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"ed zuqar" Discussed on 550 KFYI

"On how politically insiders subvert the will of the citizens, you need look no further than what city manager Ed Zuqar did behind closed doors Zuqar, a strong proponent of light rail gave an attorney on contract to the city of Phoenix. The go ahead to sue Phoenix citizens to stop a filed initiative fixing our roads and initiative signed by forty thousand Phoenix residents innocent to ring of the conservative circuits. We have Saudi Cecil's chief of staff Sam stone. Sam the headline of Saudi Cecil's op, Ed your boss, reads, Phoenix out of control, can you? Please tell us how is it possible that a city manager can give a city. Contract attorney a waiver to sue a city resident it's worse than that. James? I mean, they're not just in one city resident effectively suing forty thousand city residents who signed a petition to end the destructive expansion of light rail on south central and the fact of the matter is the city manager did this without talking to council without talking to the public. They are proving that they will do anything to stop these citizens from having a say is this doing anything or is this an act of desperation? Well, I think it's an act of desperation, but appearance simple. What you're seeing? This is early in the game. Right. I mean, these signatures haven't even been fully verified by the city and they're coming after like this. What that tells you is there frayed, and they will stop at nothing. The bureaucracy will stop at nothing to protect their light rail boondoggle. We have Sam stone. He's the chief of staff for Phoenix city councilman, Sal desisto. They'll stop. Nothing. But I this is unheard of. You have someone suing citizens for basically signing a petition. Yeah. I mean, you know, what they're what they're going. After is basically how all these signatures were gathered. But they're doing it in a way that is is absolutely unethical. I mean here you have a city contract. Attorney been paid over half a million dollars his firm over half a million dollars in the last few years, and they're cutting him out and saying, hey, no problem. Go ahead. And sue the people were paying you to represent these this. This light rail opposition that supports these ridiculous trains. They could have hired any attorney in the country any attorney in the state that they wanted and who do they end up with a contract city attorney that tells you how far this bureaucracy we'll go to subvert the will of the public. We have Sam stone that he is in the central bringing the Caserta circus. He's a chief of staff for Phoenix city councilman Saudi Saudi has a op Ed in the daily. Independent today Phoenix out of control Sam have you heard from the residence. What are they saying about this furious? You know, I mean, look you have a basically a bunch of resonance of south Phoenix, small business owners longtime residents evacuated unity who have banded together. Not taken any outside money. Not taking any outside help. They've done this on their own gathered forty thousand signatures to to get this on the ballot to stop what they see as as the destruction of their community that they love. And then this is what happens to them. I mean, this is this is the worst thing you can see in government. It makes me sick to my stomach. It is actually very very disturbing. Does. There seem to be an acknowledgment by the Democrats on the council that the city is out of control. Oh, there's no acknowledgement by them at all. I mean, you know, it, that's what's really disheartening about this thing. You have all these city departments right now are are engage. Aging in politics, in a way, they're not supposed to you like people to decide the political direction of the city. But because these folks are so invested in their own projects, the billions of dollars it's going to come to their friends off of these light rail deals. They're not gonna stop at anything. They can't let this go back to the voters because only one percent of our transit passengers even use the stupid train. So if this goes to the voters chances are pretty good is dead meat, and they can't allow it. We have Sam stolen the center bringing the conservative circus. He is the chief of staff for city councilman Sal Decio. It is obvious that the politicians as city insiders as you said, Ken, not let this go to the public because the public will vote it down. I believe that as well. But what's more shocking to me? Sam stone is the utter contempt for the public. The absolute utter contempt for the voting public and the willingness of for the for the furthest. Insiders to put the taxpayers on the hook for millions of billions of dollars. Absolutely. And it's not just this one thing. This is you know, if it was just this one incident. The councilman wouldn't be saying the thinks he's saying that this is a pattern. We saw this with the arena deal. Right. Whether you supported or you don't this one hundred fifty million taxpayer dollars and the city basically came out a less than a week before they intended to vote on it and said, oh, here's the deal. Now, you gotta pass it. They came out less than forty eight hours with a tax on all the medical marijuana. Dispensaries in town that would have been a quivalent to about one third of their total revenues, and they came out with that tax forty eight hours before they intended to vote on it. And so we keep seeing over and over these last minute surprise packages from the city. It's coming from city staff. They are completely out of control. It is irresponsible. What they are doing is beyond your possible. It is absolutely vile. The op-ed pieces called Phoenix out of control. It was pinned to buy a Phoenix city councilman Sal desist. Yo we have Sam stone the chief of staff indecent. During breaking this whole thing down a Sam what can the tax payers do to respond to this latest revelation? You know, what they need to do? You know on a big issue James, I think this is going to surprise people. But not a big issue. Our office might get a half a dozen phone calls. If you wanna scare the ever loving daylights outta your city council member have fifty different people. Call in to them on this stuff and get fifty your friends who are out there bouncing over potholes tearing their cars apart. So that we can have one percent of our population riding the train has them. Call their councilmember whoever. That is wherever they are called the mayor, call all the council members and say cut this out. Look, we don't support this. You citizens need to take this back. They need to stand up make their voices heard these city manager Ed Zucker, give him permission to what attorney to sue the good people of Phoenix. Sam stone breaking it down for us at five thirty five. We're going to talk about Nancy Pelosi. A lot of reaction to her being sworn into speaker of the house once again, it's a two for..

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