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"I don't really care about country music in fact. I don't like it. GROWING UP I associated country music with artists like Toby Keith. Who songs were you know Gresley patriotic and were hurt for someone like me but when I heard Ken Burns was making a documentary about country music I was like okay. Let's see what this is about and that my friends is what makes Ken Burns so good at what he does. He take something that you think you have zero interesting and makes it interesting which is what we try to do every week on this show so we were super excited to sit down with him and talk about his approach to storytelling storytelling why history matters and country music that conversation when we come back Hi This is NATO Mon- from East Brunswick New Jersey and you're listening through mine from NPR AW support for this podcast and the following message come from Tito's handmade vodka born and bred in Austin Texas the live music capital capital of the world music is just kind of part of our DNA says tito beverage founder and master distiller of Tito's handmade vodka for recipes videos and more visit them Ed Tito's vodka dot com eighty proof. Tito's handmade vodka fifth generation inc.. Distilled and bottled in Austin Texas crafted to be savored responsibly Oy. I can't believe that summer is basically over. I know and you know what that means. The twenty twenty presidential races only going to heat up. It's a good thing we spent all summer sitting down with the Democratic candidates for President Colo.. It is great to be with you. Thanks for having him delighted to be here for. Bush appreciate check out the NPR politics podcast feed for exclusive interviews with all the candidates on the debate stage. Subscribe Okay so naturally literally the first question we had for Ken Burns was why country music and why now people were asking me after we did our series on jazz came out in two thousand run you know would I do rock and roll and and and I I'm a child of rock and roll and are and be that was my music and yet when the country music idea came friend of mine said hey that about country music and had been mentally on some lists but it just sort of entered in my heart. It was like this whole hearted yes S. whatever it was. We're thinking about doing next together. That's disappeared and for the next eight years. We really plowed towards this. I knew some most of my granddaddy and my daddy sang me songs but I knew that it was connected to all American music that what we tend to do in everything particularly now our there seems to be as soon. Nami of inflammation breaking over us is that just out of desperation we in silo everything into its own category but when you listen to country music and you learn a little bit about it you find out from the very beginning. It was never one thing our window on land. did a big bang took place in the summer of Nineteen Twenty seven that in Bristol Tennessee when Ralph peer an entrepreneur recorded in almost succeeding sessions the Carter family and Jimmie Rodgers. We saw so you have this music growing up. That's then adding all sorts of stuff western. Swing.

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