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Why Tesla Stock Jumped on Monday

Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

01:49 min | 4 months ago

Why Tesla Stock Jumped on Monday

"Robin our here today. We're gonna be talking a little bit about tesla stock tests approach with their sensor suite. Plaid delivery timelines. We've got wells fargo. Picking up coverage of tesla stock. Some news on charging and batteries. Nice start to the week. Four tesla's stock today after a relatively quiet news weekend finishing up four point four percent to six hundred and six dollars four cents that compared to the nasdaq up. One point four percent tussle dead tail off a little bit towards the end of the though falling about one percent in the last half an hour well as luck would have it alanis tweeting about bitcoin and does in the last half an hour about eighteen minutes before market close. He tweeted quote spoke with north american. Bitcoin miners they committed to publish current and planned renewable usage and ask miners worldwide to do so potentially promising and quote couple minutes after that he switched over to doj saying quote. If you'd like to help develop those please submit ideas on get hub and read it and quote so inevitably you see that you see out. Great yuan taking the stock again talking about cryptocurrency. Someone already tag me on twitter suggesting this and if you're just casually looking at the stock yes absolutely looks that way but again it is not that simple if we pull up the minute by minute. Chart here tweeted again. Eighteen minutes before close dessel was at about six hundred ten dollars per share at that point in time it had already dropped from six hundred and fourteen before john even tweeted that if we flip over to the nasdaq you can hardly tell the difference there in the last half an hour with how those look the nasdaq trails off there as well and continued to fall in the last eighteen minutes. Just like tesla did in fact tests actually dropped more in the ten minutes before ilan's tweet actually more than two times as much of a drop their as it did ten minutes after tweeden about cryptocurrency even though the nasdaq performed worse in that second block of ten minutes after alonzo tweet so just like before. Yes tempting to throw that in as the narrative you see the stock falling right when you on tweets. But it's just not that simple and this instance is definitely not evidence of that being the case

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Family To See More Footage of North Carolina Deputy Shooting

AP News Radio

00:47 sec | 4 months ago

Family To See More Footage of North Carolina Deputy Shooting

"The family of a black man fatally shot by sheriff's deputies in North Carolina is expected to be you more of the body camera video today they've been demanding following a judge's order around eighteen minutes of the nearly two hour video will be shown to family members of Andrew brown junior according to county officials brown was behind the wheel of his car outside of his house in Elizabeth city when he was shot in April sheriff's deputies working as part of a drug task force were serving a search warrant at the time a prosecutor has said that brown's car made contact with officers before the shooting began but brown's family and their attorneys have said brown was driving away and died from an unjustified execution I'm Julie Walker

Andrew Brown Brown North Carolina Elizabeth City Julie Walker
Joe Biden Proved a Press Conference Doesn't Have to Be a Spectacle

TIME's Top Stories

02:08 min | 6 months ago

Joe Biden Proved a Press Conference Doesn't Have to Be a Spectacle

"Joe biden proved a press conference. Doesn't have to be a spectacle by philip elliott. This article is part of the dc. Brief time politics newsletter. There were no stunts or name calling. The phrase fake news was never hurled around nor were personal insults. The flavor of the day the closest thing we got to a cliffhanger at presidential biden's first full press conference on thursday was that he would have more details about his infrastructure plans when he visits pittsburgh. The most glaring error of fact was on that last point biden said he'd be traveling to pittsburgh on friday. When the white house had it on the schedule for wednesday it was to be playing a complete one eighty from what we collectively weathered for. All four years when president donald trump would turn the east room. The white house into a studio sat for a fact challenged reality show gone were the pettiness and self victimhood the attempts to divide americans and needs grievances even in criticizing his republican opposition for blocking popular pieces of his agenda biden. Seemed like an apologist for the jam. Senate minority leader mitch. Mcconnell finds himself in with the gop. I know mitch well. Mitch knows me. Well i would expect mitch to say exactly what he said. Biden said where trump glossed over details and promised plans that never materialized. Biden had command of the facts and at times excused himself for going into too much detail. Trump would hold for for hours jousting with reporters and ordering age. To take away their microphones. How much longer should we stay here. Folks trump asked at the end of his first press conference which lasted an hour and eighteen. Minutes biden. took follow up questions asked if reporters were getting what they need it. He checked his watch so as not to keep his audience too long. He was at the podium for an hour and two minutes.

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Detroit Pistons will sit Blake Griffin while team considers trade, buyout

Open Floor: SI's NBA Show

03:06 min | 7 months ago

Detroit Pistons will sit Blake Griffin while team considers trade, buyout

"Watson routes give espn dot com has reported that not only. Is andre drummond. Kind of getting shut down for this whole trade talk discussion but also his former detroit. Pistons teammate blake griffin. It sounds like we'll be held out of the lineup. Until they can sort of figure out what his next move is is there a trade available for blake griffin or does this have to be a very extensive buyout situation where you know blazing to give some money out to get his freedom to go play for a good team. How do you resolve. This blake griffin situation. And why are they going to shut him down. I mean he's been very rough. So far this season i think a lot of people have noticed that he hasn't had a single dunk all year. Which just seems incomprehensible for the player. He was earlier in his career. He's basically a three point line. Two three point line Shooter at this point if you wanna put it that way in terms of his impact Is there a way out for detroit. Here or what are they doing man the blake griffin situation is is pretty rough Yeah he just hasn't had a very good season not moving. While he's only thirty one which is like hard to believe. Honestly i you just look at them and you think that. He's like in his late thirties. Ve how long he's been in our like our collective conscience and how great he used to be You would like to think that he could have an impact a positive impact on a championship contender. I don't know if that's possible anymore. Especially when he's not hitting the three ball and he's not hitting the three ball even though he takes a bunch of them so i don't know man like it will be. It'll be really interesting if they do. Waive him even though like. I don't have the limit. I'm trying to find the contract numbers. I know he's still oh quite a bit of money. So that's gonna be really interested this year. It's thirty six point five next year. He's got a player option for thirty eight point nine. Oh so you're not gonna get anything close to that this summer. So the buyouts to have to kind of reflect that if they did kind of pursue that direction mean maybe. They're just trying to hope that they can construct a trade to dump him onto someone else's someone else eats that money next year. I don't know how you really get out of that. I mean it could be a situation where they've just decided look man like your body's not they're just take some time and hope that you can kind of get into a better spot but mean it does kind of look unsalvageable for him at this point you know and i hate to say that because there were times for derrick rose where looked unsalvageable to and he's come back to make himself like a valuable role player in certain situation You know is there. A role for a blake griffin lake career bench renaissance where he follows the carmelo anthony model right and he's only play in like sixteen minutes a game and he gives you good sixteen eighteen minutes and that's it Could that be like a second chapter for him. I don't know. But i think this idea of him as fulltime starter. Impact guy or major contributor is is basically done.

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Netflix Removes 'Chappelle's Show' After Dave Chappelle Requested It

The Fighter And The Kid

00:52 sec | 10 months ago

Netflix Removes 'Chappelle's Show' After Dave Chappelle Requested It

"Sure you guys have seen this. But dave chappelle released a eighteen minute clip yesterday basically talking about the chapelle show and how he signed his right to weigh in a contract and lawyers helping him and everything but they still signed away all of his rights. I show that he created and this video is basically him saying because he worked so closely with netflix. He asked him to take the dave chapelle show off of their streaming platform. Because it didn't make him feel good that he's not getting paid for the show that right now asking people to boycott the dave chapelle show and they're gonna do it right Until he's compensated. Whose fans are going to pay much money. They've made off of that. I may just throw it well. He paid them. What but throw him some bone for his show is insane man.

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Jake Wood of Team Rubicon Talks About His Latest Book "Once a Warrior"

Dose of Leadership

04:52 min | 11 months ago

Jake Wood of Team Rubicon Talks About His Latest Book "Once a Warrior"

"Would team rubicon. Welcome a dose of leadership my friend. Yeah thank you for having me on. Obviously i love having primaries here. Mix conversation really easy. I know this is going to be a good one. But man So i followed you ever since team. Rubicon kindergarten Our mutual friend pot. And you know he was involved with guys and he told me all about you. And i've been meaning to have on you for for years and i got sidetracked and you get new book. Said gosh dang. I gotta get you out here so get while i'm excited to join it's It seems like a great time to beyond the shadows of veterans day and the book coming out this week. it's no time like the present absolutely and Happy belated marine corps. Birthday by the way. Thank you two hundred forty five years young man. Oh kin well the the new book coming out once a warrior is out and highlight your story of going to iraq and then coming back and team rubicon reason why i love this book so much i love what you do is one thing i talk about on the show lot is and i think our our main obligation the only obligation where we're here is to make the place better than we found it in that seems to be something you've dove into. You came back from iraq and trying to figure out what your purpose was right in and it's like embrace this mission of trying to make the place better than you found it. How does that resonate when you hear me say that. Yeah i mean. I think there's an element of truth to that. I think there have been a couple of points in my life where you know. I thought i was at this decision. Point where i was either to pursue a life of service. Or i was going to go to do something like on wall street. You know and the first time that i hit that juncture was when i was graduating college in ultimately i decided to go join. The marine corps. Wasn't ready to go. Where a suit. And the second time was when i got out of the marine corps. I thought okay. Well you served a lot. I just got back from iraq afghanistan. i feel like. I've done my part time to go. You'll make some money. Or you know where suit and in then i kind of stumbled into team rubicon and in clearly over the last decade having been one to wear too many suits one thing. I'm curious when you were playing football. Wisconsin Right was it. Wisconsin did get that right. Yeah yeah and obviously the ward kicked off eleven had happened. You decided to go and list which. I highly commendable. But why didn't you consider becoming an officer just out of curiosity. You know there were there. Were a couple of things that lead into that I was the practical. So i i did start speaking this officer selection officers about perhaps going in as an officer and you know bear in mind like you said i played football right so i i. I started exploring this right after my final game which was on january. First two thousand five and i was an offensive tackle for wisconsin. So you can imagine. I'm six foot six two hundred ninety pounds and So i meet this captain marine captain and i tell him think i wanna be an option. He looks me up and down. I don't fit the bill or hate him. Officers are trimmed trim guys and gals right and he asked me goes you know. How fast can you run three miles. And i kind of shorted got pretty mean you know. I haven't run three miles in five years But i can tell you what my forty are dash. Time is any said what you've got to be able to run in eighteen minutes. If you want to be an officer. I said okay. Well that's that's pretty aggressive but there. If he told me i needed to do when he was. You've got to be able to do twenty pull ups to. That's that's not a problem. And then he asked me the the real question he goes. You know you play football. You have any injuries you having surgeries as well. Yeah i mean. I had my shoulder. Reconstructed is my foot reconstructed. I dislocated my other shoulder. And he just shook his head and he said you know what. You're a lot of paperwork kid. I got people lined up outside my door. Join you know to go see us right now and he never called me back. Wow a yeah. But then that was coupled with us some conversations. I was happened with with some veterans. That i knew who are coming back from iraq and afghanistan and they said you know jake if you really are looking to get into the fight in. You're looking to lead people. Their perspective was that this was a squad. War know that the company and platoon maneuver warfare was over and that this was really a squad based warrants. They said you go. Be a non commissioned officer. Be corporal or sergeant in. You'll get all the leadership that you want in. So i took that advice to heart. I i stopped trying to get that guy to call me back in. I got what i wished for. I came an nco. And i led marines and combat.

Marine Corps Gosh Dang Iraq Wisconsin Football Afghanistan Ward Jake
Arlo Guthrie, citing health, says he's retired from touring

AP News Radio

01:02 min | 11 months ago

Arlo Guthrie, citing health, says he's retired from touring

"Folk singer Arlo Guthrie's announced that he's retiring for health reasons even canceling shows that were planned for next year yeah and if you want that addresses best known for this thanksgiving classic about his arrest in nineteen sixty five Arlo Guthrie the son of music legend Woody Guthrie says after more than fifty years and two strokes it's time to hang up the gone Fishin sign Guthrie leaves us with Alice's restaurant master creek in eighteen minutes satirical blues ballad about him getting arrested for littering which kept him out of the Vietnam War because he wasn't enough to John on may burn women kids houses in villages after being a letter about well got three often disappointed fans by not playing Alice's restaurant at live shows he felt that he would during next year's tour but now that it's been canceled hi Jackie Quinn and this is

Woody Guthrie Alice John Jackie Quinn
How Social Media Affects Our Psychology & Why Our Phones Are Becoming Irresistible

The Model Health Show

04:44 min | 1 year ago

How Social Media Affects Our Psychology & Why Our Phones Are Becoming Irresistible

"Our guest today is Adam Ulcer and he is an associate professor of marketing at New York University Stern, school of business, and then affiliated professor of Social Psychology Nyu's psychology department, and in two thousand twenty he was voted as professor of the year by the student body and faculty at Nyu Stern School of business. He's a New York, times bestselling author of two books including the book were diving into today irresistible the rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping US hooked his one of the most popular Ted talks. Ever with millions of US talking about this very subject. They were diving into today. He's been featured everywhere from the New York Times to the Atlantic wire popular science and Adam also has a PhD in social psychology from Princeton University where he focused on how people reach the judgments and make the decisions that shaped their lives, and now we're gonNA dive into this awesome powerful important conversation with Adam Alter Adam. Welcome to the model show. Thanks for hanging out with us today. Yeah. Thanks for having me Sean, good to be. So I've got to ask you first and foremost I want to know your superhero origin story because this topic is so palpable. So important but how in the world did you find yourself interested in this domain with tech in how it's kind of relating to our lives? I think the super the Superhero, the super power for an academic is that when we get interested in things that other people get interested in, we can actually studied them and that's what happened with me. I I. Think a lot of people were talking about tech, the encroachment of tech in their lives especially that personalized know I was sitting on the couch next to my wife, we'd spend two hours on our phones. We wouldn't be interacting with each other I remember being on a flight between New York and La, and I don't even remember the flight because I opened a video game on my phone. was an APP plated six hours landed and was like what just happened time melted away. So I think a lot of people probably millions of people who are experiencing some version of that in the roughly two, thousand, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. But for me it, it was something that I had the capacity to actually study to investigate, and so I did I started to look into it and had a few critical questions like am I the only one experiencing this? The answer was very clearly no What what else is gripping us this way in what should we do about? It is something to be concerned about and that's how I got interested probably six or seven years ago. Yes and it through even through that time. Can you talk about first and foremost for us? Like you said is not you're not alone by a long shot but how has our investment in our time grown from? Prior, you know somebody just here in the studio, one of my guys and he wants to get a flip phone now since the flip phone to now, how is our investment time grown over time to getting on the Internet in in Tech? Yes. So we spent we spent about eighteen minutes touch to phones before the first iphone before two thousand seven. So you gave up like a stood of an hour everyday to your fun, which is not that much time some time but it's not that much time. Now today the average for an adult in the United States and it's very similar across the. Developed world is about four hours. So it's it's increased by a factor of about twelve thirteen fourteen and if you if you imagine that being expanded across the lifespan, we're talking between ten and twenty years of your life depending on whether you're alive or heavy user of the fun. So you're giving up effectively one or two decades of your life to this device. Unbelievable and the thing is even when you say that number I bet so many people like well, that's not me. How can you quantify that because a lot of people feel the same way until they get tracked, they think that they may be fifty percent of the time that they actually do. It's true in two thousand fifteen reached out to this guy who created now colt moment and Marmon was one of the first really sophisticated track is that to what you were doing on your phone how much time he was spending occasionally you get these Ping, sang a you happy with your engagement right now and he he said to me. Before you use it before you install it on your phone and tell me what do you think how long do you think spending on your phone and? He said to me most people have no idea and that was true for me too I guest and so I guess like. I thought an hour but just to be concerned about her I said, how about ninety minutes I'll say ninety minutes a day and I started using this track and was three three and a half hours a day. So I was I was under estimating by more than half and I said to him that's crazy that I have no idea how much time I'm giving up and it's such a lot of the white indict and he said it's totally typical most of us are using twice or even three times more than we think we are.

New York Adam Ulcer United States Nyu Stern School Of Business Professor Of Social Psychology Sean New York Times Associate Professor Of Marketi Professor Marmon School Of Business TED Princeton University LA
The return to campus

The Wonkhe Show - the higher education podcast

04:02 min | 1 year ago

The return to campus

"Start this week with the returned to campus. We're only a handful of days away from the annual internal migration of students to their universities and amid rising cases of covid nineteen in the so-called affluent, young. We are asking what the returned to campus looks like in two thousand, nine, hundred, ninety. What can we expect in the next few weeks? She thinks Ho- Well What can we expect in? Wish I knew and I, think that's basically the problem. We don't know what to expect. I think as we the great migration as it's been cold, the docking of a cruise ship in city center says. The comparing it to to cad high. We've seen all ladies, Mexico. But the reality is we just die I mean that's not to say that universities across land haven't worked incredibly hard to make that campuses as Covid ciphers that can onto put in place kind of set of programs and welcomes and whole semesters in years worth of a new curriculums and Goal See to. To make this year as good as it can possibly be the reality is you know we're crossing fingers and hoping the Hoping that things go as well as possibly can. And others on one K. of have. Really put a lot of actor into understanding that guidance. And, of course, we know that at eighteen minutes past one this morning. Or yesterday morning depending on when you're listening to the PODCAST. The updated guidance finally dropped into universities inboxes. Alongside kind of updated track and trace guide full effort universities are basically as you say, acting this weekend silence everybody I think from ministers, vice-chancellors to parents to students. Are Hoping for the best. And an an really none of them know what's going to happen and we'll just the systems put in place I can account with whatever does happen every obviously You know one of the things certainly, I put in the you know the blog rarely this morning when sucked them look at the guidance while. In truth. We the runaway train was already a runaway try by which I mean we're going to try and reopen campuses months some months ago. and. I. Think it's interesting. It still not really clear that that's a good idea. But to some extent we are going with and we're trying to make the best of it and I I can't recall can whether it still a good idea? I think it probably is I mean, if we consider the fallout from closing schools and stopping exams I think there must be a parallel. You know having a million mostly young people sitting around with nothing particularly to do. Doesn't feel to me like a good idea. I also just wanted to say I really hope that some inspiring commencement, a speeches, this term. Students are not only joining the scholarly community at their university, but they're also joining kind of scholarly covert, aware and covid responsible community university i. felt a bit that the coverage has been very heavily tilted towards what universities could and should do but the needs to be a bit of a balancing call to arms from students. You know after all who are adults even if some of them quite young adults but I think they're old enough to understand that we are we on the middle of the global pandemic I can't have everything might. Want or expect more normal times and they've got pull their weight to and I. Actually I've got huge faith in young people's ability indeed that desire potentially to moderate their behaviour and their expectations I really hope that universities will also concentrate on kind of motivating and inspiring their students to become part of the covert solution and not become part of the covert problem.

Covid HO Mexico
Game Scoop

Game Scoop!

04:57 min | 1 year ago

Game Scoop

"What's up everybody is you and skipping meals David Hatfield joining this week is Tina mini everybody just Davis. Scoop and friend and SAM clayborn. We've got a great show for you this week we're going to talk about. The crazy crazy crazy deal about spiderman being exclusive to playstation. In Marvel's AVENGERS WE'RE GONNA flip through the August nineteen ninety issue of video games and computer. Entertainment. But I. Really all you need to know right now is that spunky to is finally finally coming out, September fifteenth just over month away I couldn't be more excited listeners and my friends on the show have long long heard me talk about how much I love love love spunky. Maybe my favorite game of all time cheese maybe I don't know why does it need sequel? Doesn't necessarily need one, but the like I, I. You know spunky. So brilliant and they've spent so much time making the sequel like I'm really excited to see you know how do you with with this one and what? During their, how deep they're going to get maybe they'll go so that they a lava world. You, what do you want different in this game? Necessarily different but I mean just play spunky I can't believe. We're still talking about this. You don't want the game he don't own a to do extra. This is the problem is that people like you demand sequels and they should be made everything was fine. I was I was never demanding a sequel I've been excited for the sequel though it was announced we've had to edit these episodes several times to remove your demands they're getting increasingly. Violent. My demand for this game increases. If you're if you're an Egyptian prime subscriber, you dame, it's eighteen minute weekly rant on spunky to yeah they go to edit editor. Yup you can download them. Eric while you're excited for this game looks like it has more digging. Know. It's all about systems. Interacting with each other in in unexpected surprising things on your quest to reach the end of the game. So I'm just excited for all the new stuff that they're going to add to the game. Off many many different ways to unexpectedly die during a I love spunky and. I was just joking about all that before I think the cool thing about spunky is the thing I like about Mario Brothers Games where it's like. So focused on secret stuff and as people discovered all the secrets. That that probably alone gave me hope that this game would just be like just full of like crazy cool Meta difficult things to accomplish. That that's why I needed a sequel, you catch all the seeking discover all the secrets you need more secrets. To. Shoot up date. They're like we added a bunch of secret stuff. That's the patch notes like that's the patch. This passes a secret. Good candidate for guides him. It is it is although it's kind of a it's really hard to write guides for Rogue Lakes because I'm you can kind of like classify like eventually with speeding this game became really interesting spunky because. You know there was like a type of orientation of the first level that like made sense to not restart on I think. That's really cool. Right. People basically start breaking the game to figure that stuff out but otherwise, you just gotta be like. You might see a snake. Not If. You know there's there's like a shortcuts to people could take that are built into the game that aren't yet I don't break the game. Yeah. You can tell people never to pick up certain weapons and stuff like that I. Think there is a There's an element to that type of strategy guide writing, which is interesting because there's there's a there's a public out there that I know people don't don't expect this. But it's true that just read from start to finish a game skied while they play it and I did that when I when I was a kid rock Tynan skied and didn't lessen my enjoyment of the Game I. Love The indepth page by page look at all the stuff in this game aspect that guy and people like that. So that's different from like a spunky guide readers like here's some tips. Good luck. And then apparently also. The Sony State of play today it was announced at Alan wake is coming to control DLC. Correct, but we don't have more information than that. Yeah. Honestly. I had like a I haven't been able to watch state of play in its entirety myself, but it was narrated to be my friendly gears. He makes an appearance and it has been long speculated that the DNC in meant in question would be across over with Alan. Wake. So this kind of confirms it but apparently, the trailer did not divulge much more about like. Easter kind of character or is this going to be like a playable character or villain may be and I? I guess I didn't catch this while I was playing control but I suppose or maybe I don't remember but I suppose we're a lot of references to a writer. So that's why we're the relations coming

Alan Wake Sam Clayborn David Hatfield Davis Rogue Lakes Eric Editor DNC Writer Tynan Sony
California holds special election during pandemic to fill Katie Hill's seat

WTOP 24 Hour News

00:15 sec | 1 year ago

California holds special election during pandemic to fill Katie Hill's seat

"Also a special election in California's twenty fifth congressional district to choose a successor to former congresswoman Katie hill that seat could return to the Republicans not seeing any results so far out of California the polls will close in eighteen minutes

California Katie Hill
"eighteen  minutes" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM


01:30 min | 1 year ago

"eighteen minutes" Discussed on KTAR 92.3FM

"At only an eighteen minute ride on the eastbound one oh one from seventy Fifth Avenue in the Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard the southbound seventeen where we've had the slowing at Central Avenue due to the construction that is only a fifteen minute ride right now only a couple of extra minutes from Peoria none of the tents with when you come up on that construction it's a two minute extra ripe for it you can save a few minutes if you want these five general to bypass it's up to you right now if you want to fifty one man you can't get any better it's only a ten minute ride from bell road south down to the I. ten many stacking crash wise just the one Rachael right ninety ninth Avenue in McDowell and then where both westbound sixty of the power road on ramp we have a left lane blockage worry rector St right and now a new crash southbound state route one forty three the whole com expressway two right lanes reportedly blocking the ramp to the southbound whole will take a look here in a second this traffic report brought to you by your valley Chevy dealers your valley Chevy dealers are open for business offering help with a new vehicle or service all of your valley Chevy dealers have pick up and delivery services real cedar valley Chevy dealers today Chevy cares hurrying AutoNation Chevrolet in Gilbert the transcutaneous sunny and one oh three read today one oh seven tomorrow and Thursday factors also an excessive heat warning both of those days overnight lows near seventy right now it is seventy seven degrees in queen creek weather brought to you by Howard air weather replace or repair call Howard air they'll be I think a great day I love Arizona that's president trump just a few moments ago before boarding Air Force One.

Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard Peoria Rachael Chevy AutoNation Chevrolet Howard Arizona queen creek president
Former Boston Marathon champion Keizo Yamada dies at 92

WBZ Midday News

00:29 sec | 1 year ago

Former Boston Marathon champion Keizo Yamada dies at 92

"Of the Boston Marathon say the champion of the race in nineteen fifty three has died Keizo Yamada of Japan died earlier this month natural causes at the age of ninety two at the fifty seventh Boston Marathon the Yamada set a new course record then finishing the race in two hours eighteen minutes and fifty one seconds the B. A. A. says Yamada was a frequent finisher in Boston completed nineteen races including fifteen in a row from nineteen ninety five to two thousand nine in his last Boston at the age of eighty one he finished in just over six

Boston Marathon Keizo Yamada Japan A. A. Boston
"eighteen  minutes" Discussed on KOMO


02:19 min | 1 year ago

"eighteen minutes" Discussed on KOMO

"Main gate at eighteen minutes federal way to Seattle twenty two minutes and live with the bell B. with the sixteen minute drive our next como traffic at eight forty four there's a comma eco roof forecast with meteorologist Kristen Clark just two days with measurable rain this month that is at our monthly rain is now running below normal that we're picking up on rain in the days to come up today and tomorrow stay rain free showers will be returning on Wednesday and appeared of steadier rain around mid day can be expected on Wednesday showers are likely to linger Thursday drying out for time Friday that this upcoming weekend does look wet with scattered showers Saturday lingering into Sunday and the couple weather center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke forty on the coast and foggy inland in the hope we have an area where it's forty three degrees there's been some fog in the Olympia area houses described as mostly cloudy thirty eight there sunny in Seattle right now in forty seven come on it's time eight thirty six health departments in hospitals across the state are slowly expanding the ability to test more people for covert nineteen but governor Insley says we're still only testing about one third of capacity he recently told CNN there aren't enough kits he's been pushing the federal government to get more produced meanwhile twelve thousand testing kits have been recalled here in Washington because of possible contamination a testing site that just opened last week in Aberdeen is now set to close Wednesday so far the set of the site is already administered more than one hundred twenty tested if you're interested you have to make an appointment first we have the information you need on our website under the hot links section at komo news dot com in a special commitment center on McNeil island has recorded its first case of coronavirus a DSHS spokesperson said one staff member at that facility is tested positive and is undergoing recovery now so far none of the inmates has tested positive in addition to the one staff member at McNeil island there have been twenty eight infected employees at western state hospital if you want to buy a new bicycle or your old bike needs repair you may have to wait almost brand Calvert tells us local bike shops are in huge demand these days it's a great time to get out on two wheels for one wheel if you dare it's become very clear the local bike shops are on the list of essential businesses that can remain open and many are running low on bike some can't keep any in stock if you need your bike repaired almost summertime.

Kristen Clark Seattle CNN Washington Aberdeen McNeil island western state hospital Calvert Kristen Clarke governor Insley komo DSHS
Fact that's Myth

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

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Fact that's Myth

"Welcome to kids myths and mysteries. I'm your host Kent crump in my investigation into the paranormal the metaphysical. I'm lucky net. Ghosts and poltergeists inspectors. I'm lucky psychics. And mediums and clairvoyance from the side of myth and fact yesterday we looked. Pope Joan a female pope on the point of being a myth. That could become a fact today. We're going to look at a fact. That is being regarded as remiss. We traveled from Rome to the Northwest Territories in Canada. It's a South Mahoney in Canada's Northwest Territory and is a world heritage site but it is mostly inaccessible. It missed the ICE age. It is comprised of thousands of square miles. Boreal forests never touched by man. But Hanni river is intersected by four ballets numerous canyons during the great Alaskan Gold Rush than the Hani us. The river was thought to be a shortcut to the Yukon. And that's where the story really begins in Nineteen Five. A young Indian boy emerged from the valley was several gold nuggets that he gave to a local bishop who had them made into a gold chain for his watch fact. That was all it took for. Two young men will in Frank McCloy D- to venture up in the Hani Valley Panning. The various creeks and streams that flowed into the river. They found gold at least according to a diary that was found at the site of their cabin when they hadn't returned by the following year a search party including a third brother said out and found their headless bodies tied to a couple of spruce trees upside down. More fact this was the beginning of the Grizz legend that became headless or deadman's valley from nine hundred ninety six when the bodies were found to nineteen sixty over. Fifty prospectors entered headless valley in search of the MIC. Lloyd's Gold Mine and some vanished and others were found headless more fact headless valley was an area never touched by the great ice age. It is said to be heated by underground thermals than Hani itself passes between thousand foot cliff. Walls areas of the valley are believed to have been a refuge for the woolly. Mammoth a strange bear dog. Like creature called Awadhi La along the cliffs lived Naja Naja Indians that unlike the donets simply vanished so remote as an Hani Bali that fewer than a dozen men have visited this area enter Albert faily born in eighteen eighty eight Minnesota by the age of twenty three. He was running a hundred mile trap. Line along the layered river one of the tributaries leading into the Hani. This was nineteen eleven just six years. After the McCloy brothers headless bodies had been found after decades wondering along the layered. Hani working trap lines as body was no longer up to the task in the mid nineteen fifties s and in his late sixties. Albert failure decided to go after the mkx. Lloyd's Lost Gold Mine. He was a longtime resident of Fort Simpson. And once the ice had left the rivers he would set out in a twenty foot. John Book loaded with supplies for the five hundred mile trip. They would take him to the mouth of what was referred to as headless valley or headless creek the site where the headless bodies of the mkx. Lloyd's had been found all those years ago. Besides the daunting mileage. He portage round. Virginia falls twice the height of Niagara. Falls a task. That would take him a week just to move his supplies. Once above the falls he would build a second boat and continue up the Hani one year. His goal was capsized in rough weather and he almost drowned another trip. Winter set in early while living in a hastily constructed cabin he had gotten scurvy and pulled out several loose teeth with pliers year after year trip after trip. He come up short and half to turn back by nine hundred sixty two. At the age of seventy four. He was still making the trip communist close to forty miles to the McCloy mine. Once confronted by another resident of Fort Simpson. He was asked if he was going to try again. Now remember seventy four. He answered that he would be dead or drown before he would quit on a personal note. I I learned of Albert faily and a headless valley. Forty-eight probably fifty years ago now when he was still making the trip I was in high school. An eighteen minute documentary was made in nineteen sixty two about Albert failure. You can now watch on Youtube. It's an amazing story about an amazing man and this is like a lost world. This is up fact. Pack story yet. A lot of people consider it miss miss about the Naja what happened. These Indians myth about gold mine of the MIC Lloyd's so a fact based story that's regarded as missed and at some point. Someone will find the mine and it will become

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Grand Princess cruise ship to dock in Oakland

Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt

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Grand Princess cruise ship to dock in Oakland

"Coronavirus worries weighing on markets in a major way has more infections are reported in the US and around the world over a hundred and ten thousand people infected globally in Oakland California in a matter of hours a cruise ship with at least twenty one on board we have tested positive will be docking ABC's Matt Gutman is there what you're going to see if this court in unprecedented public health effort and it began overnight with teams boarding the grand princess to begin the triage of those passengers it will continue today with this complex choreography of offloading the twenty four hundred passengers in a way that doesn't expose them to more of the virus of nineteen now blamed for at least twenty two deaths in the United States at the White House concern after recent brush with the virus here's ABC's Karen Travers the White House is not commenting on whether anyone who works at the White House has been tested for covert nineteen a man who attended a conservative political conference outside Washington last week tested positive for novel coronavirus president trump and vice president pence were among the speakers at that conference neither had direct contact with that man of Texas senator Ted Cruz did and while he says he feels fine he is self quarantining at his Texas home fears of the virus hitting stock markets as well oil sliding I think it's gonna be a little bit of a black Monday oil markets and perhaps with financial markets on clothes a heads up the oil price information service in all price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia sending prices tumbling as much as thirty three percent Wall Street futures trading stopped overnight after falling too far down futures down over twelve hundred campaigning continues however with several primary set for tomorrow Bernie Sanders taking aim at Joe Biden we are taking on in this campaign nachos Joe Biden on we're taking on the the sixty billion as well funding his campaign you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed the promo morning news it's five oh two and it's Monday morning March ninth frosty and sub freezing temperatures and a lot of places this morning thirty one degrees in Renton for example right now along with Greg Herschel another factor here the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center according to the state health department's website there have officially been eighteen deaths in Washington link to coronavirus couples Brian Calver reports live things happened so quickly that number may not be up today for example Greg Amanda late yesterday we got news of a probable nineteenth death but in the rush to contain in quarantine at the local level that debt hasn't been officially communicated to state health officials the majority of those deaths are connected to life care center in Kirkland a nursing home that once housed one hundred seventy clients the current number of residents that are still in the facility dropped by eight we have fifty five Bucks person Tim Killian calls employees who remain on the job they're heroes the amount of work and stressed that these the staff and employees and caregivers here under is tremendous no longer confined to our local area now seven counties are reporting the state's total of covert nineteen positives two one hundred thirty six Brian Calvert komo news and I'm Corwin hate Clive Washington's governor says mandatory measures may become necessary to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus virus Inslee approves of what people are already doing to limit their exposure by working from home if possible and avoiding large social gatherings but he knows the time may come when public health officials will consider making some voluntary limitations mandatory because we need to make decisions based on what this is going to look like a few weeks from now not what it is just today he says the state might have to mandate what health officials call social distancing although he does not say what such a mandate might look like he also minimizing minimizes the insults flung his way last week when president trump called Inslee a snake there's been some unfortunate comments from the president that that's just been a distraction and we're working well with the federal agencies reporting live Corwin hate komo news U. S. representative Susan del Benes says she's going to work to ensure local hospitals get the protective gear they need so that we can make sure they have the resources they need to continue to respond up things like personal protective equipment mass Gandhi's first district Democrat made her remarks after touring Kirkland's evergreen health Medical Center where three people have died from corona virus coming up up now now the the como como morning morning news news more more schools schools have have decided decided decided decided to to go go to to online online learning learning over over concerns concerns of of spreading spreading coronavirus coronavirus I'm I'm Carlene Carlene Johnson Johnson live for Monday morning it's chilly out there let's see what the drivers like with the coal traffic update good morning here good morning Greg M&S so we don't have any blocking crashes or stalls right now we do have some areas of heavy fog so if that's the case for you of course use extra caution there we do have slowing in our typical spots of northbound I. five near Tacoma city said enter and north bound one six seven is starting to build three seven nothing much but slow slow down down down right right right now now now southbound southbound southbound I. I. I. five five five at at at the the the Boeing Boeing Boeing freeway freeway freeway and and and we we we are are are wide wide wide open open open both both both directions directions directions of of of four four four oh oh oh five five five our our our next next next come come come traffic traffic traffic at at at five five five fourteen fourteen fourteen time time time now now now for for for the the the global global global eagle eagle eagle river river river forecast forecast forecast and and and here's here's here's meteorologist meteorologist meteorologist Kristen Kristen Kristen Clarke Clarke Clarke clear clear clear skies skies skies light light light winds winds winds over over over western western western Washington Washington Washington to to to start start start our our our week week week this this this morning morning morning that that that resulted resulted resulted in in in widespread widespread widespread temperatures temperatures temperatures in the twenties and thirties yeah actually start for week here know any patchy fog that developed overnight will quickly burn off to reveal a mostly sunny afternoon today looking great for the evening drive home now Tuesday features a bit more cloud cover and a few light rain showers along the coast in northwest interior otherwise the showers hold off in Seattle until Wednesday morning Thursday looks good but we're tracking a late week storm Friday that brings about heavier lowland rain and mountain snow with a significant cool down into the weekend that will support lowlands snow showers early Saturday morning something to keep an eye on it in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke else to keep an eye on it as potentially slippery driving this morning we have foggy locations especially in the north south and temperatures like twenty five in Arlington right now Everitt of soggy thirty one in Olympia it's twenty six degrees right now at sea tac airport clear skies and thirty four companies time five oh six more schools and universities have made the decision to go to online classes only hoping to stop the spread of coronaviruses the latest on that from Cuomo's Carlene Johnson gas thousands of students from the university of Washington Washington among among those those who who will will be be watching watching lectures lectures online online and and taking taking finals finals from from home home through through at at least least March March twentieth twentieth that's that's when when the the quarter quarter ends ends that that spring spring break break after after that that Jack Jack how how Sarek Sarek is is a a junior junior at at the the U. U. job job he he says says not not having having to to go go to to class class is is just just fine fine with with him him me me all all my my professors professors just just record record their their lectures lectures and and then then they they just just kind kind of of let let us us watch watch it it whenever whenever I I want want so so it's it's really really nice nice where I can get up at you know ten thirty and just in my pajamas watching the but usually pretty cool now C. L. university also canceled in person classes same was Seattle Pacific university PL use starts their distance learning tomorrow same for shoreline community college Lake Washington institute of technology in Kirkland they're moving it all online as well and for nor sure our public schools the entire district begins online learning today several other schools are closed with remote learning plans are for cleaning because a parent student or staff member tested positive the complete list is on our website at komo news dot com I'm calling Johnson cruise ship passengers are waiting to see if the upcoming sailing season will change because of coronavirus the port of Seattle says it's working with the federal government and cruise lines to come up with protocols dealing with passenger safety and health cruise season officially starts April first it's nearly a one billion dollar industry for Seattle the Seattle center exhibition hall has been set aside or has set aside to part of it as a temporary shelter is a corona virus sweeps through the city a special area has been designated for selected homeless clients who are already housed at two of the city's biggest shelters there are no known cases of the virus and any of shelter in Seattle city leaders are also taking steps to ensure sanitation and hygiene standards are up to date at all shelters some churches decided not to hold services in person yesterday to contain the spread of the virus couple's big Poppa reports from Seattle's Bethany community church the church decided earlier this week to tell its members to stay home to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus and while they normally stream their services for other churches the decision to have services online wasn't easy to stand up here and and kind of host it was different J. Kurtz is the lead pastor for Arbor church in Woodville he says before this week his church had never done any live streaming but when they heard the advice to limit large gatherings they decided this week to set up cameras and tell members to stay home for church it's literally been Friday Saturday and then here we are doing this he says despite the empty chairs hundreds of people were still able to hear the church's message of felt like we had community it's just on a normal community that's come mostly problem reporting the city of Kent is not backing down from its fight with king county over plans to use the former A. Connell lodges a corona virus quarantine site there were even a couple of protesters out there yesterday worries me that this is a facility that is not that's not locked down you're free to leave whenever they want and there's so many businesses here leave on Friday a king county judge denied the city of cats request for a temporary restraining order that ruling will allow as many as fifteen people to move into the eighty five bed motel soon you could be able to test her for covert nineteen from the comfort of your own home The Seattle Times reports the bill and Melinda gates foundation is funding a project offer in home knows swab kits for people showing symptoms the samples with then be sent to the lab at the university of Washington for testing right now it's not clear when that project could launch popular Starbucks in downtown Seattle has been closed temporarily because of concerns over the virus it's historic first in university it's now been deep cleaned and an employee who tested positive for the virus itself isolated at home Starbucks has also stopped accepting personal cops to help the virus from spreading the coffee chain says it'll still honor the ten cent discount to customers bring in their own cop they just won't refill those cups right now police time five tenths now it's time to get to the Harley exterior sports desk good morning Tom hustler good morning to you the husky men's basketball teams swept the Arizona schools over the weekend there had directly for Las Vegas for the pac twelve men's tournament begins Wednesday Washington will open as a number twelve seed facing the team they just beat Saturday Arizona that came at two thirty Wednesday after Saturday's win coach Mike Hopkins said this would be a perfect time to run the table and when the turning me what more do you want to be able to try to rattle off four games in a row I mean what else what other great opportunity can you have you know and so these guys are believe it will be a great opportunity and kind of fired up there after that game on Saturday our coverage Wednesday will start at two more Franco Tompkins and women's coach should be one of the coaches are tonight at six Cougars play Colorado in the first round the turn of the game Wednesday night at eight thirty in the pac twelve women's sort of a title game yesterday Oregon with Stanford eighty nine fifty six merece continue to struggle in cactus league play they fell to the giants yesterday eight four in Scottsdale in a night game against the brewers this evening at Mary's merry Vail Arizona and congratulations to the Garfield boys and girls basketball teams both won three eight state title Saturday at the Tacoma dome sports to forty Patsy tower Tom are on the whole the Huskies commodities commodities time five twelve the traffic update in just a couple of minutes Sierra is canceling a concert in front of her home town crowd in Texas later this month the wife of Russell Wilson is pregnant she says she doesn't want to travel to a big event while the corona virus is still spreading she says our doctors have advised her to avoid large gatherings a quarter of Italy's population roughly sixteen million people are now under quarantine because of coronavirus authorities say anyone living in the northern on body region needs special permission to travel south of the death toll surged to three hundred and sixty six hundred and thirty three people dying in just twenty four hours according to prime minister Justin because the more than six thousand cases represent a national emergency with the entire lawn body region on lockdown it's capital Milan as well as Venice economic and tourist Mecca is closed for business both cities in the red zone the usually bustling tourist hubs now deserted old museums closed gondolas lying unused on those famous Venice canals travel bloggers recall food and Andreas on sunny who live in the region a concern for the long term impact the economy is here is how lowly and then on travel this could be devastating restaurants and bars in the region are required to close at six o'clock and tables have to be at least a meter apart it's just a lot less social I'd say and it's slow quite so since the first time pope Francis live streaming his Sunday prayer hoping to keep away large crowds now the authorities say people could face jail time if they don't adhere to these measures but it's unclear how they're going to enforce them thousands of people over the weekend fled from the north making their way to the south of the country but a governor in the south of Italy has said stay away we don't want you here ABC's James Longman as Florida's busy spring break season is under way the man tasked with heading up the federal government's efforts against corona virus vice president Mike pence addressed something has been on the minds of thousands of families preparing to travel to theme parks are they safe over the weekend he stressed it is safe for healthy Americans to travel and to quote him one of our favorite places to go when my children were young and even even before before my my children children came came was was in in Orlando Orlando still still her her faith faith in in the the pence pence has has been been watching watching the the spread spread of of coronavirus coronavirus for for weeks weeks theme theme parks parks in in Asia Asia have have closed closed he estimates the temporary closure of Disney parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong could cost the company something like one hundred seventy five million dollars just getting word that one person has died in an apartment fire in Tacoma it started about two thirty this morning near north twenty sixth street in north narrows no word yet on what started that fire it's five forty traffic update again with Karageorge who still don't have any blocking problems on the highways but you can expect to see brake lights northbound I. five to Tacoma city center and north bound one six seven continues to build in some especially around state route four ten south on I five it's looking just a little bit slow slow right right right around around around marine marine marine view view view drive drive drive but but but it's it's it's not not not going going going to to to be be be lasting lasting lasting for for for too too too long long long the the the rest rest rest of of of the the the drives drives drives are are are moving moving moving at at at the the the speed speed speed limit limit limit and and and if if if the the the mountains mountains mountains are are are in in in your your your travel travel travel plans plans plans well well well it's it's it's a a a good good good time time for for it it because because there's there's no no restrictions restrictions at at either either snow snow Kwame Kwame or or Stevens Stevens pass pass our our next next call call much much traffic traffic at at five five twenty twenty four four come come eco eco roof roof forecast forecast it's it's going going to to be be a a nice nice day day mostly mostly sunny sunny high high about about fifty chilly to start though clear and cold overnight with lows in the mid thirties tomorrow looks dry partly sunny and fifty then we'll see a slight chance of rain rolled back in on Wednesday to the mountain passes they're in good shape but you don't want to get out of your car without a jacket on up there's twenty one degrees at the summit of Snoqualmie pass nineteen degrees at the summit of Stevens pass right now in downtown Seattle clear skies at thirty four degrees stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news at five fifteen the cobalt morning news Franklin sees at the editor's desk on this Monday morning that the correct personal time and the fact of the number of coronavirus cases in this country continues to rise the total is now over five hundred sixty cases according to Johns Hopkins University there were twenty two deaths linked to the rapidly spreading virus Dr Anthony Fauci who heads the national institutes of health infectious disease unit says after initial missteps contributed to to contributing diagnostic tests there should be four hundred thousand more testing kits available starting today today the the state state department department is is now now urging urging Americans Americans not not to to get get on on cruise cruise ships ships over over the the weekend weekend the the CDC CDC had had been been tracking tracking cruise cruise ships ships including including the the regal regal princess princess scheduled scheduled to to dock dock at port Everglades on Sunday it was feared a handful crew might have been exposed on a previous trip aboard the grand princess but the cruise line says none of the crew on those ships have had symptoms and now all but a single ship has been cleared by the CDC this coming is thirty five hundred grand princess passengers and crew will be quarantined for fourteen days in various facilities the ship's eleven hundred crew members will remain on board nineteen of them testing positive for the virus meanwhile only two of the twenty four hundred passengers have tested positive the most sick will be sent to hospitals while others taking to military bases in California and Georgia president trump has said that he would prefer if none of the passengers aboard these cruises landed on U. S. soil he mentioned any of that to you I had a private conversation with them and he said everything that I could have hoped for and every single thing he said they follow through on on Sunday hundreds of prescriptions delivered by boat maybe go to the ships more than one thousand passengers over the age of seventy the most vulnerable cohort and then for the first time in forty a healthy passengers finally allowed out of the rooms the waiting and the parts part by part and put into V. S. of possibly having to do another two weeks in isolation following that's still patience wearing thin on board I kind of feel like we're floating around the drain just waiting here to get the virus we haven't been tested we want to be tested properly and we want to make sure they were safe yeah the American passengers will do their quarantine bases here in California and as far away as Georgia now remember there are people from fifty four countries aboard the ship they're gonna have to be taken home on chartered flights out for so many this two week quarantine is an unexpected addition to this voyage many people on the ship telling me they just want to go back home to their families their dogs and a normal routine that's ABC's Matt Gutman two Republican members of Congress are voluntarily self quarantining after coming into contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus both senator Ted Cruz of Texas and congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona say the interaction interaction occurred at the recent conservative political action conference closer to home more and more businesses are feeling the pinch of corona virus and the steel head diner in pike place market announced it's shutting its doors at least for now the restaurant says it hopes to reopen at a later date but they haven't said when Seattle's blue acres seafood posted a sign on its door into an on Facebook saying it is now closed because the social and economic impacts of all of this and are hoping to re opens at some future date several businesses of shoulders are seeing less traffic as events are canceled and more people decide to stay closer to home in Oregon the governor has now declared a state of emergency over corona virus and the number of cases there is up to at least fourteen that emergency order now allows health and emergency management agencies to take immediate action and devote state resources to containing the outbreak U. S. Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams appearing on CBS's face the nation over the weekend says quote we're now seeing community spread and we're try to help people understand how to mitigate the impact of disease spread the number of coronavirus cases in this country is now around five hundred fifty thanks for following this morning Cleveland police are piecing together details from a shoot out that killed one man and since seventeen people to the hospital detectives say the shots were exchanged late Saturday night during a fight between rival motorcycle clubs attending the same party some of the victims are also considered suspects in that incident disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein has suffered an injury behind bars TMZ reports that Weinstein was in a cell with two other prisoners when the convicted rapist fell and hit his head yesterday there's no word about his condition and there's no word on the circumstances that led up to that fall Twitter this labeling a video of Joe Biden that was posted by president trump manipulated media the video shows Biden stumbling on a campaign speech in Missouri and saying quote we can only re elected Donald Trump Biden's actual quote was we can only re elected Donald Trump if we get engaged in the circular firing squad so it's got to be a positive campaign by the way voters head to the polls for another round of primaries tomorrow including here in Washington the races basically down to Biden versus Sanders and over the weekend the Reverend Jesse Jackson came out to endorse Bernie Sanders companies time five twenty two R. propellant shirts funny updates oil prices are plummeting global markets are steeply sliding and Wall Street futures are way down this is looking like a rough week on financial markets and oil markets says Tom Kloza head of the oil price information service the drop in oil prices thirty extraordinary hand tighten your seat belts this week you make to your four oh one K. dropped by eight or ten percent but today well I can buy gas for a dollar eighty nine the letter would be a good economic stimulus except consumer and business demand could be as bad as good plate the financial the Bakul in two thousand and eight because of coronavirus chucks Iverson ABC news one of the reasons why oil prices are crashing is that Saudi Arabia started a price war with Russia yesterday US oil prices are down twenty seven percent to a four year low of thirty dollars a barrel is turning out to is shaping up to be the worst day for oil prices since nineteen ninety one it's not going to be a pretty day for Wall Street either Dow futures down twelve hundred fifty five right now almost five percent S. and P. down a hundred forty five that's also almost five percent nasdaq futures down four hundred ten it's five twenty two and we'll check traffic and weather next year on the calm all morning news the latest on the corona virus governor Jay Inslee says he'll continue to press the federal government for more help to fight coronavirus stay connected stay informed what if you can't afford to stay home the president talking about his administration's reaction we are here for you twenty four seven komo news at Fisher investments we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why because our way works great for us but it may not work for your clients that's why Fisher investments as a fiduciary obligated to put clients first is the highest standard for a financial adviser so what do you provide cookie cutter portfolios like the rest of us no cookie cutter portfolios here Fisher investments Taylor's portfolios to meet each client's goals and needs but you do sell investments that earn high commissions right and make commissions when you make trades for your clients no Fisher investments doesn't sell any commission investment products and we never earn commissions on trades so what's in it for you Fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better when it comes to helping clients achieve a comfortable retirement we're clearly different visit Fisher investments dot com to find out why investors like you switched us Fisher investments clearly different money management investments in securities involves risk of loss got a Hey Bob our preseason air conditioning cell is just getting started as warm weather months stretch longer and longer each summer this cell keeps getting bigger and bigger thousands of Puget Sound residents requested quotes for AC last year you're right Lola there's no doubt the summers are lasting longer in fact eight out of the last ten years so warm weather stick around for six or more months it's true Bob with that intense warm weather sticking around Bucks is proud to offer AC solutions to Puget Sound residents in need absolutely R. 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B. C. news at five thirty the market's opening an hour from now after overnight futures were halted because the numbers were slipping too fast ABC's Rebecca Jarvis is on Wall Street with the latest stock stay where they are right now it will be the worst day of trading so far this year the Dow is now down thirteen hundred points overnight futures falling five percent so here's what's happening over the weekend back called a meeting to discuss falling oil prices in the wake of corona virus which is sent prices lower those talks fizzled and the Saudi Arabians rather than being supportive of oil prices sent them plunging last time oil prices were this low it led to several bankruptcies of smaller energy companies number of confirmed covert nineteen cases in the U. S. now tops five hundred there are twenty one infected passengers on a cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco everyone will be taken off in quarantine starting today at Westminster Abbey Harry and Meghan taking part in Commonwealth day their final appearances working Royals Jerry Preston ABC news one thousand seven ninety seven seventy five thirty one right now Monday morning frosty in many places foggy in some other spots of temperatures like twenty six in Olympia right now along with Greg Herschel time Manda factor here the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center for the first time our state's health department website is listing more than two counties with positive covert nineteen test results almost Brian Calvert is here with this morning's update for the longest time just king and Snohomish relisted this morning there's Pierce Clark grant Jefferson and Kidd assess county as well kickass county as well for a state wide total of one hundred thirty six positive cases and while the official death count remains at eighteen we've learned of at least one more that's not official because it hasn't yet been reported to the state thirteen of the eighteen coronavirus debts are officially connected to life care center in Kirkland we have found this to be troubling and involve tile unpredictable Tim Killian a spokesperson for the nursing home says there are fifty five patients still there he confirms they do have enough test kits that testing is still ongoing we have eleven more those tasks to complete I do want to stress that we still have received no results back for those tests Brian Calvert komo news and I'm Corwin hate live evergreen health Medical Center in Kirkland has become the focal point of our areas medical response to the outbreak as of Sunday the hospital says it has treated forty five cases of covert nineteen as confirmed by Washington state testing fifteen of those patients have died the deaths include patients who were residents of life care nursing home life care center nursing home located just two miles away from evergreen hospital U. S. congresswoman Susan W. any toured evergreen over over the weekend and came away impressed understanding what took place here at evergreen health in terms of adapting the facility to deal with this type of outbreak hopefully can inform others across the country how they might respond hospital officials say one of its practices has been to keep confirmed coronavirus patients isolated in what's called the cold hearted area in which air pressure is changed to negative insuring that cantante contamination from that area does not flow into surrounding areas Corwin hate komo news under Jay Inslee envisions a time when voluntary steps against the virus infection become mandatory he tells komo news right now Washingtonians are doing a good job of protecting themselves and others but we are considering there might be stronger measures that are necessary to make this more uniform across across the community over there says those measures may include enforced social distancing such as cancellation of public events coming up on the come on morning news many families families expected expected to to opt opt out out others others are are please please with with comprehensive comprehensive sexual sexual health health education education which which has has been been adopted adopted in in Washington Washington now now just just waiting waiting for for the the governor's governor's signature signature on on Carly Carly Johnson five thirty four time for another couple traffic update here's Keira George well see at least a mile back up now northbound I. five approaching J. BLM's main gate that's where we have a stall was blocking the left lane now we have two left lanes that are blocked this backup is growing quickly northbound I. five also slow between highway sixteen and River Road and you'll find often on slowing it you're traveling out of federal way federal way to Seattle is running about thirty two minutes north and one six seven is going to be busy through much of Sumner into Pacific after that Auburn to Renton that's taking about eighteen minutes a north bound for five is beginning to tap the brakes around sunset our next call much traffic at five forty four the traffic this time is brought to you by Panera bread try Pinera bread to do unlimited coffee subscription you could have coffee after coffee and pay just eight ninety nine a month your Cup is always full restrictions apply participating cafes over time for the call multicultural forecast with meteorologist Kristen Clarke patchy morning fog will burn off to reveal a mostly sunny afternoon looking drive for the drive time home home here here today today clear clear skies skies tonight tonight another another chilly chilly Tuesday Tuesday morning morning lows lows will will once once again again be be close close to to freezing freezing photo photo by by a a subtle subtle increase increase in in the the clouds clouds Tuesday Tuesday afternoon afternoon maybe maybe Bellingham Bellingham sees a passing shower parts of the Olympic peninsula otherwise remaining dry through Tuesday in Seattle that into Wednesday morning to see any bit of rain and it will be rather light here on the emerald city by mid week Thursday all locations stay dry but Friday here comes a good steady lowland rain chance and mountain snow developing from a rather wet late week storm that brings about a cool down into the weekend and possibly some lowland snow showers Saturday morning certainly something to keep an eye on heading into the weekend and a couple other center I'm meteorologist Kristen Clarke clear skies over much of the state this morning and bitterly cold in some spots Yakima's at twenty three degrees right now and there is fog here in parts of western Washington averaged thirty one in the fog it's a foggy twenty five in Arlington and is twenty six degrees in Olympia come on it's time five thirty six more than fifty thousand students in our area will be who learning from home on can today is the university of Washington and other campuses are closed amid fears of a spreading coronavirus we get the update from Kamel's cara constant concerns over corona virus isn't stopping Jack Q. Serret for preparing for next week's example right here on campus kind of catching up on lectures as I prepare for my final she says many professors already posts lectures online so students are you still learning on the computer some students might have trouble with the technology stuff but I think the majority of us it's it's going okay I think we can we can handle pretty well eight businesses along the aber hoping for a better week despite classes going to the cloud businesses here say the last few days have been robbed so we took a hit this last week we definitely took a huge hit but it big time brewery business has been down forty percent owner Rick McLaughlin planes concerns over Kobe nineteen homeowners time five thirty seven a bill requiring comprehensive sexual health education starting in kindergarten is ready for governor Jay Inslee's signature supporters say it's about protecting children opponents say it's giving too much information too soon when we get the update live from couples Carly Johnson will the Senate passes bill back in January the house then followed last week after a marathon six hour debate that didn't end until about two o'clock in the morning on March fifth democratic representative Sharon she make all concerned about some of the students a lot of them are ready for something like this action was Republican bill Jenkin he and other Republicans offered dozens and dozens of amendments souls all but one being rejected W. new sex ed curriculum will require medically accurate information from kindergarten to third grade they'll focus on social emotional learning teaching kids it's okay to say no when someone makes you feel uncomfortable parents certainly can opt their kids out of this curriculum Carly Johnson come motives a fire broke out in an apartment unity in the Tacoma early this morning and one person was found dead in the building this was near north twenty six and narrows the result is a twelve people now have no place to stay no word on how the fire started fire damaged an auto zone store at ninety fifth and Bridgeport way this morning sprinklers inside the building help keep the damage down the word yet how that fire started it's five thirty nine and we're just a minute away from a como sports update from the time you were a child you were taught to always brush your teeth white well because good oral habits make for a great smile and it's imperative to your overall health if you need guidance with dental implants or any dental procedure consider all your options just be sure to consider Dr Choi advanced implant dental advanced implant dental is where education and experience meets state of the art dental technologies giving you back the functionality of natural teeth at a price you can afford from implants orthodontics veneers root canals to full mouth restoration Dr Choi will show you your best treatment option advanced implant dental accepts most insurance providers and will work with you and your budget so you can get the treatment you need now and receive thirty percent off any dental implant treatment while supplies last advanced implant dental your choice for complete dental implant in dental care for dent way Tukwila two oh six two four one fifty eight twenty advanced implant dental dot com coldest time five forty now to the Harley exterior sports update here's Tom hustler well to manage up to four and eleven in cactus league play after eight four loss against the giants yesterday there were bright spots including the three any performance by lefthander Justus Sheffield gave up just a run on three hits struck out five skippers got service legs Sheffield spring performance so far the Sheffield again another step in the right direction from the ball really really well very consistent the company is growing I mean Paul white box lighter number strikeouts there gave up just one run and really happy where he's at it the mariners play under the lights against the brewers dot in Maryvale Arizona the US husky men's basketball team beat Arizona Saturday completing a sweep of the desert schools building momentum heading into the pac twelve tournament Wednesday Washington winning three of the last four there are twelve seeded take on those same Wildcats at two thirty Wednesday because face Colorado in another first round tournament game one tonight at eight thirty to forget the coach's show Mike Hopkins and women's coach Jody Wynn tonight at six elsewhere basketball today Gonzaga's women played Portland for the west coast conference tournament title at noon in Las Vegas is that men face San Francisco in a semifinal match up tonight and the U. S. women's soccer team edging Spain at one million today in New Jersey as part of the she believes Cup tournament sports ten forty Patsy tower Tom are the home of the Huskies come loose it's five forty one that means we'll check traffic and weather next year on the calm all morning news have you still not refinance your mortgage will soon you might be kicking yourself in the head rates are at historic lows at the same time home values gone up roughly fifty percent in the last several years maybe it's time to put that equity to work by paying off high rate credit cards personal loans or remodel your house hi Wesley Hogan with Westland financial let us put in the position to do any of these things with no lender fees that's right you'll never pay lender fees whether to conventional FHA or VA loan we've been doing this for twenty years now maybe you just want to lock in a lower rate a refinance out of paying mortgage insurance all it takes a five minute phone call to see having saved thousands of dollars a year to call west one eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine it's the biggest no brainer in history mankind call us at eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine call us at eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine that's eight eight eight four five five thirty six sixty nine an exponential mortgage corporation DBA was on financial license number CL three three zero four and a three three zero four L. and W. closing letter are you over fifty and wearing contacts bifocals or just reading glasses regardless of your age we now have a vision solution for everyone Hey it's Dr king from king lice thank and I'm thrilled to announce the launch of key to vision with my good friend Dr Andrew capstan doctor cop sting you performed over thirty thousand lens based procedures that's right Joe I've been performing refractive lens exchange for over twenty years and I couldn't be more excited to launch K. two vision with you R. 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BLM's main gate and this is due to assault that was taking up two left lanes it looks like it's now been moved over to the shoulders so it may take a little bit longer to clear out some of these backups northbound I. five also going to be slow there did come a city center you'll also be finding some often on slowing as you're traveling out of federal way to canton wind road northbound one six seven that's going to be heavy much of the drive from highway four tended to Pacific we're also filling in between highway eighteen anti seventy seven north bound for a five was a mixer company around sunset and then again around north east forty fourth and west on state route five to two that's starting to build the Snohomish river our next call much traffic at five fifty four this time is brought to you by Penn never bread truck they were bred to do unlimited coffee subscription you could could have have have coffee coffee coffee coffee after after after after coffee coffee coffee coffee and and and and pay pay pay pay just just just just eight eight eight eight ninety ninety ninety ninety nine nine nine nine a a a a month month month month your your your your Cup Cup Cup Cup is is is is always always always always full full full full restrictions restrictions restrictions restrictions apply apply apply apply participating participating participating participating cafes cafes cafes cafes only only only only motor motor motor motor vehicle vehicle vehicle vehicle roof roof roof roof forecast forecast forecast forecast after after after after we we we we get get get get past past the the frosty frosty foggy foggy conditions conditions in in some some places places this this morning morning working working for for a a very very pleasant pleasant day day mostly mostly sunny sunny skies skies and and a a high high around around fifty fifty degrees degrees to to be be clear clear and and cold cold again again tonight tonight lows about thirty five partly sunny tomorrow high of fifty increasing clouds overnight Tuesday into Wednesday Wednesday looks like a cloudy day with just a slight chance of rain rebound into the sunshine clear skies in downtown Seattle right now it's thirty four stay connected stay informed the northwest only twenty four hour news station komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seventy five forty six right now Monday morning Gregg Hersholt Amanda factor here with a cold morning translations of the other steps the grand princess cruise ship that has twenty one people on board with corona virus is expected to arrive in Oakland today California governor Gavin Newsom says reports being prepared and the area secured with the entire process to remove passengers expected to take two to three days former FDA commissioner says now is a crucial time in the fight against the virus on CBS's face the nation Dr Scott Gottlieb said the next two weeks are key and he adds that the next two months will probably be difficult with the closing closing of of businesses businesses and and schools schools Gottlieb Gottlieb did did offer offer reassurance reassurance saying saying quote quote we'll we'll get get through through this this another another former former democratic democratic presidential presidential candidate candidate is is endorsing endorsing Joe Joe Biden Biden in a video on Twitter California senator Kamilla Harris threw her support behind the former vice president saying quote I believe in joke we need a leader who really does care about the people and who can therefore unify the people and I believe Joe can do that and with us right now was ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts Steve what a difference a week makes it did you anticipate Joe Biden picking up this mode the momentum this quickly no I have not I don't think anybody did I I think what we're what we're seeing though is a fascinating phenomena based on one word and that word is fear it's fear of Donald Trump and fear of Bernie Sanders Joe Biden has not been reborn as some useful charismatics move talking energetic candidates Joe Biden today is still the same Joe Biden that people have a lot of doubts about two weeks ago two months ago two years ago the difference is that Democrats have so desperate so frantic to find somebody who can beat Donald Trump that they decided that day either as a group and individually as voters and as candidates they'll camel Harris being an example of of having to rally around somebody and then choosing between Biden and Sanders the fear of Bernie Sanders is pulling the party too far to the left so there's a lot of energy around the Biden candidacy right now but in my view it's largely negative energy it's driven by fear it's driven by desperation there are not a lot of Democrats even this morning jumping up and down in Saint Joe Biden's gonna be a great candidate a great president but this negative energy is very powerful and that's what's driving this trend do you think it's now his to lose or is it too early to say that definitely has to lose end up and I think it's gonna be very difficult for Bernie Sanders to rebound here the one variable of course the one no wild card is by himself as I say he has not been report he's still the guy who can show astounding lapses of judgment he's still the guy who could make gaffes he's still the guy who can show his age very clearly he's still the guy who can appear fumbling and uncertain and in debates with Bernie Sanders and interviews it's still entirely possible for him to make damaging mistakes I think a lot of Democrats even if they rally around by they're holding their breath and hoping that Biden will get its act together and I've seen some signs a few signs of Byton improving on the stop I think he's shown a little bit more energy I think the campaign line about I'm the candidate of those who have been left behind it counted out is a defective and powerful line really echoes of a bill to written of nineteen ninety two the comeback kid although Biden's hardly a kid he's more the comeback teaser than the comeback kid and also this line of of of appealing to the concepts of dignity and civility and normalcy I think they provide a fairly stark contrast to the president who's in the oval office now but Biden is still Biden it was all of his flaws but at this point he's the Democrats best hope and it's gonna be very difficult for Sanders to capture Steve thanks for your thoughts again this morning ABC news political analyst Steve Roberts it's also worth noting that this morning one of the former candidates US senator Cory Booker came out in support of Joe Biden for president the company's time five fifty one seventy two are propelling turns money update writer says Boeing's proposal to leave wiring bundles in place on the ground at seven thirty seven Max has not won the backing of federal aviation regulators last month Boeing told FAA a it does not believe it needs to separate or move wiring bundles on its ground at seven thirty seven Max jetliner the regulators have warned could short circuit with catastrophic consequences sources say the FAA told Boeing on Friday it did not agree with the playmakers argument the plane's wiring bundles meet safety standards and now it's up to Boeing to decide how to proceed Starbucks is testing a more environmentally friendly coffee Cup the chain today started using a prototype of a more sustainable paper Cup in some of its cafes in Seattle New York San Francisco Vancouver and London that's your money now Jennifer could shake a komo news in for a pretty brutal looking day on Wall Street this morning all of the major indexes are down nearly five percent in overnight trading come on it's time five fifty one will get back to Karen checkered traffic next at maverick gaming we're committed to a safe and fun environment that will help to support the local communities we serve we have deep roots in our state and we currently employ over twenty two hundred Washingtonians 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A Witch and a Curse

True Mysteries of the Pacific Northwest

02:19 min | 1 year ago

A Witch and a Curse

"Today. I continue my investigation into the world of physical and paranormal with a witch at a curse organs. Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery was established in eighteen. Fifty local. Say the cemetery is haunted by a woman who was hanged after being accused of being a witch and that her ghost hoste cemetery however research has recently revealed that it was her son who was hanged for murder both his mother and wife sworn testimony claimed he was elsewhere when the crime was committed but a jury of his peers convicted him nonetheless Richard Gusts marble was hung by the neck until debt. For the axe murder of shopkeeper David corker but the hanging didn't go well the thirty witnesses who watched the execution described how the news is not slipped under his chin instead of breaking his neck. They watched him for eighteen minutes as he strangled. Death still was Richard. Smother a witch. She did cursed the town to misfortune to burn three times at the time of the hanging hills. County seat was Lafayette but just one year after the hanging the town loss that honored to Mcminnville to date. Lafayette Oregon has burned to the ground. Twice the spirit of Richard's mother on a marble has been seen wandering through the graveyard perhaps searching for the spirit of her son. Who KNOWS MISS? You say just another ghost story. Maybe not visitors claim that they have seen her others that they've heard her laughing. One visitor claims she recorded. Anna's voice telling her to run home. Some of those who say they were chased from. The cemetery have revealed cuts across their back and a marble flood. Lafayette years on this mortal coil in Jacksonville Oregon where she died in one thousand nine hundred sixteen and was buried in the Jacksonville cemetery today. The Lafayette Pioneer cemetery remains unchanged since the hanging and there are still reports of which sightings but few visitors venture past the no trespassing sign that's been posted at the

Lafayette Pioneer Cemetery Richard Gusts Jacksonville Cemetery Lafayette Oregon Lafayette Murder Anna Jacksonville David Corker Oregon Mcminnville
Los Angeles: Magnitude-3.5 Earthquake Hits Castaic

The Frame

00:38 sec | 1 year ago

Los Angeles: Magnitude-3.5 Earthquake Hits Castaic

"The magnitude three point five earthquake that shook a stair curly this morning also ship because staying damn well and rode out the earthquake but no problems with KPCC's Sharon McNary says it might have been different in a really big earthquake a massive earthquake that could crack Castaic dam open it's a worst case scenario as depicted in the dams inundation map online if the dam failed it lost all its water spot nearly two miles away would be flooded eighteen minutes later in under a hundred feet of water within the hour it would submerge the base of a roller coaster at magic mountain your I. five and highway one twenty six

Kpcc Sharon Mcnary Castaic Dam
Sabrina Ionescu Wants to Win the Whole Damn Thing

ESPN Daily

09:38 min | 1 year ago

Sabrina Ionescu Wants to Win the Whole Damn Thing

"Merrill is a senior writer for ESPN and spent time with Sabrina UNESCO in her family last year for an in-depth profile Liz gets called generational talent? Now sometimes it feels like every top prospect every year gets called a generational talent but with her. It does not seem like hyperbole. No it's not. She's the real deal. She is sort of the Serena Williams of women's basketball. She can shoot the ball. You'd ask you three out. Topped the net barely move. She can dish out passes with relative ease. It looks like she's not even trying cut by over us into double figures at a great pass by ZIP on her passes they get there so quickly and then she can crash the boards UNESCO rebound. She's opened for three it. And you look at the stat sheet and all of a sudden. Wow this kid has thirty points ten assists and ten rebounds and you didn't notice because she makes it look so effortless people are taking notice. Celebrities are taking notice celebrities. Have come just to watch her and the Oregon women play Which you would have never really heard of that. Ten or fifteen years ago like male professional athletes taking the time to meet her or give her a shoutout. I mean this is an example of game recognizing game. Well what have some of those other athletes said about her well Steph? Curry has called her. A legend Libron has called her queen and said that she so dope. Kobe has had. Actually you know gone to meet her. Him and his daughter had seen her play. And what evolved? There was a friendship. You didn't necessarily see that crossover before you know when you did in in times past. You're like wow if you ever saw like a male athlete especially the best of the best. When you're talking about Lebron and staff in Kobe I mean these are guys who've actually seen her play and have taken the time to either go on twitter. Whatever venue and to praise her play. That's a pretty big deal. You know. Even Gino Auriemma said. She's smart. She waits for you to make a mistake a lot of lot of guards. They go so fast that they don't give you a chance to make a mistake. She goes at a pace. Where she waits in waits and waits. When you screw up. She takes advantage of and that's saying a lot for from him who has seen so many great players. I mean every time you think of a great women's basketball player. We're almost always talking about somebody who went to uconn. Be Terachi or BRIANNA STEWART. Or Sue bird or my amore. We're almost always talking about someone who come from that program. Now we're talking about somebody who plays for Oregon and it's not like Oregon is in the middle of nowhere but it's not an easy place to watch basketball because they're on the west coast. You're not GONNA if the if they are on. Tv A lot of times. They're late but yet a more and more people are getting to know about her star power and the fact that you've got all of these these guys who are at the best of the best. You've got Lebron calling her queen I mean that is that's being displayed to all of his millions of followers. Some of the praise that she's received you just. You don't see that you haven't seen that in the past from other women's basketball players. Cobi not only praised her. He actually broke down her game for us. We'll look Sabrina and say okay. She's great handling the ball. Of course us. She's great onscreen roles. Of course she is but what makes really dangerous is that she can catch and shoot to right so she can move off the ball. She's just as dangerous. Doing this. Offer catching shoot. She was asked about him after his death and had this to say I mean everything I do. I do it for him. Obviously Really close friend and this season's for him. What was their relationship like so she met him he. He attended one of her games and over the past year so they became pretty close. She admired his game deeply and vice versa. He you know obviously Kobe with a daughter. Who's really into Basketball that was sort of a bond a she was really emotional after Learning of his death She dedicated that next game to him and kind of broke down just talking about him before we get to this season and what. Sabrina 's accomplishing. I WanNa talk to you about how this all began. How Her story starts? You did a big profile of Sabrina. Last year you spent time with her and her family was she like as a kid well so she had a really unique background. Her family's from Romania. She didn't grow up there but in nineteen eighty nine. The was a revolution in Romania and her father. Dan wanted to leave the country seeking political asylum and so he left for Northern California leaving his wife and their two year old son Andrei behind. He went there sort of for the American dream to kind of provide for the family told the family told his wife. Hey hopefully I can send for you in six months. Got a cab job and was trying to make some money now. That six months a turned into five years five years past he by this time he has turned that cab job into his own limousine company and he can send for the family. So that's nine thousand nine hundred five two years later. Pair of twins were born A boy and a girl and Sabrina came I of course because she would end up being sort of the bossie sibling of the family. And then Eddie came. I think eighteen minutes later That really forged her path having a twin brother who played basketball and the reason they started playing basketball was because both parents worked and maybe it was a simpler time but her dad would drop them off at a park down the street and Walnut Creek and she just started playing her. Daddy would play with other kids. Klay Curry COMP. Exactly she was the one bringing the curry. Okay say you know I was first recurring there you go. She'd get knocked around a lot and she do some knocking herself and sheer. Her skills really evolved from that street basketball into what we see. Now which is one of women's basketball's lead. I mean they got so good that they would start hustling older kids or even adults for like money. that they would use to buy slurpy and you know they speak Romanian and so they could actually Kinda have their own code when they're playing or even if they wanted to make fun of the players that they were playing against they talk to each other in Romania. Hate to use the word tomboy but she was You know her. Mom told me when Sabrina was in junior high. Some a counselor called and said hey you know. We're really concerned about her going to high school. Because she doesn't really communicate with any females. She over friends or boys and her mom's like yeah whatever. Okay I'll get right on that and did nothing. Because she knew that she was developing this young woman who was strong who had her own voice and did what she wanted to and was really good at it so her size helped them in that hustle. Did it lead to her being underestimated when she got to junior high and high school she was but by the time she was leaving high school and being recruited obviously she was heavily sought after. Shit. Yeah She. She wasn't the first person you would look for on the court. She wasn't necessarily anything spectacular By any means but once you saw her play in what she could do a lot of her stuff is like you know the old fashioned elbow grease stuff where you know she the reason. She has all those rebounds is because when she played with boys she never got the ball and so the only way she was getting the ball is if she somehow muscled her way in there. The family is not a basketball family. Didn't even know anything about basketball before they came here and even in those first years they. It wasn't something that they really knew. A lot about coming from Romania. Pretty much everything she has gotten has sort of. Been off of this whole work

Basketball Sabrina Unesco Romania Kobe Oregon Klay Curry Lebron Unesco Serena Williams Gino Auriemma Street Basketball Uconn Merrill Espn Twitter Writer Steph LIZ Brianna Stewart Terachi
Do this to save half of your export time in Hindenburg

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Do this to save half of your export time in Hindenburg

"This is a an answer to a question that came to me a day or two ago from another Hindenburg user. And I'M GONNA share with you. What was going on why I think it happens and what I do to fix this so that you can do that kind of thing as well? If you'd like to watch this kind of thing definitely recommend the video if you prefer to listen you can learn that way just find. There's really nothing that you have to actually see 'cause I can explain all of it but if you like to watch that's absolutely fine. I totally understand that. So here's the deal new Hindenburg user. Who was a an established audio editor? She he's worked with a number of other tools and he noticed when he exported his file. It took a lot longer than he expected. I think it was an hour and eighteen minutes to render the file which is pretty long time. I totally understand why why he was frustrated and why he had some questions so I totally totally get that. And I'll explain to you. Why this happens Hindenburg? Just like any other audio software can export a file. That does the mix down sends all that stuff out and it renders. unders that file which is absolutely what you'd expect but the cool thing about Hindenburg is that it can also mix that filed down to a specific loudness so if you think about a podcast. You're listening in the car. You want it to be at a certain loudness level and the Audio Engineering Society has set that target based on what they call. LUFF's I'm not going to get into technicals of that but you can automatically set your file to match a loudness target for broadcast TV broadcast radio. You can set it for podcast and you can set it for for a number of different targets and Hindenburg will automatically matt mix it down and set it to match that loudness target which means applying compression and limiting and doing all kinds of stuff behind the scenes. So that you get exactly what you want when you publish your file. Great thing but the way Hindenburg does that makes total sense. They sort of rendered file in memory. If you will and I don't know all of the technicals behind this so if I'm if I'm not technically correct on this I'm explaining how I see it happen but the reality is it's going to mix mix down. The file wants to understand what the peaks and the valleys are with. The loudness is as the file was saved. So after you've applied all the facts after you've you've done all of your mixing everything in you've done all that stuff it's GonNa mix that down and figure out what the loudness is and what it needs to do to make that file match the loudness target that you've you've told it to do. And then when when it's figured that out is going to mix down the whole file again and apply the additional effects to make it match the target loudness so in this particular case if it took an hour for that file to rent or took an hour and eighteen minutes for that file to render it's reasonable symbol to assume that roughly fifty percent of the time was spent mixing it down the first time and then fifty percent of the time spent mixing it down again to match loudness target to export it and publish it or ply three tags or convert the file all of the things that go into that taking the the raw audio making it down and converting it to an MP three or whatever final format right. You're working in. So that's what's going on is it's basically mixing the file down twice once to understand it and wants to make it match the loudness target and so for longer file that can take a while as an example right now I have opened in front of me a the the upcoming episode of my show the engaging missions show and I've done all the edits and I'm getting ready to mix it down. Here's the work around because I found a way to save at least fifty percent of the time that's involved in this. I'm going to miss this file down to a stereo file or a wave file and I'm going to tell the software not to match a loudness target when it does that so when a mix that down my guess is it's GonNa take probably about ten to fifteen minutes for this filed and makes down. I don't do that offline and we'll come back to it and then when I'm done mixing it down I'm going to bring that file back in and I'm a solo out the new tracks so that I'm only listening to that one gonNA use that to do my final expert to loudness so that's going to be the process. It's actually fairly straightforward. But here's what I'm going to do. The first thing I'm GonNa do is mixed this file down without matching loudness targets and in my case. I'm an export. I need to if you're watching on the screen. I'm going to choose where I want it to go so I'm going to drop but in a folder and the tell it to mix it down as a stereo wave an GONNA turn off my loudest matching so that there's no normalization and I'm GonNa hit save and it's going to render. That file is probably GONNA take think about ten or fifteen minutes. I'm going to pause and then we'll come back after. That's done and see what I do next all right. You're back and as you can see by the display. I did slightly miscalculate how long it would take took nineteen minutes and fifty five seconds to do the mix down to be fair. I did have some video editing going on in the background so I wasn't exactly being nice to my computer but if you think about it nearly twenty minutes for just the mix down a lot of effects applied complex stuff so I get why it took along. But if I'd done this the traditional way were mix it down and then it makes it down again. This would've taken forty minutes. Roughly Two K.. So we're nineteen minutes and and fifty five seconds right now. I'M GONNA go ahead and close his dialog box and find my way back to the beginning of the file S- actually kind of along file and and then I'm GonNa go find the file that I just created the one that I just exported and unfortunately I moved around so let me go find that again. So here's my mic down. Grab that file and just drop it into my production. Make sure that everything looks relatively good so everything looks clean. I've got a break here. That's on purpose to don't worry about that. A minute solo this track so that I only have that track and then I have a master track enabled with some effects on the master track. Go ahead and turn all those effects off. These four effects are actually really processor intensive. So that's why it takes part of why it takes so long so I've got that file I dropped it in. I sold all of it and I turned off the effects on the master. Track all of these other tracks that are enabled are going to be processed again. Because I've sold so that it's only processing this then. I'm going to go to export that file again and this time I'm going to make it an MP three file and I've got a preset for exactly how I want to go and then I just need to choose the destination if you're watching a long. I'm just dropping it into a destination so I've selected the file format that I want that I'm GonNa hit save and you'll see that this render is GonNa take significantly less time than it took me to render the original. It'll probably take about a minute or so what it's doing right now is is analyzing the file just like we talked about when the when the line gets about to the fifty percent. Mark that it's going to start writing the file and I'M GONNA go ahead hadn't positive video here and we'll come back to it all right we're back and the final mix down is done in this case it took three minutes and four seconds so all told call it twenty three minutes for the entire mix down whereas doing it the traditional way would have taken forty minutes or longer and the real power in this begins to come. I'm when you're exporting multiple files to different locations so in Hindenburg you can publish to more the same file to more than one destination. So my case I work in Lipson Jason primarily so I can publish a file Libson and I can also drop a file to Google drive or whatever backup system I have so I have another copy of that and then that can all happen automatically automatically but if I were to mix this entire twenty minute mix down and publish it to to different destinations. That would be twenty minutes for the original mix down plus twenty minutes to publish it to Lipson plus twenty minutes to publish to a backup folder. If you will sixty minutes for this file whereas is doing it this way would take twenty three to twenty five minutes still a little bit longer than it would've liked again. I was a little bit hard on my computer by editing video while I was exporting the audio but this can save significant amounts of time and it's really pretty simple just export the file to a temporary file if you will non normalized or non leveled to a location then bring that file back in Solo. So that's the only thing that you've got going on with no effects going on in a master track if you have a master astor track and then use that for your final export and publish. That will save you a good bit of time. When you're publishing files HINDENBURG? especially if you use a lot of effects or if there's there's a lot of complexity going on that's GonNa take a long time to

Audio Editor Audio Engineering Society Lipson Google Mark
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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Is this eighteen minutes long when I was playing music you always have sorry save planet god of the reader or green grass and high tides for ever the live version which is like eighteen or twenty minutes so to be I was working at ten at night until one in the morning spending records in college and I did I break it like at ten thirty eight and then do a couple commercials and then I'd put on green grass and high tides and so you see you and then I would just like to DO medic next person coming in maybe get now their records and I just hate to see you going back to them a couple beers here obviously in sports history we have formed nineteen ninety six baseball owners agreed to DO interleague play for nineteen ninety seven nineteen okay what this birthday Muhammad Ali would've been seventy eight years old today and in nineteen seventy eight that won the Sex Pistols broke up yeah one billion a shocker yeah who saw that coming they they scream longevity yeah I thought they'd be in their eighties plan on a reunion tour Sex Pistols I I know I was never into the Sex Pistols I sort of missed out on punk I given the Ramones I appreciated it might just die if you want something I was attached to a lot of it was like style more show more style than substance maybe I could see why people wouldn't be into it yeah I kind of like music good music Todd what did you learn today Stephen California wants to know what the state from each of the legions allies of the she's a Packers at that meeting in the suit you got a new feature on him for the Superbowl if your fox make Levin Chris Simms got some calls from his old friend to Texas yeah I might be getting calls from the NCAA now see modular add that Chris Simms phone is going to be busy if it's not already polyester would you learn the singing the ends of songs bit really crushed it it was great what we learned brought you by legalzoom and go out and if you're gonna start twenty twenty on a positive note legalzoom can help you navigate the legal waters put Patrick in that promo code the refer a box to check out for special savings legalzoom where life meets legal.

Muhammad Ali Stephen California Packers fox Chris Simms NCAA Patrick Todd Texas
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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on WCPT 820

"What music in your car your close older than have a CD player it was that it was a one man K. well for everybody soft pop music I don't know its whatever the music station I think when the ground with things to bed every night yeah I think it is very passive aggressive bolt right to suggest several horrible ways for you to die for me or you don't Love Me enough okay I barely show up every morning yeah exactly ninety would kidding throws a grenade out me and pushed me in front of a train your catch the train a human shield thank you for me as a human shield after you kill me with a great range good to have any for anything else along thanks I just want to know what's going on someone's life that would be required Catherine Baltimore hello good morning everyone I want to stick to things when you speak to rob Reiner and he makes a movie about the downfall of the world I I think you should entitle it the perfect life the perfect call all okay perfect call call call all the perfect call yes that's funny yeah and also I wanted if you would ask but if your legal lancer ladies if one of the articles of impeachment could be violation of the Rico act because that would bring down trump in Pennsylvania for online and Kerry and all of them yeah I know we will will last conclusion couple minutes I'm Catherine but I know Rico has been mentioned a lot among legal folk in terms of that and not commences been talking about that since day one yeah so alright we was going because you're just a couple minutes I lost my train of thought completely where am I are you okay my my here okay eighteen minutes you cut a grenade hello one is that something that you know you like a song your thing and you're like these this is really stupid why my singing this this is a song came out of quite a few years ago all right shut up eighteen minutes after the hour I have a cassette player in my will yeah problem at K. down to Sam goody and get the latest because that I was listening to the FM radio in my class I do know that song came on the track eighteen minutes after the hour this portion of the Stephanie Miller show what you buy C. B. distillery dot com what's that song another unsolicited testimonial well yeah but mostly to Chris in York Pennsylvania says Mr voice quote maker coworkers tolerable CD line made me laugh out loud at my desk it it is one of the big cities your coworkers dollar about Italy right yeah I mean you know you get A. D. there's a point man for muscle pain and related injuries right and you can take more you need to do there's nighttime gummies for sleep up there stink sure there they got almost I I but I'm just saying your coworkers tolerable and once we get outside effects yeah see we do offer some many of the health benefits of marijuana but without the high CD as you know hundred percent legal requires no prescription when you shop at C. B. distillery dot com and this is primo man now with the kids call it is primo quality Sean sure I got my my team church yes over the weekend yes they give me a happy to what C. B. distillery are you wearing why are you can give it to me because it's one of those beanies that the jurors where for service British on he's the only hipster no I'm gonna keep my hat now you you give me that hat if you haven't tried to be the weird whatever your health concerns or long term wellness check it out see be distillery dot com I feel like I can tolerate you better with your beanie on no I'm not wearing a beanie see we still run a yearly now anymore okay quality control independent lab tests.

eighteen minutes hundred percent
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WCPT 820

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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on WCPT 820

"Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Thank you for your service to America. Carl eighteen minutes after the hour arts back from Chicago say no collusion again. Oh. Persistence. He's pluck years art this time. Yeah. Okay. Nineteen minute. Travis guys called him back from the from from the dead. Okay. Nineteen minutes after the hour. This portion of the show rocky by our friends at citizens for truth in drug pricing. We're talking to Mokanda another day. There. There's about going on this morning. He's got a job to do. He has a lot to talk to us about drug pricing. This is something right? It's an issue. That is angering all of us the rising cost of prescription drugs. He is he has put forward a great Bill with Senator Sanders, and whom I forgetting the third person. Anyway, terrific Bill to address prescription to pardon. Yes. Anyway. Here's to you'll tell us about it later this week. But listen, the top ten medications increased over one hundred percents in two thousand eleven you probably already know that right? I my mom's on things, right? People would need their insulin. There's a big drug makers have spent have spent big money protecting their patents and their profits. How many stories do we have to hear about people not being able to afford the prescriptions? Even if they have insurance about how it is the same fraction of the cost in Canada or wherever maddening. Yes. Thank you. Right Republicans, and that's not much. We agree on these days. This is something we agree on. It is time to take action. I urge everyone listening right now. Visit drug.

Bill Senator Sanders Carl America Chicago Travis Mokanda Canada Nineteen minutes eighteen minutes Nineteen minute
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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on Selfie with Kristen Howerton and Sarah James

"I have because I don't use mine much. I don't either. But dude, let me tell you. I don't know how or why it makes them so well, but they taste like candy you scrub your sweet potatoes. You pop them in the insta- pot for eighteen minutes. And it's the insta- pot is kind of misleading because then you think oh it takes eighteen minutes. But it has to get up to pressure first. And then do the countdown. Yeah. Oh for sure. Right. Right. Right. So right really takes like thirty three five minutes. Right, nonetheless, they come out so good. And so I've been doing that every day, and I'll even do it before the kids come home from school 'cause sweet potatoes are cheap, and they're healthy and the kids like him. Yeah. Totally to amid making those ten, but the thing that. Has put me over the edge. Which is my first two thumbs up, my friend, Cindy called me after listening to one of our podcast last week and said tell me that you have the Phillips soup maker. And I was like well why so Phillips has this? Oh my gosh. I know you're gonna buy it today. I am go over excited. It's this. It's the soup maker where okay you put raw vegetables in it. Okay. It pressure cooks them. And then it pure as them in eighteen minutes. Let why? So here's what I did yesterday. I put an I just I didn't even follow a recipe through carrots in not chopped. Just like maybe I cut it five times. Right. Okay. I threw sweet potatoes in that. I probably cut into fourths. I put in tumor, Mark. I put in sage I o onion. So just half of an onion. Like, you're not shopping here. You can just in. Okay. And then I put almond milk and salt and in twenty minutes, I had the most delicious carrots potato soup, dude. Dude. Mazing? How much is it? It's a hundred bucks..

Cindy Phillips Mark eighteen minutes thirty three five minutes twenty minutes milk
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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on Working Interferences Dental Podcast for Dentists

"Turn your head and not hygienist who he took that blood on keep just kick. This motherfucker swearing. No, no, no her and you're here. Yeah. Yeah. I think you're good. Thank your ass home. Well, that's one way. With this. This guy deserves probably deserves that for sure she has a replay wall ball in elementary. What is it was just a form of torture that the older kids made up just beat the shit out of us in your? You're throwing a tennis ball against the wall and a certain way, and if it bounced too many times yet a lineup they've ever would take turns just throwing the ball right at your ass. They do that anymore. It's kinda like a Rochambeau. But with when. Speaking of throwing a ball against the wall. Uh-huh. Today. I had paid a temp hygienist come in this afternoon. I have I have three hygienists in the morning on Tuesday and this afternoon, I just have to. Okay. But we paid a temp who does Fairmont attempting for us to work the whole afternoon to see three separate scaling patients. Okay. The I was was there at eleven fifty and that he was going to scale or through lunch, and then have to more patients in the afternoon for scaling. Okay. And so I'm paying this hygienist specifically to be there to see this first patient during lunch, and I'm staying, you know, into lunch to anesthetize is patient. Right. Twelve twelve fifteen no patient. So I'm pissed. I have a baseball on my best. They just happens to be on my desk. And I do the baseball so hard at the wall that it is now like in the wall of Sidya pictures, that's baseball size hole in the drywall tomorrow. Okay. So I ended up leaving patient. Come. I see the patient driving up. I just like as Mike in the parking lot. And so I just bought to the side. And I wait to see kind of what she's doing. She's just very casually nonchalantly gets out of her car gets her out of the trunk. Slowly, nonchalantly walks into the office. Like, she's a new Russia at all eighteen minutes late this point. I mean, if that were me, I am like hauling ass in. E- breaking into into a spot. I'm may or may not even turn off the car. I'm bolting up the stairs as fast as possible profusely apologizing. So she goes in as soon as I walk in. I parked my car go back in and I gave it a businessman like I ripped her up and down. Good. And so finally, she's like all right? Like, let's just do what we could do today or whatever and we didn't use any topical. I just jammed that Neil straight in without like, no, I just buried my thumb ended up plunger just I mean. No, no going slow. No shaking, no topical, no distraction, shoot it take this lady. And you're gonna take it hard. Earned. I think that councils assault too. I get it. I get it. I think I'd call the police on this guy. Yeah. Okay. I wanted to call the police in the lady who's late. Uh-huh. I okay. You've convinced me, please. Please for the next step. Okay. All right. So one of the. Oh, God, Lance. This is going to get nut. So this can't be the same. Okay. So one of the replies on. Downtown Tinseltown is from screening up north Perio pussy. Just now the signature on this post says. John Hall hall, periodontics dot.

Russia baseball John Hall hall tennis Rochambeau Fairmont Tinseltown Lance Perio assault Mike Neil Sidya eighteen minutes
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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"One hundred and eighteen minutes guys. This is from the wreck that's just after the Bothell Everett highway that's off to the side a little bit of visual distraction. Yeah. That lineup starts from now. Five twenty heading all the way up to that seen. This is going to take a minute. Maybe two possibly all the rest of the afternoon really unwind. We're still seeing the lineup on not only northbound I five outside of shoreline. But once again as we leave one twenty eight and that takes you all the way up to twelfth street. They're still working on this a semi. They've got him off to the shoulder. Now. However, he's still a visual distraction since he's a hooked up. To a very, large tow truck. We are looking at a stall on southbound five under the convention center reported to be blocking. There's a backup on ninety eastbound as we approached the Mercer island lid and heading out towards that four or five merges still trying to recover on southbound five from down Boeing field and heading up towards midway. You have nothing but brake lights from highway eighteen and that continues all the way out towards the Puyallup. River bridge boy did things really ramp up outside of Lakewood, and that continues all the way down past joint base Lewis mcchord. As a matter of fact, I really don't see a break in the backup until you. Get passed DuPont steilacoom road drivers encountering nothing but delays on five twelve between I five heading out towards canyon. There is some slowing from just after woodland. You are gonna find valley freeway to struggle just a bit both directions actually out near Ellington traffic. Brought to you by dominos is a fan of off pizza. That's why the rewarding you for eating any pizza from anywhere. Even if it's not there's you can get rewards points towards free Domino's pizza. Learn more at points for pies dot com. Kiro radio realtime traffic, I'm Tracy Taylor. Dr.

Bothell Mercer island Kiro Tracy Taylor dominos Boeing Puyallup Domino River bridge Lakewood Ellington Lewis mcchord eighteen minutes
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Talk 650 KSTE

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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on Talk 650 KSTE

"Nine seventy six twenty. Asked four if you miss it. We'll do some real Muto a little bit later on in the seven o'clock hour. Let's see the guest list tonight includes seven oh five Jay Morrison of the athletic back from the senior bowl talk a little Bengals and Andy Dalton's future. Mike price the legendary oh kills basketball coach in AAU coach picked up his four hundred th win over the weekend. We'll talk with Mike price coming up about seven thirty five or so we'll get into some reds. And the the deal brewing seemed to be brewing at this point. It is interesting on Twitter moments ago to tweets from the Tucker Barnhart family, I from his wife who tweeted. With a couple of it's. emoji she used drinks all the alcohol tonight she says joking and then tucker responds times to buckle up tucker barnhart wondering like many others what exactly is going on with rumors of the reds interest in the marlins catcher j._t. real mudo that coming up in just a bit let's deal with the bearcats though and i want to i'm gonna open up all the lines on this because i said yesterday after the game this seemed worthy of a topic a conversation i believe it is worthy of a topic a conversation so i'm presenting it as our first topic tonight a u._c. basketball team that was down forty-one twenty-seven on the road yesterday with eighteen minutes to go preceded outscore temple forty five to twenty seven the rest of the way to pick up win number eighteen of the season eighteen eighteen and three overall seven and one in the american athletic conference it was one of those days that started and throughout it felt like i was going to be one of those days that that the bearcats were dead in the water i wanna say they missed their first seven shots from the field it was one of those well they're on the road and the rat temple brace yourself this is going to be one of those struggles to get to fifty it's not going to be pretty and it's ironic because i had tweeted earlier in the morning how their offense efficiency according to ken palm the the analytics were were off the charts in trending towards the best offensive efficiency of the mick cronin era and i said well that figure they go out on the road and go over seven from the field they trailed seven nothing they trailed twelve to two they were down ten at the half they were down fourteen with eighteen minutes to go and think of it with eighteen minutes to go so they had played twenty two minutes of basketball and scored twenty seven points in the final eighteen minutes of basketball they scored forty five and they win the game mick cronin after the game with dan and terry courtside what i thought the kids played with a lot of pride we get a scott's great.

basketball Tucker Barnhart Bengals tucker barnhart mick cronin bearcats Mike price tucker Twitter Jay Morrison marlins Andy Dalton ken palm dan scott eighteen minutes twenty two minutes
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"eighteen minutes" Discussed on The Full 48

"It's just I don't blame Orlando because I do think that the rifle is always take the best player available and less your situation prevents that player from maximizing its potential inclusive. It's just even an all star type year, you kind of predicted that, but but you know, he's how can you get better by by not really playing. I'm a big I'm a I'm big on having rookies play make mistakes early and play through those mistakes. So they learn faster. I think that kinda expedites the whole development process and bomb. It doesn't have that in our Landau. This his middle on four minutes to eighteen minutes to ten years a twenty five minute game. And then back down to four minutes. I think he's got to have the opportunity to build rhythm. And he hasn't had that arlando. So it's really tough for me to judge. You know, how well he's been in. I don't know what goes on behind the seat there in terms of his work ethic. But I know everybody raves about him off before unbelievably bright. So I I don't know what's going on with that situation. And but yeah, that's to hear that. They would be willing to to even dangle him. In trade offers is pretty surprising to me. Yeah. I was surprised to hear it as well. And and again, I don't know how that is. But you but that was a rumor that made the rounds. I'd heard it from GM. And when I mentioned it to another GM that person said, yes, you did hear the same thing recently. So. Before let you go. Is there one guy in the twenty nine thousand nine class that you're going to have your I most on between now in the tournament or just now in the end of the of the college season is there is there. One guy who thinks still has a chance to make a big move up the board or kind of entrench themselves as that number two number two. I mean, I really think John Ranjit the guy who ends up going number two and everybody has to bat as the number two guy. I think it's just because you have twenty four points at times reminds me of the local situation when Okafor was kind of the obvious number one. And then towns went more upside surpassed in the middle of the phone number three is somebody wants it. The more sexy play in Russell. And so I think Barry ends up going three. I think goes number two. There's just before so few guys with number two of roll type upside that I it's hard to pick her, you know, outside of Barrett in Moran. Anyone else cracking? That top three. I really like Jack Culver from Texas Tech. Although he doesn't come off the high upside guy, we're going. Hey, dress. So you know, again, I want I don't wanna use the word week. But without so many obvious answers after pulled. Who could really rise to me as well? And also we haven't mentioned Bobo from Oregon who could have been a top five pick before he pet that stress fracture in his foot. It's gonna see what happens with with the medical reports and stuff, but in terms of upside gay, he's another guy who could have problem within about four pick before that foot injury. Gotcha. Well, plenty plenty to watch. We will all prepare by our tickets for the Zion hype train. Got a jump on board before it's too late. I guess I'm still I don't know. I'm I'm still curious to see it. And then as as I always put out my my caveats during the season. There's too much NBA to watch. So I'm not watching these guys which is why I need to lean on my guy. Johnny wass to to to fill me and make sure that I haven't left myself to four out in the cold on on these draft prospects, but a clear. The next time. I come on I want I feel confident now that can be who you I mean, look at this is this is this is how it goes you have to build step by step just like an NBA player a prospect, you can still rise to guru status Jonathan Wasserman. I am confident. Good good. I'm here. Either company. Excellent. Having you as always, my friend. We'll have to do this again sometime around the end of the tournament maybe pre lottery, and we'll see we're all the tips have fallen by. Then. Are you interested in learning how enterprise scale companies drive organic traffic to increase their online visibility than download the voices of search.

Okafor NBA Johnny wass Bobo GM Landau Jack Culver Orlando John Ranjit Texas Tech Oregon Barry Jonathan Wasserman Moran Barrett four minutes twenty five minute eighteen minutes ten years
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"Spanish words, he had. So Sam now had seven hundred eighty three men. Okay. I've seen a bunch of different numbers for Santa Ana puts probably around fourteen hundred. Okay. And they have nowhere to go. Sam SAM's trap between a river, and a Marsh just fucking stuck there heart place as we say. So the next day. So they get their and Santa has like all right. Well, let's let's take a rest. We got him. Move. And after. Apps we fight. Then they didn't fight the next day Sunday. I mean, football's on take a breather. And then the next day at three thirty in the afternoon, the Mexicans took their traditional siesta. Okay. So we are at what two and a half days of pretty much sleeping on and a half one and a half asleep against chilling. Okay. So so they're taking a nap. So then then Sam saw this and ordered his men to attack what and literally caught Santa Anna's men napping. No the battle lasted eighteen minutes. Let. This forever. This is where the phrase remember the Alamo came from because they're screaming, and is there killing all these guys. The Texans yielded as they slaughtered the Mexicans while Sam was protesting. He was like Jesus easy with a slaughter. And some of the Mexicans were heard to me. No alamo. As they're being killed. Oh, you don't hear that? That's not a phrase, you guys here yelled out a lot move. Move. So same was in the position of killing. Sleeping while he came. For that. If you're if you have an army, okay was just killed your your your fucking fort all your guys. And then and then you you're there and they start taking a nap. I mean, Jesus Christ feel bad during the nap at some point. He was like, whoa. This is fucked up come on that guy's really asleep not ham. Some of these guys are dreaming. Look at their legs moving their fastest Slade. Have some respect? Here's what we're going to do. We're going to wake up with Graham, crackers and milk. And we're going to do it the right way. So. Six hundred Mexicans were killed in the nap in eighteen minutes. I was fucking Bertel. He's just Christ. Hundreds were wounded the Texans only had nine killed and thirty wounded. The moral or the thing to take away is if you're a big army, no sleepy's. I main or how about have a guy on guard. Yeah. I think what it is. Is you sleep in shifts that sort of take a bunch of difference? Yes. Yeah. I bet you anything. I didn't look into this. I wanted to. But no time anything that in in Mexico. They're all like, okay. It's just time. Then everyone both sides, right? This happened. Like what the fuck? Yes. The rules. Three thirty to five. No. Wow. You guys are ding. Wow. Even for war. Wow. Think you know war? We got to put this on the Geneva Convention. So one of the wounded was Sam who took a musket ball in the right leg. Just above his ankle bone was shattered. Santa Anna tried to slink out. He took off his general's uniform and put on a regular soldiers close and then Americans captured him aways away. But they didn't know who he was just thought he was a. John Gruber in them right now. And then they they capture them and they bring him back to camp just thinking these regular Mexican soldier. And then as they pull into the camp is a bunch of Mexican soldiers who are like L president. No, no, no. I I look just like him. Just a regular soldier donate for those loot at all. No, I actually saw him a couple of minutes ago over there could tell by the uniform. I am not we switched just switched phase faces. Have you seen face to face off? It's like that. So. It's a regular guy. I think this guy's president any any of us. So Santana was forced to sign a treaty granting Texas independence regulations Houston Sam Houston stayed on briefly to go. She and then he returned. Then he returned to the United States for treatment on his ankle. Okay. The victory made Sam Houston hero..

Sam SAM Mexico Sam Houston Santa Ana president Santa Santa Anna John Gruber football Santana Slade Texas United States Graham Houston eighteen minutes milk
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"Don't wait get hydrated today. So now that I've gone that out of the way who would like to hear go story. All right. I do this for suspense. What is it? This is the story of. Adding suspense here. You see? Oh my God. I just like to be dramatic. I'm sorry. This is the story of the general Wayne in. Does anyone know? No, right. Appreciate the cheers. Sometimes. It's just very quiet. I know it's like, I think they don't know. What do they really hate it? Yeah. And then it's really awkward. Great left The the city city or. or why talk about it for a while. All right. Well, I'm glad you guys seem neutral at least. Let's see if I really win you over. All right. The general Wayne in who my little bit little spooky. All right. The general Wayne in is in Marion station. Do we know where that is? Oh, right. It's apparently on Google maps eighteen minutes away from Philadelphia. Great. And he. Yeah. I like of the like ever- everyone. Love it. Everyone's like, yeah. Eighteen minutes. So the house was designed in the style of a seventeen hundreds English coaching in. Sure. Sure. Sure. Originally town meetings and different ghost hunting organizations would use this house to meet in the dining room for their events. So for a long time. This is ghost hunting has been quite quite well known to this house. Okay. Because ghosts have been in this house since the seventeen hundred though mood. Multimedia goes so it was originally known as the William Penn in the wayside in. All right. The tunnel. Ordinary Tunis ordinary. All right. Doesn't matter and streakers tavern before it got its current name in seventeen ninety three and it famous guests included, George Washington Benjamin Franklin at ground PO and general mad Anthony Wayne is who the places named after now. So it was built in seventeen four and it was starting to get us originally buy a Quaker named Robert Jones who got into the restaurant business and wanted to use it for travelers going to and from Philadelphia during the eighteen hundreds many people vacationed here and enjoy dishes at the home such as squirrel Ragu. Until the nineteen thirties. There used to be a glass window in this house that Edgar Allan Poe had scratched his initials into kind of rude. And then they got rid of the window. So they didn't realize how priceless that was. Before being an in in a restaurant. It was also a post office a general store and a social centre for newly arrived immigrants. Oh, why are you going to me's? I saw that side. I it is supposed to be the it's supposedly I just felt it wrong. It's supposedly the oldest functioning in America. Cool. All right. So one thousand nine hundred five there's well true crime here before we get into the ghost off. Sorry, christine. I mean why now? There were two best friends. Are you listening? Sure named James and guy, and they bought the restaurant and guy was having an affair with the sous-chef Ono, the restaurant also was not going very, well, and they were going into debt very quickly the day after Christmas in one thousand nine hundred six James was murdered by a single gunshot in the restaurants third-floor office, so things go awry between us this might be. I don't know. I disliked I just like to keep you my. Story on my toes. God, you never know. What's going to happen? Cool so evidence soon pointed to guy actually being the one that killed his best friend. Literally just told me that but I'm still shocked and because he was the one who actually found the body. He also wide to the police and said that he never owned a gun when that gun was his, okay. This sounds like a dateline episode. And he he also tried to make a claim on a large life insurance policy that he had taken out on James. Guy actually claimed that the his mistress. The twenty year old sous sous-chef Felicia was the murderer and she had committed the act out of revenge because James did not approve of their relationship the stress of her involvement in the case was too much for her. And she died by suicide and guy is now serving a life sentence..

Anthony Wayne James Felicia Philadelphia Guy William Penn Edgar Allan Poe streakers tavern Marion station George Washington Benjamin Fra Robert Jones America christine Eighteen minutes eighteen minutes twenty year
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"He order something or you watch a movie she had pizza and beer. And then we watched TV we were like laying on her couch. Right. Then we just began making out and go to the bedroom already. Okay. Let's just go to the best because I was trying to make our her and do other things on the couch. And she's like, no, let's just do it in the bedroom. Okay. And how long did it last? Did you hit it more than once? Eighteen minutes. Oh. How do you know what you like how? Yeah. How do you time doesn't know? Whether it was date two or three, but he knows it was eighteen to tell her son was twenty minutes. Thank you. Everything way, you ran the gamut on the first time, you leave nothing. She says she was sore. Weakest point out again at Hoppy stands ten feet from the. You betcha. Sweet ASI was that to listen to. All right. Scalia. I was going off the rails that I got to pull it back. How many how how long did you wait before you hit it again that nuts? Minutes. Watch one episode of king of the hill. So smooth. So not interested in what happy is heading heading. You're the only one that interested in it is man. All right. I'll listen to me. Talking about the girl that was with you at. Yes. Now, can you envision a better? Okay. Okay. I feel questions. Okay. So happy. She's not overweight. Right. She's not cabbie as she'd Hoppy. Right. It's fun. What does that mean? He got some. But why don't you stay? I'll style. Bring it down to level. Just getting him all worked up. He wants to punch you in the gut. I would never. I wouldn't call. I would 'cause I listened to be. Okay. So I want and I want you to focus on this. So you hit it for twenty minutes. Yeah. Do you? We adjourn to the living room to watch TV. Or do you watch the king episode in the bedroom into bed and the bed? No talking. And then there's talking and then how does the second time does she initiated or do you think a mix of both? I just kind of just started. What? Ten up again. Okay. So is it the same amount of time. The second time maybe half, maybe half. Okay. And is that the only that's the only two times. They're not. Yeah. Okay. And then you and then you have my long drive home from Newport Richie to same p smiling the whole way. S some little Jisi. I listened to hip hop wasn't like NWEA ice cube because he was gangster. Eighteen minutes. He hit it like he was from copter. No drive-by, ladies, listen to you. You have entertain me. But I'm sure you're happy audience. So. Off tampa. Now. Listen, dude, you're living the life. You're out there doing it. Yeah. Literally. Dale good success rate. I can't hate on you. Can. Gioja? I want to hear from.

ASI Scalia Dale tampa Newport Eighteen minutes twenty minutes ten feet
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"On television you have roughly almost eighteen minutes for commercial set aside but if you had two minutes and you had sex six second ads in two minutes you would have twenty six second ads can you think of an advertiser who wants to be sandwiched in among nineteen other ads in that two minute blah ferry hard to think that would work let's turn to stephen who's calling from san francisco california steven welcome to the program i can i come from this with a different perspective to me this is really all about the yer and targeting behavior hence i don't use google or facebook anything and i think that consumers should be paid for the use of their data in particular when it is on sold to second third fourth and fifth parties so i refuse to use platforms that take my data and try to target knee with native advertising or you know pre mid roll and postal video spots do you feel that that limits your your use of the internet a great deal none whatsoever can just brought up an interesting point about native advertising and if in particular your record two times lisa times pushing hugh very directing clearly for the consumer the okay this is a sponsored spot i know being sold something so i will never click on those ever so i'm a big believer in journalism in print journalism and i wanna see prevail now more than ever it's he gets critical so this is what one thing that i can do a big you know zero in near at berkeley labs has been talking about consumer is being able to mom and monetize data for about a decade so i really believe he's onto something it's just going to take somebody that's that has courage okay that that isn't being let let around by their nose looking for the fastest dollar they can make in silicon valley stephen thank you for calling can let it what do you think of of stevens rallying cry to consumers to stand up and demand compensation for their data well if you.

california berkeley labs stevens stephen san francisco google facebook hugh two minutes twenty six second eighteen minutes six second two minute
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"Big block of blue nonsense eighteen minutes straight yeah pretty much and i'm just saying from to the fucking johm sane is joel two something like sounds like you know that's all you say about wrestlemainia and he was he was happy to listen i think that part of part of the good host is knowing when to win to take over and and build it back up and i think cranston has a very good way of of kind of pushing you into a conversation like triggering conversation tate we do waver coaches in episode i go the think seeing the lot of diet which i'm a bit south of chris very dieted no doubt it will but it was a sort of pilot episode of something he was colin crowd of too low so es couple episodes of that recorded he is so sick guys that east constantly growing up every day at basically he wakes up and decides gonna throw out today probably my still go throw up in an hour maybe not okay about a work but crime for stations is like a little love product he has conversations with people it's not out i don't know when it will be out but i'm sure it's great audio love to listen to it sometime yeah us it sold look very good show not to my own all yeah all crowding is a very good very good hosts while foot surveying what kate coyne of hosted the paul or actually when.

joel wrestlemainia cranston colin crowd kate coyne paul eighteen minutes
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"Well let's kind of go like loosely matched by match over the pay per view in which thoughts your grades or whatever were but so what was the word on the street just as far as the vibe in the building at this event this is a really puzzling bill really puzzling match and a somewhat puzzling event i think people i add high expectations going into it in my preview podcast i did i was like this really good show on paper i don't think it can go wrong and i thought it went wrong it wasn't like i mean i think it was too long and the opener was seth and ms great we'll talk about that and there were some other good moments but this mean event it it started around the time the paper use normally end there on the east coast in new jersey and the match what eighteen minutes and it's it off red hot and then it just settled down into something resembling like mid nineties how show match in the middle of the card in terms of kind of the pace and the fans and i got i mean there's little video clips online of this fans are getting up and walking out there was a chant there was a chance of beat the traffic going on in your main event with samoa freaking joe against raines who could tear down the house and and fans were i mean there's video that people pan the whole lower bowl and there was a steady stream of people leaving during the match people were mad they were mad about the aj nakimora finish they were mad at a non title roman reigns maj was headlining just it's that kind of crowd in that building especially so yeah it was an ordinary crowd and i'm not quite sure the strategy that was.

joe raines seth eighteen minutes
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"Soon as it starts to boil dropped down to the barra simmer lid on it eighteen minutes had on the dot will take the pan off the heat uncovered do not uncovered any point never if you uncover a stir either already ruined you might as are the order give it a live hegg's keep it to them pigs i like i'm like i'm really enjoy this idea of my apartment in their life where do in the can camera during a tropical drinks their pigs woollen slippers for everyone blitzer you'll get will in flippers and you'll get will and slippers so eighteen minutes uh pull it off yeah take the lid off is this what the perfect putt of race rasping it is it is your words eighteen men eighteen minutes said so funny eighteen minutes worked overtime eighteen minutes then wrapped the lid in lean kitchen towel and then put the lid back on and you're not fluffing not doing anything like that ramp the towel around the lid put it back on off the heat yeah wait ten more minutes that is and that is a pure purely humidity absorbing method right so you've gone from this place where there is like a lot esteem in moisture in it and now you're trying to absorb some of that excess want your hermetic you're still hermetically sealed in there they're still steaming going on but but that those droplets are not going back in to the rail snow they're going ran that tell and then you know it's like 10 minutes is went all start you know you could but it's just going to stay warm and nothing weird is going to happen so it's like sometimes it'll zipper 20minute yeah zip for thirty minutes wherever and then take that let often fluff up this perfect it's it's got that perfect kind of like in between sticky fluffy where it's like you can eat it with chopstick rate but it's not like it's not a mush there you've got individual grains yesterday together and so that's where rachel yang described as chopstick ready race which was like enough where it was you can still grab it with end of chopsticks than asanka not just be right individual grands just go and falling heather in nadler him that there but it's also not so gloomily that like you said it it.

blitzer rachel yang heather nadler eighteen minutes thirty minutes 10 minutes 20minute