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"educow verschoor" Discussed on Pop Culture Affidavit

"It was almost like you'll only about what application check the boxes of which schools, you replying to see really only repaid like one fee. So it was almost like I lied to six or whatever or or seven. I don't remember all off the top of my head. I do remember that. I one of them's university Rhode Island for some reason. It was like all these for me. I was like trying to pay different things. And I like it was it was almost like. Because my dad had gone. I'm not a first generation culture because my dad has a bachelors and masters degree, but he went to Adelphi, and then Long Island university CW posts which are both local colleges on a he's a working adult at that time. He was working he'd he'd he'd already been in the ceremony hairy. So he was essentially the jibe of the government's paying for it. He no, he was, you know, I don't know all the circumstances. But he did not go in the traditional way that he wasn't eventual. Yeah. My day. My mom never went to college. She worked way up through, you know, etc. Ceremony are both similar that. Yes. So so there was service still serve still a certain about night. Hey that comes with the came with me. And it was it was like, I didn't know necessarily. I would and. And. Guidance counselor. I give guidance counselors now a lot of credit because I know of work with the from many many years and I've worked with once. We're really really good at sitting down with students, and like really trying to work them through especially suits, her frustration college students worked through the whole process. And what to look out for all these things because I don't even remember who are guys were basically pointed to room, the head of educow- Verschoor isn't never like will. You can look at these. Unlike thanks. That's what it pretty much was. And then and then they were like, okay, you this is how this is what we do for recommendations it really eat up like letters of rec from your teachers, and that was about it really wasn't. They weren't really help. So I went to loyal college in Maryland, which is now loyal university. Maryland, you know, whatever I got my bachelors. I got message from UVA a couple of years ago. So they're my college choices actually toilet Syracuse university in upstate New York. And honestly us because they were at the time they were both the same about tuition, and they both were getting the same amount of money. And I just did not. Up six to not appeal to me for some reason matching school. We would save. So anyway, I did remember to schools to like three pretty high profile schools that I got to I got into one. I didn't get into. I got you see at least of Dartmouth rejected me flat out, and I didn't have to wait. Well, at least you weren't dumb enough to think UVA was your safety school, which is the which is the part. I left out of how stupid I was in nine hundred ninety four so Colgate university, upstate New York was kind my second choice accepted me, but I wasn't going to be getting any money. And I was just that it was his way to expensive. And despite my mother was a we'll make it work on like, no, it's just it was it was one of those things. Like, no this was way too expensive for a bachelor's degree. So I held off on that. And then I did get into the university of spoiled children out in Los Angeles at Amec eat infected not, but you not pay for an Instagram informed surgeon didn't have eyebrows didn't have like spun Khan, and you didn't get your mom wasn't arrested at her house by the at the I don't know how you pull it up. It was a different time kinda regret not checking out at least. But it was just again, I was like all the way across the country. Japan's probably you'll come home twice a year were like all right. You know? So see when we send Brett to Stanford. I will not be that way. He can come home. Whenever you want to be. He can go to MIT. We'll go this because 'cause we'll we'll go to San Francisco..

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