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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Everything You Need to Know

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite: Everything You Need to Know

"Itself seemed to leak updated kindle paper white devices with larger six point eight inch displays in two variants eight gigabytes for one hundred and forty nine dollars canadian and thirty two gigabytes for two hundred and nine dollars ninety nine cents canadian both with seventeen. Led's quoting good e reader. Amazon is going to be releasing a new kindle paper white in the next few days the reader will have a six point eight inch screen and we'll come. In two variants the kindle paper white five will have eight gigabytes of storage and the kindle paper white signature edition we'll have thirty two gigabytes of storage the product listings are not live but you can learn a little bit about the new devices on the product description page of the kindle basic and can oasis currently. You can view those on the canadian site. They have product pages but they linked to a four page right now. The new kindle paper white five and paperwork five signature edition will both employ a six point eight inch screen with three hundred p. p. i. And the screen will be flush with the basil they will have seventeen white and amber led lights. So you'll be able to use the typical display and it also has the same color temperature system the kennel oasis three employees. This lighting system is a huge upgrade. The paperweight for only has five. Led lights these signature edition will also have auto adjusting light sensors so they will automatically change the brightness of the screen based on the environmental lighting. It will also have wireless charging capabilities and amazon. We'll be selling a new kit. You will be able to connect to wi fi to purchase audio books and e books on the amazon bookstore. The product listing page does not mention a cellular version for an extra fee the kindle paper white five will retail for one hundred forty nine dollars canadian and the eight gigabyte model for two hundred nine dollars. Ninety nine cents. Canadian for the kindle signature edition the prices will likely be lower in the united states when the listing goes live in a couple of days. You can bookmark the product description pages right now and they will likely be going live sometime in the next twenty four hours and quote.

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Amazon Leaks New Kindle Paperwhite With Larger 6.8-Inch Display

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Amazon Leaks New Kindle Paperwhite With Larger 6.8-Inch Display

"This one is not an official release but an official leak. Maybe amazon itself seemed to leak updated kindle paper white devices with larger six point eight inch displays in two variants eight gigabytes for one hundred and forty nine dollars canadian and thirty two gigabytes for two hundred and nine dollars ninety nine cents canadian both with seventeen. Led's quoting good e reader. Amazon is going to be releasing a new kindle paper white in the next few days the reader will have a six point eight inch screen and we'll come. In two variants the kindle paper white five will have eight gigabytes of storage and the kindle paper white signature edition we'll have thirty two gigabytes of storage the product listings are not live but you can learn a little bit about the new devices on the product description page of the kindle basic and can oasis currently. You can view those on the canadian site. They have product pages but they linked to a four page right now. The new kindle paper white five and paperwork five signature edition will both employ a six point eight inch screen with three hundred p. p. i. And the screen will be flush with the basil they will have seventeen white and amber led lights. So you'll be able to use the typical display and it also has the same color temperature system the kennel oasis three employees. This lighting system is a huge upgrade. The paperweight for only has five. Led lights these signature edition will also have auto adjusting light sensors so they will automatically change the brightness of the screen based on the environmental lighting. It will also have wireless charging capabilities and amazon. We'll be selling a new kit. You will be able to connect to wi fi to purchase audio books and e books on the amazon bookstore. The product listing page does not mention a cellular version for an extra fee the kindle paper white five will retail for one hundred forty nine dollars canadian and the eight gigabyte model for two hundred nine dollars. Ninety nine cents. Canadian for the kindle signature

The Murder Case of Yvonne Layne: Searching for the Star Witnesses

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The Murder Case of Yvonne Layne: Searching for the Star Witnesses

"At this point. I've been in touch with david thorne for nearly two years. David has been in prison for twenty two years for allegedly murdering his ex girlfriend yvonne lane on march thirty first nineteen ninety nine since then david has adamantly proclaimed his innocence and the bizarre murder case and conviction has been featured on multiple news tv e programs and so for the past two years. I have been consumed like dwayne poelman. Warned would happen and so i decided to finally enlist the help of professional private investigators. John harden danny wexler and jason baldwin from the west memphis three and his organization proclaimed justice so back on the ground in ohio. We continued our search for chris. Campbell remember john. And danny thought rose and chris were the most key people in this entire investigation chris and his girlfriend rose. Were the star witnesses at trial. Twenty-three-year-old rose an twenty one year old. Chris both testified at trial. They said they saw joe at the carnation mall around closing. They said he told them he was in town for a job and they said that job was to kill a girl. The card joe allegedly wrote his phone number on for. Chris was presented at trial to prove that joe was there with them the native the murder and at this point. We don't really question that they were all there together but what happened while they were there is what we wonder about by trial three months after the murder some details of what they remembered changed from what they'd set in their initial statements and then a bit more change between those statements. The time they took the stand six months after that rose initially said joe was in white pants and a white track jacket by trial. The pants were black. Rose also said that. The knife that joe showed them was definitely not a pocket knife. She said it was an eight inch knife in a sheath by trial it was a pocket knife. We tried to find rose on our first trip because we had many questions about her statement. We wanted to know why it changed and also about something. She told police in her tape statement. Because i'm scared for my life. Because chris campbell for me if i said anything he met me. And that's why i've been scared. His oliver nagai as race. People do things when they're scared. Like sometimes people lie and we wondered. was it possible. She lied

David Thorne Yvonne Lane Dwayne Poelman John Harden Danny Wexler Jason Baldwin JOE Chris Carnation Mall West Memphis Rose David Campbell Danny Ohio John
More Than 45 Dead After Ida's Remnants Blindside Northeast

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More Than 45 Dead After Ida's Remnants Blindside Northeast

"The unbelievable scenes destruction of the remnants of hurricane ida battered the northeast secretary of energy jennifer. Granholm joins me to talk about the urgent need for climate infrastructure ahead. At least forty. Three people are dead in the northeast. After the remnants of hurricane ida swept through the area last night record breaking rainfall led to massive and dangerous flooding with streets like these in newark new jersey essentially turned into rivers. Newark received an all time high daily total of more than eight inches of rain as well as a record one hour total of nearly three and a quarter inches in one hour. The airport newark had to temporarily suspend flights with floodwaters evening reaching inside the terminal buildings in southern new jersey. A tornado hit the town of a hill causing catastrophic damage. A tornado in jersey. Leveling some homes down the foundations new york city so deluca arenas well more than seven inches falling in central park. And get this. The city said new early record more than three inches of rain record which smashed the record set just eleven days prior with hurricane. Own re this subway station in brooklyn was just one of many inundated by floodwaters grinding the entire system to a halt. You couldn't get a train last night. Passengers had to be rescued from seventeen subway. Cars resident of downtown manhattan captured. This scene water rushing in to the living room of her duplex apartment. Homes across the region sustained devastating flood damage. This bridgeport pennsylvania neighborhood remained underwater today after a nearby river overflowed water. Rescues were carried out this morning.

Hurricane Ida Newark Granholm New Jersey Jennifer Central Park New York City Jersey Hurricane Brooklyn Manhattan Bridgeport Pennsylvania
Who Will Pay To Protect Tech Giants From Rising Seas?

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Who Will Pay To Protect Tech Giants From Rising Seas?

"Lauren in our episode last week you told us about facebook how the company has built its headquarters on the waterfront and at sea levels rise it and the cities around it will need to build defences to keep the water back and the big question in that story was was a fair amount for facebook to pay for those defenses. And today we're talking about whether buildings should happen at all in areas vulnerable to climate change. And it's a story that involves another tech giant google. Yes and for google. The situation is a little different. And i should say google is among npr's financial supporters. Yep disclosure Yeah they recently bought a lot of property in sunnyvale with plans to build a major expansion on it. it's actually more than seventy properties close to the shoreline worth almost three billion dollars. Whoa okay that's a lot and what's there now. Yeah this neighborhood. It's known as moffett park. It's really an office park right now. There's lots of these low rise office buildings with lots of big parking. Lots what google wants to build is different. It'll be offices of course but also housing which isn't in moffett park right now and it's it's not for employees necessarily. It'll be on the market for anyone. They're also envisioning green spaces and bike paths basically walkable neighborhoods. That's the direction. A lot of cities are going in. Right yeah. I mean getting people out of their cars and moving away from the suburban model. Yeah and changing. Our land use is a key strategy for dealing with climate change and cutting carbon emissions but climate change is also a problem for this neighborhood because sea levels are rising and rising increasingly. Fast right okay. So how soon will that encroaching water be a problem fairly quickly. I mean there's already been about eight inches of sea level rise over the last century. By mid century san francisco bay could see about a foot to two feet and by the end of the century. It could be as much as seven feet. If humans don't substantially cut emissions so basically every high tide is getting higher and the risk of flooding is greater if there's a storm or wins that create bigger

Moffett Park Google Facebook Lauren Sunnyvale NPR San Francisco Bay
Tropical Storm Pounds East Coast After Killing 1 in Florida

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Tropical Storm Pounds East Coast After Killing 1 in Florida

"Tropical storm Elsa has killed at least one person in Florida and now it's moving north authorities in Jacksonville Florida say one person was killed when a tree fell and hit two cars in Georgia at a navy base the storm flipped over some are vis a blue one of them into a lake torrential rains fell over the Carolinas as Elsa moved through South Carolina early this morning the storm is moving north and should be near or over the northeast by tomorrow the national hurricane center's Jack Bevan says some areas Elsa is targeting could see a lot of rain there is the likelihood of rain three to five inches of rain along the line of a storm tracker possibly up to eight inches in some areas hurricane centers Jack Bevan I'm ready to fall lay

Tropical Storm Elsa Florida Jack Bevan Jacksonville Carolinas Navy Georgia National Hurricane Center South Carolina Elsa
Invasion of the jumping worms


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Invasion of the jumping worms

"Worms jump anwar. Yeah what's up with these worms. They are a big news story over the past couple of months even few past years now and they're all over the mid west kansas missouri wisconsin minnesota even as far east as new york state. And they're kind of a big deal here. Why why are they such a big deal. That like news is covering them. I mean first off worms are just cool. I don't know where you've been but these jumping worms there really weird. There's there broncos the weirdest worms you've ever seen and we really don't know that much about them their mysterious they're moving fast and they're changing our ecosystems so it's okay so so the weirder thing sounds a lot more fun than the invasive part. Let's start with the fun part about the fund what makes them so weird Yes so i talked to bernie williams. She's at the wisconsin department of natural resources and If you a worm problem. She's the person to call. We had a homeowner in a really urban area of madison. Give us a call on friday afternoon. You know when you really just wanna go home from work. She's very upset. So it's like us share houses drive by on my way home and she had millions literally millions of worms just pouring out of her landscaping covered. Her driveway they were all up and down this street in the gutters just rising for some people that might be really unpleasant. Thin you would. You would run away. But i was really intrigued. Like wow look at those stomach worms. They can grow to be or to eight inches long. They move like a snake when they get startled or harassed a fresh around almost like a snake would. I'm hoping joke. He was jumping all over. The place seem now move like a snake to these worms. Actually jump that jumped. They wriggle basically you think of like a normal worm. Just sorta like scrutiny around in the dirt these guys come up across one of them they like freak out and start wiggling all over the place jumping out of your hands. They're hard to hold onto and they're a lot more monthly than you'd

Bernie Williams Wisconsin Department Of Natura Broncos Missouri Wisconsin Kansas Minnesota New York Madison
Phil Mickelson defies age to win PGA Championship

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Phil Mickelson defies age to win PGA Championship

"Mickelson six time major champion. What the hell. He's a sociopath. I watched that. I watched that masters bag thing and it was one of those jarring things. I think you've ever seen he said he took. I forget what he takes out. Like a sand wedge. You never have to hit a full sand wedge or something at augusta so he took that out of the bag and adds. That's where he does the extra driver or whatever to would he wants to put in the bag or whatever but Yeah holy shit man. I'm still getting hotter. How about the putter this week. Like like keith. Mitchell had agreed tweet. He's like everybody everybody's talking about armlock in forty eight inch driver. Host swing mo all these different all these different things. He's just using a piece of like titanium or whatever yeah it's so crazy ultimate flex. It is switching to claw on the seventy first hall for like for putt. That absolutely needed to go in was one man is capable of doing that. Just sneaking that in there

Mickelson Augusta Mitchell Keith
The New iMacs Are Here

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The New iMacs Are Here

"So a lot of us. Remember max back in the day when they had all the different color monitors and things like that. They're back now. I max mike. You've spent some time recently with the new apple imac right. What did you think yeah. That's true. I have a review up on tech data com So far i've. I've spent less than a week with the new computer. But i can say i'm impressed. Apple pitches these new i- maxis fitting for nearly every room in the home. Well maybe not the bathroom The new i'm x twenty four inch retina display capable of better than four k video price. Start at one thousand. Two hundred eighty one two nine nine one thousand two hundred and ninety nine dollars with two fifty-six gigabytes of storage and are available and as you mentioned colors blue green pink and silver models with a more powerful eight core graphics processing chip on the others have seven corps when start at one four nine nine. That's fourteen hundred ninety nine dollars. Those come with a to fifty six gigabyte hard. Drive the model apple sent for me to check out. Retail's one thousand six hundred ninety nine dollars it has a bigger hard drive five hundred twelve gigabytes and it's purple one of the additional color features finishes at this slightly higher priced Level there's also a yellow and orange now really look good on my desk and left plenty of room for my work. Mac book to Apple says the in one ship. Which all these i have. And it's actually a system on chip so that actually designers to make the form factor To use one of those words Slight smaller. there's a smaller footprint on the depth of the Computer is five point. Eight inches that compares to six point nine inches for the for the current twenty. One point five inch i met would so. That's a smaller display on that. But more depth. It's also lighter at less than ten

Max Mike Apple MAX
New Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8

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New Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8

"Was fortunate amazon. Shared some information with me and as of now when you hearing this podcast. You can actually preorder these new devices. So what are they. Let's get into them. The echo show five as you will know. Is the smaller version of the echo. Show the echo with display Five inches by five point five inches in fact and there is the echo show eight which is sort of the mid size echo device with a screen. There's also the echo show ten. Which is the one that swivels what they're announcing today is the new version of the echo. Show five and the echo show eight and i want to tell you a little bit about each one of these. So the echo show five now features a compact five point five inch display but it's got an upgraded a high definition camera. It's going to be coming in three different colors. Charcoal glacier white and deep sea blue and the price is the same as the older version which is ninety nine ninety nine so Pretty good price for the brand new device. I'm gonna get a few more details about this one. But i just want to cover the highlights right off the bat here for you. And the highlights for the echo. Show eight is. It's an all new echo. Show eight with a vibrant. High am eight inch. High-definition camera and adaptive color display. It has a thirteen megapixel wide angle camera with a digital pan tilt and zoom which means it can digitally change the field of you by panning and following you around. It has dual stereo speakers for clear balanced sound and the price is the same at one sixty nine ninety nine

Kuo: Foldable iPhone in 2023!

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Kuo: Foldable iPhone in 2023!

"Main chico has a research note out saying that apple is planning to launch a foldable iphone with an eight inch q. hd plus flexible. Oh led display in two thousand twenty. Three quo says apple will ship. Fifteen to twenty million of the foldable iphones. That first year of sales. Cutting macrumors close predicts that foldable smartphones will become a must have for all major smartphone brands. Ed will boost the next super replacement cycle for high end models. And he believes apple is well positioned to be the biggest winner in the device. Trend believes that the upcoming iphone will adopt a silver nanno. Wire touch solution for the device's display. Which will create a quote long term competitive advantage for apple in the device market. This display technology will be needed for future foldable devices that support more than a single. Fold quoting now from quos note. Future foldable devices will require touch technology that supports multiple folds versus only a single fold and current foldable smartphones rollable medium to large size displays and durability when comparing the advantages of the above specifications. The silver nanna wire is similar or superior to stc's why octa and quote quo says that apple is already using silver nano wire for the touch interface of the home pod allowing apple to quote master the technology at a lower cost using small volume production and quote.

Apple Main Chico ED STC
"eight  inch" Discussed on Overnight Drive

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"eight inch" Discussed on Overnight Drive

"Is us arm. What's your name sir. Jim what's yours. My name is jim. What's yours pie. you'll give me your name in. Its first clo- high you about him. And how old are you sleep office. How can i assist you. Going on man like fucking. Yes legal office. How can i help you. That's a new one. Now what's going on man's really good man really good really good springfields eight inch cock thinking to handle that you wow recording and you're getting you're you're in a hair hair salon in your hair was wet. You remember that now. Worn toilet swift. Yeah.

Jim jim eight inch first springfields
FBI Still Hasn't Found DNC, RNC Pipe Bomb-Maker

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FBI Still Hasn't Found DNC, RNC Pipe Bomb-Maker

"Authorities have charged hundreds of people for allegedly participating in the January 6th right of the U. S Capitol. But one person still eludes them. The person who placed two explosive devices in Washington D. C the night before Here are Tim Mack and Dina Temple Raston from NPR's investigations unit. The crime the FBI is trying to solve happened between 7:38:30 P.m.. That's when authorities believe the suspect planted two pipe bombs just blocks from the Capitol. The suspect was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. Ah Cove in mask and expensive sneakers. They were Nike Air Max speed turf with the yellow logo. Surveillance cameras captured the figure walking through a Capitol Hill neighborhood the night before the January six riots. One of the bombs was placed on a park bench near the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee, the other behind Republican Party headquarters and surveillance footage caught the suspect walking look at how close their feet are to each other. So that is a narrow base of gate. That's Dr Mike Nierenberg, who wrote the textbook on Forensic Gait analysis. He helps identify people based on how they walk. He's watching along with us as we review surveillance video from that night immediately. What you notice is the arm swing of the person on that left arm. There's not a lot of rotation in their upper half of their body, their torso. The FBI has asked for help finding someone who walks like this. The explosive devices they found were made from one by eight inch galvanized steel pipes. Plumbers typically used And they had plastic kitchen timers mounted on top. The con Jews been around set. The FBI said the explosive inside was homemade black powder, which could be a mix of just about anything that will ignite. Typically, it includes salt Peter and sulfur and gunpowder. The FBI is yet to say exactly what explosive was

Tim Mack Dina Temple Raston FBI Dr Mike Nierenberg U. NPR Democratic National Committee Capitol Hill Washington Nike Republican Party
Nashville floods leave 4 dead, 130 rescued

The Ben Shapiro Show

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Nashville floods leave 4 dead, 130 rescued

"Under a state of emergency after flooding left at least four people dead overnight. Mayor John Cooper says he's asking for state and federal help to deal with the flooding. Nashville First responders rescued at least 130 people for vehicles and homes as water rose Parts of the national area had up to eight inches of rain in the last day. The city of

Mayor John Cooper Nashville
Samsung offers a big TV update with TikTok app, MicroLEDs and more

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Samsung offers a big TV update with TikTok app, MicroLEDs and more

"Samsung held its event today to unveil some more. Tv news. What were some of the big headlines so as you mentioned they pretty much told us all the important stuff or the important stuff already knew their new neo q. Tv's some micro led tv's but they saved a little bit for now Because these teachers are just sitting stores. That's kind of the idea. Usually a big event where they talk about pricing availability. These things you can actually buy them now. So that's happening. These are on preorder for the most part so the biggest thing that came out was a tiktok app. Actually the phone centric app is making. Its way to samsung televisions. It's actually already available in the uk but this is the limit late tiktok as you may imagine so. We're getting that app soon. Samsung says real timeframe there. So that allow you to watch those videos on your samsung tv. And then of course that really plays well into their their weird cerro. tv roj. it's this thing that rotates. Yeah i wanted to ask you about the ceremony. How that plays into this because it was. I think it was introduced not this year last year. Right and it rotates similar to how a phone would rotate from portrait to landscape mode. And back. how how's it going to work. There's there's also an update to this. Tv as well right so what. What's the latest. So so the cerro recap it's been out for about a year the us It's a forty three inch. Tv seventeen hundred bucks really expensive from forty three inch tv. But what you get for your you know. Significant cash outlay is the ability for the screen to flip back and forth between Landscape which is your typical television. You know orasanin view the sixty nine screen to flip up into portrait mode. The idea there is that you can mirror your screen on your phone. Blow it up really big and it looks just like a phone. A big forty three inch phone and now tiktok. It allows you to play those vertical portrait mode videos without any black bars bars on either side. So it's really perfect for that or a lot of people record their their phone of videos in portrait mode to those look fine images to on that. Tv screen so it is kind of market as the tv for like the mobile Millennial generation and just to be clear the tiktok app. It's not it's just consuming tiktok feet right. There isn't like a camera built in tv. Alleged shoop tiktok videos right then and there. No so this is. This is just a browse tiktok videos. In fact it is really designers browsing. You don't even need a tiktok account to use the app you can just like fire it up and start watching Tiktok videos to arts intent data like they serve because talks one of the keys keys. The tiktok success has been the algorithm Pushes relevant videos to you in a nonstop stream. Is that if you're not logging or you just getting random popular tiktok themes or videos. You're getting stuff that's the most popular trending But then you can also say stuff. You're interested in when you first get on the tiktok app installed. They'll ask if you are interested in. You can go to those different categories you know for example sports entertainment pop culture whatever and you can have shown up as well so again. It's designed to be as as uninterested as possible. You just kind of have these. These videos served up to you and We'll see what it looks like when they when they watch it later this year all right well another announcement is this new size. Option for a micro led tv. Let me guess there. They're still crazy expensive right well. They haven't officially announced pricing. I asked him a on a call. You guys what's the price of leasing. They still are being cagey about that. But just what you know these. Tv's micro led. Is a brand new. tv technology. Samsung is pushing. It's really really really expensive. Supposed to have spectacular picture quality. If not as good better than ole ed. But you know it's a gigantic sizes so right now the first one hit the market is going to be the hundred and ten inch and selling in korea for about hundred fifty six thousand dollars so just set the stage for what kind of television wire this is aimed at now. The news today is that they're also going to be stepping down the size down to seventy six inch. There's a ninety nine eight inch size so these are really really really large. Tv's really really expensive. Bottom samsung can do

Samsung Tiktok Orasanin Shoop Tiktok UK United States Ole Ed Korea
Checkride Turbulence And 3 Books

Behind the Prop

05:56 min | 10 months ago

Checkride Turbulence And 3 Books

"What's up. Walling a bobby how are you. I'm great nother week. 'nother show we Shows grown a lot and we want to think about the listen to the show. We are back to another check right episode. This is something. We put together that we're branding or calling. Check ride turbulence taking the bumps check rides and this week. We want to talk about really something basic to help you. Prepare for the check ride That that wally sees too few people doing and that. I enforced here about some students that come to us from other schools. Don't use these books on a regular basis and as we become commercial pilot's probably think of more but a student pilots. You should have and be aware of three big things as it relates to flying. There's obviously more but these are three things for the check. Ride the p. h. The acs and the foreign name. And if you were to bring those three books to your check ride and actually know how to use them know. What's in them. I think you'd be surprised how easy that check ride. They would go would you. Would you agree. Well absolutely i. i remember my first I grew up in an aviation family. I flew with my father quite a bit as a as a very young Young little boy. But i took my. I what i call my first real flying lesson on august. Thirty first nineteen eighty-one so almost forty years ago and it was in a tomahawk piper tomahawk. Who was two five four nine alpha and member walking The the i fly. We flew for about an hour and we walk back into the flight. School the f. b. l. And i remember my instructor taking me right up to the counter and there's a little display case there and he said you need to get that book right there and you need to learn it now. I have already done private pilot. Ground school so i already had a copy of the f. a. r. a. m. and You know. I had a jepson Private pilot book and so i was Well on my way. But i remember him saying okay. You need to buy that book and you need to know everything in it. And so that night i remember going home and opening up the po h. And starting to remember it To memorize it and learn it and you know. I remember learning the menu. The propeller manufacturer was a seventy eight inch propeller fixed pitch. And i'm i'm thinking to myself. Well okay he said. I needed to learn it so you know what that meant on that day did you. Did you instantly know what all that Probably not probably not. But i did. I learned it And nowadays I i went back. And i think of my career my aviation career and how many check rides. I've taken over my career. And i i don't know how many it is but it's a lot and i don't think i have ever taken a check ride in an airplane that i did not have a personal copy of the po h whether it be in print or digitally I went to my bookshelf. The other day and i found that tomahawk manual. I still have it. it's again. It's over forty years old. I have a a beechcraft baron manual. I have a beechcraft duchess. I've bonanza manual. I have one for a a warrior and they're old but they're they're still good information and a mess still valid and of course with the airlines You know the issue you manuals and back in the day used to be paper manuals but now it's all digitally transmitted the ipad so that makes it very nice but again i have never taken a check ride in an airplane that i did not own the manual to And you know so. What are you studying the manolo. The peo- h we're talking about here So what do you study well you know obviously limitations It's more knowing where it's more knowing how to use the manual then knowing what's in it And and i tell people man you know if you're just gonna spend ten minutes getting an overview of the manual. Maybe the table of contents for each chapter might be a thing just so you know what's in there. Yeah and we'll we'll show some of my lack of pilots. When i was a student you know. And and how i got smarter as i got more proficient in probably happens everybody but i fly. Our one eighty two a lot now flat a lot with my family. I check the fuel Obviously a lot i have. A dipstick tells me how much fuels in that and recently I think i asked a rampart or somebody to check that for me before i went then i checked it again before i went in the numbers aren't the same that i had asked for and i thought that was a little bit odd But they they they want and did that with the dipstick and they they had the wrong dipstick of course but i asked him. Do you know in the ph where to look at. How many gallons are in the tank because they had a dipstick said a different number of gallons in that particular tank and this is a student pilot who wants to learn and i wanted to teach them and also teach my staff as well as saint. Thomas said where do we look. Let's go pull out the peo- h. And look at it and it was funny. They jumped towards the back and performance in the fuel system. And all these other places but as you talk about limitations there's a pretty good summary right up in the fourth or fifth page that drives about what each tank has in it and that's a quick way to verify and to your point about knowing how to use the book i don't necessarily need to know every plane and every tank size and everything at an airport but if i'm going to go fly that plane i better know where to find out how much fuel it can hold.

Walling Wally Jepson Thomas
Why a Charleston woman decided to demolish her home

Climate Connections

01:12 min | 10 months ago

Why a Charleston woman decided to demolish her home

"Years. Elizabeth boy no lived in south carolina. You're the ashley river and charleston harbor but when two major storms brought flood waters close to her door. She realized her home is at risk. And it would get worse with sea level rise. It became so real an even more frightening realizing that the next flood that came through could be the end of me so boy no listed the house for sale but before it sold. Her fears came true hurricane irma in eight inches of water filter home. The house became virtually impossible to sell even after multiple price drops. So boy no decided to sell the property as a vacant lot. She requested a permit to tear down the house and applied for fema grant to help cover the cost. It was an unusual request that required extensive documentation city staff even gave boy no nickname. They call me the trailblazer because they said they learn something new every day from my situation the process took years but eventually at work boy no had the house torn down and sold the lot. The new owners built an elevated house. Boy no was charleston's trailblazer. But as sees rise and extreme weather intensifies other coastal homeowners will be forced to make similar tough

Hurricane Irma Ashley River Charleston Harbor South Carolina Elizabeth Fema Charleston
How to Care for a String of Pearls Plant

Your Gardening Questions

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How to Care for a String of Pearls Plant

"Says a girl. I work with was throwing out a dying string of pearls plant rescued. It took it home. I cut the dead parts out and started watering it. And it started to come back to life but it's an eight inch pot which now seems way too big for the plant. Should i put it in a smaller pot or just wait for it to fill in. Well no if. I were talking directly with dana. I'd ask her how long or is this. The rim remnants of the original plant. That now looks skimpy in the pop. they can stand being a little bit of rebound now. I don't mean mashed up where those soil in the but but at the same time as a succulent there Capable of doing what she has dealt with Bless her tell her to blessed to levy that threw it out. Because that's a plant that can go on and on and on and what she did was exactly right to cut the debt out And encourage new growth even to the point depending on. How far up do you can bring visit is a penniless plant. You can cut it back up a little bit and cause it to start over again and this is almost an ideal time to do it. Our days are getting longer in terms of outside light coming in. We can always leave lights on more as a succulent. The plant does need water. No question about it and if little pearls don't don't expand. Then you know you're not giving it enough water if they expand nicely than. Don't push me on that. I would guess that in this age pot. She would probably not have to water more than every other week. Now as in watering any potted plant water thoroughly let it run through drain out into a pot of base stand. Whatever it may be men just let it start to dry again because as a succulent you can flat out. Kill them with too much kindness in terms of water Light wise. It's a very interesting plant. It can handle indoors wearing nicely. You only need to four hours of direct sun or let you say nearly direct sun in a given day thrives in house temperature Once the the we've gotten a little past this point maybe maybe a month from now she can and maybe should This plant now. I i always grab what i call the african violet low analysis. I they tell you to use x. Amount per i use half of x. And i will start fertilizing that plant it somewhere in the period of Oh late march early april. Get it going because it takes at least two weeks for fertilizer to catch up with the needs of the plant so even even could be done now if she has a place where she can keep it. Pretty good light Then the next step because it is as Any other plant would be being indoors as being a hanging planet. It can be dutiful all the way around three sixty degrees in unless she does not turn it. Maybe a quarter a third of a turn a week to the well to the window. Nearest in terms of full sun Fertilize every couple of weeks lightly. Clear on into early fall and then clinton and just enjoy the rest of the winter. So tell her. she's a winner. What the plants value is but she came out a winner And and i kinda sorry for the lead gave it up but everybody gets rid of a diet plant from time to time. And i'm glad that dana grabbed this

Dana Clinton
Huawei unveils flagship foldable smartphone for China market

Daily Tech News Show

03:46 min | 10 months ago

Huawei unveils flagship foldable smartphone for China market

"Have another foldable phone. This one from wall way. Sarah tells all about it all right away. The made x. two which now holds the screen inside like the samsung galaxy. Fold rather than wrapping around the outside when you close it while we added a second six point. Four or five inch led ninety. Heard screen to the made to for you to use. It is folded. The inside foldable screen is eight inches. Twenty four by twenty display and the company says the mate x has less of an internal gap so it folds flatter than the galaxy full. So they're obviously making comparisons there. The screen folds into a waterdrop shape at the hinge when closed to prevent chrissy and and also breaking the made two launches but the android ten based. Em ui eleven. No google services but while we says it will be. One of the first device is upgraded to harmony os. That's always us in april. The made extra comes to china on february twenty fifth for seventy thousand nine hundred ninety nine one which is about two thousand seven hundred eighty five. Us dollars the announcement was conducted in mandarin nod. In english as is as it was in previous announcements and facts while we may run out of parts in q to even one if us trade restrictions do remain in place. Nick asia reported last week. That always told suppliers smartphone component orders would-be sixty percent lower than last year. Yes on the one hand we we see wah wah moving over to samsung's form factor On the other hand they are touting unimproved hinge that they say well. We've moved there because we've made it better but outside this is obviously targeted only domestically in china and We it's a question of even how many they could make to sell in china. Trevor have you been paying attention to this. Yeah i mean. I think if you're running out of chips the navy a good strategy would be to put out a phone. That's this expensive. You know you're not gonna sell now. Granted they they've probably been working on this for years but like that's going to help like how many people are going to spend twenty eight hundred dollars on a folding fund but it puts wall in a position where they're innovating on this new form factor. And personally. I think that the the full actually works really well. Because you don't have that sort of lopsided gap that you do in other foldables while way is playing out the clock here. They're they're hoping they can find a way out of this and they just wanna keep making models. They sold off on her but they do not want to sell off while way itself which would be the only other way out of this but if the. Us doesn't budge. Which doesn't look like it's going to. I'm not sure how long they can go. Obviously not longer than q two if things stay exactly the way they are now. Well the the foldable itself looks pretty nice guy. I didn't watch the entire announcement again in mandarin but the subtitles. I can follow along pretty well but it does look at least you know when someone standing on stage telling you about specs. It looks to be very nice When it's you know when it's when it's being used in tablet form You got a nice little eight inch screen when you've when it's when it's folded but you can still use it as a phone kind of block easy but i think for anyone who's like yeah but i have multiple devices and one that makes sense. It does seem pretty sturdy. One thing i did like about it was that they said that it was waited on one side and it reminded me a lot of the e-readers in adel put more weight on. What side because it's a more natural way to hold the device when you're holding it open so i think that's something that hopefully other foldables will adopt. Because they're sort even because they're trying to distribute the parts evenly across the

Nick Asia Samsung China Chrissy Sarah Trevor Google Navy United States
"eight  inch" Discussed on WSB-AM


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"eight inch" Discussed on WSB-AM

"Over eight inches of rain have saturated that Lana in the past six weeks alone have you checked to see if your crawl space needs a life preserver this is Kirk March for American crawl space solutions Atlanta's most trusted at removing water from crawl spaces American cross space solutions will try your crawl space encapsulated to keep a try and if there's mold they'll demolish it with their pressurized one of a kind soda blasting get your crawl space dry with American crawl space solutions dot com American crawl space solutions your best value for call space repair one in four that's how many men suffer from erectile dysfunction or similar problems in their lifetime one in four men you don't have to be a statistic this is doctor below C. E. O. of Google a medical and for over eighteen years our team of medical professionals have been transforming lives and helping men regain their full potential don't rely on a miracle pill or hyped up fad D. D. isn't just a physical problem it affects mental health and confidence as well and it isn't going away on its own approval medical we understand the impact that has on your life and we're ready to help today it all starts with a consultation so called global medical at seven seven oh four one five forty four thirty three or text the word man the thirty one thirty one thirty one are you ready to stop denying and start doing so to get started and get your life back tax man at thirty one thirty one thirty one message and data rates may apply Eric's IRS troubles were nasty at ten years of unpaid tax returns iota all the money in taxes you know I started getting letters and unbelievably complex tax code are so complicated that if you don't pay your tax professional bigger taxes you're gonna screw up yeah complex problem I did not think anybody could volunteer X. whole life was about to go down the drain so he called optima tax relief was able to make sense out of a huge disaster and optimised opted to say the least Eric was very relieved they got me out water that's for sure optimist made me a boatload of money and got me out of a horribly complex situation if you.

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"eight inch" Discussed on KHVH 830AM

"Our borders on invasive species a lot of different things but because started affecting the way we grew and the rains and things like that and you know I don't think people realize that you know when you have a storm that drops you know six the eight inches of rain in a twenty four hour period or you have winds forty to fifty miles an hour it affects agriculture in Hawaii greatly arm you know forty fifty mile an hour winds sixty mile an hour winds arcade group applies departures will fall at that you know six eight inches of rain you get you growing greens it's damaging the lives falling into the ground yeah you know sold a lot of things that farming well it's very risky business you know and but you got to be able to withstand those those storms in your story is unfortunately not dissimilar to others similar types of challenges it cetera but what I've noted we have just a few moments is that also unfortunately we've seen a decline in the valuation market valuation of agriculture as a whole if there was something recently correct me if I'm wrong but there's been an increase in the number of farms anywhere from one to five acreage farms so we have folks are still desirous to be in this industry E. R. am I on the right track yeah I I think there are people that want to be in it it's just it's the challenges are becoming greater because of things like all food safety for example to do away you know two acre farm and comply with food safety issues are there you can do what you can afford it you need capacity of built up capacity to be able to afford a lot of food safety.

Hawaii E. R.
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"eight inch" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Four to eight inches possible with the highest levels of officials about three thousand feet all the kids will see from east northeast winds that really helps to enhance some of the totals he says travel will most likely be affected today and should clear up by Tom by a tomorrow a new laws so come with the new year for the state of California by next week a new law goes into effect which will impact the way cops decide how to use force especially lethal force also new law lets the fish and game commission create a pilot program which could allow people to collect and eat wildlife killed by vehicles only those with the permit would be allowed to do so and if you're riding in a bus limo tax your camper you won't be allowed to use cannabis but you can still drink alcohol and finally by twenty twenty one if you're busted using your cell phone while driving there are stiffer penalties including adding an extra point to your license Steve Gregory KFI news a man in Florida says he's overwhelmed by the love he's received for paying the overdue utility bills of thirty six families I've got many messages from around the world telling me what an inspiration I am and I actually have some messages where people of already began to pay this fall were Mike as and says he never expected paying off the bills would lead to interest from the Ellen show and the radio station in Switzerland as been says his good deed is resonating with people because it's about spreading joy in a time of great turmoil and Queen Elizabeth says the Christmas message of peace and good will is as relevant as ever the queen used part of her televised speech to note the humble beginnings of the life of Jesus Christ many of us already tried to follow in his footsteps the parts of course is not always flows and may at times this year have felt quite bumpy the small steps can make a world of difference the line about a bumpy year was taken by some as a hint at the queen's personal life her son prince Sanders been caught up in questions about the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein Queen Elizabeth broadcaster first Christmas speech in nineteen fifty two checking a crash in Carson it is up on some of the one ten freeway just before the ninety one you ever reckon the two right lanes here see if he's on scene you ride bunched up to come away from Rosecrans just rhetoric in Norwalk something for the six five the one oh five clearing a crash of the left lane there you're right recovering as you come away from the five speaking of that five if you're moving into the elision park area north on five just before the one ten a wreck with several cars stuck in water they have all lanes shut down the crews on the scene to take everybody off Broadway you're slow from main street and if you're moving to Anaheim northbound fifty seven before linking saw the car spin out carpooling block or so from patella Sherman oaks four of us out the Burbank Boulevard wreck with an overturned car right wing taken away heavy right from Sherman way KFI in the sky helps get you there faster I'm.

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Newsradio 700 WLW

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"eight inch" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"Some delays back to where the been row area but this is certainly going to improve seventy five Kim and north bound little bit slow in Kentucky often on from Dixie highway to the bridge also well watch out for some wet roads and high winds out there this morning she said their hard on newsradio seven hundred WLW this report is sponsored by each one a surprise your little one with the bike eBay has lots of bikes first bike mountain bikes even really loud bikes check eBay and you'll always find an unmatched selection at a price you'll love the latest forecast for the advanced dentistry weather center we moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation learn more at no fear dentist dot com twenty five three is up for the tri state through nine o'clock tonight very windy conditions today expected Gus right now having about fifteen miles an hour we'll see one more round of showers move through this morning before we start to see some clearing later on the high today forty five it is fifty four degrees right now this is service of Kubota tractors forty one year old man from Massachusetts in his five year old son our debt they were killed in a head on crash that's not on I seventy one in Warren County police believe the driver got on the interstate headed the wrong way the Ohio forty eight inch entrance to seventy one and he ran into a semi three year old boy in the SUV was seriously injured in the accident as well a wreck close southbound seventy one for several hours last night police that they can't say at this point of speed alcohol or drugs may have played some role in the crash state troopers say they will be working overtime through the holiday weekend to try and keep our roads safe and here we had nine people die over the holiday weekend in Kentucky so we're doing all we can to step up enforcement impact troopers are allocated some federal overtime money to spend more hours on the road.

Kim Kentucky Gus Massachusetts Kubota Warren County Ohio fifty four degrees forty eight inch forty one year three year five year
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"eight inch" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"Of them actually yeah very seriously because I said you know they don't make that stuff anymore yeah no they don't that's really a very rare find and I think if you were to sand it refinish it you have a really lovely wall service and even the color wasn't quite right and rather see you stated to bring the colored closer what she wants it to be and still have all of that character Leslie what do you think I mean it's always so rare to find such beautiful wood in good condition and I think there's some ways to enhance it enjoy it and make it sort of go along with the rest of your core whether it's changing the stains slightly on it adding just sort of a clear coach just really bring out that greening you know I wouldn't be afraid of it and I'm I'm not afraid to mix different types of woods as well and then different types of wall features of course you know you can still hang your art you can still hang you know he's the fabric or moving items there's different ways to make it work and I would hope that she wouldn't and brace that look at it you know the wars or an antenna have sick they're not out to dinner you take a thing down probably have follow even greater and and have a lot more wood to work with or just have them planes you know you could have them plain and smoothed out if they come out easy enough that that might be an option I'd consider that because obviously send them one when the verticals is a lot of hard work but you could take them to a mill and have them planes so that they would basically take just an eight inch off the surface and you never part with clean a new American chess whatnot surface to work with after that there are just like that I just I don't know what the stuff is war but I've been told this was very valuable yeah listen I mean you certainly could sell the material but I think the most value is in this beautiful home that you're giving your daughter and and I think it could day it really speaks to the age of the character of the building so so I agree with the I try to talk her out of it all right well I listen to all of the week Savannah.

Leslie eight inch mill
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"eight inch" Discussed on REAL 92.3

"Yeah I got I think my one only the by Saturday and on and on about a I think my flock to the race I noted on am J. simply catalyst for a case yeah I was the day damage here we got a welcome mat rep in the bay area so we do use it to build their okay so when you say eight inch big that's your type okay so like he did quite well how you like you can have a home a business out there because this really personal people gonna get that draw the inspiration no it just sounds good that was great sometimes the wraps are not autobiographical they're just you know I mean sometimes it just sounds good because I think it as much eight in this is the longest so great is so catching it's okay do you feel the pressure when you have a finger like that like him I got to follow with some of the hits like that no not really because people ask me the same thing what I see groom effort me like I'm Hella competitive like I was an athlete in high school so it's just like challenges like inspire me so it's like I don't get intimidated by a I get inspired okay.

eight inch
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"eight inch" Discussed on KOMO

"The story but you've never seen it quite like this West Side Story as it was meant to be told the classical music about teens finding their way in a racially charged society now starring teens navigating a world that's not so different come most Taylor fansites got a behind the scenes look at the fifth day of the editors limited run of a classic production when you already you already all the way from your first cigarette during our last night and day well the professional actors and musicians were performing west side story on the main stage at the Fifth Avenue this season in a basement rehearsal space forty four young actors age fourteen to nineteen we're working on an exact replica of what audiences were lining up to see it's the seventh year of what the Fifth Avenue theatre calls the rising star project Kelsey toward Wilson is the fifth so associate art director and the director of this year's rising star production she also cast the professional run of the show re creating actually what we did with fresh and also they're doing all the crappy all the same or call the climbing and we have a unique challenge that we build it kind of backwards and by that she means all the staging the props the lighting everything is as it was when the pros performed and it's up to these young actors to figure out how to use the space and why they're doing what they're doing Maya is the stage manager I was saying that you all do the hardest job is that sound yes I think someday that in certain situations so the music the staging the dialogue everything is as it was for what Kelsey calls the varsity actors the main difference is how much energy and adrenaline the young actors have been able to work with when they get up on stage they have a lot of a lot of energy at all hours of the day a lot more than me and it's the teenage aspect that really helps the story hit home they're supposed to be sixteen acres and start the fact that they're actually that eight inch atlas an element that is can't really replicate yeah are these kids getting it to sight only they if they can understand like these are real things going through in this one absolutely I think that's is that you know in nineteen fifty seven I think they had hopes that this world what it would be our world then but it still is and you know with all the violence and he that they speed towards each other and finding that that is really the way I still feel so from the actors to the stage crew to the orchestra there are more than one hundred young people involved in the show and there are only three chances to see it Friday July twelfth and two performances on Saturday the thirteenth a matinee and an evening performance Taylor fansites that's great those kids some super with that good luck time to reveal the Kamel afternoon sound bites and just cannot in good conscience live with myself understanding what we're doing to the greatest country in the history of mine that as you guessed by now is Ross Perot the colorful self made Texas billionaire who rose from a childhood of depression era poverty and twice ran for president as a third party candidate he died today at age eighty nine Jennifer king you know it you got it.

sixteen acres eight inch
"eight  inch" Discussed on Startup Sales

Startup Sales

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"eight inch" Discussed on Startup Sales

"Hey everybody today we've got a i guess a previous guest with us john john ellis say hey john kind of our math hi everyone is doing very good so john and i are kind of working on a new mini series that we want it to put out this is gonna be at a separate from the regular podcast so i hope you guys enjoy it but a john when you wanna tell us everybody what were gonna be seeking about yeah absolutely i i think you and i after we initially dinner interview we got some really good feedback around it and i feel like we went eight inch stephen a mile wide then i think on any of the topics that we were discussing you could really go and inch wide in maui and so just based off feedback from other listeners who is really looking to expand on some of the topics that we discussed in previous meeting and so really you know you and i were talking about it and you know the old adage of the first million dollars the hardest in so i think about just the framework of what it takes to get there but also what it takes to get on there and searched a couple of different topics around perceived value sales enablement technical issues things like that especially a lot of early stage founders or people early stage joining the company tender run into so we could shorten the learning curve by one one percent i think we made a difference great so today we're gonna speak about like you just said but the perceived value in a kind of how to sell when you have no clients let's start with some intro music and then a will kick things off as soon as we get back kicking off.

john john ellis million dollars one one percent eight inch
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WBSM 1420

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"eight inch" Discussed on WBSM 1420

"To you by PNC Josie bayton company celebrating over one hundred years of baking excellence since nineteen sixteen I want to start how he so at the beginning of the show today you're making fun of Jerry Nadler for his eating habits. And I was sitting. Sure as the fawns, call them, Senator D'amoto I was sitting back there biting my tongue because I do not think it's right that you as a formerly big person constantly, make fun of people, formerly big person. Yes, that's my nice way of saying it. He was he was, you know, south was six inches. No, he was eight inches shorter than me and sixty pounds. Heavier it's not I'd say he's a little bit in different weight class. Fifteen. You ever weighed with who seventy eight? Yeah. Right. We've seen the photo, you know, or is it true what they say the camera at one hundred pounds. That's not through all the guy has some pictures on one hundred seventy eight says be glad the share that won't be necessary. Paul, the guy all of the days were, I think I'm doing such a good job on the show. And I leave the studio feeling very happy. I get messages like this cut seventeen. Hey, howie. What's this tween somebody putting their fingernails across blackboard, and Grace's news? Yeah. Nothing a lot of people ask me told me my voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard, varick multiple people. I thought you didn't listen to criticism. I mean I have to listen to it. It's my job when you make compile it for the show also. Of course, we have the VIP's here. I want them to hear the traditional hate from granny. Let's play cut sixteen. I know I'm blocked that's fine with me. But I also notice your to take any calls from Democrats. Are you afraid of the truth Howie 'cause the truth hurts? Truth. I, I have this James, call me. I'm going to read it during the six o'clock hour to finish Democrats want to call them and tell me how great it as they can do it, by the way. How was how was the Kowloon guys clap, everyone? Kowloon. It's the great the great the Chinese restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts. It's the best place to go. If you have a hankering for Chinese food, it's on route one north and Saugus. Thank you. And there's also a new guy who's becoming a traditional hate mail caller. He's my favorite how he doesn't like him. And you'll find out why let's play eighteen. What's up, you skinny scrawny tasty pieces? You strand.

Saugus howie Jerry Nadler Grace Josie bayton James Senator Kowloon Paul Massachusetts one hundred pounds one hundred years eight inches sixty pounds six inches
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KOA 850 AM

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"eight inch" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Roadwork on westbound I seventy you've got the right lane closed from two to five Peoria, and that's causing big hassles here this afternoon, high country is pretty cloudy drive up the high cuts you could run into some issues up in the high country. I haven't heard of any chain laws attraction laws, and that's good. But the weather's not quite done with I country, yet, if you traveling west for this long weekend. Your CBS four weather showers, and thundershowers low tonight thirty five. Let me do my dance here. The whole look here, sunny and seventy tomorrow. The white guy who can't dance, no rain. Seventy and sunny on the week, good shutdown that last week, John. Dollar late sunny for the weekend to a mostly sunny, maybe a shower on Memorial Day Monday but really not much chance at all and high in the seventies right through the Memorial Day weekend. Danson machine forty four right now this report is sponsored hang on your second. Just my commercial. Computer? David weekly homes, this traffic. More David weekly homes, living out their purpose of building dreams enhancing lives through philanthropic average of their care program, team members, volunteer their time their talents and the resources to make a difference. Find out more David weekly homes dot com. Equal housing opportunity next update. No dancing, three thirty KOA, NewsRadio Colorado's news, traffic, and weather station. Radio time three seventeen so right before the break and that distraction to bring better weather, and you're welcome, by the way we should down that early last week. I keep waiting and watching Chris beers Twitter feed because two weeks ago two weeks ago, Chris posted something ought to Twitter feed. The said I you know, the models could change, but there could be something in two weeks that I said, don't you dare crispier 's and he dared and I got eight inches of snow at my house. Some watching that guy is on him. Talking briefly about the secretary of state's office sending a press release to Planned Parenthood for editing. And by the way, they didn't think anything was wrong with it. When asked for comment by nine news. They just doubled down. And so, you know, it's seventy for stakeholders to weigh in it's unusual for stakeholder style. Right. The press release. That's the part I.

David Twitter Peoria Chris Danson NewsRadio Colorado CBS John two weeks eight inches
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KOA 850 AM

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"eight inch" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Experience and Jonah which is a reduction in the flow of blood to the heart last Thursday, just before he was set for his angioplasty. He is still in the hospital, but expects to be released soon. A spring storm is about to hit the front range a good dose of snow for some areas. Get up towards Loveland and Fort Collins around six inches. National weather service meteorologist Natalie Sullivan says the metro area we'll see the snow pile up on grassy areas, but not much sticking to the pavement. It's a completely different story in the high country with the storm slamming the northern and central mountain acting from about eight inches to at the highest areas. It could reach twenty inches. Or more whether advisory for northern weld and eastern limra counties is now in effect until tomorrow morning or rather tomorrow evening Denver is rolling out a five year plan for parks. Thanks to a measure passed by voters back in November measure to a provides an additional thirty seven million dollars a year for the city's parks. Our plan is focused on acquiring new land to expand our park system. Addressing deferred maintenance taking better care of what we already have director of parks and recreation happy Haynes says the five year plan incorporates input from citizens gathered over a series of public meetings a change at the top at davita CEO Kim theories going to be stepping aside to become the executive chairman of davita board of directors company says it's all part of a multi year succession plan. There has been CEO since nineteen ninety nine heavy Rodriguez. We'll succeed theory -ffective June. First Wall Street closing positive today with the Dow up eleven points, the SNP five hundred gained three the NASDAQ up fifty. Eighteen our next news update is at two thirty. I'm Susan Witkin KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Word for cash KOA has your shot at one thousand dollars now. Text the nationwide keyword wings. Fifty one hundred two hundred you'll get a text confirming entry, plus iheartradio, info standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide. Contest that's ways to two hundred two hundred bluecross blueshield believes everyone should have access to healthcare. No matter who you are or where you live. That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training. Former military medics.

director Jonah bluecross blueshield CEO Loveland Natalie Sullivan Fort Collins Susan Witkin Denver SNP Haynes executive chairman Rodriguez Kim five year thirty seven million dollars one thousand dollars
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The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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"eight inch" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"I see and then really good in the late nineties. But Jimmy Collins, you know, his firms is I two eight inch plate tournament teams Akai was big part of that. So just that's how you learn. You know, the different aspects of recruiting, you know, we're ju- co guy you have players that division. One coaches wanna get so you learn how to deal with that side of it in recruiting, you know, and then you then you then you go and change levels that you have to go back to those guys and try to get their players so learning how to talk to you coke is and recruits yuko players. It was obviously benefited from being at you coach was one of those things where you just couldn't wait to get out over yet. I mean, what was what was the experience like for you? It was great. I mean, I loved it. I mean, I knew I wanted to coach at that point. And it's so interesting because it wasn't. It was never about. Out money at all it was about man. I I think I really wanna do this. And you you go to the final four, and you just you know, he used to call the shark tank you walk around and you pass out hit here. Your your resume to guys. Hey, you know, you go coach. Oh, yeah. We you know, recruited, one of your guys, you know, a couple of years ago. I wanna try to you know, move up. And you know, I literally did that passed out resumes, and the, you know in the in the headquarters in ninety seven at the at the final four in Indianapolis trying to get a job trying to move up. Here's you here's what you don't know. Or maybe I I don't think we've ever discussed this. I actually met you you're at Missouri southern which in Joplin, right? My my college roommate Rodney suitor is from Miami Oklahoma, which is just on the other side of the border in Oklahoma. And then my wife, and then he was dating a girl from Joplin. And then my wife's best friend was also from or. Was at she's not married to a guy. She lives in Joplin. But we came round we're messing around your, Jim. I don't remember if it was got him Jeff Hefer who played Mary. Yeah. And and hey for was like, hey, if you're in town like come hoop, and we who've done like a Saturday Sunday morning or something and we actually met then. And I didn't meet you again until you were an assistant at southern you guys had it rolling. So how'd you how'd you get to Missouri? Southern. What was that was that like, well, what are the guys I've met lobby GPA for division two, you know, chamber. Of course, I'm like hell, yeah. I would definitely move up. And you know, obviously, I got a chance to crew do scar reports do all the dirty work. And that's back when he used to go live scout people. So I learned how to live scout ah game, and you learn learn learn how to do, you know, do breakdown fan with Oviedo chess, you know, with two different VCR's going back and forth to do a scouring port like these kids today..

Joplin Missouri Jimmy Collins Oklahoma Jim Rodney suitor Indianapolis Jeff Hefer Miami two eight inch
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"A week from Monday. We head out to the international builders show will actually be recording our broadcast from the Zoeller booth, and we'll have lots of wonderful guest and leaders in the industry about of very cool products that are coming to market now, we know a couple of them. They're really cool and have already tried out one. I tell you about eventually all I can tell you this so easy to you. Do you sound like a little kid there at about that? Cool. It is so cool is so cool. I'll tell you just a little bit about so in a basement. Or in an older home in a closet? Or pantry or the mechanics room? Danino? These little four inch porcelain receptacles. Yeah. It'll light screws it and there's a pull chain, right? Yes, sir. The narrow glee rank. Yeah. Absolutely. So if you wanted to a. Dress it up a little bit where you just don't have an expose ball because bulbs break, especially little kids like an unfinished side of a basement. I have a fairly decent. Unfinished size of base. It a ping pong table there. My big workbench and then some storage area. Real like, ten of those porcelain. Things with a light bulb. And we grandkids come over near balls are flying. Nothing's broke yet. But anyway, we discovered this product it's called spin light. And they make all different types and styles. And what it is. It's so it's so brilliant. It is it's got a decorative non breakable cover. So maybe eight inches in diameter, maybe twelve inches in diameter, maybe six inches, and they got all these different sizes and different different brightness. And they were they can be detected by motion. They have pulled chains on them. Or you can run him off a switch. If those porcelain sockets ran off a switch. You could just use those what you do this is. Why know Danny even you can do this. Thank you. I think and you can be come such a hero so fast. So what you do. Is you screwed lightbulb? Right. You can still lead those porcelain sockets in place in this spin light telling you about with this big canopy, unbreakable, canopy. And it's got a screw in socket for like a bulb built inside this thing, which is LED, and you take this whole fixture, and you screw it into the socket. That's awesome. So anyway, I love that. So we had some we didn't have regular incandescent bulbs in these. But we had some CFL's, and it was just a creepy. Scary place else. Right in the for. I put these things up and honest to God is just is. It's just perfect or so much like down there. Now, there's a lot of light dinner called spin light. You can find them at Home Depot and. And. Anyway, we'll be talking a lot about those. But just wanted to I just had to talk about because some this Greek, and they were they were brilliant. So that could save you some like if you got an old. You know, basement closet or something that just hit a pull down chain or something like that? This is a great way to really dress it up, and they had more light near unbreakable. So call spin Ling. Pretty cool. Yeah. Absolutely. We'll give it the two thumbs up on that one. All right. Let's get to Michael, Michael, welcome. Hi. How are you? Good. Good. Because in our kitchen, we have a cabinet one of our drawers where we have our silverware back support broke. It was a plastic support. I went and bought another support. But it's too short. And what I'm looking online. I can't figure out how you can find one that has is a longer support for the back rail. And. Any idea work and find a longer support? You know, I've got the rails. Okay. Is just trying to get their back supposed metal or plastic. It's plastic. Yeah. Can you fabricate something out of another material? I don't think so did you look for the manufacturer of this is that where you bought them. Well, I think these are like forty years old. It's not the probably houses built in seventy five. And I can't find the manufacturer online. I think it's something you're going to have to Faber Kate. Okay. I mean, I really do that the best way to deal with that. I think so I mean, you're just gonna have come up with some creative way either using wood or metal. Okay. I don't know if you'll find a piece of rigid plastic to do it. But with another material, you know, what you might even try. As as EEC, they make a PVC material in sheets. But again, I don't know. How thick it has to be here. Anything along those lines? Yeah. Okay. I thought I thought there's something more creative with us. Yeah. I think you're gonna have to Faber Kate it what when I run initials like that. I usually just get back with the building products at the, you know, big box store and just kind of look around and see if I can just figure out something to fabricated with. All right. Well, thank you very much. All right. Good luck to you. Oh, you bet. Those are also fun projects when you get to create something like that. I think so I think that's the best way. You're not just first of all whenever you get into parts of something. Parts of something are hard to find parts of something that are forty years old. Are virtually impossible to find can't find a manufacturer online? You're going to create something. That's just where you're going with that Dino, welcome. Hi there. Gary, thanks for taking my call. You're quite welcome. We bought an older home in Westchester, Ohio was built in seventy seven and achieved with a heat pump. No. This is our first winter in the house, and we're finding that it's really never warm, right? And so we're considering having a whole house installations done, and we had a couple estimates. This week one was from a company that uses a tweeted, cellulose product, and the other is a company that uses a phone product. And I'm wondering what your thoughts are on those two different options. Well, I guess the first question is where are you insulating in on the house or in the house? We're considering doing all the exterior walls, you're doing the walls that definitely do foam. Do you know how much spacing you have? No. I do not. Okay. So the foam is going. Go ahead. It says a two story home square foot one thousand on the us money estimates. I'm looking at. Yeah. Yeah. So what my question was is between. The cavity. Behind the siding or studs or whatever how much of an area. Are they filling nother words is it a half an inch is at one inches two inches. And the reason I said so. That all went and comes with an r value in an value in your area for side walls is an are nineteen. If you were going to insulate those walls, you'll never get to an our nineteen. It would be difficult because it would require probably about between two and a half and a three inch cavity, which is could be. But I'd say doubtful. Okay. Okay. And that's not that's not the end of the world because with a foam, it's injected, and it finds the cavities so you get to benefits with foam, you get more value per inch thickness, then you get as cellulose. So that's an advantage. But the biggest advantages is because foam seeks its path least resistance it fills every possible cavity which eliminates drafts. Right. And that's where the big benefit is. I've seen homes that just hit a three quarter inch cavity and used that foam and by limiting the draft made a substantial impact on their on their fuel Bill. So I love, cellulose, cellulose, in my home, but I was building at home in nineteen ninety nine if I were to build that today, I would probably use foam in in new construction. Okay. Can we also consider having something done like between the basements and the the floor? That's on the main level of the house, adding more stuff down there as well. We noticed the floors cold. Yeah. What they'll probably or if they didn't you should suggest to them. I don't know if I'd be worrying about the underside of the floor so much, but what we're a lot of air infiltrates in a basement is in Joyce pockets. So if you've got the unfinished basement, you'll see the floor joists sitting on the top of the wall, and there'll be a cavity that goes back in there. You might even have some insulation just stuffed in there. Let them foam those. Don't make a substantial difference. I did notice when I was down checking for water this past week that there was just installation stepped in. Yeah. Yeah. If it's like my house, it's drafty. You can see little cobwebs because there's airflow and you pull that out. And I've been saying that was going to do this for a couple of years. I haven't done yet you pull those out and get that in you know, that foam get them the foam that when they're doing the walls. It'll make a big big difference. Okay. Great. I appreciate it. All right. Very good. Thanks, take.

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"Eight inch eight K Q LED TV LG also premiered, and this is for anybody thinking about this. This is great for space saving LG also put out a role -able. Oh, LED TV. So basically, you have the stand and sits on top of a table. It's got the speaker built into it the whole bit. And then when you hit a certain button, blah, blah, blah, the screen comes up and raises up out of the stand. Well, I mean, it's it's, but it Kerr it's curled, oh, this is actually rolling out. So the interest footprint on top of the table is rather small interesting. You know, what these big gigantic TV's you. Remember, your mom would tell you get away from the TV you get get them. Get yourself one two hundred thousand nine inch TV's you're gonna have to move you Cleveland. He. Yeah. I mean in our house we have a sixty inch upstairs. Kind of our main TV, and, you know, sixty s and we have a mounted on the wall of high. So it's it's pretty far away. But you know, Eric, he loves to just walk right up to the wall and to sit there and stare at it. You know, my wife's like, hey, Eric, you know, get back get back. I remember growing up laying on my stomach in the live Uram your member. You remember getting color television back in near date. And I do I we had we had a we had a black and white Packard Bell television might have been a filled co and it it was on this cart, and it was like kind of a wobbly cart. So that way. And this is where it all started. Really? I mean, you could watch it and living room, and then you could wheel it into the next room and watch it while you're having dinner around the dinner table, which might my dad does love techno well technology TV's back, then there was always something on not like you don't have cable. I remember we got on TV, and it was like the world changed. You know, suddenly it was with on TV it was like a subscription service, and you had more. Than channels to get two four five. You know, you didn't have six seven thirteen and eleven and this is we were just outside at Los Angeles. But we would sit there, and we'd watch he's black and white shows and you loved them, and you accepted them, and this was great. It was good. And then at night, the TV would go off you get I sometimes I'd like to wake wait up just for the star spangled banner, and then the speech, I slipped the surly bonds of earth in dance. This guy's laughter silver wings. You don't want to talk about they would do a little video. And it was a poem written by a veteran, and they would show planes flying and static. And that's when the engineers which what you do. Now, what the engineers we're doing the radio station of fine tuning and tweaking for the antennas that were out there. Yup. Exactly crazy stuff. You know, you still we're still seeing stuff about audio coming out of some of the big shows, of course, as we talked last segment, you know, a couple of segments ago, it's you know, your assistance, you've got the pots the pods all that. They're all going to be every. Things to be embedded with the the devices and internet of things I o. Okay. So big stuff. Also in the world of gaming like huge stuff..

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"And it's not just a crack. It's a good six to eight inches open during cold nights to eat on. So I so is that good is that like because that's like cold air blowing into your house. Right. Right. And that's a lot different than having temperature steady temperature of sixty seven degrees. Yeah, that's true. But I don't I don't have that. I go into the coverage. It just I feel that the room is cold. But I don't feel the air blowing across me or anything like that. Okay. So anyway, Erin got me for my birthday, one of those heated pads in your bed. And it's a dull tool zone. So that she can keep it. Nice and cold, and I come blazing hot. I know which is nice kind of like an old person move kind of feels like that's like one of the first signs of like. All right. We're getting up there. Let's let's start moving like the craft Matic adjustable bed or that. Man, I hate to bring a team. But I think you've been showing signs of old person for a long time. I know I'm an old suit nothing against people. Go people are are good. But just benefit. Yes. So I've done that as well. And what's actually nice about this warm bed thing is that I can experiment with really cold non-physical, but for me, really cold optimal sleep zone or temperatures. And and if it doesn't work out if it wake up in the mid to turn this thing on I don't have to worry about going out and turning up the whole heat of the house and closing the window. And then that would that would itself interrupt a lot of sleep. Great. So anyway, so that is that is a good thing about this. But all these things I mentioned, so far not one of them has has changed. How I see a bit real. I mean, I mean, maybe I'm sleeping better. I I should I am sleeping better. I feel like sleeping better. But but according to the app, my deep sleep number is not changing at all. That's in some days it gets up into the thirties. But very often it's in the twenty s and it's just not moving which is why having discovered recently that that REM which REM is getting more I'm doing better and better with my REM sleep. Wondering if maybe the point isn't the deep sea. Maybe I should be glad that I'm getting through that. And right into the. Anyway, a few more things that I have yet to try and then we'll wrap it up. CBD oil, which as you mentioned or have we done are have you run our ad yet. We've run around. Okay. That had nothing to do with this topic of EPs that would just a random aren't CBC oil is not something I had considered trying for sleep. You mentioned that it's helping you really see. Well, so that is interesting to me. And apparently learned at this balance for life retreat that that our brains have these canal receptor because that is what CBD oil it is it is Canadian oil which I used to pronounce cannabinoid, but. Her doctor Frank canal to we have these receptors in our brain. It turns out we have this like endogenous chemicals system that produces these things. So the the hemp versions of it. It's not like it's not like we are. Wired the by our evolution to need to consume him. That's not the point. It's just that. It doesn't nice video doesn't have a kind of plugging in those holes. If if something in your lifestyles, not not doing it for you. But fair enough is that your understanding of this yet that sounds exactly right to make it. So anyway, so that's some of this. I had not yet tried that. But I'm considering adding that but I kind of just don't want to do too many things at once. Right. Like yesterday, I did the meditation and the alcohol thing, and I want to stick with that for a loop before it add a new thing in here intimate and fasting. It turns out can help at least at least on the on the front end not eating before bed not getting close to bedtime as as Frank Dr Sabatino said it really bedtime like the night night hours are really time of winding down towards bed..

Erin Frank Dr Sabatino CBD Frank canal sixty seven degrees eight inches
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"One eight inch wide thief hatch. That's what they call them on top. And it was into these two tanks that Chris dumped the bodies of his baby girls, he shoved three year old Cici still wearing her pink ninety and pull up diaper into the hatch of one of the tanks, leaving a clump of hair on the hatch. He shoved four year old Bella and her unicorn nightgown into the other Bellas body had scratches on it from the hatch. Chris said he could tell how much oil was in the tanks by the sound of the splashes the girls bodies made when investigators asked whether there was any way that the girls were still alive when they hit the oil. He said, no, no, no, no God. No. Now, Chris knew he couldn't fit shenanigans body into this little opening on the tank, so he dug a hole in the ground near the tanks, and he shoved his dead. Wife's body into a fetal position into about. Twenty seven inch is deep into a hole and covered her up, which is three inches of dirt. Meanwhile, investigators at the site used a drone to do a flyover to get the lay of the land and the drone cameras showed them what appeared to be a sheet in the brush and a freshly disturbed patch of dirt there. They found a broken rake to black trash bags and the fitted sheet matching the missing one from the watts bedroom. The sheet had clearly been used to drag a body as it was covered with dirty drag marks and then dumped into the brush in haste corners were called in. And sure enough Schindler's. Sanon was unearthed from the shallow grave. We know that law enforcement knew the site the location, and then at some point they actually hold up a picture of the location of Kaz. Hey, we've been there earlier we here's some drone footage. And by the way, here's overview where is your wife's body, right? He points out to him. But you have to know that the law enforcement that the agent that said, hey, I once worked case where the mother smothered the children, and then that's the excuse. He's using you know that the agents going this is bullshit. Yeah. Well, and I mean he's placed under arrest for the murder of his wife on that night. Bright. And this is after what we should refer to as his partial confession bright. And there is probably absolutely no doubt in any of the investigators minds at this point that Chris watts was one. Hundred percent guilty of killing his entire family after all his behavior was suspicious from the beginning. He left a trail of evidence. And he lied to police. All right. So when does confession part to take place? Well, that's what's interesting here. Because this is not a who done it. You know, we all know that Chris watts seemingly a loving father and adoring husband was actually a murder could the question in this case is how much of a monster is he and how and why did he just snap and kill Shinhan in retaliation for her murders of the girls as he has at times continued to claim or did he have some kind of mental break or as many believe, and as he alternately plead guilty to did he actually kill not only his pregnant wife and feed is but both his daughters as well. And if so did he plan the whole event how much of his life was ally. And why would he do? The unthinkable, even if shandra him into a rage. Why did he kill his little girls as well? So first of all the question about whether Chris Shinhan killed the girls. Chris claims his wife lost it killed the daughters after the separation discussion..

Chris Chris watts Chris Shinhan murder Bella Cici Schindler Kaz Sanon Twenty seven inch Hundred percent One eight inch three inches three year four year