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"edwin camille" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"I can get a handy with a mouse. It'd be great. Like I will not stand for this, these accusations, any further drives off like the monopoly car. What was the point of that was so awkward that was teddy and Edwin rental car? They start you know she's a, you know what I want to be a good person to Camille, so I'm not going to bring all this stuff up about how mean she was to me until after her wedding about so nice. So they all pile into a and renaissance, Edwin Camille, tell you about Camille, sex talk. I mean, did anyone tell you back sex? Upper prostate. I told my thought it was Larry. Like. Yeah, no never never never experienced that. So, so then they all get they check into their hotel and everyone's like. View, the view and then Renner like calls up room service high. I can't laughing coughing. Man order a very large pot of hot water. Lots of lemons. Lots of money. It's amazing. It's amazing. That's why your throat hurts. Just laughing herself. I know I'm a laugher at self. And so, you know, I understand the pain. I get it sometimes, but also the waiters probably like, wow. Thanks oval bunch of nothing to pay twenty percent off of. That's great. I'll make. It was probably like eighteen dollars for that pot hot water with lemons. I hope so the resort fee and virtually added on. No, it's like forty dollars. This is very the bachelor how they all act. So excited to be Marriott. Sponsored by Marriott. Yeah. It was sort of funny like always crack me up on like the real world or wherever they go on vacation, and they're like, oh my God. Check out this awesome, motel room, like, but you already live in the real world house, like it always like you guys are, are like famous rich people like you surprised at the Marriott. Like, why are you so excited? So let's see everybody starts, you know, just settles into their rooms and blah, blah, blah beach with Camille, so they could onto the beach with Camille cows, like look at you with your heels on in the sand in everything Astle, no hassle. Astle Camille, such a low jab to look at you. You're in moron who wears heels. And that's basically, she was said, cowling her out. Can you believe this is just ten years later? And how long fucking liar Camille way how long before comics by our house on the big island just like Camille, she's so competitive. You know, like every single fatally, the moment she sees something she wanted to, oh, my gosh. Did that bother you guys that that drove me effing crazy were she's like, and Kelsey, and I, I all I could think about his prostate, every time she brings up his name, but she's like, oh my ex prostate and I got this house. And then when our divorce was finalized, I got my own house, and it's like she goes now I feel like it's my theory on. It's like, but you bought it with his money, really proud of my so. So I it's like Erin considering that actually did not bother me because I'm just like yeah. Use that money use that kills me money and get yourself a better house. You're part of the problem. Head of that. You know, like me, who have to work, twenty jobs just to prove they don't need their man's money that we could do it when I could be sitting at home fucking talking to my dogs and drinking might. Male grammar in the workforce. Okay. I think. We have still I don't know what she would do. I don't know. Like, I don't know. Mr something. Just have to help people that have this, like cheeses complex. Now, she's working. Working as. Tv now. Oh, I'm sorry. I disconnected you buy. Have you tried plugging? Yep. Turning it on at certainly back?.

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