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"eib rim" Discussed on Scene On Radio

"Buttutis claims about the glories of mali were shouted down as lies for a very practical reason his islamicmoroccan society was busy enslaving people from subsaharanafrica as well as slavs from eastern and so to classify these people as not inferior would have been a of course are difficult for slave traders just as if people didn't car classified slavs as inferior to be bad for business as well about a century after even baotou to road admiringly about west african kingdom's a portuguese man wrote a book and here we get to eib rim candies culprit his name was gomez days harareas candy recounts the king of portugal had hired zerara to write a biography of the king's uncle in fonte and enrica better known as princehenry the navigator who of course was the first major uh slave trader to exclusively enslaving trade in in african people from of course portugal in in the mid off fourteen wits riding in 1450 3s arare chronicles and glorifies princehenry's historic voyage a decade before it was the first time european sailed to subsaharanafrica to seize captives directly rather than buying subsaharan slaves from northafrican middleman in describing resulting slave auction back in portugal in fourteen fortyfourthere are a lump together the very different looking captives some lighterskinned touareg people others much darker he claimed the princehenry's main motive was to bring them to christianity so zerara portrayed slavery as an improvement over freedom in tuukka where he rode they live like beast.

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