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"eddie kristof" Discussed on Pardon My Take

"Let me just gas yeah hang on kristofor okay tony okay eddie kristof i have a couple take you we can do a couple takes area okay a camera speed tony in those in the night the men genius it's the jets coach sweetie now church elbow eating sent oregon i should go say hello introduced him to the bad guy told me nosaka those it as heroes kind of weird a it's it felt like i was back there yeah you had to see how much fun was that it was great i was a huge fan of the the show at the time and they called me up out of the blue i think was one of those things where they ran out of people from new york and um like who who can do this right now here neko maintains sri did you like to finale i i was kind of open there'd be a movie at some point jeter take is watching it right now first time so like trying to like get spoilers in every now and okay oh i got question has a gm would you take lamar jackson as a cornerback or as a safety because it seems like everyone saying that is not able to play quarterback i say you are good quarterback brett he's going to be good in the nfl arctic i'd brad smith who is a good college quarterback ryan he converted him to a wide receiver when you were con wildcat plays what was the percentage were in you actually let him throw the ball how guy threw one in the.

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