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S2EP10 Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Nursing

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S2EP10 Black Women in Science: Pursuing a Career in Nursing

"Everyone to welcome back to another so we need. Today is a friend of mine and we want to talk about pursuing a career in nursing cetera is registered nurse. Fear in. i cannot. And i thought you'd be three person to just come aboard and talk to us about becoming a nurse in canada so welcome. Lusaka how are you today. Tell me how. You're spain sane in the middle of kuwait nineteen especially given that your nurse. How you taking care of yourself. Oh my see. I've always believed and self care here very important especially in times like this so personally as a nurse turned to take care of people will hostile sula around as our family members. Our friends and our children ourselves behind so personally. I've been after saying this. Just taking a bubble bath station debris -thing exercises personally for my own a lot of face show on personal care. I've been along on a back. Relaxes the muscles. That when when you're stressed out. Yeah i'm the five back. This is your day indiana so tell us a little bit more about you so we know about your earners so tell us a little bit more about who you are and how you got into nurse and why why give me wanting to that career path. I'm a registered nurse. I work out of inner ear. Edmonson alexander hospital. I have been there poor working with each s health services for going to be twelve years now so i i got into nursing initially So i started working on a home. I realized that. I like the kid. I was provided. Further patients their clients. They're in a community and so my was actually my mom. My mother who thought that passion in me and encouraged me to get into nursing. I i sent buddy was insane. I didn't think that i would stat compassionate out you know a others. They always see things that yes necessarily seek out true. So she saw it. Encouraged its end side went on and Went to school for to become an. Lpn i the lpn. Basically is a licensed practical nurse. You go to school for two years here in medina or in canada mostly two years. It will differ from province to province. I worked as a practical nurse for about ten years techno eleven years. Yeah i was. I worked in the medicine general medicine. This is a word that basically you see everything across the nursing spectrum. So i then realized that i wanted to challenge myself to go even further on given that i had already artie. Had hi schooling done here. I figured why. Not just challenge Wide not push myself right. And then i decided to go back to school after ten plus years of working in the field and i did. Yeah now registered nurse. Wow wow wow so. I'm just thinking i all the money working ten years like. Did you have to give up a fulltime job to go back to school. Full your rn ways such a sacrifice. It wasn't easy. It wasn't an easy decision because i had permanent full-time and those don't come easily. Give that up. Just take a leap of faith to finish my rn. I lost all the income. That i wow king i like. I said the husak rice. Sorry i actually edmund teens scotch way to go back to school just to becoming our years. So is there a reason why you didn't do it in ten though i could have done it in nineteen but it would have been online and personally. I am not an online person. I tried did few courses online through abacha university. And i just realized that it wasn't for me knowing myself i have a lot of family in edmonton and so as a result. I'm busy with family. Engagements i needed to just released myself to be focused only on On school and so. That's what i did while. I was in taking classes throughout the best guy and working fulltime. I hear procrastinating. I wasn't really getting anything done. I was actually the main reason why i moved to usa. Yeah it's it's huge leap of buffet indefinitely challenging to give up that cash that you've been owning for like ten years plus and then you'll like i wanna go back to school and get something higher than what i'm doing and and right now that's your working as an rnd feel like it was worth that sacrifice so far so far i feel it is is definitely more responsibility. I can feel it ever been. Payback was definitely worth it. Okay so startled. Tell us a bit about some of the challenges that you might have experienced as you were starting either your lpn or your are an just showed us what your education was like so the challenges that i encountered basically were just as an lpn back then when i did my opn diploma the times that nurses were very short. I was actually shortlisted for a while. If for six months to a year. I was called to say i was in actually. I think someone had to drop that ear from you to enter into the program. If i could remember. I quit my work. I think that's the day. I'd be waiting for aids For so long so so that means you are underweight. Lease to become an rn long before you actually go deceptive. No this is the l. P. n. is okay the. Lpn in a pass was some orange use to only go to school for two years and it will become an rn but with diplomat. Iran though in two thousand seven that program was stocked. And i think two thousand seven hundred thousand eight. That plan was stopped in that program then became the opium program. Lpm diploma program. The pro I did as an lpn. Okay and yeah. It was going to school when you are younger. I suppose to when. I went back to school when i am. Older is quite different. Your absolutely kissed. You have different responsibilities. That's how i would see it like you know you just my different when you're a little bit older. You have more responsibilities. Maybe when you're younger not as much right now. I've heard that becoming nurses really difficult right in the exam. I know people who had to write it more than three times before they finally made it. Can you share what your experience was like right. The board example. Either the lpn and the rn when let me go back to the opn Of exam it was basically. I finished school whole. I reviewed You my notes at all. I bought a review book. Which is what. I reviewed off of from opn. I think i be for like three weeks. And i was ready to write it and i wrote it the first time. Pass the lpn n the rx. I did the same thing. Because i figured if if it works for the l. p. n. It will work for the rn. Increase six m. I finished school i. It was actually very very difficult. There are preparing for the iron because it was during the pandemic i couldn't go to brewery. Yes the pandemic. tci that will make it way more challenging way we more. I'm not really a whole study person. I would definitely not focus. That's me. I need to be like in a structured environment. I need to be the classroom in the library alive. Whatever but not at home because the flourishes colleen the tv's colleen social media is the kids are calling. You know many pena calling me about it so bad. I thought about for the longest while. And i figured you know what when changing times i just have to adopt so i did i just kinda rearrangement environments to make sure that it can use to me in a way that i could study and still be focused now. Studying for the rn exam created a study guide. And i follow this guy actually to dick t to the dots while yes to make. Sure that so i would. Basically i bought a study. Guide bought a study resource online. You owned it was very expensive. But so worth it and so i would answer Actes about seventy five to a hundred questions her day. Wow so i did that for. I would do that. Hunt the seventy five two hundred questions in the morning. Like first thing when i wake up see after i dropped my daughter to school i come home. Make my coffee drinker. perk up and answer the seventy five question. I in a real test in scituate out really test myself as finals. Taking a real example. Gasol you time yourself in everything everything everything. So i would fall of bats. After i've answered that seventy five question is i'll give myself about three hours to you that because you wanna make sure that you are. I wanted to make sure that. I'm actually processing in the russian. Not just skimming through the questions and not critically thinking about each s ryan so. I did that every day in in the evening after. I've answered those questions. In the evening. I would then review the answers and the right right. So how many days did you do that. So you will do in seventy five hundred questions per day. Do you have an idea like how many days you did that. Review in practice before you wrote the exam. I would serve Solid every day more. Maybe with the exception of sunday's this like girl this is like a new level of respect right here for all universes out there. Wow it's intense. It's intense includes is intense so not preparing myself for. Its if i would have gone to in class at not feel prepared. I don't i. Would've i would've just felt very disappointed to have to do it a second time because every time the second time the anxiety is gonna talk about that because i i know you didn't have to write your exam mother once as you shared. But you know i want us to also talk about how to help people who find himself in that situation. May you know that nursing is your calling like you said your mom moving in found that out she knew somehow by business where you belonged and maybe that person knows that this is where they belong but unfortunately the writing this exam and they're just not passing so what. I really liked that you've done here is that you've provided us with some study strategy. That worked for you right so you said. Basically having a disciplined structured well laid out three plan and then following it to the t. Like you said and then buying a study resource to help you with aswering questions and and reviewing questions and setting your own structure to go at your own pace. So you're giving some really good tips. That i think will be helpful in any academic professional regardless of what i was nursing right but i also want you to talk about like that piece about the boarding sam. If for whatever reason one doesn't pass the first time in maybe possibly not the second time in you find yourself going to ride it a third time the four-time what i what tips can you get. What advice can you give. I personally say if you us often not situation is to do a reflection wherever ed's whether you're lacking aspect of the theory hearts of the exam because what a resource of what a practice quiz practice exam will give you really is a different different practices. Exams will give you different strapped up different things right world. I find for myself. It didn't really give me as much of theory. I feel like you should have had the basics of that theory in-school rents you've mastered that you're in school. That knowledge is in you right so now what you were all helped me with just critically bank kim's rule the ancestors that i was selecting and why i was selected them. Why one even go on four correct. Okay why one is more important than the other one right because in collects itself looks for. They have a pattern of way. The mark in class is is completely different from the way exempted school amount increases marked by a computer. It's a computer automated exam. Which computer can sense if you're going to be a safe nurse entitled. Wow let's talk about that a little bit than does this then mean that is not marketed based on mississippi. Right or wrong answers. But just based on like jenna role. Just the general way that you ask the question. Do you fall in a safe category or do fall in risky nurse type category. I'm trying to process this to understand that a little bit better. I feel like a does market dust taking into account your the knowledge because you definitely need that to be able to critically acid oppression to be safe at the nice though in order to be safe as a nurse. You have to put you up critical thinking and your inquiry skills. We answer questions though. The i feel like the exam marks you basi- eighteen but that's not to say that you don't apply knowledge right. You don't apply theory right so that's fly. Having that solely foundation in your theory will definitely help you to process. The answers that you select. Which computer is going to ban sense. Not you can confuse the computer right. You can confuse the computer wearing if you are answering one question riots in one question wrong in the end cracks. You definitely confuse a computer because the it will. It won't be able to determine if you are if you're going to be safe in this instance. The computer then will take you to the rest of the questions. That is banned. Which is i think in in my situation was like a hundred. I think it's you are allowed to to ride one hundred and forty five questions. I think the Computers confused not where to to put you end of the exam. Okay i know there are mitts out there about in class being if you would invest in your rights up to seventy five questions in the computer shots down johnny domestically. That's paul thank you for addressing that so that's falls if you if the computer shuts down after seventy five questions and that doesn't necessarily mean that you've passed automatically okay and it doesn't mean that it at the computer takes your way to one hundred forty five questions that you feel. That's false as okay. So therefore don't panic. Don't panic. Because i think a lot of people go into inc lex with the idea that i have to seven by question right. I seventy five question. The compete needs to stop. It doesn't work like that so a lot of people. If the computer doesn't stop the accent five questions than startled and sat Won't even concentrate. I can see that happening to focus and finished the rest of the exempt successful. Because you're like oh. I must have failed. I'm not question hundred. I didn't make it right so you confuse a computer because now you'll khanaqin and you're second guessing yourself every time every answer every question that come out you second guessing yourself because you are the has already failed right so if you continue up you're gonna continue to get every question wrong because now you kinda gay. You're not thinking yes. Thank you for bringing that up you so much so i also wanna ask any advice for guys going into nursing. So we know nursing is a women's professional women tend to typically go into nursing and becoming a nurse and what about fog. Is i want to talk about men who want to pursue nurse in in who may not necessarily get the support that they would have gotten if they were female from your family. Your society everybody else. So let's talk to our african men black men as well who wants to go into nursing but today just feel like i said this is not for me. It's not match remains for whatever right so let's talk to them. Why is great for them to come into the nursing. Profession is great for them to pursue that passion any advice for men thinking about wanting to pursue nursing. Yeah that's just a very wrong ideology over. People say in that nursing is not for men there are different paths that you can take a nurse. You don't necessarily have to be at the bedside. There are different pat. So i can tell the why some men will think backs that is not for down but it's wrong during the whole course of the training of nursing. Yes you to step out of your comfort zone as a man and a lot of men are actually seen. How should i put it. A lot of men during the training to become a nurse are a watch. I should say carefully is because i think especially african main right because we believe that's maybe let me give you an example. I wasn't Lpn nursing lpn schooling. I was in a class with a muslim back african muslim. Die right you. it's smart. He was very intelligence. However it would save such things i own. I can't change a woman. I can't change because in india religion right like in the religion. You would take care of men if you're a man and then if you're woman you take care of a woman but in a situation where you're going to nursing school ryan. You can't bring that up to say italian structure that i can change a patient that's been assigned to you. You can't do that even when when you're hired at a job i got hospital. You can't even say that rice especially so when you're in school you cannot refuse to care for a person the female because it's a contrary your religious faith should've known that you should have done your research before you. Yeah absolutely before you venture into that career path yet. So i wouldn't say. I wouldn't want to discourage do not get into it because i feel like once you got past that installed phase where you are watch friend instructor in there for skills and all that you assignments you i could like you'd be fine once you on schooling right into the workforce you then are able to dictate or a little bit little bit where you want to work at the nurse. 'cause there's a lot of places that you can work at the nurse not necessarily at the bedside though you can. I've seen now now especially now a lot of men in a nursing the athol hospital that worked out side day now have been moving up to like money jury If you know your job and you would in the sacrifice in your nights in a sacrifice different paths that you can take in you can do can become a management different types of management charge nurse where you're not really at the bedside as much. You can work at a clinic. A doctor's office where you're not directly providing my personal care right so there are different different areas of nursing not meant to get into the not comfortable with the personal care aspect of it but i would say going through school. That's something that you cannot avoid. Thank you for sharing that. And i hope that my male listeners illicit in here soul has said that their other areas in nursing that you can venture into so personal cares on issue for you as a man and you wanna go into nursing. She's mentioned chargers management working into doctor's office working in triage. You know that. Just do your research in know where you think you want to do. After you've gone through that schooling part because the schooling part you cannot get to pick and choose unfortunately so you have to go through everything including personal care like everybody else. So i think that sometimes we also put this stereotype on men as well so it was quite possible that some men don't have any problem doing personal care. You know in the hospital as that is part of your job. That's your role. Is it possible that they get there. And maybe some female and then the theme is like i one if he mooners. I don't want you. I've heard about for example. Certain people going to a doctor's office and then they get a they. Don't see your own group in the hospital. So you're like. I want my own people. I want this other person reno and then you're like well. This is what you get right. So what if it's the patient now. Who is pepe trading stereotype. Because you go to the hospital or to the clinic wherever you expect to see a female nurse because again it's a job. Better is traditionally performed by women. But you need a man. He's obviously very qualified. But then the patient sees no. I don't want me owners. I want a female nurse. How can we educate our listeners about that bias is well. We're back something definitely that that happens at the hospital. I have to say that patients have the right to refuse. Okay have that right to have the right to refuse care now. They don't have the right through to select the nurse that they want to work with them personally on sale on the issue of race type thing. They don't have that writes in terms of religion. When a patient's refused to be taken care of by a male female we tend to encourage them to perhaps have a family member of this is the days where family members would come to the hospital. Way before kovac's. Yeah yep personal care like the washing bathing who like the family members to do that when they come if that's their personal preference though we have that option or it'll if that option isn't available we work in teams at the hospital. Where in one team. You have the rn l. k. n. Helps gary in nineteen though that is has to be a female in that group of people in that one team. That's caring for the patients conform. So then you can assign another person a female person that's preferred able by the patients to do the personal care so their options exactly to walk around that Need to be discouraged if your guy looking into prisoner There are people out there like missile. Sarah who's more than happy to you. Know just exch- show you how you can go about this by educating yourself. Just to some research read like she said or ask questions basically wherever you are so tell us now what a day in the life of the nurse looks like so our dana verse so basically you leave home you get to the hospital. Came cop have to wear masks before you enter into the hospital. A facial goggle. Before you enter you get there. You is a thing on the h. S website that we have to complete before we get to work. It's call fit for work on each person that goes to the hospital has to be fit for work especially in terms of public. Yes another nurse has to look at that bit for work russia nearby you would advancer and sign off to say that okay. You did that you can be signed off so you do that. You're signing your name just like you walking then you pick up your report sheets and you willing to make a general conference room where updates are provided basically the manager of the unit coming speak on different topics that topic such is admission rates or such as infection on spread within the unit. Just any complaints like army members are complete our concerns we will dan all disperse into our various teams where we would then a reports on our specific patient assignments then yeah discussed among ourselves as a team after we received reports from the night shift basically if if the morning shift you're working on your occasions how did not sny organize in what happened. What chains basically any update. We will then huddle within a middle teams in a just talk about what how the day's goal and how the day looks like so when you're moving from patient to patient what is that like so we see so many things on tv. I'm just that my head is spinning with a number of questions. So do you always have to change your face. Shield your mask your gloves like every single thing when you go from patient to patient even though you might be visit in messy fifteen patients within few minutes of each other. What does that look like. So yes we do have to change our pe patients so that means goals are masks. I was i- ganz washing of hands before you get a blob. Washing of hands gloves. Just how many times a day do you guys wash hands. Have you ever counted just curious. It's hard to count because you get so used to that in my gosh. I'm down in a. You're not doc you not donning like putting on gloves al-qaeda don in yeah you still even if you're just walking along the hallway 'cause you have people watching you right we have extra is were donning. Dos okay i wanna make understand it so every single time you have to change your p. t. e. between patients. They someone actually making sure you're doing it right. So do you have to like in a station. And then there's somebody stationed in that particular spot or like always just a random person who's like Undercover police watch oppressing is known to everyone and on the other guy so depressing is known the person basically just stands in the center of the unit by by apple sheets units this there and they can see from end to end right so basically k. Brought someone going into a patient's room than day notes to keep the island that patients Personality not to wash person. How the donny Donning dan correct the person if you don it wrong okay. So it's not like you're going to lose your job if you do it wrong. More than once to face. Just the percentage to stay to educate and provide support. And be like okay. You missed the step. He redo it. Okay lisa step. Just don't do it next time. What if you do it next time. Then what while palm be. You probably have a talk with the manager so you guys are going. You know you guys are doing so much. And i wanna use this moment to just say thank you so much lists are for your service as a registered nurse on behalf of i wanna stand in the gap on behalf of antonio's to say thank you for what you do and so many other nurses and frontline workers out there. Kids wearing this pandemic is over a year now and the sacrifices you guys have to make like i'm just thinking about the washing hands alone and all the things you have to wear. It's a lot on your fees. Might even be feeling like you're suffocating. Sometimes like your heating up is too warm. You know all that all that extra stuff but we didn't use to do cre- cuvette that you guys have to do now. Every single day in some of us are complaining about wearing masks to go outside. But you guys don't have that choice. This is what you do if you work it. Hour shifts twelve hour shifts. This is your life you know so. Imagine the sacrifices that you're making and the reason why the general public needs to honor that sacrifice by making sure that will take the necessary precautions in during the needful. So do you take care of koby patients. So i did in the past for how big the unit that i'm assigned to right now how. Hfs specifically the hospital on act. Have or things out is that we have designated kubin unit. That's only for kobe. Positive patients so maya next is not a coded designated unit but i did work with kobe. Patients in the past and so when patients come from emerge they are tested emerge and are cleared in merge to come up to the units so then they're dispersed onto the various units. They come onto my unit. If they are they don't they not positive anymore but the positive However they can still come to my units if the test negative But they still have symptoms so when they come to my unit this have symptoms. We still isolate them. Of course yeah right this whole situation. You never just know right. Yeah you never know. Kazoo virus keeps changing so may have test negative in emerge and then maybe five later is showing massive. Symptoms become positive. Okay yeah just curious. Have you were any of your patients. Like african people black people with colin. Yeah with kobe. Or that's it's such an irony because a lot of african people initially. I should say initially yes. We'll be affects. People think we know that now that does not meet a stone on new system is not as hard as rock things to permeate and couvert is one of those things that can permeate and such shows that cova new facts is it affects people of color more than White people into that is that we leave a car. Live in homes where our mothers are in our grandpa's Grandchildren multigeneration homes. Where medians the only have nuclear families leaving at the same time she s though in situations where we have more People leave at home in it also find healthcare workers in that home. It's basically rights issues. A disaster core. Kobe is just a perfect perfect environment. Sharing beds sharing like a tight space. You're sharing everything at the perfect place for colby to just ravage through. Tell me a little bit about what that 'cause i know you said you. You're not doing it right now. But in the past the to care of koby nineteen patients. You're able to just share even if it's just a little bit i don't wanna break any confidentiality issues but just a little bit of what that felt like what that experience was like carrying for people who tested positive for me. I have to say it was very difficult to wash. People people fall very very sick very. He has warning very it was. It was very personal in that. I felt like. I was stuck in between places where i was. Trying to educate people were reluctance and leave the inequality situation. And i'm going to work every single day. Dying for women who don't even have the opportunity to even have family members come at the bedside while the best side to watch them die. I know in city final words and the goodbyes. It was very very difficult. That situation looked like a patient who is not able to breathe with even though they have all the support of oxygen the still at to communicate the words very limited those in one word water breath and they're very now week did not able to eat and with supporting them in every way. Possible whether it's through the through their veins are every way possible just so they can speak like. It's exhausting to talk very exhausting very with every speech using the energy that you have that reserve that you could utilize to just hold on right so if you use that using their than it just becomes that much more difficult. And that's the reason why a lot of patients are that intimated. Icu or kogas. Rio is very real very difficult for healthcare workers you see that aspect and of people being sick at the hospital in caring for them continuously masking at the hospital. Yeah continuous mass skin for four hours a day and just that affect have on healthcare workers that we don't even know what that long-term again the long term mental health fact physical effect as well in because i've seen people scarring from wearing this mask and everything else all day long many days a week hence why i have to i have really increased. My facial. Regimen joins pandemic. Because you see people out. Like i don't know if he can sequels brought make breakouts like you just personally actually like add like you get headache just even for wearing continuously masking you 'cause you're grabbing in your own your own your own field to right which is a You're supposed to read that out so it's very difficult when people don't listen to guidelines it's just like okay. I know you want to leave your life but at the same time until this is gone. You can't reliever liked that you want to now. You can't because this involves the rest of us to not just you so important. Thank you for sharing that. Experience is like carrying for covid nineteen patients and the reason. I asked that is just for anyone out there who still skeptical. I believe that a number of us in our own community included Seen things differently now than they used to initially right but if perhaps there are still people out there who still clueless or who onto cana remain in la la land. I hope that this experience you've told us about your personal caring person with covid. Nineteen just hopefully wakes them up and they can see that. This needs to be taken seriously. So i want. I know you told me that you have gotten your vaccine. I also want to just take this unity to let us know anything at all of that. You want to share after you got your vaccine. I was actually very very excited to get my vaccine regardless of your liver in. Who is excited. Okay that's good by believing. I believe in science but i believe in science Gives wisdom right yes. If god has given the wisdom to people to create science to be alive better absolutely owner. I was very very excited regardless that they didn't have much research. I all of you that not getting the vaccine is much worse. The virus the virus. Yes i had a doctor come on my show just recently and he said exactly what you said getting in the virus with the vaccine you will be way worse off than if you had the vaccine and then got the virus so i personally i feel. I felt like i was whenever about get the flu vaccine. This season of flu vaccine even much sicker than the vaccine with sumi Just bought body ache. I'm jay don happened in that. Was it that. Was it usually at times. Not not all the time at times when i get the flu vaccine. This isn't a flu vaccine. I become very very sick from it ends. Yes that can happen. Starring up an immune response in me in all. Our people are skeptical because of misinformation misconception about the vaccine. I'm just wondering where you think people can go for authentic information to verify information if they're worried about covid vaccine or any canals wear. What are some sources that you can mention. That people can go find information here in canada or outside canada so one reliable source that i would definitely recommend people to go on his chest. Websites will ever his chest dot ca. You would find a lot of information about the vaccine. Settling the difference vaccine and just went back to that to the astra zeneca backsied. Right are not wanting afraid of that. went in. Just imagine not taking those stupid. Dan got blood clots from that maxine. Just imagine now if they hadn't taken the vaccine ended the virus that live the actual crooner virus. Just imagine how sick what else would offend. Yeah so the blocks is treatable. Right that you can solve that problem. You can need to get back not getting. The vaccine is worth stock. So any vaccine that you really can get go and get it because it's still biding productively. You and your family and those around you know. Allow us to get into this pandemic sooner go to the government of canada websites a sims like website. Now these days have information about colby. Nineteen like even if you go to heart and foundation and even if you wanna like the iran licensing body had information about about coping nineteen. Just any trusting. Reliable website will have information about coping. Nineteen absolutely even whol has information about covid. Nineteen as well so yeah. That's very true. So what do you want to say to our people listening to this podcast today. About general public safety so corbet nineteen should be taken seriously because it is a deadly virus in has a high infectivity rates yes low mortality rates high high high infectivity rate so therefore it was spread like wildfire. It ios less but now with the new strains it's learned to like just mutate is it just keeps changing. Its form as soon as they tried to with especially with with a migration stuff like that just movements from one place to the other it just changes form so it's very hard to kind of control virus except if you actually follow the guidelines off the public safety guidelines and if you don't like washing the mass gain when you go out in public and knocks gathering in public gathering for parties just follow the public health guidelines. Not having secret party yes so people like train like parties in dude in the danjean somewhere in your basement active our people and if you are armstong. Summer is coming s lucia lie barbecue. Season your own outside the property family with the people that you is. This is not the same if you if you barbecue just your immediate family. It's not the same rate but when you have like gatherings which your neighbor and your friends from wherever else that's when you feel like it's a party you know what i mean old but just imagine if you can get out of this you make a couple of months. Then you're able to do then we can do that. They you go look for too late. What is ahead like the traveling part of. It's like that's what i'm looking forward to again. Crashes barris i can travel. Yeah yeah. I'm so wanting to travel like i haven't traveled in two years and i miss that. I miss being able to just go visit people. Hey hey you home. And i'm home and then you just you know. Pick up your car keys enough. You go so. I miss all of but like you said if we want to return to some level of normalcy. We have to take the public health precautions. We have to follow the public health guidelines and then we can arrest this virus. you know. Put it where it belongs and then we can move on with our lives somehow so get vaccinated. That's how we would get to the end goal of this entire pandemic vaccination is not new now. It's not if you think you are being Into tracing followed around by governments. You already been traced enfold around by governor. Socially show us number is doing that for you. Simply a virus. That's ravaging the world and we need to just crushing. So take in. The vaccine is the best that you can do for yourself as the best you can do for the world is the best that you can do for your family and your loved wednesday just kinda save their lives and not doing that is basically doing the opposite of notched not saving your loved one's life because then they're dying so you want to do all you can to save their lives. This is heavy information that you just said right there. That is huge. Basically the vaccine is just not about you. But it's about the people that you love and the people around you so saved your life and you've heard from a nurse herself so i think what better way to drive home the point but you sharing with us firsthand your own experience in hospitals clinics. Thank you so much less. At last. I want to ask is any final key advice to people who want to become a nurse nursing right now in the middle of a pandemic is way more difficult way more challenging as you shed already. It's not like it used to be pre covid extra layers all these extra precautions that we need to do now so anybody. Who's thinking about nursing any advice to them out saying don't get into nursing because of the money aspect of yet into nursing because louis are passionate about that would be what would be with a lasting career. If you get into nursing just for the money aspect of it you'll you'll find the substance burnt printouts frustrating and not getting along with people at work and and not liking. What you do affects my work by effector every aspects of the light so it became actually one. Do just. don't do it for money. The money's there the money that the benefit money is good. Money is good. Let's just be honest. I don't know nobody who doesn't like money myself included but still we spend some research say we spend more than sixty percent of our life at work so imagine if you do like your profession. That would be horrible like you just said so. Make sure you do it for the passion for the love of it and not just for the thank you saw ladies and gentlemen thank you. So much listening to today's episode wits. Lusaka registered nurse here in edmonton alberta ap as i. It's been a wonderful compensation. Chattan which i think you so much for coming in. Thank you so much for giving me precious time. It's been wonderful. Today's conversation was also recorded by video. These check it out on youtube and also please consider subscribe at filtered. Real talk podcast. Hey france thank you so much for listening to the very end of this conversation. I hope that you enjoy the. And i truly hope that inspired you. If you enjoy the conversation please consider rating wherever you listen in. Connect with me on social media. What you enjoyed a. Maybe something that you did not enjoy that you would like to see in another location. So connect with me to comment and your feedback left to do an inspiring to do what is right kind. I'll see you in the next episode.

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