't expressing his opinion that the story was true. He was simply relying an oral history he'd been told. Secondly, the translation key that Delana thought he had was not actually accurate later. Attempts to translate the text using his key resulted in incomprehensible gibberish in the few. Mayan tech's. He so graciously didn't burn have still not been translated to this day. So wherever Delana was getting the story. It wasn't from the Mayan holy books. And wow. Wild Alana is credited with giving historians much of what is currently known about Mayan life. He also laid the groundwork for the theory that most of their culture was not their own. This is called, hyper diffusion ISM, which is defined as a suggestion that certain historical technologies or ADA's originated with a single people or civilizations before adoption by other cultures layman's terms. It's the idea that advancements like, astronomy and written language all originated in one place in this case, eastern Europe. And were later spread to other civilizations. In this case. The Maya the implication is that the Maya couldn't have possibly created their own advanced culture. It must have come from an ancient European culture. Obviously, there's some racism at play here modern day. Scientists have concluded that the Maya culture is in fact, their own and they did not. Bring it over from Europe or the Egyptians. Unfortunately, this idea of hyper diffusion ISM became a driving factor in future Atlanta's theories. Explorers. Like Delana came back with information about the new world, accurate or inaccurate maps change to account for the new continents to the west. But the mat makers didn't always travel themselves, and they changed their maps based on sailors accounts in the sailors were whispering about Atlanta a map in seventeen eighteen actually suggests that the entire continent of North America could be Atlantis the legend of Atlantis was becoming more ingrained in western popular culture. And it was also becoming more and more fantastic. It was about to get another boost of intrigue with the help of sir Francis Bacon. Big in is remembered, primarily as a scientist and philosopher Voltaire declared him, the father of the scientific method which highlights observations and skepticism ironically, bacon, would also become the father of the most fanciful and. Unscientific of Atlantis conspiracy theories in sixteen twenty seven bacon published his utopian novel, the new Atlantis the story begins with a ship sailing from Peru to China, it veers off course and lands on a mysterious island called Ben Salem. The sailors are greeted by a colony of Christians whose ancestors immigrated from the original Atlantis after it was destroyed by a great flood, the colonies culture honored both science and God and in doing so they became much more advanced than the rest of the world bacon paints a picture of an island with cures for every disease magical water. That increases one's life span. Unimaginable, riches and technology that resembles what we now call airplanes in submarines academics. Explain that bacon is the new Atlantis was intended to be a critique of. Current time period and a vision of his hope for the new world a brand new world with religious freedom. No, slavery and separation of church and state while it's widely acknowledged that the new Atlantis is a fictional novel. Not everyone got the memo in the coming years. Some readers would come to believe that bacon account was actually more fact than fiction the prominent historian and archaeologist Charles Ettienne, Brasseur dubber, Bo was one of these men in the mid eighteen hundreds dubber Bo was a leading expert in the field of Mayan history during his research in Spain in the eighteen sixties. He found an abridged version of Dhillon does long forgotten book and account of the things of Yucatan and more importantly to him Dhillon. This translation key for the Mayan texts. Dubose believed that the lost island of Atlantis was actually. Somewhere in the Yucatan and that Mayan writings held the key to finding it. He spent the rest of his life translating a term I use loosely the few surviving Mayan texts using Launda key as we hinted at earlier, they were mostly gibberish and his translations were not accepted by his academic peers, but dubber bow stuck by his translation, which was a sort of reverse version of the story. Delana had come up with his final conclusion was that the island commonly known as Lantis was actually called moo and it existed in the same area of the Yucatan where the my ahead lived during ancient times, a massive flood drove them out and they sale to Egypt where they began the ancient Egyptian civilization. Deborah Bose ideas would inspire many others to believe that when Plato said Atlantis was outside of the pillars of Herrick. Lease. He didn't mean barely outside. He meant across the entire Atlantic Ocean. Well, the Launda, sir Francis, Bacon and Brasseur dubber. Bo all helped keep the Atlantis legend alive throughout history. Perhaps no one has had a greater influence on Atlantis conspiracy theories, then Ignatius Donnelly, all of the previous men were accomplished in their fields of study outside of what they had to say about Atlantis. This was not true for agnosio Donnelly in eighteen fifty seven Donnelly and his wife left their home in Pennsylvania to start a cooperative farming community in Minnesota he and his partners built communal homes a hotel and a newspaper office, but that same year a financial panic hit the United States and the new community collapsed before it even got off the ground after that failure Donnelly decided to enter politics after he was elected to congress in eighteen sixty three he became a local supporter of highly unpopular. Ideas, like women's suffrage and abolition ISM his efforts were spectacularly unsuccessful. And in the next election in eighteen sixty nine he was voted out of office. He went back to his failed. Minnesota commune and wrote quote, all my hopes are gone and the future settles down upon me dark and gloomy indeed. And quote, but during his time in Washington DC Donnelly had had accessed the library of congress. He was an avid reader, and by the end of his tenure he had a favorite subject Atlantis in eighteen eighty two. He wrote his book Atlantis the anti diluvian world. It should be mentioned that Jules Verne's novel twenty thousand leagues under the sea came out in eighteen seventy twelve years before Donnelly published his work, and there's a strong likelihood that Donnelly had read it. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea is an adventure story where the characters briefly visit the lost city of Atlantis while it's just a small mention it brought Atlantis back into popular culture. So when Donnelly came out with his book on Atlantis the public was primed to embrace it. In other words, it was clever marketing Donnelly begins his book by boldly. And clearly stating that Plato story about Atlantis should be taken. As fact, he also adamantly states that Atlantis is somewhere near the Americas. Donnelly further describes Atlantis as utopia with an advanced language in technologies and claims that it was the location of the garden of Eden, the explains that the reason most civilizations around the world have a flood story within the annals of their mythology is because all cultures originated from Atlantis the people that survive. The flood left and started cultures in Egypt Europe and Israel Donnelley's the first to use i-in tiff evidence to argue that Atlantis Israel in the early eighteen seventies. The US coastguard had just discovered that the Gulfstream in the North Atlantic flowed in a clockwise circular motion. Scientists had also discovered a large bulk Cannock mountain range under this part of the ocean. Donnelly argued that the mountains were the same ones that had once protected the center of Atlantis the Gulf stream flowed circularly because for so many years it had circled the now sunken island, the impact of Donnelly's book was intense the public absolutely adored it and Donnelly was finally receiving positive attention in the eighteen seventies. A British cabinet member. Even wanted to put together a task force to find Atlantis. The scientific community wasn't quite as on. Board. Donnelly sent a copy to Charles Darwin who responded with scepticism the sort of, hyper diffusion, ISM Donnelly. And his theoretical predecessors. Advocated didn't quite line up with the research, Dr when had done on Evelyn, nevertheless, Donnelly clung to his ideas, thanks to his book, Atlantis had rocketed from relative obscurity to the forefront of the popular imagination. And even if scientists and historians weren't on his side, a lineage of amateur archaeologists believed, they could find it Lantis and prove the naysayers wrong. Coming up. We'll talk about the archaeological find in eighteen seventy two that encourage theorist to believe that Atlantis could actually be found. Now back to the story in eighteen seventy two newspapers all over the world reported that amateur. Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann had found the legendary city of Troy immortalized in the ancient poems. The Iliad and the odyssey in the Iliad the abduction of the beautiful Helen launches a war between Troy and Sparta and this conflict, which became known as the Trojan war was purported to happen in around the twelfth century BC. The ancient Greek seemed to believe the story was true. But by the nineteenth, century historians view. Troy similarly to how they've you'd Atlantis as an engaging myth that may or may not have a historical basis. George Grote a trusted classical historian. In the nineteenth century who wrote the massive work. The history of grease called Troy a legend. He and most archaeologist of his time believe that these ancient poems, which contained magical elements and had been passed down through history. Orally could not be trusted to give accurate historical information, but some amateur archaeologists by which we mean hobbyist with no formal qualifications and too much money and time on their hands maintain Troy was real among them was a German businessman named I Rick Schliemann in eighteen seventy one Schliemann use geographical clues from Homer's story to hypothesize that the small village of Hissarlik Turkey was the location of ancient Troy Schliemann hired local workmen to excavate near the village underneath the layers of hard rock. They found ruins of homes some golden objects and ROY. Eminence of a wall that would have once urrounded the ruined city in eighteen seventy two Schliemann declared that he had discovered the remains of Troy professional. Archaeologist weren't quick to support this claim, but his announcement gave hope to his fellow amateur archaeologists perhaps their efforts to find. So called mythical ancient cities were not in vain after his discoveries in Turkey Schliemann, look towards my Seaney grease to search for the palace of king Agamemnon in eighteen seventy six he found what he claimed was the tomb of Agamemnon the fine was the largest beehive tomb ever discovered inside where ancient skeletons and burial mask that Schliemann labeled the mask of Agamemnon. It's important to note that Schliemann was the only one declaring that these ancient artifacts were from the heroes of the Iliad and the odyssey seat. Seasoned archaeologists treated his claims with skepticism when carbon dating was introduced in nineteen forty six archaeologists took a look at the artifacts. Schliemann head uncovered in Turkey, six decades earlier, they realized the artifacts were actually older than the era when the Trojan wars are thought to have taken place the site Schliemann called the tomb of Agamemnon dated to twelve fifty BC which was about three hundred years earlier than when king Agamemnon is thought to have reigned in an interesting twist. This didn't lead the archaeologist conclude that Schliemann was wrong about the location of Troy Schliemann was as we noted an amateur, and he employed excavation techniques that would make professionals cringe like using dynamite to blast through layers of rock it's presumed that Schliemann accidentally blasted too deep into the rock blew up. The layer of the ruins that would have belonged to home. Homers Troy and unearth artifacts from a much older era. Instead, whatever Schliemann found his excavations were an exciting bronze age fine for archaeologists. He also provided ancient taxed with more historical weight into opened up archaeologists to the idea that these texts could help lead to excavation sites, and it gave amateur archaeologist everywhere. The hope that they could make the next great discovery Schliemann defied academics and found Troy, so why couldn't they do the same with Atlantis twenty years later in nineteen hundred another major excavation hit the headlines. Arthur Evans was an amateur archaeologist with a deep knowledge of pre alphabet Inc writing. And he was chasing another Greek myth that of king Minos in Greek mythology. King Minos was the son of Zeus and ruled Crete from the aim. City of no SIS the myth claimed Minos kept a terrifying. Half, man. Half bull monster called the mini tar in a maze under the palace. King. Minos kept the minutes are alive by feeding him at Thenia in youth which eventually compel the disgruntled Athenians to murder him like Schliemann before him. Arthur Evans believed that the myth of king Minos was based in historical fact, and that he could find the ruins of no says using details from the story in early spring one thousand nine hundred Evans used his inheritance to begin digging on the north central coast of Crete near the city of hair clay on in just a little over a week, the excavators. Had already unearthed a fully preserved clay tablet with writing in an unidentified ancient script, which Evans named linear b by the end of the dig they had thousands of these tablets the new. You an unidentified written language caused Evans to surmise that. The ancient people who had inhabited Hera clan were different civilization from the people who had lived in the city Schliemann had dug up in my Seaney Evans, called the people the Minoan 's modern day archaeologists have confirmed that the Minoan 's where a distinct culture that lived from twenty seven hundred to eleven hundred BC in Crete and the surrounding islands and addition to the clay tablets Evans, also found a massive thirty five hundred year old multi storey palace decorated with a symbol of the bull everywhere. The palace had a maze like quality to it with over a thousand rooms, which is not unlike the descriptions of the labyrinth under king Minos palace because of these similarities in nineteen hundred Evans announced to the press that the ancient city of no SIS had been found. And while there's still a debate about if this was actually the mythical king Minos palace. It's considered an important archeological find there is another important detail to mention about the site throughout the ruins. There were signs of natural disaster likely an earthquake that had destroyed the entire city a prosperous island city destroyed overnight in a sudden natural disaster. Sounds familiar doesn't it. It certainly does in nineteen thirteen archaeologist KT frost theorized that Plato story of Atlantis was actually true to appoint. The historian Solan was told the story he recounted from the gypsum priests. But he misinterpreted it the place Plato ended up calling Atlantis was actually know SIS frost explains that pottery from this Minoan civilization had been. Found in Egypt. Evidence of trade between the two ancient nations. There was also art on the temples depicting visitors in loin clause, bringing the AGIP Sion's both eased gifts, the AGIP would have known and been affected by no sece's destruction and much of the Atlantis theory matches. What archaeologists believe happened Enosis? It's not that far of stretch to believe they are the same story, but with the country given a different name, but it's not the only contender for the inspiration for the Atlantis myth about forty years later and nether potential candidate wasn't covered in the nineteen thirties Greek archaeologists spirit, and marinate Ohs was studying the volcano thera on the Greek island of Santa Rini only seventy miles away from Crete Mary not us. There is that the volcano had a massive explosion around fifteen hundred BC, which was so strong. It caused the entire Aland to collapse in on its self. This also happens to be right around the time that the Minoan empire, crumbled, marinol, toast, believe Okano is collapse caused tidal waves to surge across the Mediterranean it over two hundred miles per hour powerful enough to destroy Crete's coastal city of Noces strong evidence that no sece's destruction by flood was the inspiration for the Atlanta story. Another earthquake hit there in nineteen fifty six which created large cracks through the rock layers. It was there that geologist Angelos Kelanamas found human remains from between fifteen ten and thirteen ten b c around the same time marinate toes theorized, the bulk Ainhoa had massively erupted gallon up A-List thought the solidified the theory that the Atlantis story was inspired by Theros explosion. But he. Theorized that the basis for the island of Atlantis was Santa Rini not Crete to solidify his theory. He had to explain some discrepancies. Santa Rini is much smaller than dimensions that Plato gifts for Lantis and the fifteen hundred BC thera eruption occurred much later than the ninety five hundred BC date Plato gifts for the island's destruction gala novelist created a simple solution to solve both of these problems. He surmised that Solan when looking at the ancient Egyptian writing had misinterpreted the Egyptian hieroglyphic one hundred four one thousand divide all of Plato's numbers in the story by one hundred and Atlantis fell nine hundred years before Sahlins time not nine thousand in around fifteen hundred BC the dimensions of Atlantis become at twenty three square miles close to the twenty nine point four square miles of Santa Rini in nineteen sixty seven. Marinate owes explored the island further and he found a field covered in volcanic ash close to the village of critic he he began excavation and within days they began to uncover ancient ruins from. The bronze age roughly between thirty three hundred BC to twelve hundred BC what they found was magnificent with over thirty complete buildings from the ancient city Minoan pottery and intricate wall-paintings in nineteen sixty seven another leader of the excavation American researcher, James Maeve ver- went back to the US and took credit for discovering Atlantis much to the delight of the press. Marinate owes however never made the same proclamation. Some theorist believe this is where the search for Atlantic ends that the island of Santa Rini once held the ancient city of Atlantis. However, one more excavation in two thousand. I would create another wrinkle in the Atlantis legend the lost city of helicase. Unlike Atlantis is mentioned quite substantially throughout ancient oral in written history. If it was ever found archaeologists believed, it would provide historians with a great understanding of ancient culture yet despite all of its historical references, the physical clues to its location where spars and all searches for the city failed. Dr Dora Kosta NOP below realize that the problem was with the way the words in the historical text were interpreted cots, NOP below realize that the Ferryman frequently mentioned in helix history were not traveling across a Gulf, but a sort of lake or lagoon. That was connected to the see this meant Aliki had to be a bit more north and under solid land. Instead of underwater where arc Yala just had been searching. She was right in two thousand cots, NOP alot. Found Aliki the expedition also found signs that the city had been destroyed by a massive earthquake in three seventy three B C during Plato's lifetime Plato certainly would have heard about the hill. Leaky a city that was destroyed by a natural disaster. Overnight academics contend that Plato had based Atlantis on hill. Leaky using a recent event that all of his students would be familiar with as a tool for his philosophical allegory. But some argue that if that's the case, why isn't a volcanic eruption mentioned in the legend Plato talks of flood and earthquakes, but no ash or loud sounds if he was purposely imitating the story of Aliki. Why wouldn't he include the main distinguishing event the eruption again academics? Maintain that the details about Atlantis are fictionalized as it was intended to be read as an allegory not a historical account. But there are still some believers that use the historical discrepancies in the taxed to maintain that Atlantis isn't just a myth based on Aliki or Santa Rini or no service. The real Atlantis is still out. There. Lost waiting to be found. Next week will be exploring some conspiracy theories surrounding the mysterious law city of Atlantis whether it was real where it might be and what we could hope to find there. We'll start simple with our first conspiracy theory was Atlanta's a real island not in Greece or the Americas. But off the coast of Spain our second theory centers on the claims of American psychic and mystic. Edgar Casey who believed all human life originated on the lost continent of Atlantis including the first incarnation of Jesus Christ Casey prophesied that Atlantis would rise again out of the Atlantic Ocean in the year nineteen sixty eight conspiracy theory number three comes from an occultist named Madame boulevard. Sqi who claimed Atlantis was the ancient home of a race of superman called the aeriens. Their civilization was destroyed by human animal hybrids who were bred using black magic. And this idea of an ancient superior race found some notable supporters in Nazi Germany, including SS leader Heinrich Himmler who led a Nazi expedition to find the lost city of Atlantis. Whether this theory is true or not it had some serious real world consequences. Join us next week as we travel the globe searching for the truth about Atlantis. Thanks for tuning into conspiracy theories. We'll be back Wednesday with a new episode. You can find more episodes of conspiracy theories as well. As all par casts. Other podcasts on apple podcasts. Spotify Stitcher, Google play cast box tune in or your favorite podcast directory. Several of you of asked how to help us if you enjoy the show the best way to help is to leave a five star review. And don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at par cast and Twitter at par cast network. We'll see next time until then remember the truth isn't always the best story. And the official story isn't always the truth. 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