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The 'Wrestling on a Corner Waiting for Eddie Kingston to Become President' Episode

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The 'Wrestling on a Corner Waiting for Eddie Kingston to Become President' Episode

"I'm geneo` mckay. I'm lisa leslie very excited to tell you about our new podcast with blue wire front and center leeson. I are breaking down. What's going on in our lives in the world and keep it at one hundred. We're also learning from amazing guests as well like emmanuel acho people show love to me at forever. Got there a fats. If the foundation is right the newest of it's gonna go wrong in more described a front and center today. What everybody welcome to another week of the corner podcasts. Caldeans be here with the old man on his hail. It has been an interesting week to say the least since we talked to you guys on our last show. We have seen what was supposed to be the election. Crowning the next president of the united states it still ongoing so our last show was a preview to start off about the election before we went into our talk about may and we did a whole early segment on an election. And then here here we are. We don't have any definitive news. But we'll talk about that a little bit as well to open up this show later on in the show. It's all pro wrestling. So we're previewing a w full gear which goes down this weekend with an amazing main event. I've become a believer. In eddie kingston kingston wins or we right. Then we're talking annex t because we didn't gets a recap halloween havoc very much. We talked about a little bit. But not a full recap and annex k had a banger of a weekly main event down there so we have to give that some love and then of course we'll touch on wwe main roster the good the bad the even uglier leading up to survivor series. Which is always one of the old man's builds of the year so plenty to talk about going on right there but dre we gotta start with the election and to me my favorite part so far because we don't have a definitive winter has been the crazy as means and jokes and you serve when deep into the bag and been firing them off. Today i was driving and i laughed out loud because i'm driving a park. Go to work meeting. I look down my phone. I'm like oh it gives me the alert racist tweeted all right. Open it up. it's lauren hill tweet. I start dying. I know the people next like what the hell wrong this diet when you're saying vegas. This is nevada when counting votes. And it shows lauren hill. I was on the floor. As should larry's what let's start from the beginning. What was your setup like about what we thought we were going to look like. Did you have liked whole bat cave. Set up with the monitors and you're tracking everything. No did you just go dark. No i didn't do like i. Sporadically watch the election. Because here's the thing is like a bunch of people family members and just people. I know who are reaching out to me and saying. Oh trump's winning this like mayor early right now is just like dude. I can't do this shit like this is the first election that y'all really watch like this. It was just too much for me. So i just tuned out because every year every election year. It's the same shit. People get super excited for like the first like two hours when the first reports are coming in it's like eight percent votes and people are like. Oh trump's got like sixty thousand person we'd like who cares do none of that shit matters so no i was doing. I was watching. What was i watching tuesday night. I was watching veep. That's what i was doing. I was watching. I was not watching election coverage until eight thirty. So you're watching a show about the white house not the show about the real white house. Yeah watching the perfectly appropriate show about the white house and a yeah can pay on social media and see things. But i can't do this. It was just too many people like going crazy about like super early results. And the only thing that. I paid attention to until roughly ten o'clock is what i thought. This alexis was going to be a lot closer than people assumed it was going to be close. People were like it's going to be a blow out for biden. No it's not. It's not going to be a blowout according to electoral college. It'll never work out like that. This won't be reagan people in the early eighties. This'll be a closeness. Won't be barack obama and john mccain. This is going to be close and that was once we did. I said early was really disheartening. Because no matter what happens to know that roughly half of this country endorses. A man who is openly refused to denounce racism xenophobia. Cove it as misogynistic pig to know half of this country back. Statman no matter who wins. That's the biggest issue with america. Because even if by wins you still got half these people who are gonna go super hard for trump it start grooming the next presidential candidate. That's the thing it's like you can't have to trump's though right so if that's your guy and that's temperament you like and that's someone you wanna rally. How often do you get another person like that. We can't get to obama's right. We don't have another extremely great or like that on the rights. Not yet they. Obama was very specific package. That people rally behind. Now we can you know look and try to find another charismatic person. Someone who whose views line with ours so on and so forth but when running for president and the build up. It's so hard to find that person like a specific type of person that you want to be like someone else. i don't know if we can get another trump. Where do you get another celebrity apprentice. You're gonna grew cognate for eight years like where. Where does this person come from. No i think it's more so like it was a tweet that i put out. That said you know in ninety to watch rodney king. His ass kicked. And i said can't get any worse this in two thousand and i watch george bush stealing election. I said can't get any worse than this. I watch hurricane katrina. Said can't get any worse than this. I watch ask cranky killed. It can't get any worse than this. See i'm going with this right. Like trump won in two thousand sixteen. Beat hillary clinton. I can't get any worse than this. It's always can get worse than this so you might not find somebody who's exactly like trump just like he can't find anybody who was exactly like george bush who was a complete nincompoop. He's an idiot but he was the president. There will be somebody else that comes along. In their trump mold may not be like a celebrity may not be as agreed ridiculous as trump is. But they'll be somebody that fits those people's needs because those people are going to be energized. They're going to be ready to rally behind somebody to get joe biden office so i don't know who it's going to be but we have to prepare like we can't put our guard down because binds an office. Yup i think you mentioned that. You mentioned george bush w his baby face turn has been quite a thing to watch. I mean is it a baby face. Turn though yeah. I feel like now. One trump helps them a lot. Right mike at the time it was like george bush told election but you might have told election florida but the eight years was like. Yeah we need about like george bush so bad and then he kind of left office. He was embraced by michelle obama. Now their bromance is like super cool and then he really hasn't started any shit like he just like he. I did that leave me alone. Like each wants to show. And then trump came along. And i was like. Oh yeah maybe our complaints were a little bit exaggerated i think stuff is aged gracefully for george w bush started his father. Reagan republican wise. I think he's probably the best in the past forty years. No stuff ages gracefully for white people in america s presidents. look how they look at ronald reagan. Now they don't look at least half the minorities do like i. I don't think people pink. George bush w bush in that same mold some people eight rate but they should hate bush. Do you see all the things that happened on. See that's the problem with america. You'd look at our history books. They rewrite history to look favorable to these white presidents. that's just the way it's been like george w bush nine eleven happened on his watch. The motherfucker tack an entirely different country. Does it get any fucking worse than that. Hurricane katrina happened on his watch. These things all happen on his watch because he's been silent since leaving. The white house doesn't erase all the bullshit that he did. I can almost guarantee you that our history books are going to read fairly for trump. he will be controversial. He'll be somebody who was polarizing but all the shitty did. They won't be writing about. Because i can guarantee that your kids in my kids when they read about george w bush. They're gonna look like i wasn't that bad was it. Yes the fucking was. But what's crazy is. I think my my daughter. My middle daughter. Madison texted me four times on election. Day don't forget to vote debt dad for the mandatory voter okay. Make sure your vote issue sending out these chain messages to everyone in the family. Are you part of the democratic convention. But what are you doing blowing people up. She's like. I just want to make sure everyone knows vote now so i feel like in cheese. What thirteen but younger kids. Now i didn't necessarily have grant. I was thirteen when george bush was elected and i wasn't urging people to go out to vote. I paid attention. But i feel like what we went through specifically like this past nine months black lives matter movement. The protests all stuff. I feel like a lot of these. Kids did grass and with that comes. How shitty trump is so. I don't think he's going to be painted as favourably as you think. I think now the youth has a very good understanding of how shitty he was a respectfully disagree dense. Do i guess some racist people have condition their children to think he's amazing. Dude george bush stole and election in two thousand stole an election and everybody on the night. That was the first thing that that was. The first time i could vote and i was a spearheaded. A rock the vote campaign in vegas. I did a whole voter. Registration rally did all this shit. And when when george bush won so many people like man. That's it will never happen again because we're energized. Now we're hype and this can't happen again and then you want a guinea john kerry john kerry was a terrible candidate. Then barack obama wanted. We got all excited. Everything has changed every fucking four years. We let our guard down. Well see eight. We let our guard down. Even with obama like we got so excited about obama. We let trump come into back door. We do this every time. So this isn't just because it seems like right now because we live in a country of right. Now you're right now. We're excited right. Like black lives. Matter is not as profound at this very moment was three months ago for a lot of people. just not police brutality. Just now brianna taylor just not six months from now they'll let their guard down even more and this kind of some insight in the book that i'm doing with shay serano is that's exactly what talking about pimple butterfly. Kendrick lamar. That outcome wasn't important anymore. Because those things weren't happening and then people were just like. Oh yeah everything's cool. Yeah you know. We're you know we're against it but then we only are in the moment. We get hype in the moment so everybody wants to vote now but are we going to be this strong in two years and four years. It's six years. How are we gonna right. Who's going to be responsible for right in the history books. I don't know if our kids are going to be responsible for that. They may tell their kids their stories. But there's going to be a whole group of people half of this country enjoys donald trump's presidency. Yeah a lot of them. Going to write those books. A lot of those are going to tell those stories. So it's it's not something that is just going my way. My hope is that that half and his base. Which i'm hoping that they don't both face lie Not his group but like you know these television networks and all of that his base is what they say it is and that's an aide uneducated rural white people and uneducated rural white. People are not going to write the books. No but that's not how trump didn't win of him. No i mean there's obviously we see the candace owens we see these young you know maga- kids again fucking polo shirts and all that stupid shit but there are very. I'm hoping large minority because it shows that college educated whites and he didn't really give a fuck about them. So i'm hoping those people are the ones writing the books they won't be. I'm hoping is not the thirty. Six percent latino vote that showed up in florida. It won't be them either. It'll be the rich white people who have endorsed trump this entire time. Who head of these corporations like. Have you ever noticed like if you even look at black lives matter we. We started people going to boycott walmart or target because the owner provided campaign funds to trump or they endorse a police district. Those are the people that are going to be right in the books. We don't have that kind of money. We don't have that kind of power we should like. This should be another wakeup call. But we have a wakeup call every fucking eight years yes. It'd be another wakeup call. The we should be involved with this process like we should be involved with look like sin speech telling the stories which should be writing. The book should be educated. You should be so many other things other than aspiring to be instagram models. And this is no matter what race is the grand models rappers athletes so much more shit to do because we have to be the storytellers. But we haven't been. And that's why george w bush is looked baby now because the right people aren't telling the stories not so true so true before we move off of trump in this election. It looks like he's going down with the ship rate. It's not done. You love to remind me that it is not over but it's not looking favorable. If biden is announced as the winner by the time people here this could happen when biden on the be just speak to into existence is announced as the winner trump lease peacefully. Doing it. that that yo- all right man dabba up. This is yours now. i'm out. Mulanje grabbed the grabs the trunk. No no no. There's no way this man's leaving quietly no way. No how shot to aj springer who says he not only does he leave quietly he leaves early also said this was gonna be a blowout loved. My brother said saturday blood. it's not blowing. Trump is the even if he leaves. It'll be loud every move. He's about to make from the time. That biden gets the election because he's never gonna see this vacuum say. He's not going to concede he's not going to say i lost. It's not going to happen. He won't accept it so yeah he may not be there to shake biden's hannah pass them the keys on inauguration day but he's going to be somewhere going to need to be like dude he's going to supreme court even though he can't actually physically go to the supreme court anything like he is really setting the stage for fighting this. I told you this. He's not going quietly. He's not packing a sheet leaving even out of frustration. One is trump ever back down from a fight. It listen i don't never. There's not a fight that he doesn't think he could win. Even if he's outmanned impossible and the million bankruptcies there is no way that this man is just going to leave quietly like he could. I mean to be a dick. He could just walk out december. I was like you don't have president. Fuck y'all like. He could that he good. It'd be like we're not passing anything. No stimulus no nothing. Fuck you guys you fuck you fuck you. You're cool. I'm out the he could do that. But all signs point to everything that he's doing is going to be unconventional. This will not be something that he will bow out gracefully not even close and it will look favorably on him throughout the course of history which i say again. They'll say that he was no pont. I mean look at the narrative that's being set up. That biden has stolen the election. Stunt count the votes kinley ridiculous in states where they got to count the votes like you're behind in arizona. The people are so dumb that they're changing. Don't count the votes. They don't know what they're chanting for and in vegas. Those guys cut off the beer barbecue beer free barbecue beer freedom. I don't flip that for the next live show. I don't know what i'm doing in my life. If i don't show up with expert and guy was hilarious like they don't know what they're doing. They're doing whatever they see him doing and he and he knows what he's doing he ain't going quietly man like he's not artists idiot. Yes like knows how to play the game. And he's wanting to continue to play the game so anybody who thinks he's just gonna go out quietly sorely mistaken stars to start playing triple h esteem saw. Yeah it's time to play. the game. trump comes out of the oval office. Like oh feel like royal rumble when triple h gained back all right so we have that. Now let's titus into pro wrestling and chris jericho no man. Do we talk about jerry. Got talk about jericho. So jericho comes out and he tweets like. Can anyone else remember on election going this long. He's pretty much saying what a lot of trumpsters are saying is something is funny with this time. Line and why they're keep counting votes and so on and so forth and he's getting roasted his response to that is to say well. I'm not political right. i feel it. It's weird because he said some weird shit during this lead up i did. We talked about on this show. I can't remember exactly what it was but we talked about on my once or twice during this lead up to the To the election but jericho is a weird guy to me. Now because we've talked about how great rod was in w can't take that away from a guy and he's still doing great work came in. Mgm had a great promo like three weeks ago character. Jericho's incredible but i feel like you know a lot of us. French top five jericho top eight all time. I feel like going to hold cogan himself. Yes we're going to have to say man. For sharrock dude pro wrestling man. Some cartons shit they have is a pro wrestling. Social media has allowed us to reach into the minds of some of our favorite athletes entertainers and find out that we don't like like who knew. Brett farve was a complete deuce bag when it comes to politics who them in. We could've guessed that you know what i'm saying so it's like with jericho again. Never surprise always appalled canadian but he's been in america long enough to see us. Some of this shit works and when we did talk about it was about his like his positioning on black. Lives matter right if you look at a lot of these guys and it's like you never wanna meet you heroes. Because they're gonna let you down you don't want you want to read the fucking tweets because that's going to be even worse so it's like with somebody like chris jericho who comes out here and says i'm not political yet. There is all this documentation about him. Him funding the trump campaign. Same thing with the fuck and undertaker. I didn't expect. I didn't know i should have known better. I undertake is going to be one of the good. Boys not means being very sarcastic. Like he's he's he's a trump supporter. Lula's matter all that shit. I didn't know that robot really the co opted black culture with the locks and shish. Y'all i was like what are you talking about. Your whole the whole reason you are here is because you started rapping and does we were acting black. Yes that's exactly what it is but that's where we're at now we're gonna find out sides of people that we really truly have to try to separate the person we see on tv from the individual who they are outside of that character. I mean shipman we watch. Wwe and vincent is a staunch trump supporter. We watch the. Ufc dana white spoke at the republican. National convention is probably pissed right now. What's going on you have to. That's just the way. America is stuff that we can do about it. People are fucked up. Now i don't know like do i. Not that's why. I have to separate like i look at his body of work as a pro wrestler versus the individual. That's why like for a lot of people. Lebron james is going to be the goat. It's not just what he did on the courts off. The court is different. So i don't even know how i look at jericho. The pro wrestler. I know how look at top ten. Yes but as an individual to time with pro wrestling and that with this. But that's the way the ball bounces specially pro wrestling fucking mma. Yes not like we necessarily cover the best of sports for minority progression. No not at all. So i'm not shocked. Not surprised she's crazy to see people put their stupidity on display me. It's not the show for this but tito ortiz one office. Yes so stupid. People are little shows me like people like we're fucking idiots. Yes yeah tommy. Topper ville can't football team anymore. But he's like a senator so it does this weird shit going on in weird areas of this country that we would. We'll never see those areas a day in our life but he's mall fugger they do some weird stuff out there. So yeah it's crazy. Let's take a quick break. Let's come back. Let's get into pro wrestling which we here for. We gotta talk chris. Jericho a w. is coming up. Full gear is this weekend so going to run through and preview the whole car. You gotta stay right there. We'll be right back all right. We'll get back to the show at one second. But i even though sports to break your business did it. You have to keep moving in that makes hiring more important than ever indeed is here to help indeed dot com is the number one job site in the world because indeed get you the best people fast. Unlike other sites indeed gives you fo- control and payment flexibility over your hiring. You only pay for what you need. 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I'm sure it's nice to have these little pockets of i guess distraction from everything else has been going on. I've been watching. Cnn like twenty four seven. But i will turn this on this weekend because actually liked to card from start to finish. I think some feuds have been built very well some others maybe not but drake we gotta go through the whole thing. Let's start at the very beginning. Serena deeb versus alison k w a women's world championship. This matches weird right. It's on it's on the pre show but to me putting on a women's world title match regardless of promotion that can possibly will probably be better than your women's world title match doesn't really fit me very well. I mean it's the nwa titles. So sure. i mean. I think he's going to be. It's going to be a better match than the awa women's time. Nah i don't think it'd be better than she in. Rose i mean no i. Haven't i seen that already. Yeah we have but. I don't think it'll be this match. Better divas fine. Alison caves okay. I really don't expect this to be better. Think cedeno now. The roles actually do have a better match in them because they last match was like no holds bar. I could be totally wrong because nyla does botch occasionally but we shall see But i'm totally fine with us being on the pre show. It's the reason why it's weird to me because stand title. So if like i'm watching the pre show and i'm going what the fuck is this title doing here right like what am i. You don't defend this regularly on tv like this isn't this isn't the aid in awa title. So that's the confusing part to me yet. Like why not give the spot to maybe some. Aws fulltime talent right. Because you have other women you are trying to build up to the title picture. Why aren't they in this dark. I dunno they. When i saw this message was like really why because i mean people watch weekly w dynamite and know who these people are like. Why isn't big swollen the car even if you have the nwa world championship defended. Why isn't it defended against someone in your promotion. So they can look like a million bucks and then you lose not win the belt but you know look great. Give him a platform more. I don't understand how this benefits. But i don't know what whatever they decide to do. And then we have orange cassidy versus john silver. John silver's been really fun to watch in the dark order. Little muscle haired guy running this week. He's definitely the below breakout guy of the dark orange. This'll be a fun match. I mean casio win. But i think this'll be a fun match. Agreed i don. There's no reason for orange cassidy to lose. He's carrying out there in a weird place but he has so much momentum after the jericho feud right but they haven't really done much. I mean there's really we're too. I think the promise but this isn't this. I don't know what they do with them. I honestly one match but you gotta strike while the iron is hot sometimes. It's just what is striking mean. That's the question like what the striking mean because they have a few guys who are actually pretty hot. Everybody can't be hot at once. No but orange cassidy was dare near as hot as it got for a second like you can put him in the tnt championship. They do yeah then doesn't have it was like a day. They can go back to because how they match was a draw. Exactly yeah this is. This is something to keep cassidy busy until we figure out exactly the direction. They're going to be going with them okay. It was a draw. You can figure it out. So that's a to be determined on orange cassidy. They haven't completely cooled off his streak. I guess but still it seems weird that you wouldn't. It's a draw but just continue the program right like no they've kind of just tabled into side and then bringing them back in and then jericho versus mj. F if he wins he's joining the dr The inner circle It's weird because i want. Mdf to win an inner circle. The kick chris jericho out i. This is one of those scenarios where i really have no idea how this is going to play out. Part of me. Wonders is just going to go on tour like this the break that he was supposed take before covid happened. I think so but now it's like i really the inner circles unnecessary now right emmy got to boost. He needed he never got to come back. Lax is wasted in it and we. The people sucks so. I think it's a waste. It did what it had to do at the start of. Aew think you start dismantling right if even found a way to win. I can't see santana word. Tease wouldn't make any sense right. It will refuse to work for him and then about yeah there are. There's a so many things going on m. f. And i can't figure out if it's good or bad because they've kind of hinted here and there at 'em jeff wardlow split. I'm not sure where this whole thing is going to end up so this that's why this match really has my attention because i just don't know what they're doing. Just don't fuck it up like same fairly do their thing as tag team. Sammy guevara clearly has done what he's needed to do. Jake hager nobody gives shit so he can always be jericho's muscle. I mean i fully expect a hager. Wardlow matt at some point. That's the only thing i can get out. So we'll see how this all goes. Yeah you would think that'd be a good match right like two big bruisers. But i haven't seen anything from hager that makes me excited not at all. So yeah i'm whatever wardlow has look good impasse couple of weeks and i like wardlow. The don't bad thing about him is the outfit when he wrestles. We'll get to someone else like that in a second but it's just he can do more. Maybe it is time to split him from. This could be a good way to do it like you said hopefully down botch it You jericho winning. Adam jeff winning i just. It's hard for me to see jericho going over in this match. But i don't know me too and it's weird that the split just came at the go home show. Yeah right like did you like that. That was a quick split by now we finally get fed up and then boom right into the pay per view. Yeah i mean. I don't mind it the teaser for long enough in our here so i'm cool with it. All right seemed quick but no problem and then next up we have sheet of versus nyla. Rose we talked. I mean i've seen it. They could probably pull more out. But that's what's the story. The stories the same big wrestler champion. Nyla has look strong early. Beat the hell out of sheet. She has to come back. Find a way to chop er down literally big man little man story lights and end up winning the gutsy performance fifteen minutes. I saw that the first talk. I don't know how this changes anything. I'm a i think they've done a poor job. This match oh god. If i it listened to another vickie guerrero promo i. I think there's no outcome that i think works for me. I don't think she should win. Because i feel like her. Tyler run has been stale to a degree but then if cedar doesn't have the title which is now the roles getting the title back again also seems strange to me because it doesn't feel like they have enough talent up at the top to make sense out of this and i think they've already done then they do brickmaker and she'd before dip wasn't necessarily this iteration of brick right so i feel that's the direction you kind of have to go because i can't see any other woman on this roster right now competing for the w. title no so maybe she'd a wins and we go with brit baker versus sheena. She loses again and then she's the big show like she's braun strowman cheese that person that the next baby face climbs over to earn that spot. If you know baker become champion you gotta go to nyla. She's roadblock which isn't a bad position by the way like she's will stay in the top four or five women in company. It's just you've exhausted your title opportunities kinda stuck but yeah. I think they put back on. That's going to be my prediction. Because i think they just want more vickie guerrero. I think they like that. They love this old w. talent as managership see. I don't. I don't think that's the reason why i just think that is built for this title. And that's kind of the reason. I got to put it back on her because her losing again just doesn't work. I just i look at the depth this division. I just don't know where you go from here. No ideas it's a four person vision. Yeah at max four person. So it's it's rough and they gotta get an influx of characters onscreen ready talent and that's tough because you know as much as people talked about like. Yeah they at the top. They have a lot of people who've been on camera and they they've done well in adjusted to that but they've been bringing any. Wwe impact real heavy hitting talent in the women's division. no one who worked weekly. Tv the broadening. A bunch of indian women who are talented but indies like. No one has weekly tv experience to carry that division. I don't know so that's that's tough. I don't know maybe nyla winds in they did some surprise shit like sign. What's her face. I forgot from impact who in mexico who thunder rosa not a thunder rosa allegedly going to wwe man data four horsemen. What is her name. Tessa tessa thank you. Yeah maybe you'd like bringing tessa as a baby face and she faces down with nyla up tonight the wind. They seem do for like some shenanigans or pop surprise. You know person they do. That should every show. I feel like i feel like they're waiting for it. Spot for they feel like the waiting for the should go away to bring her in. And i don't know when it's going to go away but yeah i mean sooner later just got saved vision. You only sit on talent so long next up matt. Hardy versus sammy guevara. Sammy needs to go over. Met doesn't that's that. Is this a cinematic match. It elite delete. it has to be okay I don't know how this fits in a pay. This is going to be long as hell. Yes if you give me a matt. Hardy deletion seen in the middle of. It's going to be fun. San rivera's one so i i like that. There's been very few non entertaining. Final deletion style matches so. I have faith that it's going to be a format. It's just gonna make this pay per view long as hell and Sammy winning. Why not and i think sammy going over matt would set the stage for a really fun. Few between sammy guevara and orange cassidy. I think that'd be a great few. It'd be better if that was somehow for tnt championship. But whatever cool. That's tied up right now. So whatever works. But i think those guys that's a feud will be one preview. Feuds you know where we go back. And we see like the cool like chris jericho versus rey. Ministerial viewed early in wcw. And then we see it seven years later and wwe for like the main title. You know right. It's one of those callback feuds or like y'all you remember one year into eight w that these two are feuding cassidy and said rivera damn. Yeah and now. It's five years later. And they're feuding for the w. title. So that could be really cool in that regard next fdr versus the young bucks. This probably been the worst bill match. In storyline they have in the company. now rosen. Seat has been pretty bad like this has been pointed career. Girls made that for. Yeah like i haven't liked how they've played this to get here like the path getting here considering all the heat of these who had on social media and the bill and the excitement with fdr joining a. W they fumbled the ball here. The one thing that. I really really really don't like about this match. Is that new stipulation that if they lose just like cody they'll never challenge for the w title again. I don't like this shit. It's dome was doing it. Why why go through all this to walk back later. Like i don't getting like this has been poorly built because now the angled back to the young bucks being baby faces. Fdr being the heels fdr has always been the heels. But this is. This is just strange man. Like i think this match going to deliver. I think they kind of know that they have to and but the wind outcome. I don't think you could take the titles off. Fdr right now. i'll be you should know. It's this is the first true pay per view title defense. There's so many other teams. They could be feuding with but that stipulation makes me say well how the hell can you have the young books. See what cody. I get it. Because the have and t. title and he can do something else. What do you do with the young bucks of the champions at some point if they can never be champions. That seems ridiculous. It does seem ridiculous. I i dunno tully. Blanchard has banned from ringside. Maybe that plays a part in it comes out to enter. I don't wanna see these shenanigans. I don't think we're gonna need to see tully. I think they'll do a shenanigans free match if they don't that's shame on them like this needs to be straight up like killer s match needs to be you know what i'm going to pick the books just because i can't figure out why they will put this dumb stipulation in here. It's really getting under my skin. So i'm going to pick the bucks i that they have to either your champs a bus like you can't have arguably one of the greatest tag team pro wrestling never compete for the title again deep. Can't do this shit twice your code. So i'm just pick the book yet. They would find a way down the down line to explain why they get another title. Shot i've go. Fdr moves it on your first paper. I don't think they should. But we'll see dumped stipulation. I think they win. Though i just i hope it's a really really good match and fdr's giving me some okay matches. They haven't given us giving me a yeah. They haven't given us to one. This has to be that. I don't care who wins. This has to be that. And then cody versus darby. Allin code is gonna win man okay. It's kodiak pay per view. Cody must bleed though. How about that. he's going to believe. So here's my complaint. He's gonna win. I'm playing as much as i like. Aws a lot of shit that happened. Lightly cody closing out dynamite this week and cutting a promo on darby at the end because that's a match that has zero heat going into it. Felt very grand standish in unnecessary because the main event and the segment between those two should have closed dynamite. But they tried to make us care about this matching. It's hard because there's been no interaction between darby cody. There's no heat is cordless had a new opponent. Every two weeks right and i get it with the open challenge shit but eventually you need a feud for this title and i thought this was going to be with brodie. Lee brodie lee is. We haven't seen him in weeks. Nah your they when you lose a championship match. you're gone. Yeah like they cool you all the way down and then build you back up. So it's no losing and then okay. I'll see you at the next pay per view with stakes out. You ever forget to a blood feud i don't know they. They have to figure this thing out with the title now so. I'm gonna pick coding to win. Because just doesn't make sense for darby to beat him right now because there's just not enough on the line you know who should be cody. Pack arch castano pack. All packs gonna come back. He should be cody. The problem is is that. I don't think i don't think this what he's returning. No he's returning for moxley yip which means we'll get to that that they're about to do it to me again and i'm so upset but we'll get to Yeah picking code next match. Hang mavericks kenny omega. Best match of the night. Kenny omega is going to win. This shit's going to be pan quality. Kenny omega i have nothing bad to say about this match eight. Listen i love drunk. Hangman paid. I think he found something. Think he's amazing. They did this once when they started up hangman. Got the nod. it's kenny time. Yeah i agree a degree. That and i love that. It's a future awa world championship match. Not immediate right. I think this is the moment this what i said about cancer. You gotta show up. This is kenny's moment we've been waiting. We've been sitting here going all right. Kenny we get. You can't sit at the top already. We get you're not new japan kenny. Yet you need to be new japan kenny. Now because if you're not i up. Yeah i have no doubt that you will know how machine and full i think this match. Kenny wins. But it also really elevates page because page as good as he has been he has not been a personal. We've talked about having great singles matches so and we know he has it in him to. We've seen them have matches in these tags. He's been great. This is going to be the match. I don't know if it'll be the best match of the night. Because i have this feeling that the young bucks in fdr gonna do some wild shit but we might have not the at npr's game really like hate. The mtr doesn't splash off the top nine hundred. I'm not saying that. I just think this match is going to be full of crazy near falls is gonna have this is going to be. I think it's going to be a great match where their styles meshed so perfectly that. I wonder if kenny in a page top it it also makes me wonder if kenny and etampes open up this pay per view. Because you can't put these next to each other yeah back. Toback is a little tough. I mean that would be great. I would listen. I'm all here for it. I still think it's best match tonight wherever you put it. But i've earful. I have no doubt kenny. I think you know he just been waiting. Biding his time. And this is his year to show. If kennedy's not number one on that pwi lists next year. I'll be shocked shocked. Because i think he's going on that type of run and then we have to make sure i got everything else. In main event jon moxley versus eddie kingston. This has been incredible. This these promos to be fair. I don't even got to see him. Wrestle i'm okay which is going back to back promos every week. It's been like three four weeks. Just fire promo eddie. Kingston makes made me want him to witness. He's that believable foot moxley like i'm completely all cased inside on this and man. Oh so good this week. Someone on twitter pointed out. How like moxley did his pro. And it was like the angel and the devil over the shoulder you the way. It was filmed damn. Yeah those films so well in kingston's reactions without saying a word while marshall going back and forth and then off kingston's line about win title giving it to his mom. Yeah man. it's saying this. This is why you don't have a daughter in law. This is why you don't have grandchildren. Because i was going to get this fuck. That's good is money told you money. I hate his ring. Attire let him russell. In jeans and a throwback but outside. I don't even care at this point him keith. Lee have the worst ring attire. Pro wrestling care. Like i like them both to what i want him to win. This is gonna be crazy. This is going to be another moxie that they're going to beat the hell out of each other. I quit match it or b table. You'll be glad that might be wire. Moxley wins though. Oh yeah and. I think it's a one off a thing. Yeah i mean you know they might have abuses me. They i have a blow off like dynamite. Because it's not going to be another pay per view for a few months so by the time the next pay-per-view comes around moxley. You'll be in another feud And this has gone on. They've done this for a couple of months. So yeah yet. He's got to go over. And this year like i want this. I know i quit. Match is a pretty big stipulation right to give another stipulation after that is kinda tough. But i'd be with it. I mean. I think they haven't done a cage match right. Give me a cage match. They'll find something for kingston to do. He's he's good enough that he's made even after he loses this match so he'll be fine but he's newsy yeah he's going to lose. My position remains the same. Moxie doesn't lose until mega pizza. Probably right so. I think though this is where you know pat comes in and then we see him face off against moxley and stare them down and then that's the next few and then you know kenny omega. Get his shot at double or nothing. You know we have fans it may hopefully. Maybe maybe i mean they should be more like vegas is at the point where they give kind of little fox anyway so i see them at least climbing back up and allowing fans by me maybe taught double or nothing. Yeah so yeah i mean. That's that's the way i see going fuck. I wish this had he kicks if you could be like six months. Though the aegis he elevates that position if feels like a main title so people saying they're going to buy the paper view jobs for this and that's what you're to be at the top if definitely best few going into it into a paper. Yeah definitely so. It'll it'll be interesting. Hopefully the matt. There's no way the match will be bad either going to beat the shit out each other. It's not like you gotta be technical wizards to pull this off. So it's going to be great great main event looking forward to the whole card. There's some ups there's downs but the up should be really Make sure you guys hit us up on twitter and let us know guys. Things are going to win watching with us on saturday as it's going on comment with us on social media that's going to be a fun day no come with me. I watch live. Oh yeah. he's on a freeze. I have three televisions. Come with me. i'll be watching. It live so you gotta stay right there that when we come back we gotta talk and exte- and a little main roster to wrap up the show. Don't go anywhere we'll get right back to the show in a second but first the wait is finally over. Football is back. You might not be able to be at a game this year but you can still be in on the action at bet. Online bet online is going extra mile to make sure you can get him on every possible chance to win. This season from game spreads to totals to teams player and coaching props. Bet online gives you more options to wager than anywhere else you can get in on their season opening bonuses today and start off wagering a wins divisions and championship futures all day every head a bit online today and take advantage of all the great sign up bonuses. Don't forget to use code blue wire at bed online dot. ag that's blue wire all one word bed online. Your online sportsbook experts all right. We are back. We're just wrapping things up with a little bit of. Wwe talk we're going to start an xt. And specifically annex t uk shuttled to everyone else hitting us up last week. As soon as this match happened they were hitting us up on friday. You'll have you seen it. Have you watched it and i- swamped last week. So i was like no. I finally saw it on sunday. Drake think you saw it on saturday. Yeah was a saturday night. After the tank fight yeah and it was just water and dragon all for the next to uk title. It's amazing because wwi always like this. And i think a lot of promotions like this. You're only as good as your top guy when you top guys rolling. It covers up a lot a lot of stuff underneath you and walter so perfect as a champion and this is why he beat the shit outta dragging on and dragging all was incredible. I didn't know what was going to take to keep him down and made him look like a million bucks without hurting walter at all and taking the belt off. That's what a champion should be you. Elevate people even when they lose to you. I thought it was perfect to check this shit out of have like eight times to start the match in the first two minutes i was like. Oh it's just it's going to be gone. But he kept taking any looks crazy. I love the contacts. There's just something something really good there. I think he's going to be like a really good made car. If that mid card title would be his for dragging off. Because i think there's something there and walters walter so kangaroo walter this i mean. This is my type of match two guys. Beat the fuck at each other. And that's exactly what they did. They didn't waste a single minute. There were no rest hold. Thirty was about thirty minutes. Just your shit at each other. I mean in dragon was only about a buck. Ninety muscle muscular. Little guy but man. Some of the shitty was laying in the wall. Like there's there's a sequence towards the end where first of all dragons german suplex walter like. It's there's a spot where he can't figure out how to keep them down. He does like this diving. Torpedo headbutt on walton just sitting up and i was like jesus christ like i jumped out of my seat wanting to that was like who does stuff just like a missile still can keep them down the power bombs at wall street. Those sick splash. Nobody gets up from. This match is going to be in the conversation for match of the year. It's in my conversation may not be number one may end up being top five because i just enjoy two guys being the hell as other. It makes me go. Why did walter get eliminate so quick survivor. Series last year bro. We don't speak about that. Don't talk about that. My biggest thing is. I'm so glad they made dragon off pin him in the tag match leading up to this. Because i no longer have to worry about the only time walter been pin and five years. Was that survivor. Series avenue in like two minutes. A least he's been pinned to get the but this was. This is not been pinned in singles action in five years now. We're just writing the way we were those stairs. That's fine so so the only the only thing is give these guys break. They don't need to wrestle for like the rest of the year because there's no way they're not talking especially dragging off because that mantis god but again they have to get you know. More people into the the show itself is okay. I'm here just a regular tv dude. It was leave the tv show but was pretty good. It's not it wasn't bad no but it was just. It was unbelievable. Like i'm watching this. This what you guys do on. Tv like watch. And i try to watch kevin watching while since the pandemic and it's like oh my god i mean. It reminded me of annexed. He was on the network. Yes yes that's where you would get these so you had to tuten. You would get these once a month. Yeah that's what it reminded me. Okay the next up annexed itself there during a war games and two things to annex exceed. I the women are getting a ton of time and that's great because there's injuries everywhere else so instead of trying to shoehorn other people into stuff like you know what we're just going to give the women a ton of time. There's three what may be four women's views on tv right now and what ember moon opened up this week vs code guy. Now it's fifty fifty booking too little weird for ember moon coming back dutch building or to something. But that's cool. Should be dakota now. Dakota beats her. Now you'll have to have a blow off wherever moon goes over and you figure it out next. Then you have tony storm probably going to be in the main event picture you have shotsie versus Who shot going against see. Russell tony star. But clearly. she's going with the cancel. Rafe you now. Oh rate cut candice ran over the tank. Yes so it's on between her and shotsie. Yup you're right. And then the champion sitting back and watching the madness to see who's going to challenge her. She has a match on television. Gets rhea ripley coming up. So i don't think is going to be feud though but ria beat gonzales. And that was a feud and just a lot of women are. And i. I think this is how rebuild the division because the division got a little weird when the call ups know. We got a really weird when charlotte was involved in. It was absolutely. That's what it was. Charlotte derailed the whole damn day. 'cause rio was hot for a second charlotte crash everything but now i think they're hitting their stride again. Yeah i mean. I mean getting back in the mix feuding with dakota perfectly fine with this. They've got something with shots blackheart. She's really she can go in the ring to get. They have something with her. So they're fine. They're like the women's division completely different than aws women visit. This is enjoy. And there's all kinds of directs. The they can go and i'm like okay cool and i like standing on top. Just watching the madness. Just like cou. I'm just laying. Everyone figure it out underneath me. And then i guess three things the second thing. 'cause she doesn't lost may there. I don't see him loose. I you call his dungarees but jeez wearing kushida all different beasts. I'm loving in now. yeah jeans. I mean kevin. Grimes has something as well. Cam regards does is really good slime ball. Yeah in his way. He tapped out because she was great. This is smart. What's weird to me. Only on spent two seconds on. This is why velveteen dreams. Thelma goddamn television. And why is he in a main vegas joppa. I don't know. I can't call it. I mean what are we supposed to do with them. I guess taking once you say he's been on. Tv like four times the past two years. Not but he's been off tv because his own bullshit now he's held you take them off tv because he's he's just all the ball she's done before. I want to see him on tv. I think they're trying to cut him when they didn't cut him. It was just like whatever. But i'm just saying like they try if they're trying to punish him by having him lose. It's not working because that's not what people want. We don't want to see them right after because she did the whole beat the shit out of him. I thought they were writing them off. Television chopping gets nothing beating velveteen dream. So i think this whole thing is pointless. Yeah just sell in loose everyone all right. Whatever i mean. If he's the jobber of the mid card then cool. I don't know where trump is going either. Just kind of biding time but listen again. Tana injuries hard to accept around when you have a ton of injuries now. The third thing to on annex t is gearing wargames. Pat mcafee is going to be a weekly staple now because in ballard's jaw still wired shut to my knowledge and he's out for like another four weeks and he's not involved in a survivor series. So really you don't have to have the title defended at war games at all. You don't in november. So i think the main title is defended at all gives finn time to get healthy again. I think gives me. It gives the opportunity for challenger to present himself which is cool. Maybe cross comes back because it's so much time maybe get finn versus cross or you know you get finger. Someone else in the cross comes up. Finbar's casado it'd be really fun. Feel like he's working his way there so they have options so if you go chump of risk ashida you know number one contenders match takeover. I'm cool with it without dream anywhere next session so i think you have good options there. Gorgon still champion. Now that gives you more options on the mid card as well. So we'll see where that goes and that happened at halloween havoc which was show always have a great show. Great they add top to bottom. I enjoy the thing. So here's my thing about mcafee. I feel like not his own fault. Maybe it is. Because he doesn't know any better he is swallowing up his own faction burcin goons right now. They don't even talk. Mcafee talks all the time. Done being that can fees. Actually he's a he's a good talker. But you wanna make sure that your faction all looks tough. Strong and law and birch. Don't look like that. I don't buy them as tag team champions. They necessarily buy them as the henchman. I i don't know i just done. Looks like a million bucks. He looks amazing. It's his reasoning for joining them. Make sense right. And i love. That mcafee took the picture was like the best faction everyone smile and inches ice. Grilling there's nothing better than he'll be done. And if this is the we get back to that perfect fine with that. I'm not sure if there's any way that you would convince me. The undisputed era as a baby face factions going to work for me. That's because like not. I think i've said this before. Roger strong not a good baby face kylo like rights bleeding from undisputed era gives. Because i know what this is the wwe or an x. t. both are looking at the undisputed era. Like we've done this. Were a few years now. We need to do something new. With undisputed era body being roku to new right like anyone can get there looking at it as okay. We need something fresh. Turn baby face in. That'll be. I know for me. The fresh thing was kylo rally being split from the group because kyle is clearly prep for singles action. He's a guy could run by himself. But now the whole factions baby. Face it beauts kylo rally because adam is clearly the face of that faction. Roddy fish aren't necessarily good baby faces and they're gonna few pat mcafee for how long right it's going to be through war games. But i don't know what's after that. So then they gotta take those tag team. Titles because god it's please again. I get it but i don't think this is the best use for undisputed era and i don't know about adam cole as a baby face i think adam colby good at whatever he does because you know what kevin owens. It's going to be the greatest baby face run but whenever returns he'll again it's magnificent. Yeah but i just. I don't know man. It's always great to see them. Go back you so yeah like instead of just being he'll and middling baby-faced for awhile because once you get fans back and he turned heel again even better. They'll have to convince me. Because i'm not buying it this very moment. Yeah i think big. It'll be fine as a baby face for now that faction then they gotta go again. It's a faction that will go. He'll baby-faced room for now. Get some different opponent match ups that you wouldn't get get his heels. I'm right with it. Mcafee is gonna. Mike is war games. You can jump off the cage or some shit even be. Shane mcmahon. whatever. It's grown on me. What main roster. In the rundown. This smackdown is good rise bad. Do you can just add retribution now. I don't know what they're doing. It's not even it's point where it doesn't even look good on moustapha ali. it's it's bad no one looks good. It's it's bad between there's a couple of things couple knows. Retribution stinks. So the best thing you can do is just make disappear and comeback as the regular cells right like this should sucks. The longer drags aren't ruins. Everybody's like i'm getting hurt to get out of retribution from a year. I'm just jumping off turnbuckle on my head. Just give me out. s thing. They've done is put the stupid mask on because then maybe if you come back normal looking like yourself you can still save you. So that's that's wack matt real Just being riddle now. Yes the ridler this rack. This is this is number two is wack street profits vs new day. Though i'm excited very good I'm looking forward to that. Roman reigns and j. Also have been still incredible. This is kelly. Jimmy costa mcmahon again. Smallest wants we're here now. We're here and crushing. Daniel bryan is how you get over. You'll daniel bryan. Everybody loves daniel bryan. So even everything they've done with roman reigns has been excellent. This has been excellent. But yeah the riddle thing and retribution. Not good tucker gin squashed by ricochet what why yes yes. Let's go rick. No this means nothing for. He's going nowhere. Get over yourself. I just listen to celebrate the small that as very minute because all that happened was richard. Could've gotten crushed by tucker. Could've that's what i thought was happened but neither of them are going anywhere and then to be involved. Retribution saul bigger. Yeah it's very bad. So i'm gonna get lee vs ricochet and i think that's sophist i winning program in part of registered. Which is it not saying much smackdown. I think still. Very good having kevin owens over there works. The touch roman reigns is survivor series match ups on paper right now. I think rains could be or an in oregon doesn't really take that much. Hit what i'll tell you about the feeling though. I told you all the fiends stalking his ass. Yeah i still don't understand that there. And i like the phoenix alexa bliss. But why the title. And it makes sense randy orton. She's not working their way back around again. This title on them. I just i don't get for who to get it off the fiend the fiend get. I don't know who's going to get an awful because again at this point. That's what the fiend is. Four right the feed has been to hold the title so someone can take it off of him and look incredible. There's no way you can look cruel. Roman reigns it made for pretty good comeback from and even then it was like a running beating the hell out of people and those a triple threat. Not man this. Nobody's gonna look incredible in this. They are just determined to do something with this character. No matter how bad they fuck it up i liked the phoenix. He's he's called. He's great when they're going to put him bliss him and alexa bliss. I thought i had something really good something you could build in. Non title feuds yea. Well that's not what we're going here. We're going to get another title match at some point here. Maybe they just think he sells a lot of merch. I don't understand Lastly for semi's going to be good callback match the air. It knows champions. That's going to be fun again. Main title is going to be fun. You touch on tag titles. That's gonna be good. Sasha could be unless us lose advantages. This is so weird. Oh gosh could lose bailey. Because again she loses in month every time you yoshi could lose again in a month then have to go through the rumble. But see. they've they've blown. This feud already. I don't know that's a pretty built in storyline but no tenuously loses every time in a week. No start a story that they tell they. Don't tell us that. Sasha can't hang onto the title that's what bigly cut a promo about last week. Yeah they don't if they've already blown their load on how we got to this right now. If you want to drag it out again till wrestlemainia stocking to have the same juice behind it because you a match would have to be better you would have to be a ladder match and they would have to get hell in the cell. It doesn't get any better. No fuel no few goes above. Helena sell none now that it's just a pay per view gimmick i so okay we'll be back in the day it had more to what's blow off match now. How could a ladder match be more dangerous than hell match. Oh you gotta go. Tlc mattress on because you you get high spots not dangerous but the tlc. Of course you put some distance between it but it still gives you a match that can compare to the stakes that it had at because you just can't have a plane matched by plane match isn't gonna do it man. They're not. they're not if they do do this. They've already ruined it. They fucked this up. They fuck this up. The helmets nomads could have been done in wrestlemainia. They fuck this up. I agree but if you give me a tlc match between them at wrestlemainia a it's going to be very jealous november fifth. We're not getting billion. Sasha wrestlemainia okay. I'm okay if we don't listen. Also sausages holds the belt and the belt. Listen man why didn't ricochet and then now sasha. I'm just telling you to do to me here. I'm just telling you this is going to be champion. I hope so. I hope so. But if so the match i would like to see. Sasha and bianca billionaire to black women greed. But i don't think it should win the rumble. Don't know if they're gonna go that route. But i feel charlotte's coming back and charlotte wins the rumble to challenge. Go either aseel back to back rumble. Winner he'll be back like i don't know but back rumble winner charlotte flare. It's better if listen strong. It's going to be against oscar. That's just the matchup but it'd be better. If they use the elimination chamber to do that going back to back royal rumbles kind of had on a hat. I mean but charlie wears them all so she. She's the giant. charlie wanted decision. She's going she every accolade. She's gotta get yup and every record it's going to be crazy. So yeah. I think that's the way we're going. That's the main roster lot of pro wrestling this weekend next week. We'll be back with pro wrestling. We're gonna actually kick off the first show next week pro wrestling recapping a w that pay per view talking about everything going into the next week and then we'll touch on 'em am boxing later down the road of during the week so it's actually going back to back pro wrestling episodes so that is going to be fun. Plus we have some very fun announcements about to come to light. That will talk about more on the next as well so we appreciate you guys listening to this against a safe. Don't spend all your time watching the election results. Like dray says it's going to happen when it happens. Show you guys take time for yourself. Check on your friends. Stay rona free. Make sure you guys follow us on social media at the corner pocket at corner. Podcasts underscore on twitter at corner club for life on instagram. Follow me danby in him. Andres hail on all platforms man. It's been one hell of a show today but we gotta go so till next week. We're out who's.

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Revamping WWE's Main Event Scene - Notsam Wrestling 301

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Revamping WWE's Main Event Scene - Notsam Wrestling 301

"Today I'm not saying wrestling the first seeds of summer slam news start to get planted. Is The wwe main event roster about to get a shake up? Let's dissect it. This is not sam wrestling. Is. Introducing your host from New York here is Sam Worse. Happy Happy Monday! Welcome to knock the damn wrestling. Monday is a busy day. Knock them world. You Got Jim and Sam on Sirius Xm. You got not Sam's annoying eater over on Youtube. And then of course. You've got the main event of it all. Get those curtain jerkers out of the way. Because here comes not Sam raffling welcome to the show, everybody welcome to not sam wrestling. The Post three hundred era. Of Not, wrestling yes, episode three Oh one. Thank you to everybody for hanging out and all the contributions guys made. To The podcast last week on the Cuban as and elder feed, Becky sent in and all that I always appreciated I always loved getting feedback. On the PODCAST I'm. We've got a lot to talk about today. Of course we. We actually lost a very important media figure I think in the world of professional wrestling, and that's Regis Philbin. Regis Philbin passed away this week at I believe the age of eighty eight and. Know a time when? There wasn't that much quote unquote. Serious media. Paying attention to the WWE and professional wrestling. Regis, was that guy. Regis was the guy. Who was always having wrestlers on Regis and Kathy Lee, unless it was Kathy, Lee that was pulling all the strings, but I have to believe the region was the one. The did all that and. It's so amazing going back and looking at those interviews like that something that. Of course the WWE doesn't have the rights to. But I wish they could somehow figure out some kind of licensing deal because it's one of the funniest things to search out on youtube seeing. The wwe superstars in an era where like K.. Faye was still. Kind of fixing my chair. We're K- Faye was still kind of around. Like it wasn't. Like we're not sitting here, pretending wrestling is something. It's not, but we're also. Guarding the performers real life personas. From having people pay attention to him, it was it was. It was definitely a time before you saw. You, know wrestlers with their gimmick names as their twitter handles, but then their real names in their BIOS. Just so everybody knew this is just a character. I'm playing. You know when you had guys showing up like Macho Man Randy savage. The undertaker Mark Calloway wasn't on Regis and Kathy Lee, but the undertaker was. Kevin Nash Wasn't on. Diesel was. Rick Rude came on in a in a pair of tights with Kathy Lee's face airbrushed onto him and chased her around the entire set. Because that's what ravishing Rick Rude, the character would have done. Rodney, why wasn't on Regis and Kathy? Lee Goes Zuma was and they go on and full gear. Except like the the a few of the guys had gear. Specifically made for Regis and Kathy like there's this great clip of the ultimate warrior on the show and. He did the thing. I believe on that show. Because I guess he wants more of his face to be shown or I. Don't know if he wants to be a little bit more professional. He did the thing where instead of the four ultimate warrior makeup on the entire face. He paints the little ultimate warrior logos on his cheeks. So that. You can see more of his face. And then, for some reason, instead of doing the show in his trunks, he thought that would be ridiculous to do an entire interview in wrestling trunks. I'm going to have a single it made, and this is not your one thousand, nine hundred ninety two era, ultimate warrior that was wrestling in singlets. Is His nineteen ninety. Era Alternate Warrior, this is Wrestlemainia six wrestlemainia seven alternate warrior. That's living in trunks. And he had a single made. Just to show a little bit more professionalism on Regis and Kathy Lee which I just love, but. I don't know reaches always got such a kick out of all the wrestlers and got good interviews out of them and. Took them all seriously. Wrestlers would go on that show. and. I mean the segments would be ridiculous, but they wouldn't be made to look foolish. You know I. I feel like the best wrestling interviews from the early nineties in the late eighties that were taking place outside of wrestling shows. Was Regis and Kathy Lee and Arsenio Hall? Those to talk, shows would have wrestlers on in character, and it would just be some of the best I've ever, but reaches was jam. One in a million and rest in peace to Regis Philbin. Wrestlers doing media I'm sure a lot of you saw adam. Cole was trending on Friday because he He cussed out Pat McAfee, and it's not every day that we see the an annex. T superstar, just dropping F bombs left and right, who knew that any of these next superstars even knew any curse words, but Adam Cole is just dropping f bombs. He's dropping S. H. words, and not even the approved to as h word. Maximum ooh, this is a naughty show Wednesday. Night S H word or I guess they'd done it on route to. But. As h words that generally speaking would not be appropriate. Is He? He was taking shots at Adam Cole He's done it every time. He's been on kickoff shows. He's done it on his watch alongs. I. I was always surprised. I talked about it on my same Roberts. Now show on Youtube, but very condescending to Adam Cole in a way where it's not even like. Like we're doing. The kickoff shows and I be sitting there. It's one thing and you're I. Know you're sitting there going like. Pat. Maga- views disrespectful your anything that you said Sam Look I would be straight up with if I thought. Someone was good or thought. Somebody was not good or I thought somebody would win or lose or should even be on the show. I would just straight up, say it. But I wouldn't be condescending to make it seem like I didn't take the person seriously. I wouldn't kind of laughing at the person. And that's something that McAfee. Adam Cole and always has done to Adam. Cole make little comments about his size and stuff like that. You know as if pat. Maggie is a giant himself. I mean Pat mcphee's not a small guy to tell you the truth. He looks like he's only getting bigger to I saw his arms, his arms cute, but but. All, that said still disrespectful to Adam call. I guess he finally pushed him too hard. They were doing an interview on his show out there in Indianapolis, on McAfee, is Youtube Channel and Adam Cole through the Mike down ended up shoving pats producers not hard, but shoved him and cursed out pat and walked out on the interview. Entertaining product. Is Entertaining. I was GONNA say entertaining TV, but entertaining Youtube for sure of course no comment from. The wwe at all, no comment from Adam Cole I. Don't think the w wants to advertise all the cussing. But Pat McAfee posted DMZ that he added that him call and. said he didn't really know what happened and. Look. I hope that Pat McAfee doesn't think that. He's the athlete. The Adam Cole is I get. The McAfee is bender, super bowl or two. I get that he's a professional athlete, but You know he hasn't. The things that Adam Cole is done. Adam. Cole is spoken of so highly and I think he's still underrated. That's how good Adam Cole as as a professional wrestler, and as an athlete I mean Adam Cole. Can do it all ankles, the Shawn Michaels looks at and goes. Yeah, this is the heir apparent. Show Michael's the greatest to ever do this so. I hope that Pat McAfee doesn't think because. You know he was the best kicking footballs for a period of time that he could. Consider. Matching athletics for that cold, but it was entertaining. Nonetheless, I would definitely suggest Going out there and and finding it. A couple of things happened. Outside a wwe first of all congratulations to Eddie Kingston, Kingston, for a long time you know through the east coast, indies and stuff like that, and it is so amazing to watch Eddie Kingston finally getting the credit that he deserves I would love to see Eddie. Kingston, get scooped up next or something like that And also I thought it was cool that Leo. Rush was out there on the independence in. We're GONNA. Get another Joey Genera. Leo Rush Very very excited about that. I was in the audience for the last Jedi, Gela Leo Rush match a couple of years ago. It cw that's one where Leo and you got all kinds of heat. For the no selling power, bomb. Through the table off the ladder and a no cell, it's got a slap in the face to the business, and it's like. Relax relax. But I'm really happy that they're going to do another match. I think for Gw. Game Changer wrestling. I will definitely be watching that one. and. We got some Summer Slam News. The Summer Slam News that we got was that. It and I think that this was a and I think people kind of knew that it would not be happening in Boston. So as one hundred percent confirmed that it's going to happen. At the performance center, but one would have to imagine that it's going to happen at the performance center and I'm sure. The wwe didn't think that this would last this long. You know in April when the WWE was fighting to try to stay in that stadium in Florida and it became very very clear. That wasn't going to be possible, so they had to do. WRESTLEMAINIA performance center. You know this is when all of the shows were still trying to figure out. What is this stuff? Look like if we can't have fans in a building. What is wrestling? Look like if we can't have fans in a building. So I'm sure I don't think any of us. Considered the possibility. I think when we said well. We'll be back in a building by Summer Slam. It was almost like. I mean obviously that's way in advance. It's April now of course will be back in a in an arena by August, and now in July you're going. There's no way we're even close. So who knows I mean realistically at this point in terms of getting. A significant amount of people in building. You gotta be wondering. What's GonNa Happen with the Royal Rumble. The royal rumble is going to be that first test in January You know I. I mean I guess their survivor series, but I think you look ahead. I think you look to the royal rumble. I would hope the by January will be in a position where we can at least get like maybe twenty five percent of people into buildings. Maybe you can get the buildings about twenty five percent. Fall in space. Everybody out and everything hopefully. But. Man. I don't think anybody expected any of this to last this long. That's why it's been an interesting conversation when you talk about wrestling shows that are on TV right now. And the creative and the people who are on top and the stars and everything it's just it's a loaded conversation. Because, we're all in a position now. Where nobody. Nobody thought. That we would be in, you know I mean we're literally watching MLB baseball games. where they are using crowd noise from the show on playstation. They're using video game crowd noise. I mean it's crazy. It's crazy times that we're living in for all this stuff to happen, and that's why everything that we see has to be taken with a grain of salt. You know and who knows how how this is going to be remembered. I. Would Hope I think it'd be remembered as both I think. It'll be remembered. For the highlights. You know the the weird stuff we got out of it. But I think it will also be remembered as a very tough time. I mean as a fan. I can only imagine as a promoter or as a performer, but all I could speak to his been a tough time as a fan I think you guys would all agree with me trying to adapt our viewing habits and expectations to what's going on right now, but something. Very very interesting. Happened on smackdown on Friday and to me. It was the WWE's most. Important I would say moment of the week. And that was the backstage quick Promo. The Kofi Kingston and Biggie had and I loved it. This is the way they did it. Man Look, I think. When you look at wrestling right now. And I've been saying this from the beginning. But I think it's more true now than ever you know I think that the key to putting on wrestling shows without an audience. Is Short matches? Creative segments. They still are not nearly heavy enough. WWe Is not nearly heavy enough on storyline and our way too heavy on long matches. There should be matches. That stretch into commercial breaks I don't think there should ever be to segment maybe one to segment match. Per Episode of television that wwe does but beyond that. Short matches and storyline hooks that keep you from commercial break to commercial. Break I think that that should be the goal that the WWE has. For me. Coming out of smackdown. The thing that I thought about the most was not even the bar fight. You know this. Bar Fight which I believe. They put on smackdown because they were like it was clearly match designed for pay per view, and they put it on TV to go like look, TV's really important, and we want to make sure that you guys are watching that, too. Which you get from a business perspective but. I think the biggest takeaway from smackdown. This week was the Kofi Kingston Biggie. Then yet. The little the Promo backstage. Where covy Kingston talks to Biggie and says hey. Man I'm going to be out for six weeks. This is your time. Is Gone I'm going to be gone. This, is on you now. Now it's time to make an impact in biggies. I don't know man, I dunno and coffees. No, you gotta go. Do this and I think that. was so important because it resonated with so many fans a Biggie I it's and when we talked about that many times on the podcast. A biggie singles push is something that fans have been waiting for for an extremely long time. You go back to biggies days in annexed t and this was one next. He was a completely different thing than it is today. This is one annexed. He was truly developmental. And biggie was one of the top performers. They're big. He was doing the King Kong Bundy five count. Gimmick Biggie came to the main roster and. A little lost, he was Dolf. Ziglar bodyguard. His strength was played into meaning not his strength were played into the fact that he's a very strong man was played into his strengths are what's played into now is personality the Guy. As big and strong as he is, he's even more entertaining than that. I mean Biggie has got to be. As much the total package as you're ever going to find in a performer. You've got a guy who. Is GonNa. Turn your head. If you've got a regis and Kathy, Lee type interview show, and you put Biggie on that show. He's GonNa to Dwarf the host you want that. You want that when you're promoting wrestling. You want a guy to show up and he just looks abnormal. You want a guy who's breast is bigger than your head right and he can make him dance if you want to. You want a guy. Who's quad is going to take up the entire chair. And that's Biggie Langston. You want a guy who. If the host says hey, can you lift up the entire set? He goes. Yeah, of course can and he can dead. Lift the entire set if need be. That's what you want. That's all school wrestling and that traction. Never goes away so big. He's got that at the same time. biggie is hilarious to talk to. He's a hilarious person. He's an entertaining person. He can be involved in interviews with anybody. 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Com Promo Code Roberts to try it for Free Blue Shoe is the better cheaper faster choice. Sept three. He's great in the ring. He's great in the ring, not only because he can put on good matches that are believable, but he commands attention when he's in the ring step four. He's relevant. He's aware of of what the young people are doing. Professional wrestling. He's in touch with that part of it. He's in touch with the culture outside of wrestling, and that to me is one of the biggest things that wrestling is missing right now that. There is no the the that it's not really hitting that culture that is not already wrestling fan. All wrestling on television right now is being promoted towards wrestling fans. It's we have the best wrestling matches on TV. And when wrestling is at its best. It's when the non fans are watching and the non fans aren't watching. Because you've got the best wrestling matches. On TV, think about the segments that have gotten the most is on them, the rock versus the Rock and man and mankind. This is Your Life Rock. Nobody was even in wrestling gear for that segment. Nobody was there was not one pair of tights in the whole segment. Stone Cold Steve Austin versus Vince McMahon Vince McMahon. One of the most compelling I'm sorry Mr. McMahon one of the most compelling entertainment characters of all time and one of the most athletic characters of all time. The mean street posse. Versus Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson one of the most highest rated segments in the history of Monday night raw. What are the segments we remember? Triple H. Mary Stephanie McMahon no tights no tights. Now, it's important that all these segments lead to matches. You know. And, they'll do all the segments that I just mentioned did. That to me is what you need to have on this show. You need to have a guy like biggie. WHO PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED IN WATCHING? Not just wrestling fans going like I hope there's a big match tonight. People are going. I want to see what big he's GonNa do tonight. And that's gotTa go across the board, so I started thinking about this a lot. And I started thinking about Biggie a lot. And how? Kofi is right and that that scripted segment is a true segment. That this does need to be big time. People have been fans have been wanting a biggie singles push. But. It's been complicated because people don't want the new data. Break Up. The only. I mean because Biggie is so big. People assumed that in order to do a biggie singles push you have. E- turn on the new day. And that takes away a lot of the charm. You know I think that when you look at Kofi Kingston's title run. which was cut off way too short with no follow-up whatsoever I mean one of the greatest crimes in wrestling. History is the fact that covy Kingston's entire wwe. Tyron was squashed in thirty seconds with zero up ever ever ever a year ago almost a year ago. Or will be I. think it was maybe no. It'll be two years ago. Yeah it'll. Notably year. Will it be two years ago. No, it'll be a year ago. It'll be a year ago a year ago in October, it was squashed. Would know follow? In a year in a year, not even a mention. But one of the things that made that title run while it lasted so great was the new day didn't disintegrate, but there's also no question that Kofi Kingston was the focus. Did there was no sort of we're all the champion. It was Kofi as the champion and we have his back to your woods and Biggie have his back. That is. The situation that you kind of have to run in with big E, but how do you do that? Without doing a copy of the Kofi Kingston Story and the answer you wait until. You're injured. And now you've got no choice but to have big e be a singles competitor. And he's got the ability to do it. I started thinking about Biggie and I feel like. Kofi going out for six weeks. needs to not only be the catalyst. To restart biggies, career or bring biggie, not restart his career, but. Start the next chapter of biggies career. But it needs to be the catalyst to start the next chapter of the entire wwe main event seen. You know I mean. When you look at. Dos Delivers drew McIntyre. You Go! This is a great match between two great wrestlers. What's missing here? Why? Why am I not over the moon for this and the answer is because. It's not new. It's not fresh. It doesn't feel newer fresh. Bryan and Bray. Why am I not over the moon for this? It doesn't feel fresh. It doesn't feel new. I'm not interested. I think that that. The time that we're in right now. We need to start building towards. What is wwe going to look like when fans are? Let back into buildings and I think when fans are back into buildings. It cannot look like we're just going to pick up where we left off and these nine months. Twelve months fifteen months however long that gap is between the last show with fans and the neck show with fans. A can't feel like nothing's happened in that time. As much as we want to be like well, maybe if we just go into a holding pattern and then when fans come back, we can have the good stuff happen again. You can't do that. It's too. There's too much time. That only works if you're going to be out for a month. Not, if, YOU'RE GONNA be for a year. You can't be in a holding pattern. I think that now is the time. The wwe needs to completely reinvent. And Redesign. The main event seen. I think that the main event of the WWE needs to look entirely different. When we as fans can go into arenas again. You know and I and I think you have to go through the roster and say how do we do this? because. There are guys that we've wanted to be in the main event forever, but they've simply been there too long. Like that's the problem that I think says ro finds himself in that as much. As much as you WANNA see says ro finally. Had that run that you've asked for. It's been a decade. Or however long been you've. We've been asking for too long says are would have to change so dramatically that we have to feel like there's a new superstar, and that's actually something that I think that that we have to do with big eat so. If I'm going over to wwe right now. They're going to SAM. What do we do? How do we start with Biggie? I think that that we need to refresh Biggie I. think that the thing about Kofi is that. Kofi aesthetically did not look like part of a tag team when he went into Wrestlemainia thirty three. Thirty four and one. Or was it thirty five? Yeah, wrestlemania thirty five. And one the wwe championship from Daniel Bryan. He looked like Kofi. I think that that biggie. Needs to reinvent the attire a little bit okay I see e first of all. Let's get the meat on display. You know what I mean. Let's get that big old chess. Let's get them big Ole arms. Let's get them big old dies. Get everything. On display I think biggie. Keeps the colors, but I think he goes tie-dye. I love tied I. I'm in my head I'm envisioning. Turquoise Pink and white tie. And I'm thinking trunks. I'm thinking straight up trunks. no-shirt, but I think maybe we were like a tie-dyed Biggie, shirt, pink, blue and white kind of like new day, but it says biggie on it. ANYWHERES IT Scott Hall style Scott Hall. NWF style with decides cut off in the sleeves off, so it's more like just like a almost like a Poncho type thing. And he can come to the ring with the t shirt rips off the tee shirt. Let's go biggies in trunks. And boots and kick pads, and maybe high kneepads right so everything from above is knee is covered. But. He's just in trunks. He's not in the typical biggie year does that. We know we're looking at a new. biggie looks different. He's still got the bright colors on. He's still being entertaining, but he looks different. I think that's important. You know I think when you look at smackdown and you look at the main event seen. I think this is how shake it up. I think. We get Braun. Away from the title you know. We get the fiend away from the title I think Braun. Needs to. Brought almost needs to take on the role that the big show takes. Where he's an attraction Braun is there when you need somebody to smash up some cool stuff. Braun is there, and then maybe eventually as a challenger that you don't think you're. Champion is going to be able to overcome Bronco. Be there but I. Don't think Brung can be your day in day out champion of the world. I don't think the fiend should be anywhere near the title you it just tricky. It gets to Harry and you end up in a situation where you've got to go to a place that we won't talk about to have a match that we won't talk about and. Maybe he gets beaten by Goldberg, but we won't talk about that right now. You end up in situations like that where you're going what the hell happened or the Helena sow with like what the hell happened. You know you need the fiend. needs to be an attraction, you look at the undertaker's career. And the undertaker, he doesn't have a ton of time. As champion of the world, there were spots where he needed to be called upon to take that title. But in general. He's just an omnipresent. Essence, the undertaker's always there. He's always giant matches. He's always going to be an attraction. But that doesn't necessarily mean. He's got to be a champion or be wrestling for the championship, and I think that's the situation. The but Braun strowman and the fiends should be in the fiend should be a major part of smackdown Bray Wyatt should be on every episode of smackdown. There should always be somebody that the fiend is haunting, and the fiend should never lose, but. To get that done, he can't be the universal champion. You know I think that that now is the time. That you start! Using, people, you know. You've got to put people in a position. Where when you get him back in front of crowds, people are going to cheer for them. Or we can at least see if people are going to cheer for them, and then you've got to listen to them when you look at the top people that have been the most successful in wwe. Sense Hogan. It's always going to be the people who the fans choose, and then you get behind him one hundred percent. You can create stars WWe is a hell of a machine, and they can create stars that go mainstream. They put everything behind Johnson, and Johnson went mainstream and people and fans of course love Johnson. They put everything behind Roman reigns and Roman reigns went mainstream. But there are a few a handful of superstars. The got there. Without it being wwe's plan necessarily and wwe went with that reaction. Because you could feel the energy and you could hear the fans and the fans are the ones that put them there. They become a different entity. Those stars become a different entity stone cold Steve Austin. WAS NOT, put in a position to succeed and become the main guy in the company before the fans said saying we want him in that position, same thing for the rock as a matter of fact rocky. My via was supposed to be atop guy. But fans pooh-poohed all over him. When he started doing the rock. I don't think that Iraq was created as a character. That would be the main guy in wwe. The. Rock was just created in the sense. That will we I don't know what to do. This isn't working like I thought it would. Let's try this rock thing. And when that clicked in, wwe went with it, and it became the biggest star in the world in the modern era. When, you're not talking about Roman reigns, and you're not talking about John. CENA Who are your top two people who are the two people? that. have become top performers in wwe and have crossed over to the point where mainstream knows who they are in mainstream knows their name I don't watch wrestling, but I keep hearing about this person, the answer Daniel Bryan. and. Becky Lynch people no Daniel. Bryan and people know Becky Lynch and none of the neither one of those two. We're supposed to be that person. Neither one of them. And they got there because they got there. because. You'll listen to the fans. You know and and and that's something that you'll never be able to take away from either of those performance, so I think the best thing that you can do right now. Is and it's very difficult because right now even if you wanted. To. Listen to fan response, you can't. Because there's no arena fan response I mean you can pay attention to the Internet you can look at ratings. You can kind of try to catch a vibe. You can try to predict the way. The fans are going to react, but you can't really know so I. Think the best thing you can do is set up. A handful, of people in positions to succeed. And then just kind of listened to the audience to see who should be the person, and who shouldn't be the person. I think if you're talking about smackdown. Immediately biggie. needs to be in a main of position when I say immediately I mean the work needs to start immediately I don't mean he should be in a world title match Summer Slam. I think that would be rushing it. But I think right away he should come out looking different feeling different. And Natural momentum start to build. Because I think is what I mean. We already know this is what people have wanted for a long time. I think that Baron Corbin. Is Somebody that me actually needs to build anything with Darin Corbin. We're in an interesting time right now because. I think if you don't. Elevate Baron, Corbin now. You'RE NOT GONNA. Be Able to do it later. There's. Not The Health Aleve WWE and it'll be the when you've been in wwe for a certain period of time. There's just a way that people look at you I know that guy. There's I. It's too difficult to break out from that show. I think that's the thing with Dolph Ziglar. People know who does is they know what Dobbs Ziegler is? They know what to expect from Golf Ziegler. They know what level he's supposed to be on. And that's why you can't fluctuate too much with a character like golf. I think the same thing now is with his ro like as much as people want. For him to be a top guy in the company. I don't think it's possible. Because, he's been there for too long. I think Barron Corbin. If you don't do this now. I don't think you'll be able to get it done. I personally think that Barron Corbin absolutely needs to have a stable. A king's court if you will, but even if he doesn't. He needs to be a bad guy that wins matches. And it needs to be going somewhere. You know I, think the Baron Corbin could be a modern day JBL. You know I think the Baron Corbin is a heel on that level. He's a he'll that people genuinely hate. He's a he'll that people, boo, and they get happy when he gets beaten up on television or in an arena. And I don't think comes around that often. And that's something to take advantage of. I look back. Very fondly on jbl title run. And I look back very fondly on the matches. The he and Eddie Guerrero had but those matches I wouldn't have looked back finally on them. If JBL wasn't such a consummate heel and I think the baron Corbin has that power to but. In order to be hated on that level, you have to win matches. People aren't gonNA resent you if you lose all the time. If you're a guy that everybody hates, and then you lose. People feel satisfied so. If I don't like Barron Corbin and his music starts playing I'm not really GonNa get that annoyed because I know. There's a pretty good chance that he's not GonNa win and losing to guys like Elias and everybody else that Barron corporate his loss to. will do that. I think that bearing Corbett needs to start winning all of his matches now. Don't put them in matches just to just to lose. I don't think the Baron Corbin should be the guy who knew guys come in, and he's the credible. He'll that. They're able to beat. I don't think that's the role Darin Corbin, be playing. I don't know if that's. Maybe that's Zarro. Maybe it's shameless. Maybe it Shinsegei Nakimora. I don't know who it is. But I don't think that's Darin Corbin. I think Barron Corbin. Is Very very valuable in that department and. I. I mean personally. I wouldn't mind baron. Corbin was the one to take the title off a bronze Stroman. I like the idea of Barron. Corbin. Being the universal champion. And The quest to find a new top baby face is who's going to be the guy to dethrone Darin Corbin I think if you put the title on Baron Corbin soon maybe not summer slam, but you spend from now until summer, slam, building Corbin and building Corbin and building Corbin. To the point where he actually does beat Braun strowman. And then you have Barron, maybe beat AJ styles. Gauge as thousands of ages thousand one of those guys. Though that at a moment's notice, he could be a baby facing. He'll. It doesn't matter. But. You know you have Baron Corbin beat. Aj Styles. You have Barron. Corbin beat Daniel Bryan maybe. You, guys, I think that's another thing I think that the more experienced guys should be used now just to establish. The younger guys. And I think the baron corporate should get a couple of really considerable wins under his belt. And I think Barron Corbin's should be used as the guy. Who the next big main event in Good Guy Beats, and I think that for a couple of reasons number one because you've got a real victory over real, he'll and number two. Then you've got a fresh match. You Got Barron Corbin versus whoever this new guy is if it's biggie at somebody else. But I think that's what you do. With Baron, Corbin! I think Matt Riddle should be one of these guys that you look at as I. Don't think you should be doing promos about why he doesn't wear shoes. I think he should be one of those guys because Matt Riddle has this great combination. of He's entertaining. He's got a good personality. He's fun to listen to. and. He feels like a legitimate athlete because he comes from that may world. So why these big to. He's a big guy. He's unassuming when he does his Promo so. It's easy to cheer for him, but then when you watch him in the ring, you're like Oh. This guy could legitimately kick any of our asses right now. Mean that's the key for Matt Riddle I think Matt. Riddle has all the potential in the world. It'd be one of the top guys on smackdown. You know I I would buy into a Matt Radio Baron Corbin Universal Championship match, but I think that's the level that we need to be thinking on. Not established established establish new guys new guys new guys. I think that. Sasha and Becky Sasha and Bailey. I'm sorry. Sasha and Bailey need to be pushed to the Moon I don't think that they should be split at all before fans come back. I don't think they should be split for a while I think Sasha and Bailey are as of right now. I think the maybe the MVP of the first month or so maybe I. Two months of quarantine was probably drew McIntyre. I think ironically the MVP of quarantine. honorable mention goes to MVP. Just because of all the roles he's able to fill, and everything is able to do well on raw, but. I think in terms of performers. You're really going to get a lot out of over the course of the next several years after all this is over. Bailey Sasha banks have taken their careers to another level. During this quarantine. That, you really have to look at. I think the idea that the same way for a period of time. Monday night raw was centered around degeneration X. I think that we have to look into the real possibility of. Do we center smackdown around Sasha and Bailey. Because Sasha Makes Bailey as of now are the most entertaining act on TV. I think that it's realistic that we're at. We're at that point with these women. I would also. I would make a big trade. I Would Trade Otis over the Monday night raw. and. The reason I would trade Otis over Monday night raw is I think it's time to. See of Otis has what it takes to be a main of enter. But I think if you're telling the story of biggie coming up as a main inventor I think that the same baby face energy that would be behind supporting biggie would also be behind supporting. Otis, So I don't think you can have the rise of Otis and the rise of Biggie on the same show. I think you can have the rise of biggie on smackdown in the rise of Otis on raw, and bring Mandy with you Mandy, notice together not Monday night raw, but I would move his and his briefcase in Mandy rose over the Monday night raw, and from raw I would bring allaster black. Over to smackdown. Because, I think alison black is being wasted on raw right now. I actually think. The more time he's on TV on Monday night. Raw, the more damaging it is to potentially great character on WWe. And I love the idea. Of smackdown coming back to arenas. With, a main event like Alastair, black versus Barron Corbin. Or turn your black. He'll. Maybe the main event is big Iverson's bearing Corbin, and B's first challengers allaster black, but can you imagine if we get to a place in wwe where we're looking at biggie Baron Corbin that riddle allaster black as the main eventers on the men's side, and Bailey and Sasha, banks are making just as big an impact, if not a bigger impact on the women's side, and that's what you want smackdown to look like after quarantine. The the biggest stars on smackdown, the ones that are on the posters, the ones that are on the trucks. The ones that are on the Cups Sem punk pointed out are not AJ. Styles are not Daniel. Bryan are not Braun strowman. It's big. It's barren corbin. It's Matt Riddle. It's Alastair Black. I would also bring bobby, Lashley an MVP and Shelton Benjamin all over to smackdown. I would not make Bobby Lashley MVP big stars in titleholders on smackdown. But I would make them big stars that somebody like Biggie or ouster black could get a victory over on their way up I mean I think that I think the idea of. Big E getting to a place where it looks like he's ready for an opportunity at the title only to have Bobby Lashley come in. And mess it up would be an amazing thing. I loved the idea of. On the same pay-per-view Maybe at survivor series, maybe although they're probably doing the team thing for survivor series, but Maybe. It's September. Maybe it's October I. Loved the idea of a Braun strowman versus Baron Corbin Universal title match and a Bobby Lashley vs biggie match. We really watching that it's not officially saying the winner will be the number one contender, but you really watching that going like Oh this might be the moment that we're able to elevate biggie into that universal championship picture. And, then you move towards biggie versus Baron Corbin. All the while Matt Riddle and Alastair Black are sitting there and you're looking at this and you're going like okay if we've got bobby Lashley embarrassing Corbin on smackdown as our big time, bad guys. We now can put he. Allaster black and? Matt Riddle. All in top positions so that when we come back to arenas, we can listen to the crowd and of those three. Who is the guy that the people want right now, and let's just go with it. Of those three, those are the three I think on smackdown of those three. who were the ones that the people are GonNa go with? Now over on Monday night raw. You've got a similar thing where I think you've got like. Randy Orton. Ramos Terio and Seth Rollins. I think they all have a lot of value. I think they show. Stay on wrong, but I think Randy Orton Ramos Stereo and Seth Rollins should play the same role that I think. The Bobby Lashley Daniel Bryan and Braun. Strowman should play on smackdown, which is these are the highly credible athletes that younger guys can beat. To prove that they are the ones that should be in the main event. I, think that drew McIntyre's step in the direction. But I think if we're GONNA have so far I mean. Let's look at the people who drew McIntyre has had his challenger so far. He beat brock listener for the title. That's a big step. Because drew is just first. Wwe Championship match right so theoretically. This is this is where we're crowning. What the new generation of WWE IS GONNA look like, but who is. He defended against. Defended Against Seth rollins. He's defended against the big show. He's defended against Bobby Lashley. and He's defend against Dolph Ziglar. Seth rollins is the newest guy that he's defended against. An southbound has been wwe forever. You're literally talking about the big show who got their in the attitude era? And I know it was the same night, but still works at the point. Dolph Ziglar. He's been there over ten years. You're talking about Bobby Lashley. WHO's been there? Over ten years. The I mean I know. He left and he came back. But bobby last, she was wrestling and wwe when trump was still doing stuff with wrestling, he wasn't even the president wasn't even close to being the president yet. So drew McIntyre. Has just been defending against the old guard this whole time. Seth rollins Bobby Lashley Big Show Dolph ziglar are all old guard opponents, and now it looks like he's headed to summer slam to face Randy Orton. That's five guys. None of them are new. None of those five guys are new to the main event seen whatsoever. They tried to make it with Bobby. Lashley and they could've I mean if you stretched out. Have you done that Bobby Lashley story a little bit differently and maybe made it into a series of matches. You could have started to paint the main event. Seem to let different, but you didn't you only one match Bobby Lashley. And I think that that's that's why to me. The drew McIntyre title. Run is starting to cool a little bit I think the rain your and drew McIntyre. Match can be great I think that story that they tell can be great because the story that Edge Randy Orton told was great, but edge and Randy Orton was perfect because edge and Randy Orton. You're just looking at two legends of the same era compete, and it is what it is. It doesn't feel like the WWe afraid to pass the torch. But when you're passing the torch to somebody new drew McIntyre, and you won't put them in the ring with New People. Then, you're not really passing the torch you're not really trusting drew as the guy. Because you're putting him against guys that have been there forever. Already established guys. I mean. I think. When you look at raw to me. I think angel. Garza is a guy that really stands out. Andrade stands out to I think. Angel Garza stands out even more though I love android Angel Gaza however. I think they should stay a team. I don't think you should be teasing a break-up i. think Zelina is good. I think they're too good together. I think the three of them as a combined force are excellent Austin theory. Being away from that group is a good thing. I think that that we should stop all the hijinks of Angel Garza and dry, not getting along and I mean I think that the. Angel Garza, an Andrey as a team should go on a run to put them in the conversation with Harlem Heat to put them in the conversation with demolition to put them in the conversation with the Hart Foundation. You know these two are defined by this team, and eventually we can get to a place where I would think probably angel. Garza would bounce off that team and jump into the main event, but he's young man. I think there's no reason especially with Selena Vega there that you can't make that a famous all star. Forever, team? So I think you keep the to them as a team. But in terms of the main event. I think that the people you don't keep a team. Are The street prophets? I think that if you want to get people talking. You of the street prophets lose the TAG team championships to. Angel Andrey. And then you have. Has turned heel. And you break up the street prophets. You break up the street. Providence and you have Montanez turn heel and I give you have mantras for turning heel. You would immediately have vibes of. Michael's in the rockers. And you'd have vibes of. Rocky my via becoming the rock. I think that everybody looks at Montas Ford as this just heaping helping of potential, and I know it's ironic coming for me since I have no clear heat with. Ford. I can't go two steps. Through, Westchester, New York without watching my back just in case Montas is behind me, Montas four pops up on my instagram feet and I get scared. Okay, no clear he would Montas Ford, but I have to take myself out of that. I'm not the guy who can exist behind the scenes and wwe. Even though everybody hates me and only triple h likes me. I think myself out of that and just become a fan, and when I am a fan. I am telling you that I know that I am not alone. I know there's a tidal wave of fans. are like. Man. I liked. I liked the street profits, but there's something about Montas Ford. In his promos, it tends movements. It's his charisma. It's the way he jumps, says his athleticism. There's just something about that guy. And I know people felt that it next when St Province one that takes him championship in that ladder match. The TWI had Montas four on the podcast right after that I mean. Don't tell the Internet because they'll start thinking that. We don't have nuclear heat if they listened to that podcast, but. But. Montas. If you have him. And you have him in and Dawkins. Do, a little bit of a A. A rivalry, but not even really I mean you know. I? I like the idea of them having a match on paper you just because I always is hate it when a team breaks up and they don't have a pay per view match against each other at some point, but. I think the idea. Is that Montas? Ford separates from the street. Prophets becomes a bad guy. Barrelli by the. Because this'll be the beauty of. U-TURN Montas Ford and you make them a bad guy and you put them into the main event seen. You put yourself in a position where it seems like you have no choice. But to make him a good guy, even though that was your plan all along. You know it's GonNa work. And I mean dude. If you get to a place where in six months. You can do. Has Ford and you come up with some kind of nickname by the way if you want to the way Shawn. Michaels left and became the heartbreak kid. I'm sure Montas. Fourteen com with a creative nickname come up with a creative nickname. But you do a good guy. Drew McIntyre versus a bad Guy Montag has ford and that your raw main event for a pay per view. Are you not getting goosebumps? Six months from now which July August September October November, December! If you. Head into the royal rumble. And Your Royal Rumble raw championship match is drew McIntyre Vermont Has Ford. Come on, and you could get away with it at the royal rumble, because you still got the thirty man royal rumble match, but come the F. E., double F. on. Six months from now if I told you in six months. Ford drew McIntyre's your wwe championship main event. Through the roof. I'm so excited. I think there are two other guys. That need to come on board. You're saying okay with the Royal Rumble match. Who Wins The royal rumble the answers? Adam Cole. The answer is Adam. Cole wins the Royal Rumble. Because Adam Cole I said a couple of weeks ago. I think you should bring the undisputed era over to smackdown, but I've already got my three people on smackdown. On Raw. Adam call is one of my guys. I think you you man. You put Adam Cole on raw. Just inject this new energy into raw this unpredictability and you just let these guys go. You're you're going to have a show again? Man, you're gonNA have a show. GimMe that Adam Cole that cursed out. Pat McAfee put him on Monday night raw. Have! Him Win The royal rumble this year. You drew McIntyre winning. The rumble was big. You Have Adam Cole win the rumble and go onto wrestlemainia to face the wwe champion in the raw main event. Forget about it. Let's roll the dice baby. Let's shake it up. Let's make it undisputed. And then, of course you're sitting there going okay, you got A. he'll Montas for that eventually is going to be baby face, okay? You Got AMCOL might be in the same boat, right? You're going to get big. Sean Vibes from Adam Cole to. Think. Montas Ford maybe a little more rock vibes because he's so. Charismatic! Funny, and that whole thing and Adam Cole is more cocky. Get, but came back it up type of thing. But still charismatic off the charts. And then you know. Who Do you got? What kind of big baby fae? She Got Otis. We don't you remember from before. Otis Otis goes over to raw with the briefcase. You kidding me. You, kidding me Otis, sitting there chasing. You're sitting there going like well. It's Montas Ford versus drew McIntyre for the championship, but maybe Otis will come in and take it. Come on, let's mix it up. You're not excited by that. I am I am. They needed Otis and Manny, Otis and Mandy rose is not just a goof. If you put. Otis and Mandy rose as a unit together. Boyfriend girlfriend Monday night raw, and you do not do it with the intention of breaking them up. Like I mean Otis and Mandy rose. Should be the twenty twenty randy savage Elizabeth. There is one wrestling wedding that didn't get ruined. Tell the reception with that Dash Jake, the snake, Roberts but macho man, randy, savage, and Elizabeth, they got married, and the wedding went off without a hitch. Let's do it man. Otis and Mandy rose should go to Monday night raw, and they should get married, and it shouldn't get ruined and they should just be married. It should be Otis and Mandy rose. Otis rose and Mandy rose. And they're together and she loves him, and he loves her and IT'S A. It's a it's a completely healthy relationship and she's got his back. People go nuts fort. Guy Like Otis. Who you can't help but smile when you look at you talking about. WWE put smiles on people's faces. That's in a nutshell. Then you find out. He's got the hottest chicken the world. The hottest chicken the game where and his chain. That's right. Forget it. Forget it. You got a star right there, my friend, you've got US star. You've got an opportunity. Where have you played this right? By the time, Wrestlemainia, or the raw after wrestlemania rolls around. Several months from now. Your main event for money rock could be Adam call versus Otis. Rose rose. And people love it. People will love it. Give me the Pencil Bro. Just me the pencil. And then over on the next T. Annexed he's always done a pretty good job of. Mixing things out because they don't have any other choice, because talent comes and talent goes but for me I think that next he right now she'll be all about keithly carrying Cross and Timothy Thatcher. I think you've got build him if he thatcher to the moon. I think you gotTa make him look. Like a young Stu Hart. Where he rip people limb from Limb. I think the one change would make on. T is I would put Chad Gable back in T. And I would have him. Join Timothy Thatcher Chad, Gable and Timothy Thatcher together. would-be just absolute money. Money money money money. But there you have it. That's my big change for next. Gable, and Thatcher together, but next is all about keithly Timothy Thatcher and carrying cross. smackdown is all about Biggie Matt Riddle and Alastair Black with Baron Corbin as heel champion. and Monday night raw is all about Mont Has Ford Adam Cole and Otis. With drew McIntyre. Is that champion over there? Man. For me. I think it's the only way to go. I think it's the only way to go. Grim reapers asking Montas Ford conjoined the hurt business with MVP to get his heel turn going no. No, here's why no Montas fourth can't join the hurt business with MVP because MVP and last. You'RE GONNA. Be On smackdown already put them over on smackdown. I moved them to smackdown and I don't think Montas should be in any group I think you should leave the street profits and just become a. he'll by himself. He doesn't a manager. He doesn't need a mouthpiece. MVP is perfect for Shelton Benjamin and MVP is perfect for Bobby. Lashley because you do their promos for them. Nobody needs to do Montas Ford's Promos for him. Let Montas for be his own man, and you watch this guy. Skyrocket Start them off as a heel. And you're sitting there with the potential of Otis versus Montas Ford. And Coal. Versus Montas Ford. Drew McIntyre versus Otis I mean. Come on. Come on. And then, of course, your biggest tag team on smackdown should be Sasha and Bailey and your biggest tag team on raw, be and dry an angel Garza. It's really really simple man. That's the way I see him in. That is the way. That I see it going. If you like what I'm saying here. If you don't like what I'm saying, you can hit me up on email. Not Sam wrestling. At gmail.com. Of course. The discord room is open. That's where I got that question of. The discord room you can only have access to. If you are not Sam Shell to become a not Sam Shell sign up at Patriotair Dot com slash not sam wrestling. Not only will you have access to the discord room, but you'll get an extra podcast every single Thursday bonus not sam wrestling show where we down everything going on in the world of wrestling all of that. For less. than a dollar a week plus you can start going up into tears. Get exclusive merchandise offers. You can see the podcast recorded live. You can watch the video. Get exclusive video access to everything. It's all available at Patriotair Dot com slash not sam wrestling. Thank you all. For being a part of another episode, of Nazi wrestling for you, not Sam shows I'll see you on Thursday for the rest of you, not Samsonite I'll see you back here first thing. Moaning for Nazi, same wrestling three Oh to. See you later. Thanks for listening. Follow not, Sam on twitter instagram facebook and you to. Rate Review? Subscribe this has been not sam wrestling.

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The Still Real to Us Show: Episode #545  7/23/20

The Bower Show Podcast

1:02:28 hr | 1 year ago

The Still Real to Us Show: Episode #545 7/23/20

"Because! PODCAST. Dammit it's. Welcome everybody. Welcome to this week's. Show. Episode number, five, hundred and forty, five July, twenty, third twenty twenty. This is your. Show. At WBZ TRIM RULES RECAP and review session of ASS. Are T you? Some major roster moves were made stock dropping from one of the top talents in the world and a whole lot more. Show, I'm. Jeff pack joined every single week when my clothes, the one and only Dr Trae. Franklin doctor Trae we went into this Sunday's paper view cautiously optimistic. Was it a horror show for bad or for good. I'm still disappointed that it wasn't a whore. Show like, but yeah, it was it was. Started here's thing I will say I thought it started good, and then completely tapered off by the end, so it was a trainwreck. Horrors of calamities in any other catastrophe words you can think of is the one thousand nine, hundred seventy. Genre movies like inferno in those ones. Let's get right into it here. Pre Show match. The, Guy that loves to start on the pre show kickoff Kevin on twitter now Kevin Bacon, on Murphy Ko gets the win Dr Trae. We obviously did not predict this match other. This was a solid opener between Owens and Murphy. Yeah I mean, and if you thought your otherwise, I would have been surprised I mean you got owens. WHO's arguably one of the underrated entering workers? And Murphy probably in that same class like two guys who are really good workers have a little bit of a story at least and then they put on a good pre show match so good way to kick off the horror. Show all right. Let's get into the main card. The new day defended these smackdown tag team championship against as our own Nakimora in a tables match. That was decided on Friday smackdown. Says Arlen Shinsuke. Nakamura got the victory. I love this parent as attack team right now. The final spot of CICERO power bombing Kofi through a table was insane This was a great way to kick off the main card of the show. For great wrestlers, too great teams I'm happy with what I saw and says Ro's trend of like being able to tag with. Anybody continues to move forward. This was a very fun match. Is Zara arguably the Bobby Eaton of our generation. Like you can stick him with anybody and it just makes a solid tag team doesn't matter who it is. Imbaba Bobby Eaton. Arguably one of like I mentioned earlier knows like Bobby. No maybe is the most underrated wrestler of all time, but like the fact, the sorrow now this is his fourth different partner. He's at least third. I lose track but. just incredible talent for what he can do in the fact that he can kind of Meld his style. To work with anybody and. Able to come up with Combo moves with guy like the giants swing into a knee look. Like you could do that with the Shin Casa but really fun match really good for those guys and you're right. The the power bomb through double tables at the end I. I thought Goofy died so Kudos. Them great match start show. It's been a while since we've seen attack team dominate the new day. The new day been running. Ramp shot on me now for the last their entire time as Essentially and this is the one time where we're seeing like is an and they're playing really well storyline wise is this attack team has the days number and so far it appears that way because as our own Nakimora on the up new day on the way down next match, it was Bailey. Defending the smackdown women's championship against Nikki Cross belly got the victory doctrine I both predictability to get the win in this one She gets the victory after brass knuckles to the stomach. Was Fine I like Nicky Cross a lot and feel like she would be super over. If this was a normal crowd right now, so I feel, and at some point sometimes tune Nicky Cross will get her time as a champion, but it's not right now with Bailey on the up and up. fine match for what I saw on Sunday. Dr, Try! Fine match good before both girls like Nikki, was I you can tell when somebody's over is. When the people are actually really into them as well and Nikki's just got that personality that people just gravitate towards and Bailey has that really strong e o persona like she's so annoying on TV that you just like. She's not to MS level yet, but she can get there, so five-match liked the The little boss ring to the ribs. and I didn't even realize Bailey had changed. Her Finisher added another move into arsenal, but overall is pretty Dang. Good match I was happy this biomet. This is what I'm like man. We're free for three with good matches. This is not too bad so far. All right next one here was unfortunate because of the world that we live in right now. Apollo crews was set to defend the United States. Championship against, MVP. Cruise victory He did not get victory. He did not even perform He did not pass his pre-match physical, so mvp won by forfeit, but it's still not the new united. States champion MVP technically gets the victory here. They're saying that it's a bulging disc in his back from the full Nelson attack by Bobby, Lashley obviously with everything going on, we're led to believe that potentially this could be Kovin, but not released that information and they have that right to not and release that information for patient privacy. this is just unfortunate, and it made for very awkward way to handle on the pay per view I thought it. Basically, they basically took Monday's raw segment an implanted here at the pay per view, and this was attorney point for the bad for extreme rules from this point forward. On some level you, but like during that whole segment I just kept waiting for somebody at least. Somebody, come out and fight the good fight for Apollo you know let's just instead of. We can't have Apollo here. Let's throw them out there with so and so and just get A. You're right like it was basically a repeatable. We saw Monday And this coupled with what we saw later in the raw women's match. Just taken belts now like this is mine claiming this like here. Bobby puts around my ways. Claiming this is mine. It was it was it was? It would have been for raw, but we pay per view like. GimMe something like there. There I mean you gotta whole audience full of PC workers. You GotTa hold backstage area of guys who were probably you know thought they might be on the show, but didn't end up on the show thrown out there. Let's get something instead of you know a ten minute diatribe which you know. NBP's great of the Mike, but like you said this is literally almost exact same thing. We saw Monday night I think this has been a great spot to bring back a Mustaf Ali I mean they brought him back on Monday and that's. That's what they could build off of on on Monday with him, tagging with Cedric and rick that have saved them as a quote, surprise so would have been a surprise anyway, but it appears that they're trying to protect MVP. There's some rumors about what plans they had in place for Monday's raw the there there's rumors out there which Dr Trays brought up here on the show multiple times and we've. We've heard whispers of it now that they were going to bring back the nation of domination. That's why Ron Simmons was on on raw this past Monday. And it was. It appears it was going to include MVP and Bobby Lashley we've heard rumblings of Alexander Ricochet and Apollo crews. He'll turn at some point as well so maybe that's why they were gonNA execute it as it was, but nonetheless it was a strange way to handle an unfortunate situation at the paper view on Sunday. Next match here, Ramos cheerio take it on Seth rollins in a I for an eye match we felt this was going to go one or both ways here It was either going to be really good, and they were gonNA have a good way of handling. This or it was got a very corny finish and spoiler alert. It was a very corny finish and that's no pun intended corny cornea Jim Cornet Seth. Seth Ron's gets a victory here. I thought this was a good match overall Ed- then they got to the steel steps spot, and we're busting chops before now about basically taking the MVP bobby Lashley segment and implanted in the pay per view. They basically took the segment the angle that started this all from six weeks ago, but instead his I popped out, and it was the most like unrealistic. I I've seen in a long time. It was a very strange finish which was expected rollins throwing up was I screamed wrestle crap today. According to wrestling INC and PW. Insider W. E. reportedly filmed in entire sequence that would have made. It looked like Mr Rose I popped out the spot use prosthetic makeup. This moment was originally scripted to be what caused rounds to vomited at ringside, which he did after the finish that barely saw fake eyeball pop out of race mass with fake blood, dripping down, visser man reportedly hated the look of these special effects and a sequence and made the. The call to edit it out of the final broadcast. We had heard that there was going to be some sort of CGI as well. It appears they did not do that because there was a conversations with mysterious about a new contract, which is now, that's the current rumbling said he has resigned with me and I don't know how that affects ray resigning or not, whether they you CGI, but this had train wreck written all over it and. It was trainwreck. Dr Dre The entire match was good, but Ran Up into that finish it. It's what we expected. It was GONNA be shit and it was shit. This is one of those things where you go. You put yourself into a corner. How do you get yourself out and somebody in thing in the in the writer's room goes. Well we CGI we're doing all these. You know greats theatrical match. We can just come into. See John It looks bad whatever? And then you hear Vince Visco God Darren somebody get me an eyeball from party city. Like it's, that's all I can think of I. was I was surprised. The fake I didn't pop out actually role. Next to a that's what made. Seth rally was just. Really bad and. It was one of those things where like if you didn't see your kind of like way, what would I see what I think I saw? It just it came off horrible, and then seth throwing up was even made. It even corner because I'm like. You stand there and you sound really tough and hard when you're doing your promos, but then when you actually do what you say you're going to do. It makes you throw up like I? Don't get that like if you're going to be tough and your promos telling everybody what you're going to do. And then when you do it, it makes you throw up like that doesn't come off right like if you're going to be a sadomasochist masochists if you're going to be. You know a Panzi in Ripley's I bought and throw up. Then just don't rip. Somebody's I about the whole thing, just big cluster And it just makes you wonder like. Where do you go from here because we get those the doctors are saying that. Maybe it didn't fully detach. They can save his I. am like is Reagan be a one eyed wrestler. From now on is at some point, he's only miraculously healed. Gone Blind and got his like. It's the whole thing like you booked yourself into a bad situation here to you know, explain it out. Using wrestling disbelieves his suspension of disbelief, which is gonna be really hard to do all right quit ranking here from the last twelve months some of the worst shit. We've seen WBZ book. June, you rank them The worst will be the last one. Okay, so like three to one is what you'll rank it here. PHOENIX Goldberg at super showdown that booking that match the Lana Roussev live Morgan bobby. Lashley storyline and then the Ramos Stereo. Seth Ron's I for match. What is what would you say is the worst of them all? So Lana. would be three. to be this angle with Seth and Ray in one is finding goal like I still have not recovered from Salmon Goldberg says it's. Like literally like they just I. Don't know if you saw this, but they put out like you. The new toy releases and the. They're doing a Bret Hart Goldberg to pack and I still can't even look at that right because I'm like. Feeling Gobert I I. Just I don't want anything to do with super show towel I just WanNa. Put it out of my memory that never happened so one of the worship. We ever covered here if you want to hear depression. Go download that podcast then like three weeks later when the whole Cova nineteen thing happened that just depression. Next match you WANNA, talk about head scratchers. Oscar taken on Sasha Banks for the women's Championship. We had Aussie getting victory. This match ends innate. No contest question mark the match similar to Ramos Turnaround Seth Franz was really good until the Oscar Green missed referees pot belly puts on the rough shirt and awarded the champ ship to Sasha. Banks with one-two-three finish is pretty awful to solid matches. Dr trae horrible shady finishes that leave a bad taste in your mouth. What the Hell happened here? I don't I'm in my. I've been wrestling fan for thirty eight years. I'm trying. Times I've somebody strip in actual referee out of their shirt, and then not have an undershirt on. Like I'm pretty sure. Earl hefner had never went topless. Tweet us that. Take a look and find out just typing typing to Google Ed. Earl hefner topless. Please thank you. So just referee topless referees. You'll probably get some cool footlocker people. I think you'd probably get more than that. A kids under eighteen don't do that, thank you. Well you said like the match. itself was really good and. This year we talked about at least go with Sasha. And Bailey and like I'm having to eat my words on Sasha because you always say. Sasha could not have a good match with somebody. That wasn't part of the Horse Women. As, she's killing the now like she's having solid matches with people that are are the horsewoman group I'm like damn but. This is ver- this match in the one previous. Screamed like Russo WCW booking I, mean it was just so bad and it's like. Okay. We already had one person claim a belt. That wasn't there so now. Sasha's going claim a belt. That's not hers. Bailey is going to steal a referee sure, which by the way WB referees jacked anyways. That's probably why they don't mind losing their shirt because I can show off and get some more instagram followers but. Bailey steal to shirts. Screw OSC out of the title, but it doesn't really count. So why do we do it like the whole thing? Just made no sense and. This is one of the things wrestling like if you have a bad finish. It kills. What a great matches! People! Most people only remember finishes anyway, so in three years will never talk about how good the Sasha Oscar match was all talk about like. Bailey still referee's shirt and screw US cow the title then. The next night Stephanie McMahon and say no. It doesn't count like that's all we're going to remember so not the good match, just the Shitty, bookie. That book and again folks next year should just be called bad booking the horror show at extreme rules. Drew McIntyre defended against off Sigler for the W. E. Championship. The stipulation was this was. This was a genius move I? Mean this is like theoretically you're like. Why does an arrest or just come out and say this? And they finally executed on it. extreme rules match for only Dolf, segler and drew McIntyre gets disqualified or counted out Ziegler wins the W E. Championship. This was a good match. We both had drew McIntyre getting the victory which did. It wasn't best match since his run. As champion began in my opinion I prefer the Rollins Lashley matches over this one. There were some real brutal spots. The Finish was pretty cool with Ziegler setting up super kick and McIntyre going for the more. I I felt like this didn't need an extreme rules type stipulation, but it was fine, and now you seem to offset ziglar act very desperate right now on Monday night raw and the automatic believe this Monday with drew McIntyre picking stipulation. We expected good match out of these two guys. Dr Trae. They don't need the extreme rules banner over their head, but they went with it. Anyway. find match not as not as best or ends. We championship run, but drew's. That's really solid matches so far. Yeah. This is kind of like the opposite of other to imagine where like I. Was Okay, but the finishes great I love that Super. Cat Klay more combat like I thought that was really cool. What I didn't like about. It is when you have somebody like like. Dolph who has the resume in the history that he has, he gets everything in his favor. And then. Isn't able to come through a man like. Now, did you devalue the dolphins? Ziglar character like each literally just add. Everything in his favor and one claim ends it, so it is worth like that finisher that Klay more is so protected now that it can overcome any obstacle so it. It's good for drew, but I think it hurts Dolf, but then again I don't really think. Debbie has any long-term. High Booking plans for Golf Ziglar I mean he's probably your top mid card. He'll at best when everything shakes out, but yeah fi find as okay fine match, but then really great finish which. Almost made me forget about what happened the previous segments almost. Wow. You're a better man than I. Next match, Cheer Braun Strowman, taken Hombre, White, a white swamp fight We both had Braun Strowman Bray Wyatt I. I think the win I had high expectations for this one and for me, Dr Trae I felt like it didn't meet it. Unfortunately, clearly we are getting the fiend versus Braun at Summer Slam I wish it was a better way to do that. Other than what we saw at extreme rules I felt like a dragged a little bit to be honest with you and It did not meet my expectations. But what did you think of this one? so I don't I. Have a four K. TV at times. It was kind of really dark to see what was going on. Like it just kind of an I. Don't know like I said. I may have to just my settings on my TV. but yeah like felt the first time I've ever heard this in a recap of match away. Yeah, it was good i. just couldn't see it. Just, headings. Well like when they're out by the water. I couldn't always see what they would do. Close ups of the water like I. Don't know why there's been this close up because I can't really see anything. But darkness and Lily pads the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life. I think, but it was like I. I liked it at times, and then at other times. I was like come. On gimme something else here and then other times. I'm like Oh. This is interesting like it was his kind of place. I will say. The highlight of this match for me was Braun Fighting Braun because this? This once again furthers the idea that we may have bray Wyatt versus the fiend. At some point this year I might get one bold prediction right once so but I I was a little bummed that we didn't have air grow. We had other guys show up to fight Bron but not rowing so then people dressed up like Rowen and Lou Carpenter way. Did you notice that? Yeah, it was like. He was like great value. Why family! knockoffs it was they were lot smaller. The whole nine yards so there you go extreme rules. Dr Train. I went three into on extreme rules. Let's give our match the night and our vent rating my match the night. Dr Troy was the new diverses are Nakimora. I really enjoy that match and event rating I. I really did not like extreme rules at all. It's nowhere near super showdown, but I did not like extreme rules whatsoever. I gave it a two point four out of five. What say you match the night and event rating. Medicine I'm with you. I like the new day Nakimora a Zara match and I can't wait for Sammy's to come back, and it was the comeback as I'll make it even more entertaining I think I actually had it rated lower than you I think I had two point two because. At the end I'm like I. Don't know what I watched here I. Just don't feel good about it. It was bad. It was a bad show it really was. My problem is I. Don't have the running tally because I. I can't remember what I put super showdown, but it wasn't as bad as super showdown, but it was. A hiccup above i. have it right here in front of actually so super showdown for me was like the lowest rated show. I've ever done I I give it a one point one five and I still think that was being kind. You gave them one point five. Leased did not be super showdown as far as Orville. So okay I'm buying with my rating. If, it was if it was a rated a lower than super showdown. Are you changing it? I would have ended it. Yeah, I would be like okay. I have to super showdown is arguably. Show we've ever covered yet. Because we didn't do to December to dismember the CW one was before times I mean this is literally. That was super showdown was as bad as that one and we didn't do any of the WCW. US thank God because there were some of their that we're probably worse than super showdown, but in our ten year super showed us the worst thing I've ever seen. It was God awful absolutely awful. all right. Let's get into impact wrestling slam averse re. It was the show on Saturday. feel free to chime in by the way your thoughts on extreme rules over s RT podcast on twitter. Run through a doctor turning. Did you watch the show because I did not? I actually watched this week so I didn't watch Saturday as I have kids in family, which was great that he slater showed up because that made me feel happy because he has kids, too, but I watched it a Monday Tuesday afternoon so I. Actually did catch all of it all right. Let's get into it. Because ought to get your thoughts on the show. The rascals took on mystery opponent in an open challenge tag team match. That was the motor city machineguns I had Galveston Anderson. You had rhino and Hernandez. Would you think this mashed up to try. really fun match. It was just weird. Seeing the the guns kind of played heels during this match. but just the fact that they showed up. I was based last. We have increased Sabin in forever Last time we saw alyx. Shelly was teaming up with That the Japanese guy in she'd. I I knew I like blind Cain dammit, But as I alex shelley so like seeing the machine guns back together. I was like super excited about because you know, they're one of the great tag teams in probably the most underrated tag teams when you look at wrestling history like they have very strong fan base, but. but seeing those four guys and. For I O for Fag like Dez in Zach Y- the machine guns are one of the one of their idol so seeing those four guys go at. It was really great. Next match. Taking Tommy Dreamer and old school rules match or the Teenage World Championship Mousse got victory. Would you think the match? It was. It's okay like. I. Love Tommy Dreamer I just hate seeing the rink is he's not in my head I. I guess I still have this vision embassy. Tommy Dreamer from ninety, six, ninety, seven and not Tommy Dreamer. WHO's like fifty-seven so? It was fine and I love the most character right now. He's one of my favorite characters in wrestling I. Love, it's almost like. This he's literally being interest as a pro wrestling odd in this legend, and like he's got a fake title. I just I'm digging that, so it was, it was a fine match in mosques to retain and move onto apparently C. three next so I was really on board with I liked it. Is Moussa baby face if theaters crowd right now? It's probably a lot like what MS was back during his run talking, smack where. People like US love the character, but the casual fans hate the arrogance, so I think it'd be kind of. A slight mix, probably sixty percent booze forty percents years. but it's it's. It's really entertaining, but if you're just the average fan, you're like I hate I like how cocky he is and his arrogance, and it's a fake title like the Josh Mathews Character, talking about moves is how the casual fan would view it so I still think in the impact zone. He would probably be cheered, but if it was just any random building Ab boot. Right next match here is Alicia Edwards havoc. Care Hogan? Kimberly highly ray, Nevada Madison Rain Rosemary Suzy Tasha steals. Taya Valkyrie on a gallon for the goal match to contender for the impact knockouts championship, you and I both had Kylie Ray. She got the victory. Would you think the match? I still don't entirely understand their dollar for the goals because it starts off as a battle, royal then ends in a singles match. but like it was fine, there was funny with Johnny Bravo got in their co dressed up once tie in Bruins, his rosemary, so that was kind of entertaining. It was loaded the. G. Sorry. IPHONES are loud. They are very low. Yes, my work phone, but No. It was just one of those great to me was entertaining, and then Kylie getting I like to see the Kylie character is like an x. t bailey on like happy pills. Like. It's just even more fan friendly over the top stuff so. It was fine like in got everybody a chance to shine and Kinda show how strong this women's division really can be, and then you know possibly entering the knockouts women's tag titles at some point as well so Kudos to impact for really a beefing up their women's division next matches Willie Mack, defending, it's crispy for the x Division Championship. Chris Bay got the victory your thoughts. Really liked the match. I was surprised Johnny, Swinger but Chris based phenomenally talented I'm ease physically athletically. If you like swerve Scott Chris Bays Right. There was worse so Fund match, really good entertaining match and It was a pretty much a clean victory as it was an eye rake that Kinda lead into the or does an IRA. The finish or low blow gave her, but pretty clean finish overall no underhanded shenanigans, no trickery. It was Chris Bay getting the win, and then got a follow up clean win. Tuesday nights. With no shenanigans at all, so Chris Bay with two solid, really, Mac. Next match is the North Defending Their tag team championship against Ken Shamrock and Sami Callahan on the North's victory, and we had shamrock and Sami getting the win. What are your thoughts on that one doctor try? A little disappointed in the match I think maybe as expecting more from shamrock and Callahan, but they played up their rivalry in them, going back and forth and fighting but it was a solid win for the north over two guys that are former world champions, so just gave a lot more credibility to their run. That ended two days later all right. Yeah, that was that was mind boggling to me. next matches Jordan erase defending the impact knockouts championship against the Peraza DNA project got the victory, but we both had hurry in the win. She is our new impact. Knockouts champion your thoughts on the match. Really, good match I. This is one of the better this is. This mash to me was better than anything. Aws Put on their women's division. and I'm not a big Jordan. Grace, Fan but. It told the story Deanna worked arm the entire Mass Jordan work there worked or. Power Game. in came off really well, so I was really impressed. I have not seen a lot of Dion Peraza but this match soul me on like she's Tessa Blanchard ask just on a smaller physical scale, but she carries great swagger, great presence in Damn good in the ring so really really great women's match from impact wrestling, even more reason why we should. Should let her go. or at least utilize our next day next match as Awesome Eddie, Edwards, trae and we had to. We had one mystery opponent that was Rick Swan making his return months ahead of what we when we expect them to be back and also Eric Young. who returned to impact wrestling that was for the vacant impact World Championship. Eddie Edwards got the victory i. e C three Dr Trade Ace awesome. What did you think the match and then put the title on. Andy Edwards Yeah. It was it was it was good. five way. Elimination matches are not always the most. Spectacular to watch. They have some really cool moments in this was. No exception has some really great? There's a moment where Ace and Eddie are on the top rope, and Eric Swan or fighting and knock them off through. One of the announced tables from the top as like. Wow, that's a really big spot. but it was really solid match and you guys must trashing out because you after Eric After Swan. Pens Young Eric Attacks, swans, a knee and ankle and. Now everybody's saying he's out for an extended period of time again. So that sets up an angle there and then if you pull willie mack into it, you can use some of that trae basically. Kept Ace from getting eliminated first because he broke up a pin fall tamp, which then led to him getting pinned, so that keeps tied in with. trae trying to get back as they didn't follow up on Tuesday at all, but overall like it was a fine match just via with those with those five guys. Have Height really super high expectations, and maybe notch below where he thought it'd be delivered, but Eddie titled to me I. It's the safe pick. Like at least with Eddie, you're GONNA. Get stability. You know Eddie's not going anywhere. Eddie's NOCCO caused you any problems. It's a chance to kind of put your impact. World title back in. SAFE hands. You know like you know what you're going to get with with Eddie Edwards. You know the other guys in that match with trae and ace. They're young guys. You can easily see you a wwe trying to snatch them up or w tried snatch them up. Eric's just got back and Swanson injured so Eddie's kind of safe. Pick out of those five guys that match all right. What would you give the rating shown? What'd you think the match of the night was? Was I would go three point. Two as above average show is it was pretty good. It was better. It was way better than or show. imagine I I can't get the machine. The motor city machine guns, and the rascals like those guys can go with the best and the machine guns know that hey, if the other guys are baby-faced, will work a little more, he'll. If there are a little more at their more, he'll were worker Lavar. Baby phase like. Those guys are masters at their craft and it was kind of like watching. A teacher gives students, lessons and inside the ring because they were, those guys were really kind of showing, the rascals had to sit their game up, and Rasul's came to fight so phenomenal match for those guys all right keeping up with impact wrestling here I, simply asked as the rostrums made by impact perkier. Product even more so now let's look at the names now and impact wrestling. This is a lot of folks that were released three months ago from deputy me. Turn the pandemic Carl Anderson doc gallows. Alex. Shelley Chris Sabin Eric. Young EC three heath. Aka He slater Brian Myers the former Curt Hawkins. Do those names to those roster Moose perk interest in impacts into check out the product even more now. I don't know like Galveston, Andersen obviously I think because I think they're one of the most beloved tag teams in the world. Because you know, they're gonNA be entertaining and their damn good zagging. Everybody else. I don't know if any person perks my interest, but what I look at the guys. They signed every single. One of them is damn good in the ring and pretty good the microphone, so it just adds a whole nother level of depth to their roster. Because now you can sit there and go man. These are all interchangeable parts of these guys. You know the heat slater's of the world. You know the Brian Myers Eric Young's never really got featured in wwe all that much So now you can spin these guys around in in kind of book incredibly in get. Tight Yo strong title runs out. These guys in kind of revamp their character so. I think it's a great move for him packed as far as building out a really really deep roster You know people. The fans might. Crap on it because I just jobbers. That's all hired. These guys are all damn good workers. As there's a reason why east slater outlasted everybody else in the nexus. There's a reason why Brian Myers left and they brought him back. There's a reason why you Eric Young. You stick to stick around did after they broke up sanity like there's reasons why these guys are on that roster. And it was their Damghan, the ray, everybody work with look good now the has feature, so it's great for impact as far as the death of the roster and build young stars, and maybe build new stars out of guys. That didn't get a great Shakin wwe. I think this is great moves for impact wrestling. This great move for all those guys. I just named to go to impact over a company like a W. This isn't going to be a popular opinion, but I don't think aws done well in taking some of the talent they have acquired, and and making them bigger stars, and they are I. Think they've kind of dropped the ball with folks like Brian Cage, whose was a guy, enjoyed watching impact, wrestling and I'm kind of bored with right now in a W. Though they have done well with guys like Cabana. Who've come over to company as well? I I, don't think any of those names would have broken through like a Jon. Moxley did when he came to eight W had they gone to the company then going to impact wrestling, they are a bigger fish in a smaller pond right now and those big fish can help make that pond hell of a lot bigger. I'm really intrigued with what impact wrestling is done over the last couple of days this past week and I think it is a really good step forward and. Here in a little bit, but that was a really good edition of impact wrestling television on access this past Tuesday early indications on the by rate. For Sliema versus according to report from PW insider, early indications are the show did well on pay per view. Fight doesn't publish romy numbers and traditional pay per view. Numbers won't be available for a while however. Reports are that same versus by rate was the best. The company has done in a long time. That's fantastic news. They certainly deserve it. It also broke social media numbers in terms of twitter impressions, impact nearly doubled their previous record top posts for the company was the one in which it was revealed, the good brothers had officially signed instagram impressions increase by one hundred and seventy two percent from their previous records during the month. Leading up to San Versus Twenty, twenty impacts Youtube Channel saw little use rise by twenty six point, five percent and total watch time grow by thirty. Thirty two percent press release read the channel which already rank, says the number two most subscribed Russ and account on the platform at it over one hundred thousand new subscribers, marking eight twenty percent rise in monthly subscriber rate, good news all around for impact wrestling down to I to me, I think they won the week and I'm pretty happy with them. Because you hear a lot of good things behind the scenes, you're seeing play on television, and this is a promotion that's on the rise right now in a period of time that could use a promotion on the rise. Y-. You know the one knock. You have had on him is because they're not using anybody in the crowd that sometimes the matches do a little dead. But with that as far as overall entertainment value, I mean you think of all the fun stuff that you and I have talked about in not just in the last month or two, but like going back even pre pandemic like I, still go back to within the Canadian province wrestling show with building you know. I still love stuff like that like they are not afraid to try stuff and see if it works They're not afraid of anything so I. Really Applaud Them for everything they've done and. The last month I mean I mean. They got hit harder than anybody else with the speak out. Movements Losing Joey Ryan Losing Michael Elgin losing, Dave Chris that was three of their bigger names, and then losing. Tessa Blanchard your world champion, and to rebound with a show like slam averse rate. How came off? You gotta get those as cramming that losing four people like they did in where they're slotted on the roster, could a crippled a lot of companies that came into the April you coming up just a few weeks later, and they managed to go out there and put out a top notch show, and still signed guys and rumor has it may even be expanding their TV brand, so that's pretty cool. Yeah they face a lot of adversity lately and and most times impact wrestling has crumbled. Are that was a great bounceback? As you said Dr Trae right move by putting the title inanity at words, some really good names that have been signed to help elevate the product, and I'm excited to what impact wrestling's GonNa. Look like over the next couple of weeks year. As the probably have some more is so their. Their product. They've had in recent time so good time for impact wrestling feel free to chime in at RT podcast on twitter, with thoughts. If the names added to impact wrestling Perthshire interest a little bit more than never in checking out the product. Hell of a lot more, we watch pretty regularly here on the show now and if you're not I would highly suggest that you do so as well. I wanted to bring this up speaking Awa Dr Trash so this out on the Internet's over the last week since we last recorded thought, it was an interesting topic to bring up here on the podcast there are a lot of fans that are thinking right now. That Kenny Omega the wrong move by signing with a W, and that he would have been a bigger star. Had He gone to me? It's a very intriguing discussion. Heavier has Kenny Omegas stocks dropped since he came to the United States in your opinion. So. Stock dropped in the eyes of wrestling fans or in the eyes of promoters that we've. They're signing into their show. in the eyes of wrestling fans. Yes, because he's not the top guy. I mean I think everybody went. Kenny signed a w thought. May He's going to be the world title picture Kenny hasn't had a world title match does he's I mean he was in the tournament of the year. The try get up there, but hasn't had a world title shot. He's at the tag team titles, but you know has his singles run wasn't strong I mean he's I think barely above five hundred in singles matches so. Yeah I guess in the eyes of the fans has stock draw, but. You, also look can go listen. You can't put every single member of the elite in the top spots because that just looks like you know like we talked about here in the past that just like independent booking where the booker puts himself in over the top guy and his sons, the intercontinental champion is two cousins or the tag champions. That's what it would've looked like I think they've done a good job with Kenny as far as making vulnerable at times, adding a little bit intrigued to the stories as far as whereas you're gonNA. Go, is you know is is? Is He loyal to? To the lead is going to go back to the cleaner like wears his character going plus he's helped. Put over other guys like he's at great matches with a bunch of different guys that weren't known to die. Hard wrestling fans before Awa so I think the eyes of wrestling fans Takas job, but I mean if I was starting to show up and he was available. Yeah, he's a on the first guys I'm trying to get on my Rosser. Because I know he's one of the most talented wrestlers in the world. and he's got a variety of different ways. You can book them. Back January twenty nineteen right now instead of signing with aws. Kenya may assigns what. Is he a world champion by now? Are we kind of the next title is the World Title sure. Yeah then he would have been. I don't think he would end up in annex. T to your point. I don't know if he had the name value to jump to smackdown or raw. Could you say that about Aj styles though? because. I think that's very similar comparison, Asia I think Aj was more known in the states. Then what Kenny. What's? I think Kenny was no more internationally AJ, but like in the states and people knew. Was in n TNA, so Kenny did never had a great run in the states before Japan he just happened to take off and catch fire and Japan so. I don't. I mean to me I think bobby route had more urban national name then Kenny Omega did at time when body route signing with. Some oh a Joe! Woods Annex T that's. Yeah, I know that's what they were doing back then, but I mean Aj was I for me. I think Kenny and AJ are like a similar comparisons and I agree with you. Aj was definitely bigger name here in the US, but I do feel like the international specifically. The Japanese market has really taken off in recent years in the United States and I thought Kenny would be justice similar as AJ's run in like they would test the waters with him. Put Him in there with A. A very solid worker, he probably would have ended up against an AJ styles, heading into a wrestlemainia or even a Shinsegae Nakimora and I do feel like. Though that Kenny Omega would have been a world champion. This point like I I'm I would have lost the bet if you told me back in February Twenty Nineteen Awa. Launching would Kenny Omega become a world champion. I would say absolutely he would have been awol champion this point and I think he would have been the first Awa world champion. Yeah my question if you look at WHO WBZ has had as their champions. You'd think they would've put Kenny above any of the people they've. They've had his champion the last year and a half like outside of the Braun. Debacle now as basic as a Roman rights. I mean I don't. I don't see them putting Kenny up over. Seth or you know Aj or you know anybody else at as the top guy. I would I think if you I think he's in that same vein as Stephanie j those Workers Daniel Bryan. Drew McIntyre Braun strowman stuff who knows and I try to forget about when Lennon Goldberg called titles in general. But I do I. Do feel like because you. You see the way. That house was perceived reportedly by me that they thought he would be like an upper mid card guy, and then they like the word is that Vincent was basically blown away by styles, and the performance and I think Aj thousand really doesn't get enough credit for breaking the mold of being a guy who was you know here in the states for longtime came over when over international and really. When he was handed, the ball ran with I. Think Kenny has better matches than AJ D- US at times, and I think Kenny could have been A. I mean I. Don't think there's ever been. In the history of this podcast. I don't think there's ever been a hotter free agent that was sought after. In the ten years, we've been doing the show then Kenny. Omega was when he was when he was available to be signed when his new Japan contract came up. Yeah I mean I can argue that. How like AJ almost went back to impact wrestling, and then WBZ's swooped in got him. More and the good brothers like Omega. was I mean he was super over I? Mean it's the reason why there's an Awa promotion because of Omega Young box, hangman, cody, I mean obviously, but but the matches Omega was doing man I mean people think his match with Okada is the greatest wrestling match of all time. I would love to know how hard ww really did go after because I, it was kind of like us, felt like eight of you had an unfair advantage, because cody in the bucks at a restart the company really when negotiations for Meghan started like how hard did triple agent Vince really for Kenny know that and then wound up at the champions. Eighteen months really. And I'm sure AJ AJ got to the top spot within eighteen months. Of probably you know, maybe it would. It could have pulled it off, too, but you know age aiding at top spot right away. You know so it. It probably would have taken the full eighteen months for Kennedy. Get to. That's how spot in WWF had sign but. It is a weird thing. Where like you think about eighteen months after after all that happened and never been world champion and I, you know in in aws, actually never even had a title match for the World Title Need W. That's very point to that. That is an incredibly good point. so with that said do I kill. Mega stock has dropped into. Came the United States the original question. Here I think it has a little bit, but I like what they're doing with him in the tag team division. I mean they're building him up. It's it's a couple things that you alluded to in points that you're making Dr Trays that there's a national fans that don't know Kenny Omega too damn shame, but this is the fax. And they're building up in the tax division, and he's knocking on the door of being a cleaner again, and we may be seeing Kenny in for long. Run the singles as a single star, and that's according to what Awa says. This was the plan all along with Kenny. OMEGAS, what we're seeing right now. It doesn't make sense to me. No, I would. Would prefer to see Kenny as the world champion over Jon Moxley perfect in my my preference, and I think he would be a better champion to have right now, but nonetheless that's where we're at so I think it's gone down a little bit, but I don't think it's dramatic. As of a drop is as some folks are making out to be. Yeah, I mean. I'm with you I think. I think Moxley's better suits. WHO BE THAT IN-BETWEEN GUY? Like eight of his. Kind of pidgin you know setting him up to be like their Austin in a lot of ways where you never know what he's, GonNa do. But when you're a startup company, you Kinda, want your top guide to be the guy that can handle all the interviews West can handle. All the pictures can be an all the covers. All the magazines in John is great at a lot of stuff, but he's not great in interviews with the press. He's not really great an eight by Ted. You know he's not great on the cover of a magazine. Type Guy He's that guy that fans love, but he doesn't have. Have that corporate appeal that in Omega has in cody before he got the crazy stupid neck, tattoo but yeah like to me I'm with I to me if I was the only company I would have had probably Kenny on top and John. Lewis just like the crazy man running around, and you can have random crazy fights with anybody on the roster and make sense. 'cause mocks crazy and then let Kenny kind of cody's doing with the TNC title. Let Him. Put over guys by having great matches with them, and then you can flush out your roster with that maybe having a discussion about stocks dropping I think Jon Moxley. Stock has dropped in recent months since being the world champion. This was a guy that a year ago was the hottest thing professional wrestling. Feel free to chime in. podcasts on twitter or facebook page facebook dot com slash the story realtor. Show all right trae. Let's this week's. What's good. I'll start with smackdown I love. The opener with styles riddle Brian Alexa Bliss. A whole bunch of stars is very much like Saturday night's main event hyping their smackdown matches. I thought it was great. Opener loved the concept. Hope it continues and then I really enjoy the AJ styles Matt Riddle Intercontinental Champion that was a good match. We saw style shaking riddles post-match and then King Corbin attacking riddle after the match setting up their feud. Over some of your takeaways from smackdown this past week. I really enjoyed the riddle AJ match. That was really well done. I was a little confused by the handshake. Like is that Aj time face again. Like is AJ becoming big show like this. He GonNa turn back and forth quite often just depending on. Where they need them, but I loved. The minority I love and Corbin gets involved in stuff because Corbin is the guy that if you want to get somebody over baby face you Corbett out there because everybody hates Corbett, so like Corbin's. That guy now so to me. It's it's it just shows how much faith they have. Matt Riddle by putting him out there with AJ putting another with Corbin. and. Trying to build them up I to me I won't be surprised if come wrestlemanias, and they're trying to build a riddle versus fiend. Like. STREP of that rocket ship Matt Riddle and see how far he can go. Let's move to Monday night raw. Some my takeaways Mataafa Ali Cedric. Alexander ricocheted defeating the hurt business. There was a very fun. Six Man Tag match the prophets feeding, Andrade, and Angel. Garza was a pretty good match as well I liked seeing. Andrade Angel Garza backstage proved that they're going to. They WANNA prove now delete Zine live Zelina Vega that they're on the same page. car racing. Defeating Bailey was a great match Shane baiser watched the match from behind. In the backstage area which lead me to think that that is how they're gonNA eventually right off Kyrie Sane, which has been reports as of late, she's going back to Japan with her contract expiring and then radio and a big shows promos setting up. Their match were great I mean it was like Promo work? And then they're matched that the unsanctioned match they had itself I thought was really good as well good execution, Orrin, punting big show in the head post-match solid edition of Monday night. Raw Dr Try. Yeah coming on the heels of how bad or show was pleasantly surprised at how good how good role was. And then seeing you know during that unsanctioned match, you also Andrade in Angel Garza getting involved and helping out Randy. Orton just reminded me of when you know. Dash Dawson helped out randy on smackdown back in the day. You apparently randy can draw tag. Teams to eight and his causes, so it was to me. It just shows you the next level he can go to. It's brilliant especially if you're setting up for Orton, McIntyre. Now, you have to wonder if Andrade. An Angel would get involved in that angle as well so. I like to by the way with the hurt. Business I like Shelton being part of the group I like how they're going with this. I don't know if I like the name. I it is kind of a takeoff of the beatdown clan. They did an impact. I actually liked the beatdown clan name better than hurt business. What did you think I did you like the name I think it's fine I think it's I think it'll eventually work its way, and they probably don't want to have a group called the with anything clan in it right now with everything going on, but I did like the name I think it's something that they could probably market really well I mean this is a guy who hated the name, the shield in the beginning then it just all off the tongue, just like everything else they do. I'm taking Tuesday nights impact wrestling. We'd E C three opening up I thought that was a great way to open up the show same he will control his narrative. He comes out during Mussa's victory over follow. Baugh lays out MO- Moose post-match. Good brothers coming out talking about why they came to pack wrestling, and now appears be feuding with a sauce and amendment, Fulton, along with Reno scum who attacked them in the parking lot area. That was a Lotta Fun Eddie. Edwards I loved his Promo talk about his role title Ron. Win Any. Saying that he wants to be the face of the company wants to be a fighting. Champion sounds like he's going to be defending each week or close to each week. Came Out Eric Young interrupting him. They brawled. We saw Eddie except A. Match next week or this upcoming Tuesday from trae backstage. Doctor mentioned the things they aired. Thanksgiving, time, what was it that Canadian promotion Dr Try in the same vein? It looks like they're going to be doing something with Russell. House as a reality show. That looks like it's going to be pretty fun. And then the big shocker was the motor city. Machineguns defeat in the north to win the impact wrestling. Tag Team Championship very fun edition of Impact Wrestling this past week Dr Trail. What did you think? It was, it was really well. On really entertaining. I Dunno, you wrestler. They do so good with some of their weird comedy stuff whether you go to the dinner compound on quarantine, you know the locker room show with Madison in Johnny Swinger. You know even the stuff with canceled. Culture was funny at times in this looks like it's going to be really weird and entertaining as well like they're really good at throwing something that's entertaining and actually it'd make a good But overall like this show from top to bottom was his -nother solid episode of the show and then I was a little surprised with the guns winning the battles because the whole point of the north. We've beaten everybody. I thought one more notch on their belt, and then save it for bound for glory. The rematch made a lot of sense, but maybe they're changing it up, and then the north will get their rematch bound for glory. maybe reclaimed the belts, but because the north arguably is the best acting wrestling I. don't care what anybody says. They are one of the best without a doubt. I think they are the best right now as well. It's going to Awa dynamite we'd. Cody defeated Eddie Kingston Kingston to retain in the TNT championship, brutal, good match, brutal attack, power bomb spot I was very happy for Kingston. Who cut a great promo before the match? Young Bucks defeating butcher and in a false count anywhere match was was fun hanging rampage defeating Allen Five angels. Other, that was fun with stuff post-match with dark order. Amen Hanging. In Saint, WanNa join a call FDR and Kenny. Omega making the Save. Inner. Circle defeating, Jurassic expressed. Thanks interference on the returning. Salmon Caviar I guess his suspension only lasted a month long. And now we're going to inner circle versus Jurassic Express back. And Orange Cassidy next week, so there's some of the things I enjoyed from Awa dynamite this past week. With for me, doctor tried the MVP and Eddie Kingston's Mona opened up the match with TNA for the t championship. Yeah I thought it was a pretty solid episodes well I to be cody of a death wish. He'd take these matches, and there's like you like the very first match with with you know says it says the title in in the Heads Butts, the lawns himself open, and now he's getting power bombed on the thumb tacks. Like! Sometimes. Cody feels like he has to justify his position in the company Baiju. The most insane stuff that he can do. He doesn't need to do it, so but yeah, like Eddie Kingston is one of the most is one of the best promos in wrestling. Is Work going back to the TNA days all the way up through the stuff he was doing with wwl like he's just phenomenal. cdw stuff was phenomenal, and then getting a chance to shine on this stage. I'm hoping that he's He's a permanent fixture on the roster because it does feel like aws kind of rating the NWEA's towns because you see. Ricky starts now Eddie Kingston on the roster but overall I just use a really good show so and they'd had a couple of clunkers the previous few weeks of this kind of like a nice little change to go from clunkers to backup to where they've been near the previous couple months Wednesdays, dynamite episode drew in forty five thousand viewers on TNT, while drew six hundred fifteen thousand viewers on the USA network according to show Biz daily some great takeaways, ceramics, t here decks limits defeating Kellyanne Dane that was great match. Luma's looked really good shotsie blackheart, defeating the LIA. Was Fun Chassis. Running over Robertson's other leg was great now he's paired up with Mercedes Martinez. Robertson has been very entertaining last several weeks great to see the former Robbie doing well in annex, C. Bronson re defeating Johnny, Gargano, and Roderick strong to qualify for the North American championship ladder match, and take thirty was a great match in a breakout performance Bronson rain, which is no shock there when you have gone on strong in the match. Timothy Thatcher versus only Larkin another good match between these two unlike Thatcher. Penny while the bar was on him and holding Morgan's tights, and then lastly carrying cross, defeated Donal Jakovic great storytelling by cross. Die Jakova can lead to build their feud there as dominic was getting destroyed, and then eventually tapped out. To lose that match solid I from Annex T as well Dr Trae. What say you? Yeah solid, I. I don't know by the Bronson read thing really surprising in a in a good way, cause united talk about Bronson re I think is about a month month and a half ago and I was saying like I wish they would kind of do something with him because he's. He's got a great look at. He can move really well, and at the time I was hoping to pair him up with Cameron. Grimes let him be cameras muscle, but I mean this is one of those breakout matches where you're like damn like they're gonNA. Are they really going to push Bronson this much? I just hope it's not. Oh. Who is that guy? We had in the early days that was a bowl. Bullet out Dempsey Desi. Yes, just hoping is not a bolt. Dempsey thing where we're gonNA push him, and then we're GONNA. Make him the comedic fat guy. I just hope it's not that angle that they're gonNA Bronson, but over like just a solid show from top to bottom by the way, if you caught Dominic Jakovic text about carrying crosses scarlet before the show where he called him, Bill Goldberg with Ms Paints head Twos, and Scarlett look like the grandmother of sub zero for mortal Kombat. Wow, I. Do not see that that's on twitter. Yes, I'll check that out some dodgy, COVA All right there you go. That's from this week's. What's good? Let's get a couple of plugs and sponsors of the waves. We close up shop here on this week's edition. The show you download the show every Thursday Bauer show dot com Russell Chat Net on twitter and show itunes feed. Don't forget to rate review and subscribe to find the charts on. You could follow US individually on twitter. Myself at the Jeff Pack Effort Dr. dre Franklin at deduct trae forced Oh forgot to follow the twitter feed at s Rt. You podcast with that said what is going on the what for world of recently, Kobe tested Dr Trae Franklin? I am Cova free since Thursday baby. Well. See technically Wednesday so I've got. Wait wait. David I'm losing track of. Time so yeah, since Wednesday I. Am Kobe Free For one whole day? I need one of those signs. They have the workplace accident free for one day I'm covert free for one day but yes, you can follow me on twitter at beat Uttar. trae find me on instagram and facebook daughter trae Franklin You're on facebook. Raucous James your wrestling. We returned Saturday August. I which is why I had to cope tested and then also Jeff. I'm sending off my Alabama wrestling license that makes me official. I'll be actual wrestling participants according to my license. So that show back, August I then wrestling con three August fifteenth. from as a Green Alabama they also facebook. You can check out facebook dot com slash the couple of quarantined forty show ID with me and my beautiful wife. Who will not be on this show this week, but I'm potentially going to bring on my dad. Who is sixty four and crazy off and out of facebook jail? So that might be pretty interesting to check that out as well all right. Go there and check that I'll be looking forward to hearing if DR trace father joins them on the podcast this week. That'll do it for this week's edition of the show. Thank you for downloading subscribing and continue spread the good word, but the still realtor show It was a weird Sunday but I thought it was pretty good. Monday Tuesday Wednesday and even Thursday for the world of professional wrestling so until next week for Dr Troy. Franklin I'm jeff pack stay safe. This is the talk show.

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Wrestling Cheers- Episode 112: We Werent Ready For Gauntlet For The Gold 14 (Review)

OC Talk Radio

1:15:21 hr | 2 years ago

Wrestling Cheers- Episode 112: We Werent Ready For Gauntlet For The Gold 14 (Review)

"Here comes again lunch will be the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked Turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Carribean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse subs APP firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary delivery. This is all right here. King Big Dogs top master pop-up Handbook King Trailer Court the Sutter Psycho right here. y'All listen wrestler chairs your dummy if he ate paid attention listen subscribe like share are out there digging it baby. I'll mess right now. Madrid Salat bears way in the world to take a break from Hong so now lines eh way. Sometimes you want to go where everybody you you you <music> and welcome back to wrestling cheers where everybody knows your name especially when the lobby smells horrible this is resting shares were to talk about things northeast how independent wrestling scene we preview shows we really shows and sometimes we even have interviews along the way. This is a review episode of last Friday's A._I.. W Show Gauntlet for the gold fourteen. I'm your host. I am heavyset. Please rate reaon subscriber every listeners fine podcast whether it be apple podcast Google podcast at your tune in Youtube spotify iheartradio Padre and resting Cheers Dot pod bean dot com you can find us on facebook twitter and Instagram facebook dot com slash rousing cheers twitter dot com slash rush and cheers and instagram dot com slash resting cheers email if you so choose desire wrestling cheers at gmail.com and we still have the merced or over at what a maneuver dot net like I said this is a preview episode review repeating that review episode of A._W._S.. Going for the gold fourteen and this week I have cayden house going on these episodes a lot now yeah you even made a comment to me that about coming back fulltime time works. I do that and then you'd be like I got shit to do like okay. Now I do nothing my wife outside a wrestling and I also have stacy who was also on the show a lot lately. I like that we have a nice back and forth dynamic of your household Bekker's Pam being on the show here true true she can. She handled the the preview show and I'm here for this like. It's a tag team all right your turn INS <music> slap okay yeah anyway we had gauntlet for the gold fourteen <hes> like I mentioned in the opening if you got to stay on that lobby good God hottest that horrible man I'll be honest. I really like an I'm sure this happened for every person who walked into that lobby but I walked in and then my head I went man smells like bedbugs. Somebody's smart me up with a minute to the LEGO. No the building smells like gap this. It's not a I. I thought more basement that damp moldy musty basement. That's the that's the smell smell. I was getting but I I did hear other people to say captives so I get it but to me it was just baseman. The fact that there's there were things in that lobby that kind of look like like an an older basement like in the fireplace and everything yeah just an every time I'd have to walk through there it just it was always bad. I would never walk through them like Oh like. It's lightning up. No it's still smells like garbage. Yeah you know I I was in there long enough like in the in the room where the show was avenue. I wasn't there long enough that I forgot that the lobby smedley cap this. I was like oh I'm going to use the bathroom and as soon as I hit those doors I was like aw locker okay well this and then I think what the water damage to every time I'd go from carpet to a Nolan trying to go to the restroom like my feet would slide a little bit like not necessarily like about the slip and fall that I was just like Oh shit. Oh No I was about to slip a fall. I'll move -ship shit in front of Matt Crosses Grandma. That's great. I mean great that you didn't but that's funny too yeah I would assume she would've laughed and that would that would have eased the pain of doc breaking my ass but yet no going off that carpet into that back hallway not a fun time. No what did you think about this kate and you were there the longest or one of the longest. I just try not to not a good time that was it kind of like summer. Mount Carmel shows where you're kind of like going in and out of like all right I gotta get Outta the smell go out into the fresh air kind of like what we do at like I said at Mount Carmel or it'd be like all right. He's getting really hot. In here. I gotta go outside in the hot air to you can also compare to absolution to end all I've I've know I've mentioned many times the smartest thing I ever did it that show is I never walked outside so I just stuck duck with it the whole night but then soon as I walked out like it felt so good I swear I chugged a gallon of sweet tea afterwards in that was death. This one wasn't nearly as just anybody who ever ever bitched about that fish fry smell at Akron now no no. That's no. That's nothing the set a new bar that I even have an issue with the fish fry smell none. I don't either but I I'd be real. I have heard people when they're I'm sure but after we finally got out of the lobby and in the show we go into the review part of the show was we started off with a match that it was not advertised but may have gotten spoiled for people we had Lee Moriarty for stray Lamar versus Louis Lyndon Versus Wheeler Utah versus facade versus Zach Thomas as facade has called himself itself. He's the king of the W scramble matches at outside of Jalen. I don't know in the last time he had a singles match. I think you said it's been like three years twenty seventeen. It was against Alex Daniels. Why hat that was at that was our show yep manner show? I remember that I believe no that was not issue. I was saying that is incorrect. I believe that ah did that main event or now no okay the women's title match main event at toys travel stuff yeah. That's now's the last time we seen. I think that's less time we've Seen Zoe sky. No it might have been the last time you did. She worked winchester. Show yeah this last one not one before Oh yes yes. I totally forgot about that. I remembered out yet because that was when we we trying to do we did we did do cat toys does that talk show and wrestler too well that got ruined wrestler ager was putting the wrong person in charge of it and they just gave it to so not anybody under the bus but that was I don't what was bad with that one. I took charge of the timeless last time that we throw a matter but anyway plea started off with the the scramble match and training memory he does have this match fun little opener. Not the crowd awake. I I like any time we get to see like almost all these dudes and a match like Wheeler Yuda I wish wish he was on every ad of show that dude's fantastic pretty close to average shown how which yeah I wanna see like not to pair it. What facade said I understand why these six-way matches are on the shows the I I would like to see some of these guys in singles matches like we got wheeler Yuda in a singles match once? It was great Linden yeah fantastic yeah I would. I'd love to see that dude versus facade or that dude versus Trey your versus Lee Moriarty Year you know any combination of these dudes in singles matches would be rad. Maybe Jalen will give us some of that but yeah this is fine for what it was great but it was a good way to start the show Zach Thomas now as God. He's rolling with that now apparently yeah hey man. It's better than his old music. I like that it trolls roles people. I'm Kinda cool with yeah. That's actually probably one of my favorite kiss songs but it was because I realize like Oh this is what has those theme from awesome and in someone actually using them like fuck why not sure better than his old music. You know a hundred percent I also agree it's great to when we see you know like more of the minority <hes> we'll you'd I second that one one mean Trey and Zakar pretty much tables and you had the old older school staples of Louis Lyndon facade. Look if you're GONNA if you're gonNA open especially when the scramble glad no issue with it <hes> trae Lamar got the win via what Cayden put down as a headlock driver I turn my head for two seconds and missed it so don't yell at me he didn't he yelled at me so I even told them on my dude Cayden did it and he I will correct myself years. They snap hairdryer next next up. We had N J F versus the Franchise Shane Douglas Douglas didn't really take notes on the the Promo back and forth but kind of your usual N. J. F. of you know tearing down his opponent and especially someone who was a legend and Shane Douglas coming back gout and talking. I thoroughly enjoyed that whole part <unk>. N._J._S. is really good at what he does like understatement. We should all be real happy that we're getting all this time j w because that you is amazing at what he does like he's reading the contract yeah yeah. There's there's a real reason does that. It's going to be a star like a big a big clock and star at eighty. W assuming everything goes right for that company he's he's Rian fucking good. He's going to be in W._W._e.. In a few years according to him Reichen did he say two years so next summer will be the moment of truth East silent. Everyone check them so far good job. Can you imagine if you went to impact. I can't imagine anybody's going to impact I mean they got Josh Alexander and he's back to the states so hey man I'm happy for that and I'm an impact fan. I just it's rough these days how high it was good for a little bit. It's just you know. What is right now? The roster's good though the roster's great rosters fantastic. Hey does need to have a stable T._V. or they don't lose it. After a month and a half yeah somebody gave me a new way to watch the stream dream so I don't have to watch their awful twitch we'd better <hes> but as it's supposed to be on the new APP or now who knows I have. I haven't looked at anything about that. Well I think as of this recording I think tomorrow's tomorrow's when the new impact will impact plus. Why are you doing Disney? Impact plus is going to be doing so by the time this comes out. It'll be after the point was suppose it's GonNa be on every platform which is something. I think it's kind Nicole because not every promotion does that. I don't know here's my thing like the W._w._e.. has there at right now and there are so many subscription things that you can get now. There's high spots. There's <hes> the independent wrestling DOT TV. There's there's that other one that you have a commercial for T._v.. Cheap look now. There's this impact one and it's just so editors new Japan and there's all Japan and like this to the to fuck emeny at the end to fucking meant pretty much arresting a streaming service this point or you're on streaming service. Everybody can't just have an over the top like it's not gonNa work. Everybody's not going to be successful with that either like it's I mean everyone. Each of these companies needs to carve out their own niche instead of just like copying what was successful for the biggest one. That has nothing to got gold. I'll just throw it out there because I said before my biggest issue with new Japan why they don't have an APP on every platform that I find annoying yea I mean maybe it's because it's Japanese based in the translation adult. I'm sure there's a logical reason for so F._i._F._A.. Shane Douglas it was fun and like the match was fun. There was the surprise of the turn of Thuan Tucker. was there an official break-up of of woohoo Gombeen forgetting the name hardy never ends Friday. We never ends yeah Kef wanting to say hello obey the duke now. That's not technically maybe at you ex. W A sort of into Barr show I think yeah I guess there was some of it at the Var show that's kind of where it was just like at all right. We're done because basically Parker Pearson's with Dan now yeah that's about say that they've both gone in different directions though the dynamic of N. J. F. Thuan like we we see more of later in the night. I fucking love it yet. I who whoever came up with that idea good on you because it's it's real good. It's it's a really good. How about you kidding? This was just fun little match E._C.. W tile crowd brawl stuff to the crowd for a minute there was nothing insane but it was very enjoyable. Shane Douglas US you know he's of a certain age which he can do certain things. He did. All those things good. It was cool. Say Again I was. I was shocked at how good francine still looks to be honest like she does not look like she has aged as poorly as many others from her generation Asia the I'll I'll give you that you could like see the aging but not as poorly yeah. There's some that just a horrible so N.. J. F. ONE FRA after assistance from big Tucker is the best way to put it that was in many in many lengthy speech by Shane Douglas Yeah He. I think that's his thing is because he did the <hes> the bar show too that he did the surprise showing it like every time I'd seen him wrestle. He has done that so I can confirm this thing. That's fine cool. It's just a little one with five. I couldn't complain plane too much about it the first time because we did get free pitchers he didn't charge yeah so was he charge. What would they charge in this time? I didn't go over four same Dino Kate unusual. I think it might have been twenty yeah. I'll I'll have to ask someone day I didn't I'm trying to remember everything that I spent money on the one thing that I made like literally I darted for through my shit down and I ran to an dog and I bought one of the best backyard guard wrestling posters through. I'm so mad at myself so here's what I did I got high and then I went in and I got my seat about about during this match during the show I went oh wow flutter backyard wrestling odors nope not anymore. They know I thought he they still had some intermission. I didn't see him. I looked outside. See any intermission damn like I walk over and they weren't there so what you're telling me you were going to get a poster but then you got high pretty much yeah. That's yeah that's pretty much it yeah. That was the like I said. The one thing I darted for always have always been a lot of times. They'll be that one thing I want throw my shit down and I make sure I get like other Chandler biggins memorial shirt that they did I threw my shutdown ran there and that was like one of the few people to like snag my size and I think they saw that one really quick so fucking. Eh Yeah skipped my fucking mind man as bumped. I it was forty bucks. Hey man where you're gonNA find another holiday. That's the exact thing I thought of 'cause I like all it's it's GonNa be about twenty or something like forty. I'm like yet mom not getting one anywhere soon so here. Here's Twenty Bucks Forty Bucks. The only thing that I forgot am kicking myself in the ASS. I meant to bring my P._S.. Two game of of best of backyard wrestling and have them signed because I have like three different copies of that cover signed and then the poster when the good news there is. I'm pretty sure you'll see Josh Matt around but those posters did you know those are. You'RE NOT GONNA go sound that anything. It's funny that you say that because all but the first D._V._D.. That I bought like that I haven't had them personalize. It and personalize doesn't and he makes that comment like like I don't WanNa see it on Ebay and I'm like no dude is going from my personal collection like I don't sometimes I think some things look cooler without the personalization like that like it's like an eight by ten five personalized but it was on the one impose on the wall it give or take that one of my ads like J. Pro at already signed. It sounds like just to have you signed it normal yeah. I you know I'm sometimes I care sometimes. I don't care if it's something I know I'm never going to want to get rid of. I don't care you're like I Texas. chainsaw shepherd signed to me that I'm real glad is I have stuff. That's not that's fine yeah. I think it looks like right now. In My side I got a like a football like signed a bunch of you know eighty-six browns and like it's that personalized at all but I 'cause I think when I think of autographs I think something like that where it's just signed great. I'm like I've never gonNA saw that football. I'M NOT GONNA sell that poster like I don't even know if I've ever really thought about like if I get something autographed like I like this person. Even they like eight by tens that is more like a collection of having those two Solano right anyway over just snatches them for a while but we're starting trying to get into the next match we have law Familia de Tijuana versus to Infiniti Cam beyond for the a w tag team championships forgot that actually put that in the the tweet but maybe these fuckers and L._l.. Infant and beyond ones yeah. I can't tell you anything about this match. I went to the the cat piece Mellon bathroom it happened. That's about not the Best Not Daig Ancient Colin. Hey man you you you know they're both of those guys are fine wrestlers much as I dig them. Usually I do not hate. It's an hate them either. Just as match was just not good. No it was not and they tried to make it. It just didn't work. I would imagine I I didn't see it yet to infinity beyond retained via roll up which kind of what I expected wow rolled up that's up hard ass miniature finisher. I mean does is to infinity and beyond lose the titles before toy story four comes out. They just don't use them ever. They're going to have until toy story. Five what happens I they lose the belts where you actually gives that R._V.. De Sure I think they lose my money's on the titles yeah yeah you can lose the titles. I never get shirt. That's funny story. Have you hurt past episodes. It's mentioned that <hes> Pat once teaches R._v.. D for twenty chart didn't even wear wrap show last year now. The REP show's coming up. I know last year I think he wore it on said show but what what I'm saying is like maybe he'll wear. Bring it to that show we'll add but last year the rapture was actually on four twenty match true. I still felt as your everything's off now. I still thought that show should have been either Friday or up in smoke. Okay next up we have the final match the final North American match of deejays e- It was flip Kendrick deranged Gringo Loco and the man himself d._J.'s Z.. This match was really good. Neha it rules as I said definitely the right participants and we had a thing that I mentioned after the show was like the theme of the night was reactions. I one of the first one was here. Her when Gringo local comes out with theme and Pam goes nuts Manchu oster fucking I think a lot of people did she loves that old Gringo Loco see man like she legit jams that at our house a regular basis while doing like the Gringo Loco dance. That's real shit that happens in my house. It makes sense. which was this batch was really good? I never seen derange Russell in person before like I've never seen that to see you tired for a while. Actually he just arrested in this year. I believe he's good very good. One thing this this match in another match and maybe it was just where I was sitting. You'll like the crowd was a low dead. Yes during yeah me too. I was dead for most of the show because of my interest you guys but the minute work schedule and now I come straight from work to these shows and I normally try to be in bed between nine and ten eleven at the latest in the does you know like I felt half dead still persevered and and you know went through but I don't think I was feeling it. I really feel and this might have been one of those moments because sitting for all the other matches like am really starting field so I had to walk around a little. been knowing everything we had coming up and then obviously the the main event itself is going to be long and all that shit but I got back from Bethesda less than twenty four hours before the show started wow so yeah that was still for me. It's not my usual and maybe there was just a lot of that like just everybody was worn out for different reasons but it just this mansion in another one. I was like man the crowds kind of debt they were into it but not like going nuts for stuff like when big win beg spotswood Athen the crowd would pop but you would get that like that dreaded fuck in like murmur sound in the room where like there's like eighty eighty conversations sations happening at the same time in one room but nobody's like cheering clapping full-back. This was a really good match. Flip Kendrick is really fucking good. We talk about that for a second real good. How fucking good flip Kendrick is my God like you know not not a break k. fame for anybody but he's so much fucking better than his brother who Mike how the fuck isn't you get all the fucking like the praise that that do gets because Flip Kendrick has God damn good you just defendant has W. Fan base whatever if they're offended by the truth? I'm sorry he's real good. He's it really walking good. How many places the Flip Kendrick even wrestle anymore? No idea many him and wind energy is kind of like you guys but Linden also has I mean it's not much but he has owned wrestling still just I at low and then they just worked at Michigan and then he just got booked for welterweight wrestling. It's going to be in a different state. I'll tag all now. I just thought that was funny like Oh. He got booked. Oh it's in a different state. Okay makes sense now. Okay Yeah but this I thought this match really fucking delivered yeah like and tons of it scrape quitting. was there no foreign spot. Wow I that just hit me. The that never happened. That's crazy. I kind of liked that it didn't happen. Did that's like it was kind of owed back to the way he was before this last change in his because he's been working the last few times that I've seen them. Wrestle wrestled not the same match but like you know had the typical spots at the spot for the horn usually multiple times those kind of cool to see it not be that for his life. I'm Glenda Dinette and just for once. If it would have been in there I wouldn't have complained but the fact that it it didn't happen and I'm just now realizing it is a good thing co yeah because it it it it wasn't needed. It wasn't missed so the ad that is trucking nuts. He had a nice sendoff to <hes>. That's kind of the tradition everybody gets something whether they get the cut a little bit of a speech or whatever wrestlers come out and you know surround the ring nobody's ever going to buy. I don't think is ever going to touch the Gargano. Hanno of an hour speech was a speech but totally happy for him. He did get the win which did surprise some at least by US but at the same time I mean and it didn't matter really who who won this match. It was probably handpicked by age. As far as we've been told it was handpicked by Jay z make for a lot of sense he wins he wins. That's cool <hes> he where they were all due to a really good at doing that just <hes> it was it was it was it was a really good match to have right before the intermission to yep so then we had the the intermission and I hope to see deranged back as much as possible yeah real good Jalen Celtic that everybody that's in that match that can come back should be like earl great well flip. He'll be back Gringo. I feel like that's that's obviously but at the same time I feel like he's not around as much as he he was for a while. They'll still be back though yeah so yeah drained the only one left I the only thing that will keep gringo loco away of somebody scoops him up which I would not be shocked if that happens in the next year either yeah. He's also throw this out there. I feel like he's also just one of the flat out could dudes. He's a great great dude yeah. That's a better way but he is a great dude like I think if he were to just show up at a show not be booked like he'd still have so much fun to hang out with people interacting fans like he's just being a fan yeah. He's he's really genuine like I've had like cool conversation with like that totally told I love the dude I ran into him. Mania Weekends Great Outta conversation with them. I like that you to botch. He's a real good do all right this took us into intermission and then we'll go to a quick admission we right back after this commercial. Are you tired of the same old pro wrestling then check out the amazing action on Power Slam Dot TV the biggest indy pro wrestling channel in the world get over four thousand hours hour of the best pro wrestling events from over one hundred and ten of the biggest names in the industry over fifteen countries around the globe. Get your free trial to date at Power Slam DOT TV and we're back and the second half was fucking stacked. I don't know like the the first half was a little shaky with some of these matches but the second half fucking delivered delivered and we started off with Joshua Bishop versus Matthew Justice for the A. W. in Tez Championship Holy Shit who wants to start aw man so I knew I think Matt Justice might have been the one that tweeted this but I thought it already at that point that Matt Josh were stealing the fucking show whether it be this Matin Josh or the other that Josh and this Matt Josh told fucking show now this this might be Josh Bishops fucking year like he from Mania Ed's this two of my favorite matches this year in wrestling in general have been Josh Bishop matches. He's fucking beasts. Pun intended also ten fucking Wang at the show scream and shit for justice and Bishop out of the way because we're not in like the same kind of Jim. His voice doesn't Echo as much. I didn't know where he was. I couldn't hear him. I didn't know he was there. I seen seen them or he was yelling like I've seen him but I never heard him and that's what got me. He was like Kinda behind where I was so I could hear him like yeah as about Karma. He was always like kind of like behind our section but still like how that Jim was set up like you know you get fucking. I think he could hear him anywhere well. Yeah I mean that Jim was all just like concrete and plastic bleachers. Now we're in a room. That's like wood paneling and some other you know whatever the ceilings made out of some sort of basement excellent yeah so yeah his you know Shit doesn't Echo as much but he was definitely there man. This match was just a brutal mother Fucker as predicted yeah. Let's let's just talk. Talk about. Joshua Bishop wins via crucifix bomb onto a chair your new intense champion Joshua fucking bishop yeah. How about this one Evans agreed? I I think too like like you mentioned stacy about two top matches so far this year you know four months into it has been Joshua Bishop of the two which one if we said like all right end of the year right now match of the year which which one you putting Greenie okay I I'm. I'm leaning that way right now to then. Is that like my favorite magic year so far that fucker slid into like my all time somewhere damn like that's. I really really really really fucking like that match a lot <hes> this match was great. Though this was I these two could fight for the rest of the year on every show. I'm fine with it from now through Christmas. Just Gogo Kennedy Kennedy said that one of the best things to happen to Josh Bishop in the past year was the falling apart of no consequences yeah for sure sure that can be said <hes>. I think I benefited a lot of those guys I think being in no consequences also benefited a lot of those guys <hes> tags at the end it was just it was a different thing than what the production you know what I mean layup. The production was the thing that you could see going on going forward. The no consequences was more of a thing of convenience to to get all those guys together we have and it works it gave them all ways to get that experience and amateur now. Some of them are doing crazy. Shit like Josh Bishop as great then we have well. Also you know trailer barred you'd Guess Chase Oliver when when when he returned from injury because that was really starting to pick up a little bit of steam of just those two I would assume that those two would just pick up where they left off. Once chase can wrestle again yeah <hes> but in the meantime odd Lamar is doing things like winning this scramble on this show Yeah Stone Yeah I I think having been in that group benefited all these guys and I think not being has benefited the ones that are currently around the neck and the only one we haven't really heard much from but there's reasoning behind it is guaranteeing baller. Yeah he's busy. You know stuff yeah for those who don't know just touch on lightly as he has <hes> <hes> schooling outside of wrestling that has taken priority right now so so if you want have been wondering where he is that's where he is. He's making sure that he's not gonna be broke. Wrestlers yeah pretty much not so far what I've heard he's good at it these great U._S._O.. More power to him I definitely miss him. I've thought he was <hes>. I don't say great character but he was really coming out of his shell of what we saw when he first started and that's what I I was enjoying seeing like when he would cut a promo. It was just this tougher side and I was like Oh this is really good. I like it but man Josh Bishop Joshua Bishop who always talk Shit Josh Bishop <hes> I. I don't know that there's a ceiling feeling on that kid right now. Like I feel like you could be the next star comes out. I've put it between him and dom and it's like it's between them. Thumb's got a head start for sure. Ah Dom just had that awesome announcement about w w like there if we were to have a lake ranking of all the A._A.. W students from the beginning like this one into right now when are willing does something the the other manages to top IT <hes> yeah. I think there's there's a great competition between them. I mean just that's why we saw that that great feud and I think that's not necessarily done right now. I mean well a pins put in and that's going to be revisited at some point almost has. You too but like you just see professionally how hard they they're working and even outside of a w an A. Student wise like why put them one and two because I feel like they're out. There were way more than everybody else. Both of those guys had a lot of a lot of success outside of ad w <hes> dom being at evolve and tagged with Kevin coup and <hes> you know working all over the northeast <unk> Slash Midwest and Bishop has to bishop spend in Tennessee and <hes> Indiana and shit like I think it's interesting that Bishop got a belt nee I w adopted though in what we've seen outside out of a w from Joshua Bishop is we've seen more than just regular Joshua Bishop. He had a very short run in southern underground pro as slutty cat which started off as kind of a joke but it turned into like a year ear thing which the it was just Joshua bishop getting to do something a little different a little bit of fun for him. Oh Kado so much fun I mean I've heard Hefford people out there hating and the but it's not necessarily you know like a huge pocket fans it was it was a fun parody of like what we have with alley cat but I don't know the fact that it also to state in one company was just so much fun. We have any more to say about about Joshua. Bishop and fucking like justice was in there in there on that shit too so here's the thing I mean there's there's more to it. We just gotTa get further through this shout okay next up. We have what it turned out. Being between the episode in the show there were there was a change in the card. Sadly Nick Gage had a wedding to go to know more power to him but in a replacement manse warner versus Eddie Kingston instead his snatch still ruled yes hold on saw Mass Warner wins via Larry it to the face. I might just right in the face. I felt like the teased him. Duke not be together for much longer and boy. That's that makes me happy I caught. I don't know if we're just looking too far ahead here too deep into stuff but I just love that will man's comes out. Duke always comes through the curtain. I gets booed. Man's comes through the curtain gets Cheer Duke is what he does and so his manse for totally different reasons as about saying put this on twitter on my personal twitter. The Duke is the best wrestling manager in all of Ohio. There are probably true. I feel like there's some out there that act like they are number one they they don't have as big of profile as big a company but I think the heat that do can get is just nuclear so the only address I will put on that would be and it would be the same for the other guy that I think will qualify for it but technically dukes not just a manager. Is He wrestles. Yeah I think when Dr Dan Works as a manager and not as a wrestler. He's a solid one B to the duke hugging me that like I agree Duke Dr Dan or both managers so interesting comparison Nano US yeah. I think maybe it's because like Dan is is newer this yeah. That's fair yeah he he definitely. I'm not gonNA knock his credentials like he's. He's not in the joke has been made like Dr. Dan could be the duke son and it it would be believable. I can see it hard of me wants them to do that but at the I don't like just have that be like our joke 'cause like I said I've heard it before. I don't remember where but the comparison has been made. It makes so much fucking sense yeah. We've already got one a father son tandem and yeah I mean I don't need another so yeah man's Warner and <hes> with the Duke. I feel like they've been teasing that for a while like we're eventually going to pay off eventually not sure how Sutin but it's going to happen because I think it happened at the last show to the at this place I can walk where it looked like something was about to happen between manse and Jock and then like I and so I feel like they're teasing it but it's not happening right now. We'll say I feel like have a Manson tag team almost like a waste of manse right now too because he's the guy go through this match him Eddie Kingston had a fucking. We've spent this whole time talking about tooks manager. This batch was fucking great doubt it was it was just fucking. It was another like brutal you just fucking match. I loved it. This is not the first time manse his wrestle Bankston I would I would guess not. They did some stuff in I W A in Manse told me one other confident in his slipping my mine right now but that's a super excited for this 'cause I've seen their other matches and they were all really really doing just beat ninety another for twenty minutes and it means we still get nick gage Orissa's Eddie Kingston some point at some some point. Oh God I hope so. I just put it on the rats real. Yeah yeah sounds good to me next up. We had a match CAYDEN. You didn't tell me that I forgot to post. The match was happening has looking through the results I go oh I fucked up the next match was an Dogma Cross versus Josh Prohibition Ako Vein Event of the evening a twentieth anniversary match of these as to and I'll give you a pass one forgetting because I was also real tired still yeah it was inbetween being tired and like it being this match. I was just excited to like watch. I think everyone is really excited because also I didn't mention this and <hes> it was halfway my bad. I didn't take any instagram videos only because I think last time at this venue they got fucked up. They got released in like a random water because it's not great signal. Oh boy so the tweets can go through fairly quick but when you're trying to send out a fifteen second video and then another fifteen second video another fifteen second video in a minutes worth of fifteen second videos in a row I yeah it just clogs up and fuck shit up so I didn't do it. I think the first match I took a regular video and I was gonNA post them later. Yeah then like after that I was like Nah. I'm not doing it so sorry anybody who was looking forward to that so hope I think the Odeon has better reception and it does I've been there before receptions pretty good so so yet tired and all that but Josh Prohibition Matt Cross so excited for this fucking match and the thing that I love is twenty years years together and they go together so well like Josh Russell as much but I felt like it was a smooth match and it wasn't it wasn't dragged down. How'd you guys feel about it good to see Josh Bath for the first time since absolution you shouldn't yeah I'm pretty stained thing last week but it's it's weird not having him on shows yeah yeah I was? I was excited to see a back to especially in a match of this calibre a you know. This was another match where in by this point. We've all been in that room for a decent amount of time forever but this was the other match where I thought the crowd was a little dead at times yeah. It was noticeable at times here which was sad because this match was really fucking. Good I mean how could this match not be good. I'm wonder how many late I won't say non. Wrestling fans like how many outside fans came to this show just for Cross for prohibition and I don't know I mean. Didn't you say that it was the first time his dad ever seen him Russell Yep. That's I remember when he said that. I'm like that's fucking crazy. Yeah again how it can happen. Though man has late twentieth anniversary come see me Russell okay fine and everybody else sure I'll come but yeah that was that whole part I mean at the end of the match to not really fast forward through it but well when they both got on the mic or just goes in shape okay I got on the mic but still <hes> and when Jay his daughter like I thought that was really cool and it was no matter like who won their matches it like a proud moment between friends and we did have Graham across like we mentioned earlier and I was really really happy about that. She didn't really really get involved. She took her spot which no matter where she sitting she tries to get up to the barricade now when endo comes out but that's the only thing I really noticed her but it was just I was just like I said a fun back and forth between the two and see she did run up to the ring. Yeah I feel bad for grandma cross. You never gets to see Matt Win like he has not done a lot of winning day I W in the last couple of years false I think M Dogg won the match and power bomb Iraq. I think you when I can't remember Graham across being hilarious that day just that does the big a false as I saw a I W O w ring the ad don't count it was eight in the morning Shit. Don't cow okay. Can you imagine Donald Show at eight in the morning. No no I had fucking ideas of maybe doing that that year and then got lugging Shit House drunk the night before it was like no I'm GonNa. I'M GONNA sleep out yeah. I'm the only idiot that did it like I mean there. Were other idiots there. I've seen pictures there was it wasn't just like they didn't have to superimpose among other people said before said again. I did it just to live out like the fraction of a dream that I used to have so fine. I was happy with that but anyway no. You're not going to justify shit. I just know I was there. Oh trust me eat in the morning. When I woke up? I was regretting it. I don't. I don't remember what time I got to sleep. I don't remember how much sleep I got it. Probably on a couple of hours I ran to the gas station grabbed a bunch of monsters and it's all I drank that day dude. I don't know what the angle was late for you guys on the finish for this match but from where I was sitting it looked like he brained him through that table and it was it was gross and it wasn't until I saw the video from other angles where I was like. Oh no back me up. It looks so disgusting from my angle it was so good and it was Josh prohibition went in via drunken driver through table which was a fantastic playoff to this match this match bill right like it was yeah it was like really well laid out match like had different different segments to it and there was the whole period where they were outside and against the rails chopping each other <hes> match was great. Everybody should watch that match like get tons of other good shit that happened on the shell fine but watch this. It's a great match and I fucking hope that whoever is doing the fucking g C._W.. Backyard show on the fourth of July gets these fuckers offers to go back to the back yard as soon as they announced it or Aka you through dinner chats when I first seen it. That's the first two people came to mind like O.. J. Pros been getting in shape lately. They're having this twentieth anniversary met. Komo this is whether it's them to again or whether it's euthanasia it has to happen yeah. I just like there's something poetic about those two twenty years later after being the the poster boys for backyard rats to then work miss g C._W.. Backyard show I feel like is it just writes itself to eat now like it needs to happen. That's the hottest ticket of summer man. I'll get an invite to that ship but I'm jealous wonder does I'm jealous every single motherfucker who gets to go it is you do all right. Are we ready for the main event going for the gold yeah should should we go through entrance one by one Oh fuck man. We've been on your longtime already. <hes> I mean we don't have to go into details. I mean there's like this certain highlights we could stop at you know it started off with Manse Warner and the return of Joey Vanilla which goes back to reactions Pat Owens fucking nuts. This is also the weirdest and this is a bold bucket statement. This is the weirdest Joe each match watch. I've ever seen the full. The full length of the goblet for the goal is the weirdest Joey Jamila match. I've ever seen at yeah so many things happened so many little things happened during this match wjr. It's it's so good and there are things that happened that like I'm sure there are things I didn't see. There are things that people on the other side of the room wouldn't have seen like little things like when he wasn't in the ring just like the weird shitty was doing it was so good yet moment with an infant. Someone had a newborn show you punched pat you punched other fans beaten up fans rally. He ran around with a spike in they did someone's entrance with them later man with that. That's another highlight entrant. The big thing for you is genetic like he was having a lot of fucking fun yeah. He was glad to be master yeah. It looked like he was having a lot of fucking side and you know what mania weekend. He looked like he was having fun but he looked like he like zero stress. Just having fun knows that he can do whatever the fuck you wants to basically it just it was great so far and shirt number three Eric Ryan number four Eddie only number five t money number six Zach Thomas Number Seven Marina Tenaglia number eight highlight hi white woman nation by the way I I didn't what was that elimination because it was me Dr Marino okay yeah. I thought it was off the apron into the guardrail. was that a was that the one of a quick elimination by someone else is quick okay you. I think it was the first elimination might have been first entrant number eight Dr Dan and are you ain't ready entrant number nine razor fucking sharp. This might have been the biggest pop in the night. This also went with the theme of everybody for the reaction as place knots. I kind of wish you would have been twenty one because that is the number on his Jersey yeah but that's fine. If you happen here yeah it's still fun. <hes> really fucking half do so my favorite parts of this who were like the genuine reaction of some of the people in the rig to the reaction razor-sharp got from the crowd. Were like really what is going on Joey thoroughly fucking and I loved it for spring greatness. You're fucking. There's that picture of razor walking down the ramp. That's fucking amazing yeah. I've seen it so good. I don't know who took that but that was so good so happy for that dude could for him and she was a quick quick. Yeah you promise for obvious reasons yet eliminated really quick. He obviously wasn't ready enter number ten right a read entry at rider read had a fucking amazing anything like I don't know Boston crab bring them. There was a point where Jamila had in a Boston crab Manhattan in like a slutty choke from the other side live and then oh who was the third person team money or somebody came over and raked his eyes yeah and he was tapping out of so good before Rainer would he do wrong is it's time to take his skateboard. Yes yeah that was tom again. Did he get eliminated onto a skateboard. He got throat. You did a skateboard spot where you went over the top rope landed landed on escape or it's at around and go back in Iraq okay because if that happened on my side of the ring he has about say it was away from us. Oh look like Oh we got eliminated but then he's like skating. Okay Yep landed on or entrance number eleven dominant Greenie number twelve P._b.. Smooth Thirteen Philly Collins. I didn't realize until now but number fourteen in his in his fourteenth dollar for the Gold Marion Fontaine always always get to see him in the goblet. Now Understatement Lula's one appearance here yeah we need more but still love it enter at number fifteen. Matthew Justice followed by number sixteen west Markley man and that's something we didn't really talk about when we talked about that match but West Barkley acting as Joshua's fucking manager played a big part Josh win in that Belt Yeah Imag got a little bit of payback here he wasn't Info just in and out enter number seventeen dare director number eighteen the w intense champion Joshua bishop coming out with the belt to and this sets up those two going forward over 'cause they eliminated themselves together brawled out of the building yeah noticing a pattern with Joshua bishop in his feuds eliminating him in his opponent from the match number Nineteen Thurston jobbers favorite wrestler Louis Lennon yeah he was in their number twenty McCain her bid. It's it's a there with razor sharp in Joey her biggest off in the evening. Okay here's the thing with this. I seen him walking around like before the show but after doors open and I was like <hes> haven't seen you in awhile. Could you be a mystery entrant and turns out yeah but I still wasn't sure because he could just been fucking hanging out well and so that's the thing I was going. Let's say because I've seen him but shows like Mount Carmel where he was just there. Wrestling just hanging out not only was jerry which I don't know if we've mentioned yeah it was Jerry not only come out but students brought out the old Virgil esque banner Jerry A._I.. W wrestling superstar never got Virgil <hes> cod forgot <hes> Gadjah enter number twenty one weird body entered number twenty twenty two worldwide and should number twenty three M J F really enter here. That's twenty three any only must've been counting his lucky stars that that he was already eliminated because engineers thought of N.. J. F. came out with sheet house. Walking around the edge of the crowd cheetos throwing cheetos people and then he ran out any freaked out but even remember he had gummy bears his two states sites injured people entered number twenty four Nasty Russ entrant number twenty five. Tim Danced Enter Number Twenty Six bobby beverly enter number twenty seven Spyder spyder Nate Webb tricky tricky man's spyder Nate Webb telling people he was an Indie. I mean he wasn't lying but I'm sure at some point that day was an Indie Crop Neat Web's the best he's another guy that could be on every w shell Oh and I would be totally five hundred percent so this is where we had Joey Vanilla walking around with him like all it doesn't matter it was going for the gold spyder. Nate Webb was walking around through the crowd. Just like normal whipped joey M J F having maybe like flashbacks from lost in New York <hes> one attracts stop playing the fucking music even fucking Kim was he. I think he was on the Mike and he said stop playing fat boy. Yeah something I get US fucking hilarious. Can I give a w fans credit for something sue anybody who sang you are my sunshine and M._J.. Mania weekend sums up it was topical with the time. I am really glad that this crowd didn't decide that it was time to still keep that shit going when of Jeff came out here it was attempted attempted but it didn't catch on well good for everybody who didn't let it catch on 'cause it's time has come and gone entrant number twenty eight Eddie Kingston Yeah Insurance Number Twenty and number twenty nine when big John Tucker. This moment is what I was laughing my ass off because like M J F getting on big twins back in talking shit. I can't wait to see these two together more real good and then there was a party that really thought that was the thing and they've M._J.. Who's going to win that he was going to be the he'll winner because of fucking taunt because he did nothing that would have been great but we have entered number thirty? We is your pocket. Do the last big reaction of the night came from thrift store chopper now little before I close we don't know but who came out. I seen this person before or the show with his gear bag and a hood up as I was scouting locations to do the interview that you hear things GonNa drop next week with Matt Wadsworth trying to figure place. I can do it outside so here. He is trying Brian to like not be seen an icy him. It was none other than fucking Kaplan and as soon as Steve Guy Count was counting down and I knew okay twenty nine entrance Kaplan is not yet I just all locked act is over to the store jobber and he flipped out fucking love it there safety first Kaplan that two yup safety. I got to have a little showed out like book. It's no secret I'm a I'm a big Tim dot span but Tim dot stole that fucking Gimmick at they got to have like a little taste of lake <hes> throwdown. I would like to see that be a real match at some point like full full on full fucking Macha Kaplan I have dot but I I mean that was Kinda brewing lascher because it was <hes> Don's donald eliminated or the stole his his hard hat and it is safety. I pose and then Danski Limited got eliminated this time. He got limited on our side and he was like he's like I'm safety. I and I was like he was safety. I knew I was safety. I I I yeah so I mean that in between thing I'll say it was. I always thought it was inbetween that or just have those to tag up a safety. I I would take that to <hes>. I'll root for Tim all hardcore that I was also so happy that number thirty because I did not know the capital was in the building. I had a couple of people spoiled for me earlier. In the day that Kaplan hadn't what potato got carried out of their forgotten that earlier indie goblet and I was like do not make Jake that's fucking potato at thirty do not Z.. T. is on the Internet all week that he was gonna Rascic after his embarrassing video ranting and raving Buck in New Jersey and and I couldn't have been happier that it was Catholic so okay in reference to that video let's play. Let's play what if game what if Okay Dave Dawson did win gauntlet for the gold so that means he would go main event absolution with filthy. Tom Lawlor would that match alone. Be Worth the what we would have to go through between Gauntlet and APSO with potato the only way I'm interested in that if it's if if it's a shoot fucking I mean could be you. Don't know it if it's like shoe plate yeah. I'll take that they'll be like ten seconds long Tom. Does he know foxwoods. Either option is okay but he wasn't in it so he didn't win it. Wasn't we've got Kaplan. Instead great the return of Captain Hope it's a regular return like he was never like Cabrillo guy but boy just to have them. You know every couple shows that'd be fantastic. He was a fun guy period like in the ring out of the ring whenever he had a match just fucking left Kaplan. I think it's hard not got to go POPs up every once in a while yeah the last time we seen him. Was it got last year. Maybe was added show eating pizza after that could be but not like working yeah this lead us to our final. Four didn't not GonNa go through eliminations that was too much to do so final four was N.. J. F. Manse Warner Joey Vanilla Woah and Eddie fucking Kingston final two was because we don't have that tweet for that was an M._g.. Often Eddie Kingston. I believe it wasn't Joey Jackson. Awesome Kingston the winner of Gauntlet for the gold fourteen none other than Eddie Fuck in Kingston Mattia and afterwards he said he is not leaving wrestling until he wins the absolute championship championship and pretty much called out filthy. Tom Lawlor so as of right now beat each other up again so as of right now absolution main event or at least the absolute title match any Kingston Versus Filthy Tom. I'm all that's GONNA be too far too. When was the last time <hes> absolution twenties seventeen whenever number that was clear to me now my with the numbers and remember the year twelve twelve fifteen was ten yeah man? I'll take that match as the main of absolution talk yeah yeah just beat each other up for a while to be real. I it was great Eddie Kingston winning. The Gauntlet is some of the best booking I've seen in A._I.. W Jared is so good love thing. If you want to look at it like that all right any final thoughts on this show now for the gold fourteen Kagan fun show top to bottom nothing really bad on the card. Have I use as he loved the show was great on paper. I thought it was going to be long like I really thought it started a little late. THOUSAND HALFWAY IS GONNA be real long. It really didn't feel long like Joe didn't the showed it and feel as long as it was <hes> and it had like there wasn't there wasn't with the exception of a match. I didn't watch so the out was I never saw bad match the whole night so great is one of these big years so if I was grading I would give that shit in a yeah same. Thing thing that I always love about gauntlet is I'd love to the end of the royal rumble match as a whole so doing the same thing here not knowing who's going to win like sometimes we get real surprises and I think this one I would lean towards surprises surprise Louis Lyndon with one of the bigger ones but other people when they won. It's you kinda see coming and it's still good but it's just leading up to absolution. I still think a lot of the other shows Jalen absolution then Helen Earth like the stables those are fun do but just the the mystique of absolute of Donald for the gold love it. I I'm a sucker for a royal rumble style match and <hes> gone for the gold delivered big time. I'm I'm going through twitter right now from from the show day 'cause that's what I've been reading the results off of. We forgot to mention the forks. Oh Yeah Howard's the Eddie Kingston Kingston Recommends Warner and Eric Ryan. This is the first five minutes of gone with and they're just like stabbing each other and not like slow stats like the fast like students while that's happening. Joey Vanilla is like in the corner slash tried to like happily the ring between the ropes like Joey sold all that shit real while while it was happening so good didn't help demands just hand gasmask tonight before the show so his head was already screwed up Kenzan. I believe man I saw some rough gifts from that match to did. He bleed a little bit against Kingston to yes. Yes yeah obviously yeah from probably mostly from the night before but still yeah fuck hey gruff weekend all right any final thoughts last minute. We're <HES> or your social media clubs for we go started the usual caveats. If you on six sign also for media very interesting person follow me whatever you choose to stating <hes> my personal stuff at Stacey overs on twitter <hes> as sobers on Instagram super-fantastic podcasts. The laziest podcast on the Internet still has not posted a new in May's looking to be real busy <hes> there's going to be at least two episodes happening and so yeah make it make up for the months where I didn't do anything so so yeah <hes> super fantastic podcast on you know wherever you get your podcast from and you can follow that on instagram at super fantastic podcast twitter at superfan casting <hes> but yeah we're doing the <hes> the transformers episode this month <hes> which is Geno the research force the bane of my existence but it'll be cool when it's done and that'll be with the rick who does those episodes leads with every time and then I've got some some normal episodes coming up too so there was just a little break. You know life happens people. I have happened now. <hes> the shows a longer record so you know it's it's harder to get people to have the time to Saddam for a couple of hours versus. <hes> you know something that's an hour less so completely understandable and not to mention with like those bigger episodes of you know dente turtles and he man and all that like the like the research that goes into Ed like it's not just people turning on a microphone and being like yeah. I think I kind of remember that like Oh. I forgot about that like there's it's well researched. Well prepared. I mean I started doing I technically I guess I started doing the research for the transformers episode e Six like actively for this episode. I started doing it in in March and we're GONNA record like two weeks. So ettelaat watched a lot read a lot a lot of reference books every time I do one of these <hes> and find a lot of reference. I don't know I like doing it. I like the deep dives into the toy lines. They're not why I started doing the show Joe I started doing this. Show just to have conversations with people who are fans of stuff in bank laxed off so now looking forward to get back to that and of course she could find myself at heavyset three three zero on all social media just like you can find this a show on facebook twitter instagram facebook dot com slash ranchers twitter dot com slash wrestling cheers instagram dot com slash rush and cheers email if you so choose a desire risking cheers at G._M._O.. Dot Com please rate review and subscriber ever listen this podcast podcasts whether it'd be apple podcast Google podcast stitcher tune in youtube spotify iheartradio pod racing cheers dot pod being dot com check out on our friends on the training topics network such as all beer inside your vision showcase old school at the movies he's and wrestling with altitude check out our other podcasting friends such as Pod vandamme the road home from wrestling Indie cast centerstage Sobhraj network big gold belt podcast spotlight series and I got your five starring check out our other non podcasting friends such as Thurston Jabour the savage Dash said tat photo power slam DOT TV is wrestling cheers all one word and get your first month free ringside shots photography sickening winning pitchers Russell void key on sports. Stay tough Midwest territory southern underground pro and the official graphic designer of wrestling cheers Moi boy designs that will do it for us here on wrestling cheers where everybody knows your name the where not ready later take your show health you want uh-huh in quitting your burgers coffee table. If you WANNA eat a burger put it on a bar volume sticks to be dubs for the new all American cheese cheeseburger fresh juice EP spastics crispy around the edges covered Jewish cheese and stacked to the ceiling with deliciousness and knocked that baby Dow with the frosted beer at the bar just like the sports God's intended the new all America your cheeseburger at Buffalo Wild Wings. Please drink responsibly five our T. with caffeine from green tea leaves. It's delicious energizing and comes in three amazing flavors with zero sugar and four calories. It fits your life.

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MIRO DEBUTS IN AEW! Matt Hardy Concussed?! Retribution Revealed! - Third-Party Boyz

Fight Boyz: A Pro-Wrestling Podcast

1:22:34 hr | 1 year ago

MIRO DEBUTS IN AEW! Matt Hardy Concussed?! Retribution Revealed! - Third-Party Boyz

"Edge Starve. Monte. God. Here we go. Not Fuck get back into money playing again own IRA had to for fun tone. Oh. Oh. Yeah Pagans my fan fiction. I have no idea what money plan is. You know what are the chances I could just not. Like a rightback segment, you're like I'm gonNA actually or not GonNa talk about money playing. Mama money you pay. The. Five boys job out professional and not. So professional wrestling. I'm your host and it was just a joke for wrestling storyline. Kill. Nobody. Scotty bar. I am the man who has been concussed twice but never been concussed. Blake Tanner. I'm the man who knows that everybody da his the Dylan. Lie I got real mad at the end. We'll get into all out later but I was furious because I was like, Fuck Blake's going to be right and he stole my pick and Eddie Kingston's gotTa wit then Archer. One like I'm still mad I'm still mad for some reason. You need to understand my heart rate during those last five minutes. The moment they went to the outside i. saw butcher and Blade now is just like shit should let me threw him onto I was like I should have no. No that was me during MJ F. Because I was sitting there like and Blake was next to me. So he got the death glare, the whole match me being like you fucking son of a bitch the minute he dropped the ring I was like, fucking Shit. Oh. Just little in our defense in inner defense. If you play the tape back, your exact words were fuck it even if I lose I'm still. but this last paper does prove that my key to like comebacks is every non ww wwe event with the exception of impact for some weird reason which like you and. King fucking. Don, of the same person apparently Scotty Moore is one of the booking team. You know that Oh, it's Scott d'amore but you know that's just my fancy Italian name I use for the business purpose. that's where I keep all my tax money. I let fuck in. Let's get into wwe news and then we'll gush about all that smackdown Heyman got Roman over more than Roman did in five fucking years because Paul Heyman and he can just do that and I was very excited about that. Well, I will say I'll be honest. What what, what did he say because I miss I miss mcdonagh had shit. It was very good because it was the least eight was the exact opposite of a normal Paul Heyman Promo where he's very much ladies and gentlemen. I. Am here a lot of you think I'm the one I'm the one who corrupted Roman. No Roman. Corrupted me. I was out and he dragged me back in and it was just a beautiful quiet promo. He did refer to Michael Cole and Corey Graves as Anderson Cooper and Carmella latest boyfriend which made me so happy I remember seeing that was that was the first clip I saw from his Promo and it was fucking choice. It was just a very to be fair that second one is in. So it's just a bit was a very good passionate promo that lets you know. Oh haymond wanted this for a while Heyman. Wanted this partnership for a fucking wild to happen, and he finally got it. I bet as soon as. Everyone backstage or like when they finally resigned themselves to the fact that brock, it's not coming back for the foreseeable future even more. So than normal, it's like we heyman. And Heyman, just like popped up from behind the corner and Roman rain. Give me Roman again and again me that. Lovely Samoan man and yeah. But I I love the whole Promo because it was. It was he was being wwe like he was being the what we think wouldn't wwe looks at Roman reigns. That's what Hayman's being because he's like. He was fighting a man called. The faint fiends aren't champions. Fiends are meant to scare people and a monster monsters gobble people up but they're not champions. They aren't legacies. They don't. They don't represent what wwe represents and I'm like they're doing it. God damnit it's logic. My my happiest thing about this is Paul Him and comes back to being a fifty fifty on successfully being the advocate for people in WWe actually no, he's above he's above fifty fifty. because. He has punk brock and now Roman, and then he also had Rybeck and sorrow. Way And Curtis, Axel so yes, he is. Fifty fifty now curtis actual while he was the advocate form became. Champion of. Three times he he's a, he's a goose egg. He's like a non factor. Not Factor. So it's three two and one. Yeah. in addition real. Cool. WWe To not put on or bray on the show after the pay per view could work. Well, there's a little break it was. Literally basically saying. Yeah. I lost the title, but they aren't gonNA. Let me fight for it again. So Hey, Alexa, bliss anyways let's move on I've sorry. Alexa you you WANNA to be my third wife. Flat funhouse theme on repeat. Yeah. And then in addition. biggie got destroyed on savior woods his birthday. So that was fucking cool. But at least. Number one contender. So was it just me who destroyed him again so it was. Corbin, RIDDLE Biggie and shameless, and then Begi BR. It sounds dumb when I say but then again it is ww a biggie got a birthday cake for example, your woods because he was going to show up on smackdown he didn't by the way. So that was a tease that made me very mad and then someone like big dig saviors here he walks around the corner and gets his shit kicks in by shameless and I was like, Oh, big. He's definitely going to win now he'll come back later like, Oh, I'm still GonNa win and then win no. Instead he's out of the match we put instead. Fire J. O.. So I guess although there was the story line reason because I believe Heyman went to one of the higher ups and was like put. In the match. So that's why it was. But the only thing that simone connect ibis, that's how they're gonNA. That's GONNA get a mover he'll because he's going to destroy use. Yeah. Oh okay. I kind of like it now because initially I really wanted he'll bloodline because I love he'll those but yeah, I like that too. then. Useless he's going to kill J And then it's GonNa be like Oh, he turned on his own family. He just murdered him. He just murdered him which is fine. I'm OK sacrifice. What's the next pay per view night of champions I believe yeah. Fuck. That pay per view that fairview has never been meaningful actually I take that. If this means we get a pay per view where the intercontinental title and the smackdown tag titles are defended. Happy I'm okay with it now. And how long At least at least until three pay per views ago. Yeah and Ron News they finally had a multiple sex literally on the same night. I. Thought why they done a multiple segment underground match vague did one between Ko and allaster black and I was like that's that's an interesting way to keep that rivalry going until Babatunde just fucked them both up for no reason my okay. Cool. Skull build up this big motherfucker for no reason. Yeah. Okay. There's a there's a reason that's raw like ratings are tanking Oh. Yeah. From what I've read apparently like since Hayman left it is A. fucking. Wreck backstage like they've got no clue. Cedric finally turned heel. Made me very very happy because I just want cedric to get more shit and then finally retribution still fucking sucks and they have the worst voice masking of all time because literally it took me five seconds before I said that's dominant Dodge Cova. That's how long it took for as through the fuck that it's you and fucking everybody else because it was just his you can't pitch his voice down. Because it's already pitched as far down as possible. Yeah. But no one knows who the first voices no one knows who that who the female is but apparently Mojo Rossi these teams they're saying Martinez is going to be part of it but she wasn't the first voice talking but they're saying Martinez Mia Yelm was rumored. Mojo Rawley and I continue to care less and less especially if they're like one of our biggest names. Vote Joe Raleigh Okay Cool. Cool, that's fine. Was the first voice grunk. Oh. My God. Yes. What sucks about that Promo is it sounds. It almost sounds like they're trying to make light of the releases because they're like wwe through US away and I'm like hold on. Would they just threw away like eleven people a few months ago it's not a good cook didn't they cut more people yesterday not yet Gerald Brisco so brisk has gone. So thank you for making me not have to talk about that more. because. It's kind of like when fucking Shit, who's the referee the wrath who was there forever and is now in a w coulter notes Yoda Gio when he yeah, it's like when he got released, I've got nothing to say but like fuck man he's been there so long why would you do this? Yeah, he's a good to I mean but I'm Jill Briscoe Gerald Brisco is a former hardcore champion. How could you do that? He's done this. And I've read that they're making further cuts, but we don't know if that's going to be more releases or not. So yeah, and then finally annexed T. News I. The only part we watched was Adam Cole and Ballard which was absolutely fucking killer I love that like I said last week baking chocolate milk and whatever like you can take any of the two of them and put them together and make something good and they did this okay I'm just mad. Mad they didn't draw it out to like a takeover. Because the coal got interviewed and literally like this would have been the defining thing of the story line he goes. Even as the next champion and having the four hundred and three day rain is still constantly heard. Yeah. He's a great champion but he's number two fend Ballard's number one and it drove me insane because I'm like I've doubled his reign as far as number of days and I did it in one rain. There's no question why I'm the greatest champion her like why didn't you give this more time? There could have been there was so much time. please. Time how your your favorite bit wasn't when Ripley murdered a woman. Murdered her so hard she got a restraining order. Against fucking Robbie. We have we had the start recording right after the the Bauer Coal match. So I didn't get to see anything else until after. I it just made me really want an xt to move to Tuesday's because. What was happening? Well, it's not been confirmed yet. They've not said anything like now it's going to be back on Wednesdays but like. Fuck Mail like I love watching an extent I love watching gay W. don't make me choose you pieces this shit fuck you like I didn't realize I guess I had known but I forgot about the fact that the war was never an xt versus a W.. In fact, there was never a war until until WWe said, we're GONNA, make one happen like I. It just makes me fucking frustrated. Even. So WWe has been the aggressor all this like aws only shot back when they were shot at in this well, no, no AWA will take shots but Awa won't do. Aws Funny Pokes at WWe wwe. We will never reference them outside of that one Sami Zane Promo and outside of that fuck you. Know, there are some people at a W. now's specifically. Call. Some shots. The best man, but we talk about him later everything that Brodie Lee has done regarding his character. A W did you sneeze just? Now. Onto the good news, which is a w apparent makes you wonder if Vince actually hit people with papers backstage. He saw Gerald Brisco hit him with stack of papers one time, and he was like folk and take that W. Eight W news AJ almost apparently was going to be on the dynamite premiere with the good brothers because the young bucks got interviewed on talking shop and they're like, they didn't name them but they're like there was one guy. We talked to who was going to come in with you guys on that episode. He was like man that'd be freaking fantastic L. my uncle Alan from glaring. In live there and yeah. Then he'd let himself get buried literally. Yeah I'll be honest. I. Guess AJ could worked they w but like there's some people who work really well within wwe and I will say, I, think Aj, styles is one of them. I think he works really well within wwe. Right, I, think that there are aspects of Aj's personality that aren't really as defined when he's working with the wwe. Otherwise. I I just I would've loved him to work there and win the championship that way. He could continue his his thing of being world champion like literally everywhere except bring him honor Yeah Oh, he would have been he definitely would have been. or He would've thought Brodie Lee and brody would have come out and he'd be like. Jesus, you're not my Jesus. Away. And then also was allowed to say Jesus listen get hit in the Jesus. Follow up to Blake's he'll the week a while ago. So you remember when Jericho played that concert. Yeah that that rally is now labeled as a super spreaders cove in nineteen events. Super Spreader of course being my favorite Kevin Nash Movie. Character. But. Yeah apparently the fact. We didn't even talk about the fact Kevin Nash blocked. The Governor of south, Dakota Sir take this with a grain of salt disputed the findings of the regarding the sturgis rally and I'm just GonNa. I don't know why this does need to sound like it needed to be read by Uncle Allen or perhaps flip Gordon. But this report is science fiction under the guise of academic research this reports none short of an attack on those who exercise their personal to din surges. Chris Jericho. Anfossi. I only have a couple of things is only a couple of things to say one yeah. Because you've let your your voice be heard on this one before. Yes but epidemiology. Is. fucking. Determining the spread of diseases so people don't get diseases. And that is what this is. But when it's a funny thing when you get a bunch of people together are the Hamish against wearing masks in a time where there is a very like easily transmittable virus. fucking get it and to. I did see a waitress post on twitter where she was at the STURGIS rally. fucking. Wearing to surgical masks as bras, and saying I'm so glad I get to work like normal now. And that was the moment that's like. Is Normal Lake. Yeah. Well you know. So I will in their defense if I was a dumb politician who was stupid and had a Doodoo brain in someone said the word epidemiology to me I would think it was a made up word made to make me feel stupid. So God damn it I will just a second. My roommate has a master's degree in epidemiology. He knows a lot about this. Yeah and the number of times that I get second hand like anger from people thinking they know how epidemiology works, but they don't even know what the word for it is pissing me the fuck. Fuck. You sturgis damage Jericho. You can't do shit like this you better. Be Glad you were far away from everyone. Yeah. All right now onto the thing, everybody wants to know you it infected Orange Cassidy. I would never forgive. Speaks. Okay. It's okay. He he got bathed in orange juice has vitamin C son help the immune system of everybody near against. Plant. That man is ninety percent orange juice inside now that was actually the swimming pool where Zack Ryder based off all of his tanning lotion. So that's actually not even orange juice. Yeah. All out. I've I published a forty minute video so I will leave it to you guys to talk about your feelings on all out. It's funny. Okay. I JUST WANNA say starting off that all out shows the best of eight w and the worst of a W. Yeah It was a fucking roller coaster and I think that as long as we keep that in mind that like we can criticize the shit that we didn't like but we have to realize there's some good shit there too. Yeah. Like like M J F marks was close to I'll talk about my match the night later but like M J F mocks was very fucking good match like some people said, yeah, it was really slow though and I'm like That's because that's how M. J F Russell's. That's how you get heat at member. You remember the bit where yelled into the crowd yeah. We're GONNA. Yeah. You'RE GONNA see Wrestling Act exactly. Right before you put like a mock in a headlock great, there were so many Walli. Had Him in what it was. Great. There are so many head locks ultimate heat seeker right there. I also love the way he thought. fucked. Marx's left arm in that match. I actually would have loved if because his left arm was fucked up, he couldn't fully lock in the paradigm shift and had to do a normal right handed Didi. Like a single under hook and they're like, that's technically not the paradigm shift. So sorry, you lost yet technically correct the best kind of correct. Meanwhile the way he did win it's like. I. On the one hand, I agree with Scotty sentiment that I wish he'd have found another way but also. fucking. J. F., he should the food just fuck him do the paradigm shift within the reds bag is turn like. Doesn't deserve better. The I just love that that was the ultimate outfoxing move. All the you're going to try to cheat because the rest back is turned anything you can do I can you? Actually, that was kind of me dying being hoisted on my own petard 'cause early in the match I said. Wait a minute. If the REF wait, it's it would be cheating if he hit the paradigm shift and it goes, we'll yeah. He is fucking make the REF turn as vacuum fair shift, and then as it happened I went fuck. dammit. The. Moment that like the like they both looked down as j of drop the rain and mocks look backup. We knew what was going to happen. Yeah, I did I thought Marx was gonNA use the ring and that was gonna be the hilarious cheating but I'll I. thought I thought he was going to stop on the hand. Like need to face or some shit, and then locked him in a headlock. And know that works. I. Here's the weirdest part of the show for me and like you were there so you can attest to this was like. Right after the Kinney Hangman FDR match. It like. Kenya Mega said the words we need a clean slate. And it started raining outside and we look outside and it was just miles of ejaculate from the Dylan. Happy. We I did get it tested in Delhi. We do know it was you. But like I I'm not gonNA. Judge. All the way up to end up to from Florida it's okay it bursts through the top of the house like hitchcock. Destroyed it. Listen Man. I'm really excited about that. But like while the match was going I was still pulling for them like Holy Shit they might actually like this might not that's the thing I. Love about it w we know what the story line is like new Japan we like yeah they're GonNa win then about halfway through the magic fuck I might be wrong. How and then you sit there shitting your pants because of your prediction. Yeah. We, all had the same thing. The only one I lost on was the one we all lost on which the nightmare family being the dark order, which in retrospect I. should have seen coming but I was too blinded by my Devotion to evil you know yeah I, very interested in the evil. Cabana. Pairing I actually really like that. I'm pretty sure that the storyline was disliked. So Brodie Lee is just a complete psychopath and like evil knows Bisbee knows like fucking Stockholm Syndrome. So we will do know acts like the mom was the abusive fathers. Is just the one that like is like, yeah no, it's it's going to be okay. It's going to be. That's why pulled Swimming Colta? It'll be it'll be fine. He is the. Like you know the peacekeeper and then he gets hit in the head with papers it's great. I'm going back to. Hangman Kenny for a second they're fucking dual interviews on dynamite this week. Oh I just want somebody. So it's too much to go into for the both of the interviews but like. Somebody on read it put it. The best they said that hangman is still trying to hold on Kenny has already moved on. Yeah. That's what it is. It's it's literally hangman has been trying his best to keep his friend group together and then just lost them every step of the way. He's a lonely anxious millennial cowboy. He's just trying to find friends in this crazy world we call wrestling and it's fucked him every ounce of the way. The moment that he said, I am poison broke my heart. It actually made me almost cry for wrestling character. Yeah. So We're thing about that. Like. It started off like a good match. But did you feel like the bit that Kinda killed? It was in the middle where they like old school and targeted the body part it went insatiably long like it went far too long like no once they once it picked back up like a gut slow like one four. Yeah, and I'm saying if you. If you would cut out that fourth, it would have been a perfect match link it would have been very but they needed that fourth to build the last half of the match which was Kenny trying to like Kenny especially the end moment we're Kenny literally couldn't stop the pin break up because he didn't have a leg. Yes, and I think Scott you're the one that called the The v trigger the V trigger miss, and I think that was about halfway through the match and then it almost happened and then it did have. I just liked it hangmen kicked out of. One fucking brain like brain chatter I. Guess like he got hit with that and it was just like that's heart right there. Yeah. I Love I like it for the match that it was but just in general I was like guys. I know y'all lost some time because of that Matt Hardy thing. But like come on, have to stretch it that much farther like I understand hangman's dot heart and I love it but still So do we want to talk about that yet or say that we'll save that for the end? I think for the end of the discussion of the thing that killed the whole vibe. Of all out. Yeah. I liked it was all right. Match just went. So fucking long and I feel like it suffered from young Buck Syndrome which is to everything goes hard and the pain is you motherfucking can and at some point I know there's a story being told but fuck it it doesn't matter young bugs, which is ironic because the young books match did not do that. Yeah all hailed the return of the the he'll young bucks and the Super Kick Party on Alex Marvez Face I. Is this the match where we were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for dinner? So this is the one I did not pay that much attention to see you got you fuck out you missed the fuck out. This was this was private pay, WG. Young Bucks has heavyweights it was. Did. You at least see the part where Matt were met destroyed fucking. Marcos to our yeah. That was that was. That was I didn't know how much I wanted it until it happened Marcus stunt exists to die. Like Harry Potter. So it's it's so great though I'm so happy that's the job. Yes it was It was a very good match like I think it is it was overshadowed by later matches in the car and especially the thing we're gonNA talk about that everybody knows about. But like it was a good solid early match to let me see other matches swell versus Baker. I thought was good but it was too tried to add too much shit. They're like Burt Brits Brits a psycho wait. No, she's just kind of kind of funny way. Also, we've got a weird comedic element whatever. Yeah Scottie and I were sitting there. It felt like it felt attitude air those why I could like get behind and go along with it because I could see where it was going. It felt like. It felt very much like you remember the Stone cold in Booker T. in the supermarket get. I got vibes of that. I feel like they wanted to include something cool in the beginning. So they did oh, she might be psycho. There is blood on the ground and then just no follow through with it outside of the fact where she did stab yourself with a real ass needle. Already, had all this stuff out of it. That was doing that means there's air it. That's even though it was already completely closed out by the time it went in. Okay So that we're done but. By the way you did call the the nitrous. As the knockout he did but I called it right that it would be swell. Yes. Dun Dun Dun Fontanta Swill and you know the end of the day that's what gets you the points and you know we did also call Baker trying to drill out one of her teeth while we did not call was her using a fucking power jilted. And you said there was no evidence. She was a psychopath. Yeah. So that was good dark orders baby faces fuck it whatever battle royal was. All right. I. Thought. Evan. Bourne was good. Maths I was a good insurance because it's like, oh, he's school have here but he ain't winning. He was such a good interest and I felt like I felt bad in my heart for the fact that the first move he got up to do he slipped off the turn onto the turn which he has never done. I've never seen him do it before too by the way good on a wheel hubs will hobbs great addition to the A W First thing he did checked on him was like you could see to he was like Holy Shit, you came UK also will have. Real hobbies fucking going toe to toe with Brian Cage. Shit. That will cost house was a surprise that like more confused about. But like he brought it, you also Derby Allen died I don't know. Yeah. Bagful. My big is like people were like, Matt. Cardona came out pretty unscathed compared to the other two mats and I'm like, no, he didn't he dissolved and became a pool of Mosa outside. Although I will say that once again, it surprised me how Jack Mac Cardona is. Cassidy versus Jericho. I was relatively dead for like I. I should have been excited to see that man fall into a vat of champagne and orange juice but I gotta just didn't care at that point. You were I, think you're right on the money by saying that should not have been a co main event match because it was so far into the pay per view that that one was like what the fuck. Are we gonNA do well I think what it is and I actually while researching stuff for how to fix all out I realized probably why they did it and it's because the whole story line has been built around Jericho saying I made Orange Cassidy, a main event her he is a main event player now, but now they experiment is ended. So this was going to be his final somewhat made event. and. It also. Like you said got when we were watching, it must have been held a folk and clean up. Yes. Yeah. And now, our guest's you gotTa talk about the Final Won. The match that killed all out. Also. carshield. Nelson and. We'll we'll get. We'll fuck get to that one. Yeah. No, it's just. Literally sucked the air out of the whole show like. On. Twitter. Put it. Correctly, the VIBE is off the vives entirely off for the whole show someone fixed the vibe. Yeah, because it was. Okay. So Let's just get into it. Sammy map. Vuk in the. Beard off the show minutes into the match or something. So so here's the thing I've I've thought about it. I don't know if the tables were too close or the scissor lift was too high. Yeah. It could have been either of them. It also could have been the fact that this could have been fucking pre taped. And they put shit underneath them to make it. Even here's the thing even if they didn't. If he didn't crack his head on concrete. That's still a fucking terrifying bump to take like but it's also Matt Hardy. So it's Harney also look at Sammy Sammy, walked up right away. Yeah I. Okay. So the pro is a flat back bump. Yeah, and the fact that like his head was part of that flashback. Because his head overshot the table more a lot more than it should have and. The worst is when you do do a flat back bump like you're supposed to curl your head. That's the reason why the styles clash murders people is because people are trained to curl their heading meaning that Matt hit and then Matt's head hit. That's even worse. Yes. Because all of that momentum is transferred to your head and it fucking sucks. Although. Okay. I I would like to hold on I. Know they shouldn't have continued but props to fucking Matt. Hardy. Because yes he was out of it for like ten seconds. Yeah. No No. No, he was down for a legitimate minute our Alvarez candidate. Okay. Well, but but when he finally did get back up. She went right back into it like he I don't know if he was running on autopilot or what party. Hard. It was like I will delete you your take you out. That's. Is this part of a match I. think the fact that like he was trying to cut his promo was him like trying to telegraph I'm okay. Yeah. Because like. I don't know if you've ever had like the wind knocked out of you. It sucks yet sucks and it also like fucking destroys you for a moment but then again like seeing him stand up. He was having a legitimate hard time at least I don't know if he was selling or not. But fuck from after seeing that bump and after seeing him like. If, I was him I would not have sold that if I was okay, I would have. Not sold that to actually communicate I'm not concussed. Yeah. I it was just a fucking shit show from the moment that he hits which should not have continued but. He was he they checked him out and they said that he didn't have a concussion so. Fuck I mean he did according to Rabi hardly anyone could have seen that he had a fucking concussion. She deleted her tweet later Oh. Yeah. She doesn't normally delete her tweets unless she is corrected. Yes. She usually I believe they they announced he didn't have a concussion and then she was like. He fuck still doing test. We do not know and I understand she is coming from A. Perspective of like I told him not to do nothing stupid and then the motherfucker within the first five seconds fell off a fucking sister lip. So I understand the fury she's coming from. But like I did I don't think he said anything about a concussion on dynamite ditty. That he was going to make a full recovery just gonNA, take some time offers health. Yep I think that. In the moment though. Aubrey. Was Right. Tony's right. They both said the Stop the match and Matt said no but they had me and like everybody is like you should put your foot like. What are you? GonNa do dragnet hardy off good luck echoed WHO's GonNa? WHO's GonNa? WHO's GonNa Drag Aubrey Yeah, and then with a possible concussion, the motherfucker climbed up. and. Literally yelled I literally no. No. No no I was so terrified because like. After he pushed Sami off. Matches climbed down. Matt Clampdown Bright. Now Sir my thought was house man going to climb down. Yeah. or my thought, which is Hugo to fucking jump on him. I I really thought he was going to do the leg drop I really did. Yeah. Also. That was such an anti climactic ending because it was clearly just a bunch of cardboard underneath that. Yeah. Well, I think it was their moment of being like. We got a lot of shifts set up around this ring that's supposed to explode what's going to be the easiest way to end it quickly. Just dropped me. I. Feel Bad because I'm sure that match was gonna be like fucking awesome. Yeah. There was going to be some buck wild shit I'll bet and like I'm like, he even said it himself. It wasn't what I wanted it to be, which means if Matt Hardy says that and that means I was Gonna fuck you ride a camel. Over Sammy's body. I have found a way to clone myself, but you didn't get to see that. So fucking. The thing is, is that all of this? All you can say is that at least you know Sammy Lake tried. Yeah. I don't blame him at all for what happened because like looking back I was like there's no way from where hit that move. That that could have gone any differently. Yeah. Not Sammy's fault at all. Yeah but now the but I'm sure he feels like shit absolutely after something bad happens and then watch. Matt. Hardy has been cursed in a w he debuts to an empty arena and then his first big storyline not involving the elite gets cut short because of Sammy Sammy returns and then Matt does is it's just a rough go forum. Yup. I think that is half the reason why? People were so critical of all L. probably most of the reason because if you see somebody get possibly concussed, you're going to be like it's To keep the match going. Yeah and like I I I kinda WanNa know more but I also don't like I do WanNa know who's call it was because if I remember correctly it was Tony Tony was like, well, the doctor came to me. 'cause commentary lately said like Matt said he was okay and then later re nagged instead. We wouldn't just let him keep going. If Matt said he was okay. Doctor cleared him and then everyone on twitter at once with you need to fire the doctor. And then it turns out that after medical testing, the doctor wasn't one hundred percent. Yes. Allegedly allegedly now onto what's going to be the most the most arduous thing I think any of us has ever had to do and it's predict this year's G. One holy fuck what. Wait, wait wait wait. Did you literally just not talk about? The women's title match Bud. Look at my baby face no no. No I WANNA talk about it now. I'm giving it a whole segment. Are. Fine. G won the G one is is So. Ever since High Blake back away from the camera then and how first of all boys I've got a secret. Always got his core, he's got his Co. I'll be honest. You might the best bet because I brought out the spreadsheet and even with the spreadsheet I was staring like I'm not gonNA fucking win and it's also because I'm booking Suzuki to win the jewel and so. I'm kind of folks I wanna I wanNA copy that spreadsheet. Yeah of. Book something like crazy. By. Coin. So what are what are the blocks dylan? Fuck I I looked. The thing is, is that I? I thought back on the reason I had such a hard time last year like a really hard time. Is that last year was the first time that they didn't use any of the quote Unquote New Japan Dad's Oh. Yeah. and. So. It became very difficult for me to predict who the middle of the pack people were going to be. Yeah I got I got the upper ones like everything below like fourth. I was fucked. So you were better at. Yeah with with me this year. I. Think. The worst ones I was doing was predicting who Yano would be and I was going like. That guys made Carter Janas GonNa. Lose Okada Jaanus. Going to beat him mid Carter Yano Loses Naito. So. Abe Lock. Is Is. It's impossible to predict. CODA BUCCI JEFF COM. He's not winning Okada itchy. British wanker will housebreak. Shingo Takagi a your voice, Zouqi, touchy j White, and then pulling up the rear you drove Takahashi. Yeah some of the got the wrong. That feels like feels like a craigslist we needed a ten. Be Block is like all of the misfits, her words ton ohashi juice Goto Yaeko. Yoshi Hashi. Naito Sonata Zack Sabre Junior Kenta Evil Yeah, that one's like that was honestly I have like two and two on each side like, okay. Very likely. But there I've got a I've got a few that I would like to see like as as the finals like like I said, Shavers Evil would be fun to leaders going against one another and then. Honestly GonNa Hashi Bucci, but they've been there so many times that I'm like, I can't do that I can't. I guarantee you. This'll be the year the tunnel she goes like foreign five. Yeah, which is in I put I put fucking. As my b-block winner because on my fucking whatever. Lehman listen man I want to advise you but I also want the ten points so it's five but yes, I, understand no, no, no, it translates to. Ten translated to yen for American points it's ten now. Yeah. The. I mean to be fair. The G one climax has led to the victory of the last two winners of the prediction series. So because that's the reason why you know those. I. Blew a little five point late yet you blew a five point lead lead to that, and that it also led to my miraculous on the last day win of two years ago. God and. I've already resigned myself that I'm. Not, GONNA be in contention but if I do get those five points, I'd be back now I I would like to refer to Dylan's victories the miracle on Bourbon Street a couple of years ago. Any anymore g one talks are those the miracle in Madison Square Garden No it that was last year. Yeah. So do I need to talk about patriotic now or? NO PATRIOTIC DOT com slash load of be has the website where you can support us get access exclusive content like wrestling history x the first version. I ever did of how to fix fix summer slam because unlike all out that one actually did a little bit of a handed fixing and also watch me and blake react old episodes of J. W. WF war. They're really really fucking bad and you get to see me and blankets college babies and can get it at. On Dot, com slash eh load of BS. So who are we annoying on twitter now? I don't know. Tweet it Luther College. His new shirt designer clothes at a local in No. Put your money where your mouth is if it was anybody that wouldn't show up to my house with a knife and stab me. Luther is now now I listen to the interview is a good guy like you could totally you should totally tweet that out of now fuck you. If I can find the shirt design. Author tweeted it. I will heated. Okay. Good. Sick. Andy Fed Design Bro When are you starting your head? I'm. GonNa. Die. I genuinely thought you were going to be like Luther, wouldn't show with a knife he'd have a sword. On. Samurai. Sword. I can think of anyone else. Yeah. You're you'll you dig and? That's right because they're dark boys was Dylan Levin them so much. All right. Oh No. Because it's the most random pairing. A, love for for the misfits of AWAC. No New Johnson it was during actually his pentecost match against Giannella that I. realized how weird it is. There are two masked snake men. Pentecostal I'm like, okay. Wait hold on now. It's a little bit too close for comfort. But I think video and retired so he picked up the mantle. Picked up the mantle from him Nestle. Has Sweet Merch. Yeah now onto our heels in baby faces of the week. Blake years is going to be the most heavy you WanNa main event this one. Get I don't have a lot to say I'm just GonNa I. Think we all will though yeah, just gonNA air my frustration. So we can all era frustrations on my heel. Okay. Well, my heel of the week is a man whose life blood is a e w a man who eats sleeps shits and breathes the professional wrestling business, a man who makes it his job to put on the best show every night we'll never be taken out for any reason and he oh, he's now on a shitty. Show. Whoops. What's up cody how you doing but I? Thought. You were the guy who always going to be there and always have a real good time. Instead, you decided to get written off to do a show with fucking snoop Dogg and Rosarito. Dotson and Bert Kreischer the machine took cody away I mean that sounds pretty good though. I just fun. It's worse because the. Scotties county to hear that to hear the distance. It's him clicking that sweet turner money. So Tim buying a second. Truck. But yeah, it was it was worse because. The Brody. Dust and match where once again you see Dustin Rhodes like he's avenging his brother Cody, his brother Cody, who Mr, Brodie Lee destroyed and killed basically. pretaped. Yeah. But it's a live game show. Yeah. Well, no no no, that's what they're saying he is off TV for this they are filming this. So I, hate it but they. They said. They said, and then after this match where this man is Vin Djing, the loss of his brother cody cody will be returning and he has an announcement and I'm like Oh fuck Yeah Code GonNa back or maybe cody will come out and attack brody. Dustin turned heel code is going to do something cool and then cody literally cuts in epic Promo fireballs or shooting around him as he's like a man who likes to go all in on this business, I like to go big. Which is why you can find me on TBS. Crasher fuck you goaty. Okay for a second I. Thought. You were fantasy boogie something else. Cody versus Bert Kreischer and the main event of Oldies Snoop, Dogg referees yeah exactly. All right on. Well. That's the shitty think about Snoop Dogg. County hits him at the crossroads snoop dog one, two three, and so the phone snoop doggy. This is not the time. To win. Stooping, win me snoop I've tried so hard also we didn't talk about this, but apparently there's GonNa be there might be two dynamites. Next next week is what they're saying because apparently they filmed an hour long one that was going to run alongside the NBA game. And then if that didn't work, they had to our show. So I guess if just fucks up, we'll have to aws next week we did get like three eight of you darks in seven days and that was sweet. Oh. Yeah and the the card for next week is stacked. Moxley Archer have a segment thunder Rosa is defending her title the women's title against. Evil Lease Fook. Yeah. Best friends versus Santana and Ortiz in the match they booked and fuck in. March after your Jurassic Express hangman page versus Caz Mj. It's GonNa be very, very good and I'm excited to talk about it. We completely forgot to even mention that eight w this last week's episode had. A million this station with a million, million million are thought about the million. They got a million viewers. But you know what? I'm going to save that actually. Okay. Now who is your? He'll of the week. So unfortunately, speaking about all and speaking of the pay per view during the entire, the entire time something felt. Something felt off. Not The vibe at something felt like wrong felt like it wasn't going and I realized it's the fact that Jr has on commentary. Because after months of listening to like all of the online stuff for a w, I realized that any other combination of their like team that does not include Jim Ross is superior. He adds nothing to except for that. Weird like creevy. Like king segment Mouth. Legend up. Just wishful thinking. Yeah Fana apparently he responded to that by making the worst apology you could possibly make in that situation. I please. Can I not hear about this? Well it does involve a cowboy hat and an Emoji. Cowboy Hat emoji tongue sticking out EMOJI. That's fine. That's enough. Didn't have a page after. It says didn't mean to offend anyone on the wardrobe malfunction line. He tweeted this during the show by the way we attempt at humor sorry. Now lighten up fuck you Jr.. God. Damn it. On the one hand but no, my entire thing is replace Jr, with Taza now appreciate the show more yeah. No, no doubt. Yeah, he is. There's tasked with the Omega forgot her name. Scott on dark. GimMe, Vadis Scott Excalibur every week. please. All faulk. Yeah. That'd be great. Yeah I. Is there to draw in the people who watched WCW and are like I remember him that's he's there. You mean wwf the WCW people there for Tony Von who's a Goddamn workhorse and I love him. Yes. Pretending Tony, shoddy, all costs, Tony did was doing his best to because he did so many hours of just talking, yes. The pinochle out a party boy himself. Tony. Shivani the man who even all love to go to a bar with. ME. I want to go to burn him telling me like. Just old fed lake. Stories are told me about the early days you weren't WCW. Okay Blakey T. it's your turn. Now for hold on I. Let me give you a little bit of a like a little APERITIF. Something to cleanse the appetite before we get into this. When w insider did announced that there was another round of WWe cutbacks coming. Nyah Jacks did say on twitter. Answer the phone dream Heart Emoji. GonNa quickly skip ahead to say Nyah Jax definitely a baby face of the week for that Okay. But my heel though is just wwe because it's fucking county sucks outside of the. Bubble as per usual yeah. I mean, it's just been rough. Like over the last week or two. The fuck convinces Cameo Shit non withstanding. I Dunno like The. One thing that got me was Steffi. Coming out in an interview Scotty sent me saying like. In. No uncertain terms but still vague. We can't actually do this. So yeah she she basically looked and said Hey this actually benefits us because they draw in more people by using their brand and their audiences and they come to us to see them fight. It's a kind of important that we let them have this yes and I think this just. Demonstrates just how out of touch Vince is. With the world today in general. Because him trying to put the snuff on that is more him trying to. Ask God. What's the word I'm looking for? Keep his workers in the state of near. Servitude. Their contractors but he does owned their names, he owns their names Blake. They did report the thousand that was a misquote. Story Yeah Um, which is great because if he did say that like it would have made it ten times worse and it was already pretty bad to begin with and apparently Lana. Apparently. Creed did a twitch stream last night playing the vendors. It was very nice and he was talking about it and he goes I think I'm good. He Goes I. Think the thing is I can't take brand deals I think that has to come through the company. And that you're just trying to fuck Oskar whether? Cup Noodles. So. Apparently that a lot of people said, it was because, of Lana, who was accused of being the straw that broke the camel's back because she made an instagram brand zeal with bang energy drink which motherfucker rain is better just get rain that is true and a Miami Colas slaps you can suck Dick let's Miami call. That's so fucking that some Florida Shit. No. That's the fucking. Like Bang has like a coal aversion like a cola flavor. nomo slap we don't get that. Yeah I don't think we well, we don't get banged because the owner of Bang, an asshole me. But I love Lawa's tweet about it. I am not destroyed broke the camel's back. You know who you are and that is false but thank you for writing about me all of you. I am your escape goat. Not Scapegoat. Scapegoat sounds like the Best Deity. You remove all time. Have you ever heard of the the bone appleby phenomenon? That is that is what happened here. Isn't it? We got the see one be made. This battles getting tough for you guys. You're all below zero hp what do I pull out my escape goat and we all right off on. God I love when people pronounce like phrase or mispronounced phrases in a completely ridiculous but hilarious away. Yeah. But yeah, it's fun. Fuck man like so many of these people especially now because they don't get house show revenue, they've got to find ways to make extra Dasche and. Twitch Cameo like Mo fucker. You could PROC cameo out of big east cold dead hands. He is not going to give up cameo at easily men's making six figures. Yeah. There are plenty of people who have said that they're not giving their shit up like I mean pay. fucking straight up black y'all can go to hell I'm not giving up to it I mean I bet page makes enough money off of twitch that she's like. She she does. She has SIMP- money. She have you have you seen the breakdown of her channel? No No. Like the amount of money she makes which is like six figures all twitch streams, thousand viewers our there's absolutely no way I would give that up for like because wwe like A. Thousand subscribers. Yeah. Yeah, I would say five gifted. I like there's no possible way that I would give that up. Okay what are the odds that Vince does not know about the fact of the twitch affiliate program and the fact that they'd make money? No matter what through twitch and he's on one hundred and five percent. Yeah, absolutely. Youtubers make money. Wait what? No surely not. All right. Let's get to better things get to our baby faces of the week, and since Dylan wanted to talk about it, we will discuss mine and it's thunder fucking Rosa who in one match McKay my favorite female wrestler Holy Shit she's fantastic. She she's got the confidence. She's got the look. She's got the attitude in the ring like. She was phenomenal like that was my match of the night. I love that match one, hundred, ten percent with the exception the bit where you almost thought she might die. Yeah that was bad. But outside meteoric spot six inches from the stairs. Yeah. Fuck I've forgotten you said. After that spot happen Scotty. If she was taller, she would have been dead. She was wearing heels to the ring. She'd be fucking dead right now be yeah I just she's so good. She honestly has the charisma and confidence. Of Iraq and my up, and that's going hard the paint I know but like compared to most of the Awa women's roster eight is lightyears beyond them. No offense to all of them because they're all great but they're all she's just. Wonderful talent there like all missing one thing like just one. Big Soul. I don't know. I'm. Entering I'm not that but then again, I've not seen a lot of in ring soil so I have. Like I watch dark. Have I have I know at every all the people who are like I don't know what they know. because. I watched the show where they actually wrestle. Yeah. I feel like a lot of that was like it was a chance for small to put on a clinic to give like. To give a little bump into. A to and to the fact that she is a phenomenal in ring and also. I don't know what it is but when there is a wrestler that screens in a language that I can't understand but I can understand exactly what they're saying because of their attitude when they're screaming it it really really like it gets across to me they communicate to me even though I have no idea what's going on and that's what rose it does I'm also slowly realizing something and it's the fact that Dylan can start making up wrestler names and come and be like y'all got Greg Denton on dark this week he was fucking phenomenal and there'd be like, Yeah Greg Didn'- He's one of my favorites. Baby, take him out. Black Bear and is a wrestler that wrestled on dark in my lying or not. fucking. That's a legitimate question is. I'm going to say. Yes. Because of how easily you pulled up the name black bear I'm going to say, yes, he is a real wrestler. Going to say, no, because you probably pulled that from some other obscure place just wanted to fuck on us. He's like think that is the name of the Comic Book Villain, but it his man. In a very like you came out in a crown. Very shitty. Twice. Get. This is going to be our new reoccurring segmentation, giving us a w dark wrestlers and seeing if we can guess if they're real or not art. Blakey T. WHO's your? No no no Dylan 'cause Blake's is very good. Way also money plane money playing baby. That's my baby faces the week. Terrible movie don't watch if you want to see the edge flyer fucking plane for thirty minutes and then get saved by drone with a gun duct tape to money plane I just realized like edge the featured person that you're going to get all of your wrestling fans in. He does almost absolutely nothing if you WANNA hear. Kelsey. Grammer say you WANNA. Watch. Man fucking alligator Mati played much money. Can you just can you just snip that one segment on the show to me? It doesn't feel like it's worth a rex to the movie. But is the only thing. What great moment where he's screaming at edge to edge finally realizes his evil plot and he goes I'm gotTA take down. Now. Give me my money and I'm like you mean the money that's on the money plane that you just said you were GonNa take down and destroy. You've not worked out the plan yet so far frazier. Yeah. So Cash. Over the course of let's see here. Three appearances of the course of out. Yesterday, and then he was on aws unrestricted the podcast Any Kingston has been like maybe even somehow more endearing as a performer and person. that I thought possible because his performance all out was great. especially at the end there we kept kicking. That snake away from me. He like looking at like a landslide your. Mother can old man. As Jake was like taking the bag that I hope did not have a real vacant just whapping and whether. It was great. Great segment. Then, he came down despite like five minutes trying to get Penta and Phoenix to get on the same page together, and he was just ghetto, and then he he called out blade who was like, where's your wife? Where's your wife know? He called him out both because he was like, where's your British friend? He's not here. Hey, blade blade. Where's your wife? She's not here I'm here. Era Reminder sports to. Remind me when I was like in. This is going to be a shock exists when I was like in the hardcore scene like the dudes who were the defacto quote unquote leaders of like little punk groups. That's the kind of attitude they'd as like that's your brother over. There you go. Hug your brother we're big strong like I can't wait for them to be called like the green street hooligans us some shit like. Oh also, he wrestled a match on dark guest against. Black Bear. No No. Wait. Was it. What's your favorite? Gets Johnson. fucking where Did he win. His own. Fifteen. Only. Behind the Captain Shaun Dean who I believe is overall like Owen eighteen. Yeah. But yeah also, back fish to the future is a thing. But that is still as they don't call it that which is a shame because it's the best fucking name for it. Also through the advent of aws cameras, I was finally able to figure out how he manages to do that without murdering somebody. And it's it's not he releases the fist at the very last moment like he holds it all the way through and then in the last four inches, he lets it go. So you just get him with the back of the hand. Okay. God. That is status timing right there. He's been doing that move for at least a decade a half but Yeah. He is just unreal under six. It was like a lot. It was a lot like the Jericho one but just hearing him bullshit, Tony Shivani and hearing Tony Shirvani like call someone a son of I don't know if you've lived to hear that. But my God yeah, just here here Eddie Kingston Tony Volleyball Bust each other Andrea words dropping f bombs was a great fifty minutes. Eddie Kingston Kingston has all my support going forward I. Hope he faces Omega After Omega Kills Moxley because I deserve that. So He deserves your support now I still I still I still want to see Moxley versus Kingston I wanna see that fucking death brawl happen. Gone Kim they'll be how they determine the person to fight mega. Yeah either that or Do you think they're going to stretch archer all the way out to let them know October October fourteenth on the anniversary of dynamite where archer loses. Omega. Omega takes full gear. No No. No. I would hold Omega Hangman all the way to full gear and I do know. Omega. Hanging, who takes it off Omega? Our okay. So wait you wouldn't have them fight period. No Why would they fight? Now? 'cause Kenny's the main main man he. Kenny Endo Mega aren't gonNA fight Kenyan hangman are gonNA fight right now the way this is going from what like because it looks like there's not going to be a blowout. Be Simmer, and they're gonNA fade out the team and they're going to have the match later you okay slow-burn and then and then two years later like almost two years later hangman's GonNa get to be the champion in everybody's GonNa lose their Shit I. I. Understand. Aws long-term booking. Now, my favorite part about this is how Dylan Oh man I can't fucking the FDR's getting the title. They're GONNA hold it for like a year and then just fantasy book I'm GonNa Give Kenny Omega the title for two years. Straight. No I'm saying that double or nothing. Hey, probably wins it. Oh okay. Okay. But it'll be I'm saying it will be almost two years since his first time where he lost it. So they could hold the though may hold it from full gear all the way to fucking all out. I don't know the Moxley have a rain that long. Be Moxley is the longest reigning Awa Champ now. Yeah, and he's also the youngest. Taking. That title from Chris Jericho who was of course at one point the youngest AWA wgn. Ed, the oldest and the. and. The shortest reign and longest trains right Yup, and now just shortest. All right. Blake. CRANK IT UP CRANK IT UP y'All. Let me tell you something. So that a miracle happened on dynamite this week, it was the second or third highest ratings they've had since their debut episode. Over one, million, viewers one, million, one, hundred, one, hundred, thousand, one, hundred, thousand, a million still. And only this is all because of man. Yeah. I mean the weirdest thing the weirdest thing about this, this rating spike because it happened on a certain day. No no no hold on. Short. Notice. Take this from me. He he did call this. Yes. It was one man and it it is the best man the greatest. The man that did die the top of his hair blonde and I'm not gonNA blame him for that. It is mirrow day baby you can. I just say my favorite part about this is the fact that I was like editing something a W. On mute in another tab and I literally swapped over at the exact moment he walked out. The gods of wrestling said, no motherfucker you turn over there right now because you need to see this. You'll never guess what a what twitch enthusing is his best man. Miro. TWIG I didn't one you go. It was a legitimate surprise for me. As, I was watching and a fuck. Shit. See here's what I like about aws. You heard his music and they have it. Then Miro. Miro Yeah just says mirrow he's theme song fucking slaps because it's still got like a little bit of like that Bulgarian brute music in the background of the beat but it's still good. But like this is what I like about W is A. Lot of people are like others going to bring aid wwe guys make them champ and put him at the top of the card. No they did it with Moxley because it's fucking Jon. Moxley and of course Jericho. But then you've got brody WHO's working. Upper mid mid card fantastically, and now you've got mirrow who yeah he can be a champion don't bring them in there yet let them work a little bit in the middle. Let them work with. KIP. For a few and then building started out as best man and he came out in Disney Pajamas said, Gucci Dude that is going to be his energy. Yeah. Exactly. Wait. Were they Disney I thought they were just traditional. Making many kissing it you need to pay more attention. Bro, you have boss US big house. You think me of all people on this show would have recognized. Also. He did a killer. Promo where like as he came out, people did start chanting me roadway and that made my entire week but did it make your Mirrow de? Niro Day because it was the first Miro Day. Yeah. and. He. The first thing he said on aws. Was a response that and he said that's pretty good. Isn't it as a pretty good name? Yeah. It was to. Them Chanting Miro Day. So Hey Gentlemen. Would we like to guess how much fucking shirt was? A thousand dollars. No Blake. Five hundred dollars. Blake is closest without going over six hundred fifty fucking dollars. I'm looking up with the pants. Are You fucking kidding me Jesus cry. Off Superstar. This motherfucker God it can. We can we talk about the last segment 'cause I really need to go to sleep that's fine. I just need to like all these good. No but Miro Miro fucking kill that for eight W and I think he's going to be a great addition to their team and fuck anybody says, oh, they're just adding a wwe Gaza like they're having the wwe guys didn't get shit for the most part and I'm very happy and like this was probably the most strong anti wwe promote they've had in a very long time. But yeah, as Dylan said, let's move onto the end and it comes off the heels of something I teased at the beginning of this show but I Where do the lines in Europeans between storyline and reality need to stop because Mardi genetic yeah. Okay. Here real quick. They need to stop at the point that you admit an actual murder and try to cover it up as a wrestling storyline what I the reason I like yes. Tab motherfucker did kill a guy like we're not going to know. But. Then also Eric Stevens who is. Was, one of the most fun accounts to follow on twitter he loves baking. It was very fun and the one day he just decided to turn heel and play like old timer low key jaded wrestler. L. O. W. KFI NOT L. O. W. K. E. Y.. In like at one point, he tweeted something about like female wrestlers and being like none of them, impress me and I don't care about them. Not Literally in a he'll way and later had to come out like no guys all this was storyline. That's why I'm saying these things and we trust them enough to be like. Don't be a fucking idiot in the future like don't do this. We've lost a lot of respect for you. And in that case like I understand where you're coming from where do the lines get blurred? On, twitter it's a lot harder. I'll start out of the gate with that it is that will say like a hard line is if it's your talking twitch stream or facebook or whatever that you just for you and that should just be you. Twitter. People use it to start and continue storyline. So it's really hard to be a heel on twitter unless you're MJ. I feel like. Unless there's someone you're specifically working and they directly get involved almost immediately and make it clear like I. Feel like. If people are having to be like, this is a work. This is a shoot I don't know that's the danger situation but if you reach a point where like say he did tweet that. Kylie. Ray immediately shot back and it was like, okay. Then fucking fight Mig fight me at your show then people would be like, okay. This is building to that. It makes sense I also think that like. It is. It is about the specific. The. General. So like if you specifically attack someone because you can't just say female wrestlers suck like women's. That is not a good healed thing unless you're calling someone out. I think it wouldn't this case because it would be. On Kylie raise essentially fighting all female wrestling at that point she is not fighting for her ADDS to the story light. That's if you don't add Kylie right into the tweet itself like just personally calling her out you can say the same thing if you don't even say anything towards her even if you're like sub tweeting her, it doesn't work as well. I would do a sub tweet. I. Wouldn't go full tweet because that's too much but if he said something like. I hate female wrestlers coming out acting like they're the shit wearing shitty face pain pretending to be a hardcore wrestler at basically. So everybody goes Oh, alley cat like that. That connection works very very quickly. But like yeah, I think the more vague you go with it the more danger you run into. Dylan. Never run into this problem. Not. Even once see with me like I, think if you want to talk about the experts of being good heels on twitter, he was the fucking bucks before they became baby faces. The bucks were phenomenal because they would just do shit like yeah. Just just got done selling all of our merch look at the money we brought in and flashing cash and Shit like that. The bugs were amazing at it. and I also think that depending on how inflammatory like the topic that you're tweeting about is death. I think that that has a lot to do with it. Also, I think the level of wrestler you're at Kinda like the bucks were able to back up what they said and What they said didn't attack anybody it just made. You hate them. Them being arrogant assholes being like we run twitter this is our shit and then people would be like I want to see them get beat up. That's fine because they run a very they were at a high level and it made sense and they could start storylines that way. But if you're Mardi Janetti. Trying to set up a story line quote, this was this. This is what he said a story line with an ex police officer at a Shitty Indie Fed in the middle of Georgia. I wouldn't start by saying I did a murder on somebody. No I would not do that. There are a few other things I wouldn't do, but that's on the list. And I think. I think you hit. Though in saying like you know the books didn't attack anybody. But like they didn't marginalize anybody as well. They were just talking about how great they were and how literally everyone else sucked and I think that's a good way to do it like if you pick out a group of people. And to start your story line attack, that's where it becomes problematic. That's when I when I was like studying good he'll tactics that was one of the things they would say is like target the whole audience go after all of them don't like 'cause you can point out specific people and makes small jokes but once you go to the level of like, Hey, you're fat and have shitty teeth. That, person's just not gonNA feel good for the rest of the night like they're not gonNA feel a commitments because they still have to leave with the body you insulted them. Yeah and also you could probably do that at a show but non on twitter. Let's say yeah. All right. Let's let's end this show because Dylan is about to pass out in his chair where what did you boys learn this week? Oh Fuck I always forget about this can segment Dylan. I learned that the g one is an open race to everyone except minority Suzuki now. And I learned that I can't admit to a murder, but it has to be after we start the store. Why? Can't do it yet. I also learned that Kenny Omega will be champion and Awa for two years running bye-bye years running five years mega mega dot. com. Where can people on the Internet? You can probably have placate ten on the twitter. You can find the darkening video on Youtube and you can find me here on the network doing all these wonderful podcast that I am a part of or the ones that I'm not just watch those to listen to them. And you could find me on twitter at Scotty. Mo- Scott why AMMO and check out my brand new podcast. It's coming out next Thursday Fun Fitch and it might not if you're a long-time listener, you know this is not brand new. It is a reboot of one of my favourite show concepts that we kinda had to let go once I had a baby and lost a co host but it's back I've got a phenomenal co host the magnificent Megan danger. One of my favorite people in podcasting. So check that out and all the other programming at a load of your B S Dat. Cap. I will say listen to your five minute Promo earlier today I think it's going to be great. Yes. You mean the one where I saw two minutes we just talk about famous literary authors Dick's. Absolutely that really got me from like history buff that I am. I can I can connect with this You can a special thanks to mega ran, of course for our theme Song Fighters Checkout Mega Ran Online. He was playing games earlier today you can get him in a lot of different places he's he is allowed on twitch he is allowed. At is always you could find us at a load of pure dot com step up to the merge table. That's Mertz. Download of here BEF DOT COM on facebook donated patriots, subscribe on Youtube, and remember to follow us on twitter at fight voice show but don't come to my house and stabbed me Luther because when you're a fight boy Europe, fight boy for life.

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WKPWP - Thursday Flagship - Keller & Martin: Stellar Dynamite, Raw's redundancy of match-ups, Impact & Slammiversary incl. ratings on AXS

The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast

2:13:51 hr | 1 year ago

WKPWP - Thursday Flagship - Keller & Martin: Stellar Dynamite, Raw's redundancy of match-ups, Impact & Slammiversary incl. ratings on AXS

"In Two thousand twelve annex t transitioned into the developmental system and ultimately the brand you see today on the torch VIP podcast annexed eight years back. We'll be taking a weekly. Look at this page in and exceeds early history. Join Kelly Wells and me. Tom, style from ut talks. Every. As we go eight years back to the day to track annex rising talents, and why did or didn't work out exclusively for pw torch, VIP members. Now? PW, torch and spreaker bring you the Wade Keller pro wrestling podcast. It's time for the weekly flagship talking current events in pro wrestling. Todd is emanating as usual this week from the home of the Washington football team because I feel. Oh, dear another. Idea, Dana Snyder, but who cares sports are back. Baseball's back. Basketball's coming hockey's coming. It's it's. It's a fine time in the world. Do you think sports back is going to affect wrestling ratings, but before for worse. Yes, yeah, yes. Yeah I mean. That's GONNA. Be Really interesting. How Low Ron smackdown especially go! Although I next Awa to follow a fallen. But they have fluctuated too so. Yeah, I'm also curious about how they do in the ratings because. It seems like such a wildcard. I could see I could see some of these sports during worse than they were doing before. I could see some of these sports doing about the same I, see some of these sports during a lot better, and if they do a lot better particularly, the NBA I think it will combat the idea that well you can't. You just can't do anything with you. Know without fans. You know sort of an insurmountable challenge so. That's going to be a an interesting little. You know you mean that. Two people saying that about wrestling or you're saying Yeah Yeah Yeah, yeah? I mean obviously there are different things, but if you can alter your approach, I mean you are simulates sports if you alter to your approach to compensate for it. If other sports are going up a lot under the current circumstances than that. I think is a a signal that it's not just you know not just unavoidable. Do you think if one of the sports what what sport is most likely to go to a cinematic pre-tape formula ratings. Scott. It's gotta be the NHL. They were the ones who are going up right. That's true. Yes. I think they should bring the glowing puck back. That technology was before high. DEF Television, and you know the technology's there to make it work better. Off You know what this reminds me of the revival of the xfl. They! Just you know if we just executed better. Yes. I had a friend in college who grew up in Long Island but didn't like the NHL which which was weird because he would have been a kid when islanders winning cups. And and was like what to watch because I never know where the puck is and I told him I said the Puck is where all the players are skating towards. The focus on the usually, the cameras focus in wherever the players are focused like you don't need to see the Puck if you watch hockey to know in general within a couple of feet of where the puck is. Something that said by people that don't watch hockey or only very very rarely watch hockey, because after you've watched about like three or four games. You know like yeah. And I don't even know if it's without long, but like you know like. After you, watch it for a very short period of time, it's very easy to I. Don't know if I were the puck. Is Yeah Yup. Okay let's. Let's let's dive into it. I'll look. Let's be football. The football football that throws me off. Yes Let's start with thoughts on slam versus the night of. It was kind of I kind of a homecoming. Homecoming for? Returned to Tennessee. A. Secret Not really. Yeah I mean I thought I liked the show. You know it's one of their big shows of the year. I thought the wrestling wasn't that good? Although definitely had its highlights because he doesn't have the same roster that a lot of these companies do, but I thought they did a good job of getting attention to their company. When they need all the attention they can get and they reloaded the roster when I think they've been pretty thin recently. I felt like they're able to generate more attention than they've had any pointed in in quite a while and. Watching the television on Tuesday afterwards. I thought it you know. It continued that direction where yes, a lot of the town that they've been. Using did they brought in were framed as as lose. But. They just have a much higher level of talent to work with now and so you. Fused all these different characters into. into the pay per view and into the television I, thought impact felt like a show that had more going on than in a while. So I thought it was an encouraging. I've motion. Do, you want to kind of run down the entire pay per view or just some thoughts and some of the highlights. Yes the opening. The opening match of the show was the motor city machineguns returning as the first price of the night, and they beat the rascals in the opener I was a little surprised by the Finnish given. The rascals have been a featured act an impact but You know they put the titles on the machine guns on Tuesday so clearly they have big plans for them, and so if you're doing that, obviously, you're going to have the The guns beat the the rascals in this much the match that was pretty good. definitely not greater anything I seem to like it less than most people did, but this is pretty good. after that was Moose. And Tommy Dreamer for the TNA title, and it was about what you'd expect not very good, but they didn't overstay their welcome. Moose trying to push Tommy. Dreamers facing thumb tacks was a a scary visual. And? That was the women's Gauntlet match. This was a disappointment to me. Not very good at all I figured they'd have more ideas for the match, but there really weren't any notable spots. You know the only thing that really stood out in terms of them trying to do. Something was Johnny Bravo coming out address just high, of Al Korean and Rosemary and I didn't think those work does comedy, and just was more destructive. Another come out and they sorta do stuff, and then the match would continue. Really. It didn't really build anything or have any highlights. Finish was very beating tie. Acharya, so Kylie's your next title Challenger. And that's direction. After that heath slater came out. He was the second surprise on the show, and he's just heath now. He wanted to be in the main event, but he didn't get to be put in there, and then he was told to leave by Scott d'amore. What a WHAT IMMUNE GUY! That guy is when he was hanging backstage with Ryan. They're doing. He's still he's no threat. Anybody come on You know so. It looks like keep vinyl. He's going to be a team and did a little thing on Tuesday where he snuck in the back door so. I guess are the as he's. Sort of weasling way in incognito to try to get on the show whereas everybody else was was welcome. Those Chris Bain Willie Mack Chris. Bay One to to win the one one, the the extroversion, title and This was good. You know not a not a great match, either but as good wrestling for sure, and if I was in north, and Cam can semi Callahan and the North won to retain the titles, and they're seizing dissension between shamrock and Callahan, but it was hard to figure out exactly what they were going forward, because shamrocks just seemed off, he was moving really slowly. He looked really tired. He tumbled and claps to the floor and this mixed misplanned show. That just looked awful. I mean really it just didn't look like shamrock should've been there at all. He just he. Off and sort of out of sorts, and brought down the match, and the north were talking themselves up after the match, the machine guns came out and they. Announced that they'd be wrestling. North for the titles on Tuesday, so does a little angle, too ought to follow through television show, which at one point was sort of like a silly thing because the television withdraw so many more viewers than the pay per views, but at this point with with impact it. You know maybe a pretty comparable audience How did the? Show to me was deanna process beating join grace to win the women's title. I thought this was an excellent match. I talked last week about how this was framed a big match on television and how I'm sure that they'd be given every chance to come through and I thought they really did I. Mean really good technical match. A of grappling I thought they. They both upgrade, probably definitely one of my favorite US women's matches matches of the year, and I thought it really got off to a good start an impact. She's been coming off well as a personality and she came through in the ring. Here swell so credit to her after what was a unfortunately for a very underwhelming run in? And the other to the main event, which was surprised number three came out on the show, which was rich, Swann returned from injury to join the match, and then spies number four was Eric Young, who came back because he'll also joined the match as a five way, and they did a deal where swan eliminated young, and then young injured Swann afterwards so could. That's a program that's coming up between those two and it came out at the ads as Austin. Austin and at Edwards got the win, and and the title, and then afterwards Mab Fulton one after Eddie Edwards and lead despise them five, which was the good brothers making their live appearance, making the Safe Eddie Edwards, and they shared a beer with Eddie, Edwards, to close the show and they anderson. Gallup's is a big the on the presentation I thought so it felt like they may be more focused on some of these other acts, and that is they're going. Going off the air, we got the final surprise which was three lines down the the the center of the screen, and then they EC three who threw a glass against the wall and the this was the beginning of new character free three, which we saw an impact Tuesday and I was dubious of moving away from the all these three character because I thought he was so good at that character, but and I've seen so many times with Raslan thing. Thing that they'll try to like tinker with the characterization of the something. That just doesn't work very well, but I thought the new character was compelling I mean they showed all these kind of apocalyptic videos and he talks about controlling your narrative. It was it was like this is an interesting direction so we'll see what he can He can do with that, so that was though slam bursary if they never if be never follows up on the. The mysterious character that was spying on people that the timelines SORTA works out that it could see three. There you go! Yeah, certainly this character. Thing to do on impact, all those guys on smackdown vignettes me. One day I'll have. John You? Push Dolf Ziegler who was who are who is being shown on this videos on our. Remember it. It felt like it was a pretty big range. And I didn't feel like it was focused on just one act that was going to be the one he feuded with. I don't have a total recall I. Just know in general. It felt like he was kind of variety. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah I looked I like the Vignette at the beginning I think it was at the beginning of impact this week. the pay per view on the impact running a little bit in terms vignettes, and when but I thought that he came across the somebody with a chip on his shoulder. Also in terms of like how into the character he was, and he's. It looks like he sort of. I mean when when c three. That character is running around chasing the twenty four seven title. I just don't know if there's any coming back from that unless you do a hard shift in how you present yourself. So while these character and impact is really good I i. like to read I'm I'm curious to see where it goes? Yeah I mean there's there's something we for the idea that you know you. It's hard to come back to sort of being arrogant guy that's been handed everything in life and us. You know everything goes perfectly for him when he's been, you know sort of not only just chasing on the twenty four seven title, but like his Gimmick appear to be that he was just defeated by life and it gives. Totally. You know he he. He didn't even care about the twenty four seven title. He was just sort of following because he had nothing else to do. which you know, yeah, the idea that that would sort of. He'd mentally break and turn into something more Going to say like sort of darker and cities, but it wasn't clear given the impact, the attack Moose whether he's going to baby-faced, he'll for something more. More aggressive, nothing else. Yeah, Yep, and then I mean in today's landscape. Eric, young shows up and they last we saw him. He was jogging Yondo to TV and you know really not used. It's an understatement, not used anywhere close to where he had been used prior once he got to the main roster, even even impact, or even compared to. How is Houston exte-? is a wrestling fans, impact fans inasmuch as it counts in the totality of things willing to forgive and and it soon. Okay, this guy was not. Do People think Oh, Vince mandate like if you didn't see anything he underutilized. I'm willing to give Eric younger fresh look and not just be thinking why a job or in impact main events pulling everyone else down. Down in the process like. Do you think the fans in two thousand twenty kind of recalibrate and go? Hey, if this guy's entertaining and good I'm willing to largely discount the idea that I've seen him treated as jobber not that far back on national TV. Then some of it depends on the context and the promotion on the. Impact, why don't think it's as go deal is I don't think anybody really views. Impact is something. Important, you know just sort of like this promotion. That's you know obviously shelves former. South, and if you really like wrestling, they'll give you. Some wrestling does generally pretty good, but I don't think I. Don't think anybody is thinking of impact is sort of the pinnacle of of pro wrestling. You know anybody whereas like if you're a w or new Japan where you're trying to frame for people, the idea that the stakes are high here. This is a a keep. This is a big promotion this. Is An promotion are title means law. This is you know this is something for more than just hardest hardcore wrestling fans. That's what I think. You get into more trouble if you're. US Much to be outcast, because at the point that you try to bring in more fans, the you know, the more casual and you got the more likely they are to say you know like. Why is this guy who? is in very good based on his presentation, being presented to something being something. That's a big deal. That's why I think that's more of a of a concern and the impact, just because of where they stand in the world wrestling in two thousand and twenty eight I don't think that's as much of a concern, some the thing with like the idea of putting the the the world title. Title on Test Blanchard I think if you you know if if if Awa decided to have one of the women wrestler's wrestling for the World Title I. Don't think that'd be very good for the promotion, but with impact. You know at the level that they are. I thought it was an effective way to get the most. You could advertise a Blanchard who is one of their most tau. Characters I thought it was a good idea so I think the context matters a lot. I'm rich band host of the deep dive with Richmond a weekly part of the Torch Daily Castle Book Shirts Search Torch, an apple podcasts or your podcast dances subscribe every Saturday at six PM eastern I dive in with guest for an hour and anything in the world of wrestling or wrestling related want to hear about the influence of historical figures like big kettering. We gotcha want to hear about how the marine movies got. We are on it. No topic is too big or too small, so if you want to dive in with call in live or listen on demand and see the entire POW towards daily schedule at POW towards, daily CAST DOT com. frigging pause and set the table here. This is the Wade Keller pro wrestling podcast for Thursday July twenty, third, two thousand and twenty. This is our Thursday flagship petitioned. The other voice. You hear is Todd Martin every week. I record a VIP exclusive show called the fix with Todd Martin where we cover current events run down the latest pro wrestling. TV shows talk. 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We have a tutorial to walk you through our RSS Feeds. You can subscribe to either the entire feed, or break it down by theme and show, so you can customize it on your phone APP. But anyway with all that said. Let's get back to more with todd. Martin got a lot to cover going to talk about the new Japan show coming up this weekend and the latest with evil and also reviews a smackdown and raw. Awa Dynamite which I know. Todd has lots say about. It was one of his favorite episodes of dynamite. Talk about the developments in annex. T and more so all. That's coming up. Let's get back to the conversation now. What we're talking about impact I just had a quick email to my ratings source and asked if he's got any impact numbers because typically. His system where he works doesn't track access, but he actually did pull numbers so I just opened the chart while you're talking I was curious in particular if they got a bump this week. On the chart is ranked. For the thirty weeks of the year so far. In order of most viewers. I'd rather have an order, but I'll take when I get here. Best ranked. Show of the year was February twenty fifth with one hundred eighty six thousand viewers. And then February eleventh, they did one hundred, seventy, four, and then Tuesday this week they did one hundred sixty three, so as a third best viewed show of the year according to Nielsen numbers. I'm looking on the chart for where last week ranked. Other son, fourteen seven four right by each other one, hundred, fifty, six last week, and hundred thirty five the week before. So, yeah, I mean. It got a bump in in viewership, but Oh Weird. Now it isn't in. Order because actually did more than two hundred thousand back on I got asked him to send me a date or the first two weeks a year. They actually the two hundred and two, hundred, seven, thousand, those few of the year. So Anyway Yeah Little Perspective! It would make sense that they would rebound for for this week's show, but that it wouldn't be higher than the preprinted pandemic numbers, because none of the wrestling shows been able to be. Pretty, pandemic numbers. Yeah, that's actually point so compared i. mean when you think about that if if we take the numbers at face value. Just, okay, that's those are probably pretty accurate readings. If they're doing close. Two thousand viewers annexed on USA with all the cross promotion from wwe. Did six hundred fifteen thousand people's last night. So you know it's a little more than tripled viewership, but I don't think that's all that bad. Honestly I I was thinking it might even be lower than that at this point on access. Yeah that's that's higher than I would have. Thought that it would It would be yeah, who? Is Number because they don't doesn't subscribe to them, so they get. Who's getting these numbers? My my sources said I just discovered access now getting measured in my system. And it's a whole chart of all the demographic breakdown. So however I don't know. I'm not sure what system is tracking, but that's I've got. You know demographic. Demographics and Ratings and everything for them. Maybe maybe with the with. What's the impact parent company and the Canadian anthem yeah. With anthem. ANTHEM PURCHASING ACCESS? Maybe they decided in recent months to subscribe the acts the US because I was always mark. Cuban's thing. You know back in the day. It was just didn't think there's value in subscribing to them. Other other channels that were at that level did subscribe to them, so promises just wants Mark Cuban. WISCON- decided to subscribe. Yeah, let me just ask him Trekker I thought. They didn't subscribe. Okay. I'll see if I get any any. Follow up live on the show here. So yeah. That's interesting in perspective. Where they are relative to it obviously next eight, oh. You have the disadvantage of going ahead and each show would do better. Numbers if they weren't going head to head to some degree, we don't know what but you know. I predict within a month it back to be higher than RAW, but impact won't grow. Yeah I mean a lot of these you know a lot of these places are sort of built in the numbers that they had at one point, and they sort of declined from whatever level that was because there's so much product out there that it's very difficult to convince a lot of people to start watching the new show that was really sort of the feather in the cap of Aws in that environment, being able to being able to get the the the traction that they did on because a lot of people tried, and and they were the breakthrough in a way. Not really anybody else was. The two lowest numbers by the way hundred, twenty, two thousand on. March I got a squirrel here. March thirty first. Yeah, and then one hundred thirty, six thousand on June twenty third, so that they go up and down, but almost all the numbers are between one, hundred, fifty, one, hundred eighty. I mean with rare exception, so yeah like you say had kind of built in audience there with them, and as part of the routine, but yeah getting viewers. That's what I was thinking is the buds this week? How much does Internet Buzz? Lead to people going to seek out. Now that. E C three in Edison and Gals, whatever following the showed a path and cure accuracy where he's later. There's I mean. As much there's so many different options. For you know, let's say you're you're a wrestling fan? The likes wrestling than you don't watch Ron smackdown. Even if you're in that category, you know you've got aws. Show Awa Dark WanNa watch that there's impact our way still has their weekly television show. New Japan world is producing new content, so there's a whole bunch of you know pretty easy to get. an xt pretty easy to get options so. You're just what I added up. There I mean that's you know two hours teach goers a w. how long dark an hour and half! Maybe even sure. Yeah, You know you've got A New Japan. Let's say an average I. mean now they've got their their weekly show chill, but let's say you got an average. You know over the course of a month about an hour and a half a week. you know, and then impact has a real. Impact as two hours. Our ROA is an hour. That's you know a good nine hours or so of choices week average of. Arresting not including lawn smack down, so you know that's that's a lot for Ara. Finally went to consider Yeah Yep. He's later any upside on him. We talked about air, young being reframed, but he was headliner impact wrestling before I think they have a carryover audience from that era, probably still watching them just sort of a loyal loyal base of court viewers is he's slater? Somebody that you can do what you're doing with. C. Three he's. Playing a remarkably different character right now i. don't think he's shown his hand fully where he's going. He's slater Yes, he seems like some. Look what he's been doing. He's someone that very much puts just described where I I, would not bring him in. If I were a w If I were impact, I would I would be interested in how just because I think he's talented. I mean I could have done more, but he somebody. That's very much to find out. I think much more so than EC three because they see three just wasn't on the television that much, whereas he slater, they you know. They made it pretty clear that he was sort of a guy at a certain level so. I think you can in an impact. He brings a familiarity. People know who he is and I think he's you know you can produce entertaining television but I think it's hard to get. People invested in the idea that he's something special. Because of the way he's been used so I think impact is really an ideal spot for. For somebody like that. Searching for more great pro wrestling talk. Join Me Jason Powell host of the free weekly pro wrestling boom podcast each week you'll hear the latest news and analysis for me and my team pro wrestling dot net along with other pro wrestling media, members plus the pro wrestling boom, hot gas features long-form interviews with notable names in the wrestling industry subscribe an it stitcher downcast, and all your favorite secondary APPS, or visit us directly at POW BOOM DOT com once again. That's PW BREWED DOT COM. Anything else from. Impact of paper TV show. Okay, so let's let's talk about what happened with newsman. Nothing happened in Japan, but because I couldn't find anything either I was wondering. Is. Is Send Goku Lord in Nagoya, which is not exactly the strongest new Japan card you're ever going to see thought made event is evil against talk. And of late they've been trying to establish evil as a heel more than trying to have the most entertaining match as possible so I. If they're GonNa do that again this time whether there's going to be a lot of cheating and interference in it's going to be storyline, or they're going to try to have a kick ass match which. Can do if they want to and I hope they do the ladder. Because we've done a number of these batches now it's been more about just to stop snoring. Eagles, jerk and I'd like to see Yvonne. Takahashi have a really exciting match. The second question is how they book rumble. Does he just lose in a way? That builds up evil for future matches with Sinatra and Shingo and Naito or do they tease him winning in a way that makes fans thank I, WanNa see him when the title at some point in the future, and in that way I think there could be some real clues about her. Own was future in the way. This matches laid out. Out whether it's presented in a way. That suggests at some point down the line. They're thinking about who is a guy that can be a single as heavyweight star or whether they're thinking about him. Some of the very popular junior heavyweight that can be used in this you know this situation with a diminished talent roster and a needs to get evil over civilian so very much interested in the layout in that sense also. Also, on the cards Shingo Defense never title against US Bravo I certainly expect shingle to retain. It should be a good match, but you know there's the issue getting a lot of drama in what seems like a foregone conclusion in opponent that isn't really that over and then academies Utera, which is a similar deal I mean Okada will, of course when and I tend to think they're not gonna even try to add that much. Much drama because Okada's. It's such a higher level that I I think. Don't bother with a bunch of like try to do. A bunch of near falls, and do the you know the aws special where you know, it's all about utera and you try to get over how close you zero came the beating Okada I. Think just you know Okada. Run over I think the most likely outcome there and the right thing to do. All Right? Let's jump back to smackdown and I dare say get it out of the way before we run out of steam. Wait I've got I've got for days. Good good I'm like I'm like. I'm like an eighteenth century steam engine. You had a half a power nap before the show to. The third one. Okay, so we had. The what they do at the beginning to? Oh, that's right. They just kind of the montage from the pay per view. That's why I was confused. So then they open the big. Honor! They did a little bit more. They had like the opening where a bunch of people talked about their segments on the shelves. So this was this was a different. Than they usually do and I thought it was a good idea. The fiction montage ECOWAS yet was although I mean the poll fixture montage always was built around a lot of music with you know talking here there. Whereas is more straightforward series of people talking their matches later on the show Again I think it was a good idea to highlight stuff coming up the problem was that they still through in so much of that goofy comedy tone with Ms and Morrison and begin others that to me like the effectiveness of that sort of silent would be to make. Make viewers think there's a bunch of important stuff on the show. I should stay tuned for it, but the tone was so You know so usual database goofiness completely undermined What should have been the whole point of airing in the first? So so what you're saying is. It's a bird. It's a plane. My fist is his lowest lane. Isn't your idea of building up? The match. I'd forgotten that. Yeah, that's Jesus. That's awful. What this remind what this reminded somebody on twitter, which therefore triggered. It definitely reminded me of it. Because I grew them but I didn't think of it at the time. Even more than pulp fiction montage. Saturday's made bets. At the top, they would have the wrestlers. Talking little sound bites. In collection of soundbites leading up to the opening the match, that seemed like a throwback to that. Some more absolutely. Now that music in my head. Obsession that's what is that what the name of the song was! To invent the what of Your mind sessions I don't remember that. Music! FOR WHATEVER REASON THE MUSIC! Mind is a summer slam the. Bomb. Bumper Oh. Yeah, that's right. Yeah? They used to summaries on on prime time wrestling. Some was definitely more powerful Dan. got. All right so they opened versus Zarro. Star win here and he thoughts on that. Stipulation at stake as a reminder. Yeah. I'm not really a fan of any segment that's designed to set up tables patch, which is what the idea was here, but I thought says Ireland's Menachem. They did their best to make. It feel like something that you'd want to see. So says ro in particular does feel motivated right now, and that's part of I. Don't always remember this number of weeks back I. Cut a Promo on on Bailey and Sasha because they thought they really undermine the segment. Where says ro was trying to get that over and I thought that was an early clue. That Zara was feeling very motivated, but it Kinda got You know Kinda got ignored because Bailey and Sasha really really undermined what he was doing, but he's. He's been doing a lot recently to suggest try and. he's trying to do the best. You can and to get noticed He's very talented, so you know it's sort of. It's very frustrating. Career sorrow, because you know you feel like you take that guy in that talent, and you know you booked better i. feel like he could have had a great great career I, don't. I mean I could see him having like a hall of fame level like Real Hall of fame level. And Unfortunately you know. He was. One of the many victims of Of An era of bad very bad booking. Yeah I. Agree I. It was weird I was thinking about that also because I felt he was motivated, and I was just thinking about like the way he portrayed himself at one of the NFC takeover specials when they did an outdoor preshow, and it was just like man, you know he showing aside of himself that that could be a top polythene got and I. Don't know if he just laughed and smiled too much behind the scenes and Goofy, and Vince looked at him and my top guy. Look at him. He's just a goofball. Dump blend the victim. Well I'm not justifying. It was the way it was the way she was dressed, she she she bought it upon herself. The guy that the guy that you know the talented as he was i. just do not accept the idea that like if he just carried himself differently back behind the because it's not even he's not like a guy that has reputation for being a jerk or anything like where he's causing trouble like the idea that like well. He's you know he's adding too much of goofiness to Swiss. Like now I I. I don't WanNa. Even countenance that that's that's. For not recognized talent, and he got over a bunch of different points like you know where people were ready to roll with them. Despite the fact, that wasn't even getting pushed at the time so. You know he's. You know he's. Not on him well now throwing me out of the bus, I just want to make clear I'm not blaming. I'm just saying that might be what Vincent man uses to trigger his decision making. A not in agreement of I, do not blame the victim. I just want to be very clear. Well, you you, you do sometimes like or more accepting of people not getting pushed. Because you know you hear. They're sort of Bad behind the scenes whereas my audis I don't about behind the scenes I just care about who's talented which granted I recognize that there. You know that's in the real world. That can be a limitation because. Human beings are human beings, and if you're if you're working backstage, somebody's just a pain in the ass to deal with all the time. It probably doesn't. Diminish your interest in in in your best. Get them over, but you know I'm. I'm I'm thinking of higher goals. Yes, no, no I! Get that, too. And I think there's an in presenting yourself in a way that doesn't seem to. That shows a side of yourself. That makes it hard for Vince McMahon. Who just on a whim can sort of make a decision to push? Not Push someone based on. Just what he what? He sees off camera that doesn't mean your heart to work with, or you're not really motivated. It just means that's a and Vince. McMahon going all right. That's a side of him. We don't WanNA present a TV, but what we can present on. TV is big time money and sometimes I just think Vince, doesn't he can't get past somebody just not like I think drew McIntyre right now. Is Super Super? Self aware of carrying himself. Like a champion to impress McMahon on and off camera, and I think it would behoove wrestlers who want to impressment man who knows how much longer that will be thing. But to take that into account. Your goal is to make the most money to push the reality is you're dealing with Vincent Man, and his his quirks about how we make decisions, and if you carry yourself professionally, show up a little early. You don't seem like a big mark, but you also look like you take this seriously, and you have a passion for it whatever you know all all the all the weird things that people who are around Vince will tell you to do and not do. It can help your career. It's sad. It shouldn't affect it as much as it does, but I think people who who are take that into account have succeeded more than those who. Of equal talent level I mean. That may be true. Moving. Here. One of the really cool parts of being a VP members getting to relive history through the pages of the pro wrestling torch newsletter back issues. We have progressing wrestling torch newsletter dating back to the late nineteen eighties. We put a new back issue up from twenty years ago that week, and so when you go VIP, you instantly have access to over fifteen hundred back issues. Issues and a new PDF along with an all text version. It's easier for you to read that on your phone goes up every weekend and the latest issues include a cover story from the June tenth. Two thousand issue on Goldberg returned to WCW and whether he's a solution to what was ailing WCW at the time. Also, my call titled Vince Russo is from Outer Space. And Bruce, Mitchell's call him still timely today, unfortunately of racist gimmicks and poverty pimps was the title. That's issue number six. Oh, six the week before that issue number six, zero five from June third features, a cover story talks about how there could be a shakeup in the wrestling industry with WCW for sale and E C W, having an uncertain future and also Bruce Mitchell column spoofing Vince Russo titled How I became World Champion. If. We go back another week to the May twenty seven two thousand issue it had detailed coverage of the Judgment Day two thousand pay per view, including my review and Staff Roundtable, reviews of the rock triple H, sixty minute, iron, man match, and also the final installment of the Lance Storm Torch talk with his thoughts on various EC. W colleagues the week before that the May twentieth two. Thousand Issue Issue Number six. Oh, three features, a cover story on Ric flair collapse in the ring during nitro par three of the storm torch. Talk with this explanation for why he decided to quit CW. Our coverage of W hardcore heaven pay per view and more, and then the week before that the May thirteenth issue features a cover story on the changing landscape and pro wrestling with the off moving from USA TNN and a potential shift of W also covers sidebar story on the death of an EC- W. Fan after a hotel party and WCW Slam Berry Coverage, and the week before that our coverage from the May six issue number six, zero, one of David Arquette, winning the WCW title. My, and notes aditorial examining Vince. Russo's controversial decision and flippant comments about title belts, our coverage of WWe backlash, two thousand and more I could keep going on, but that gives you an idea of what you're missing out on by not being BP member mentioned settling in on the weekend and kicking back and reading wrestling history, not through the lens of Wwe, filtering it to their benefit, not three people looking back on it through today's lands, but what was said at the time the week it happened by some of the voices that you are familiar with. On the way Keller Processing, podcast and Torch daily casts so go back. And relive professional wrestling through the the torch covered it in real time with contemporaneous coverage of progress, biggest events, biggest news stories biggest personalities I think you'll have a blast. It alone is worth the membership price for so many of our members checkout details on everything else that comes with the VIP membership including daily podcast VP exclusive and shows like this with the ads and plugs removed. GO TO POW TORCH DOT COM SLASH KGO VIP for full details. That's P W torch, DOT, com slash go! VIP prices are as low as eight dollars and twenty five cents a month on average. If you subscribe for a year or check us out for a month for nine dollars and ninety nine cents. At the few small things some. Moment of Bliss Alexa Nikki. Then like you're shown on saying moment of bliss. Don't like my what. Town of you sounded. You said moment of like moment of bliss the moment. We had moment of bliss I feel like whenever anyone says. Moment of blessed should be selling on lines of moment. Bless no, really the reason. I sounded excited because in my report here I'm trying to skip past like just quick little backstage, things or announcer segments, and I got a little lost and I was excited when I again. Koch so inconsequential on the show, so to speak I mean it was your typical of you know unless you're very ineffective over the scripted not at all believable way too cute, talking segment and look I mean this. This week's moment of bliss was far from the worst moment of bliss, but moment of bliss are consistently some of the worst segments on the show every week. The best part though is when Sasha was mean to the camera Guy Nikki just said. Don't you talk to him like that? You know the funny thing, too. Is that if you had like the same concept was just Alexa Nikki coming out there sort of an oddball grouping and sort of playing off each other and sort of like a funny way, and you just let them sort of doing an extemporaneous man I think they might be able to to pull it off I'm not sure because it is kind of outside their own of pro wrestling, because they aren't really geared towards building up matches so much, but like both of them are very good at their characters in a way that I think they might be able to do something with it, but you know like the the. The the screen just everything, and it's not just the fact that they're scripted all. It certainly doesn't help, but what they're scripted to do. Which is like? Have this like you know? Tepid Cute Banter that doesn't feel organic in any way doesn't feel like actual people talking and is more more designed to just sort of like highlight, the cuteness and the relevance of our brand of comedy than to accomplish any goal. Yes! Okay So then nicky crossing asking. It's Balian banks any thoughts on the actual match. Tag Match with does the same people wrestling over and over and over again. Though that is factually true. So Ms Morrison have little given Morrison, I guess a bit of a pep talk for his match with Braun. And then and then Bron Morrison go back to the fun house in a minute. Any, thoughts on on this two minute. Just, destruction of Morrison based I think it was last week you talked about. The use of Morrison. Yes, so the the the moment of bliss I was objecting to unlike the abstract because those things like always pretty bad in terms of what they're doing the Bron-. Morrison segment was just a really it was. It was a very bad segment. Relative to most segments that they do like I thought that the lines that they gave Braun were so bad. I thought bronze delivery was Bradford it was almost unintelligible, phony screaming I didn't buy. That guy was worked up in the slightest. I thought he was just awful in his presentation, and I thought Morrison acting so afraid of him just did a hell of a lot more hurt Morrison than to help brought, and I thought this was a segment that everybody in the segment came out of it worse than they wanna on. He speed talked and I I don't know if that was by design talk fast. That'll show that. You're really worked up. But you couldn't even understand what you're saying just like that to me. That's where we stop the taping in go. Let's try that again. Because, yeah, yeah, absolutely one thousand one they should have just I mean granted. They shouldn't have given him that material in the first place, but there's gotta be a way to deliver that material in the way. He did I thought he was just awful. Yeah Yeah. So there was the I guess we're kind of in between the initial Ms Morrison pep talk in match itself. In some of the stuff that Brian, they had the firefly funhouse where it got all the started. In kind of moved to the old, the old original bray, any any thoughts on that video patch. Okay. Glad I circle back to it. You never know Lacey. Lacey. Confirming, she's she'll now any thoughts on that. For some reason you mentioning that like imagine like a cartoon of you and me, we're like we're going through the woods and you're. GonNa lead you present something I imagined this cartoon form. You looking all happy. Clicking restaurant and walking on? Disgusted. Being very sad. Sarah Sarah Cooper's. The. Speaking over. Imitating Donald Trump speaking I don't know how to say. Ventriloquist Ventriloquist VENTRILOQUISTS DONALD TRUMP I don't know. There should be a cartoon version of the facts I just walk. Make my boys just like you described like an animated version and people decide go from super, happy and wide tooth very sad and my shoulders slumping. move onto the next thing. Somebody out there. Somebody other. Yes so. Question for that? Lacey Evans confirming Oh. Yeah I mean I. Did I did think the finish of this was clever. In terms of just being really underhanded way for he'll the pick up a win, so you're turning? If you're turning lacy, he'll again. I thought that was a a good way of of getting across that character switch. then. Jeff Hardy pro talking about this week's Is A smackdown match up your match. I can't confirm that now. You're. Are we sure it wasn't on paper view? I just forgot. All right so yeah. Lacey or wait, what am I talking about here? Jeff Hardy, so any thoughts on on the latest, already pro talking about James. T! I wasn't ready for the next thing I needed at six seconds to figure out what to do next. We'll just jump to the main about the look like anything else happened here. Just my riddle INTERCON Otemachi styles winds in eighteen minutes. And they turn that into a pivoted to a Corbin Riddle feudals like. Oh! This is a very good match. very good, main fat and I'm with you I'm cool with the finish there are people were really upset. That riddle lost on so quick into a smackdown tenure, and certainly as a general rule they beat people way too quickly on the main roster, but I thought the finish was laid out in a way so that you watch that and Aj did earned the win. Got You know he got the win? It wasn't a garbage finish, but you're left. At least I was thinking watching this matching over token definitely. Definitely beat Asia. Aj just barely got by the sky and age as one of their one of their top talents. Now obviously, the follow up is key, and it's you know it's not wise to expect optimal. Follow up from other be but I. Think if you have riddell beat Baron Corbin decisively. Work Way back to Asia. You can sell a pay per view rematch down the line where fans will care about vittal, overcoming Aj and capturing the title, so I thought I thought the finish was laid out in a way. That could very easily be. A ineffective setup for a later title match with. With. RITALIN AJ and. I think if you. I tend to think that if you gave the promotion more credit that you'd be. You'd be more open to that. You're just like with aws shown a better ability to protect stars, and when you know Moxley beat Brian Cage last week. It was pretty early into indicators his tenure but I think people thought okay. You know we say thing Lance Archer when he lost to cody. Okay these people are are looking out for different people. It's OK. They can get over this loss and I thought the same thing about the about the riddle AJ thing I. liked I liked the post-match a lot, too I thought it was very well laid out in. That AJ offers, and I haven't heard a lot of people talking about. Maybe they just sort of missed with the story they were telling. The story is came. Question me where AJ offers handshake and. Offering, handshake is the point when Corbin you know, attacks riddle from behind so the the handshake was effectively setting up for the attack, but Aj's facial expression suggested that he wasn't aware that was going to happen, so it felt like a tease, maybe AJ's turning face, but at the same time it might be deal where it was a ploy, he was acting that way, but in fact he was in on that and setting up riddle and you. Could you know you can tell a story where riddle isn't sure whether he can trust at some point, we're gonNA. Learn whether AJ's in cahoots with Corbin. Aj was not incudes Corbin and he's moving in a in a different direction, and so I thought that I thought that I thought that was interesting. I thought you know thought it protected on anything that you may be more interested in coming for the title again and set up the the immediate feud with riddle, beating, corporate and the so. Again I'm you know I'm reluctant to expect too much? But I thought you know and the abstract what they set up in that final segment I thought it positively belt to a number of different things. Like when a Sami Return Jericho shocked and I think the assumption is he knew and was faking it, but I didn't see a cartoonish reaction from Aj from Jericho where it was like feigning surprise. Yeah, I, mean I voted as AJ. It's it felt like I watched that if I'm trying to read that. Ignoring the fact that pro wrestling tries to swerve you on different things. My reaction is age is being sincere. That was just a coincidence. Hugh might be annoyed at the fact that it happened because he did want to give props after that match, and he felt that what Corbin was doing. What's kind of wrong? Need an extra dose of positivity in your arresting podcasts will come join me out for L. Over in the progress, Paradise Opinion Torch Vip as we BOSC on the bright side of wrestling and focus on some of the great matches, and chose from around the world be at the US, Japan, Europe or Mexico, there's always a place of residence passed in the Paradise to, and we've done fun. Historical shows such as the we love ligers series, celebrating glorious career of Thunder, like on our I was there. There when shows where guests will join me to talk about a classic bent that they were in attendance for we love variety, and you can expect lots of it at the pro rest paradise detailed. Peter Roof Torch VIP subscription information on a list of all the VIP benefits is available at Piero torture. VIP, Info Dot Com, and yes, all VIP Alcazar compatible with a podcast APPs on iphone and android devices, or you can stream them directly from our AD. FREE VIP mobile site C in the paradise. Okay. So I'll shift to Monday night raw. We opened with seth responding to what happened in the eye for an eye. Match your thoughts on the follow up to that. Before, we get to that broader point here about the show. in ratings have been dreadful. And there are a bunch of reasons for that obviously, but one that I don't hear. A lot of discussion about is the. Counterproductive overall formula this show. People have knocked the booking on some of the matches this week. You know like the champion. The street prophets beating the challenges on Helen Andrade. Kyrgyzstan beating Bailey when Kyrie's leaving. Shortly and it's true you look at those in the finishes. Don't make a lot of sets, but the big overarching problem. I've you in that. Regard is the formula of having an I've looted this on the smackdown part of having all the people involved in feuds on the show. In every match involves people who have present issues with each other and I get why they do that because to them, it's all about the personal issues, and it's not really about competition or working towards titles so it's just about building up these garages, and then having these people who don't like each other over and over and over again, and you're going to be compelled because to have this story that's being told between these two this dramatic story that revolves around them. You know distracting each other and their matches interfering in their matches but when the same people. Wrestling each other every week until the feud is over, and they move onto a new feud, and then have the same matches every week. That's a bunch of different negative consequences number one. It's boring. You know who wants to see the same people wrestling every week for three months. It's monotonous number two. The paper you matches feel important because you've already seen it a million times. So who cares by the point you got like the big climax, because it's just another long longstanding group of matches and number three, and most importantly you necessarily have to just trade winds back and forth until nobody gets over rather than having a bunch of stars winning their matches. You have a show that's full of. Of people going fifty fifty, and if any of them removed, you just put a new person. They go fifty fifty with whoever there and there and so this week it was you know the street profits turn to win, and it was Kyrie's saints, trying to win, even though neither result me that much sense in the big picture, because if you just do the same few matched over and over and over again you have to have both sides taking turns winning and nobody gets over, and that's all this show was so let's go through the match on the show first mattress, allaster, black and seth rollins ouster black has wrestled either seth rollins or Buddy Murphy the last eight matches. He's had on RAW. Time that also black rustled somebody other than Seth rollins or Buddy Murphy on raw, was April twenty seven. It's been four. Months Wade since also black has wrestled in anything other than those same two people, and he's won four of those matches and he's lost four. It's going nowhere. It's the same thing over and over and over again who could care? What? What are the stakes in? This is the same people doing the same stuff over and over and over again you know the the the the next match was folly Cetera Alexander, and Ricochet and Sheldon Benjamin Bobby Lashley in VP Obviously Mustafa scammed to raw cedric Alexander the last six times. Cedric spin on raw. He's wrestled either MVP or somebody that MVP's managing every time except for one week where he wanNA squash he's three and two aside from the squash the last time that Cetera Alexander anybody that was not either MVP or somebody managed by MVP. was. Let's see here. April thirteenth. Ricochet, again. It is delight. twenty-three today. ricochets been on television a little bit more, so he's Russell, a little bit more, but same Sandia last eight matches that that ricochets had on raw reader against envy, P or somebody that's managed by MVP apart from the same tag team squash was said with Alexander, and he's three and four apart from that squash so back and forth back, and forth back and forth and as the same thing with cedric. The last time he wrestled somebody else in the squash was thirteen after that yet peyton voice and we'll be Ryan. Now rubies wrestled one of the iconic last four times that she's been on raw, which is not quite as bad as some of the others, but the last time that she vessel somebody other connex on raw was may twelfth against Charlotte so a little bit better only two months, plus and naturally against the iconic. Card to until. After that street profits street profits are a little bit very more very than most but of their last eight matches on raw. They've either wrestled with against the Viking raiders or against on Hello Dry seven times out of the eight, and then they had one match Lashley an MVP They're actually seven in one so there one act. It's getting pushed. That's a positive, but again very narrow group of people that are feuding with after that was Kyrie's sane and Bailey Kyrie's wrestled Sasha. Bailey, every time she's been on raw since. Bailey is a little bit different. Because her feud on raw is with Oscar Kyrie feud on smackdown Nikki and Alexa, so there's a little variation there, but her last eleven raw smackdown pay per view matches have all been part of one of those two feuds with the exception of one match, which was against the iconic in June other than it's Bailey versus Kyrie Bailey versus Nikki Billion Sasha. Nikki Billion Sasha versus Hoskin Kyri Bailey versus Oscar, billy versus Alexa, billion Sasha versus. You're just saying the same names over and over. Still thinks. Daily Shivers Alexa Nikki. And so on. It's boring to read, and they do it over and over and over again. You know if it's boring to read probably not that entertaining to watch and Bailey's at least getting a Porsche, although that still means eighty three and those eleven matches. That's about as strong as they. As they do, but to me like you can do better than that for your champion than than. Than that as your high point, and then Randy on versus big show which they've you know. They've built better and wasn't the same thing over and over, but but they've wrestled. A million times over the years, and if you WANNA create stars, and make your matches feel exciting to me, having the same people wrestle over and over, and over again is an awful formula, and that's that's putting aside the scripted promos and the cult language and everything else they. They need to improve a lot of things together the whole they've dug for themselves, but one big thing that would help a lot is utilizing the roster. They have so many people under contract and a lot of town of people, and they can protect different key stars by having them beat different opponents every week to setup dramatic pay-per-view clashes where they meet other people who have been. been winning a bunch of matches rather than just having the same people wrestle every week. Training winds back and forth and then you, you get to the big show, inconclusive finish and setup the next cycle I mean look at aws. They're bringing Eddie. Kingston Kingston broadened so much energy compared to the same people wrestling every week, and then cody just beats them clean and the ad because code as a big star, and when cody loses a, it's a big deal I think that's so much more of an effective formula than this formula. The Debbie is rolling out and that formula is a big part of why ratings have been doing so badly during that time period. Wow Yeah that lays out. Very clearly different booking philosophy, and I mean the depth of talent wwe has. Available to them. Collective. People trapped, but They don't have to book this way I mean they just they they. That's one of the things they could do to. If they're looking around going. What are we doing wrong? That's leading to the last two weeks robbing the lowest ever in the last two hundred hours being the lowest, the least viewed hours of raw, having not feel like the same thing with just a slight stipulation changes slight change in in the makeup of the same people in a different type of match. Is is part. It's not the only thing that would make a difference, but it's one of the things that should behind their list when they're looking at. Is there something we can do different? Even if we're not sure it'll work? Absolutely and again a big part that is not only the monotony of it, but the fact that it necessitates this back-and-forth booking where nobody comes across the star. And if you had different people working in there, you would have more of a you know more of a likelihood that you just put over the people that are in the key matches by than rather than the the the back and forth. Yep All right, so yeah, you covered. You covered a lot of their from A. Macro Topical Roll through. If you WANNA talk in anymore. She brought to you by the seth. rollins thing yeah, the problem was just there I didn't find it particularly notable in a good or a bad way. as mentioned I. I thought that well actually didn't match rollins. Beating also black clean was stupid given how much more black needs big winston than Seth Rollins, but again I mean it's you know it's they go back and forth, and I thought either back further. look bad by getting beat up by two guys. Nobody coming out to help him, I think. Possibly black being. that it will set the table for black going to seth. I don't think I. Mean it's it's possible, but I don't view ouster black as somebody that would fit well as a stooge, third member of a of a group I think he's. He's much better office. More of a lone wolf baby face, but. Baby doesn't always have to be you know completely without Franz when I would think it could be on a journey to refrain putting him in that situation where it's clear, it's not a good fit. And he sort of works from within, and there's pretty early signs that people can pick up on that. He's already going, and maybe this isn't the right thing and he gains coffee. Yeah, there's a story you can tell where he ends up landing in the place that makes the most sense for him, but he's sort of spinning his wheels right now, so we can go on that journey in the fans can look at that and observe what. You mentioned, which is, this isn't a good fit watch. Allaster kind of come to that realization gained confidence for who he really isn't break away. With the idea, being I had no friends and I'm getting beat down, and I lost Seth. Maybe there's something I can learn from him being the initial impetus for joining. or I mean you could also do the thing where you know Ron says hey last week, nobody is you know nobody helped you out? Why don't you come? Join me and that's. How that you know that both next thing without a prolonged, he's or whether he might accept true and then. Give him a beer. Thirty. Eight All right, so let's. We had a couple of appearances from Ron Simmons. Just making cameos on the show any any thoughts on what that was all about. David said that it's they were thinking of starting a new nation of domination, which would be quite the idea if they if they did it but you know if that was the plan thankfully decided against wow! Yes, so anyway. We had a bunch of stuff. with MVP and. Scheldt Benjamin and the twenty four seven title, and then we had, we stopped by lease, said Rushing Shelton Bobby VP. If you just want to talk about whatever you have, notes on her, want to talk about regarding that group on. Other, the six man was a good match and. All should have won his first match back in. Obviously he'll be losing next week or the week after, but you know it's better than losing the I I suppose Yup. So. promos match and then picture also Promo event, setting that up before we get to the main got more things talk about. But what do you think of the Promos by both of them to try to increase interest in it? I thought Randy Orton was excellent I thought big show is very good in his own right. I thought they did a very good job of building up that. MEENA VAT and Advertising that manufacture, and it still did poorly, which speaks to a point regularly with you wait, which is that emphasizing for viewers? What's coming up later in the show is only effective. If it's something that viewers want to see and I thought this was something that they could make. People want to see based on how well they did it, but. I would not have thought that going in and so I think for a lot of people they they stuck with their gut instinct, which is randy or big again, who cares? In in fairness to my theory, The draw from the first of the third hour was less than average so they started off low lower than you would expect, they would coming out of a pay per view and ordinance and big show held the audience better than than average for this year, so I would argue that the promos helped them stave off an even bigger drop off in the third hour, and that that served up, and there was time we'll spend on the show. And I. Don't think that's a very good argument. Way Number One. They advertise this thing. Out The week, so the fact that they weren't able to draw a big audience suggested that that all the hammering home of that was undone by the fact that people didn't WanNa see it, and as far as the ratings patterns I don't know if everyone talks about this. At. What point do we accept the general trend because I always feel like this good news, the bad news. The good news is fewer people. The good news is the bad news. Is that fewer people tune at the beginning the good news? They retain the more like it's. It's an obvious connection that there's a group of people that watch the three hours of the show. There's a group of people that are less inclined to to watch the show, and if they do, they tend to watch only closer to ours. Ours, and so if you draw more of those sorts of people, they tend to drop off earlier and if you don't tend to draw a lot of those people, the audience retains itself better because the people that don't WanNa, stick around for a really long show tended auto been there in the first place. Those things are connected so very often and There's a very logical reason for why that would be that I. Don't know why people don't draw causal link more because it seems to me very straightforward. I. Okay well two things. I think if. If you have an audience tuning in at the beginning, and this isn't discounting what you're saying, but it's also not stipulating. The idea that if they draw more people in the first hour, those people are more likely to peel off. I don't I. Don't think that's illogical, but I. Don't think explains Everything and I think if you start off with like this week, they started off with one point seven, four, zero, million, which was more than last week, which was one point eight million. And they lost. Two, hundred five. That's the all time record low by the way show. Yes, yeah, that's true. Well, let's let me look for. One point seven fort while it's hard to find a first hour. That's that low. If we go back to. Nineteen ninety seven. No, no, no, yeah, exactly so no go to four weeks to June twenty-ninth, because it's a reasonably similar I our number of one point eight six, so about one hundred twenty thousand off. And they lost two hundred seventy thousand viewers compared to just two hundred, five thousand. That they lost, and my my only argument is similar to me twenty two thousand difference. That's two seventy dollars. To seventy versus to five. Oh two seven, yeah! Still pretty similar, but that is at least somewhat pronounced jail. Yeah, in the average for the years to sixty two so anything that is a twenty percent lower drop off. I am going to for the sake of defending. My argument attributed to the fact that a lot of those people would have left the show except randy and big show did a really good job talking them into staying otherwise they would have peeled off and it would have been more of an average drop off for the show. Yeah, I just don't buy that at all I. Think I mean and look I'm not I'm not. I'm not creating creating creating a You know like a word document where I keep track of these every time, but. Because I've been thinking for a very long period of time. I note every time this happens, and it happens all the time. which is you know either the good news on the show is that they retain their audience better, the bad news they start with the audience or the good news is. They started strong bad news. They didn't retain their audience as well. It's you know those are the two. Patterns that we see over and over and over again, and I think those are fundamentally connected to the length of the the length of the show in the nature of the audience, and there's a reason why it's much less. Much less often than they are with a low audience, and then they have a big drop off as well or they start with audience, and they don't have a very big drop off. Those two patterns are very rare. which if you had shows that weren't three hours I? Think would be relatively common patterns. Apparently remember the days when women's wrestling matches were relegated to the bit card, dumping ground and treated like glorified intermission. The era when it was only men in the talk in the feds getting the biggest matches every night, yeah! Vaguely. Seriously well, we might have a long way to go. Really have come a long way baby, and that's why we started grit and glitter. CAST covering the best in the world of women's wrestling from the horse. Women WWe to the goddesses of startup and everyone in between. Each Tuesday emily myself and our team of guests, correspondence, talk the best matches and the biggest news in women's wrestling. Plus interviews deep dies and discussions about everything for media representation to gear to women behind the scenes roles just search Pete W, torch in the podcast of your choice to subscribe or listen demand and see the entire pw torch cast schedule at pw torch. Dot Com. Okay, so I'm? GonNa cherry-pick couple numbers. Trump! See from April through may from. Cherry pick. I'm admitting up from the table. Right? Okay I'M GONNA take I'm going to grab a five weeks where the first are rating was pretty similar for for the five one point nine, nine, four, one point, nine, four, zero, one point, nine, four, five, one point, nine, three, three. Those are the first hour numbers for four the five weeks April thirteenth to May Eleventh I'm eliminating the one point eight. Oh, seven on May fourth. It's a bit of an outlier because I want similar numbers, the dropoffs, the drop offs for those four shows, one, hundred, sixty to two twenty to forty, seven and one thirty one, so those were high. Higher Than No, those are lower than those numbers reflected post, wrestlemainia low I our numbers, but they're all similar, and there was a wide discrepancy in terms of first to third hour. DROP OFF! During. Five call that a wide scrap three hundred, twenty, six versus one, hundred, thirty, one thousand is a gigantic discrepancy two weeks apart. Says Lulu I mean that's that's still a very very small percentage of the overall audience, and those are the two strongest outliers. You have the whole thing I don't i. don't view that as being I mean. It's one hundred thirty thousand out of out of an overall audience over ten times as large. That doesn't seem like that big discrepancy at all I mean. Obviously, it's all you know. It's all just a framing argument, but I am I don't accept the argument. Those big differences I am sending my statistics to jury I rest my case. All right. What is a number? All right. Let's see here. Obiang, Kabila, what what do you think of Bianca are getting some some TV time now? She's back on. Roz opposed to relegate it to main event. And just the way that they've reintroduced. With. Her I think Bianca's very talented. So the you know them granted. It's better than half off on main event than just training on raw, but the optimal would be to. Have on regularly and winning when she's there because they need. Many talented people as they can get and I think she's one of the more talented people that they have. I think she's her wrestling has improved a lot. She's got a lot of natural athleticism. I think she's come. A significant ways in terms of the quality of harassing over time I think they're still plenty of room for growth enters of personality I. think she is able to pull off cocky in a way that still very likable, but I think that's GonNa. Be The challenge moving forward is you don't want her to become so over the top that should becomes less likeable and you know that's. She's reached that point, but that's something that I'd be. Looking out for you, know for her moving forward. Yeah, I'm. I think she's. A little closer to I think she's in the ambiguous range of turning some people laugh and not managing to be like cocky at this point. Because rapping eastern standard time rather than central time. I don't even notice that so. I will discount that except on a potential subconscious level which I can't disprove. Spread sheet on subconsciousness to. There was a backstage interview with acrylic Crusoe, talking about the Senate with Andreotti and Garza was dissension in the match did. Did I miss something. Or did they edit something out? Then then? They referenced in forgot that they referenced. If there was an remember. Upset they lost. Yeah, but it came across like she's like you guys need to get along and. Zelina I don't know. Yeah, it's just weird. It was like they're talking about something that I didn't notice happening Gotcha. Thinking I wasn't thinking about. This is watching it so I'm sort of piecing together in my mind, but my image of it is, they lose the smashed backstage kind of being annoyed with each other because they lost and that's when she says. Hey, you gotta get along. Yeah, I mean. The framing of her comments were like it was your chance and you blew it again. And then Garza said No. We were on the same page and Andrade agreed so the implication what she was saying yard on the same page. They're saying we were, but the match all up in minutes minus commercial I. Don't remember having dissention that cost them the match it just seemed like they lost. Yeah, they're just arguing over the fact that they lost by the way I. Don't WanNa I don't WanNa break from here, but the as we're talking the nationals world series flag. What a moment weighed it. What a moment today! I, forgot. SUCKER! Any thoughts on the actual metric profits and Garza underwriting. So not really didn't stand out to me when we're another I remember back in eighty seven and ninety one way back when Minnesota one one something in sports China in the parade, and that was a really cool thing so I. I didn't mean to diminish it by pretending that I didn't know they remember I remember those teams to Jack Morrison and Kirby Puckett Kent Her back and and a lot of. Greg with Gregg Gonyea spelled the same Gary Guy Eddie. Hi Yes gary. Guy Yeti tip greater basement Tim laudner. Frank Viola sweet music. Yes, he was. He was a great pitcher for years. He was yeah. Was that a shot back? Here's a great pitcher for a few years. Well, he didn't have longevity. Because I mean and and it wasn't shot because I think people don't think frankly Ola as great as he was fine because it didn't last that long. L. Newman. Yes. I do remember. When I was a kid, baseball was my favorite sport, and it was also a baseball card collector, so I I remember G- lots and lots of you know random obscure major leaguers from the you know the late eighties through mid nineties. Can I sell you some baseball cards? They seem to not have a value like I anticipated as a teenager. On them. No they haven't not at all Ma Still I. Mean I still have like because I i. I stopped like. But still get them occasionally and so i. have a decent like collection of autographs are probably Probably pretty valuable, but yeah. Most of them are not worth anything I think actually my the thing that I have that is the might be the most value is. Eddie Guerrero autograph from that WCW. Top Sat when they're doing like official autographs And those things are very hard to find and and quite expensive, so that might be the best one. That from a show for like thirty or forty bucks back in like maybe like one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, nine or something so that'd be like one of the rare. Cards purchase that actually appreciated. I do have the Gretzky rookie I haven't looked up with. That's what that's worth. Open okay. Yes, be doing well, yeah! You know what brought up. L.. Newman is like okay I'm GONNA stumped out on this one and I did. It reminds me of yesterday. Tyler sage on the AWA dynamite post show, and at the end he's like yeah, you know twitter I've got a lot of diverse interests, lot of knowledge and a lot of where you know pockets of weird pockets and stuff and you know. Bring up anything we'll we'll. We'll talk about it. There's right array of things I I'm interested in. What's Your Favorite Silent Movie from the Thirties starring with a female in a leading role in like answers it. Wasn't a female. Oh Yeah, my favorite, silent from nineteen from the nineteen thirties was this, and he talks for like forty five seconds on I was like wow, I'm going to have to work on this one for next time you're on. Haven't got to that yet. Although there are much more limited pools of of great silent movies in the thirty s relative to the previous decades so much sure what you would. Would you go with from the thirties? but he may be sold me on it. I might when I'm in the Mood for silent movie. Look that up and watch it. I can't my rent it out. I can always go listen back to the end of the chef. Every Sunday night catch wrestling night in America on W. Torch Daily Cast Dot com hosted by me PW's columnist. Greg Parks each week I'll welcome co host from the torch family to discuss the big shows and pro wrestling, taking your calls and emails you can listen live most weeks beginning at eight PM, eastern on Sunday nights with a wwe or impacts pay per view. We go on the air at. At the conclusion of that paper view, you can listen live, but of course the full show is available for download on demand anytime shortly after it airs visit, PW Torch Daily cast dot com and click the livestream link to find the next scheduled live show, link search, pw torch, an apple podcasts or your podcast APP to subscribe wrestling night in America. Every Sunday pw torch daily CAST DOT COM. All right, let's see I'm getting back entre or was what was the twins reliever during those years, whose last name started with Jeff? I'm I I'm sorry. I name was Jeff. What was his last name? Remember. Once you name it all recognize it starts with our. Jeff reardon. Yes I am. Closer, he was a close yeah. I was thinking of like an obscure middle, reliever. No, no I I'm not even sure I can get like off the top of my head. Come up with Jeffrey also had the big bushy beard, which made a very distinctive as well. Yeah, I'm trying to like think. Yes, he did yes. I'm trying to think of the. All the positions like launer Herbeck Guy Eddie. Who is who is the? It's been this whole time. We've been talking about joining McGraw shortstop. Because, he had an interesting name out. There was a silent letter in it or I. Don't know that was her back, but. Anyway now. We're people. We, want. Adult in that later on my own. So Sasha in Bailey. Come out and react to happenings at horse. Show in that I do kerosene and Bailey your thoughts on all that time. Nothing really to add, and it was again. You know I think they're presumably setting off barely doing something vile to to. Kyrie next the next week before she out so I think that's the the idea there. And then and then I guess it was with big Joe Norton, which is the magic though. I thought this was very well executed that Um big show did a a a very strong job of being sympathetic, and you know suffering at the hands of this really diabolical guy and I thought orden again was was really good in I. Think he's such a strong year. In terms of the way that you know created this really insidious character that feels feels different and feels fresher than you would have expected, and the rating stood out more. Because I think they did a really good job building up that match and it's still died death which to me. Is that even more that they were starting with something that people just didn't care to see and I'm very curious. How the Orden drew. McIntyre program does because I think they've done a very strong job, building or Andrew. McIntyre and making that feel like a big deal and. You'd think that would be able to generate some interest based on how well they've done on it, but. Is Very well may be a deal where people just don't care about about orange because he's been around so long. Which I certainly understand because that was my mentality with orange. For you know for over a decade you know and You Know I. Guess it sort of takes time to overcome those. The presuppositions in the the demo rating just being so bad in a young man. You know eighteen to forty nine it is. I mean I, just I mean that's I'm trying to think of like how many eighteen to twenty five year olds in that range. Have the affection or a recognition of what big show. Like, do they see big show? Tune in see a big show match and I I don't know that they do. Ten year olds who are watching his Netflix's series might but I'm not sure that twenty so. I doubt it I mean it wasn't like that was some hit. On the net flux line one eleven year old who runs into the room big shows on, he goes. because. He watched series. Yeah he just he benched it. Over to mornings. When he thought it was. Do you think he would have gone to it if you weren't his Dad Oh? Yeah, I didn't tell them assuming that this is your son. I'm sorry. Know another ten year old. No, I didn't. I didn't encourage it. I mean I. Don't encourage him to watch wrestling. He just does well. He's still he's still might have been like. Wow only. Wrestling here's a wrestler. Sit. Powell, CIECHANOW. Yeah I don't know. I think I mean perhaps i. mean he the idea that? Yeah, there's something wrestling related, and it's a sitcom. Netflix's saying hey, you should watch it in. The watched didn't liked it enough to binge it. Yeah. I mean I could've. Skipped it. Cover wrestle. I don't know. I can interview and ask him. Access to find that information. Steve Lombard dozy by the way the name I was trying to think of. The Nazri mistaken with the Brooklyn Brawler, no and the baron gear bookie remember that Juan Berenguer Middle Reliever. Of course barringer. Art I I have the VHS I have not given that up. The baron gear boogie. VHS tape. I think they gave it away to game I. Don't know how I ended up. I haven't so. Someone really wants that. You don't even price. Okay, Yeah so anyway back to my actually more relevant point, I wonder if twentysomethings just you know they're watching w. you know like I mean. I mean there's almost as many people in that in that demo. And if we broke down the demo, even tighter, there's probably more people in their twenties watching Awa than Rod lately and care more and it. Would you know about cody and Moxley, and the bucks and on and on then care about big showing radio, who are who are legacy, stars, and legends and Famers, but have been around a long time, and have had some bad story lines, and I don't think in the last ten years have been part of things that we necessarily capture the attention of those those twentysomethings when they were kids. Yeah, well, it's two different things on the two. Because with orden he's been involved in. In, so much stuff that's been uninteresting for such a long period of time were as big show pictures of generally treated as something important. You know like he's just a guy that turns back and forth, and you know you lose more often than he wins. He's not. He's not presented somebody important. This is an attraction, so you know I don't know why that would resonate with people. I think I think that the fact that all the people stick around more is less about them identifying with any and big show because they're older and more about that. They just don't have like when you're younger. I think you're more apt to just like. This isn't very good. I'll try something new. To this. I'll go to that so. Younger people I think gravitate towards whatever's at you know. Whatever's popping at that point in time you know whether it's music or TV or movies or whatever, and so you know the the stuff that's just sort of coasting on its reputation there. I think older people are less likely to drift away from as quickly so i. think that's more. What's going on and I think view would certainly benefit from having if you're going to spend this time in this attention. And I think again. That done a good job with this stuff here, but I think you'd. You'd benefit more from focusing that television. Time on making people think that Keith Lee is a really big deal Anwar. smackdown or making people think that Matt Riddle is a really big deal or or You know we're allaster, black or one of the many people that are sort of fresh and new. Yeah, no I, a youth movement, and I mean I think that's what Paul Heyman was trying to do within the confines instructor structure of what he could. But you know Ali and and riddle. I'd be putting time into more than randy and big show in part. Because it just hasn't. It's been the a focus during a time of declining overall ratings. Problem with the with the Haymond thing. Is that by the time that he had started trying to those people so many of them had already been defined out, and Mike I like trying to do it there, but like I I thought a lot of the people he was doing. We're just pastor and I know I differ from other people who FAO g with they are. A bad opening fetch show I'll look. Can You do? Uh can start their. That thing just sort out of the way. towards the DUGOUT. Focus. Occur to I'm quicker to view people as being unsalvageable than other people are put. Unsalvageable, but like you're better off just building somebody new, even if they aren't as you know as good, just grab somebody fresh and I think thousand problems there. It was that so many those people had already been. Weakened in the booking and presented is not being very important that you know it would have been better. Just grab a new group than and run with them. I have noted twitter quote of the week. I'm, quicker. To view unsalvageable than others are. Okay, that's actually that's actually not true in General Santos pro wrestling setting and I don't i. don't really care. I just WANNA provocative quote. CONTEXT NUANCE OR, anything What Fun is that? We're about to go to another commercial break. Why are you listening to commercial breaks? 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Let's see attorney just around the SPN and or just showing close up of a bunch of empty seats. Let's. Mark, some. Seats. Yes, all right, let's see. So, we're done with raw anything that I skipped over that you had Onoda. Ana. Let's. Let's jump to last night. W show. and. They opened with Cody in and. We before we get going on this show I got something to say about this one this well. Oh this is a great show I thought. Entertaining stuff up and down. Really good wrestling. Really good angles got a bunch of people over I thought. This is one of the best episodes of dynamite. They've done You know it wasn't. It wasn't presented as the most important in terms of the stakes, but up and down the show I was watching one segment after another I think this is doing. This is entertaining, and it's getting people over over and over and over again this this was a great template for what eight for dynamic should be. Yeah, yeah. I felt bad because I after I. Do the PODCASTS and do my I do the life podcast afterwards and I do my hotline and. Talked through the show and I have a chance to reflect an. Hotline and I was like. This was a better show than I portrayed it at the top of the. At the top of the live show shows over boom I. Scramble I. Get logon start taking calls talk with coast. Whatever and I was like well. What's the one thing you grab and go on? This is what this week will be remembered for, and it had like lots of good stuff, but I was like well nothing jumping out as at one singular thing that yeah start with other than same evora and the idea of him coming back, which wasn't really about. It was something kind of to the side of the show, but then when I by the end of the evening after talking about it for hours. I was like this wasn't like. It didn't have like one big thing, but start to finish. It was just. It, moved forward so many storylines. It felt kind of that debt. The remember the after Wrestlemainia when things get reset. There'd be everything that SORTA be freshened up. You could tell there was some ideas that are holding off on because they just had to get through Wrestlemainia. And after three special shows with themes now they're heading towards their big show And they have all these things that they just kind of put the wheels in motion on. Yeah. I'm with you the first hour, just so high-octane, and then even the rest of the show. It didn't have that. Energy in the ring or whatever, but it had in terms of character development, just kind of intriguing little droplets here and there of things that moves move things forward and reshuffled I thought was really good So, what did you think of the Promo from Kingston? I loved it I thought that young any Kingston was such a breath of fresh air I mean not that that to me is professional wrestling. You know like I'm not saying make any. Championed by any means or even necessarily the sign that he can extend like that's basically what I want, pro wrestling a big rugged tough guy. You give him a microphone. You don't know what he's going to say. And what he's focused on is kicking somebody's ass. You know like that that's us. That's what I like about wrestling and and Python, True absolutely I thought it was a great poem of the mattress. Entertaining to I. Hope that they work. The thumb tacks into the cody story like I think he shouldn't just come back next week. Like nothing happened, but I thought it was a segment wherever everybody got off, I thought cody got over in in in in winning. I thought Eddie Kingston made a great accounting firm South, and like like I, said I'm I'm fine with signing him. Find with not signing him Eddie Kingston's guy been around for a long period of time his you know his his strengths and weaknesses are pretty clear Here's a guy that I feel like it kind of Kind of came along too late in the sense that I thought he would have fit into that e C, w time period really really well in terms of strengths. And he instead came into like the period where it was more of an hour away time period, and those are not his strength as much, but the fact that he was different than a lot of people. I think you know. Give some advantages that other people don't have. Yet so the match itself. What did you think of cody's role in this and the continuation of other portrayal? I thought it was a good match yeah. A. I, don't read too much into. Cody's mannerisms will make another just because you know as we talked about he's he's Dory funk junior character where he's the champion. He's a star and the way that you feel about him. Largely depends on who who's interacting with. Each week. What one thing I didn't think was funny. Was Eddie Kingston brings in the thumb tacks in the bag, and if you've been watching wrestling for any period of time, recently, you're expecting. Those or thumb tacks because people bring the tax. You know bags. All the time, but poor Tony Savant he has no idea what might be in this bag and he's just shocked when it's tax. And it reminded me of all those episodes of nitrile been watching where Tony is full each and every time by fake sting sometimes multiple. You know like. Oh, it staying, staying at staying, and then when like you know the six foot ten guy you know attacks, you know. Diamond. Dallas page with a bat and pulls off the plastic thing. He's like okay. That wasn't staying and then another fake. Sting. It's I. I appreciate Tony Sherani decades of. Of being completely unable to to to figure things out. and was completely four by. Two so poor, poor gullible Shirvani. Yes. I think he was expecting a longer suspension for Sammy though so we got to give them a little break. They go. PRE-TAPE MOXIE PROMO? Not Super Long but any comments. Jeff and Griffin Garrison. I like to spend a lot too. I thought MGM had that killer instinct that I've been wanting to see more of where he just looked like he was not just a jerk, but somebody who's dangerous and vicious and I think that adds a gravity to his character and he just you know destroyed poor griff garrison as he should have. That's that's exactly what he should have done. I thought very factor in adding dimension to the character that he would benefit from having. yeah, this was my one of my favorite jeff segment because it captured his. He'll entertainment factor without being too entertaining where you're like kind of with him. And then he was really tough in the match he came across as bad as in the match, not playing chicken role or leaning on wardlow to help or anything like that and I think for him to reach the highest level on the car. That is where the that that's the direction. They should be going with his with his presentation. Exactly. Remember Baker. Baker getting a little over exposed I think she'd be better off taking a week or two of television You know they've sort of they. We've got the joke now and serve just hitting variations of the joke and this it's a funny gimmick, but I think it would feel fresh off a little bit, and then bought it back particularly since you can't wrestle right now, so she can only. Yeah Yeah. Then, we had. The interview, Tasr and Brian Cage, with. Tasr Explaining that it was rough week, brank angels and Appleton throwing the Towel, so they followed up on that, and then explained how they kind of came to to to piece on that and try to justify why he's still the Twa World Champion, and then we had the ink with Derby Allen running out followed by ricky stark soon, then Max. Yeah those good poems I tasked, although I thought it was still very hard to justify why cade cages carrying around this F Twa. Title I, don't think they're all to pull that off on. I understand Ricki. Strokes is an early contender for knockout of the night. You have seen Saturday night event he, he did very well. There pretty pretty brutal. And I think it's a good spot for for stocks. Then, we had butcher laid against the young bucks. Your thoughts on that. I? Really liked this match as well entertaining as hell plus Lakewood JFK established that toughness to the box rather than just doing moves. which is you know he there another act I think benefits from having more of that the one the one improvement I would have made is to a WHO's to say. What's improvement one? The one modification would have made is. is to give the box more reason to show that edge because you know the butcher, the blade have been. You know kind of feeling the box, but it's not like they did anything. You know particularly bad to Piss them off. Whereas if you had a built in reason for them to get more upset, like let's say they said something about the Boxes Dad. Then you could, you could accentuate the story by saying like Oh. You know the butcher and the blade did axe look at. The way the box acting here. This sends a message of what happens when you got them really motivated. Yes. Yes, all right. Then we move into our number two with the women's match. diamanti getting when here any thoughts on that. Others are the disappointment I was expecting more I didn't think this was a good match at all. and they announced the the women's Tournament. The. Lethal, lottery battle basically your thoughts on on that being a theme later this summer. We'll see how they do. They never worked out well in the past, but I do think as I was thinking about it that the idea works better over series of weeks where you throw in about parents, and then you can sort of establish the new partners and have them interact with each other and tell stories that I think that works better as something that happens over a series of weeks and in one night. Where you just sort of do it, and they interact in whatever way that is, and then you move on so I think there's more possibilities with happening over a period of weeks. All right. Do you have any kind of big art that you think they or end point that they're trying to get to with this like any prediction on where they what when we look back and they'll be like okay. They did it for this reason, but in the end this is the main thing people remember. I don't know I think they probably have a number of ideas with it. Yup All right so then hangman page in five a win for page, not a squash. And then the angle with F. T. W. in Kenya, a dark order, and also a little Colt Cabana cal. Yeah! I thought they gave five too much time with hang page, but least page. Put over superstar in the end. and they did a lot of things in the segment. They advanced Cabana story they set up the dark order against page and Omega, and they began to set up what feels like a pretty natural match for some point in time with FDR and page against the box and Omega. You know the beer the beer-drinking good old boys against the you know the Bible Thumping do-gooders. Even WanNa be betrayed that way. I'm probably not but you know their natural personality. differences so I. I don't think they will probably do that as a long term thing, but it feels like a natural to do at some point, and you know you tease a little bit of dissension before that, and then you move to whatever you have plan next after you. Are made by the time Jake Chris Jericho can start Jurassic Express. The match first, and then your thoughts on the. The return of semi bar. Match and yet foot the laid out the. Return pretty well Come back. He said something stupid. They suspended for a month. That's. All right, so then moving onto an xt from last night aren't wait, aren't you? GonNa ask me if there's anything Oh yes. I know the answer now. But. was there anything else on the showtime? Do you know the answer? Because there is something that I'm talking on the show which I can't believe you didn't bring because I thought it was one of the highlights of the shell. If the highlighted the, let me think. No, don't I? I'm not going to look at the report. I'm just going to think what could I forgotten. I can't think of it. I loved Lance Archer destroying people, back. There's locker room full of you know just little tiny people who I don't even know why they were back there. Presumably, they're wrestling on darker something and. Art should just laid waste. He's throwing them through walls. He threw one of them through the ceiling. He dumped one in a trash can I I was ready for another ten minutes of that I I thought that was so much fun. so yes, more more Lance Archer, just just to store people placed. Tremendous! All right on to. It and that's one of the things. I enjoyed the show as well. There's a whole lot of people just getting. beat up and that I I enjoy that nipple wrestling show. All right so moving onto x t perhaps Yup. We are we have. DEXTRA. Killian Day in in the in the open. Oh, I'm sorry. The announcement at the beginning by Regal to about the North American title. I I liked the way. The keithly carried himself in presented himself in that intro thought he came off as a big star on that I was surprised that there was a fair amount of criticism from vacating the North American title so quickly Costa me like he was a secondary champion. He got his chance. To prove is the best overall. He won the primary title, and so we'VE AKA the secondary title that to me is that makes perfect sense to me? I don't have any problem with that As far as the way that Regal announced determining the new champion, I do not like as much I think you know the series of triple threat matches followed by the ladder matches. Give me a gimmick. Gimmicky year then I like when you're creating a new champion. All right, then texture Lummus and Killian deigned extra wins this one over ten minutes. Oh. This is pretty good. I thought it was better than a lot of the mattress and I'm amused by adding some baby-faced mannerisms to a psycho character. It's it's it's an interesting. Contrast everybody likes. MERCH money. You go all right. resign. Go and ever is just quick. Win for Brazil. sheltie BLACKHEART aaliyah. Roberts Dome? I mean the coverage stone character is death, and they should just drop it you know it's like one of those main roster acts. That's beyond redemption It's unsalvageable. And and Mercedes joining him does her. No favors so yeah they. Should just move on. On salvage. Stone, you know, make them into some other character. I, mean this this Robert Stone brand with the Leah's just yeah, it's not working. unsalvageable was one of the runners for the name of the PODCAST. Aloha torch faithful. This is Kelly wells host of twit, talks and X. T every Thursday. You can hear me and my gang of. Tom Style shares thoughts from the Lai tapings and torch recap limbered as well as a rotating cast of guests cover the matches and events in annexed live on USA, network, search, torching apple, podcasts or podcast, APP to subscribe or listen on demand and seedy, entire W torch, daily cast schedule at pw torch, daily past dot, com, cheers! Let's see. A little a segment on Isaiah's swerve Scott. Did that do anything for you? Yeah well. I mean. You know. I thought it added some personality to to who he is yeah. All Right You. Homerun! All right Brunton read roderick strong Johnny Gargano. Behind what's what? Hockey Homerun I'm not gonNA. Say they're. Talking about I think I, it was live. Yankees and I must have paused at some point. Oh. The bad news. I. Don't know why I was about fifteen seconds behind, but somehow I was fifteen seconds behind. No I was fifteen seconds behind I. Thought. You would already seen it when I said it. You had to be thirty seconds behind. Whatever technically speaking because I did hit the back button once because I wanted to see a graphic on the screen in the background, so yeah, it wasn't that far behind. Yeah Yeah you're the bringer of bad news. A pox on you. Always said kill the Messenger. Wow. Oh a ball. Not a straight. Somebody's one fan just left the building. About all right? This is not a watch along. Let's get back to. Read Strong Gargano triple threat to advance to the North American championship ladder match. Thought this was a very good match surprised at the wind. Is Good so I'm cool. With I'm getting a little more of a focus. Is there any chance read winter North American title I mean it would feel a little retro Gargano to win. It would seem like a boost for strong. But Bronson read, it would be innovation that I just don't know if it would. If it would work I think it would I mean I'm not. Anti Regis the way he's been booked. I know. We got to win back, but he just doesn't seem like he's been booked to someone. You would take seriously quite that level. And chances are very very low threshold. Wrong but I. Certainly I certainly do not expect him to win this match. I would be very surprised if he won this match yet. He wins and then. I mean I don't think a title match that it's going to add a lot of suspense with him. In it I guess, put it that way. Oh he's he's a different body type, so you can do some different spots with him. You know he can be You know you can catch on doing big spots and they can do. Are you know big man die of at some point? I I think I think it makes sense to have him in the match. I only. Timothy Thatcher Thatcher a winter twelve minutes. I'd very much like this match. rematch is on TV or tricky. Because so often, the loser really gets hurt if they lose twice, but on the flip side. If you're trade winds, it often means nothing or hurts both guys, but here I thought that should be strong in the first time, and in this bachelor can came back strong thought he showed. He's no joke. He was a tough challenge. Giving dot. Everything could handle so thatch how to use a dirty trick to get by. I thought Thatcher stayed strong, but you also gained a more respect for work. In the way he was able to handle himself even in defeat, so I thought it was those ineffective story that twelve for both guys. anything more on Robert Stone and Mercedes Martinez segment that followed. Now. Okay, then made Dodgy Cova against carrying cross across when he was one of thirteen minutes your thoughts on that. I love the execution of this one I thought it the way we came out wanting to help, but Jacovic waved him off. Thought was really effective. Cross was a menace. Lee was good friend and Dutch Kovic was a tough guy who just wouldn't give up. the one thing I would have changed as I thought it was at it strongest and most dramatic point after cross kick the steps into Kovic, had and then mounted him in the ring, and then Lee comes out and then crossed MSA mcgann and gives them that brutal, looking Albo and to me. They should have just done. A Kale stoppage finished with the elbows. Elbows because I thought it was. It was more dramatic and brutal when he was doing that. And instead when they apply the rear naked choke after that the rear naked choke felt kind of merciful by contrast to the elbows made I thought crossing less brutal than when he was using the elbows. I know they don't do a lot of the Those TKO finishes Banal without fans. Now's the time if you want to do. More of those two to educate people to them and I thought this one really was a was a match that called for that without the optimal thing, so I'm that's the one thing I would've. Switched up. What do you make of just undisputed era and where Adam Cole has been since? Since its laws. He hasn't done that much. On television. That angle they. Show, but they didn't mention undisputed air I don't think. Yeah. They did the angle with that Jackass. What's his name Oh yeah. Anyway what doesn't matter what his name? That was that productive, but Other than that I don't really get a sound I mean he's in a place where you could turn baby face if if you wanted, but you could also work to heal, so I assume they have something significant plan for him shorty coal. Groundwork. I gave you the dirtiest of could tell I. could tell over over audio. Well. What honest here is no like that if they're if they're getting ready to bring it with main roster. Skit is how they think like the first thing people are gonNA. Think of his Adam Cole. Super Thin, skinned about being short, and that's what they think is. That's what Vince McMahon would think. Everyone thinking. Stop Your fussing. We stop it. I don't want I. Don't WanNa. Think about this. Okay? We will move on I think it's possible. Not what's happening, so I'm going to north. Okay sounds good anything else next. Kind of kind of a weird thing valor vignette. Public more of a hill? So. We'll see next week with that. Bizarre match with Finn Bala Versus Timothy Thatcher versus texture luminous quite the. Quite the group. Wrestling fans are you that person that works in a pro wrestling reference to every aspect of your life well, we're those kind of people to, but we do so with mixed martial arts I'm Robert via host hosts of enemy. Talk for pro wrestling advanced every Monday on pw torch, his daily cast lineup. Not only do we cover every you have see Bella tour event. We provide context that only wrestling fan would really understand I mean. We're the type of people that if you ask us about how much of a mess the middleweight title situation is, we're likely to reference WCW in the early nineties. Think of us as a podcast for casual MMA. Done by hardcore wrestling nerves, and you could find us by searching pw torch and apple podcasts or any popular podcast APP and were always available on demand at P.. Torch de cast dot com where you can check out. The entire lineup of the PD matured daily casts. All right. Let's see so we are from A. Standpoint down to you f see what's going on in the world of. What isn't going on in the world of your say? So task card was a mixed bag, a lot of decisions, but also a bunch of. Different submission. Yes, so a bunch of. First Rodney Bar I want. He'll hook first triangle choke first round guillotine, choke and I. Choke. Main of that was going to dig. that. It was scary performance Davison Figueredo. He just white. Joseph Bene- this out. I mean. He knocked him down early. He clearly rocked. went for your naked choke once looked like he had it, but joe fought out what I again. Joe Out again went for third time, look. He really had at that time, but again. Joe Got out return to his feet so on the feed. Davis knocks him down with a punch for second time. JOE GETS UP Davidson. A third time late knocks him down again with another punch bloodies Joe with elbows, and then he applies this rear naked choke face, crank and just twisted at this nasty angle. If carrying causes a choke it. Look like this. I would've felt differently about about the point earlier and Joe went unconscious from that I. Mean it's the only time Joe's ever been submitted. MMA and it was a brutal route. I mean. Joe showed heart, but Davison I mean. He's a phenomenal fighter and he's a violent fighter. It's it's too bad. They've emptied out the division because I love to see him against Dimitrius Johnson or one. One hundred pseudo or killed you Horiguchi on one of those guys but i. don't even know who Ho fightbacks maybe brandon marina or someone like that Komeda that was Jack Hermansen and Calvin gasoline, and that was a quick fight. Ask them took it to the ground, but Hermansen started going for submissions, and it caught gastronome in a heel hook. hermits was so happy about his when he was very very happy. that's. Five wins in six fights for him pretty strong competition so. He's definitely one of the top middleweight contenders and. Gasoline lost three straight, so that's a big setback for him. of all the missions on the card I thought Ariane. Lipsky was the most impressive they they watch the ground early and Lipsky Lipsky sets up this this knee bar from more elevated position than you frequently get with Niba ours It was almost like the old point the clown. Wait. Why don't you GonNa? Highlight the other home run their regard better homerun, good news The good guys are are are coming back well I. Mean you don't have as much of a vested interest in this one, but actually I do the Yankees history of destroying the twins in the playoffs. Leads every every opponent of there's ABC's. Yes, yes, come aboard! I'm also an avowed Yankee hater having. Grown up this as an orioles fan before the nationals moved to town so. The Yankees were. Were the top rifles in the MINNESOTA. Twins came from Washington originally. So, too, so yes, there's a little little connection with us, so I'm a fan by default of the Washington basically. There, you go, so yeah, so it was like it was sort of like the old stomping polar where she had the knee at this. You know just cranking it up from a top position with a lot of leverage and body weight behind the bar when she accident WanNa Karleena was in tremendous pain shootout out from this Only knockout of the night was Roman. Dorsey, who threw a kick at these Abrahim off and calm with a knee as he was throwing the kick and the knee. Ibrahim's lights out so impressive knockout there Joe Duffy he wanted for a takedown Alvarez, but all rose quickly grabbed the guillotine at the TAP. There Duffy retired after the fight his his claim to fame was that they beat Conor McGregor before McGregor made it to the of C., but he lost three straight and sort of faded as As a factor a mural bossy took the fight with Malcolm Gordon on short notice, and he got Gordon Down Quick Watch work on the ground pod triangle choke and got the submission so good win for him. this weekend is the best TV card in a little while main of it is Robert Whitaker against terror intel great fight Whitaker's former champion tells top contender. He has a strong fan following his own rights 'til that is automakers. Have it as a pick em so very competitive match up in a really important one too I'm very curious how that one goes co-feature. Marisha Shogun, Antonio. GARRA battle of legends they fought twice before Shogun one both and Nogueira's now forty four years old, so Shogun, certainly the favourite. Here. Really interesting heavyweight bout for Brazil Verdun meets Alexander Gustafsen. Retirement proved to be very short-lived and he's not moving up to heavyweight and very curious how he does because he was a very tall, light heavyweight, so you'd figure. He'd be well suited to move up to heavyweight, but he has struggled to a five in recent fights interestingly, Gustafsen is a three to one favorite against Verdun. Who's you know former heavyweight champion fighting heavyweight, so a lot of confidence and Gustafsen and a lot of name, value and star power. Those top three fights in looks like it's going to be. You have seized last relatively uncontested car before as we talked about at the beginning the big sports. Start coming back also on the card is former star way champion Carlos bars? She meets Maria Rodriguez. WHO's Marina Rodriguez? Excuse me, WHO's. But oddly has to draw in the last four fights Alex Cowboy. Oliveira's on the card. He Needs Peterson. Boda the perpetually underrated Francisco tornadoes back. He meets Johnny Herbert so a lot of stuff on the AFC card. Good good, good by car, and then also this weekend is the return of Balladur they're. They're not not biggest car by any means, main event is Ricky Bundy. hus- against Sergio. Patas Patas. Anthony Palace, and he wants tour debut, and so he looks to return here with another one and found house. Is been looking good of light I? Mean he? He has a couple of impressive recent knockouts. So this would be a is a good opportunity for him. during mean meets makes his debut after a pretty long. You've see Ron. He meets Jason. Jackson and Aaron Pico who, if nothing else? Always? Excitement meets Chris Hotly Junior, so that's The you've seen Bella tour cards on this weekend. Oh. No, they're replaying vouchers. I Pech. Brutal. Coming out of the break here. I'm like I said I'm fifty seconds behind what cable service. It's. Verizon files. Okay Yep I've you TV, and I'm now learning. It's for Life Sports. It's behind even though I'm on the live the life feed. And, I found out that if I'm behind the live feed, I will be behind other people. Yes. It's still a Fan a commercial here. I'M GONNA. See the first pitch. I haven't seen it. Oh here we go YEP. He's the wind up. He said Oh no. At least he was wearing a mask, he can deny him. Yeah the mask the mask Curtis Vision. That's class that's great. All right. Look it up, people. We're not going to spoil it for you. It's pretty spoiled. Not Describing. What made me laugh about it, but? I think we discussed everything that happened in the movie. Instead go wash it people. I could add it the the the addition. We haven't spoiled forty. Earlier today across the street at a daycare center on a bike ride some toddlers trying to throw a basketball into a hoop and I think. They had a little more finesse than what I saw saw there. Sorry Doctor Fauci we. We love you otherwise for. Your expert at? Cool so so anything else from current events. No okay, so Tatyana continued recording, and we're GONNA. Go now for VIP members to his review of the Horns Togo book, and the Michael Bisbee book, and then Roskin answer mailbag questions, one of the highlights of VIP membership for so many people is the fix. Mel Bag every Thursday. So go VIP. Don't miss out. Get this show with plugs edited out and get the fix every week. Two three sometimes four hours talking about the previous week in wrestling answering Mellberg questions, book reviews current events. Talk and Fun Banter, so go VIP. POW TORCH DOT com slash. Slash go! VIP is how you become a VIP member. You can dive into our library. There are so many rabbit holes to go down whatever time period you're most fascinated by. You can read our contemporaneous coverage. What did we say at the time? 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