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"egwu guanosine" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Bishen ESPN see layer on the show be reacting that needs a hurricane is out until March. But for now, we're joined by Ali Moreno, Craig Burley. We also can gab Markazi to the show Gabor in under twenty four hours time. It is the Italian SuperCup eventers taking on AC Milan. One name is dominating all the headlines going into this game. And it's the future of Gonzalo Eguaveon every time we've had you on you say shut up, Dan. There's nothing in this. Chelsea I'm gonna pay the money. It's not going to happen. He gives a little tip. It just maybe just maybe this could actually go ahead. There's nothing in this. There's a lot in this in the sense that Modi would like to have gone follow Egwu guanosine. But he'll be the first tell you. He's not the guy paying the salaries I can tell you what needs to happen for him to go. Meet I need to find a replacement. We're not there yet. You've end just have to agree a fee with Chelsea it's going to be forty five million euros is going to be the minimum asking price on this event is somehow takes discount, which they really can't do for a county reasons that is of money that Chelsea say, they don't wanna pay for players beyond a certain age beyond that there's Egwu anes wages. The guy makes an absurd amount of money. We're in the Premier League he'd be one of the three highest paid players right now, and he's got two and a half years on his contract. And he's over and he's thirty one years of age and on top of that Chelsea to figure out how to extend the contract. Callum Hudson DOI Eden hazard, maybe William to and they've been out of the Champions League in two of the past three years. All these things need to be resolved. It's not just just enough for him to stop his fingers and say, look, I'm longer happy here. I wanna move, and you know, what as far as Gonzalo he and his brother who keep yakking away. If you're so sad Milan. You know, how you can make this happen. Go out and take a freaking pay Cup. Go ahead. Do that take the first step forward? I think at this stage. That is the only way this deal gets done. From Chelsea perspective. If they didn't get it done gob has thing is it not worth their while considering their only six points ahead with regards to the Champions League spot. Is it not worth that investment regarding the big picture of Chelsea football club to get them in the champions? They which will help them keep has odd. For example, as you mentioned, it seems to be a no brainer considering the problems they have which strikers at the moment. No, I don't think the numbers work like that at all. Because if you're gonna be on the hook for e Guarini for for another two and a half years. He's gonna cost you something like north of forty million pounds in wages alone. Plus the fee itself, you know, the Champions League is lucrative important. But as you said, they're only six points. A head six points ahead is a lot of points, and it's gone. Nothing's. Nothing's guaranteed. But maybe they can find another striker temptations there at a certain price. You like him at another price. At least this is what Chelsea are saying officially we can't do the deal and on top of that what everybody's forgetting is that Milan. Have a saying on this. This is well because he is there player on chill June thirtieth. So all these things put together suggests to me that I mean, unless somebody all of a sudden change are changing their mind. This is extremely extremely unlikely. And I saw the champions e convincing Eden hazard to stay has played in the Champions League. If you leaves he's going to move to another Champions League club most likely, so I don't think that matters if he leaves if he leaves then you've got to get someone else saying and surely alert of champions football. It's time for bridge is better than the euro polygamy by a by Janelle somewhat. Sure. Yeah. I don't think it is what it what it used to be. I think now these days players, especially if they're moving to the Premier League what they care about is being able to play the primarily being played being able to play on on a team with a manager..

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