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"You. Want coverage and that's where you need. Eero Ero is an Amazon company and it covers your whole home with fast reliable Wi fi inside and out rooms with bad and no Wi fi dropouts on your patio. Eero makes those things a thing of the past by making every square foot of your house usable. They eliminate poor coverage and dead spots. So you can have a consistently strong signal wherever. You need it beyond a work call the kids are remote learning someone's streaming video who is that person? Why aren't they working all at the same time without any buffering when you've got eero here fast and easy to set up, you just plug it into your modem and you're good to go. You can manage it from a very simple APP. You can even pause the meal if you're being. Annoyed. That your kids are looking at the phones during dinner or whatever, and you get a little push notifications, I love this win a new device, joins our network, which is pretty cool. We had a visit from people who came into our backyard to say hello to us and I knew they were here because I got a push notification saying a new device during the I think they're outside. Anyway I like it I I. Use it in my house and super easy to use super easy to setup using that APP so. I definitely think you should consider Eero. Now we're asking a lot of our WIFI EERO can help yours do more. So go to Arrow dot com slash liftoff and enter code liftoff at checkout to get free next day shipping with your order that's e e r o dot com slash liftoff code liftoff at checkout to get your erode delivered with free next day shipping E. E. R. O. dot com slash liftoff code liftoff..

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"To shout to my best friend and companion of twelve years. He made me a better person and introduced me to a whole group of people that I never would have gotten to know without him at age thirty six. That was finally in a position to adopt my first ever dog. Unfortunately he lost his fight with oral melanoma at age fourteen on Leap Day. I asked that anyone who is able to. Please donate any amount of money to a local animal shelter or rescue of their choice. Please do. That's from Craig so craig shoutout to your buddy. Sorry about his passing But yeah the Craig Shot Up. There is If you can help out at a local animal shelter please consider. Yeah I had a A German shepherd grown up and I think I was married when she passed away and I didn't want to get another dog after that only because they are literally part of the family and I knew I was going to outlive. Or there's high probability that was gonNA outlive another pet and I just didn't want to go through that again. It's just very sad. Now maybe after my kids move out I'll want a dog for companion but Yeah dogs are the best thing ever if you ask me. I'm sure we got capped people there who will disagree but but they're just happy to see you when you come home you know there's never any judgment it's just great our right and our last shoutout emails from Levi and he says as we come up on the fifteenth anniversary of the HD guys Shoutout GOES TO ARA in Britain for putting out a great show for all these years and hopefully sticking around for many years to come. I started listening to the H. T. Guys podcasts. In the spring of two thousand and six not long after I joined the army. I'm not sure how many episodes were out when I started but I quickly listened to the back catalogue so to speak and I haven't missed a single one since in the last fourteen years. I've listened to the podcast in at least thirty five different states in the US and in six different countries in the Middle East. No matter where I was your podcast provided me a nice dose of home helped take my mind off things and of course always kept me up to date and are about the latest gear to get when I got back home from the Times that I was abroad I got out of the army a few years ago. A having made the decision to trade some excitement and adventure for stability and a better home life. But I still get the Nice feeling when I see the latest episode of the HD guys dropping in my queue cheers all the Best Levi. Thank you so much Levi. Thank you for your service as well that blows me away. I am so happy that we were able to provide a little piece of home for Levi when he was deployed overseas. Yeah those are the kind of e mails it sort of live in the day a little. Bit and Levi. Thank you very much and I know you probably hear it all the time. Maybe you're used to it now when people say thank you for your service but truly from our hearts and from our families. Thank you for all you have done for us and for the country now to kind of tie into what he said. I think we've recorded the show in probably about fifteen different states From either my vacation or Brayton's vacation or when Brayden was living up in Washington. I know one time I recorded in Hawaii. I recorded in India once. I think I might have even recorded in France in Costa Rica. Yes I recorded and Dubai once and I might have ordered in England once so yeah got the show has been recorded all over the place to. Yeah and so it's kind of fun. We no matter where we are. We'd find a way to make it happen The cool thing about some of those places. I remember one time. I recorded that the India show. I had to get up early or something like that in the morning to record and it was your regular time but Good Times all right. Our next emails from Alex Ceases Hague as listed a lot last podcast and heard Brayden speaker dilemma and debate between seven one and five one two and other speaker setups. If it's just wiring I'd wire for as many as possible and sub Woofer cabling and then you can move them around. If you don't like it you never have to use it. But the wiring already there. And you won't hopefully have another opportunity to run it. I definitely notice the difference when I upgraded from five one. Two seven two with movies that are made for seven channels. And that's from Alex. Alex is a great idea. And that's something that We're planning to do is get a few extra speakers run into a few more spots some that. I I'm guessing audio formats will support eventually in some. I know they currently support. Even if I don't put speakers there the wiring will be run. And like you said you know the opportunity to do it if they're gonNA rip up the walls anyways so yeah anyone else who's GonNa rip up? The walls wired more than you think you're going to need because you don't WanNa have to go rip open those walls again but yeah thank you. Great Idea Alex. Great Point all right and from Robert San Diego. He says hey guys. I'm hoping that you can clarify ownership rights of digital movies that are purchased from popular sources such as Amazon or I tunes. It has been my understanding that when purchasing digital movie for streaming it provides the original account purchaser the right to stream the movie for the rest of his or her life digital movie is not transferable to anyone else nor is it part of the purchasers estate upon their death as I get older. I'm wondering if that makes sense to continue to lease digital content that cannot be given to family members when I die. Of course BLU ray disc is different because the movie is owned on that media and it can be given to anyone else sold included in the purchase of the state and so on I think this is only becomes a consideration when the individual digital movie library becomes large. What do you guys think? And again Robert in San Diego so good point but I can tell you when I die. I don't think my kids will even care about my my movies. It just kind of there at a point where I in fact. I've got all these BLU ray discs. I think if I die. They're just going to throw them out. It donate them donate them. Yeah Yeah what you WanNa make sure you do. Robert is you have all of your home movies or anything that you've recorded stored and save somewhere that people can find it and get to it even if it's in the cloud and make sure they know what your passwords are they can get to it. You've shared those accounts with others But Yeah I. I'm the same way with for like the movies that I own if I was to pass away. My kids were to get those movies. I think they'd probably like you said donate or throw most of them out like if you know my parents had a bunch of VHS cassettes that They left me. I don't think I would watch any of them but home movies for sure I would watch. Yes all right and our last email is from Byron and this is pretty funny. He sent a picture of a Costco AD. Where if you buy an eighty two inch Samsung? Tv They throw in a thirty two inch TV for free. Which is a funny bundle as I? Hey if you get a big TV we'll give you another little one with for who knows what but he did make the point that that thirty two inch TV could make a great pc monitor like we talked about in the last show. But it's just a funny bundle right. I mean if you need a giant. Tv here's another little one just in case and it is an eighty two inch four K. TV for seventeen ninety nine hours. Seventeen seventy nine ninety nine and then like you said it's it's your stocking stuffer mentality brain it just kind of like they're just they're just giving away like candy. Come here kid. Here's some candy. You know so I just find that interesting that that's the case. But maybe that's what they're good for now just to give them away just to entice you to purchase an eighty two if you didn't really want an eighty two. We'll we'll throw in this thirty two and does that pushed over the edge for the eighty. Two I don't know all right moving over to the news and we have Amazon. Eero Ero has rolled out an update to for its routers. And the Arrow pro systems allowing support for Amazon's home kit smart home devices the discover tab on the Arrow APP guides users through the process. So what does the home kit support mean for Arrow users?.

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"I can't write emails like this and then take it into the store door and transporting it to the store. Whatever it was shaken out from under the key and Sunday the key works fine in the genus would be like well? I can't help you like there's nothing for me to Look at or correct and I can't take the computer apart for a problem that I can't reproduce best of luck right right. And and maybe that term gaslight and gets thrown around a little too much today. They don't like ten years ago. I don't know if I ever heard it but it totally applies to this scenario. Where you you know that Uber writing and your Iki was producing? WBZ's and you take it into the store store and son of a bitch every single time you or you can say let me do it and you type you know a sentence and the Iki works perfectly and you kind of get it. It's like what is the genius supposed to do. I mean but on the other hand if they no apple knows does that. There's a lot of people coming in with this problem. Well thanks to where the real the real gas lighting comes in is like when you know a problem is a problem. Glum and other people are having it and other people are coming in claiming it and you're pretending like there's some crazy weird one off or that there are problems relatively innocuous. US like the the line that I kept hearing. Maybe it's just a piece of dust is like you know you know in your leg. Cosmic like overlord apple brain that you have done something wrong here and even if the genius doesn't know it someone somewhere up the chain knows it so for someone to be facing me telling me that my problem is like some sort of non problem is really kind of messed up and the other thing thing. Is that the MAC book or the lap. The idea of a laptop has been around for a very long time at this point and Apple Apple deserves credit. I mean this is going back into the nineties but sort of defining the modern idea of what is a laptop piece of hardware. Because like I in the early nineties the industry was all over the place and sometimes the keyboard was right up at the front of the device and people. I didn't know if there should be a trackball or should the keyboard and eventually this idea of put the keyboard towards the back use the front as like palm rests and and put a pointing device in the middle became like the defining idea of laptop and in the early days. They were all super expensive because computers were expensive and it was is like the entry model was like six thousand dollars and that's in like nineteen ninety five dollars and it came down in price and everybody got them and and at this point most people when they think of getting a computer what they mean is a lot like the desktop is the oddball everybody knows what it is. Everybody's used one people who do work on computers which is an awful lot of people that's what they think of and all of those years all of that typing. Most people never never once had a key go bad on any any computer like it's an awful lot of typing and I did the math one time just like back of the envelope like all right. I do a lot of typing because I am a writer but just sort of spitballing. Well the typical week has I do this many words. And let's just take a guess that the average word is four characters and a space and take a look at my sent email and just copy you know like how many emails did I send in the year so far and just a quick estimate. And it's like Oh I press keys on a keyboard. Millions of times like no exaggeration duration. There's you know that's actually true and it works every time it's not like ninety nine point nine percent of the time because it's like people living in the modern modern world with a job that involves email. You don't have to be a writer to do a lot of writing like you just email and skype slack and stuff like that it you. We pressed these keys and the accuracy is way more than ninety nine point nine percent accurate because it was only like one out of a thousand failures. You would feel like you go insane. It really is like one hundred percent accuracy historically and so to have these I was I was going to say more. This is like one of the realizations that I had when I was writing. This first article was that keyboards keyboards. Were a solved problem. Like no one. No one's thought of unity. I didn't even think about a keyboard like that keyboard could do. I have to check that the keyboard is going to be okay. It had it had not out Ben something that I had thought about in so so long it was an for apple to go and try and reinvent it to the degree that it had become like. I mean as you're saying like even sort of extremely marginal failure rate is so much greater than how anyone had ever thought about about a keyboard before like keyboards are supposed to be extremely reliable. They're the primary interaction mechanism for a computer and to take it even from that. Like tiny percentage like a fractional percentage increase in like inaccuracy is actually quite devastating to the entire mechanism right and some people know. I'm GONNA claim no judgment is being asked but I am judging you. I'm sorry dear dear listeners because I know some of you this applies to you some people. Some people eat and drink around their laptops or keyboards. I don't I never have because I I you know I like I don't I just don't want keyboard to get gross but people do and for good reason you know people are eating lunch and at lunch you kind of need to work or you need to catch up. You just want to be entertained right and you just want to watch a youtube hit the space bar because you want it to play But people do that they have done it. They'll continue to do it and they're keyboards. Just keep working or kept working like the keyboards that were the standard. Not like Oh. I'm going to buy an apple keyboard I mean like you could go Tis Sheba. You can go buy a Samsung you could go by. HP or Dell or any of the various brands that are out there and there's all sorts of things that you'd say or Janke about like cut rate laptops. You might say. Oh my God. This display is terrible. Look at it you could just eyeball or the hinge that you open it with is like just janke track pads notoriously kind of had bad tracking on on a lot especially cheap loans mechanisms or like scrolling macadear something like that. Yeah Yep or I remember one time long long ago. I mean obviously long ago because they haven't had a real job in a very long time but one time I had to work at a place where everybody got a Dell Laptop and the Dell Laptop had like the early two thousands it had and I know everybody has this as an option. I don't like it but the the thing where you can just tap the keyboard without clicking it to have it register Mr as a mouse click. Oh it was. It was turned on it was turned on on the Dell and this is a brand. They issued me a brand new laptop right out of the FA unseal factory unsealed and it had that turned on and it was driving me nuts and searching around that goofy windows preferences or settings whatever they called it can't find it. I do some googling on the model number and it turns out is there is no way to turn it off. This is anyway one thing. I didn't have a problem with on that on that laptop. Was Typing it really. It's more than a solved problem right. It really is like the thing that made it insane is that it wasn't even something we thought of as is a solved problem right like nobody really thought about buttons. That don't click right. I mean it's I. I can't even conceive of the I I mean. I wish I knew the process that went into making these decisions that led to this keyboard that like they were like this is a this is a reasonable sort of leap to make in changing the functionality and the design and and I don't think I don't think it's like they anticipated these problems but It's it's not uncommon mistake for apple to make that they fail to account for Anne real world Issues like the other thing I would compare it to is like When used to be that iphones didn't work super well in the cold because I think just doesn't get very cold like it's it can be? It's Cold San Francisco. Obviously but it's not like northeast. East cold there. The they'd never sort of accounted for at functionality. Problem is is I think part and parcel to this keyboard issue as well. Yeah and I think that even in those early years I could be wrong but certainly with the original iphone. It never even got to San Francisco. Because I'm sure they didn't didn't even let the test unit's leave. Cupertino like however however limited the number of people who had access to pre release hardware. They almost certainly weren't going to San Francisco. Like maybe Steve Jobs could take it home but he lived in Palo Alto right I get it now. I they've had some issues with that. The one I remember in particular was I think it was in the first or one of the ipod Nanos and it was It had like a plastic front and it it scratched just by looking at it and sometimes people get real you know. There's a large number of people who kind of want their apple stuff to stay mint condition edition and it's like normal wear and tear. It's like come on and nobody but apple but this one ipod Nano really could get scratched by rubbing tissue over it. I mean it was like putty and it was like how in the world did this ship. Well if somehow it must've like never left the Johnny. I've team design lab. And they just love the way it looked and felt on your fingertip and they never really tried like just throwing it in a pocket. It was some keys to see what would happen but it only lasted one generation. The very next ipod Nano had like a much different polymer on. It was much more scratch. Resistant yes I do recall that I mean yeah. It's funny that the that the continue to make the same type of mistake where we'll get this real world testing and like I think there's something to be said for like I like apple design and I like the fact that it's not a super rugged is like I would never want that from them but the fact of the sort of glaringly obvious test real world test cases continued to you slip through their sort of design ideals is very Telling and interesting and I. It's it's like I. It's surprising to me that they can't even sort of get together a test case or they could. They couldn't have gotten together a test case where someone just brought one of these computers home for you know like back and forth like Ena outs a sort of outside of a testing lab. Apparently and like see see the issues that start to come up with the keyboard board. I mean it really didn't take very much at all. I wouldn't say I wouldn't claim to like never bring gay say crumbly cookie around my keyboard but I had done it for years and years with other laptops other math books Never ever ever an issue with the keyboard as far ars keys sticking or eating to clean under them right becoming sort of like failure condition and the way that it did with one uh-huh it became like there was like a standard. It's still exists. I mean we're laughing but every single laptop. That apple sells other than Dan. The starts at twenty four hundred dollars in is as big as a lunch trade sixteen inch macbook pro is still using wildlife mildly just as a sort of preparation for getting the for this podcast say was on their website. Like double checking to make sure I I wasn't the one going going crazy. There's still selling like if you WANNA thirteen inch macbook pro. It still comes with this old keyboard. I'm like are you kidding me. This is absolutely wild to have it in only computer. Yeah I can't underst- I. I could never understand justification for that being the case I would love to hear them Explain that but and they won't all right. I'm going to take a break right now. Because we're just GONNA keep rolling on keyboards. It's all keyboards all the time. This episode no sports. No no other stuff stuff I mean. We've we'll fill up five hours on the keyboard but I'm GonNa take a break and thank our sponsor it's Eero. Ero It is Wifi that your home deserves. They even all new era starting at just ninety nine bucks and the basic idea of euro. Is that it. Blankets your whole home with fast reliable Wi fi in the way they do it is they..

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"To you by eero. Ero is a game changer because it means ashley being able to access. The internet with super fast speeds from anywhere in your house. There's always that one room that one area of your home the wifi connections is a little bit unreliable and nothing is more retained and having to wash that buffet spinner on the your favorite streaming service and you're trying to watch the show that you're interested in era blankets your home with a fast reliable wifi so you constantly have a strong signal. Wherever you need it setup takes just a couple of minutes. You plug it straight into your modem or router box. You can even even manage it. All is well from the super simple app. Which lets you do really cool stuff like pulling the wifi. Maybe you want to have family time and maybe get you can get a lot of any device. Trust trust to join your network. Maybe against the recommendations family time era has fixed all of your wifi problems what that's bounce no more buffering. You can get yours today today. You can get your home fixed with foster speeds wherever you want it as soon as tomorrow go to arrow dot com slash ahoy and enter the code ahoy at check out and you'll get free overnight shipping with your order jason. Could you tell me a little bit about <hes> arrow in your home. I have them <hes> in various locations in my home and the nice thing about it is that it's filled the wi fi network in so if i go in the backyard. I'm covered the weird sprinkler cler controller. That's off on the side of my house. Strangely has wifi signal the camera. I've got that's in the front of my house has a signal the you know all all of these things that are on the periphery of my house that might not have been covered with a single bay station are now covered because i've got the <hes> the euro bay station and and then i've got some era beacons in various places and it all just works so as i say you can go and get your ero <hes> old right now now and you will have it.

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"And the marketplace recognized is that's not a traditional application for credit. And that's why it doesn't hurt you. All right, and Gary road, any said, I've heard you talk about an association of interstate movers that I might be able to get some info for an upcoming move. What is that site? And how can I prepare well for a move first of all good luck. Because moving is no fun at all. But the website is moving dot org. Emo- I n g moving dot org. And the program they have they've changed the name of it is now called a certified pro mover, and it's to distinguish between I the scamsters versus legitimate movers. And then among legitimate movers who's willing to live by a specific industry code of conduct. And so I'm a big fan of you using a certified pro mover, but there's more than that to doing a move without getting burned one of the things you've got to do is get what snow is a binding estimate ending legitimate. Mover will give you an estimate, but an estimate doesn't mean anything only a binding estimate governs what you'll actually pay fear move and a legitimate mover will in fact, if you request one for a state to state move will give you a binding estimate. So there's no Bill shock later. Second you need to buy and. Insurance on your move the federal government in its wisdom has left the coverage. That mover provide to you set where it was in nineteen thirty seven when things cost a whole lot less. And I don't know if this is a lobbying thing that the moving industry is blocked any meaningful protection for household moves or why? But it is never been updated in eighty years. So what that means is your expose more than eighty years, you're exposed to enormous losses. Even if the mover brake stuff, loses stuff, whatever it is. That's why you need to buy from the mover insurance for your possessions. It's very cheap. I recommend you take out a couple of hundred dollar deductible policy. But one other thing make sure it says replacement value coverage, so. You're not arguing with a mover about depreciated value on an item. They lose an item. They break an item. You don't get hurt you replace it with a brand new item. And that's how it should be. All right railroad. Any said you talked recently about wifi range extenders for your home. I didn't catch the name which ones do you use? So that are what are known as mesh wireless systems that used to be very expensive. Now, they're they started about one hundred dollars and with a west Meyer wire mesh wireless, much more sophisticated and much more thorough coverage of your home or small business than you have with range extenders the biggest player in as Eero ERO and Google Rifai Google home, but there are many others as well, Google wifi. I'm sorry. So look around at any electronic store, and you will find many way mesh wireless systems. Available say that three times your list. Earning to the Clark Howard show. Thanks for joining us today. The Clark Howard show is produced by Kim droves. Joel LARs guard, Debra Reese, and Jim Ayers and remember twenty four hours a day where there to serve you a Clark dot com and Clark deals dot com.

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"And if you see and they can change connected to your wife, stop, they're collecting that too. 'cause they wanna know when you go to bed and. When you wake up in the morning. So let me know when you're turning your lights off when you turn your lights on. Did you use Google is pressuring these guys to give them and double to give them this information, and sort of like Logitech said, no you don't need that. And but they still give them some info the haven't really disclosed what they're giving them. But it just kind of goes back to smart homes or great and there's a ton of convenient. But some of these guys are pushing Rulli, really hard. And it's almost Gary to me that they're trying to get that continuous feed. And what's really weird when you start this is where the tinfoil hat comes in is if they can get this the TV manufacture, the remote manufacturer for universal remote? They're gonna know when you turn on Netflix. And now if I can get data from net flicks from Amazon prime or whatever you're using. I can know exactly what movies, and it's getting reported to other people because I get it when I stream a movie for Amazon Amazon knows stream that movie, but I don't expect Google the no that is streamed movie from Amazon. And I don't expect, you know, Google or Amazon to be able to know that turn my TV on and said it to channel, you know, eleven or whatever, you know. But but now that's what they're trying to get is they want basically to know what you're doing when you couple that with your phone, which they're collected date out of they're going to get really accurate pictures of what you do every day when you go to bed, and and all this other stuff and and from their perspective it's great for advertising. And and all the stuff they do to make money from my perspective. It's get out of my life. So you're telling me that Amazon and Google or in cahoots will they both just wanna collect data the more Amazon knows about you better. They can much other. I don't think so on this. I think that they're just both asking for the same information Amazon just bought a router company. And again, we talked about this those those mesh wireless, routers that you can give for your house on your get your wireless way better connection and all the other stuff and Amazon just bought Eero ERO. And a lot of people are wondering if they bought him because everything goes through your router in your house. So if they own the router nowadays Kennedy. And and so they haven't said that right? I mean, I don't know what the intention is. Maybe they think it's cool product, and they're gonna you know, if you have great wifi than your Alexis better, and they can use that and other things, but why wouldn't think probably gonna collect how many devices connect to it and the names and was an iphone or or a MAC. And then they're gonna know that you know, you Jay have very apple Centric houseful. So I'm not gonna show you advertisements PC stuff. But I'll show you advertise for MAC accessories. So you may buy those here's what I'm thinking might Mazaar. They're going to be like five people who are going to be able to withstand the campaign to be president in twenty sixty only people. Think you're pretty close. I mean, you're gonna know everything about everybody. It is a getting to be ridiculous, man. And so, you know, some of it has got to be privacy laws, and that's why Europe has GDP are and a few others. And and the US is gonna adopt more. But I mean, these guys are taking all the info they can get as long as they can get a little bit scary. Let me ask you this..

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"If your man like force majeure would be a different movie, if the protagonist was a woman. Right. It's not. It's just. So a movie it would be different movie different. Maybe there is a lot to be said about changing society's views about what men ought to be. Because nobody can be Gary Cooper like. Like, so many maybe trying to be like that is is bad for us. But I don't know that it's a special problem. Like, I think everybody has speculations. I don't know. I think this this document is not worth much in the guidelines for girls and women. Does it talk about the tendency to be shrill? I think that was edited out offend anybody. I mean, I'm curious to read them, I can see I mean, I put money on that. There's very very careful language and that as well. But I both can't I can't be outraged by this document. But that's because I find that. It's not saying anything, it does seem like it's a no win document. There's really nothing could do and piss off like multiple different camps of people. And it's also a little unclear why they're doing the document like why release this? But I guess the idea the the best thing I read that somebody. I can't remember where this where I saw this. It was an interview with one of the people, and they say, look, we're putting all this stuff out there for because exactly to get responses to get critics to react to it. And tell us what how to improve it. And that's why we put it out there. There's sort of. An implicit recognition that they might be in a kind of bubble where certain ideas are just accepted about because you see like the stuff about traditional masculine ideology. There's always a bunch of different citations where people just take for granted that there is this ideology. And and so the best thing you could say about it is they are opening themselves up to this for the express purpose of improving it and making it something that is helpful to the people who are treating patients. Yeah. I I the point that you made at the very beginning the assumption that this is an ideology is something that I wish they had fleshed out because like the parts that are ideology, and that our culture cultural, and that might actually be affecting men because of the beliefs of society like for instance, the reluctance to get treatment. The reluctance to seek treatment because you're perceived as weak that that might be something. That's that's really really important, right? Like men, not seeking mental health treatment is is probably as a problem. It sucks though. But in framing it this way, I feel like men are going to be wary that they're going to be treated pathologically like, even though this document. I don't think it says it so in this title nine article about this title nine case the person who's filing it says that. Using pays guidelines Harvard University has adopted bias training materials which rely upon six stereotypes and in doing. So the school discourages men from seeking counseling services. No reasonable male person would see counseling at a clinic where his sex is considered to be a form of mental illness or a driving factor for mental illness, which I think is really poor reading the document. But if that's what comes out of it, then that sucks because that's the whole life part of their stated goal is to get men to what the right reaction to the fact that there are a lot of bullshit title nine lawsuits isn't to make your own bullshit title nine lawsuit. Also, like, I'm not sure I don't even know where people stand anymore. So this person is upset that there are sex stereotypes being used, but that person would probably like in another discussion argue that they're real biological differences. And they're not just stereotypes. So I don't know which one you want. I know there's a lot of strange bedfellows. That these. Make. All right. Well, that's the best. We can do this. When we come back. We will talk about a man who has definitely suffering from kind of pathology and issues with masculinity. Although they don't typically involve not expressing emotions. So yeah, we'll be right back. Today's episode of very bad. Wizards is brought to you in part by new sponsor that actually really excited about its Eero ero- is a wifi router, basically..

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