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"eighteen seventy twelve years" Discussed on Conspiracy Theories

"Perhaps no one has had a greater influence on Atlantis conspiracy theories, then Ignatius Donnelly, all of the previous men were accomplished in their fields of study outside of what they had to say about Atlantis. This was not true for agnosio Donnelly in eighteen fifty seven Donnelly and his wife left their home in Pennsylvania to start a cooperative farming community in Minnesota he and his partners built communal homes a hotel and a newspaper office, but that same year a financial panic hit the United States and the new community collapsed before it even got off the ground after that failure Donnelly decided to enter politics after he was elected to congress in eighteen sixty three he became a local supporter of highly unpopular. Ideas, like women's suffrage and abolition ISM his efforts were spectacularly unsuccessful. And in the next election in eighteen sixty nine he was voted out of office. He went back to his failed. Minnesota commune and wrote quote, all my hopes are gone and the future settles down upon me dark and gloomy indeed. And quote, but during his time in Washington DC Donnelly had had accessed the library of congress. He was an avid reader, and by the end of his tenure he had a favorite subject Atlantis in eighteen eighty two. He wrote his book Atlantis the anti diluvian world. It should be mentioned that Jules Verne's novel twenty thousand leagues under the sea came out in eighteen seventy twelve years before Donnelly published his work, and there's a strong likelihood that Donnelly had read it. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea is an adventure story where the characters briefly visit the lost city of Atlantis while it's just a small mention it brought Atlantis back into popular culture. So when Donnelly came out with his book on Atlantis the public was primed to embrace it. In other words, it was clever marketing Donnelly begins his book by boldly. And clearly stating that Plato story about Atlantis should be taken. As fact, he also adamantly states that Atlantis is somewhere near the Americas. Donnelly further describes Atlantis as utopia with an advanced language in technologies and claims that it was the location of the garden of Eden, the explains that the reason most civilizations around the world have a flood story within the annals of their mythology is because all cultures originated from Atlantis the people that survive. The flood left and started cultures in Egypt Europe and Israel Donnelley's the first to use i-in tiff evidence to argue that Atlantis Israel in the early eighteen seventies. The US coastguard had just discovered that the Gulfstream in the North Atlantic flowed in a clockwise circular motion. Scientists had also discovered a large bulk Cannock mountain range under this part of the ocean. Donnelly argued that the mountains were the same ones that had once protected the center of Atlantis the Gulf stream flowed circularly because for so many years it had circled the now sunken island, the impact of Donnelly's book was intense the public absolutely adored it and Donnelly was finally receiving positive attention in the eighteen seventies. A British cabinet member. Even wanted to put together a task force to find Atlantis. The scientific community wasn't quite as on. Board. Donnelly sent a copy to Charles Darwin who responded with scepticism the sort of, hyper diffusion, ISM Donnelly. And his theoretical predecessors..

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