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"edmund king edmund" Discussed on No Such Thing As A Fish

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"edmund king edmund" Discussed on No Such Thing As A Fish

"Family. So true. This is the number two. I left in Tokyo. I two is looking into toilets. But specifically because the Java this person was to avoid disaster. So I looked into dangerous toilets, and I found one this goes back to ten sixteen ten sixteen and this is the death of king Edmund king Edmund died on the toilet. And so he sat on the toilet. And he died in the way he died was at the time of Denmark. He was trying to extend empire into the into Britain. And so he he sent someone one of his Vikings who broke into the bathroom of king Edmund hid inside the toilet underneath it. And when he sat down he raised a sword right through right through the bum hole. All the way up. And killed him. Yes. The Vikings access to his toilet. Why does he have to hide under the toilet? So the king. How you get into the bum hole. Most easy. Yeah. Yeah. Being on top of a cupboard. It's perfect vantage point, but you can you can you don't have to kill someone. Yeah. He might have got into the toilet. And so I'll hide somewhere else. And there were no cupboards or anything, you know, Edmund kind of walking down the corridor. The B Dave moon big enough. And there's no one in that audience. Oh, if I got he's got a toilet cover hose doing all right for himself. What could be more dangerous? Speaking of dangerous toilets Hitler's toilet. Yeah. I'm so hitless highlight hitless ships toilet is a Taurus attraction in New Jersey at the moment. So at the end of the war Hitler how to yacht, and he was going to sail up the Thames kind of law dinner over the British. And what happened was the British took it off him. And then dismantle their and sold it for scrap and the toilet happen to end up in a shop in New Jersey. And there's a guy called Greg cough. Elt? If you go down to his shelf and say can I see Hitler's toilet, please? He'll just show you round here. It is. And he says it's not something to be proud of this exists. Apparently it wasn't in his shelf for a while. Because he took it to the u k in an attempt to sell it on a TV game show. We don't know all I could think is bugging. That doesn't sound like. Antiques roadshow. Stately home Gazan, really low run.

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