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"Queen of Swag"

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"Queen of Swag"

"This episode of the bellas podcast is brought to you by hysteria crooked. Media's hysteria is a weekly podcast hosted by political commentator aunt. Dan comedy writer aaron ryan who joined by former deputy chief of staff for operations eliza master monaco and a bi-coastal squad of opinionated mouthy women to discuss news politics and stories in culture that affect women's lives from the serious to the absurd episodes range from the news to culture two conversations with female comedians documentarian and political experts listened to hysteria weekly on thursday women fifty one percent of the population and one hundred percent of the stereo podcast subscribe. Wherever you get your podcast what up everyone welcome back to the bellas podcast. We've had some awesome guest recently <music> but this episode we're going to do some major. Catch up because a lot of crazy stuff's gone on that is right. We have so much to catch up on plus my husband w._w._e. Superstar daniel bryan is here to host another hilarious edition of everyone's favorite game show brains all right everyone here we go no happy hump day bella army. I'm bree and i'm nicole and this is the bellas podcast cast so whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. It's been a wild summer so far. There's a lot we have to talk about so i guess that means it's time for opening up. Yes it is. Let's pop that bottle all right. Everyone's so brian. I are actually recording this right now. Beautiful napa valley you are heaven on earth and we are opening up a beautiful bottle actually from pass ablaze called joseph car and it's a very yummy cabernet and i know right now it's summertime and i've been on a rosa kick but i need a nice cap from pasa robles. I'm about to cabinet all day and all night what i mean well. You're trying to rosie joke which was kind of cue for cabernet your mom you always get to slide. It's not a mom joe. I that might go in your book. That could mean for the single people to not everyone. I just wanted to tell you. I'm going to be doing a lot of drinking today because guess what happened to me yesterday my car dr got stolen. Oh my gosh wait. Quayle just take a second. I swear to not do this intentionally but we just opened up a bottle of joseph car. Oh my gosh there you go so. I guess i gotta drink. A lot of joseph card. Hopefully get my car back and if you're in my car right now listening to my podcast broadcasts. Can you please deliver my car back to me then yeah because you know what she had. That car paid off and brian was going to get a new car soon and he was. It's gonna take that car over and you just ruined it yeah. Can i just say this you guys so i have been in lake tahoe for the last month yes and he'll i know it was something my family needed. I feel like sometimes our careers like consumers similar just so busy with the hustle and bustle that kind of soul bustle you know when you bust move you bust moving. Less oil is usually when my tops to tate and they pop off bustle my head. My boobs are almost to my hips up so i don't have that issue and minds almost chance yes opposites for us but my family we really wanted to escape to the mountains in the lake and i have to say it was so peaceful so refreshing. It was like we hit the refresh button and it did. It made me really feel like what's important in life. I was looking around. I'm like this is for for free when i'm doing ager and it was amazing nature so healing it's so needed and i had to say if you is have not been to lake tahoe toes a very special place one. There have been so many laws there that have protected that water scr so it is such fresh amazing water what breen i like to call a cry session russian it. Is we have a lot of family history. There brianna been fortunate enough to get to go there every summer. Since we've been very very little we actually did a little thing on it on total divas but it's a very magical place from the trees to the water the people the land and you know it's something i've actually wanted to talk about on our podcast. <hes> since we're talking about mountains and a lake i was about to go somewhere with the same setting for a month queenstown new zealand. I know i was a lot of us saw when i walked the red carpet why should say the orange carpet for the kids his choice sports awards. I talked a lot about my trip going to new zealand. That's why we had a lot of guests. Come on our show brian. I had to do a few episodes before where i was gonna leave and then literally two days before he's leaving. I couldn't leave so i can't tell you what i was exactly going to do but i can give you hints. That's the worse i i you know i it is the worst i will do that but legally i can't but what i can't say i was going to host a really cool show. I was going to be there for months and last minute changed the air date and the date was going to be the same night as total bellas and total bells is my priority and so i had to sadly walk away from it and i was bumped for the whole thing i was going to work with an amazing production company and the people around were amazing and i was going to work on an amazing network and on top of as being queenstown new zealand silence. I know if i bring a major researcher. Yeah i research every spot is going to go for four weeks straight from queenstown. Just gonna be rahm a new zealand person so you sent me a zillion pictures begging me to come visit you when you're going to be there. I felt really bad for you because i was like saying like we're all packed and ready and i mean eighteen forty eight hours before that was it i mean i was packed and ready. I just want the cleanest swag. I finally beat serena williams on something. How amazing is that. I've really good swag. I mean bre- i do odell beckham junior which he got the king swag. He has a lot swag but you know what's worse than getting like. A trip cancelled forty eight hours. Let me guess you're definitely not drinking joseph car. It would be getting your car stolen. Yeah on your last day in lake tahoe. Oh my last day in lake tahoe. I wake up at six a._m. To text message roy mother o._m._g. Your car was stolen yet but you know what i have to say about that. Trust me. I was very upset for you you because i've been send you how many different kinds of cars that. I want you to drive so i can sit with you when you pull up valet no. I'm just kidding but the one lesson that i've learned 'cause you always hear it. You know when everyone says like okay. When one door closes another opens or everything happens for a reason and when i lost the gig for queenstown memberships that i was and there's someone who took my spot. I've been stalking their idea and then i had to stop. I was so sad because i was getting to see what is going to experience but i do have to say it is so true because there is other doors that have opened and you and i have a lot of amazing stuff. Are you saying tesla's gonna call me and they're going to be like hey. Can we threes. I i think some amazing car doors going to open some. Here's what's going to happen for a reason and i'm just gonna. I'm trying to tell myself that the person stole it. The was in so much money that they had to do that even on very angered the person because it's so violent you guys. My husband's car was right next to mine. Bree honda honda fit the baby blue. Do you understand that i was like why couldn't they have stolen car will never get stolen. I know the honda fit has nine lives. It's unreal but what happened is johnny my my mom moving into their new house literally the next morning they are moving and so they need to stay at my house that night and they asked if they can put their cars in my garage raj and then put my cars in the driver which i was like yeah we're in lake tahoe of course and then what happens my car gets taken. Everyone has cameras. You know the covered mind but that's able to community a gated community bill one sixteen a._m. They jumped in my car and they slowly took it out of driveway and slowly went out of the complex. Will you know what this means. What that when i moved next door to you we are going to get like german shepherds or what dog is like my favorite that i really wanna get <hes> a massive. Oh my gosh is going to come there even smarter than german shepherds the only breed we'll come back to we'll get some huge dogs to protect yeah or do. We want to steal the blue. Dolphin might have to us kidding. I even my husband left the doors and lock the doors were unlocked and they take it well. You know what breed everything is just in sync lately which is weird so we'll peninsula joseph kerr talking about your car getting stolen you've been lake tahoe but but then i lost out on another beautiful lake all you know on the other side of the world enjoy wait. It's on the other side of the world number new zealand. That was the lake your send me pictures. I yeah that's a lake. That wasn't the ocean <hes>. Maybe the sound don't brian this little rain that i've seen too late. Well i think as the country's right outside of australia that it has to be notion that no but i think it's a famous lake. Oh gosh why this isn't cool anyway is i won the queen swag on the orange carpet for the kids choice sports awards but we need to talk about another orange carpet teen choice award he choice awards and and you guys brian i got nominated again for choice female choice female athletes sabrina wanting two thousand sixteen which i my third ward words and it's amazing but you know what this year's really special because one we're nominated because of our match of lucien the run that we came back and did with w._w._e. W._w._e. and it's so busy mom doing a combat that mom doing a comeback. It's amazing to be recognized for that but this will be our last year that will ever get nominated until toes retirement absolutely 'cause we're retired and unless they're gonna do retired choice via motley. I think this will be the last year you know we go up against serena williams. We don't realized i think it might be a little emotional for us. I agree. I definitely think so and i think the call thing too is that you know to constantly see professional. Women women wrestlers recognize like that was always from day one of total divas. I was always <hes> nicole on our mission was that women wrestlers would get the recognition that we thought they deserved it so to constantly like just see like becky lynch on the cover of the e._s._p._n. Magazine and just to constantly see like women women wrestlers in the mix is just an honor. It is but bree. We haven't talked about this. I haven't gotten to talk to you about me walking the red carpet with art him for the first time i was so nervous and uncomfortable in both look nervous and a couple of picks we did. We unlike. I can't believe how i'm nervous. I am artem kissed her head but his face was lost when he kissed my head at all like i didn't know what to do. I forgot how to pose and you. It's great well thank you. You're very sweet but i was so nervous so you know he's coming to teen choice as a now even though he might be beret way wait wait a second he who you can walk the carpet. Well of course you bill. You're always for so is going to be by himself or is he gonna be. I might have to tag team. I might have to go you and then him are you know is birdie. Is your date. No birdie birdie. Was you guys going to walk the kids choice awards but i didn't wanna leave tahoe so i ended up staying. I'm artem then. I'm not going to disinvite aren't. I'm just don't like leave me hanging on the <unk> bre- you are. Let's all see the everyone. I can't wait to see the pictures and you see me in the dust. No my gosh she's so crazy. There will be a lot of times like you john. We're kind of just leave me hanging no way no oh burberry inviting always you were the paparazzi is weren't whatever bree out and i'm like <hes> okay okay angry okay but no i wanted announce our new segment that we're gonna be starting to bring onto the show. Yes hello so you is. We're going to start to bring a new you segment to the show that we are so excited about. It's called dear. Bellas loves who needs abbey so in our bella army q._n._a. U._s. Ask us questions right well. In this new segment were offering bella style advice to our listeners and we promise we won't have too much wine when we give you advice yes. It will be very very sure that breed is always say well. You is because i'm a mom. This is what we should do or you say well artyom whatever but you have to call in two eight eight three three q bellas so that's eight three three and then think of question right q. bellas to ask us questions about everything from our relationships is to business life and as entrepreneurs to breeze mom lays right you try and give you some advice or whatever else you want advice on but just so you know that if you leave the message here we may play all or part of your recording on the podcast so make sure you're cool with having your message heard by the rest of the bella army yes and you guys. We can not wait it to hear your questions. Please don't be scared. Call us and we're going to give you some advice. This is dear bellas bitch so y'all better be ready for it and you know what else you better be ready for for. What matchup of the week 'cause i'm take you hombre. Actually we're about to take something on a viral together tag teaming tag team. That's right girl that's right about. 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Everyone's so much of the week podcast each week we pick a topic to debate and then we leave it up to our art listeners to vote on instagram who won the debate but this week we're doing something different because brunei at times do see eye to eye times a lot of times actually actually and there was something recently that went by role that breen. I definitely wanted to bring to our podcast and talk about so. This is a facebook post. It's a mom's angry rant about childless adults at disneyworld which sparked a huge fiery debate online. Everyone bates on facebook. It's crazy raise. It's it's nuts but this. I mean this everywhere bree. Let me read a little bit to you before we get into our debate quote. They they have no idea the join happiness it is to a mother who buys their babies treats and toys. They will never experience the exhaustion that it is to chase the three-year-old around and getting stairs out assuming i'm a bad mother. Thanks b i t c h you made my son cry. Disneyworld is for children people without children need to be banned and end it goes on and on and on you guys should definitely google it and go check out the rest of the post. I mean just put in childless adults at <hes> disneyland and the article will come up and you'll see it and a case there due to our podcast. The rules of our debate is we each have thirty seconds to make an opening statement for our side of the issue which happens and see the same and then we have two minutes for final arguments free for all which are coming back to being attacked team in our fate courtroom here on our podcast on how q. so who's going. I i'll go for i think you should you're the mom i wanna hear. I wanna hear the mom point of view here. We go you guys. I'm gonna put thirty seconds on the ca- lizard lissack alright. Oh mother so i've gone to disneyland. I've taken birdie. I've also done disneyworld by myself. I was a childless godless parent. Many times and disneyland and disneyworld is for everyone. It is a happy place for reason not to discriminate or exclude anyone and it is for everyone and yes. Maybe a millennial who is twenty years old. He doesn't have a kid doesn't understand that it could be really hard hard to mama. Take your kids at disneyland. Wow thirty seconds goes by fast alright bree. Let me take this home and close it for you okay. What does disneyland stand for white. Does disney stand for it's happiness. It's the happiest place on earth and i think that's what that moms forgetting. It's it's almost like a weather. Whatever race you are color size. Culture adult lists kids everyone. It should be able to experience the happiest place on earth and i know that when i went to disneyland and i don't have kids i was so happy i felt so good about myself employs their amazing everything thing they stand for and now i have to wrap it up. You're done you can eat the happiest place in the world. Wait sorry i am. I always do the best part about what you everything. You just said as you said adult the oldest which was also shoot adults. What is it childless. Oh let's it childless adults k. two minutes. Let's join forces sister. Maybe we should take over courtrooms. K ready. Go all right so we're obviously on the same side we are on the same side and it is that something like this went viral like i feel like there's so many other things that we can discuss but let's talk about this because obviously i feel like moms do have strong opinions and loud voices online and my thing is is that they they make magic kingdom for the little kids like usually a lot of grownups. Don't want to go over there. They relate. I like to magic kingdom. There's no rules anywhere now. They do have their turn areas areas like hey over. Here's alcoholic at least the magic kingdom part like they don't serve alcohol but you know i feel bad for this mom who went on ramp because i feel like there's a lot of insight aside anger and i think this is a huge issue in our world. Is we get very angry inside and we go to the internet and we want express it and you know it's even sad when you see the photo of the headline like you just destroy people who are having a great dane but i will say this. The kids did say the b word rain in front one of the front of her little which three-year-old not call don't do that. I'll like obviously know your audience. Who is if you're around. Kids and you don't have kids. You don't talk you. Don't talk talking about that but let's talk about because alexa bliss did say this on total divas. She was in the hospital with an eating disorder and literally disney. He saved her life like she became so attached and you see. She goes there every week on her off days. She doesn't have kids. Disney brings this amazing feeling to her. I agree and it brings a lot us and we should never have that taken away. I agree so in all. Everyone should enjoy disneyland if you don't have kids everyone know that if kids around don't cuss don't be obnoxious set a good example yeah and just did have kids. How would you asked him for right and just know that mom on no sleep. She's trying. She's using her paycheck to give her kids hasn't been laid in like six months. Maybe not you but what i'm saying is maybe disney's should start to allow wino- hard these two so we just gotta respect what each other are going to and i ended it with that respect each other respect. Okay everyone one so we'll postpone g. for you to vote and we'll build the winner in next week's episode and definitely vote because breen are on the same side so i i wanna know if you're against us or with us and then go to twitter and tell us why nicole remember it's childless adult louis whatever next step killer rumor or as bree likes to say kill if there are nasty rumors out they were going to kill him in a segment. We like to call kill room. Bree loves that so. I think you missed it. I i did okay so this week's rumor. I guess it's i mean it's not really a rumor but headlines always make me laugh as you know do they or do they make you cry too well. They actually make me feel beautiful. Ways drink lots of wine but t._m._z. had stopped me on the streets and asked me if i would go on a double date with my acts and his girlfriend and you know. I just want to cut off guard so i quickly was like boundaries. He asked me a few questions about john before yeah i was having but it was weird because you don't understand like when you get put on the spot. You're on the street. I just got done getting a manny. In petty. I have my xenon was thinking about what bottle roseanne <hes> wanted to buy and popped out of nowhere and then they're asking me questions about you know john because he was seen recently on a date and then asked me about a double date and you know assim himes. It sucks when you're held accountable for your comments. You just think of how many times you've put your foot in your mouth but i thought mine was good. I mean i'm like there's boundaries right like kind of a weird answer answer that. Is that a weird answer okay well. How about this. I never boundaries the way the guy asked you the question. There's boundaries and sing to him like hey. There's boundaries right now. I don't ask me and i don't know you guys. This is why lover segment because i'm gonna kill this right now. I will never go on a date with any of my exes. I don't want that you worse someone who debated against me in a match week. Blue friends with your xs ray yeah but a double date is way different. I'm not gonna sit there and be making out with my man and see them make out with their girl like that's just weird. What are we trying to prove that point. Oh i one hundred percent agree yeah so. Let's let's just do this guys. I don't ever want to go on a double date with my ex with any yeah my accent and it's nothing against him his girlfriend any of 'em so you're not really trying to kill. You're trying to restructure this rumor. I am trying and to kill what i was. Put on the spot way which i thought no boundaries of what you're saying. Is you lost sleep because you gave a weird. I i actually will lament and i'm not just saying this. I have lost one bit asleep but it just kind of made me laugh that i was like. There's boundaries boundaries so you know what my boundaries are. No oh no way no f ing way. How would you feel s man and deputy that actually i wouldn't care i wouldn't go. I know i almost i want you to go to be like give me details conversation. How was the kiss. How is this and i could just see it on t._m._z. Anyway well bryan and i are low defined so everyone wants to double data. Whatever on that note this rumor killed sizes karate chopped this rumor and it is done on and forever in peace. I feel like we're napa. Valley corked the shit out of that room worked at like put it away for good. Can we feel like corking is is like seeing what we're done with this. I'm about to fill up my glass because i'm going to have to get my smart on because why do we have next bala brains and as always bell brain just hosted by my husband w._w._e. Superstar danielle o'brien o'brien. Thank you britos glad to be back for another edition of bella brains the hilarious weekly game show hosted hosted by yours truly where one twin leaves the room while i asked the other some questions and we keep score to see whereas the stronger bella brain yes and we're keeping track of who wins each week and the first i won five wins gets a bottle of dom paid for by the loser and the current score is me up three embry to whatever i'll get you all right. We'll retie it up or nicole. Get one step closer to that bottle of <hes>. Let's find out it's time for bella bella brains bella ah brains okay. Who's leaving the room. I i'll go since artem. Drink is waiting for me. Whatever by all right are you ready ready. Okay so for this week's edition of bella brains. You're answering questions on the formation of the united states of america. Gosh i don't even know what formation it's not really about the formation about the early days of the united states but but yeah so the the beginnings of our country okay who is credited with making the first american flag. I know this. I'm just having a brain fart betty ford no oh was it close <hes> you're kind of close first name's betty no but close last names ford you were so close on the first name betsy but see oetzi for you know betsy betsy. I don't wanna say betsy johnson designer betsey no it no it my gosh. How could i not think for last name right now. Do you need a hint hint played within our the roosevelt. You know oh my gosh sorry fizzy. You'd get a name every famous last name betsy for betsy roosevelt betsy eisenhower well. How can i think of her last name and if it starts with an r i know it five four three three two one betsy ross da. I knew that betsy russ da yeah whatever whatever okay the second question. What is the name of the american national anthem. The star spangled banner. Okay i just asked <hes> uh the girl's death at the grocery store to see if it was a good bella brains question and neither of them knew what it was okay final question. What was the last state to join the united states the last state who i got two out of three eh three but can we say two and a half because i got betsy rate will so if nicole gets too and doesn't get like a half name name then maybe we'll say that you win or maybe we'll have. You guys sing. The star spangled banner and whoever does it better wins again yeah. I'm pretty proud of being american right now. I could have flunked that but i do pretty damn good sister. Let's see what kind of american she is. We'll we'll be right back with nicole but first a quick break all right everyone. So what would you do if your dog h. Much chocolate or your cat was diagnosed with cancer. 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I'm not quite sure how you're during a poker face like if this was a really tough one career ready yes so this week's bella brains is about america america. Oh boy buddy who is credited with making the first american flag betty <music>. Why are you laughing bree. Oh jeez. I know this betty white betty white. She's <music> old enough to have proof so her name's betty though rain but it's very close. It's very eddie beth no and there's also two names so you can't just shoot in kansas. Give guessing this too. It's like an you're gonna. Sami like duh but i'm drawing a massive blink. It's gonna bug me ding it. <hes> did you get ahead of the first name rights yeah. It was for the last thing it. I do wanna hit for the last name. Yeah are starts with an r ross. How can i not think for same can like literally may may. I remember this in school. Five four three two one betsy ross see i got zero. Gosh told me is roosevelt's. She said <hes> betty ford at first. That's a smart question. What is the name of the american national anthem. God bless america. You said that no star spangled banner. They need real quick girl. Okay smart burqa all right. What was the last state to join the united states hawaii. You guys are super tied. We're super tied supervised. You have a tiebreaker. I'd do crazy. You got betsy. I got wrong. I know the brain okay so i have a couple ideas for this one we could either have you guys sing the american national anthem ac- who does better a fan vote or two. I can just ask you a question. Maybe ask a question right then. We'll sing. The star spangled banner. Okay i one to get this answer right. Hawaii was the last state to join the united states. What what was the first state massachusetts in philadelphia in philadelphia pennsylvania the the district of columbia so i feel like it's like north or south or something weird virginia <unk> south carolina alabama. Though did you say washington. I think the district of columbia no it's to stay right now. We'll delaware delaware and because i want to sing everyone the strategy pitches here because nichols the loser. She should have to sing. No reuse all like to sing. You offered no both of us at the same aim time. Okay what. What can i just wanna hear you guys say. The words can ready okay brief. I oh say can muc- donder lead by the by don. Turn the taunted -ly dante early yeah no by the something lives the lights like doing something by the dawning but don's doll uh-huh like don don apostrophe s. that dawn's light no the dawn's early light mean it means the light of the sun <unk> as it's coming up. Do you know what don means on d._a. W the donald you apostrophe s. so by the dawn's early early life so proud lee yes so proudly we hail as the i i i. It's loudly last gleaming leeming. Gladly the to await now. <hes> gets right to the rock. It's yeah no clear do bombs burstein and gay drew proofs are truth fruits now how nine oh say that star ars spain o van way. Why not wait. What did you say a way vanderli way or something. I didn't do what did you do. You know what it is. We now have she's confusing. Saying oh say does that star spaying banner man <music> arri and <hes> bring yeah a i believe that would get robustly booed senior not for not just start humming christina aguilera. I got booed one time. She like sergi frigging messed it up to both of 'em. Tom put like ancient words in their doors. Li like you know don's lead. It's like oh say. Can you see by the dawn's early light because when the dawn comes up what so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming so the last who've light that make sense of the ways the flag with the banner air whatever okay so it goes whose whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight or the ramparts parts we watched were so gallantly streaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag egg was still there. Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave away way away really played for the land of the free and the home of the brave one of my questions was going to be do you know what the word spangled means and started being like <hes> like twinkle knowstone earn stars saying bingo lake lake place perfectly like in the air <unk> like we see it. All right doesn't mean bright so on on the flag. I mean kind of it's a star sewn on the flag so it it's a spangled is like a bright decoration so it's our our our flag is a star spangled so it's a starred decorated here that where to light during christmas. Let's just go back to <hes> which makes sense with pretty decoration. I lost i won and i also just tied up. The school tied up. The score is now three three. That's it for this. Week's edition of bella brains join us again the next week for bella brains ballot brains brains. Thank you brian for hosting another edition abell brains after say this is another step to me feeling like a better american yeah go america right all right everyone and now it's time for bella army q._n._a. As always tweet at bella twins with the hashtag bellas podcast we might pick like your question to answer on the show and this week were answering a tweet from at seal later underscore. I she rates how shag bellas podcast do brian nikki ever fight slash argue. What's their relationship light so we actually made ryan. Stay in the room to answer this with me. Embry you could chime in. I think we've only ever gotten in one argument. You guys have been in one big one which i saw one. That was a bad one but i feel like you guys gotten a couple of little tax debate on issues <hes> yeah but i've never felt an argument no yeah it's like brother our sister yeah. We just have a lot of opposing views. Were very different like you say we are the same in some things lou. You like what yeah well i mean. I might you both love bree. How 'bout that we both love breeze berber and yeah and i think we both like enjoy like when we travel in places have like cute ambience history. We both get excited about that or like. If a shopping center had three stores a lot of yeah sweets you guys love sweets said shopping center like i feel yeah but i feel like. Don't you get excited when all of a sudden you have your gym food smart like oh. You're talking about like road stuff yeah. We get excited when q. like farm-to-table spot like wall talk about the decor. I'm never about the decor relax the dakota. I feel like you've seen like ambiance. Uh-huh so this is what i do brian actually had this conversation yesterday. Sometimes you talk about things that you're not interested in with your spouse create connection. We did have a conversation yeah because this does happen sometimes right to me that i'm not interested in and it's vice versa to happen happen where she'll say something to me. I just go oh all right yeah. He's like and i i really hate that and so because i know that she feels feels this way when we go into these cute farm-to-table restaurants is i will sometimes i will initiate this conversation so she can talk about it because i know that she wants to so it's like oh. Is this place look nice. Oh isn't that lamp shade. Doesn't that look nice. Oh all this kind of stuff if she weren't interested in it i could care care less. I just went to a vegan place in memphis where the decor was nothing and i could care less so oh not that necessarily feigning interest but when you're with somebody it's important to create common interests so even even if you're not necessarily interested in it being interested in it for your partner. That's true you buy your books. That was going to say that rarely but to be affair like crazy bucks yeah to be fair. I'm not sure right now. I'm rereading a book called homogeneous which is about the future of humanity and yeah so i'm not i'm not convinced that this book and where the last line says we are f you see. That's not that book that books called ten billion which which is very short more of a pamphlet than anything else if anybody's interested in reading it yeah so that said that's not necessarily something something we have in common now so we don't have a lot in common. We don't have on what i like about. Brian is i could be very honest about my opinion and like he'll debate me in a very awesome way. I think we respectfully disagree on a lot of things and i think we both also see where the other person is coming coming from so yeah i don't think we have it's not a contentious relationship by any stretch of the imagination what's contentious the lake. We're we're. We're always arguing or anything like that. Where some people might watch the show or something like that and think god just based on based on how kind of opposite we are but i think that's also goes to show and i think one of the things that i'm very interested in people who are very different or who have very the different points of view is how nicole and i can get along very well and have completely different points of view and maybe more of our politicians should be like that when talking about things disagree on that's what makes the world go round. All of us have things we like. We don't like our views. Yeah planet earth which is a planet is very very big and you think of all the people in the world all the different cultures like how everyone's raised and and no one can be on the same page and i wish more people can learn especially in politics assume no one can be on the same page is not accurate. Not i mean that's an accurate. I mean all of us can't be on the same page we all do. We just can't like that's impossible. It really is and so. I just wish brian why can't top politicians be like us. We need to teach him thing or do. I think this was a really good bell army q._n._a. Yeah very insightful very insightful and we learned a new big word trues contentious contentious <unk> content. Don't say that c._o. N. t. a. c. t. e. n. g. i. c. o. n. t. n. c._i._o. U._s. bella brains over now bellarmine yes so that's it for this week's edition of bella armie q._n._a. All right everyone thank you so much for tuning in today's podcasts yes and hopefully we'll find my car. If not at least i found my soul refreshed and hopefully one day i could visit queenstown and find out if it's a leak were notion but it's always been catching up with our pod fam- so we love you guys yes and make sure to vote for the winner of this week's matchup of the week on instagram swedish this your questions for bella army with the hashtag bellas podcast and please show us love by rating the show leaving review and heading subscribe yes and special thanks brian for being a great bella brains host until next week. Remember to stay fearless and you always go mode. If you drink along with this see you next wednesday. Stay and his birdie likes to say <music>.

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