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AP One Minute Headlines Mar 27 2019 19:00 (EDT)

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AP One Minute Headlines Mar 27 2019 19:00 (EDT)

"Lows knows you'll do it right to take advantage of a good deal. Now see already dig into spring projects the first chance you can we do it right to with savings every day. Like twenty percent off. Select Scott's fertilizers one helps prevent weeds now and the other feeds your lawn later step up your backyard by adding a new patio and get Holland pavers three for one dollar whatever's on your spring to do list. Do it right for less. Start with Lowe's. Offers valid for three twenty seven pavers offer. Not valid in Hawaii letting varies by location. See store for details. US only. Guilty. Plea federal hate crimes in Charlottesville. I'm Tim Maguire. The AP news James Alex fields junior pleads guilty to federal hate crime charges in his deadly car attack, and Charlottesville Virginia. US? Attorney Thomas Collins says taking the federal death penalty off the table in exchange for the plea was a good move. This is an appropriate outcome in this case. And I'm going to direct the US attorney not to seek the death penalty because Mr. fields is willing to plead guilty and face a life sentence fields also faces life in state prison following his conviction for the murder of head their higher and injuring some thirty other people Monsanto says it will appeal a second San Francisco federal jury, which agreed roundup weed killer caused a man's cancer and awarded him eighty million dollars on a seventy year old Edwin Harman's lawyer says the jury believed their case truth about roundup is that it causes cancer. A jury in another San Francisco federal trial also ruled against Monsanto the company owned by bear says it stands by some forty years of research and will appeal the verdict and the. Award. I'm Tim Maguire.

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