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"eighteen mill" Discussed on News/Talk/Sports 94.9 WSJM

"Apple app store and the ws gm newsroom. I'm dave wolf. Local elections were held her on michigan on tuesday in the saint joseph city commission race. The three winners were michelle brinkley. Michael sorolla and brooke. Thomas they defeated thomas jennings ben ryan's and mark williams bigly was the only incumbent on the belt. She'll now serve a four year term along with sorolla while thomas will have a two year term when the new commissioners take their seats. They'll also have to select a mayor with their colleagues also in burying county reelected to the benton harbor city commission. Were dwayne seats. And ron singleton. They defeated ambi. Bill jones to serve as at large commissioners in ward four clark griffin edge out incumbent. Ruthie harrelson by a narrow margin. Tuesday's results are still unofficial. Scott smith will remain the mayor of south haven. He defeated them out. Goodwin on tuesday seven hundred ninety two to ninety six. Wendy nukii was elected to the city council in war to beating. Darty and george sleeper was reelected in war. Three running unopposed elsewhere. In van buren. County voters approved the non homestead military. No request from paul paul public schools for eighteen mills. The tax is on businesses commercial property vacation homes and rental properties but does not affect taxes on primary residences. Millage brings in two point eight million dollars a year which is eleven percent of the budget. Another recall petition has been filed against ben. Her remarks muhammad a day after the barry county election commission rejected the previous petition language. The first attempt said muhammad should be recalled for not telling the residents of benton harbor. The water was contaminated with lead. Election commission determined that to be untrue. Petitioner kwesi roberts said after money's ruling he would submit new recall language which he did the same day. The burien county clerk's office tells us the new petition says muhammed should be recalled for voting to increase the residents of ben harper's water rates. The burien county election commission has a new clarity hearing set for november seventeenth at nine thirty. A m a seventeen year. Old orinoco tonsure. President is facing charges after a shooting on monday. The variance springs orinoco touch police farm. It says officers were called to a home around eleven fifty. Am on a report of a man with a gunshot wound. They found a fifty six year. Old man shot. Once in the chest the seventeen year old suspect was taken to the barren kind of juvenile center on a charge of assault with intent to commit murder. His name has not been released. The victim remains in serious but stable condition. The governor is asking officials who manage these states catastrophic insurance flood to give back money to drivers in a letter to the michigan. Catastrophic claims association governor wimmer says the fund now has a surplus of about five billion dollars and drivers who paid on average of eighty six dollars to that fun last year should get that back association. Spokesperson kevin clinton says that by law. The money doesn't have to return until next year however the board of directors would consider. I think looking at a early dividend to drivers and would consider the governor's proposal. I don't think they would necessarily follow it. He says they would likely need to keep some of the surplus spectrum. Health lakeland center for a better health is celebrating one year operating in downtown at harbor spectrum melt lakeland medical director for health equity willie lawrence tells us the center opened at one hundred west main in response to nineteen but its mission later grew. We provide services such as health services mental health services social navigation. Legal navigation really trying to respond to the needs of the community asked Defy the folks in the community as a greater emphasis on equity came to spectrum lakeland. The decision was made to keep the center open and it since received more than one thousand visits from residents. We know that there's a gap to disparity and healthcare for the folks especially black folks in been harbor and our goal is to help to that. Help get the center. Has received one hundred twenty three heart health is. it's seven hundred forty. Six mental health visits seven hundred. Thirty one social navigation visits and one hundred forty two legal navigation visits dr and says it's forming partnerships with organizations like churches to increase awareness. And may one day move into a larger facility spoke melt lakeland will hold a celebration of its one year anniversary. The facebook live at noon on november fifteenth benton harbor city ministers have approved an agreement with a company called bird rides to have electric scooter. Rentals in the community during a monday meeting commissioners. We're told bird rides would bring fifty of the scooters to benton harbor to be stationed along main street. Downtown miramax mohammad said he seen them for rent in other cities. They seem to be a hit. A sharon image of them online photo scores downtown grand rapids not say that to generate over thirty five thousand views. People were just for whatever reason but so attracted to that kind of race to come to muhammad to scooters will be an asset that attracts people bird rides will maintain them and the company will pay the city a seven hundred fifty dollar license fee commissioner juanita. Henry said that's too low but notes that any money the company makes will be subject to the city's income tax deal is through the end of two thousand twenty two and we're off to a chilly start to november. And if you're curious about what to expect for the rest of the year sandy duck and managing enter other farmers almanac says they're calling this upcoming winter as the flipflop winter month-by-month. That's going to be a cheese one month. That won't be so cold and snowy but the next month it will and sometimes it's kind of like the beginning of the month versus the end of the month duncan says november. We'll start out. Cold with rain predicted on thanksgiving christmas is expected to be brutally cold but it should warm up for new year's as for january temperatures are expected to be mild.

muhammad dave wolf saint joseph city commission michelle brinkley Michael sorolla thomas jennings ben ryan sorolla benton harbor city commission ron singleton ambi clark griffin Ruthie harrelson Wendy nukii Darty george sleeper paul paul public schools for e barry county election commissi Petitioner kwesi roberts
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"eighteen mill" Discussed on 98.3 The Coast

"In the newsroom. I'm dave wolf. Local elections were held are on michigan on tuesday in the saint. Joseph city commission race. The three winners were michelle. Basically michael sorolla. And brooke. Thomas they defeated thomas jennings ben ryan's and mark williams bigly was the only incumbent on the belt. She'll serve a four year term along with sorolla. Thomas will have a two year term when the new commissioners take their seats. They'll also have to select a mayor with their colleagues also in burien county reelected to the benton harbor city commission. Were dwayne seats. Enron singleton. They defeated ambi. Bill jones to serve as at large commissioners in ward four clark griffin edge out incumbent. Ruthie harrelson by a narrow margin. Tuesday's results are still unofficial. Scott smith will remain the mayor of south haven. He defeated them out. Goodwin on tuesday. Seven hundred ninety two to ninety six wendy. Niki was elected to the city council in ward two beating kim. Dorothy and george sleeper was reelected in war. Three running unopposed elsewhere. In van buren county. Voters approved the non homestead mills renewal request from paul paul public schools for eighteen mills. The tax is on businesses commercial property vacation homes and rental properties but does not affect taxes on primary residences. The brings in two point eight million dollars a year which is eleven percent of the budget. Another recall petition has been filed against ben her remarks muhammed a day. After the barry county election commission rejected the previous petition language the first attempt said muhammad should be recalled for not telling the residents of benton harbor. The water was contaminated with lead commission determined that to be untrue. Petitioner kwesi roberts said after money's ruling he would submit new recall language which he did the same day. The burien kind of clerk's office tells us the new petition says mohammed should be recalled for voting yes to increase the residents. Ben harbors water rates. The barron county election commission has a new clarity hearing set for november seventeenth at nine thirty. A m a seventeen year. Old orinoco tasha president is facing charges after shooting on monday. The various springs or no catania police farmer says officers were called to a home around eleven fifty. Am on a report of a man with a gunshot wound. They found a fifty six year. Old man shot once in the chest. The seventeen year old suspect was taken to the bering kind of juvenile center on a charge of assault with intent to commit murder. His name has not been released. The victim remains in serious but stable condition. The governor is asking officials who manage these states catastrophic insurance fund to give back money drivers in a letter to the michigan catastrophic claims association. Go to women says the fun now has a surplus of about five billion dollars and drivers who paid on average of eighty six dollars to that fund. Last year should get that back association. Spokesperson kevin clinton says that by law. The money doesn't have to return until next year however the board of directors would consider. I think looking at a early dividend to drivers and would consider the governor's proposal. I don't think they would necessarily follow it. He says they would likely need to keep some of the surplus in the newsroom. I'm dave wolf..

dave wolf Joseph city commission michael sorolla thomas jennings ben ryan burien county benton harbor city commission Enron singleton ambi clark griffin Ruthie harrelson george sleeper paul paul public schools for e Thomas mark williams barry county election commissi Bill jones muhammad Petitioner kwesi roberts
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"In my childhood. When you hear those pieces of music now. Ed is your grandma close by. Yeah she is. I mean i. I get very emotional. After still in grandma died years ago she died two thousand and three two thousand and four but Yeah i mean. Drama was a great stability to me rather a tricky childhood and she also ended up paying for music lesson. She bought me my first viola. So you know there's there's a little bit of cressey around all the time play the viola. You play the cello. You teach both why when you wanted to know what it was like to learn from. Scratch a new instrument again. Did you choose to pick up. The french horn thought right. I need to learn an instrument. But i need to give myself a handicapped. Because you know. I've spent six years music college. I'm well-versed in music. And so i looked at the two hardest instruments that considered to be the hardest the oboe and the whole no the french horn as it's more commonly known and i love the oboe. No no disrespect to roy moore side. I have you know. I love your instrument but you do have to spend a lotta time whistling reads in the end and i'd always really really loves the french horn and so thought right. That's it is going to be the horn. You've bought your haunting me please. Yes so here she is. So he is anna. And there's a little bit of a buzz on the math baso. So anna is named after my mom so what happened was that i started to have lessons with a remarkable teacher here in brisbane. His name is peter luff. I discovered after a couple of months. That is actually one of the best one teachers in the world. And he's here in brisbane and he gave up some of his time to teach me and continues to teach me the horn. So peter led me one of the cons instruments at first but then after a few months mum brought to all of her four children and mom lives a very simple life. She not to a wealthy but she had some span money so she gave all of us a little bit of money and so with that money. I managed by this horn from one of peter's students so so my mom's name is anna so of course you know. The the horn is named anna. It's such a beautiful series. It circles horn always like that. Or how did it come to have that shape deny well. The horn originally was with literally a horn-like ram's horn you know that some of the oldest of the horns and then you've got those very long alpine horns of the original original horns were just these long stretch type things until the french sh started to experiment with broth alloys and then turned it into a nice hoop like this and then for hunting horns he could just kind of sling it over your shoulder and make loud noises on your horses bottom. And so that's why it's called the french horn. And that's where the coles come from. And then the germans at some point in the eighteen hundreds they devised this series of vowels and they devise the makeup of the modern horn now which is essentially to instruments that are stuck together with different lengths. A beautiful almost multiple brosse gold. You have to polish it actually. This horn is an lacquered sir. It says is just give a slightly softer side to to be honest. Taking all the help. I can get and if it doesn't have lacquer then then great how do you clean it. Okay so i come from the string world the string world you have to go to the string shop and buy very very very expensive. Tiny little miniscule bottle of polish. That basically cost you all your whiskey money for the month and then you have to have a very very fine special cloth and you can only polish instrument. Sort of in the new moon and and it becomes. It's very very particular thing which is fair enough. I mean you know you have to take care of these instruments. Because they're made of wood. They're often hundreds of years old and if not now then you hope that they will survive one hundred years so you have to take care of them. Brass is a little bit more robust. So when i went down to the brass music shop i said so. So how do i keep my instrument clean. Well how can i just give it a little bit of a polish pursued the markings we're getting a little bit much and he said just get it to your car parts salesperson and buy a bottle or tube of auto soul in fact get a big it's cheaper and just any old t shirts and that's it and i was like oh my god and i could buy. I can buy parts for my motorbike at the same time. Why didn't i know this before. He said that the the oboe in the horn had the reputation as being the two most difficult instruments. Why what what's what's challenging about lending on with the horn. One of the things is it. First of all is very very long. When you stretch out all those curly bid so i think it's like five or six meters long it's conaco which means that it just sort of increases in difficulty the further the go and then because of the way the instruments made basically means that you are playing a lot of the time the top of the instrument. So if you think about just blowing blowing into a tube you just blow and it reduces very very low note. You can do that with the horn but most of the music is written very very high. So that means that with your math with your ombu show the way that you form the muscles in your face to blow into the instrument that they're having to work incredibly hard you die from his having to work really hard if you think about how that deep breath you take in when you're going to yell at me across the office or something sarah not the but you into shy like hey you're gonna get me a coffee two. Then you know that instant diaper matic thing that you you bring it in that's gonna give you more energy the horned. You're doing that all the time and the top of it you blowing into a mouthpiece that's tiny. It's much more than a trumpet math bees and it's eighteen eighteen mill diaphragm. And it's also just incredibly touchy to the point that if you think different thing that had completely different. This is such a difficult instrument that when conductors bring in horn soloist. They look them in the i. That's how difficult to this. What's the what's the added. Challenge of playing the horn in an orchestra setting okay. So you've got most instruments. They face forward right you know the violins f. O.'s afford everything's forward forward forward. The flutes the clarinets and all the scientists projecting forward but for the horns because of the way it was cold. And i guess because horses like having loud noises blown onto their bottoms and the who. The bell faces backwards. So not only you. This remarkable difficulty of pushing as very long tube through tiny mouthpieces. A conical cheap. You're playing at the very top of the instrument. Different thoughts mean different notes. So you have to be absolutely in the moment. The fact is that you actually need to be slightly ahead of the moment because the instrument needs to blow backwards to rip reverberate off the back wall to come forwards so you have to play.

anna peter luff brisbane cressey roy moore peter grandma Ed coles sarah O.
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"eighteen mill" Discussed on The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

"One of them was rehoused bayonet lens right which they put on the red and all i know is we're shooting the sequence On the eighteen mill we had rented and The lens fell off the camera. The the the the remote follow focus had acts unscrewed. the lands from it's housing. It started to like the first day see was looking at the hall of ogre looking at the camera and they started to see this light wiggle right and then i swear to god. We were shooting a scene in. He died eggs across the prison floor and catches a lens as false from camden before. Sixty thousand dollars. Something right read that catches it in lanes in his hands and we all kind of like and take a break but you know it was storming outside obviously had to be storm that day. We had to be like a really hard outside of a appeal. Active prison Only loss in our of our time. We had to make up on what was always going to be the craziest eight a as day. Plus you know you're never going back there again right shooting eddie's character out that day scouting tovar mazing actor So finding a lot of madison's character net day also shooting hand didn't having the lens break. We were not even scheduled to be in the prison that day. You're supposed to be shooting with us until tire. Chinatown sequence splits. A storm in new york decided to happen that they had all the actors the morning of so you're not going they're going heater in. Luckily everybody was a trooper. wrapping out half for year. Ask your shooting the final scene. That was that was that was one of the challenge days. Yeah at it. Of course that's why we get film insurance kids you use that. You didn't have the one of the best. Ac's ever who can catch a falling. That's why film production insurance is very important. So what's next. What are you working on next. I have a documentary that I'm working on on. The life of felipe. Salah is some tiger from you know. Fake fish river runs through academy award winning terrific cinematographer. So it's exactly pretty five. Conveys in her lynne. Littman produced by one single. Deborah frontino macintosh. We are making the documentary soon. So that's great that's next. I want to celebrate his life. She's such a inspirational figure. I was released on target for for sure into his life. Expense like diva cinema Very i live my life then. I've got this pretty cool drama thriller that britain's again okay so you're just starting to write it now. Just finished writing at riding finishes can be brave. But i'm ready to start getting vulgar or not matt. Now that's great. We'll look you've been very generous with your time. I can't wait to see what you do next map. Thanks for coming down so much for having really appreciate it. And that's how they went down special. Thanks again to writer director matthew berkowitz for being so generous with his time and chatting about his latest film the madness inside me and folks if you want to support independent cinema seek out the madness society go watch it somewhere you could find it video on demand you could find it the places that you usually rent movies and You know look this podcast my magazine. It's all about connecting audiences and filmmakers and now is still challenging time for independent films. So i hope you check out the madness inside me and while you're surfing around online. I would be remiss if i didn't put you in the direction of backstory magazine over backstory dot. Net you can read it on a desktop or laptop or via our ipad app back story and you know folks now is as good as time as ever to become a subscriber. Our summers who still remain issue. But we're coming up on our fall issue in a couple of weeks here and There's a lot of great content. We even put new articles in the magazine. Even after we published like for instance. Paul thomas anderson interviewing director martin brest about making beverly hills cop and midnight run which was a qna that was done at the arrow theatre at the american cinematheque. So there's always plenty of interesting content to check out at backstory dot net. And you know if you've never read us before you could test drive us by reading our free issue and if you wanna become a subscriber you could use coupon code. Save five to save five dollars off a one year subscription and look. It would really mean a lot to meet tab my podcast listeners. In itunes and spotify and my youtube watchers on the backstory magazine youtube page which were all these zoom casco during the pandemic support my passion project by becoming subscribers to backstory magazine. So thanks for considering the cuna would jeff goldsmith. Podcast is a copyright of unlikely films inc in two thousand twenty one. All rights reserved folks. If you want to drop me a line. You could always reached me at backstory letters. Gmail.com and i promise not to get back to you immediately. Don't worry no. I will get back to. It just takes little time. You could always find me on social media on twitter as yoga smith or backstory underscore mag. I run both those accounts in fact. Those are the same accounts on instagram as well. Yo goldsmith or backstory underscore mag. I have a facebook fan page. Check it sometimes. You could check me out there too. But look i'm jeff goldsmith. The publisher of backstory magazine and the host of the qna thanking you for tuning in. And telling you to stay out of trouble till next week..

tovar mazing Deborah frontino matthew berkowitz camden Littman Salah eddie academy award madison martin brest arrow theatre new york britain Paul thomas anderson matt jeff goldsmith unlikely films inc beverly hills youtube
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"eighteen mill" Discussed on The HoopsHype Podcast With Alex Kennedy

"Winners on this podcast. Including the knicks the wizards he bowls and more teams as while. I'm gonna share some news from sources around the league. I'll sprinkle and some thoughts from nba execs and scouts. Here and there. And you'll see an i'll tell you why these teams are position to improve looking ahead towards the next season yossi. I think the first team to start off with. I would go with the new york knicks right now in no particular order just in terms of who improve but you know the knicks. They're trying to light up. Msg like times square on new year's eve again and i think they improve this off season. I like getting I think was an upgrade over reggie bullock in they were able to bring back is to endeavour grows and alec burks obviously also got the addition of kimball walker in the back court to share time with with derrick rose You know in in bringing new orleans back I was told nerlens. Noel wasn't promised the starting center spot. But he'll certainly have a chance to compete for it and he'll definitely play meaningful in. New york's rotation kemba walker and derrick. Rose should be a nice point guard. Tan them i. I would expect walker to start with. Rose come off the bench as a contender for the league. Six man of the year award like he did last year and Rj barrett is a guy who are rankings in our hoops hype shooting guard. Rankings came in in the top ten. And i think he's gonna take another step forward in his development looking ahead this season. So i mean llosa when you look at the knicks narrow off season. What were your initial impressions. Will they did certainly improve. But it's weird because they certainly get better but a lot of the other teams in that tier also got better. So you got the nets. Buck sixers hawks. He think those teams are locked. And then after that you got the knicks celtics pacers bulls one of those teams of these nineteenth. Aren't gonna make the playoffs. Which is pretty insane. So i'll be interested. It'll be interesting to see if the knicks while. I think they didn't prove the team so to the rest of these can say they're locked to make the playoffs yet. But i feel pretty good about them. You mentioned the How you know. I don't think there are a lot to make the playoffs. That's interesting to me. i will win. Yeah between new york. Boston indiana chicago like if you you know. I don't want to get on the tension there but these are the teams that the knicks are gonna be fighting with. One of those teams can't make the playoffs like they'll be in the plan but one of those things are not going to be able to make it in. i think they're all pretty similarly position right now interesting now what i mean i guess for me it was just like they have guys that they brought back the core team more or less than some of the younger guys should get better I think they can take another step. I dunno thera four five seed in the east like they were last year. It was weird season. Certainly but i mean i i'll say this. I think if the next didn't make the playoffs this year. I think that that would be a disappointment for them. And in around the league between that group i would say i feel best about the knicks. But it'll be close. It'll be interesting to see exactly what happens. Obviously there's gonna. There could be things out of their control but i like their coaching. I think they have the debt and Mentioned how new orleans he's gonna have a chance to start. It's interesting how would tibbs. It doesn't really matter. If you start like you got nerlens. Mitchell robinson taj gibson you know they can all start on a certain given night cambodian rose. That's another right there. Like i would imagine is gonna start but i really think it matters too much starts there in the it was going to do thing. Now i mean as far as their off-season definitely winners wasn't a perfect off-season but they actually did a lot better than i thought they would. A lot of it comes largely from the surprising kemba out in subsequent site signing. I thought that was the most surprising. Shocking moved the entire offseason. I did not see that coming. Not think okay see. We'll do something like a. They've been stashing these veterans than trading them later so maybe they miscalculated his market maybe they. They end the severity of his knee issues. So two years. Eighteen mill for kemba. That's an absolute steel and as long as he's active. That's already gonna hit value right there. And the other signings. They brought back. All the record. Guy's nerlens burkes rose The they really liked the forty signing definitely meaningful upgrade over bulaq. When the all those deals they all seem the bid ridge but men as the details came out there's team options on the end and do some incentives to make the salaries not as high as as reported so i like the deals and the knicks as structured all these contracts in a way to the tension reset things in twenty twenty three. They can decline all these players. Keep options so they've they wanna change direction than they do that. Then but in the meantime most likely any significant change will probably come through trade especially after the randall extension. I'm sure bear will get an extension next off season. So i think i would just say from here on forward just like with most teams in the league. Any the knicks should be pretty active in trade market later on.

knicks reggie bullock alec burks kimball walker nerlens Rj barrett llosa Buck sixers yossi kemba walker derrick rose new orleans wizards times square Noel derrick nba Mitchell robinson taj gibson pacers Tan
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Tha Boxing Voice

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"eighteen mill" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"Added. Check it guys. I don't know if we're going to talk about. Daniel ramirez dan last one. Let me just get this one off real quick. honestly it's a fifty fifty five with tommy. I'd watch that's what i would. I got another one just coming in from just gave miserable max. Says on the telecast. They said furious fight was supposed to be longer. But the british commission wouldn't allow it to be longer than four rounds. Not sure why. That's gotta be allowed. British commissioned place enemy. That's got authority on the side to do in america man. I can't speak. We'd still owns the land where the fight was taken negative. You want first of all. The first factual example of that not being a real is bbc. Bbc tried to find. Eric molina after his aj fight for testing positive or something and he went to fight in texas or tried to and they sent them a letter like yo. You can't fight. You owe us money. Yada yada he still won't have done like he's just there. Oh my god the british. He'd never got nervous. That i only know because he hit me up to a show. That's not really a show for me now. Don't like show. It wasn't really show at the time for me jumbo boy talking about yo. The bbc don't wanna lend me they wiling german boy. You ain't really be. You ain't really been hitting drums right for you. want me to go out there and beat the drum trump. Get a chance. Let's segue into some other box talk. We got paquito. And you. Danny guys numbers are allegedly coming in two hundred and fifty thousand pay per view buys. That's two hundred and fifty thousand paying customers me. Being one of them purchased on youtube and these numbers are being reported from. Kevin is really of yahoo sports. Right mario right so my argument again. I just pat myself on the back these days. I'm like an oracle tank. Was the star people. Say no i say. His numbers are comparable with other people. That have been doing this longer. And they say you know. You can't compare that person's beginning career tanks beginning career. It's now a now so now and now they just made it more comparable tank for a unknown. Mario barrios many pack. Yeah the living legend. The last i'm on you know that there had affects lazarus last minute. Let them do that last minute. Changes the home is me novacaine to a hard. You're not listening to the argument. You're not even listening to the argument. The argument is the legend de lead. Legend okay only did forty something thirty. Something thousand more buys than a kid did for this for someone that no one knows we're talking about. We're talking about what can draw. And what pack yao drew on his own. You see that because you're right. It was a last minute change. So guess what now. You're intense position. No one knows your opponent just like no one knew his opponent and their numbers are comparable the number. I mean i wanted to me. Visited me yes or no. You wanted pack out early. Yes or no. Of course yes. Or no you want to devante barrios. Yes or no. I mean that's what we were getting. No no no no no no yes or no. Did you want tango well. Everybody wants ten and all the other homey homey that is my point. Okay the fight you wanted. Didn't even have enough. Pre sales resells owes paper view. These days ness come on big dog other than you and me and do me. Who the hell does that. I hear you i hear you. I see t street do it all the time i mean. Yeah but we were in. The is like is different. I i remember pre-selling pay per views. When i was a kid but i sorta got. I would be shocked if people even do that these days like i really don't but i mean i hear what you're saying and look i'll be honest with you. I don't agree but it's really hard to debate that mario barrios who wanted that. Nobody you know earl pack ear language one by atlanta. I mean look the team is is they got a great team you know they. They make sure that they get Not an advantage but they make sure that they get the most out of everything that they're doing location on with that and they pushed the hell out of that fight you know. We had time to acclimate to marry your burials. We had time to get them. Throughout the i mean they mean they treated the man like a king. He's getting picked up at the airport. Like he got the full floyd mayweather money may treatment and we got to see all of that so even though you make a great point is that that's not the guy i wanted. I still got the guy that was in line to fight. I didn't get switched up at the last moment but tortured brookwood before you go next. Two hundred and fifty thousand buys puts eighteen mill seven hundred and fifty dow and pack. Y'all makes more money than that. That's why i tell you it's also always going to be business. But i don't want over but that part just yet but the other part. Which was you teases this. Why not at least said he wanted to make. He said he wanted that tank. Mario was next in line. I want to.

Daniel ramirez british commission Eric molina bbc Mario barrios Yada yada yao drew tommy dan Bbc Danny lazarus mario texas oracle mario barrios america earl pack Kevin yahoo
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"To this. This is the mecca. Exports garden had the mecca of all right so speaking of the mecca campbell walker officially a new york knick today two years eighteen mill. What a. I mean just excellent job done by none other than leon rose. Rose team might be. The theme of the episode. Replacing him in boston. Though is by is a man known as dennis. Schroder dennis schreuder. He's done some great stuff as a six man. He goes to the lakers last year. As part of their title plans and at one point during the season he gets offered a four year. Eighty four million dollars extension. Twenty-one mil per year and his belief is he's going to be able to get four years one hundred million dollars which would be a large increase. Twenty five percent are twenty percent increase in his salary. Which that's a big bump. If i got off for that. I've potentially hold out for that you the same. Unfortunately the back half of the season does not go as planned lebron's injured and the wash king. Anthony davis la- mickey and all of a sudden dennis shooter has no more is poor poor by the name of one year. Five point nine million dollars. So six mil from twenty one loss of fifty million dollars annually. And a. i'm coming to you today with a proposition that i think will be amongst the toughest to convince you on but given that. He's a celtic. Given that you love. You don't hate dennis shooter by shirt but like everyone's laughing danny schreuder ewing. That's that's that's what my thing is. It's like if i'm dennis router and you're seeing just how ripped you're getting on the internet like why not make funny post of you literally sitting on just six million dollars and like are you guys. Actually the ones laughing at me like the internet is crying. Poor for dennis schreuder right now and he is going to walk home in three hundred sixty five days six million dollars richer. And you know what i actually like. I love the whole bet on yourself or double d. This is going to be my proposal. I want to be a want us to become the biggest. Dennis schroder ruder fans ever. I don't know why like. I have no clue why special like the fact that he's a celtic for nixon sixers fans. Who is gonna be a tough tough feeling but i wanna root for him see him ball out for the celtics and get that for for once wani and i just kind of want to be on the other side of everyone else. Who's like trolling now for someone. Who runs a page post. Last words content. It is way more convenient to go with the jokes. 'cause very easy to get off yes. He still netting six male. But you did just lose out on fifteen million plus so i made when dennis schreuder decline that contract. Think about what you guys just gave evan. Forty four year. Seventy four million dollars. Like i don't necessarily think it was out of the realm of possibilities at dennis shooter could easily conveyed more than eighty four. Just shit went wrong for the lakers this year. And that's just how the cookie crumbles the fat. I don't think he's wrong for declining that contract at all and the fact that they're his asian is probably the one who needs to be fired in the whole thing like okay. I get that by the end of the season. He wasn't four for eighty four but he wasn't too for thirty like imaginer. Imagine dennis shooter like calls intel's asia and he's like no. I'm not doing that as agents like a really think you should. He's like nope. I'm going to get more mature like all right. I'll tell the lakers than dennis shooter goes back and he starts yelling at his dude. You're the one that's asked not me. I wasn't the one on the core for the lakers. Yeah yeah i mean. He didn't play great he he was it. Put a feel like it only really hit that downward spiral like in the playoffs. Like he went from unusable. He went he mind. Keep in mind if dennis schroder If he accepts that contract for for eighty four in my opinion there's a seventy percent chance that he signed on to play with the lakers for four years and starting next season. He would've been in washington with the wizards like he would have been part of that deal to get westbrook but but now this point four for eighty four he would add four for eighty four but now at this point he's playing one very six million dollars and he can go get paid after next year. That that's also why be stuck like you signed a play at la and you if just the business part of sports you're forced eleven washington under that contract capitol building. Yeah nothing wrong with say aves eve teasing the politics. Coming later in the podcast. I well. let's let's take us back though and look at where the boston point guard situation landed. They signed kemba that massive deal. He's supposed to be. The third piece. Goes tatum and brown. Obviously it doesn't work out tatum. Now an off season get healthy. The knicks get him on a discount because he took more money to play at home. The thunder biosteel. Like everything's beautiful there. And now the celtics were placed kemba with a very cheap point guard. He has a perfect situation succeed. Like he's probably starting on day. One next the tatum brown they can cover for him. Defensively i feel like this actually worked out as for not getting anything. Mind they got. They got josh richardson to right. They got richardson. Who well who stinks. I was gonna say. Are we giving up on jay rich at this point. Well the only reason we're giving up is because now him and al horford or back in the same locker room Jay rich j. rich knows just like the rest of philadelphia that how had al horford not come to philadelphia. Jay rich would have been successful as team. Jay rich would wanna ring with. This is bad in dallas He was really bad in dallas. I was like the robbery of the year by daryl maura game set curry for him but j riches now going to a spa in boston where to me. There's too many like people that need the ball like tatum. Jalen brown aren't going to be the ones to to move the ball and to get everyone involved and dennis shooter j richard two guys that need the ball to get on a little bit of i. I feel richardson's more of a three and d who just can't make the three and isn't that good at not j. Rajasa dog like getting to the basket. Once he gets hot. He can like re-energize a team in the second. Half but with with ball stoppers like tatum brown. Like that celtics team to me doesn't do it once again. Yeah you aren't. You definitely weren't in that. This is a good one wasn't initially on the schedule for today. But we had a pretty passionate debate last sound club top shack curious. Your thoughts. zion rj sorry. zion drought. Are those three lamelo. Halliburton and anthony edwards. So three of the top picks in last year's zion john rj. Where do you rank them though six. Yeah okay read it out to me. Again zion zion. One jaw lamelo were and then edwards. Rj and halliburton. Were the next ion. Joff lamelo. I've got that and then give me the other three. Those are the by top three halliburton. Rj and anthony edwards. That's the halliburton. Rj anthony you. You put anthony edwards last. It was if we're starting a franchise tomorrow right for the next yet if you talk about. Who's best today. I think that conversation ferry. We're talking like going forward..

dennis dennis schreuder lakers campbell walker leon rose Schroder dennis schreuder danny schreuder ewing dennis router Dennis schroder ruder nixon sixers wani Anthony davis
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"eighteen mill" Discussed on The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

"Game are psych. Allison the steelers won. And they're great guys. Whatever but it's to home. Like i can't even listen to homer like always player. There's usually a former player that does the color commentary longtime forever Touch chill can baby and he. He's recently had some health issues. So i don't know if he's doing anymore. How long does it do it. But tonge been great for a long time but they are very very homer. Yeah they should be. It's hard for the national broadcast. That's why joe buck. He always says like everybody thinks. Joe buck hates better team which he doesn't care about your team if he's not joe. Buck got a bad rap. Because of macarbre i think macarthur buried a lot of teams wants macarthur. Laughed joe bach. Just took it on the shins. I mean it's a no win for those play-by-play guys. I feel like if if you're too excited for one team than the other team obviously always say so. Hopefully play-by-play people don't get worried about that. Don't sit there and think about. Oh this fan. Base is going to be very upset if i show too much emotion in a in a touchdown call. I don't know i. I think people should be happy to know that. There's a good chance to national broadcasting and crew doesn't care at all about your team also there watching them more than once for sure because any anymore like you know the packers the either we at troy troy joe on every game. I felt like you know like the certainty. like own. those guys like They call the same teams four or five. Exactly yeah and it used to always be brady on cbs. To even those manning bruce those lower crews definitely get used to call them like bengals and jack. Oh yes they get those two. Because i think that's the only broadcast three percent of the country when you're doing those those like regional fox or whatever like i mean they're still. You're still calling an nfl game so it's awesome. I'd love to work. Nfl game someday. But yeah i guess it would be hard to to not be a complete homer especially if you're former player in your you have coaches on different staffs that you played for your buddies or plan. Isn't that why peyton manning. They claim he might not want the monday night gig. He doesn't well. He didn't wanna have to speak ill of eli now. Allies done. Who knows what happened to paint right. Don't you think he'd rather run the team though than you look monday. Night look damage jason. Witten did to how good he was as a player one year. Doing monday night football. Is it really worth it. I mean nate case. And i know saying like say a dozen. Go well for pain. Which i imagine it would i mean pain. I think peyton would be awesome. Think rivers would be very very good on tv. People are turning on romo now. Everyone loves wrong romo now. Everyone's done whether it's like anything. If you watch somebody enough you're to grow to dislike. And probably i think with romo to a big part of that it's like that guy's making eighteen million dollars a year. He's eight meg. eighteen mill. Better every single play. Pre-snap he'd better predict. Every single thing happened to mcconnell. It's not it's not how it works. I think we're almost all right. I think he's not how many years was talking about it. I didn't shockingly. I did not see. I mean maybe i walked by him once or twice. But he's out there you know he's trying to win good jump on his high horse while he's ryan by. I don't know what that means. He's over there like hitting out of the bunkers on the range which i've never even thought about practice saying i'm gonna get plenty of sand opportunities out on the course on on playing eighteen played. Did you play better than you thought you did. Though i mean. I love the scores. I first shocking. Eighty right even eight. Maybe ninety eight to eighty eight eighty to eighty five. I got worse. As the days went. I continued to get worse and worse but i held off what could have been a complete disaster out there and tahoe but no i didn't play you know you always have the delusion going on. I put three days. I'm gonna put some points on plan playing from the tips. Or how far do you have any really the tips. It's not that long especially with altitude. It's not about like lanes you should have driver wedge into straight. Yeah you've got to find would hit straight and you've got to putt putt out there. The greens or quick. There's like different. Levels to orange pin pin placement. They moved on the pins on day to day. I think i mean people would say something to. Oh well you slipped on that one when you on that drive. You slipped mike anybody. I would love to blame it on me slipping but i think i slipped almost every single shot and that is not the reason that that ball is six hundred yards into the woods but it will be fun. Journeys trying to get yards though. That's what i said. Hey i'm gonna swing price on pricing apologize. If anyone knows that bryson went out and sit his drivers stinks. He was upset then. The copa rep came back at him. Which i thought was great in price and apologize to the cobra. Rep who i believe is the guy that caddied for him. The one tournament right. Oh really said hey did yeah. That's because i know. Kobe rep stepped in when his caddy quick on the wednesday before tournament. Kind of crazy stuff happened the open. We don't have it on. Maybe i'll turn on here for the last hour and a half of the show or whatever that's the show thank you so much for listening again. Pat is on friday nights back down tonight at eight. Pm eastern standard time on fox in houston in front of a live audience. Then the money in the bank pay per view is on sunday on peacock. We can't thank you guys enough for joining us. Interacting with us on twitter watching the show listening to the podcast. You guys are the best back in studio on monday. Have a great weekend..

Joe buck joe bach romo troy troy joe manning bruce tonge nfl steelers Allison macarthur Buck bengals packers Witten peyton manning brady cbs joe
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"eighteen mill" Discussed on The Gravel Ride. A cycling podcast

"Awesome. Tell me about the bike. We just looked at so. This bike is our attempt to make the most versatile bike that we possibly can. Some of the unique design features of is a has a custom dropout. That has unique inserts. That you can interchange depending on how you want to ride the bike. So the insert on the bike is told by one. Forty two flat out for district use and then we also have a standard. Qr dropout for if you want to run the bike with rim brakes. And then you can swap the fork or attract dropout if you want to run single speed or fixed gear. Not only that. The bike also fits three separate tire sizes so fits seven hundred thirty five. Sixty by forty-seven that's on the bike here and then twenty six by two point three and those all work together really well because they're all roughly the exact same outer diameter so that gio is not changes not compromise when you change over those wheel sizes amazing so all the way to two point three that we said incredible. I wouldn't have wouldn't have gotten that visually at the rear end of the bike. That's pretty impressive. Junked yeah i mean because the tire is little bit smaller size as the chain stay. Nc state tapers it allows for more clearance with the same sort of chain state-linked and it's pretty short chain of four eighteen mill chain state. I'm so very much should sporty road geometry riding bike and then on the front end of the bike which envy fork of rocking. So we're actually running an allied all road. This fork made in the usa and the reason that we do that is a meets the exact geometry of the whiskey. Long reach rim break fork. What's the three seventy five mil. So those folks can interchange with the frame for when you want to run. It rained break or break. I don't think i asked you about the frame material. You've chosen for the spike. So it's a steel frame. It's made out of columbus zona tubing the entire frame every single every single tube is columbus. Main italy nice and what type of fewer advising the listener as terms of the ride quality of the bike. That that type of tubes that delivers how would you describe it. You know what i mean. Zona is slightly on the lower end within. Columbus is line so a lot of the bikes that you'll see in the show are going to have a life or spirit which are really nice. Really lightweight upset so ours is a little bit more budget but still provides really amazing steal ride quality. It just may be a slight bit heavier than some of these really nice deal bikes. That are here and you guys are based in salt. Lake city utah. Yep exactly nice cool. Well kevin thanks for the over you. I appreciate it absolutely thank you. Yeah congrats looking bike for shit. Let's start off. Why don't you give me your name. And the brand. New representing yeah. My name is expert. I'm at mosaic. Were in boulder. We may titanium bikes. We do maybe one steal road bike a year but everything else is. Yeah straight titanium. We're on track to do. Maybe may over crossing our fingers. Open for two hundred. Two hundred fifty to seventy five frames this year. That's amazing because every one of them one's i've seen come out of the mosaic shop is super special and unique at least aesthetically speaking. Yeah it's it's good. I think so too. I'm setting up the fixture each and every frame we do and usually i'm talking with mark trying to get a picture of who were doing this bike for and he's always got a cool story of this person may hurt their back or this person's be racer six foot six rower from stanford he needs big tubes. He's putting down big watts. So we're getting we're making things for people it's cool. I love that feeling since you started on that threat. I always like to ask the question. Like what's that customer journey look like for someone who picks up the phone and gets in contact with mosaic. Typically we like we like when are bike shops are putting the frames out. 'cause they can we're starting to get a big influx orders house when our bike shops can do some of that upfront work for us and figure out how the bill's gonna look what cranks are using. What tires of this guy want And then your mark whip geo hills start talking paint with the customer and then when it comes into my hands we have a total idea of exactly how this spikes can look. What kind of pain. We're going to head badge is going to be mirror finished everything that i build it. Aaron wolves it would make sure it fits all everything's rise to spec and then we send it over to paint. That's when you're seeing the moneymaker paying jobs. What does that was that like from timeframe perspective. I know it varies all over the place but right now nascar liberty. We're slammed right now. I think for me personally. I'm doing i average about one and a quarter frames per day. And i'll try to do big batches of prep-work and then batches of frames and one and a quarter so like i'll do to frames day for a week and then i'll start prepping frames the next week. But that's about my timeline. Gotcha and tell me about the beautiful bike. You've brought to the envy build around app. Yeah we built it for this guy named charlie in chicago. He went through smith. They put a tap into it. And it's a gt one forty five. He's gus oversize tubes on it. He wants to drive some watson to that frame so he's got Nine hundred millimeter see stays. He's got forty four millimeter down to thirty four nine c. two. It's gonna be good stiff forum if it's forty five. Millimeter tire pretty slammed. Geo it's going to handle pretty snappy. It's almost like a gravel. Crip bike some. You can really shred some dirt with and he wanted some green in there he was talking with mark and mark was thinking man was to try for this and we made it like a mango try fade and then before it went to paint. Mark got the idea of though some bass boats sparkle in there. And when you see that thing in the sun has got through some purples and some greens in in the orange part of the tri fade. It's beautiful man yet does. Really papas a show. By how cool is it. That's an actual customer bike. That's going to be delivered presumably weeks after the show. I think is really cool. I mean i've never been in. Mozambique we purposely built a show. Where everything we're doing is customer bikes in. It's cool to our customer. Bike is a show bike and vice versa. You know the app to that level. Where every bike is dialed coming out of the shop. We'll take any of them to be open house and be proud of what we're bringing. The absolutely i mean weld. Quality is just always topping. mesa got way more than those ten thousand hours. You know he's good. Yeah i can willed. You can slap a beatdown goal. Why appreciate the overview this an awesome. Yeah good view all right. Why don't we start off. Just give me your name and the brand name. Yeah matt nelson pretty much the builder at saltaire cycles. It's just me one man show. And where are you located salt lake city and tell me about the types of bikes. You like to build. It's pretty much gravel. When i started building wasn't a called gravel offroad extreme train bikes withdraw bars. It's my forte. And this what people.

matt nelson Nine hundred millimeter chicago Sixty two hundred kevin columbus forty four millimeter Mark charlie salt lake city Mozambique next week forty-seven italy Columbus ten thousand hours usa this year Forty two
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"Are is time for that Special middle section A special section. That could be hit or miss. All right so i guess this is people that necessarily do babb in this new good the legitimacy coming in at number twenty number twenty is the dallas cowboys In good positions they finally paid that he gives one hundred sixty million over four years and shot at a true free agency with a no tax clause. Twenty twenty-five wada cowboys gets spread prescott's sixty six million dollars signing bonus and restructure. His base salary is over six years for purposes in what was relatively a quiet all season for the cowboys of get impressed. Guys deal done and then having a good draft in my opinion. Where did things go. Wrong will Dallas went back to To the will at linebacker as it declined the fifth year option for leighton vander esch because they just picked up. Mike parsons i'm sure. But there's a chance that vander esch an jalen smith are off the roster in twenty twenty two but after adam parsons in converting safety canoe. Neil linebacker did not night. You know the cowboys have invested too much over. The last few years at this position linebackers been a tough position for them. Feel most team see linebackers a position to feel in the In last Once they've solved their problems up front in the end in the secondary. The cowboys. still have those problems They seem to try to find in rebuild. Right there in the middle. So what's gonna be said. Here is a fixed. The important jobs. isn't an important job but having a secondary that can keep deep balls from killing you and having a defensive line to keep running back from running down your throat. Those kind of important. I think so all right. Maybe i should look into that number nineteen ninety Teen tennessee Titans titans in a blessing. Way general manager jon robinson thoroughly addressed league's second worst adjustment sack rate for twenty twenty By signing but debris of finesse to play on the edge and denise he'll archery so rush on the interior of front four with a herald landry in jefferson. Simmons might actually be able to get after passer so good job fixing would just was talking about with the cowboys. But where did you go wrong. We'll owning the unfortunate fifth year option. decisions The spectacular flameout twenty first rounder as wilson in the money that was needed To fix the pass rush are. The titans are less talented team than they were year ago. They had lost some great people out. When corey davis outweigh jonnu smith. Those assume a powerhouse offered players in virtually all of Expensively assembled secondary short kevin buyer d- But to be fair at the secondary wasn't very good. Twenty twenty was just solid enough to get the job. Done other replacements veteran Who's also nagy. I like him and janoris jenkins in first round a corner out and first round corner. Caleb formerly don't look you know all that on paper but i think it may get Also lost offense coordinator. Arthur smith who left to join the falcons as their new coach So a lot of changes the organization so just might not be the same as what i'm saying alright was left to do well at a backup quarterback for one bit over there. Anybody backing up ryan tannehill. He's been he has been effective in healthy. Which is good. you know. that's what you want. But he struggled with injuries during his time when he played for the dolphins. You don't want that to come back and haunt you. The backhoes behind san hill. Right now or logan. Woodson and sean kaiser. We talked about this couple episodes back. I feel about that you know would start about that when we were talking about quarterback situations So serious injury tannehill would Quite literally probably tank team In the entire season alright. So let's look into that maybe number eighteen. The chicago The bad Will the bad guy rid of mitchell trubisky. Good got any dotted. Bad within the fields was acquired in the draft. They made a super move up to go. Get this ohio state superstar given what the off season like before draft day He definitely qualifies as a starting quarterback but on the depth chart they do not have him as a starting quarterback Now the rest of the off season was inspiring They chicago franchise. The robinson went in win the wide receiver. You know market. He chose to sign his tag. Lock the cap room up in. The bears got him for nearly eighteen mill on their twenty twenty to cap the resulting squeeze force them to cut cornerback fuller. Which is what. I just mentioned in the last segment any might lead to them. The release the left tackle. Charles leno. you need tackles guys tackles very important Less second rounder. Tevin jenkins instant superstar on the blindside fields will play behind one of the worst lines in football. This season and that is very dangerous situation of various gary situation a situation. I'm pretty sure him nor his agent. Want so i'm guessing they're partisan negotiations going on When it before he size was left to do. We'll try to these veteran quarterbacks that have good -tainer you got nick foles in back there. I don't know whether you have any dalton Nick foles won a super bowl. Okay the that's on there to be honesty. Probably might need to go to the broncos star for If you ask me he would be in line for at least not million over the next two seasons so he's probably untradable without eating money But dalton would cost another team only two point five million in a deal So let's see if they actually bite on that. I doubt it. But i guess to try sell jerseys or something who knows number seventeen. Please note number seventeen through thirty two on this list Were you know really talked about as of now all right. The these things are where we stand now. All right all right. Just wanna make sure that it's clear 'cause who knows what's gonna happen in the next twenty four hundred forty guy. He sees number seventeen seattle seahawks. Seattle seahawks a come on guys. You've got to follow right in the middle. i know. let's see what you did. Good bad what is a good well. I liked most of the moves. You made this agency In addition to bring him back. Carlos dunlap on a reduced salary. They took a shot at pier. Disappear a kilo witherspoon in alden smith. Good job chris. Carson returned a on a one of the rare middle-class running back extensions signing a two year ten point. five million dollars deal while the seahawks also traded for significant offensive line edition former raiders. Guard gabe jackson job..

Mike parsons Arthur smith sean kaiser ryan tannehill adam parsons janoris jenkins Charles leno jonnu smith Neil jon robinson Carson nick foles Woodson chris Seattle seahawks Caleb Carlos dunlap one hundred sixty million Dallas dallas cowboys
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"eighteen mill" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"Okay hank who's back on my first. Who's back i got a couple is has boola on this show. Oh the little dude. Yes yeah i feel like it's something that's been blah. Yeah okay we don't go ahead. All he's he's talking about fights they want slogan verse Mayweather whatever wants this kid fighting. He's kind of the. How old is the king of promotions eighteen. He's eighteen mill anarchists thing. Yeah ten times. He looks like he's what a year and a half two years old. Yeah well that was how it started. Where's that video of him punching the guy in the face. I was like oh. It's the little baby turned out like eighteen year old. You know got it and so who are they having a fight another tiktok kid with a similar conditions from a different country. I don't wanna say off the top of my head. Because i don't know for sure but that's awesome turkey or something i think it's probably one of the stance. Yeah he's so funny. Yeah he's very so much swag. Yeah but he's i figured we should talk about some. I see people talking about all the time. So i wanna bring them into the show my other. Who's back magic. Oh that's all my whose basketball are you don johnson. Yeah yeah would you. Corona virus got taken to possess. No but i just. I had twos backs at a backup going. No no i actually had one. Because it's who's back. I wanted to be a try hard. They wow go ahead. Good hank you always have more than one. No i usually just walk right back. Backing the weakest simone biles byles going back. She participants some sort of gymnastics event. Tonight ooh all i know about it was She started her routine off with two separate moves. That are both called the byles that no no one else can even do okay like the hardest moves ever invented. But it's bile but simone biles. Yeah i know but now called the piles. Well she has two different bile moves right by one too hot it and so she was she go she i company. She's probably not company is pretty good. Gabby douglas gabby. Douglas is that. Hurt haunt kerri. Strug michaela maroney. Who's the one who courtesy kerry strug. Pretty much broke her ankle. Noah's accurate sean. Yeah yeah carries drug so Nicole kidman she was saying nadia comaneci his name. But how how bad asses at that like you have a move to moves that are named after you. Yes but this is where we run into problem as gymnastics fans as we are. which is. We don't know what we're watching when we it right. It'd be sick if they just had an event where the judges were just normal people. That never seen gymnastics before and so they just judge things off how bad ass they look. Yes because really. That's what the sport should be about. Wow that's cool that's all you that's all you need coupon and you win. Yeah hank what was the magic tweet. You were gonna read the palinka one. Yeah it was so good. He's doing to read it. Yeah i don't. I honestly don't think for a minute there. I thought that magic maybe self aware. But then i read his whole time line and he was doing a breakdown of all the playoffs and in the middle of it. He said Lakers gm rob. Pelinka has a lot to work a lot of work to do this summer. Because a lotta lakers did not perform well during the series against the phoenix suns. That's actually like the most boring recap of of the series that you could potentially stacey. Let me ask you this. If you're lebron james do you think that maybe he could be talking about you. i don't know maybe lebron james you think that but he magic's tweets like he. He really is putting effort. I did we hear someone told us that. He he doesn't tweet. He tax his tweets to someone else said that which actually now makes so much sense like the whole thing makes perfect sense that they are they do read is text messages What if someone's like. Hey magic what do you think about like what i think. If you read magic tweet tweets. There's a prompt that were missing like someone taxi magic and was like his twitter said. Hey magic like what do you think about rob pelinka. Like what does he do. Does he have a lot to do. And he's like leakers. Gm rob pelinka has a lot of work to do this summer because a lot of leakers do not perform well during the series against phoenix suns. Deaths kind of fascinating. Because you could. You could the person's like treating it like it's a post game press conference right and it's their job to like reach out to magic magic. Still feels like he's getting interviewed right. What if it was somebody on the lakers. That was actually transcribing these and using his voice to send subtle behind the back. Like subterfuge messages. I just wonder if there's if you have this setup where you someone and say hey. Can you tweet this for me. They're probably follow of texts being like. Hey that won't do and does the person like yo. It's poppin like love this road pulling stuff. That's hot hot. Take by you magic or do you think he tells them the truth. You sound like a robot and everyone's mocking you. I think it's it's a person so it's got to be someone with an agenda. Yeah yeah so i mean. They're probably getting paid way too much money to just be magic. I will magic. If you're listening to this. I will do the job for free for the love of the game or the love of the game. I will tweet anything that you text me and i will. I will always be on call. I think that we could probably just create magic. Johnson's voice replicated pretty easily. I've never done the. I the only time i've ever switched my handle and tried to do people was i. Did it with magic. Johnson and i change my twitter profile and i tweeted something and it got like it was the only time i could ever get everyone because he is a parody of himself..

lebron james rob pelinka Johnson nadia comaneci Pelinka michaela maroney twitter ten times a year and a half Nicole kidman eighteen mill eighteen year old first Lakers both Douglas Gabby douglas gabby hank Noah two separate moves