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Lightning strike first against Panthers, win 4-1 in Game 1

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Lightning strike first against Panthers, win 4-1 in Game 1

"The the the the lightning lightning lightning lightning at at at at taking taking taking taking game game game game one one one one of of of of their their their their second second second second round round round round series series series series by by by by earning earning earning earning a a a a road road road road win win win win over over over over the the the the Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers P. P. P. P. R. R. R. R. Edward Edward Edward Edward Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare snapped snapped snapped snapped a a a a one one one one one one one one tie tie tie tie three three three three thirty thirty thirty thirty five five five five into into into into the the the the third third third third period period period period it's it's it's it's fun fun fun fun to to to to be be be be able able able able to to to to help help help help the the the the team team team team offensively offensively offensively offensively at at at at times times times times you you you you know know know know on on on on our our our our line line line line specially specially specially specially like like like like let's let's let's let's say say say say we we we we we we we we we we we we had had had had to to to to to to to kind kind kind of of of manage manage manage when when when we're we're we're on on on the the the ice ice ice and and and tonight tonight tonight it it it was was was more more more about about about trying trying trying to to to build build build momentum momentum momentum for for for team team team whenever whenever whenever we're we're we're out out out there there there the the the key key key to to to culture culture culture often often often Corey Corey Corey Perry Perry Perry each each each had had had a a a power power power play play play goal goal goal and and and an an an assist assist assist Ross Ross Ross Coleman Coleman Coleman also also also scored scored scored on on on a a a power power power play play play to to to cap cap cap the the the scoring scoring scoring for for for the the the two two two time time time defending defending defending champs champs champs Andrea Andrea Andrea that's that's that's what what what ski ski ski stopped stopped stopped thirty thirty thirty three three three shots shots shots and and and blanked blanked blanked the the the Panthers Panthers Panthers after after after after after after you you you declare declare declare open open open the the the scoring scoring scoring Fortino Fortino Fortino one one one into into into the the the game game game Sergei Sergei Sergei Bobrovsky Bobrovsky Bobrovsky made made made thirty thirty thirty two two two saves saves saves for for for the the the Panthers Panthers Panthers who who who host host host game game game two two two on on on Thursday Thursday Thursday on on on the the the ferry ferry ferry

Panthers Panthers Panthers P. P. P. P. R. R. R. R. Edward Bellemare Times Times Times Panthers Corey Corey Corey Perry Perry Perry Ross Ross Ross Coleman Coleman Coleman Andrea Andrea Andrea Ski Ski Ski Fortino Fortino Fortino Sergei Sergei Sergei Bobrovsky Bobrovsky Bob Panthers Panthers
Coyle's OT goal lifts Bruins past Lightning 2-1

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Coyle's OT goal lifts Bruins past Lightning 2-1

"Charlie Charlie Charlie Charlie Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle scored scored scored scored three three three three thirty thirty thirty thirty seven seven seven seven into into into into overtime overtime overtime overtime to to to to give give give give the the the the Bruins Bruins Bruins Bruins a a a a two two two two one one one one victory victory victory victory over over over over the the the the lightning lightning lightning lightning Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle picked picked picked picked up up up up a a a a loose loose loose loose puck puck puck puck to to to to the the the the right right right right of of of of the the the the Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa net net net net cut cut cut cut to to to to the the the the crease crease crease crease and and and and fired fired fired fired a a a a wrist wrist wrist wrist shot shot shot shot Jake Jake Jake Jake DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk compare compare compare compare Edward Edward Edward Edward Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare traded traded traded traded second second second second period period period period goals goals goals goals DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk DeBrusk has has has has seven seven seven seven goals goals goals goals in in in in his his his his last last last last seven seven seven seven games games games games for for for for the the the the bees bees bees bees Limassol Limassol Limassol Limassol mark mark mark mark stopped stopped stopped stopped twenty twenty twenty twenty eight eight eight eight shots shots shots shots in in in in Boston's Boston's Boston's Boston's eighth eighth eighth eighth win win win win in in in in eleven eleven eleven eleven games games games games Andrei Andrei Andrei Andrei vasilevskiy vasilevskiy vasilevskiy vasilevskiy handled handled handled handled thirty thirty thirty thirty six six six six shot shot shot shot for for for for Tampa Tampa Tampa Tampa Bay Bay Bay Bay which which which which has has has has dropped dropped dropped dropped four four four four straight straight straight straight to to to to fall fall fall fall a a a a point point point point behind behind behind behind the the the the Bruins Bruins Bruins Bruins for for for for third third third third place place place place in in in in the the the the Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic division division division division I'm I'm I'm I'm Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie Ferrie

Bruins Charlie Charlie Charlie Charli Tampa Coyle Coyle Coyle Coyle Tampa Tampa Jake Jake Jake Jake Debrusk De Edward Edward Edward Edward Be Bellemare Bellemare Bellemare Debrusk Debrusk Debrusk Debrus Coyle Boston Mark Mark Mark Mark Andrei Andrei Andrei Andrei Va Vasilevskiy Vasilevskiy Limassol Tampa Bay Bay Bay Bay Bruins Bruins Atlantic Atlantic Atlantic Atl Dave Dave Dave Dave Ferrie
Malkin has goal, 2 assists as Penguins beat Lightning 5-1

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Malkin has goal, 2 assists as Penguins beat Lightning 5-1

"Evgeni Malkin had a goal and two assists for the penguins in a five one something in the lightning Sidney Crosby Danton Heinen Brock McGinn a J. cancel also scored as Pittsburgh won for the eighth time in its last nine road games Tristan Jarry stopped twenty shots for the pens Andrei vasilevskiy made thirty five saves and peer Edward Bellemare scored for the lightning who had a five game winning streak snapped Tampa Bay coach Jon Cooper was given a game misconduct for arguing with officials with fifty three point seven seconds remaining in the second period I'm Dave Ferrie

Sidney Crosby Danton Heinen Brock Mcginn J. Cancel Evgeni Malkin Tristan Jarry Andrei Vasilevskiy Penguins Edward Bellemare Pittsburgh Jon Cooper Tampa Bay Dave Ferrie
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"I could walk you through the menu but trust me unless you're in operation. You don't wanna go through this with me. However that all many measures and initiatives in place to make sure that we hold a safe event because the we we want the events industry in general to boom keep going we wanna make sure it's safe and the people can come enjoy and have a great event. Just wait we want them to great while i'm Certainly very opposed to the bounce. It do you want to remind listeners. We did actually have a free ticket offer listeners for long term listeners if they've been the Listening to the show that he may have stopped lays up now. But i think that probably had spied will says If people wanna buy tickets how much is it. Yes so some ten pound entry for tickets. So hopefully that shouldn't be so not much of a stretch pooped. Come come along and have a look at again. Vote with the event but If you if you off of clubs or escape of great britain they'll be special discounts and competitions. Ubs still stay tuned in in with an amongst if you again on newsletters from say crimsky holidays. smoke tamworth. I'm sure they'll be a few cheeky tickets. Flying around peeps grab a hold of so that if you go onto the website you'll be at sea tickets now and get involved. Okay and ten pounds is full. Adult says it still Slept pace kids now. So children go free and again all the kind of details of that our will on the website but yet definitely check that out to get get full details and and yeah just it such a pact event. I mean we only touched on the snow stage but as the snow skills cap in with educational pieces of vip is lounge which is sponsored by red bull because indoor slow by tamworth tamworth greystone action sport sedan. Skateboard mini ramp grover in kabul with demo than we have older brands day ranging from nautica to salomon call which is a whole range bellemare vocal. I mean there is. Everyone is so it's just interesting take Birmingham as opposed to london for example is made in the telegraph stopped. Loving didn't show is not show you down. Hey i on the london centric by any means of disinterested in why you answer them as opposed to london..

Ubs tamworth tamworth tamworth greystone britain bellemare kabul nautica salomon Birmingham london
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"This is running game son of a slave master from welcome to america. All the slave master keeping that was a big thing for him. And so this was a sustained attack on on that type of thing. And i think the son of a slave owner and and what to america he was going in. He was really lead. People noted this. This is what you gotta do. And it was on all levels wasn't it was on everything from like instagram away. People portray themselves to like the banking system to to education and will the kind of contradictions that we live in today. It was all about bettering yourself. In order to betty community and everyone else and not to fulfill sort of the as we call the hokey. Don't don't for the hoagie. The cure in from talking to you. I get the sense that there is a really pivotal moment at the mantra jazz festival. In two thousand. Nine and morris. You're in attendance for this as well. So i would love to hear from both of you. Memories of that specific nights. That was an amazing night for both of us like we talk about that quite often and it was for me came out of it. Because of the topics of discussion. It was the beginning of kind of this sort of stole price says footprints on the sense of kind of He had this kind of new sort of influence. And that was paul of the night and yeah in monterey what we are and off to the show like also shows you know. Those guests come along cornell west and tap smiley with their dancing. A lot of crazy was amazing the oft whizzes as we would often do we would go back to the hotel and hang out and have dinner and we did on this night with tavist and canal and morrison i and we ended up sort of starting off evening ordering pasta and having dinner and having a very nice Around the table and then just talking and talking and talking about literally everything but powerful conversations that just so inspiring and and this went on daylight the next day was. I think it was eight o'clock in the morning when we looked out the window. Geneva didn't wait and one point it was just like we. We were kids. We were all data. We crawled out of a window. That's right all of those grom and the lady in a nice dress and cloud we want to get on. The roof happened. Sprints pay it left chatting and this this was now eight o'clock in the morning and he disappeared then all of sudden here's shamma it's like go into the bedroom and i'm looking. I see him. And then i hear this sharma visit coming from so i go out. This paseo dole's pens like out onto the terraced and i'm standing still called. See him and his show and over. This lake hedge. He's cold. He's like climb davis hedge Which was like maybe a meter off toll and he's standing on the rooftop of the hotel behind the sign giant giant yellow light sign. Yeah and he's standing on the roof and he's like can everyone get everyone okay so we all get back member. You'll help me. What in the world. But it was able great once we got on the roof. We just looked around montreal and just a firearm. We sat down at children. We felt like children was not but it was very fun. Yeah and it was one of these very memorable night's moments with prince but that right there was like something you just see. You think you see in a movie like a movie scene. It was just like something like this. You know like you could see it like stand by me or something. It was just one of those type of things you know. It was lovely because it was like lots of universal conversations and it was. You know oldest everything that was happening at the time the bomber. And you know there was just lots of very very interesting company conversation because of a c- speaking with cornell it was just it was just fine enlightening at least for me because you know growing up in england and then spending lots of time in america but it just it was ryan lightning so cure in. Did you say that prince had actually written a song that night after this conversation the memorable night at montreal yet i mean he sort of talked about how it stayed up writing all night. If we all went to bed morris went gone gays fly. I went to sleep at around. Like whatever eight two whenever it was nine o'clock and i remember just kidding coal at eleven gang. Hey you up. And i was like i am now. And he was like oh. I've just been writing for the last couple of house. And he was so easy to happy and excited about the feet of and it was really lovely to see. He had already finished recording pretty much. All of twenty ten at that point twenty ten album so he was thinking about what was coming next and we were what was already in the mindset of what he was going to do next. Welcome to america. And i think you know these the kind of conversations. He was having a lot of people. And that kind of led into that. Quite navy morris as i was listening to you in here and talk about this night at the montrose festival. I had this overwhelming thought. You know we have to talk to dr cornell west. We have to talk to dr west. Who else to help us understand. What principles thinking and saying at this moment. When he began working on this record thankfully he agreed to talk to us. And we're going to share just a small part of the wonderful conversation that morrison i had with the legendary academic philosopher an activist. Doctor cornell west will. When i recall is that the prince just never slept never saw him get a wink after the concert. He he's he's like louis armstrong like james brown enacted canosa's. He left every fiber of his being right there on stage in yet right after. He's ready to hit the row and got more energy so it's like the more. He gave to advocate the more he had received. Which was everything. And you see the benchmark real genius and you see an curtis mayfield like that browse like aretha was like that was like at james cleveland. Relax at all of radars. The enact is canosa's in a are able to give it up so macho now. Also remember spending time with quince. Even bellemare yes at some time with quincy jones as well and then Goes by the tabs. Was there one time with.

america shamma morris morrison monterey montreal prince sharma dole Geneva paul navy morris davis dr cornell dr west canosa ryan england louis armstrong james brown
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"Disciplined in terms of all things or specific things in terms of all things like the main one now is food like i don't have a particularly cultured palate and not afraid of s food particularly but far too often. Like i gotta stop having fries. No matter how good they are gotta sauce having are you an all or nothing person or a moderation. I'm far more all or nothing matters. That's one of the keyser's is this woman. I had in my podcast original book that everyone kinda got into is the happiness project but she also writes books about habits and one of the things she does helps you identify. Like what's your pattern because you keep trying to apply something that works for someone else but your way of doing things is not that it's never gonna work for you so like if you try to moderation and you can't you're better off just saying i never get fries then you have to figure out your approach like never having fries a bad approach though to life so maybe just maybe it's like once a month i get fries literally true um number eight any musician or band alive or dead can play your next party. Who is it. Did you get to see him when he was a couple times once at stables and wants net crazy long forum Run the ad. That's awesome so good so electric. I got to see him at city. Winery with only four hundred of us. Play a secret show after george. Lucas is wedding and they just said it. My husband saw a local news anchor post on facebook. The tickets were about to go on. Sale was a random pop up city where he was two hours late. We stood outside for two hours and then he crushed with like a twenty two piece brass band on tiny little city. Winery stage it was. It was epic number nine. What would you consider. Your biggest failure never Properly auditioning for snl not anneli second city. I never proposition for For second city and going on that track which you know no guarantee i would have gotten very far on that track but I at least would know too late now and yet i don't think you can be in your forty s for Game over there and you know it turns out. It's worked out okay. So i regret less used to but It's it's a big. It's a big citing doors. Moment is after amsterdam. Maybe i shouldn't have moved straight to la where i crashed a car. The first week had driven in five years. I made i should move back to chicago and Bellemare pasia number ten. What three individual words would you most hope that people would use to describe you a funny And the static come for caring caring Funny and You can buy a fancy word for your words but a good smelling could smelling All fact shaker relea- pleasant gotta be your game individual words your drew. I did say it was but you then challenged me. I'd there's got to be a big word for good odorous. That's what will go in and it's fun to say okay. bonus question. who should i have in this podcast. It doesn't matter what job or industry someone. You'd think i would find interesting. Andrew moskos the underground chicago. Ooh that'd be a really good one but he's got stories days. Thanks for coming on. This was extremely fun. And you are a delight underlines there i mean better venue for awhile and here you in the car. And here's a was thrilling. thank you. That's what she said. Oh yeah one more thing. This is where i rant about something rave about something. Tell you what to read. Watch listen to. I think it's pretty clear you should watch head. Lasso i mean how much more do i gotta say people how much more i gotta say. Brennan hunt is a delight. The show is a delight. I want us all to embrace decency and not think it's fantasy. I want us all. Try our best to be good people and not let cynicism tell us that it's okay to just sink into the shit that really so much to people watch the show. It's amazing you can always tweet me at sarahspain. If you've got guest suggestions questions or more and you should always go to the i tunes or podcast subscribe to. That's what she said. Was sarah spain rate it five stars. Please give a reviewing thanks as always for.

anneli keyser Bellemare pasia snl Lucas Andrew moskos Winery chicago george facebook amsterdam la Lasso Brennan sarah spain
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"A practice politician bella. Marias became a brutal tyrant. Unafraid of shitting blood. She was the most effective ruler of disil- had ever seen but even as her prospered bella. Maria's never enjoyed the respect of her fellow room or it's considered to be one of the weakest amongst the seven. She brooded imploded. Her years away crafting bargains planning coons or petty grasping at power ended abruptly. When lou ruined lord. Kazu sabotaged her efforts to escape earth. All our city of edrissa was encapsulated in an impenetrable global force while she her people and the city were locked. Inside of a time leap. We're living the same week over and over again for ten thousand years as the ages were on. Zen edrissa faded to myth without with most calling the intrepid city castilian with people and city now freed from her temporal prison. By meddling of heroes. Rural areas has stepped out of time to reassert her rule and her nation back to its former heights of prestige and prosperity. All right so bellemare aus a little bit. Older seem super fierce a little petty. I'm gonna to kate. Mulgrew pick who i read in orange is the new black and she was on your gas safe. You don't know who captain janeway is. I didn't know her name. But i the moment i saw her gargoyles. She was tanya rachel to tanya on on that long list of star trek people in gardens. She's just great She plays the leader like a ruthless leader super well and I love her. Okay so for me. I am going to go with a very well known actress who has actually played a queen before helen. Mirren you didn't take mine. I thought you were about to do love helen. Mirren helen. mirren is a fantastic actress. Played queen elizabeth two in the queen. So there you go but how it miraz to like samal bellemare. Es has some struggling with us. I need i need somebody. Who's a little more heavyweight kim over the perfect casting. Actually so you know all right. Y'all kathy bates check back up. That's okay. I've got some just when just i don't know her portrayal in american horror story has just you know. I cannot remember the lady's name from new orleans that was cheated such a good job that was she could totally be a lord. That's a pretty good one. I thought jordan was gonna take my dame judi dench. I actually i thought she has that queen presence and she can play the nice. You know victoria style queens queen elizabeth like she just she does it all and i forget. Love judy dench. I also just when. I was picturing anything. Apparently not but. When i speak during her i was imagining her. As the countess from the murder on the orient express these are some. I'm glad i don't have to choose. That was definitely a good choice. Considering that was one of my first thoughts was dame judi dench but actually. I'm following a little bit along the jessica line here where i'm going with a star. Trek actress famed in discovery for playing philip. Joe as well as the empress michelle you I absolutely love her as an actress. Just internal. she's a little bit more picky than i think. Baladara marsh sabina like vindictive murderous side if you ever the mirror universe version of her character in star trek discovery dot. Yeah yeah so. These are choices. Good luck y'all man. I'm pick man. That's that is a tough one and as always go to the read it to jay over their vote for kate no grew over. Judy dench kathy bates. Y'all can't kathy bates is my backup. So i'm down for that one too. I'm still going michelle yeoh. I was really surprised. We have not actually kester anything. Put her up for a few. But okay yeah. And also james dame's dench jayme duty schenn's jeff lord i'm I finally adventures is an officially licensed partner of pisces inc. Mommy's mask is copyright two thousand fourteen mask. And the pathfinder adventure paths are trademarks of pozo. All pathfinder images are property of pozo and are used with permission.

Kazu edrissa Zen edrissa bellemare aus judy dench captain janeway tanya rachel Marias Mirren helen miraz samal bellemare helen Mulgrew kathy bates lou Maria Mirren mirren kate tanya
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"From the evening standard in london. I'm david nelson then. This is the leader for commander. Start to what. Jeff basil says new shepherd rocket has successfully blasted off into space carrying amazon founder and three passengers. You'll look out the window bellemare. Because one of those left the launch pad in west texas eighteen year old physics student. Oliver damon was another and the last was eighty two years old wally funk she is now the oldest person to have ever left earth's atmosphere here is it's a lifelong dream for the last vegas born. Pioneer whose gender bought her from becoming a nasa astronaut. So determined where she's approved. The women can join space missions that she and twelve others formed the mercury thirteen. A group of women who underwent the same psychological tests as nassar's male astronauts but. Never got to fly lied. While he's friends who nelson has written a story for the book wally funk in her race for space she spoke to the evening. Standard's mob london funk. Seems like a real character. How would you describe her. Or if you've ever had one of those sweets as a where you pop them in your mouth and they explode. I'm fizzle your tongue. A mate you go. That's basically wally in a nutshell. We opened the hatch. And you step outside was the first thing you say. I was say that was the best thing that ever happened. She sort of burst into the room. Flings hands up shouts hi. I'm wally the really loud volume so she's impossible to ignore. She is larger than life. I mean that phrase. Although it's a cliche at one is a so apt for for her. she's a whirlwind was still drives her and her space stream when she's cheap so much and could just be enjoying time with a fatal. Well she's never given up since nineteen sixty one when she was twenty. Two has those tests and couldn't get into space because nasa didn't admit women to be astronauts at the time. This is not an ambition she ever gave up. She has spent her life trying to get into space to to right a wrong effectively. She has prepared for this her entire life. She's kept fit. She's done as many tests around those forty intervening forty years as she could and of course she tried over the years by buying space tickets from spaceflight companies some of which went bust. So she's had her ticket for well over ten years after those thousands of miles flying wise space still the final frontier for her. Well we'll he is incredibly determined and she doesn't like the word no and if she puts her mind to something then she'll do her utmost to make it happen so to have at the age of twenty two when she was already punching above the relatively low expectations for what a woman could or couldn't do in that era. I can understand that as you know. One of only three women who studied physics university. I can totally relate to when you're trying to do something that is no tiene considered full your sex in her case flying and also being an astronaut. Yeah who wouldn't be bloody minded about that. And what did she tell you about. How the cancellation of mercury thirteen affected. Earn her ambitions. She's always jewish. Uses the phrase through his to fish and i did never really understood what a member she just men's well basically i'll go on with my life but actually unlike the other twelve women who also passed. She didn't let it go so she did get on with her life and she was very successful career and did a number of firsts within the aviation industry as a woman became the first crash investigator female at crash investigator. She became a us Safety inspector so she didn't let it destroy her that setback destroy harrell also of minimum. You know squash confidence or anything. She just saw while okay. I'll carry on flying. But i'm gonna do this or did you speak with wally. And what you know about her. Final preparations for the launch. I spoke to her on the morning when the minutes after the announcement was made both of those which king incredibly loudly because we were both so She was just saying. I can't wait. You know i'm really excited. And she said. I've waited a lifetime. Honey she will have had to totally rethink her experience. because i. she'd expected to go at virgin galactic much. More like a pilot's experience because you're going up in space plane you take you take off and land on a runway. She would be chosen her seat. Which was behind the pilot in gene. Exactly what she was going to be so she wouldn't have had to have. Charlie manage wreath full. Her expectations are now. I mean that will be very exciting to because she hadn't expected to be going up on a rocket or in a capsule apache and she loves new experiences. You know she's done everything in terms of pilot's license you name it to helicopter new name pilot's license and she's gone will he's a real history maker today s- amazing. She's had eyes on the prize for sixty years. And i it's it's it's I've spent a long time myself trying to publicize the mercury thirteen and her story through. Well since nineteen ninety. Seven when i made my first radio talk about my. I've written written about them as well and the funny thing was i did i. You know i did try to make a few queries about selling a book about the mercury thirteen in nineteen ninety seven and i got told by one publisher. The no one was interested in women's history. Yeah so i. I'm so you know. Even in twenty years. It's it's the difference in terms of attitudes towards what women have done and people are far more receptive now to learning and realizing that a lot of the history is only partial history. If you don't tell history from if you only tell history from one point of view then you're not getting the full story and that's what this is about really. It's about people realizing that america's first steps towards the moon with projects. Mercury was not an all-male affair. There were women that also willing to do it and if that program if those women had been allowed to take the natural progression one of those women would have been the first woman on the moon and today is the anniversary of the moon landings. It's fifty second anniversary of the moon landings so.

wally funk Jeff basil bellemare Oliver damon nassar nasa david nelson wally london west texas amazon nelson vegas harrell virgin galactic squash Honey Charlie america
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"Why doesn't dante mention byzantium. These are good questions. I mean and you mentioned They're mostly classical. Greeks now all class orders exactly and i and i have various theories about this. I've written articles about this not books and stuff. But i i actually conceived this is my original project and then at the very end i tried to get to you. This is a very typical story being graduated. I tried to get the two professors who were remain. Nameless will vote very well known to try to work together with me to do. This one was an expert on dante. The other one. Was you know young pelican who was my adviser. They're used to work together. And so i had to stop and think what did i want to do. And i thought you know what i like math and i liked the idea of taxation and economic things and one thing i thought was interesting is like what's the distinction. Here's a question again. That i would recommend for people. What's the distinction between what we call medieval in what we call renaissance. It sounds alec ridiculously stupid. Diatoms now see that's interesting because that sounds so broad. That's the kind of thing that a freshman would come to me. And they talk about the difference between the medieval and renaissance or like. What's difference between like early. Republican like antebellum bellemare. Ohka no. please don't gig. I mean even and wouldn't be any different if they were like second year graduate student or first year for sure. Undergrad still sounds too big yet. And i anything it also shows again something that we have to make clear also students that understanding writing a good question writing. A book is part of a process in that it altered question alters as you move forward and you see what's possible what's not possible. I would only say in my defense for that kind of broad questions. That i started again. Make i mentioned as math major. So these kinds of like basic things always stood with me and then for me and particularly as i started became apparent in through my wife by the way not..

antebellum bellemare Ohka dante alec
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"Can getting in colorado bundy now. Did get hit by them. Is lumley savvy to now mom now up in islamic. just still morale on the anti-climax model. Guiquan oman islamism. Very any counter jedi swap. But diba jedi will deal the loss of behind the now more fun things. Kelly guitar when obama annalisa on modern than metaxas ups above oppa. Deca yarmulke about gun mean. The muscles any lakers youtuber. Navarro jaakko islam inning. Mamuka lima when bubka moon run. Homer is lomb hostess owned the young blond monticello adalah joe mutt that akita yet then than Yeah hundred belong here. Alkyl under an assumed. The solo who ali salaam markelle islam rodney icon up sooner a loss of the hana khalyleh goop gunky bella. One muslim muscle a loss behind. What the among other co then knock on me. I don't know islamic double ludden sooner. Salaam saalom the off up gun. Monte slum keenum concept bill young would also kelly what does almost got on with opera up open backup market and there were janaka mohammed uncle on on by on gun macabre up by some pick them are that he was a lump phillips. How you talking about someone pita rossi. Islam kajol manufa than the arms. The plug on your subject must ram i upbeat data between jew jalek models mccollum. London doughty morocco fitna than dominik ito. Combating how difficult at by does about the underlying monaco. The shampoo about the on gothia by year. Could they got so that. The luggage begun to pull the on them as soon as about doman merica umbrella who got hung charen. Eli that when johnny john. Barry oughta hawaiian jedi montgomery monica. The oppo yes also be us on arche about the only guy. Ya ideologue young young brow. Something on young. Joe benigno islam in young portlandia. Nbc paseo also. Allie was solemn. The lump sum out so scalia. Knock on montlake with be awesome. Bloom kellyanne southern gal. Subtle house south to suggest saying sometime recommend must be alex. Kelly kellyanne top langley. Virginia from within but also how button that'd be solo was merick and equality to delay. Who did the now surani mcconnell. Who was solomon joe up. How did he flee bahari done boulevard near pseudo allows up. Does our scott on the auto oriented guy grumbling on talk about better than arby's young joe. Kelley millennial like islam so. He can go some in doha. islam ago. Manja does the islamic paddock caffeine on the omen islam. That judger began ideology then. Buddha that are non islam opening gone jedi. You month is yes basel. Also level alums to the bargain. Any islamic contact german jerry. Food book on the end also lost the low who was at beckon hunter sought to montana on our he will be to auto orange could be sold and bottles sahaba now. What are your data of were and della islam than do how mocking islam up does the under alley your under islam merica. Solomon iran. south was maligned than you're talk. Momentum gun muslims islam old malakand muslim burka salsa this above who do not love islam yatra with yet nicaraguan allience young sung admiral become one southbound mama an akita soma jihad almost three and gumbo adela run here and salute lawsuit than those brutal also. And i'll haukeland alibaba deal you're nicobar on federal sauce not mosul mosul islam much. I'm tara one hundred gun komo's salim. Everybody bugging much colombo daughter auburn alabama as komo dna who d- shoemaking noth- ronnie than agam malia under the bumi young wreck eighty some wild all feudal on gulf a chevy dilemma. If mccarthy alumnus consumer ala kathy baba food on moroccan sato. john. Merick mosquito little bit with alabama. I can do. Violence took us a pocket and funds bureaucracy murakami. I'm sarah. Mahanta can get on to john. Islam to dylan. Oh buckler of hana khalyleh ireland lampooning at deco. Mussolini thorough ankle yahoo. One massaro had that. Wer up on your master niki. Randa kellyanne what islam. Some pay kellyanne islamic with the idea of america idol of islam but one hundred pounds bureaucracy order around yet. Yeah up again. What does muck impo guided spot up and down all nestle wound up about islam. Who is almost out of. Montgomery poop beckham barry a ton of drop alpine the muslim mosul. Islam bellemare dan that islam diary jay. I was so so w month islam. The doron nexico lusa that also that if you don what islam. The concert on the mall on bond gamut will be john islam. Moon-dust.

Kelly kellyanne Randa kellyanne Mussolini kellyanne johnny john niki Joe alibaba john surani mcconnell London Navarro jaakko one hundred pounds portlandia Buddha yahoo hawaiian Homer Allie alex
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" bellemare" Discussed on Al otro lado del micrófono

"To hr third on burrito polo fees. But i gwen roy. E the motion trying to ask the owners bid or quander story inactive. Open the door at the medicine when addressing local off go eat and push come into or not. Call them horribly the mice. That's pretty min- canal. They tell them yes. There are through northglenn. Manasseh responding circus brady loaning on desktop for air mystery fantasy day. It'll be macedo philosophy ethical study s. I must now already the the mutual we wanna eat relayed osha colonized going. Nothing is pushing bokula. Discreet youngin probably podcast. But kenosha seemed death economic. And that's the philadelphia story. Has the thing verde philosophy ethical. His body as eunice leonelli fundacion. Lms many hormones theater. She into ultra noise is located. North korea. is the normal weirdo neoplasm. Forty s E concrete mnt loud district young. They say the north korea. The they're definitely trying years. The audio norte. Says marshall derailment mutuel. Don't buy and bar and buffet. Mr poco under the last four or forty. Ah get from lethem mental game. What he won't be four hundred dollars just politicos see no normally where mothers went. They they will do. Ephedra malcolm mal seizure by his level model again. Letter is to boys. Had lot recommends. These three three females for every day as well one for our frontier all lia elway world and siegler the alone. They media sheila. The she gave lay sturdier real doom plant. Cassie perfect up or waterboarding. Homeless harmonisation theological saalbach oreo. The are and the app. I'm into jail apologia. Laura the other than dental runco hondo anti-turkish lewis said on prosperous because they don't really said about gravely as well as They been monopoly front. M lafayette mondays. And don't have. I know anything a blow. They're keeping their on auto combined when lawler muscle able to lead the news if you know. We're not cultural responded intercept wireless broadband not mondo instead. Both karnali study author. Young konovalov as the sihamoni satellite. The nausea you. Kim jong guinness grandma chef author moscow moline. Okay robot maureen okay. North commenter emmett convenient ask you see how much ashleigh banfield. The lack definitive armada in mia retail young diego. Padres this how they participate. There's pajamas antonio push up on me. Chuckle out there. Which the thera- push for show on leaders. Imperfect does the diverse pain as form another in the personification an internal level. We're going manali creepy on. They leaders imperfect does Imperfect she pakistan. Not ima podcast. Perugini spion cinquanta gifts do not said about the study of rallies in clinton three petros mundial latinos one again contract that this allowed i did. He keep what could add up to the all tournament illness. Defillo out that the boys combat that amount and both carraro inventories plant there who all feedback on early may laptop. I'm most of your image. But i wanna million mark bay there and the body with rounded up with runners up on sonia by shooting victor dealer donkey kong laugh at the list. Be Cannot falter knock exit obviously film. The hawk Kenosha luna golah recommend other lucian. Ho hos insects. Unicef has the rock our community talent and neither anthromopor migos full-time stuffy. The and the needle ashworth today former part new email proficient which i get nothing there a report i robot sooner anything kunibert la morte e omar maureen. Thank you very much. I let the honeybear more. Laura kerry faith beneath die the yes swallow your decay the latino shebib it. how did not like ammonia lack. Orpheum listing olympo-. We in shell us like cream. Double congress the study. Cushy mysterious released catherine you let three nine thousand have been telefono. Said the rather unique real she can and he's talking about don then started podcast. The unit bellemare Lautoka recommend our age Omar symphonic lettuce athlete. Omar al the antonio castillo allen rela mortell. More issue's cost us put a lot of wbz. Not robert louis dc emil. How hops indoor lago theon puerto. But i'll give you a as looney go on and my sister-in-law derek not the northeastern all the huddle control meant. they only commend. I've got a double leaf. Caputured the article internal tweet regional. They don't only. I mean this is how lonely khumalo is coming tornado. Memento liangelo which one more scale. There's not i don't know how contoss historical minassian And seeing the intergovernmental theon giga. There's the men risk. Mfa knowing the illusory key issue on tanto fifty zero into the equity men few mfa knowing data says anything leone the company and hope interest any etc of creator csi saturday for years and corresponding correspondent. They both have s laboratory. He's theon asian podcast monolithic. Otherwise serious nebbi where all the data yet all afghan national contracts in love it on their are gonna recommend the theon we again we. Since the laws dicara the blunt owner gaffer referenda alpacas landing on podcast manal and cabinet maggiore cheetah sandy coastal. She knows i'm meteorologist. Equal model of podcast by now. See in there. You're out in a the eduardo. Normally the emiko could okasan mysterious harina digital must do more podcast day yo para lunacy of of the uncle. The seamless alvarado show escapee. Data bienvenidos Stereo she mistakes. He'll arena damn being the auto postcards morecombe steadier. Dnr december so much fun dissing nussey delta will come in the who'd gone labrador anecdotally. They parameter rally won't bring most. That's the owners year got robert. Vito one free gathering alpo wanted to fremont martin both the star. There's the other for the athena. Those epigraphy theon others the lippo. They'll deportivo gave. Who can't do nothin'. Giga meal bestowed aruba mule. We stuck issue mom and yes. Don't own governor theon the would over castle also on this follow our other symphonic. She knew that the randolph really mothers. Ferenci lima lima leah. Komo nari healers christiane data voluntarily. Ma she don. They'll kill book lama. Yes turkey yada or stock. Our shorter commentators evil dead or an economic seattle traveling microphone. Okay yes are they pulled a may. But i don't know either as there. Are they the guild enrollment data martha that we don't make on stage. Akwa ibom odium the burnham it's been parochial both gutters. They started nothing as the you ever seen any more than two hours. I don't know but i'm not At me she s stable cash police have to otherwise they me but feeling coffee and rondo and horkheimer near toronto com barack cafe. They monitor at asia's newly esta prieto. He portia affordable go down in official rubric parameters burma skipworth yet. Tokio has elaborate meniscus to grow. And no call me mr now though gruffly microphone. Oh blue combine came in other rashes cafe. We twice yoda equal mocatta via rarest. Hold on me. I lo- there..

North korea Laura north korea robert louis antonio eunice leonelli today poco four hundred dollars ashworth asia clinton aruba maureen mondays christiane toronto Laura kerry both Young konovalov
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" bellemare" Discussed on Classic Ghost Stories

"Isn't that you come back. What's the story of salami by immediate be wits a few years ago no matter how many i how caught blunt was traveling with my friend coventry turner and it was on the steps of our hotel that i received from him. The announcement he sent wants to me that he was again in love. I tell you blunt said my fellow travelers. she's the loveliest creature. I ever beheld in my life. I laughed at right. My dear fellow replied you so often seen the loveliest creature you ever beheld in your life. I but i'm ernest now for the first time and you have so often been in earnest for the first time remember the innkeeper's daughter at cologne a pretty housemaid who no training have made presentable. Then there was the beautiful american at interlocken. Yes but and the bellemare keizer prince tortellini as ball. Not one of them were they to be named in the same breath of my imperial. Venetian come with me to the mercury may convinced by taking a gauntlet. Sit marks place. We should be there. In a quarter of an hour. I went and he raved. If his new flame old away she was at us he would convert. Her father kept a shop in the mercury. What of that. He held only in the cost oriental merchandise and was as rich as rothschild as for any probable injuries. Own prospects why needy hesitate on that account. What were prospects when weighed against the happiness of one's whole life. Besides he was not ambitious. He didn't care to go into parliament. If he's uncle sa- jeffrey cut him off without a shilling. What then he had a moderate independents of which no one living could deprive him. And what more could any reasonable man. Desire i listened smiled and was silent. i knew coventry. Turn to well to attach the smallest degree importance to anything that he might say onto a matter of this kind to be distractedly in love. With his normal condition we've been friends from boyhood and since the time when he used to cherish a hopeless attachment to the young lady behind the counter. The target shopping harrow. I'd never known him. Fancy free for more than a few weeks. At a time. He had gone through every phase of no less than three count. Paseo during the five months that we had now been travelling together and having left rome about eleven weeks before with every hope laid waste and a heart so broken did could never buy any possibility. Be put together again. He was now. According to the natural course of events. Just ready to fall in love again. We landed at this tergat distributor some marco. It was cloud this morning toward the middle of april just ten years ago the ducal palace glowed in the hot sunshine. The boatmen with clustered god's ping about the mojo. The orange vendors will busy under the off the pr set the flannel. Were already eating ices and smoking cigarettes outside the cafes. There wasn't australian military band strapped buckled moustachioed and white coated playing. Just in front of saint marks and the shadow of the great belltower all across the square passing under the low round archway amateur area. We plunged at once into that cool labyrinth of narrow intricate and picturesque streets where the some never penetrates when use a heard and no beast of burden is seen where every house is. A shop and every shop front is open to the ground in an oriental bazaar where the upper balcony seem almost to meet overhead and a separated by only a strip of burning sky and where more than three people cannot much breast in any part pushing our way as best we might with motley crowd that he had chatters cheapens buys sells and perpetually bustles to and fro. We came presently to a shop for the sale of eastern goods a few glass jars filled with spices and some pieces of stuff untidily strewed to counter next street but within dock and narrow though it seemed. The place was crammed with costliest. Merchandise cases of gorgeous oriental jewellery embroideries infringes of massive gold and silver bullion precious drugs and spices exquisite toys and filigree miracles of carving in. I've ary sandalwood and amber jeweled yata gowns scimitar of state rich with barbaric pearl and gold. Bales of kashmir's shoals china silks indian. Muslims goes is in the like filled every inch of bailable space from floor to ceiling leaving only a narrow lane from the door to the counter. And the still narrow passage to the rooms behind the shop. We went in a young woman who was sitting reading on a low seat behind the counter. Lead sign a book and rose slowly. She was dressed holy in black. I cannot describe the fashion of a garments. I only know that they fell about her. Long soft trailing folds leaving a narrow band of fine cambric visible at the throat and wrists and that how a graceful than usual. This dress may have been my scarcely observed it so entirely was taken up with the operation of a beauty for. She was indeed very beautiful beautiful. In a way that i had not anticipated coventry turner with all his enthusiasm and failed to justice he had raped. Her is a lodge lustrous. Melancholy is of the transparent patroness of the complexion of the faultless delicacy of features. But he had not prepared me for the unconscious dignity. The perfect nobleness refinement. That informed her look and gesture. My friend requested this bracelet which had been looking the day before proud stately silent. She unlocked the case in which was kept and laid it before him on the counter asked permission to take the light. She bent ahead been answered. Not a word. It was like being waited upon by a young empress took the bracelet to the door and affected to examine it. It consisted of a double row of gold coins linked together intervals by bean shaped ornaments. Studied with pink coralline diamonds. Coming back into the shop. He asked me if. I thought it would please sister to whom he had promised remembrance of venice. It's a pretty trifle. I reply but surely remembrance of vanish should be venetian manufacturer. They supposedly turkish. The beautiful jewess looked up. We spoke in english but she understood replied a greco seniora. She said coldly at this moment. An old man came. Suck me forward from some doc. Counting has the back grizzled the it'd iguide shylock with a pen behind his ear going. Slow me going my daughter. He said hurriedly. I will serve these gentlemen. She lifted is to his for one moment. Then moved silently away vanished in the gloom of the room beyond we saw no more we linga y looking over the contents of the jewel cases put in vain then turn bodies bracelet and we went out again into the narrow streets and back to the open. Daylight of the grand piazza. Well he said breathlessly. What you think of her. She's very lovely lovely than you expected much lovelier but but what the sunni succeeding forgetting her. The better he vowed of course that he never would and never could forget her. He would hear of no incompatibilities. Listen to no objections. Believe in no obstacles. The beautiful slow may was herself not only conscious.

five months ten years ago english middle of april coventry turner tortellini more than three people first time one moment interlocken one few years ago this morning venetian tergat Muslims of an hour double row of gold coins about eleven weeks before turkish
What's Next for Bombardier?

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What's Next for Bombardier?

"It's been a big month not just for Birdie but for business aviation in general. By months I mean. Basically since January sixteenth until February seventeenth. There was all kinds of speculation. About what bombard he was GONNA do. Because January sixteenth. They came out with a warning to Wall Street and they said first of all our twenty one thousand nine financial results are going to be so great. But that's not the biggest news. The biggest news is we're going to do something to our business portfolio. We just don't know yet and that got everybody going. As to what the possibilities or in the possibilities were bombarded currently exists with two divisions a business aviation division and in bigger train related division of trade related they make everything from actual trains to signaling products that go along with the railway system and so turned out. They were shopping. Both of them out to see which one could get the better deal and on February thirteenth. We heard the actual financial results for the year. And they of course. We're not as great as once hoped but more importantly what the. Marta announced that it was selling the rest of it. Eight to twenty stake to Airbus the eight to twenty is the series that Bernier originally developed and they were going to sell this now. They're remaining speak. They'd already sold part of it. They're going to sell the remaining of it for about five hundred fifty million dollars in cash and what that means is Airbus gets to walk away with the whole former C. series. Now the eight to twenty is entirely in its control and then four days later on February seventeen bombard. Ea announced it had reached a deal to sell its train. Division notice bombarded transportation to also come of France also is one of the two big train makers based in Europe Siemens being the other one and long story short. They're going to sell this for. They're going to sell the training division for up to four and a half billion dollars which does sound like a lot of money but then again you're talking about businesses that have more than fourteen billion dollars backlog or annual work and so it's it was a pretty much a fair deal all around and for Bardy what it does is it brings a desperately needed money. That bombarda was running out of Because it has a major debt payment next year and had to make the more importantly it had this huge debt pile of more than nine billion dollars that it faced with no real great business plan to help to pay it off now to getting out of the train business. And it's getting out of eight to twenty. It's going to be business aviation only and it's GonNa have half the that it used to have. So what does that mean for bombarding going forward? Let's say some big space so this money going trump's ideas trouble having trouble wild -veloping because he went way over. Budget and and Airbus Boeing basically were playing competitive games so they couldn't get a huge hole so they brought in a new CEO about Bellemare and they launched a five year plan and they've been sort of on that plan selling everything everything. They've acquired over the last three decades. They've been selling off to judge as part of this plan. How quick can you name them? All CR J sold off candidates. They've sold off the Canada's down view PLA. They've sold off. Sra Damn Cameras Downfield. They've sold of Canada. They sold off the would bomb. They sold off the out. J. Them Nestled on twenty with pupils. One hundred hundred let themselves with the business championships. Actually with you. Get back to nine hundred eighty six. I started when the quad candidate. And they're still making the challenge but anyway southern this strategy this five year turnaround plan and the idea was by the end of twenty twenty. They would have they'd be you know they'd be back into having SPEC CASH. They could use to pay down the debt right. So we're all tracking along this way. And of course the rail business going to ride together just contractual delivery troubles so they have all of a sudden at twenty twenty figgers way. Wonky and it was so fun to read the Michael Story because the apple is so McCall was saying he segment strategy. This is not strategy. Ain't just has been almost fire sale. Just keep so to say that. I've been thinking about this philosophy days sadly I've been thinking this philosophy and it's like watching a horror movie right. We have saved these. Don't go into that darkened room with taps which don't turn your back on the camera. Don't gain that car in the history of bodies don't stretch the J. develop a new airborne. Don't leave your regional airline customer base behind to develop an airliner. Don't try to yourself that you're not competing with the HIP Hustler. Unless you all of this thinking I really still don't WanNa get in that car bombarded. They are now very focused on business. Va Shin. But I'm this is not the end of the store.

Airbus Bombarda Canada Airbus Boeing Bardy Va Shin France Marta EA Bernier Donald Trump Europe Siemens CEO Bellemare Apple Mccall
Is Quinoa Unhealthy For Its Producers?


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Is Quinoa Unhealthy For Its Producers?

"Today's episode is brought to you by listerine ready tabs small discrete tabs, the transform from a solid to a liquid just to switch and swallow no sink required to get that just brushed clean feeling, and they pack a huge punch up to four hours of fresh breath, and the confidence that goes with it on the go wherever life takes you to a surprise meeting a date you want to freshen up for or just from one event to another try listen ready tabs today. Find them near the mouthwash. Welcome to brain stuff from how stuff works. Hey, rain stuff. Lauren Bogle bomb. Here. Keen wa has caused quite a lot of confusion during its short tenure on the worldwide seen race for thousands of years in the Indian mountain region of South America. It's only really blown up worldwide over the past decade, the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization declared twenty thirteen the international year of wa giving the crop a big boost on the world stage. The declaration was intended as a way to highlight crops that were unknown if forgotten at least to the wider world as a way of promoting food security, but along with Kim was rabbit sense to the top of the health food chain came news reports that local populations in Peru and Bolivia could no longer afford to buy it as the prices had doubled or tripled. But before we get into that some basics Qinhua spelled Q U. I N A in case you've seen the word, but never heard it pronounced cooks like rice looks sort of like couscous and packs a serious nutritive punch. It's high in protein contains all these amino acid. And is high in iron and fiber. It's eaten like a grain. But it's really more like a seed or a vegetable, and it's also gluten free in short checks a lot of boxes for folks looking to eat fewer animal products, or if you were carbs, but is it's mainstream popularity hurting the people who grow it. Researchers have called through year's worth of data two thousand four to two thousand thirteen from a national Peruvian survey to find out how these seemingly worldwide Kenwa frenzy affected. The quality of local citizens lives over that period. Their circumstances actually seemed to have improved. We spoke by Email with one of those researchers Marc Bellemare and associate professor of applied economics and director of the center for international food and agricultural policy at the university of Minnesota. He said in most cases, we find that rising Kenwa prices have modestly increased to the welfare of both Kimba producers and can what consumers in Peru at worst. We find a small decline in welfare in some region. Wins. But that decline is almost nil at less than one percent of total welfare welfare here is defined as the value of a household consumption expenditures, Bella explained since consumption tends to be function of income consumption is a good proxy for income. But it's not necessarily all good news. There are a couple of concerns that could still affect the people who originally grew Kenwa Bella. Mir said the first is that once the price of kin wall fell back down to its pre twenty ten level many, small producers told us they were holding onto their grain in the hope that the price would spike back up. But this is highly unlikely to happen considering that with the want price spike in two thousand thirteen many new producers got into the Kenwa production game which lowered the price a probably permanently. Unless there's a new spike in the international demand of kin wa. The other problem is an issue of maintaining bio-diversity very few varieties of kin while are exported to places like the US and UK especially compared with these some hundred varieties grown in Peru. And so if it's most worthwhile for producers to grow for export markets. Those other local varieties might disappear forever. This phenomenon isn't good for the longstanding health of crops, and it's not a new problem take the banana when I say banana, you probably think of a very particular variety of the fruit, but someone greatly enlarged in gently bent a yellow number two pencil. That's a cabin dish banana, and it's the only one many of us encounter outside of the tropics its popularity elbowed out other varieties and farmers came to rely on it as a staple export. Which sounds great a right up until a fungus that affects only that variety swept in and started destroying crops. If you haven't heard scientists are now racing to figure out a way to save it, and that's the danger of monocultures, the Irish potato blight is another example. That's why organizations like bio-diversity international have piloted programs to give native farmers incentives to grow the less in demand varieties of kin wa so Wilkin will ever wear out. Its welcome it. Sure doesn't look that way. Where it used to be limited to health food stores and vegan rest. Wants can what is showing up on mainstream menus now in place of rice or pasta as part of main entrees as breakfast cereal or even added to soups and salads, hopefully with cooperation among exporters, and researchers conditions will only continue to improve for can was growers in for Ken while itself. Today's episode was written by Elliott and produced by Tyler clang for heart media, and how stuff works for more on this and lots of other nutritive, topics. Visit our home planet has stuff works dot com. Hebron stuff listeners for all you fans of true crime investigations. There's a new podcast from glamour, and how stuff works Marcus Hanna. Devante Abigail, Jeremiah and Sierra were all black children adopted by two white women, Sarah and Jennifer heart. It looked as if the hearts were the perfect family, but their lives ended in a murder suicide car crash that shocked their friends and made national headlines starting Semper forth with new episodes every Tuesday co host Justin and Elizabeth follow the families fatal journey even listen subscribe to broken hearts, spelled H A R T S on apple podcasts

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