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"eddie daya" Discussed on The Big 98

"Okay I mean I think he could be a biography Hey Eddie Daya who wrote a famous diary while hiding from the **** in Amsterdam that would be and Frank wow Rihanna questions here Hey Morgan what building is on the back of the twenty dollar bill the building well there's a White House meeting them buyers they will leave me as I one building in the back of the twenty August again no I al correct bars they build I only have two questions left on this question you're right transferred down yes yes the question is the First Lady refers to the president's wife who was America's first First Lady and in who was America's first First Lady why don't you have I don't have anything right now I'm gonna go to Jackie Kennedy what interests me was one of the way later Eddie I have written down bones of Martha Washington AB Martha Washington if you remain championship maybe the two smartest one question always on your buzz then with your name ironically we always lose the other game when I got the dress we're gonna draft job all right buzz and ready in the three little pigs have you guys heard that yes thanks yes yes what was the strong is house made Eddie Eddie that's that will be the brick correct.

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