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Heather Askew  Jojos Santuary (Thailand)

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Heather Askew Jojos Santuary (Thailand)

"Cast I'm your host teary while brock excited to have heather ask you with me today so welcome Heather Nice to be here excited to have you just telling you welcome everybody to the Arctic Society Yes absolutely beautiful and I've worked with kids vulnerable children in a setting here in Cincinnati and ways in communities in northern Thailand our main focus I would say is working on keeping families together in Thailand L. Let's work on really empowering families to deal with their kids in their own home give them the okay so basically if you look at our website you see that we're named after my friend's nephew who who died the victim of child abuse and that happened at the same time that some of my tied friends tie colleagues and I were discussing starting family empowerment family strengthen huge problem with people especially or people who feel that they have no the reports than to put their kids in orphanages and a lot of people do it simply because they don't in your parents may be once a month maybe over summer break maybe not at all until then they're losing out on you know family relationship most and they're like I don't have any relationships here and they don't know how to Ocean Society so we really try and focus on like the importance of attachment imports family in cultural language and I think the ability to parent well do positive parenting instead of abuse and you know raise their kids up while so they can stay out of their community part of their family eat or got lint so we always kind of remember like what are purposes what we're doing here so our goal is to educate protects empower vulnerable children yeah so one of the first things that we do as part of our our family strengthening program is called building family dreams so basically the first thing that we do is we hop about why it's important for it to be in a family most parents think while education is the most important thing for them but they don't realize that being in an orphanage in Houston area and just such a need and parents you know they want so much for their children when they feel overwhelmed by the circumstances kids are coming from tribal communities so they're they're losing their language they're losing their culture and then what happens team they go back to their village day like you know these are all valuable things you can give your kids that no one else can like anyone can give them education but you are the only ones who can get them those important things that they need for success the website actually was we we do on apartment building family dreams we also do trainings for people with children and so we were asked have sixty dollars a semester to pay for the kids scooby's or they don't have a hundred dollars to buy the uniforms because everyone uniforms here so we were like Increm- you're in Thailand and so we thought that we wanted to our goal is to prevent something like that from happening to another child in Thailand so we thought with name it in honor of Joe Joe so he would in Thailand in its judges Thailand dot org is that correct yeah that's how upset okay well easier to to remember the Josiah's we're doing a positive parenting positive reinforcement with a safe home that works with kids who've been victims of trafficking so for the Evatt empowers these children as they grow into offer those to them and I found you through the ages and so much history and you don't even know the half of what these kids have been through so you need to start repairing the aces before you can even address the behavior with her debut she received physical abuse was harsher than what I did because she was much more bullheaded where I was the women stepped back in inquiry because you have the two people get confused Oh yeah right yeah so talk to talk about what it is that you're doing there in your mission taste will you guys want the answer to how do I deal with behavior problems in teenagers and I was like well here's the thing you're dealing with so much trauma sure loved these parents think oh my kids will be better off without me so I'll put here they'll be better taking care of but that's not always the case aren't you know changing the culture in society a little bit now it's a beautiful what happens when you do shine that light I call Oh you building a child well and I'm sure you're familiar with aces adverse childhood experiences and the resilience heart of it Just how Edna so they don't have the tools so I had them take this aces tests and everyone was like oh I have so many aces the aces questions with her and said now since you know they've added things like racism and bullying and you know there's other factors beyond these initial ten questions come and do some training or people were going to work in a new preschool center and so I asked online on facebook enemy of recommendations for and and yeah I understand as matter of fact I was talking to my sister no he's disturbed I grew up in the same household she curtly dealt with single one of these kids has the same thing in common family breakdown most of them grew up in orphanages separated from their family the ones who didn't get fully separated were shadows and was quiet but I brought up Ace's now here's my sister and I've been doing this podcast in doing this work and training that you know here in Thailand nobody talks about this kind of stuff and starting live trainings I did With both the pre school and then again we did trafficking or sexual abuse and I was the case manager basically and I had traveled their cases in the court cases and counseling laptop and I was like every yeah yeah beautiful you just took words out of my mouth about the attachment part of it and what a big huge part that is of raped by so so how how did you end up doing what you're doing well so when I was he did on this after school activities English music that sort of staff for kids who grew up in abject poverty lived in slums in the Red Light district you know some of them have been trafficked what you're doing on the ceilings in these children because it's just so beautiful yeah one of the reasons that we wanted to focus on that Dan prevent human trafficking on a larger scale you kind of have to start with the root causes which is like a family rate and so that was what sort of right yes that was really a cool opportunity to to really speaking to the lives of time people who are working with kids in hopefully try to a the first ten or so powerful and she said I score a nine out of ten what does that mean and I said I know she said what what is that exactly it's like Oh my gosh we talked about this this is just two days ago inside but I personally wanted to focus on the family is because when I first moved to Thailand I've been here almost nine years when I moved to Thailand I was working at an after school program and I I just I wanNA scream it from the rooftops for people to understand the impact of childhood trauma and so why thank you it so then we went over the resilience part of it but yeah one she she just felt so empowered after just knowing this uh shift after relatives grandparents you know almost none of them actually grew up with a stable home life knowsley obey were really gonNa try I'm kind of the villain social worker a for a program called Project Hud end they were with children who've been victims after I moved here I got one of the kids at the program was orphans and she was too old orphanage it when they don't take over the age of the the light of hope because when it when the eyes are open to it suddenly you can't unseeded anymore and then it becomes oh my gosh this makes so much sense working at the after school program well I I'm from Los Angeles originally Washington state but I lived in in Los Angeles for ten years before I moved here and anything I can get someone said a connection of that read I read it and I was like Oh this is brilliant on there I found this great one gene had no family no relatives no nothing and I was like okay fourteen year old girl on her own the Alan before two weeks and worked with the program called it's called tossing it means it's kind of a long transition it means retool kit that was developed by people by nurses in Spokane and I downloaded that ends like this is so brilliant I've been using that since then so I developed several pushed us in the beginning to even start working with the families than how do you build resilience than how do you help kids deal with the daily Traumas of life yeah it was kind of a crazy sort of situation on yeah so now I have so now she's in college which is great on your I was going to a church there and the pastor was like hey we're gonna go on the trip to Thailand and work with this after school program like Oga Cool Sir well that's beautiful interior I mean just amazing how the universe works and how we end up where were removed take something and in the end that just wasn't anything so I ended up becoming a foster parent so I'm guessing learning Tien yes I'm not leaving six twenty three and wonderful wonderful man in the night thirteen year old man who's just a great kid but oh I would rather have eight two year olds around Thailand as fat and groups of people who are trying to keep kids in a family situation whether that means biological family of probably in my opinion it's harder than taking care of babies smellie's baby you like okay you're hungry you're thirsty you're new diaper pain side there's pretty much limited number so quickly do 'cause you know fourteen year olds do not speak English share no right yeah right wow okay accession there I was like all right you guys all take this test because reality is most people who work in children's homes ru up children's zone scrubbing oranges else we just learned that in the last ten years in Thailand Laos folly area Southeast Asia there's been a five hundred percent in the business she's what is over business and then since essence had other type Ostra teenagers which as most people will tell you is urban learning a lot in about orphanages versus family carrying out we've joined on part of this new group in Thailand called safe families like that and especially growing up in poverty whether you know obviously a lot more opportunity and incidents of John Alcohol abuse is abuse all acronyms and just sort of step back and like wait Brid to like blow over right in you're like okay so the silent treatment like what's happening both have been abused and I was like he's kept seeing the same issues over Nova right and I didn't understand as of the time and then I worked there for years then I moved on and I was the first raised some light the break the darkness morning so the Great Name and these kids that I was like man I can't just go back to America the have a kid in an orphanage actually eight times more expensive than just buying their family enough rice and vegetables per month right over helping the in your five times more likely to be sexually abused in an orphanage than you aren't Ostra family and it's just like on alright so in Thailand they just did a study about so you had you told me you had by the points that you wanted to address before we talk about there's actually have living family that could take care of them with just a little support you now and so a lot of misconceptions about orphanages a net like that it's please in orphanages but a decrease in orphans and so most people on the West are like oh well there's just so many orphans like you have orphanages in you have to provide oranges but they started interviewing the kids in saying would you rather be here where you're getting three meals a day going to school and having a nice fancy place to live or would you rather be with your parents and like work with governments to create foster care systems in the country are as you know we're working on a small scale just like one village at a time wait the Mike wants knightfoundation in Thailand bid had an orphanage they had tons of kids and suddenly I don't know whose idea was you're going for how long do not talk to you is it me is it was it a friend come on let's talk and nothing the end yeah I was like about to start classes in America to foster parenting and then I came for two weeks just last year. PhD candidate from came to Amazonas Justin he him into the study here interviewed all kinds of people have orphanages public orphanages the government are actually have family and the orphanages they're living at less than fifty percents of orphanages in Thailand are registered with government so there's social workers people who grew up oster carrot CETERA and basically Kinda in Thailand always ninety five percent of the kids in orphanages is or other organizations but we can't do is make people aware of you know what's really happening orphanages and if you attend church group you know somebody who's planning orphanage visit to start asking questions about like okay what's the situation this orphanage like how many what's the so this is why we're like oh man we really need to get the word out about how important it is to support organizations working families like care for children is a really big one before we started recording at stocked your website and just really really amazing work that you're doing most every single kid said I wanna be with my parents but they can't afford to feed me they're like okay this is crazy so now I don't have anymore they have all the kids at home taking care of each year olds at one time the one teenager who material having another probably could be listening there's no I have said that so long I used to say my boys my older ones are twenty seven like you anything so I was film at the time and I was like it's freelance nobody's GonNa miss me if I go to come for year and then six weeks people who WanNa get no how can they evolve while obviously not everyone can moves Thailand not everyone has Finan- finances to support Lusha visits and they support each family it's like it is possible to do it and so yes absolutely the thing I just wanted to say put out there and say for you tape or emily if if they're injured it's an abusive situation and yeah so it's a little bit of a struggle because you know adjust Not Doing parenting I'm moving to Thailand and then like Oh okay I'm doing buster parents doing here star family small family business so or things like that and be building while it safe for her kids in orphanages than in like Ostra failing they don't know well actually really what's actually happening is that you know in the Lumo is done great work S J K Rowling's organization worldwide eighty percent of kids in the orphanage so we tried so long to almost she stayed with a neighbor we try and try and try and try to find a local family taker or like a tie in a child to adult ratio right in Thailand we have laws was to be or adult child just like in the US almost no orphanages fall that rum like how many of the kids in orphanage are true orphans and who is it that's determining which kids can come in there's lots of places the CEO will rotate Haas for kids who've been Ed's a kid growing up in a in a family with grabner uncle or enter anything like that so I would just encourage people anybody who's watched this is out there that if people try to you know get the informed than we really can make it a reality of like every kid being they loved their kids so much they want their kids with them but they either dealing with their own trauma history or poverty or whatever it is that prevents is this something that we could do there's a there's a great online thing that you can do call to Action Initiative and oh feed or be tied so we can't help them with their homework knows like oh no no no we will cover the you know in emily instead of in orphanage right right and Oh gosh really it just makes my heart happy because I think so so so so many of these parents the good work manages like well almost all orphanages were causing attachment disorder so no matter how good your staff is not apparent you know it's not the same school vs and the schools have after school programs that help the kids their homework and it's like ten dollars Ester so we're like okay there's condition and they've created this whole program for churches who have orphanages on how one eight eight how you go from having a hundred kids in I'm for our project we started in a village that law who community it's a tribal group in Asia they live in a lot of countries but they're all the same doing this that if you do participate in church or any other group that does regular business to orphanages just to start asking questions of of them just trying to figure out tribal group so we started going and when you first went this village to start because they were like Oh can you come do child protection trainings with our kids image to having a hundred kids in a family and like what do you do with the staff and what do you do with the community in what do you do to prepare the kids to go home and all that stuff so they're Israel yeah totally it'd be new teach about children's human rights Internet safety concerns like I don't know what these kids are doing on the on the phone they're on the phone all the time right joining church in the Netherlands and that enabled us to help every family star a little micro business so these are like rural people right so four of them are like all but one kid is back with their family and we did we were able to we got a really great donation from Joe Joe's uncles getting kids so eight of the sixteen kids were either about to be shipped after the orphanage currently living in an orphanage and now we did the program for eighteen months and now wouldn't be asking those questions like who's the person in charge of May eleven indicates come in who is the person actively trying to do the -cation with their parents you know like end day research they started Orphanages Oliver Central Air and one day woke up for like why are we not supporting these kids to be with their families to another is it from happening and just powerful powerful stuff to be able to have these kids under families for building family solvable problems there's no reason in so when we started the program eight of the sixteen kids who we we only do with eight families so we had sixty dollars each they sold them for two hundred dollars each and then the four pigs and then they were able to sell those even more and so now they're like okay so now our next plan is I like a lot of people who didn't have their kids around him were like do not have kids in this village near like no they're on orphanage quiz a we can't afford the school trying to find out more information about the orphanage in sentencing like other doing good work let's give the money because it's not really good for the kids right so I so we took them to the pig what Bossa maybe pigs and now eighteen months later you know they're like they started with two pigs we bought them for machines right there like I just want to be able to like you know mixim bags and sell them at Christmas maybe or whatever so we sewing machines for all these women and back just crying all the time in sad Mr Kids kids crying they wanna come home now Edwardsville happy and yet we have other women who we got a little bit better they have the money to pay for their kid's school fees now they have money to buy birthday presents for kids like they're so happy and it started out we went to visit there we can money to put back into family program to help an extra families it's like everybody wins the help them who growing confidence so she's like teaching other Lady Commissioner and sell it I was like I can pay you like what you would make your life so normally they would sell them in Thailand or maybe like three ten laced their day job but it's enough extra that opening and they in Lincolnian savings in neighbor things and stuff like that so it's been Josh for a bank but we're having a big bag lots of pockets so I was like I can spend that in America for more you can get more money than you would make here and the I tell you one of these ladies are not GonNa go I'm not I don't know anything about this but one of these ladies went to send them to a training she comes back she really cool to see this community really come back from the dead it's like one of the dads was like you know before you guys came we really can I just WanNa like racing pigs like men unhappy anyway pigs I can sell a branch to money like that I'm good and they already know how do they grow so the village she's got like keeping track of WHO's making what okays this person's making baby stretching type this person's making that this is making research on the Internet happens now so being trains them and will liking long really dominate kids in this village is pretty quiet and like you is this person's making keychains so ban on my family which America I want this this this this like she can order okay I'll take I take them to the to that starts making like always amazing bags teaching women the village make the eggs she's excuse me I was like that's amazing or May to see this unlike the coolest thing last week one of my friends who lives in that village she was actually the person introduce us to the lobby group she said my Gosh we doc we feel confident that we can raise them and we're the best person confident that they'll have a good future adult finished school so it's really it's been like the greatest joy we're gonna get a sound and then we're going to breed her then we'll have we can just read sounds we can have baby pigs in then we can all them in it'll like help them get a little bit better have community meetings like every month to and somebody came up to me the less community meeting Hint Francis people that did that that family program Inaugu Bill Yup we started that program these people like two or three hundred coming to every meeting their participating they're putting their ideas in there like offering to be part of the community the paper on kids to go to school but the best chance they had been orphanage to go to school so they added like now we'd so so happy like kids market with all the supplies anything but the supplies and put money into this size and then like you're getting paid for your work it's like it's great opportunity it doesn't report they were like before we never saw people from the law community at our community meetings would never call maybe they will come late saying the back not contribute eighteen program right so once a month meets as a big group and we alternate between Mike Trainings will be like a training on finance or healthy eating many organizations that will give you free tricks so we like well let's on let's take a train ride to up to so unexpected side effect us oh my gosh you make my heart smile healing in action I mean look to get any it's kind of a hopeless village we are not Kids we we can't we can't go to score ourselves we don't know if we can have the money he planning events like all of a sudden they're like this is amazing like how what did they do like now all these not big part of our larger communities and has thick so I was like how that's just so powerful in so beautiful yeah they love it wonderful well thank you again for doing so it's really cool to have such a great team because I definitely could not do it by myself like the only reason I'm like the person doing interviews because they don't speak English also alternate with like on our month that we don't have trainings we do family outings so Chang I is beautiful there's so much respect to do here in your family is like spending time together like we never spent time together because we'll be on their phones or watching TV we working you know they would just eat snacks we never I will have to give props to my team to like my team 'cause I can speak time but like I'm not superfluid like I don't have can have a conversation but I can't trust house like mind blowing I was like I never thought of making a budget would be totally new concept the results that and so you all right and then so we taught them we added Guidance Financial Guy Comments teach them how to make a budget You can keep track of the money you spend every day and actually see yeah that was like what I mentioned you know that more there's more orphanages means more offense actually doesn't it just means more you WANNA clarify for people dressed in already met the orphanages Kevin especially since other Southeast Asia countries are getting more fluent English in Thailand is not so much they're putting more money into English rams near arise in kids getting trafficked orphanages because it makes money for their founders so the m I it's really important I think in the future people will speak it for work and in life some okay so any myths are facts but if you could meet anyone dead or alive to help you with your continued journey either professionally personally are both who would it be an the mess right yeah yeah and the other things that that we able to do like with building family dreams often they have like they get an hour a week if you're in the city school you're getting an hour day ends of course if you're in the city you're interacting with tourists Morrissey together now we're doing just the other day were spending time together at home so yeah that's been really cool to see this kind of transfer the now today it is English growing in or is it just not learning programs here and isolated I volunteer so how projects after school program for kids from Vermont so I teach English there so many interesting people on and like it onto lots doctors and lots of psychologists just like such an interesting wide rain ray of people end take for an hour it's like I don't know that they're learning anything but they're having fun doing it right now it is growing and people do understand the importance you have an opportunity to practice similar right people in rural areas known as much but I think it is growing entitled there's a lot of English it you had to make a budget right but it might teammates route Savan J. or their names you'll see the pictures on online but they're so awesome and they have so many the asking lots of questions and like knowing that there's April trails for kids came from and stuff like that because there is definitely a rise in entrapping INC people don't usually think about that the national park it's like an hour away and was like train never been on rain Oh it was like round trip it was twenty five cents a person how's that you would like to address before we heart I think that's it just I would encourage people to learn more about family every other month that updates about all the activities we've been doing so if you go to the website you can get on the newsletter list as well wonderful all right well it is Mr Anthony Programs in areas that you know of Mary's huband things like that and yeah I mean if anybody's interested in learning our website judges Thailand Dot Org and yeah you can if you on the website you can eat molest you there's a link to email on there as well we do a newsletter also because I'm prepared for this 'cause I listen to your like she's GonNa ask me I would say like for professionally so and that was my my my last question was how do people get hold of you and a lakes or you on facebook instagram that makes sense yeah so you're saying filling the beds so on the kid but how much of that money actually Aston in your is just such an array of of guests and conversations in fun yeah very cool all right so taken is like probably wait a minute school right right okay well I have to ask you what are my favorite questions because in an sound just a left turn here into yourselves thanks I'm just heartwarming conversation and again you've made my heart smile and thank you for everything you're doing just beautiful back to their families and I think if done so much good work with the most and I'm just like Oh man I didn't have an hour long conversation with her and get advice on how do we do what you've done nations so again I just went to sitting here my face spruce those who are just audio like get the smile off my face because hear in Thailand and how do we make it grow I think that would be really awesome bird special and also personal my favorite podcasts listen the ideas and implement so many things in if I'm like this I don't know how did you know like the next data oh we can do this what that's Starting recalled they speak they teach English in schools but if you're in

Thailand Heather Nice Cincinnati brock eighteen months fourteen year sixty dollars ten years two weeks five hundred percent ninety five percent two hundred dollars hundred dollars eight two year eighty percent thirteen year ten dollars nine years six weeks
May 8: Failing to make a federal case out of it

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May 8: Failing to make a federal case out of it

"This is a cbc podcast in december and arrest was made for canada into the middle of a trade war between the united states and china china's i'm steven quinn sanctioned is the complicated story of how and why faraway cfo's mung one joe was arrested how will this impact are lies and technology sanction subscribe at cbc dot c h slash sanctions or wherever you get your podcasts hello i'm carol off good evening i'm jeff douglas and this is as it happens the podcast addition tonight failing to make eight federal case out of that federal prosecutors decide they don't want to prosecute vice admiral mark norman for breach of trust and so they stay the charter flight risk she's been found innocent of blasphemy and now she's in canada where she's supposed to be states but are guest warns the pockets time's up bb me still face threats to her safety fits and starts a union rep says he's hoping for a new beginning after general motors announces a plan could save fraction of the jobs at its plant in offshore name of thrown his seventh in line to me the king of england head of the commonwealth and defender of the face and the prince harry and meghan markle named him archery by fair means the foul icelandic police were not fazed when the perpetrator took flight because the wallet feeling safe was a single they found dan the justice pan this clip of young an orchestra in boston searches for the boy who is recorded breaking these traditional post book starts silence with an audience and chanting expression of wow i did happen when they addition radio that knows an ex classic when it here's one vice admiral mark norman walked away from an auto a courthouse this morning with eight tremendous weight lifted from him the crown stayed the charge of breach of trust the games tim ending eight two year ordeal for the vice admiral the reason new information that convinced prosecutors he would not be convicted the canadian military former number two officer had been accused of leaking cabinet secrets about a multimillion dollar shipbuilding deal after this stay vice admiral norman said he felt exonerated one of the hardest parts on an emotional level although it was inspiring was through receive letters and donations from world war two veterans giving me five dollars outlet legal fees for a sick at the other end of the spectrum you know the hardest part is watching my family after this on a daytoday basis vice admiral mark norman speaking to reporters in ottawa earlier today david pug lazy has been covering the story for the ottawa citizen we reached him earlier today in victoria british columbia david what does this say actually means for vice admiral mark norman well it means that the legal cloud that he's been under for more than two years has been removed and he has said he wants to go back to his job and it appears that is what's going to be happening well i mean you just go right back into the the same desk and just carry on nothing happened well were waiting to hear what a chief of defense staff general john sean vance has to say about that but admiral norman has suggested that he should go back as vice chief of the defense stuff what was vice admiral norman accused in doing so he was accused of leaking a sensitive information formation to davey shipbuilding which was in the process of converting commercial vessel into a naval supply ship that had started under the conservatives when the liberals came in in the fall of twenty fifteen they tried to do rail project and norman was accused of leaking that information to davey as well as to a cbc reporter and so that amounted to aim breach of trust charges a single charge of breach of trust right that's correct yes and now we just wanna hear county prosecutor barbara mercy speaking outside the court this morning about why they decided to stay that one charge let's just listen to what she had to say i could tell you there was no political interference in this case garden register prosecutions decided to lay the church and they decided today we decided alone no political interference whatsoever that we couldn't make the church this is herman miller you you exculpatory evidence before you prosecuting who is that information there's no such thing as this one piece of exculpatory evidence in a case like this how did you notice complex three chip but we did have it eventually resources for you okay so there's a lot to unpack that very short clip but but first of all why would she want to tell the reporters and the world that there was no political interference what what's what's behind that so there's been a lot of suggestions in the in court as well from norman's defense team that there has been a political interference at both from the prime minister's office and from the city council office so that's been a a major theme from his defense team and they've been pushing that in in various a pretrial hearings and so this is important because of course it reflects on snc level and and people are that's that's what's in their minds when they think well is this the same movie over again right for sure and she's distancing yourself from that because it it was looking bad for the public prosecution service which is supposed to be you know apolitical so that's a that's where she's trying to position that okay now what she also says that she didn't they're asking why did you have the evidence before when you charge them and just we well we didn't have it but when we did have eventually what's that mean so what she's referring to is there has been some kind of mystery evidence that has materialized in the last little while that has been provided to her from the defense team as well as from third party documents seized of the documents that the government meant was collecting so she and her prosecutors have seen something that made them realise they don't stand a chance to get a conviction in court she's not saying norman's people aren't saying so that's the big mystery all right there isn't another layer to this which is that the the the vice admiral mormons lawyer was murray henan who people remember mounted and aggressive unsuccessful defensive jianqing nashi which became quite famous for that did she bring that same determination to the case as as admiral norman i think so i mean she's very expensive to hire but you're you're getting what to what you see happening here a she methodically took apart crowns case and she just moved slowly but very effectively in introducing a various pieces of evidence various documents and in the initial cross examination of you know some of the individuals like chiefs defense that john that i just want to play a bit more as vice admiral norman had to say today about his own conduct many of you cover defense secure a it is a very complicated to and ultimately ugly process and a what goes on inside a that process is difficult to explain at the best of times and so 'em i am confident that a at all times i acted with integrity i acted ethically and i acted in the best interest of the royal canadian navy the canadian forces and ultimately the people's camp so what's he completely exonerated is that what he's saying is that team because we know the prosecution says his actions were inappropriate secretive but didn't amount to any crime yeah i mean if you take a look at his email exchanges i mean there is some salty language and a handsome rather blunt talk about government vermin officials and a you know a certain members of the industry but that's not criminal so you know he's he's right defense procurement is very complicated and you know i'm sure if someone looked at r e mails there listen to our phone calls you'd be saying some things that would raise eyebrows to so that's essentially what happened here they are saying he was able to gather all his emails and exchanges and then take a look at those and then you know sometimes they were perhaps lesson professional but there was never any smoking gun against norman where he said in an e mail here's that secret document you ask for just very quickly what is this all out for the liberals given there's a fall election and and given that there were members of the cabinet i'm thinking scott rice and andrew leslie who were involved in this what what's followed is therefore justin trudeau and liberals well i would imagine that since you're seeing this now a well before the election action 'em it could be a you know on the back burner if you know they had gone into a trial in august right before an election right in the middle of an election campaign then it would have been front and center but you know at times the public isn't always paying attention to what isn't directly in front of them so or you know in may well on election you know come sometime before october so maybe in the rear view mirror leave it there david thank you thank you david pogue lazy covers the military they oughta what could have been we reached him earlier today in victoria british columbia elite today chief of defense staff general jonathan vance issued this statement we have missed vice admiral norman a great deal and i look forward to welcoming him back to work as soon as possible and here's the vice admiral lawyer murray henan speaking to reporters about what canadians should take away from this case i think they should be concerned when there are attempt to bring the political into eight criminal courtroom and i think they should feel very proud and very happy today because what they saw is that are justice system is truly unassailable the prosecutors accusers in a high profile case looked at the evidence and did what they're supposed to do they said we don't have a reasonable process of conviction the dp acted independently if it tells you anything and tell you that when she thinks he should prosecute she goes ahead when she thinks he shouldn't she declined to do so that's the way it should be no person in the country should ever walk into a courtroom and feel like they're fighting their elected government or any sort of political factors at all so this was a good day you should be very concerned when anyone tries to erode the resilience of the justice system or demonstrate a failure to understand why it is so fundamental the mental to these democratic values that we hold so dear their time do you agree with what happens in a court there are times you don't and that's fine but what you don't do if you don't put your finger and try to weigh in on the scales of justice that is not watch i should be happening so i think we have lots of lessons learned from this another case and i know canadians are paying close attention as murray henan a lawyer for vice admiral mark norman speaking today i see a bb is finally free freedom however has been difficult word to apply to the pakistani christian woman's case ms bb sat on death row for nearly a decade in pakistan before the country's supreme court quitted her on blasphemy charges last fall in january she was told you is free to leave leave the country but found herself confined to a safe house in his lama bod as mobs threatened her life now advocates for i see a bb say she is out of pakistan and in canada along with their family global affairs canada has offered no comment on the case wilson chowdhry is the chairman of the britain pakistani christian association and has been in contact with the family we reach mr chowdhry in london uk this saturday after months of false hope some false start did you ever have down as a baby would ever be free two years ago i would have had doubts about are things started transpiring in a manner that was always going to end up productive philadelphia baby deep governments laments across the globe western nations where placing more pressure and i own puck is thought checking hawaii a funding such is america who suspended funding pakistan britain threatened to remove the foreign aid budget all this together and made me fairly short parks on the forced to would be forced free cbp but then many obviously had been a pain in the neck and and i think my two myself and this is a real poll shrunk by by the military she's free she's in canada but how much liberty does she have at this point to speak to move i mean how how free issue really well i said maybe would always be endanger extremists in every nation kennedy's at free from their own extremist extremist however it is much safer than being in pakistan and she'd be knows these prices being in blazing across the country if you go to riots you see images of us it'd be being hung with a noose around his neck she's a very recognize individual jihad hot coffee that country is untenable foot roommate and i know the a c and her husband are extremely pleased that they are now in a country where the security of freedom will be protected you were confident that she would be free but why would she stuck in his lama bad for these past months after she had been the supreme court had had inquisitor what why would she still there they made it truly is in pakistan have being frightened cbp will speak openly about treatment in pakistan which would bring lots of inspection on how pucks on his treated her and other minorities they put brooks and delays and i'll she'd be leaving hyping having agreement in place and prevented so speaking out after leaving i know you have been in communication with her husband schick and a you you've you've just been staying with the family can you tell us how i see a bb is how her health her physical mental mental state at this point after all he's been very aware that she has been incarcerated in isolation so it's sort of confinement for eight years of a nine and a half year tenure and now this woman he's rabia who sent she's very suffered the loss and mental state is depressed if not worse i mean we had said from in park slope who visited with the prison ministry was on me habits but to board and sent at clean is who christian and level is indicated that symptoms that would suggest ousted bb has david depression old is suffering from dementia and you know this is a really deep concern she won't eat kevin attention and you can do is west the nation is the place where she could receive be appropriate technical support she needs to tell us what you know about what conditions who's held in she was incarcerated innate dingy sell those given we'll continue to see sunlight for two hours every month a and you could imagine that that is the tightening full you know even the strongest person and this is a mother who is a you kept away from her children joined the holding conservation station i said they'd be has had to cover in food they've been attempt off the attempt to poison that she'd been beaten via the inmates she suffered significant to show a mentally and physically and you know we we pray that she has a v strings to pull food they send liver proper finally life then forget she's being kept away from other family members were so low we don't know how she will interact in place back into that is timely environment who has she will she be reunited with here in canada she'd be two doses traveled to canada in december now they'd been waging the release of a seed bbn does she messy a mother and father and and and and will united soon when they all you know i feel like and imagine it being very tender moment it just back in pakistan why is the reaction in the country it were to the news that she has left and she is now in canada so also good hasn't been mass right so we experienced off the supreme court hearing however there's reasons for that three thousand five hundred leaders from extremist groups including they deserve to be taking it back into a tricky taliban have all all being arrested in us do comedy detained in parks funny prisons m this is led to a mole mute responds to protest this being said we still don't know what the overreaction will be it takes times tidbit takes time to build a significant riot i believe the litmus test will be on friday once the mosques a fucking operation that could leads the same skate of mass rights as we saw off the supreme court equipped to a we will have to wait and see prayed that the government is able to cope with anything that may arise we will be missing saturday i appreciate speaking this you thank you thank you bye by the way wilson chowdhry is the chairman it'd be britain pakistani christian association we come in london a exuberant vocalisations are usually considered ill mannered in the world of classical music but last weekend at boston symphony hall a young child's reaction to the performance of a piece by moats art had everyone in the hall thoroughly charmed and now there is a search onto fine but he expresses youngster david mead is these ceo of the humble and hiding society orchestra which was playing we reached mr serious need in boston david we just set the scene for us last sunday afternoon sure well they were v a final concert of are season at symphony hall in boston ordering the moats requiem concert had been sold out along in advance of a lot of excitement about it and the concert start it off with a kind of a somber opening piece by moats are called the masonic funeral music in a place is packed the lights go down in this kind of somber contemplative opener begins being conducted by are artistic director harry christopher's a there's a piece in with this kind of swell of a major chord in the string kind of fades fades away nothing and harry is holding if he finished conducting and he's holding his pose up in year for the audience the kind of just have a couple of moments of silence and we've seen that we know that that's the convention that they finished the peace and there's that moment of silence and then just be applies what happened right so people are are in the moment you know in and then kind of out of out of nowhere up somewhere above me in behind me this little boy says wow but such joy and enthusiasm and people just just broke up because it was expressing everything but they were feeling but but it took a little boy kind of capture the moment in say that and of course those recordings that my my let's have a listen to that and and and m okay i'm getting goosebumps so that means like wow this in this person sitting next to me you know said that's great classical music is alive and living for the next generation and then we were talking as we were laughing and he said yeah i wish there was a recording of that and i looked up microphones on stage recording the concert for radio broadcast the future and there we have the the recordings yeah and so so you oh is that moment like a it was a joyous you know to hear a young voice like that young boys so enthralled with this music to express it he you know he couldn't hold back it really made me feel like this is what we're all about this is what we do to people full this is why we exist it summed up a lot in that one while you are trying to find this kid but at a call what why why do you wind is located him well we wanna talk to him about they experience we wanna thank thank him personally wouldn't make sure you have the recordings of the moment and we wanna introduce him to the conductor harry christopher's harry would like to speak with an invite him back for another concert any leads so far no no response as of yet but we are were hoping hey do you even know if it's a boy it sure sounded like a boy or girl email to the audience we heard the recording a circle people responded saying that there was a boy now of course what's interesting is it it's the piece of music and it's not like the eighteen twelve overture or they end of ode to joy is something that is just ended in a way that you a kid would say wow what what does that tell you about what you're doing this classical music that that that that has that has that affected this simple tc music as a child i think that's telling me the what we do really matters really connects with people you know regardless of age or any education about music or whether they're inefficient auto or first timer this is how we could move people and i think that everyone kind of felt what he said but because we were grownups you know in in were used to just a a holding back we didn't say it like he did the last time you were allowed to buy a piece of well frankly a h and h is pretty pretty great organization i and i'm wild regularly but i don't shut it out like he did in eight states being handle and hide in society russia and you say it was recordings were broadcast by w c r b fm and so that's going to be there that's embedded for ever for anyone who listens forever that's going to be part of that recordings knit that's right and we hope to we'll give it a little recordings to a wonderful child and his family david kentucky thanks thank you very much by david snead is the ceo of the handle in hot and society we reached him in boston but then they can do anything game still yourselves listener's it's time for the true crime portion of this program this come straight from the police brought her into the next iceland and it features a perpetrator foul enough to give the flux of note a crime fans of flight the police reports reports begins innocently enough quote officers on patrol last night noticed the seagull the flu in front of their vehicle they officers initially thought the seagull had an animal in its beak but on closer inspection it was determined to be wallet police initiated pursuit unquote now to be clear that his office served plural and they must have been winning down the shore because the blogger goes on to say quote police apprehended when it landed to inspect the loot and then the truly put a feather in their cap they officers managed to track down the victim of their bloomed pillow jer so let's take a moment to honor these flights for the cops with a nod to the ambition of the goalpara they call it a delay there is eight glimmer of hope for auto workers in oshawa ontario today after announcing last year it would closed its assembly plant in austin while jim now says it has another plan it will invest a hundred seventy million dollars and higher back some of these affected workers the company says joshua facility will now do damping sub assembly an autonomous vehicle testing there is a catch so the move is expected save only three hundred of the twenty six hundred union jobs currently at you auto plant jim mcauliffe works up your show gm plant and that's where we reached him this nikolov what was your reaction when you heard nouncement at least some jobs at you plan to be saying well i mean it certainly better than me nouncement we had last november you know that felt more like a kick in the gut so this is you know little bit of ray of hope 'em definitely a positive step in the right direction and then hopefully you know like a a jury has said that it leads to more work by two thousand five hundred jobs lost an that well three hundred return so it's a big difference isn't it oh it's a it's a huge difference but you know last time i checked three hundred is better than zero i mean there's different people in different situations so it's gonna affect these people in in in varying degrees 'em you know myself i've got over thirty four years a i am i'm only fifty two but i i am retirement eligible so i mean there's probably good news there for me to a definitely take a step back and retire in a you know they'll be obviously some people that will be retained at work and there'll be happy you know different kind work but you know once again the membership here you know do whatever's awesome and they'll make the adjustment and there there's a lot of people that won't be retrained and those are the people that i think we should be most where he's worried about that but you you mentioned jerry dies who had a unified for just in case people don't know that but they do you think you think this is the best deal the union could get from gm i mean we heard from jerry dies in a in just a when they announced it was first made of the closure that he was going to go to the elbows out he was going to fight for all the jobs the comeback so do you think that this is dick i couldn't it be better than this given the fact that gm is going to be making cars do i think it could be better he did allude to the fact that he is he happy is he completely dissatisfied no in a perfect world not only do we retain all the work but we're we we go into a hiring mode but were not there that's not the reality of it i mean there's just too many different variables 'em working against us canadian dollar works for but i don't think free trade works for us it's free trade i don't really think it's fair trade you know they build these vehicles cheaper in mexico you know mexicans building nine hundred and fifty thousand vehicles and they buy maybe two hundred thousand like you know in in canada if we built three honored and fifty thousand vehicles we buy three honored and fifty thousand vehicles 'em there's something wrong with that but but on that subject okay what the reason why gm says it's closing a plant is that it's transitioning to the future future which is it says his electric car why didn't actually get a piece of that you know i mean i can't speak to that a really be totally honest with you i mean we've proven this workforce's here is second to none and these people have proven time and time again that they can do whatever his ass of them so that those are good questions a there's a lot of different levels of 'em 'em people that need to be sitting at the table not just general motors not just you know for but a levels all levels of government prevention week federally they automotive sector has been in decline since she expiration of auto pack so let's address that issue but at the same time that they cut their twenty five hundred jobs at the plant in ottawa at gm's opened up a canadian technology center they've they've hired about five hundred people already nother there's about a thousand people they'll be working in that place in canadians by twenty twenty so what what do you do in which the union doing to to prepare people prepare you remember the time and get the kinds of new jobs that might develop inside of them will find out tomorrow there is definitely a lot that wasn't mentioned in that press conference in it you know it needs to be given into the membership first and foremost moral 'em rest assured that you know for as been working at this hard since they announcement in november you know again announcements more or gonna you know affect different people in different varying degrees the retirement eligible to the people that still need ten or fifteen years three tired to the people that have just been recently hired and what future do they hold yeah you know what i i've i've already moved once i started in windsor facilities and i came if you're in two thousand and four but you know lucky for me in two thousand and four when i needed go to another plant because it looked like it might plant ended up closing i had a place to go to m so you know you'll see some of that to maybe you'll see some incentives going to these other plants the senior members saint catharines woodstock 'em but you know younger members you know maybe it's time to take a look at okay you know it's one thing to go to school and oh yeah i'm gonna take this and then you get out of school and you can't find work so maybe maybe will get are members the kind of training in the schooling that they need in a yeah you know you'll see some of these people get back to work is still working for general motors butter that much different level just finally what what's the mood what's the situation where people in oshawa how because this is a big cut to the city employment in in that town what what's it been like i mean it was a definite kick in the teeth last november people weren't happy you know i mean nobody wants to be told they're losing their jobs user good paying jobs is good benefits good pensions nobody wants to be told that that's all being taken away a you know people have bills to pay people have mouths defeat people have kids put through school so on and so forth there's a little ray a whole you know maybe like you said three hundred jobs i i don't think he's gonna they're gonna sugar coat this three hunter seems to be the number that were starting what people need to know i think there's been a long waiting game gone through a bunch of different emotions from shock and dismay to to anger and now people just wanna know what's my next step like jerry said you know you made a great analogy said we've we've done the best with the hand we were dealt with and if you're a poker player and you play texas all of it looked like they were dealt a deuce seven off suit which is absolute worst starting hand the game of poker they've come away with something which is better than nothing okay i'm not sure opted to go inside that went out in my head that meanwhile this mccollough thanks so much speaking that's okay thank you bye bye bye we reached gm auto worker jim mcauliffe oshawa ontario they answered the call of duty even though it was very very wet during a severe rainstorm in toronto last august cleaver fryer and the co worker found themselves trapped in an elevator as water came gushing in the pair made it out thanks to police officers who slammed to the rescue and jimmy elevator door open with a crowbar yesterday those constables josh mcsweeney and ryan burnett were named police officers of the year by the toronto region board of trade last august mr fryer spoke to as it happens guest host matt galloway both dramatic event and rescue here's part conversation from our archives we did not realize how how flooded basement had become all of the cars had already been submerged by the time that we took the elevator down my throat you smash through a part of the top of the elevator yeah so we did actually smashed through we were just able to open open it up a crack by literally a pounding with their fists and a number able to get a stable cigna with emergency and a got somebody on the line and let them know how serious the situation was what did you tell them probably gonna have a hard time coming across urgency in my in my voice that at the moment they were afraid that we were gonna die or not gonna make it through the water is continuing to command were stuck in the basement level how much space was there at that point between the water level and this feeling of you over the water is that urchins but we were actually standing on the banister rails on the elevator at the ceiling like are heads were at the ceiling oh my goodness describe what happened when somebody came together you that moment that it was just i was able to get out of survival motors i can just let someone told me out of it i remember taking a lifeguard training but in that moment i forgot how to swim so is probably a little bit of embarrassing but at a police officer i dragging me through the water they had the swimming to get you right out of police officers at the swimming to get us and then use a crowbar to as to force the elevator door open because the situation whiz whiz is happening to quickly that the fire department can be a weighted for what do you remember but when they started open the door i i remember seeing their faces and they were i mean we were happy but they seem happy that they were able to get us out of there i remember that expression on their face and then that was the first time that a new fisher that were you know get out of that situation i just remember thinking my family my daughter in particular that is gonna be able to see her again from archives that was cleaver fryer speaking with as it happens guest host matt galloway last august yesterday the tronto board of trade named comfortable josh mcsweeney enter ryan burnett burnett police officers of beer rescuing mr prior and another man from flooding elevator georgia's republican governor has signed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the united states criminalizing the procedure for most women that means that some women and their doctors could go to present the new law sets the stage for a challenge to nationwide abortion laws in the usa supreme court democratic state senator jim jordan has been one of the most vocal opponents of this new law we reached senator jordan in atlanta senator joined just give us some idea of how restrictive these so called fetal heartbeat law will be in the state of georgia so with respect to that it's once heartbeat is detectable in unless be clear it's not a heartbeat either it's fetal poll cardiac activity it's kind of the the the beginnings of the the massive sales that will eventually become you know human body but with respect to that once it it could be detected which is really five point five six weeks that is exactly the time win pregnancy he can be detected on a pregnancy test because you start counting the first day of you're last menstrual period that's one you know you get kind of a three to four week period that kind of gets swept up into that before a woman is it's actually pregnant so you know taking altogether that just basically means that that women in georgia will not have access to the ability to terminate a pregnancy at all and which also is in this law is that the fetus is regarded as they as do person it has full rights as a person so what consequences that proves that for for women who do terminator pregnancy well that's the problem that's one of the things that hasn't gotten a lot of attention but probably will have the most significant implications i mean whether it's you know being criminally prosecuted for miscarrying maybe you haven't been 'em you know getting be appropriate prenatal care maybe you were drinking and you shouldn't have been or even a woman you know i've heard a lot of people talk about well you know will just have to start going across state lines again you know people which means and i'm like no because if in fact this fertilized egg is considered a person you can't do anything to that fertilized egg but you couldn't due to a living breathing human being in the state of georgia but if she if she does terminate the pregnancy by whatever means or if she missed carries and according to what i've read is that she could be if she missed carey's because of her her behavior conduct that's also included that she would have the chargers could be charged with murder right criminal abortion if they take a drug or if they sell full board or whatever they will be subject to criminal prosecution as well in jail time and pasta beat will be the charges what what how what kind of what kind of a of a prison sentence conditioners i mean just for criminal abortion you're looking at i think ten years in jail but you know the whole idea of making this embryo or this you know a person if you expand that out to all other laws that say you can't kill a person or you can't do this to any person obviously envy implications are that those laws will also affect women who may lose a pregnancy in someone can draw some kind of line to some of their behavior something they did or whatever i mean it's really just is opening a pandora's box i don't even know if we even understand the complete implications of it right now back in march when you spoke on the senate floor this la you said you believed to be wrong from a legal legal point of view and from a science point of view but you also spoke of your own experience and you told the floor about your own miscarriages and how they had informed you reviews what did you tell them i did and part of that was there has been so much misinformation out there about abortion 'cause i was like you know i may not be a physician but i can tell you that particularly in my life i have seen what what you call a heartbeat heartbeat many times in pregnancies that did not result in viability or birth end so because they were saying things or if they had people making speeches about you know once there is this fetal activity then you know a hundred percent of women have these healthy children and that just was not consistent with my own experience is not consistent with the scientific evidence in a certainly not consistent with any of these other experiences of other women i no you you how you told them he told the floor that you out of ten pregnancies eight had miscarried and tragically painful for you how did they react to that how did the men in the floor we respond when you should that story you know i think everybody was emotionally drained from the day but i'll tell you that in the middle of the speech i could tell i mean they were really listening end i spoke to a lot of them afterwards in people who were very nice about it in human but you know i think that's why the defeat or like having no republicans come over was particularly hurtful because you i really did share something incredibly personal in it felt almost like a personal rebuke to some extent the say you know i mean yeah that's been your experience but working a guy with a partisan lines here you're not the only state now done that this is the fourth state to enact fetal heartbeat laws this this is all i presume ended up being challenged in the supreme court do think that will be the end of it do think it will be overturned once it reaches the highest court you know i'm not sure what the supreme court is gonna do an that's why it's particularly important that starting in twenty twenty we get more women running for office and being elected because i think the worst case scenario with respect to the supreme court is that they will conclude that it is i state's rights issue meaning that it'll be for the state of georgia to make a determination as to what they think about abortion and so for me what that means is that we've got approximately two two or so years to make sure that if in fact that happens that the people who are in control at that point in time are gonna look a lot different than they look today to and make sure that this long never actually takes effect we will leave it there and we'll be following this story who jordan i appreciate speaking with you today thank you thank you so much i really appreciate it jim jordan is a democratic senator in georgia state legislature we reached her in atlanta and we do have more on this story on our website cbc dot ca slash h the name archie has come a long way i like some other things archibald origins were german truly early to tom did with the combination of or john which means precious and ball or bold but the german name didn't last leaving to assume that those are jesus were not particularly bold and that lefty english to adopt their argies from ancient greek where the name was just another way of saying chief which goes some way to explaining the long list of argies clambering bringing the high office not that it made the mall that high happy just ask these seventeenth scottish earl archibald the grim but he wasn't the only one who wasn't very nice consider they are jeez of american pop culture jug head like comic book friend but the betty and veronica he's a two time jerk it took tv all in the family ended reactionary archie bunker to send the popularity of the name into eight tailspin now as you've no doubt heard archie she is once again in full flight yes prince harry and meghan markle have given the name to their little royal newborn putting in archie seven thin line from elizabeth thrown you've been listening to be as it happens podcast are show can be heard monday to friday on cbc radio one sirius xm listen to the whole show on the web just go to cbc dot c h slash h and follow the links to our online

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EP201: Betches Talk Bachelorette

I Don't Get It

54:33 min | 9 months ago

EP201: Betches Talk Bachelorette

"Hello and welcome to the i. Don't get it podcast. Where today we are going to be having the host of the bachelor that is betcha. His bachelor podcast. Their names are chris and k. Let's get them on and goes all right. Hey chris hey guys go good good. How are you excited to have you guys on. Honestly like such no-brainer. Everyone loves your podcast. Everybody loves you guys chris. You're obviously so fun to follow on instagram. it was. We're excited to have you. Obviously you know having been on the bachelor produce about sir. We wanted a. I know what was your guys is like first memory. I guess of like the show you can go home. I used to like have to watch and secret. Because i didn't want people to know that i was gay. And it's been on for so long. So i would like secretly watching my parents basement. Close the tv. So i could change the channel. If one of my brothers came down not to say that my situation was similar but it was a little risque for my mom's tastes when i was in high school and my mom would be like. Oh i can't. I can't like so funny. That she was encouraged me to do it but yeah back in the early two thousand and she thought it was a trash show so i would go upstairs and watch it on my little purple tv. I remember what happened the purple. Tv might have for pretend. The guy was getting ready for a better something really. Oh yeah mom just like. Something's on the background. I actually keep going. I was just gonna say same thing like it was half because i was half because my parents also would be like no. Mtv no Do you remember what season it wasn't you started. I really cannot remember. I started watching religiously in college and it was ben season and Yeah ben you mean the kids. No ben higgins house my first season. I didn't even. I didn't start watching the show. Until i started working at batches and i was like okay. I guess i should start like figuring this kind of stuff out because we talk about all the time and now here i am like hosting a podcast about it. So it sort of like escalated ben. Higgins was my first season. But i watched it after the fact because gioja season game start and i was like i should probably get to know her like what happened like with her season so i had some back story and here yeah here we are watching it. Fun it mimi. It every day. I know mostly everyone and mostly everyone that listens to our podcast. Probably knows what bitches is. But before we continue big batches. I just want you guys sort of explain what it is because it is kind of hard to explain. I was explaining it to a friend that didn't know and and i just remember how it blew up. I was working on the bachelor and they were doing reviews and it was just written like such a funny way. Can you just sort of briefly explain that before we get really into bachelor. I mean and so what i sort of tell people like first of all you know it you know it and if you don't it's very awkward when you tell people where you were and really awkward when you're like bank paper. Yeah the company name. A media marketing company. We have three bucks two of the new york times bestseller. We have a full like entertainment pop. Culture website reconvene all the news on whether it's the bachelor like horoscopes are health and wellness type types of things. We also have all of our many podcasts. I think we have. What seven seven. Or eight five pass. And then obviously. Our social media accounts all of our podcasts have social accounts then we all other satellite accounts like just travel and moms and everything. So it's it's a whole female millennial digital media company. We speak to the way they eat each other. But you also varies a tirico or hope. Because i've been railed by a number of times. I love the really. Oh yeah we do not rate. We united k. Or i write the like re reviews website or the. What is it that they do the breakdown. Kind of the breakdown recaps. That's a freelance business writer. Take more. I suppose they said i mean it was years ago but like i remember being actually pretty pissed because i thought it went beyond like funny into tirico in pretty much. Shame like a girl with no job with kind of the same things but yeah yeah they need to keep it very much. I mean chris. And i didn't take over the bachelor staff until i mean chris just came on recently. 'cause i used to host with derek And then but i didn't start taking on the bachelor stuff until like a year and a half ago and with we very much like it's jokes and keep it in a way that's like we're just taking what we see and talk about what everyone else is. Seeing especially like chris. And i we dislike to cause the bachelor is all not like rainbows and butterflies and happy endings. It's very much you know. It's funny and they're a great moments. That happened on it and we just want to talk about them in a way that other people are thinking about it. I stand you during your time outs used to cheat about. How good thank you. So much. As i be like ashley burn because she always has a lip on and she's coming to embrace. Thank you so much pink lipstick then paying every night did but they looked so good on camera. You contrast her amazing eyebrows ruby. Woo yeah i was very michelle. Money inspired when it came to make up because she was always mcnugget hair and makeup statement. Everything every time you saw her on. Tv she'll different. And i liked that. But i also just want to go back to what you were saying about. You know you guys just kind of riff on it. And i do feel like benches and grow with no job. They speak about the show in a way that i find it. It's fun because you guys have no. You don't have any personal ties besides when daring here so you're able to talk about it without having any experience of the people behind the scenes but also like not knowing what is often so eliminated. You see it as fans and i think it's fun to talk. Yeah the fan. But you're going to get a totally different perspective on those podcasts and what those write ups than you would from somebody who's lived through it and can see what is probably lying underneath a service. Oh yeah and that's one of the reasons why we love having people like you guys who've been on the show before of work on the show before on our podcast so they can get like the behind the scenes aspect of it and it's not just like okay. This is what we see surface level but this is how it actually works. Here's how it actually goes down. This is what actually happened. Yeah what you missed or didn't see. I think that's really important. It's a fun balanced guys. Can we stop for a second. So i can talk to you about my bruce bruce. My brooch is my brand new toothbrush. That is honestly the most state of the art. I call it my museum toothbrush. Because i feel like this toothbrush. Should be museum guys. I'm sort of new to the not robotic. What are they called electric electric. You're new to them. Wow okay i'm not. I'm not recently not this year but you know like in the past couple of years growing up as saying in the past couple of years. I've been introduced to this electric toothbrush life. It is so it's so nice but this brooch thing is so state of the art has so many different categories that i love like picking a different one every morning ones like gentle ones for whitening they ha they even have A feature for your tongue. That i do my tongue and it just feels like i'm using like the upper echelon of toothbrushes your teeth feel so clean and they feel so clean all day. It's not like you know how some midway through the day related ivan. 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Because when i think about like some of my favorite bachelor's i brought walmart and that was that was long in my first season. No you're right. You're a different person. When i watch like the memories you had back. Then you're on something ashley because my favorite was juan pablo and i did watch jake. Paul carr's like i was in and out in college watching it. But the i like you know every sitting on the couch was juan pablo's and said that is my favorite to okay. So that's a really good. Take away from that. Because i i was like i love joe joe's because i loved i mean i. I loved her as a person. And i think she was so fun and like had such a great energy but also the guys that came out of it. I think it's probably because i won but like so iconic like i know every guy that was on that season and they're like ingrained in my burns so funny because i would say the weak point of joe season to me is her cost of men. Because i think that there's only a couple of stand out to me. Chad johnson short alley. That's why i think of immediately. But they they didn't chad yes. We'll notoriously live down in history as like probably one of the greatest villains but alex. Nobody thinks alex. I think from that season. You have you have jordan ravi. Nobody really thinks about anymore. If you're going on. I love luke and i will always consider a loop to be one of the. Most underrated contain wait luke. I also liked luke intel winter when you laid it that girl also on the topic of winter games. Oh yeah let's talk about not mentioned it at all. Why are we pretending like was never on winter still engaged pin it. My engaged benoit's ben want sitting at home. Like how were you just not gonna saying. Okay so ben was actually just on my other bachelor progress almost famous on friday. So dot claire for legitimately forty five minutes when we listen to that. Yeah but brief synopsis is that he you know. He thinks that the narrative sounded better that she was always like the single relieving the show without anyone. And then you know. Lead into this. And i agree. It's a better narrative. Of course in my head ben wa in clears engaged in it was like you're at the cosmopolitan in vegas. Now she's you're on a bachelorette party you don't want to be apart of and like maybe it's a joint one in one of the groomsmen like he's just the best one to look at in the room and then you just you go to the little white chapel that to me was they're very Episode of regional accents. Exactly like that was an accident. Like the nice guy. Try for one time. And she got grossed out by her nice guy decision. He's so so supportive of clair's where you should listen to the podcast. They're they're on gray terms. They really are canadian. Yeah and he filmed their film a little cameo appearance for her season that didn't make the cut which further goes into native of like they just didn't want me to be involved so it was better hopping off how he popped off a little bit. I think i just think like as bachelor fans especially mean you guys know bachelor fans are like the most insane die hard fans like there are leaving leaving that out. It's like wait what i think. We thought we all saw that. We all we remember like. Why aren't we all talking about it. You almost belittles us a little bit. Yeah yeah yeah but what does it say. I agree right from from a production standpoint. It's like okay. We should acknowledge this. But like what is there to even say nothing didn't work. I didn't work out like it's not like on winter games. You get a full flesh like you get to watch an entire story line. There were so many different moving parts and people and characters that i felt like you can't you honestly couldn't have gotten that invested in. It only happened once. It wasn't multiple seasons of games. Right and also people never mentioned kim kardashian. First husband you know we also tend to forget about. Kris humphries all the time to her first husband. That's a yeah. I don't even know. His name has been a nobody knows exactly and also chris. I know we know you love sex in the city and we talk about sex in the city on our podcast all the time. But it's almost like benoit's burger like we only really reference burger famous can't love burgers the war. I feel for jew learn. Let me be clear. I think that every man that carries with is like i don't trash and especially at the end. I think is so like why they would ever end with her going home with the russian guy. Yeah i'm like what that's just not how that would go to paris with him. I think it was a weird way to end the show. The league no chemistry with. That's why i don't know. I think it made sense. I think you're at that age. You want someone mature. I think she was attracted to his intellect his differentness. I think she got an opportunity to go to paris. Loves new york. She wants something new. Miranda has a kid you know so she made sense in my hat made sense to me too and it was a perfect dichotomy like the cold. Rigid artist it makes big seem even warmer and and you can look even more appealing king. Absolutely yeah i was gonna say well. I've got great questions coming your way if you if i can bachelor bachelor. Can i ask quickly. who do you think. The hottest male was in the entire franchise sex. That was my question. All the guy on her sex and city bachelor samantha jones. For no question you can answer if you can go through all of them. Oh peter from rachel season okay. Does that answer. That's definitely number one. I can't even. I can't even argue that. That might be dream about the little tooth gap remember. We will see him as the bachelor. One day i really do. We all go to our grade will be the bachelor for sure thing. Do we know what he's doing. He has a gym in the midwest. Yeah yeah. He's a fitness trainer or skies bachelor ups running forester looking really good honestly brooks precipitator. We do know him. But why with desharnais when founding. I'm looking right now actually met a girl in venice. That told me she hooked. He was as high but is terrible way too long on the show like that. Yeah i don't trust. I'm not asking about their character. Stories photo yeah. I think he might be hotter with shorter hair. Lauren totally different totally different vibes boom. Who who else lee way. We didn't get kind of agrees with peter. I agree with peter. I also like i think ben higgins is so dreamy just like but that's also because he's so sweet thinking just physically consistency like you're guaranteed to get a text the next day's hottest thing ever you know. Oh my god. Ben higgins would never go s- you he would never play with your heart no stability. That is so hot. who would you guys like. Who would you guys want. Don wet like. Who would you on a lot of lame them. Miss thailand cameron. It'd be my number one. The one and done you do not want a relationship with him done. Yeah even pilot. I'd want really interesting irks me. He's like i'm. I'm like at a bar. He's at a bar he liked tries to kiss me. Am i going to push them away. Absolutely non mulbah. I think i also think blake is really cute. I think i would hook up with him mainly because all the hype after stagecoach. I'm like i mean you. Love fra stars stars. You gotta start you like those votes shoes k. You like the boats to me. Blake blake is reminiscent of. Hey arnold to me. I don't know why. I think k arnold when i think of blake. And that's not a bad thing. I think arnold also. Eric is so hot in which eric bigger bigger hot johnson johnson. I wouldn't be able to relationship forever. Mike very good analysis. When i am eric eric i feel like he would only one and done with like with me. I would be like. I know that we're not gonna talk again. Because you're not going to tax me but i still do think eric would taxi. But like eric would like to save. His reputation. Took took elaborate on something only so no. I talked about the he guys outside of my husband. Do you guys like. Oh my god. There's this guy. Jared you guys think that jared so hot we talk about with you totally. I love hearing very hot. Thanks obviously you know. I love jared. I play this game. And it's like a game like don. Oh no i know. It's a game that we'd have to put off air but like jerry be like this person who this person this person. This person this is my this. Is our game urine chairs. The three of us play together. I'm sorry But for me at the top of my list. Besides you know when jared's not in the running it's usually powell mike johnson and and Peter and then and then maybe and then well player pilot. He kept peter cake. Okay i was. I had to check a well to. That's a good one adeyabo. Yeah yeah there's so many women less so who would you wanna treat faces with. That's what we need to objectify christine. Neumann hands down. She unstoppable or gis. She's really sweet to also also also rachel has good style and really like katie Morton katie morton's be nice. Yeah kaitlyn bristowe. Or joe joe. Yeah y- y. Joe joe to josiah's family that's somebody say trade face body. Yeah i would try by. You know what i i like. Kaitlyn bristowe but like her style isn't my style so i don't what's your style. What's like your do you look. I likely more more makeup. In general joe contours and all the a little more now than dragon. You'd be surprised at how most jobs make is built into her face. Oh yeah love that. That's what we call cosmic. Pseudo call you know. Jared always picks who's like really underrated beauty. Wise is a levine caridi. All real life too and she is the modern day. Cameron diaz people. Don't talk about the is to be honest. She looks just like her cars. But i gotta say jared. His jaw line is unmatched. Well yes that's true. I know it's like it's like a cartoon if you're at a bar and there's one person to your right and one person to your left and it's their whole appeal like they're hitting on you and it's their personality their swag and their appearance. Doubts about like rather hang out with. That's why luke almost always wins with me. No way conversation is not going to be really slow and it's not so. Yeah the lead. Like a hallmark. Christmas mood like a military one more for christmas over time. All right it's one. Am urine bed. Covers pulled up over your head to trap your phones light so your partner can snooze away and what are you doing. You're obviously playing best scenes. Best means is the best game. I've ever downloaded on my phone. It's addicting and the best way it gets you off social media and gets your brain going. My favorite thing about the game is probably just looking at how the further you get the or your characters are a huge incentive to level up. I like the way that there's always being something added so there's always gonna be like a new level. There's always going to be characters like in october. They added like a halloween theme which is really awesome And people on level fifty four right now while you're like way further than me and i always like we have this competition where i'm like. Well lovely my car thirty. But i use it more. The reason why. I use best fiends today stress so i don't know when i'm on my computer all day. We all have that addictive tendency to pick up our phone. I don't want to scroll through social media I love to distress like it. Really just it. I don't know it's so weird. It's it's just that phenomenon where you're just concentrated on one thing a problem or something right keeping your hands going then. Your mind's going but in a more relaxed state guys aren't along talk about how many people how many ldp wandered over one hundred million hundred million downloads you guys. That's like one third of the. Us population has it on their phone. It's insane in. It's rated five stars so ever hundred million personal download basically regular five-star. So why not just download best fiends in. Give it a chance. Yes download best scenes for free today on the apple app store or google play. That's best best friends but without the are so it's best beans. What couple broke up that you were devastated by no one else breakups. In general don't really do much for me. Ain't like i get china fake. I can't even think of any. I actually to be honest with you guys. I i thought nick and vanessa. We're gonna we're going to. I didn't know a lot longer really exciting. That was a joke. Just now i know but i'm saying i knew her new nick. I didn't know her. You know knowing their personalities now. But i just like who they were on the show how they look like. I really thought they were like a sort of like cake. Topper for me. Kendall in grocery store joe. I was not expecting that. Yeah that was a sad one. That was a sad. Because i felt like they were so like corky and cute together i was. I was not expecting that one. I'm going to be also hannah browns ending. I thought was really sad because john was trash. I wasn't expecting it to be. Like i think i was kind of sad for her. So if you had to see a lead become the lead again. Allah brad womack. Would you want to be hannah. I would watch it. But i don't know that i would stand it. I i won't make more combative Like even how clear is right now. I'm like it's amazing. Television galavision wire so i. I know that there might be a little bit of some. We might feel delayed on this topic. But but i think we should discuss clair's lead just because that's kind of evergreen. We can all claire. We'll always lead in bachelor history. I think it's weird. That people are giving her so much flack because she's truly acting the way any of us would act if we like just saw somebody. That's the person that's what do i wanna be with. I'm not gonna fake it. I also want to go on a little rant about clergy because we actually don't talk about bachelor so it's kind of fun. Have you guys talk about it because actually you know like another podcast dedicated to the three of us. Talk about it like on our own. But i do want to say like for example watching the first couple of episodes of clear season thus far you know when she got mad that the guys like didn't remember when it was like all weird on the group day when no one asked her like. I love claire because yes. Claire is older player is sick of the bullshit. Yes there are so many guys that don't go up to the off. I understand it could have been an easy miscommunication. A lot of people are saying she was too harsh. A lot of people are saying you know. She's she's being too rash. But i think ashley's absolutely correct. I think that we are looking at someone who has been through it who is dated people their entire life who is now given their opportunity. Who now feels this feeling towards one person who is just sort of like sick of it. Yeah i kind of go. From like the perspective of production and the show in general. Like if i was like a show runner on it like like what are you doing. This is what you signed up for and all of these guys have been quarantine for two weeks to do this. And i just thought there was a lot and obviously we don't know what's going on behind the scenes but i felt like even when she was like we hurry up. It's like hurry this night up and stuff like that. I'm like this is not fair to these men whose family like. They look stupid. I i bet that a lot of other bachelorettes or bachelor's have said the same thing but we haven't seen them say it's fine they're trying to create this villain aspect because it didn't go. Hi chris i will say. I don't with what you're saying like i think if always i'm tired i'm not old clarin. I'm i'm sick of dating in la. And i probably. I definitely would have stuck it out even if i had it but i think we're just seeing someone who's really just really over it and i don't know if i can really shame someone for feeling that oh and i also think that heart of our like fatigue with clare quote unquote is the fact that we all knew like we all know. It's happening we all know that she picks them guy. We all know that she leaves them. We all know that we're getting a new bachelorette. I think he's ever been more spoiled. Yeah we're i think if we didn't know and this was happening in real time and we had no idea that we would have had a totally different perspective and we'd be like holy shit. This is while but now okay. We know she's leaving. Can we just like rabbit up and bring the next person on. Just swooping in could have swooped in and stole her who would have known if would have been more exciting to watch. But i think the fact that we all know what's happening we all know where we're counting down the minutes at this point because we know and that's i hate social media and i just hey how everything is spoiled these days. You have to watch everything in real time and find stuff out before. And i do think it really takes the fun out of everything. Imagine watching the season having no idea. Yeah that'd be great also because they showed so much in the league previews that. It's like i feel like i've seen it so many times before it's even happened. It's this is very interesting conversation. Because at first i was actually happy that they were leaning into it. And being like okay. We know the audience knows by. You're right if et for some reason we didn't know it would be wildly entertaining wild. We'd be losing your mind. And i also do. I do want to applaud. Abc for their marketing because like a level of marketing moment but the fact that abc had not like everybody was talking about except for the bachelor franchise like they weren't they weren't talking about asia coming on. They weren't talking about clear leaving. It was just all of us and so orlando right so when we did get the taste like when i was rapporteur coming out of the pool like with no warning nothing i think that was that moment was so big and i don't think it would have been as big if abc slash. The bachelor would have talked about it beforehand. Imagine if there weren't the rumors that will take knowing. Can i bring up something else. That i've been thinking about that. You just to dive a little conversation since we all have watched the show on our part of the show. Yeah this is also the problem. I have ashley with people getting mad at clearly. How you're annoyed with it too. Is i've been playing. You know as twenty twenty goes on we all get a little more woke. I've been playing role reversal in my head. A lot and i'm like if a man would've left early we got. We got a little bit of that with colton when a man leaves this season man. It's oh my god. He's coming up on a white horse. This is all we've ever wanted. A man knows what he wants. Sexy role rivers. Claire does it take a second and think about that. How unfair is that. it's she's desperate she's tired she's you know she's not eating. And what the fuck. That is so unfair. It is to really not air and that is so true. I know it will be the differently. They would've today to be more like not show. They wouldn't show him being like. Can we end the date early. I also think that them doing that with the guys like will show like comments. She'll be like. Oh my god dale he you know he took the time to like ask me how i was doing and i also like wish that wasn't glorified so much it's like that is basic base level of what a guy should be doing. 'gorio is asking you how you are. I feel like raise the bar a little bit. Didn't say much after a guy literally ripped her a new one. I handled it very well. How are you okay. And she's like. Oh my god and therefore there guys. I'm not trying to ribbon clara again. But they were for the guys who came up to her and said there is a difference there for me. Those guys were all like push out there. Chasse like oh on heated. Somebody whom he backs and then like is a biting about. Who's the most. Yeah yeah we're gonna laughter. What's his name. What was his name. Joseph oh yes and then they were gonna go fight yosef and then she was just like really calm about he was like. Hey how're you doing and then like you just didn't make a scene out of it. That's what i appreciate it. I also really held it in in that conversation with the like i would last. I was waiting for that time. Bomb to tick never really blew up really. Yeah she mind okay so then. I'll touch on dale for a second I i was very skeptical of him. And perhaps my skepticism has been like buried deep into my soul Or perhaps. I'm realizing that we're all a little jaded. Why do we automatically think that there must be something wrong with this guy. If he won is showing interested in her to is so good looking seems to have manners and as a gentleman and he just he just seems like a kind guy. Why why do we have a red flag about a good-looking kinda guy and the worst thing that other guy say about him. He's a front runner. Oh fact taco. He's an nfl it. The modeling picks coming late. Don't tell me that there's no part of you that wanted to get on that. Tv show. I now for your career when you have modeling picks in a del taco cost and he says his goal to be like the most important like are his goals are to have a diverse portfolio of projects and to to be like the next ryan. Seacrest that is the red flag to me. But i also can't. It's so hypocritical of me to say that that is a bad goal for someone because that would have been like my goal. Because i always said that i wanted to be maria menounos and then i went on the show and i was like yeah. This opens doors for me. That would be amazing however if it brings me a husband that'll be even more amazing. I got a pretty awesome career out of it. Plus i got a husband and so why. Why can't you go on for two reasons and then both be completely. I'm not judging by it at all. I'm just saying. And i would do the same thing for like you had said that at the beginning of your season i would be like. She's probably not. They're completely for the right reasons. Why should anyone obviously exactly. I don't hate the player at all the game. Like i would do the same exact thing the thing is i think. That's i think this conversation's very nuanced. I don't think there's like a a right or wrong. Answer think. Back when ashley was on the show. Social media wasn't as prominent people weren't really making money off instagram. it wasn't as marketable as it is. now it didn't literally replace tv commercials until now so now when somebody goes on the show in the past like i would say four seasons. We've seen now. It's like okay. Is this person really trying to capitalize. Can i really hate on them for it. Because it's kind of genius. I don't know but i will tell you. Having worked on the show right before. Instagram blew up. I do feel like a lot of the people that came on. genuinely digits. wanna find someone because it is harder to find someone. And i say this all the time i think going on the bachelor is actually one of the greatest ways to meet someone because these days you see someone on instagram. You know you can go how much money they make. What their net worth is. You can look at their acts. You can look at their pets. You can even look at their mom. You get this entire dossier on a person you judge them before you even meet them on a date on the bachelor. These people are handpicked for you. They walk out of a car. You don't know their name you don't know if they have kids you don't know any of their baggage and so everybody sort of gets this like fair playing field shot and they're all from around the country which is like you day people from all around the country in one place. And you're sort of getting rid of these distractions like i don't wanna call a distraction but you know like everybody all your friends in your ear like i don't know about this guy or this girl. Are you know you're literally dedicating time to get it. You know someone so a part of me is like this is the best way to meet someone. I don't think pup-. I think people should really stop and think about that and then another part of means like i'm dating i'm thirty. I'm single i work in television host. This podcast with ashley. I have not had the best luck thus far. You know. i'm still dating. If i were to go on. Everyone would be like as just now follower. She just wants to be the next ryan seacrest. When i can generally tell you guys i don't need to do it. I just did so much to me. It would actually a great way to take a break from life and get to know someone but unfortunately given the circumstances people would just be like this person's just trying to capitalize. Yeah i remember how scared. I was to tell crystals that i had just graduated with my masters in broadcasting. Was like if i say broadcasting. He's giving you so. Don't wanna live on a farm right at all or didn't wanna live on a farm ashes. Well y in that. Moment i did. I'd live on that farm. See it all worked out for you through. The show victoria living on that farm. No no man. Yeah what do you guys think about matt. James being the next lead being that you've really never met him before like you've never met him through the tv. Before i feel like because k. Like knows in real life. And i've seen him through instagram. It's not as random as maybe people I don't know. I think he's really hot there for the right reasons. I don't really know Wasn't there like drama about who not being there for the right reasons on this started like a cameo on or something. Wait is there. He had a cameo before going on the show because he obviously has such a following. For being the tyler. Ironically claire when you pay for magic aims and say happy birthday. Apparently they were But it was so funny. Is that claire freaked out about well. She didn't freak out. That's an exaggeration but she sees that a pretty deresh's tweet yes that she didn't like the fact that they were guys coming on the show for you know for her season that had had a cameo and the irony of all this is that apparently dale had a cameo as well. Yeah i mean she was directing that tweet towards matt. Well i forgot to mention to you guys in my rant. That i went on i forgot to end it with what was the i knew it. I know dale. I don't know him like super well. But i've been in his like vicinity like yours years ago he had we had like mutual friends and he's honestly seems like the greatest like person but i do. I know it's like it's so hard to tell because of all the circumstances that i was explaining because of instagram and the camping and all that stuff. But it's like does that mean that somebody doesn't genuinely wanna find love. Someone genuinely like someone else. No i think that's the thing it's one or the other. Yeah k- you gotta tell us about what you know about matt is like your thoughts. Matt is like first of all the nicest guy on the planet so Actually met him through tyler. I was out with tyler. New york one night and matt came and met up with us and we just like talked about. 'cause they have like that Nonprofit abc food tore. So i did that with matt. One day was so fine. Like i got to hang out with all these kids and Help out with that. And he's genuinely like the nicest guy and then it sounds like he went on a one on one and then we. I don't know. I've hung out with him a few times. I actually was with my. He's my ex boyfriend at the time Now and i was in raleigh for thanksgiving in my is from raleigh and that was like. Hey oh my gosh. I see the you're in raleigh like we should meet up slow win me and my boyfriend. The time and matt and his mom all went to drive shack like a top golf kind of thing and like hung out like with his mom. He is truly the nicest guy as moms and angel. I don't know. I see him like like dating. I've never seen him like interested in anybody. I know a few people actually know. I mean better than i do. And they're like yeah. I've never really known matt to have a girlfriend or any of that kind of any of that kind of thing. Which i think is interesting. Especially like you're gonna go into its straight on like being the lead and start your real dating like on television. I think that's to be that isn't shy but maybe it sounds like a standup husband. Material may be just was just career oriented first and maybe he was presented with this opportunity. And he's like well let me let me give it a shame. I mean he's like six foot four gorgeous. I mean he yawn hot. He's he's for sure he's beautiful. I think at the end of the day. I'm really excited to see matt as bachelor. Yeah i think it's going to be really nice and i think once people have gotten through the bachelorette sort of shot and covid. Everyone will be sort of more used to this world of everything being shot in one place. Ashby sort of explore our. I haven't noticed the drama been so good. I haven't even noticed place right. And i was gonna say. Thank god for the show because a lot of new things aren't coming out and it's really is insane from production standpoint. How because so many people were on this show like hundreds so it really is crazy how they were able to pull it off. I think so nothing matt. It'll be fun to have no preconceived notions like my mom and her friends literally. Don't file tyler cameron on instagram. They have no idea who this random guy is. And it's kind of nice to have fresh cut rather than from patsies and past season. Yeah it'll be also fun to see him Kind of a learning alongside with the girls so it's not like anybody has the upper hand when it comes to experience so nazon. I always complain about night one. And we're like it's too formulaic. I can't believe that it's just the you know. Come out of the limo limit. There's no there's never really been a gigantic twist on night one except for when there was two bachelorettes. That's just an example of one thing that i would like the show to work on just to like be a little bit more creative night one because now it feels like night. One is something that we have to get like over with in order to get. The season revved up kind of changes. Would you like the show to make night. One could be fun if they split it into two and like people went home both time so then you can actually cause like this season. I'm like so many guys. I literally don't know this glow. Ben hagans ben higgins got like how so many roses to give out with ben or someone else had like ten roses to give out. Oh yeah jury. The cocktail party. I think that was ben. Yeah they should have done that something different because like i. Also one of the things. Like chris and i when we watch You know the first nights of these shows. I don't even pay attention to any of these guys names until like you know the third episode. Then i started really getting because you don't want to invest yourself into you know brad m when he's going home in forty five minutes so like. I think getting to know the people a little bit more like chris had splitting up into two nights. Maybe having more back stories on these guys instead of just being like she's giving arose to tyler f and i like did have not seen him at all on this episode. It's like who is he why she give him that. Rose like what about process like giving us a little more detail and like why she's choosing. These is not just from the random we get from production. I was just gonna say Bringing in like the friends or family the bachelor bachelorette sooner. I wanna see like a dinner with everyone when there's still like nasty people that are like everyone so invested in stuff. I wanna see like we saw that on peter season which was really cool because he lived from the mansion which i thought was interesting in law. That broad for exactly yeah. It's like exactly what i would love to see. My first season working on the show was caitlyn's and and just seeing you know having caitlyn and bright out there on the driveway was so entertaining and so interesting even as somebody behind the scenes would be absolutely fantastic to have two men out there. And and just like literally learned the women's psyche on like who wants to go for who and who ends up being the bachelor at the end of the night. I think that this would have been a great opportunity to do that this year. But i just wanna throw it out there in the universe because can you imagine just seeing like listening to the reasons why like women want one guy is a little taller and to the degree or feel so bad for the other person. Pitch like that is so really. Want caitlyn a win. But i really don't want anybody picks it's so sad but i don't know if you guys remember. It was so sweet. Because i remember that night there was one guy that was so gung ho brit that he left and ran after her and i. It's like she's still sort of got some type of i don't know you're you're still being put out there. You're ready to find love while they dated for like two to three months. Yeah yeah that was. That was watching it back on the goat episode. I was like this feels way more wrong than it did. In the moment which it felt wrong in the moment but it felt much more wrong in hindsight okay so to wrap this conversation. You guys ever be the bachelor bachelorette wire why not let me first. Hypothetic situation obviously for multiple reasons. I would never be able to. But if i was given the choice i still don't think i would be able to because i would pull it clear and five seconds like literally. I wouldn't even last one episode. I would just be like him. I'm marry he absolutely. I agree do you think that we should see some sort of a spin off. I know lance bass did one a couple of years ago. It was so awful now is it was one on logo to right. That's the one that's the one was on. I don't know who was in charge of casting but it literally was just like the i ten men that applied. It seems like it's going to be possible to do that. Because wouldn't everybody kind of be hooking up in the same house. Yes like the drama. From that i love why would you. Why would you wait for one guy. When you're literally up twenty others around they. Did you know that. I'm mtv show. You're the one. Yeah and it's like a match whatever. They did a season where everyone on the show so it was like thirty people and everyone was by so they were like. Oh wow other bizarre. Kay how would you deal with being the bachelorette. Would you pull a clare or would you be able to be open minded. I think i'd be able to be open minded especially because like To soft i'd be like all these guys are like at least showed up. Here you know are trying. Like i might as well try like that was the one thing that i had a problem with clare in this most recent episode was that she was on that group date and didn't give anybody that rose on the group date. It's like you still have so many guys there. At least like give like you have to keep one of them anyways so you might as well like pretend or like there has to be one of those guys. You'd be down to keep because you're probably gonna end up keeping him anyways at the rosemary clooney see. I'm so anti pretending. I think that's what's so endearing is it's so real it's like no. I'm not feeling any of them tonight. I'm not yeah. I love i love when people are unapologetically themselves. I wouldn't have done it absolutely. Try to foster in a relationship. But like i just i think that's why it's so good though. That's why that's why i find it to be more relatable but maybe maybe nazon i are these people that have like no filter cannot act and that i just find it to be something like a move that i would make. I could see myself being so into somebody there. Let's when people to bring it back to myself but people would be like ashley who'd you want to walk down the stairs of paradise and see like who would you be open to going to date with this person. That's kind of cute. Maybe you should start to talk to them more. Like no jared. No there's just jared sorry. So that's why i find this season extremely relatable but anyway we're manically monogamous wouldn't work of everyone on the show was like that then it would be like what are we all know it. Sure there's a part of me that's always said. I would never do it just because i think whoever is the lead goes to rely. I think public scrutiny isn't it i like. I don't want people in the world to not like ym. And i think that's like inevitable. But now the more i think about in the more and more i'm single i'm like this would be amazing but i see point. I could not fake it. If i made out with someone and it wasn't good villain is i would be like. That was the worst so props all the leads in the past who have been able to keep it together seriously as you know all those are not good. There's no so you guys we're going to be on your podcast and a couple of weeks and episode of what is now part of the season. Where do that so thank you so much for coming on and we can't wait to talk to you again in a couple of weeks can't leave you. Where can people find you guys. And your podcast you can find our podcast the bachelor or bachelorette pod on instagram You can find our podcast. You can find at the bachelor on. Instagram was right the first bachelor on instagram or bachelor pod on twitter. You can find me at city on any platform and me. Mia carrie bradshaw. Carrie bradshaw back. Carry in impact kerry beach on twitter. Because they don't allow enough characters. Thanks guys thank you. Did you know that everyone has an aura. Do you know what color your aura is. Maybe you have a fiery red personality or a quiet and calm blue or green. You could be an organized and methodical yellow or an explosive purple. Come join me mistake. Michaela on my podcast. No your aura to find out all about how your personality can be explained in colors.

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Mason and Ireland (HR 2)

Mason & Ireland

38:09 min | 2 years ago

Mason and Ireland (HR 2)

"I dsp in a way what is going on it is monday not just any month day is climb on day sexually everyday is coordinator we find out exactly where choirs gonna let anybody who's got positive information regularly right to it so greg but what see a very latest this look at this from daryl's guru johnson guys hold on on a noodle yeah he's a group a host on ninety five seven the game i am in san francisco so mark blue checkmark he's the real bbb di di di di di di not not one of those dd imitator no no he's a di di di guru groover yeah right he says my sources tell me collide leonard is signing with the the lakers with three four i am motives and then hashtag u n e but i don't know what hashtag u n doesn't matter doesn't matter hashtag you any going with that we don't have secu when somebody you know what hashtag you any means so so we got we got the radio host our compadres from the tribe from earlier in the show and a couple of other people who confirmed the why leonard is coming las angeles good enough for me i'll take that good i'll take it because it's really i mean i don't think we could emphasize this enough it's really important why leonard constantly yeah let's let's just really important let's just addressed that you know it could have been you're listening to caspian los angeles it could have been eight slice and dice operation it could have been well who knows why let's do this safe thing let's sign three guys that we know are gonna fit well three guys guys that are gonna compliment deemed we've got lebron on an let's find real i really good guys play with him instead the lakers did as the great jerry buss would do roll the dice gambler let's go all in and let's try to win this thing a end according to dd guru right they may have no no no no it's over it's a i'm gonna say may have only because i don't know di di di well don't know don't care i think we need to wait for was it was huge ramona were not morning where or how do we know the woes you chris haines remote are waiting for a dvd route to report is news because they always have to be first is momo's go play is momo downtown today yeah most cummings you should be here i mean on momo time on my wife she finding why no disrespect back but goto you're job well it's he's in elway right now larry go go find him in the attic enemy journalism is all about go do your job ramona so what does happen if this goes the wrong way what happens if this goes well long way by the way a lot of people at the dangelo russell thing is almost a done deal they've been working on it a that he's gonna wind up in golden state on a sign right you can't go backwards on these these things always there's always he's a little something the changes and a you need one more player picker third team comes in it absorbs some foreign a guy who you know has been they own the rights doing he's been in in latvia for nine years right something always happens apparently there's some issues with the money in the jimmy butler deal the miami yeah but they'll fix it it always gets fixed by by the end of the moratorium yeah basically you know the biggest signings a of the last twenty four hours kemba walker boston that's for years one forty one a k d for years one sixty four to brooklyn kyri for years one forty one to brooklyn jimmy butler on the sign and trade philly the miami for years one forty two dangelo likely sign and trade brooklyn the golden state that's for years one seventy one tobias harris stays in philly five years one eighty klay thompson a golden state gets his max deal congratulations family no idea where the clip on i g from wolf of wall street is that right clearly awesome a five five years a one ninety four klay thompson chris middleton stays in milwaukee five years one seventy eight and the one clippers move that we know of is patrick beverley stays with the clippers three years for did this in perspective yet here's a list and it's probably not even this is just yesterday of players who changed teams we we talked about how yesterday could be this trains formative day any nbs hey and it's everything for the next decade we kinda hyped it up yeah 'cause that's what we do yeah it turned out we may have not hyped it up enough no here's who changed teams kevin durant and kyrie irving jimmy butler kemba walker al horford dangelo russell julius randle boy on bogdonovich jj redick de'andre jordan andre dollar josh richardson malcolm brogdon jeremy lamb derrick favors derrick rose thad young ricky rubio robin lopez taj gibson bobby portis offer camino mike conley in jae crowder had already been traded at that point steph curry's as gone off the board other people that was just yesterday yeah that was yesterday angering amount of now that's not just a you decent players going from one place to the neck end it was three billion dollars yes three billion dollars all of the big four elite free agent giants they've changed he announced the end in the fifth if you wanna count demarcus cousins in that group of guys being an allstar operas almost guaranteed the change teams a greg more positive news i got more positive news do you know who tori girly is don't know tori early does have a blue checkmark now is is he is a university so they're a south carolina a graduate former nfl wide receiver now tv radio personality at e s p n at one at nfl network at spice sky sports nfl a he says the claw is officially officially a laker with three exclamation point good enough i mean it's good enough for me and yet we don't even know if they've met yet no but troy girlie girlie girlie i'm not gonna sit here and questions question at some point people are just throwing stuff against the wall though very early age girly eighty one they just wanna hear the name of the radio of course and it worked gratulations gout if you're a tory girly level person and you say is going back to toronto were not reading a tweet no absolutely not negative that is negative for only raining the positive stuff right this is much closer to having my victory lap where i don't even know what that means you're victory lap victory what is your victory lane because of this i also i had months ago why coming to you you make me sounds foolish but dragons greg greg i don't you don't need my shows up the l a as a laker greg gets to go a little that's what i'm saying thank you brad spare you don't like it mason but it's true i was way ahead of the curve on i was way ahead of the curve speaking it into existence i am speaking at a distance that's absolutely right 'em yeah i mean greg you were you worry believer before anybody else rosa believe yeah i got it at nine to one in are mythical money that's right you did make a wager that would be yeah i put i put money on it now these people who are saying it's a done deal are not like people who we can trust no i would they have we wouldn't even everybody telling everybody what the blue checkmark contrary to popular believe it's not trustable how about this one about koran butler okay that's better arrestable blue checkmark yeah he has a picture of a camera three eyeballs hashtag lakers and it's a picture of eighty co why lebron all sitting together in laker jerseys oh you're day all got together today in odyssey's on an app and had a picture taken with however this got done i don't know how he did it but there is a picture of it is you know a photo shop i i mean sure you know that's what grondahl about karate kid he around photo shop exactly crime that's what he does current toronto pointing that out either auto shop i say wise like sitting somewhere enjoying all all of this like the tea leaves breathing and everything the way the people are trying to stretch but i'm not even sure the guy as a computer man is flip phone may not have a data plan that allows him to look at this it's true 'em chase you sorry no okay and you know you know vogler martin literally no blue checkmark can't read it to tell okay no do you need about jack mark you at least have to prove that you're you you cannot definitely real that you are you then we are not gonna need that now now that doesn't mean if you're if you're listening and you want a tweet us weekend reid that right like you know what i'd like to see i'd like to see these twenty six character recruiting pitch for why why twentysix oh you're right we've increased it happened we twentysix character's know how many is it two hundred and four no see i don't know where it's twenty six game really yeah you got one good audio that you need abbreviations at that point be two hundred and fifty character yeah something like that to a recruiting pitch for collide leonard you can tweet us at don't add him don't ask why although he's not tweeted two years i think he has a twitter he does have a twitter but he's not tweeted in two year yeah he hasn't so he he gave but don't add i gotta be honest i don't trust you you out there to be the guy who doesn't screw this up like selling some of you will send very nice messages through and then courage or somebody do something real stupid things right clever don't stay out of the way i don't do it don't at collide but go ahead and send us your two hundred and forty character yeah that finally got it two hundred forty character recruiting pregnant headache can by the way if you could do it in twenty six characters congratulate on it doesn't have to be but it can be virulently anti canadian if need be it could be virulently maryland leotard clipper appetite clipper absolutely a it could be either of those 'em yeah i mean i it's starting to feel like an i granted where breeding certain tweet some blue checkmark people but it's starting i feel like maybe moving more quickly than we think it's moving motivations were doing that why said i'm not i'm not i'm not even meeting people i'm on that now where did he say that to chris haines reporter that so somebody must told somebody there's no meeting scheduled on sunday but maybe that was part of the loyalty test i'm getting all kinds of back channel tech stuff now see from people who are in russia china plugged in you you're doing rustling the nest right right exactly coke in the business right there you you're you're you're making things happen okay let's do something 'em all right if when i should write some fasttrack where we're gonna take a quick left her name will circle right back to this on if you are an alley fc fan 'em we've got a pair of tickets to see l f c a versus portland on july ten that is to me going out to bank of california stadium one of the best sports experiences in our way greg get me to hardcore four l f c fans big fans of the play a little game to see if somebody could win these tickets somebody will eight seven seven seven ten e s p n and we will continue to keep you up to date minute by minute on what we know about quiet leonard and where he might land mason in ireland brian cabinet ski in for johnny spl eight k moment by moment by moment we are keeping you up to date on collide leonard and everything we know about his potential destination potentially the lakers creating simple magazine super mega team in the meantime i've got eight pair of tickets to see l f c versus the portland timbers in their usa us open cup quarterfinals matchup which is coming up on july ten at bank of california stadium i want you guys to do a little demo okay so this is how the game's gonna work brian greg i want you guys to do a little demo look alive okay alive alive alive you're though i here's the deal the game is called knockout 'em i'm gonna give you a category than back and forth you go three seconds you've gotta come up with an answer or your done okay so so the category is nb eight teams brian go minnesota timberwolves lakers clippers trailblazers hornets warriors pelicans kings celtics bucks sixers magic raptors us we're at celtics brian wins running went to that gets tough so that's how the game where it starts to get very larry forgot who you said that's that's part of the game you're part of the game all right so we've got to hardcore llc fans greg and pasadena in gilbert in whittier a greg welcome a yogurt welcome how you guys doing great is that who is at gilbert greg that gohmert dilbert used gregory there that's out there as their okay all right well not only one that didn't know his name a all right so you guys understand how the games being played right right okay ready this is things use and we're gonna start with greg okay okay things you see at n l e f c game greg go beer being thrown farms soccer balls a officials in a you know you guys grass incredibly slow on oh yeah there were many many many losing things were hot tub or whatever they are greg i am a i am sorry you did not survive that game in the game did not nearly as well as i thought except for congratulations nations man you a you definitely win enthusiasm game to a bank of california stadium july ten it is a l f c versus portland congratulations man on great show thank you we appreciate you thank you very much we are men get fired no he did not get fired i promise he did not come on you keep the show going forget are not a note we we definitely wanna back a yogurt i'm gonna put you on hold a congratulations wears a little respite from k now what do we know about why any updates simple magazine we we matched i guess empty we we took a two minutes away so now a let's get the very latest for the very latest on collide leonard brian still still waiting do while you're there you're working on it has a name watch pot never boils yes we just keep staring at collide he's not gonna make a choice but here is turnaround who else is there to stare at this point there are fewer and fewer people just stare at the end you can't even look at other people because we can't get other people and so we know was doing that is correct so you can't sign of danny green you can't sign of marcus morris oh and by the way beyond that you can't sign a mom tj mcconnell sure yup scrappy although i got a feeling tj mcconnell probably fits into the room exception exception greater outs four point eight million you might be able to get it i i that that would be another flight and got sixteen he wears his hair backwards yes he does where's this hour backwards is michael thompson likes to say 'em if you're just tuning in you haven't heard any of this by the way congratulations to klay thompson in the whole thompson family five years one ninety four clay he got that max deal and by the way any very very classy move a joe lake up has announced today a the warriors will retire kevin durant's number thirty five that's a good deal that is you know what they could have been jolted in bitter and instead a joe lake up says no he helped bring us to championships we will retire kevin durant on it all you do they oughta consider released is something to honor andre iguodala not not because he's like the best quarter ever but just be amount of respect that he has in that locker room and then and then around the league an i don't think anybody i think people understand 'cause if you don't realize equal dollar was sent out by 'em by the warriors to memphis to make room for them to be able to sign dangelo russell dollar by the way will probably get bought out and wants to be brought out direct us invent every indication says he may end up here in l a which will be energized a great deal for the lakers yeah but you know it's like he's gonna be thirty six i think by the time thirty seven even by the time a clay is back and everybody's sort of around again they're they're back at full strength at some point you have to get younger expensive had great leadership guy lutely great glue guy can knock down at three one absolutely necessary and he just wrote this book which kind of torches be warriors medical staff that is true the front office and it looked a little bit like they sent him away because he was a little too was a you offer to this gesture of retirement or whatever it might be jersey retirement some sort of other honor it kind of maybe you don't look quite as petty yeah no i mean they they basketball move but it looks a little bit like they got rid of the guy who's the squeaky wheel sure it does but it is a basketball move yeah they they're not gonna win this year anyway so basically what you're thinking is move off some salary and set yourself up to be able to make moves by the time you're good enough again in two years from now is andre iguodala it'd be is valuable is he is now probably not right so by the time you're writing my money i wish again yeah a free agent wesley matthews is agreed to a deal with the box hassan whiteside portland i think that was a previously reported a but a but there's that assan whiteside the blazers oh i read i read he said bucks oh i'm sorry to yeah to a two blazers all right what team do you think improved the most yesterday utah utah jazz great i think indiana declared deanna did great a spy i think philly did great is really well to yeah a philly losers jj redick a they moved jimmy butler and a sign and trade that al horford a an keep tobias harris josh richardson who is up and coming three indeed guy a to me that makes a lotta sense i think they've improved themselves i would say they maybe they they in milwaukee you know maybe the two favorites i i still think milwaukee ski although a they did lose brogden i still think milwaukee is right there they are in a broad losing bragging hurts i think the more in the playoffs and it doesn't the regular season his they teams would collapse off of eric bledsoe just let him shoot let him do stuff you can't do that with brogden brogden make better decisions with the ball it seemed like in crunch time so it hurts the ninety forty yeah he's really good player yeah it hurts them in the playoffs i think it does it hurt them so much in the regular season they brought back george hill who played pretty well for them so that gives them a little stability there they brought back a they both love at eight low they have the low pie oh do they both were maybe they signed robyn to oh wow so they've got all the lopez's yeah so that's that's a really good team every lopez on the market top of the eastern conference is really good yeah this is on now brooklyn is up and i would put indiana's time here teen absolutely indiana they pick up a they pick up jeremy lamb day high rating rubio and they signed malcolm brogdon they signed brogden rubio ended up in port in phoenix we did the runner was he's gonna go to indiana but then they jumped the gun brogden jumped out one of those blue checkmark people lead me wrong oh really happened on oh it's like god you're talking about oh i thought you meant online rubio okay yeah everybody assumed that win conley went to utah rubio is gonna go to indiana didn't work out that way but indiana did really well in don't forget they get victor oladipo back so that makes a huge difference i've ever rg master points out that there are three teams in the league now north of ten million in cap space they are the mavericks at twenty two the lakers at thirty two and and the clippers at forty one okay so cap space is being shrouding very very cool it's hard enough who's used they're exceptions and all that kind of correct so if quite goes to toronto say he won't say come there yeah the lakers could spend maybe a little bit more they just have a smaller pool of players to choose from correct correct i was a bit is a modern day mason ireland show brian cabinet ski infra john john will return one week from today from his extent during any changes in the collective bargaining agreement bring break for john he's had seen your frogs right now see having somebody shake his head and for tequila down his throat with a whistle boy that's a weird tradition how i never understood it but that's what you do we all did they upside widow bar at bowling green we would do upside down margarita yeah where they just pour the triple our old comes in like shakes like legitimately at a restaurant in the united states of america i would have to dive in mexico yeah it's popular in mexico hey mom always on my mind what are you doing what's going on i'm gonna tell everything is great i want i don't want you to come here and i want you to drive around and find out why get out there and do some old fashioned in a little far in other news the old fashioned investigative journalism few other around throughout that's right get out of the put you little press had on the press and get out there and do some journalism women in the modern day like journalism hat is like the south yes to this show momo a were all waiting on why what do you know i mean guys it is so quiet on it and it's and i think okay here's but i think is going on at this is an informed opinion but i can't say there's a hundred thousand percent but it's just what i really think is going on i think we got a loyalty test year going on i think if you notice there's not anything coming from the three teams that we all believe this is down to the lakers the raptors and the clippers and one of the things i've heard very you know in the in the win and strongly wherever you wanna talk about okay is why doesn't want the drama so one of the things that he would strong on when he was leaving san antonio especially was you know he met with the spurs and he talked to coach pop and there is a discussion and that we've had and if any of that league it was gonna be a bit of a loyalty test well aware that league so i think some of what's going on right now is him in his uncle dennis and all that wanting to know can you can you keep hey can you keep your business at home and you keep putting yourself in felt so why does he can't do a pretty good job of that so there's like a buzz word or a code word or something other than what they see that or that little piece of information pop up in the news i mean it's like you know obviously there's a lot of discussion about it anyway so it's gonna be in the news but you could you could always have a pretty good sense of where these come from right so you know i had i i reporter what i could report yesterday 'em and the amount of information i had yesterday but it would it would you know pretty scared right and it's it's you know he he's been in touch with magic johnson here when they had a as as he requested you wanna talk magic and i'm pretty sure that happens but i don't think that's anything new i think there's been many conversations along the way with magic maybe not directly with quiet but you know it since bajic jack stepped down i think he's been freed of talk to to that camp but that's not new or it's not old out of the ordinary 'em but you know the only thing i could go on an nfc is far as i know as of last night but chris haines reporter was there wasn't any meetings last night so chris haines had that i i went around the track that i think that that's accurate so the entire i can't stress enough how much entirely is waiting there's so many deals and there's so many movies that need to happen but people involved can't make those decisions how there's clarity with quite leonard son he's quiet leonard so you wait so triple was a great tripled either guru triple d do rudy giuliani who says it's over and he's coming to the lakers you can't confirm that then he's a guy named san francisco where the blue checkmark kept well you know if that's a it's a a website now he works for ninety five seven the game in san francisco san francisco right okay yeah a logical affirm that not willing to back up his reporting well here's what we can do here's what we here's the here's the discussion that we could all have and what's really interesting that that i feel about why he has he you could only retailing hey and everything we thought that we knew about collide which was he wanted his own team he's a he's a guy who's more in the kobe school of like you know i i wanna prove i'm better than lebron i wanna prove i'm better than kevin duran i wanna win you gotta prove that this year by beating the warriors and taking down everyone in the east and especially on a team where you're not be traded there and he just took all the way the sense of nobody quite knows how that's affecting this decision of how winning the championship is expecting this decision in the aftermath of it when he was in barbados on the on the boat with the blue jays jersey on and partying serge ibaka and that's a parade kind of felt like oh you just go back and try strong but that's those optics and since then we have we have we ever information that he called kevin durant's to get it to see if he would it be interested in going to the clippers with him which is one piece which there's one really interesting direction alley right wasn't kevin calling him his wife and kevin yup and that was in regard to the clippers so what do you in person that is an interesting the clippers but he also wants to go somewhere not alone that's what you could infer but we were all leaping were were analyzing of an end to he had an interest in speaking with magic johnson about the lakers i so that's you you ever they just know lakers you're looking for information that shows that he's interesting in los angeles is now is it just exploratory like i'm looking at colleges maybe i'll take a trip there but i'm probably just gonna stay in toronto no no 'cause we don't know how the winning a championship affected the navy independent trial which ramona those canada if you're gonna go back to toronto wouldn't do it today it's a sacred that is that it is canada there is a sacred sacred day in canada right take a day as far as i know there's something deeply holy occasion this is my understanding like everybody think that right now yes in that they're pouring maple sarah ball over themselves and eating as much protein is asian handle getting located right but i don't look at me look at canada how they roll see yeah yeah i dunno i dunno if that really matters show mom so momo i yeah we don't even know if their meetings today we we don't even know that even if there are i think it's gonna be hard for anyone to leak that because of what i described dr is you know the preference or discretion so here's judy by so they're gonna put like a like put jeanie buss in a van put a blindfold on her driver's some on his show and then take the blindfold off well i i think he's got a closed i think another meeting it's been about somebody else closing like last year with magic with lebron magic is in the room with abroad of his you know you gotta be the one to drink brings cross the finish line i really think there's times genie end of it if if she's able to do that it'd be is incredible triumph for her personally but also new organization 'cause i mean got like we all know what do we owe greg bergman if he comes to the lakers what do we all have we were like laughing at the idea we all right we didn't actually make any wagers will recover no you were all laughing at me we were like light rain not laughing laughing i think he would absolutely laughing yeah no we definitely oh you something if if he said if if it happens if it happens i mean i do buy whenever i do so you don't know me any true okay and i do employee you don't blame you i am i am for you you spare myrow dollars on me ramona when your boss okay and when you're on ramona greg steel sushi from the ukraine but give you read did you read sushi well 'em momo thank you for bringing so much clarity to the situations i got man that was the most useless you've ever been that what the what the most useless you've ever met and you almost always have like you're wrong to weaken weaken clings to and this is like right which is all amounts we don't know anything you basically gave us information that there won't be any information right why can't you be what would you either gonna ruin you what it'll come down to yes yes hey momo thank you are you filming on a sudden oh yeah i'll be oh no i'm gonna be there you know what i'm doing how do i how do i describe doing the get up except for everybody's already up there's like a prime time all right there's an afternoon get up today yeah it's like the get up you're still holds villa the get up its own should be work and then i'm doing the late that the later jump afterward all right excellent studio tomorrow i'll give you my and i think when they do yeah okay good good we had all these ancillary shows all right a mom oh thank you very much we appreciate it i gave you what i could give you i'm not mad at you know australian i know i want i want clarity i know you gave it feels stanford try all right thank you mama held ride would have had information yeah exactly so almost filling in for john tomorrow and wednesday day okay i mean i don't even coming coming in with throughout winter you sketch wednesday then he told me like an hour before this is starting to come into that i know we're just we're all in scramble mode because higher later tonight uninsured l are all out of commission right get together that's why there are so many cameras that skis right i just got a text it's like you're not available today so you didn't ask yeah i read mill were were all scrambling were all scrambling a all right we're bringing you moment by moment exactly what's going on with collide leonard you heard it promotes loyalty test let's not say anything about it mason in ireland brank emanate skin for johnny sp analyze idea spanaway mason in ireland is it happening that's happening socal magazine is the super mega team happening i think he's just waiting around you know it does feel like it's i mean you could feel that something is in there because it's starting to three months ago this would seem ridiculous correct like six months ago would have seemed totally absurd three weeks ago three weeks ago ridiculous ridiculous yeah there's maybe kyri maybe because i know 'em an hour at this place where it's not only feels like they're they have a real chance they at the end worse it feels like a fifty fifty shot because i don't i just don't see the clippers as a thing anymore as a real option because if you believe leave that co why wants a wing man then he can't get one with the clippers there aren't any wing left right let's clippers i guess make a trade they do something but there are a lot of women around no there's that there is no way man there is no second guy at this point on the market annual break as they say the lakers clippers at forty one million in cap space they're not going to spend all of it most likely no doubt if they don't get together just kind of roll back because there are guys right just rolled back in the next year and if they could bradley beal trade maybe they do something like that but i don't think washington's gonna move you let's talk about potential backup plans potential back i am i am sorry we gotta do it no i'm saying i'm i'm oh dotting the backup okay now i got landless marcus morris plus danny green okay yeah that's that's a backup plan sure trade for born dr edge that could work hand sign on marcus more or one of those drives someone because you slide tj mcconnell should only eighteen expiring contract he's eighteen i looked it up this morning guy 'em so that still leaves you money you could go goran dragic plus danny green gordon dry goods plus marcus morris probably tj mcconnell into the room exception which is four point eight million that someone but the problem is like it's not those guys are good up there are bad why they're not why not i don't know if that's the list of players and you would have pulled in again i think if danny green is available it means that collide leonard is here in the lakers can't get i firmly believe the danny green will end up in toronto collided collide goes back to china i don't i don't consider him as a guy on that list unless you wanna overwhelmed him with years and money which is not somebody danny green is older than you think yes you know so it's i don't wanna he's a perfect player if i mean he he does fit really well he's graph kickout corner three guy i have to be careful danny green last year was not a good player two years ago struggle here's great this year is great in the playoff great in the playoffs but you know it's not like he's got a year in year out tracker it'd be awesome it's sort of in every other year it's it's a little spotty he's had some down years and if the lakers gave him three years and you know sixteen million a year something 'cause they really have to have it right that could hurt them down the road absolutely gotta be careful with with who you're just throwing money at because of the best guys left on the board i just i this is the risk that they took going all in on quiet quiet light years better than any combination of player they have good question if they go all in and for some reason this goes wrong was it the right move based on d what seems like the odds of the the real chance they had a get quiet absolutely i completely agree is i'm not gonna i'm not gonna fault them for going all in on that right now the best player in basketball yes if the if the best player in basketball shows interesting and it's real it's not yeah i'll take a meeting but really i'm i'm ninety percent sure i'm going somewhere else you guys have like a five percent chance but if you come blow me away no he's talked to the brownies talked anthony davis you know he he is from here he is expressed interest in the past and playing here all that stuff matters and if you have a thirty five or forty or fifty percent chance of adding the best player in basketball who is twenty eight right twenty eight one eight two year twenty six year old other guy

coordinator daryl san francisco leonard lakers las angeles lebron jerry buss greg five years two years three billion dollars three weeks three years twenty eight one eight two yea hundred thousand percent twenty four hours five five years twenty six year
CNN 5 Things for May 28, 2021 Evening Edition

CNN 5 Things

04:02 min | 2 months ago

CNN 5 Things for May 28, 2021 Evening Edition

"This podcast is brought to you by neum. Good evening here. Are the five things you need to know for. Friday may twenty eight senate. Republicans blocked a bill that would have created an independent and bipartisan commission to investigate the january. Sixth capital insurrection. The vote fell short of ten republicans needed to join democrat. Said vance the bill after the vote senate majority leader chuck schumer said quote. Donald trump's big lie has now fully enveloped the republican party president. Joe biden gave a speech in virginia friday about the state of the pandemic ahead of memorial day weekend. He how did the progress. The country has made in fighting covid. Nineteen thanks to vaccination efforts. He also highlighted the economic progress. The country has made since he took office. The white house released a six trillion dollar budget proposal for fiscal year. Two thousand twenty. Two gas prices are at a seven year. High this memorial day weekend according to triple a. The nationwide average cost for a gallon of regular gas is three or four higher oil prices because of a pickup in the economy and higher fuel to man is driving the increase. This s experts warn that a shortage and tank truck drivers to deliver fuel. It's a gas stations. Could trigger another round of panic. Buying bill cosby has been denied parole by the pennsylvania. Parole board a letter from the board obtained by cnn. Said kospi must participate in and complete additional institutional programs. Kospi's spokesman said the. Denial was no surprise to cosby. his family. Friends and legal team also says that cosby maintains his innocence and denies all allegations against him. The eighty three year old was convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a former temple university employee at his home in two thousand and four and is currently serving three to ten year prison sentence. Eight two year. Old girl from los angeles california has become the youngest american member of mensa. A club for those with high. Iq cash quest has an iq of one hundred and forty six according to her parents. They also say her skills include naming all of the elements on the periodic table identifying all fifty states by shape and location learning spanish and deciphering patterns. That's offer your cnn. Five things evening edition. We'll be back on monday. One more thing before we go. We know that five things keeps you up with the headlines. But how much time do you spend on self care chasing life. A new podcast from cnn. Dr sanjay gupta this all about living your best life and improving your mental and physical wellbeing. If you're ready to make some time for self care checkout chasing life you can find it wherever you get your podcasts. If you're using anything other than indeed for your hiring you're wasting your time. Hire great people faster with indeed indeed dot com helps you find quality candidates instantly with indeed instant match indeed searches through the millions of resumes and their database to help show you great candidates instantly get started right now with a free seventy five dollars credit to upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash. Cnn that's indeed dot com slash cnn offer valid through march thirty first terms and conditions apply.

bipartisan commission senate Kospi cosby chuck schumer cnn Donald trump vance Joe biden republican party bill cosby white house virginia Dr sanjay gupta pennsylvania los angeles california
Double Murder Suspect Caught at US/Mexico Border;  Gwinnett's Most Wanted; Emissions Requirements Waived

Gwinnett Daily Post Podcast

11:02 min | 4 months ago

Double Murder Suspect Caught at US/Mexico Border; Gwinnett's Most Wanted; Emissions Requirements Waived

"Welcome to the gwinnett. Daily post podcast. Today is friday april second. Happy birthday to the mandalorian actor pedro. Pascal is forty-six today. Dan ratcliff here. Your top stories brought to you by key amal of georgia. The suspect in a double murder of a mother and her teenage son was arrested at the us. Mexico border gateway eighty-five community improvement district is investing half a million dollars into recommended improvements. The georgia environmental protection division has temporarily wave vehicle emissions inspection requirements due to system outage. We have the list of what's most wanted and county is extending the pandemic related rent and utility assistance program. Plus we'll take a look at sports around. The counting with daily post. Sports editor will hammock. Why by a kia mall of georgia. We provide award. Winning customer satisfaction have been family owned business for over twenty years buying or leasing with us as fast and easy and you could get pre-approved online four simple steps. We offer top dollar on trade ins and have new vehicle specials that are updated every month and are factory trained technicians make servicing your vehicle convenient with extended service hours. Stop by and shop with us on the lot or visit us online at love. My kia dot com a man wanted in a double homicide and flowery branch was arrested in texas this week while trying to cross the border from the us into mexico. Twenty-four-year-old william jerome adams was arrested in texas and police intend to have him back to georgia so he can be prosecuted. Adams is accused of fatally shooting thirty nine year old. Mary lindsay and her son sixteen year old atif muhammad in a home on apple grove road on friday. He's believed to have been in a relationship with ms lindsey. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the detectives. The gateway eighty-five community improvement district is planning to make a major investment in infrastructure and mobility projects. That were recommended as part of its freight cluster. Plan the c. I. d. will spend five hundred thousand dollars. What were deemed key project recommendations in the plan mainly critical infrastructure updates. That could make it easier to get around the district. The freight plan focused on areas. That are south of the jimmy. Carter boulevard corridor and west of interstate eighty five gateway eighty-five. cid's freight cluster plan was developed as a collaborative partnership between public and private sector stakeholders resulting in a plan to move freight more efficiently address. Safety needs and improve access to jobs on march thirtieth georgia environmental protection division learnable widespread system outage affecting transmission of information to and from vehicle emissions inspection stations in georgia as a result of this outage most vehicle emissions inspection stations are not able to conduct emissions inspections in response to this incident. Ep has temporarily waived the emissions inspection requirement for any vehicle that's registered or for which origination is renewed on or after march thirtieth twenty one until further notice. The waiver applies only to the emissions inspection component of vehicle registration. Ep de will terminate this waiver as soon as the system has been restored. Has the time come for you and your family to buy or sell a new home. Peggy sloppy properties. Here to help peggy and the team have been gannett surrounding areas for thirty eight years. Helping folks just like you and me. Peggy slapped properties consist of more than thirty five relievers realized. Fostering strong relationships community is the key to their business. They work with you. Regardless of circumstance residential homes are newly built they have listings all over the county in today's climate. You hear a lot of noise from others on how they can help you. The difference at peggy sloppy properties. They're buying and selling for neighbors family and friends. Don't you believe you'll get the most value from a team that knows. The lay of the land visit peggy slap properties online at espn online dot com. Or give them a call at seven seven zero two seven one five five five five at seven seven zero two seven fifty five fifty five. Peggy slapping properties delivers the very best in gwinnett georgia real estate. Because you deserve no less county. Sheriff's office has released. Its wanted list for this weekend. Is looking for the following. Six individuals shave on fernando. Turner wanted for aggravated assault and criminal damage to property. Jerry walter shaw wanted for aggravated assault criminal trespass and terroristic threats and acts joseph cambronne maho tare wanted for felony probation violation for aggravated assault. Kenneth earl haywood wanted for armed robbery. Patrick page wanted for felony probation violation for aggravated assault and cruelty to animals and theodore are simmons wanted for aggravated assault and probation violation for aggravated assault and possession of cocaine. Anyone who's seen these individuals is asked to call the sheriff's office when it county will offer an extension of its project reset program. That's designed to help residents negatively impacted by the covid nineteen pandemic in april. The county's using twenty eight point one million dollars in federal stimulus funds made available through the emergency rental assistance program to extend the program and help venetians avoid being evicted from their homes. The extension will allow to apply for financial support to pay past due rent and past utility payments as of mid march funding from the federal cares. Act has been used to distribute three point seven five million dollars and rental assistance to eight hundred forty nine households unlike the original version of the program which offered help for up to six months. The extension will expand that to as much as fifteen months of assistance. The program is open to people who are renting property when it county have either seen their household income reduced or qualified for unemployment benefits experiences a financial hardship or incurred significant costs because of democ are at risk of becoming homeless have received an eviction notice that makes their housing situation insecure. Our past due rent or utilities or who's household income is either two or less than eighty percent of the area median income. Now for a look at sports in and around gwinnett county courtesy of keyamo of georgia. We're joined by gwinnett. daily post. Sports editor will hammock wield. There's been a lot of former gwinnett. High school standouts with some big accomplishments this week. Tell me about him. Yeah for sure. Jake mcgee. he's probably the one that stands out. The noticed is a kid that we we've known as high school swimmer. Here at mill creek has been awesome. And he's at a really great freshman season at at the university of georgia. He won the five hundred freestyle state national championship. But the ncaa meet his all american in four different events. I helped jordan. It's a second top four finish in school history and then inside. It's just an outstanding meat for him. He's a really pushing ahead. He's going to be Swimming and olympic trials in june. We'll be looking for him to possibly make the olympic team so pretty exciting to Let's see what he did Switching from georgia georgia tech andy archer. He's a kid. Fish that up. It wasn't over in peachtree corners. He listened to live is a junior pitcher jordan detect. Use the pitcher of the week. He's going eighteen straight innings without allowing a run here in the award for eight inning. Shutout of duke Struck out nine to talk career high in that game. He's been reliever throughout his career georgia tech and he transition to start the series for one with a one point eight two year a strict thirty seven thirty four innings just having a great great junior cities and over there on the flats anna switching gears. The basketball a little bit Montana western which is odd place to seek. Its from georgia plan but Their top two scores here. We're gonna kids a great job by montana. Western land some some georgia basketball talent. Jalen hodges from duluth honorable mention all american and And also all conference selection right behind him as an all converse election was a at clark great pipeline there for montana western to gonna county. Would this kind talent around the county. What can we go out and see in. Maybe see potential future stars. Yeah it's it's a busy time was spring sports season. There's a lot of things going on right now next week. You're gonna have a high school baseball. tames around here. Obviously yeah before partly graced brookwood. Some top notch teams It's spring break. I went schools next week. All the other sports on on on hiatus pretty much for the week but You heavy baseball schedule by players. Never get a spring break off and you're gonna catch a game next week. Good time to do it After spring break it really pushes ahead of the state playoffs in all sports. So it's gonna be a very busy month. We'll hammock is sports editor at the daily post. Well thank you so much for joining us. Tell me where would we find you this weekend. In next week I hope you're gonna find me on vacation. I'm gonna take a little vacation expert to charleston with the family. So that's not plans right now Bragging hit some soccer tonight up in north and then then focusing medication for week. The recharge for the state playoffs excellent. We'll hamic thank you so much. Thank you go ahead. This is an important announcement from our s andrew. Hi i'm dr ben. We are not magician. Customers may say we perform magic bringing tired. Ac systems to factory fresh specs thanks to our rs. Andrews mega tuna. It's pretty magical mega not magic. It's comprehensive exam of your tire system. Your evaporator inside your condense routes and everything in between howrah andrews helped systems perform the day. They were installed for just ninety nine dollars. They seem like magic. It's really are cleaned screen trained entirely are sanders tax casting a spell over your sister not casting any spell just kidding we even check your thermostat. We check every partier says keep it cooling all summer because it's not just a tunas. Rs sanders mega tunes. Just ninety nine dollars call. We cool all sung guarantee magic not magic. How can we make you smile. Today's man he's dr where ours andrews dot com. Thanks for listening to the gwinnett daily post. Podcast this podcast is a production of bgi group. Please like follow and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts

georgia gwinnett Dan ratcliff georgia environmental protecti Peggy william jerome adams Mary lindsay atif muhammad ms lindsey peggy sloppy properties Mexico peggy Jerry walter shaw joseph cambronne maho tare Kenneth earl haywood Patrick page texas Pascal pedro
Cam Newtons Messy Breakup With The Panthers

The Lead

23:07 min | 1 year ago

Cam Newtons Messy Breakup With The Panthers

"After months and months of speculation one of the NFL's all-time Great qb's was recently. Go in a rather shocking way breaking news the Panthers Cam Newton back seek a trade. I mean his nine year run and Carolina Cam Newton Social Media and said that he did not request a trade the Carolina Panthers basically told them that it would be like this and he said this was put on him today. The athletics Jordan Rodrigue joins US TO DISCUSS. Why the Carolina Panthers Franchise quarterback was released? So unceremoniously what could be next for Superman and why he is meant so much to the Carolina community? They saw someone who played with joy someone who played with more heart than almost anybody out there on the field. Somebody who could do ingenious things from wondering on the athletic. I'm could beat the Davidson and I'm it's Wednesday April first and this is sportscenter April fools. This is the lead so bad felt like something was ocean stories of the past. I had never seen anything like this isn't a story rear view the athlete it stays with you. The lead is supported by light box. Have you heard about light box lab grown diamonds? They hacked billion year process to grow stunning lab grown diamonds in about two weeks. And they're some of the highest quality stones that exist they're always Mir colorless always. Vs clarity always a very good cut and always eight hundred dollars per carat. They come in three colors to white blush. Pink and soft blue. Go to light box. Jewelry Dot com slash lead and use code. Lead it for twenty five dollars off. That's light box. Jewelry Dot com slash lead code lead for twenty five dollars off so Jordan the news that Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers were actually going to part ways came as a surprise to some people. But when did we I see the writing on the wall here so we at the Athletic Carolina myself and my beat partner Joe Person. We reported this after week. Two and ham had been kind of coming back. Ever so slowly from This Freak Foot Injury Carolina. Panthers think he's going to be okay. The initial x rays were negative. It is a sprained ankle right now. He wasn't a walking boot booth that we saw him leaving the stadium and they're going to give him more xrays today to make a final determination. But I can tell you that being told by various people within the organization. You're don't worry about the foot don't worry about. But and he came back and he didn't quite look himself than than against Tampa Bay in week. Two there was a really striking moment when at the very end of the game on the goal line and they did not give him the ball. They gave it to Christian. Mccaffrey instead. Direct snap faked. Toss McCaffrey depends where they put it. What a play by Hargraves hat on the edge in he did not get it todd. Bowles defense was not fooled. What a play and the play failed and they lost the game and something was super off at that point. It was well known that he had just a year left on his contract and so there was a lot of thought that if they were going to extend him this foot injury kind of threw everything off and not just the foot but a new owner and back to back shoulder surgeries. So there's a lot of things sort of stacked up against and then the freak foot injury happened so it was really difficult to know when he would be okay. That sort of started escalating into the middle of the season and then with four games left head coach. Ron Rivera was fired. It was a bad idea. I don't think they should have fired him now. I don't think they should have fired. Ron Rivera period Rivera with Cam Newton. When to the Super Bowl in two thousand fifteen? The year before that he was seven that was kind of the writing on the wall. It felt like because he and Ron Rivera had been tied since two thousand eleven. Ron was the guy who drafted him. Still know the panthers were not coming out and talking about it and they were saying giving themselves the caveat like well. We'll talk about it when he's healthy and give us till when he's healthy and when he's healthy get back to me deserves to be said how hard he's working into. Rehab into the. Panthers have an in house video production team. They released a sponsor documentary episode. That was reiterating that rules comments at the combine in Indianapolis about how much he wanted Cam Newton to be his quarterback and how much he was looking forward to working with him and having him on his football team. I'm going to go up there and say I can't wait for him to be healthy. I can't wait for a chance to work with them. I'm excited about the future with him and excited about who he is. But at the same time behind the scenes it was very much apparent that there is a trade market that they were trying to sort of manufacturer for him. Things started escalating through the spring and Cam. Newton went out on Radio Road Super Bowl and said he had had some really great and optimistic conversations with new head coach Matt rule or are you going to be back in Carolina like. Are you sure you're going to be a panther? Absolutely talked about rule is it. Yes Sir I. As a matter of fact you know the devastating to not have the coach who drafted you. Let's say you've got to turn. The page had unbelievable conversation with Mardi Harney GM David Surfer the owner as well as you know cultural the the new head coach and I left. That meeting inspired not only in talk. I'm not you won't find another person in that in that locker with more to prove not only to you poodle to myself and ultimately even though he was able to pass physical and gave them quote unquote the Healthy Cam Newton. They announced that they were going to part ways with him. The press release was so odd. The press release said we have given Cam Newton permission to seek a trade and then they went on to list all of his injuries at the bottom of the press release. I don't think I've ever seen a press. Release that says. Hey We'd like to trade this player. Also here's how her he's been and Newton got on instagram and said I never asked for this one of the videos. He says all I do is work. That's all I know. They gave up on me. Don't know more word play. Don't manipulate to narrative. You forced me into this. We reported at the athletic that just hours after releasing that best released that they had agreed to terms with Teddy Bridgewater. The former backup quarterback New Orleans saints. Get your chilling. It'll be conceived a trade the Carolina Panthers or releasing quarterback Cam Newton with no shooters coming in and having signed Teddy Bridgewater. Two or three or sixty three billion dollar deal last week. That was only a matter of time according to our NFL insiders. He was going to be there next quarterback for the next three years and so I've heard a lot of comparisons to this is like if you were dating somebody and you tell them. I'm giving you permission to see other people. Also here's my new boyfriend girlfriend. How have panthers fans reacted to all of this drama fans have not taken it while just heard and I saw over the panthers and ceremonial over Twitter Instagram? That Camden is now to seek trade on so sad. We've had since two thousand eleven has hope he goes somewhere where you can succeed. Because that's all I want from him. There has never been a player in the Carolinas. Who has drawn? I think such passionate support and really moved people in the way that he has and so for them to kind of in glamorously kind of dumped him by the wayside even though logically and people knew this was logically a very real option. And you know we had kind of talked at nauseam about this thing actually happening. It's still the way it happened was really jarring and I think something that really upset. A lot of people will in. It's worth remembering just how Cam Newton became so beloved in Carolina Jordan. Can you just remind us? What was it like when he first came onto the team? Yeah you know it's it's it's not just like oh you've got a great number one overall pick. You have one of the Best College. Football players of all time controlled as as adult. Your lives up in the backfield and Cam Camp Lou on this. You're talking about heisman. Trophy winner that has not thrown a single incomplete. Pass the opening drive this season and one that hasn't committed a turnover in the fourth quarter. The progression everywhere inbetween has been up scaling that Charlotte's a small city. It has aspirations. But it's still a small city and Cam. Newton was really the first time that they became a global brand. And you know you got just some the really ugly people coming out of the woodwork. For All of the time that he was here and there were some ugly things that people said but to the WHO really look to him and saw Cam for what he was. They saw someone who played with joy someone who played with more heart than almost anybody out there on the field. Somebody who could do ingenious things with the football bend time and space like it. It's just I still can't believe some of the things I've him do. Purchase Time Newton. Nowhere to go but he got the first down with a leap over various Butler for eleven yards. Kiss not supposed to happen this way what he has done to the game the evolution of NFL defense's had to change had to speed up just for him. His knick's Taylor. Jones setting space goes to the highway to not be the greatest. Playoff seed can long time. This is a national football league and he makes four New England patriots. Miss you had to draft different types of linebackers and defensive linemen and even corners safeties just to counter. Can you talk about what kind of figure he grew to be locally when he first got to Charlotte there? Is this this big sense that he wanted to help kids out and he wanted help the youth out and he started this thing called the Sunday giveaway? And so every time he'd score a touchdown throw a touchdown pass or he'd run one in himself. That ball would go to a kid in the end zone with His Jersey. Ready to take it home happy. You know you hear stories from these kids who are now teenagers. You hear stories from their parents on social media in emails where that still remains you know the greatest day that Kid's life and that could have been all that he did but instead he took it upon himself to create the Cam Newton Foundation which he was helped run by several really altruistic way. Great people who just wanted to help their community and he fed thousands and thousands and thousands of families on Thanksgiving and Christmas every single year. It became like the events of the year incident. I S here tonight. You know these to see this cycle or sees as right now. Hope somebody remember just for the rest of their lives This is the annual event that I will want to do for a long time for. Never turn people away. What do you think it meant for young local black kids in the Charlotte area to see Cam? Newton thrive I can't specifically obviously speak from that perspective but I can say that from the interactions that I saw with him and young black kids young black boys and girls who may be going to you know their first game. It was always just so. I mean you see a superhero. But then the superhero kind of kneels down. Always kneels down to where he's looking you right in the eyes and talking to you on your level and talking to you like you matter you can never quantify something like that. That's wild to me to think about fact that Cam Newton has been in the League for ten years already You know do we have a teddy bridgewater. Do we have a Lamar Jackson? If we don't have a Cam Newton. No we don't and you know what those guys can. We'll never say I did that. He would never say that. But those guys teddy and Lamar the Shawn Watson guys who can reach out to and speaks to and kind of has a support system for and gives advice to. They will tell you that they have said that in the past that they don't think that they could be where they are if they had not seen what. Cam Newton was doing at Auburn. You know what he was doing for the Carolina Panthers and I think again. That is so important because this league. It's so stuffy and it's so just constricted in terms of like where are the personalities. Where's the fun whereas the electricity where are where are the people who are genuinely playing with joy and I think you see that in Teddy Bridgewater you see that are Jackson? See that into Sean. And they'll tell you straight up. You Know Cam. Newton is someone who made me believe that this is possible. Have you ever wondered how pro athletes manage the transition to normal life after they retire while they're not alone enter the next chapter a new podcast from the athletic hosted by Prim? Ripa each episode Prim sits down with former stars like NFL wide receiver. Doug Baldwin Grand Slam tennis champion Andy. Roddick and former number one overall draft pick. Greg Oden each offering rare insight into the highs and lows of justice to life off the court. Prim gets their unique perspective on the transition bringing you closer to the real lives of the people you've watched compete at the highest levels. Subscribe to the next chapter with prims. Ripa PAT on Apple spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts. With new episodes every Wednesday so Jordan. What would you say is the state of the Carolina Panthers now that they've made this big change a quarterback? Oh my gosh is that I mean I guess that's the best way to summon up there kind of in purgatory. Honestly I would say and they are not rebuilding completely from the ground up. If you don't sign a guy like teddy bridgewater. Who can win you football games? It's your completely tearing everything down and rebuilding. So it's almost like a half rebuild half retool and all of it's going to happen on the fly. There's still a split opinion about whether they should tear the whole thing down and rebuild or whether they are going to try to Winston Games in two thousand twenty in and I think by bringing in Teddy Bridgewater. They've made it clear that they are going to try to win. Games in twenty twenty and in the draft. I believe they're going to start bringing in guys who are going to be core pieces and core players. Who are going to buy into Matt role but I think that there's some skepticism and some healthy skepticism. I would say that the warning or the thing to be cautious about is. Can you build something that will win on a sustainable basis if your foundation is shaky and you know throughout this whole drama Cam has actually been very clear about his desire to stay in? Carolina? Have you ever wondered if he's too loyal? Perhaps I just wanted to sometimes be like I get that you love the community here and I understand how powerful place it can be in how welcoming and it can feel so much like home but they are not set up for success for you now. At this point I think with his kind of he's he's out of the forest. A little bit in terms of the situation is settled down a little bit. He's now looking at other rosters. He's now seeking out other potential options. And if I'm him I've got a feel a little positive about that. Because there are situations that are built for someone like him to be successful. There are better. You know offensive. Line's out there. There are teams that have taken care of guys in that regard and so for him. I would think he almost. Mike feel little relief that all of this is over and this long eight months dance that they've done back and forth between these camps and all of the narratives because now what he can do is he can focus on football and and you know that's his first love and and that's what he is all about Jordan. You found yourself in the middle of some CAM controversy a few years ago when you asked him a question about running routes and he kind of scoffed at the idea of a woman reporter talking about roots this funny to hear female talk about routes. He was widely criticized at the time. He actually lost some sponsorship deals. But in reading your writing since and in talking to you since you seem to have genuinely enjoyed covering Cam Newton I think you can you can have messy moments and you can feel messy about something or someone for a moment and things can be complicated and hurtful and that does not change how you should treat people and Cam. Every single day treats people with respect Cam. Newton is apologizing understand. A word choice was extremely. They great in and disrespectful to limit. If you are a person who took offence to what I said. I sincerely apologize and so to me. It was really important to me and I will forever be grateful that despite you know a brief and messy time that never prevented us from being kind to each other anyway. So when all of a sudden done. What's next for Cam Newton well? I don't know what the charges are doing waiting so long to sign the guy but I mean clearly. Nobody in that building in Los Angeles has ever been to a Panther's game with him. Newton in his heyday. Because let me tell you that guy puts butts and seat for me. That's a franchise that could really use a little in pardon the pun but electricity in that regard and. I think that CAM is a great fit. You know. I'd like to see it personally. You know I don't cover them anymore so I don't have to be unbiased and in a biased way. I hope he goes somewhere. That sets them up for success so few people on. It's so rare to end things on your own terms in the NFL. I think they can. Newton might be that rare of a player. Could maybe have a chance at doing that. We'll Jordan thank you so much for joining us. Even if you did throw in a chargers pawn unexpectedly for having me you can read Jordan Rodrigues coverage of the Carolina Panthers at the Athletic Dot Com. Here are some other stories. We're following at the lead. It's been business mostly as usual for the NFL. During the corona virus pandemic and that continued on Tuesday when the League announced its plans for the twenty twenty regular season on a conference call. All of our focus has been on a normal traditional season starting on time playing in front of fans in her regular stadiums and going through full sixteen game regular season and the NFL also announced on Tuesday that owners have approved the new fourteen playoff format which means seven teams from each conference will make the postseason instead of six and though the League plans to start season on time the release of the season schedule has been delayed from April until may also on Tuesday New Orleans Saints Head. Coach Sean Payton who told USA. Today that he's quote one hundred percent recovered from the corona virus made an appearance on ESPN and apparently broke. Some news on behalf of Drew Brees. The unique situation with our team and with our quarterback drew brees is. He's announced he's coming back for its final season. Brees who turned forty one in January. Signed eight two year. Fifty million dollar deal with the saints a couple of weeks ago and. Dr. James Andrews has decided to temporarily stop performing Tommy John Surgeries at his facility in Florida. A spokesperson for Andrew is a statement saying quote we are not performing any non urgent or non emergent procedures including Tommy John. Surgery in compliance with the governor's executive order we are adhering to these restrictions and all such cases are suspended at this time. Tommy John Surgery. And whether it's medically necessary has been a topic of discussion recently with two Star pitchers Chris sale of the red sox and Noah syndergaard of the mets both undergoing the procedure within the last week. That's it for today. Thanks for listening from wondering on the athletic. I'm beat the Davidson and I'm under skelter see tomorrow.

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What a city gave up to attract auto jobs

Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal

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What a city gave up to attract auto jobs

"This marketplace podcast is brought to you by vast a global cybersecurity company trusted by over four hundred million people of asked is dedicated to protecting you online so you can connect connect to the internet confidently avast keeping people safe from cyber attacks visit them at a vast dot com and by the michigan economic development corporation john romanelli founder and c._e._o. At airspace experienced technology says in michigan revolution is in the air find out what planet is doing to help businesses make that possible at a planet m dot com. That's p. l. a. n. e. t. m. dot com. I will buy wave setting up the program today simply quote the president of these united states crazy inverted yield curve all caps of course exclamation point included from american in public media. This is marketplace in los angeles. I'm kai ryssdal. It is wednesday today. The fourteenth of august good as always to have you along everybody we will get to the president in a minute and the proximate cause of that tweet that i quoted but look. I think you ought to do right now really shoulda done right from the opening bell. All today is take a deep deep breath because markets go down to gang just like over time. They mostly really go up but i digress because what got the president. Tweeden stocks cratering today was something we have talked about before on this program the bond around market specifically something called the yield curve which normally curves up and to the right the longer term bod you are talking about that is to say the interest interest rate the yield that the government has to pay to borrow your money for say ten years is usually more than the government has to pay if you buy say eight two year treasury note makes sense right. They are tying up your money for longer today that yield curve remember usually up and to the right inverted the ten year ear yield was for a little while this morning less than the two year yield now we should care about that because why guy while we called cathy the jones at charles schwab which is we should say an underwriter of this program here she is and when that happens it signals that expectations for the future there are not as optimistic as current conditions expectations that the strong economy we are joined right now might not last why though did the bottom autumn pretty much dropped out of stocks today. Here's sam stovall at c._f. Are a research well. I think investors are worried because every recession since the nineteen and seventies has been preceded by an inverted yield curve however comma yet like logic one. Oh one in college <hes> not every inverted yield curve has led to recessions more to the point. A recession is not starting like tomorrow on average an inverted yield curve. Has this occurred eleven months before the beginning of recessions since nineteen sixty case in point the great recession which officially started in december two thousand seven and the yield curve. I inverted in december two thousand five so deep breath but there is something else going on here. Two there are some things going on in the economy today. That are just different than they used to be. One good example is something called the phillips curve which for decades has said that the lower unemployment gets like it is right now really low the more inflation there will be which just has not been happening in fact last month fed ed church. J. paul said basically forget the phillips curve. The relationship between slack in the economy or unemployment and inflation was a strong one fifty years ago. If you remember the the in the sixties there was a close correlation there and that that has gone away so from the marketplace desk of take a deep deep breath just set himself the finding out whether the yield curves predictive power might be up there with the phillips curve. There are a couple of reasons why the yield curve curve might be inverting that have nothing to do with the recession one is that the fed owns a ton of bonds that had bought up to stimulate the economy after the crisis that caused prices assist to rise in yields to drop report today from wells fargo said if the fed didn't own all those bonds the yield curve probably wouldn't have inverted and so says drew mattis ed metlife investment management. You know it's not clear that the yule curve is actually giving a signal of recession at this point. The other reason has to do with inflation longer term bonds usually pay more than short-term bonds because they tried to account for inflation ben carlson at ritholtz wealth management says it's kind of like a buffer in case prices rise while investors holding a bond for a decade or longer and now that buffer is sort of gone. That's because inflation isn't behaving the way it should either economies enemies boom. Unemployment is sort of at a twenty five year low. Kenneth rogoff is an economist at harvard. That's the definition of when you expect expect to start to see wages pushing up. That's spilling into inflation but it's not robust says the real mystery right. Now is why it's remarkable. Oh i don't know of anyone who really pretends to understand us. Even former fed chair janet yellen weighed in on the inverted yield curve today. She told fox business that this time it's not a great signal of coming recession in new york. I'm justin how for marketplace on wall street day step away from your 4._0._1._k. For a one k. statement people seriously. We'll have the details when we do the numbers the marketplace company oh the day today is the we company better known for its co working space. We work they found their first detailed. Financial statements ahead of their upcoming initial public offering expected as soon as next month. Not great were the numbers revenues of about a billion and a half half dollars losses of nine hundred million for the first six months of the year why yes that is another in a long line of i._p._o.'s of companies with no prophets but lots of upside side potential think uber and lift if things break the right way for them but about that the if one big risk factor the company pointed pointed out recession from the workplace culture desk marketplace's megan mccarthy corinna has that one with more than seven hundred locations around the world. We work makes makes money by leasing office space from landlords turning that space into an instagram dream adding perks like kombucha on tap and then renting out workspaces to people like sara shot a nonprofit consultant in seattle. I sort of felt like my membership was being paid for in free nitro cold brew the environment is slick and visually interesting the tastefully appointed offices are stuffed with freelancers startups and small businesses but there's risk that a co working space is a splurge for for people and when your business hit you gotta make decisions to cover your cost. Lauren l'union is a professional coach in washington d._c. Who's worked out of several different co working spaces. She says she'd probably just go back to coffee shops. If business took a hit the short term nature of most we work memberships could be a problem because the buildings it has to rent have long term leases as kathleen smith with renaissance capital their average fifteen years so there's a mismatch between their costs and their revenue do we work is now attracting more big corporations like microsoft because they tend to stay longer than what that's done is double. The average length of their membership commitment alexander snyder was center square investment management says big companies now make up forty percent of we works membership that part of the business could have more potential for growth even or especially in a recession says april rini business consultant on the future of work depending on who you are we work offers offers cost savings and cost benefits compared to having to own operate everything yourself in recessions that can be pretty attractive to corporations looking to save money money. I'm megan mcardle carino marketplace. The first startup from africa to list on the new york stock exchange was an ecommerce company called jumia. It has has been called in fact the amazon of africa but jimmy does face one big challenge. That amazon doesn't trying to find a street address in a largely cash based economy enemy danielle paquette wrote about jimmy. She's the west africa bureau chief for the washington post. Welcome to the program happy to be here so there you are driving around with a with a an ecommerce delivery driver in abidjan ivory coast. What's that like it was chaotic. You know i really wanted to see what it was like delivering packages where numbered addresses are rare. You know how are people finding each other. How difficult might that be. I know that i'm really reliant on g._p._s. but i've realized that you can't always rely on those tools that we take for granted show this driver. You were with <hes> vivian. Vivian luck bug was her name. She kinda rolled with the punches as it were right under said look this is the future. I wanted to be part of it. Yeah i was really impressed crest so she's sitting in the front seat and she's working with a season taxi driver and she gets a list of customer names and approximate locations phone numbers and just invites me into the backseat squish between these packages and off we roll into the city and she's she's just on the phone. Hello this is julia. Where are you loves his jumia. Do you remember ordering this you now all day long and they get their deliveries and the people want to test the product right. Tell me about the guy with the with the tea. Kettle was right right now. That was very surprising to me. You know i wasn't really sure what was going on. We arrive arrive after two failed attempts to find this office. Finally we get to the right place. In the boss strucks his assistant open this package wjr they pull out a kettle filled up with water and then they plug it into the wall because they wanna make sure that works before handing over a single dollar so tell me then about this company that is behind this because honestly it does not seem like a winning proposition right. Now you know eventually it's going to grow and e-commerce. You're going to be great read in africa but right now. Jimmy is having some problems well. Everyone sees this market. Is this giant investment opportunity there more people in africa with internet access than there are people in the united states. It's just a matter of reaching them. Julia is the biggest digital marketplace on the continent. They have about four million active users in fourteen different countries and everything is kind of in pilot mode. You know <hes> this particular take your arrangement of the driver and someone helping them is relatively new to see if they can slowly manually build up this database of addresses. Wow how long till jeff bezos amazon just coming in by jumia steamroll the whole thing and and do it that way. I don't think anyone wants to see you bet happen. <hes> people are calling for african solutions to these african challenges see of entrepreneurs on the ground trying to figure out how to fix these you know pretty basic infrastructure and cultural problems so they can access this exploding market then you bet catch beer rear chief from the washington post's writing about ecommerce over there and the challenges it faces danielle. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your time. Thanks for having me coming up and i said what is this is. This is a working day when the biggest company in town shuts down but i just just because we have to student numbers down wwl's plunged eight hundred point three percent twenty five thousand four seventy-nine the worst percentage drop for the dow this year the nasdaq tank two hundred and forty two point three percent seventy seven seventy three the s. and p. five hundred down eighty-five points two point nine percent twenty eight and forty there as we explained that inverted yield curve has been until now anyway reliable early ish indicator of coming recession citigroup group down five point two percent today j. p. morgan chase down four point one percent bank of america off four point six. You'll notwithstanding macy's plunged more than thirteen eighteen percent this wednesday after the missed expectations for its fiscal second quarter nordstrom down ten point six percent coal sank ten point nine percent today bonds rose does yield on the tenure teenagers because we mentioned earlier down at one point five seven percent. You're listening to marketplace this marketplace. Ablaze podcast is brought to you by goldman sachs for insights from leading thinkers goldman sachs on the state of markets industries and the global economy listen to their podcasts exchanges at goldman sachs. You'll hear discussions on a variety of topics from a variety of sectors with far reaching implications including global and regional growth forecasts finding value in today's investing climate the impact of technology on markets and much more. That's exchanges goldman sachs available on apple podcasts spotify stitcher soundcloud and google play at g._s. Dot com slash podcast and by the michigan again economic development corporation john romanelli founder and ceo at airspace experience technologies landed his company in michigan. He said it was because he believes in michigan. Revolution is in the air planet him agrees. They're working hard to support and grow the state's mobility ecosystem with powerful matchmaking an entrepreneurial resources. The next big thing immobility is happening in michigan. Find out what platinum can offer your business at planet dot com. That's p. l. a. n. e. t. m. dot com. This is marketplace. I'm kai ryssdal. You know what happens when interest rates says we have been down your for a week or two now. Take digger like they've been doing a lot of things things happen but one of those things is that there's a mortgage refinancing boom. The mortgage bankers association said today that refi applications were up thirty seven percent last week as the average average rate on a thirty year fixed mortgage hit a nearly four year low of three point nine three percent of course to refinance. You've got to have a pretty good credit score. It's good fico score to be precise. Fico has been the go-to for decades but some competition may be coming to the mortgage market marketplace's. Amy scott has that one fannie. Mae and freddie mac don't make loans directly but they buy or guarantee about half the mortgages made by lenders so what they say kind of goes basically if you want what's called a conventional mortgage. <hes> you have to be eligible under the fannie or freddie criteria and chichi woo with the national consumer law center says for decades accolades those criteria have included fico score but under new rules from their regulator fannie and freddie will have to consider using alternative scoring models like the one from vantage score its joint venture of the three credit bureaus equifax and trans union managing director philip bracken estimates mate's model can score forty million people who don't have enough of a credit history to get a fico score. There would be reasonably good share of them. That would be mortgage eligible after <hes> we were able to provide them credit score. That's because for one thing vantage score looks at older credit data that fico considers sitters less reliable fight goes joanne gaskin says if you look at vantage scores for people without a fico more than two thirds of them get a score below six twenty which would effectively lock them out of the prime market to really make the system more inclusive consumer advocates say credit score should include more factors like on-time renton ten utility payments. The rule change does allow fannie and freddie to approve pilot programs that consider other measures of credit worthiness. I'm amy scott for marketplace. <music> tracey samuelson did a story last week about the general motors plant in lordstown ohio and what it being taken off line as g._m. Moves from less profitable sudan's to more popular trucks and s._u._v.'s what that would mean for the people who work there one of the other plants that are five in total. The gym is putting in mothballs is detroit hamtramck assembly. It's right on the border between the two cities and as it happens a relative stone's throw from g._m. Headquarters both cities have been through the shutdown thing before this plant flint is the second one on that spot close the first time back in the late nineteen seventies locals did what they could to adjust. Here's tracy one more time. The dodge brothers there's produced their first passenger car in hamtramck in nineteen fourteen. Just before the beginning of world war one by the end of world war two the plant employed thirty six thousand autoworkers but in the late seventies the sedans and station wagons it produced couldn't compete with smaller japanese imports and chrysler which owned dodge shutter the plant in nineteen nineteen eighty when the plant close. We didn't know what the heck we were gonna do. Although we replaced got greg kowalski was the editor of the hamtramck citizen newspaper at the time. He now runs the hamtramck. I'm trying to historical museum not only hamtramck suddenly without its biggest employer taxes from the plant provided about a quarter of the city's operating revenue while we were looking adoptions. This plan was put forward by general motors and by the city of detroit g._m. Would build a new high tech factory. One it said could employ as many as six thousand people. The cities of detroit and hamtramck strung together over three hundred million dollars in tax incentives they offered g._m. The site of the old dodge plant can't plus four hundred and sixty five acres next to it a little less than one square mile. The plant had a lot of support from the area's big players politicians auto workers union local newspapers. Even the catholic archdiocese problem was that land was an empty it was most of neighborhood called poll town a densely packed working class area named for the polish immigrants who came to work in the dodge plant thirty five hundred residents fifteen hundred homes hundred and forty four businesses sixteen churches a hospital would all have to go simple town residents were eager to have the city by them out and make a fresh start somewhere else but other residents didn't wanna go many of the thirty thirty five hundred people who would be displaced banded together to fight g._m. In court arguing the city has no right to condemn private property for the private use of a corporation. They accused the city of sacrificing people to get taxes. The plant would pay some families had lived in the same houses and worshiped in the same churches their whole lives. They resented the idea of being pushed out for the benefit of a big company for angry residents. The question now is whether the corporation g._m. Has more rights than they do but the basic issue which is divided this community is whether the cost of progress will be worth the price detroit. Mayor coleman young defended the plan on c._b._s. News in nineteen eighty-one. We'll you have to balance. You have to strike the balance in favor of life and jobs as opposed to the slow death breath. It was a wild time says historian greg kowalski. I mean there were protests. There were marches and they were tearing down immaculate conception church and people were chaining themselves to the gates and all this kind of stuff a group of poll town residents sued the city challenging its use of eminent domain and they he took the case all the way to the michigan supreme court judge. James ryan is one of two surviving michigan supreme court justices who ruled on the poll town case he understood why the cities ladies were so eager to support him unemployment go to work the economy will be boosted. Collateral satellite businesses will be established. It's hard to be against that but judge. Ryan didn't think it was legal. Institution says you can take property for use public use fire station police station. This was something something different. No matter how many jobs the plant might create the judge thought doing something for the public's benefit wasn't the same as doing it for public use but judge ryan ryan was in the minority the court will let the g._m. Plant go ahead the official end of a year's battle came at daybreak today detroit police bursting through the doors behind the main altar bragging to jail twelve final holdouts who vowed to stand by their church to the end america right michael off seatbelt and tom. O husky was one of the leaders of the poll town resistance and still lives in the area. He showed me around. What's left of the neighborhood on a rainy summer day. So as we're driving can you describe grab the area as it looks now and what it would have looked like the four oh. It's a right now to ruin now. It's filled so there's there's maybe you ten houses here though that are livable and functioning talking an area of of maybe a mile long right you've got maybe a dozen places here federal functioning <hes> <hes> well although matt <hes> this post-season roads and fields we drive through an intersection where uh on every corner. It's just open lots with waist high grasses in tom's mine g._m. Did this swallowed up most town and suck the livelihood out of the parts that remain and there are others who say that whole town was dying even before g._m. That its housing stock and infrastructure were rundown that gm's jobs and taxes propped up hamtramck and the surrounding area after dodge pulled out that the sacrifice was worth it but about those jobs after the plant was built judge james ryan remembers visiting a friend in his brand new office in one of detroit's highest skyscrapers from twenty-five stories up. He looked east and saw a big empty parking lot. I said what what's that over. There is the poll town plant it. He said yes general motors plant and i said what is this. Is this a the working gear and josette. I said we'll understand. We're all of employees easer instead of six thousand jobs. The poll town plant opened with three thousand which triggered in my mind the memory that the lawyers argued vigorously that this was a public benefit because i'm sure a great number of workers would be employed didn't turn out that way today only about eight hundred people work in the plant and they'll be out of a job or we'll have to transfer elsewhere if g._m. Falls through with its plans to idle the plant next year that leaves detroit and hamtramck in a familiar place again looking for something to replace giant automaker again worried about what will happen. If something doesn't i'm tracey samuelson for marketplace andres help reduce that story for us. We've got more about poll town and hamtramck at marketplace dot org in in september as in next month is going to be the twenty first anniversary of the u._s. Release of the first book in the harry potter series and all these years later those books still show up in our culture in sometimes unexpected ways. Harry potter themed cafes. Yes wizard camps a semipro quidditch league also today's installment of our occasional series highlighting creative out of office email responses. We've seen it's called the automatic reply dear witches wizards and other magical folk. I let me say how much i admire your efforts to master muggle all forms of communication second. I regret to inform you that i am unable to reply to your traffic mail. I will be away through monday. Performing coming may headmistress duties at hogwarts preparatory academy. Please send an ally instead if you're matters urgent and you absolutely must receive stephen echo reply. Please contact our muggle relations officer robin. I want to reassure you that muggles who attempt to contact me at this address. We'll receive a completely different response than you have. They will be told that i am away receiving something called a root canal. I don't know what that it is but i gather that it is unpleasant enough to discourage further inquiry. Thank you kelly cowling headmistress of hogwarts preparatory academy order of merlin first class. Kelly-kellyanne is the executive director in real life. This is a grey havens philosophy community nonprofit in longmont colorado. Tell us about an out of office message would you you can do that at marketplace dot org this final note on the way out today about which i honestly no not what to make but which i i believe here for your use amazon as you may know is working on facial recognition software lots of things troubling about that of course privacy concerns misuse by governments and companies profiling profiling issues as well but given today on wall street. I thought it was apt to point this out. Amazon said this week that it's improved its accuracy for emotion detection. Happy be sad angry. All the usual ones also fear. Are we gotta go look. I'm going to give you these numbers but please deep breath. Take one down dust israel's eight hundred points to the downside today three percent the nasdaq off two hundred and forty two point three percent there s and p five hundred lost eighty five points two point nine percent in our media production team includes sarah gear to jasdaq if peter's daniel ramirez j._c. bowl charlton thorpe and ben tolliday. I'm kai rozelle. We will see tomorrow but this is a._p._n.

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The Matt Bernier Show - Preview Edition - February 28, 2019

Daily Racing Form

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The Matt Bernier Show - Preview Edition - February 28, 2019

"Were. Welcome in the map Bernier show on TV live dot dot com. Livestream dot com. Daily racing form Twitter handle at DRI inside post as well as the daily racing foams Facebook paid my name is Matt Bernier. You can follow me on Twitter at Bernier underscore. This is the preview addition we're gonna take a look at really deep dive into one race. But then we'll also take a brief brief look at another race in one horse in particular that I'm interested in the big one the fountain of youth will take a look at that. In my opinion, the most important or the biggest derby prep to date that'll be coming up on Saturday afternoon. Then we'll take a very very brief look at runner coming into the Canadian turf to the fifth race in the card Saturday at Gulfstream that I am very intrigued with we'll see if you agree or disagree with show you some formulated with show you some replace and go down that road. Listen this podcast form like most of you do sound cloud. I tunes video dot D R dot com as well. Spotify. You're over on YouTube, click that subscribe and give us a thumbs up. Thumbs down make sure that belly cons lit up. So you get everything that DR of TV has offer. If you're on apple podcasts or. I tunes or Spotify. Or whatever it is. Subscribe give us a review. Right. It's a give us a review writer rating. Right. As a review give us a rating. That's how goes that's a little bit more accurate better way to put that good English here. One of the thing if I could ask you, I know number of you've already done this for those of you that haven't do me a solid I put out a little bit of a survey because I'm curious about listener feedback viewer feedback. If you watch it you'll listen to it. However, you go about it put out a little bit of a survey head on over to tiny. You are L dot com slash the Matt Bernier show all one there's no spaces tiny URL dot com slash the Matt Bernier show go through it's very very quick. But believe me, I wouldn't give you something that took up five ten fifteen minutes. It's quick it's in and out. Maybe a minute minute half tops ripped through their answer. Those questions for me, it would be greatly greatly appreciated. I just wanna get some feedback and see where everything stands where everyone is. You know, what direction people wanna go? What are they like what don't they? Like, an ultimately background and things of that nature. So again, tiny oral dot com slash them at Bernier show, probably be saying that mentioning that a couple times over the next week or two before I basically conclude wrap up the whole thing. And just take a look at what the data suggests. Without further ado, let's dive right into let's take a look the at a deep dive into this weekend's fountain of youth. Again, my opinion the biggest and most important Kentucky, Derby prep today ear and twenty nineteen right? Let's dive into a little bit of a different look here this week and probably the weeks going forward a little picture picture know, you wanna see this ugly mug while we're going through and handicapping these races. Let's go over the big one race thirteen Denna Gulfstream mile in sixteenth for the three year olds great to fountain of youth. This is going to be the best race of the day. You can head on over to video dot the dot com as well as the racing forms YouTube channel if you want all the details for this. We'll also this race on out of the gate. So if you're curious about beers opinion about this race he can get that over on out of the gate as well. We're gonna go right through kind of impose vision or for those of you that have that are new to me going over these sort of races and doing it. This sorta way you're gonna see these numbers up here in the corner. The ninety two is what I consider a number sort of a. A minimum sort of projection going forward for a buyer. If you've not run a ninety two or better than I think you're gonna need step your game up. If you've not run a role one fourteen time for US rating or better, I think you need to game. The good news is so early with these three year olds they can jump up any point particularly horses that are trending in the right direction supposed to those going the opposite way. So those are a couple little things get into these numbers over here in a minute. You can take wild guess, those are let's start off though right at the top of the number one code of honor. And he goes out for sug-. He would have been sort of the the sexy it horse going into the Breeders Cup had he gone on to run. Unfortunately, there was an illness may have may not have been a little bit of a hiccup with injury. You can see the pedigree here the damn she wanted the T CA that's a sprint Phillies. Amir's down at Keeneland. She was also third in the victory ride. See noble mission to me gives off the impression that shorter sort of one turn configurations going to be better for this horse. And you see he exits the Mu-chou macho man, we're gonna go back. We'll take a look at that replay right now he is back here. In those familiar. Cherish silk sort of the green with yellow chevrons. He's gonna make a pretty significant move up in between horses, and I get this is into the teeth of the pace. But the way that he completely crumbles that to me is just not a good sign. You see him up there? Three four path between horses moving up. Again, I recognized that the internal fractions time formula had color-coded red. It just even right now see me hosts just on the outside of him. I mean, you gotta you gotta go on with you to at least threaten, and he does nothing he packs it in when the real running starts you're gonna see pretty he drops anchor me host is gonna loop up by him. Gordon ties down on the inside. And those purple and yellow silks. He's gonna come up with a run and trophy chaser gives a very good account of himself out on the front end. But right about now, you're looking at this cone code of honor going backwards. Now, again, the bigger sort of take away from me with this horse. You had some hiccups leading into the Breeders Cup. That's why he didn't run in the Breeders Cup had he gone into in great fashion. He would have been a very very sort of fashionable choice to try to upset. The apple cart. Instead, he doesn't go there. And he's put away until the beginning of January. And there was even some talk for a bit about shook saying, well, we like how he's going. Maybe we'll run in the Rhames in. They didn't choose to go there. They went for this. And this to me is just a complete non effort. It was just very very disappointing. So I look at this and say, you know, what at the end of the day. He could certainly move forward here in the ninety two year old and the champagne he could certainly move forward. I don't have any part of him. He might be a decent enough number here. Perhaps as one of the last time, you get a good number on them to me the effort was just so bad in the Mu-chou macho man he needs to prove to me that he can still run. He's not just coaches two year old. I know that sounds crazy coming from shrugs barn, but to me code of honor, he's a horse if he wins, I will lose number two epic dreamer epic dreamer comes out of the Holy Bull. The holy bowl is going to be very fascinating race to go through and dissect because he never ever fast the top two finishers. It will ever fast was the second place. Finisher Harvard wall banger won the race. But epoch dreamer ended up finishing fourth. These two two of the top four they come back in this spot. There's also another runner that's going to exit that race run here of we really won't go into him too much. The big thing for me. This race is a whole. I wrote this down back when I first recapped it. I'm unsure of the quality of the race. That was back on February the fourth just simply because yet maximums mischief who didn't really pave just disappointing. Now. He's injured. He's off the betrayal. Harvey wall bang or a horse that was twenty nine to one. He came up the wood perfect trip. X y z then you had epic dreamer. I didn't love coming into this spot. He went out there, cut out, legitimate fractions. And look he stuck around. But he got a little bit tired at the end new had ever fast who's a million to one. And it looked like on the far turn. He was in deep water. We're going to go to that replay right now you have this horse out here on the front end this epoch dreamer. The number four is ever fast. You see ninety nine to one reel tape run. And again, this is the kind of race that makes me wonder when. You see the eight horse whose fortify Maximus mischief, and he's all out again, he exited this race not in great shape. Little bit of an injury. But no one's really doing any running the exceptional Harvey wall banger. You can see him. He's the number five shooting up the would right now. But on the far turn it looked like ever fast was going to run up the track. And instead he's gonna angle out into the clear actually come on with a belated run and make this thing race at the very end. You see him finishing look he's finishing. Well, don't get me wrong. By the way, me hosts back here, not flattering code of honor by any stretch of the imagination difficult thing for me is to sit here and say, okay. Well, do I really want to just totally knock a horse that has run? Well, first off a little bit of a layoff show. Some speed. I'm talking particularly about epic dreamer and say, you know, what I don't like your chances moving forward. I think this horse has ability. I just don't know that this is his game. I don't wanna find out that this isn't his game. I don't I don't need this horse. He's going to be a big number. If you like him great, and he has some things going for him again. Second off the bench. You figure the pace is going to be a little bit different. I think it's going to be fast. But if he can show that he can sit a little bit which I'm not convinced. He can epic dreamer. There's just not a heck of a lot there for me to be thrilled. With now for ever fast is considerable quickly roll down to him. Whereas he's all the way down the bottom here. Look, he he ran fine. You see here. I have written down game at the end unsure overall simply because he was one hundred thirty to one. I mean, usually that is not a a hallmark of a good race. He had a big pace to run at he was mid pack. He was all out on the far turn. And he still somehow rallied and only lost by a length. I'm taking the opinion going into Saturday. The Holy Bull is a negative key race. I don't want anybody coming out of it. And again, you see me hosts who was mid pack. They're finishing up. I think he's going to be better going shorter. But he certainly didn't flatter quote of honor. So that basically means that the first three horses have talked about here not thrilled with their chances the three horses gladiator king. He was one of those other ones exiting the Holy Bull. I picked him in Texas glitter last week and thought he ran fine but turf sprint. He's certainly shown. Anyway that he's better at that. And why are we willing him back in a week doing something that he just completely overmatched with I want no part of this horse? He should be two hundred to one in here. The number four horses bourbon war. I'm a quite a fan of bourbon war. I think this talent ores from our canning era, tease retains the mount you can see from a pedigree standpoint. By tap, it his mom. Is Mike and Cuesta Dory. She on the also by two year old she when the summer stakes on grass two year old. I think she was quality on turf, I think she just happened to catch the right field two year old on dirt. And I believe I could be wrong that synthetic thought my head. I don't remember. But at the end of the day, I think she was better on grass that she was on the main track whether cynth- or on the main track you go through though, and look and see what this horse ran against his most recent starting to keep in mind says I start off a little bit of a layoff. I down in south Florida. He didn't really defeat much fourth-place finisher came back in eighty three buyer the runner up seventy three and a stakes race those that Oakland the pedigree. Is there? The numbers are respectable. These are numbers that I believe would translate and you could project a forward move visually. That's probably the thing that I like the most you're gonna take a look at the six horse right here with the red top here and kind of the cream colored midsection it's going to be splitting horses and this to me. This is not a comfortable position for early horse or young horse in. Source to be in BC moving up between horses very comfortably. Erat doesn't really have to get into too much and eventually Rad's gonna make the right call. They're gonna split horses. They're gonna angle out into the clear he's gonna go on very professionally. And that to me is the the thing that I'm most intrigued with by this horse that he is as professional as he is. And he's only started three times two times going longer mile and an eight two year old in the second lifetime start in this race right here. Many. He didn't blow this field away. But he doesn't professionally enough. And I thought it was a solid effort again from a number standpoint, he is a hair on the slow side. But I mean, I'm talking I hair slow and I'm expecting him to move forward. I think he's gonna run. Well, here I picked him second. I toyed with picking him. I because do like this. I think there's ability here who knows maybe down the road. He's gonna end up being a grass or something else. But for right now, I think he's promising enough three year old that you released wanna see what you've got here. I think he is a genuine contender number five coma. Coma was one of the more fancied two year olds. Last year in twenty eighteen he did not run in the Breeders Cup. They ran him. In the Nashua up at Ecuador's towing one turn mile stretching out facing winners for the first time going from six along to a flat mile. You can see his damn Mona Dema. She won the humanities average great one in the Las floors, which is a great three. Both those one turn configuration. One is a flat mile. No, I'm sorry. The seven eighths of a mile and a loss floors. I believe is six for six and a half, not a great formulator fact here for George Weaver past five years winner last out sixty one to one eighty delay off only one for thirteen five in the money with a one twenty are y you get first time lay six more importantly, if you liked this horse, you need to be looking at this and see who he'd he ran against ran against network effect. Unfortunately is off the trail here ninety four buyer and in the next start call Paul who again, keeping my seven lengths behind the runner up in that Nashua. He came back earned an eighty six in his next start winning. So the quality is there for what this horse defeated now visually. This is. About as comfortable trip as you're gonna find he's out here. Three wide four widen. The clear pushed along roll up past call Paul pass factor it in and he's going to very easily repel network affect the concern. I have is in it is very difficult to see here. I could pull up a head on. But if you're curious you can find the head on watch. He's a little bit late would lead change him kind of floundering around. The coma has got what I kind of coin. Illinois have spoken about it. He's got a bit of a paddle on them this left front leg. And I was tweeting back and forth Bruno. Julia who's a clock workout analyst and both kind of he acknowledged is said, boy, you're not kidding about the paddle that left front is just absolutely swimming out there. And you know, I it's not a surly not a disaster. It doesn't mean that the horses incapable of running or winning as evidenced by two lifetime starts it. Just makes me look at it in wonder a little bit. That's you know, it's all about mechanics to me. There was one of the things. Back Bruno said, you know, this is no different the athletes in this sport are no different than the athletes in other sports with your quarterback. Whether you're a pitcher whether you're a hitter in baseball, whether you're whether you're shooting and basketball, whatever it is mechanics. Go along way for you to be able to overcome poor mechanics you need to be an exceptional talent. And maybe that is because. But it is just one of those things that look at and go, I don't know if I loved that. And then I look at the mother and good as she was. She was a one turn type off this kind of layoff. You've got this big bullet in your back pocket here. I just wanna see what we're going to get from calm moons. Maybe he moves forward earns a triple digit buyer, and he's the bee's knees. I just want to watch one at what's going to be sort of improbably the second choice in this race. A number six signalman signalman ran a good third in the Breeders Cup juvenile last year. We're gonna go back take a look at that replay right now, you're gonna see him Mormon from the back of the pack. He's down here in sort of the yellow and Rune silks if this would load for me, try one more time. So only problem with all these windows open things get a little bit with bogged down here, we go. So you're gonna see him coming through here. Breaking from post fourteen snow bargainer thirteen excuse me. He's in the yellow silks was sort of the maroon sorta sleeves and stripes gonna we've through and ultimately source going to finish third. This is solid effort. I don't think it was a spectacular effort. I have gone on record number of time saying I don't know how good the Breeders Cup juvenile was last year. You see game winner out there undefeated champion, but you see the horse that ran up to him. I mean, we we know a k next go is a little bit at this point. No signal man's running on at the end to me as a whole. I don't know how good that racist. Then he came back into his credit. He won the Kentucky jockey club. And I've said it before number of these horses after the Breeders Cup. You don't get their best effort they were cranked up and ready to go for that one heal. These came back in one I thought it was a good effort. Not a great field that he beat blues Kapar Fe line night. You know, they're doing their thing down in Louisiana, but not spectacular signalmen's, the kind of horse to me these before they're back because you'll be more sort of in a position similar to this one here in the juvenile as opposed to the Kentucky jockey club. Keep in mind. Also, the Kentucky jockey club was run over a sloppy sealed racing surface, which he clearly likes single men if you think the pace is going to be hot which on paper it should be. He's one that can certainly come with a bit of Ron he to me is. More of an underneath type. I wouldn't be thrilled with using him on top. But again, I can understand anyone that looks at and says there's appeal there the seven is the big horse and genuinely sort of the. Potentially the x factor. The three year olds right now hidden scroll for Bill Ma because I've said it before the three year olds I'm not thrilled with any of them right now. I I shouldn't say any of them. I'm not with him as a whole. I think there are certain ones that are starting to show a little bit of potential, but as a whole group so far very lukewarm on hidden school from a number standpoint is about as good as you're gonna find a one foreigner career debut and a one nineteen as far as they raw time for US rating. The other important thing to keep in mind about this. If it were just talking about numbers before we get into all of this sort of breakdown about this race the fourth place finisher came back in ninety one buyer in his next start and take a look at the gaps fourteen links from first second almost four links from second third that at least makes me wonder is this number legitimate. The performance itself was spectacular. Here we go you, see the fractions. He's already gone sub forty five for half mile, and he's out here, and he's just cruise and on the front end jewelry is not asking do anything. Nor should he the only thing. The only thing. I don't ask them to do anything. I'm gonna roll back. Just a little bit watch Rosario is right hand. He's going to give them a couple of reminders on the shoulder. Waiting waiting waiting. We're are we there? It is. There's one is going to give it one more time just to kind of reminder, keep them to business say, look, you're one hundred clear you're gonna win this thing, but just data task resort. Never really gets into too much gives them just a little bit of hand urging source goes on and does the rest urines that one four buyer again and immediately afterward people are making the comparisons to justify because he earned a big giant figure in his debut at seven eighths XYZ, a visually. You can't knock anything about this. The great unknown. Here is an no one will know, no one will know until we get to the race on Saturday. This piece right here soppy sealed track. Did he just freak out in the mud? Keep in mind. This was a day that time formulas has the Gulf remain track intensely SP. Friendly. He went gate the wire. He broke from post one. Did you really just love the wet track? Or is he genuinely this good? If even if even if he is let's say he's he's eighty five percent of what he is on a wet track. Still very very good horse or promising prospect. But if he's not the one oh four buyer in the one nineteen time form rating. Perhaps there's a scenario where you look at it and go, you know, what this is a horse that could be on Saturday on fast main track taking on winter for the first Time, inC, going to turns for the first time with a rather turf pedigree boats calls betas bait, I think hidden schools, very good. He is the most intriguing runner of the weekend. And I'm not breaking any news. They're going to be looking at him saying, oh, this is it if he comes back and replicates that you're looking at arguably the favorite for the Kentucky Derby, if he takes us few steps backward. I think he's going to have his hands full because there's gonna be some other than I think will move forward here. And then you also have this little formulator fact do with what you will announce a limited sample size past two years for Bill Mont maiden winner last out second time stars. So the horses that one on debut and they come right back and they face Winterson next. Start a one for fourteen only two of the board. The sixty seven sent ROI source might be pushing odds-on being that six five range number global campaign. Global campaign has lost a lot of. His luster after his most recent start. This is just a few weeks back down at Gulfstream mile and a sixteen first time against winters. He was bet down. Odds of seven to ten everybody in their brother liked him and visually when you watch this replay. He's between horses right now. In those sag more silks, you're gonna see standard deviation roll up on the outside and try to make a game of this. But he won't notice that years on this horse. They're basically straight up loose is isn't asking him to run a step. This is visually very very impressive to this point. And I'm sure at this point myself included, I thought it was solid. I think serious racehorse. But then you go and you see with the numbers come back. And I understand people look at it and go seventy seven buyer, not only did he not improve he regressed from his eighty five and his crew debut, and I can tell the people look at this. And they say, well, maybe just going up and down a little bit new who's really doing any running from the back of the pack. I love this horse's ears are straight up here at the end Louise's not beating them up by any stretch just kinda taking care of them because guess what did need to go into to need to get into the horse. The thing for me. And I brought it up a number of times. And I going to continue to bring up usually there's about a twenty point difference between the time formula. Ratings and the buyers, and when all the sudden that numbers a little bit different. Then you need to look at one of two ways and say one numbers either too low or one number is too high in an instance, like this, let's just use the Karoo debut as the example, he wins by almost six years. Eighty five Byron a one zero six raw time form rating twenty one point difference. That's right on par. Look at some of these other horses. Let's say hidden scroll the one oh four Byron the one nineteen time formulas rating. Okay. Ultimately, we're talking about give or take five points relatively close. You take a look and signalman here. The raw one oh six rating with eighty four buyer pretty darn close to one six nine form rating with eight buyer pretty darn close give or take a point or two when you get global campaign. He's paired up the one oh six time form ratings, but the buyer dropped but eight points. So the question as handicap the you need to make the determination on for this race on Saturday is the seventy seven actually Acura. Britt or is the one of six Acker because the one oh six is accurate. He's parent up both of his buyer tops or his time form US tops. And he's potential to take step forward here. He's already proven that he can sit a little bit. And he's proven to turns over this race track. All sudden, there's a lot to like there. If you think he regretted the seventy seven he's not nearly as appealing seen a lot of people on Twitter say it, and I'm not gonna argue because I don't know for certain which numbers is better of the two. I'm gonna lean toward the time form rating. I like the pedigree's obviously by curling, you can see that. But he's a half to sonic mule who had success down Gulfstream barkings have to bolt door who I was arguably one of the best two year olds you've seen in the past handful of years global campaign. I'm going to be very curious to see how he's he's ten to one in the morning line. I think he has a little bit of her civility. And I think he's actually quite good. We'll find out I could be proven entirely wrong. But I think mobile campaigns got a big chance here on Saturday at what's gonna be arguably. As big numbers you're gonna find on him for a little bit of time to come number nine horse ever fast spoke about him already the ten frosted grace in the midst of the formulator debacle on Thursday morning. I couldn't get my no in for this horse of you can see I didn't love the effort. I thought he was a little bit reluctant to split horses and go through never change leads frost Grace's one that I don't particularly love and unions destiny, if you really wanted to make a case for a horse underneath maybe it's this one is by union rags? I thought the smooth air. It was great. But once they got him out onto the clear, he just he sort of plugged along. If you're looking for a horse underneath that. Should appreciate some distance. Perhaps it's unions destiny where did I go in this race? I to me a boil down to two oars, I understand hidden scroll. If he replicates that boom most likely winner, the calm, if he takes Ford three year old debut, boom, one of the more likely winters. I want decent enough prices in a race. Right. Don't think they're. I think this is an opportunity race. I if the favorites win Soviet, I think you need to use them. But I think this is a potential opportunity race where you can look at some of these horses and say the upside in the potential is there, and if they take a small step forward here, they are right there with some of the better horses, and they can arguably be six seven eight nine ten times the price of the shorter prices one of those horses bourbon war the other one is global campaign. Ultimately, I went with global campaign because sailing huffed barn has been in pretty good form at this point. You can see right here. Four from ten with two four other times in the money. He has victory at the distance over the racetrack. And he's shown the ability to sit a little bit. And I think I have a feeling that the time form rating is slightly more accurate than the buyer. I think the buyer was predominantly based around standard deviation if that's the case. And maybe it is I I'm I'm gambling on the time form rating to being a little bit more on the accurate side. This time around. But again, these sort of things it can go either way there's no guarantee that one is going to be more accurate than the other. We'll find out Saturday after we find out how he runs tend to one in the morning line. He's a horse that I'm gonna be playing and then as far as bourbon wars concerned, I have to be honest. I'm not opposed. I'm not one of those people that has so much pride that I'm only get one horse to win. If they're both making it up seven eight to one problem into orces to win. And I know a lot of people look at don't go, and that's that's asinine. You're betting. One of your bets is is a loser guaranteed if not both. But if I'm getting value, I'm not opposed to take a shot there bourbon war and global campaign. Those are the two for me in this spot in order. I went eight four seven five hidden scroll. I'm fascinated to see what we get from him and the calm again if he comes back. Here's the three year old knee improves first time Lasix for George Weaver. He could be very very serious horse. We'll find out but for me going to try to beat the favorites in here. I'm gonna go with global campaign. Over bourbon war in the fountain of youth. Now, let's transition over to race earlier in the car that I think there's an interesting horse in there at which should be very very square price. Quick look at one other race Saturday at Gulfstream some of you in the survey, you made it clear that you're interested in some more bigger prices some bombs. I don't know that this horse going to classify a bomb, but I do think he actually has a fair chance at winning this race. Let alone hitting the board. I certainly think you can at least get in there, and maybe sneak him underneath and I'm talking about the number three horse in the fifth race the fifth race is the Canadian turf at a mile on the grass. It's it's not a big field. And it's not littered with superstars pieces. There's not a ton of speed. And here I'm gonna show you the number three horse in here holiday stone. Now holiday stone is not a prolific winner. Three of nineteen lifetime. He's not a particularly fast horse. He's run fast. Probably once maybe twice. But more importantly, he goes out for a nice bar, George Weaver. Manny Franko is. Down to ride on Saturday afternoon. And you'll see what I have highlighted here. Now, sometimes I'll go through and do the full deep dive as far as you know, I turn far term backside explains break other times when I'm just watching tape, and there is a trip or something that I see and I don't wanna go through and do the bit by bit. I'll just write a note like you see right there. Legit never got chance to run trap down real complete draw a line. Now, what does that mean a little bit of context? Let's go back to the most recent run. Now, keep in mind. This is Neil prod at seven and a half furlongs take a look here, the number two horse. This is holiday stone gonna let the tape run. And you're gonna see he's ready to run he wants to go and okay, it's turf race. You're gonna wait save some ground because really nowhere from to go. You can't hold that against him. There's still part of me that wonders, okay? We're gonna be able to find any sort of seem still nothing. They're still nothing. There probably is everybody else's in full flight in full gear. And you have been shuffled all the way almost to last. This is a horse that I look at it and say boy, he never even got a chance I'm not suggesting he necessarily would run won this race. But boy, you go all the way back. He he just never got a chance to pick his feet up. And I think he would have run again. I'm not saying he would have won the race. But he would run he would at least made a close keep mine. Also this race that the pace completely meltdown the horses that came from the back including Henry who's going to be in this race here on Saturday. They'll took advantage of it holiday stone is buried down there on the inside. I think this race is one of those that unless you saw the tape you're going to go back and take a look at his past performances and say. Ran tenth in the most recent run to starts back up the track finishing six. Well, here we go reason for that. I have written in here pace fell apart. Last move was the winning move. Where was he a length off the pace with fractions throughout coordinate time formulas prior to that little bit of a layoff. The of the seabiscuit out in southern California never easy to ship and two pretty decent group in their synchrony caribou club. We know they're capable of not gonna hold that against him. Again, preceded a little bit of layoff four starts back. You have seven eighths race on the main track. That's not what he wants to do is not that good. He's not that kind of horse. What are you left with prior to that you have this race at Saratoga at a flat mile? He gets the job done by headed. Odds of seven to one with ninety six buyer and a one sixteen time form rating, he defeated breaking the rules that day who's going to be the favorite in this race, in my opinion, right there with Embry. But I'm saying this is a way that you need to handicap, and you some of these horses from time to time if you can go through and this. You get some numbers is going to win the race. Who knows I have no idea. I think he has a serious chance out runs is eight to one in the morning line. But if I can go through and say the product draw line through never got a chance tropical turf off of a little bit of a layoff close to a hot pace finish up the track. Last moves that winning move draw a line through seabiscuit probably against two tough out in southern California Mylan, sixteen probably too far form draw a line through Anna preceded a layoff four starts back main track. Seven eighths at Keeneland draw line through not a main track horse if you can go through and kind of formulate something like that all of a sudden you're left with this race up at Saratoga. Flat mile gets the job done with ninety six buyer that fits very very well in here that makes him illegitimate player. Also, keep in mind, not a lot of pace in here down on the inside is going to go. I think holiday stones. It's just offering man. He's going to have every opportunity of the sources good enough. And again, this might be one of those sneaky ones if you're looking for a bit of a number. I'm not suggesting to be twenty one. But if he is eight to one in the morning line even comes down a little bit six to one maybe the kind. Horse that using multi-race wagers. Maybe you're planning a contest on Saturday something along those lines and holidays stone has a much better chance than it may look at face value. Now, let's go button things up. Get you ready for what's on tap here on out of the gate. So you haven't that's this week's preview edition deep dive into the fountain of youth a little bit of a look at Canadian turf and intriguing runner in their my opinion questions. Comments concerns beneath the video player on YouTube or on Twitter at Bernier underscore math. Those of you that have listened live. Thanks for doing. So. But most of you our podcast listeners. Whether you're listening or watching watching you obviously have YouTube video dot the dot com. You'll listen you have apple podcast, I tune Spotify. You name it. You got a number of different ways for you to find this thing. However, you take it in please subscribe, make sure that your notifications are lit up. So you're going to be able to get it. Everything's going to populate him. Whether it's on your phone, whether it's your computer on YouTube, whatever the case may be and if you have any questions again or anything else, you just want to pay attention. Some more racing over on Twitter at Bernier underscore met. One more. Time. Appreciate it for those of you that our listeners, and you have not participated yet that little survey that have out there tiny URL dot com slash the Matt Bernier show all one there are no spaces in their tiny Oriel dot com slash the map Bernier show go through it is a quick quick. And painless survey as I made mention I'll probably bring nine up the next week or two just to make sure that as much data in there as possible, and we can go forward and hopefully make this thing a little bit better and a little bit more to your liking. Until I come back with the recap addition beginning next week, we're gonna throw it into the latest edition of out of the gate. You'll get some more information the fountain of youth as well. Some of the big stakes races from across the country on Saturday afternoon. Best of luck this weekend. However, you play whatever you play wherever you play. This has been the preview of the map Bernier show.

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Circle of Friends Pt. 1: Bruno Grning


39:41 min | 1 year ago

Circle of Friends Pt. 1: Bruno Grning

"The mayor of hair for Germany felt a growing sense of panic as he watched the crowd. Gather in the town plaza. Thousands had flocked to the city, packed into cars and huddled together in truck beds to see the so called. Doctor they came in wheelchairs on crutches, and on stretchers, carried by their family and friends. They had come to be healed. The faithful waited for hours with bated breath. There is never leaving the balcony overlooking a nearby villa. The mayor ground his teeth as he remembered the events of only years ago when a different charismatic leader had galvanized the German population. He worried he was about to watch history. Repeat itself. Finally! Bruno groaning emerged onto the balcony and wade his eager patients. The crowd erupted in applause. Everyone called out at once begging to feel the man's healing touch suddenly Bruno raised his hand, and the five thousand people below him went quiet. The mayor wondered if he'd really cured. The holson boys, muscular dystrophy with the same simple juster, was he witnessing the birth of a new German Messiah or the rise of the next Adolf Hitler. Hi I'm Greg Paulson and I'm Vanessa Richardson? And this is colts a cast original every Tuesday we look at a cult practices, their leader and their followers, you can find all episodes of cultures and all other podcast originals for free on spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream cults for free on spotify just open the APP and type colts in the search bar at podcast cast. We're grateful for you, our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing. Reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network today. We're taking a deep dive into Bruno Groaning. Groaning a German faith healer Bruno rose to national prominence in one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, nine at the age of forty three after German newspapers reported that he had cured a young boy of muscular dystrophy from nineteen, forty, nine to nineteen, fifty, nine Bruno toured Germany. Attracting crowds of up to thirty thousand people. This week will examine the early life of Bruno Groaning and the beginnings of his career as a healer next week will chart the peak of Bruno's popularity and accusations that he was responsible for the death of a teenage girl will also take a look at the way. His legacy persisted even after his untimely death. Bruno groening felt different from the time he was a young boy. He was the fourth of seven children, and his siblings often bullied him for being overly sensitive. His father August was no different and relished in beating all of this sons when they misbehaved. Seeking Solace from his family. Bruno turn to nature as a spiritual refuge starting around. Eight two year old Bruno took to wandering around the woods near his hometown of Gdansk, which had recently been absorbed into the expanding German empire, the solitude allowed him to vent his frustrations in peace, and express himself in a way he never could his father or his brothers Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here and throughout the episode. Please note. She is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for this show. Thanks Greg. In two thousand and two, a study published in the child, abuse and neglect, the international journal found that children who experienced psychological abuse are more likely to suffer from chronic emotional inhibition. This can cause the children to become extremely adverse to conflict and vulnerable to stress. In this light Bruno's long walks through the woods can be viewed as a way to avoid the issues in his chaotic home alone among the trees. Bruno felt a sense of safety and control. He couldn't find with his family to a young child struggling to process his emotions, the welcome feeling of safety may have felt like a spiritual awakening. In Bruno's words here. I experienced God in every Bush in every tree in every animal. Yes, even the stones I could stand and take it all in for hours. Time seemed to have no meaning, and it seemed to me as if my being expanded into infinity. It was also here that Bruno I took note of his supposed extraordinary abilities Bruno later claimed that. is like deer, rabbits, and even wild pigs would approach him without fear in the woods. The animals seem to be soothed by his gentle touch. Bruno's magic touch seemed to work on humans to after several sick neighbors who spent time in Bruno's presence quickly recovered his mother. Marguerite accepted his miracle healing ability as fact. Just a few years later, the outbreak of the first world war offered young Bruno a chance to put his healing gifts to the test. As the sensitive child watched the men March off to battle. Bruno vowed to use his mysterious abilities to aid the war effort. Throughout the first World War Bruno visited German soldiers at the military hospitals near Gdansk offering his healing presence to the wounded. Whether or not Bruno really had a miraculous gift for healing the young men, recovering from the horrors of war were always happy to see him. They felt less pain in his presence. They had fewer tremors, and some described feeling overtaken by a reassuring calm to the amazement of local doctors. The wounded soldiers spent time with Bruno, seemed to recover more quickly from their injuries soon whenever Bruno visited a hospital camp, reports of miracles followed, rumors swirled of soldiers, rendered deaf and blind by mortar fire, suddenly regaining their senses. Thanks to Bruno One story claimed that after sitting with Bruno for several hours, soldiers crippled by severe muscle spasms were able to walk once again. Neighbors began to send for Marguerite to whenever they fell ill, begging her to bring little Bruno for a visit. Some began to believe that little Bruno groaning was a saint sent by God. It's understandable that the faithful Christian townsfolk of Gdansk would attribute their recoveries to a god given miracle, but it's possible that the soldiers and neighbors Bruno healed were benefiting from a phenomenon known today as the placebo effect. In Nineteen, ninety-seven Doctors Arthur and Elaine Shapiro defined the placebo effect as any treatment including drugs, surgery, psychotherapy and quack therapy used for its ameliorative effect on a symptom or disease, but that is actually ineffective or not specifically effective for the condition being treated. Research has shown the placebo effect can have powerful effects on the human body. It can reduce inflammation alleviate chronic pain, lessen the effects of major depressive disorder and relief, both physical and psychological symptoms of PTSD. In some cases it can even stimulate the body's immune response to destroy cancerous tumors, Essentially Brunel, groening's miraculous healing ability may have worked because people treated were desperate to believe that it could work. Regardless as Bruno's reputation grew. His problems at home grew more complex. His parents began to favor him over his siblings. This stopped the beatings, but served to ostracize Bruno further from his brothers. They resented Bruno special treatment and their bullying only intensified. The abuse prompted Bruno to leave home as soon as he could. In one, thousand, nine, hundred eighteen at age twelve, he jumped at the chance to apprentice with local businessman after the war ended. Bruno spent two years working for the businessman. Before his father, a bricklayer pressured him to abandon his business studies. He wanted his son to learn a dependable trade. Instead in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, Bruno began a new apprenticeship as a carpenter, but the economic instability of the postwar period disrupted his plans. Due to a drought in new orders, the carpentry firm offering Bruno work was forced to close at Fifteen Bruno was just three months away from completing his training rather than return home and give up his freedom Bruno survived on his own by taking whatever work, he could find. For a time Bruno bounced around from job to job. He loaded freighters as a dockworker repaired clocks radios and eked out a living a locksmith. All the time from nineteen twenty, one to nineteen, twenty, seven teenage Bruno continued to visit sick neighbors and wounded war veterans who sought him out for healing, though not everyone who came to see Bruno achieved a miraculous recovery, his aura of spiritual self-assurance soothe them and bolstered their faith. His kind heart and relentless work ethic earned Brennan, admiration of a young woman named Gertrude. In Nineteen, twenty seven at the age of twenty one bruno married chewed, and the couple moved into a small home and Gdansk. Gear Trud loved Bruno, but considered herself a practical and rational person. She'd heard the stories about her husband's miracle. Healing Ability, but largely dismissed them as unprovable vagaries. After they married, she encouraged him to set the practice aside in order to focus on his career and family. Though Bruno felt, he had been called by God to heal the sick, he also wished to honor his wife, and so he said his healing practice aside for time for the next few years, he only occasionally offered healing when friends or neighbors sought amount out directly. The couple flourished in nineteen, thirty one gear trud gave birth to their first son twenty five year old Bruno overflowed with joy, as he welcomed young Harold groaning into the world, unfortunately, Bruno Gear, Trud could hardly have chosen a worse time to begin their family. In nineteen, thirty, one Germany was suffering from mass unemployment and runaway inflation businesses were failing throughout the country, and took a wheelbarrows worth of reichsmarks to buy a single loaf of bread. Germans burned their banknotes for warmth because the notes were worth less than kindling. The Social Democrats and Communists in parliament ultimately failed to find an effective solution to the crisis, meanwhile Adolf Hitler and the Nazis toured the country blaming every problem on Germany's Jewish financiers and the Bolsheviks their message resonated with a desperate public in nineteen, thirty, two, just a year after Harold groaning was born. The Nazi Party secured a majority of the seats in parliament. Amana Faith Bruno viewed the violent clashes between the Nazi and communist paramilitary forces has a battle between good and evil for the soul of Germany. As the Nazi secured their hold on the German parliament Bruno feared that desperation would force the German people to abandon God. He could feel Germany slipping further, and further into darkness he found the period of political turmoil, deeply troubling, but remained focused on supporting his family. He took whatever work. He could find, and at the insistence of his wife Gertrude refrained from practicing faith healing. But even so Bruno resented that he couldn't do more to help Germany as his people suffered through economic despair by the time. Bruno's second son, Guenter was born in Nineteen thirty, nine, the Second World War was on the horizon, and his concerns kept him up at night. To make matters worse shortly after Germany invaded Poland Bruno's nine year, old son, harld contracted a life threatening illness. Bruno wanted to heal their child, but gertrude placed her faith in the powers of modern medicine and sent hardaway to be looked after by doctors. Sadly despite the doctors, best efforts Harles condition continued to worsen, and he died in the early months of nineteen forty, Bruno's inability to cure his own son's illness caused him a great deal of pain, and he began to resent his wife for barring him from using his faith healing. He was ashamed at. Dow, did his abilities and blamed her for Charles Death. Though they stayed together to focus on raising guenter, their relationship soured. The Gentleman Gertrude loved was consumed by grief, becoming bitter and depressed, they were physically torn apart in nineteen, forty, three, when thirty-seven-year-old Bruno, was called up to serve in the German Armed Forces, he would soon find himself on the front lines of the most hellish war in human history fighting for a leader, he viewed as the embodiment of evil. Coming up Bruno Groaning narrowly escapes a court martial than tests, his faith against the horrors of Soviet Gulag. If you're a fan of puzzles like me, you will absolutely love the fantastic. Five Star rated mobile puzzle game. Best beans while it's a casual game. It has thousands of unique puzzles that challenged by. I really enjoy playing my way through the world of MINUTIAE, and I like that requires some strategy. I prefer gains right need to focus and think and I can do that with best means i. just started playing recently and I'm already up to level thirty three. Best fiends is full of bright colors and tons of characters with new levels, challenges and events added every month best. Never gets old. Engage your brain with fun puzzles and collect tons of cute characters. Trust me with over one hundred million downloads. This five star rated mobile puzzle game is a must play download best fiends free on the apple APP store or Google play. That's friends without the our best fiends. Height listeners to commemorate our fourth anniversary podcast and the team behind unsolved murders are taking a closer. Look at what it takes to catch a killer. It's captivating new show that you can only find on spotify and it's called solved murders. True crime mysteries join my good friends Carter and Wendy as well as an ensemble cast of voice actors, as they explore the days months, and even years leading up to a killer being caught. Every Wednesday you'll wade through the details of a heinous crime track the ups and downs of the investigation, and ultimately witnessed the closure of a seemingly on crackle case. Each episode of solved murders place out like a classic murder mystery where the final reveal is nearly a shocking as the murder itself from the butcher plainfield Ed Geene to America's first serial killer H H Holmes these accounts are all real, all riveting and only available on spotify. Not Every story has a happy ending, but at least they haven't ending follow solved murders, true crime mysteries free and only on spotify. Now back to the story. In nineteen forty Bruno groaning lost his nine year old son Harold to a terminal illness, believing that he had miraculous faith, healing powers, Bruno blamed himself for not saving Harold three years later at the lowest emotional point in his life, the thirty seven year old was conscripted into the German army to serve in World War Two while his wife, Gertrude and younger son. Guenter remained behind in Gdansk. Bruno went to the eastern front of the war to be trained as an infantryman. Bruno strict Christian. Faith and pacifist ideology soon brought him into conflict with a Nazi top brass. Bruno was willing to do his duty as a soldier, but as a self avowed pacifist, he refused to carry a weapon even in basic training, he sincerely believed that his faith forbade him from doing violence to others, but his stubborn refusal to participate in rifle training exercises in rage his superiors. His. Officers threatened him with a court martial for refusing to obey orders. If convicted Bruno faced execution at the hands of Nazi firing squad, Fortunately Bruno had demonstrated exemplary conduct aside from his refusal to participate in combat training, and was able to convince the military brass that his beliefs were sincere. Ultimately, the military tribunal cleared Bruno to serve as infantry support. Bruno was sent to the front late in the spring of nineteen forty-three. Though he refused to participate in combat, he found other ways to make himself useful. The restocked ammunition for the artillery ran messages between battery positions at used as technical expertise to repair and maintain the antitank guns. He also did what he could to alleviate. The suffering that surrounded him stationed in a remote village along Russia's western border Bruno rescued Russian villagers from starvation by convincing his commanding officer to share the army's surplus, rations and supplies with the families sheltering in the village in his free time. He sat with wounded and Shell shocked soldiers reading to them from the Bible. Brunell strongly believed that the soul of man existed in a state of eternal struggle between good and evil. He saw God as the ultimate manifestation of spiritual good, he saw connection between a healthy physical body and a spiritually healthy soul. Bruno, taut, his small battle, weary congregation, that was the physical result of evil corrupting man's soul. As time went on, his sermons became more polished. He implored his fellow soldiers to put their total trust in God's Power Bruno. Promised that by focusing on the physical sensation of their pain they could channel God's healing, stream or hail strom into their bodies. If they could master this process, Bruno claimed they could drive out the evil spiritual energy and recover from any sickness. According to some accounts, Bruno's words had a powerful effect. Survivors of the war interviewed later offered plenty of anecdotes and support of Bruno's healing abilities. Their testimonies credited Bruno with. Everything from Severe Migraines to muscle, tremors, limps and blindness. Though unknown at the time, these physical symptoms have since been linked to cases of war induced post traumatic stress disorder at the time SD was not widely understood by the medical community in two thousand and five, however, a study on psychological injury in the first and second. World Wars found that symptoms included uncontrollable, shaking and disturbances of speech, vision, hearing or gate all without detectable organic basis. For example there were soldiers who developed blindness after a gas attack and others who became deaf after enduring long periods of shellfire, being buried alive for hours, or days could induce uncontrollable, shaking, trembling or spasms for some soldiers Bruno's faith healing would have been the closest thing to psychological treatment. They would receive for their ailments. Want survivor recalled suffering from horrifying night terrors until Brunell spoke with him, Brunell said a prayer for the soldier and asked him if he believed that God had the power to heal his suffering. The soldier said he believed, and after speaking with Bruno claimed he never suffered another nightmare. But nothing could protect the soldiers from the eventual outcome of their failed offensive when the Red Army finally broke through the eastern line. Bruno was caught in the crossfire. He became one of the thousands of wounded German. Soldiers taken prisoner by the Soviets. He spent the final months of the war in a Soviet prison camp east of Poland. No sooner had he recovered from his bullet wound than the Soviets put him to work breaking rocks and digging graves. Brutal had been forced to fight for the Nazis. That he had been by God to help heal all people in the Soviet prison camps. He found himself surrounded by physically and psychologically shattered prisoners of war, thinking back to the time he'd spent as a child among the wounded veterans of the first world. War, he resolved to do all he could to aid his fellow prisoners. From November nineteen, forty four until his release in December nineteen, forty-five Bruno's determination to help the other prisoners gave him the motivation. He needed to survive the brutal conditions of life as a Soviet prisoner. During the Frigid Winter Brunel slept on the frozen floor of the uninterested barracks. He frequently skipped his own meals, instead sharing his rations with star ving prisoners at night he led the others in prayer, and offered his healing presence to the sick and dying his hard work in the labor yards, and his calm compassionate demeanor helped him develop a friendly relationship with some of the camp guards. Over time he was able to secure better clothing, better food and better shelter for his fellow prisoners of war, though conditions in the prison camps could be brutal and unforgiving prisoners were afforded a few freedoms so long as they refrained from causing trouble one. One of the most precious of these was the privilege to gather freely in the evenings there were many German prisoners who prior to the war had been accredited experts in other fields. The camps were filled with artists and authors, theology, professors, and historians, these medoff entertain themselves, and the other prisoners by staging impromptu lectures in the barracks during these talks Brunel saw men who spirits have been ravaged by war come alive with a renewed sense of purpose in their shared love of history and Art Music and Literature Bruno saw God's divine spirit at work by sharing his religious philosophies with his fellow prisoners, Bruno felt his own soul begin to heal. Later Bruno credited his survival in the Russian labor camps to his faith in God. He claimed that he had avoided starting to death by drawing sustenance from the miraculous spiritual energy. He called Hail Stream. In December of nineteen forty five seven months after Germany had officially surrendered to the allies, the Russians loaded their German. Prisoners of war onto a train bound for Poland. After surviving unimaginable horror Bruno, groaning was finally going home. To long years after leaving his hometown, thirty nine year, old Bruno returned to Dansk overjoyed, he wept, tessie reunited with Geir Trud and their six-year-old son Guenter. Sadly the family's happy meeting was short-lived. Since, Germany had relinquished control of Poland Bruno's hometown of Gdansk became a Polish territory than a German one. Unfortunately, Poland's new leaders weren't thrilled at the idea of German. Soldiers residing on the Polish side of the border shortly after Bruno returned to Gdansk. All German men were expelled from the country. After Of tearful debates. Geir Tuden Guenter decided to stay behind in Gdansk until Bruno could find them a new home. In Germany so once again Bruno bid a tearful goodbye to his wife and son before boarding a train bound for the West. He went to Dylan Berg a small town in the West German state of Hessen Bruno found, there was plenty of work to be had there as a bricklayer, he rented a small, Shabby flat in the industrial part of town, and set to work rebuilding his life in nineteen, forty, seven at the age of forty, one Bruno sent, forget chewed and Guenter to join him and Dylan Berg they live together happily than for a time. It seemed that the worst was behind them. They had lived through two world wars, the worst economic collapse in world history and the death of their eldest son, but they were still standing perhaps at long last they would finally be able to heal. Sadly, fate was not finished with Bruno Groaning soon another tragedy would shatter his family and said Bruno on the path to his destiny. Coming up Bruno groaning loses family and finds a following. And now back to the story. After surviving the Second World War and confinement in a Soviet prison camp, forty-one-year-old Bruno Groaning moved with his wife and son to the West German town of Dylan Burg in one thousand, nine, forty-seven Bruno had long believed that he was a faith healer, but he put his spiritual calling behind him and found work as a bricklayer. From a cramped apartment in Dylan Burg's rundown industrial district, he built a new life for his family, but just as the family began to settle into their new peaceful routine together. Bruno's eight year old son Guenter contracted a life threatening illness to Bruno. It was like reliving his worst nightmare seven years earlier, his first son Harold had perished after a long battle with a terminal disease. The cruel twist of fate tore him apart. He wondered why he couldn't heal his own child when he had healed so many others with the power of God. Bruno's wife Gear Trud had always doubted Bruno's spiritual healing ability over his objections. She chose again to place her face in modern medicine, and send guenter away to be looked after by doctors, but in the waning days of nineteen forty-eight, Guenter Groaning succumb to his illness like brother Harold before him, Guenter died shortly after his ninth birthday. Few marriages are strong enough to survive. The loss of a child and the GROENING's had lost two children in ten years after Guenter Death Bruno's relationship with his wife deteriorated Brunel staunchly believed that as powers could've saved both of his sons if only his wife would have trusted his ability to heal them. His resentment towards gear, trud festered, and after she again attempted to forbid him from practising as healing, they separated in Nineteen forty-nine, abandoning his grief, stricken wife Bruno traveled to the rural district and devoted himself fully to studying the Bible and healing the sick, he traveled from house to house, visiting anyone who requested his presence for no charge. He shared the healing technique. He had perfected during his time in the Soviet prison camp. By now he practiced hand when he attempted a healing Bruno asked the sick person to sit with their back straight, and their palms turned up to the heavens he claimed that they had to keep their arms and legs uncrossed in order to avoid disrupting the flow of God's healing stream. While, in the past he'd asked his patients to dwell on the pain or discomfort caused by their illness Bruno now began telling them to concentrate on something pleasant instead he would then attempt to channel God's Hellstrom to the sources of illness in their bodies. Some of those healed by Bruno, claimed that after a few moments of quiet concentration, they felt a warm, tingling current flowing to the source of their pain afterwards, they were completely healed as Bruno traveled through the rural district word of his miraculous healings spread to neighboring towns, eventually, rumors of Bruno reached the era of a wealthy engineer named Holtzman his nine year old son. Deter suffered from progressive muscular dystrophy. Desperate for hope whose men wrote a letter to Bruno inviting him to attend to deter at the family's villa in the city of Hair Ford host. Men explained that his son's illness had left him unable to stand or walk. The boy had been bedridden for ten weeks. Bruno accepted Hulsmans invitation arriving at the engineers home in March of Nineteen, forty-nine. Halston? Watched in awe as Bruno sat with for the better part of the day. Bruno Channel God's hailstorm into the boys, upturned palms, and eventually proclaimed him healed wholesome. It could hardly believe it when suddenly stood and took several hesitant steps. Were dealers impossible recovery spread through hair Ford, and the event was swiftly hailed as a miracle. Men shared his account of the faith healing with several journalists and popular, German tabloid dubbed Bruno the Miracle Doctor Astounded by Bruno's abilities. Holtzman invited him to stay in his home and minister to all those who came seeking healing. Visitors, well wishers and sick patients flocked to hear for it in the weeks that followed as word of the miracle doctor spread far and wide the steady stream of ailing pilgrims became an overwhelming flood. Germans suffering from crippling disabilities, chronic illnesses and inexplicable aches arrived by the busload, setting up a makeshift camp on the plaza in front of the Holtzman residents. They waited patiently to catch a glimpse of the enigmatic miracle worker. By June of nineteen forty nine hair for its population swelled as thousands of Germans made the pilgrimage to seven wilhelm's Platz, arriving in hair Ford on June. twenty-fourth Manfred Lukin Horst a journalist for the Muenchner Merkur described the scene writing. There were almost one thousand people standing in front of the two story house in Wilhem slats. Indescribable picture of suffering, according to Manfred, the crowd included countless numbers of people in wheelchairs. Others brought there by their relatives, blind, deaf and dumb mothers with mentally and physically disabled children, almost one hundred cars, trucks and buses were parked around the square, and all had come from far away. Members of the crowd eagerly shared stories of miracles they'd witnessed one woman claimed she'd seen five men arrive at the plaza, crippled and unable to walk only to stand and walk away unaided later another woman told Manfred of a man she'd met the day before who had approached her weeping tears of joy, shouted that Bruno had healed his sight, and then described the cause of her handbag to her as proof. In recent years, psychologists and researchers seeking to understand the groaning phenomenon have attributed his explosive popularity and the sudden national fascination with his miracle healings to a kind of nationwide post. Traumatic stress phenomenon as Jennifer kept Chintzy, argues in her book German patient, the case of the miracle doctor exemplifies the peculiar dilemmas surrounding the postwar German need for physical and psychic recuperation in a nation deeply traumatized by war, the rise of Bruno Groaning raised difficult questions about Germany's real and imagined. Imagined ailments, some researchers believe that Bruno's unique intuition allowed him to perpetuate the sort of mass persuasion used by the Nazis. He treated the masses psychologically, providing them a means to deal with their grief, guilt and stress justice. He had counseled soldiers struggling with PTSD. He was able to provide real hope to the struggling citizens of Germany. It's possible that this psychological treatment resulted in real physical symptoms, being cured for many of his acolytes at the time, however many worried. Worried about the appeal of charismatic man who inspired fanaticism after all by nineteen, forty nine, only four years had passed since the Third Reich committed the worst genocide in modern memory so Bruno attracted his fair share of critics as well as admirers, the mayor of hair Ford watched with mounting concern as a newly anointed German Messiah wave to a crowd of thousands of hysterical Germans from a balcony, seeking to stem the tide of pilgrim's flooding hair, Ford streets of the city. City. Council enacted at Emergency Ordinance Barring. Bruno groaning from the continued exercise. If it's activities. They warned him that he would be fine severely. Should he appear again on Hulsmans Balcony? When the believers gathered in the Plaza learned of the Ordinance, they accuse the mayor of violating their civil liberties in an effort to silence Bruno, groaning, fearing an uprising of an elderly, chronically ill and physically disabled crowd, the city council back down, and Bruno was allowed to address his followers. At Eleven PM on June twenty-fifth, nineteen, forty nine, Bruno emerged once again to address the crowd from the balcony, he smiled and yelled to the thousands of admirers gathered in the plaza, saying my dear seekers of hailing, you're praying to and imploring the Lord. God was not in vain. He then told the crowd that those who had faith in God would receive his healing, and declared everyone gathered below the balcony, healthy in the name of God finally he warned the crowd to be where the corrupting influence of evil and called on them to express compassion for their fellow man. The crowd rebelled until two in the morning Bruno had won his first skirmish with city officials, but the battle was just a small taste of the legal challenges he would face throughout the next decade in the following weeks. The city of Hair Ford would strike back against Bruno. Eventually he would be forced to leave the district, but the groaning phenomenon could not be contained. The miracle doctor had cured the sick in hair, Ford and the rest of West Germany was begging to be healed. Thanks for tuning into colts. We'll be back next week with part two of Bruno Groaning story following the Miracle Hair Ford in one, thousand, nine, forty, nine, Bruno's following, exploded over the next decade, and beyond he attracted the attention of fiercely devoted followers, skeptical medical experts and wary government officials for more information on Bruno Groaning amongst the many sources we used. We found GRITA hostellers biography. Here is the truth about Bruno Groaning especially helpful to our research. And as always you can find more episodes of cults as well as all a park cast other shows on spotify or your favorite podcast directory, and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see you next time. Colts was created by Max Cutler and is a podcast studios. Original executive producers include Max and Ron Cutler, some designed by Brian Golub with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Joshua Kern this episode of cults was written by Nick. Hanley with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon and stars Greg Poulsen and Vanessa Richardson. Don't forget to check out the thrilling new podcast series solved murders true crime mysteries. It's only available on spotify at explores the days months, and even years leading up to a killer being caught. It's from the team that brought you unsolved murders. So you know it's going to be riveting. New Episodes Premiere every Wednesday. Follow solved murders, true crime mysteries free and only on spotify.

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Round 33 - Tyson Fury Special

TKO with Carl Frampton

28:42 min | 2 years ago

Round 33 - Tyson Fury Special

"Train is with no socks for me today come from big chief stand up to cancer with grime swollen John what was yourself good they wasn't it grip I don't have trucks Joe Presents Tko together with thirty to read well TKO on Joe together with thirty two rebel cost new show with you every Thursday track it was a punch and they've didn't know the ESPN comments routine did and they sent one of our reporters to interview Ben and essentially pass information to now if you've been in that situation the punch than the referee should be told to punch the referee then I'm sure would have told Davis an actually wasn't a head clash it was a punch it's essential information that they should have involved in the whole thing basically yeah of course financially invested in him from their point of view may were actually quite instrumental in getting that information across the Ben Davidson so answer was I don't know a lot of Guy I don't think a lot of other people do I can't really judge them but my impression was just another face for fury before the wider fight the content would you be okay with that in that situation yeah because they need to know one night and I should have known because if the WBZ of decided by their instant replay as soon as he got caught it just changes everything for two reasons doesn't it because firstly it was really bad and there's the blood in the eye and the discount for an mild panic it has experienced the same and secondly because it was a punch if it's a head clash then you you get through four rounds and then you look to get it stopped quick what obviously battery even thought thoughts tonky fair response that's the kind of sensible response if you haven't heard of someone don't expect everybody heard of of every body just to write someone off on the basis that you haven't seen them it's just it doesn't make any sense at all I didn't expect him to beat Tyson fury but I just knew he was a lot better than some shorts twin wanna see slightly bigger ones nearly went very wrong on Saturday didn't it did cut changed everything a cut like that's always going to and when the fight was called go to the cards and and it will be ruled an contest will carry on as normal however due to this WBZ replay review thing that they have in place in times they realized did you get out of that but because it's a punch if it gets stopped you you can lose and that would have been a total disaster for him for top rank for for Bihar for obviously the cut was the cause of a short left took when they were in close up in the corner according to Ben Davis and Tony Weeks told him that it was a clash ahead so they were shooting that would just get through two or three rounds pushy guys have got your own podcast well that of course went badly for Joshua weights talk about Tyson fury this week because of course he's not a series or rebuild fights talk any conduct technology it's all in the use and application it's great in theory but if you don't get defined details right done it can be chaos low pressure on referees a lot people sitting on social media fallout this week has been well it should've stopped the fight and had it been out of all in that position and he was caught a required that many stitches they seem to be under as much scrutiny as as ever these days I mean we we were talking about tiny weeks at the weekend when that opened and it got worse and worse and worse I'm blowing potentially hundreds of millions for the broadcast for the fighters for the promoters it must be a very difficult thing to be completely objective and make the right decision in that we've been out and seeing some of these obscure obese European Scandinavian fighters we're lucky enough to both that she's seen him and Cinnabar Joshua as well news actually better than probably given credit for good I also understand that but that's logic which generally doesn't apply to social media anyway joking united by works on the Communists for this island joycean where you know as much as anybody what's at stake when you make that decision yeah I think I think a lot of things might raise through your mind but one thing I would say in America I wouldn't describe our officials squeamish anyone who books exact squeamish but you could say they are more squeamish than than the US officials the other thing and he looked he looked down like you wouldn't begrudge the right for waving often but you can see the cogs in the mind taking the referees thinking if I weighed this off now except that I thought it was going to eat you said it would be which is a little ramp-up fool to fight with wilder and maybe it would have been that if he didn't get cut but view book America plenty referees generally tend to let things go on a bit longer than they dave hey dave will give you incorrectly or correctly more of a chance night decision himself but then once watched it like you say they should tell him core because he realized I told Ben Davis Nissin it's wrong and then he will go and correct it a great day so onto TKO this week very pleased to have any clock Scott what's coming cited this awesome we saw you is in the buildup to Joshua reason New York you can with mathematically I mean you've seen some fights continue I've learned when someone looks in real trouble and what the reason for that necessarily as it could be a mixture of things that you just said but also just their mentality is to eight also violin go roundly slaughtered on social media purely because most people haven't heard of him but if you have the image seen them and if you never seen them you call it recall discount the adage what did you I didn't know it was asked the question literally a few hours before the fight on our show bt show at your call and the Anti Wada's but he did look flat there's no doubt about it though first couple of rounds were talking earlier you were quite flat in Scott Quick fight yeah difficult when right at the start by doing very little so it was hoppy up because of the condition that I was in I'm a comeback they're corner and she mcguigan which entered a time was saying you're winning it was was of note that ties performance and Ben Davidson said this actually to kind of corroborate what certainly eye sore and I think the other people did on Saturday was eating before the cart it would have stopped him around three or four saying Michael Griffin and the Joshua fight in round three when he was put down twice that second one I remember getting to his feet and looking at places anybody's that a lot but it was a classic example because he was really relaxed during the week and we're talking about how how isn't that brilliant Howard is he loses his faulty relaxed Nisa Hawk vertical you at Sky Days when Adam Smith calls the main fights you sometimes do kind of scorecards and they come to you every three or four rounds atoms Joshua's car they think is ahead bar over performed against lesser opposition he seems to raise his game when it really matters sometimes actually look great against these sort of European infringe level guys actually looks a million dollars when Wladimir Klitschko Ponti I'm not I'm not sure I guess that's his interpretation of it was I guess he must have got that wrong not knowing or maybe he hadn't spoken to somebody from the Commission I wouldn't have thought he had thought he would a player out of here put the pressure on north and I was a little bit flood but it's just one of the things I got through it and you know not allowed debate suddenly the gap there should be like this you know really narrows and all of a sudden you find yourself in a bit more of a dog fight the anticipated you had a couple of cats and suddenly you've got he looked very flat maybe suggested he trained or just putting it a little bit too much road work and that's just come in without the snap and the usual spring that we see now he's never been a guy that has asked why lost one than that would have been great still with fury I think maybe they look not quite as he does normally so I was dead and when he told some of the clutch aheads but by the time ESPN told Band Davidson did weeks no doubt have been it was early on taking the punches the day which opened the cut so the whole narrative where the fight is easy to say well the cut was what changes narrative but actually you can also say well what led up to the cup was also what chain a very competitive fight but I think we've had a little fights recently where someone's just it's an open shut case they're going to win and then it becomes about how well they win yeah that's not good is it because vice I think people need to realize that they're not a good idea because release beat Anthony Joshua Violin very easily being furious at five stops Joshi both ways yes fury's maybe boxing substandard opposition but would you rather that or would you rather be active there's a balance is ner at depends where you are I was just keep doing what you're doing if it's going to be born it's going to be born and that was the race the rate advice in the end but his tactics restrained as well so who knows what way the fate you want to see competitive fights first and foremost understand no everything's going to be a fifty fifty hagler Hoon's war whatever but at the same time these mark time right but the come out and say you know always flocking into a bit of an excuse I don't think it needs to be said I don't think said especially when you went to Blassie was very sports fathom thank you need another fight before before wiler I don't think I'm Willard got another dangerous fight come rob himself artesia so again the different 'cause he's on the rise but it doesn't need anymore those fights and Onoda mattress you don't want anymore of them for him it's kind of hard to get the right guy but they're not a good thing pastor could draw cat amongst the pigeons and have you seen I was able to Georgia and raise changed massively fury lost with the cut and once twice a year and certainly Teddy Atlas remember one of the people that said he's become a two times year fighter too quickly and needs to be having more regular fights so you could level here's the problem though because one of the criticism levied at Josh areas that he's become a saw two times a year fighter way too quickly at what twenty two twenty three fights but he's fighting yeah I mean you can say any number things really a I think this is a massive sensation and the huge tendency for people to look at everything in light of confirmation bias but I don't know I think peaking for that exact moment for the ballot minute must be very has to do with the opponent as well as performing Louis won the early believe it and I hope that he can win for a couple of reasons because it sets up very fading also RT's is a proven drug shit so I hope it wailer can do business but there's allo fury's this Kinda comeback we lost a lot of weird he's been treated it seems like he's just constantly been training I don't think that after on the phone pretty convincingly but of course the argument is how they started shop established itself more and it's moving better trapped in the corner as he did a lot in the fight it was a fatal won pretty convincingly but I felt like I remember being tired and the fate and just flat but in the last year and I got extremely tired I was three or four weeks ago against wrong forward and are you told me that I didn't hear that I didn't see and I ended up afterwards but if he's made a book and now he hasn't sits much but he was in the and he understands the position these in because when I appeared in a call in high profile cornerstone there's against of poor performance from cylinders happens is fighting yeah yeah wars flood not enough I was struggles to make its own town or one hundred twenty two and with Daphne hated the wit but I was being a home when he was kind of in the driver's seat I or up to the British title in two thousand ten do you think those comments about toss name to clear out the whole camp and start again including Ben Davis and that was a little bit harsh yeah a date the journey the Ben Davis has been on these really really interesting an are here talk about I've never met him actually by here and talk about it if you like it's just kind of you take what happened and you try and work backwards basically just we was we was going taste toss a fury they show fury respects are not totally sure he'll do the same thing next time round than the Chemo of realizing the first fight that is best chance to beat fuel yeah but you look at the way he fights and I really do call love because he just goes out there and jumps on people and well it didn't do that the him personally but at the time remembers thinking because he just left Jimmy tibbs Billie Joe and I remember thinking there needs to be more in this corner lake urgency fights he had with the person spill cruelties of course that he's the most reliable and consistent champion in the heavyweight division at present of all the guys yeah I see what you're saying so he was rubbish I was one of the men and give them enough I hadn't seen him at the time and I remember thinking since of apologize on the show actually I'd make feeble Georgetown over there Michael Scales way himself right everyone back here on Seco Gospels Clark and call always let's talk about wailer loses dot's and it's a completely different saying what was it's also quite worrying affliction have you seen that Dante Wall given some life and anyone is to just do what normally does it might mean he loses too but is best how to win this just a D- what normally does there's so much pressure on where they're going to notify there's a lot of pressure on them and they're still uncertainty as to who wins we've caught on the in just a few moments time this week or Joe the house boys all is being spoiled security fable George and what macro would do every morning we'd come in and Georgia go back Oh macular Thuc often stand over there very difficult to judge trainers when they have fighters come to them who are already very good people sue toss doesn't need to train everybody needs a trailer but to tell us and fury less than you might need to tell somebody else what you do tell them these probably going to be able to do it so it's hard to know how good a trainer is in that degree it's just how it is isn't it yeah we waited on on twitter about it I think in his defense sweep it was Christian that come his way somebody said to me what is no no way from the very beginning of his career of course compared to one of the greatest of all time just because he's not doesn't mean he's not potentially going to be really good training I think it's life who is most intensely policed in the cunningness court white was yeah Mike Oh well that's great there's no urgency and billy Joel was blown and bannon since came out and said Look Billy Joel was wasn't fed he wasn't an improper sheep to Kinda put the pressure on that's why I wasn't canopus talk to you didn't he was able to get those place to do what he wanted them to do massive names week in week out for twenty five years most people can't do that the couplets curriculum syndrome where in between fights if he hasn't got somebody that he respects is almost accountable to to keep that weight off he could easily just put on three or four stone and if Benny's that's keeping me and him shape and giving him a tactical help in the corner that's a dance more than was being dumped from three years ago you can't argue with its contribution to the combat because Rambam Davidson his consistency and his presence entice corner he could still be thirty stone and now a point where he was totally beyond any sort comeback yeah that's that's John Fury's comments that came out after the fight of course he couldn't travel to the states because if he was in prison from two thousand thousand stars misdemeanors such an important part enough ban Davison and in the end pace won the fight against a better opponent in a lot of people give them credit for and I act I was talking to Pizza Furia few weeks ago Lama Chanko Campbell fight we could I was asking we see surprised that managed to come back Tyson them lose all the weight and he said well they get mad motivating tom isn't it and you know you look at someone like Ferguson and did he have some kind of secrets of football that nobody else knew about it soon hears it and parents are just went nausea what happened here but he's just he's just not there there's no snap timing was off and then in the fight against the game opponent that sees you as a target in a bid Toffoli on but you'd like you say you to keep his head straight otherwise he will just to keep him committed to that process for that amount of time you've got to be good honey stewardess yes well managed wasn't sure at twenty eight years of forty years in the game you don't judge somebody until they've they've at least a decent cracking the whip and you can't give a guy that indicates you've got to know your mind well and and that was not an easy thing to do is quite common now for people to say oh everybody puts a towel over their shoulder calls themselves trainer they're all just essences around the world and now on the basis of performance which is largely dictated by which does not great Dili's raining about that again it's just six that I was meant to us in the fight I was unable to use them because I got hit hard on the front and mechanical game plan a second second and a lot of people saying best friends since ever looked Jane most superb China and then you get an injury during the war and fight as he said the White wasn't that big a thing he said that he used to come back into combat twenty six twenty seven style that was pretty standard exceed Golfer and eat and drink and whatever and opinion this vivid picture for us of how that's going to affect him going forward because that's not just going to heal cleanly you wouldn't think given the size of it no it's a lot of damage it'll take time it's really unfair for bandy getting criticized thoughtfully producer pretty gets point just before the break the Tyson's the Karnakata can go off the rails very very easily career on the basis of lookout goody was last time after such a long time out he'll be even better this time I thought he box well the first time I'm not sure how much better cola Marcus Things Moco Saracens is great stories that Guy Saracens call George they couldn't feeble George because uh-huh especially these days it just seemed to be getting worse but the trust I and I believe Jimmy's untouched coach the warrant that wasn't a great performance but that was dying to me the A. and there's an elementary that sometimes but not always remember after the donner performance and that was if I was the second fight under Jamie I and we'll expect it to be a lot together and I still think it's just an obsolete fascinating five most people speak to on the criticism for fury I think so and then you know you go to the fury wall defy is help to get with the weights off if other comebacks books so well against walls and all of a sudden these the best trade and it's not definite confirmation a no one's really clamoring for it's not like see I I thought it was confirmed the fate Komo yeah but he's subsequent to that he knew that the criticism would becoming and he didn't feel it was all the factory just the reason this is very and you've seen what's happened to Georgia and you're seeing what's happening to Tyson fury with a called and you've got this proposed fate with Ortiz I'm for one hundred window so you can't blame Jimmy Moore on not because I think if I had to carry out the tactics that wanted I you know he got him over to to camp he skipping in the back of the caravan with fury just sitting in a chat with a hose spraying him down and that's how they used to do it just to get the it said was a widens day I remember was bringing my daughter Johnson so when she go Johnson she was dancing on a Wednesday and there was literally just before the interested in but yeah I always anfield feeling better started doing some late punching hidden the result underperform he's boxing V. Skin it's still a competitive contest yet suddenly James not the right man for for car sharing and give Ortiz and mess knowing that the cops potentially appointed vulnerability now do you deal with a I wouldn't be surprised I don't know this I thought if I was confirmed but I wouldn't be surprised does all human and PVC maybe actually we don't need this fight for whaler the fury and wider fade there's a much bigger much you know a lot more money to be made it's just a never ending airforce base only on of course not and that's the way it's always going to be it has been got I don't think it's ever going to change we'll get that fight may between him and wild slew as long as well to comes through against tease although is understand that that's supposed to be November twenty third but I don't think he's been officially confirmed team away F- a hundred said the Madaba because it was just laid mansion the okay I'm happy for these fights if if it can be made the next day on twitter laupepa Murray had the same thing so he couldn't travel and obviously not an easy position to watch a fight like bat often and it's been fine so a club believe it when I heard about other you talked about this a lot now but it's just absolutely incredible out I was and I still down Switzerland largest all these are not so awesome justify I was gonna ask you about well literally the fake was mentioned to me a thank God remember the exact date l. thank you could win not fake I still believe it that's ties do wonder there andy forty seven stitches reportedly different ways in the eyebrow of course the eyelid as well am in the morning from the fake dog Bo l. a. on the thirtieth November like the sport Whoa what's going on here honestly the only before they're still continuing to record stuff by Malaysia around fight so that's the DVD at some point after high school but but five o'clock half five so it was managed to me retention opponent dog couple not say their names I haven't even said the Chris outs and outcomes please believes it doesn't happen from Espn Lake Pretty much interrogated me on camera so you won't drunken yeah I think it was quite lucky that we were out there not cheap because it just helps at least for people to see yeah well I've got I've got a guy called Paul Magnitsky they've done a documentary it's been a big weekend the number of times that we've read on social media about the conspiracies that go on and that people think they are sort of some backrooms everyone gets together and decides they wouldn't Tim Bradley and I'm not knocking goes about his business where he goes about it but I think he was asking one of the fighters I think it was leaked so you can really beaten and author wilder could have done things differently again that's a Lotta style jerry opponent but I think while the slightly salty if you're all human it was GONNA make up a story that is the modest story you could omit up surely yeah yeah we we speak intimately on the phone every couple of weeks debry for boxing it doesn't help them quit word on us this week so there was talk who've realized I was like there was low to chat with us on social media it Frampton Don it's the but Tom was the identity that top then but he he's got a lot of the aftermath in any of the known believers that's my they do a brilliant job of kind of making folklore out of sometimes stories that are just not that extraordinary at a yeah I think that's one of the differences absolutely says he's never heard anything like it and sport and we all know how I slipped I I was I was talking to someone the other day having similar conversations with him having hair until the eighteenth come on other actually and eleven garbage at sea it's okay but it still doesn't feel one hundred percent but it's getting better every day on a hob and hidden puddles and stuff eh may well be my next fight them tomorrow Odyssey sponsored by Hans will know more about than hi it's come along then but at this point in time it's a fight that calls and stuff and probably a two yard of please don't tell the specialist ask me that are going to do these two thousand people yeah he says the cards happening but then you won't announce three or four weeks I it seems to be I mean that would've been reasonable to be Tom I guess if it was it'll be a fate that May O'Connor harshly people that judge now though saying this guy on twitter out though basically just says how unprofessional it was from someone in this team who still wants to catch falling on I think if you win and you get knocked bonuses and stuff so if you went from start to finish your three face I think you could be doing over one hundred but at the end of it there's a there's a looks brilliant it's also I think a grid format it's like an upmarket praised sweater and if you wish well let's give these guys a chance you've seen him before and is it don't have that platform uh fraught and ward on the legs but it will give them the platform so the money and the tournament is actually decent figures they took labout you know go to the ring against who are as you know your father died recently the images in your mind and league was just wasn't thinking about just trying to think about it mark Kriegel locks to make everything into a film joy sit downs and he's and he's always cosby we did fighter meetings before Janko Campbell with ESPN size him did but it wouldn't be accurate Gordon and go to be state you tell you want exclusively mice only live column Yes fifty two weeks ago and more recently announced it's going to be on sky sports news for for you of course annex your team I Steve Waugh's on their light heavyweight and the feds five eight two year deal with an Meighan promoter neutral gas on his top rank does he work closely with MTV think it's guaranteed no it was five days before fide drinking water just started waterlog nationally so always drank lots of water sure so you punch anyone in the fist then when the advertising for London in next March yet which is going on sage is so hard to get medals competition gb done better in Olympics it will be it will be a professional margin signalmen on your blindside yeah I think I think in America trying to remove things that'll bringing a kind of mythology izing sport. ESPN thirty for thirty and stuff on it's lost the on the list my gender but we might as well talk about it up always world champs in Russia Pattern Cormac through today by the time Thursday comes around how many of them still there's something else for six weeks while there's absolutely nothing in return and go and contracts figure minimum purchase real life changing these guys these guys may have been on may not have got tangled per ship and so to go from that to that than they have in the world championships island of pretty well in bugs in recent saw markle Nicole Gold it's thousand Kitty Ah sort of format obviously the super series what do you call the one French and succeed so similar for that but these guys obviously there guys tweet thank you as well for watching Tika on Joe Tale with us to read another episode Dan Doc- Dana's always we'll see you again in seven days time you've been listening to Tko on job so the qualifies we'll we'll try and catch up GB fighters I get near it so those tournaments next year marks a call yeah we're GONNA humphries down in he's he's still on the Columbia I'm not sure if as the next Ryan but Soeharto madly not competition yeah it is it is we'll all of them for the rest of the week in the IT really is Steve Ward it occurred defying performance I fought against Liam Conroy a few months ago so they're both in it yeah yeah look if you look forward to but now I do keep out for that content across Joe of the next month support like share and of course wherever you can it's important 'cause and it was a between the UK metering US illness she's just to confer no-fly zone for definitely it's not comparable to kid welby Taylor as well as brock is so difficult use your Islam Kurt Warner fantastic

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2019 Free Agency Days 3 and 4: Every Deal, Every Team

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2019 Free Agency Days 3 and 4: Every Deal, Every Team

"We have yet to have as of this recording the news that we've all been waiting for on collide leonard in the rest of the league feels the same way the largest contract that has been signed since we last spoke to you is fifteen million dollars total and that was rodney mcgruder so maybe this will not be a the sexiest episode in the world but we're not about sexy here at dumped on we're about telling you everything that happens in the league whether you wanna hear it or not because we gotta go through it so we've had a couple of trades of it just is well i think where the start danny is today's phoenix memphis trade involving josh jackson an kyle korver one of the exact terms there so the phoenix suns are sending josh jackson andy anthony melton to the memphis grizzlies along west eight twenty twenty second round pick that is conditional based on some protections to brooklyn an and those are the only goes to memphis if it's thirty one thirty five but there's a decent chance that happening over there is even words who a is usually lows especially in tweets to take a side noted a the history that phoenix is second round picks are generally quite good yeah it was one of subdued ethers kind of like c a i think it was reggie cs called elgin baylor a veteran of the lottery process and i just laughed intensely when that happened the elgin baylor loosely on this one as well just because of it wasn't like it wasn't it wasn't escaping as as it as it read probably people like us and then what memphis sent out is cow korver whose contract is a little less than half guaranteed for the upcoming season about three point four million in javan carter so to me the primary crux of this trade i mean unless you wanna see it as a javan carter melton challenge trade is memphis taking on josh jackson in because he makes more then kyle korver getting a second round pick for the privilege and possibly to possibly an yeah i mean the a lot going on ear none of it says much good a about phoenix number one rather than just stretched so so let's start here the reason that they felt like they had to do this is because the contract they agreed to with ricky rubio which is three years fifty one million started it at the lowest could start out based on those reporting figures is sixteen point two million kelly brady has nine point six million dollar cap old if they wanna keep him on the books as we restricted free agent the end eventually either be able to match the offer sheet or useful bird rights to bring him back at his market of courses well above any exception and they'd already used the room exception on frank kaminsky so they basically had about three and a half a million bucks of will ruin that they need to create a sign rubio that contract in keep bray on the books who of course they traded for in the trevor rees a deal after that looks pretty good move by them to recover from the federal reserve contract they get bread whom they i think rightly season after so josh jackson was really do only possible place to cut enough salary they couldn't move guys like akobo an melton and just cut those guys or even trade them because they have they pretty low salary so you really only opening up about five hundred thousand dollars of nba above dmt roster slack cap hold when you bring those guys it or i'm sorry when you move those guys so that wouldn't have been enough they needed to dump more end so this is how they do it they presumably we are going to waive kyle korver and it's three point four million guaranteed that's already in fact been reporting korver lakers can't remember who else is supposed to be in lakers could expires in bucks lakers sixers and bucks they are supposed to be in the market for his services i i like impasse proudly there on the sixers are the lakers desperately need the guards is well see what what they get there so anyway josh jackson with the number four overall pick a couple of years ago new regime sunk costs i probably wouldn't have picked up his fourth year and i always just as really struggled kp had in his piece today they basically just in terms of how contested they are and where they are on the floor he's taking some of the worst shots and m b i n a guess what you know he's no kevin durant from the mid range did improve his three point shooting up the three two and he has reworked his jumper still show flashes defensively but then some of the be character stuff as well missing an autograph session got in trouble at a concert in miami earlier in the off season end just generally what was not deemed to be the greatest teammate or worker while he was in so i am clearly at this point had negative value in that salary despite being a the number four overall pick and that's what i think both of us are complied chalk up in the win column as far as prospect devaluation neither really liked about that number four picture at the time a ride mcdonald at that time said that he thought josh actual is postponing the drought but you know you said that so well and remember that part of it might yet it does seem like they evaluated josh jackson highly but they also kinda thought they had a point card and didn't take deer and fox and then they traded that point guard pretty quickly thereafter yeah yeah eric bledsoe i mean he played i think three more games and the sons uniform a so really what you're you're to course of action i mean number one you could have just not paid ricky rubio that much money it seemed like maybe they needed to go there because he had what was reported around three forty five with indiana indiana then pivoted to brogden very quickly and it's unclear whether you indiana's first plan is brought in a review i mean he sounded like is probably gonna be rubio so the sons really liked rubio i don't think he's that good i think they could have been better off bringing cory joseph for comments at a red skied someone else i mean even if you had to pay a little bit more now maybe you could say the sons brand is so toxic right out of they just had overpaying cory joseph then when i go there is there is i don't buy that that's what i mean cetera et ski or joseph could've started an end they went to the kings symbols respectively so it's not like it went to these strongest of friends yeah i mean kings kings are a yeah but they're not gonna get a chance to play there as much right yeah no i mean he he could have star i think he i think joseph is probably better than rubio over the next three years would have been cheaper better defender by a better shooter from three neither immigrate a not as good of a passer obviously but they got devon booker is got the ball in his hands a lot in in any event so they overpaid rubio that now forces into the situation but all right let's take overpay rubio's give now you could have just stretched josh jackson that would have put a little under two point five million dollars on your cap over the next three years you use when you stress on with a year left on their salary it's double the number of years left on the contract plus once one year left sprinted over three years and they do in theory have some cap space aspirations for next year or the summer of twenty twenty one could had about twenty nine million in space next year and forty three million the're after although that doesn't factor in a potential high draft pick so you pry lot between five and eight million dollars off of that as while depending on where they end up picking which a given the way the left is loaded up here probably gonna be pretty odd to me that superior is just stretching and then giving up potentially two picks in like a very you know that thirty forty range in the second round that's actually relatively valuable able once you get below forty five it's not valuable so yeah i would've just stretch them if this is if they had felt like they had to do this which you know they made they agreed with rubio and they knew there that this what's gonna happen and kudos once against the memphis being yet another trade dumping ground for a team that desperately had declared space due to an agreement the they had already made i mean this is just a great deal you get jackson who a flyer i don't like him i think he's gonna work out i think they declined that eight point nine million dollar fourth year option but i mean this is the type of out the building it and rebuilding the memphis violates embracing i think they've done a wonderful job of it so far this off his right and something i tried to look into was v idea of finding a player basically dead money at about five million dollars like this is kind of like tia genta trade that happened last off season where yeah josh jackson is not worth seven million dollars but maybe a team thinks of sorts to end so just because it affectively that's what phoenix did but because they love so much money off off more i guess will call three will call three and a half million so much money that they gave up the second round pick assets that might have been another way to do this a team that just didn't have wouldn't have had as much of an opportunity cost with the full seven million but there wasn't really a great option that i could find out there so i'm not connect knocked him as much but that is i tend to but yeah for memphis you get josh jackson i i'm hoping they tell in like you'd better playing some really good were declining eruption or beto or you're gonna have to really show out in training camp because that option decision is gonna loom over everything they will have about two weeks of the regular season animals abide with him as well and they're they have a crowd on the wing but that could it out you know if they ended up moving jae crowder or you know cj miles and those are all expiring contract so to other straight thoughts on this one like like mario his own yet josh jackson should his option get declined earlier who they could end up bringing back if he has a good year because that is that option amount is so high that if it were that that he still hasn't instead of to try and they have incentive at least in the early part of the year to keep keep him on the roster should they declined the option if they have memphis has a million got i mean they could give a may four year forty million dollar contract basically if they want it to next summer so then that should be funny yeah in any other thing is were starting to see the early early stages and it'll be interesting to see if if in late october i'm right on this i think i will be of these rookie scale getting bounced up really starting to have impact because all of a sudden all these options you know some of them are still no brainers of course but they're getting tougher an you know like i i've talked about the damian jones option mistakes at the warriors made that that is rearing its head right now that's that's a bigger problem for them i think especially i don't think they expected to be a hard cap this year but those decisions around the league are are becoming becoming more important in now i mean you could do it on potential some teams don't have the opportunity risk that other teams do but i like that i think that that leads to front offices having to think about things a little bit differently yeah maybe the change of scenery will help josh accident and you know this is joining sixteen we saw bender and chris coincidentally both suns at the time or you know chris got traded from the sons but with the intention of having his option declined by the rockets number four and number eight overall get their rookie options declined and now we could see number one and number four in twenty sixteen get their fourth eruptions declined in that is those are some businesses man a top five pick exercise for three options as you said a lot of it has to do with the the fact that those numbers are rising on and what other quick thing at you you brought this up a little earlier but it bears repeating james jones is treating a lot of what ryan mcdonagh did as just sunk costs get out of it as quickly as possible and i don't think that story is over i think elliott kobo especially with john carter coming in in this trade i think that he is not long for the sons in that will basically wipe it all out other than devon booker yeah in the end the carter melton challenge trade here it is interesting jimmy carter is impressive defensively but his shooting and just overall often was absolutely atrocious last year i mean it's really he's gonna be hard pressed to get to and then be level but you know if he actually ever figures out how to get a shot is you know he's aggressive enough at shooting the ball he makes you think maybe there's some hope there you know he does he's i think he's definitely better defensively than melton melt in this kind of had some decent helping things but he's not so great on the ball and then a but melton i think showed a lot more in any way younger than carter as often as a player so if you wanna pick who i'd rather have the flyer i i think memphis one that part of it last thing i memphis they're pretty high team salary for a team that just totally rebuilding right now in we thought that with that conley trade all right they open up this huge trade exception exception but they saved a ton of money ad now they have used that take on seventeen million dollar who you know it's already rumored that he's gonna be joining the lakers getting brought out will see memphis you know they obligatory tweet of oh you know he wants they wanna help meant or they're young guys will see a laundry might be a little crotchety about avenue in memphis a but and then also now take on it a little bit more out of that trade exception in jackson increasing your obligations by another three now later so i mean they're only about four million below the tax right now an they've got seventeen players in syria on the roster but you know this actually had some and when i say seventy million below the tax that includes a capitol for right which is about so but i would expect is news already come in on right right about their a and then but that's a pretty good financial commitment for a lower revenue team that is probably you know they're in a rebuilding year they have they'll have some instead of the try and keep that top six protect detective pick next year but it's a good financial commitment for ship they've and they've gotten a lot of draft pick compensation out of these guys and who knows you know maybe they leave they try to keep some of these guys and they actually have some more guys who were liberal i mean equa dala jae crowder cj miles and guys who could get you a second if not a first in at the deadline if they in fact keep those guys a run that long so good job by memphis is ownership which is not known as being aggressive financially well and thank you to the quiet period period forgiving us the opportunity to talk for fifteen minutes about this but it's an interesting one and i think it it eliminates the difference between these two teams approaches and i think we might as well just talked about the other memphis trade is well it's not nearly as sexy but memphis trades chandler parsons tuesday atlanta hawks in exchange for solomon hill remember back in the day when indiana declined his option an miles plumlee an end so i mean this is i mean you could think of it as a roster spot traded really it's only a roster spot trade if one of these guys ends up making their respective teams but it's i i still like solomon hill the best of those guys depending on how healthy chandler parsons is my assumption is always not healthy but again you know the grizzlies have a million guys on the roster so maybe he maybe he'll ends up getting bought out and ends up being a player this is what i thought how incredible is going to be which is totally not worth the salaries making but actually could be a decent minimum guy if that if memphis ends up letting him go yeah actually if parsons is healthy i kinda liked him a little bit more in that he can't you know he's not necessarily gonna bring the ball up but as a guy who could do some kind of ballhandling on the perimeter shooters little bit make some passes out a pick and roll i like him as a a a second unit guy more than i do evan turner where he's not gonna take something off the table a i mean just incredible three more sours sixteen traded for each other like be about this that cherish shuffling a first they are sixty in the has been incredible these guys i did in twenty fifteen to the awful contracts so yeah first lana i don't really see what the reason is here to bring in parsons except maybe just the bring yourself a eight another roster spot at the they wanna have the take a few more flyers or take guys zonta facilitate trade looks like they're probably gonna go into the regular season with a fair amount of cap room it doesn't seem like they're gonna sign anybody did anything of the moon they got twelve players under contract out but let me get a couple of a couple of more minimum guys in and then it that you could still wave dave am maybe just parsons is still salary fighter so is turner so is crabs but they got a lot of contracts i mean they have seventy million in space next year but if there's a team that wants a dump salary going forward they could continue to be a super fun it seems like what the plan is here i mean i know it's not a particularly satisfying explanation about why they would do this but a soviet i i think it's just about the roster spot that's the only explanation i come up west here unless you've got a better one no not particularly or is that if trades i guess we have decided in trade technically it is they trade of jay claiming to be minnesota timberwolves three years eleven point three million who's reporters eleven point five but it is subsequently noted that he's going to go into deep dario shards trade exception remember way back at the draft charge was treated with the number eleven pick for the number six pick which became jerk covert be those two picks deal kerry any salary designation until the guy get signed so shards was basically gonna get traded into being says cap space that allows minnesota's and over the cap team to get eight trade exception for the amount of his salary post under a thousand dollars and then they're able to use every bit of that to take in eight signing traded layman seems seems like the layman was restricted but it seemed like portland being in the tax was not gonna give him this type of an offer and his agent mark bartels seem keeps winning at of course an i think lame in this is kind of because they're using the trade exception it's kind free money for minnesota i mean they're still they've got a little bit of an issue below the tax they have about twelve million below the tax they've got their full mid level exception they've got their be eighty as well and they still have the restricted free agency of titus jones that number does not include a capitol for him so proudly seems likely that either they gotta bring back jones and it seems like they're they're playing these tough guy unrestricted free agency game with him which i'd be doing to end hope the comedian bringing him back he comes back in his qualifying offer a number low enough that they could potentially use the mid level but there's not really much left on the market they kind of have to bring jones back a so it doesn't seem like they're gonna use much of that mid level now because of course it makes little sense for them to pay the tax expert team that's probably especially with the way dallas in new orleans have loaded up it is unlikely to be in the playoff picture not entirely sure out of it but it seems unlikely so lame in i think that's a it's a decent he showed a little bit of shooting ability a little the defense he's got some athleticism they're a little light on fours maybe you could play out but the for but you know i'm not wild about this contract here's again because yeah i unless you've heard something reported that i have not i wouldn't be surprised if there were some lighter lighter guarantees on the final year of this and if that's true outfield a little bit better about it but i don't think it's a huge way yeah i mean and there's not a huge opportunity costs going forward for them you know they've played the maybe at ten million in space next year that's almost they make some significant cost cutting moves that's not you know they'll be over the cap again next year and then should have maybe a as much as twenty eight million and room the year after that i mean this isn't like gonna kill them as far as cap space and flexibility going forward it's more about the opportunity costs verse the tax this year but i don't know who else without their those so sexy learn marcus morris maybe but it seems like he's gonna end up on one of these cap space teams at outside of the wolves budget ultimate where you wanna go next let's go to the clippers couple of interesting things there sean sean original were person reporting that they have already guaranteed lou williams contract for worthy twenty twenty one season so that's not the season that were going into right now the season after that he had a partial guarantee seems like kind of a show of good faith type of deal on i mean maybe related to the choir recruitment in some way maybe could be an i mean lou williams is has had a really really good run with the clippers in that contract which was a justifiable extension when you consider the the risk involved more and more the spot when i mean you could sort of like what parents roscoe no i mean from william standpoint it's wasn't a heist or anything like that it was it was a reasonable thing that just has looked really good for the clippers sensible signed and so guaranteeing that it's a it's a it's a nice little showing there and see bombers money will have to see i mean there is an outside chance that ends up having some important later on i hope it doesn't because we will see one of my favorite players to watch but will will see what happens there and then another piece of news from corporate land is rodney mcgruder running a greater signed eight three year fifteen million dollar deal i believe both of us are higher on mcgruder then they average media member much less fan i i just i like his game i liked the way he competes on defense in also by agreeing to this early and this is more prominent eminent with him because mcgruder made the starter criteria the clippers are actually able to drop his cap hold a little bit lower because they don't need match rights because they agreed to a contract says qualifying offer a would start criterias about three three million dollars so you're capitol as a restricted free agent is de larger of you're normal capitol normal capital's it'd be the minimum a or you're qualifying offer in this gates qualifying offer with larger so is that a lot of these four first round picks generally their capitol is larger than their qualifying offer so that's why they're capitals are much bigger but in the case of murder they're able to reduce it get about it extra one point five million or so in spending power i wouldn't shock me to see maybe a non guarantee and the end of this a when everything comes out there's also one where the clippers would be wise to do a the maximum declines therefore bird rights they could do eight percent declines on him which would save about a million dollars on the last year that deal depending on the non guarantees me they wouldn't be it's been said that but that's a good piece of business for them i think muggers underrated recall they got him basically been orchestrated trade with miami who waved him at the last possible moment with a lot of teams didn't have roster spots and couldn't create them due to the fact that their own guys it's would have had to be waived and go through waivers before they could put the waiver claim in on mcgruder end so this is all kind of orchestrating miami wasn't going to bring back the his a having made the star criteria i think his priced too high end am so good job by the clippers basically getting absolutely nothing that's a five million dollar player and as i mentioned that is largest contract a that is what side by anyone since we last spoke to you a let's go to another interesting one for me and that's in new orleans gary smeller another guy i think you and i like but this is a little bit of a rich contracts using early bird rights david griffin signed him to eight two year fourteen point two five love it when they go to a second digit after the decimal point contract with say non guaranteed second we're and this was the this was the signing that got me inspired me to write finally full explainer of how the human trade exception works because that seems exactly like what this says yeah miller had fallen behind kendrick williams williams in the rotation a tourist in the last year although obviously a military veteran they didn't think that's really be back but yeah that's exactly what this is and the way you know it is because they put that nonguaranteed second year on yet at overpaid him really in the first year to do that and so yeah having a shooting around and they've got a lot of defense on this team now so his limitations there's times when he was like at the defending other teams best wing and you know he's he's athletic enough to do that but he still is money shooter fell off a little bit last year but you know a guy trust the hit shots and so it maybe you'll have a little bit of a roll here but if you'd only gotten one year than because they had early bird rights on him he could have vetoed a trade as a one year a guy who had bird rights and we lost him in the trade so that's why they put the non guaranteed teeth second year on their antics is a great idea because if you look at this roster everybody else who's on here with the exception of maybe of a nickel meli is someone that they expect to be a part of this even you know they're making a playoff run they got all these draft assets they could maybe cation miller get you know what jae crowder type of similar salary type of guy throwing a few you're not and guarantees the edible even a little more salary than that so a nice piece of work here by griffin good financial commitment by the pelicans granted they're still not gonna have some huge salary but you're paying a guy basically seven million dollars just to maybe potentially trade him you know if you're gonna pay three for millions of miller that would make sense so you're overpaying himself but a yeah and so in the pels will be able to keep his cap old which is just under three million on the books they just enough cap space to do that a and sign him shortly after i had finished the first chapter that piece one of the other players he was the focus of that pays became not a human trade exception section that was tj mcconnell i thought if everything were squared up for philly to give him a balloon payment for the nineteen twenty season and then a non guaranteed the second year oh clarification i don't i don't know if i'd hear you say this the reason you do two years here is because if you one with a player with with bird right i think that you did say okay good ball so if you're signing a contract pursuant to be early bird except that's right you also have to do a second year so that's another good so yes and so so tj mcconnell seemed like another they're logical fit for this cause he had a minimum capitol and and you know he could help the sixers interim even though he's a port fit for certain elements of what they're doing yeah i mean he averages twenty minutes a game last year is just in the playoffs playing simmons's it's impossible right and instead he is signing with the indiana pacers two years seven million looks like he's using their remaining cap space which would mean that de pacers still have the room exception available but they're getting pretty close done here an that's that's fine for mcconnell tunnel the he'll be there i mean chose him he couldn't be competing with their and holiday it sounds like for worthy guard minutes and presumably both those guys are gonna get some opportunities while victor ola depot is on the mend so it's a reasonable contract i i'm fine with mcconnell at that number so so my only concern is that they're gonna play tj too much in not have enough shooting on the floor especially if they're gonna play these two big an that they're also that they won't just play brogden at the one end lamb at the to a and they're just gonna be like totally stuck in the mud i mean good pj's just the coaches vapor especially in older school coach like mcmillan i think it's gonna love him allen said defensive guard in his own right i could imagine him liking the greatness of mcconnell and then another note from zach lowe which is worth mentioning we didn't know this when we were quarter dondi signing traded malcolm brogdon oh i thought you were gonna go at the new by zach lowe that they now have three players named tj on the which all three tj center currently in any nb hey that's been to an end they also worthy longest tenured employer tj for so we'll see where that goes but said he other note from from from zach was that these terms of the first round pick that's going to milwaukee in exchange for malcolm brogdon it is lottery protected first six drafts from twenty twentyeight at twenty twentyfive and then unprotected in twenty six you can correct me if i'm wrong but do they do an unusual long running protection on a second round pick with brooklyn a i think it was three years where it was protected thirty one do a forty four that was thee 'em thaddeus young trade yeah which might might even still be out there a but anyway also interesting a note from brian windhorst who said that the way the this sign and trade trade for brogden went down was her diamond was interested in brighton and called up the box and said hey i think it's unseemly we are partners in this business to do a restricted free agent offer sheet those kind of get nasty between the teams the players and stuff so how about we just workout compensation if you if you're not gonna match this contract and that's what they ended up doing maybe you could argue that the pacers could've avoided having to do that if they just gave and they offer sheet but you know maybe there is still concerned that the bucks by the match and then they would have had twenty million in cap space just sitting around and no point guard on the team because everyone else would assign so maybe it's worth it to just be sure getting your guy you know the first round pick would admit it offer me the two seconds seems a little extreme but as that those interesting note on how this came about yeah that is really interesting an update on these second round pick protection than ever is in rap in rupturing the world it's that is protection is for another three years on that second rounder so they did it first six i guess which is awesome oh yeah oh it's actually it only goes through thirty wonderful right it goes until it becomes unprotected ultimately twenty twentythree in the trade was made in twenty sixteen amazing yeah well hopefully for the pacers this obligation won't be out that law because if it is they missed the playoffs no no they made the playoffs this year are they've had a good enough recor no no i'm talking about the fact the brogden oh project got gotta protect the desert 'em certainly golden state now they have made it a number of interesting signings things here we talked about kevon looney a report is a dirty player option on the last year of his deal that would in part explain why he came back for less money then some thought he could get although i mean those kind of you know room exception is kind of what they are other offers were likely we'd be so getting that third guaranteed year but also the ability to opt out and get a larger contract when golden state has it hard cap themselves or or go elsewhere it's clearly had a an appeal to him and then so they already had the massive it's a hard cap problems and then somehow are exasperated those even more i think with good signing is or at least one of them's a pretty good signing willie cauley stein is plug in a start for them at center the report from zach lowe is that he was brought in for a slightly above minimum which you know the minimum would have been one point six billion for him at least on me warrior's books 'cause you're the two year veteran minimum either way and then put them out that cauley stein would actually get paid as they four year veteran is one point seven three seven million where we're gonna be getting a lot of decimal points here when we were talking about the warriors this year so above the minimum so he would actually been paid that but it only would have been one point six on the warriors books but if above the new i mean he's getting paid more and then all of that above the one point six also goes in the worst books of it's above the minimum yeah i guess that's exactly how much that is but it's probably like two million or something like that so the warriors give up another four hundred thousand or so in hard cap money and then they also do a similar thing with glen robinson the third diaz it away that a player who's making the minimum were close to it can doesn't count at that lower number if they have more than two years of experience is if it's not a one year contract end when you move it beyond that it gets it gets problematic or it doesn't get problematic and just just more expensive you then you get the full payment amounts for both years or however many years it's going to be an so that means glen robinson county counts at his number not at the veteran minimum number or not at the two year minimum two year minimum number in that also makes me think that it's possible that cauley stein it ends up getting something like a player option here just because at that point maybe it's just me if you will see but yeah so each one of these counts as a little bit that lends credence to the idea that especially because also they signed call extending plays the same position that damian jones or jacob evans might not be long for the warriors because moving them theoretically would save the warriors would give them a little bit more breathing room or finding a home for shaun livingston those are all possibilities and so will you have an eye on that the warriors have already given up assets to move to move it all and then some something in the rant russell so yeah and then you also gave up a bunch of second see in the maneuvering to get a bounce smiley each as well a an er eric pascoe i think it's pasco's actually a skull yeah a highest grossing shawl because i had next you heard his name before a yeah maybe a the fact that jones had a six falls in the first half of the of the summer league game a had a little bit of may impact on this but you know i mean as far as i'm concerned they shouldn't know the jones couldn't play play alonzo gotta add again he's making two point three million seven hundred thousand they could recoup those savings by moving on permanent and it really seems like between jones evans an shaun livingston a all those guys have to be completely gotten after brooks was gonna take do that that'd be interesting i mean maybe maybe they go go into the season with those guys and find a way the dumped on during during the year might be a little easier than it is like right now when it seems like the space is at a premium whatever as stars in their eyes and then finally a two more things one is that quinn cook a is no longer a restricted free agent we saw with jordan bell a cook again just because his qualifying offer would have been above the minimum they just decided to move on from it and there's less need for cook now with the signing of dangelo russell then great lawrence klay thompson agent told words that a after thompson had his he's he'll surgery with the swing of and gone down that he could be back in five to seven months and a i'm sure everyone's done that completely laughable because you know this isn't nineteen ninety sixty more guys the standard of care is gotta take a lot longer and so then the follow up tweet promotes was a yeah it'll be more towards the seven months that offended that no shit and me maybe you know what i mean what seven months from now that's and that's still february it right yeah see early signs of that was around christmas which is what got people a little bit crazy yeah i mean i still think you know it'd be backed by march first they should be happy in perhaps it will be determined slightly if they're you know on track for thirty eight wins then they'll probably be a lot more conservative what if they're looking great that maybe he comes back a little earlier 'em where you wanna go dexter ladies hilarious that were spending so much time on this compared to like all these seismic once you've done that that three and a half hour podcast the other day the bulls had to signing so let's go to the bulls right nurtured you know who the bulls were able to retain his cap hold as they made their other moves like signing thaddeus young they gave him nine million over three years we do not know the guaranteed structure on that again the jay claiming deal wouldn't surprise me if this ended up being partially guaranteed and maybe the unguaranteed in that seems a little aggressive for a third point guard but it's been a good organizational soldier they'd like to reward him sure and then yeah they're signing at at also the comes even makes even more clarity a you end up chris done insurance which of course face in they're also getting the unicorn at luc cornet signed eight two year deal we do not have the terms of that as of what i've heard is it appears as if it's the room exception and i don't know if that's what i wrote a little rich for him but yeah but but i mean there's also they're not gonna have cap space next year so it's like why not just used a minute and they didn't need eight fourth big at attritional center in illinois for so i don't want i mean if that's the best guy they could get with the room exception for two years like why not just spend it it's not gonna stop them from spending anything next year so i i think it's fine even if it isn't overpay out of do find that persuasive at all a little bit an end they do need you know i i think he can bring a different element to the kennedy end of their big man rotation you know just like something i at some point i might be a good fit with thad young they're gonna yeah yeah exactly and so give you different looks and depending on depending on your ponant you can go there and also injuries arena documents or anything like that also bad news for the bulls wendel carter is now gonna have core muscle surgery remember he missed half the season with that dumb ligament injury was trying to ramp up for summer league and now as has suffered the injury so he's don't miss summer league as well is too bad they really needed him to a get some more development time presumably he'll still be the starter a at center once he's able to get back brooklyn bringing wilson chandler on aim minimum contract solid value there just get another wing combo forward type but they needed some of those with demari carol and jared dudley out the door more interesting is a little more clarity on their cap situation they are actually getting something in addition that first round pick albert nevada had this is that what they're able to do is they actually can now pay d andre jordan they don't do this unlikely bonuses thing with katie and kyrie they need like another two hundred thousand in space maybe they they move moose a do that to give kyri an ornament gentle using unlikely bonus for jordan or the the dates reported on him it's just slightly inflated it was yeah i mean they're they're they're way it's get there but but anyway what the way it's gonna work is damsel russell has like twenty one million dollar capital so you keep that on the books you sign all you're free agents except for katie then they're able to trade the newly redesigned russell plus sheds napier andrey beyond grandpa then get rerouted to minnesota from the warriors but the reason those guys that'd be in the trade and the get a certain amount of guaranteed is because then they have the match salary to bring back katie so russell napier gram get traded for katie after they've already used up all their cap space including including russell's capitol so everyone gets their money and then you can bring katie in now they're they basically manufactured ten million in salary cap space out of thin air a by using russell so good piece of business there for the nets and the timing is also very impressive from the modern presumably from marks yeah because doing it in that order means that dangelo russell is not bayshore compensation which is how kevin durant trade works because if they signed him you know you you have have enough space to sign russell to his contract contractors subject to be lycee yeah so i guess they're not actually leaving be leaving his kinda can't go all that way then he wouldn't pay here but it's clearly right yeah but it's just working through the math is just talking about right now i kind of like how the guinea ron baker and the oh yeah so so it's they're not they're not gonna use a small capitol just side into the twenty seven million first add those other two guys the end and that's how you get up to match salary per katie coming back at thirty eight million in that double sided trade maneuver boston oh yeah goats are no go ahead you're done on on brooklyn it's just i just it also explains why the warriors are sending cash to minnesota in v in that in that component of this trade because if they want nonguaranteed why would you send cash right up to be guaranteed so boston austin daniel thais is gonna return for two years ten million this is another one similar philosophy they had the early bird rights out emmy had the the small cap hold a an so they're basically able to pay in this amount they're gonna be over the cap next year any way unless gordon and hayward ops out so little opportunity cost the fact that they're able to keep tyson's smallcap old around signed kemba walker first that's useful they're also gonna bring back brad wanamaker who remember they did not give him may restricted free agent qualifying offer but they still maintain his bird rights bring it back sounds like the minimum or close to it for him and then a vincent foray i keep thinking poro when i when i see him a we will solve the mystery of how to pronounce his last name suit i'm gonna guess plucky i mean my wife is speaks to infringe such by disaster but looking like a one year minimum deal in the celtics have really gotten quite the train going from europe heroes twice two years ago wanamaker that you didn't get much of a chance obviously with all the point guard death but he might get the play more this year with them not having a traditional backup point guard in the fold you know smart may play there but the wanamaker will have some chances presumably if this is the roster an now a parade this year on what looks like a two year minimum deal they get these guys at the minimum wanna come over in a beacon play it so that'll be a win for them at at that type of price celtics now pretty much out of space can i have a little bit more in there still a but they're thirteen players including romeo langford in grant williams there to drop these other there pry about done here may we have a small piece of i wouldn't call it breaking news i would call it supplemental reporting fraga tim mcmahon that v grizzlies do not plan to give andre iguodala a buyout before the season ender actively exploring the trade market for equal dollar and the rockets and mouths are among the teams with insurance oh really you mean you mean andre iguodala a hall of famer who started for eight championship team in the playoffs violence in the playoffs at seventeen million per one year he might actually have some trade value you don't have to just dumping and give up unprotected first round pick to do that is alive alive days at a time but also let me connect the dots here just briefly that if theoretically it would all is traded somewhere else and then eventually that team waves him it would all would then theoretically should the bridges be passable be able to resign with the golden state warriors this season as opposed to not being banned due to the injury in seattle is real so i mean if it's rockets they're not gonna cut it well well i that would that would be quote unquote belt that would be yeah would you do that if you're the rockets no no yeah i mean especially going forward yeah i think click appellate is a reasonable even even though he wasn't as good last year as we hoped and expected i still think he's worth his contract and they also if they don't have clint capella you need somebody like clint capella and i don't know if there's anybody there's like a compelling light on the market down i mean but you know you always try and trade center later on or something to the again the rocket salary matching issues could be a problem a yeah rockets i mean they boys like they would all up but it seems that the mavs would potentially make more sense here a and they they could put together some salary is well you know i mean one thing that might make some sense is even if it's only second free would all the trade like courtney leave him you reduce memphis is money an then you you also throw in a a second round or something like some other kind of assets so that's that would be a and i think that'd be a great trade for dallas yeah i mean they could really really used inexperience three run out there they're still full speed in the market pertaining green to but if they could get equal dollar an danny green presumably they used their cap space before making the trade free would all but yeah i mean the mount against the mets do could just take it all in the space to thing they could do well for right now alerts would it be if memphis takes him into a trade exception and then move them forward asset in someone else's space jerome mahler and maybe even during the moratorium that'd be even funnier all right so let's move on here where you wanna go that won't work we're already talking about dallas so let's just talk about darn funny smith three years twelve million very similar to you could just cut and paste the rodney mcgruder thing we talked about that they don't he has bird right so they can they can use that if they want to clear but denise miss i don't believe met the criteria so the cap and part of it is not as big impart element of the story i like funny smith i think that's totally reasonable price friend absolutely i mean he actually that's one of the few guys got more of the mark off season then he's getting it in real life here in but i bet the solid price didn't there wasn't really a clear place force finney smith as far as getting an offer sheet at above this level and he defends while gonna have to continue to show improvement in the three point shot but i mean for a guy who may start for them in is gonna be their best defender on the wing at least as of now a solid enough a price there also a little bit of reporting from i forget the gentleman's name who is like danny green's podcast partner he's basically indicating that the mavs i've made the biggest financial offer to danny green and the most years if quite goes back to toronto dented pride on the two year deal it probably be two years for danny green to but toronto tax issues than maybe the lakers if they don't get why would up their offer which you know that that all makes perfect sense they're a well let me say something about i how i think those negotiations what i'm guessing that dallas probably tried to get great danny green to commit earlier and if they had the best offer i can't understand why and from dallas is effective if you if you like invest but i'm guessing as as so many players went off the board so quickly green probably realized she had way more leverage and so at that point you could probably just turn to the mavericks and go well why would this offer come off the board because you will see you're gonna spend that money on i don't think they're gonna throw the same casey p or something like that so then at that point the mavericks didn't really have much didn't really have much leverage to force in early decision so now they're just kind of have to wait it out dallas also agreeing to a two year seven point five million dollar packed with boban mark you're on a pitch probably gonna come out of the room exception could also come out of cap room should they just not have any to use it and they wanna preserve the room exception for potential buyout canada's instead an but you know if they don't use all of their over twenty million in cap space than they could just use a cap space on him instead an bo bon as a fourth big i think is a reasonable fit there for situations where maybe dwight powell is a little bit too small or they want a little bit more of a post up look he's actually a pretty good pick and roll player hit the offense of glass knock some heads a and then in matchups where he's not as comfortable you could use paul out there is a little more mobile his mobility the little overrated and then he'll porzingas obviously not be playing playing every game you know he's gonna be on the the load management plan coming back from that ac out so i i think this is one of those what do you what else do you spending your money on type of thing for the map and they're not likely to be a cap space player that this one at least is only two they're not like customer you're next year so this one for two years lines up a little bit better with that twenty twenty one off season that you and i have been focusing on where'd you text the previous team the philadelphia seventy sixers couple of pieces of reporting their first first from los that the sixers have offered ben simmons amax extension in they're still working on the details we can guess what those details are they are kind of maybe some of the somebody escalators fur if he qualifies as a designated player and then also potentially player option in that fifth season i expect some things get done if the sixers have that money on the table just from a risk management standpoint i mean simmons i mean he kind of has to take that and even if you for whatever reason if he wants to be somewhere else eventually even still do that law and that contract yeah i i will see you remember joel embiid i think he had they make first team all mb eight was to trigger these thirty percent max andover was unable to do that now they could do it for anything even a thirty mambi a country of thirty prism expert i'm guessing the sixers with the coming luxury tax apocalypse with horford harris and beat already making you know the max or close to it that they will be pretty stingy on those twentyfive percent max writers they don't wanna backing into a third team all and be eight nada at the guard position in triggering tens of million dollars in additional luxury taxes and what the already gonna have to pay a minnesota dovan lay some judy other piece of minutes other piece in philly though right out right out workouts contract no no i i i think this is this ties in with simmons thing because what horford what sounds like they're gonna do in this will cost philadelphia cap space in immediate is they're going to to frontload his contract and then we've talked about the idea of it being there with the phrasing with like partially guaranteed for championships and so what it sounds like they're gonna do there is it's fully guaranteed for the early going and then like the last year will be about half guaranteed what triggers to make it fully guaranteed and so that's i i think it's good frontloaded unless there's something crazy you could do with that space and considering how many guys off the board at this point i think that makes some sense even though depth was such a huge issue for the seventy sixers last last year end related to that they did also signed two other guys they signed james ennis looks like that is d with non bird who don't know that for sure yet but that's what the numbers kind of look like and then shake milton signed a four year deal we don't know the terms yet i don't think this is going to be the triumphant return of the yankees special meaning a contract it's basically not guaranteed offer for years ashley some guarantee in the first year but then nothing after that because that doesn't really happen anymore but will see minnesota i missed that a new yvonne lake signing there we touched by the jay claiming no other option at the four i thought he had some moments still like a better as a kind of a speed switch center except that athletic around the room though it doesn't really have great room protecting instinct his three ball ever so slowly coming while he is a great rebounder so maybe he could play a little bit of backup center play a little bit of for karl anthony towns i always felt like be roster builders in his coaches always kind of abused his versatility inability ability the shoot by just sticking these non shooting begs next to him instead of saying oh we have this unstoppable post the guy let's put shooting around it but you know you can play that way 'em they still got jang as well so they have a lot of options in the front court jordan bell when they're brian not knowing that finally was gonna go there thinking you'd have more of an opportunity so it'll be interesting competition between von lay beyond bell for some of those backup power ford minutes the lakers signing a couple of guys and minimum deals this will not of course it affect their cap space it all they sign these got some rooms after they used that you could always sign a guy to minimum unless you are hard cap in you would run afoul of the gap but jared dudley not the place where i think he would have the most value added just because if they sign co why an then what brought in they have crews but still that's a lot of guys who were at wc position were doubly is a for almost like kind of a five at times now you've been defensively we can't rebound but good shooter we we love his defensive intelligence i think he could really upped q of the group but consider the eight good vet an they just need some shooting in guys who could defend he could do that you know someone who may be at the higher levels in the playoffs could be taken advantage of from quickness athleticism standpoint but the fact of even against ben simmons simmons in that series a little bit of an injury risk a at thirty three but for the minimum this is you know the type of minimum dying they should have been doing last year and yeah granted there are more players available this year for the minimum despite the fact there's more room they're all sort of so many players were free agents and took one year deal and then another guy troy daniels who pretty much just they single faceted gunnar at this point really struggled defensively can't do much off the dribble but he will knock down three point shots and that's also something that they'll need it ain't got maybe not a guy is gonna play in the playoffs but you throw w i think will but daniels by that but you could just throwing around these guys and just giving some shooting in not take too much off the table during the regular season so totally fine signing for what presumably will be towards the end of the roster and daniel it wouldn't surprise me if deadly ugly had stronger financial offers on the table but the lakers combination of competitiveness what's her without why in proximity i mean he generally is the san diego native it wouldn't surprise me if there was something i think i heard they always wanna play for the lakers and there's a pretty damn good time to do it couldn't compared to most of the rest of jared dudley career so if you if that's something you want it i i applaud him for taking the opportunity and there is another philadelphia signing that we didn't mention yup loan it here well the the it's it's a little bit looser were in this in this time is actually my favorite maybe of their signing just because they got in the minimum holding neto i really liked neto competitive in the biggest flaw with him is that he can stay healthy an that's a problem for philadelphia but i i like among i like among their team and i'm surprised that nobody claimed in because neto his contract was so low that there are a lot of teams even though a lot of teams have cap space first of all some of those teams could could do something but also there's a lot of teams that have small trade exception and you the news the small trade exception declaim somebody flavors one of those teams that have that have done well to take lennon yeah i think so but you know i think a lot of it too especially a guy who's at this level you just don't wanna pithy agent off by car i do think more teams to maybe go that rob but a utah couple of more nights signings jeff green in particular one year the minimum shot at about is was he has on threes the last couple of years me that is finally coming around to be reliable still solid athleticism getting to the rim on those straight line drives with his right hand with the way utah moves the ball in the amount of space they're gonna have hopefully he can get those hard dunks go wherever he's not gonna make multiple moves or really fine guys that much and then defensively is not a stopper stop her on the wing by any means but he's got some defensive versatility i think he adds and important role as the for where it may be bogdonovich or joe ingles might be a little overwhelmed up like when he's got a little more juice then those guys he's still in his early thirties he's on the downside here athletically an end is always been overrun independently just he looks like it'd be really good but he's still provides more athleticism and then those guys do at the minimum he's been solid value the last two years and he builds a role in utah and and then emmanuel moody oh what do you think of that one a one year at the minimum to probably be their primary bucket bunker despite being incredibly high moody eight when he was drafted i've i've soured on him a little bit i don't think he's consistent enough creating shots for others as i would like for eight backup point guard i mean i would have preferred nacho but also we should mention depending on how they wanna use contacts he might be the backup point guard as well but he might be a two will see how you tell wants to use him moving forward when available but i mean i guess it's it's fine and there we talked about how the backup point guard market when we did the mock off season it thins out kind of quickly i don't think we necessarily reached that point yet but maybe the jazz see untapped potential and moody eight in he could be a better fit for them and other places well and all they have left the spender minimums right now so i think given that constraint they did pretty well you know maybe they would have rather had like a chairman later something but a oh there's some talk that when if he doesn't get y'all pretty wants a may go play in asia but i the reason i media is not even that he is such a good player any did shoot this forty six percent on two point jumpers last year which it probably an aberration considering his overall field goal percentage below forty percent every year before the so but maybe he's made some strides and he at least creative mid ranger any look at their roster didn't really have anyone who could just like get to a spot in rise up in the mid range the way moody eight can especially on the second unit i think it's useful to just have that ability to create some shots in the biggest problem with moody eight has been that his defense been absolutely atrocious in his career and so maybe quincy dark and get to old means we worked on her mike malone in david phys dale aren't like terrible coaches but you know i think snyder is a little more detail oriented and hopefully can get moody eight the defendant who knows maybe won't play an extra will just be healthy and they'll feel fine with him and they'd be like thing getting the ball handling the guys like wiped out a bitch and ingles on the second unit if the mitchell and comedy you're out of the game and they'll stagger those guys whatever so maybe mediate will play that much but especially they're gonna wanna keep calmly frosh yeah i think for the minimum especially as a little bit of upside potential in some size in adds an element that they didn't necessarily have on this team so i i think i i liked that signing pretty wild sports for those guys will be available at the minimum who's if we got anything else here we have we have one more in less i miss you talking about it and that is markeith morris yes markeith morris signing with the detroit pistons james edwards had that it is for the bi annual i do not know whether just one or two years maybe there's maybe i'm missing they've i don't i don't know that yeah i haven't seen that either an good for the pistons get another forward morris had largely a lost year due to that neck issue but it wasn't that long ago that he wasn't important part of de wizards rotation so maybe he could have a little bit of they reclamation year in detroit they certainly could use a player with his skills if morris could make his way back in at the bi annual i'm good with it yeah the pistons only one point five billion dollar shy of the tax line right now sitting on fourteen players we could see them being totally done here at this point in time they've got one non guarantee force feed mikhail york which actually guarantees tomorrow i imagine they will just keep him around an maybe just go into the season start with the with fourteen players a cause of minimum signing would take them or they also have some redundancies now langston galloway a perhaps but i the signing is pretty good and they just needed more in the front court their backup from court situation was eight problem a year ago you could see that maybe they would wanna bring back the odds are still some other kind of pure backup center i think they might see markeith is being able to play with blake griffin in andre drummond but i guess they got son maker is while who could maybe slide over center a sub it's still a little late in the shorts there but probably the dude the tax concerning they don't have an obvious way to get out of the tax other than maybe moving galloway if they were to go over it but i i liked the saying i think it's a good buy low they also need some more scoring morris could provide that they don't have a ton of passing on this team outside of blake griffin more sexually is an underrated passer as well if he could shoot the ball little bit better perhaps could be a real asset for this team that needed at a third big who is affected pretty desperate y'all i wouldn't wanna elian thon maker alone to do that at one more note here on orlando who we didn't mention this but they are in the tax right now i mentioned where they were in terms of the apron on i think it was monday's episode but i really don't see them paying the tax for this team in so that makes me believe that almost certainly eight stretch of timofey mas gov is coming bazi of a nother sour sixteen be mazda b ombo trade shell forever go down as one of the most hilarious trade the in history last year in mas gov really was barely able to play last year they've got plenty of other centers on the team he's totally useless to them so i think it's gonna be a stretch for miles scott that'll give him a another ten million or so and breathing space blow the tax maybe even enough to use the bi annual if there's anyone they deem worthy of a an they're not gonna have cap space next year they're slated up forty one million two years from now and this would cut into that by about a five million or so anything else we should talk about here do wanna do a pre abbreviated rundown of the players that are left i think we could just falling out players at each position think we need to go all the way down the deep bench guys but while i mean we're almost there and yeah so okay so at point guard delano right titus jones none colo unrestricted market lynn trey burke rondo an maybe me loesch i think i heard something that he might be signing into europe which tel aviv actually that could be an my copy copy until we get into the israeli stuff stuff that's where my pronuncia that we go through that through it despite well no outing you defer to you over myself so yeah just by studying hebrew for like five years at sunday school i rubber absolutely nothing i hated a yes it is that if the yeah i'll just mentioned on be kind of deeper than that idea first guys the guys that i just like i think that i i think he should get a better chance he really what's the what's the better backup point guard in orlando but he got hurt and so that's why he fell out of the rotation eventually they found michael carter williams because grant was just so awful they had to get somebody else but i like in there yeah you know what a fit that i actually would really like is trey burke in orlando yeah i'm gonna like he's he's a you know again he's not gonna be incredibly approaching these twentysix six be able to create some some rain shot me you know he had that run with the next two years ago where he was just hitting everything for a time and averaging twenty a game for a pretty you know like a month or something and that's not who he is but orlando against another team they just need someone who could create something off the dribble out the carter williams i mean he carter williams had this crazy good net rating last year an but his often was is atrocious is ever and so i wouldn't want to rely on that again in of course wouldn't rely on one markelle foltz a backup point guard and now the mu deejays off the board i'm gonna push even harder for raymond felton is miami's point guard just to see what happens a i guarantee you i mean maybe he wants to be in miami but i think raymond felton wants to like you know at age thirty five is ready to make the lifestyle change just had a pat riley culture is gonna demand of shooting guard danny green we talked about him casey p and other guy who got i mean he may end up getting quote unquote overpaid again i mean i still still think he's a perfectly fine starting shooting guard personally but i don't think many you agree with me anymore after the lakers spent a month shepherd is also interesting one of the rockets have full bird rights on him an i think they're kind of waiting around to see if anyone pops up in the mid level there's some chance they could use these full mid level an get hard captain maybe have to deal with that but if there is a kid who emerges is worth it maybe they'll go in that direction otherwise you know they might wanna just bring back shumpert they have the full bird rights and of course the tax and end the spending may be an issue there were tillman for tita differently inclined to the luxury tax they could also use among shepherd as a human trait inception yeah you know i mean i think they should think really seriously about that again the traitor delmore we talked about how they don't have thee matching matching salary europe they wanted you get someone like equal dahlan in you know they still have first round picks in the future they traded every year but their future first round picks i think are are unencumbered so yeah i mean it just get something that you could trade out that's not one year five starters i think would be pretty easily their biggest salary outside of their price starting with the retirement or or at least see opting out of the day would be like three million dollars so yeah yeah that's a great point makes it makes a lotta sense there especially with how many the type of moves they like to avery bradley is now with it's all all these memphis acquisitions nearly certain to be non guaranteed you would think a because they would be well into the tax if they hold onto him justin holiday is out there to the lower end rotation guy and then you're done a land stevenson j r smith and you know a bunch of really fringe guys who were not gonna get into small forward this won't take long quiet leonard and that's it yeah kelly oubre as a restricted free agent doesn't really seem to have a market developing lane is the only team with cap space it isn't trying to win right now maybe you could see dallas going in that direction if they miss out on danny green yeah and it doesn't it doesn't seem like they're prioritizing retaining space in twenty twenty one the way that you and i would have so they could go years on that yet but i also don't think they wanna overpay for great to the point where you're gonna actually get him from being so they'll probably be a pretty hefty deal and then you've got i i still think somebody should be taking a stab at stanley johnson and justin anderson anderson it's kind of maybe had to a few too many chances and and sam dekker you never know when those guys are gonna get it pro shooting tooting perspective we know kyle korver is gonna hit the market now so we get that but we already talked about where he could go john simmons isn't on the market yet i expect him to be maybe washington keeps him just because they don't have guys yeah you we talked about what they're a third small forward rotation well yeah and they're a team that could have taken on napier and trivia on gram the washington wizards just need bodies in the worst way yup power forward marcus morris still out there you imagine he's gonna end up with the one of those cap space teams wants the why thing gets taken care of jaw michael green same thing jabbari parker we haven't heard anything on him maybe he's waiting as well in he has an offer from washington is just gonna see whether a better one materializes and go back to them it's supposedly washington wanna bring it back they've got rene hollis jefferson as well it's by by direct kobe it'd be you're you're talking about trey lyles on the restricted market is only a restricted free agent a note among power force at the center spots demarcus cousins is still the headliner it remains hard to figure where he's gonna go my instinct is bend the lakers kind of actually witter without quiet that he would which would be atrocious but yeah which which collide and maybe for the room exception without and they have a lot more spending power we could see what happens there jail mcgee and then they kenneth freed tyson chandler who apparently wants to play another year and then zoo botch who has war we haven't really been insurance agent there as a reminder as a as a no dizzy watches restricted ken birches also restrict another guy that you and i like it would be worth an offer sheet on the right team could also note hutto i haven't heard him formally signing with european team yet so i still i still think he did she should get nimby offer but if he doesn't get that maybe he gets off we are in europe and then the cap space derby lana fourteen million in charlotte in lane also the room exception charlotte has their full mid level exception remaining in actually could potentially used and we haven't heard the getting involved with anybody though a backup point guard is a big need for them unless a tobon take rabbit they're gonna go to their me double check and make sure i'm not forgetting somebody that they have on their roster yeah now that that's about it and they've got room below the tax they've got twelve guys on on the roster and they've got fourteen million below the tax incentives are twelve million below the tax so they could used both so of or even all the mid level but it would also be money out of michael jordan's pocket and perhaps they're realizing that they will not be competing this year aside from that dallas may still have the room exception depending on how they used by binding they've got twenty two million or so in space left a denver has therefore emily we haven't heard anything about them using that the eu's a little of that to sign bulbul to a three year or longer deal but a they're still thirteen million dollars blow the tax there's no reason they shouldn't shouldn't used them ellie except a you know cash indiana may have the room exceptions still depends how they they wanna get to mcconnell clippers and lakers both basically just about eight co why size max lot an also the room exceptions minnesota has their full mid level but we talked about how they may not be able to use that would be layman acquisition an ties jones still out there they blow the tax knicks have their room exception okay see has there been any level may not use at orlando has to be hey if they stretch mazda dropped their driver and blow the tax used that philly looks like they used the room exception on mike scott so go ahead and delete that spurs do not have there'll be eighty as you provided me last time 'cause they used on sunday killing him last you're toronto has there many mid level very difficult to see them using that unless maybe they bring back why end any rumors leave but then i you know the the the picking just those limits by not even worth it for them rather just save the buyout and then a washington still has therapy remaining as well so i don't think there's anything that could happen unless there's a massive trade so the next time we talked you we will know what team quiet leonard will be playing for in twenty nineteen twenty so you couldn't breathe in my piece of athletic about the human trade exception and will talk to you on july fifteenth yeah yeah that's a device they may not happen in the next couple of days he's usually been relatively plugged in a there but up yet subscribed to redo danny stuff at the athletic end also are patriot

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"Don't say anything super well who Scandal inc office. I am toning. Maybe oh that's bubba gump. You know maybe me that'll be three forty so far today to know right. Now we got a real sociedad up one. Nothing at the half my friends. So you're saying the hot streak continues so far so good. Listen to this case. You guys accidentally missed friday or potentially the weekend. 'cause you're too busy suck and alcohol. You should still pay attention to us on the weekend nick. Friday night was the undefeated. Six and one six one is that good coin. One man siri dominated. Ufc two sixty one plus eleven hundred winner the knockout. He had the second round knockout call. He had doug rose as an upset. Is that good you nine and three. Mlb weekend and your normal footy greatness nisar three yesterday kind of mit was three zero and fcc s still. The hottest fcs gambler on the internet still undefeated fcs. Champion mick mcmahon. Let's go to cut maker gave out a plus fourteen hundred dollar winner. John maybe john had the fucking beams and coal twenty k. Matchup i mean superbos for plus the haunted of you take that to t super booth nando typeface plus four twenty hit and most importantly the coin lives on. The coin does live on ed. You're potentially you know today least two and one of the worst muffled so that's awesome. It's good it's good. It's good good to be hammered dallas in Thank you so senate in your winning tickets so we can post pretty cool another thing. Strath week babe straffic tons my friend. There's times for the fence. I just feel like they're gonna trade out and just stockpile draft picks forever full every once in a while just once would be nice So that for that draft week we decided to bring on pro. Football focus lead draft analyst. Former you may know him from bachelorette. Fame come on made quite iran. Good looking guy friend of the office. Great friend of the office and co host of two one drafts. I don't know if i might have fucking type that out wrong. Mike redder welcomed the hammered. God gave that up. The four one drafts fucking thing about that. I know it's fucking clever. Name and i fucked it up. I i just put two dash one drafts like an idiot. That's on me. How you doing doing fantastic. It's my it's my super bowl this week so it's great week i know and that's why we wanted to have you on because we wanted to talk to you in potentially have the people make some money off of your words. Do you pay attention to the draft bedding at all. So my brother just sent me some over yesterday some props. I don't until i do like early in the process. And then i'll do it like right a right up the day of. But i haven't been looking anytime here lately so i wanted to start here and i'll use are betting knowledge and then i'll just ask you questions that can lead for the listeners. To benefit off of jomar chase pits and penny soul. All of their drafts positions are over under at five and a half. So what do you think happens. After a quarterback goes at threes there is do the falcons take pits then does it leave marches in seoul for the bengals decide on there. What do you think of those guys potentially over under five and a half for chase pits and saw the one i think. Feel the best about chase under five and a half. i think he goes to the bengals. I just think one not a lot of people wanna be in cincinnati so if a guy wants to be in cincinnati which jamaa chase does wants to play with joe burrow. You go get the guy that wants to be in central i. It's difficult i live here. I know it's difficult to convince people that come here so i i think that's what's ultimately going to happen. They're gonna wanna piece. They're young quarterback. Obviously also after tours. Acl so that's the way i feel most safe about. I also do think number. Four finland stays there drafting pits. But i do think that'll be a hot trade spot specialist. Matt jones goes number three which is kind of where the rumors are heading. Right now. what happens. Do you think there's any chance someone goes up to. Four with the falcons and then takes another quarterback. So do you think the bengals still go chase then. If pits is sitting there too i do. I just think they're gonna be locked into him for like. I said the joe burrow martius connection back from. Lsu run a back one more time. Just because like i you gotta. He's he's already said he's factoring. In the decision-making he went out to dinner with riley reef to try to convince him there. So i think they got the old line they want enough. And so. I think that's where they go. Okay so first. Round the total quarterbacks drafted is five and a half and it's the juice way to the under so. Do you think there's any chance that trask armand or any one of those guys falls into the late first round so that that goes over the five and a half quarterbacks i don't because one like the fifth year options not great anymore for nfl teams. No one's gonna really want to go back down just for that fifth year option like they used to 'cause the new. Cba changed how that works and to like everyone's gonna get their quarterback the only teams you might have washington chicago not get theirs. But then there's a tier of like three guys i. They'll just take whoever in the second round. Then they'll take whichever one false them so going off of that there is a draft prop kyle trash versus kellyn. Mon- i to be drafted. Who do you think goes. I ain't contrast. I think the nfl is gonna like his game. Touchy throws with just the fact that he put a massive numbers in the sec whereas kalomo kind of put pedestrian numbers in the sec. He has like you know maybe better. Nfl tools. i think. Trask is going to be the guy that prize the six back. Trask is actually the underdog in that matchup. So you can get a good value there He's plus one twelve. Some of the other quarterbacks i was so cowan mons over under seventy five and a half which puts that in third round Davis mills a sixty eight and a half Is there any chance at those to go. Maybe in the second to go under there yeah. I would think that they will come off. The boards can use with the caliber. Quarterbacks are working within like. I said they're going to be a couple of teams that don't get their guy in the first and i think they'll just pull the trigger. That in the second is where. I'd imagine they do that. So this is a good kind of second tier quarterbacks to it really is kind of deep quarterback class. Yeah yeah mike. What do you think the dolphins are gonna do it six. You just take best player available or do you think they actually go out and get some weapons for to its weapons to like. I think it's gonna be. They went up with the intent of it being marches p- still on the board. And now i think you're hearing these rumors of the trade back because they're worried that pits is gonna go four chases going to go five and then they're kinda going to be holding their digging their hand with no one there i mean they they they probably like water smith but again you can get one of those two a little bit later on so i think that's why you're getting these rumors that may be moving back from six and do you think nause harris goes in the first round and you think he goes in the second. I think he does go on the first lady. I believe the pittsburgh. Nashi harris thought just he fits kind of their mo of drafting. And what they covet at that position and i can see them kind of chalking up their struggles of late in big ben. Struggles to oh. It doesn't the back he can rely on. Even though it's like oh they. All offense line also sucks right now is he. Is he all right. I so his over under twenty eight and a half as far as position and n is thirty two and a half and they have a match up there too is it. Deathly nausea going over drowsy. Eat the ed. I think so. That was going to be more in the eye of the beholder though What what do you want. Yeah offense 'cause they're vastly different types of running backs. But i do think that nashi harris is the one that's more. Nfl projectable like easier to fall in love with more teams will have nausea. Here says running back one then. We'll each atom. I've been here so you talked about devante smith and waddell earlier. They're both at eleven and a half and they also have a heads up. I think waddles goan before Do you agree or disagree there. I agree i think waddell has the rare earth skillset more rear skill set. Whatever that one devante teams are going to be scared of the weight. Like who wants to be the team that draft one hundred six six pound guy and that he fails now. I don't think fail. But i do think that's kind of low hanging fruit to row someone forward to be a laughing stock for few draft. The guy who is as crazy outlier. Think he's gonna work out whereas waddell is just a freak athletically so i do think the nfl is going to be higher on that. It's like rugs going before judy last year. No one would religiously watch both and say oh you know. But that's just what the nfl covets that positions yet Kinda of feels to me because a few years ago like it feels like there's no positives or there's no positive Spin right now. For smith coming reminds me of decay. Metcalf a few years ago when the coverage about him was negative in talking about him following any actually. They actually did fall. I mean he turned out to be a great player but as far as the draft goes he fell and it feels like the same may happen with devante here. I took over the eleven and a half year. Because i don't i. I took while too because i don't think he's gone before him and i don't think he's going before eleven and a half. Yes just landing spots for a wide receiver. And i think that's why. I said the the dolphins may move back. Like broncos aren't gonna draft one aren't going to draft when cowboys aren't going to draft. All the giants will either tendon. In and the giants. I don't think cattleman really wants to draft wide. Receivers wants defensive lineman so yeah i think that's just not landing spots forgotten. He's not. I mean we know. He's not drafting your. I don't think he knows how the over under for wide receivers in a first round is i believe is five and a half so you have you have chase. You have auto you have smith and then does bateman go. The area's tony go does What's his name from. Lsu blanking on it. Go marshall marshall do how many receivers you think i was tough. Yeah i think you got the top three. Those are for sure. And then i elijah more or he's going to go in the first round the nfl's gonna love lash more at the top mcshea thing today. Saying he's fourth on every board that he's talked to Fourth four in every board for nfl teams. Talk to. I don't know how many stock to maybe it's one team but still i do think he is going to go. In the first round. I think dairies. Tony goes in the first trial after that. Though i think marshall would if he didn't have the injury or he supposedly had bad medical recheck. That might drop them out of the. I i still do think goes i still think you will see six because when you go towards the bottom half of the first round. There's a lot of teams that will need wide receiver. Whether it's the ravens the packers down there at the bottom of the saints that could use a wide receiver. They're gonna want to draft because there's not going to be then that kind of wide receiver town at the back end of the second round. You're just not going to get the same caliber guy. So i do think that you will ultimately see six guys. Come off the board unless like one of those teams really trace back. That makes sense and i was looking here. Do you think so. You think is going to be the fourth i do right maybe not necessarily fourth. I think qadir's tony could be the four. But i do think he gets drafted in the first round. So if you go right now on could get if the exact order props up so you could go jomar chase one jalen waddell to devante three areas tony four and that's plus three fifty there if you felt pretty good about that and then so who's the who do you think the third running back going is air because they have props here for nausea harris tragedy then the third being devante williams and kenneth gain. Well or trey sermon. Michael carter colin hill. Do any of those names jump out to you. I'm ask me. I'd be floored. Is anyone lives. I think that's the clear your one of running backs in this class they are. That's the favorite there of that order of nausea harris trophy devante williams You think the steelers should go nausea harris twenty four. Hell no you know. I don't think they should go. I mean neither. Do i do. I mean you could. There's no reason to draft him. The he make you. Does he immediately make your team better. I don't think don't honestly. Don't i really don't think so really. I mean look at with derrick. Henry did for the titans man like i know. We want to discount running backs. But without derrick henry tight and stink. Why i'm not gonna argue. Either tannehill stinks. I'm sorry no one. There's only so. Many derrick. Henry is out there but nausea is close isn't he. Maybe potentially don't know i'd take him in the dolphins dolphins i'd take him with that second. Pick in the first round the steelers just have other holes offense of line being one of them thing. The titans had like a real offense. Line the steelers. Just don't right now. They they need three positions along the line. Hey there's one quarterback i'm fading here and it's jamie newman has under over under his one. Sixty four and a half. For some reason i just see him falling. Yeah i think probably goes under that you do later the nets or i saw i. He's old he sat out. He sat out. Because i believe he lost quarterback in georgia. I think i. I don't i don't like jamie newman in the straps. So i took his own phone and you look like shit at the senior bowl too which is a teams are going to put a lot of stock in that especially when you opt out this past year and twenty four years old now. Yeah i bet it goes like fifth round. I'm glad we agree mike. This is a question that everybody's probably asked to this point mac. Do you think the niners mack jones the guy or do you think they go trae lance or fields. Even i think it's gonna be trae lands really ideal. I just can't fathom edge. The three traded to future first rounders districts first rounder. And it's just mack jones that are getting like do you think he's gonna be a good good in the nfl. I used to be a starter caps out kind of like teddy bridgewater range of starters though. Yeah maybe into the kirk cousins range. But that's like kirk cousins wasn't even good until like his fourth year in the nfl. I just worry he really is just physically. Limited and drew brees was too. But how many other quarterbacks besides to reset our debt but in his primaries wasn't nearly as much as maybe the most accurate quarterback ever. So i can't think trae lance what he offers is so different As what that's what like the guys who are winning games in the nfl josh. Allen patrick mahomes aaron rodgers that's what those guys have. Those are the tools those guys have. They don't look like jones. How far go. No i was just gonna say like and if they do if they are telling the truth that they're keeping jimmy g. trae lance is more of the guy that i feel like you groom for a year versus mac jones because trae has the bigger ceiling. If you're going to groom him and stuff like that. That's why i thought that go. How far do you think fields could drop them mike. I don't think he makes it past. Probably nine broncos take him right. Yeah broncos would take Think even the panthers could think about it and if you drop to seven range i think someone like the patriots washington. Chicago would make a play at that. Point would try to go out there and get them so. I do think this quarterback class will go pretty early and everybody's sleeping on him and the patriots getting him and ryan over the nfl would just be fitting when it would be the team so i hope no one gives it to them the lion say kick rocks and give them to like the bears or something because he won't so the odds on favorite. I corners patrick. Certain he's modest three hundred. Is there any way. Jason horns snakes in front of him. And i think there is. I think we're gonna have. Jc warned ahead of ser tan on their boards. Okay i really do. I guess is the type of teams covet pressman. Corners is like c. j. Anderson go in ninth overall asher allegheny genuine thought. That was gonna happen before. The draft of florida cornerback. And it's like bashed the skill set. Nfl teams like because that's the that's harder to replicate is playing pressman You could teach guy to play zone or do other things. But i do think. Jc worn brings to the table. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes Top ten in the strap you get. Jc hornet good. Money there and is so. Do you think corner will be last question here. Do you think corner will be the first defensive position taken i do. I think it will be. I just mike. Mike parsons the best defensive player in the draft. He's gonna fall because of those off. You'll dishes yeah. Just i was just reminded those off field issues today. Those are wild. Those are absolutely wild. Makes you go follow them like at. Pf underscore microsoft two for one drafts. Baby toe lead draft analyst at ff. Can't they good to see you join this week. I take nausea eighteen paul. either. I don't see i mean. Just give to a shot. Whatever you know what i mean. You drafted all linemen in the first round last year because this was the or you're going to get weapons. Yeah i'm a big running back doesn't you can find them out there anywhere. I just think he's one of those special ones. I know they're few and far between just feels like feels like him in the backfield with two Like to adjust needs. I think someone like that could just help them. So i think at the end like if he would've came out last year would have been the first back taken all one hundred percent but we didn't this year would you take him over harris. I don't know. I honestly. I do not know. Yeah we had him on the jc horn. Value there The kyle trask over kellerman match up that you can get there is positive value. I like culturas. I do too. I think i do all day. What did you say. give me cowan mind all day. I definitely trask more now. Absolutely seriously going watch. senior dude. Lucky rhode island or do you watch a full game. No i watched this full game against alabama against patrick kane and he actually fucking dominated him like third and long fucking ear whole patch 'certain to some shares. Iverson shadier dropped. You'd better than mac jones. I don't think that's hard high on. Yeah i on kalamata. It's gonna be like if give mack. Jones is not great. There's a lot of people with egg on their face on this one. Oh i don't think this one will be forgotten like other ones. Because if justin fields turns out to be a guy and mac jones's not there's a lot of people who got some fucking backing up to a lotta these a lot of times there's only going to be one guy. Maybe two out of this draft. Well if think justin feels is very good man. And i know people don't wanna hear it but i've been beating that drum for a while. If the forty niners take trae lance what happens to mack. Jones says he fall. Like aaron. rodgers did brady quinn. I don't know who takes like if the niners. Don't take mack jones. I think every other team takes field before. Mac jolts right. I like the broncos. Don't take mack jones. They take justin fields. Yeah because i don't think max jones and Drew locker are that much different. And then and then i hear people say well. It's the system. It's mac jones and this is if it's the system the like what are we doing. You want to draft the best fucking quarterback do we not all the system. Plus the white house said that they had like injects. Say mack jones will be on in san francisco like isn't a mobile quarterback better in any system. Most of them right most of them are we not just trying to draft the best player here. I know you love fucking just some fields. I would sit you take him over to. I'm not. I'm not a. I'm not saying that. I wouldn't be mad. Let's jump into. Mlb finals today. Casey beat detroit. Three two two brad keller gets the win overturn will keller has been He's been up and down. This season. turnball was very good insurance. Detroit's having a hard time hitting right now basic not as bad as the braves where yesterday but braves go one in fourteen innings yesterday. And hey you want to take away from mad bums no hitter. It's not his fault who's trying to take away from our no hatred seven innings. What do you want him to do. Ask to play to more innings. Zamel be stupid. Mickey mouse doubleheader rules. You fucking play. The cards you're dealt madam played imperfectly. Same as last night. Padres dodgers scrap the guy on second extra as let the boys play. I hate that. They're saving baseball by the way fucking padres and dodgers. Yeah great great series. What are we in twenty games into the season and every game they've played has been like a playoff game everyone. They played twenty one games this year. Luckily for us it's going to be awesome. Everyone's a dogfight to tease needs fucking helper. Microwave looks like shit yesterday. We'll have that. You'll have the dodgers do not chase though. No they don't hit really haven't been hitting either. We'll talk about that six tonight. Barrios police act minnesota at cleveland. I have a pick in this game. It's minnesota i five minus-one thirty has minnesota bad gumby. Barry yes. They believe they've lost eleven. Thirteen has police act been good. Do i like barrio. Barrows better than police ac. Yes bears is a three. Era versus pleased six point seven five era various to starts on. The road has a point. Eight zero not bad. He's on he's on the road tonight. Police actors giving up six earned runs in his last two starts each time. Not like he's giving up twelve earned and five in two thirds in his last two. Oh correct the twins are also number six versus right and pitching in the last ten days. And cleveland is sixteenth. Taking the twins here. I'll take it with you tony. I wasn't going to. But i like barrios. I just the cleveland is get worried about the fucking losing bug there in minnesota. I mean they did get dog. Walked by the buckles. Well those are really good. So let's relax on the buck okay. we can relax them about goes. Leveland stinks though. Do they can't hit either. No they cannot. That's why minnesota barrios six ten. Give him here to me now. Okay i if you're looking at full game for that I will tell you right now. That the twins are minus twenty. Six money line in the full game plus one eight. We've got the first five at one thirty at one thirty two right now so it's moved just a little bit The next game of the night is chicago at the atlanta braves. That we talked about. Vegas does not care but the braves hit yesterday. The braves are minus one. Ninety four with chucky morton on the mound going sack davies. At davis has been bad. Chuck morton chucky morton chunky ballgame chucky ballgame but mice one. Ninety four five. Now i five here is money line minus one ninety six for the braves very much. The same as game is one forty. Four for half aches. That was these lines move fast. And there was minus one fifty this morning zach. Davies has he is. He hasn't made he's made to the fifth once in four starts stock. It's not good. no his. your is fucking eight point. Eight is expected ears seven too rich for the braves money. I wouldn't lay. The we would love to touch chucky ballgame. I probably will lay the minus a half. But i don't love it yogis at orioles seven five first pitch divy garcia versus matt harvey. I'm on this. i'm on this game. You are in the dark night. I am going to ride the fucking dark night of the yankees. Money's one seventy on the money line orioles plus one forty two over under nine minds one ten on both of those. This is strictly value play. I don't fuck love it. You get baltimore. Plus a half plus one oh four. Harvey has a three point seven nine expected or a pretty good this year. Actually he's given up a little bit of runs here and there but he's pretty. He's not been as bad as he was the last few years i think he's learned how to pitch instead of just throw like he did before. But divey garcia has six career starts. He's got zero. Innings pitched this year. They just call them up the yankees still can't they're still in the bottom five of the league versus writing in pitching. So i'm gonna take the royals plus a half. Am i going fucking regret. This potentially most likely the yankees have the roles numbers. I think they've won. Twenty four versus twenty eight. If i'm not correct from not wrong incorrect. Potentially one of those things one of spot. I'm taking harvey on the fucking value play. I know you don't like it. Nine not touching that game. It's probably the way to go. But i'm fairplay are you touching Oakland in tampa. I mean manet on the mound this guy. He had a tough outing to start the season other than that. I mean last out in seven innings. Zero earned seven ks. You're gonna give me him plus a half against retail who has an eight point eight two year. A ritual is giving up four earned runs in each of his four. Starts this season. He's made his last. Two outings made it a combined. Six and a third tony ater. Yeah get them out then mugniyah. I would've taken this money line. Like i can't believe that they're getting a half earlier. This morning was favored I might take both. I don't hate that plus a half m money line. See now right now so. It's funny that we can get plus a half for the as but the as our favourite on the money line. I five because minez the better pitcher the rich elbow. You're giving me plus a half like the as are modest. One fifteen burst the raise minus one zero five on the first five money line but the as somehow getting the plus a half fucking take that every day. Thank you very much. I'll take that every fucking day. Because in oakland still nine one in their last ten winning they ran into fucking big. John means yesterday man and nobody can beat him. Nobody manet giving up giving up three runs in the last nineteen innings. After that i started fucking bananas been good absolutely. So we're gonna take the as plus a half five here. Hope everyone fucking greece. Florida the miami. Marlins at milwaukee brewers trevor rogers and corbin burns corden. Burns's one that's a lot of money this year so far. Paul yes sir. Does his mind is one. Oh five i five this morning. That's absurd eight. Am it's l. minus one eight. That's absurd i don't i. Don't love lay the minus a half because turbochargers two point six four year. Yeah i mean burns's burns you know. Yeah rogers one point. Six four burns has been sub one And then the minds one eight money line first half my life for the burbs minds a half as one twenty two over under three and a half juice to mice one fifty under so as much as i love burns. I can't do it it's too. I mean if you got a one oh five or whatever fucking yeah all of it not laying. i'm not laying minus one. Eighty eight. And i would i lay minus a half maybe law that love it or three and a half either. No not a chance way too much. I'll watch the game. Maybe i mean. Mlb tonight it'll be my father tv for sure that is quality programming program. They had cc fucking everyone in there watching the game. Yesterday's great great programming. But we're going to stay away from that one. Yeah i mean unless you're if you're doing a parlay throw them in their minus one eda take on a parlor or something like that part of me thinks like us also Worries about like has corden spent too good. Oh you think it's going to have. Is there in recent regression here. I mean you could say the same about mr rogers. True more because corwin pitches very well last year too. Some good pitch and going on right now very good got shea otani versus jordan laos eight. oh five first pitch The as sorry. Angels were huge favorites earlier. Mice one sixty four rangers have plus one thirty eight. I five and angels minds one fifty eight and then you can get them at Mice a half is one of six. I didn't otani. Hasn't i mean areas one point four but what he walked last time out six or seven. Yeah i mean. He hasn't gone past four so i worry about on sites day. We've rich for my blood Your guy justice sheffield is on the mound versus jose or queasy Seattle's at houston. Houston's bats have picking up a little bit as of late there. Mashing they are absolutely mashing I think they took three or four against the angels peninsula. Ashes are minus one seventy two. I didn't like either side here. No i would lean plus a half with sheffield just. Because i don't really trust her keady but i don't love it. I mean mariners. Playing good ball. They took They beat the songs twice. I think in boston. Yeah i in the division. Pretty good Game that i took a long hard look at fucking go governor piles on the mound for the rockies Verse san francisco Has got desclafani on it rockies gm a hike. today he's He's out rockies. Gm has gone trader and auto and left. Yeah i assume. I don't know the boys react to that. Maybe positively maybe negativity. I don't know. I took a long hard look at it. I decided to stay away from it. You're on the giants. Yeah giants i five there. Eleven eight and three and i five giants. I five hundred. Let me see if i could find that because that's ridiculous. Dow seventeen three in to. I five under which i don't know how to i don't know what site is given a four runs for the first five Not vandal doesn't do that is either three and a half or four now so deal with that or five and a half Thought about the under with gomer in desclafani but it was at one was three and a half three and a half. I think so the check. Now it's at four and a half but it's a modest one forty still not bad. Gomer era Three point three eight years. The thing like i started looking at his numbers and it's not great like his three point. Three eight zero is expected. Those four and a half puts a lot of guys on base. Tony he does. And then so i was a little bit worried about that. Desclafani is at three point. Four is expected to point one four. I mean he's a better pitcher. yeah the nightcap. We got cincinnati on. No sorry looking at the wrong. Still cincinnati at the dodgers tyler mall versus julio ious taking the reds plus a half plus on await hoping for let down from the dodgers hereafter padre series for enough dodgers have not been hitting great. It's not the since he hasn't either but one point seven four. Era from all two runs in his last three outings. Pretty good yeah. I mean pretty good who you're has also been very good. He's two point eight year. Ra expected area of three eleven ks last time out one hit seven innings. But that was on the road. He's been a little up and down either giving up nothing or three or four runs. He has a five point. Four home are so he's got to away starts to home. Starts five point four home. Era so and they're at home. So i i'm like the reds plus the half a little bit of value i five. Lean you tony. Thanks paul appreciate that. Anytime i can go against the dodgers. We'll so i got minnesota. I five baltimore. Plus a half. I five versus the yankees. The as plus a half versus tampa bay and hill. I five and then the reds i five plus a half i the dodgers for my picks and you have sir twins. I five money. Line as i five plus a half and then the giants i by money line. And then if you're doing a parlay throwing the brewers the minus one eighty eight but that's way too much juice i may sprinkle on the giants and marlins under their four and a half to something to think about just something to think about keep thinking pro. Nba geez why did you say. Jeez pal well. If you follow the at hammer on twitter account you would know this. The nba has twenty seven people on the Questionable lists game tonight twenty seven players questionable tonight. Good lock it stinks. We've gotta get to the playoffs. Like come on gotta arrest is absurd. Wants a final injury reports. Come out. I will take a look at some of the games Knicks as a home dog. Knicks have won nine arrival if nixon dog got sun's gone down so it's like two teams. I love sons played yesterday. Yes they lost right. Yes sadly take a look at the knicks as home dogs tonight potentially based on the lineups raptors are twelve point favorites thinking about it. That's a lot of points probably not going to take that one but good value. Twelve points is a lot of fucking points for the raptors dude. That cleveland team fucking stinks. Though they can't score at their dead in the raptors are one game out of the plane. Wraps are in the playoff. they're fucking teams from each fucking two teams. Don't make the playoffs pretty much. Jesus absurd so i mean look at the raptors probably not gonna take. I was looking towards the under here. Tony adams twelve and a half is what it's right now at opened at two oh six. Oh these teams really can't score. Cleveland plays decent. Defense sodas toronto so thinking under this game looked pretty nice. Did you have anything for the knicks and suns at all. I'm leaning towards the sons. But i'm not very competent and i love the knicks. And they're on a huge hot streak and they're at home. It's a tough. That's a hard game to pick the The other that i wanted to look at was heat versus the bulls Heat have covered Five last six. I believe when i was looking earlier and chicago is going the opposite direction. So the heat minus five and a half is not terrible. Obviously check your injury reports. But look i'm looking tonight. The knicks raptors and heat. What else you. I also do have the i have the heat minus six. Yeah minus six still right now. I was thinking maybe the over of two six just to six seems like a really low number for the nba teams both play. Good defense but chicago has not been doing that as of late chicago scary. What the over. Because they can't really put up points but hopefully jimmy butler has a night. Okay well said anything else. Let's look at it here. Tony just making sure. I don't have anything has oh i was going to take washington over the sacramento spurs plus four. They're getting four points at home. The who are you taking the sacramento kings or the tonio spurts. Wait san antonio spurs also taking dallas over the sacramento kings. Is there that that really threw me in sacramento for fat fucking buffoon the sacramento kings deer and foxes out. He's their whole damn team. So i was taking luka doncic mavs minus five and a half they're going on the road sacramento but they've been in. La last couple of days so they looked good. Here are the best that you're the baby met. Hey six one. Friday nikki skates. Welcome to the program. Thank you boys good to be here. Low looks incredible. That's a little greasy. That's we need for after weekend like that. Though and a couple of games tonight we need a little grease. The more importantly quite hit absolutely. It's back to have a game. we got a game. Yeah we there's eight games. I think a handful of them but we definitely got a coin game. I'll start off with a carolina in guppies dallas stars. Stars are actually gonna make the playoffs. They're they're on a push right now to try to and they've got some games in hand but they're five and five and one straight up in the last six games played the troy four times the in columbus and both those teams only play games on your scott Carolina however is five and one straight up in their last six dallas so much carolina which is modest one twentieth. That's values carolina is a very good team and we go with the over five and a half feet. That's an easy number for these teams to get to plus one or two so timing get over five and a half plus money with good teams. Jump on that okay. I like that. Also going to go with the florida panthers minus one. Thirty gonna go with the over there as well as five and a half. They're play nashville florida. Six in one st and their last seven on the road against nashville airline. Florida just had a nice little. We're into that stretch now. Where a lot of teams are playing each other like two or three times trying to make them games. They go and you're seeing a lot of teams going back to that much like the leary. We talked about last week now. This one game. I believe that was to our dice winners. that was. yeah that was the second one Unfortunately not a winner while none of the birds one. Yeah the winter. It was the blackhawks the first time this one. Okay this game. Take this literally. Just flipped it. Calgary and montreal. We've been. we've been on calgary. We we know. Montreal stinks but montreal just called up coal caufield who is the hobey baker winner which whistling heisman chalky leading goalscorer for the usa national developmental team. Kobe can score coke caufield coca respect. Uncles net calgary just beat montreal twice. They've had their way with them all season They're five and they're one montreal's one four show up in the last five on. Play on the road. Against calgary i think is going to make a difference. I think montreal's do so. We're going to go with montreal. The money line at plus eighteen. I got real in the over five and a half a plus one zero to go. I got real excited for a second. Because i looked up goal caufield and i saw his dad's name was paul and i thought it was paul coffey for a second. Not been sweet paul. Coffey absolute legend the next one colorado taking on the blues again. We got a nice upset win with the blues over the weekend. If you put out on saturday but we're going back to colorado this time they're too good on one seven eight minus one fifteen in regulation and over five and a half there as well colorado five in one strip the last six colorado five one in the last six against saint louis specifically and now the coin flip game of the night the audible we have the edmonton oilers sitting at minus one. Ten going on the road. Up to the peg against the winnipeg jets at minus one. Oh six s just lost. Somebody didn't they doesn't matter. The coin does doesn't matter grumpy. You could throw all lineups and injuries and coaches decisions out the window when it comes to the coin so we will do the oilers as heads we will do the jets as i want oilers and now we will flip. I want oilers. It's it's it's the oilers make jesus baby. The coin has spoken at mentana. Oilers s one time. That's that that's going to roll the dice but that roll the dice. Every time that i did lose the home away dyson really want matter to What are those. What's i don't want you some mickey mouse so i think it's six and a half so that's pretty high so yeah say on new coins says colours there it is there it is the send a ten. I six and a half ton. Who's they admit stuck in the mouth like a bunch of mobile's more winners. Hey thanks man thank you. Thank you nick. One thirty right now so battle play. That's fucking juice their. That'll let me see if there's any any opus fucking fucking dinger's dude. Is there coal. Cough failed to score a goal. Nhl debut plus by plus five hundred. Yeah you have to do you have to do you like fucking goals d like fuck and snipe funk and top cheese dealing american studs playing for a team on their back Come on goff failed plus five hundred man. That was quick. Good for them will handle. They know they gotta hockey guys are. They're good for us taking their money. Johnny caufield. let's go Mlb odds dodgers and giants to both win. Nope plus one seventy dinger's house. You're not a dinger boost every day. I'll i'll talk to him probably because Three plus total goals scored in reality versus chelsea tomorrow. How many three over plus one fifty. Ya no okay. No thank you know. Thanks lakers in clips both to win. Tonight stay away from moody gone. Qui- leonard is not playing. So i take that one as you well. I don't think the clippers clippers new orleans lakers are at orlando. I'm not it's not. It's not good enough for me. No thanks julius randle to score twenty plus points and the knicks to win plus two sixty donating would be the one. I don't mind my friend. Don't hate that one something to think about something about that. Any more real madrid chelsea. I mean way. Bet this game i wouldn't. I mean you get chelsea double chance minus one seventy chelsea draw no bet plus one forty two real madrid money line plus one thirty real madrid drano bet minus one sixty five. I mean hide out. Do this is a fucking is a toss up to me if anything. I'd probably take riyal draw. No bet can't take rather still in the fucking. They're still not super league now. They are sorry can't do it. I mean yeah did you do it. I mean did you forget. I don't know this game is at the scumbags still in the super man city. Psg wednesday to. I mean talk about that one tomorrow. There's to fucking about student draft week so we had the draft information's also derby week so if someone on for the derby later in the week figure out who that's going to be. Hopefully somebody good it will be. Don't you're too fucking word. i love derby. I'm address up for. It are probably where if i can. Where some nice blazer. What are you wearing for the draft. Don't worry about i disorder. Something special nice drafts. Spectacular can't wait. Absolutely can't wait. The rollover is and seven fifty. We had a winner. This weekend we get his name. Give them a shot. This guy nice beds too nice straight. Easy easy peasy. fuck and go through the archives. Landon bailey chat landon bailey for landon. Seventeen fifty this weekend. Who we're up to seven fifty right now. Definitely forgot to put up tweets. I'll do that right now. Like my summer. Hit it's good. It's an off-white resit. Why looks good. Be whatever you want to be a the bone white white paul j. bone white fucking great call j. fucking bony digs. Whoa dude fucking bone digs whoo. That's not summer name. We'll be back tomorrow. It'll be more nhl nba. If anyone's playing mickey mass. Keep you up to date on all draft draft stocks. Have you made any draft. Plays yet me not really made. If you put them out. I should dive into fucking me. Fucking what fading jamie newman's my favorite one with the jets. Don't take zack wilson. They're gonna take well. What if they don't they're going to. But what if they don't. I mean they're going to. I mean just somebody do something insane. Who's going gonna go to. That's what i'm saying. What if that throws everything for a loop. That'd be wild trevor. lawrence doesn't go number one now. that's he's minus one hundred thousand right. Now it's a good deal. You want one hundred thousand to hundred dollar borough same last year. When was the last year there was actually a like people didn't know who was going number. Want baker mayfield is like the trillo assist. Yeah who is. Who did they ought. Darnold was up there to you. Imagine if darnold winter Yeah i mean it'd be just as good as bigger no baker. Cb dead myles. Garrett was the before that. I don't know who's going up against moscow was first overall. Yeah only shit. Jared goff james winston. Cloudy jimmy who's jimmy up against jimmy winston anybody the lock two thousand and fifteen marionette number two the myles garrett draft I can't remember who went number to their two thousand seventeen trubisky to mahomes went what ten Watching of five twelve watson went four twelve. Oh she all right. We'll be here tomorrow. All the pics auto winners tomorrow. We're taking phone calls. Whoa oh we have to work out the fucking communication on our side on how we want to handle them. Whose answer and stuff like that Phone calls tomorrow. We'll take some of your some of your questions at the end of the campaign. You know we will see you tomorrow hammer dah.

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Nic Hodges on the geopolitics and media behind COVID-19


1:15:54 hr | 1 year ago

Nic Hodges on the geopolitics and media behind COVID-19

"Uncommon is production by neural the full service digital agency. If you want to grow with premium agency and have the ability to work Jordan directly. Then learn more at around dot com slash media and request to Koba. That's an are a dot com slash media names Jordan Michael. Ladies and I'm the host of uncommon showed that asked the why on Business Nadya current affairs and sport uncommon. Coroner additions sees US catching up with pride. Guess the document had adapting during this once in a lifetime pandemic. He loved the episode. Dude leave a review on your podcast APP as it does. Help US continue. What we're doing. Don't forget that there's plenty of To keep you entertained home. Show notes below You can also find all previous guests at drawl dot com slash uncommon. It's any I double slash uncommon the full video to search uncommon show on Youtube and for social to keep up to date with behind the scene search at uncommon on the school. Show with that being said. Let's get into the episode. My guest this week is nick. Hodges Strategic Advisor to startups investors and media companies Founder blown. Three and. Board member of sunup Victoria Nick Shutting. I know you've moved. How how tobacco may meet. Korean bars? surprisingly dot challenging it was sort of. Nice to have a China your senior and then we we've been blessed Ray. Wakes me immediately did a bunch of remodeling So maybe maybe incriminating myself. Tonight I wake died. We haven't had tried to people in the house. restored That's the central Nick. Every job is the center every jobs essential. So it's been it's been interesting experience for us which side of the Yarra where you living prior always sadly so you've always been on the right side of the university and you mentally when the Nolde. Yeah I am I said this the law and the other day I feel like I said it to you when we caught up for coffey a month or so ago. Maybe it's two months ago I lost coffee word. Coffee with a person really must have been fair. I think it was fair but I've been back at my calendar. I'm I'm over living this close to the city slashed the era to get back to the The southeastern suburbs get back to my roots. Victory and looking at like. Where would we move through? 'cause my parents are still in Broughton? Lawrence parents have moved to To your mouth cove. Non Sounds Florida it. It's sort of like a glorified old people's home like a retirement village but it's like a development Danot Safety Beach Yeah. We we sort of considering as we get married over the next year and considered things like kids wear do we stop living. Being closer to parents would be nice but not too close not to coastal now. Speaking of kids you you gave me some amazing charts for questions to ask people this current of our series one of the first ones that stood out to me or one of the ones was around scarification. I feel that that's some of the best moments we had. Dan Hot doesn't say it. World War Two. And then we've got the wake assure to as at like we'll water so I guess for you from your perspective what Sam had you say this moment Especially good question but apparently I. I'd say the question so it's something that really. Since the start of is going to become global. It's been interesting thing to think. Mouse probably a stopping point to thinking about the idea of scarification. The idea of longtime impact on a long-term sort of generational impact is probably that it's time to see a revolution when you're living in it but I think probably when we're thinking about the longtime of social impacts of of this originally six to twelve months. It's probably onto understand the sky until her out so I think this is sitting on. She can get could be that. It creates long term behavioral changes within within society. Then people based on the Now that will Fleischer select grandparents of generations grandparents. You know they were. They were rationing. The United Always Laos little bit of jam and stuff that that's a really extreme thing but I think very coaches is using In be putting experience in parallel to to to going through half a decade of war and the longer term impacts of that. Maybe it's by the thought is. Maybe it's not maybe it's an and perhaps joking. That being bowl tonight again the constantly of getting up us about you know talking about the time that we all had to go to license like every doesn't At-bat doesn't come. So yeah I think it'd be interesting Like Yeah Alabama. Frontiers allowed to pile on. And you know it was those ought discussion around the I. Guess the response to this crisis from some older generations. Who naturally sort of slime will conservatively was is a problem you today through chips in my friends will like neither of you like like the generation is the Lee scarf. Generation in the history of of civilization Lived through a papers will at like the Vietnam. War is probably credible. It is the biggest thing that I could hold up of cozing any longtime hydro China Didn't really at all are they haven't released through much inside Your kids today. You out his slaves. The probably the most significant thing that's happened to nail logs to in terms of this so absent your Saddam dream for them changed died. I did notice that in Apparent generation but it went quickly from this is nothing to particularly. Maybe light much early. I I is when people really subdivided. Okay this is this is yes. Let's go to Tom. Hanks is answer. Bank cautious on the green been damaging. The front could get very sort of self self absorbed and we've seen is already in coporate help tight about how this can change the future. What can things like that? I that Shit. Yeah we can get Has Changed US and united Is GonNa be watchable that have been twelve months? Because of all let know documentaries in Cardiff as in sixty minutes about. How is this changed us when it's a thing to go through Is it sort of a scarifying women? What's it's interesting you mentioned about the potential long-term implications. I remember when Frantically Dan he was on a podcast it's Russell how cross and Alex what's his name combat. The excitement meant to be interviewing him soon. At so bad they made they credit a book. Cold right brain Then they have so. They've got the the bright brain movement and then there's the right brain workout. Which is their new podcast and so they were talking about. How workplaces like in a sense commercial office spaces boo change. And they're trying to debate. What will the thing be the things that slingshot back and I was thinking you know what will be the things that slingshot back phosphorus? Stay the same as an example about a month ago when it came to late in the agency there was nothing but now people have realized we have to do something. We have to mock twelve audience but they are The mood of the consumer decline has completely changed. They are no longer. We'd never really bane the top to offer retainers locking contracts unless for specific services all of the client offered a now that has actually become quite a competitive advantage. Ross like we've found that we've Bain deals amongst three different is insiders and they've just gone with us even though the pricing is relatively the same because when locking them in for that six month period and they've got flexibility. I can sort of see how that would be a thing that will that will not change in the industry because the consumer wanted. There's also the fact that so many of the sales meetings now done vise zoom and I wonder how many meetings in person bull like how many people are GonNa be like. Don't worry about coming up to Sydney just present resume. Yeah man two things one being that point around like it's never been more guy to be unsure in your job. It's never been more. I Doug know what's going to happen in the future and Mike back now revolves around that revolves around scenario planning and helping to sink about a future. That is more set-back. So what what? We are saying what I'm saying as well is Is Yet customers of my clients. Who Like we don't know what can happen in six but we need to think now? So yeah you know if if it's if it's a project based church is the piece nail things customers of now. I think there's a good camera which is a people will desire confidence along coming out of this and when we come out of this This is gonNA take a while. It's not it's it's again it's not a wolf is not a diet. It's slow drawn out process. But you know as as people's going back into their offices which I think will People stoute's returning to the normality of were just see people like maybe craving will people. I think to a great one. Get into the rush and I think that maybe that assurance that idea to the futures is known could actually be quite desirable to counter the idea that the short term sort of getting into the project work is going to be a long term trend. I think is a counterargument. Might be just as strong. Which is people want to feel? Shoring confident about this. New World is about to suddenly kind of yeah. I would agree with that so sort of like the mood. Of the moment or horses for courses now is short termism eat what helps you survive whereas in a twelve to eighteen months from now going back to thinking long term is what will help survive for a business just the night but by the matter of where things are orange or it's just the natural. It's just a desire that people have. They want that whether it's small things do whether should teach correct. His is a different story. But I think it's what they're gonNA to desire you're gonna be something around The economy and I know you sent me a really good Document from McKinsey. Which is sort of really like What's his name Mono through we've interviewed for clients PODCASTS. he sort of runs a business called digital finance analytics and they do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to consulting for financial businesses are pretty sure he actually used to be one of the founding. Md's of Mckinsey when they came out here back in the seventies or eighties he's originally from the UK really really smart gone. And so I've had three your document and I was watching his livestream loss night. Which is always interesting to watch. The economy is what is on. Everyone's lips right now. Now that they feel some sense of Comfort that the numbers of comedown And I can sort of see people starting to relax and that's another topic in and of itself around case numbers but the topic at the moment. He's what does the economy look like for the next six twelve and eighteen months. I mean it's obvious. Unemployment is massive. I think on Martin's pace loss not the job numbers and revenues down like thirty and twenty percent in both arts and hospitality. Sorry those are the two industries which have been devastated by this and we signed to see this trend in mortgage pressure in houses and real y deciding to come down bought saving starting to increase so he was saying in this this livestream that it's very hard right now to predict where things are going but you can imagine if things cut off in September We're GONNA have a massive deflationary moment in the economy. So I guess from your perspective. What are you thinking about in the next six twelve hundred a month for for what's potentially going to happen Like I said no no one can be show and I think the temptation is able to have tixx because that will mike good content. Lincoln things like that so I I. I can't say what I'm thinking Months IS GONNA happen I'm observing in real time of my best lap the Translate my general basis for the the possible full wakes in tracking the Health Dada started to soak Pointed the situation. We're in now. Which is a I think we I think is what I'm referring to any optimism out the trash which is which is a people. This is probably largely largely a massive contributing factor. This is the media. The people in Australia us have a very pessimistic view. Back what's going happen to the economy? Have that very pessimistic view about the future and yet if you ask them and this is in that. Mckinsey report that identical cold down have has pessimistic view about their personal sort of situation so the the single biggest concern in the McKinsey. Study that people had about Cut The Nineteen walls Australia's a company that lives the single highest thing that gets raided. I'm as a consultant. And then why down the list around Around sixty percent white understood Iran thirty percent. You have people being concerned about that and being concerned about tries it as being able to make ends meet. So there's a huge gap the twain the level of concern about his drying company and level of concern about people's personal situations now the vitamins Many people mike which is equating China. Treat HUSTLE BUDGET. Because it's not that gap is sorry. Latch that there. Is this little what I'll go into this. This optimism number of charities which is the future is probably what we can be more optimistic about the future than than we're acting There is more downside. Priced into markets. There is more pessimism built into modeling and things will probably be more optimistic in the long term In the long term than watch currently easiest white look at his county being processed into the market but then flows jury will impact on on so many things can bay and now that the BS that is any any recovery Mitchell Positive impact lower expecting. Is that any any positive? Sort of change is is gonNA be secular. It's it's no matter what people in the tourism industry when the allies into reading really bad time. Yeah Yeah it's going to be industry specific yet but basically working banks and so you have tire industry jevons. Higher swathes of the population distributed knocked randomly. Which I think is a dangerous. Really Audience Recoveri-. Well what you have is you have lots of people who'd not gonNa feel a major economic impact. I'm from this twelve months of fail. It will be a mild recession sort of in back. And then you have other people that will be back to those A minor impact. Israel's second be living Rights with the think was was was talking about inflation and reportedly declined load inflationary environment and in reasonably. Those people will will be spending that will the golden through had actually looked at out sightings over there been a hassle citing In the Pasta I'll take a stab the issue really look at people who still doing the job to look at. What Co workers harm if you look at people who who had be hit on their income a has guest tidings rights People because we do stuff. Yeah so I I think the recovery is going to be. Oh not even the recovery already. I think this is avocado between what people are expecting to happen. What what is going to happen and design time. Watch out there is that it's it's it's going to be secular it's GonNa throw up massive opportunities for inequality that we probably should watch out for A. Yeah I'd agree I just. I'm thinking about Myron circumstances when this started really kicking off in Australia probably much I is when Lauren and I taught Dow budgets So we're already saving high man's but now we're probably saving ridiculous amounts of made M- most about entertainment and I guess going out money is not really spent at all instead. That money is being spent on improving things within our lives. I've noted that their paper. We know that work at say organizations like target In the marketing team and they've saying record sales Obviously because people shopping online right some I think that goes to your point that It will definitely be felt in areas where we just not able to go. Spend that money ordinarily and Asking obviously going back to Martin's lashing last night I already believed coming from sort of that. Buffet and Howard Marks School of investing of opportunism. I'd already taken some investments. Probably about a month or so ago when the market really deep down but it was reinforced when I sold. Primary Industries really haven't changed like mining and agriculture And some parts of manufacturing aunt really that down that much at all which tells me that people are still buying things that they need to make stuff whether that be constructional whatever it might be. Yeah actually the construction. China construction visit is down significantly I thought was interesting. Maybe surprising Glances is your grocer's Delivery stops and the fact that ever dating the same amount of food is just that the way they're accessing. That food is different. And so you know you're always works. Rates of independent grosses Russian dairy companies. Things like that know somebody independent dairies. I'm like Schuessel Dive Rama and they have vans and trucks on using anymore. So there is a decrease in jobs is going around dropping out to as many cafes and restaurants is doing tap arrest. Trump's people do consignment of milk. insisted Wise different channels. Yeah it's actually a sidebar here on a interesting theory which I think he's passionately driven not doesn't odd percent explain the toilet paper on twitter pica which was established a the US the something like sixty percents ultimate bypass issues. Don't in the Hon. Sorry basically people in Workplaces or public places Six percents Outside the harm suddenly strapping. Now of course there's going to be around. Yeah there's also signed to the toll type of thing as well like because the way the told Piper is consumed only and the white. It's package normally actually get that many packs of toilet paper on shelves as they take up an entire fucking oil so when there was the original run people buying twenty four packs you donate twenty four rolls of toilet paper. It would be better if it was evenly distributed amongst people tap six H and you can actually say that now when you go to calls and have still got there restrictions one toilet pipe to milk etc. You having to buy to of more regularly than you would have in the past because they only have Putin six. Pack all three pack Toll Roles which is why I think there was that sock logical element to that run untold pipers. Just the way that it's package it scares the shit out of papal win over sudden someone's like coffee to suck up until Piper now there's not and so it just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I wanted this other. Business is crisis is going to be thought sort of economics white papers for decades to come psychology. I 'cause that was the biggest thing for me is is understanding the run on Toilet. Pipo a hat to understand that and I feel like I've gotten to it in the last month because for about You know the the invisible hand toilet visible hand grabbing the toilet. I because I was in Japan in October twenty nine take during the typhoon and I could understand the run. The different runs on Fruit Kazakh. Seen it firsthand are forty eight hour period and so we'd prepared by buying some more food because we don't have any ten foot in the house but I could not wrap. We never thought okay by stuck on that so anyway but this McKinsey report will have to link it in the show notes. It's really into say things like audience can even see. That is the glare. You can't say Shit but basically down in the Kona is us with Japan which is getting a bit. Sketchy at just speaking to some Friends and Japan the moment Singapore and South Korea. So you can sort of say that the decisions that were made have helped us immensely but also as proportion of GDP the support in the economy. I think we're only with the to the UK and Germany which is quite amazing for a conservative government. Makes you start to question a lot of things around Welfare in this country. But it's it's just a very interesting report to breed. I think people particularly in my parents generation would get a lot out of this understanding where things are. Have you been speaking to anyone in Ashland at all at the moment? Yeah a few people in media have been Grad Look I mean even even the beaming industries were well aware that they made casinos for about five years of ripe full. I don't WanNa use the word that route from massive disruption night like that industry just needed to be completely turned upside down all the way from Atlantic to credit production was in just a hassle college in many ways. Inside this is this is starting to precipitate that China I think on the you know. The the the impact on media in particular does that onto ad tech is going to be interesting. The the structure structural elements of the agency MODEL in Hammock Marketing Works and how that interlaced with media that structural paces is made up of loss of pizzas. And it's like this. Big jumbled scaffold that is not just big jumble but it's also the old. It's rusted is not being dismantled quickly. It is one of the long terms as I think it's. It's not like we're in a shop three month. We'll six month change in models of advertising and media an agency's It's probably like eight two year. Restructuring of what what do you think is the biggest thing that has has to change about agencies like particularly around marketing and creative agencies? I'M JUST FOR MY efficiencies. Just just inefficiencies probably a little bit of the Hubris like like they some of the narratives that coming out of agencies but the idea that the boyle advertising and marketing agencies was doing some central to businesses and you know saga fundamentally important are doing that. They should be. Yeah absolutely central to say tweet. Decisions is was was just nonsense even seem like you know. I I often used to when I was is that that there have been studies of. Cmo's in Halle spend their time and energy and I basically spent ten percent of their time and energy thinking in caring about the media planning and meteor investment. And you have a whole agency with a whole depending on size Teams of people thinking about something that spans one day of not seeking We did not was this assumption. That appetizing matching was much more important than a radius. Not Not important but I think the narrative carried away then has the inefficiency which auditing is a surprise to anybody. It was a nice people's interest. It's complex it into the models Most of what the agency will is highly monetize that which is highly monetize Is extremely how to measure look just need to be created to people who've GONE INTO NEW AGENCY POSITIONS. I've actually during during this crisis An encouraging to talk to them and he talked about some of the plans which which is the Advantage of of that fact in that is GONNA be the next to the twelve twenty months the slow Media companies on the other end completely rethinking structures built between them and when you say structures. Does that mean wide? That things Price the way things Offered because it's got me thinking around The fact that a lot of agencies will go in and they'll the price to fit or the fact that operationally they have X. amount of staff and so therefore they have to charge. Why amount no matter who the client is. Is that what you're thinking about? You looked approach selling selling them. The why crossing the them. The way that delivering them the Bali that the brain the way they measuring them The White Agencies built by the way the holding companies outright. Yeah remember things up for judge and much of it is the somebody lies of complexity that had been built in because one really wants to look under the hood That it's going to be a sort of a complicated wanting at the same time you've got to look at and say I was. That used to be sort of some way in that structure on Outta Outta sort of not. WanNa Tangle Advice make some big changes and you not up to the end of the holding companies tight. Some of the pick relating holding companies really understand. She looked at probably tosses the coming full governance. Democracy is now running. Gubbay Bay knows that this is what can happen in some of the moves. He's been doing. I think shower. The I understand is GONNA BE. This is sort of changing And and Boston vacation There's a there's a lot I it's funny you mentioned the point about here is because It was like an agency launch. Maybe a few months ago that had behnd from one of the big four agency said an MD or someone who'd go on and on Saturday on their own and they talk about new ways of working and doing things being driven by data and the comments section umbrella is just my favorite like it's the funniest thing to grade. Seven is like a great okay so an agency. That's using this. Sounds like you really changing the business and I feel like that's what you're tapping into will. That's the scary thing. Isn't it like the people think that doing things differently? A not yet available gang. We're going to be informed by Dieter United as I as I like. Acid thing about standards. You look for a standard you. You say that there's six of them. Were problems that realized what is also the problems in Niagara Seven standards. You know his you type travel agency. you've just got another problem. Because by default because of the structure of the cause of everything that exists your inability to overcome with one of big change You have to adapt to Up with his. You know you can guy with the best intentions to build this beautiful agency. This beautiful approach to marketing made era. Creating you have to operate an environment whereby you're going to naturally end up. Adding complexity had a flip the ticket on the whites. And you end up acting like everyone who you draw What would you say to a young agency on like myself too because there are a few that? Listen to this podcast. What hacking Nice start to build on some these inefficiencies and offer a bit of operating model it has to come to comes from. Binz A visit Workout radical approaches in gun completely changed the way up writing and Mac and stop arching thing finding finding three clients who won two completely raising the way that the model works is is the best fighter Style THERE I. Two is obey proponent of attributed economics that this is probably a case entirely GONNA come agenda. GonNa come from the top because the ones to define the bills. That's interesting okay. I want to jump to Other elements of the economy There's a law on China Yemen when we were first discussing the potential impact. Klay implications globally in the political realm That was quite in but I think the biggest and most obvious one appoint Takata is supply. Chains I think it's sort of obvious at least politically and culturally at the moment. How how many people have realizing? The West was underpaid when it came to its iron Supply chains by offshoring a lot of that stuff. We've therefore made ourselves very wake at responding to shocks like this and the biggest discussion of the biggest change I've seen is. He's the mentality from either side of politics that something has to change in terms of the way that supply chains managed and particularly the relationship with countries like China. It's not specifically China. But I think the the thing that I've heard from my politics is countries that a more authoritarian. I guess exporting your supply chain into areas like that as an example someone spoke about Vietnam recently but they have been questions raised about. Is that just more the same if it's moved to Vietnam I we just funneling money to essentially slave labor so a certain class of people can do well in that same country to Ben Potentially have another shock down ten years from now that is that is basically the same thing. So I guess I think you mentioned a term distribution globalism so you sort of looking at More elements crowded locally but not wholly luckily What are your thoughts around supply chains at the moment I I notice supply. China experts touching events that. You're getting out from Victoria. I'm sitting Into the piglet is a few pounds of this one is I realized that apparently you know About things being in ivory reaction but I think it might be an ivory action to site that all to plan for future shock with only countries. Coz they board. It's again like that Suchai in such a rare thing. I've I've gone in London who who's X. number tree And he's lived a life of scenario planning and you talk to talk to him and he talked to people do stuff for living and this was never in this scenario Every country down Bullets never on signing Now on thought about that. You know if it could be a massive money just doing in the future whether China whether it's whatever else some plans that allow the the pregnant. This'll happen again by the other. Base air is is the the the sort of NEOLIBERAL EXPERIMENT. Filing Napperstat. And what may be David? If I'm really check process destroyed Goggle ism sort of dare I think is is already taken out. On the mentioned Vietnam. Bisi of Cilantro China's people think about China being the world's factories. It's fundamentally not true anymore. It moves Vietnam years ago. Africa Assignments after which is a whole other side which is is fascinating Pregnant with resources perspective could be a sad but positive thing for these Ryan Economy of apart that unless But yet they're already is this. You should globalism bonnet still has issues on I guess that's some ethical layer. It still has issues on onset of on shinedown of supply Chinese. If you look at what's happening now you still gonNA have designed products. So I think it's a it's a tough one of the things the is now. People are GONNA try. Stop optimizing businesses overcrowding resilience in their businesses to deal with the shock. That's just happens. An- shellfish Ally. The the it means that the businesses are not resilient to more likely future. Show us. I do wonder if if the trend becomes not so much. The shifting of supply chains but It gets branded as like vertical integration. And making that closer to your original base because maybe there's savings on logistics as opposed to the costs that may be saved from manufacturing outside of Estrella. Yeah you know this sort of obviously taken. Technological advances in manufacturing de relate to that having said that try has actually built a car on on major production line for Awhile now so I think this is a couple things that I think could be could be positive want is will is one of the danger switches nationalism around so the production saints in the idea. It's it's very strong in the US and there always has been questioned in us. The think should be America. There's a danger. Not because it feeds into the tribalism. That's that is the backlash to to go of neoliberalism but one thing that. I FIND CIGARETTE INTERESTING. And there's been a bit of rotting been thinking about this. Is that more diverse societies more interesting society so so the variation we have in the things that we do within cities within our country the more diversity of absolute diversity of cultural diversity of people we get so just a mining country and full banks. It's really bad for coach really bad for cities and you can see the extreme version of this eating cities in Jonah. Where everyone comes in matric. They make very cities that just like lightbulbs glades and you know. That's not good for come so I think an interesting Ireland Arby's is that actually by bankers vacation of what with doing in locally has has really nice I'm fossil variety so it's sort of like the the main that has happened in agriculture in the last ten years of going from fade lot farming to It's it's not animal husbandry. But it's sort of like distributed bombing. So let's say you go to tonight. Cafa you'll have cows that Braham. An acre two and then coming through Knicks will be tried as of chickens it will scratch through the Gras and then the next thing that will come through pigs and the next thing that comes through. We'll be guards and so it'll be this. I have a friend who has a farm lock on the benefit. Is that your key commodity? Become something entirely different which is fade or cross in this case and what actually happens in his father is you capture more carbon and therefore you grow grass which means you save money on fade and you have healthier happier animal. That goes at a high price. Also that sort of by dynamic approach is building resilience can happen which can take out of home situation you down into a manufacturing said this situation a city skyward sites guy already countries kyle and it leads to it. Leads to the dumbest vacation in that leaves resilience. Yeah an infant from industry view. I think that's one of the things that that makes are coming. Relatively strong we have mining as a big thing but outside of that in the relative relatively good of his vacation is a strength in the economy as well education right like massive tourism's massive hit their other things the not taking massive when not as exposed as we could be. Yeah and these sort of things as well allow for a lot of The charge like the thing. That's come from that. Agricultural Development is the land that is highly eroded is basically worthless moist farmers who upright in the old. Why but someone my friend can come in and buy that land fifty cents forty cents on the Madala and improve that lead over a three-year period by this new approach and therefore increase the value of the land. So it's Yeah I think I think you definitely rights and one of these things around supply chains and call a diversification is one of the topics we spark battery is the tech world and the capital I think he was saying that This is going to be very interesting for Silicon Valley. Had you feel about that now since we lost by about a random month ago probably probably more cultural? It's it's It I mean the Silicon Valley of his set of the tech world and the two is a very very tightly intertwined I think the tech companies spent decades telling the world could solve any problem software visiting the world. And we're going to bring the Internet to India. I'm a bring Internet balloons to the will and then you know basically saying we can solve all the world's problems all the world's problems from Mountain View. Menlo Cock and then we had a really big problem in. I have to state united. It's being remarkable. How how completely wake favors Spain This the exception may be being good when apple which has been positive. But still you meet my could have done something definitely had a long conversation with a technologist about how you know we would stick out a contact tracing APP the utilized. What's already in? Not Funds Goalie is from. Google or apple is invoked As often as three or four generations. All because Carney everything is basically creating contract pricing for the rich. But it's not going to be very good people in Brazil some people in India. Yeah Yeah like I said I'll tell you well the know technology's every problem big bro. Kinda long I would say so. What's the solution to every problem? Who's WHO'S THE NEXT LATE. Come out comes out and says that. I feel like I feel like what you'll vocalizing is and has exellent accelerated. What people already thought about that? Actually just be corporations now Dan. What is what does this last three months down. It's just been shown to what was going to happen over the next three to five years. Anyway thank you everyone. Everyone who spend enough time thinking about the tech world was well aware that the current Silicon Valley model the count breed within the. If you think about you know Callo Peres's That it's the quit deep into the majority of that Silicon Valley. The we definitely gone through friends. You've definitely gone through the energy. All the money was in France that drinks and and the venture capitalists. I think probably know this deep down an Twi will don't outlet in Pity firms into series is. Because I know that now you know that it's not the same guy. The Bolt by lying is is that maturity is looking for and what vase as in particular Furiously looking fall for the past three or four years. What is what's the next eruption vise was the thing the has made anything near enough to being enough of the bits pain meaningful For Awhile was blockchain than it was by mail For about six weeks Chris. The furiously looking one six eruption fires but the fact is that tech in general as we look at it now is in that majority companies big companies now so it can balance these essentially just the new role straight. So if it's debatable have power money. Param money generally makes you fag visit missing. Is I still think? Though that this name of distribution particularly things like blockchain have a part to play will they don't fundamental to that eruption size? Right okay what do you think is most likely to be fundamental to that or he can't say anything yet. You can't just sit county until you're in if you consider the really the last the last cycle in that sort of Keller Perez Motta was probably not fines Run over there multiple theories about you know what what is what do we actually call advise but I think means walls one. We went to their option. Transient Energy and dirty. Thinks offense was another a now. We're going through. That comes fines whether it's just the fact that with great. Gps camera chips such scale that allows things but let's But it's fun came along. We didn't know that that was going to have been back did So there is a contender. Ironically it's probably say five G. but it probably this idea that everything is on the network. Yeah that that is interesting to me. And it's funny to say the just really funny. Is this whole thing about people who a paranoid that five Jay Spreads Current Ivars? But they're willing to use four J. It's going to be one of the greatest ironies. Yeah I think I think you're right I think it's been interesting using the NBA. Fan and that sort of whole crossover period on noticed that we were going through through that the cells that we had connected to AL location was so useless that we just went straight to wireless and the four G. was good enough. The only problem is they throttled it so I can see with a five G. Environment. Hell it's just cheaper to move to having some sort of You know wireless connection as opposed to getting cable pine for all that five cable. I mean that that is one of the big things in India. Right as they skipped. Cable together when straight to wireless and they have a pretty good intimate For country. That's go one point four million people. I want to touch on China. I know you were you. Were thinking about a month ago that I seemed likely about a month ago the way that things are rolling out that the US was in a really critical area and that that I did not look good glide that pulling money from the W. HR Trump was in denial about what was going on essentially People were seemed to being Denali in the US that it really existed and we cases now with actually think it was in the US from as far back as December think there was a case of pneumonia revised in California from December Bought that was one of the big things that I've noticed is is change in mentality from from either side of politics around China particularly here. He was the biggest shock from when penny came out and spoke about. We need to have this This investigation into what happened. That was when I started to really take notice and say China politically outside of the domestic market is in big trouble like beak beak long-term trouble and so everyone's spoken about through cities trapped. Which is you know you gotta rising in Pella and you've got your current empire and there's this sort of clashing and that the rise of China is sort of like a another of tiny physics as I now arts but some I just don't see that handing out as people would maybe two months ago so I guess I'm curious to your perspective. How do you see This panning out is they're going to be an investigation. Well there's a lot in the wars navigable I think is probably this is. The exception proves the rule. I don't think nobis lodged degrees physical confrontations Johnny Continues Dries letting it drives I think the on analysis concretely had either already is a there is about age sort of will guy on Essentially to Decided it's unregulated wall but essentially on the Internet is an unregulated Some battleground there's a Guy Ahmed than that. I think we think I think even I'd be surprised. I think you've actually understood the sky on voting. Anybody I truly understands sky. What's going on online I think the American the US handling business is just on Ongole's in politics probably history It's it's it's basically created Diminish any confidence that the gun community had in the US ability to delayed and and take notice late domestically. But it's actually lead in the world like you know really seems that is bay newest wrong and the roll. The dice lift cap from pat was not just to lay domestically but too late domestically by example and where necessary to be the global leader contractually got beyond the applause and I think that the completing competent selection with with Greta viruses massively diminished out. I Ducked Trust Bison What went is that of here I save a Lotta Blind Lane John of this idea that we need an investigation. I think that that is back. Probably has of motivations beyond I think the motivation from from politicians in domestic politicians of penny wise probably She's just getting a lot of questions. When she's Unites. People respond to what is saying in the media the meteors basically looking for any Anglo mistake. Han they say that weaving up trot realism is is a fantastic way to get goals right now. So yeah in a world where Australia Everyone has become. We'll tribal another thing before news holding up a shot of that has dryer on us. He said and Japan's here in grains is tribalism is baked into this crisis. And sorry. Think there is The there's a sort of a natural turn of wisdom that's been everyone gets to see that in Bobbin have politicians responding. I hope we Investigation when nutshell would wanted to schedule improve and to be honest. I think that that's sort posturing to allows. The great probably is any strengthen China's position in the long term because this is a weapons of mass destruction. No one can go in properly investigating understandings. The fact that they're you're going on in China is the most surprising thing on the planet. So why the needs to be of investigation on a baffled on and I feel like John. Basically has the strength of the moment that I can stand there and how this fire coming in from Amanita Yeah but you know look in the US. That's just a big fire over there. Saddam I don't think it will do a of damage to them and you know the the history John is that more patient than anybody else I've been waiting one hundred years if his dykes His Mom likes another twenty years on the Ucla marched US LLC. It is vice excellent twentieth data. You know they've had this century of embarrassment. If it goes another twenty five thousand will they consider two thousand history the funk that yeah I look I don't think it's as inevitable think they're massive issues. That China has both economically and politically that. Maine's that it it just would never get to where the US has been in the past like if you but if you had asked the US can come down to them but if you had told me if you would ask me back in two thousand eleven maybe two thousand ten. I would have said. Oh yes shoal because I think what really changed. China was the way that the country is run. A Chana in particularly Shinzan remember. My Dad told me this because he would go to Shenzhen for work maybe once every couple of years and he said it was the change in the mood and the excitement from local was that night him. Start to realize you're not very excited and very passion and it was almost an inevitability you could just see it in Shinzan let this will be the next Silicon Valley. If an if it isn't already this will be where we all come to sort of the the center of the tech world and the developing Economics OF THE WORLD. But then a few years later he was like okay. Things are starting to change. The mood of the papal is changing Particularly the young generation the white people do business is changing It's become he said to me it's become a bit more wall gangsta like if I make sense as a lot more under the table tops off it was it had become less transparent so I think that that is a massive issue and the fact that they still rely on this economy which requires us. Dole's until they can get around that fact I just can't see them. Being the next I can see them being the regional. Sabau but I can't see them being equal to the US for for how the US as Bain announced thing isn't it a it's fascinating to besides coaches. They wouldn't Which which is the most unpredictable pile of the equation is actually what's happening? What's going on in the US? That's the that's the biggest learn factor applauding another angle on that. You know this is. The thing is sort of if you think about this. Elizabeth timescale like of like sixty years than I think. A danger is is a bit of a theme of this chat is is that it's hard to say what you're in the middle of and and it's sad to recognize the giants because the change fundamentally unfamiliar and so. I think you're looking for you. Know the whatever the next level power is to look like with the previous one. That's the danger. So do you have to you know? Control the currency on show loss is like is this level of censorship. Actually initiate or actually is is perfectly fine as if you can sort of fast forward a little bit and if you do a bit mental gymnastics. Iraq but considered like in twenty years. China's babble apply. I think maybe something interesting to consider his six years as are in twenty years. I'm like what I'm sixty. They the difference between sort of a Calypso that the postal Kyiv Where America really dominated difference between that and a China sort of will send it. World is probably less different to sort of Victorian England so the British empire the British empire and a Hebron Stalin. And that and yet. That's sort of if you if you if you break things into sixty year periods. That's basically what you have. You know if we had China John's rise. Now you take that into this one and then you got for America name Dona Lacks before the rise of nationalism and fascism that Flat is essentially Victorian England and then the picnic British Empire the difference between the British Empire and sort of Europe was was remarkable difference buying a US centric coastal towards the end of that era of neoliberal organize world and woken up his Jonah. Probably don't let different partially because China's just not interested in viability. I don't know about the imply building thing I feel like. They've got some Plans in the South China Bit. But yeah those are there is there. Is there one massive caveat there is? They're not interested. Name VIBE building. Apart from I have always been interested in involves back the great thing about China is you can just look back on thousand years. You never have to ask the next five thousand. Essentially that the going to embark on empire-building outside of the pieces of Niveau is filmed part of the the center of the will. Do we pretend to a tributary sites? On insists. Mike yet has before has actually ever disappeared indefinitely ste declined while in the era ear. The is that I give late now. The judiciary system is on a trip back to. You won't look Khokar. Rug is that it is a massive revival of the Chinese state system. So it's not terribly say what they plan to donuts. It's one of the things off on any bet China's. It's pretty much Adam Ogden. They pretty hyphen. They want. They just know patient than everybody else. the the point about soup houses interesting. I feel like the the commonality amongst lawyers is that they've always been the maritime superpower. That's at least the the analysis of the geopolitical level. So that is one thing that China will have to work on over. The next twenty years is then navy. They if they want to any anywhere knee being superpower they need to have a lace ten carriers. I would say particularly in Asia. So he's not because actually you want if you want enough the whole ceiling gas these stops to Saas especially do have periods wet. You know being on the ocean was The growing the global house with was not necessarily a fair but one that is the see very nation is actually the one with the with the strongest ideal Internet That's interesting strongest navy on the Internet. Like that in that guys as far as as a would be concerned. China's one This this so much there because I didn't even know how things are measured And I actually put down from Elliot points around The Internet trying to understand how those things are measured and running at a time. I could ask you a million things like you. I don't know if you you're going to be getting up at the The cash flow boost feel like seventy businesses. Getting this cash flow. Bruce and I'm intrigued as to what people are doing to invest invest in personal liberties. There's a bunch of stuff here but we do have to jump into some rapid fire questions. So now that you've moved of gotta ask what does The morning and evening retain look like look of the US you guided Dublin on On calls early side In that sense it hasn't giants. I've moved at my office when we moved here. Because I'll go office here. That was actually because of current Because I had an office here so as much. I'm not actually going. After the gains that he might melt implants which is is funding annoying and I miss them. Lots of screen time Yet not big changes to the way that I work in however if anything it's become a little less structured because previously you physically with somebody obvious one hundred Acre but now you know it's the task switching is probably maybe twenty percent higher than it used to be an vote a guy world where it can be more clear on how much I I can see how that physical element would add to the. I think you mentioned it earlier. But the biggest thing missing is Into personal human contact I never thought I'd miss the office so much because I thought that. Just a distraction factory but Yeah it's it's getting very fucking frustrating like I like the ability to be able to do deep work in the morning and then go in the afternoon and have conversations ran things. Add No at what he sort of watching in the evenings with the Dublin heating recently. When I haven't been doing that we've you know we've we've basically been doing asset running around eighteen little things. I'm cleaning up after Sadly none of relaxation young leaving the tree that we've had as we watch the second season of often lock on a very serious. I should've It's everything I want. It's not Brian. It's it looks beautiful thing laverick device loop genuine. I can't believe gotten my dad into ricky divisive thing. Hey Sore He's special and then he was like oh he's got the show off the life and then he goes what just by seasons within like a week I'm nearly at the end of the season because being Intimately watching the Michael Jordan docker which I found very fascinating As a sports fan What he thinks in the best purchase of something. It's going to be under. Turn box the you've been using throughout this. Tell him doesn't have to be made during this lockdown period but What sort of being the handiest autumn? That you've come across under two hundred bucks off Stanley Fat Max Ratcheting Screwdriver. It's it's rationing. So he can really easily like do other things scuttle the Say variously You can do. You can do anything you want. It's a really solid joe matches. I my dad was never budged angels. Yeah it's a beautiful toe and actually commented To Arrow electrician night. Hanley our attrition is my best night so it's a bit of a Hack. Yeah come into never loved Trade is running around the house and I may just after we awesome ended up changing. Don't move it so yeah family. Fat Max Screwdriver. Should check the show links movies. Nothing can get Amazon. Affiliate Stanley Fat. Mac is that one of those things like. Did you get from Bonnie? Have you made any buntings trips at all during this song? Yeah the thing is. I stopped making bunning strips about two weeks ago when I got scared as to how many arriving buntings bill has been amazing like is really into Bongino nail like I started probably November but I am deep deep in it now like I'm talking looking at videos and forums on the perfect soil. Mix tape to get growth to get growth out of certain plants so Little visits bondings. Bain Handy side note for anyone. Listening never buy Banzai from buntings. Absolutely dog shit. Go find his place in place in Bonita. He's lies amazing. He actually had the first ever Banzai. Show in Australia on a CBS. And I didn't notice at all amazing. Amazing yeah expensive but also like the supplies. He's very affordable like most pots around twenty forty dollars like we're talking very very good pots and he soil mix is a late and if you bring anything into him he'll tell you what to do with it so Remember his name but I love him and He's unfortunately one day awaken currently closed to lock lockdown. Some looking forward to going next Saturday Look Nick as always love doing this. Sad that we come from the coffee at the moment but Hopefully once some of these lockdowns of relaxed more. We can do that again but some thanks for coming on the show. Who knows maybe Monday we ever got. It is Monday may eleventh. Okay League guys thanks bye. Thanks for listening to this episode if you like it. Do you believe essay written review on your podcast APP as it helps us continue going on a weekly by system. We do love reading those views as well If you WANNA show notes you can find that Buller. All without previous guests at Neurology. Dot Com slash podcast. It's any you are a double aid com slash podcast to watch the video such uncommon show on Youtube and to keep up to date with behind the scenes and clips for the Shard can find us at uncommon underscores show on Instagram to next time guys. Thank you so much for listening.

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Mad Money w/Jim Cramer 05/13/19


46:22 min | 2 years ago

Mad Money w/Jim Cramer 05/13/19

"This CNBC podcast is brought to you by TD Ameritrade. So you've done a ton of research on a trade. But you can't decide if you want to go through with it TD Ameritrade Trade Desk might be the secret to figuring it all out. Just go to TD Ameritrade dot com slash Trade Desk to see how they can help gut. Check your trades member SIPC. My mission is simple to make you money on here to level the playing field, all investors. There's always more work at summer. And I promised to help you find it. Mad money starts out. Hey on Kramer, welcome mad money. Well, who McRae market come in you from San Francisco. The epicenter of the hardest portion of the stock market today. One make friends on just trying to save some money. My job is just entertainment educate. Teach put it in context. So call me at one eight hundred sympathy CBC or tweet me act. Jim Cramer is this the new normal today was the worst day for the averages since December twenty fourth with the Dow plunging six hundred seventeen points. Yes. And p plummeting two point four one percent and the NASDAQ nosediving three point four one. Oh, my. Well, of course, after the Chinese retaliated from the President Trump's tariff bikes from last Friday, so we have to ask is this how the market reacts to an escalation the trae work. I mean, you'd better strap yourself in because I expect to see tariffs on the other three hundred billion dollars the merchandise that we import from China President Trump doesn't care about doing business with the People's Republic. And I think he's going to punish anyone who tries until they agreed to a deal, which will probably will happen down the road nothing soon. Now, this is astonishing proposition when you think about China's trading partner, but the president believes the trae were hurts them more than hurts us, and in his view, the damage will be contained to a small number of companies lay in the Dow to be a b c apple Boeing, Caterpillar. There's just one pump the stock market. It doesn't by investors. Leave the carnage will be events, and they went out so badly that they're willing to sell pretty much everything other than utilities and a handful of super defensive consumer products companies. I mean think Campbell Soup. I dunno Percy's. So how worried should we be history? Says you may want to be afraid we know that Ganic tariffs impede trade and impeded. Trade means less business and less business means lower earnings, which there for means lower stock prices get that Lydney. But you know, what that announces is missing something most companies won't see their earnings hurt here. That's why I think it's premature to bail on the hallmark. You're going to hear a lot of people talk about how the Smoot Hawley tariff. Act exacerbated, the great depression, some will say it caused the great depression, but through went into law, eight months after the nineteen twenty nine stock market crash. So I don't know if that's such a good analysis. But what we should be scared of the thing is most investors don't seem to realize that our trade war with China doesn't have much in common with pass trae worse. Why? Because we simply don't sell that much stuff to the Chinese why because they won't let us that's why when China unveiled the retaliation targets. I found the list pretty pathetic. Frankly, Trump raise tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of Chinese exports. They hit back on sixty billion view. Excess sports seems one side. Just listen to this list thought, this is what's on the list beans, Brussels sprouts cabbage, carrots cauliflower? Walkaway so far. These are all the things that are moms made a seat that we didn't like cucumbers potatoes sweet potatoes, rabbit meat frog. Legs almonds. Cashews? Apples pineapples dates. Figs. Mandarin oranges manner is hazelnuts pairs. Not condemn you nuts way. As incursion way, although curse were list. Eggs butter. Pasta rice corn? Emails removes slippery. Trout, chicken Turkey, peanuts cake, peer line reads. Silly all agriculture except for televisions, DVR's, cameras and gloves. China's also threatening to cut off our liquefied natural gas exports to the vast parts of these goods are made by formers. The president's already said he'll bail them out if they needed the these kids are all commodities though. So they'll probably just flow somewhere else. I know soybeans went down and press. All right, anyway, you don't need to worry about agriculture is it's the most heavily subsidized industry in America. We are farmers like China treats, this manufacturers, we problem and protect them against foreign competition. Now couple of these items are funny TV, yours TV's DVR. Devers, cameras gloves. Come on our manufacturing base. Flat stuff was wiped out ages go China particular, destroying the American glove industry. Eight these people ever at American pastoral liquefied natural gas. That's like Boeing's planes me get line. There's so much worldwide demand for natural gas as somebody else will happily take those contracts. Not that there's heading to be contracted for right now when we spoke with three sukey, the father of Yale and g industry and Tom Farrell dominion energy. Use a big expert. They've told us the same thing this Shipley. No additional supply to be had for years and years China can't touch those guys. So where does this put us when the one near the president's whole world view, the one that says there will be nobody left in China do business with very big for China? Very good for US. Wow. That's awful. Well, that terrifies most investors Wall Street wants trade with China. And the last thing at once is for the second largest economy on earth to go into recession something that could spread to their other trading partners. Of course, the president is telling companies they need to. Make everything here. He just wants them to move away from China later tonight. We're talking to Laura Albert sees the CEO of Williamson Noma Jeep and ahead of the curve, yours moving her sourcing to other countries to get ahead of these tariff hikes, including the United States, she's making upholstery in Tupelo Mississippi since she saw this come in five hundred jobs now it gets worse. The Chinese Trump's debating whether to slap twenty five percent tariffs on the three hundred billion worth of the stuff that we also important appear. See that hasn't been hit yet at that point China will be out of American exports attacks, but they've threatened to start selling their horde of more than a trillion dollars in US treasuries, hold it. Just a second. I say go right ahead with treasury yields plummeting here, you could price hundreds of billions of dollars of treasuries right now. Aren't we doing us a favor? So can you start buying stock ship? Now last week, I told you that Tuesday would be the moment to start doing some by these figured this Chinese retaliation would scare people today and the recession stocks would win. That's the stuff like every her. She's left and Campbell's. That's all right. But by the end tomorrow session, investors, probably will start picky among the rubble targeting. Well, run domestic names like the managed care. Stocks insurance suck the telcos, and of course, some tax, of course, there are other issues. Most in the upcoming wave of IPO's will be curbed by the class of the Uber deal. Short-term? That's a bummer. Long-term is fantastic. Is the last thing we need right now is more stock supply. There are sending stocks that will be hurt and you have to wait for you pull the trigger these because we don't know how badly their apple biz. Won't be damaged. We don't know if the Chinese will target individual copies like Starbucks or Nike with boycotts. Hey, and maybe to your reports this week that could be a tough one. But let's go back to epicenter of trade war. Apple it was a one two puncher today. I think they gave me that one. Because I the supreme court is allowing a lawsuit against apple inflated at prices, if the really inflated a lot of them are free. Anyway, the argument is that they've got them inoperable in the app store that doesn't mean the players will prevail. But it's a risk albeit I think swollen second. Apple could obviously feel some pain if the Chinese gopher boycott against its products, although giving that they make so much of their stuff in China. That would be like cutting off their nose to spite your face. Who knows an iphone? Boycott would be a lot more effective than tariffs on trial yields or of course, American made pasta the bottom line today. The market turned against everything, but the soft goods stocks, and then only hit full those that kind of moved tense only lasts for three days and this was day to tomorrow day three by the end of the day. The buyers usually start circling back to stocks with no Chinese exposure think thank Facebook Amazon Netflix in alpha Miguel. God what used to be Google? So get ready. It's been a wild ride, but we're almost an oversold territory, and there's not much more China can do to hurt our economy even sure could hurt the stock market because they're moves inspire. Inspire panic like door the country's business. Hey, what are we going to Josh in California? Please josh. Hey, Jim, how're you doing? This is this isn't Josh slipped in from the Simpsons bureaus it. That's never go ahead. Josh. Yes. Jim what are your thoughts on this? Which one? Exxon Mobil China know, at at some mobile with no exit moguls got a good yield. But we like, Chevron more. And we thought Chevron was savvy to take the billion dollars break up fee and move on from the deal. The by Eddie Darko have Elaine in Florida, Elaine. Do they? Yeah. Oiling lane is Jim. Hi, jim. How are you? I'm a long time pensioner with US deal. And I'm wondering if they are in a position to function pro for the product product of -ly long term. I think the long term is tough, you know, they're balanced. He's not that good lane. I hate to see in a situation. No, your longtime Pinscher of it. But new course, you only company left in the steel industry of the moors wants the integrates that has a good balance sheet. That's the one. All right. It wasn't day of agony. No ecstasy face yourself for awhile ripe. But you know, what I think the more constructs top sweating the program by Thursday. I dunno. I mean, we'll still know this stuff, but it's going to be in our week view. Windham the mirror only how many today. Today's tell was talk. But I've got your back Kramer, I'm focused on the drop the companies at the center of it all I'm talking to Twitter and workday at to the worst day for tech is months, and my school who one or the other the only companies that really did in -ticipant the twenty percent tariff. Yes, that is Williams Sonoma, I suggest to stay with Kramer. Don't miss a second of that money. Follow at Jim Cramer on Twitter. I have a question. Tweet graver hashtag mad tweets sin Jimmy mail to mad money at CNBC dot com or give us a call at one eight hundred seven four three CNBC something Ed to med money. Dutt CNBC dot com. At fidelity, you get value. You won't find anywhere else decisions. They're clear costs they're lower than ever and account fees. There's zero so you can invest with zero trade offs opening account today at fidelity dot com slash trading zero account minimums in zero counties apply to retail brokerage accounts. Only expenses charged by investments such as funds managed accounts in HSA's commissions interest charges or other expenses for transactions may still apply. See fidelity dot com slash commissions for details. Fidelity brokerage services LLC member NYSE SIPC. There's an old saying victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. We'll today's question defeat came from your typical two parent household the escalating trade war with China coupled with the fiasco that was Friday's Uber. IPO today, I'm going to walk you through this Natta me this defeat you might think this has a little ridiculous. I mean, how could one stock have as much impact as China ratchet up tariffs would sixty billion dollars worth of American exports civil whenever there's a hot a huge highly visible initial public offering implodes discourtesy entire asset class. And that's exactly what happened if the failed Facebook IPO in two thousand twelve it's happy and get right now. Everybody who invested in Uber deals already gotten burned. And that makes the whole market seemed more treacherous than maybe it is. So who's to blame for Uber? First and foremost, the company itself. Uber's timing. Couldn't have been worked terrible you're supposed to come. When your businesses red hot, but Uber waited too long the ride sharing companies twelve has been slowing for a while now, and they just had another decelerating quarter in that is. Much of the Facebook. You'll remember Facebook came public right when smartphones were vis rated I remember it was just being the desktop oriented business. They they had no mobile strategy whatsoever. And the business was doomed to fail until they got one which only happened if the stock the cut in half. Hoover's now a similar position with wars as far as the I can see the stocks in trouble until magic figures out how put the company on the path to profitability even worse. We've heard a lot of talk about competition and promotional pricing own no. In retrospect, the underwriters should have pushed back hard on this one especially for the claps of the lift deal unfortunate. It's not cookie on raiders could push back. Hooper had too many investors who had gotten at ridiculous unicorn valuations like Toyota, which it just plow five hundred million dollars company at a seventy six billion dollar valuation last summer. But at that time, we had a much better go story than it does now. So Morgan Stanley lead underwriter had a problem. How can you value company north of seventy six billion if the fundamentals are deteriorate? It turns out you can't square that circle, which is why Uber's eighty two-billion-dollar IPO valuation. That's the forty five dollars price. Simply couldn't hold. I think that price was a compromise between management and Morgan Stanley which bet that the public with thirst for shares in such a well-known company. Put it a lot of market orders to buy stock at the old pudding now in a well run. I you do want to get a decent pop right out of the gate that was impossible for over why? Because in order, so all those shares at the forty dollars. They had hit the public involved beforehand in the deal. There wasn't enough to man otherwise. But once you let regular individual investors participate on this that initial spike just can't happen. Normally this process is heavily biased toward biggest the Touche's money managers. Getting most of the shares in the actual deal then regular people bid up the stock in the aftermarket. However, forty five bucks most professionals weren't interested because they knew was slowing and it didn't hurt that the company it. Let's just say it really helped that the public came just as Trump started his tariff increases to the next level, and that's spread panic among potential buyers. That's why it was one of the reasons why I was just so innings Friday morning still that wouldn't matter if the IPO had been priced correctly, the underwriters should have found a level where there was a lot of institutional demand that would upset. Uber's more recent investors, but at least people who participated in the deal on Friday wouldn't have got burned so badly when we get the forty five dollar opening price talk. I just at that very moment. I was able to see and talk to a number floor brokers. Now, they don't handle the big orders. But they all told me that these levels the deal was finished as buyers, turn to sellers instantly. When you hear that imbalance? There's no way that Morgan Stanley could stabilize whatever happens. He went there only hope was to open it so low like forty to think did. So that the sellers quickly get washed out in the stock turns around and to be fair. That's that's what they tried to do. Tuck opening forty two and then briefly walked up to forty three and change. But it couldn't get back to forty five. Is there was just too much stock for cylinder really ugly day. The result. The attempt to avoid a down round was like the appointment in Samarra death was bound to find the buyers and Uber got obliterated today. Down nearly eleven percent. Frankly, fish should've come public a year or two ago when the course was still strong, but even failing that the IPO could've worked if they'd accepted a much lower price. Unfortunately, the process failed. That's right. The process, and that matters not just to Uber. But because it tortures the entire market, especially all the recent Unicor not use that word higher right out of the Kate. And are now getting a rated plus the ones that are maybe coming. I don't know. It's one more overhang. We could really do without deaths. Having a good laugh only beyond meat Rohr today. Hip. You know, what I impossible burger at the giants reds game shade oracle, pork, and I'm speechless. I mean is that really what you buy in a trade war? Are you kidding me? All right much money at today was tough. But we're going to give tender crave. Markelle. I'm talking tariffs with the CEO's of Williamson and work, dick, so stay with Kramer. We live in a world. That's creating a enabled everything a world with more. I o t devices than people today technology has never been smarter. But smart only matters when you put it to work where it matters when we put smart to work, we can help save species increase crop yields and make progress, but not just for a few of us for all of us. So let's get to it. Let's put smart to work. Find out how it IBM dot com slash smart. It is time special west coast distant rental mad money coming San Francisco. It's the heart of the hardest hit portion of the market. I know you need help on days like this. And I am here for you. That's why we take your calls rapid fire. You said in this sucker tell you. Whether by buyer sells there, I don't know the question that my staff, but when you hear the sound. Then the light matters over are you ready skate? Okay. Was that money with Michael jersey Mico, Jim Michael here? I wanted to like. Village farms. That's in cannabis stock. I don't know if that's exactly blue chip light Mercker Pfizer. Maybe we hold off for now. Okay. Let's go to Richard Massachusetts. Richard. What's jim? I think it shows wonderful. You got it. I'm a long term investor, and I own sale point technologies to symbolise S A L O. I know the company I it's Lieutenant price. I definitely I mean, which I think of is often. Yeah. I just went by the octave building this fabulous. We're gonna at the home of that one too. Well, this kitten. It'd be a bummer I need to go to Jack in Texas, Jack. Reading chapter all off. No, thank you for making me doctor. I'm in need of what's going on. I am seeking company or master limits partnership with a high dividend or distribution to minimize you Bala Phillipi knowing your concern of oil stocks. What is your opinion of pipeline partnership by the name of Magellan bitstream partners symbol him? I know. Well, we had Mr. oh. And it's actually been one of the few energy people wanna to come on air. My problem is this the first actually made a ruling that was not so positive for them. We got to get the government to deregulate. So that Mr. MIR's can make much money as possible six point six percent yield. But that group is more of an I don't want to in there. Those are some of the worst that can stocks in the market. I am very sorry. Let's go to Brian in Nebraska, Brian. Hey, Jim, Ryan McColl. Can you hear me? Okay. Ever. Yeah. Hey, Jim, Michael, stocks Becton Dickinson be finally finally one I can get behind these. That's precisely the kind of stock. The people are gonna buy safe maybe Wednesday because it has no economic is closure. And it is just such a good company. And I like that last acquisition. Now, we're going to Matthew in Maine, Matthew. Hey, Kramer, biglou up up Yarmuth bane. Man, I could use a lobster roll right about. Now. The staff out for one while I'm doing the show. What's going on? Week. Thuc score ticker symbol of oh fuck day released their first journey report feet of two point five billion nounce the gambling stars group when he three cents per share dividend. What's your thoughts in this? Fox stock. I think it's very good stock. I think they put it up a really good quarter. I don't think there's more of that. I'm not gonna like, you know, jump up and down about it. But it is a good company. I do prefer Disney just for the record, especially disease coming out. I think we take another. I think we go to Craig in New York, Craig. Puma fire technology, please. Oh, man. That was just a that was a bad too. And I gotta tell you. I agree with the market. I thought the doors more to the drugs, they didn't have it. I think you're going to have to be very careful. I don't think that there's enough there to be able to Mike in New York. Mike. Go buddy, everything you do. It's going very well. Very well. Great. And work involving cybersecurity defense intelligence, you can writer Parsons corporation, ticker, PS, abide. I actually like it. Now, we've got sidewalk reports later this week. So the fat if that goes up, this one's going to go up to that hurting. But that's where I would go with and then lane conclusion of. For the averages. I'm coming to you from ground zero of drought. Do not miss my sit down with the leaders of Williamson workday and Twitter and stay with Kramer. The lightning crown is sponsored by TD Ameritrade. Right now. Everybody's freaking out about all the companies that are in the costs. Here's the trade were but the best operators will already prepared for the worst. Take williams-sonoma the high end home goods chain that's widely this big loser. From Trump's new twenty five percent tariff on Chinese meet furniture, while the stocks getting clobber here. The fact is winsome was paired for this last year. They got ready for higher tariffs by moving some of their sourcing away from China and finding aggressive ways to cut costs. They were predicting a twenty five percent Taffer them say. So what's next for the company and its stock? Which now yields an incredible three point six percent. Earlier today got a chance to sit down with Laura Alber the responsible seal Williamson in here her plans for the future. Take a look. You've been head of everybody. You've got an amazing ecommerce site, it ducktail retail, you even say it can be used where else or we everywhere. How did you know to put it together? We've been in the business of direct to consumer since I started before my time because we had a catalog business. And because of that we knew how to ship goods individually to a person we have this amazing house file and learn how to do lifestyle marketing to our consumers through the catalog format. So of course, when internet came along then we are actually called turtles to the race. It was a pretty natural thing to do because we had the names, and we have the supply chain in place. And now you're going business to business. Why can that work for you like your furniture what's going on? But think about it. So so many people whether it's office space or Rina's or hotels are looking to make those public spaces more emotional more residential and they're looking for alternatives. And there's not really been anyone who's done that. So we know that with our multiple brands we can come in and create the environment that hasn't been done before. Will want is going to work in your favor is this that you are hiring in America, which matters because you saw a lot of things that were coming including you were working with the twenty five percent tariff, foresight, tell me about Tupelo and what it means. Well, it's a great story. We actually opened our first Sutter street manufacturing unit North Carolina many years ago as we saw the opportunity to bring jobs back. But also, the great make great furniture for our customers, and the cost of the fray coming from Asia offsets, the cost of labor, and we did that it was very successful and allows us to do more custom furniture fester. And then we learned of the threat of the twenty five percent tariffs, which by the way, we believed would happen in everyone. Many others were saying ten unfortunately that pessimism has come true. And we were we are more prepared. So one of the things we do a lot of things. But one of the things we did was we looked at opening another unit into below. Oh, and then all string up our other two west coast and east coast manufacturing units. And so we're hiring how many five hundred people five hundred you've got one hundred and forty right now to blow we need to hire more. We need to hire more on the coast as well. So we should tell people that if they wanna great job, right? Grape one available in upholster. It's great jobs. And also the other thing that may not be obvious is that were making furniture green guard-certified. Now, we have the two units already completely certified and working out to blow but green guard is so important because we all know that off gassing is a big deal in furniture. And so this prevents that from happening better. Explain off gas chemical off gassing, so we're using all low VOC materials in our products, and you have to go through a certification process and we're excited and really proud that all the furniture made there's Greek arts twenty from your sustainable companies. You're the twenty fourth but the only one. Your business. I think you care about this passionately, even if no one cared you care, right? We have cared for a long time. And I think travel the world, and you see so many things, and you realize how important it is take care of your workers, and you know. At the end of the day, what matters impact, and we want to have a great impact on the world and make furniture this not landfill. It doesn't hurt you. And that takes care of the communities that make the furniture. You have announced that you're doing something big with rent the runway on your. I think people were surprised Renton is rather new wealth. It you've been around for a long time with this melds well with your plan. Yes. Exciting west I'm doing a lot of innovative innovative things including Wrentham runway. And I think it was quite progressive of our president Alex bellows to see that opportunity, and we're gonna try it. And I believe there'll be a big market for for that that new customer segment doesn't necessarily wanna buy forever. But once quality stuff actually know what I'm trying to figure out how the hell did, you know, twenty five? No one else knew it. How did you see it is because you went to China lottery you recognize that things were going to get tough between them. How did you know? I think that you're better off preparing for the worst. Right, right. What's that ad? Would you prepare for the best and prepare for the worst? And so we have a very sophisticated vertically integrates with a lot of people all over Asia. And so we have great relationships are vendors, and we start seeing it happen. And we started moving product moving not. Do not worm to Indonesia moving it to America. And then also renegotiating with our current Chinese manufacturers to reduce price prices or not with them. So your prices are not going to go up beginning next week. They'll be selective price increases as there. Always are we've been very careful and studying where we should do that. But more importantly, we're reducing costs so reducing costs and not just on the cost of goods by moving them. But also in other parts of our company now, I do want to I want to actually that was great for some very few people have second. I'd be remiss to not talk about rejuvenation. John talk about market Graham, the extension that you're doing how important and five hundred about five hundred million dollars brands of people don't know you. We have a lot of exciting growth engines, number one being Weston, Wes. Double digit growth, everybody should know. And west elm is a powerhouse. And it is because of its global design power sustainability and value quesion stores work. It's very unknown still on the internet believe it or not we only have twenty percents really hard to believe how much runway, but people don't only twenty percent of people recognize west owns Brandt. So we have such opportunity to continue to introduce people to that brand. And that's just one example as you said, we have all these other great new businesses to look forward to to grow. But one thing you care about passionate customer, so Amazon is doing knockoffs. New try to stop that as fast as possible to protect your country. That's right. And we are we with that with that lawsuit. Well, you know, we can't talk about the lawsuit specifically I'll just say that we have always been very passionate about protecting our customer to make sure they're getting what they think they're getting the quality that we deliver. And also the. You know, that we are controlling the experience, I knew that controlling spirits music. Great deal to you. And I know that there are many shoppers who love what you've done. That's Laura Alber. She's the CEO Williamson me up. With eight two year kroth level, this quite extraordinary. Thank you. Thank you so much for having. I appreciate it. When the whole market rolls over like this. You always wanna start searching for the stocks of high quality companies they're being punished for all the wrong beasts Cup just reported. Terrific results, coupled with no China exposure covers there are a lot less connected to the failed. Uber IPO than you might think. That's why I'm glad we're out here in San Francisco this week because there are plenty of technology from the fit the Bill even though their stocks going down companies like Twitter free weeks. Go the social media put fantastic quarter and the stock caught fire yet with the market getting clogged Europe, the stocks pulled back heart. Putting nearly five percent declined today. Does that make sense to view the sell off as a buying up junior system sorted death-knell? Let's say coastal look with Ned seal net is the Twitter chief financial officer get a better sense about the companies do it. And where does headed Mr. Segel? Welcome back dmed money. Thanks, jim. Thanks for being a San Francisco. Okay. Here's what I want you to do simple school. We I want you to put yourself if you possibly. Let's say it's Thursday. It's now been multiple days after the market fell apart. What do you say that people about whether Twitter should have been thrown away with the rest of them? I I started their purpose at Twitter. We're trying to get the whole world to use the service because their topics and events that people care about all over the world that they should come to find out about regardless of what's going on in the world. So the first is that's gonna be our purpose, regardless of what's happening in the economy. But the second is think about digital advertising for about twenty years that market has grown by about twenty percent a year advertisers, want to be able to measure their success even more in downturn than they do in an upturn, and you can imagine that that secular shift or digital advertising that probably continues in any environment. It does seem like even the time. We've known each other I met Jack you went from being I don't know. Maybe we should sample becoming a must buy even when you're launching a new product that's been something consumer product found out. That's right. Not just consumer product companies. But if you've got a movie if you've got a new series on HBO, if you wanna talk to your audience about how you should name a new product Twitter's great place to do that. So we talked to him about launching new products and services, and we talk about connecting with what's happening because when you're on Twitter as a consumer you're looking into an event or topic. And there are brands who want to be a part of that conversation. It's incredible. And then you touch an all those points because we had an instance there speak to the CEO Wendy's on any talked about democracy and action using Twitter and bringing back something that was treasured so chance the rapper tweeted about the chicken ships that Wendy's took away and Wendy's is a terrific example of how Twitter can be used. They're all over the platform. All the time talking to their customers talking to other advertisers other brands, and in this case, there are two million tweets to bring back the chicken strips and they're doing it. That's incredible. Democracy and action. Do you are you gearing up for the presidential election at twenty twenty? I don't know how any of the candidates can get known and the Democratic Party unless they tweet. Well, we're always thinking about elections because although there presidential elections in the United States every four years, they're elections all over the world all the time, and they're really important for Twitter because people want to know what's happening in real time. They wanna be a part of the conversation. They want to hear from the candidates whether the ones with whom they agree or the ones on the other side of the aisle. And so we're working hard to make sure people can trust the information that you can tell who the candidate is we even have at ads Twitter dot com. You can go and see who's paying for ads around a campaign. Exactly how much they paid what audience there after that transparency is really important part of delivering during an election for actually question about the election. If someone were to say that I was crying Jim her sleepy creep, Jim, okay? And my feed I would complain. And you guys have been most responsive, but President Trump who is really kind of. Really speaking of people via Twitter, he's saying crying chop in sleepy creepy Joe Biden, it shouldn't be allowed to do that. On twitter. We want people to be able to trust the information that they see want them to be comfortable being a part of the conversation. And that it was gonna vary. How that plays out in different conversations rude. Well, we might think that something that somebody says around the Sixers rafters game where they were a million yesterday where they were forty thousand tweets in the minute after I hit the shot, you might agree or disagree with one of the people, but having a conversation that everybody can be part of where everybody can share their point of view. That's what Twitter is all about. I think that's a fair answer. Even though you brought up something probably gonna wreck. Most of my experience at your right? Let's talk about what we call. Now. These new fronts the new fronts. Yeah. I know up front what's in new front? New fronts are the opportunity that we have and other companies have to share all the great content. That's going to be on our service over the coming year. So that advertisers can learn about it and figure out what they wanna match up with. So that they can launch their. Products and services and connect with what's happening. We announce a ton of of partnerships, many of them are extensions of work that we've done, but some of the big brand names. Sure. Well, let me tell you about some of the content. I so we've worked with sports the for many years, but we're always looking to innovate what we do at them for the women's World Cup. We're gonna show every gold as a highlight. Right after it happens for major league baseball. You can now vote on what player you want to see the at bats for live on Twitter that evening. So you get to vote, and then you get to watch it for we've got these phenomenal highlights. There are some great news programming that we've got as well and the news programming on Twitter isn't thirty and sixty minutes long, these are bite sized pieces because the people create talking about the news they want to be a part of the conversation about the news that's already happening on Twitter. Okay. So how do you think the news about China plays out? And is it really any impact? Again. Wait putting out that three day plan? To your company because of problems between our country in China. Well, trade war could affect all companies and all kinds of different ways. Whether it's access the services or how things play out around the talent that we're trying to attract and retain at our company. We've had a lot of success in China over the last few years, and we think it will continue where we help Chinese brands advertise outside of China. Now, it's typically in Asia or another parts of the world, where if you are a brand that makes a ridesharing service or a game or a washing machine or a phone, and your Chinese you want to let people in another part of the world know about your product or service the same way as US or European advertisers. Do that's been a great business for us? Gotcha. The last thing I wanna leave you with and clarify the China thing. But is I want to say how proud minibus who are a million followers that you are thirty one. You have. Yes, I'm watching. Stuff that you have really done. Thirty eight percent of the bad ones of the meaning or the bad is found flanked by Hugh, you're actually taking things down even as it could help you in revenue short term if you left them in. So we're now thirty percent of the abusive tweets that we flag are flagged through machine learning as opposed to by human. And I'm not sure what the right mix is over time. But the fact that that's thirty eight percent up from zero awhile back means that we're making real progress in leading with technology, and how we make sure that Twitter's healthy place for people to be a part of the conversation and to trust the information that they in freedom of speech, China maybe one day, we'll figure out that when when we get there. But right now, we feel like we've got so much opportunity getting people not just in the United States all over the world to use the service. Well, I wanna thank you so much you really been. It's been a great run since you've got there the businesses been like this. And I think it's Nazi both. Thanks. Something. Everybody is thinking about is it too soon to start picking it say the cloud kings got obliterated today. But with the rest of the market cubs have little do with the trade war or the busted Uber IPO in at least say investors didn't seem to care take workday. The cloud base off for a company that helps businesses automate all sorts of backoffice even resources payroll financial management while it's clients to save a lot of money etre colossal multi run workday spent the past couple of months trading sideways, and today, of course, the stock up pummeled down four point six percent. But the country's got terrific track. Record in the last quarter port in late. February was excellent. But to not take it from me. Let's dig deep with a new Bush. He's the co founder and CEO workday for more about his copies process. Mr serie. Welcome back to have money could be with you. Jim. We are trying to come up with a new theory here pretending it's Thursday because we're going to go back to the companies that wouldn't be hurt by China trade issue. You had a spectacular with amazing growth. Give me the. Impact of what trade talks mean versus where your business? You know, we we don't have a presence in China. So as we think about our market there multinationals across the globe. So I don't think we'll feel direct impact from the from the trade talks with one caveat that some of our largest US and European multinationals have exposure to China, and when times get tough tend to slow some of their investments, but we haven't seen that. I had you mentioned that because winning deems that you got and you've got so many wo- goes Caterpillar for capital Nanjing that is companies very involved with China, but they'll still do a lot of business workday. They just joined right? I hope so it's great company, and they're very focused on an HR transformation and being better place to work more engage with their employees. They were perfect customer. I've got huge amount of respect for that company. Over many many years now eight is you know, icon of American company why doesn't conic American company have to turn to workday. You would think that they had things worked out. They didn't need. Well, I think they were they were running our previous system from PeopleSoft. Said twenty years ago, and that was subsequently acquired. Yes, vehicle, you know, as as technology moves really rapidly shift to the cloud has happened, even fashion. I thought would happen and companies are embracing the cloud, and in many cases, the vendors that are providing the best solution. So the new vendors Salesforce workday service now, and, you know, somebody others like Tokyo, and I love Zuma's welts and other one of my companies one of my favorite companies on visas been red hot, I all to praise you when I speak to them said that's a great credit to what you've done. Another county has wanted to praise. You John Robbins, the president of Bucknell told me to tell you that you don't know how could workday is when it comes to colleges. My wife's on board to there's. She said look one of the things they can do is make the best possible decisions on everything from campaigns to budgets, which I know they kicked minutes about how did you get involved with this with this college method because boy, it's been great free. Well, that's that's great to hear. We love Bucknell. I really tribute. What we're doing in high read to my co-founder, Dave Duffield ki as a lot of passion for this market. He did that PeopleSoft. He actually did companies previous PeopleSoft any brought that passion to work day. And so early on we tailored our HR and financial products for higher education. And where recently we're actually building a student system that manages the full student life cycle for higher educations Touche's. And we think it's it's actually underserved market that is very comfortable with new technology. So it's been. Market for us. Now in terms of where your company is. We always talk with Mark benef- leave is like, okay, I'm going to get the ten billion one day. He got there. You have set that goal out. How close are you? Why set that out internally? But somehow well. People within birthday, you talk about it to me. I think we can get you got you got sources everywhere. I think we can get there were Ganic Louis. But I, but I think we might do one or two more meaningful acquisitions like daft of. It's got to be a perfect fit daft of his help so much fantastic. Fantastic. I starts with a great team and a great leader, Tom Bogan. But that really rounded out our our strategy for planning execution analysis. We really needed that's Franck planning engine, and I can see a couple of other stop many that could that could help us. But for the most part, I think you'll see us grow organically. And I think the markets were in HR financials analytics planning it's more than enough market to get us that ten billion dollars has to be more revenue per customer, yet do absolutely by more into our platform rather than just one product line. No one last thing I'm trying to figure out what everybody's doing. This is like I thought I earned the right to it. What everyone's doing social you talk about your mother father. How important are but new have found eight that's really extraordinarily fantastic people in it, including H O effort, Steve Young tell us. But they well right before we went public. I give Mark Benny off credit. You said, hey, set up the one one approach put a bunch of stock in the foundation before you go public, and then we were playing semi like that. But Mark really was a great catalyst set up the foundation. And the foundation includes Steve Young as on the board. Steve Young George tenant. Former director of the CIA totally LUSA, and then some close friends in the San Francisco business world, and they help us give away money to to the right organizations that are generally helping people advanced their careers, whether it's underprivileged youth, whether it's the military folks getting back into the workforce more recently, it's been about mom's reengaging with the workforce. So we really trying to help people that want to be in the workforce. Maybe didn't have the right breaks up front though you. Do the right thing. You're good son of that you that parenting. All right. That's Bush's the workday CEO and co founder orange way to ten billion no end of spending still doing visit. Despite what happened in the market. Thank you. Thank you. Tough day as always will get through this together. Like said, it's always a markets on my pockets, just read hero mid money. I'm Jim crave. Intemperance Cisco, and I will see you to Morrow. Brought to you by fidelity where decisions are clear and costs are lower than ever. Learn more about our industry leading value and open account today at fidelity dot com slash trading. Fidelity brokerage services LLC member NYSE SIPC.

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Mets, Isles Talk

WGBB Sports Talk New York

57:08 min | Last week

Mets, Isles Talk

"The views expressed in the following program. Do not necessarily represent those of the staff management owners have wg bb live from the wgn studios in new york. When your and hello there and welcome back to our number two of w. dvd sports thoughts on ninety five point nine fm twelve. Forty am w jimmy v. Gary hart again. John henry with you for the next next sixty minutes piece when we are going to have tim boyle from the rising apple. Talking new york. Mets and kreischer from. I'll start talking about the new york. Islander draft john. Welcome back to our to here. We go your coffee It was done a long time ago but as a kicked in. Yeah i should be fine all right. Well thanks to brian. Thanks appreciate it running joke anyway. We are going to welcome in our guest for these first portion show. He is a frequent contributor to wgn sports. Great guy and a ardent met writer for the website called rising great website. If you don't subscribe to it you need to because it's a great place to get. You met information and tim. Boyle joins us on. Wgn sports struck. Tim it's gary in john. How are you tonight. i'll are you guys doing. We're doing quite good. But i gotta ask you real serious question okay. The mets just picked up richhill two years older than the manager. Okay i'm fifty seven years old. I'm a left-hander. I through high school ball. I never got fascinating seventy five miles an hour but through good junk to i gotta shot. How fast can you tell you. Tell seventy five okay. Well we're chill. You know you got Nine mile per hour curve ball saying this is a one thing about this year. That really irk me with the business. The first year. I think the left open the season with a walker. Everybody younger than me. So i'm so right now. Forty one years old. I've got almost a decade left before i thought. Hey maybe we can be teammates. One day we just tells you how old we are. Okay dwight. Gooden was born a year after me. So nineteen eighty-four. I was beginning to feel old again. Thanks to him. That makes me feel great man. One hundred hundred gains in and could you couldn't believe in your wildest dreams that we'd be sitting here talking as we approached trade deadline a week away. That the mets got four game lead and it and we talked earlier in the show. I don't know if you've got to listen. But it's it's a great testament to this organization that they've gotten production and got responses from just about. Everybody and i can't remember ever saying that in years that you've got every every guy on this roster has done something at some point to be critical to hero at least at some point. Yeah definitely i think the difference between now in the last few years is that this is an ongoing whereas remember. There was the rajai davis game. Where he took uber down from syracuse valley might have been Carlos gomez had a big hit but when we look back at that that was only about a month stand. But we're we're almost an august now and still There's guys that don't even on the roster anymore. That were big contributors. Games guys. like billy mckinney Fargos who just got on waiver Yeah but they've had like you said they've had different hero every night on to mock neto had that nice to stretch working just hit a home late to tie the game or give them a lead So this is definitely one of those teen years more than anything else. I know they do have Some stars leading the way about Nobody's really good out. Especially when you look at the overall number degrom and who knows what he'll be back before you get to question. John just want to say if you go onto rising apple dot com timber degreed article yesterday. And i'll just read the headlines. And ode to. Billy mckinney are dearly departed. Thirty nine game wonder i take. I love this kid. I loved his passion. And i thought oh this is great. You know. maybe it'll motivate you. Know some of the guys and he really did and it's just the same that unfortunately the numbers causing a go but definitely folks if you're if you're checking out their sight read the article. It's really good guy john. Well it's kind of along the lines of the question. I was going to ask. I mean. I don't even know where to start if if you if you going back to march in april and you looked at the team and you know the roster on paper and if i had said to you you know by august i. This team is going to be in first place. But we're going to have it at certain times of the season. Thirteen or fourteen guys on the i l. and you're going to have a bench mob. That's basically you know going to win a schemes. would you have believed in your wildest dreams. That would have been possible. I would have thought that was possible. Mainly the atlanta braves the phillies and the national stuff. Existing really is inconceivable. I mean the fact that there were in first place is in surprise but that they've been in first place this along with your players. They've done with that's just tremendous and i don't think anybody coming form. The phillies are the closest but they got their own issues The nationals of pretty much one loss away from just giving it in and the braves. I i think they're kinda missing position so really fifty amazing what they've been able to do with so little Really actually on paper. I mean you look at any of the staff. Nothing really blows you away even walker. Now here's your raise up in made threes but come out to my. They've managed to weaker and a lot of wind and move saying i. It seems to be happening from just about everybody but you look at you know again with the great start that jacob pat and we're hoping and praying i know i think he had of open session today and off the mound and hopefully you know that's gonna say maybe by by maybe next week you get him back You know the rich hill deal. I admit i saw one of his two starts with the long island ducks about eight years ago and we got made it back into the major leagues and you know turned into Into a great career. And he's i love again because he's a left-hander like me but but he eats innings and i think he will do a lot of innings eating. And you gotta be happy. As a mets fan. For you know the the sounds of carrasco having a good outing at syracuse. Yesterday i mean other other talk of him potentially coming coming up to To flushing in the next seven to ten days. I think with go. There was a thought originally that he might have started not today or even one of the game. Tomorrow and double header. But that's obviously not going to happen. I think what's going to happen is. It's only looking to hear the news one morning that he's starting It's kinda kinda surprised us. But i would not be surprised if they just kinda talked him out there One possibility is maybe they're just waiting to see what they're able to pick up before the deadline because they are able to bring in a true starter into the team they might be able to give him another rehab star. Don't push hoof far But then again there's also the double header tomorrow so than they're kind of very Thirty pitching navy's all the tons of yeah. I think it's going to be very quick. That he comes in. And i would not be shocked to this week. What are you thoughts about the future. The remaining sixty plus games with the bullpen. I mean it's really been worked to the max We really need to get some deep. Starts you know more than five innings from from our starting pitching. Because i i think the strain on the bullpen. You're starting to see here and there Do you think the mets they just going to go for a starter. Do you think they're going to try to get somebody else to help. Sure up you know the late innings. Definitely look to get some relief health Maybe even more than one guy definitely been a concern of mine all season long was that when is this. Bullpen going to break and we have seen the moment Louisville hasn't been that terrific and. I think it's definitely something that they need to address There's been fortunate that they haven't had too many injuries to their main relievers but You're playing with fire just continuing with what you have right now. Some guys are pitching out of their minds. Aaron loup especially yeah. Yeah he's he. He has had his bad moments but Good overall hard. Except when i go to games. I was at the game last sunday. Pittsburgh and on that he has those games and maybe once a month once every other month and ugly ugly. Yes exactly. But i think it's been you know again growing up. You know being beck stands. John and i have been for five decades. We're used to implosion here younger. You've seen them but we've seen all along but it's it's been a great testament that they're able to you know to get these. You know these you know like openers. Or whatever and get the couple eatings and get guys going but then you know as you said you know. They've been pretty much injury free. But i mean i literally heard when i left the house today to pick up john to come to do to show that. The peterson broke his toe walking on the on the on the floor in got clubhouse and he's now out for the year how do they make this stuff up kind of ridiculous but i mean again that that dwell for arc uterus Playing for the have one flat and very awkward to walk sometimes. She you know that that that that was the very odd injury and it was a very Vintage mapped injuries. Definitely starting location. Or concern and Ah the previous question too about the innings. Though i don't think sloman ever had one hundred eighty one hundred pitch one hundred one hundred pitch outing. Since he joined the mets which is kind of ridiculous and the other. Night tyler mcgill. He he was at. I think about seventy-eight pictures made a little bit more than token out. my concern with him. I think he's just going to reach an innings limit this year and no matter how well pitcher so yeah the the starting rotations. It's doing well. But i don't know it's definitely something. They need to be concerned about especially with peterson's late injury. Well taking a look at the at the season gimme a name of one met who has been a really pleasant surprise or just something. That's kind come out of nowhere and gimme. The name of a met who you think is really been disappointing. His really just not shown us what he really needs to show that with the second half. Because that's that's definitely got to be conforto One thing that always seemed to be able to do is you would always be able to pop the home homerun every so often power. Just hasn't been there. I know he's showing a little more cognitively lately. But overall this season is really bad and i think he dragged down the team When he's doing this way he he's been throughout his career. A guy who performs really well and met victories and not so much win or lose. So he's definitely been the biggest disappointment The guy who done more wow I it's tough because it seems like guys will be doing really well for a while and then they'll just go in a slum come down to earth again jose peraza. I mean he's clutch. Niff- has been pretty terrific. I forget what the exact numbers. But i think he was hitting something like over four hundred in late high leverage situations or some very very close. I really liked. Yeah yeah he got hurt zoo real. Bummer yeah yeah but yet. I always say one guy is really impressed. Me overall I guess it comes back to somebody to pick it up the slack for everyone else. Each sign that how they're managing your game. I just add to that. 'cause i know when gary thorne did the The covering for gary cohen. This past weekend he was raving about about About vr. Because obviously he covered a couple years in in baltimore. And i think what two years ago we had twenty something homerun eighty for the orioles when they were playing so badly and he really praised him. And i like i like his versatility and to me glove work. You know that one game where he really had a bit the farm and had three errors. But other than that instance on that one instance. I've really been impressed with his versatility in the infield and you know again the the ability to get a clutch hit. And that's what this you know. We've always been complaining. About the fact that the mets you know for years had such a inevitability to get get guys on with runners in scoring position. But you know in for some guys. they seem. That's the time when they when they've shined and i've really liked both vr npr's play. You know the the rhyming names there. But i think those two guys have been a great interest introduction to the team you know when they get healthy. They go back to their roles that they should have been and you know this again. This is a this is a club that just surprises you. Yeah i think those two They bring much-needed elements of the team. Re lar- you can play every infield position. And i'm sure he can play the outfield meter. Any also brings that extra element of speed that. The mets are missing especially with linda out. But other than those two can't really trust too many other players on the dealer and Polat i mean what he brings to the locker room. I think we don't even truly see The way he bounced back from getting hit in the face the intangible help the club. What about linda war. What is your feel when when i was saying about guys who kind of disappointing. That's the guy. I thought you were really going to go to completely for even exist. Forty million dollars. Yeah yeah yeah woah. Woah yeah yeah. He's definitely been a disappointment. Which is odd though. Because he actually how much you care about war. He was actually economic team at war and then half which is kind of tremendous However they calculate that arbitrary number but yeah he. He's definitely been a huge disappointment. I i think the difference between him and a lot of the other Disappointments on the team is. He hasn't had that one huge game. That one huge met moment yet. But i'm maybe it'll happen october. Hope so he's got he's got nine years to prove but You know we talked earlier. The trade deadline is coming up on friday this normally when we talking trade deadline for the mass. We'd be saying okay. Who are we going to get rid of. Who's gonna leave. He's going to do whatever but this only selling revived we're usually sellers. But i in this case we gotta be buyers You know the one the one name that you constantly hear you know from these experts at espn or mlb network. Or whatever is the possibility of kris bryant coming from the chicago cubs who've seemed to be imploding. And i think are going to be dumping major league in the next three or four days Could you see a scenario of kris bryant. Maybe put into third base. And as i was saying before putting guys like you know pull our vr back into a role of filling in covering and you know being versatile and playing anywhere on the infield. What's your thoughts about the potential walk. Technical of possibly mr brian coming into a met uniform. Well i'll give you a name that The metro should be considering It's the guy Familiar with todd. Frazier. who's playing with the suffolk. Minors independently. Actually that's not true. He's playing for the us olympic team. Right now. I saw something on facebook that he was he wasn't he play. He covered in sussex because when in the pirates released him he played for team. Usa in a couple of in the in the draw then for about two weeks played with sussex. Just stay in game shape But a matter of fact I soar a video of him actually behind the the flag bearers when they went on the opening ceremony. He's playing for team. Usa right now well what could be better than the us. Men's basketball yes. Yeah yeah well. In fact the brian He's he's been a great for you here. Great for the nets but do they really even need him. And what would they do with the rest of roster. I mean he would obviously play author based primarily which then moves davis into a part time role. Maybe you can play some left field. Maybe even some right field and buying can do those things too. He can play the cubs. Yeah and i think it was at the all star game. You said that his preferred choices centerfield but not very good center fielder anyway and that might have just been bryant just trying to drum up some controversy or just china off his next week but switching gears of course About ten days ago. You know the the mlb draft happening. And i. it's funny. I've never watched any of mlb draft ever but About i guess about two or three weeks ago they talked about it will be at work was talking about the dynamic duo from vanderbilt university. Which was kumar. And mr lighter. Which son of al and i was very impressed From the stories that came out from both of them and and of course many of the experts were expecting both end. Be drafted very high Lighter was drafted number two. I believe but You know camo. Rocker ended up dropping to the mets lap. At number ten. And i am very impressed with this young man. I know you've done some homework on them. But what are your thoughts about about him. potentially Maybe in a couple of years stepping onto the city field you always Tough to really know what it's gonna become a people. It's it's what they say. You can never really predict what's gonna happen. You'll see one guy from the top ten ever become a star and then suddenly a bunch of third landers are much better than him but Kumar rocker the one thing. That just amazing that we've known about him for a couple of years now People who don't even follow amateur baseball so it's definitely exciting to get him i. I don't really follow the college. Quit that much. But based on what everyone says is that was an amazing pick. I mean the mets locked out that the other owners were cheating out and not wanting to pay the slot dollar amounts to other draft picks Ahead of them so they do really fortunate to have such a young stud coming up and they could. They could use this study pitching how to. I know they have matt allen recovering from tommy. John surgery Jt gin he just returned from his own that he Had before even getting drafted so there are restocking the farm with some amazing pitching talent. And i think it's really gonna them in the future who right now Of as far as prospects would be ready to maybe tickets shot at the team. You know when they have the call up in september we might get a look at and you know who might be challenging for jobs next season. I ten just wrote an article on rising apple. So if you wanna go check. I want you apprentice go. Alvarez's already know i. I just wanted to segue into the article. Yeah yeah yeah he. He's talking prospect now though that that that comprise me. I didn't think he was gonna rise up quickly. That's just tremendous to see a catching prospect for the mets high. I don't they've maybe dr no With at some point that high. But i can't imagine that early on in his miley career. I mean you wanna feel old francisco. Alvarez is nineteen is holding his seventh eighth best prospect in baseball. And this is. I think is Would have been a third professional season if he played last year. So that that young yeah time to figure out anything. So the skies really the limit with him so i think a lot of people are guessing. He'll be here by twenty twenty three Taking twenty twenty four so big. He's still going to be a young choir. I am very excited to see what he can do. And i guess because of a lot of the moving around the players and things like that that it's it's made The teams struggle i. I haven't seen it lately. But i know syracuse numbers win whilst numbers were were absolutely brutal is is that the same crescendo. Kind of effect happening in the rest of the minor league system. Yeah last time. I checked the other minor league teams in the mets system. Were doing that. Great I check in on the rumble ponies. Every so often. They don't even have anybody that's doing that. Well i think the problem with churches because they have a couple of pitchers with some numbers they had a guy. I don't even remember his name. I was looking at it. He was like oh and eight with an eight point. Eight two year ray. It's making wonder why they're even keeping on to those guys and rather than stretching out career guys like our tropeano wanted him to be stretched out and maybe possibly be an emergency starter. But that hasn't been the case but not the biggest problem in the world. No no i mean you know. I think though good that the mets are their re stocking their minor league system. Because that's really been you know. Oughta stuff that. I've read over the years. That's really been the shortcoming for this team. You know other than obviously the pitching prospects but overall we really have not had a strong farm system compared to a lot of the other teams in the major leagues. And hopefully that will change in the next couple of years. Playing playing. vegas didn't help you. Yeah that's true too. Yeah i think the big problem too is that a lot of their first round. Pick within traded in recent years. Justin guy anthony k. One other lennick obviously they. They really unloaded a lot of picks after Twenty sixteen. i'll give you give as we end this or give you a little age story again going back to my my h my my nephew in tampa florida and one of his best friends was a pitcher. At jesuit high school in tampa florida. He ended up being a first round draft. Pick for the new york. Mets in nineteen ninety seven ninety something ninety six ninety seven his name was jeff gets and the name should be familiar because in seven he was or what he was traded to the florida. Marlins for psychiatrist. Mike piazza. I've actually i know jeff very well. And he's he's a A high school coach down of florida and he got that great bonus for For signing with the new york mets and got traded to you know he was doing really well in the mets someday traded onto the florida marlins and he blew his arm out so just shows my age but anyway listen we appreciate the time he joining us on the show but While we got you here and again we know we love it but Please plus the site put the guys you right with and tell us everybody how to get in touch with you. Sure for rising apple dot com. All your mets opinion news. History anything you could possibly wanna know about. And of course we're always welcome to Let on new later. People are passionate wanna learn. Just want to voice their opinions again. That's rising apple dot com and follow me on twitter at the baseball boil. I don't really tweet much about fourth anymore. Mostly just nonsense about listen. you said you eat writers. Could you still take a fifty seven year. Old going throws off seventy maybe seventy five miles an hour for really work hard at it. Sounds good. sounds good. Listen we always appreciate you joining. Gb sports have a great rest of the summer. And hopefully we're going to be Getting you In september october to talk playoffs vic scott yes all right take a again. That simple oil from rising apple dot com. Please please please subscribe to them. If you're a great site for guys really excellent outfit to get your daily fix when we come back from a final break of the night. The the resident i guess quasi third wheel of this show. Paul kreischer from aisles. Talk who i now called no strict thomas kreischer and we're going to talk about the islanders in the draft and the prospects for free agency and what's going to happen with this team for the summer gary and john back on w. dvd's sportstalk one more segment ago. He's up folks. You're listening to sports talking to your tune in every sunday night at eight. Pm on long island wgn broadcasting on ninety five point nine fm in twelve forty or with live online at gb radio dot com stay connected sports dot new york wg by following us on facebook twitter and instagram gbd's sports. You're listening to sports stove new york on long island still. Gp now back to the show and we are back on wgn sports talk for the last segment of our show. Gary hart john tanneries with you. we just had a talk with him. Boil of the rising apple. We talked about the new york mets. We are going to go back to new york islanders. Now when you look at the names john of some of the great thinkers in our world isaac newton is albert einstein. You know it's funny. I was just out in out at south hold over the weekend. And there's actually a place in downtown south einstein squares really cool thing. He actually spent one of his summers out there and actually wrote letters to fdr talking about the fact that the us can possess a nuclear bomb and stuff is really really cool history lesson but like i said we talk about newton we talk about einstein we talked about and i think in the same sentence we gotta add a new name. Yeah i think so. I mean that man is four chrysler. Some have to bow down to the girl. Talk the man among men giant among china among men. That's i was going to be nice to you guys. I really was on. I i put you at the greats. What can you heard about that before. We continue this mess going out to longtime fan of your show. And i'll sock pana terry. Yeah happy birthday. I think you know his text messaging was a little slurry. I don't wanna excessive conditioning. Happy birthday going out there to joe. Go all right all right now. We're we're locked on you. Dude hold on for one more minute voice. Let me help you with that. Little mets with todd. Pleasure is literally half hour from my house. And i was at a game and he was signing as many autographs as he could for the kids and i went down to him and i asked you playing on the mets this year. He just looked at me and grinned. Might come back. i'll be interesting. So there's there's a little bit of insight quote unquote inside info for you see. That's why she wouldn't see. That's why you're a giant among men was brutal. Lock honestly say i you know. I followed his instagram account. And and and todd is is tremendous not only with the kids but he's also great charities community. So i mean he's you know you know people may may get on them but he's a he's great. He's a great match. So i that would be a great Fans if he comes back because he's he's he's one thing he's definitely is passionate about the guys that he plays for pay place with so that's a good thing so all right so let's talk about that. The real reason why you have on this show. Yeah exactly exactly so. We did talk to Gilmartin early and we talked about. Obviously some of the things that are going on. And what's what the potential is. But and i say dishonestly. We talk about paul. Paul is really very versed into prospect pool. You know he. He talks a lot of Scouts and guys and get some some good information and you know before. I had a chance to even mention anything about the draft. Our our second round pick scores four goals in tournament. I'm like oh. We couldn't have fell into a better puddle of mud than what we got in the second round. Talk about second round in third round. Gentlemen but let's let's talk about rats ratto here He was supposed to be in the beginning of the season. He was ranked number one on some scouts. Because i remember reading that way back that his name came from the early. Go number one indiana and from the information restoring to get now He was on a very good carpark team. Which is one of the top finnish teams still and he couldn't adjust from playing with players his own age to playing against men and his numbers drastically went down His minutes went down and he fell out of favor. So what ended up happening. A lot of the Other scouts and the people who follow you know the draft. They all had him at least in the top fifteen. They didn't know one expecting him to up to number fifty two and when he finally fell. This felt like oliver wallstrom dropping into the islanders lap. Back in two thousand eighteen. This has this has adoption wallstrom. Feel now i don't think lotto is going to be as good as all of a wallstrom but if this development is on target you could have a second line version to matthew bars l. Which is saying a lot. It is saying a lot. But i i will say this from what i've been able to research on him in some of the film i have been able to see. The kid has the tools but he doesn't know how to build. If you understand where. I'm going with this. He needs he needs a little more tutelage on how to build up his game. He has all the tool sets he. He needs an instruction manual right hand. But this is where do and company come into place right and if they can develop him. Oh goodness and the way the way things worked out when they did. But i know when i talked to you yesterday in a nice lot of you know writing about it but you know the third pick as you said is even a more more interesting. Pick you know for the islanders. And i know they have to at some point address. The goaltending situation. Obviously we know all of this story about ilias sarokin by. Why don't you just tell us a little bit about the third pick and what that player could mean to the islanders. Potentially down the road well christian lennox is out of Saga big kid. I think he's like six four one ninety pounds right now Good size Did not have a great season. The year before didn't have a season at all last year but there is potential in him For him to be a possible. Nhl backup that supposedly his ceiling and again with sarokin hair for the next. I don't know let's have fun with it for the next decade. Having someone like lennox Again he basically fell into the islanders as well Many many out there had him in the low fifties upper fifties. And there he. Is you know dropping. Way down in the third round so It it it is a gamble. Like i said ontario hockey league did not have a leak. Anything last year due to covert But again bigeye fairly fast. And if you put him in with Mitch corn for a few years. The islanders may have something so It's it's going to be interesting. But patience is definitely a virtue and development is up most importance here especially for this draft. Class tristian lennox. You're looking at a possible backup for the islanders. Or what about the rest of the picks. I've every it seems from what i've read. All the the the picks they really got were really potentially nhl caliber players to a degree Leo can i believe is the other finnish winger. He's a big boy. If there's going to be one comparison to him. I think he's going to be like a matt martin with a little more scoring touch Him Well coup and Raja niemi the other twenty twenty Draft pick from the islanders. They're all on team finland right now participating in the world junior shumur games. Yes yeah So they're out there all playing for Filling right now Which is a good sign but the other players right now. Karen berg He's you know he's in the us development. He's going into college. I'm not worried about him just yet and the other players you know they put up good numbers but the probability of them in the nhl right now is you know not fifty percent so all these kids are pretty much going to need some time to develop and you know. I just don't think you know any of them are going to rich-poor anytime soon. I think you know maybe one of next year now was it hours. Was it more of the fact that you know the most of the canadian and us junior leagues played either a very minimal or almost nose or in some in the case of the oh l. No no schedule that ally. I mean i know how the islander picks it looks like. We're going to call ourselves. The helsinki islanders is it. Just the fact that because of that that most of the picks seem to come from a european or rushing aspect because of the fact that they had actual you know actual leagues in actual play during. You know this this past season record exactly it. That's exactly and what teams had to go through. Was you know games. They had seen the previous year. And i'm sure. They had a ton of june conversations with these players coaches without the scouts so on the they literally took research to another level this year. So i'm sure that whatever. They learned how to scout in terms of research. I'm sure they're going to acclimate that to their system. When it comes to you know scouting these kids from now on so yeah. This is a completely different level. And you're right. it is because bacon. Europe did have more games played this than in canada. Looking at the overall the picks. I mean i. I read in a couple of places and a lot of people giving the islanders a c. for the draft. Would you kind of put that in the same realm whether you think the islanders. Maybe got a couple of guys under the radar. Maybe it's above a see i i. I agree with them for now. I'm going with a seat. Plus and the reason why. I'm giving a c. Plus a when you when you're anna draft the whole is to have two three players making the team the nhl team at some point. The islanders did not have a first round pick this year even though they have gotten the first round of talent in the second round. You're looking at hopefully two of these players making it with the big club. The other ones in all honesty. We just don't know yet now. The possibility of good development from these kids will eventually raise this great up. Probably to a b. or b. plus and the pluses about as high. Is i go because there's just no there's no guarantee of the other ones but for now i give the greatest c. Plus with the with the possibility of that going up much higher saying about five years right know i mean you know the always can you. Don't expect that diamond in the rough come. Ainsley was a six round draft six or seven th round pick. You know you don't expect those guys necessarily to be you know coming into the realm that they did you know it's you just hope. I would assume you know from scouting standpoint. When you're looking at these kids that hopefully they have the summer of their life and work their tails off to right to get to that and make themselves improve that level. And that's all you can hope for these guys. Let's let's switch gears and we have free agency starting in less than twenty four hours There are some names you know falling you know potentially could fall in our laps. Their names that we all worried about you. Know with the name of zeke as or or palmeri being mentioned in you know obviously we hearing zach parisi and suitor and among others. Your spidey senses the you. Did he tingle under a certain guy. At least in your mind you know not not looking at it from when you have conversations others but basically from your mind as to what direction you think. They might go. I think they're all gonna get signed. They're coming to the islanders to be quite honest with you. Because it's in gill said this before in in you know when he was you guys before. The islanders are built for the playoffs. There isn't really a team in the metro division right now. That scare the islanders. Like non philly did not improve. As far as i'm concerned carolina losing their goaltender and dougie. Hamilton carolina has not improved yet pittsburgh and washington or another year. Older the rangers. I don't know what the rangers are doing yet. I'll give chris jerry the benefit of the doubt for now but as of this conversation. I don't think there's a team beating the islanders. At all. And gary you and i and john we've all the three of us have been preaching this. The islanders are built for the playoffs. Which means we may not see this completed team until the tree divine right. Okay so for now. I think piracy comes over. I think casey signed I don't think anyone has to worry about pavilion pelvic or primary. I'm finally going to get my third line of parisi patio and paul. Mary and i as far as the first line right winger. I'm not sure yet. And i think shooter i still think shooters going to sign here and the reason why i said that you know the other teams involved before i know our came up with an article. I think boston was listed. But i think dallas was the prominent team. I mean shooter goes with those other two teams. He's just looking for the money. Yeah i think. I also heard that saint louis just basically dropped out of the bidding. Yeah i mean boston. I mean florida just picked up reinhard from buffalo. The i th the top six line from florida's gonna be monstrous and then you're you're gonna go to boston and expect them to beat florida and tampa bay. Come on good work. And then you're going you know. Dallas how dallas gonna get past st louis and colorado. I'm sorry i. I'm not seeing it so i mean a suit wants to win a cup. He's coming to the islanders. What's your Not sorry for the money. it's all about. What are your thoughts about about the steph jones dealing in him turning around and signing a nine point seven five times seven deal well they still have a couple of players on l. tr so the case okay. Yes that's the case and in all honesty Jonathan taste and patrick kane's contractor over in two years so over the long term. He's going to be the only expensive blackhawk You know i. I think they can afford them As far as islander fans are concerned Back in the two thousand thirteen drafts. Seth jones was drafted with as the best offensive defenseman in that year. The second best defenseman drafted at that time was ryan pork. Yup number thirteen. That's right so if ryan polack racks up sixty points this year. Okay islander fans have a problem. They can be a little worried. Because now i don't think ryan will ask for nine million but if he has a career year navy asking for seven seven and a half million. That's not as the question and remember boys and girls. The cap should be flat for the next two years. Afterwards that's correct. You know it's a very important you know that's the thing you know you gotta you gotta realize the numbers as opposed to the faces and everybody's saying pick him came. Pick him but you have to look at the twenty is on your roster and it's not just a simple as i always say the video game solution and that's it. You gotta look. You gotta look forward and backwards. Yes certain member of my family. Who doesn't seem to understand that there's numbers involved in you know a salary cap and you just can't go out and sign guys because you mean is his first name synonymous with a name like kramden. Yes okay that yeah. And you know for those worried about land scott I'm still hearing right now. It's either seattle or colorado. He may take lesson for you. Know go back to player colorado. I'm not sure yet. I think that's the biggest one up in the area. If i'm him i'm pulling a pin aaron and i'm looking at the best deal and then i go back to the team that i really wanna play for and say look. This is my deal. Can you do with me. Well seattle's got a lot of money. Alright if i correct their darned around like twenty twenty eight twenty. Nine million still. Yeah oh yeah yeah see i. I wouldn't even put the islanders and may maybe in third or fourth place. I don't even know. Landis cogs like desire to play i mean i'm sure saint louis is still up there. We'll see what they do with terrorists cinco. But i don't think they're going to be able to unload him. Nobody's really been interested in him. You know they're kind of staying away in saint louis kind of made the statement that most likely he's going to be with us well armstrong's also have been known to just like the media like that which is why some of us don't even believe that. Okay yeah i. I'm i'm whole i'm keeping terrorists cinco available for now Yeah i don't just armstrong when he says something like that. Because i i don't think there's a tight enough relationship between tarasenko and the blues. That's actually going to work. And then that's going to cause drama on the team. And i i'm not holding armstrong said that at all so i'm keeping tarasenko available for now but going back to land scott for a minute if tarasenko is somehow traded i think st louis becomes the next player in for for so we'll see what happens And again for those who you wanting tear cinco. I kept hearing. That one of the going rates was either adoption or street for tarasenko income wage. So much at this point. You don't have jordan ebony to trade so you're gonna have to give up probably wallstrom to get tear cinco going back to that scenario and let's just. Let's see for sake of argument that you know that tarasenko isn't even a factor in consideration. You and i. And john have talked on our miles talk live. You know that you can get on facebook dot com and twitter and all the other places now that we we tend to. Do you know we kind of laid our position that we felt and we still feel that you know oliver wallstrom keefer bellows and those guys me to potentially start the year in bridgeport with the fact that you lose jordan everley. How much of that scenario is still the same great question. And that's going to give much thought it's john. I love it. Well hold on here. We've got mary issue. Depends on how much we spend on our current players. Excuse me if there is enough taproom you can go short term deal with someone. Like mike hoffman or ryan. Dingle those a year a. options and let's have some fun. Let's say ryan suter does go to dallas. I wouldn't mind bringing in someone like semi vaananen from the anaheim ducks and former new jersey devil. would also fit this system at a much cheaper rate and putting him a scott mayfield. I think it'd be the absolute perfect thing to do If not there's also an out of the box thought of trading. Leo calmer off thomas hickey and auto cueva to the buffalo sabres for skinner. Wow that's an in in the in the respect that buffalo does pay the maximum thirty percent of the cap. It okay so they were a portion of the salad cadillac. They they portion of salary now at thirty percent the islanders would only be paying about six point five year for like the next five or six years. Skinner's make like nine and a half. I think but he's got. He's got the shot he also drives to the net better than everley ever did and that would be setting him up. Yeah standard looked like a lost puppy dog buffalo again. You know guys going going to the dollar instead of going for the deal you know team. What do you think happens to eichel. Just out of curiosity Well i if i read correctly i think that whole deal just fell through. I don't know yeah. I don't know if there's anyone in limbo right now it's jack eichel. What was the what were they dangling. We got an about the range. I mean i heard the rangers were interested. But i didn't see that there are actual names involved other than larry brooks. I didn't know they were looking. I believe there are a couple of prospects. I don't know their names offhand. But buffalo wanted a certain amount of players A couple of specific prospects and the rangers said no and that just dropped everything. So wow yeah. Whoever was in the rangers farm system. They the rangers did want to give them up And buffalo was like okay. Jack i also. We'll see if they go back to that. But yeah jack eichel right now is in limbo. Quite interesting Other interesting to say it just every year you approach free agency thinking you know nothing crazy gotta happen and then you get all these questions and and the potential possibilities and trades and everything pops up and you know it makes you know people like You know the friends of ice line. In isaac newton you know very relevant. You know ten minutes off the air when i get in the car of course of course but i think we should find out about and suitor tomorrow. Yes yeah i. I at least those who by tomorrow everyone else in all honesty island offense. I wouldn't worry about the rest of the team. So they'll be back. We'll just have to figure out the first one. I right wing. Yeah that's got me wondering again. It's interesting it's it's it's a good dilemma. Have as opposed to pass donation. It's good dilemma. To have an and again my coffin for your two were ryan does for a year or two. that's fine. We have a third line to go along with. You know whoever we bring in on the inexpensive side. We'll see what happens. You get you fourth line going so all right so paul again as always we thank you for coming on. Please tell everybody how to get in touch with you. And all the information that you provide to Islander nation. I all talk is I'll talk dot com. You can find us on facebook and twitter. Those names We also have our own youtube channel. So lake and subscribe and you can find me on twitter at p. underscore kreischer and on wednesday. We're coming up with you in another show will go over the draft real quick free agency and what's ahead four. The islanders watercooler talk as well. Oh yes might talk. You know we call you the third wheel between john. I but we you know we. We always appreciate you you coming on. I know through your sunday night. When we're on the air yes he do. I'll give you that okay. We'll talk to you in about fifteen minutes. Thanks guys by again paul. Christ here and i'll make sure you like it. Subscribe everything we wanna think. You'll martin and tim boyle and of course for coming on. Thank brian graves on the other side. Glass he's ready to get out of the studio minutes and john always a pleasure as usual. We're not going to be on until september. Because both john and i are going. We're going to be in the hawaiian islands in the month of august and september which is nice we get away from here and overdue. Yeah we'll be back on. I believe after labor day so that will be. Training can't starts. Nfl starting the mets pushed to the playoffs the yankees while whatever they tend to do. And you know we'll see what goes it's been it's been. It's been a fun summer. And i know. September comes in life. As i knew as i know it goes back to almost normal when i have to commute back to work in the city and you know things are getting back and it's great that sports has been such a a wonderful place to Get away from all the craziness that has gone on in our lives and It's been a great vehicle for us and you know maybe now you know as the summer hits the winter and hopefully things are looking up as far as people vaccinated and getting you know getting back to normal that we see some good things happen you know. As far as islander fans are concerned with building coming on november twentieth after that thirteen game road trip. We didn't talk about it but It should be a lot of fun Like i said so if you want to reach out us achy harding w gbi at hockey blindside. John screen is always and in the words of The late great bill hayes keeps getting everybody have a great night and thanks for tuning on to wgn sports. Talk on ninety five nine and twelve. Forty am w g theme thinking expressing the previous program did not necessarily represent those of the staff management or owners of w bb.

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Episode 128 - Howard Jones

Sodajerker On Songwriting

51:52 min | 2 years ago

Episode 128 - Howard Jones

"Hello and welcome. So Jack around songwriting episode one hundred twenty eight this is Brian hey with Simon and joining us today is an English singer songwriter and keyboard virtuoso, who I used on the British pop music scene in the early eighties with his catchy thoughtful on yielding positive songwriting, and Jessica live performances and pioneering use of synthesizers today's he sold over eight million albums across the globe. As we recall. This is just reissued his first two classic solo albums. Humans live and dream into action by cherry red records into looks additions. Generously loaded with extras, we are very happy to welcome the brilliance. How Jones to the show we traveled down to assess back in Elliott Obama to meet with how beautiful home and had a wonderful time chat with him. He showed this round this home studio where to keep all his vintage since on his gorgeous, Stein, way, grand, piano and afterwards is lovely wife. John made us lunch, and it was truly one of the most pleasant experiences. We've had doing the. Show really was wasn't. And then he saw off by giving us a deluxe box set of his last albums. Well, what a guy very generous. Indeed, August was born John Howard Jones in nineteen fifty five in Southampton. England, started Landon the piano at age seven his family moved around to join his use living in Cardiff than booking him share. And then relocated to Canada. When how it was a teenager will join his first bound h fourteen returning British shows, how attended the Royal northern college of music in Manchester in the late seventies and played in various bands and even DJ on Piccadilly radio in his spare time, he quit college. I moved back to hiwickum booking shots shoe music career in making ends meet by teaching piano on working in a factory. I believe is wife. John Boston since in nineteen seventy nine with compensation from a road accident. Yeah. And apparently, the whole warm ban concepts emerged juice to a lack of context. Backhoe, necessities them will do inventions. They say indeed August built his reputation by performing live regularly around high. Wickham David stops got wind. Thank and later became his manager many began playing feather afield culmination in the London showcase eventually signed to Warner in one thousand nine hundred three releasing a new song, his first single that awesome. Which went to number five in the UK. And how it raised more than a few eyebrows. When he performed it on top of the pops accompanied by my martis, jed Hoyle who meeting count at one of the aforementioned hiwickum gigs. He released his debut album human's lib spring nineteen eighty four which went straightens the UK album charts at number one. How would second studio album dream into action released in one thousand nine hundred five remains his most commercially successful record? And when talk ten in the UK and US that so Mahy appeared that Live Aid at Wembley stadium performing hide and seek solo, Freddie, mercury's piano Elliott that year, he joined Stevie Wonder Herbie Hancock and our form against Thomas Dolby on stage at the Grammys for a hugely entertaining since extravaganza check that one on YouTube, folks. Yeah, it's great fun. Guess tired? Another toxin record with nine thousand nine hundred. Sixers once one and continue to build his audience in the US, filling large arenas with his live shows in. So he's ten top forty singles including six top tens in the UK between nine hundred eighty three one thousand nine hundred six he parts company with Warner in the early ninety s phone Gua Chee concentrated on production and writing for the artists. He also started his own label detox and was one of the first artists to explain the internet for direct connection to fans in the early noughties. He played keys for Ringo Starr's all star band and wrote and produced for the likes of sugar babes his own revolution of the heart album was released in two thousand and five followed four years later by ordinary heroes, which is a lovely record less synth based and more organic and singer songwriter Lee than a lot of his earlier work how it's most recent album was the crowd funded engage in twenty fifteen and these currently at work on a brand new album transform Janek next spring. How was kind of two players a couple of mixes after the interview. And there was sounding very good. Indeed, vintage ho-jo you might say how. Play you something from that the end of the show you can eat trucks from across Howard's career by checking out specified playlist for this episode had assumed Jacob dot com slash podcast. Click on the Howard Jones page on you'll find the link beneath the episode player. He progressive all these news and soil data how Jones dot com that's how Jones on Twitter and Facebook dot com slash how Jones as always you can find those that soda jacket. Come at so dejected on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook dot com slash soda Deger. Short subscribe to the show on apple podcasts. So that you receive brand new episode CO populace presentation device as soon as they're released. We also have donate page. It's so dejected dot com slash donate. If you'd like to choke a few pennies our way to help with the running costs to the show. There's no obligation, of course. And no salesman will call. Okay. This is down amongst the rolling hills of Somerset with the excellent Howard Jones. Right. And I thank you so much for traveling a little way to meet me. Thank you. If you told us, I think when we started the podcast that we Joe's crip some day. We believe you never invite people to the house because it's your stank Sherie. So but something about you guys see this for so long. I just admire that as well. And also, listen to your work, and I really think it's great. So now, thank you. Yeah. It's one of those things you kind of know that it's the right thing to do. It's also time and isn't it? 'cause you've got these expanded sets. It is. It's funny. It is because it's almost like looking back and at the same time frantically working on a new album. So it's really interesting time from the perspective, but we'd be listening to those expounded sets of humans Liban treatments who action it's ask the how good good saying they're going to they wanted to put tracks never been released before I was Laurie because the tracks. You wanna go out other trucks, you want to go out. You don't like bras sections on backing Gutman's on it. But when I listened to them it is quite interesting to hear earlier versions before the finished mix was done. And you know, my friend Glenn Kelly whose like probably the biggest ho Joe expert. Look people really really going to enjoy this. So I was persuaded to do that even instrumentals was thought nobody or what instrumental Scholley got VO client. But he said, yeah. But you hear all the Neons. So the music behind. So I went with that as well. But yeah, I'm actually really excited about now. I didn't think I would be we can really see how the songs developing you look by the demos for. Yeah, they sound so bad, but this little things that sound reasonable through. Yeah. Yeah. I think I I got so of a Merced in your music, the friend called Nick Alloway, he worked in a hi-fi shop in Amersham with Roger bachelor ago is views. Yeah. Was in the I band called warrior and Rogers helped me right from the beginning to record stuff early recordings, and is always amazing archive of stuff that I didn't even know about he helped out on this as well. Some video stuff. I didn't ignore existed made it so. Yeah. Rogers, a really great. Yeah. So this friend sat me down played meal, you'll stiffen east very into the positivity of it and the whole philosophy that saw runs through you music. And that's the first thing that really I kinda got inculcated into you know, new song is an anthem rarely for that. And of philosophy of positivity and say. Yeah. I mean, you know, it's always been my motivation. I never say that everyone has to be like that. But for me it was away communicating with people and having a philosophy of life is the most important thing to me. And I know it doesn't really go with pop. But that's me. That's what I'm interested in a believe every person is amazing and incredible potential and life is art enough as it is the you don't songs bringing down psalms encourage you to take on the challenges, and, you know, go for it and contribute to society. I definitely think that is so matures people to the songs, you know, challenging preconceived ideas and trove mental chains, and those sorts of things I think that really does make people connect with those songs in a way that maybe they won't with others. Yeah. There's been an interesting thing recently unnoticed people writing to me and saying that like the work and everything they suddenly realize what was on about. They actually the lyrics. Suddenly the penny dropped was talking about. And I find that kind of the long game. Where did the words calm in the process view, typically? Well, they never come never write the lyrics. I and then set them on grew up doing that. When I was at school at a friend who was a poet. And he's the right Rene's and reams of stuff and I used to set it and it was pros. So it wasn't like rhyming. It was not in meter or anything I used to really enjoy trying to make it musical the reason I'm saying is that I realized that actually didn't have to have some lyrics that were regular in in rhythm. You can actually pretty much set anything to music if you work out, the rhythm within the words, and I think if you look my work it's full of that. But I never looks. I it's usually the vibe of the song. And then I've got always as bunch of ideas. I want to talk about and then think which one would suit that vibe, I think new song in particular. I mean, I suppose it's a fairly straightforward song. Harmonic -ly. Yeah. But then as you always do you've connected it with all. These interesting little things that sort of we've between the intro. And then you've got the stuff that follows the chorus. They things that you saw have consciously tried to compose as you right in the song. I mean, the days of new song interesting because the one man band idea, and so I'd like twelve note sequence. So it could run maximum of twelve notes round. And then I could transpose it up the fourth or fifth, and then I had Gino sixty which had up Heggie that was clocking from my eight eight German sheen. So with those limitations that's a lot of the way that those songs developed. That's what the gear could do and flip between one pattern on the eight a pattern be verse chorus then I used to try the song Tao in the pubs and hiwickum and see how the went down. I do always remember playing new songs. The first time. Mm the Osborne arms in lane end. And that audience went completely like mental. I on they'd heard. So I thought this is probably going to be a right? And like a lot of your stuff is built on a really kind of resistible. Groom is well that kind of an important factor for you groove yet. So we've been important to of big influences one was Keith Emerson and the whole classical rock thing because I was trained and really relate it to him relate. Emerson is rock and roll. But he was like could do all that stuff. We now. And then on the other side of it was like Stevie Wonder and steely, Dan, and I love both of those. I think drew influences from both of those things in new song. You've got the the theme which is like a piece of bark really deliver. Dylan the when it was first released in America. They thought I was a arm beyond est. And then they saw the videos realizes is white guy from hiwickum. So I was really proud of that. And of course, when I worked with droop at high Rupert's really always looking for the groove. Even like what was love which is quite slow. You know, there's a groove in that didn't. So we were always like. So the core set of synthesizers that you had the mid, you know, sixty and the ACO. ACOA doing the drums. Yeah. And what were the ones who was the mobile and the mug prostes one played bass. And then the right hand was seduced lead lines. And then Gina sixty those pro one sequential say interested. I it's. Yeah. Which I think I had modified to have twelve nights sequence capability with it. Right. The Yancey that was it. Yes. He would run Glenn all that on stage, keeping align Choon and. Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't. It wasn't the tuning was good. Actually, the tuning was fine by then. Right. That era of Moog is not celebrated by the aficionados because it was when they think they sold the company and it got bit commercialized. But those prodigies were they sink wheel thing on the way. He could get a really raunchy sound. And there's no program memories. You have to Mark everything with China graph. Run sounds and all at to happen before it song. So I had to develop something can just stop for like two. Hits while you're going. So first of all, I I had cassette types I've worked on at home almost like film music into lose. And then also realize that to talk to your, and that's where the communication thing came in exert love chatting with you audience and getting them involved because I had to those mean, jed, you know, those days and also with the pro one you had to program in the last note, I. So like in this pressure situation, you have to remember a last note of the sequence was and then go first to that so often if you here early recordings wrong, and it's all going, wow. Having those technologies available was the boons you songwriting though as well as your performance. So the my Jun while I think it was great because it was so exciting to be feeling that you using these instruments in the way, maybe Nobody'd ever thought of before. And so you felt like pioneer, you know, doing something new, and that's what was stuck with me. Really? I thought well, I could just have regular band, you know, but that's all being done. So well before by so many people I mean, I wanna be like using the technology of the day. I want to use the tools of our time and not stuck with that, you know, through the career really thank God. For software synthesizer. You mentioned what is low that. That's probably the first song really hooked in. I would say this. I think he's quite striking. Because it's kind of moody, isn't it when we spoke to cash on the show, we talked about who go into a mind swooning year seems to have that sort of ability to second of positive big core respond the versus are we saw slightly mood you, and that's a song think you going direction here. Can you talk about the well that one how came together I mean, it's quirky beyond belief that song. I mean, I think of the rhythm of the verse this jazz, the all of you know. This very quirky jazz vocal over groove. And then it goes to sort of more Mysore, prog. Influence from one of those young young teenager with those e flat, d minor a flat from sees transposes. And then it's got loads of war rose all over the place. I remember people saying that the most woes they ever heard song as you used to stick shift. Yeah. No held the record for. Good world course when it's done right here. Yeah. You went tended to put words on any points. No, I'd run out of ideas by then. Really wasn't thinking about I think when a young you just don't think it through. You just do. What's instinctively Ryan? And I think that's a great place to be and in the middle of your creative life, you start to think more about everything, and you start over think things, and it sort paralyzes you, and then you to us lot more mature. And if your career you suddenly start discovering actually just be who you are. You don't have to worry about that, you know, just enjoy it. And if you've got an idea to it, you know, and so you're back where you started and of liberation but the middle bit is where all the worry goes on. I look the MGM sorta like fanfares and attract way announced the devices, he is that's right. Well, I I was put in the studio with Richard manning, and we were recording this demo on I think it's on the they found it somehow and is very intr-. Interesting version of the saw early version and it was on Richard Branson's boat. We studio up in London is very, you know, putting their normally just cassette in my front room. So I'm going up there. And he said to me, I really think you need an intra, and it's is nice hook. I think. Yeah. Yeah. Like, those recipes abreast, and I mean, it's very Amerson is no those triads going like used to do on the Hammond definitely influence from kief. Yeah. The one that was kind of nearly seven track as well. Yeah. D- XM base. I mean, there is an look base mixed in as well. But it's the first time I think people who today exam based on a hit record. And the Somali sampling on that as well. Think isn't it. Well, the sampling plane was in the unit that Rupin, Steve, you know, had maxed out with with some polling power. It was like I think it was twelve seconds that we could do and each second cost like. Absolute fortune about a thousand pounds of second. And they've maxed out so some of my drama sheen. Sounds would trigger a much more beefy snare, but we actually go into something much much more trees reaction because most of it was played. It wasn't sequence. The first time I played all the bass lines. In a certain things, I'll pay Geos that's coming out of the machine but mostly played. I don't think people realize that album. That's very impressive. Well, I mean, if you listen to it in isolation is a little bit rough places. But it gives it that feel that feel that this unique I suppose there's another philosophical approach to that title as well as what is low of. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's questioning the idea of romantic love, and that's gonna sort you out. You know, you've suddenly fall in love and then everything's fine. It doesn't particularly answer the question. But it just throws out there in question is that going to be the be and then all of your life? No. Because you gotta get it bright inside. That's my thing. So self out and then the other stuff follows nicely on from that. So it was campa you so when you full teen. Yeah. But you didn't plane flew quite a while by then you'd be playing about seven. Yeah. That's what I started playing piano, seven and had Cusco piano lessons, which was hard because you never wanna practice. You wanna be out playing football and cricket in the summer, but I've managed to do enough to get on and learn alone. And then when I got to fourteen became obsessed with it and it just suddenly played stuff. I heard on the radio on the piano on how can do can hear June rock and play. And that was it. I was of an so. At the end of white festival nine hundred seventy and it was mind blowing has he brought out the modular mood on stage, the sound of that coming through massive and in plain ribbon controller, and it was the right? I think I know what I wanna do after that. I wanna do this. I think I read somewhere that used to practice very diligently just still kind of scene four hours a day drive. My whole family mad because there's little house, and then musical is used to be eight nine hours a day. I supposed to be doing classical practice really work new new tunes of my own. So when I came to leave the lovely man, teaching piano. I don't think he was the best teacher in the world. But he was he would teach you by showing you. So he couldn't explain to you. How would sit the girl, and this is how it should be. And so you learnt by listening to him. And so I said to this isn't working for me. I want to do my own music. I don't be playing dead people's music as great it is to be doing my own thing. And and he just went crazy and begged me not to leave. And he said play me, something you work. And so I sat down and played in one my pieces. I was doing and he begged me to stay in go on the composes course. But my mind had been made up on Blad. I did go a job in a factory back home and start thinking about how was going to do my music. So that was Manchester was studying. Yeah, see some great gigs up there while I was there and played in bands played on the radio to all kinds of experimental things on the radio in the middle of the night of radio Piccadilly under pseudonym because you weren't allowed to do gigs. When you're at college. I was John Howard. We doing Okon things like recruiting stuff on tape than looping it. And then I was playing on top of it. And to get my mate soon to do stuff, and they get complaints. Is this experiments? But he's in the middle of the night between two and six in the one rave yards these listening, but they had to do it because of needle time. So have to live musicians involved in some way. I don't do that anymore. But it was great because we got to have all this fun. I did a piano version of bohemian rhapsody one night two weeks to learn it wasn't a Freddie making panel. You played it live eight two year. Yeah. I was just gonna mention actually because well, you plane just sort of reveals a lot of the kind of deafness view you taught you training which things probably revelation to. Oh, yeah. No. I think there was a lot of people very nervous about me coming out. Yano? I was a synthesis in Sint guys would. One finger. You can do you can just like, but because I've been playing so seven is like breathing and walking for me. But look back on it. Now, it was actually quite a brave thing to do to go out and play solo not play one of the hits are say it was. But it was the song to me that was most appropriate for that event. You know, hope you find it in everything. So that was really why wanted to do it. And I'm really glad I did. I'm really chose that one did freak people out. Brass tickle. Billion people or whatever it was cheese. I was I was absolutely. I was very nervous. Indeed, really, you know, heart rate was dicusss. It turned out well in the end audience joined in the chorus. Absolutely. Yeah. So the recording of hide and seek starts with the BC's that where it began in the rice in process. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. Started with the German sheen mum front room, and I can and just getting a heartbeat rhythm going and it just took half an hour. Really? I mean, it just sort of came from somewhere is one. I don't get that very often after really work at everything. I do. But that one just happened just wrote itself almost the way opens out to that major sound or or sly. Yeah. That's right of minor up until the point. And then it just goes straight into major for the chorus. And I mean that's been used in music composition for a long long time. But I use it still a lot play with the two the two emotions of that. And it works very well in high. And you kept the same team around you on the second treatments. Yeah. Group is again. That's right. It was absolutely natural to do that. And I learned so much from working with Rupert and Steve Christ course in how to make records, and we had such fun. We just laughed all the time and just it was celebrated every when it helped, you know, new song going up the charts and number three and done. Really? Well, so we were making a record. We knew people would be interested in so contesting momentum with it and it was done quickly. It's amazing that you money's the get thought Ryan Dunn Hume's live with such a big success in. It's like a double platinum record. How did you find the time with all the TV and the tore into actually write? It was terrifying. I spent my whole life trying to get somewhere with my music finally done that a broken through. And now it's all going to. For the click done any songs left. So I just wrote on the roads, I go to acai twelve track things at these funny sexy. You put in and my road crew guys set it up for me in every dressing room on the road. And so I was working on ideas. The whole time and things only get better was written on the road touring America and in the most horrible dressing rooms and basketball stadiums. Terrible acoustics, I think, but then I used to go on the bus plate to the band and get the vibe they thought guys the album so came together on had had it ready at least go into the studio, but it was terrifying. So I thought I was going to blow it I really did. I thought how can I compete with this? No, no. It's just interesting because a lot of rice respo- can. So it's kind of nothing to them. And it's a kind of right while on tour on the tour bus ran hotel rooms, he just can't. Is the last thing you want it to really because you you'll notice about the gig and not in the right frame of mind, really? But I've no choice I had to and I think that's why there's a lot of energy in the writing in the album because you're pumped with adrenaline the whole time. So that goes into the writing, and you mentioned things can only get better, which we listen to on the way down. In fact, we really stood by the brass on that one way or the conscious decision there to in clear a proper brass sections of since here. Well, we've done all the lines and done it with the samples easing emulators. And things I think it was Rupert's idea to get some real brass into remake punchy. And of course, I love the been always a massive fan. Lebron's right in the early days of blood, sweat, and tears was one of my first albums. I've always loved brass range -ment. So so, yeah, we started using real instruments as well. Combined with the electronics. Good mix. Yeah. It's the funky one as well as yeah. Yeah. I mean, I just realized that actually most of the writing comes from baselines with me I programmed it, and it took me weeks to get it. Just right. I've had bass players on stays with me. And we've had people trying to play stuff with Keita's and basis, but you can't get the same. It's a programmed thin field thing that is meticulously crafted. And so that's why I wanna present live, and he I think people have to get over band can take any form. It doesn't have to be drums bass player electronic music, so different you just too funky. Howard's. I love I just love funky music. Just love it. I love it. It's another. Whoa. Course that one is isn't it? It's kind of a classic pop move. I guess put it just works. So well in not song. It's just undeniable is supposed to eat it celebrates ry. And you don't have to do any prep to get it. Just turn up at the gig. Just join in yet. Well, yet, it's a community really thinking of gigs because I was writing on the road in new, you know, of people love to do shows. And so got a bit that in the it's one of the hardest things to do say the still down into that thing that everyone's going to join in with. You know, you seem to be able to kind of find that that one little hook. That seems like it was always the it is great when people can join in because I love playing live. So I've always in the back of my mind, you know, what people like to do in this song have to join. Particularly middleweights too. We find which is the hallmark of the great pop rights. I love mid late. Love them. Don't really get them. Now in writing so very linear. I really hope there's a trend towards more harmonic stuff. But yeah, I loved lights. I mean so much so that they could twice sometimes different lyrics to kill. But social open. I notice that quite Sula two bridges. Yeah. I mean, I think it's really fun to take the pop song, which is a classic structure, and then mess with it. Because I don't like song. I kinda know what's coming next. Most of the time. I like to have a feel for what's coming next. When a song takes a little bit of a curve, I'm hooked really enjoy that. So I wanna try and how immoral work and p changes and or key relationships and mid late and extra sections that Anouk co once it's fun to do that by really loved. And did you ever saw to study the structure of songs that inspired you? Well. I don't think. So no as time went by. I got more interested in studying like for instance, there's a Don Henley song on his second solo album called New York minute. Oh, yeah. And the soon as I heard it, I just had to Pino workout the cords and learn it because it's such a beautiful piece of work. And so when you come across classic songs classic to me that I will have a look and see what they've done that will go in and hopefully us as an influence, but I mean, the only days I mean, if you think of what is love doesn't have improper chorus. It has a breach. It goes. I bridge. Whoa. Whoa. And then I realized that my writing was quirky. And you know, I'm listening to other people's work a bit more forensically. So incorporate a bit more of that into mo- thinking went on the some interest in a range in choices on the record as well it like pale in the shelf example, if the drums, and then the brass kicks in and it's not anchored by the base at that moment and things like that. Do you have a find yourself once into subtract things to create an effect as well? Yes. Take things out and see it still works always looking to do that. I don't believe in everything in. Just one take things out. And then you automatically go at dynamic going from I bridge bridge, the chorus and the multiple mid lights that you might have. One of the other threads is carried into the second album, which is presence songs like pale Michelle and on things can only get better and look mama as you kind of the full range of voice main. Look, mama. Take. Your Scott's writes up there, isn't it? Yeah. Do you think about that kind of composition Lii in terms of where do you go from there started off not being a singer being Keeble player? I mean, I'd sung as a kid was somebody else was going to be singing my song. So then I suddenly realized that there was nobody around and the melodies the I write are not in a five note range most pop singers, really that's just singing within five or six notes. So I just have to be able to do it got no option the writing. And so that's meant that I had to develop that side. And it's still there. Fortunately, and I have not to drop any the keys or anything. Yes. So I have to keep it going because I gotta hit those. Stunks must be challenged. Nice the nice. Yeah. Decided I needed some vocal training, and a friend of mine is an opera singer. And he gave me some lessons and absolutely revolutionized not thinking about singing and giving exercises to do. So that really helped. I think he wrote. Look mama in manages how. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. Finished off some stuff though as well. Think go to couple of mid late sunny chilly. Yeah. The first it's Stevie Wonder repeat amid late to to get the house like. Different lyrics on these one. But your mother was incredibly supportive. She she was like replying to fan letters and all that stuff as well. Yeah. My mum run fan club for fifteen years or something and she had a teen people work with at its peak five six ladies working with altering funding not the inspiration for the song came from the lettuce was reading to me of kids struggling with parent relationships in my mother, we'd like peeve to flee answer these young people's as you know, and she was like so universal owned fake. I mean, so when I played the psalm. Really by of me. But I should have said look, it's not about you a somehow Hume that she'd know that. And she was quite upset actually said this is about you. This is not about hourly. This is about as we're getting in from some of the funds, you know, struggling than she come down out. Didn't seem on them upset very often. That was one time. I felt really bad. I really bad. I mean, they gave me freedom to do. You know, really was amazing supporting and they put me piano. No didn't buy one they hire purchase. Because I said if you don't buy me piano of going to die. To them. We went straight to Oxford, and they put his not very great beyond one hundred twenty pounds, and they did high poachers agreement on strike. So I mean, that's the sort of support from them. So they certainly let me live my life. They really did. They read of to keep you alive. Yes. Yes. I mean, a thing to say about black male. I'm going to die. The paint from gorgeous piano ballots of the as known is to blame was when we wants to mention which is huge, especially in the states. I think the Oakland line was inspired by conversation with the radioplus. Yeah. That's right. I was in San Francisco doing lots of radio promotion, we visited thousands of radio stations hundreds and he was taking me to one and eternum and said, hey Howard. What do you think of all the amazing women here in in San Francisco? And I said, well, you know, they're great. They're they're fabulous. But I'm sorted know got my Joan out. I'm not I'm not in the market. And he said, well, you can look at the menu. But you don't have to eat that stuck in my head. I've never heard that before pirate. Louis that's very common phrase in America. But the stone isn't about that. It's using that that thinking so it did trigger the song. But not in the way that he was meaning right. All of the album version. You didn't know the one that new Collins. Yeah. Dano sound on the invasion, piano. Unlike early prints records kind of slightly thin sound. Yeah. CPI put through chorus. That's why used to use on the road, very distinctive. Sam's Gabriel used the CPI Taylor right through lots of facts pedals. It's a very expressive piano. Parts, isn't it? You can do those count of stops. And. Yeah, crescendo. I mean, that's still a fan favorite. And I was listening to the other day because they sending me through vinyl for the books that to check everything, and I get it. I get why people like it. It's role, isn't it raw and very emotional. I thought it'd be great to wanted to work with Phil. And he really liked the song. And it was my biggest in America. So that work. Well, but yes, still the fans I think probably in the long run. I'll probably think the album version is five as well. Debut. But you can't. And. Two. Two. Wants to mention to get to know you. Well, it's just still such a toll bond there, isn't it? The kids. Thank you for that. It was one that was done in between the two albums. I didn't think anything of the song the record company thought it would be as a single. So we did it and kinda great. I mean, it's called lots of great interest in it as well. It's not just a pop song. It's you know. Calypso flea that you get in a number of your China, actually. Yeah. I mean, I was thinking more of like eletronic reggae with. And that's why we have the steel pan guys come in and play and mix it in with the keyboards and everything is not really traditional guys. Go a little bit flavor. Yeah. Right guy. Yeah. I had to run into trouble in Japan. The new with the translation of the title. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. I wanted it to be in gold different languages on the cover as you know, you know, Japanese Chinese French German and sent it to pan and cold from the record company saying, you know, the what the hell is this. We caught release it. And so we're trying to get to the bottom of what is that problem in? It's like get to know you. Well, it's not like, it's a satanist sentiment or anything. And it turns out that the translation done. I'd like to force myself upon you. That's what it came out. So yeah. So completely no the sentence. So is true. That is true story. Although as time goes by you think is it true or audit that somebody made that up of it. It was true. That's true. The new. What are your over calypso feel tracks life in one day? Yeah. Won't influence confront you think. I know tonight's think up just like pick things up everywhere. I go, I love all kinds of music. I just love everything that's done. Well, the so much good music at than some different genres. And you want to have a little bit of in. You thus really what it is. And I take it that you on the show life Monday play in that. So Tom part. Yeah. That's why the lights to just come out. So every sound to put it on the records. I also have the intro on assault battery of one of my favorite tracks. In fact, it's almost like a sung sweet almost isn't you kind of got the Prissy intro. And then it goes into that more dramatic section in the sentiments is very serious. Yes, pulls. No punches that song. Yeah. Yeah. And then there's the children's singing in the middle of children's stories of their favorites is sinister really. Yeah. Kids voices tents effect sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's chilling. I was listening to gain the other day. It's interesting because I'm doing three trucks lab writing with BT. It was one of Mark by electronic artists, and he tried to include references some work in in the mix and he picked up on the. And. In this in the app trove? So that's cool. That's very cool tying old to us. Yeah. I mean, you've continued to tie it together of new that mix of the 'electronic with the most of couse stuff and the piano, and especially in the lights out we listened to ordinary heroes or something like that soon. You'll go I think he's lovely music isn't well now, I'm trying to do the. Are of a certain Joan ordinary heroes as you say Pooh, stick, pianos and guitars and vocals in everything. And then you know, that this new completely electronic and the no deviation from that. I do lots of strands to do now. And I like them all so just give them some space. Don't mix it up too much because I think that's confusing for people used to mix much more nearly dies. But I think now is like one genre time. 'cause we listen kind of in the form of playlist. So we'll get to go. Eclectic Leverrier yet. The biggest contrast as you could get as poses a songwriter. You'll just use whatever tools disposal really want us to compare the the motion of the idea. Yeah. I mean, it's different. You know, there's a big part of me, you know, the love since and loves electric music and loves what you can do with it and how you can scope sound and it relates to our time. And then there's my piano training and all that stuff. More of a classical background and songwriting background that needs expression. Sometimes as well. So I mean, the great thing, you know, the fines brilliant innovators stick with me there for me. You know is a lie to think about that. Now, I think about what they can think. And what they would like what subject matter. They would like, well, you know, what they're going through their life different from what it was when we started out together. What is it now? And soon you'll go is sample of that dole to leaving for university. And how you feel about that? I know people who've played it to that kids will get out the door to university. So. Either. It's great. It's great to be useful in that way. In particular, things that people don't have the time to all the ability to or the inclination the song can convey that full them. And that's why I think is ultimately the job of some right to do is to speak for people. You know, put it down in the mostly tied way with music. So both things hitting you at the same time. You. I just want to ask him. What is it you planning on delivering to the audience with this new record that if you were well, it's it's completely 'electronic rice, and it's called transform. So the theme of is if you want to change the world go to start with yourself signed that to me as well. Of course, I'm also interested in a as well in terms of the way, we program AI is going to be dependent on all personal development as a species. So if we're going to be egotistical and dominating, and whatever then that's the program that will go into our AI. It's Tom playing those things as well. You know, this one song was there's a sort of. Robot character who would love to feel pain and suffering on joy. But he can't do it talks playing those days of it. I'm -solutely. Well, how thanks over this being an issue. I hope. So right. Thank you so much for coming in great doing this with you. Explain much for having me Jason. That was how Jones took into his home in some assess what you just had was an exclusive clip of the song take was higher from his forthcoming album transform yet. He's also going to be touring to support the album so heads was websites or social media to get those dates the rest of the song play the scientists tastic to. They really did. Yeah. And the this lovely bluetooth speaker night, which he played them on. And it was just sounding great actually read. He wanted to know what we thought to the work as well. Thankfully, we like to look for Rosie was brilliant. Barry very awkward. Sort of a studio was five. Yeah. As we mentioned earlier show, the studio after the interview and who's gorgeous, you know, those vents sense. And there's Pia no literally where condoning the walls, including the original outweigh Ferrer human's lib. Yeah. Amazing which was just great to say, and lovely view of the Somerset levels outside the window. And also a railway line Ronin about sort of fifty feet from his house, which was play havoc with his vocal takes. He must know the schedule like the back of his own. But just getting to sit down with them and have lunch. Just a real treat wasn't usually the interviews quite self contained. So get into sort of spread out a little bit and talk who's Brill. Absolutely. So many many, thanks. How it on John the Potala? We really hope you enjoyed that conversation. Make sure you go out and get the reissues of humans lab Andrea to action which are out now on cherry red keep watching the skies for more episodes. We'll see you soon. Bye. Bye.

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Dental DAMN (with Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow)

Unhappy Hour with Matt Bellassai

1:00:00 hr | 1 year ago

Dental DAMN (with Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow)

"Welcome to unhappy our the show where we bitch about all the things we love to hate every single week. I'm your host map Bella Cy. I'm here in my closet recording far far away from my producer Barry. Thank God Highbury Hey man! How's your quarantine going this week? So much has happened this week first of all regarding okay, this was inevitable, but it happened it finally happened. I was deep in a stretch. Oh. Sem happened something I. Don't know exactly what happened. I just felt like a polar pop or something and I was like Oh. That was horrible. It's fine. This happened yesterday and today I felt nothing so okay we'll see. But still so there was that then, but my credit card was used at someplace that I have never heard of or Ben to love that, so yeah, which is like this is like the second time. It's happened I. Don't know how it keeps happening. If anything, I'm glad that it is happening, because it allows me to cancel my card and then have to evaluate everything that I've subscribed to. So, it's like a good kind of self audit. Yeah, I mean they're really doing you a favor I guess. And then today I dropped an ice coffee all over my floor, so. So snakes so much really has happened. But the point is at the end of the week. Might Grendel is still intact I'm getting a new credit card and I wiped off the ice coffee up, so made through look at you. How is your recoding? Well I'm back in New York City where there's about to be a heat wave, and it's super humid and I'm. Yelling. I'm just ben watching youtube videos of quiet. AC units. Find out if they exist. My AC unit I think I've broken because I. Keep I have my copy of little women I. Really Feminist, and that is what I used to prop up my mechanics. Shoved into my air conditioner to try to hold whatever is rattling in place so God. Yeah so thank you to Lewis May alcott. Her work is so important. And yeah, but you know what I had an amazing therapy session last week, and I'm still riding that high so I. AM ready this episode. Well I'm fat now. Coming up on today's episode we'll have worth things I write chat about the stupidest most ridiculous worse news of the week after that we are diving deep into going to the dentist because. Going to the dentist is always the worst, but you know what makes me even more worse for going during a pandemic which I had to do. Then we've got writer's podcast and authors I'm now to go and and Friedman on the pod. I'm not to an an CO host the amazing podcast call your girlfriend and they've got a beautiful new book out called big friendship, so we'll get into all of that and more so let's get into it. Let's do it. Let's lean back in that dentist's chair and start the show. Riot worse things first. Let's talk about the worst news of the week fast. The owner of a pizza shop in Greenwood Delaware with held up by a robber, wielding a machete okay. Because sure. So. What do you use when you're up against a man with a machete demanding money? A steaming hot pizza. That's what you use. Just ask the teenage mutant Ninja turtles how they defend themselves I. Don't actually know if they use pizza as weapons or just or they just love pizza. I mean to me what that with that. Whole series Israeli about is how they managed to maintain great complexions for teenagers who eat nothing, but. Dairy I don't understand it. I mean like it's that amphibian skin. It's gorgeous. It's glistening. It's slick. They definitely you. Sorry, it's right should be ripped. Turtles are not amphibians. I didn't even question, are they? No, no, no, they hatch an eggs so. What I don't I don't know where turtles are born here. No, I'll take I'll take whatever they are taking the point is this man used? The pizzas? Says a weapon, so yeah, the owner of a pizza shop called stargate. Pizza. Was He was closing down his shop when a man with a machete approached him and demanded money. He said he didn't have any, and then through a pizza Adam causing the machete-wielding man to flee. That's how it's done. That's how it's done you WanNa get rid of an attacker. Throw. A thrill competes at them. He's lucky. Had that pizza would if we had in I? Don't even want to think of it. I, mean I recently but into a pizza. That was way too hot, but I was just so hungry, and then it did in fact like tear off the roof of my mouth, so I mean yes. CAN BE A weapon. That's the thing about pizza. It's deceptive because you think the steam is under control you know you could gauge hotness based on how much steam is coming off of it? And when the steam is nice and Nice and subtle, you think it's fine, and then you take a bite in that top layer comes off where the magma on top of it you get to the of the lava beneath You're done for next police officers in Florida only in Florida. Were called to a main street and Fort Lauderdale to capture eight two year old kangaroo. Who'd been roaming the neighborhood let him. For Real Estate. Yes, he's just shopping. He's home shopping. Okay, he was roaming. It's not like he was destroying. Yeah, it was a two year old kangaroo wreaking havoc in Fort. Lauderdale neighborhood no rest. Every Squirrel. Come on, you should. We'll get to that later. So a police sergeant said that police aren't trained to capture exotic animals, so they had to use a leash that is used to apprehend stray dogs. There's literally video of like four police officers wrestling this kangaroo into the back of their like police car. Snake Hey. Why don't you bring someone who does know how to capture literal wild animal, okay? Let's like I was like Oh. Hey, there's an elephant in my driveway. Why don't I call one of the referees from footlocker? Now they're not GONNA do anything. They don't know what they're doing. Why is there video police officers wrestling at kangaroo into the vacuum police guard? It doesn't make sense I would imagine. Florida has the most robust fish and wildlife department and the whole fucking country wire four police officers. wrangling a kangaroo and don't know, but they should not be also. There shouldn't be a fight gang row in Florida according to the Sun Sentinel the newspaper or one of the newspapers in Florida. The KANGAROOS name is Jabeen. Okay belongs to a twenty four year old guy who said he didn't fully shut the gate after taking out the recycling Oh, also naming your kangaroo Jack is like naming your dog spot like show. Some got them imagination. You should get your kangaroo taken away for that reason alone. Hardy agree those are the rules next and similar Aminul News residents of a neighborhood in Oakland California are being terrorized by a peacock. One resident row on the website next door that quote for the past fifteen weeks or so he has screamed relentlessly every day the peacock. Not The man, although I'm assuming, the man is also screaming, yeah! He wrote it so loud inside my house at literally feels like he's inside my house. It got so bad that two months ago. I had to move out of my street, facing bedroom at injure my middle bedroom. You have two bedrooms. Looking at the mansion your castle. Yeah I've been sleeping on the floor on a camping air mattress multiple beds I still get woken up. Four five six am many mornings. This is humble brag. So, the city of Oakland has received noise complaints about the peacock and sent an animal control officer. To investigate, but no action was taken to relocate the bird. He is believed to be Farrell and I don't know what that means wild. I guess yes. Yeah like feral cats. You know they're just the street cats. He's street. Peacock won't no coffee. Is We're? I guess they I guess the alternative as someone's pet, but which we just got out of a story about a pet kangaroo, so it doesn't seem that wild. Then it could be. A Peacock also has Jack Donna Guitar you nothing. Yes, I, know I know okay, so he's believed to be a wild a peacock I. It's rumored by neighbors to be the same peacock that lived at a nearby location for four years until the resident who fed him moved on so you? They just abandon this peacock. And then he became a wild peacock. This is why you put your peacocks in your will, and then leave it to the person that you've named CEO in your place. It would take care of all of these problems it would. And finally public health officials have announced that a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bluebonnets plan. And all now. Is it Bhubaneshwar or beal Banovic or BABINEC like Bubba? Yeah, who knows we'll never know? It's a mystery. The town of Morrison Colorado in Jefferson County. which is just west of Denver made the announcement you for very specific specific location. said. It made the announcement that the squirrel is the first case of the plague in the county this year I would just like to shout out in the midst of a corona virus pandemic in the midst of revolution against the police state I'd like to shout out the worker. Who said you know what I'm? GonNa do a test on the squirrel. I'd like to. I would like to take some as take some spit from this rodent that I found in the park I don't know who's out here. Just testing park squirrels spat. You're doing. You're doing your job I. Guess you know I mean if they if they didn't test it, there wouldn't be leg. You know what I mean. We would have one hundred percent less cases. The plague in America right now. If they just didn't test that Squirrel, okay, that's math. That's I guess. This has been science with the president. So? Yeah, unsurprising that the plague is fan squirrel T H, I mean are. We surprised bushy tailed fucks. How about you keep the your God? Goddamn self you? If you had just stayed in your tree with your acorns, we'd be fine, but you had to go out and fact did. That's it for this week's worth things I next. We're diving deep into my mouth at the dentist. Dive, deep! Deep dive deep. Deep Taty tidy tidy, diety. As you're listening to this podcast on the toilet. We're on a walk or blasting through your house over the complaints of your loved ones who hate me wherever you're listening. You're probably picturing me sitting in my closet, fully nude. No and I'm sure that your mental image includes me smiling with an absolutely perfect and stunning set of teeth. Okay, and you would be absolutely right. That is the perfect picture, just me wet, but hole on the ground. Talk Jewels out. Okay. Can you hear my chest hair? And a beautiful glistening set of teeth, and I do I've I've beautifully. Straight teeth could be. They could be whiter with which is the only thing anybody is allowed to say that about right now. But I have had to take for the past few months and finally I was like fuck. I need to go to the dentist and I was not thrilled to go to the dentist during pandemic, especially since I haven't felt the touch of another human being for four months, and the first bit of contact I got was a stranger shutting their fingers in my mouth. I mean usually that sounds like a good time I guess, but I was not looking forward to it mainly, because okay I walked, and they took my temperature immediately I was a smooth ninety seven. Okay, yeah, I got cool blood. Okay deal with that. And then had to sign a bunch of forms that were like you. Being here right now is the worst idea you've ever had. You should not be here. There's no reason for you to be here. Please sign this form. In case you literally die and I was like okay yes. Now this is the part ride and brings me absolutely no joy to say this because I will get judged and I accept your judgment I had not been to a dentist in about eight years. Okay. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm a piece of shit. I might as well be British. Am I right? You're right. You're not wrong. I saw dentist for the first time in six years this past year. I said that I met up with some people in the park this past weekend and I said that in the gasps that came from them were. They I. Mean it is unacceptable to have not gone to the dentist for that long, but Still it's all it's not like we haven't been brushing. Our teeth sure didn't go eight years without lossing riot and last time I went to the dentist. The dentist was like honestly. You're like for for someone who only comes here once a decade like you have pretty good teeth, so so I felt vindicated. That was eight years ago. I guess dental technology has advanced in the past eight years I moved to New York eight years ago, so I like never actually found a dentist in new. And then I didn't have dental insurance so I was like fuck this anyway. Those are my excuses I'm I'm literally just defending myself against nobody? Just pre-empting your judgement where the point is, I went to the dentist I got traumatized. I still have my wisdom teeth. I still need to go get my cavities thrilled, but this is why. The dentist is the fucking worst fast. Every dentist is really just the nagging asshole who likes to shame you into complying with them. Being a dentist like five percents, scraping your to with a metal, stick and ninety five percent making you feel like a terrible her. That is with the dentist. Is this man literally held up? The My dentist appointment. It started off so well. He was like honestly. I'm like super impressed with what your teeth look like given the fact that you haven't been here in eight years and then the more we went on the more he found. The more he was like okay. I mean this. Is GonNa. Take some take some work. But he was like He. Came time to clean my teeth and he held up a thing of loss and said. Have you seen this before? God. Okay. Okay, literally rose! Rose Master general over. Here. They're also shoving those a weird tiny tampons. Your mouth folds, and then they just forget about them, and then two days later I'm eating dinner and I have to pull. It looks like an alien carcass out of my job. I'm eating my shrimp fried rice. It's probably because I bleed so profusely. That they have to shove those things in there, yeah, and they also had that weird taste. Why can't they make them flavored? That would probably make it worse. Well. The problem with any like mint flavored thing at the dentist's office is that it tastes like it fell into like a giant industrial VAT of radioactive mint. Not they've so far like turned up the dial on the meant that it tastes like Mr. Man is literally blowing his fat load in the back of your throat. Get also, why does every dentist you tend so look like it was used to punish a medieval peasant who stole a cow. You're supposed to clean my teeth, not spear me in the mouth skin with your fucking tiny javelin. I also hate when they're like. You're bleeding because you don't fly us and I'm like no I'm bleeding because you're stabbing me with a knife, I use water floss regularly, and then I do then I floss like every once in a while with actual loss and I still bleed every time like you just bleed. Gums are sensitive. They're sensitive. Little pieces of Shit. Yeah I definitely have been very militaristic fluffing ever since I too afraid of a waterfall Sir I have one in my cabinet and I'm just like the second I tried to use that thing I'm. There's going to be a water everywhere. Maybe I should try it. It's. Next dentists are always asking you questions right before they put their entire fist in your mouth. Yeah, Hey, here's a general rule of thumb. Just it's applicable to multiple life scenarios. If any part of your body is in my mouth, we shouldn't be having a conversation. Don't ask me how my week was, and then put your knuckles in my throat next the main thing that I think about while I'm sitting. There is I. really really have to swallow. It's all you WANNA do. It's all I. WanNa do, and I can't do it and I. Never know when I'm able to. And then finally I'm like I have to try to swallow with my mouth open. Sneezing with your eyes open, it's humanly impossible. It's so hard and then. Sometimes then your mouth like involuntarily produces like a kind of like Lizard Poison Dr. Situation and Shoots out like a globule. It's never good. It's never good, then they tell you to spit, and it's like okay. I'm not a quitter we swallow in. This family also isn't the whole point of the suction. Thing that you don't have to spit also. What are you supposed to do with your tongue? The whole time? Yeah, I think I've had dentists before. Who who have like the the use some tool to like? Tamp down my tongue because it gets in the way. I don't like that. Wow, you must have a huge. I have a thick tongue I would thick juicy beefy tongue. Or. They tell you like Hey, can you move your tongue over here and it's like I. Don't know if you've ever thought about moving. Your tongue is impossible, also like stage left stage right, or is it like you my left I? Don't Know Yeah I. Guess, I'll just swallow it. How about that next? There's always pictures. Just like the Artwork Emma dentist's office. Pictures of mouth like actual human mouths, my orthodontist. Polaroid's everyone's mouth which now there's like that serial killer behavior like only if this were in any other office, you would be arrested, but they also have like posters of cartoon teeth like individual teeth, just smiling What are you happy about okay? Your, tooth with no human body, and with no other teeth, teeth are pack animals. They need to be together. Yeah, you're lost your abandon. You're not at home because you're not in a mouth You're dead because you have no life force, so tell me tell me how your life you. You Bitch. I don't get a in the especially when the teeth themselves have teeth now that's fucked up absolutely not. I just like. Let's face it dentist, your fairy, okay, you ought to be the to ferry so bad, but you're just a middle aged man who pretends to be a doctor Oh. You'RE GONNA. Send this Tier Dent The always hand you that little condescending bag of goodies end. This is not a children's birthday party. You. Need your consolation boys so much money because dental insurance isn't thing like you can give me more also. Yeah, you can give me first of all full toothbrush. Instead of this like little miniature. Happy meal toy sized toothbrush. Or like a full tube of toothpaste, instead of this little travel size bitch now I. Don't know anybody who actually uses full. Of loss it takes at least fifteen years. I have those flaws like individual pick. Things probably horrible for the environment. Absolutely, those are never disintegrating. Yeah Talk about the turtles there probably. They, probably have my floss picks coming out of every nostril, but you know what their teeth or so. Think about that anyway. The point is My dentists can eat my ass flow, and Oh, work on my cavity situation work on my wisdom tooth situation, but I just don't want any of this to tar. The picture that you have of me in my glistening perfect teeth. Okay, just know that only outside. They're fine on the inside. They're hurting and isn't. That isn't the story of our lives. And that's it for this week state and now let's get to interview with our complainers all so an an free. My Gas complainers today are writers podcast hosts and Authors and Friedman an army not to so they host the hit podcast. Call your girlfriend about being long distance. And now they've written. A book called big friendship how we keep each other. I have your book right here. Oh my gosh what an honor to be. A guest complainer been dying to complain. Perfect? It is Cathartic and we haven't even begun yet. It truly is I. Think the the perfect time to lean into complaining. Yeah, so we like to start by asking everybody. What is one thing you hate that? Everybody else loves Do Do. You want us to answer as individuals are jointly because this is like the very funny thing about having written a book together. Is that frequently we have? Well we agree about a lot of things anyway, but but frequently. There's sort of like okay like this is going to be our answer for this thing together, I am. I'm curious about all of the above. What of your answers would be and then together? Yeah, I'm also curious. Hit Me and Freeman. I mean the thing that I am like honestly like ranting about most often like when I think about pure self rant, ours is the continued failure of my like apple face. Ide- TO UNLOCK my phone. Even Pre Cova. Like like I have done everything in my power as a person who sometimes we're glasses and sometimes doesn't as a person who's hair has changed multiple times since this like air quote feature has been introduced a I really have like reset it maybe like fifty times, and it will not recognize me ever, and now we are in this period of time where we are perpetually mask and. And I, just every single time I have to like make it fail three times, and then enter a pass code when I am already anything heavily onto myself in like an anxious mode in a store is like it, it really is is not fun. I will also say that. I have presented this to people who are like. What do you mean it works great for me? been hit with repeatedly and I don't know what is. False your, you're doing something wrong. Yeah, my face. Maybe it's because you're to woke and because black people know that technology does not work for us, so if you're black face ID does not work. You also can't those automatic toilets, because they just, or you can't wash your hands in the bathroom because the people don't let the lasers like see Melanin. I Yeah I mean I knew about faith. Recognition that I had no idea the hand the hand, and but recognition cut me in Japan dancing around toilets all day, trying to just flush Ethan. No, like not understanding. What's going on can never wash my hands, but an. Maybe it's because you're to woke. That's why the face I won't recognize you. You should take that as a as a surefire sign that in the race wars. You are maybe not losing. Facial solidarity. It, it is a form of solidarity I have sort of like abandoned that that mode of of privacy for the past four months I'm just like you know why barely saying other people to begin with like. Where am I going to lose it? Like nobody's looking at it but me so I've turned off the passwords of the face ID's and it's GonNa be hard to go back. Because it's so it's so easy I. Don't have to worry about any of the any of the waiting for its recognize me cobbler. Wow, privacy advocate to so he's GonNa. Lighten t right now. Tell me I'm wrong, please I need it. Listen we are in a once in a lifetime global pandemic whatever it takes to make, you feel safe right now. Even though privacy is important, good whatever it takes to make, you feel held and support it in your own home. I think you should go for him. I do not care. You're talking to someone that has like generally very good tech hygiene, but things that I share with my family like we are newly a family that has a netflix account. The password is literally like the things that you're not supposed to do. Because it has to be a possible that my dad will remember you know right, right? My mom has recently gotten into Shits Creek on Netflix icon and she. She she's all caught up in very frustrated that she can't watch the latest season. Because it's not on Netflix, you have to buy it on itunes or just wait for it to come to net flakes, and I bought it on itunes. I'm almost worried about giving the rest of my family and my my apple ID password because I'm like. What else can they see if they have my apple? Id Password would never. So that is I'm it's a brave act to. Tell you? The thing that's actually going on is that I am on like I. Have Forever Been On my best friend from college. Bring calendars her NETFLIX's family account. I've had a logging on there. I think my username is honey. BOO, BOO! Forever, but when my family and I were deciding to start at Netflix's account I just opened a whole I was like. Here's a new netflix account just for the family and I'm going to tell you. The one of the worst things I've ever done in. My life is go through. My Dad's Netflix's visiting to see what he was watching. Because every time I talked to him. He's like oh I was watching this documentary about World War Two. I was. Why does my dad have a fake? British accent or I? You know like? Watching like important things. Even though he did confess to watching the Whitney Houston documentary, which for my daughter's like you know like he like. He would not consider that to be high art and then Y'all I went on his netflix account I can't tell if he started and finished it, but that man is definitely watching the Tyler Perry catalog of films I would like. Strike. Papa so I strike, and also there were a lot of Vanessa hudgens movies, and so you know I'm like. Is this my todd or he? Is he now sharing Netflix with someone and the whole thing has been fascinating, but I can't talk to him about it because I snapped up. That is a range if it is him, that is. Very impressive range, you know my dad is a man. Who contains multitudes and control talk about anything, so it would not surprise me if he were like. Have you ever heard of this amazing actress Vanessa Hudgens? My family will never speak to me. After this there we go, but and you were. You were saying you think you might have one that you would both think we have. We have several so the thing about writing a whole book together and like at this moment in time, actually doing pretty much. One hundred percent of our working lives are in unison. You have to have a lot of conversations about A. Are we both okay with this? Are we in Noida by this email or this request that we got, are we? How do we want to jointly approach a problem so I? Think that we now have when it comes to. Friendship, which the subject matter of our book, but then also like lots of things that have to do with ways of working together. We are naturally annoyed by the same thing. Just kind of found like a middle ground, where if one of US started off being maybe like no big deal, the other one just being so annoyed has pulled US along, and so you know among those things one of them that we realized in this process is that we both hate dusk jacket on bone like immediately hates hate it. especially thick book like I mean, but really all books like environment. Actually reading that book, the dustjacket is somewhere else. It is gone sliding around. It's probably giving paper cuts. It's like trapping, food or sand, or whatever I'm reading like near between it. It's it's just like why is this still the norm right like? If you're actually reading a book, you are not using dustjacket like everyone knew also also. The name drives me up the wall like a destiny I. You know like don't worry like the dust is going to get on the book. No matter what and you should be wiping down your books once a year, but that's just a. that's just a meeting. But Anyway? Yeah, how's it going to get that? Good books smell if you're wiping it down once a year. That old book smells your bookshelves or like trapping so much dust. I I have a whole. But Anyway and the distracted driving me nuts also. Is that in like book world there is this feeling that because the dust jacket is more important, the hardcover book with just track. It is more important, but it's more serious somehow so they charge more money for it. Real readers read pillbox. Like! I might like I have hell up. Payback's all the time in my bag. You just can't be walking around here with these Gye Norma's books that you can't do anything with no. Thank you right right. No, that was my first thought when I by the way. Thank you so much. You both sent me a copy of your book. yeah, my my first thought was how much I loved how there was no jacket on and. It's still a hardcover. And I mean the covers just beautiful anyways, so congrats, but yeah. The jacket is nobody wants, and it's not there for any good reason, but I don't think we'd ever talked about that until we jointly make a decision about our cover, which is something we like individually did and that's why bring it up like we kind of came to it through the process, even though we could have spent years of our Frencham complaining about this truly. Yeah, this this whole time. You've been living with this I inside of you and you had no idea that you had this comment, but here's the thing about having a friend that you work with or just a friend that you are super comfortable with in general is that? You don't have to keep any of that stuff in. It's so fun to complain together and then right especially when you're complaining and service of something that you want to do together I. my favorite parts of this process honestly were when someone would send us an e mail for something annoying, or you know or like the Weasley kind of e mail, Fenner, like would you consider it's just come out and say it and looking at an or just knowing that she had the same reaction as me is. Great I am not alone in how annoyed I am right now. Just let's get it out over and out. It's perfect. Right the phrase that like I. I really associate like a thrill of visceral pleasure with getting text from you that says can I just be petty for a second. I'm like Oh yes. Yes you may lake like bats. Also probably at this point likely to be something that I am also a feeling irked about, but like have not had the opportunity to express to whoever we are working with, in whatever thing and so that plus like just in general, the text message back channel that happens. You know all that is the undercurrent throughout all of this work that we are doing together is a source of so much relief I mean I know you provide this relief to the masses on your show map, but like like on a micro level like within a friendship that text message pettiness releases so real. So for people who have truly no idea what your podcast is. The the small view who might not tell us about like the the origins of Youtube as friends, and then how how the kind of the PODCAST Scott Started? We've been friends requests. We've been friends for I think five years before a third party are are busy. Third Gina, delvalle, who is our producer? Suggested to us that maybe we would make good podcast hosts and Gina's background is in radio and this show out of a thing that we have done maybe not since day one, but definitely since we were since we have been long distance friends, which is the bulk of our friendship wherein we have jokingly half, seriously set an agenda for our ketchup calls, but then even from very early days we have also had guests who, in the beginning. Where were mostly personal friends and have since become you know all kinds of people whose work we are interested in or whose perspective? We want on the show and I don't know it's just you know like Hillary Clinton like Hillary Rodham. Obscure pure senator from New York. You. She's going places she she may she might be. She might have a career ahead of her I. Don't know. Anyway, so yeah, so like now it is, it is I would say broadly a chat show, but but also we try have difficult conversations, or maybe a better word is, we try to have nuanced conversations and complex conversations about things that we see happening or c covered in ways that might feel a little more fleeting or superficial, and I think that that is something that you know all these years later value most about being in this public dialogue with me not to is. is like being able to kind of delve into that nuance or like. Listen to her. Provide context for something that I have seen you know sort of written about superficially lots of places I feel like it feels more relevant now than ever talking about working together. I mean I'm GonNa Project. My own kind of work style writing a book is hard. You have to write a whole book I I'm curious to know whether working together or made it easier or more difficult. I think that one. There was just no way we were going to write a memoir about. Our friendship, not together. There's no. There's no world in where. I'm not too so dishes out on her friendship Friedman book like. That book does not exist right. It's called. Can I just be petty? Can I be better for a second three hundred pages. By yeah, so there is no way we were not going to do it together and I. do think that you're right. It's absolutely hard. We had never done anything like it, but because we've worked together for five years we we have a system for figuring out how we can work together on things that are bigger than our podcast and. So like the writing itself was hard, but everything about it was hard. It's like you've gotTA. Sink up your schedules. You gotTA. Sink up your brains like they're a million things that I do in my own process that like annoy, the shit out of an and she never makes me feel like they annoy her, but when they become a problem for us jointly doing things together, she finds a way to address them, and it's you know it's not personal. It's about the work so anyway. Okay? Right I need to state for the record that I am also extremely annoying and like you know put many burdens on. To like, Parse what I'm doing or like. Make a choice when I am dithering or whatever. It is a two way annoyance street when you do a project of this scale. Part of this process for me was really realizing that It's not complaining and it's not annoying if it's my friend, it's or it's or it just is less so like part of the annoyance for me is when someone that is not emotionally accountable to me is asking me to do things they don't want to. Do you know some friends right sure? But I can live with that because a you know a little bit of annoyance as the price to pay to love people, but if I, don't love you like. Oh, you shit. Little bit of. The minimum price of entry to loving bare minimum. It's humiliating to be a person in the world. You just have your always lying. How do I negotiate all of these feelings and their feelings and their schedule in mice got whatever like that's fine, but if you love each other than your like I am willing to do this work and I will go to my therapist and complained to them every week. You know like I'm like that's the that's the price, but if you don't know the person right, what's like garbage? Cheer face that's. You know obviously keeping in touch with one. Another has always been long distance, but you know just for the past kind of three or four months of being in quarantine, and whatever like how just? How has life been in Denver another hour of this podcast? This is the thing we rant about that. Everybody Hastings. Very in a very circuitous way, we'll bring me back to my ranch is the rand of like people just think like friendship just happens. You know more because Anenih or public friends. There's just this idea that you guys were just good at friendship my, are you kidding? This is this is like I am exhausted. Exhausted how much work it is rewarding work, but it's work, and so we get so much mail you know like in our podcast. INBOX or other friends will ask other adults that we meet that are like Oh, the implication is always like I'm so lonely. No one wants to be my friend, or somehow like you know me in an have figured something out that they haven't figured out through like sheer charisma or something that I'm like I i. don't even have that, but the reason that always drives me nuts. Is that then you know the follow up to that person always like like you know like. When was the last time you invite someone? Have you reached out to have you? Have you done the work of extending yourself to another human being, and the answer is always no. And I used to smile, and you know, and just like grin before and probably text an like like people are not inviting people like they. They don't understand if you want to be part of a if you WANNA be part of friend, group or social scene You have to do the inviting. Everyone loves to be invited. No one wants to invite what a beautiful gap to step into. Engineer your own life as an adult, and so we write a little bit about this in the book like. Conveners of people and part of my like. In inviting, people are figuring out is actually that I'm a control freak, and I need I need boundaries around how I see people, but if you're not buying like an extra ticket to a movie, or you're like getting a reservation for two people on a random night of the week, or just like going through your phone, the humiliating thing of going through the phone, and just being like who's around who wants to hang out? Chances are that you probably like you are not going to have people hanging out with you you. You got to do it. Right and it's hard because like I think that there is a bigger social problem in terms of this dynamic where people are not raised to think that like. Hey, you have to be proactive about creating the friendships that you want in your life right like dot something socialized to do for our careers and our romantic lives to a certain extent. And Way way less so when it comes to friendship, and so it's it is both true that when we get those emails, where like a like the answer is so simple here. Just follow up and just be really specific in terms of how you're inviting people, but the truth is that like it does feel risky, and it does feel like it kind of takes on an outsized burden, because we are not socialized to think about it as something that is just baked into being healthy adult that we all have to do, but in the romantic contracts it is a risk we reward as a society. We tell people just put your put yourself out there and you gather with your friends like this text message. Okay, can I say this not like we have all of the rookie. An intrigue for how you're supposed to find. A partner like we should probably have all of those things for your platonic life partners yeah, I think the like the competing ideas that I always struggle with and that it feels like we're always presented with is that? When you meet someone either who's a friend or a romantic partner? Whoever in there is something there like you'll either know it in a in click, and it'll just work, and it'll be like meant to be or well, and on the other hand it's like no, you have to work at everything and like you know all good relationships take like a lot of effort i. I feel like you know there's this sometimes competing ideas of like things should be effortless, and that's how you know that they're that. They're good or things should be hard, and that's how you know that they're good or they're good because you work at them, and it often feels like a yeah, like how do you of hold both of those ideas at the same time? I mean I guess to close? How on an unrelated rant? There was one other topic that. Immunized thank you sent in, so this one is individual. Mine is really Hamilton like. I I. I'm like I'm going to go on the record about Hamilton and I say this is someone i. say this as someone who likes saw it like not on Broadway like pre Broadway. and then no brand new. Like you know I'm a I'm a lady who goes to the theater. Rice on before it like blew up and then I did see it again after a blow up because you know personal reasons, but here's what I will say about that the hubbub around people just losing their shit about I. Think it's totally fine to like things that you want so. This is not what I'm saying like I. I much as I. I'm rolling my eyes at musical theater. In general, it's my own problem I. Just don't like exuberance. It's like I'm telling you. You that this is my own personal failing I just don't like musical theater I'm giving you all the caveats don't like musical theater. A don't like the core ness of just people rapping at you like all of that stuff is not good, but here's my specific. Hamilton rant is this. You can like Hamilton if you like musical theater, but don't tell me that it's some sort of like woke up very good art because it's not like they are literally doesn't pay attention. Attention to women literally has like one point. Five references to slavery also Yeah, it's just because it's like men of color. Doing something doesn't mean that it's amazing. And so the uncritical like consumption of Hamilton is something that has been really hard for me to stomach if you like Hamilton, and you're just like I love it and to be clear like that. Dear Theodore Song Russia's slaps and I. It is on my running mix. I also listen to it I am. AM, talking less about the the thing itself I was like if you like it, you like it, but the uncritical consumption event, and the trying to pass it off as this like very good political art. That is gonNA drive me up. The Wall I was like it was not good political art. It is not honest political art. It is frankly sexist and also just like we've already had this moment and politics and it did not work out well for us. Oh? Turn the brain on turned the brain on, and let's like. Let's be critical thinkers about the things that we are passing off as politically important. Yeah, I do think there's something to be said about the fact that when it first came out I, mean coming at the end of the Obama administration at like hit different than than it does five years later. Later, when it's like the world feels like it's way Shittier and a lot of different ways, and that we have made a whole lot of progress on a lot of different issues, most importantly of which is race, and it's like yeah so I totally get it hits. It hits rent now especially, but it sounds like. Yeah, you. You add beef with that. All along but I'm just being honest about it and I. Say like listen. I watched housewives I like. I watch all sorts of things that are on their face like bad politics, so I'm not saying that you know I'm I'm above the thing I'm just saying that you have to be honest about why you watch something and what it is achieving in the world, and I'm not trying to pass off like Bravo content. As you know like some sort of revolutionary south, I would argue that people who watch Hamilton also do not do the same thing. Just say that you liked the songs, and not. It's cool with me, but this this. It's not like important representation. That's happening save the black women in the cast got it got it. About canceled canceled. Feel I feel I can feel. The Hamilton fans come after me I am taking all of you down with me, love you. Before we go. Where can people find both of you? And your and your work? You can find us at big friendship dot com as well as everything that is related to our book, and you can find our podcast at call your girlfriend dot com amazing. Thank you both so much. This this has been our first Three way zoom interviews so. I, think we. We nailed it. Thank you, thank you so much for having us I have to tell you i. feel I feel lighter and freer, and it is truly a pleasure listening to you so. Ho Right. We're almost there. We're almost at the end of the show, but I our chasers, chasers or the stuff that helps other batch. Go down easier starting with do better. White People Berry. What are we highlighting this week I WANNA shout out, she she rose. She is someone who is really a phenomenal person. A follow on instagram and also support with your real. Real dollars her website, which we will put in our show notes, but she's an activist. She's Dula an educator and I bring her up because she posts a lot about the racial disparity that exists in pregnancy and birth and postpartum experiences for black people, and it's stuff that you know you might not know much about, and she just spells it out really well for. For people and she also links to a lot of gofundme means that support black people who are working towards having a career and Dula and midwifery work, because that's one of the ways to make that industry, better and healthier and safer for black people is by having more black people who are working in the field. She also has a whole highlighted story section about. About places where you can buy black, I love her, and I love following her, and I would really recommend that you do too, and shows a newsletter that you can subscribe to pay for through her website, so yeah I wanted to shout out she. She rose this week mice now let's get into the TV. We've been watching this week. What you've been watching. So we were with Alex's parents for the past like two weeks basically, so we didn't end up watching a lot of TV except for the last night when Alex and his brother, and I watched an episode of awake. Have you heard of this on net flicks? No I'm not recommending it. It's extremely stupid. But it is a game. Show the premise. That game show is that people have stayed awake for twenty four hours and then they do challenges. And to win a million dollars a million dollars he. Okay, but like the one that we watched the first. The first challenge is they stay up all night counting quarters, and like the amount that they count that like sets them up for the whole episode, and it's like whoever got the lowest amount of quarters. They're eliminated first, and then it's like if you counted and you're. You were very wrong with the. The actual amount though is there. That's going to affect you later on in the challenges and could eliminate you, and then they do all these like weird, dumb obstacle, course type of things and challenges like drinking a slushy really fast because I guess when you are. Sleep, deprived cold temperatures. When you're drinking, can like give you a worse brain for certain dark. It's absurdly dumb but it was enjoyable to watch with two people and be like what the fuck is this so that's truly the only thing I've watched this week. How about you? God I love that this is going to be entertainment for like the next year. It's going to be like what can. TV studios make with the lowest possible budget with the fewest number of people. Anyway I've I've been watching. I haven't finished and it's Fi- also I'm like you know what. Watching if you want, I don't really like. Care but it unsolved mysteries on net flicks. Did you watch any of those, so we started watching it after watching awake. Great. But then we didn't finish it. 'CAUSE ALEX is like. One of the original episodes, and so then we watched one of the original episodes I don't even remember. If I watched the original, I had never seen or heard of unsolved. Mr Does feel like something by mom would have had on that I would have. Seattle would have watched, but Yeah, if you're completely unaware, unsolved mysteries is literally what it sounds like. It's a documentary series. Each episode is about a mystery that guess guess what never never got solved. most of them are murders or disappearances or like. You know you stuff like that. There is one episode that I watched yesterday about a ufo sightings. That was the one that we started watching in the BERKSHIRES. Yeah I. Mean I. It was pretty weird. I will say. What is your non? TV chaser so mine on TV chaser this week. Is that I deleted twitter and instagram from my phone. I'm still obviously checking it constantly on my computer, but there was a lot of anti-semitism happening on the social needs in the past week, and that was kind of just like the final I was like I This is not helping or healthy for me, so I took a step back. It already has made a very big difference and I'm sure that I will download them again probably before the next episode, but for right now it's feeling good to have that boundary only check during the day. when I'm at my computer, so there's that and also cottage cheese. Just. Just A. Shown out some cottage cheese, I go through phases where I just have the yogurt for breakfast every morning, and then I'm like you know what what if I had yogurt, but like Chewier, and I'm like cottage, cheese, time and just fucking love cottage cheese, and I feel like not a lot of people show a lot of love for cottage cheese, so I just wanted to be here and say that all of you out who love cottage cheese I. See you I hear you I feel you. It's delicious especially when you mix a little jam in a little strawberry jam like I did this morning and then yeah, Granola and fruit like ooh, Yum! Yum! Yum, absolutely not. I will not allow this to be published on this podcast. This podcast is firmly anti cottage cheese. No I will say I think I used to have cottage cheese way more often as a kid. Yeah, and I. Have Not had it in a while. It's really fallen out of fashion, but I don't know there's a part of me. That feels like it's GonNa come back. We're going to get like a bunch of Disney. Yeah, trend food trend alert cottage cheese like farm to table cottage. Cheese is going to be happening. I actually have been eating more bowls of cereal man. Is that your chaser this week? My Diet is improving I mean it could be part of it. My my point in saying that is that I've been. You know basically drinking a bowl of milk, and not shitting my pants so maybe. Maybe my my perceived lactose intolerance was all psychological. Wow, I try to raw milk yogurt the past week because we're New Hampshire and Do it and it was so delicious and then I was in so much pain. So much pain and I was like what could possibly be from. Why am I really just need to use the bathroom all the time and I was like Oh probably the raw milk. I consumed in yogurt form and then I didn't eat it again and I was fine, so you know you learned. Sure I feel like I. Hear Your Your respect for me just like falling. No I, just save made me think I was talking to my mom the other day and she was like I don't really feel well after dinner I don't. I don't really know why, and I was like well. What did you have and she was like well a quarter pounder. Listing all the stuff and I was like. So. That is I have a similar reaction in this case Yeah, anyway, so, what's your chaser this week I? Mean Yeah, bowls of cinnamon, toast, crunch or my my Cascadia farm's cinnamon toast crunch that I've been eating have been. have been bringing me joy, but also I. Don't think I ever actually said as my chase her. My my slippy use as you call them that I bought I. Don't actually think they're intended as slippers. I think they're intended as like actual. Where that you would wear outside and that's just ridiculous they are. They were part of A. Had like. Pride Collection Remember Pride Month. River we barely had a pride bone. But yeah, I still found a way to support corporate gay America by buying one of their pride products, which were these ridiculous looking slipper shoes that have like three inch. He'll and are covered you immediately. I sent you a picture and said it looks like big birds feet. We does. And now cannot wear them without seeing that they are incredibly comfy, and I like walking around in my apartment, and my my big bird sleepiest today I realized that at some point when we go back to the office I'm not going to be able to wear slippers all day and I'm going to have to go back to wearing actual shoes and I am. Am so against that white. We need to normalize wearing slippers at work I. don't see why that's the problem. Right I personally I would. I would keep a pair of slippers at the office. I wasn't aware them. No, no, no, no definitely not, but keeping a pair. There is exactly the vibe I'm going for. Yeah, that's allowed, thank you. I will allow. that. Is it for this week's episode? Thank you. On Happy Hour, you can head to podcasts. spotify stitcher ready get podcasts. Hit back to describe. Then rate and review us. We're only night I. Don't want to hear your. Shit. On happy hour's they production a pineapple street studios. It's produced by Berry, fickle Melissa swatter and me that Bella. Special thanks to generalize and oxidants are music is by Hans out. Can. Bother Berry. Berry Pie you can worship me out not LSI. You could follow unhappy. Our pod on twitter rather this podcast buzz, and you can leave a voicemail on our ram hotline at six zero, one six hundred rand that six, one, six, zero, zero, seven, two, six eight. And, that's it. That's everything. Thank you for listening seeing next week. BUBBA, L. What? Do got do that.

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Purest Form of Playoff Baseball

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

50:55 min | 10 months ago

Purest Form of Playoff Baseball

"Baseball tonight, the podcast this is the baseball tonight podcasts for Wednesday October seven, two, thousand, twenty producing from his own studio in the foothills of Connecticut is Taylor Schwenk Buster only working for my home studio in New York and Taylor. We start with sad news that we got yesterday about Eddie Van Halen. Until, you think about all the people you know who played guitar through the years when Eddie Van Halen played you knew exactly who it was like he was so distinctive style. He was so good at it and you know I always tell people all the time. When asked me about covering baseball? I see you know the cool thing is I get to talk to people who are the best in their field, and that's the way it felt about Eddie van Halen he was the best at what he did. Yeah. It's totally said news I grew of a big classic rock guy and I actually I know his guitar is famously painted and he threw the the tape on there my. Parents would not let me take part in pay my guitar like that like I wanted to when I was younger. So I did just string bits of electrical tape all over it as an to Eddie van Halen. So saddens yesterday. Yeah. What he will be missed sorely well, today in a podcast great opportunity we're going to be talking with Jaco tour Izzy the longtime pitcher most recently for the Minnesota twins about what happened it's going on in the playoffs different events different decisions made during the plops yesterday a lot of insight from Jake first off yesterday braves and marlins started their series and in the bottom of the first inning Ronald Kuni junior did what Ronaldo Kuni junior tends to do. The One And as Paul is driven to right and it is deep and he is staring at UK, ain't coming back and it's gone what a start for Ronaldo Junior home run deep to right, Field off sandy all contra and it's one nothing braves. Now the MARLINS would come back pretty quickly yesterday against Max freed. Re One. Basketball driven that was going to get down Cooper. Will touch third hilby be waived in. And how about it the third single and fourth hit of the inning and another run four one marlins they lead the braves on Brian Anderson's RBI single. That was the Rabbie trainer friend Carl Ravitch on ESPN radio working alongside Tim Kirch in well in the bottom of the third inning with the marlins leading four to one rockin junior came to the plate again, and this is what happened. Heater in on. Allenby's regular. He went up. Oh, hit up all here comes. down. Whoa not that obviously. And here we go. Well Ronaldo Kunia junior has been through this before with the Marlins. Remember. This was a back and forth that took place when Jose. ended. Up hitting a Kunia. And now the UMPIRES are going to get into it El Kantara and Cuneo were getting near one another. Ron Washington third base coach and former manager has to settle a Kunia down. The marlins hit a bunch that was the sound from F S One. You heard the analysts, their present Ski Adam Wainwright talking about the situation after Kunia was hit he turned face the Marlins dugout and spread his hand as if he was telling them look this is how many times you've hit me in the past. He was clearly unhappy about it, but he also wasn't GonNa do anything that would get him thrown out of the game this hit by pitch wound up costing the Marlins Marcella zone at the plate. First pitch to Zuma raced into left field. That's five Daiva Brian Anderson a Kunia hits third he will be waived in by Washington. Here's the throw home. Physical with good speed. And an RBI double for Oh Suda. So it didn't work was the intent and the braves if cut the lead in half. And then in the bottom of the seventh inning with the braves trailing they exploded. To to. Ripped in left field that's GONNA get down that's going to tie the game. And Rbi four, Suda. And the braves half runners at first and second as Mr. September delivers in October for the braves to tie it at for. Travis d'arno came to the plate for the braves. This ball is driven deep to Centerfield back goes Sierra at the wall leaping over the wall. Travis. d'arno a three run home run. It's seven four braves in Dr No free for three today. And the braves win this game nine to five taking a one zero lead in the best of Five Series Afterwards Sandy Al Contra the Pitcher for the Marlins, you hit him talked about the situation. What did he say? If common to me I get him you know those modern album. Ready to I'm ready to fight to the motto album I don't know Taylor. I don't think that that sort of suggests that he was just pitching inside. His body language is that was playing out. It's so it's so bizarre man like don't don't throw a ball. He's GonNa hit out of the park like what are we? What are we doing here and then you want to fight him over in a playoff game like I I don't understand what's what's happening here. I'm going to ask Jayco to Rizzi about that and how he felt about this situation sandy continued to talk about how he's GonNa Pitch to a Kunia. Aman something happened you know you're trying to go inside again him you know and I hit it and I don't know why they overthinking like every time we hit a coordinates Berbers. We all type beach between science when We keep torn inside twin don't mind. Years Marlins manager Don Mattingly. I knew he didn't hit him on purpose. To with the Kunia he's a he's a guy got it. You can't just lay the bought over the plate. And? Obviously that I at it was a good ways in, but he's trying to run the ball off the plate narrow or rent. It started a plate runoff. And got got further out than what he wanted. So are further in the he wanted. Yeah, and then ended in the seventh. Again we thought he stuff was good in the sixty, you still ninety, seven, ninety, eight. That we get the Freddie there wants the to ground balls get through. You know we felt like Gimme. Probably our next best guy. In that part of the order and we just went there. As you can imagine braves manager Brian snicker had a different view of getting hit. You know it'll all homer and got hit with a ninety seven I mean it's it's my reaction. Good. So you know I. It was unfortunate. I'm sure he will guarantee the kid one trying to hitting but you know in that situation I think if you're going to go in you better, you gotTa make sure if you go in you don't hit him. I mean and it comes to a point where keeping that kid that you're you know that middle of the plate been taken away. So You know it was just. Tapping into much to that boy. Like I say you you gotta be careful going in after somebody hits a homer because you hit them and you know and. It's it's just you know you'd better be good or going in and not hitting them after homer. Late in the day Ronald Kunia junior tweeted out they have to hit me because they don't get me out. So he got the final word on that situation game two of that series later today on Espn Radio Astros as played the second game of their series and George Springer boy had himself a day. And here's the lefty firing. Swing at a high fly ball that ball is deep left center back it goes back it goes it's gone up into the pavilion and Outta here springer with another home run in postseason play. That's a two run shot the astros on top two to one. Dave O'Brien on ESPN radio springer wasn't done. Is. I. Bit Swing. He goes after it a high fly Baldwin, deep to failed. It is God that one deep up into the stands springer does not wait around and for the second time. In the inning the Houston Astros hit an absolute shot and they lied at five to two. After Houston's five to win springer talked about his postseason play. I'm just trying to help the team win and two. I mean it's the playoffs and you know this is this is supposed to be on. You gotTA enjoy because like I've said before and I believe it is. You know if if you're ever to get back here. So The Times at that you are here, you might as well try to have fun. Dusty Baker the Astros Manager was asked after the game about Zach rank you. Some people thought was going to start game one. And his answer surprised reporters well, I can't really say right now but you know he's dealing he has some some soreness in his in his arm and so You know he went to be observed by the doctor. So you know we don't have those results yet, and afterward he played catch out in dodger stadium and the Astra's will be waiting to hear from them about what cranky status is going forward the rays and the Yankees. You remember the decision by the Yankees Star David Garcia, the rookie for his first postseason appearance at age twenty, one bottom of the first inning Garcia. Start to pitch in immediately J. Half was in the Yankees bullpen beginning to warm up as that was happening. This is what happened for the raise. Now, the fastball at ninety four hit welder deep right field judge back, and it's off the top of the wall at bounces back into play. But that is a homerun off the top of the fence bounced back in and Arosa Raina, his hit on another homerun and Tampa Bay takes an early. Lead. And show on ESPN radio the Yankees tied the game in the top of the second. To two and a curb, all that he sends towards the right field corner and it's going to go he lines one out to deep right field, and he's got his fourth home run in as many playoff games. down. The bottom of the second inning Garcia was out the left-hander Jay was in and he faced the right handed hitting Mike Zunino. One two on the way and Sonnino lifts a high fly ball to left field. It's pretty well head Frazier's back it's going to go. Sonnino with a two run homer off the facing of the second deck and the race leave three to one. So the raise look to be in great position they had a five to one lead in the top of the fourth-inning tyler glass now is throwing the ball. Great. But the Yankees two runners on base that Guy Giancarlo Stanton came to the plate again. One one and another fastball and it's crushed stanton his hit it a mile to left field way up beyond the second deck. Up. Onto concourse in front of a bar above the seating at PETCO and absolute. Ton of a home, run a three run shot and all of a sudden Singye. It's a one run game. But the raise restored order Nick Anderson helping out. So we'll see what the razor thinking, what's the Nino and Anderson are thinking here on this one to pitch. Through a slider and he got him to chase strikes him out, and the side is retired what a job by Nick Anderson to strike out all three batters he faces with a couple of on. The raise win this game seven five, even the series at one all the Yankees in this game eighteen strikeouts a new postseason record. Eighteen strikeouts fourteen balls put in play Paulin Makita sent that note earlier today Arab in the manager talked about his decision in the first inning. Just because they're so good at you know the roster's built to take advantage of the platoon platoon advantage so You know felt like you know I was going to go to J. Pretty early and aggressively You know as long as they went with the the heavy lefty line of been that was the reason. It wasn't especially heavy lefty lineup. Five of the nine hitters were left handed hitters. It started for Tampa Bay. Aaron talked about the decision to go with. Garcia. Short, it was a little lineup base, but you know then kind of labor little bit through that first inning off is on the verge out of it though two strikes there with a rose arena when he gets them clips. But now that was the plan all along to we're GONNA go shore with him knowing we would have Davey available later in the series of need be to. Padres and dodgers started their series last night that game played in Arlington Walker Buehler got into trouble early on walking the bases loaded this happened the three to swing and miss struck him out be pitches. into and out of trouble three strike outs in the inning and three walks the inning, the padres and leaving unloaded. Buksh on ESPN radio starting for the Padres in this game Mike cleven. If you remember, he's only pitched one. Any had only pitched one inning since September thirteenth because he was dealing with some arm issues, he got clearance from the padres to go ahead and start game one of the series bottom of the second inning. This is what happened. At a slider is downstairs, Mike Clever Jer the set up the first base side of the rubber he looks in it now, James Tingler, I was looking at the radar gun readings and he's coming out with a trainer under percent hundred percent. You saw the first fastball sending ninety one, and this is the one where if you're clovinger, you don't even WanNa look a mini. Yeah. I don't think he's going to be in there when when they leave Tingler out there, the trainer is doing most of the talking. The plate on parlance Barrett out there as well. Mike Clever drew's coming out of this game. The padres took the lead in the top of the fourth inning. The chew. Swaying in a line drive out towards left field that's a base. pollock picks it up around third. An End to score is buyers this steel and the single by Nola and padres have taken a one nothing lead. The dodgers tied the game in the bottom of the fifth. Richard says, yes, here comes. Swing and a bouncer right side on the edge of the outfield turf throat a I did it gets away from hosmer scrambling into score is Turner. Trolling worth threw it away the dodgers if tied it, it's one one I'm not sure what happened there by the way Cal Peterson. Also working with Boob in that game, the dodgers broke out in the bottom of the six any to take control. This game Justin Turner had a hand in that. And the pitch. Swing and a ground ball right side it squirts through. Here's bets around third out his way to the plate. He's. Score. Turner got just enough of it. And it's now three one, and so the dodgers win this game five to one one other note the Cleveland Indians leadership announced they expect manager Terry Francona back for the two thousand twenty one season Miss Forty Games in two thousand twenty due to health reasons. Pitch Ni- seasons in the big leagues for three Point Eight, two year a most recently with the Minnesota twins in two thousand nineteen, the last full season baseball hat he made the American league all star team posting. Three five, one era jake, how do you watch the postseason? I like I dissect it more than anything else put myself in the situation of the pitcher what I would do in certain instances maybe pick up a little things you know being having pitched in the postseason it's it's a different different mindsets deal and obviously this year it's completely different with no fans because the fans I feel like are a huge part of the postseason really give you that home field advantage but it's it's it's fun to sit back and watch a of guys as a lot of these guys seen a Lotta pictures. So no, they're thinking different things in different situations. So it's kind of fun to go along with them and and try to. Piece, together, maybe what their thought process or with their approaches because a lot of these matchup seen right now, our divisional match up saw I means they've seen each other a lot of times and seeing what kind of adjustment each side mix. Yes. especially with with the format that we have now where you're gonNA have four games in four day. Eric. Me Five Games in five days in the division series that changes things. But when you're watching like, for example, yesterday, they were four games how much and how did you watch that you have the TV on when the braves and marlins going yesterday or is sort of checking in checking out with two young kids? Yeah kind of checking in checking on try to watch some of just about every game but it's a little bit easier. Said than done like you said the little one when Nick said that time and just running around being kid being outside. So I caught a little bit of back half of the. Harland braves, and then a little bit of the the Astros and the as but then I was able to sit down and kind of watch the The a raise matchup, and then just a little bit of the late evening match up, and then it's bedtime. So I kind of watched some highlights read about what's been going on. So I can Kinda of see what's going on series and whatnot but yeah, I mean, it's it's a pretty good pretty good gig right now to just be chasing around your kids and then when. You take a break you're GonNa Watch baseball for a while. So yesterday I think the big I mean if you call it controversial decision I, I remember once and I've told the story in the podcast before I knew Bruce Bochy back when he became the manager of the Padres backup before the ninety five season and when he was managing the giants, I'd go up to him. During the postseason say Bocce I'm trying to keep up are you an idiot or a genius today and it always seems to be through the prism of the result you know if it doesn't work out then the the managers knucklehead. But I, gotTa tell you as as Aaron Boone who's a friend who I worked with is that was playing out yesterday where they start David Garcia. His first start in the postseason, his first appearance, the youngest starter by for a Yankee and a postseason game since Whitey Ford in nine, nineteen fifty and then they bring in j half after an inning you're someone who is uniquely qualified to sort of evaluate that because you played with the rays and you understand how they use matchups I disagreed with it because I felt like that whatever. Whatever advantage you glean potentially maybe with one lefty righty matchup, you lose by having to pitchers kind of out of their comfort zone what was your take on it? was unique one I was sitting there watching the show half warming up and there was a little head scratching because typically you know as as we all know, the opener is usually a a relief pitcher and you bring them into the face. They're they're part of the order from the GEICO and then he kinda resets it so when you're not looking to face. The order three times in a row you that extra inning where you get through the sixers starter as opposed to just ending after five. So to do that with starting Pitcher, let alone one of your guys that others you know, what are your dues pretty much especially moving forward he's YOU KNOW GARCIA'S A. I think we saw yesterday. Obviously, it didn't go as well as he would have wanted I, feel like he was pretty. Composed on the mound pretty STOIC for being first playoff start as a young young man. So. That's kind of those experiences where you want him to go out there and pitch. That's that's a big career points and to I you know I, it has to be preplanned. You don't just have your other starter down there and getting hot in the first sitting on on a phone call. Typically they y'all give you a little bit of a head but. Yeah. It was a unique one especially when you're I I can give you Langton in a five game series with no days off there might be a point where maybe you're up by a law or maybe down by a lot in that middle middle ground where it's a close game one where you need about three innings to fill out the rest of your guys are hanging. That's an important set of. Endings right. There could be the difference of a winner law. So I found it a little bit unique that they had both guys you know up and going there in the first inning and. You know they would've won maybe it looks a little bit different day but losses always amplify decisions. No matter what what they were if it was the right or wrong move my opinion do you think that You know the potential advantage of of with a platoon matchup early in the game Is something that attention we make that worthwhile or do you think it can be over thought which is what I felt like about last night's game. Yeah I, think it's over thought from a Yankees standpoint and just for the fact of it's not the norm for them. You know the radio do that all the time they've been doing it for years. You know they even moved pitchers to positions so they can bring in another pitcher. Then bring the other guy back like that's the norm for them is the oddity they're kind of the innovators when it comes to different pitching styles they they've created a lot of different things that a lot of follow but I'm not sure if. The Yankees had done that once throughout the year and at the time in the postseason to do that and obviously I'm not the manager I don't know their analytics I don't know what their you know their bullpen situation looks like but. It was definitely a unique time been do that when you may or may not have ever practices it or bowling never done it because as a starter. there. Much length as you can and your built up to do that and I thought during the regular season Garcia pitched well, instead it Hap- you know down the stretch right there they they're both really good. So yeah, not knowing the full, the full strip didn't strike me as odd and just a little bit unique and you know now that ended up being a loss, you're you're down to pitchers because they're gonNA need you know at least one or two days arrest to to be able to be back in there again. I wanted to ask you about that I mentioned the five games in five days. Format is so different than what we're accustomed to travel days during the postseason. Typically in a five game series, you'd have to off-days built in and you remember back in two thousand sixteen for example, the Indians essentially relied on Corey Kluber and three relievers. Through the first rounds because of the off days. How much more of a challenge do you think that it makes it for managers for pitching coaches and you know what adjustments do you see teams doing early on in terms of trying to offset that? Yeah. I think it's more of a purist form of the play offs. Just like you said, it's a good team can have to starters with off days and they can pretty much get their way into the you know to the world series when they're when they're on their way up. So now that you put it up five days and five days or if. I gave them five days. Excuse me there. I like test your death, not only as the starting rotation but your bullpen as well because I think we saw in Game One John Curtis came in and it didn't go so well forum and you kind of have to let it ride because there's still is another four games to play. You're going to eat those. And it's unfortunate that it took a bad turn into the game but. That's how it goes in the regular season and I think that's what you're going to be seeing a lot of is maybe a little more regular season. Managing when it comes to certain teams in certain rosters but you know not to. We can my second point but roster construction, I think the huge thing especially with twenty eight guys. Now that are allowed for this postseason I. Think it's really important to maybe carry that extra arm that couldn't give you that flexibility as you're moving forward but as a as a player I, I, like it I think it really can separate teams of depth as opposed to the ones that have. A. Couple starters and you need to piece together the rest but normally you're you had the luxury. So even bench construction from from a position player standpoint. There's GonNa be situations that arise that if you guys if you have, you know three utility guys and one the better hitter year, you can afford to use them at that point when you know you have a backup for him later on in the game as a defensive substitute so. there's a lot to look into but I I kinda liked this style and as a player, you want to get into routine and go play. So this is normal for us. I feel like the off days and normal postseason or abnormal when it comes down to a regular one what are you seeing Giancarlo Stanton as a home run in each of the four games you to last night he's got five and you're you know you pitched against them it looked up the numbers today three per Lebanon Homerun and struck him out five times. What are you seeing him? You just seems like he's locked in right now I think yesterday was a pretty good. Show of what he's what he that right now I mean this her he was a mistake they usually when you throw that type of occur, that's you know as bad as it was no no offense the glass I mean. We've all done them when you throw throwing up there that high that's usually. Hurt pitched because nobody ever swing the bat, let alone its it out. So That just showcases how how strong and how did he seeing it right now and he can hit a pitch out to right field especially and then. Makes the adjustment the next and bat turns on ninety six or ninety seven, and I don't know if that was asleep for that or whatever. There's no way that was four fifty that was closer to five, fifty, four, fifty so. What just what I see on a him right now is like comfortable the comfortable player and I know you know he didn't have a lot of the bachelor in the regular season with some injuries, but he's coming back and he's hot and not. So what matters in the postseason the way? I don't really know the right way to get any player out when they're in the hot streak like that when you're covering every spectrum zone but. You know I feel like for me personally when I was facing him obviously the daunting figure at the play he massive human up there and covers a lot of the strikes only you can get ahead. That's that's the big thing is make quality pitches get ahead You know he's such a big guy usually in better the bigger guys in a way they can reached out with power but you know once you get ahead you Kinda can dictate the bat but Yeah, he's he's really locked. Down and I think it's really good for the game because he's the type of guy everybody's sitting at home watching that game yesterday was hoping like I'll we wanna see really lean into one you know we have a guy in Minnesota that does it all the time snow like you WanNa see hit it with everything they have and that's that's what he did yesterday. So that's what everybody at home was wanting to see. He gave it to him and that's really good for baseball you know in my opinion. Yeah I agree with you. you want stars to be stars especially this time of year the Astros they win yesterday they have a commanding lead in their series against. my sense. Them just haven't gotten to know the players for the spring training was obviously uncomfortable for those guys the interviews with knuckleheads like me talking about what happened with the science stealing scandal And you know A, they're no fans in the stance that they're not getting. You know probably the type of feedback from the stands they normally would. But the other thing too is I feel like they're just so freed up mentally they just looked. So relax because it's almost like. Well, you know what? We can't satisfy people in a people aren't going to like whatever we're just gonNA. Go play and he had guys like, Springer Carlos Correa looking great. Yeah it's. It's kind of that. You know I don't WanNa say Dylan mentality but something along those lines of they know you know obviously everything that happened there not looked upon the greatest later right now and there's nothing they can really do about it. So you know what is the one thing that you can dictate on your own without caring about public perception? It's just a game in between the lines. And going out and play you know everything that had one of them is not good for the game not good for a lot of things. But at the end of the day, they're still really good baseball players and that doesn't change just because you know something like that happen there's still they've still what they make. If they win this series, it'll be the fourth lcs they made in a row so. Even, with everything that happened, you know you still have to be a good player on top of that and I think that's that's showing right now. Maybe they've simplified it, you know not having fans I. Think is a big help for them. I not really hot take or anything like that especially. Out in La Right now are they're at so I'm sure there'd be a lot of people out there and just Just there for a hard time essentially so I've talked with Players on their team and he wasn't even there for the For what had happened and he said it's just everywhere you go doesn't matter eat with or without fans we're still getting ridiculed in in the face of the media social media accused me all that type of stuff but they are they're dangerous team they've been there. They've done it before and this is almost familiar territory for them and You know we saw it firsthand in Minnesota. They beat us in some close games. They pitched well been pitching world series and they come up with the clutch and like you said to, about Springer He looked pretty pretty playoff springer dodger friendly springer again, I think he's had five or six home runs there and. Again. Another guy that's when he's locked and he seems like he's hitting every pitch out as well. You know. The neck ball out, you can sit on the breaking ball and. He's a fun player to watch not only offense but differently too. But when you have a guy like that with power at the start of your lineup I, think that's the difference amick that teams. you know then the luxury of having a player like that or really at an advantage especially in the playoffs. What was your read on? What happened in the braves and Marlins? Game Kunia. Junior hits a monster home run first plate appearance. Next time he gets smoked I didn't in the big leagues when I saw the picture I was like okay that doesn't look right and he was not happy about it and he pointed to the Marlins dugout he held up his hand referencing the number of times he's been hit by them. And I do think that that's a moment in the postseason that can that can fire up a team? What do you think? It certainly looks like I did yesterday. I. Mean they kind of. From that point on and really put the game out of reach the next double innings. But you know I if it was intentional, I don't really I don't agree or disagree with it. Whole lot of standpoints even in normal situations on just not the type of person not the picture that I am like. You give up a home run of the homerun. So be it that's that's how it goes. You don't need to do anything to harm a person after the fact just because either you made a mistake they're just a really good player in that certain so. but history between him in that team are I think it's pretty pretty glaring. So you know I, don't know and get to see too much of that game but obviously they're gonNA amount of the up pretty darn good pitcher and all star last year and I don't know how many other pitches he lost arm side to a righty after that point might be interesting to know but Yeah just definitely, not good for. For the game especially when you have a team like the braves or you fire them up a little bit and they don't really. You know really need too much help when they're their. Teams they are. So when you had extra fuel to the fire, that's usually not a good thing for for the opposition especially when it's you know a Kunia, who is you know one of our premier talent and the game and be go up redacted up the game you. You did nothing wrong. You don't deserve to be. It's making better pitcher next time or change it up there. There's no reason for to get drilled after a plate appearance like that. Clayton Kershaw starts for the dodgers tonight as a pitcher what are you appreciate the most when you see him on the mound? Right now I appreciate just what he's you know. What he's done in his career of he's he's transitioned from that hard thrower with everything you know awesome never wavered during his time of. You know. Velocity dropper drawback whatever you know everybody wants to call it and he's still one of the most pitchers in the game. I mean, it's it's incredible. The the worth the work ethic. I've heard that he has I've fished with his teammate richhill this year and I was talking to him about the hey, you know. What is curse do that it's a separate said he his daily routine the separator because he does it every single day at a high intensity and that is what he knows and even when he's been banged up, he still continues to he's such a creature of habit i. think that's what gives them is is is his work ethic his drive his? His mentality. Going against everything that he does so. It for me I really like it when guys maybe have a blood and then they come back and be dominant again because that's just it shows how you persevere as a person as a player you make the adjustments and when you've been the league this time everybody knows who Clayton Kershaw this what how you know was player he is and you know what kind of stuff he has, but yet he goes. Out and dominates every single time, and that's just the separator for me is when people know what you're going to do to him and you still can't do anything about it. That's when you're a very special player and you know a future hall of Famer down the road. I don't think anybody has to worry about that. So He's a special guy to wash I'm looking forward to watching some of his Word tonight because he he's one of my favorite guys just to sit back and watch. He's pretty surgical out there what he does and it's It's a fun thing to see. Jake my favorite story about him I I went to do a piece on him for for Sportscenter and baseball tonight where I'd go and and watch him go through an off season workout and you know he lives very close to where he went to high school down in just outside of Dallas and you know I go down there and I get the camera crew and and so you're figuring that there's going to be like this entourage of two or three vehicles that are going to roll up. There might be a publicist there might be a trainer there might be a yoga person whatever I Mean that's something I've sort of gotten accustomed to in working on those types of stories. Well, one vehicle rolls up and there's only one person in it and it's Clayton. Kershaw on. He's got a key to the indoor football facility at his old high school and he goes in there and he goes through his own workout. He goes to he goes to the gym do the weight training. He's all by himself doesn't have anybody with him. He is just attacking. You know going through that workout I thought that was really cool you know and it tells you a lot about sort of who he is. Absolutely and I think, we see it on a five day basis. He's fiery out there. He gets going and I love that I love when pictures show emotion on the mound when it's when it's a situation that you wouldn't expect emotional because that just shows the perfectionist in us as a starting pitcher especially, and how you hold yourself. You know every bit your that I know usually hold themselves to a higher standard than what the public does and when you're him and your, you'd as one of the top top. And, you still have yourself above that. That's that's what I like to see, and that's the type of person that I personally would love to be around and you learn from those guys. That's why their leaders because you want people to be molded. To, his to his mold, and obviously that's way easier said than done because it's a special person special talent have all that wrapped into one but when you have guys like that on your stuff. You sit back and try to soak up as much information as you can because It doesn't come by all that often and you're not fortunate to have those guys on your roster year on in your out. All. Right. Tell me as we go into the wintertime for you. What What are you looking for in terms of free agency what? What's your expectation about what's going to happen this winter? Because I think a lot of even folks the team level are wondering what's going to happen. Yeah I. Think it'll be interesting from from a certain aspect. It'll be You might be slow early on for everybody is everyone's trying to get their bearings on what just happened with the season and what the off season layout even going to be looking like at the end of you know new usual formats but you know I like there to be a lot of interest I don't think for starts is. Telling of me the pitcher or my career or whatever it is I, think, I've my consistency over by. Entire career is what is the most important thing? It's a year I think everybody realizes this year was a oddity and Whatever maybe hopefully never had to experience one again when it comes to a lot of the things that we all had to go through. But you know I had someone who thinks and got drilled in the chest quick blister at the end of the year to go on top of that. So it wasn't exactly the the most favorable season to go out there. But at the end of the day, you know looking back on it, there's so many pitchers with arm injuries that. You. Know teams are going to have to fill these holes, but you know all next year for a lot of them. A lot of them were sleeping in the injuries and I feel pretty fortunate that none of the stuff that happened to me was arm related and we're not with they will be out there. With. The data that we have nowadays and the analytics I know the stuff that I had on raw paper was the exact stuff. I had in two thousand nineteen. So there was no drop off or whatever it is. It's just how it goes in started. So I was. I was looking at some stuff, the other day and. you know my four starts working ideal is I wanted him to be but I had a month last year where it was even worse than what that wasn't i. think it was for five or six dollars and I still had the best of your by career. So. Taking a snapshot of a shortened season. I. Don't think it's a good valuation, I think there needs to be. Hopefully evaluation from an in depth. Look of I mean we have the data to do we have the numbers to do it. So it'll be interesting to see what teams died deep into guys that they like. But I expect there to be a lot of interest. In me I know what type of picture I am I can bring to a team, a good team and. I'm excited for it not going into it with a qualifying offer will be different from me won't be as rushed as it was this past season but It'll be Hopefully be a good one at the end and looking forward to talking with teams, talking with pitching coaches and really trying to get to know systems because that's you know winning is the most important thing to me. Now at my point of my career and there's a lot of teams out there that I got the taste of winning this year, which I think is good for baseball with the expanded playoffs and hopefully making that pitch to. Stay in that winning culture or continue on the winning path that they're on. So I, feel like I can give you know pretty much all thirty teams some help. So you know we'll sit back and wait and see how everything goes but I I'm personally excited for it and Y- be ready to ready to go once the world chooses over and we can start doing season things again. Yeah. I totally agree with you I think you're going to get a lot of interests because a lot of teams now are looking for bedrock in rotations and that's been demonstrated throughout your career Jake great stuff today I, love your insight because as I said, you played I didn't. I feel like I'm speaking out of school so. Thanks for the time and great to talk with you. I was really buster. Happy to do with always fun to talk and give whatever inside I can bring to the situation right? Wrong or indifferent. It's always good to talk baseball with. Numbers game. Carolina a reporter and a producer Albie Dot Com and Sarah topic of the as we just talked about with Jake Arrieta, Boone's decision at the outset of the Yankees game I i. really feel like they over thought it i. think it would have been a lot better if they just started Jay. Happy because I don't really think they got much of an advantage when it came to you know trying to dictate decisions that the rays made. Would you make? Yeah, you know I think you know the attempts seem to be you know the kind of Bayton switch you know kind of like the way. Mile A. N. Brennan Woodrow, are that the burs did against the dodgers a couple of years ago. Of course, he only faced Miley who started the game only faced one batter in that. So a little bit different than Davy Garcia pitching the entire first full inning but it did feel like maybe it got over thought a little bit a little bit too much I. Mean Garcia looked fine. I was interested to see how DP could and you just wonder I. Mean they're still in a good spot with Tanaka going today but if you can get laid out of any starter in any situation, I, feel like. That has to be the goal especially in this postseason with everything we've seen and so the fact that you end up burning two guys seems to work against what they're trying to do here plus all the relievers that game and behind them because it didn't go well early in the game let's play the numbers game number three. So speaking of pitchers number three is nine. So the padres used nine pitchers last night, which tied the postseason record, but that's not that rare thing because they have already done that now three times this postseason. So they're the first team in postseason history twos, nine pitchers in. A. Game three times in a single postseason. Even if it was extra inning games, anything else are the first team nine pitchers in game three times in a single postseason. They've used at least eight in every game. They've played this season and just watching the padres you just I mean the pitching obviously they've been hit with injuries. We saw club interleaved the game last night injured early. Dental Selamat has not made it back to the roster any point since they've made it to the postseason, but you watch that and you wonder who can pitch and who's not going to be tired because they're using so many guys. Number two, number two is fifty, two point, nine percent. So thus far in the twenty twenty postseason that's how many percent of runs scored via the home runs fifty two point nine percent basically fifty three percent it that includes yesterday in the Yankees and raise game. The first nine runs the game were all scored on home runs so that rate of fifty two point nine percent would be the second. Highest for a single postseason, if it were to end up that way, the top three list was fifty three point five percent in Nineteen fifty-six and then fifty two point one percent in nineteen fifty, seven than fifty point nine percent in two, thousand seventeen. so that twenty seventeen numbers sort of the one we wanNA keep an eye on considering that's when there was actual expanded playoffs not just World Service. Number one number one is four. So Giancarlo Stanton now homered in four straight postseason gains, which is tied for the third longest single postseason streak all time the only strikes longer than that. So what he'll be going to continue as if he homers again today are twenty fifteen Daniel Murphy who. Six Straight and two thousand, four Carlos Beltran who homered in five straight and Stanton's the third player to homer in each of his team's first four games of a single postseason joining Nineteen ninety-six, Gonzalez and nineteen, eighty-seven, Jeffrey Leonard. But since they weren't on the list, I just said you can tell they did not extend those streets to five straight. So he would. Be the first player to homer in each of his team's first five games of the postseason if he were to homer today and he already is only Yankees player to homer enforced shakings in a single postseason. I mean. It's exactly what you want to see from him and not second home run hundred, eighteen point three miles an hour off the bat last night. I loved Ron Darlings reaction on the broadcast like I haven't seen a hitter do that to baseball ever that was that was a lot of fun before you go what was your take on? What happens Ron Ronald Kuni Junior, and his first two plate appearances because I thought they threw at him the second time not just the pitcher. Yeah I mean you know it? Will. Never hear the exact answer to intent. We always know that but it certainly felt pretty suspicious. You see the Homerun you see the backflip you see how he and it was great I mean he was the youngest player in postseason history to lead off from. Ronnie. Starting off his team in this great spot after they had hide so many postseason issues prior to twenty twenty. I was so excited for him with that home run and then to see him come up and get hit and we know what's happening with the Marlins obviously Jose Urania. Is Hurt during the series, but we know all of that could happen and not was leadoff home runs as well. So it certainly felt like you know something may have been intentional but I mean regardless, I, love what he did on twitter and instagram after the game. You know he said they they hit me because they can't get me out and he posted something on Instagram as well. I mean I. Love Seeing that personality who rather not come out with the idea of someone getting hit by a really fast baseball pitch coming at them but. I liked that we're seeing this side of a and that it's getting that national stage. So at the very least there is that. All right sir. Thanks for doing. So it's great to talk with you. On Buster. Bleacher tweets. Already, buster bleacher tweets for Wednesday coming in Michael Preston at MC he nineteen seventy-nine rates in. Do you think the Yankees just lost themselves the series by using to quality starters in a loss and also killing the confidence of a possibly great young pitcher by using him as part of a trick play Shirley they are better team than this. Yeah. Now, I wouldn't go that far mean it's still early in the series. It's one all and and they could obviously fight their way back and only twenty one and he can fight his way back but I do think it was a mistake I didn't get your take on this. Yeah I think it was a mistake I think he definitely over thought it but I don't think it's a it's a backbreaker. I mean Garcia will still be available You know like you said early in the early in the series year unfortunate they couldn't take advantage of all the offensive output from Giancarlo Stanton but it'll. It'll be okay Tanaka gives them a chance to win today next up. We got Andrew David Luther at Andy Tangles he's got to for US I up he writes what is the thought process behind allowing fans in stands for the world series it really does go against what the League has achieved all year. Love the pod from Sydney Australia Yeah well first off, they're they're letting them in the stands to make money and maybe to add to the ambiance a little bit. But the biggest thing is to make money bill shaken at the La Times had an interesting story that he posted last night that the fans who were led into the those games are not going to have their temperatures taken that the every person leading these ballparks, athletic trainers, player staffers, they have their temperatures taken before they walk in. They're not doing that with fans I don't I don't get that. Like I don't understand why you know the fans coming into the stands wouldn't be held to the same standard as the players and I know that they're going to be held away from the players per se but I think we know enough about the corona virus to know we don't know everything about the corona virus right I saw that Lsu's doing that with football games to there they were like, oh well, it's just taking too long to get people at the stands like really that's are concerned. That's I I. Don't know. Andrew has other question is could aeronautical be the solution to the cardinals offense they seem to be at a crossroads offensively what do you think about that? Hypothetical Yup I agree, I think there's potentially a natural match there. It's GONNA come down to how motivated are the rockies after this ugly financial year to dump are not as contract and on the flip side how are the cardinals willing to take on next up? We got Mr every other inning rightfielder he writes in you talked about the location of new teams but why not state that? Does Not have a major sports team or put a team at the field of dreams and this guy must really love the field of dreams field. If he thinks that major league baseball would ever put a team there now, they're only gonNA put football teams where there are a lot of fans like I I grew up in central Vermont There are a lot of baseball fans their friends who are baseball fans center Vermont could not support a baseball team and the field of dreams field while it'd be fun for a week. After a while the question would be okay. WHO's GonNa come through the Cornfield to watch them play right? Last one for today Indra Campbell at real camry rates in hey buster why does the let the kids play theme only apply to hitters head? Huntin is bad. But a pitcher can still brush back a batter and have some quote unquote fun on their own but people get upset yet hitters can bat flip in celebrate home runs wild as they want double standards. What do you think? Yeah. Yeah it's interesting trevor. Bauer is tweeting out last night about this basically saying, Hey, if you know if if Cooney junior hits a home run like that, then go ahead do what you want and if you strike them out and you get to do what you want I do think that the And it always comes down as we've talked about many times to the pitchers right? They're the ones holding the ball in their hands. If they want to take a shot at the hitter, they can do that You know in the past you've always heard stories well, that guy was a tough pitcher. He drilled a hitter I. thought it was gutless like to throw it a target Ronald, the kunia junior in that situation prone target. Eight Bright snicker said, he didn't throw them on purpose. I. Don't know that one was way inside I. Think he was reckless in how he threw that pitch at the very least he threw adamant on purpose on this is this is so silly and I think with with what Andrew's saying could still brush them I don't know I think there's a huge difference between throwing a ball at someone in a bat flip. So if pitchers WANNA go wild with their celebrations, I would certainly welcome that. And endorse it but I think there's a big difference between the a bad flippin. Then throwing at someone who's just standing there. Yep, exactly. Thanks for writing in everyone Hashtag bleacher tweets on twitter. Please subscribe to rate and review this podcast wherever you listen to your podcast. That's it for today. Thanks to Jake Odor easy to Sarah. Lang's detailer Schwenk. have a great day everybody. Thanks for listening stay safe and remember hate inequality based on skin color is something we need to fight against every single day. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight podcast. If you're playing fantasy baseball, don't forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcasts at ESPN, dot com slash pod center. Baseball tonight, the PODCAST.

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Breeders Cup Countdown 2020 - Thursday

The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

1:59:28 hr | 9 months ago

Breeders Cup Countdown 2020 - Thursday

"Nine this as clear one we never forget. Hey but there is absolutely no stopping songbird. it is all songbird. Mike smith the board crushing the field. Far into he's an american. Farrell has belted a grand slam in breeders cup. Classic gangsta coming stand back and this is the breeders cup countdown on. Hr now let's go live to our hr in studios and join host. Bob newman good morning. Everybody welcome to come countdown. Horse racing radio dominant side felt for our final three breeders cup countdowns for this strangest of strange years. Two thousand twenty. You welcome you once again. We've got a power packed next two hours here on the program on alleged. Know about everything that's going on. I welcome in good. Friend jude jude. We've had an interesting last twenty four hours breeders cup wise and we're kind of at the point with only one day till breeders cup friday where no news is good news but unfortunately it hasn't been a no news twenty four hours with the defection of coma in this year's breeder's cup sprint. Yeah that's unfortunate He's a very nice horse and he's had some issues along the way and coming off a long layoff and stuff and i guess he's bite fever yesterday and so he's going to be out but they're still some great horses in that race and it's going to be a magnificent. Today's forecast for tomorrow. Seventy degrees forecast for saturday. Seventy two degrees supposed to be sunny and clear and the kind of day when that everybody hopes to get whenever they scheduled trip there so nobody has any excuses for not enjoying the two days of racing. it's spectacular cards both days and just magnificent conditions. So we're in good shape. It's perfect whether or not only for the horses based here in the states but especially the runners coming over from europe. We had mentioned some of the breeders cup in the past in warmer more humid weather. Locations light gulfstream park in south florida. Slyke sometimes out at santa anita in southern california. The weather can be much warmer. It can be a much more humid conditions. It doesn't play well for those shipping in from europe. Who are not used to those hot humid conditions. Mac and have to worry about that this weekend at keeneland even though it is warming up it's warming up to where as you said it will be closer to around seventy degrees both days very little chance of rain. Not having on humidity should be great conditions for all runners as they go into the race and sad to see. The coma won't run over coma at one point this year jude was probably as impressive if not more impressive than any other horse in training in this country. He's three for three this year. A runaway win in the grade. One carter of very impressive wire-to-wire score in the met mile got hurt after that was on the comeback trail. Now the little fever don't know full. See him back on the track before the end of the year but as fans really hope to see him back in training next year because boy he really looked like he was an up and comer and we wish him and his connections the best on the bright side. The coolmore horses have cleared quarantine. Aki linden they are on the track for the first time this morning. When i say cool more i mean all of the aidan. O'brien entrance in a usually spectacle when they come onto the track judah wherever they go because they line up. It's very regimented and it's very impressive. The look at different than what we see for horses that train here in this country yet. I really is impressive. It's one of the most unique gas situations for americans tau witness Just a brigade of of coolmore horses coming out on track. It's it's wow You feel like you know. The cavalry has arrived. Or whatever i mean it's just it's kind of an odd before the sacred feeling and the those sources are you know impeccably taking care of and very very classy and just just watching them come on you know. Seven eight. Nine at a time is is fantastic. Really fun to watch. And hopefully our eyes and ears on the ground keelan acacia. Courtney will get a look at the coolmore runners for the first time. Today acacia will join us in her regular spot. Nine forty am this morning and she's been fantastic for us Giving us everything that's going on live on track the last couple of days and i'm sure she will have plenty to say about what she sees this morning as well. In addition to that this winstar week all week here on the network and not only have we been lauding. What windstar has stallion. Wise and previewing. What they have going in the breeders cup. They're stallions represented all day. Both friday and saturday with a big runners their part owners of both improbable and global campaign. They actually bred global campaign bread swiss skydiver improbable global campaign. Tom state ta all set to join the winstar stallion roster beginning next year and this morning we will be joined by president a winstar farm former trainer elliott walden and. He'll let us know everything that he's got going on over at winstar. It's just a fantastic operation and they're looking forward to a big next two days on the race track in addition phasing. Tipton going on in the next few days. The breeders cup takes place tomorrow and saturday but the november sale at phase. Tipton begins at two pm on sunday. They're going to sell. I believe they sell weanlings on sunday. Jude and then they sell horses. That are racing and or breeding stock. Starting on monday you can. You can get the roster of that. They're selling the catalog for the sale right on their website. Phases tipton dot com. But just to give you a little bit of a preview. Nine horses scheduled to run in this year's breeder's cup will be in the sales ring on monday and offered up at phasing tipton. In the midst of biz sally's kirwin got stormy intimate rushing fall. Monoploy point of honor and valiants all of them running and breeders cup races this weekend. All of them scheduled to sell at phase tipton on monday. That's going to be exciting to. And i think he can watch and wager on all the action right on their website at phase tipton dot com. Well coming up on the show. I mentioned that we've got a power pack show this morning. Elliott walden will join us from windstar. Acacia courtney will be back in her normal spot at nine forty. Am max hodge. The vice president of client services at phase at tipton will join us today. Aaron wellman the president of clips thoroughbred partners on the show was well. They've got six. Runners entered in the two days in the breeders cup in a lot of big chances. Speaking of big chances wesley ward. He's got eight two year olds in the bodies of the fields on friday. No runners on saturday. Eight two year olds on friday. He also has three on the also eligible list of the juvenile turf sprint. And by the way if he had his brother's he'd have more in there. were seventeen. Wesley ward horses entered in breeders cup. Races he's got eight that are scheduled to go tomorrow. That should be exciting. Been looking forward to see what wesley has to say. But coming up when we come back from the break we're going to talk to jockey flabby and always one of the top riders out in southern california. He's going to have a busy two days. He has eight horses. He is scheduled to ride in the breeders cup races. He actually has nine. These named on but ping. John is on the also eligible list of the dirt. Mile most likely won't get in but eight for flopping and practice and he puts good rides on horses more often than not be interesting to see what he has to say as he gets ready for the big two days at keeneland. You're listening to the breeders cup countdown on h. r. n. consistently worse at all with nineteen grade one winners on every surface from six furlongs. Still one and a quarter miles all over the world three new grade one winners in two thousand and twenty queen and lady spikes me has got on your winter by by three quarters old purpose twice power spice town standing at star farm whole doro. America's fastest multiple grade one winning juvenile since uncle mo bolt doro scored dominating victories in the grade. One del mar futurity and one frontrunner stakes. Earning a one. Oh three beyer. Speed figure the fastest by a two year old since two thousand fourteen. When this emergency of stars bolt doro treats his rivals to a comprehensive a whopping the front runner. I mean links are electric. Look for them next week at keeneland and basic tipton thorough standing at spendthrift farm. What do these breeders cup. Starters have in common swiss skydiver. Toms data by my standard seren. Getty empress sisi improbable. Franks rakhat aliyev. Candy venetian harbour. Cc rocket and pirate sponge. They all started in oaklawn in two thousand and twenty make plans now to join us for the richest winter race. Speed in the country from january twenty second to may purse stall applications are now available at oakland dot com o climb a new level of racing woodford fee which addition merges with technology family owned since one thousand nine hundred forty and providing exceptional customer service would feed specializes in the highest quality feed using only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses. In addition would feet can help with all your farm needs including field seed fertilizer and weed control to whether your horses sprinting around the race track or has a full buyer side. Kind of woodford fee to provide the quality nutrition necessary to perform at the highest level. Woodford feed for sales kentucky. You every morning. I have the privilege of visiting with the top owners. Trainers breeders jockeys and industry professionals in the florida thoroughbred racing on our equine form. Show we call the client form the show that launched a network because it was our original show that started it all more than fifteen years ago so be sure to join me every saturday morning from eight to ten am eastern is take you inside. The world thoroughbred racing. It's the equine forum. Saturdays eight am eastern on sirius to nineteen xm to a one and streaming worldwide at horse racing radio dot net. This is chris lindahl. You're listening the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the breeders cup countdown on horse racing radio network obviously via linked to pure sensation hooking crises heels holy loose to thanks back for mongolian saturday and white from home of the brave and corrupt and washington. Dc making ground along the rail three six days to go at obviously clear from pure sensation. Several molding style loot washington dc on the inside is next from obviously as bellied to length still pure sensation. Almost coming home pastathon. Obviously all this rocketing to the wire obviously belives closed obviously pure sensation. And either calgary cat all great mosque for the fourth spot. Stretch call of the two thousand sixteen breeders cup turf. Sprint won by ridden masterfully by flavian. Pratt welcome back to the breeders. Cup countdown here on h. r. n. Part of windstar week all week here on h. Bobby newman alongside jude. Feld please now to be joined by the gentleman who obviously to that breeders cup win flabby and pratt five in. Thanks for joining us this morning. Good morning thank you for having me flavin. You've been a busy man over the last few years. Not only winning races in bunches all over southern california contending for riding titles wherever you go santa. Anita del mar You had a huge year last year. Winning both the kentucky derby with country house the queen's plate with one bad boy and you're back on the big stage again this weekend here keelan writing eight horses in the breeders cup championship races. So let's dive right in and start with the horses you're riding on friday you're aboard beco- in the juvenile turf madan in the juvenile fillies turf. I know you've been aboard madan in all three of her career starts. She's undefeated right now for trainer. Simon callaghan all three races at the one mile distance. Going around two turns all three victories. Coming from about four five lengths off the pace to get up and win in the final. Strides are in the last sixteen. Give us your impressions of madonna. And and how is she matured as she looks forward to this race. What i'm i mean as you say she's been undefeated she She she's done everything right. So fall She's really professional. She's really Easy to ride and and does everything right. So i mean it's gonna be a you know it's gonna be a step up but I'm sure she She's gonna run. Well you know. When i write about you i i call you a difference making jockey. There's there's so few jockeys in my opinion that really can make a difference in in a race You do such a great job. Is it your preparation or your focus or your your strategy going in what. What do you think separates you from a lot of other writers. Well no thank you for kind world. I don't know it's I mean you already tried to get myself to to do the right thing now. It doesn't mean that I'm gonna do the writing. Yeah they try to you know. Walk out try to watch raise. She's you know she was going on. But it's You know it doesn't walk out all the time anyway. Yeah the the plants can sometimes go Go awry but It helps if you have several planes going in especially in these big races. Yeah exactly. I'm in in those big races. It's really hard to to make a plan because there's you know there's a lot of tension and so you know you don't know exactly how people gonna react but just try to go with the flow and just try to do what's right for for the house and just see all saw seed it feels you know on While sometimes they walk. Sometimes they don't think just try to keep the thing Simple talking with flabby and pratt rides eight horses in this year's breeders cup races. He's got two on friday. He's got six on saturday and rides back united. Who makes his second appearance in the breeders. Cup turf ran huge last year. Flavian with you aboard latte. When you came from just off the pace he actually took the lead at the top of the stretch at odds of fifty one to one huge long shot that day and was run down by horse of the year bricks and mortar in the shadow of the wife. The looks on paper like united has come back and twenty twenty every bit as good as he was last year. Not going to be fifty to one this year. Eight to one on the morning line. Give us your impressive united. And how do you like him. Coming into the big race said it was a. I was a beat up upset last year. But seems danny. You showed that That that was a good hole and he's been It's been it's been great only alone. been training great running great all year. Long so for you can You know rent a good race again. I think he's to like kinan It's it's a pretty open race but If he runs the same race as as less didn't have. I think it'd be chance i know you spend a lot of time With these horses in the mornings you're you're one of the guys that comes out and works horses and gets to know him and You know that's that's a big edge going into these races because you know a lot of times Writers have only been on the horse once. Or maybe never. But you're you're on these horses a lot to talk about that yeah as you say Try to spend a lot of time in the morning and try to yeah understand you know how how they all feel There's there's like on. She's better stay away from them. Just you know just right in writing and in this. But there's doesn't yeah i there's a lot of all she's well i like to see how they feel and how they're doing it gives you you also a lot of confidence when halsey is doing well in morning a give us a lot of confidence for the race as well fly in when you get two big races like this. It's not even just big races. It's any racist that you're writing in addition to Instructions from the trainer. Are you doing any homework as far as reading reading past performances or maybe looking it old replays to figure out. You know where the best place for you to be at. The points of the race would be I do watch What replay all the alone. you know. On saturday i tried to watch older stakes from from different states and So up usually no. You know who. I'm running against i like to. I like to news Is the you know the best horse in the race and the host that you tried to Not follow and try to avoid so. That's that's what i try to do. But i'm not i'm not crazy but you know looking at and study them for our because like i said audio all you make a plan and i mean break out of the gate and it's the opposite so you know just try to go with the flow but in the meantime try to know who. I'm running against as well. What about the difference between riding a turf races in the dirt races. You have to kinda change your style or can you write them both the same way. Well i mean it's no it's it should be different and you can be a lot more patient on the on the grass in and try to save ground on delk. It's you know it's it's It's all about speed and being a good spot. Good i mean when you to on going into the first day on and it's a it's a different writing style. But i i think you get used to. Just you know you when you right so many a day you naturally adjust your to dale alltel flavian you like all so many other riders in this country right now around the world are dealing with the protocols that have been set do the covid nineteen pandemic and even as recently as this last weekend There was a little bit of news that you're out at keeneland working horses on saturday but because of that you couldn't get back to ride horses at del mar on opening weekend because you would have had to quarantine. How difficult has this been for you. And your fellow riders dealing with these different protocols. And when you have to be certain places at certain times and taking certain tests just to be able to ride if not easy You know and there's a lot of testing and and as you say i was. I was in key known in a clean ride. Couldn't write in denver. Also you know you get his choice to be made I pretty much them. Traveling own. be no into oakland bellio year on year. But that's that's about it so that you know i stay. I stay pretty much old I mean it's not easy but in the meantime Could be a lot worse. There's there's people who don't have jobs We are able to you know. Keep doing what we love to do. And I mean just real skip actually think about it I don't know. I mean you still. July didn't know we were gonna gonna ruin breeders cup and it's so great that i want to do it and It's one of the best me. I mean it's one of the best Weekend of the yale besides that they'll be. I think it's great that we're able to participate that that we can. Hopefully we can do well. Well you recently Had a baby. And how is it being a father and having to juggle that as well as travelling and writing and all that stuff you having a good time. Yeah well not last night. I had to cheat on the sleep so no it wasn't now it's it's really cool. It kinda change. I mean you know every everybody said but it's it's not understand that it kind of changed my life and You know it's It's fun it's a lot of good time and I really enjoy it. It's great. I always worry about like baseball players and stuff not getting a lot of sleep you know. I don't worry about it so much with jockeys because they don't get a lot of sleep anyway but It's a great. I'm happy for him. I'm glad you're enjoying. Thank you five in one last question before you go since you ride mainly in southern california. They have instituted a new whip rule for the jockeys to follow Within the last couple of months out there and there's been a lot of backlash. I'm wondering how difficult it's been for you. And maybe some of your fellow writers out there to adjust to the new policies. How often you're allowed to whip a horse how you have to whip underhanded instead of over handed. How difficult is that change. Where it's it's not easy Coming from france. When when i was reading in france there was already a. I think it was eight. Eight delimitation was eight times So i was kind of used to that. But then you know after that you get a judge on the underhanded which which is really hard and unnatural. So that's that's i think to me. It's the hardest point to to be to have to hit the handed well over a lot. More natural. it's more easy. Switched his teeth and and and and be all quicker collectibles but we We try to address. It's it's like. I said it's not easy. I think that having limitation of weeping. I think it's it's good. It gives a a little bit of You know. I it gives a bit of a can i said I lost my world. It's it's It's not bad too heavily mutation now to me the that it's really hard to address but we address we'd be fine of five and we. We really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to us this morning. Wish you the best of luck. Both friday and saturday in the breeders cup races and really enjoy watching. You ride most of the year out in southern california. Good luck my friend. What thank you thank you to having me in a good day jockey flyby pratt set to ride eight horses in this year's breeder's cup championship events. He is going to be busy as usual and he puts good rides on those horses more often than not. Judy is a guy that you can count on and year after year. Contents to be leading rider at all the meets out in southern california. He's a he's a good guy and he's He's very very capable of guiding some of these bigger priced runners into good trips and contending. He showed it with the united last year. Who will almost beat the horse of the year. Bricks and mortar in the breeders cup turf. Yeah swimming great. Things about him is he never looks at the tope board. He's just out there right in the and he does a fantastic job. We're going to take a break when we come back. We will speak with the man who is probably more associated with two year old racing than anyone in the world. Right now. Trainer wesley ward. This is the horse racing radio network. Your exclusive home for the breeders cup world championship. There's a corner of kentucky bourbon county which some referred to as the promised land. There's something in the soil and water that make it something special so special that some of the world's greatest horsemen have state their claim in the soil just outside of paris iconic names such as clayborn. Who'll more stone and darlie grace defense lines which have housed champions for generations. The name alaska as trip to the gilded age sharing the stature and grandeur of its name born from the wealth passion and immagination of words since no expense was spared to fulfill his vision. Sam's was in the same league as john. Madden arthur as a commercial breeder. The torch has been passed. Welcome to hill lyndale at a lapa. Championship season returns to gulfstream park. This december bread stakes action returns with the claiming crown. The fort lauderdale great one. Three million dollar pegasus world cup. If you stakes the grade. One florida derby at much much more. Stay in on the action from the comfort of your mobile phone with the. I asked the official app of bolstering part. I bet offers. Ai predicted picks high definition. Livestream races replays betting from the palm of your head. Adena springs stallion macho macho man. Tough sound durable a stakes winner at three four five and six who competed in all three triple crown races before turning three years old and capita stellar career with a determined victory in the breeders cup. Classic over champions will take charge and declaration of war muccio macho man is produced to first crop grade. One winners one on dirt mo jo those own pegasus world top five lakes in one on answer and the california bred macho unusual all the way in the rodeo drive. The number one north american sire by twenty twenty average earnings per runner is blue. Joe macho man standing at edina sprains. This is bob baffert. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the breeders cup countdown. On horse racing radio network fail turned for home star path. Pat played by scott cancer searching on the outside regal dreamer breaking and baird mogambo title. Bullet run on the outside. They're inside the final storm. Talk running going through the wall at the photo. Finish turn go as way was also. Was it storm cat. I can't what am final time and the breeders cup. No one birding fixing. Tom durkin on the call of the second ever breeders cup juvenile helvin eighty five ad. Tasso gets up in the final jump to nail storm catch. Tom cat of course would go on to be a super sire. More known for his duties after the racist than in the racist but tasso getting up in the final jump to nail storm. Cat in that thrilling renewal of the breeder's cup juvenile. Welcome back to the breeders cup countdown here on h. r. n. Part of windstar week. All week here on the network. Bobby newman and jud feld well. Wesley ward didn't train tasso back in one thousand nine hundred eighty five but when you think of developing young thoroughbreds around the world no name is more associated with it. Then trainer wesley ward. Wesley has eight runners on future stars. Friday and you know what if they would have split some of the races he would have had a whole lot. More seventeen actually were entered for the races. Eight got into the bodies of the race three on also eligible. Please now to be joined by wesley. ward wesley. thanks for joining us here on the breeders. Cup countdown wesley. How are you this morning. Good thank you. How are you. We're doing great. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule your busy today. I think you're gonna be busier tomorrow. My friend eight runners in the breeders cup juvenile races on future stars friday. Let's jump right in. Went into it with the juvenile turf sprint. You've got four runners in the race monty and pilo after five into the sunrise. Favorite golden pal by the way three also three on the also eligible list. When you have this many horses that pointed for one race how does that go. How do you deal with the owners in trying to decide who's going to go. Where and how are they coming into this spot. You know they can assert themselves out along the way And then you you have an idea what will be their ideal distance and services so You know it's pretty easy. Does it give you a headache. Sometimes i mean. I remember running three horses in a grade one time. It was like for a little trainer. Like like i was gonna be a big deal but it was a gigantic headache because he competitive and stuff to does that ever enter into it not really You know i it did it. I like You were talking about you. Like i was thinking one guy. Get mad if the other guys worst Beats him and but in you know they know now that everybody's going out there to try to win And i'm trying to do the best with each and every horses and individual and and pointing for that race and you know if one horse speech and others just. It's horse racing. Wesley when golden powell last race in the skidmore up at saratoga wire and one of the most visually impressive two year old races that we've seen this year he actually covered the five and a half furlongs in a minute and four fifths. We thought we were going to see him last month in orissa keelan but he was scratched. And y- you opted to train them into the breeders cup juvenile turf sprint and staff. How's he doing. And what's he been doing since we last saw he's been doing great You know this whole year We put him in a race. He actually ready to run your little bit for monetary reasons. The owner was like hey can we enter and take a look at it Because it's an all expense paid birth if you win and ultimately i said look You know it's he's going to be breezy forty-sevens on the grass here. It came on all the way up to the race but if he runs in that race he's going to have to go forty four hours and change the first half mile And i i you know there was no doubt in my mind my mind anyway. He said he was going to win. But it's just the toll it would've taken on the horse you just never know when you're when they're when they're giving you a hundred and ten percent how he's gonna come out it's going to be any chinks in the armor and i just said better err on the side of caution train him into the race and And that's what we did we did. Decision was made. And that's what we did. I've had a lot of people. Ask me about the fourteen post. And i tell them not to worry about post position. What's your feeling You know at this horse and essentially any horse. it has speed that i that i have in a sprint. I prefer the outside draw. This way. it it gives the right or the opportunity to you. Know If if something happens leaving the break where he's off a step slow he doesn't have to rush 'cause he doesn't have the outside pressure at all you know. Just let the horse take his time to get into stride. The first couple First couple a little bit away from the gate. So if i was to as in the past when the trainer got to go up and pick his post addition this would have been the post position. I well that's great. I love i love that. That's perfect speaking with wesley. Ward of trains. Eight horses on future stars friday in the breeders cup. We've been talking about the juvenile turf sprint. But you've a couple of other two year olds who are very good sprinters far but will be stretching out for the first time out the door in the juvenile turf to to sprinting. Thus far has never tried to turns campanella philly in the juvenile fillies turf. She's been remarkable. Sprinting in her three starts wanted gulfstream at ascot and won a dove and she stretches out as well. How do you decide to went to stretch these runners out because they look like they would be major players in the turf sprint as well i you know it just you know you're kind of watching first of all you see the Physique the horse and you know they're bigger horse with a long stride and then as as the races unfold You can tell which ones settle early and and you know would would have a big finishing kick lot of horses minds. The ones that are keyed up you know. They certainly can't handle that. You know that. I that easy part of the race and then to sustain it Golden powell will be one just looking at him physically and knowing his linens pedigree. You'd say he's just a pure sprinter. So that's why lee we've opted just to keep him in the sprints and going to moving forwards well campaign has been so impressive and She's she's got a very high racing post rating. She's done everything you've asked her. And and Frankie dettori seems to fit like a glove Do you envision her to the lead or what kind of trip are you thinking about for her. I never do frankie anything. I just give him a little insight on the horse and he's already has a plan mapped up now doubt Early on after he gets the form analyzes the different horses and the different writers especially in the race. And then then he'll you know he'll already come into patrick. I got it. I got it. I don't need to talk. I've got it what he tells me. He's a professional nat standpoint. It's it's a good trait to have and knowing that your riders on top of things and really focused just as you are. You also have next figures to be one of the long shots in this year's breeder's cup juvenile super impressive in his last race. That was scheduled for the turf and moved over to the main track. Akilah main track that was labeled good. He won off by eleven lengths that day and it looked like looks like to me. He's a horse that has improved markedly with each subsequent start. How's he been doing since that last race. He's going to make a quick a quick turnaround here that last race only two weeks ago. Yeah that's i generally don't do But this being is home track You know the the owners tommy bobby. Hamilton are keen to run. You know especially being their their home track where they live and defined just down the street where they where they breed horses so We entered kind of take a look at the race more soda. Take a look at the horse to see how he's doing but the horse You know. I told him. Tommy each and every day when i talked to my say you know. I'm looking for a reason to tell you know. And i can't see it. You gotta get led to the tracking lead back to the feel so good and that's a that's the kind of demeanor that the cold tasks but You know i'm like i say it's I don't like to run horses back in in that short arrest especially at the race of this magnitude. We're going to take a shot. They're such great people to train for and they love the game. So it's nice that they're going to be able to participate while we're a little outsider. As far as the odds is but like. I say it's a home court advantage so we're gonna take advantage of it. Wesley one more. I know you're very busy. Speaking going back to looking at like the phillies. You have in the breeder's cup juvenile fillies turf campanella royal approval. These are two phillies that you shipped to europe To run at royal. Ascot and or doe v Royal approval has already come back and won twice in the states a since her trip. Over to great britain campaign l. will be making her first stateside run since she was over there. Are there any tricks to the trade or anything you've found at when they're shipping back and forth like this getting them to be fit on their toes and ready to fire big shots off those you know. Long journeys I think time you know it's always good to give him time when when they get back off a off a big trip like that you know whether it be when they come back from ask god. It's always about two months before. I go back over there if i'm going to go into the racism in france in the morning something like that but I think that's just about it. Same thing when they do come back if we're going to run him here. I like to give them a good amount of time to get over the trip. Put all their way back on and and you know a few works really really solid breezes where you can visually see that. They're they're coming into their own. Leslie we really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us this morning. Best of luck both well. It's going to say tomorrow and saturday. But it's tomorrow best of luck tomorrow with all eight of your two year old set to go on future stars friday and really appreciate the time. Best of luck going forward. Thank you guys. Thanks for having me on and everybody. I hope everybody gets lucky tomorrow. Well we certainly hope we certainly opium is right about that trainer. wesley ward. He has eight juvenile set to go tomorrow on future stars. Friday amanda pilo after five into the sunrise golden pal and the juvenile turf. Sprint out door in the juvenile turf capital royal approval and juvenile fillies turf and next in the juvenile judah. He is going to be a big busy man. He's going to have to enlist a lot of his help. When it comes to saddling horses and taking care of these runners especially in the paddock and most notably in that juvenile turf sprint. Not only four in the body of the field but if somebody somehow scratches tomorrow he's got three on the also eligible list. Yeah well he's got a great crew he's he's got a fantastic staff and some of his writers are hall of famers. I mean you know. You just can't say enough for his stable in their organization and lately he's been running horses everywhere not just europe but shipping new york shipping here. She being there every time. There's a two year old. It seems like he's got one in it At race tracks all over the nation so Yeah he'll be he'll be well taken care of tomorrow and even more difficult in this pandemic year shipping horses over not only the nation but the world because of protocols and timeframe so. I'm sure that he is crunching numbers and well on top of when and where he needs to do what and be at certain places to make sure that Everything falls into place. Wesley ward prime for a big day tomorrow on future stars. Friday we come back. We're going to switch gears and speak with aaron wellman. He's the president of eclipse thoroughbred partners. They've had a fantastic last five years on the racetrack. And they look like they've got big shots this weekend as well in the breeders cup world championships. You're listening to the breeders. Cup countdown here on h. r. r. n. flatter this prolific son of ap b. has sired six millionaires including eclipse champion west coast. He's adding even more stakes winners to his outstanding record including sovereign award winner. Eighties flatter. His yearlings of top. The phasing tip in july seal. Two years in a row and sold up to nine hundred thousand dollars at keeneland. September success on the track success in the ring flat standing at claiborne. Farm in nineteen ninety-three dr. John west showed that occurs during exercise. When blood vessels in the lungs rupture this is due to stress caused by high blood pressure. On the inside of the vessels and strong suction forces on the outside only flare strips in lasix us together or alone have been clinically proven to reduce the ip lasix works by reducing the high internal pressures and flares shifts worked by reducing the suction forces on the outside. 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When it comes to horses we mean business for more information. Visit business dot louisville dot. Edu forward slash equine jokey julian lupo. And you're listening to edge. This is winstar week on. Hr in celebrating the horses of winstar farm. Coming to the topic flushing gun body. Late sunday silence threatening presence on the outside of these eight car set down any bears coming up on sunday. Silence trying to by with showed was too was sunday. Sons in racing epic. Tom durkin on the call of the nineteen eighty nine breeders cup classic at gulfstream park and it was the final showdown between sunday silence and easy goer and his sunday. Silenced it in both the kentucky derby and the preakness he got the better of easy goer. Easy goer got them. In a big way in the belmont but sunday silence winning the derby the preakness and the breeders cup classic that year in a great renewal at gulfstream park. Welcome back to the breeders. Cup countdown here on h. r. r. n. Part of winstar week all week here on the network. Bobby newman along with jude. Fell pleased to be joined now by the president of eclipse thoroughbred partners. Aaron wellman aaron. You guys have six big chances in this year's breeders cup races. How do you even sleep at night. I'm not sleeping for good reason this week. thanks the partners that support us and some fantastic courses that are performing and In our trainers for getting them here We're we're locked and loaded. We're eager to get the friday and saturday. A lot of people you know like to enter in the breeders cup for the experience or whatever in the don't have a chance but when you go down the list of horses you have entered their live in every race. How'd you pull that one off. Yeah we're i appreciate that you'd we're we're not the type of operation that likes to see our name in the program show up for a free meal. We definitely wanna show up at these big days. These big races with legitimate contenders. And i i feel like you feel. Which is i think. All six of them in the five races that they're in our lives you know. I don't think any of them are gonna be favorites prohibit prohibitive favorites but They're all in with the The right crowd watching them all train. The last few days out here keeneland and touch wood. Everybody seems to be in the zone and thriving so could ask for anything more going into these races and hopefully Hopefully they show up on the occasion and give our partners a thrill. Just one time i would for somebody say oh. We're just actually here for the free tickets in the free meal. Even the connections of ricks natural star it back in the day that they were there for the free meal. But let's get into the runners that you have in the next two days at keeneland. You've got three of them on friday three on saturday. We'll start with dirty dangle and turfs juvenile turf sprint. Gretzky the great and the juvenile turf. These are two horses that A lot of those of us here in the states haven't got to see a whole lot of because they've been doing their racing north of the border at woodbine dirty dangle two for two in his career coming off a nice win in the woodbine cares. Last time goes for a new trainer mark. Cassie for the first. Time on friday and then gretzky. The great has been as oppressive. Anybody getting ready for his run in the breeders cup coming off a resounding win in the grade one summer power of these horses looked coming into these races. And you know how far in advance did kind of look toward the breeders cup when you have. These talented two year olds absolutely well. Dirty tangle is actually philly that we just purchased privately after she wanted to woodbine care so this will be her. First start for us. But you know we're always on the prow scouring the globe for talent and this philly really caught our eye with her win in that sakes race sprinting on the grass up there at woodbine shown up beautiful turn of foot and we were able to put together a deal to acquire privately in partnership with gary barber turned over to marc cassie around monte. It's done a really nice job with her but Marks our main man up there in in toronto. And you know you talk about spacing both she and gretzky. The great had a lot of time since their most recent race to get the to stuff. So it's felt like an eternity but we're hoping that you know for these babies that are season thirty dangles got two wins under her belt and her two lifetime starts. Gretzky grades runs four times. So he's got an excellent foundation including a mile race You know we hope that the time has done them well. It certainly appears that way and We're really excited about both of them. Dirty dangles got her work for her. I think wesley's cold on the outside. Golden powell is maybe cut from a different cloth than most of these. So if he fires i think everybody is running for minor awards but we'd be ecstatic if she came picked up some pieces and you know if anybody stubs their toe and she really rises the occasion she could get them all Gretzky the great. I would say of our six runners in the breeders cup races. He's probably what i would consider to be our best wind chance. This is a horse that we've been exceptionally high on from the time. We put a sat on his back down calif last winter. He's done everything right. He's got incredible foundation underneath and he was brilliant when he got the mile in the summer stakes winning grade one. When in your in he's trained absolutely out of his mind. I mean mark called it monster. Vote he's in monster mode right now. I've watched a train last couple mornings here at keeneland and he's certainly Appears to be in great neck. And we're really excited. I think he's going have to work out a trip. From the eleven whole go into mile we want it last in the phillies. Division of this race was sharing from the eleven hall so hopefully we can roll that yo two in a row here and gretzky should be able to trip out. He's very tactical. So we're looking forward to seeing what he can do. He's a very talented individual. Well yeah. He's he's he's something else you also have My Favorite two year old turf. Ilise spanish love affair Going in a juvenile fillies terrifying. She ran a tremendous race in her debut. She's been developing nicely. I think she's got a bang-up chance. And and what are your impressions of her coming up to this race. He's literally just finishing or gallup as we speak. I'm out here in beard. Course shoot watching her train and she looked sensational. She's affiliate that we're really high on as well. It is a very tough brutal salty. Rendition of the juvenile fillies turf. This year the domestic horses are exceptional in the european contingent as always very strong but this is a philly that we have a lot of confidence in She one off by eleven first time out down at golf street then. She was very professional and winning a steak down there. We brought her up to the big leagues to run. In the jesmyn charan aunt pearl. We had a wide draw that day. We've got to face another widhraw tomorrow but I'm hoping from pace perspective. That aunt pearl can't fennell and royal approval. Kinda hung up early and file over. Allow us to talk in a little bit on. i turn because she's also drawn out in the twelve hole. Which isn't exactly the best place to be but we're hoping if those three phillies lineup and we can talk in. Sit right behind them. We might be in the garden spot and from there. It's just a matter of how good she is literally watching her. Walk off track right now and she certainly is touting herself. She's a lovely filly and we're honored to have the opportunity to run in the breeders cup and we'll just have to find out if she's good enough to compete with the best of the best speaking with aaron wellman the president of eclipse thoroughbred partners moving to saturday speaking of somebody who may tuck in down along the sides speech returns after a real troubled. Start in the kentucky oaks last time out a race where i i know you really high on our chances. We all thought she had big chances and she was kind of eliminated when the gates opened or shortly afterward endeavoured really picked up her her prior start though at keeneland in the ashland. I think would make her very very tough. In this year's breeders cup filly and mare sprint house speech been doing since we last saw her. She's doing awesome. It was a really frustrating day kentucky out today because she never really had an opportunity to get involved in the race. Unfortunately she got jostled around at the start and never really got into any sort of comfortable position she is a is a rhythm philly and she was never able to find that rhythm and hopefully again you know similar to what i just decide with. Spanish love affair going on my own turf. We're hoping to execute a similar game plan in the sunset. He's got a mean in the two hole and then he's got venetian harbour and getty effort. Strong a little bit further outside the three of those phillies are pretty wanted to try their best to just blast out of there you know. Getti- empress is a speed only phillies. They've made their intentions clear. Venetian harbors connections are of similar mindset and demean really hasn't ever shown the ability to rate although she might have to on saturday and if those really lineups and we could stack them up across the track happier might just be gliding in right behind that flight. You know if they happen to soften each other up at the garden spot and just finding our stride you know turning for home so we like to cut back to seven eight. She's wanting sweets and once past actually watching on track as we speak. she looks fantastic. She the track record here in the ashland A few months back so we're looking forward to seeing what she can do. She's a three year old. Filly running against olders a championship race. So that's no simple task and We're we're intrigued by what she might do. Come come saturday. Yeah i love her on the cutback i mean i. I'm not one of those people that just bets every cutback it's interesting racist. But i just think that the race looks like it sets up good for her and and she's going to be a good number because the phillies that are gonna track a lot of bedding attention. She might be an excellent play. There will be a Worst two dollars that will in the next couple of days for sure. Erin one last thing before you go. You guys have both point of honor balance. Set to run in the distaff on saturday and then both of them are set to go in the sales ring. Monday at phase tipton. How bitter sweet as it seeing this knowing that you're going to see these great phillies for the last time you know. When i started eclipse nine years ago i was adamant that we needed to be founded on phillies and We've even created a little hashtag for ourselves on twitter. He puts philly. Because what we take a lotta pride in and to bring to regal bred fillies like valance. We spent a lot of money for as a yearling and thankfully she went out to become a and point of honor. Daughter of kirwin is also oily bread. Who we bought off a maiden win out of her debut you know to bring these calabro phillies with such incredible blood running through their veins and they're so accomplished in their own right. It's a huge honour and It really exemplifies what we've tried to do with the stable. So are only focused right now to be honest with. He was getting them to saturday. Best condition possible and by all accounts. Watch them on. The track. valley is just breathing fire. She's just getting so good right now. you know she's going to have to run the race of her life to compete with monoploy girl and swiss skydiver. But we feel like she's going to point of honors affiliate it's gonna creep underneath the radar for sure She's gonna be a big price but she's finally able to get around to turns again going on eight. If we get the pace. We're expecting to get in the distaff. She could be very live coming from out of the clouds. And you know pick up the pieces or if we get really lucky she could blast by all of them so you know. They are entered in phases night of the stars on sunday. But first things first you know we gotta get to the races and try to get them to perform to the best of their ability hopefully earn some more valuable black type these championship embraces and enhancer value. But i think they're both phillies that are capable of running next year. They'd been pretty Generously managed throughout their careers. I think there's plenty of gas left in the tank. But you know we gotta run this like a business and We'll see what happens saturday. And then evaluate sunday but it. It's a huge honor and very humbling to bring a phillies like values. In point of honor to the aaron. Wish you the best of luck this weekend and going forward. Thank you so much my friend. Thanks for thinking of me guys appreciate it look at the windows appreciate it you too erin. Wellman eclipse thoroughbred partners. This is the horse racing radio network. Your exclusive home for the breeders cup world championships on sunday november eighth. 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Promises fulfilled mrs fulfil their up breeder's cup sprint. And they're those promises fulfilled off to lead lazing. I fractured it. Strike power ticket on promises fulfilled a half mile and forty three point. Nine two seconds. Good magic is the leader. Promises fulfilled promises fulfillment. Promises fulfilled go. Paddling standing at winstar farm is calvin burrow through the heart's racing radio networks ju- listening to windstar week on. Hr come three. Who is having stop to me. Second was third. And there is a up johnny velazquez and other perfect. By this antidote. It just puts on a display here. Great running ability. He cuts the corner with spikes down to win the sprint. That one away. Tom durkin on the call of the two thousand four breeder's cup sprint one by spice town. One of many tremendous stallions standing now at winstar farm. Welcome back to the breeders cup countdown. Let's pause ten seconds for station identification. This is the horse racing radio network and welcome back to the breeders cup. Count here on h. r. r. n. It is windstar week all week. Here on the network. Bobby newman and jud fell. Pleased to be joined now by the president. Ceo and racing manager of winstar farm elliott walden elliott elliott. Thanks for taking time out this morning. No problem how you guys doing this morning. Beautiful we're doing great and Boy we are looking for as as racing fans and this is like christmas to us these next two days the breeders cup but you at winstar have so much on the line. I i don't know how you can keep is on all of the runners that you'll have interested interest in the stallions represented by eight runners tomorrow. Six runners on saturday runs like royal approval simply ravishing knicks. Go tis the law all sired by stallions who are or were at winstar farm the co owners both improbable in global campaign. Set to run in the breeders cup. Classic brea you guys bread swiss skydiver and global campaign. And if that's not enough. Maybe the most remarkable thing of all three runners in this year's breeder's cup classic global campaign. Tom state ta improbable all set to join the stallion roster at winstar farm beginning twenty twenty one. Are you nervous or is this just an ex super exciting time for you. It were just real exciting We've been kinda waiting you know it look like a couple of months ago that We were going to be hopeful to have all three of those horses in the classic and You know to get this close now. it's you just get excited and and then you know. They're all doing well so that makes it even even better. Yes that's the cool thing is that they're doing well and they all have a chance to win They're certainly going to be right there. All of them. I mean this is like maybe the deepest classic we've had in a long long time. It's really cool field of of thoroughbreds in to have three of them is just surreal. Really yeah it's it's exciting june You know and even Fourth horse that we we would hope one runs extremely well and if he wins it would be a great thing. We'll be long. Yeah absolutely that's gotta be a kind of a sad thing for winstar farm have Now retire from stallion duty. But what a fantastic story. he's been. What a great sire for you guys and just a phenomenal situation. Yeah turn into a good broodmare sire and you know. Hit the lobbying out of a tiff now mayor by constitution. It's really exciting in holly. You mentioned that tissa laws by constitution but so many of the brilliant stallions that are currently at winstar represented in. This year's breeders cup races mentioned his his his now who sired royal approval ban. Sire of simply ravishing painter represented by knicks. Go who's going to be one of the favorites in the dirt mile obviously constitution. Tis the law you folks being the co owners of improbable global campaign. It makes sense that when they retire that they they would enter stallion duty at winstar but to a horse like toms day ta how do you go about brokering that. How does that deal get done. Where he ends up at windstar for the twenty twenty one season. Well we were just always taken with his race record. We'd run against him a few times with yoshida last year and then to see what he came out he'd beat improbable in the first start this year At oaklawn and look very good doing that. And then when he You know one. The stephen foster In almost track record time You know he. He just continued to to enhance his resume. And being one of the last great sons of smart strike and from the family candy reid. He's a very intriguing. Prospect and from mrs. benson standpoint. I mean she's a very classy lady. I can't imagine she wouldn't wanna have Her horse at winstar farm which is one of the most beautiful farms in the blue grass. A tremendous piece of land I mean it's like horse heaven. I mean who wouldn't to be astounding at winstar. Well you always interesting. When they came to kentucky to buy greenwood lodge they were looking at three or four farms and they actually we hosted them and they stayed at winstar. What when they went to look at farms to purchase so We've known the vincent's for awhile. And in kind of raval to talk to them about the horse business a little bit time. And and i kinda came full circle when when we landed tom. Stay todd. come stand at winstar. Speaking with elliott walden the president. Ceo and racing manager of winstar farm. It is windstar week all week. Here on the network you can see. They're brilliant sally in roster right online at winstar farm dot com not only a list of all the stallions great pictures of all the stallions and their prices for the twenty twenty one season. We've mentioned constitution. Tis now a painter thomas day todd. Global campaign improbable. Several other ones. That are big. Names represented this year and breeders. Cup races fed biz. More than ready out. Work has the group two year old outer door set to go on future stars. Friday elliott winstar farm. Is this a place. Where in a normal year maybe not in a covert year but in a normal year people coming out to lexington can ever tour the facility and maybe see these these great racing heroes of recent years in the flesh. Yeah absolutely we were part of horse country and and So we're not doing tourist right now because of covid but We support worse country and and Support what they're doing and and you know what a great opportunity for fans to come out and see The retired stars of yesterday and and we show the stallions the typically. I think three days a week On the tour schedule at horse country dot com. We got any Joe burrow names For some winstar horses coming up. We don't We don't we don't have borough was taken. I know we've got bengal fans steeler. Fans everybody kinda fans on this network but Yeah we're pretty excited about joe burrow and what he's gonna do syncing attic elliot before we let you go. We have to ask this question. It's so rare to have so much interest in one race as windstar does with this year's breeder's cup classic as we mentioned you guys are the co owners of both improbable and global campaign you bread global campaign improbable global campaign. Tom state all set to join the stallion roster at windstar and twenty twenty one and of course tis the law being by constitution. So everything being perfect. How does this race finish. Wow i for good question. First of all we don't want you to make any enemies but there has to be a perfect. we want. we want it to be safe. And then You know. I think You know improbable. We'll be you know. I think he'll be likely post time. Favorite you know. If he wins it would add to his resume and kind of secure. I think horse of the year type campaign Being his fourth grade one on the year and is fifth grade. One lifetime so that would be a great result but you know global campaign being a home brad and in having won a grade one in the woodward it would it would definitely help enhance his career. As well and and tom's they the same thing so You know it would be just incredible. You know it's just. We're very feel very fortunate to be in the position we're in And it. You know as you watched the horses train this this morning. All of them look tough. Offense looked great maximum security. Look good You know so it's gonna be a great classic as you alluded to. I think it's one of the best ones in a while. Yeah it's really deep You have another horse. That's running on saturday in the first race nashville Who's one of the most impressive horses. We've seen running a long time. He's in the perryville stakes. Talk about him for a minute. I know you're thinking about running him in the sprint. You made the decision to go in the easier spot which i was a great one. Talk about nashville really super talented Just watched him go He's breathing fire and Exciting to see him run again and see how he goes into a stakes competition but just super talented You did entertain the idea of running in the sprint. But you know we spent a year and a half trying to unwind him a little bit because he's very very fast very very talented. He's one of those horses that wants to go all the time. And so we've we spent a lot of time trying to be patient with him and it just seemed like the wrong thing to do to just throw him in a deep field like the spread with fourteen horses and all of them accomplished and and So that's why we decided to air on the side of the perryville point for the hopefully if things go well. Saturday point for the malibu at santa anita great one at the end of the year for three-year-olds excellent elliott. We really appreciate you taking the time to join us this morning. Not only joining us here. Live on the show but really appreciate windstar being such a big part of horse racing radio network not only this week but all the time and certainly wish you guys the best of luck on breeders cup weekend. Well thank you and just want to wish all the fans. Good luck and a great greater skopje. It looks like all the horses are training. Well and and let's all have a great breeders cup. Thanks so much. Elliot best to you. We're gonna take another break when we come back. We'll speak with. Max hodge the vice president of client services at phase. It tipped and they have got a huge sale coming up starting this sunday and of course the the featured horses the horses that we're all looking for will go. I believe on monday. The eighth jude in that Racing and breeding stock. Several of the runners from this year's breeder's cup will be there In the sales ring at phase tipton just a few days. We'll take another break. You're listening to the breeders cup countdown on h. r. n. Airdrie stud cairo. Prince the leading third crop sire by number of stakes winners stakes horses graded stakes winners and graded stakes horses. He's also a top five general sire by the number of two year old winter so far in twenty twenty and his current crop of yearlings his first conceived at a twenty five thousand dollars stud fee yearlings from cairo. Prince's fourth crops sold for up to four hundred thousand dollars this year underlining. His incredible commercial appeal at fifteen thousand dollars stands nurses for twenty twenty one cairo prince's value in the extreme standing at airdrie. Stud think about it. What do these breeders cup. Starters have common swiss skydiver. Toms data by my standard seren. Getty empress cc improbable. Franks rocket hollies candy. Venetian harbour cc. Rocket and pirate sponge. They all started at oak lawn in two thousand and twenty make plans now to join us for the richest winter race beat in the country from january twenty second to may i stall applications are now available at oakland dot com o klein a new level of racing home doro. America's fastest multiple grade one winning juvenile since uncle mo bolt doro score dominating victories in the great one. Del mar futurity and grade one. Front runner stakes. Earning a one zero three beyer speed figure the fastest by a two year old since two thousand fourteen way. Witnessing the emergence of a stars doro treats his rivals to cut bread. Save a walloping on the front doors. I mean links are electric. Look for them next week at keeneland and facing tipton both doro standing at spendthrift farm. Hr end is your exclusive radio home for the breeders cup world championships tune in friday november. Sixth beginning at two thirty pm. Eastern and saturday november seventh beginning at noon eastern as we bring you live coverage of every race on the breeders cup card the breeders cup world championships only on hr tune in on serious to nineteen xm to a one or streaming live on our website at worse racing. Radio dot net. This is trainer chad brown. And you're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the breeders cup countdown on a horse. Racing radio network by so free is more than third position cheap on rallies on the outside market is also right there summers wallis those six lakes from the league no unripe coming with his rally buddies seven lakes with a long to go a black tie friendly trying to hold onto the lead on the off side to agenda up front running masterpiece race lining hair by jerry belly doesn't and then it was while at the time here for the eighth was two. Oh two and four lack tie affair winning the nineteen ninety one breeders cup classic recall as always by tom durkin. Welcome back to the breeders. Cup countdown here on h. r. n. Part windstar week all week here on the network and the excitement doesn't end this saturday jude. Yeah there's great racing. Both tomorrow and saturday all the breeders cup world championships. But then we kind of shift the scene to the sales ring and specifically phasing tipton. They have a huge sale starting on november the eighth at two pm on. We're pleased now to be joined by. Max hodge the vice president of client services for phase. Tipton max. welcome to the program. Hey thanks for having me on really appreciate it max. Black tie affair horse of the year nineteen ninety-one he has phasing tipton. That was then this is now. We're going to see a lot of a big stars in today's game going through the sales ring at phasing tipton. This is always an exciting time of year because A lot of us who are more racing fans than bloodstock fans. Maybe just because we know more about racing than we do about. Let's get to see some of our heroes or heroines showing up in the sales ring and it kind of blows our mind here that the numbers the prices that you get form but getting to see horses that we've seen for the past several years do such great things on the race track show up in the sales ring at phase of tipton and be sold either to continue their racing careers or head to the breeding are nine runners. In this year's breeder's cup they're going through the sales ring at phase tipton. How busy of time is it for you folks at phasing tipton. And how exciting is this. Well this is one of our most exciting sales that we put together one that we you know. We work year round on To get this catalogue assembled And it's something we very much look forward to to say there are nine phillies or mayors. That are gonna run on on saturday and then ship over here and sell to new owners on sunday that that's pretty spectacular to to get to see them here on our facility and then To give people the opportunity to jump in at the highest level a game Is is pretty special as well. You know when. I was a kid. We used to wait for the sears. Catalog toy cataloged come out. You know when you ask santa for Present and and The the phasing tipton cadillac for this sale is very similar to me in that you just go through it and and you you see these horses that have done so much and i mentioned the other day on the air that i was going to send santa claus a note and tell my wanted rushing for christmas Which i did. And i gave him a deal he couldn't refuse. I said i'll just go pick her up. I'll i'll send a van for you. Don't have to deliver her. So i'm hoping santa buys that and brings me rushing fall but what fantastic group of horses that are going under the hammer and and you guys just do a phenomenal job every year. It seems like T to have the absolute best horses available. Well we appreciate it and you know just looking at this year with Goal midnight. Zoo looney rushing fall. I mean those are all horses that you you know. More of a lifetime into simple four of those in one sale is is pretty spectacular And like you said. It's it's a christmas list when you look at the index to covering sires curling constitution into of medina door. Nyquist tap uncle mo. i mean. It's just one after the other I think in the industry needs events and sale like this and like what we do at saratoga. I mean there it's pretty special environment And and it's something. I think that we all as an industry benefit from as well. Yeah the sale. It's here togas. Just league one of the most fantastic experiences and people come from all over and and it's it's such a great event. I mean you know Hris has been covering it for the last several years and it's always a highlight to go there and be there in watch these beautiful animals You know there that are so young and so full of promise cut through the ring and and That that's a highlight of the year for me as well right and this year With this sale. You know you've got first crop babies by justify and west coast and good magic. Bolt bureau always dreaming. City of light is a really great collection of a first crop sires so it's always great to To see that first group of picked babies that that will have here As well as an example of the kind of horses. These new new sars are making speaking with max hodge the vice president of client services at phase tipton. They have a huge sale this sunday beginning at two. Pm you can see the entire catalog on their website. Phased tipton dot com f. a. s. t. o. n. dot com max when it comes to these runners of racing breeding age racing breeding stock. Is this something where they're coming to you looking to get into the sale or is basic tips and going out and trying to recruit runners for future sales at phase tipton The majority of them are our recruiting. Efforts you know. We'll start early on and try to build relationships establish relationships with the connections for these top horses and potential top horses and and You know. I think it's very much a relationship industry and and getting established and Becoming friends And fans of these horses and the people that own them is a big part of it. And that's that's what helps us. You know get those types of horses in our catalogs. Will you sell so many good horses the year every year. That you keep an eye on those horses to that you've have already been phasing. Tipton sold horses facing tipton customers. And then you know it's easy for for you to go to those people and say hey look you know how about how about putting your philly in this sale and and You know they're like members of the family already absolutely. We take a lot of pride in the horses we sell and and following up with those horses and No creating marketing plans for for the the sales that they came out of and then marketing plans for the horses as we get them back and have the opportunity to to re offer them As broodmares racing prospects or info mayors. It's something that we take a lot of pleasure and pride in and try to do our very best for everyone max. You mentioned that midnight. Zoo is one of several that will be in the sale this year. She was actually supposed to be offered up last year. After the breeders cup at phasing tipton but Her owners including our good friend. Jeff bloom had a change of heart and decided to take her out of the sale and keeper in training for themselves for twenty twenty and it turned out to be the right decision because she finished second in the saudi cup and made a several million dollars in racing. But how heartbreaking is that midnight visa was was certainly the the marquee name a one of several really really big names but the marquee name last year you know. How tough is it when these kinds of things happen because if can happen yes. They're they're entered in the sale but they're not in the sale until they actually go through the ring. It can be heartbreaking from a sales companies perspective And they you know. A lot of people will withdraw horses for a variety of raising reasons so some hurt worse than others. Obviously you know if the horse has an issue where where she can't show up you know that's completely understandable and sometimes it's a change of heart. Sometimes they ran to good. Sometimes they ran too bad in her. Last start so It's always a little bit of a bitter pill And but it does happen. It's part of it. And and this ceo actually probably has a higher scratch rate from from not only foles but phillies and mayors than any other sale of that. We conduct But that's just part of it and you take it all in stride and and do the best you can with what you have left and and Hope to get him back the following year like we've done with midnight. Vcu max we. We certainly wish you the very best with the sale. Not only this sale but everything going on sales in the future with phasing. Tim thank you so much for being part of our coverage on the breeders cup countdown all week and really an impressive catalog that starts at two pm this sunday. All right there. On the phase of tipton website phasing tipton dot com. Thanks again max really appreciate it. Hey thank you bobby. I've got a little confession to make when we used to do the sale and At calder i i used to steal your snacks from the on your big up there. Well first of all. They didn't give me a whole lot of snacks so that those must have been once that i spent my own money. And that's one day when the world gets right again. And i actually able to travel to lexington and we'll see each other again whether whether it's down the road from the derby next year or somewhere keelan let you buy me. A slice of pizza sounds good. I look forward to it. Max thanks so much. Appreciate it max. Highs vice president of client services at phase tipton boy. They have a huge sale coming up this sunday. A lot of weanlings. Lot of runners of for racing and breeding stock. You can see it all on their website. Phasing tipton dot com going to take another quick break. Is the horse racing radio network. Your exclusive home for the breeders cup world championships. Adena springs stallion macho macho man. Tough sound durable a stakes winner at three four five and six who competed in all three triple crown races before turning three years old and capita stellar career with a determined victory in the breeders cup. Classic over champions will take charge and declaration of war. Lost joe macho is produced to first crop grade. One winners one on dirt macho those stone pegasus world cup. What it by five lakes in one hunter and the california bred macho unusual all the way in the rodeo drive. The number one north american sire by twenty twenty average per runner is blue macho man standing at adena springs championship season returns to gulfstream park. This december breadsticks action returns with the claiming crown. Fort lauderdale one three million dollar pegasus world cup about if you say the great one florida derby at much much more. Stay in on the action from the comfort of your mobile phone with the. I bet app. The official app of bolstering part. 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From eight to ten am eastern. It's the equine forum on serious to nineteen xm two oh one and streaming worldwide horse racing radio dot net either. Doug o'neill my favorite radio show. Is a horse racing radio network. You're listening to the breeders. Cup countdown on horse racing radio network. The field turns quitter taking aim on the outside trump. Set down for the taking the lead. But the talking takkula. What more could you ask for. America's grits pros performers theatrical. And he ran the rights of his life this afternoon to defeat goody in your opinion funding breeders cup. Turn the nineteen eighty seven breeders cup turf. The best american turf wars theatrical defeating the best european force trempolino the winner of the arc de triomphe that year in a thrilling stretch duel at hollywood. Park doesn't always work out that way. But that year. The americans bested the euros in the turf. Welcome back to the breeders. Cup countdown here. On h. r. r. And part of winstar week all week here on the network fact. Let's update you on what's going on this week. Here on the network of course this will be a final. Breeders cup countdown. Show of the of the year we do have race day presented by twin spires today from three to six pm followed by the brits net colin shows six to seven pm featuring anthony stabile and ed derosa the live racing coverage starts tomorrow future stars. Friday the breeders cup world championships. We will be live here on the network with all of the breeders cup events serious to nineteen. Xm to one and online at horse racing radio dot net. In fact you can see our entire schedule there on the website. Just click on schedule. The breeders cup coverage from two thirty to five thirty tomorrow then a bonus vision of the weekend stakes preview presented by nyerere bets from five thirty till seven pm saturday. It's the show that launched network the equine form goes from eight to ten. Am great cast characters on the show. This saturday mike. Pence speaks with al stalls. He talks about breeders cup contender. Tommy ta daily racing forms. Marty mcgee shares his thoughts on breeders cup friday as well as looking forward to saturday's top story. Lines track announcers. Larry combs and kurt. Becker look back on calling. American feral in the two thousand fifteen breeders cup classic at keeneland w baker from bet makers technology group discussing authentic attempt to take home the bet makers bonanza plus our industry star the week presented by stuart morris and much much more once again the equine forum. Eight to ten. Am on saturday and almost immediately after that. Live coverage of the breeders cup on saturday. Twelve pm to five thirty all of the breeders cup races. You can hear him. Friday and saturday right here on h. r. r. and. We mentioned that this is windstar week all week. Here on the program hap. Happy to have windstar as part of our breeders. Cup countdown jude. We talked about earlier. Windstar is all over. These two days of the breeders cup they have eight stallion. Eight runners representing their stallions on friday. Six runners on saturday representing their stallions. They co own improbable and global campaign. Two major players in the breeders cup classic. They actually bred swiss skydiver and global campaign that also not enough improbable global campaign. Tom's data all set to join the stallion roster at windstar in two thousand and twenty one. I don't know how they're going to keep all their eyes on these prizes. They just have so much going on this weekend. Jude yeah well. They're used to being in the spotlight and having a lot of good stallions on the farm and a lot of great stallions on forum more than ready my favorite But you know they do a great job and it's such a beautiful place and when the tourists start up again. If you're in lexington you gotta go see winstar farm. I mean it's it is unbelievable. If you think of the best hotel you've ever been in and multiply it by about ten. That's what winstar farm is for a horse and elliot does a great job and they just have a tremendous organization great rehab facility training track all that stuff. It's it's phenomenal. And they deserve success. They've put a lot of money into the game. A lot of effort a lot of hard work by many many people and can't say enough. Nice things about now. We certainly wish that the best of luck. Not only this weekend but going forward. You can t all of their stallion roster right on their website winstar farm dot com not Do they have the the names of all horses that would be on the roster their prices for two thousand twenty one but actually great picks of all these runners and then you know you really get to see the muscle tone the shine of the coat. These are very very good pictures that they put on the website. And you get to see some of your favorite horses from the past several years right there on the stallion roster at winstar farm speaking of some of our favorite horses or the last several years. We've just had a chance to speak with math. Max hodge from tipton phase. Tipton has got a huge sale starting this sunday at two. Pm lot of weanlings to start off the sale then runners a racing and breeding stock nine runners. In this year's breeders cup races are set to go through the sales ring at phase tipton shortly after the race in the breeders. Cup in the midst of biz sally's kirwin got stormy intimacy rushing fall oni. Girl point of honor and valiants all being offered in the november sale would start on sunday at phasing. Tipton if you wanna see their entire catalog just log onto their website. Phasing tipton dot com. We're going to take our final break. When we come back we will be joined by. Keisha courtney who is live on the grounds at keeneland. She has got a lot to say about what she seeing this morning. You're listening to the breeders cup countdown on h. r. n. When a horse breeds in during exercise a strong suction forces exerted on the outer walls of the fragile pulmonary capillaries think of it like a vacuum cleaner in the air sacs of the lungs pulling on the outside walls of the capillaries. This combined with high blood pressure inside. The capillaries causes the capillaries to rupture resulting in resisting when breathing in flare serves turned down the section on the vacuum cleaner in the lungs to reduce the see the evidence at flare strips dot com airdrie studs. Cairo prints is the leading third crop sire by number of stakes winners stakes horses graded stakes winners in graded stakes horses. He's also a top general sire by the number of two year old winter so far in two thousand twenty and his current crop. Yearlings is his first conceived at a twenty five thousand dollars stud fee yearlings from cairo. Prince's fourth props sold for up to four hundred thousand dollars this year underlining his incredible commercial-appeal at fifteen thousand dollars stands and nurses for twenty twenty one cairo. Prince's value in the extreme standing at airdrie stud think about it from a world class team of equine industry leaders with international breadth that honors history tradition and the sport comes business advisory expertise providing strategic tax compliance and operational services with innovation and determined persistance located the heart of country dean thornton is revered for visionary guidance and equine accounting tax and business consulting dean dort business advisers. Cpa's consultants visit deemed dorton dot com. For all your equipment. Operation needs woodford fee. Tradition merges with technology family owned since nineteen forty and providing exceptional customer. Service would feed specializes in the highest quality. He's only the finest ingredients to ensure optimal nutrition for your horses. In addition woodford can help with all your farm including field seed fertilizer. And we control so whether you're horses spreading around the race track or has a full buyer side kind of woodford fee to provide the quality necessary to perform at the highest level. Woodford feed for sales kentucky. In-depth handicapping advice on the weekends. Stakes preview presented by naira bets every friday from six to seven. Pm eastern anthony. Beale bobby newman look forward to all of the weekend. Biggest stakes races and break down each one with expert analysis. Get a jump on the competition with a weekend. Stakes preview presented by nyerere abets fridays. It's six on serious to nineteen xm to o-o-on or streaming at horse racing radio dot net. Hi this is. Larry cole magazine. You're listening to the horse racing radio network. You're listening to the breeders cup countdown on horse racing radio network david bethel hauling on cut by charging pumped up curious the goodbye to the sixty zero very close person who would raping her purse but in a final one hundred per racist guard. He thirdly herself can't be under captured another brilliant race call by tom. Durkin that the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight breeders cup distaff personal ensign getting up in the final jump to remain undefeated and nail winning colors on the line. Welcome back to the breeders. Cup countdown here on. H. r. n. Bobby newman and jud fell part of windstar week. All week here on the network please now to be joined by our eyes and ears on the ground. at keeneland. acacia. Courtney acacia welcome back. Thanks so much acacia. You've busy mornings the last two mornings a lot to report. I know this morning is no different. Especially because it's the first time that you and anyone at keeneland has gotten to see the coolmore runners. The aidan o'brien brigade they cleared quarantine out on the track for the first time. Today they did. We got a chance to see them out on the track and actually i'm in my car right now and just watched about six of the eleven. Come by horse path heading back over to the quarantine barn and it's just so fun seeing them in the maroon cats and all in their In o'brien coolmore gear and also suited up. They went out on the track and just job in the straight line. A very imposing sight to see them out there to get along the outside rail and I watched actually over on the back side by the gap. So great t kinda beat up close and get a chance to see all of the runners and i. It really is just kind of a sight to see. And i love eight. O'brien has continued to run horses here in the breeders cup and come with such a strong contingent says it looks like he is loaded once again for potentially a big little bit of a a winning slump At the breeders cup but he he's undeterred. I mean you gotta love the guy. he he so game and the way he talks about horses. I can listen to him. You know on a loop just talking about his horses in how thoughtfully is of of every little idiosyncrasy that a horse has and and his opinions on whether they're going to like firm ground or soft ground or whatever the guys just a machine he's he's amazing and to watch those horses come out. I said this morning. It's like off before the sacred. You can't believe what you're seeing. It's just phenomenal. it really is an. He's somebody do that. I would love to have a chance to sit down with and just pick his brain and just listen like you said. Listen to him. Talk about horses. I feel like every time he does an interview. And kind of giving either posters sir. Pre-race comet you really learn something about the horse then it. It really is impressive. And i think you get that from a lot of the top guys in racing speaking to a todd pletcher. Somebody like that. Who has so many horses that can so easily recall the features of each of his runners like you said the little idiosyncrasies the court. It's really very impressive to me. And i think that that's a good horseman is that they really see each of them as an individual. So aidan o'brien as we know has a lot of runners but he knows their strength and their weakness is too and Yes there's definitely strength in numbers and Like you said trying to get that Breeders cup win. Where i i believe he. I saw a stat that he hasn't actually won a race in the us. In a couple of years. Since i think it was twenty eighteen so I think a master horseman and and one that it's just fun to kind of see his operation out work at a big event like this. The british acacia when we have fourteen races and so many big name runners off covering these two days. It's hard to cover everyone. There are a few horses that we haven't talked a lot about that. Have big chances Over the weekend especially when we get to the sprint division yaupon ferenza fire. Sandra three very talented runners. That we haven't gotten to talk about that much. Have you gotten a chance to see them on the track. I did today which was great and Yaupon friends they fire and actually alexandra's well as she won the jaipur in new york. I've gotten to into know these horses through their raises. In their last couple starts and of course a big blow to the sprint with obama being scrapped yesterday due to a temperature for trainer george weaver so that will make your pawn a very short price. But hopefully so is. He's his undefeated. He's striking animal. He's really really beautiful. And today out there. In the track he was freely this well contained he Was kind of had next photo. You see that art of the neck out there on the track. His coat looked amazing. And actually it's my eyes. Since i last saw him in the chick lang it looks like he's put on a little bit of weight which is always a good thing to see that they're carrying good condition and Just seeming to be in really good for him so he was striking out there on the track friends. They fire saw him out as well. He loved as of. We've been talking with some of these other. Horses is the cool weather. I think makes them feel pretty fresh too. He looks like he was just ready to go. Pulling on his rider he was just well forward. Just really kind of into the bridal and Looking like he was full of rotten this afternoon and then what. I was really impressed by. Because i've seen her race but i haven't seen her out in the mornings before that was all alexandra. I talked yesterday about the draw reins on one of the european runners as it's Extra attachment underneath a to the girls to keep the head in a frame. Aleksandra was out in draw reins and they help to keep again. Keep that frame. Keep their art in the neck. Keep their head carriage lower especially when they can be difficult but unlike samuela let the european philly assault. Yesterday i'll exander was not pulling on a writer. She responding to all the cues beautifully touting herself out there and she'll be the boys again this weekend but i gotta say to really wanted me over this morning. She's very talented and has a great late. Turn of foot and Drawings are not Unusual for neil drysdale he He likes to use them. Probably more than a lot of other trainers so She she is something else. I i don't know you know what kind of trip she's gonna get in and if he's going to be at the absolute top of game off the off the little layoff that she's had but She can really run apart. I mean she got a good sign up last time In the jaipur with a lot of speed in there but she's just been so consistent. And i love that. She's taking your shot against the boys again and She really easy mayor route forward. And and i love till she was carrying herself in the mornings. It's obviously very tough task. But i think especially now the biggest thing is to see them looking like they're acting and feeling well and she's definitely showing all of those signs. Talking with acacia courtney. Who's live at keeneland acacia. The breeders cup classic. This year is just a. Who's who of great leonard. So many super talented runners in this year's breeder's cup classic event and their two in particular tom's day ta and maximum security. Who have run races in the past that would easily make them the wants to beat in the breeders cup classic but neither of them won their last starts. They both had troubled starts or or didn't have the best of trips. Have you gotten to see either of them in these past three days. I did get a chance to see both of them this morning. Seen maximum security out kind of in the baffert group the last couple of days with him on the track by himself and Got a chance to see thompson taught as well. Who i haven't seen personally since the whitney and saratoga and a seven year old now and i know Al sol is just hard to show a tremendous amount of patience with edmund. Definitely hats off to him. Getting this horse. Back to the breeders cup and back to a high level He's always the type of force that just his co. Is like almost like you can see your reflection in it. Just the picture of health now i will say he's a little bit of a bigger body type than i remember. And he's coming off a bed of a layoff. Since the whitney there were some others that i thought look at touch more talked up but now it is seven year. Old and jude. I'm sure you can attest to this. While notice as they get older. They tend to carry their wait a little bit more. So if you're seeing that about. Tom state ta i wouldn't put it as a negative is he. He's an elder statesman in the group. You've got kids along as an authentic. You're three year olds facing a seven year old here in tom's eight caught so again just looking and feeling good. Maximum security out and track for bob baffert as he was defeated. This time and I have not seen him. Since he's moved to the barnard bob baffert. I did see him previously when he was with jason service and he's always been very laid back type before and in contrast to offense and improbable who are not laid back in any way shape or form. It was fun getting to see him out on track as he was very well contained by his rider not really having to struggle with him at all. Just an easy so gal out there on the track this morning acacia really appreciate you joining us these last three days before we let you go any others. That caught your eye this morning or interesting story lines. I did see a couple of running in the dirt mile. I think Art collector an incredible story line. Of course for tommy jury he. He gave him his first day. Lynn and the bluegrass and the support. That owner bruce lens for to show to him. I got a chance to meet tommy and speak with him a bit. Before the preakness and minor issues keeping art collector out of the kentucky derby they took a shot in the preakness he ran. Okay not as well perhaps say would take but to be honest having seen seen in that week and looking at him here he looks more of miles hype to me so i liked him turning back. Unfortunately tough inside post but he does what i saw him to preakness every morning. He'll come out on track and he'll just stand there and take everything in for several minutes before going out to do his gallup or whatever it is that he'd be doing in the morning so it was cool getting to see that once again just a sign of a really intelligent type before so he's one i liked turning back again tough post inside but i'm rooting for him Intelligence and that kind of quiet confidence from art collector out this morning was fun as well or collector. Looking to rebound off Really not his best effort in the preakness last time. We actually had a chance to speak with both brian. Hernandez and bruce lunceford a couple of days ago on the program and bruce was saying that He really thinks the fact that art collector just has to get on a van and go on our down the road his home instead of getting on a plane and going to baltimore will really really help his chances. He's drawn well down toward the inside He's a fan favourite. he's kind of become. I don't wouldn't say a cult hero accounta- but he's he's always a lot of people root for You know such great stories with brian hernandez tommy drury such sadness that they they thought they were going to finally get to the kentucky derby and three or four days out a minor issue forces them out He probably would have been the second choice in the race. But comes into the breeders cup dirt mile and He's one of the ones in fact both he and mr money. I think Have chances in the breeders cup dirt. Mile got to see mr money today to his rider. Keeping very very very short range kind of pushed forward as he was just trying to hold him back from doing too much. And that's the biggest thing this week. These horses are ready. This is the best of the best and it's great being out in the morning because one looks best better than the next. i mean. obviously you're going to have ones that you prefer but every horse is coming in here fit top class Just the tremendous animal. And i think it's really awesome getting a chance to see them up close and for me. That's what i enjoy most being out in the mornings and kind of seeing them in their element because these are really the best. Our sport has to offer this weekend and seeing some of the matchup. Stop recording to get Seeing how this ready to roll these horses are it's making me really excited for tomorrow and saturday acacia. Thanks for everything. The past three days. Best of luck this weekend. Thank you so much. Bobby and dude. I've enjoyed talking with you and good luck to you. Both as well acacia cortin he. This is the horse racing radio network. Your exclusive home for the breeders cup world championships greed. One winter and track record setter. Li like their sire. His runners have excelled on both dirt and turf including these standout performers setting the modus. She draws off win by as much as she wants. Chip rich for e five racing thoroughbred five in the with juvenile selling over four hundred thousand dollars and yearlings bringing up to six hundred fifty thousand. The sky's the limit for this promising. Young stallion lee standing at claiborne. Far on sunday november eighth. After the breeders cup phasing tipton will offer a catalogue of exceptional quality all in one spectacular session a night of stars featuring champions breeders cup winners classic winners leading race. Vilis world class broodmares and selected weanlings nearly fifty graded stakes winners and producers catalog. No less than twenty six of which are great one. The world's premier breeding stock event the november zale november eighth in lexington kentucky with online bidding. Available where will you be when a horse breeds during exercise a strong suction forces exerted on the outer walls of the fragile pulmonary capillaries. Think of it like a vacuum cleaner in the air sacs of the lungs pulling on the outside walls of the capillaries this combined with high blood pressures inside. The capillaries causes the capillaries to rupture resulting in h. By reducing resistance when breathing in flare serves turned down the section on the vacuum cleaner in the lungs to reduce the evidence at flirts dot com mercer corner of kentucky bourbon county which some referred to as the promised land. There's in the soil and water that make it something special so special that some of the world's greatest horsemen have staked their claim in the soil just outside of paris iconic names such as clayborn coolmore stone and darlie graced defense lines which have housed champions for generations. The name a lapa shine as a trip to the gilded age sharing the stature and grandeur of its nape born from the wealth passion and imagination of edward simms. No expense was spared to fulfill his fish. Sam's was in the same league as john. Madden and arthur handcock soon. As a commercial breeder the torch has been passed. Welcome to hill lyndale at a lapa. You're listening to the breeders. Cup countdown on the horse racing radio network. Welcome back to the breeders. Cup countdown here on h. r. part of windstar week all week on the network. Well that wraps up our third and final breeders cup countdown. Show here on h. r. and jud. It's been a lot of fun all week. And i feel like we've gained some knowledge going into the breeders cup. Yeah hopefully everybody's got some information that they were seeking in for my friend julie and everybody else that asks goodnight barbados. Don't forget you can listen to all of the breeders cup races live here on. Hr and two thirty to five thirty tomorrow noon to five thirty on saturday sirius to nineteen. Xm two oh one or streaming live on the h. r. n. website horse racing radio dot net for my co-host shoot fell producer. Lee dela pena. I'm bobby newman. Thanks for joining us. All week you've been listening to the breeders cup countdown on h. r. r. who.

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